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#hotch x oc
sunflxwerbullet · 2 days ago
My beginning my middle my end
Criminal minds; Aaron Hotchner x my still unnamed OC
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yes...this all from the same story, once I get something I run with it, why make them separate stories when I can combine them? (and probably cause some trauma along the way...)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also bonus: I already loved the original, almost had a heart attack when I saw it in the episode, but I saw someone made an edited version (right, obviously) and now I don’t know which I prefer. Everyone deserves to see it so here you go. (Sorry I don’t know who did it, I found it on Pinterest)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mercurycft · 6 days ago
in my head ࿐ s. reid + cm cast
Tumblr media
༉‧ hello my darlings! i hope you are all well and staying safe.. its my birthday monday so i doubt youll get an update in the days beginning this week. chapter one is finally here and out!! i hope you enjoy.. i love you all - r!! <3 
༉‧ for my favourite people, abbey + dolly + pip. thank you for being you, love you all forever.
༉‧ warnings: foul language. 
❛ what we do for ourselves dies with us. what we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.— albert pine ❜
monday eighteenth, grace. 
there is no such thing as an easy day. an easy day could be categorised in many ways, but honestly, has anyone actually had an easy day. a day lacking hurt and hardship, or grief and emptiness. hoping for an easy day is like wishing for a happy ending to a book in which you know full well the main character dies or gets in an awful accident, or hoping for sunshine on a day with a 100% chance of rainfall — pretty much useless. 
i find this hoping and praying malarkey pointless. that’s a good word isn’t it? malarkey. makes me feel all posh. this new girl has just transferred into my class, she’s british — hence the new words. i sometimes wonder if her accent and slang is just one huge prank. her names karma, it’s pretty isn’t it? she doesn’t really talk in class, but shes very loud at lunch. i think she might actually be okay. 
but yeah, as i was saying — when i was younger, before i fell asleep, mother would tell me ‘tomorrow will be a great day, as long as you make it good’. a few years later she went away for a little while and the last time i saw her, those were the last words she said. fast forward another year and a bit, she’s dead. clearly it wasn’t a good day, for either of us. so, i suppose i never really understood the whole ‘tomorrow will be a good day’ bullshit, so instead i just assumed everyday would be just as awful as the previous. 
you already know ive never really met my father, when i was younger they practically shipped me off to some new family. apparently they weren’t ready, understandable they were young and in love and mistakes happen. but i mean? eleven years later when i was old enough to actually communicate my feelings you could’ve at least reached out, you know? i only met my mother when i was fifteen, after almost two years of searching and failing i found her. the fbi should’ve hired me on the spot. she told me about my childhood, and my father, but nothing in too much detail. 
im not being bitter, im being honest. its a shitty thing to do. and if i ever saw him, bare in mind i do not have the slightest idea who or what his name is (more information that was withheld from me, for my sake apparently.), i absolutely would not hesitate to drop that awful horrible abandoning man. fuck him. 
i started that internship yesterday, the one i mentioned in our session last week. right now its just coffee runs and carrying files from desk to desk, but im hoping soon it will get more exciting. everyone is so formal there though, makes me feel kinda out of place. but as of currently they only know what i want them to know. hopefully. i have class tomorrow so i actually have to sleep — your advice, practically orders though. 
mr grent, i hope this is good enough to report back to lev, ill see you on wednesday. all the best, GB. 
• • • 
it was well past midnight before the screen dimmed and the night embraced her. she sat legs-crossed beneath her sheets in an attempt to conserve body heat, though she sat before window — a large and open window. the sky was oddly tranquil, like still water. presenting her stars as if they were trophies onto the world below. the dark was powerful, intimidating. with no creases or dips, completely smooth and empty. all alone. 
its a saddening thought. the thought of the sky being all alone. taking up all that space and spending all those days, alone. watching the planets below interact and orbit one another whilst you watch on. surrounded by nothing. surrounded by empty. sometimes she felt like that — like she was sat watching the world and people around her change, all while she sat alone. 
staring up and into the dark abyss, with sorrowful eyes, she sighed. the calm of the night wrapping its bitter arms around the girl, embracing her with a gentle breeze. in that moment she felt nothing more than insane, basking in the feeling of an invisible entity cradling her shaking frame. how do we say its not real? feeling the embrace of the night chill was more than satisfactory, and while she stared aimlessly out of her window — up into the endearingly deep void. 
the sounds of the city below muffled as she gazed into the open space, eyes closing when a particularly strong breeze pushed its way through the opening — consuming her entirely. 
