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youbuyme-orangejuice · an hour ago
do you have any neurodivergent Hotch headcanons? I love your blog so much
i find it insane that people like my blog ahhhh ty for saying that !!!
ooo i’ve never thought of Hotch as neurodivergent but i really like this idea !!!
i feel like if Hotch was nd he would be adhd rather than being autistic
he loves using Jack’s toys as stim/fidget toys and he often brings them to work in his pockets (little toy cars, tiny dolls etc)
hates the feeling of ice on the roof of his mouth (same tbf)
wants to make other neurodivergent people feel as comfortable as possible
so he never interrupts Spencer’s infodumping and he encourages Penny to decorate her office/batcave
when he’s anxious he tends to shutdown and goes non verbal (during cases or on the jet etc)
when this happens, the team try to make his as comfortable as possible and let him have his space (they bring him tea and his favourite biscuits)
his favourite stim is finger patterns (he touches his knuckles on his left hand)
loves the smell of earl grey tea (reminds him of Jack)
add more if you think of them and a reminder that my requests are open (check my blog for fandoms)
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genderless-weeb · 6 hours ago
Criminal Minds thought dump:
Profiling Emily!!
It’s more headcanon than canon at my point in the story (5x10 ish) but I say she was always expected to be very levelheaded and mature, so now feels a sort of guilt over certain things she deems childish
For a few examples, she feels guilty for lying and weird about the fact that she’s a full grown adult that can’t tell a white lie without a guilty conscience
She also feels guilty for her empathy and her love of love. Her empathy tends to help her get into a victim or perpetrator’s head more, but it can really get to her how much she feels
Love is a very important thing to her, and while in the back of her mind, she thought it was kind of an overly emotional thing, but that didn’t stop her from dreaming
Spencer Reid has his name because he reads a lot
Like fun man, I love dumb puns but stop that
JJ may be a slice of white bread but she’s my Lock Screen so apparently I don’t hate her too much
Rossi is the other slice of white bread
Or like an Italian bread would be more accurate
But one thing I like is that he was so used to trying to think of interesting ways to say things for his books that it carried over to real life and now he just speaks all poetically without even meaning to
I really like Garcia’s character
With her sort of archetype, (bubbly fun girl) it’s more common for the case to be that they don’t know how to manage in a situation that isn’t fun but Garcia’s strong empathy makes it so she’s feels the emotions of the situation instead of trying to lighten the mood
And for Hotch to be so strongly characterized as the serious one, it’s interesting that it isn’t super uncommon for him to lose his composure
Another thing, I absolutely love it when Reid gets mad like yess get your emotions out nerd boy you need it
As someone who loves seeing my favorite characters suffer, I love how even the hyper masculine characters have cried at one point or another
I think that’s all I have fo todayy
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fjareau-prentiss · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hotch: JJ please tell me how you made Emily carry out orders that quick she doesn't obey me and i'm her superior
JJ: a good magician never reveals her secrets, hotch
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ssahotchswife · 13 hours ago
I love all of your blurbs so much!! <3 Could you write something about Hotch waking up from a nightmare having a panic attack or something, and the reader comforts him? I imagine they just rub his back, give him kisses, and tell him that he's okay. :)
thank you for being so sweet!! 💗 soft hotch saturday 🥺 i just wanna smooch this sweet man! this is fully SFW, just pure fluff! 
The clock read 2:00 a.m. in red, angry numbers when you blinked your eyes open. It wasn’t unusual for you to wake up at some point during the night, what was unusual was to look next to you and see your boyfriend sitting up in bed, hunched over his knees and shuddering out sobs.
“Aaron,” You rasped, sitting upright and crawling over to him. When you put your hand on his shoulder, Aaron jumped, his head whipping to you with tears shining in his eyes. “Aaron, what’s wrong?”
“It’s nothing,” He said, voice thick with tears. “I’m sorry I woke you, go back to sleep.”
“Tell me what’s wrong, please.”
“I had a nightmare,” He said quietly. You laced your fingers with his, placing your hand on his cheek to make him look at you.
“What about?”
“You,” He whispered, shutting his eyes tightly, a tear sliding down his cheek. “This case, I think – I think this one just stuck with me.” You nodded, letting your hand drift into his hair and stroke the soft strands. “It was you, that woman – the last victim – in my nightmare she was you.”
“It wasn’t me, Aaron,” You murmured. “I’m right here with you. I’m okay, and you’re okay, we’re safe and we’re together. It was just a dream, sweetheart.”
“I know,” He sighed, wiping at his eyes. “I know. It just – it scared me so much, seeing you hurt.”
“Come here,” You said, pulling him into your arms and laying back down with him.
His head tucked into your neck as you stroked his hair. Aaron tilted his head up to look at you, and the tears still stuck in his eyes broke your heart. You bent over and pressed a soft kiss to his lips.
