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sinfulbiscuit · 5 months ago
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are you copying my homework?
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realmenreallife · 11 days ago
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Handsome Caleb looked sharp, and reminded me of all those teachers I had crushes on in school. 😋🔥✨
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babenation2 · a month ago
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Teacher needs to see me after school.
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iloveprettyboysblog · a month ago
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Got Me Feeling Some Type of Way, Boys🔥🥵
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sonnetmelodies · 8 months ago
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Blaine Anderson in hot for teacher
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young-sharknados · 3 months ago
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OOTD inspiration is ‘Sexy English Professor’, so who actually read ‘the Great Gatsby’?
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johnnyblaze64 · 5 months ago
Hot For Teacher
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myevilmouse · 8 days ago
Chapters: 1/3 Fandom: Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars: Rebels Rating: Explicit Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Thrawn | Mitth'raw'nuruodo/Sabine Wren Characters: Thrawn | Mitth'raw'nuruodo, Sabine Wren, Ketsu Onyo, Original Imperial Characters (Star Wars) Additional Tags: hot for teacher, Fusion of Star Wars Legends and Disney Canon, Teacher-Student Relationship, Art, Imperial Academy (Star Wars), Substitute Teacher, Rare Pairings, Painting, Mandalorian Culture (Star Wars), Planet Mandalore (Star Wars), Sundari | Capital City of Mandalore (Star Wars), Power Imbalance, Complicated Relationships, Desk Sex, Wall Sex, Professors, Age Difference, but everyone's legal, Arrogant Sexy Bastard Sex, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Imperial Officers (Star Wars), Crushes, Pre-Star Wars: Rebels Summary:
Sabine's new substitute teacher at the Imperial Academy is a bit different than the average officer...
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hobbitsdoitbetter · 2 months ago
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As an Easter treat, I have a new and completed fic Ao3
It’s called The Magician’s Apprentice and it comes courtesy of @metricjenn with help from @ohaine and @mizjoely
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theflowerhvrlot · 8 months ago
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i've got it bad, so bad...
day seventeen: (i'm hot for) teacher 🍎
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nocebojesus · 4 months ago
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Phat Smash - Medical Teacher Sakura
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thesmutbasement · 10 months ago
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Welcome to Hot For Teacher: You can’t concentrate in class, and for good reason…
Everything here in The Smut Basement is for 18+ friends only! Minors and unverified persons will be blocked. Please heed ALL author warnings when you click a link.
Dave York (Equalizer 2)
Notes on Tutoring music college AU series by @honestly-shite (This is a MASSIVE OVERSIGHT that I have not put this here until now. To Maia and our readers, and to Lauren, I sincerely apologize. This should have been the FIRST fic I posted in this category, instead of realizing two weeks after the fact that it was missing. Drop whatever you are doing and go read the ENTIRE series. Now, please. -Claire)
Din Djarin/Mando (The Mandalorian)
Untitled Professor Din fic by @littlepadika (Okay, this was like, super fucking hot slow-burn with an excellent payoff!! This fic is the definition of YEARNING for a hot professor to take you apart and put you back together. There will be a test later... -Claire)
Frankie "Catfish" Morales (Triple Frontier)
ARES by @jura-moon (This one turns the trope on its head: Reader is the female professor and Frankie Morales is the student. Please know that this fic has been lurking in the back of my brain since I read it ages ago, and I just now found it again after a frantic two-week search, and only after someone pointed me in the right direction. Now I'm immortalizing it here, for you. Enjoy!! -Claire)
My Drug Is My Baby by @astoryisaloveaffair (Only the first of many of this series and it already has a chokehold on me. Frankie is a new teacher at your school and also your advisor. I love fics that have people forgetting the dynamic they’re in and you’ll know what I mean when you read it. Monica knows Frankie like no other. It will be a scorcher I just know it. 🔥) - Lauren
Marcus Pike (The Mentalist)
Art History Professor Marcus Pike Part 1 and Part 2 by @littlepadika (Listen, once in a while there's an Ask so good that I get carried away and ask for a Part 2, and in this case Little Pad'ika went ABOVE and BEYOND any expectations I had when I tossed that Ask in for a continuation of the story. Will there be a Part 3? Who knows, I'm dead from Part 2, dead from happy and horny. -Claire)
Oberyn Martell (Game of Thrones)
Sugar & Strawberries co-written by @ezrasbirdie and @starlightmornings (This AU series is on FIRE!! Professor Oberyn Martell puts the “hot” in “hottie professor” for sure! As of this posting, we are three installments in, and Claire is on pins and needles waiting for more!!)
