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rubydragon16 · 6 days ago
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↪ 8/26 - Haruhi Fujioka ❀ 藤岡 ハルヒ { Ouran High School Host Club }
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galaexia · 8 days ago
if anyone is confused, the country order for the olympics is based on the japanese alphabet system, what with it being in japan and everything
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krossan · 8 days ago
ok so a little bit of story here: As you may have read, Jazz refers to Danny as PHANTOM, because he is just Danny's ghost halfa. Remember that I showed you some concept of Phantom without his human host? Well, there you go. In this particular case, for some "reason" PHANTOM rebels against Danny and flees, leaving the family worried sick (keep in mind Jazz is keeping Dan as a secret. Jack and Maddie, just like the rest still sees him as a threat but Jazz. So she sometimes wanders off with the excuse of being a tutor to some of her classmates just to hang out and spend some time with her other brother.) After several days, Jazz finds out that Phantom was actually looking for Dan—even though they are not longer the same entity, they understand each other pretty well.— Remember, Dan was never mad at Phantom. His essence is part of what he is. But what he's REALLY mad at are the choices his human half did to him, his humanity: Danny. So for him, Phantom is just like "meh, whatever". Fast forward, Jazz is there trying to convice Phantom to return to Danny but to no avail. So, as the caring sister, decides to stay with both of them while keeping a eye on Phantom, but she knows she's racing against the clock as Danny is becoming weaker and Phantom's core is becoming "unstable". I do not want to spoil you more than you already are but we here jump to another concept of CORRUPTION. This idea of mine was also developed many years ago. I think I still have some concepts on my tumblr account. Can't say much about it, but with these boards, I hope you can get an idea that CORRUPTION is no joke.
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haikyeu · 11 days ago
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Ep.01 ➜ Starting Today, You Are a Host!
“Being a host and getting fussed over by a bunch of girls might not be that bad.”
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pirateherokillian · 9 days ago
As a gif maker, I cannot stress enough how important it is that people do NOT utilize the Tumblr Post+ feature.
With fanfic, writers have the resources to transfer their content to other sites - particularly AO3, which works especially hard to make sure works are protected. There are places writers can go (and I do encourage you all to backup any written fanworks you have here on Tumblr to AO3!).
Gif makers do not have this same luxury. We have no viable alternative site to post our content. Content that is made directly for fandom. Tumblr is the only viable site we can use to properly display the fanworks we create. It’s the only site that has the capacity to host our work on a scale we want it to be. This is why we are all still here, putting gifsets on this site (even if the sharing of content is abysmal these days). Tumblr, despite it’s many flaws, has gone to extensive lengths to make this a gifset-supportive site.
It’s the only place we can truly work the way we wanna work, to make the posts y’all love to see from your favorite shows and movies.
We have no other stable, viable option.
So as someone who’s main form of fanwork contribution to my respective fandoms is gif-making, please please please do not utilize Tumblr Post+.
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kudouusagi · 7 hours ago
Host Club SK8 full list
Track 1
Track 2
Track 3
Gentle reminder that if you enjoy my work, you can donate to my ko-fi to help me obtain more things to translate!
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forsythiahill · 5 days ago
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Tumblr media
A rare sighting in my yard - the Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly. I planted their host plant tree, Paw Paw, a few years ago so am excited to see one!
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kruzbr · 9 days ago
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big ol pause on those 200 host club scene redraws cuz artfight
show: Ouran Highschool Host Club
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kudouusagi · 7 hours ago
Host Club SK8 Track 1
Langa: *Sigh* I didn't get another job... Even though the pay was good...
Sfx: Paper flapping
Langa: Hm?
Reki: Hey! Pick that up for me!
Langa: Eh? Oh...
Sfx: Pick up
Langa: What is this?
Reki: You saved me, new kid!
Langa: Huh?
Reki: You don't remember? I'm in the same class as you, Kyan Reki!
Langa: Ohh... Sorry.
Reki: Would you like to try that?
Langa: Huh?
Reki: You were staring at it, weren't you? That leaflet.
Langa: I'm searching for a job. One with as high of pay as possible.
Reki: Then... it's decided!
Langa: But... this job is...
Everyone: Host Club SK8
Langa: Here?