“I love you,” You said, kissing his forehead. “I’m safe here with you, and I love you more than words can say.”
“Thank you,” Aaron whispered, kissing your neck softly. “Thank you for being here, and for being you. I love you so much, (y/n).”
You stayed awake until you were sure Aaron had drifted back to sleep, the steady, even tempo of his breath against your skin. He didn’t often have nightmares, but when he did you knew that all he needed from you was for you to ground him and remind him that it had only been a dream. And you’d do it, you’d do it every single night for the rest of your life if you had to, if only to help him sleep easier. Aaron was the love of your life, and if you could make his dreams be nothing but sunshine and love you would, but since you couldn’t you’d be there to wipe his tears when his dreams turned into nightmares.
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reidstars · 16 hours ago
I am happy more people are accepting the eyeliner hotch truth 🙏🏽
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jj-arms · 18 hours ago
Hotch: What are you drinking?
Emily: Tea.
Hotch: Really? What kind of tea?
Emily: Tea...quila.
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ssahotchswife · 19 hours ago
shamelessly saying i have been the BIGGEST hoe for hotch lately and your blog has been one i check EVERY night 👀👀👀
omg this is so sweet 🥺💗 THANK YOU!!! i’m glad my hotch obsession can help you with yours hahahahaha 😂
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hearteyedhotch · a day ago
spencer is so spoiled because aaron literally grants him every wish. it’s what he deserves 🥺
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insomniaticdyke · a day ago
- Pricefield Headcannons
-Pricefield Headcannons Pt. 2
- Like A Butterfly In A Storm (coming soon)
Honestly i have dozens of ideas from criminal minds and zero time so it will probably be a bit before I start writing
A/N: I totally will take requests!
I would appreciate you guys reblogging this
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a girl is a gun...6...
Summary: Reid goes back to Janet, but this time he wants something from her. The B.A.U. plans their strategy to catch Janet.
Warnings: SMUT AGAIN, snooping, cursing, scheming, plans of arrest, murder, typical criminal minds stuff. shitty writing IM SORRY, oh! no condom either get a glove before you get some love guys
Word Count: 1777
@meowiemari @luxhoetasy @lickmymelaninn
A/N: This is the last bit of smut for this series, but also my uploads will be more consistent again and I'm really excited!! I MISSED WRITING FOR YOU GUYS!! Let me know if you want to be on the taglist!
masterlist playlist previous
Tumblr media
Janet's eyes widened as she took in the sight before her. It was Spencer. He looked really good. She dragged her eyes up and down his lanky figure before stepping aside and letting him in. She scanned the hallway quickly and noticed that he was alone. Spencer wasn't an unwelcome guest, not after last night anyway, but he was unannounced. Janet turned back around to face the man and noticed that he hadn't taken a seat yet. He looked nervous.
"Spencer, what's going on?"
"I'm on the run Janet. The team knows I was with you last night. They're looking for me and I didn't know where else to go." Janet sighed.
"Shit. What did you say?"
"What did you say when they asked you where you were?"
"I didn't say anything, I brought my phone with me last night and they were able to track it." Janet could tell he wasn't lying.
"So do you have the phone with you now?" Spencer shook his head and watched Janet's shoulders relax.
"They don't know where I am. You should leave your phone at my place so it throws their trail." Janet hesitated.
"Is that a good enough plan?"
"Of course it is. You forget I study these things. Trust me." Janet looked towards Spencer's open hands and furrowed her brows.
"No gimmicks?" It was Spencer's turn to look confused.
"What are you talking about? Let's go. I'm the fugative here." Janet nodded and disappeared to grab her phone and returned to Spencer.
"I'm ready."
Spencer led Janet out of her apartment and glanced around the halls carefully, committed to the role he was playing. They reached the stairs and moved quickly with a good pace. Janet moved in silence and listened to Spencer's plan to plant the cell phones and return to Janet's place. She watched him the whole time and felt a twitch in her chest. She might let herself believe that she was falling in love with him for just a moment if the circumstances were different. The pair drove back to Spencer's apartment and the plan was set in action.
"You go ahead and make yourself comfortable, okay? I'm going to hide the phones so that they spend more time looking for the phones than us." Janet nodded and looked around the space. It was cozy, filled with books and coffee. She felt like she was in a library.
Spencer, on the other hand pocketed Janet's phone in his bag and then texted Garcia that the plan was in action. He relaxed for a minute, forgetting that Janet was there, forgetting about the plan, and forgetting about his reputation that was currently at stake. He exhaled and walked into the bathroom to wash his face with water. When Spencer lifted his head, he jumped back in shock to see Janet behind him in the mirror.
"That's okay! Can I get you something?"
"Well," Janet paused to look Spencer up and down, "maybe when we get back to my place you could give me something?" Spencer turned bright red at the proposition and thought for a minute.
