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Darling, We’ve Got Time : Part 14

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Vernon and Seungkwan’s little group of time state deserters has been leading Seungcheol’s team of time agents on a Tom-and-Jerry chase through the timestream for what may have been the entirety of their career–different setting, same result–but the tides are starting to shift. Things aren’t adding up to the time agents, and all the deserters can hope is to sow enough seeds for them to finally put the pieces together.

(Seventeen Time Travel AU; no reader)

hi. i know i have a lot of things to say, but i can’t think of what they are. so that’s neat. i’m all shivery and the day has been a roller coaster so yeehaw.

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혼자일 때 #호시 는 어떤 춤을 출까❓<엘르>와 함께 한 호시의 첫 단독 화보 비하인드 신을 공개합니다. 무한재생을 부르는 호시의 솔로 퍼포먼스✨보면 볼수록 설레는 마지막 눈맞춤까지, 모두 캡처 준비📸 4월10일 공개되는 #미션엘파서블 & 스페셜 이벤트 역시 놓치지 마세요! 🎬정주원 📱권민지

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𝑠𝑜𝑓𝑡 ℎ𝑜𝑠ℎ𝑖 𝑒𝑥𝑝𝑙𝑎𝑖𝑛𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑛𝑔𝑠 ☹︎♡︎

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hey love! i wonder if you could do lockscreens of 190809 hoshi? he looks so handsome but the pictures i can find don’t really have lockscreen vibes (does that make sense? haha) and you work magic with ur beautiful aesthetics so maybe if you have the time i’d like to request this!! thank u 💖

Hey darling 🧡

Thank you so much for your kind words and for requesting! I hope I used the right pictures, I was not sure if you were talking about these, if not just let me know and I’ll gladly do some more! I hope you like these anyway 🥰🥰 thank you again for stopping by, it means a lot 🧡

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Summary: Jihoon painted his annoying classmate, Kwon Soonyoung, by accident and the last one thought Jihoon had a secret crush on him.

Warnings: none.




Seungcheol looked at Jihoon for a second before focusing his full attention to the road.

Jihoon kept enjoying the view that the raining day was giving to him.

- I didn’t know you knew Soonyoung- Jihoon commented, in what he hoped, a disinterested tone.

- He dances with one of Jeoghan’s friends. I didn’t know you met him, tho. Are you guys friends?

Jihoon rolled his eyes.

- He is just one of my classmate. Are we going to be all day at your studio? I have some ideas I wanted to talk about with you.

- Of course. I will met with Jeonghan and Joshua in a couple of hours but, don’t worry, we have time.

Jihoon nodded and decided to listen to some music while they were on their way to the studio. Bruno Mars was his best, and only, option.

Uptown funk started and Jihoon couldn’t be more happier.

Seungcheol laughed watching the younger dancing with a big smile on his seat.

Trying his best to sing the sing even when his pronunciation wasn’t the best.

- Let’s buy something for eat before we start working.

- Let’s just go there. We are already late, Seungcheol. And I don’t have money with me.

- I’m the older, I’m paying, don’t worry.

Whenever Jihoon was in that place he could finally feel safe, almost like home. He didn’t have to write lyrics quickly, having to pay extra attention to hear if the door opened and their parents were home. He could just be there, writting for hours and hours. And Seungcheol would understand him.

- I have this song I have been trying to work on, but I just can’t help it. I don’t know how I should continue it. It’s frustrating.

Seungcheol gave him some snacks and a water bottle he bought for the younger earlier.

- If you keep thinking about it you will end up stressed, why don’t you start a new song now? Don’t force a lyrics, Jihoon. Music shouldn’t be forced, you know it. The lyrics will come up to you eventually.

- Are you sure?

- They always do. - Seungcheol gave him a small smile. - Now move your are over here and let’s work on something new. Didn’t you say you had a melody on your mind since this morning? Let’s work on it! If you finish it today, you could upload it on soundcloud. I bet the people who follows you there would love it.

Jihoon finished his snack and went next to Seungcheol. He was right. If he kept forcing himself to finish that sing right now, he would probably hate the finish result and would start with that song all over again.

- Did the things with your family went better? - Jihoon asked while he positioned himself in the chair, ready to start working.

- No really, I had a fight with my mom last night. Let’s start working. I don’t really want to think about it now.

Jihoon nodded, changing the topic.

- The melody goes like this…

Coming to his house, at night. It just never was right for his family. Even when his mother knew he was at the “library”. But sometimes his parents were fighting so loud, yelling at each, involved in the heath of the moment, to realise Jihoon was home already.

And tonight was one of those days.

Jihoon looked for something to eat on the kitchen when he heard his mother yelling at his dad and shouting the door behind her as she probably were coming to the living room or the kitchen.

She was a crying mess when she saw his son. Forcing a smile and telling him his dinner was on the fridge before doing her way to the door and going outside.

