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#hot weather
thekims4 · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
TS4 Menswear Lookbook
Skin 1, 2, 3 / Hair / Eyebrows / Eyes / Nosemask / Lips
Clothing - Top
Loose Fit T-Shirt @darte77
Sweatshirt @ooobsooo
Alan Sweatshirt @amelylinaa
*Need Mesh Sporty Sweatshirts by Pinkzombiecupcakes
Parka w Layered T-Shirt @darte77
Loose Fit T-Shirt @darte77 ​
Long Sleeve Shirts by BY2OL
Delson Bomber Jacket @darte77
Clothing - Bottom
Chino Shorts @darte77
Shorts @bustedpixels
COOLKID Jeans @xionsims
Myshuno Short by Buckgrunt
Skinny Jeans @darte77
Dad Jeans @plushxsims
Male Fit Shorts @darknighttsims
​Jeans @darte77
Valerio Round Glasses @tukete 
AirPods @black-le
Naptime Socks @saurussims
Apple Watch S7 @cheng-chih
Boots @darte77
Caterpillar Boots @darte77
Josie Slipons @magic-bot
NFS Heat Adidas Shoes @vanitascreation
Positive Sneakers @mmsims
Vans Old Skool @darte77
Hand + Finger Sliders @luumia
Height Slider @luumia
Male Neck @shandir
Slider Neck (M) @pirumxsim
@dearkims / Hongzo / @nell-le
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turtlesandfrogs · 3 months ago
Hey, if you're in Washington state (and probably other areas of the west end of the USA, too) you should know that next weekend is supposed to be extremely hot:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Washington Emergency Management Division posted a 📷local alert for the state of Washington. 8h ·
We are about to see some very hot temperatures across the state. The National Weather Service in Seattle is tracking different models that show it could get anywhere from 90 degrees to 105 degrees at SeaTac this weekend. Find your local forecast at Regardless of the exact temperature, it's going to be a hot one. The Weather Office in Spokane also says to expect triple digit temperatures in Eastern Washington and provides more details here: Steps you can take NOW to try and keep your home cool. Do not rely on only a fan as your primary cooling device. Take other steps: > Cover windows with drapes or shades. > Weather-strip doors and windows. > Use window reflectors such as aluminum foil-covered cardboard to reflect heat back outside. > Add insulation to keep the heat out. > Learn to recognize the signs of heat illness. For more information visit: > Find places with air conditioning. Libraries, shopping malls, and community centers can be a cool place to beat the heat. Stay informed and check with local authorities about possible closures prior to going to cooling centers. "
Heat kills, especially in areas not used to really hot weather. Where I live, in western Washington, it is currently forecasted to get up to 103f- most people here do not have air conditioning. Many people do not know how to live with extreme heat- because getting up to 101f is a rare event, much remarked upon.
If you are somewhere that will be experiencing a heatwave, please check in and help with any one you know who maybe at greater risk of death- elderly folks, disabled folks, unhoused folks, etc. Heat, especially in areas unused to it, can kill. I remember a heatwave in the U.K. that killed the elderly, and lots of other people too. Let's try to make that not happen here.
Please do what you can to prepare now. The quote above has some good ideas, and I'll be posting what we're doing tomorrow (hopefully) (I'm thinking space blankets blocking windows, weather stripping the doors, opening the windows at night and closing them before it warms up, etc). Look up ways to cool yourself that are cheap and easy. If it's this hot in June, how hot will it be in July? How many wildfires are going to start this weekend?
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chisehantori · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Diamine, sono io o fa un bel po' caldo? 🥵🥴🤭
Damn, it's me or it's such a hot weather outside? 🥵🥴🤭
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how to cool down fast
to everyone languishing in the heat wave, my condolences. i live in texas and i don’t handle the heat well, so over the years i’ve figured out how to bring my body temp down pretty quickly.
first, you need something frozen. we always keep a stack of reusable gel ice packs in the freezer because they’re malleable, but whatever you’ve got will probably work. just don’t leave something frozen solid on your exposed skin for any length of time - i learned the hard way that ice burns are a thing. if it’s painfully cold, place a thin towel or cloth over it.
so get out your ice pack or substitute, and start by placing it under your back and working it up and down your spine for about thirty seconds in each spot. 
after you’ve applied the ice from your lower back to the back of your neck, you’re going to start hitting your major pulse points. for about thirty seconds each, place the ice pack on either side of your throat, under each arm, on each inner thigh, and then your inner wrists, inner ankles, and temples.
i slapped some circles on an anatomy chart so you can get a visual. start with the places in red, then do the green last.