"Well, we've gotta get out of here pretty quick then, huh?" He raised an eyebrow towards her and smiled. Janet's stomach dropped in anticipation.
"I guess so." She pulled him in for a kiss, surprising both Spencer and herself. Spencer paused for a minute and looked at her from where he stood. It felt like his heart stopped momentarily, but he pushed the feeling away. He hurriedly grabbed his things and a few days worth of clothes while Janet waited silently for him in his living room.
"Let's go." Spencer took Janet's hand and they left the apartment.
"Hotch! Reid just called me! The plan is a go!" Garcia ran from her cave to the bullpen to notify her boss.
"That was fast. Okay, we'll leave at the same planned time, around 7 p.m. since that will give us time to continue to plan and it'll give Janet a false sense of security. Does anyone have an issue with this at all?" Hotch watched as the room was silent and exhaled. "Well, let's get back to work."
The hustle and bustle of the team was in full swing again and after a few minutes and consulting with J.J., Emily walked to a very focused Hotch.
"Hey, how are you holding up?" She watched his eyes.
"I'm still upset with Reid, but I trust him. He knows what he has to do." Hotch played with his fingers as he spoke, it was a bad habit of his.
"Right, but, do you actually think that this is going to work?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well, you know," Emily paused and thought about how to say the next part. "Reid isn't exactly thinking clearly right now. What if she manipulates him again and he gets distracted. What if he believes her?" Hotch reclined in his chair and raised an eyebrow at Emily.
"That's a risk we have to take. I trust him. If he messes up then it's on his conscience."
"Prentiss, that's final." Emily nodded and left Hotch alone, going back to her business with the layout of Janet's building. J.J. appeared next to her suddenly, putting a hand on her shoulder.
"Is everything okay, Emily?"
"Yeah, I'm just worried for Reid. We've got to make sure that this goes perfectly or we're at a big risk here." J.J. sighed and Emily's face softened.
"Yeah. He needs to be smart about this one."
Janet scrambled to find her apartment keys in her bag to get the door opened, not even bothering to check the hallway around her. Her heart was racing in anticipation of what was to come and so was Spencer's. When she finally unlocked her door, Spencer was on her. He kicked the door closed behind them and lifted her to the counter, hastily kissing and biting at her neck. Janet let her head fall back and sighs escape her lips while she reached for Spencer's tie. He was too good to be true. She was starting to feel suspicious of his motives but pushed the thoughts aside and chose to enjoy the moment. He was going to absolutely wreck her.
"Fuck Janet take your pants off." She sat there for a minute in shock that he was yet again so demanding. Spencer grabbed her thighs and she squealed in surprise. "Off, baby."
Janet shimmied out of her pants and giggled as Spencer struggled with his tie.
"Do you want to move it to my room?"
"No, I'm going to fuck you right on this counter." She gasped as Spencer put his lips back on her neck, grabbing at any skin he could get with his hands. She watched him as his knees hit the ground, slowly parting her legs.
"I'm returning the favor, but you need to be quiet, okay?" Janet nodded and gripped his curls before he leaned forward.
Spencer wasted no time working at her dripping core. He let his tongue work against her clit and hole, gripping her lovely thighs with such a force he was sure he'd leave bruises. He slipped two fingers inside of her pussy and felt himself get harder at the way she clenched and squirmed around him. Janet smiled and let out a borderline pornographic moan as he picked up the pace with his fingers and mouth. She grinned against his face and Spencer looked up at her.
"No noise remember? Or I stop." Janet caught her breath. "Hmm?"
"Okay, I'm sorry, Spence-" She didn't get the chance to finish her statement before the man on his knees went back to work.
Biting her lip, she let him finish her off, breathing raggedly as she came all over his face and the counter. Spencer looked up at her once again and smirked, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Janet toyed with her clit as she watched him unbuckled his pants. When he realized what she was doing, he grabbed her hand and looked her in the eye.
"I want you to stroke me with that hand and then put me inside you." Janet nodded eagerly and grabbed him, twisting her wrist and switching her pace as she went. Spencer let out a groan before shooing her hand away.
"Okay, baby go ahead and put my cock inside." Janet bit her lip and teased his dick at her entrance.
Spencer gave her a brief moment to adjust before he started pounding into her. She took his dick so well and she liked it too. He placed his hands on either side of her hips on the counter and went back to work on her neck. Janet gripped his shoulders and clawed at his back trying her best not to scream. She was really making the most of the situation at hand and prayed that he didn't notice she was hiding her crimes from him. Janet could feel Spencer's cock twitch inside of her and gasped his name.
"I'm close, Janet. Can you feel it?" She looked down at their bodies joining between her legs and gasped. Spencer grabbed her hair and forced her to look at him. "Answer fast, honey."
