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#hot as f*ck

Okay so I have a dilemma and hear me out

I am a top, like 100%

But also I desperately want to be the bottom to a masculine, enemies that make out vibe guy (yk like the fictional ones)

But I know that I’m absolutely a top and I would be the one to push the other against the wall and get them riled up

But I desperately want to be on the receiving end instead

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So I just watched Quills for the first time.

What a beautifully done film. Not at all what I was expecting and can’t believe I haven’t seen this sooner. I am all for fucked up stories. This one had me crying, laughing, edge of my seat thriller that had me just wanting to know more. I was all into Marquis de Sade’s novels, who was expertly played by Geoffrey Rush. Kate Winslet was phenomenal, beautiful and was really the blinding of the film.

Now of course Joaquin was his usual talented as fuck self. He was so painfully perfect, beautiful and I just wanted everything for Abbé du Coulmier. The Ending shook me. What a performance by him as always.

Now If you’ll excuse me I can’t help but have some hot Joaquin priest thoughts.

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