To be continued…
Bottom of the Basement: Filthy Fic Recs Masterlist
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unhelpful dramione summary #10
Hot for Teacher: Father gives son dubious advice.
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mandymull82 · 2 months ago
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I was just thinking a few minutes ago about how Brad used to be an acting teacher back in the early 80′s.  If he looked like this, I bet he had dozens of people secretly swooning over him.  I know I’d have had the biggest crush of my life on him if he were my teacher <3. 
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bebepac · 9 months ago
Six Sentence Sunday 09.05.21
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What’s up my ppl.  Hitting you live with another six sentence Sunday.  Where you know my rule is there are always more than six sentences to tell you what i’m up to.  Vacation has been nice at least I got a portion of one as opposed to the none I almost got, so I guess in that aspect, I really can’t complain.  I go back to work tomorrow but we have a shortened day because of the holiday so orders cut off at 2pm instead of 5pm as normal.  So i’m going to go in there with a positive can do attitude and do my best to make it a great day. Well I feel good about that life choice... for now.
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I had planned to write so much more on vacation, but then I realized, how tired  and rundown I really was, and as much as I love writing and hopefully you all enjoy what I contribute from my little piece of the fandom, mental self care and just doing nothing just felt right.   So here’s what I’ve posted in the last week or so for us all to enjoy.
Smut-tember Week 1 Entry:  Drake the Snake 🐍 🍋 🍋
Birthday Fic for  @queenjilian​​ : Greek Meat: A Family Vacation Part 1
What are some of you guys working on  @sirbeepsalot​​​ @speedyoperarascalparty​​  @ritachacha​​  @dcbbw​​  @phoenixrising308​​​  @burnsoslow​​
Snippets for me maybe?  
Below I’m posting snippets of things I’ve been randomly working on.  Nothing’s still finished as I’ve been sprinkling most my story lines a little love.  You still love me right?  
Original post:  09/05/21 at 1:23PM EST
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Greek Meat: A Family Vacation Part 2
Greek Meat: Special Happy Birthday Jennifer
The Book: TRF (AU with no royals)
Pairings:  Multiple:  Liam x Riley  and multiple OC pairings
Status:  Still in the writing process. 
Jili and Liam  both refused to answer to their names for the duration of the competition; they were instead known as being singular parts to comprise the collective known as ‘The Architects’  and they worked together like a well oiled machine.  If team sand castle making was an Olympic sport, these two would be bringing the gold home for ‘Merica.  
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“I need more water!”  
“I got you!”
Liam grabbed her bucket running to the ocean bringing Jilian back more water to help her complete her portion of the sand castle mountain they were skillfully creating.  The two were almost anticipating what the other needed bringing more tools to aid and assist each other.  They quickly made a sand structure that rivaled all the other teams that day on the beach.  
Even after all those years Liam and Jilian really did work well as a team.
When they were satisfied with their sand castle mountain, Liam and Jili once again did their secret hand shake 
Tumblr media
and ended with them back to back sliding their glasses on at the same time.
“The Architects are Done!”  
“I really wish we would have thought of this Ren,  you really can’t make this up! Team names?”  Jason cajoled, nudging Ren.