"Yes." She squeaked and trembled as her orgasm rippled through her body. She went limp as Spencer continued to have his way with her, pulling out just before he came, and released himself all over the counter and her thighs. The pair gasped for air and shared a few last kisses.
"Are you okay, baby?" Spencer kissed her forehead and stroked her hair.
"I'm just sleepy, Spencer." He chuckled and carried her off to her room, tucking her in and shutting her door. Once he was sure she was asleep, the real work began. He got dressed and searched the apartment for any type of damning evidence and after about 20 minutes, he found a note. It was forged handwriting that was identical to her boss's. She was trying to frame him.
"Smart girl." He muttered under his breath before taking a picture and sending it to Garcia. "But not smart enough."
The last thing to do was wait. The team would be busting through the doors in a matter of hours complete with guns, handcuffs, and a warrant. Spencer just had to make sure he played it cool and remained oblivious to her antics. He sat and thought for a minute about the possibility of the plan going wrong before switching on the T.V. and making himself a glass of water. All he had to do was wait.
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hqtchner · a day ago
hotch: I am not an owl
garcia: really?
garcia: knock knock
hotch: who’s there
garcia: who
hotch: who who?
garcia: *smiles*
hotch: *hotch stare*
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emmyraebird · a day ago
Can we talk about how attractive everyone on this team is.
If I worked at the BAU I couldn’t get anything done because I’d be too busy staring all the time
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thesmileykiley · a day ago
I Promise You This almost has 100k on Wattpad! Check it out, if you have not already! I have some chapters uploaded on tumblr, but the complete book is on Wattpad and ao3!
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imaginesandinserts · a day ago
Irreverent Masterlist
A/N: I think I’m quickly approaching a point at which Irreverent will be ending soon. There’s a rich universe I’ve created, with help from someone who has lived and breathed this story with me for the past several months now. Some of that universe might get explored later on down the road. For those of you not caught up, now might be a good time to do that. 
Tumblr media
Summary: People fall in love differently. Some fall - quickly, deeply, permanently. Others stumble into it. What matters is that they end up at the same place. (In Progress)
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x Reader
AO3 Link
Part 1 - Flashback
Part 2 - SSA Hotchner
Part 3 - Round Table
Part 4 - Interview
Part 5 - Day One
Part 6 - Laughter
Part 7 - Daddy
Part 8 - Little Jack
Part 9 - Mon Cheri
Part 10 - Father Dearest
Part 11 - Lost
Part 12 - Dawson
Part 13 - Better Man
Part 14 - Superheroes
Part 15 - Foyet
Part 16 - Comfort
Part 17 - Big Brother
Part 18 - Olympus
Part 19 - Interrogation
Part 20 - Valhalla
Part 21 - Dearly Departed
Part 22 - Julian
Part 23 - Aftermath
Part 24 - Fallout
Part 25 - Judgement
Part 26 - Forgiveness
Part 27 - Loyalty
Part 28 - Defy
Part 29 - Perception
Part 30 - Natural
Part 31 - Sundress
Part 32 - The Ball
Part 33 - Trust
Part 34 - Perfect
Part 35 - The Fifth
Part 36 - Home
Part 37 - Seven Months
Part 38 - Miss Me
Part 39 - Dinner Party
Part 40 - New York
Part 41 - Promises
Part 42 - Strangers
Part 43 - Meant To Be
Part 44 - Wasteland
Part 45 - Je t’aime
Part 46 - Salve
Part 47 - Seven Devils
Part 48 - Strings that Bind
Part 49 - Fate
Part 50 - House of Cards
Part 51 - Eye of a Hurricane
Part 52 - We All Fall Down
Part 53 - In the Shadows
Part 54 - Anchor
Part 55 - Utter Fixation
Part 56 - Calm of Night
Part 57 - Begin Again
AO3 Link
Jump House. (Only read after at least part 19 of Irreverent)
A Very Derek Christmas (Only read after at least part 39 of Irreverent)
Undercover (Only read after at least part 41 of Irreverent)
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ssa-sarahsunshine · a day ago
I don’t know how many people are on board with the whole “Hotch being allergic to strawberries” headcanon but boy oh boy that is one of my FAVORITE headcanons made for him. I don’t even know why. I just.. the whump potential maybe? The silliness of it? The fact that this big scary FBI agent can be stabbed nine freaking times in the chest and stomach, get shot, blown up, etc, can be taken out by a fucking fruit.
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shamelessgubler · a day ago
Warning: A controversial Moreid and HotchxReid opinion (probably)
I do not, nor will I ever, understand either Moreid or HotchxReid as romantic ships.
I just don't see it.
Whatever floats your boat, but for me it's a no-no.
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riafury · a day ago
Criminal Minds s15 ep6 is a whole ass example of "they had us in the first half"
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