Tumblr media
in five minutes or less, this technique takes me from utterly miserable to perfectly comfortable. it won’t last if the heat is unescapable, but it at least helps.
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dazed-c0nfus3d · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
It was 90 degrees today, so it was a pool day!
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lanireadz · a month ago
Hello! Not quite sure how this works so I apologize if I’m doing anything wrong, but could I request a Jonathan Crane helping his s/o during the hot weather? Its way too hot right now and I need some fluff with my scary man. Thank you so much!
Jonathan Crane
Hot Weather
Warnings: Heat? Fluff? Tiny bit of smutish? Umm that’s it?
Summary: The Request!
Type: ☁︎
A/N: I love and hate the heat tbh. I went to Vegas and it was HOT. Like I was there for a basketball tournament and no AC just a fan that someone was hogging like bruh!
Tumblr media
He wouldn’t like the heat. But he would help you through it.
Your guy’s air conditioning would be BLASTING at 50-60 degrees no more.
He would make sure your fresh at all times.
Even if you complain about one little thing he’s right on it.
Let’s say you want ice cream but there’s no more, he’ll be back with all your favorites in minutes making sure your all stocked up.
The heat would not stop you to from kissing and hugging.
Let’s be real. You can’t help yourself from turning a but red when his shirt is off.
The room would be cold just so you two can cuddle in peace.
I don’t think he’s the type of person to go to the pool, but if you REALLY wanted to then he would go.
He would def make out in the pool though.
Cold showers together.
Other then that! He’s is the best person to help you through the heat!
I hoped this was at least ok... if you don’t like it, I’m so sorry! I can do another one for you :) <3
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clarissalance · 2 months ago
Watermelon-flavored popsicle
Pairing: Xingqiu x g/n!reader, mention of Chongyun
Warning: light swearing, kissing, a lot of grammatically errors.
Word count: 3404
Summary: A coincident meeting between you and Xingqiu on Yaoguang Shoal might have changed your relationship.
A/N: Here is my come back for summer. This piece has been in my folder for so long but I just don’t want to check the errors and proofread. Luckily, I have found my motivation (no more wifi) and here is the piece. This one is inspired by imagination if I can go to the beach ( I hate corona).I hope you have fun reading this oneshot (and feel my desperation to enjoy the sunny beach) Next up will be Kazuha, I think :D. Please send Xingqiu a lot of love~~ (❤´艸`❤)
Picture credit:  @polarbear43666 on Twitter. 
Tumblr media
Summer in Liyue has always been sweltering, burning, and unbreathable. The sun stands proudly in the middle of clear azure sky, not a single cloud dare to tread near the glowing king, blocking the beam of lights shine down the city. 
Today is also another day of undesirable temperature. Even when the city is a harbor, the cool breezes from the sea can’t calm down the rising heat from the road, nor the glowing businesses or the flock of people going to the market. Living in the city for 5 years, you know not to tread near the market during working hours, so you decide to go somewhere quiet, relaxing and enjoyable. 
Yaoguang Shoal.      
Normally, you would have gone to a teahouse or a bookstore to escape the hot weather, but today, those areas are swamp with people. You might have a brief idea of why they would be so crowded in there. It can only be Yunjin performance, or the teahouse is having a giveaway.    
As much as you love to enjoy her breathtaking performance and intriguing stories, you wouldn’t risk getting trampled by those people. Maybe another day, when people aren’t packing inside the teahouse. 
As soon as you arrive at the shore, the thick scent of salt waffles around the tip of your nose, sounds of waves calmly splashing against the coast. Slowly, you remove your shoes and sink your feet down the fever-like golden sand, heading toward the white bubbles splashing waves. 
You should have brought a flip-flop instead of shoes. 
At the burning sensation on the sole of your feet, you start sprinting toward the nearby small patches of grass hiding under a gigantic shade, hoping to save your sensitive skins. 
As soon as you jump on the lump of grass, you can’t help letting out a painful hiss, jumping like a grasshopper on the surface. This place isn’t very far from the water, maybe you can put on an umbrella here and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.  
Afar, you can see a few white cranes enjoying the cold water while looking for fishes, bathing under the scorching heat. Propping yourself on your knee, you sit down and enjoy the feeling of wind combing through your messy dark locks. From here, the sound of splashing water on the sand, the soothing sensation of a peaceful summer gently sinks down your skin.  
You’re lucky to find a shade in the middle of a shore, under the scorching sun glaring holes on your head. Unlike the harbor, Yaoguang shoal is much more breathable, the cool breeze brings the smell of sea salt dancing on your skin, slowly imbued your silky dark lock with the distinctive scent of the ocean. 