• • • 
when the sun eventually rose that morning, she was still sat at the window. the sheets now discarded and tossed away on the bed. she enjoyed this time in the morning, just as the city was waking. sat watching and listening to the birds as they soar and sing through the trees, doing lap after lap of the small park at the end of her street. 
mornings like these were rare this early in the year, surprisingly not filled with rain and dark clouds. instead the sun peaked over small clouds whiter than snow, gracing the city with its warmth. although she could've sat there for hours more, arguing with that little voice in her head about the time shes wasting — she figured she'd sit for a little while longer, taking in the last few serene moments before she began her day. 
it was monday — arguably the worst day of the week. everywhere and everyone was busy. the trains were packed full and awfully sweaty, the streets were full as well. pushing and shoving across crossings and round bends, ridiculous really. how is anyone supposed to get anywhere if its like a warzone the moment you step beyond your front door? 
in all fairness, no matter how pretty and refreshing a sun-filled morning was, she did miss the rain. the sound as it hit the glass and the concrete, the way it smelt and felt against her precious skin. the feeling was to die for. 
• • •
she was never usually this early, the building was pretty much empty when she arrived this morning. now she stood in an elevator, coffees in one hand and files tucked under the opposite arm. she watched as the metal box ascended through the levels, each stop illuminating on a small plaque that sat above the mighty doors. two, three, four, five.. the elevator opening with a sharp ding when they reached floor six and with a shaky exhale she stepped out into the large and empty foyer. 
at the foot of the room sat two great glass doors. she could see her reflection in them too, and it made her even more nervous. she hoped they would like her, mentally begging herself not to make a stupid or childish remark in front of her new colleagues. 
she stood alone for a while — contemplating running all the way home, locking herself away in her apartment and never ever going outside ever again. deep breaths. a weak attempt to simmer the nerves bubbling down in her gut, finally winning the battle inside her brain and advancing toward the doors. 
inside was an array of desks, the same desks she saw the friday before but suddenly it all felt unfamiliar. she had already memorised where each of the offices, desks and conference rooms were — already on her way to deliver a coffee to each of them. they had a coffee station on the floor, but she figured this would make a good impression on her new boss. 
up a small flight of stairs, beside a quaint set of railings, sat a large office. plain blinds in the window with a very blunt atmosphere greeted her upon arrival. the door was shut, so she paused outside for a moment. inhaling as she raised her knuckle to tap against the wood firmly, awaiting a response from inside the room. 
 “come in.” 
it was short and snappy. the voice was gruff and deep enough to bounce off the walls, echoing slightly and making the small girl jump slightly from the outside of the door. she scrambled to open the door, composing of herself one last time as she pushed it open to reveal the room entirely. at a deep oak desk sat an older man, with dark hair and a furrowed brow. he didn’t look up from his work, flicking through files and stray pieces of paper in the silence. he wore a dark suit and a matching tie, proper business wear. intimidating. 
she stood for a minute, fiddling getting the to-go cup out of the holder and walking slowly closer to the desk. “good morning, sir. i overheard you complaining about the machine last week and figured a fresh cup might make your monday morning a little better-” she paused and placed it down gently not to disturb his papers “black, no sweetener or cream.. sir” kiss up. 
he sat looking at her momentarily. confusion, she guessed, by the way his brow fell out and back into the furrow while his head tilted to the side slightly. the silence was very much suffocating, swallowing her whole until he spoke up. 
“and you are..?” wonderful. how fucking wonderful. 
“grace. grace brooks. your new intern, sir — agent hotchner, isn’t it?” at the mention of her name he stiffened, his body language entirely changing. she noticed of course, and figured it would be best to make her way out of there. dropping a small “enjoy your coffee, sir.” before turning on her heels and practically running through and out the door, shutting it behind her. 
embarrassment seeped through her body in an intoxicating speed, cogs moving before she could even register what was happening. her face heated to an undesirable temperature as she walked down the same set of stairs and into the pit or desks, remembering exactly where to lay each file in her hand — as well as a coffee. six in total, running about trying to keep everything in order before retiring to her own little desk in a far corner. 
alone at last and able to lay her head in her hands, mentally cursing herself after the awkward interaction. their conversation replaying aggressively over and over inside her brain, each replay made her skin crawl and cringe. 
today is already not a good day. today is already just as awful as the last. 