Lately thing at his home wasn’t going well. Their parents worked so much at a small office, not being able to bring as much money as they wanted.

Sometimes Jihoon wished they could take a break to reconnect with each other again.

His mother loved to take pictures, when he was young his mother used to take him to walks, always bringing his camera with her, taking not just pictures of his son but also of many beautiful things around them that caught her eye.

His dad loved sports. He tried to make Jihoon interested on some of them, but even if he tried every single minute of his life to teach Jihoon how to do them. It never interested Jihoon. It actually stressed the boy when he was younger, but his dad was really good playing basketball.

Let’s say genetics helped him, but not Jihoon since he got his mother height.

Jihoon really hoped he could go into a good university, so he could get a good job and give his parents a good life.

He saw the cold rice and went to his room. He had to study hard to make that possible.

Junhui’s audition was a week later. And the boy was a mess. Jihoon was sure he has never seen a nervous Junhui until that day. The boy had been practicing for more than nine hours straight and Jihoon was worried for his friend’s legs.

He went to him and gave him water, he knew on his way to the school that his friend would be doing last minute practice so he deduced to buy him water and a small chocolate for him. It would be perfect, if the boy pass it would be a congratulations chocolate and if he don’t pass, something that Jihoon didn’t believe would actually happen, it would be a “you will do better next time” chocolate.

Junhui took the bottle and drank almost half of it in just seconds.

- Calm down, you will be amazing, Jun!

Junhui bites his nails and looked at his friend.

- I don’t think I’m good enough, Jihoonie. These boys are really good! I have seen the boy behind you practicing, the blonde one. He is just-

Jihoon took his friend’s hands onto his own hands.

- And you are also good, Jun. I have seen you dance, you have your own style and it is amazing. You will go there, will do what you knows the most and you will be amazing. Okay?

Junhui nodded and tried his best to calm himself down.

The door opened and the teacher, mr. Kang, the teams choreographer came in with five kids.

Jihoon recognised Minghao, who was looking to everyone until his eyes fell on Junhui and Jihoon, and Soonyoung.

The last one seemed surprised to find his classmate right there. Jihoon never mentioned anything about joining the team before. Jihoon looked at him and quickly gave his friend his full attention as soon as the teacher told everyone the audition was about to start.

- You will be amazing, okay junnie? I will be looking you there. Fighting!

Jihoon made his way to the back of the room, just to make sure he didn’t interrupt any of the auditions or the choreographer.

Apparently all the people will have to do freestyle and the students they select to the next round will have to follow a choreography.

There were a total of fourteen people in the room. And as soon as they started doing freestyle as soon as they heard their names Jihoon had to admits the students were amazing. He wasn’t worried about his friend’s dance skills because Junhui was an amazing dancer. But he was worried that maybe he would feel pressured and would eventually leave the place.

A girl with long dark curly hair and two boys left the room. One of them almost crying.

That meant Junhui had made it onto the next round.

He looked at Jihoon who gave him a quick thumps up and a smile before the choreographer started showing them the choreography.

Soonyoung made his way to the front of the room, showing every move. And Jihoon was amazed.

Soonyoung’s dance were spectacular. He moved his body with grace and he made the dance seems easy. He knew how to control his movements and it made Jihoon’s mouth open by its own.

Minghao and a younger boy, named Chan if he heard the boy right, went person per person helping them to fix some mistakes. They had some time left before mr. Kang evaluated them.

Jihoon was focus on Junhui who was being helped by Minghao. His friend really did well that day. Minghao was correcting his arms while telling him some tips.

Jihoon began to look around the people in that room, trying to find someone who was missed.

- What a nice surprise seeing you here, Jihoon.

The last one jumped on his place as he heard someone talking right next to him. The person he was trying to find was sat right there. Soonyoung looked so relaxed, his hair was a little bit sweaty and his lips seemed like he was needing some water. It was strange seeing his classmate without the uniform, wearing comfy clothes. And it was also strange seeing his loud classmate a Friday at six p.m., night time since it was winter. But he wasn’t complaining.

- Jun needed some support. And it is always a good excuse to see him dance. He’s really good.

Soonyoung smiled at him while he saw the boy being helped by Minghao.

- What do you think? - Jihoon asked him with curious eyes- will he make it to the team?

Soonyoung’s smile never left his face.

- I’m sure he will. He’s good. And Minghao seems to think the same thing.

Jihoon looked at their reflection on the mirror in front of them. Soonyoung was looking at the boys practicing.

- And what about you? - He suddenly asked- aren’t you interested in dance?

Jihoon let a small laugh be heard by the taller one.

- I’m not good at it. I like to watch it, but not to do it myself. It’s kinda stressed, I can’t make moves look easy.

- So you find distress on watching people dance?

Jihoon raised an eyebrow.

- Don’t judge me.

Soonyoung looked at him with big eyes and a big smile.