Letting out a lazy sigh, you leisurely drift into a slumber, opting for a relaxing nap while enjoying the sound of nature. 
How great is it to not have someone disturb you? 
Maybe you speak too soon. 
Furrow your brows, you slowly open your eyes, annoyed by the sudden intrusion. The bright light clearly wants to pierce your eyes, but the figure moves closer and blocks the over-enthusiastic sun out of your gaze. You slowly sit up, squinting hard at the dark figure. 
“Xingqiu?”  Widen your eyes at the familiar shade of blue, you look at him quizzically. “What are you doing here?”
The male lets out a breathy chuckle and crouches down, letting light falls on his face.   
“Me? The weather is nice, so I’m strolling along the shore and enjoy the weather.” 
At your comical gaze drilling at his head, and the hydro user finally raises his hand in defeat. “ Fine, fine. I was on my way back to the Harbor after helping the traveler with some commissions.” 
“ The harbor is the other direction.” You dubiously point the opposite direction, a small gust of wind picking up and tousling your hair. “ If you’re heading this direction, Dragonspine is where you're heading.” 
 “What are you doing here?” The young man ignores your remark and changes the topic, eyes curiously wander down your lying body on the grass. 
“ Escaping the heat from the harbor.” You hum and scoot to the other side, sparing Xingqiu a space to sit. He must be drying staying that long under the sun. 
He quickly sits down next to you, slowly peeling his boots and socks away. The area is small, forcing you to stay close to him, your shoulders almost bumping into each other. As much as you love skinship, any physical contact is overbearing in this weather. The scenery would have been more romantic if you’re sharing body heat in the bizarrely cold Starglow Cavern.
Wait… why did Xingqiu sit down and remove his boots? Isn’t he supposed to go back to the harbor? 
“ You aren’t going back to the harbor?” You tilt your head and his side profile. 
“ I was, but I change my mind.” The blue figure has his eyes on the boots, unlacing the footwear. “Sitting here with you is much more breathable than cramping inside the teahouse and the bookstore.”
  …But you didn’t agree to let him stay in the first place. Why is he still here then? 
You just offer him a place to sit down in the shade, just because he was sweating profusely under the sun when you were talking to him. It’s called an action out of politeness!!! He isn’t supposed to take the offer and makes himself comfortable.
Great, now you’re stuck with a body heat that you desperate to get away from. Roll your eyes, you let your gaze fleet over the vast clear ocean in front of you. 
From here, you can slightly make out an outline of Guyun Stone Forest peeking behind the thickening clouds. That majestic scenery, the infamous fight between Osial and Res Lapis, you wonder how big that fight was to create a whole island with a gigantic unique shape?  After thousands of years, you can still feel the rumbling energy threatening to break the seal of lord of Geo, yet something manages to force them down. Perhaps, there might be someone there securing the seal, holding the remaining pieces together. What would happen if that seal finally breaks again? Will the entire harbor engulfed by the anger of the lord of Vortex, or, will the new Geo archon will defend it?    
“A mora of your thought?” A youthful voice calls out, and you whirl your head in his direction. “ You look so deep in thought.” 
“ Ah… I was just thinking about the Guyun Stone Forest.” You shyly scratch your head, eyes don’t meet his. You totally forgot someone is sitting next to you. Xingqiu doesn’t comment, he lets his gaze drift to the Stone Forest, and the silence falls. 
This time you don’t let your eyes stray to the exalted scenery hiding away under those clouds. Instead, you observe the hydro user, who is just a few inches away. His features are soft, yet so define. The sharp eyes, the slope of his nose, and the plush lips. Under the smooth cerulean locks is his signature amber orb. You have always felt enamored under his gaze ever since you first met. That golden eyes are always filled with the determination and sharpness of a predator. You love it when the soft, bubbly Xingqiu turns sharp, or when he’s practicing his swordsmanship.   
“Take a picture, it will last longer.” The hydro user says, his voice remains calm and unwavering, almost make you mistake for someone else. “ How is my face?” 
“ Utterly unacceptably handsome.” Propping yourself on your elbow, you stare into his deep eyes, answer honestly, try to hold your scoff. 
Xingqiu doesn’t comment on your compliment but tilts his head the other way, avoiding your hawking gaze. Obviously, he knows you like to mess with him, trying to pull a reaction out of the shameless nonchalant friend when you’re bored. How you wish he would at least give you an entertaining reaction. 