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aficwhore · 6 days ago
Madam Faux
Criminal Minds x John Wick AU(Female OC "Kitty")
Tumblr media
Aaron Hotchner x Nameless OC, John Wick x Nameless OC
Summary: An unusual case makes its way onto JJ's desk, leading the team to dig down the rabbit hole of "Kitty's" old life. That's when they discover who they've truly been working with. This blast to the past exposes all the dark things she had wanted to keep hidden. Will 'Kitty' go back to her old ways? Or her even older ones?
Warnings: 18+!!! explicit language, sexual themes, weapons, blood, violence, gruesome scenes, death, strip club/stripping, assassin past life, love triangle, trauma, other adult themes.
A/N: Had this idea for quite a long time, never wrote it out until recently. With the help of this lovely person @ssa-sadboi, I was able to come up with an interesting and hopefully intense story and plot. So sit back, relax, and watch these two worlds collide <3
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hotchnerundercover · 12 days ago
so I have an idea for a nice long hotch fic but idk wether to make it x reader or x oc
I personally don’t read x oc fics but do people rlly like them?? what should I do?
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binickandros · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Far From Any Road - Chapter 10: Sunlight - COMPLETE!!
AO3 | | Wattpad
A Criminal Minds fanfic
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None
Relationships: Aaron Hotchner/OFC, Spencer Reid/OFC, BAU Team & OFC
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan, Penelope Garcia, David Rossi, Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s), Jennifer "JJ" Jareau
Additional Tags: Slow Burn, Slow Build, Slowest slow burn, Since Baby Jesus Invented Slow Burns, Mutual Pining, Pining, Unrequited Crush, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Unresolved Emotional Tension, Unresolved Romantic Tension, Unresolved Tension, NEVER EVER a love triangle, Psychic Abilities, Canon-Typical Violence, Kidnapping, Murder, Gun Violence, Southern Gothic, Swamp Gothic, Racism, ACAB, i mean pretty much, Class Differences, Class Issues, Alternate Universe - Magical Realism, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe, Bisexual Spencer Reid, Bisexual Female Character, Autistic Spencer Reid, UNSUB, casefic
Summary: Eight women are discovered dumped in the depths of a Louisiana bayou. The team is called in, and Dr. Elliot Jackson, back in the field as a full agent 6 months after the events in "History," finds herself drawn to charming, complex local deputy, Gabriel Mendoza. As the mystery deepens, and the bayou weaves its primordial spell, can she regain Hotch's confidence while figuring out who she can really trust? Fourth in the series after my fics Endgame, Reckoning, and History.
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goldencatchflies · 24 days ago
All the Lonely People, Where do they All Belong?
Tumblr media
✿ summary: character study on the BAU and what happens after a tough case ✿ - ☽ a/n: this is angsty and trashy and I’m sorry ☾ - ☠︎ warnings: major character death // suicide ☠︎
☼ wc: 571 ☼ - ✯ gif credit: @thranduilsperkybutt ✯ - ⚓︎ taglist -> @berkmanslut ⋆ @pretty-b0yy ⋆ @abitcriminalminds ⋆ @morceid ⋆ @spencers-renaissance ⋆ @reesey-willow-luvs-you ⋆ @spencerreidstie ⋆ @reidrights ⋆ @starryluthor ⋆ @agentshortstacc ⋆ @suburban--gothic
By the time he got home Jack was already asleep. So was Haley. Putting his stuff away, Aaron Hotchner realized how much he’s missing out. His son is practically growing up without a father and the first thing he sees in the morning is the reminder that his father will never really be there. Hotch set his stuff down in his office before stepping into the shower.
Maybe the water will wash away the horrors of his mind.
By the time she got home Henry was already asleep. Not Will. He never fell asleep before she got home. Jennifer Jareau held her husband in her arms as she cried. It had been a tough case, but they all felt like this after a while. It’s what happens when you decide which life is worth saving and which one can wait every morning.
But you can never really save any of them, can you?
When Prentiss got home she was greeted by black fur walking on all fours. She picked up Sergio, brushing back his fur and placing a soft kiss on the space between his ears. She placed him back on the floor before moving to the cabinet in the kitchen that held his food. She passed by the mirror in the hallway, not even batting an eye. She knew the only thing looking back at her would be emptiness.