“They’re having fun, they just don’t know how crazy they look.”  
Team Rico composed of Riley and Nico had the heart of  champion sand castle builder extraordinaires but unfortunately lacked the skill and precision to properly build a sand castle.
“Come on Riley! Channel your inner kid.  Lilo could have this done in no time. What did we do at the beach every year?”   Jaiden screamed.
“Um body surfed, jumped waves, flirted with the cute locals, none of that is helping right now.”  
Nico laughed, shaking his head at Riley.
“We’ll get something put together, might not win us anything, but we’ll finish this strong…”
Nico commented as the side wall of their castle collapsed.
“Okay let me rephrase that, it will be a strong-ish finish. Meaning not last.”
“I’m okay with not last.”    
“Let’s do this then.  Team Not Last.”
“We can have an obnoxious secret handshake too!”
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Hot for Teacher (Title may change) 
This spawned from my Smut-tember Week 1 entry. No cringe here.
The Book: TRR x Queen B? 
Pairing:  Drake x Riley / Riley x Liam
Status:  Still in the writing process.  
Author’s note... I really have no idea where i’m going with this one....but it’s a WIP in my google docs just the same. I haven’t actually read Queen B, but I know that one of the competing plot lines is some questionable behavior with an undergrad with her professor... so here you go.
Riley Brooks was the all American girl, a true sweetheart if you will.  Not everyone found their soulmate young, or hell even at all. But Riley did when she was seven years old, when a dark haired boy moved next door to her.  They were friends first and somewhere around the age of 12 they started viewing each other differently.  
Drake Walker, tall and lanky but adorably cute and sweet  in all his prepubescent awkwardness and braces, finally gathered all the courage he could muster, after brooding about it a bit, to ask the sweet girl next door he knew all of his life with glasses to be his girlfriend, and she accepted.
Puberty of the teen years hit, which skyrocketed the two into popular territory with their dramatic physical changes, as the freaks and geeks became popular and chic.  Drake lost the braces and grew what felt like overnight  to over 6 feet tall with strong broad shoulders and added a good twenty pounds of solid muscle to his what used to be thin frame and he became the captain of the wrestling team.  
Riley's body started to mature, as she shed her glasses for contacts, put on some weight, and  grew to an athletic, curvy, 5’10” tall young woman.  She played soccer her freshman year of high school, but being the one gymnastics location in their area closed, she became a cheerleader, a place where she could still use her tumbling skills.  Riley’s body changed from that of the tom boy that climbed trees with Drake and his best friend Rashad, to having the curves of a woman. Which made for one awkward conversation for Riley when her father noticed her coming home from hanging out at the lake with her friends.  
Riley was immediately made to change clothes where her father ushered her to the mall department store young women’s section and with a red face he asked the clerk for "brassieres that would fit his teenage daughter."
But alas, Riley and Drake blossomed into that world together, never forgetting the other. Their relationship strengthened as every milestone first, they shared together.
First person they held hands with, first date, first kiss…. and when they felt ready to take their relationship to the next level after high school graduation, their first time.  They were with each other through it all, they were the quintessential high school sweethearts.  They even went to the same college together.  
They were hot on the track to be college sweethearts and married with 2 kids in their small town, that is until Riley met HIM for the first time. The man that would undo it all, that set her world ablaze simply by the way he called out her name.
Riley headed to the second  floor of the admin building to the Psych hall. She had a meeting with her new advisor.  She gingerly knocked on the door that was partially closed.
The voice that she heard  that said, “Come in.”  already had Riley’s  heart racing. 
She walked in the room, finding herself face to face with Professor Rys.  Professor Liam Rys. Her new advisor, and he made Riley's heart skip a beat.
“Good afternoon Professor Rys.”  Riley stammered, her cheeks flushed a light pink.
“You must be Riley Brooks.”