You remember those days when Xingqiu and Chongyun are easily flustered. Nowadays, only Chongyun is still affected by your antic. How does that popsicle boy not immune to your frequent teasing is also a big mystery you’re looking for an answer to. 
“ You shouldn’t say someone is handsome if you don’t mean it.” After a while, the calm hydro user is back, composed, and relax. How can he be so lax in this atrocious weather, you don’t want to know. 
“ But… you’re handsome ?” 
“ You’re just trying to make me fluster.” He replies, a blush slowly creeps on his cheek. You don’t know why he’s trying to deny your compliment. He’s handsome, and you’re just using that fact to turn him into a tomato. Why does it sound like he’s trying hard to convince himself his face isn't aesthetic to look at? 
You open your mouth but close it. Speechless, you don't know how do you convince him that you honestly compliment his features, not… uh baiting him? Do your compliments sound like cheap-ass flirtatious attempts people usually get in a combo when they visit the tavern?   
Your motive isn’t as pure as it can be but your compliment does: honest, and authentic. How could he twist your words into something so scandalous like that? Outrageous! 
Your lips part to speak, but something cold and hard is shoved inside, and your olfactory bulbs almost explode with flavor (and numbing cold). The feeling of fruity sweetness seeps on your tongue, with a tingle of refreshing feeling dancing on top. Glaring dagger at Xingqiu, you notice his gloating face while biting the signature blue popsicle. Did Chongyun give that to him? 
Plug the freezing item out of your mouth, the vibrant pinkish color glowing under the sun, slowly dripping down your hand. It is a watermelon-flavored popsicle. He could have handed it to you nicely instead of almost choking you off and stop your sentence like that. Nevertheless, you still enjoy the watermelon-flavored popsicle while pouting at the young man. 
“ Where did you get this?” In between you lick, you look up at him, surprised to see half of the popsicle has disappeared. Did he just chomp all that in less than a minute? 
“I bought it, of course, food doesn't fall from the sky.” This young man is much more handsome when he has his mouth closed. You are really contemplated whether to use your handkerchief to shove down his throat. Or maybe a rock could do the job well too. 
“So, pay me.” Xingqiu suddenly brings his hand to your face, mischief glowing in his amber eyes. The audacity of this hydro user must have rocketed the sky after so long not having a good fight. You give him a forced smile while elbow him in the stomach, voice dangerously low. 
“ Our friendship doesn’t even worth a single popsicle? Really Xingqiu, I’m so disappointed.” You fake a sigh, head shaking in disapproval.  
The god-damned bastard avoids your blow without a hitch and even slithers his hand on your waist to tickle you. Oh, he must be looking for death this time. 
With the popsicle still inside your mouth, you sneakily raise your hand, attempting to push Xingqiu into the lava-like sand as revenge. It'd be a perfect touch to your lovely afternoon to see him tumbling on the group while jumping like a hissing cat. 
How naïve of you, to think that he doesn’t spot your little antic. This is the young man always out-performing you in every aspect, even in eating a popsicle. 
Without even looking at you, he catches your wrist effortlessly while still licking the ice cream. His body relaxes, compare to you, who almost tumbling toward him if he doesn't hold you in place. In a panic, you try to wriggle yourself out of his hold, but the young man only tightens his hold, remains unfazed by your swinging attempt to fling his hand out of your wrist. 
“ Let me go Xingqiu!” Instead of laughing at a hissing Xingqiu tumbling on the sand, you become the angry cat here. 
“ So you can hit me? Of course not.” He replies gloatingly, chins lackadaisical, his fingers wrap tightly around your wrist. 
“It’s hot.” 
“ Eat your popsicle then.” His hand holding your wrist brings up to point at the melting ice cream on your hand. “It’s melting.”
Of course, everyone can see that. Shooting pointed gaze at him, you try to shake the tight grip on your wrist a few more times, but nothing avails. He doesn’t let go, and your other hand is busy holding the popsicle. If you have another one, maybe you can peel off his fingers. Too bad you only have 2 hands. 
Sigh out in defeat, you give Xingqiu stink eyes before turning your attention back to the watermelon popsicle, occasionally look down at his grip to find an escape route. You don’t believe you can’t escape from his grasp! 
The hydro user doesn’t let your hand go after he finished his popsicle, instead, he slumps down with one cheek resting in his hand, staring at your face blatantly. You don’t usually mind but being gawked at while eating isn’t as comfortable as you thought. 
“ What?” Finally, you look up to face the mischievous blue boy. 
“ Can I have a bite?” 
“ Obviously n-” He doesn’t wait for your answer and leans in. Your first reaction is to be dodged away, but the sneak has your wrist pinned on the grass, forcing you to stay still. 