"If you stop being affected by things, you lose part of yourself." And if they never affected you in the first place? What will you lose then?
He locked the door behind him being slammed against it immediately. Kisses were trailed down his neck but he wasn’t paying attention. His mind kept going back to the case. They’d all forget eventually, they all still had a chance to move on. He didn’t. So he tried to distract himself the best way he could. After every bad case he’d seduce a random man and lure him back to his place.
Anything to replace the drug he longed for. Anyone could do the trick nowadays. Until the morning, that is...
Penelope was greeted by colorful paintings on her wall. She put on a movie on TV and some popcorn in the microwave. She stared as the plate moved in circles. She always compared people to the way popcorn pops. With just the right amount of heat for just the right amount of time every bit of corn pops. With just the right amount of pressure, everyone breaks.
She always wished she was one of those corns at the bottom of the paper bag that never popped.
It always hurt Derek more then anyone. He felt a need to play the protector role with everyone in his life, and when someone gets hurt he automatically feels guilty. It wasn’t anyone in the team, but it was someone that had stayed with them through the entire case. And when Derek looses people he loses himself. And when he loses himself he gets quiet - distant - at least until he moves on. After one too many losses, you get tired, don’t you? Tired of the pain... so does he.
He always secretly thought acts like these - razor to the wrist, body displayed in the bathtub - were selfish. He was tired of having to deal with the pain, he was tired of having to move on.
You have nothing to move on from if you’re not here anymore...
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hotchgan · 24 days ago
How to Save a Life: The Finale
Summery: Chris and Aaron get engaged but one fatal car crash can change everything.
A/N: A/N: This is connected to my two other fics called The Text Message and The Text Message pt 2. And yes, I stole the title from the song called How to Save a Life.
Taglist: @ellyhotchner @unionjackpillow @eleanorbloom
Warnings: Car crash, surgery, cancer, mention of death, and mention of suicide.
Here is part 1, part 2, and part 3!
Aaron couldn’t believe this is happening. Most people would have to wait months, even years to get a heart but Aaron only had to wait a couple of hours. All because of Mateo. A kid he had just met that was willing to give his heart. Mateo had brain cancer and only have less than a month left so he wanted to do something good before he died.
“Ok, we’re taking him up for surgery. Wait in the waiting room, please”, the doctor says as they take Chris up to an o.r
Aaron nods and walks towards the waiting room. In the waiting room is Emily, Penelope, and Derek. The rest of the team were hungry and decided to get something to eat. Aaron sits down next to Emily.
“They took him up for surgery?” Emily asks as Aaron sits down next to her. Aaron nods. Emily stares at him for a while.
“He’s going to be ok”, Emily says softly. Aaron looks up to her.
“I know ..”, Aaron replies softly.
“Is Jack still at the daycare?” Aaron asks Emily. She nods. They decided to let Jack play in the daycare in the hospital. He doesn’t know exactly what’s going since he’s only eight but he knows that his papa might die.
“You know this isn’t your fault. It’s Blake’s and now he is in jail”, Emily says to Aaron.
“I know it’s just .. maybe if I wasn’t talking so much or if we had waited another day to get married. There is so many things I could’ve done to prevent all of this”, Aaron replies.
“Aaron-“, Emily starts saying before she was interrupted by a whistle. Aaron and Emily looks behind them to see Mateo in a hospital bed. He waves at Aaron. Aaron stands up and walks towards Mateo.
“Hey, Mateo. I though you would be surgery already”, Aaron says to the kid.
“Yeah well I need to tell you something first”, Mateo replies. Aaron frowns slightly, wondering what would Mateo tell him.
"Promise me, if this all goes wrong, then you won't try to kill yourself", Mateo says to Aaron.
"Mateo-", Aaron says before he was interrupted.
"I'm serious. You have a lot who still needs you and a bunch of co-workers who consider you as family. I better not see you again anytime soon", Mateo interrupts Aaron. Aaron sighs and gives the kid a small smile.
"Promise?" Mateo asks, sticking out his pinkie.
"Promise", Aaron replies softly. He sticks out his pinkie and crosses them with Mateo's. The kid smiles at Aaron as he goes into an elevator to an o.r. Aaron sits back down, next to Emily. It doesn't take long for him to fall asleep on Emily's shoulder.
