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#hot cocoa
soft-rains · 2 days ago
    ∧_,,∧    (´・ω・`ζ   /  o旦
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cpahlow · a day ago
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Had to share this @weheartit
Hot Cocoa
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anyponyrequests · 2 days ago
im so glad u guys r back!!!!!!! can i request a twilight sparkle drinking hot cocoa while watching it snow?
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were so happy to be back! ^^ shes taking a little study break :3 - mod twilight
click image for better quality!
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chubbymunchkin · 2 months ago
winter is for fat girls and i cannot wait. wrapping my warm cuddly body up in a big sweater, sweater paws wrapped around my mug full of hot chcolate and whip cream, my cute chubby cheeks a little red from the cold. all those weeks full of dessert and left overs and half priced candy that my feeder just casually offers to me and says "here baby, take a bite," my round tummy full and warm.
i repeat, winter is for fat girls, and i cannot wait
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delta-breezes · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Vanilla Burnt Basque Cheesecake | Half Baked Harvest
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