As soon as you realize your immobile state, Xingqiu is a few inches away from your face, licking the popsicle, and then biting off the edge near the stick. His smooth cheek brushes past your fingers, the deep blue locks fall on his face. From here, you inhale a hint of mint and sweet vanilla. Instead of the familiar scent of woodsy musky of old books, you notice a whiff of summer and salt on him. 
Stunted by his sudden closeness, you remain to freeze even after he pulls away. 
“W-wh-what did you j-just do?” To your horror, you stutter. Not once, but twice.
“Eat your popsicle.” 
As nonchalant as ever, he shrugs while swiping the remains on his lips, like he isn’t the one who just leans in so close to you. You are too dazed to even realize the popsicle hang close to your mouth is dripping down your clothes. 
Startle at the coldness, you hastily look down and scrunch your face at the mess. Ugh, it’s because of him, again! 
“ Need me to eat that for you?” he offers, but you swear you hear a hint of playfulness glinting in his voice. Quickly, you bite off the remaining before he can steal another bite, forget how sensitive your gum is. The result, you can already imagine, is brain freeze. 
Hissing at the sudden burst of frost blooming in your mouth, unconsciously grab on Xingqiu, squeezing his hand tightly while squirming vigorously. You shouldn’t have bitten off the whole thing, even when it melts. Hand in hand, you can feel the warmth of his fingers caressing your wrist, and they slowly move down and intertwine with yours. That opportunistic guy. 
During that heated moment, you remember yourself instinctively looking for a source of heat. At one point, your brain decided to throw the remaining sanity out the window. It convinces your body that the crook of his neck is the best source of warmth to melt the overbearing sensation in your mouth. And your body decides to do without giving another thought. 
Face buries deep in his neck, you are engulfed in his strong musky scent, naturally, you freeze dead on your track. 
What have you done? 
How do you get up? 
How can you look at his eyes now? 
With the dreading thoughts constantly running around your mind, you can only hit your head on his shoulder blade in shame, earning a rumbling chuckle from the young man. 
“ Don’t laugh!” Your whiny voice is muffled by his clothes. Upon your request, he doesn’t stop at a chuckle but starts to wheeze, chest rumbling. Your cheeks burn crisp with embarrassment, yet you can’t find a single hole to hide. 
“ Hahaha… Why did you do that?” He bursts out ungracefully, his shoulder shaking vividly. Xingqiu is teasing you on purpose!!  
You also want to ask why did you do that too. Why did you do that without even thinking about the consequence again? 
“ Stop laughing!” The audacity of this boy, after you told him to stop laughing, he snorts louder and teases you more. You thought this chivalrous nobleman would only snort for a few minutes,  then he would comfort you like the novel. Too bad, life isn’t as predictable as the novels. What you expect is the comforting hug, or his hand patting your head reassuringly. What you get instead is a never-ending tease and the constant re-telling of the scenario in an out-of-breath voice. 
Moving away from his neck, you pout and sulky. Despite being under the shade and cool sea breezes, you feel the heat rushing at the back of your neck and on your cheeks, a friendly reminder. Fingers fondling the edge of your shirt, you pretend to be deaf at the puff of his laugh. Is it too late for you to move to Inazuma and never see him again?
 Actually, it might be better to start avoiding than do nothing. 
You attempt to stand up abruptly and prepare to sprint off, fleeing away from the young hydro user who is making himself relax next to you. 
Notice the use of the word here: “attempt”.
Xingqiu quickly sees through your plan before you can start it.
  Unlike last time, he saw your movement and stopped your hand in the mid-air. This time, he is a step ahead and caught your chin between his fingers, tilting your head toward him, his mesmerizing golden eyes pierce through you. 
Catch-off-guard by his sudden closeness, the unsuccessful plan is extinguished at the back of your head.
Out of everything, why would he choose this way for your attention? You feel like you have no sanity left every time he does something intimate. 
How weak are you for him? 
The deep amber orbs study you intently like he’s trying to ingrain your face into his memories. The glimmering eyes always full of mischief and playfulness now is like an abyss, easily pull you in and spiraling into the darkness. The bubbly, transparent Xingqiu is replaced by a mature, mysterious, and charismatic man.
The distance between you slowly shorten, and finally, he’s a breath away. You nervously hold your breath, eyes widen at his every movement. Being this close, you can see his fluttering lashes, his sudden quicken breathing, and his plump lips dangling like a piece of meat in front of your hungry gaze. What is this feeling of heat rising up to your chest? 
