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cardio with henry
Henry Cavill x reader
Warnings: smut; raw sex (use a condom people!), p in v, little bit of fluff
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cardio with henry might go something like this:
-he‘ll get up early to go on a run and lift some weights
-you‘re not necessarily a morning person so you get up once you hear he‘s back
-henry will be in the living room, working out while you slouch in only wearing his shirt and some panties
-„good morning sweetheart“ his voice is all rough and deep
-you live for his morning voice and he looks too hot to resist
-all shirtless and sweaty
-you only grab a drink and make your way over to him
-„maybe you could lift me for a chance?“ you chuckle
-he looks at you, scanning your body up and down
-„come here. Sit on my back while I do some push ups“
-you do as he says and wrap your legs around his torso from behind while he does his push ups
-„am i heavy?“ you ask but he only laughs
-„absolutely not“
-you continue sitting on his back until he flops down onto the floor and eventually turns around so you sit on his lap directly
-his sweaty torso and chest makes you bite your lip
-„you know i really wanted to do my cardio; it’s good for the heart“
-you smiled innocently but henry could sense how horny you were for him
-„maybe we could do some cardio together?“
-before you knew he had flipped you two over on the floor and pinned you down
-„fuck yeah we‘ll do some cardio“
-he practically ripped his pants off, releasing his huge cock for you
-moaning you closed your eyes, just wanting for him to enter you
-henry then only pulled your panties aside and rubbed his head against your clit and eventually your entrance
-„please“ you cried out
-henry did as you said and finally pushed his thick long girth into your welcoming core
-making both of you moan out loudly
-„fuck you‘re so tight and wet baby“
-you opened your legs even wider for him, allowing him to claim you
-he started off slowly, sinking his cock in and out of you
-but he got faster by the minute, making you louder each stroke
-„henry more. please.“ you moaned softly and kissed his chin
-„as you wish, we need to make it a proper cardio session right?“
-he started fucking you roughly, your pussy throbbing at this point
-you were wet and horny all for him
-for henry
-and he was loving you clenching around him
-his moans were loud and feral at this point
-and you only accommodated
-„more“ you moaned loudly
-he did as you pleased and fucked you into oblivion
-while you moaned uncontrollably; Henry got closer and closer to his own orgasm
-„baby just like that, im gonna cum. So hard.“ he groaned loudly into your ear, slamming into you like a wild animal
-„come on cum for me bear.“
-he came with a loud grunt, spilling all of his seed into you
-„fuck.“ he almost screamed as he came
-you couldn’t hold back anymore either and came with him, all over his cock
-„ah fuck.“ he moaned and eventually pulled out
-„god babe.“
-you smiled at him and just lied there
-enjoying every second and feeling the last bits of your orgasm
-„i love you“
-he looked at you with so much adoration and love, you couldn’t help but smile widely
-„i love you too.“
-henry smiled back
-„thanks for helping me with my cardio babe.“
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ig: loveyoustepan
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Your clumsy hot wife ❤️
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if a girl drives you crazy without taking off her clothes, then she is the right one
- takethisride
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