Reki: Just go in!
Many: Welcome!
Langa: Eh?
Reki: Ready? S!
Miya: Suteki na (Wonderful)
Reki: K
Cherry: Kimi to (with you)
Reki: 8
Joe: Mugendai (is infinity)
(So I guess like "spending time with the wonderful you is infinity"?? It's awkward in English lol)
Many: Welcome, to the host club SK8!
Langa: A sparkling ceiling and glass walls! This is a host club?!
Reki: It's amazing isn't it? We fall in love with princesses for just a short moment of time!
Langa: Princesses? And what do you mean fall in love?
Reki: You don't know anything, do you?
Joe: You're just bad at explaining.
Langa: Why are you topless with a jacket?
Joe: So people can see my muscles, obviously! I'm Joe. If you want to work here, become my apprentice. I'll teach you through real experience.
Cherry: Don't listen to him!
Joe: Cherry!
Langa: A kimono! It's sparkly.
Reki: It's an AI equipped spangled kimono!
Cherry: That gorilla's explanations are too much about feelings, so it's hard to understand. If you're going to become an apprentice, become mine.
Joe: Shut up, you trickster four-eyes! Your explanations are too complicated! Being a host is something you should do based on feelings!
Cherry: Don't just do things through feelings! You numbskull!
Joe: Shut up you nitpicker!
Sfx: Struggling
Langa: Umm...
Miya: Geez, they're the same as always...
Langa: A kid?!
Miya: I might be younger, but I'm your senpai here! Call me Miya-niisan, okay?
Langa: Yes, niisan.
Reki: You just did it?
Miya: Then I'll teach you about being a host!
Joe: Hey! Don't just decide things on your own!
Cherry: We should decide it in order of who is most sparkly.
Joe: Don't just choose the thing you're good at, you cheater four-eyes!
Snake: You're all quite loud. What's going on?
Reki: It's the black robed snake!
Snake: Who are you?
Langa: Hasegawa Langa. I'm from Canada.
Reki: It seems he needs money! Please let him work here!
Snake: You're doing things on your own again...
Reki: Langa!
Reki: Please!
Langa: Please!
Snake: *Sigh* ...I'll decide after having seen your work.
Reki: Thank you!
Langa: You!
Reki: We did it Langa!
Langa: Yeah!
Snake: First learn about the job from your senpai, Snow.
Langa: Snow?
Snake: You're from the land of snow, so you're Snow. That's your host name. You should avoid your real name here.
Reki: I go by my real name though?
Snake: You should apprentice under Miya, Joe, Cherry in that order.
Langa: Okay.
Reki: What about my host name!?
Sfx: Door opening
Miya: Welcome! It's your first time here, isn't it, miss?
Woman: Chinen-kun!? Eh? No way! Why? It's actually Chinen-kun!
Langa: What does she mean "it's actually" him?
Reki: Miya is an idol. He's acting as a host in order to learn how to get girls to fall in love with him in a short period of time.
Langa: Hmmm!
Woman: Wah! I'm so excited! I can't believe I'm talking to Chinen-kun this close!
Miya: Here I'm just called Miya.
Woman: Ah, sorry.
Miya: Anyway, I'll be just your Miya for tonight!
Woman: Wahh!
Miya: Would you like to hug? Or maybe you would like to take a polaroid picture with me? Ah, but don't upload it to social media. It will be a se-cr-et just between us, okay?
Woman: Yes! I'll keep it a secret!
Miya: I'm thirsty... is it okay if I order a drink?
Woman: Of course!
Miya: Shine muscat 100%, The Miya Special.
Snake: Here's your Miya Special.
Reki: Things ordered off the special menu are ones that Joe makes himself.
Langa: He can even make juice!?
Miya: And for you, miss, I'll order you the cocktail I think will suit you best.
Woman: Thank you! Please!
Miya: and... we just started a new menu and...
Woman: Oh! What is it? What is it?
Langa: Wow! In no time at all, he got 7 orders!
Reki: As expected from an idol! He understands his own appeal!
Cherry: Welcome. Is it your first time in our shop?
Woman: Oh! You're so pretty! And your kimono is also wonderful!