- I am not! But I have to go now, the boys are looking at me not helping the other students and I’m scared scare that they would tell mr. Kang. It was nice to talk with you, Jihoon.

Soonyoung went to a girl who has struggling with a move, almost looking balance whenever she tried it.

Jihoon couldn’t help but stare at Soonyoung. The way he moved his body was just, amazing. He was knowing a different side of Soonyoung that him never knew how interesting it was.

Soonyoung looked at him while he was doing the move the girl was struggling with and Jihoon felt his ears getting red, he caught him staring.

At the end Junhui made it onto the team. Jihoon wasn’t surprised. At all. He knew it even before mr. Kang said it.

When the auditions finished Junhui went to Jihoon with a big smile on his face.

- I did it Jihoonie! I did it!

Jihoon laughed

- I know Jun! You were really good! And- No don’t touch me, you have sweat all over your face!

Jun laughed and sat for a moment next to him, finished his bottle of water.

- I can’t believe it…

- Junhui!

Minghao was running to the both of them, and for Jihoon luck the boy wasn’t as sweaty as his friend.

- Congrats! Chan and I will be going to a Chinese restaurant, wanna come? As a celebration that you are now part of the team!

Junhui looked at his friend, almost as if he was asking for permission.

- You can come as well, Jihoon. - Minghao added.

- No, thank you. I should probably go to home, mom would be mad at me if I stay here more time. But you should go, Jun!

- Are you sure? I should wait for the bus with you at least.

- No need, I have ten minutes before the last bus come here, I will be alright. Honestly.

Junhui looked at him serious.

- You text me as soon as you are home, okay?

He nodded and his friend smiled.

- Thank you for coming today, Jihoon.

The three of them exit the room, followed by the other two boys who already were in the dance team and the five new members.

Soonyoung was talking with mr. Kang, who after a few words exchanged between them, exit the room as well.

- Aren’t you going home?

Soonyoung asked him, while he was looking for something on his bag.

- I have to wait for the bus. And I will not be waiting outside.

- And I will not suggest you to do it, it’s dark already and it gets kinda dangerous if you’re there alone.

- What about you? Aren’t you going home?

Soonyoung gave up looking for whatever he was looking for.

- I have to practice a new choreography. I will be teaching it to the team tomorrow… let me teach you! Come here, kets dance together! -Jihoon gave him a warning look and Soonyoung laughed- okay, wanna watch it?

Jihoon didn’t minded stay there for a little longer.

- Okay.

Jihoon was so focus on Soonyoung dance that he jumped when he felt his phone’s vibration.

His mom had sent him a text asking him where he was.

And it didn’t make sense to Jihoon until he checked the time. It was almost ten.

How did this happen? He didn’t know. But he should be going now.

- What happened? - Soonyoung asked him, stopped his dance.

- I should be going. I didn’t know it was this late and I don’t have more busses, I have to start walking now.

Soonyoung paused the music and went to Jihoon.

- It’s really late now, Jihoon. I don’t think it is safe for you to go home alone.

- Well, I don’t have another option. So I better start going now.

- I will walk you there, okay?

Jihoon just stared at him. What?

- I will change now and I will go with you, okay? Just wait two minutes.

- Don’t you have to learn this choreography?

Soonyoung tell him “it’s alright” making his way to the bathroom.

While Jihoon was waiting for him, he remembered he had two things on his bag. He had forgot to give Junhui his second bottle of water and his chocolate.

Jihoon thought about it and took the two items out of the bag.

- Okay, i’m ready. This is the thing, when we turn the light off it’s a little bit scary so we would run, okay?

Soonyoung told him from the door. Jihoon looked at him and nodded, getting his bag ready.

Soonyoung counted until three before turning the light off and running to the door holding Jihoon’s arm.

When they were outside Jihoon was running out of breathe.

He gave Soonyoung the water and chocolate to Soonyoung so he could sit on the floor for a little while, trying to catch his breathe.

- What’s this?- Soonyoung asked when Jihoon was in a better condition.

- You worked hard today.

Was all Jihoon said before started walking faster looking at everywhere but him.

Soonyoung running a little bit to walk next to him with a smile on his face.

- This is my favourite chocolate! How did you know it?

Jihoon ignored him. And Soonyoung used that moment to drink the water.

- You should also eat, Jihoon.

Jihoon gave him a strange look.

- What?

- The chocolate it’s not that big, Soonyoung. I’m fine.

Soonyoung didn’t pay attention to him.

- Well, I don’t care if it’s big or not. I like this chocolate and I would like to share it with you.

He gave Jihoon half of the chocolate.

They walked without talking for some minutes.

- Jihoon, today you saw me dancing…

- I did.- Jihoon replied without knowing what was Soonyoungs point.

- Would you let me see what your “home” is someday?

And Jihoon understood what the boy was talking about.

- Maybe someday.

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