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Chloe visits another friend at the hospital, while waiting for Rachel to wake up and talk about what happened.

Any feedback, suggestions, ideas for series I can do and etc. are always very much appreciated. =)

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Mit Wunden übersteht liege ich im Krankenhaus nicht mal ein Kilometer von dir entfernt , hast gesehen meine Narben und das viele Blut, kein Interesse hast du daran gezeigt, wie ich leidend hier zu Boden ging.

Bitte melde dich bei mir… bin ich dir so egal geworden ?

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OCs;  Rosangel

Warnings; Sickness, Harmful thoughts, extra limbs, gruesome descriptions

Scars were rough, they definitely wren’t sewn very well. Rosa guessed that if she tried hard enough, she could rip them open. Her lower arms were limp, they were still tender from being recently added on. She grazed one of her hands, it’d been stitched onto her ribs. And it fucking hurt. She hated the doctors, she hated the hospital. She was always alone in this place. Everyone kept removing and adding parts, she never had anything for too long. She picked up the arm that she could barely control, examining it, at least it was pretty. what was even the point of disfiguring her if she couldn’t at least look charming.

She let go of it, letting it flop down against her leg. She sluggishly moved over to her bed, resting on the edge. It was uncomfortable, the whole room was. Whether it be the tacky wallpaper, or the springs in the chairs that would jab her every time she tried to sit down. Her arm still hurt, it had so many stitches, many more than what she would normally see. It looked difficult to make. She wanted to get back at the doctors. She wanted to make them struggle. She sighed, and gripped it at the wrist. -Snap-

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Saturday 10:24, Psychiatric Unit, Massiel Hospital, Latvian Rd.

Michela and Carlotta have a bit of free time inbetween therapy seasons. They just spend it killing time and playing chained words.

CARLOTTA: Possibility


CARLOTTA: I don’t think it’s spelled with a Y.

MICHELA: I can’t find anymore words with ty, Carlotta.

CARLOTTA: Well, you have tyranosaurus.

MICHELA: And how am I supposed to think of a dinosaur?

CARLOTTA: You always complain because you lose!

Michela sighs.

MICHELA: Anyway, what was the last word?

CARLOTTA: Tyara. With a Y.

Michela rolls her eyes.

MICHELA: I don’t want to keep playing.

CARLOTTA: Why? Because I’m right?

MICHELA: No. Because you’re annoying.

Carlotta doesn’t say anything. Michela realizes what she had just said.

MICHELA: I’m sorry, Carlo. I didn’t mean that. I was just on my nerves.

CARLOTTA: (with a tiny vocie) Don’t worry. Laurita always says the same thing.

Michela raises an eyebrow, but as soon as Carlotta focus her attention on something different and changes the topic of the conversation, she lets it go.

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