Cherry: Thank you very much! Carla
Carla: Okay master. Based on her attire, she probably works in a violent field. She'll probably like it if you compliment her style. Though she seems very prideful, from how her makeup is done her masochistic tendency ranking is 89 points.
Reki: using the AI in that way, he's able to get an analysis of the guests to act in the best way!
Langa: AI host?
Woman: It's so rare to see a host in Japanese style clothes!
Cherry: You idiot!
Woman: eh?!
Cherry: You should use keigo with people who are older than you!
Woman: Oh... I'm sorry...
Cherry: And when you come into a store you should obviously order a drink.
Woman: Yes! Then...
Cherry: I'll choose for you. Dom Pérignon and cheese.
Snake: Here's your Dom Pérignon!
Reki: Guh! He already got a Dom Pérignon order!
Langa: Eh? Was that Snake?
Woman: But I haven't even chosen yet...
Cherry: You don't have to think. I'll decide everything for you. You just think about me, okay?
Woman: Ah! Yes! His cold gaze makes me so excited! Cherry-sama!!
Langa: Wow... even though he was that cold to her, she's happy!
Reki: It's one of the 20 precise ways to win people over that he choses using his AI assistant so it's something he can only do because he's Cherry!
Woman: Wow! Amazing!
Langa: What is that? Joe has women sitting on both his arms!?
Woman: Joe, aren't I heavy? I'm not thin...
Joe: Huh? I thought there was just a feather on my arm. Since you're so light I'm worried you'll just float off into the sky! Just keep clinging to me so you don't go anywhere!
Women: Wah! Joe!
Sfx: fainting
Langa: The girls are fainting off of his shoulders one after another and he's doing perfect catch and releases!
Reki: Once he has his eyes on them he doesn't let them get away! That's Good Cooking Muscle!
Langa: Good Cooking Muscle!
Reki: So, now that you've seen the senpai do the job... Do you think you can do it?
Langa: I don't know... but... I want to try!
Reki: !
Langa: Everyone looked like they were having fun. That's why.
Reki: Hehe... you get it don't you!? That's right! Being a host is fun! Okay! I'll teach you today! Trying to imitate Joe and the others right from the start will get you burned! We'll start by practicing greeting customers. You play the girl, okay?
Langa: Okay.
Reki: Welcome to the Host Club SK8. Princess, tell me your name.
Langa: Langa.
Reki: You're super cute, princess Langa. Your hair is smooth and your eyes are like sapphires. Is it okay that just for tonight, I call you princess?
Langa: ...Yes
Reki: Princess, if you have any worries, please talk to me about them.
Langa: I want money.
Reki: Hey.
Langa: What?
Reki: Why is the guest trying to extort the host?
Langa: You told me to tell you my worries!
Reki: I did but... ugh, fine. Let's switch. You do it next.
Langa: Okay.
Reki: First, the girls are princess. Call me that.
Langa: Princess Reki.
Reki: Kinder.
Langa: Princess Reki.
Reki: Compliment me.
Langa: You're so... energetic, Princess Reki.
Reki: Compliment me more.
Langa: You have a unique face!
Reki: That's not a compliment.
Langa: That skirt is cute.
Reki: Don't compliment me on things I'm not wearing.
Langa: Eh... I... can see... your underwear... out of your pants.
Reki: You should absolutely never say that to a customer.
Langa: Eh? I never thought being a host would be this hard...
Reki: Well, being a host requires you to use everything you've got, talking, looks, and experience in order to make the experience special for your partner. The type of experience you can provide is dependent on you! In other words, there are an infinite amount of possibilities!
Langa: Infinite!
Sfx: Stomach growling
Langa: Oh...
Reki: Oh man haha. Go order something to stop it growling.
Sfx: Door opening
Shadow: Oh, it's so busy! But that doesn't mean there isn't room for me, does it?
Snake: Welcome, Princess Shadow... but tonight he's not...
Shadow: Oh... he's not here again today?
Snake: I'm terribly sorry.
Langa: Who's that?
Reki: The highest paying customer at our shop, Princess Shadow. From flower shops to funerals, she's the eldest daughter of the family who supplies all of Okinawa with flowers. She's known as the cash cow of the host world!
