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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#hot take

Can we stop using “disassociating” when we mean “zoning out” when my therapist told me I didn’t fight back when I was getting assaulted was because I was disassociating and I was like “I do that all the time” and she fr was just like “no you don’t. Disassociating is when you play dead during a traumatic event” not only are we misusing the word, it’s misinformation. Stop using psychological terms as a punch line

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Hey dudes, I’m Jewish, and ethnicly Jewish, my family is from Poland, Germany and Russia. Believe me, if something is anti Semitic I’ll call it out. But really? Stop acting like green spock is problematic. I am aware of the history of anti semitic caricatures, but it’s clearly not the deal here. He is an alien. His original actor is Jewish, but *Spock* is not canonically Jewish. Spock *does* canonically have green blood. People are not drawing him with a big nose and bags of money.

In my opinion, you should just let people draw

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Hot take but the people Five thinks are the dumbest (Klaus and Diego) are actually the ones with the biggest heart, the most empathetic ones and the ones with the greatest emotional intelligence, but Five can’t understand that this is a strength because he had to grow up in an apocalyptic world where having feelings and creating bonds get you killed

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This is my LoK hot take.

I loved LoK when I was watching it as a teen who hadn’t watched ATLA in years. I felt like the characters, despite their flaws, reflected myself as a 14-16 year old who was angry and just wanted to be taken seriously and start experiencing life. I think LoK is a good cartoon for teens in that the action scenes are tight as hell and the main cast is dramatic and relatable, if not nearly as likable as the AtLA cast.

I also like it in that each season is self contained. A lot of people dislike it for this reason, but as someone with a tendency to binge watch (which is bad for my mental health) being able to have good spots to put the show down for a while is good for me. Yes this means that the overarching character development suffers, but it also allows for the key ideas and concepts of the show to fluctuate and change.

I also like the Villians! The third season has literally one of the best Villians I have ever seen on TV! He’s such a good villian he got the show pulled off the air!

My basic stance is: If you love AtLA for the characters and the world building, LoK might not be the show for you. The characters and the world they inhabit are very different from that of the first series. If you love AtLA because you think bending is tight as hell or you like good visual design DEFINITELY watch LoK

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This whole War Arc in My Hero Academia has stirred something within me. Maybe it’s just my villain stan mentality taking over but serious… SCREW THE HEROES SAFETY COMISSION!!! What sane adults would willingly thrust 15 year old kids into a freaking war?!!! That latest chapter with Mina and Kirishima stressed me out! It broke my heart seeing Mina getting shook by remembering Machia and I was fearing for her life as well as Kirishima’s. Sure I know these kids are training to be heroes and all but still… I was going into pseudo parent mode and flipping out. But what really gets me is that I’ll bet none of the parents of these kids know about this! I think of Inko Midoriya and the scene before the kids moved into the dorms. She did not want her son to go back to UA but after All Might promised to look out for Midoriya she relented. If she knew about this… ho boy… the poor woman has suffered enough already… does she need another scare?! I find it hard to trust the Heroes Safety Comission frankly… They are sus as heck!!! 

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Midnight Sun Hot Take

It’s actually… so boring?

I thought I would love seeing into the mind of Edward but he’s actually such a


And I know we all agree on that but I never hear anyone talking about how fucking BORING it is. Like is it just because I’ve read this story before? What is missing? Is it because I now recognize smeyers downright evilness? Am I the boring one????

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I am gonna get burned for this but regardless of how I feel about Ed Sheeran he is talented. Sure the recent years he hasn’t shown much depth lyric wise but I do love his 3 first albums and I think he is lyrics are beautiful 🤷‍♀️

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I have a hot take

Frankie has the Cure Mother Prime. She’s the one running it all.

Like, once the Aurinkos fix the Carte Blance and get off that planet, they find the location of the Cure Mother. So they go to that planet, and Rita offhandedly says that Frankie lives there. Eventually the Aurinkos make it to the final place, and we hear Rita say “Frankie?!”

Then part 1 of that episode ends/part 2 ends and we have to wait til after the next few Second Citadel episodes go up. And honestly, that would be so amazing. Like, we finally meet Frankie, and maybe even find out Rita’s last name 👀

But y’know, that’s just a hot take, and now that I’ve said it, it probably won’t happen. But d a m n

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reminder that edward’s a pedophile, jacob’s abusive AND a pedophile, carlisle’s just kinda creepy, and jasper is a fucking confederate, and charlie is a cop so the only valid men in twilight are emmett and bella’s mom’s baseball boyfriend

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Hey!! Hot take!!!!!

Love story” does not always mean “romance story”.

It’s a love story if a character learns to love a certain place. It’s a love story if a character finds a family and learns to love it. It’s a love story if the character finds a friend. It’s a love story if the character learns to love themselves again.

Love isn’t always romantic and we should stop treating all love stories as romance stories.

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the concept of rationality arises from the west, and using rationality as (critique? argument?) outside the context of western society is inherently imperialist and colonialist  

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The 20 years rule:

Every 20 years fashion trends come back in a modernized version, examples of this are the mum jeans, Doctor Martens boots, the chocker and other trends that were despised by the generations before just because they were new and very popular at the time or because the then younger generation found it as a resemblance of the older generation. As expected they come back in the name of Nostalgia.

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