Riley felt her body tremble when he just said her name.  Professor Rys definitely matched his voice.   He stood to greet her, running his fingers through dirty blonde curls.  He had a tall muscular physique still visible through his cobalt blue dress shirt, navy sweater and khaki pants.  Sparkling blue eyes shined bright behind thin rimmed glasses.  She noticed when he reached out to shake her hand, he was not wearing a wedding band.  Professor Rys was unattached, or at least not married. She didn’t even know why she even noticed that.
“Please have a seat Miss Brooks.”
Riley was so enthralled by him, when she went to sit, not realizing the chair was not behind her, and he grabbed her, pulling her in her arms catching her before she fell.  
Riley's breath hitched as his grip tightened on her, her grabbing his arm feeling his bulging biceps.  
He glanced down at her hand tightly clutching his bicep, and smiled at her.
"Are you alright Miss Brooks?"
Riley nodded because she could barely speak as he helped her to stand up right.
“Let’s try that again shall we,  I’ll be your spotter this time, so chin up, shoulders back, knees out, and squat. There you go, easy does it.”  
Tumblr media
Below Ground Zero
The Book: TRR x Perfect Match
Just the Way You Are: Chapter 17
Pairings: Liam x Riley  with past pairing with M!OC Nico KH / Kai!F x Hayden!M
Status: Still in the writing process
Riley pulled her hair up into a ponytail and headed downstairs.  She could hear her family laughing and joking, her father’s loud boisterous voice boomed as he chuckled lightheartedly.  
When Riley rounded the corner they stopped abruptly, taking her in.  
“Good morning.”  
“Riley….”  Her mother was the first to approach her, giving her a gentle hug.  
Jaiden and Taylor stared at her from the couches.  
The air  smelled rich and sweet, full of chocolatey goodness.  
“I thought you wouldn’t really make it.”
“It’s what you asked for, we’ll eat better for lunch.”
“But it’s not my birthday.”  
Ren Brooks believed in balanced meals.  The only times they didn’t eat a balanced meal was on their birthdays when they all would enjoy pancake Cake,   or the first day of school, Ren always made cupcakes for breakfast.  She could tell her mother was choosing her words very carefully.
“It’s what you asked for honey.”
“Yeah, don’t question the mini miracle.  I’m totally here for the first ever chocolate cake for breakfast this morning in the Brooks household.”
Jaiden jumped up, taking Riley’s hand gently pulling Riley to the couch with him. “Sit next to me sis.”
Even though Jaiden was her little brother, baby faced freshman in college, he always acted like a bigger brother to Riley.   He always tried to protect her.  
“How’s NYU?”  
“It’s cool.  Living in the dorms is great, and my roommate is alright. Trying my best not to let the freshman fifteen get me, but you know I like to eat like you.”   Jaiden patted his stomach.  “But I gotta keep my boyish figure for the ladies.”  
Riley laughed for the first time since she could remember.
Jaiden was always so good at lightening the mood of a room.
“What would you know about the ladies Jai?”  
“I know a little somethin’ somethin’, he chuckled with a smile.  
“Oh my god… Dad, Jaiden thinks he’s a pimp.”  
“I mean look who he takes after. Pimpin’ aint easy.”  
“Things I never thought I’d hear my dad ever say. Number one.  Pimpin’ aint easy.”  Taylor smiled.
Tumblr media
A Growing Family
The Days the Earth Stood Still: Part: 5
The Book:  TRH
Pairing:  Riley x Nico (Riley x M!OC) with past pairing of Riley x Liam
Status:  Still in the writing process
It was such a special moment between them.  Riley’s heart was so filled with happiness.  That was how she should have always felt that day. They helped her clean up a bit, and spend a little time nursing Alex before she started receiving visitors. The first one she asked for was Hana, as she had William with her
“Help him get in the bed with me Hana.”  
Hana picked William up, putting him in the bed with Riley.  
Will stared at the little baby in Riley’s arms.
“This is your Baby brother Alex.”  