Like a moth drawn into flame, your eyes follow when his tongue darts out to wet the soft kissable pad, his lips transform into pinkish color, just like the watermelon popsicle. 
Butterflies roaming inside your stomach, your fuzzy mind lets out a weak resistance, telling you to turn away, escape from the cradle of his finger on your chin. 
However, your instinct gives in.
You part your lips and angle up, time stops when his lips meet yours. It is a light brush, yet you can feel your heart pounding wildly inside your chest as the mint frosty scent invades your sense. Your breath slowly turns labored, yet all you can focus on is how soft he felt on your lips and how addicting he’s tasting on your tongue.
When your visions start to blur, and your legs threaten to give out, you finally decide to part away, but the hydro user has his hands cupping on your cheek doesn't think so. 
“Let me taste you again.” Xingqiu whispers, his voice deep and smooth like velvet. 
And then he pulls you in, claiming your mouth again, passionate and intense. He tastes like the watermelon popsicle you just ate, like a sunny summer you used to love, like a soaring kite in the sky. 
You don’t think you hate the feeling of his lips on yours.      
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thekims4 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TS4 Menswear Lookbook #2
Skin 1, 2, 3 / Hair / Eyebrows / Eyes / Nosemask / Lips
Clothing - Top
Kamal Top @belaloallure3
Sweatshirt @plushxsims
Joel Top @belaloallure3
Yonis Top @belaloallure3
High School Bomber @darte77
Leon Jacket @belaloallure3
Oversized Puffer Jacket @darte77
Clothing - Bottom
Shorts @bustedpixels
Pleated Chinos @plushxsims
Joel Pants @belaloallure3
Myshuno Short by Buckgrunt
Jeans @darte77
Dad Jeans @plushxsims
Pants w Handkerchief @simsmilasmith
Clothing - Fullbody
Tees & Sweatpants @nitropanic
Seamless Caps @nucrests
Dad Glasse @casteru
Simple Earrings @suzuesims
Apple Watch S7 @cheng-chih
Caterpillar Boots @darte77
Corey Trainers @plumbobsnfries
NFS Heat Adidas Shoes @vanitascreation
Run Star Prism High-Top Converse @bedisfull
NOT DEAD @crybvbies​
Height Slider @luumia
Male Neck @shandir
Slider Neck (M) @pirumxsim
@dearkims / Hongzo / @nell-le
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cannibalgh0st · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summer is here! And if you're like me who lives in a rolling black zone- make sure you stay safe and take action!
•Don't over use appliances in extreme heat! This can increase the chances of blackouts! Believe me...
• Check out your local DWP for advice! They also have the hours when it's best to do laundry! And maps to see whats going on in your area!
•If a blackout happens out of nowhere even when not using a lot of appliances- call the DWP! Or Check their website to see what's the problem in your area! I have called before and they even sent a team to my neighborhood!
•Make sure your house didn't bust a fuse...if you don't know how to check out your fuse box for your home there are videos online! If not again- you can call the DWP and they'll check it out!
•If you do use the AC please close all windows/doors! Don't let the cool air out! Turn off anything you're not using!
• KEPP HYDRATED even if you're inside! The AC and fans can dry you out! Drink water!!!!
•Stay calm and try your best to keep cool this summer!
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atths--twice · 2 months ago
Wednesday Night at the Fluff and Fold
Had an idea for a little “on the run” story the other day. Thus this little story was born. Hope you enjoy! ❤️
Late on a hot summer night, while on the run, Scully and Mulder spend some time in a small town laundromat.
Tumblr media
September 2003
Juliette, Georgia
10:00 p.m.
There was an odd feeling of calm to pairing socks, seeing them piling up beside the other clothes, everything organized into neat stacks.
Scully smiled as she remembered helping her mother fold clothes when she was younger, loving the feel of them when they were warm from the dryer, or even helping to take them from a clothesline. Sheets were always her favorite, lifting her side up as high as she could, her mother smiling as she held tight to the other end. The sound of the snap of the fabric, the perfect fold, meeting in the middle to hand it off to her mother… she loved it all.
Socks were saved for her to do on her own, large piles of them from the whole family, left to her to sort like a puzzle. She liked being able to differentiate between them, giving the right socks to the right people, proud that she never got it wrong.
As an adult, she found that same pride in the tidiness of her own home; the dishes always washed and put away in their place, the pictures hung to her taste, her clothes always organized, going through them often and getting rid of any taking up unwanted space.
Space, she thought with a snort. That’s definitely something we are lacking these days.