Seven hours pass and a doctor comes into the waiting room. Emily shakes Aaron, making him wake up. Aaron slowly wakes up and rubs his eyes. He sees Jack who is also sleeping on his lap. Aaron runs his fingers through Jack's hair and looks up at the doctor.
"Aaron Hotchner?" The doctor asks. Aaron taps Jack, making him wake up, and stands up. Aaron tells Jack that he has to go talk to the doctor and that he’ll be right back. Jack nods and Aaron follows the doctor.
“The surgery was a success”, the doctor says. Aaron sighs in relief.
“Oh my god, thank you so much”, Aaron says to the doctor.
“Now, we aren’t sure if Chris is going to wake up but if he does then it’ll be at least a couple of hours”, the doctor says. Aaron nods.
“Can I see him?” Aaron asks. The doctor nods and shows him the room. Aaron walks in and sees Chris laying on the head peacefully. This time, he didn’t have a tube in his mouth. Aaron walks to his bedside and holds his hand. Now he hopes that Chris will wake up.
A couple of hours pass by and Chris slowly starts to wake up. He blinks a couple of times to adjust to the light. He looks around to see himself in a hospital room. The tried to move his arm but sees Aaron sleeping on it. Chris smiles, sleepily, at his fiancé. He tries to slowly pull his arm from underneath Aaron, making him wake up. Aaron looks up in confusion to see Chris awake.
“Chris?” Aaron asks, sleepily. Chris nods and gives him a small smile.
“Hey, honey”, Chris replies, softly. Aaron smiles back at him.
“You’re alive”, Aaron says, stating the obvious.
“Yeah ... what happened? There was a crash and .. oh my god, are you ok?” Chris asks Aaron.
“I’m fine. You were the one who was hurt the most. You practically needed a new heart”, Aaron jokes to Chris.
“Wait .. a new heart? Damn, I really missed out while I was asleep”, Chris replies. Aaron holds his hand.
“After the doctor comes, I’m bringing marriage officiant here so we can officially get married. And I’m not letting you drive for at least a month now”, Aaron says making both of them laugh. Aaron leans in a presses a small kiss to Chris’s lips. They both smile at each other. Chris is alive and that’s all that matters to Aaron.
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ssa-sarahsunshine · 24 days ago
SSA Adrian Lacey
Tumblr media
Everybody meet my new Criminal Minds OC! My chaotic gay son who is the newest pretty boy on the block. He’s a walking disaster and is the bane of Hotch’s existence (lmao). He flirts with everyone: nobody's safe. He’s loyal to a fault and will die protecting those he loves. He’s also really, really dumb. But like, everyone loves him anyway. He’s an avid collector of Polaroids that he takes himself (of crime scenes, random people, the team, selfies, dogs, doesn’t matter). And he loves chocolate <3 His nickname is Apollo!
I’m not 100% sure yet who I want to pair him with, but I’m heavily leaning towards Spencer. Something about two twinks together just makes me happy idk.
More moodboards for him under the cut!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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hotchgan · 25 days ago
How to Save a Life: Chapter 3
Summery: Chris and Aaron get engaged but one fatal car crash changes everything.
A/N: This is connected to my two other fics called The Text Message and The Text Message pt 2. And yes, I stole the title from the song called How to Save a Life.
Taglist: @ellyhotchner @unionjackpillow @eleanorbloom
Warnings: Car crash, injuries, coma, drunk driver, cancer
Here is part one and part two!
And just like that, Aaron’s whole life changes it a heartbeat. His fiancé, Chris, is in a coma and needs a new heart. Aaron looks at the heart monitor. It’s beeping. It seems kind of wrong for the monitor to keep beeping even though he needs a new heart. Aaron can feel tears coming in his eyes. Why does everyone he loves always end up dying?
“C-can’t we put him on a transplant list? H-he’s really in bad shape so it won’t be long until he gets a heart ... r-right?” Aaron asks the doctor. The doctor looks at him sadly.
“Well we did but it still going to take a while for him to get a heart. There’s even a chance his heart right now can fail before he has a chance of getting a new one”, the doctor replies. Aaron silently gulps and looks back at Chris.
“His heart is still beating”, Aaron says softly. He places his head on Chris’s chest and feels his heart. It was the only thing that helps him fall asleep at night. His heartbeat.
“Wh-what about Blake? The driver?” Aaron asks the doctor. The doctor debates in his mind if he should tell Aaron or not.