William’s little eyes widened looking at the baby.
“Give Alex kisses.”  
William leaned over her shoulder softly kissing Alex on the forehead.  
“That’s right. Now sit down so you can hold him.”  
“Riley, he's too small to hold him.  We should wait. He could hurt him by accident.”  Nico looked so apprehensive as he almost leaped forward to stop Riley.
“He’ll be just fine, and besides I’m right here, and so is Hana.”  
Riley directed her attention to William sitting next to her.
“Do exactly as Mommy says and does.”  
Riley put a small pillow in William’s lap.
She maneuvered Alex into his arms.
“Gentle touches like Mommy.”  
William gently touched Alex.
“My baby.”  William said proudly.
“That’s right.  Your baby. Give your baby kisses.”  
William peppered Alex’s face with soft kisses.
“So many kisses for the baby.”  
“My baby!!” Will said again, giggling.
She glanced up at Nico.  He had a soft smile on his face as he looked at his two little boys together.
Life was perfect or so Riley thought.
Things started shifting so gradually Riley didn’t even notice.
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theeasya · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
I actually meant a picture of the problem with her homework, but this will do. Looks like it’s gonna be a long night on campus.
This is a really good way to change your grade to an A. 📚✏️
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myevilmouse · 20 days ago
Numer 5 for fanfic asks
Good evening @farmboy1! Thank you so much for the ask!
So a weird thing about me is I don’t usually have more than one WIP.  I don’t think I could stand it, honestly, because it’s like then I’d never trust myself to finish the fic. 
My current WIP is an untitled Thrawn/Sabine. 
Tumblr media
It’s a plot bunny I had ages ago involving Thrawn being a guest lecturer/substitute teacher at the Imperial Academy when Sabine was studying there (which we know she did).  So the ship seems logical and I love the whole hot for teacher thing (usually it’s hot for Master Skywalker so putting Thrawn in our sexy prof AU is a new thing for me).
This fic is driving me nuts, to be honest.  I had almost 8k written early on, then reworked it completely (threw out a whole beginning and middle section that wasn’t really necessary for the setup) and now it’s like 1600.  And clearly I’m still having a problem because I haven’t touched it in months.  I haven’t had much time to write lately so that’s the main reason, but also I think the whole thing is resisting me.  The fingers are willing but the muse is a bitch (as well as the clock). 
So that is my only WIP, but obviously lots of future fics need to happen.  Some ideas that I have on the plate are more Luke X All The Ladies (Winter may be the next lucky lady), the eternal sequel to Corporeal that someday will be written I swear, the final fic in my Aesthetics series, maybe a PWP follow up to resolve the UST in Cold Comfort, and much more.
But first I gotta satisfy the Thrawnbine thing cause it’s driving me nuts.  Grrrrr….
Thank you again for the ask! Have a handsome Jedi in gratitude:
Tumblr media
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bridgewaterfandiscord · 9 months ago
I love how the Bridgewater Podcast fandom has decided that Jeremy Bradshaw is the specifically disheveled, slightly overdue for haircut and a shave professor, who wears glasses but is undeniably attractive. I mean with Misha Collins voicing him we really couldn’t picture him as anything but attractive, but still.
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wisdomfish · 2 months ago
It's important to note that this teaching is not based on the current climate of the culture. It is not liberal, conservative, or political. It is the direct result of the gospel. It is not a statement about the various roles any Christian may be called to fill in this life or the honor we may or may not be given on this side of eternity. It is a statement about our equal value in the eyes of God, and how we should learn to view each other. Since all Christians are in Christ, all of us are one.
BibleRef.com [ref. Galatians 3:8]
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pearlscents · a year ago
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I'm such a naughty student😈 I'll get detention for sure!
Check out ➡️ pearlplays.com for the complete 106 pic set of my hot for teacher panty shoot 🔥🔥🔥
Why aren't you a member yet⁉️
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