Folding one of Mulder’s t-shirts, she placed it on top of his pile. One of her shirts was next and she placed it on her own pile with a sigh. Turning around, she looked at the dryer in front of her and saw it still had twenty minutes left before the cycle would be complete. Looking around at the empty laundromat, she sighed again.
Fanning herself, she lifted her long hair off of her sweaty neck. The weight of it made her think again of cutting it short like she’d had it in the past. Instead, she took the rubber band from her wrist and tied it up into a messy bun, a few pieces falling down and brushing her face. As it did, she sighed at the dark brown, nearly black color of it.
She’d had it dyed for months now, but she was still taken aback by it when her thoughts were elsewhere and it suddenly fell into her view. She did not mind it, but it was a drastic difference from her normal red.
The door to the laundromat opened and Mulder walked in with a plastic bag in each hand.. Even in khaki shorts, a black tank top, and flip flops, she could see he was just as warm as she was, beads of perspiration dotting his forehead.
“God, it’s like walking through numerous layers of warm wet paper towels. I’m sweating like crazy.”
“It’s not much cooler in here,” she said with a gesture toward the dryers. “Thankfully it’s the last load.”
“Should I get the bags from the car?” he asked, setting the plastic bags down on the counter beside the piles of folded clothes.
“Nah. Might as well wait until those are done and folded.” He nodded and jumped up to sit next to the bags, smiling at her as he did. She let out a deep breath as she glanced at the dryer timer again.
Eighteen minutes until they would pack up and head away from this small town, all of their clothes clean, for a while at least.
It had been nearly a year and a half since they had been on the run, staying in countless motels, trailers, tents, the car itself, and even once a teepee, which they had both found highly offensive, especially after seeing the decor. But it had been cold and the place warm, so they had stayed for a night before leaving the next morning
In that time, a system had been created. They had bought large plastic totes and kept everything they needed inside of them: sleeping bags, pillows, extra blankets, two tents, tarps, camping cooking supplies, some food- but not much as they did not want to attract any unwanted animals.
They also had two duffel bags which held all of the clothes they owned, rotating them by need and season.
As it was the tailend of a very warm summer, the warmer clothes had been stored in one of the totes, not needed for a few more months. The two duffel bags were now full of shorts, tank tops, shirts, and even a few sundresses, the breeze welcome as it cooled her everywhere.
The bags also held their simple toiletries inside plastic zippered bags. It was organized and fit just so in the car, allowing them to grab whatever was needed quickly. Every item was replaceable and held no sentimental value, easily able to be left behind if the situation called for it.
Clothes were worn until only one outfit remained, the dirty clothes placed in trash bags. All laundry was done at one time, visiting laundromats late at night, or any motel with on-site laundry service. The clean clothes were then put back into the duffel bags, the trash bags slipped into the totes, ready to be refilled.
It was a system that worked well, keeping them away from crowds of people, Mulder remaining safe and relatively unseen.
Sighing again, she shook her head and glanced at the bags he had brought in with him.
“So, what have you got there?” she asked with a smile, one of the bags smelling of something delicious and causing her stomach to growl.
“Well,” he said, opening the bag and removing take out containers, handing one to her. “The Whistle Stop Café is open late tonight for a summer barbecue-”
“Is it?” she said, looking at her food cautiously and he laughed.
“Pork, not human,” he assured her with another chuckle. “Someone in front of me made that joke and the woman serving food gave him such a look, I knew better than to make the same mistake.”
“Can’t really blame people when it’s heavily implied in the Fried Green Tomatoes movie and in the book… well…” She raised her eyebrows and opened the container, sniffing the delicious aroma of barbecued pork, her mouth watering.
“I also got mashed potatoes and biscuits. Homemade biscuits that I ate one of on the way over here because they had only just cooled enough to be served when I ordered them. Try one of those first.” He handed her one and he nodded encouragingly.
Taking it from him, she took a bite and then moaned as the sweet taste of butter hit her tongue. He nodded again with a smile as she took another bite and he took out utensils and napkins. She pushed herself up to sit beside him, her legs swinging as they ate, the dryer continuing to tumble the last of their clothes, both of them hot, sweaty, and sticky.
As they finished eating, the dryer stopped and while he cleaned up their food and trash, she took out the clothes, walking them to the counter to be folded. He came back in with the duffel bags, setting them on the empty counter, and began helping her fold the clothes.
In no time, they were filling the duffel bags, everything once more arranged and in order. She threw out the dryer sheets she had used and picked up the now empty trash bags, ready to put them back into the totes in the car.
“What’s in this bag?” she asked and he nodded at her to open it. When she did, she smiled, finding it full of paperbacks.