“Well .. I’m afraid I can’t tell you that”, the doctor replies. The doctor shoves his hands into his pocket and stares at the ground. Aaron stares at the doctor and slowly realizes why he is acting nervous.
“He’s alive, isn’t he? That bastard is still alive?” Aaron asks. Aaron stands up. The doctor looks back at Aaron.
“Where is he?” Aaron asks. The doctor puts his hands up, defensively.
“Sir, sit down please”, the doctor says but Aaron doesn’t listen to him.
“Where is he?” Aaron asks again but this time louder.
“Don’t make me call security. Right now, your fiancé needs you. What if he wakes up and sees you’re not here”, the doctor says to Aaron. There is a very slim chance Chris will wake up without a new heart but he had to say it to calm Aaron down. Aaron looks at him and sits back down.
“I’m sorry. I- he’s going to jail, right? I’m pretty sure he was drunk”, Aaron asks the doctor.
“Yes. He has to stay here for a while before the cops take him to jail”, the doctor replies to Aaron. He nods and looks back at Chris.
“What can I do? There has to be something I can do”, Aaron says to the doctor.
“I’m afraid all we can do is wait”, the doctor replies. Aaron sighs and holds Chris’s hand. The doctor’s right. All he can do right now is wait and pray that his fiancé gets a new heart soon.
Half an hour passes by and suddenly the door opens. Aaron who was sleeping on the hospital bed, next to Chris, woke up and saw a doctor push a patient inside the room. The patient was Blake.
“Wh-what’s he doing here?” Aaron asks the doctor.
“Aaron ... I-“ Blake was about to say before he saw Chris. He was still lying on the hospital bed, unconscious, with a tube down his throat.
“I- I’m sorry .. I really am. I didn’t know what I was thinking. And I swear, I didn’t mean to crash you and Chris. I just lost my job so I got drunk and ... I’m sorry”, Blake apologizes. Aaron glares at him with disgust.
“You came here to tell me that you’re sorry? As if that’s going to fix anything? My fiancé is on a heart transplant list because of you! You cheated on me and then you crash your car into us. I hope you have a fun time in jail”, Aaron spats at Blake. Blake flinches.
“Agent Hotchner, Blake won’t be going to jail because he ... well I think you should say it”, the doctor saus to Blake. Aaron looks at the both of them confused.
“What do you mean he won’t go to jail? You practically killed Chris! You should be arrested for intoxicated man slaughter”, Aaron says.
“I- I want to give my heart to Chris!”, Blake says quickly before Aaron could interrupted him. Aaron freezes and stares at Blake.
“What?” Aaron asks. Blake looks at the doctor, nervously.
“Before you could make a decision .. if Chris doesn’t get a heart in this month, he may die. And the transplant list could take years. You don’t have a lot of options here”, the doctor says to Aaron. Aaron looks at the doctor and then back to Blake.
“You want to get out of jail, don’t you? You think you could just take the easy way out, huh?” Aaron asks to Blake.
“What- Aaron, I want to help you. Please, let me help you”, Blake begs. Aaron wasn’t lying about him not wanting to go to jail. But Blake also felt guilty of all the pain he caused Aaron. He wants to do something in return.
“Get out ...”, Aaron says slowly.
“Agent Hotchner-“, the doctor starts saying.
“Get him out ... before I kill him with my bare hands”, Aaron says to the doctor. The doctor nods and wheels Blake out of the room. Aaron sighs and sits back down on the chair. He looks back at Chris. He could take the heart but Aaron can’t marry a man who has the heart of the person who hurt them, both. And he’s sure Chris can’t live with that, either. Aaron sighs and finally decides to leave the hospital room. He needs to take a walk, to clear his head.
Aaron goes outside of the hospital and walks towards a bench. He sits down and looks outside. It was early in the morning, early enough to see the sun rising. Chris always woke up and early and made Aaron to do the same so they both could watch the sun rising. Aaron hears someone in a wheelchair come beside him. Aaron turns around to see a twenty year old with bald hair in a wheelchair.
“It’s pretty isn’t it .. the sun?” The boy in the wheel chair says. Aaron looks back at the sun.
“Yeah ...”, Aaron replies. The boy turns his his wheelchair a little to face Aaron.
“I’m Mateo”, the boy in the wheelchair says as he sticks his hand out. Aaron faces him and shakes his hand.
“Aaron”, The older man says as he shakes Mateo’s hand.
“What are you doing out here?” Mateo asks.