Shadow: I guess it can't be helped. That's fine. Then I'll just play with the young ones before going home.
Snake: Thank you very much. In that case, there is a new person who just joined.
Shadow: Heh, that's fine. Bring him to me.
Miya: I'm his leader, Miya.
Reki: I'm an apprentice, Reki.
Langa: I'm Snow...
Shadow: You're the new kid, right?
Langa: Yes.
Reki: Do what we practiced!
Langa: Ah! Yes... you're very large, Princess Shadow.
Shadow: What does that mean?
Langa: It means your body is very large.
Shadow: That's a direct translation isn't it!? What's with this kid?
Reki: I'm sorry! He just came to Japan...
Miya: What Snow wanted to say was that you're so tall you're like a model, right? And your punkish makeup wouldn't look so good on anyone else!
Shadow: Oh, you're quite good, aren't you?
Miya: Hehe
Shadow: But I don't have any interest in children.
Miya: Eh!? Even though you're an old lady?
Shadow: I'm 24!
Reki: Princess Shadow! You're quite renowned in the flower world, aren't you, Princess? Could you tell us about it?
Shadow: Even though you're not my favorite, you want to ask about my private life?
Reki: Ugh... I'm sorry!
Langa: Ummm...
Shadow: What?
Langa: The menu...
Shadow: Ah! That's right, I haven't ordered anything, have I? Let's see, I think I'll go with some food. French fries... or maybe...
Sfx: Stomach growling
Shadow: Carbonara would be good, with a ton of cheese on top...
Sfx: Stomach growling
Shadow: Are you hungry?
Langa: Yes.
Shadow: Fine then, what do you want to eat?
Langa: Poutine
Reki: What is that?
Langa: There isn't any?
Reki: It's not like there would be!
Joe: Sorry for the wait!
Langa: Poutine!
Reki: Seriously!?
Joe: I told you, didn't I? I'm Good Cooking Muscle!
Langa: Thanks for the food!
Reki: Hey! Are there hosts who eat before the princess!?
Langa: Chew chew
Shadow: It's the first time I've seen that too.
Langa: Chew chew chew chew
Shadow: Hey you! You have sauce on your face! I'll wipe it off for you, so look over here!
Langa: Thank you.
Shadow: You have terrible manners! Talk or eat! Decide on one!
Langa: Chew chew chew
Reki: He decided to concentrate on eating!?
Miya: I can't believe it! A host who ignores the customer to eat!
Joe: But Princess Shadow seems to be having fun.
Miya: Eh?
Shadow: You're really hopeless! When I get out a cigarette, you should get out a lighter! That's just the basics!
Langa: Here.
Shadow: That's right, just squeeze this and it rattles, and then one more... Hey! This isn't a lighter, it's tabasco!!
Langa: I'm sorry.
Shadow: *scoffs* Can you even be a host like this? Geez, haha. Here, you spilled again!
Miya: You're right! Princess Shadow is taking care of him.
Cherry: He's arousing her maternal instinct. Being able to do this on his first day... it's quite scary
Reki: Langa... is that...
Reki: Just as Cherry said, after that day Langa gained more and more skills. When Princess Shadow's main interest wasn't there, she chose to go with Langa. And yet I...
Reki: *sighs*
Miya: Reki you should start selling more.
Reki: Leave me alone.
Miya: Well that's about as much of a sales force as I expect from a slime... Huh? You're not going to fight back?
Reki: I don't feel like it.
Miya: Ah.... Hmph... So boring...
Langa: Morning, Reki! ...What's wrong?
Reki: Nothing really.
Langa: It seems like there are a lot of customers here today.
Cherry: That's because ADAM is coming back.
Miya: Wasn't he at the new store in Shinjuku?
Snake: That means he's already conquered Kabukicho.
Joe: What's that? After just one month in Kabukicho?
Miya: As expected of the legendary Host King!
Langa: Umm... Who is ADAM?
Cherry: The number 1 at our club. He always gets the princess he chooses to fall in love with him. He's a man who embraces all of humanity.
Miya: ADAM has caused countless women to go bankrupt.
Joe: Before... There was a princess who loved him so much she went crazy and... she stabbed him.
Langa: EH!? He was stabbed?