“I found a used bookstore and came back to the car, taking out the ones you’d wanted to swap if we found one. I could only find up to “O,” but maybe we’ll get lucky at the next place and find “P” and “Q.””
“There’s a “Q”? I didn’t know,” she murmured and he nodded as she looked down at the books.
They had stayed at a cabin in March and the sparse amount of books available had led to her reading ones she would normally have passed over. Particularly, a series of detective novels, the titles of each one beginning with a different letter of the alphabet.
Finding that she enjoyed them, when they had been in another town, she had popped into a used bookstore, finding the next in the “alphabet series” by Sue Grafton. She had loved them all, a distraction from their own lives for a little while. It had been some time since she had finished, and even reread the last few, holding onto them to trade in for new ones, and she was happy he had found them.
“Thank you,” she said softly, looking at “L” is for Lawless and “M” is for Malice. “I know it’s not my usual reading material…”
“Scully, there isn’t much that is usual right now.” He smiled at her and shrugged. “You enjoy them. I do too. Especially when you read them aloud and we try to figure out the ending.” She nodded with a smile and ran her fingers across the titles.
“Thank you,” she said again, lifting her head to look at him. He smiled with a nod and picked up one of the duffel bags, kissing her as he did.
“You’re welcome,” he whispered against her lips, reaching for the next duffel bag.
She put the books back inside the plastic bag and picked up their black canvas backpack. Everything else could be left behind and abandoned at a moment's notice, but not the backpack. It held everything of importance inside of it and was never far from sight.
One last look around, making sure they had everything, they walked out into the muggy and sticky Georgia night. Bags were placed back into the car and then bottles of water were taken from the totes and carried to the front seat.
Mulder turned on the car, blasting the air conditioning as they both sat, the warm air gradually becoming cooler. She closed her eyes as she twisted her head and leaned forward, letting the cool air hit the back of her neck.
“What were we thinking, huh? Coming to the south in the summer? Should have stayed up north,” Mulder said with a deep sigh and she smiled.
“It’s summer, Mulder. It’s hot everywhere.”
“Hmm. Not moist hot though. I feel… well… it’s not the best situation in my southern region either.” She laughed and opened her eyes, looking at him as he raised his eyebrows with a shake of his head.
“How does a cold shower sound?”
“Make it lukewarm, and not a solo one, and you’ve got yourself a deal,” he said with a smile and she tilted her head.
“You’re asking me to join you even after you’ve so eloquently divulged a bad case of swamp ass?” She raised her eyebrows at him, a half smile on her face, and he nodded enthusiastically.
“Absolutely. I’m sure you could do with a…”
“Yes?” she asked, her eyebrows raising higher, waiting to see how big of a hole he would dig himself into.
“Well…” He shrugged and smiled, the one that made her heart race. Innocent and sweet, with an air of mischief hiding behind it. “A nice refreshing shower after standing in that warm laundromat for so long.”
“Mmhmm,” she hummed, licking her lips and his eyes followed its path across them.
“And if it leads to some sex… well…” He shrugged again and put the car in gear, looking around before he backed up and out of the parking spot, continuing out of the parking lot. “At least we’ll get clean as we’re being dirty.” She laughed and nodded, already anticipating the feel of the water cooling and cleansing her sweaty body, his hands on her wet and slippery skin making her ache with need.
He grinned at her as they pulled up to a stop sign by the Whistle Stop Café. People were still there enjoying the barbecue, music playing and laughter ringing out into the night. They drove past the now closed used bookstore and she smiled, remembering the books waiting to be read. Looking at him, she smiled and he winked as he caught her eye.
“A refreshing shower sounds wonderful.”
“And the sex?” he asked, stopping at a light and staring at her, waggling his eyebrows.
“Sounds orgasmic,” she said in a low voice and he growled, stepping on the gas as soon as the light was green, hurrying out of town as she laughed happily.
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Tumblr media
The burden of hot weather.  From The Moving Picture World, 1920.
Weighty subjects: from the weight of the world to the simple ball and chain.
Wondering about this post?  Wait for the dissertation (TBA). For now:  Weblog ◆ Books ◆ Videos ◆ Music ◆ Etsy
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Me at this moment
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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It’s currently almost 11pm and it’s 20 degrees and as a British person who fry’s when the weather goes above 15 degrees I’m currently a rotisserie chicken
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TS4 Menswear Lookbook #3
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Slider Neck (M) @pirumxsim
@dearkims / Hongzo / @nell-le
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Today was so warm ☀️ I almost fainted 😀 I hate hot weather
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