“My .. my fiancé and I got into a car crash”, Aaron replies. Mateo nods.
“Oh, that explains the cast”, Mateo says, pointing at Aaron’s leg. Aaron gives a small smile.
“Where’s your fiancé?” Mateo asks. Aaron hesitates before replying.
“He’s in a coma ... he’s on a heart transplant list”, Aaron replies.
“Oh, sorry man”, Mateo says to Aaron.
“What about you?” Aaron asks the kid next to him.
“Brain cancer. I have around a month left”, Mateo replies.
“Sorry”, Aaron says softly. Mateo grins.
“It’s fine. I’ve been fighting for a year. My family left after they couldn’t convince me to give up. At least they keep paying for my hospital bills”, Mateo jokes. Mateo looks at Aaron for a while.
“Do you want my heart?” Mateo asks, casually.
“What?” Aaron asks. Did he heard that right? Did a kid who he met five minutes ago wanted to give his heart to his fiancé? Who he hasn’t even met?
“Why not? I only have a month left. And you seem like a cool person. Are you like a lawyer or something?” Mateo asks.
“I’m an FBI agent”, Aaron replies. Mateo eye’s widen.
“Man, that’s even cooler”, Mateo says. Aaron grins at the boy.
“Yeah but I can’t take your heart. Someone else offered me theirs”, Aaron says to kid.
“Really? Who?” Mateo asks.
“The guy who crashed us. He’s also my ex”, Aaron replies.
“Damn, what did he want? To die before he could go to jail?” Mateo asks. Aaron chuckles.
“Come on. I want to do something good before I die. Take my heart and let your ex go to jail”, Mateo says, trying to convince the older man. Aaron looks at him.
“I- ... ok but only if you want to”, Aaron says, finally convinced. Mateo smiles making Aaron smile back. A kid who he met around ten minutes ago wants to give his healthy heart to man he hasn’t met. And Aaron let him.
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binickandros · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Far From Any Road - Chapter 9: NFWMB
AO3 | | Wattpad
A Criminal Minds fanfic
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None
Relationships: Aaron Hotchner/OFC, Spencer Reid/OFC, BAU Team & OFC
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan, Penelope Garcia, David Rossi, Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s), Jennifer "JJ" Jareau
Additional Tags: Slow Burn, Slow Build, Slowest slow burn, Since Baby Jesus Invented Slow Burns, Mutual Pining, Pining, Unrequited Crush, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Unresolved Emotional Tension, Unresolved Romantic Tension, Unresolved Tension, NEVER EVER a love triangle, Psychic Abilities, Canon-Typical Violence, Kidnapping, Murder, Gun Violence, Southern Gothic, Swamp Gothic, Racism, ACAB, i mean pretty much, Class Differences, Class Issues, Alternate Universe - Magical Realism, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe, Bisexual Spencer Reid, Bisexual Female Character, Autistic Spencer Reid, UNSUB, casefic
Summary: Eight women are discovered dumped in the depths of a Louisiana bayou. The team is called in, and Dr. Elliot Jackson, back in the field as a full agent 6 months after the events in "History," finds herself drawn to charming, complex local deputy, Gabriel Mendoza. As the mystery deepens, and the bayou weaves its primordial spell, can she regain Hotch's confidence while figuring out who she can really trust? Fourth in the series after my fics Endgame, Reckoning, and History.
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hotchgan · 25 days ago
How to Save a Life: Chapter 2
Summery: Chris and Aaron get engaged but one fatal car crash changes everything.
A/N: This is connected to my two other fics called The Text Message and The Text Message pt 2. And yes, I stole the title from the song called How to Save a Life.
Taglist: @ellyhotchner @unionjackpillow @eleanorbloom
Warnings: Car crash, drunk driver, injuries, panic attacks, coma
Here is part one!
Aaron’s face went from shock to anger. His ex, Blake, had crashed into them while drunk. It has been months since they both broke up. You would think he had moved on by now. Aaron can see Blake slowly waking up. But before he could do anything, an ambulance comes. Aaron sighs in relief, knowing that Chris would finally get some help. A medic comes over to Aaron.
“Sir, I need you to come to the ambulance”, the medic says. Aaron shakes his head.
“No, help my fiancé first. He has a weak pulse and a head truama. I-I, that’s all I know”, Aaron says pointing over to Chris. The medic nods.
“And what about him?”, the medic asks, pointing to Blake.
