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#hot cocoa

sun, 4-5.04

  • a lot of writing
  • doing lab work in physical chemistry
  • english
  • chemistry statistics
  • translating poems by Mykola Bidenko from Ukrainian to Belarusian
  • watching online-concert by Doestoesvky FM ❤️
  • cleaning and hiding new year’s decorations 😱 (people i live with have a lot of things and sometimes they can’t cope with such an abundantce of trash)
  • breathing in the vapors of fir oil
  • drinking cocoa with dog-rose syrup and rice-almond milk ✅

love what you do

do what you love

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From the words of Cocoa Cookie, “try drinking cocoa when you’re feeling down!”

Sorry if the artist hasn’t posted anything for over a week. Let’s just say that things got a little bit complicated when he realized the true, horrifying scale of attrition that his family is about to endure for the duration of the entire quarantine period his country’s currently undergoing, and had spent days coming up with what to do with the current situation. So far hot cocoa and whiskey are the only two things keeping his spirits up during this global pandemic.

Again, stay safe and healthy, obey government authorities, and pray that many more people recover from COVID-19. If possible, try to give support to all the doctors and nurses who work tirelessly to save countless lives!

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my baby brother was drinking hot cocoa and then came up to me in the other room, he grabbed my hand and put it on his stomach.


“no… your shirt is not hot.”

“no, hot caca!” slurping sounds, running hands down neck “in tummy, hot!”

“you drank hot cocoa?”

“yeah!” my brother grins

“and you want to know if i can feel the hot cocoa?”


“wow, it’s so hot.” I smile and nod

little brother runs away laughing like a mad man.

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This’s My About!

You can call me Gross*

I’m 18

DMing me for any reason is Okay!

She/Her or They/Them

If you’d like me to tag something, send me a DM or an Ask- what ever you’re comfy with.


*Find more of my ART on my insta:

*Find my images blog on @bodyfarm-images on tumblr

*Find more of my me at gart snart#5232 on discord


I don’t really mind who follows me. But hey uh, for the big kids out there: don’t follow me with your kink/fettish blog. I don’t want to see it and i don’t to know. Thats all i’m asking.

Yes I have opinions on the extensive amount of lesbian (and general lgbt) discourse, but I dont find posting about that very fun so I won’t post them here. If you want to know something for the sake of you being comfortable following me: just DM me and I’ll talk to you.


*Part of my surname is ‘Gros’ and it’s pronounced just like 'Gross’. So yeah, just call me Gross. If you already know my first name that means I’m alright with you calling me that. I’m comfortable with friends calling me that.


last updated March 16th 2020

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Good afternoon! It’s a lovely spring day here, and after spending the lunch hour basking in the sun with my boyfriend I’m back at the apartment ready to start off spring break with a mug of hot cocoa and a drama from the immortal Wilde ^^

I hope everyone is safe and well! Take care, stay informed, and above all do not panic. We will get through this. <3

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