Joe: Yeah. That's right... It was a night when it was raining really hard...
Woman: ADAM-sama! This is my only option left!
ADAM: Please, princess that I love, don't say that!
Woman: No! I can't take it anymore!
Sfx: Stab
ADAM: Eh... Thank you.... For loving me!
Cherry: Since he was stabbed so many times and kept coming back, everyone calls him this... "The Phoenix of Love".
Langa: I don't really understand the meaning of that though...
Joe: I don't understand either... or him at all, anymore...
Langa: ADAM... is at least an amazing host. I wonder what kind of person he is?
Snake: ADAM will be here soon. Everyone line up!
Sfx: Door opening and shoes tapping
ADAM: Love! Hug! Dream! I'm ADAM!
Women: Screaming
Shadow: ADAM! I've missed you! Geez you haven't been here at all recently! You're so awful!
ADAM: Oh! Dynamite honey! I deserve some divine punishment for making you so sad!
Shadow: You really do! I should smack you!
ADAM: That's fine. I don't care no matter what you do to me!
Shadow: ADAM, Geez!!
Sfx: Hitting sounds
ADAM: Yes! More! More!!
Langa: Wow! He isn't even moved by Princess Shadow's heavy punches! That's ADAM?!
Reki: Just watch, it's coming!
ADAM: Well... it's about that time... Love Again!
Shadow: What? Even though you just got here!? ADAM wait!!
ADAM: And then.... LOVE HUG!!!
Joe: There it is! The Love Hug!
Cherry: He pretends he's going to leave and then he does a quick spin turn, and from how his partner is running towards him, the relative velocity makes it seem like you're being hit by a truck of love.
ADAM: Hug!!
Shadow: Kyaaaaaaa!!!
ADAM: Princess Shadow, I want to keep you all to myself! Your body, your heart, and your wallet!
Shadow: Yes... I'll give them all to you.
ADAM: Today... is your birthday isn't it?
Shadow: You remembered!?
ADAM: Of course! I have to get some things ready for it so please excuse me for a moment.
Shadow: Ah! I'm looking forward to it!!
ADAM: I won't let you sleep tonight!
Shadow: WAHH!
ADAM: Tadashi, get all the hosts together in the backyard.
Snake: Yes.
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monosrojo · 11 days ago
Tamaki and/or Haruhi pls god I owe you my life 🤲❤️
Meg are you kidding?! I owe you my life for inspiring me with your drawings!! 🌸
Tumblr media
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ocea · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Hello, beautiful souls. It has been quite some time since I last hosted one of these gems and quite a lot has changed since then. So, I thought it would be the perfect time to host a new one! I am absolutely ecstatic to present to you all,  Ocea’s Favourites!  HOW TO APPLY:
This is open to my followers only. 
🔁 are counted, ❤️️ can be used for bookmarking at your own discretion.
If you have been featured in my previous favourites and would like to be featured again, you are required to reapply.
Must have an active blog.
A follow from me, if I am not already following you.
You will be featured on an absolutely darling favourites page (which will be linked upon completion.)
Regular promos, upon request only. (If you are rude/demanding, you will immediately be removed. I do not tolerate that behaviour and would not be willing to subject my followers and friends to it either.)
I will queue from you regularly.
Blog exposure to 66K+ active dashes.
Banner was created by an absolute angel. Carissa / @xlfdesigns
I will be choosing a generous amount of blogs to showcase.
I will be choosing the winners (ideally) within 4 to 8 weeks of the post date.
The banner image used was found on tumblr. Image source here.
That’s it, loves! Best of luck! Love, Kaelyn.
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mom-bod-monday1 · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
This concludes this weeks Mombod Monday!!!
Tumblr media
Y’all kicked my super hungover butt!!
Tumblr media
Thank you so much to all the Moms that submitted this week, and to all of the wonderful followers that show us love each week!!
Tumblr media
Don’t forget to get your votes in for the September themes!! It’s posted on the blog!
💋SLTP @soleavethepieces
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foulserpent · 2 days ago
the funniest thing is true crime podcasters who are decent enough to point out ‘most mentally ill people are likelier to be victims of violence than perpetrators’ and then in the same episode list a cluster b personality diagnosis as a scary warning sign
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