“He-he hit us. I think he’s drunk but he hit us and .. you have to save Chris first, please”, Aaron replies to the medic.
“Ok, we’ll help your fiancé but you need help too”, the medic says. Aaron shakes his head.
“I’m fine. I don’t need any help”, Aaron replies. Soon a fire truck comes and a couple of medics lead the firefighters to the car crash.
“See, you’re fiancé is getting help. Now let me take care of you”, the medic says. Aaron hesitates but nods and slowly walks over to the ambulance. The medic gets her kit and starts treating the wound on Aaron's leg.
"Luckily for you, it's just a wound that'll probably need some healing", the medic says. Aaron nods as he watches the firefighters try to take Chris out of the car. Suddenly a police officer comes towards Aaron.
"Sir, I need a statement from you about what happened", the officer says. Aaron continues staring at the car crash.
"We were supposed to get married", Aaron says softly. The officer looks at him confused but writes it down in his notebook.
“We .. were..”, Aaron says softly. His chest suddenly feels tight and he can’t breathe.
“Officer, I don’t think he is able to make a statement. Come again later”, the medic says to the police officer. He nods and leaves them. The medic sits next to Aaron and holds his hand.
“Sir, what’s your name?” The medic asks.
“A-Aaron ..”, Aaron replies. His heart starts racing and throat feels swollen.
“Ok, Aaron. My name is Sharon and I think you’re having a panic attack”, Sharon says. Aaron looks at her. He’s had a few panic attacks before so he sort of knows what’s happening. Tears form is Aaron’s eyes.
“I-I can’t.. I can’t lose him”, Aaron says. Sharon nods.
“We’re doing the best we can ... oh look, they got your fiancé out. See, he’s going to be ok”, Sharon replies, pointing at the car crash. Aaron looks at the firefighters placing Chris on the gurney and putting him into another ambulance.
“I-I need to ...”, Aaron says. Sharon nods and walks him towards the ambulance. She says something to the medics and they let Aaron on. Aaron sits down and holds Chris’s hand. Sharon sits next to him.
“Alright, do you feel better now?” Sharon asks. Aaron nods. His heart stopped racing when he held Chris’s hand and his breathing slowed down too. Aaron holds Chris’s hand throughout the whole ride. Ten minutes later, they reach to the hospital. The medic opens the door and pushes the gurney outside. Aaron tries to follow them but a doctor stops him, saying that he needs to get his wound treated. Aaron tries to protest but ends up siting in a hospital bed and letting the doctor treat him.
“Is Chris going to be alright?” Aaron asks. The doctor looks up to him.
“I’m not sure but we have our finest surgeons working on him”, the doctor replies. Aaron nods. He knows all doctors say that but it seemed to comfort him a little. Soon the doctor treats the wound on Aaron’s leg and helps him walk to the waiting room. In the waiting room, he sees Penelope waiting inside.
“Sir! I was worried about you”, Penelope says. She helps Aaron sit down in a chair.
“Wh-where’s the rest of the team?” Aaron asks.
“They’re on a case but I notified them about the car crash. I tried to ask the doctors about Chris’s condition but the wouldn’t tell me anything. But I think he’s going to be fine, sir”, Penelope replies. Aaron shakes his head.
“Don’t call me sir .. please”, Aaron says. Penelope nods.
“Ok, Aaron”, Penelope replies, saying his first name. He was surprised that she called his by his first name instead of Hotch but he doesn’t say anything. After a couple of hours, a doctor comes into the waiting room. Aaron looks up, hoping they would call his name but they said someone else’s. Aaron then stands up and starts pacing around the room.
“Sir- Aaron, I don’t think you should be walking right now”, Penelope says, pointing to his leg.
“I’m fine-“, Aaron says before he was interrupted but the sharp pain in his leg. Penelope stands up and helps Aaron back on the chair. Two hours past by and another doctor comes into the waiting room.
“Aaron Hotchner?” The doctor asks. Aaron stands up.
“That’s me”, Aaron says. The doctor nods and gestures Aaron to follow him. He tells Penelope to wait here as he goes to the doctor. The both walk to a hospital room but stop outside of it.
“We just did surgery on him and gave him an M.R.I. But I’m afraid I have bad news. But do you want to see him first?” The doctor asks. Aaron nods and limps his way into the room. On the hospital bed is Chris with a tube down his throat. There is a monitor connected to his heart and lungs. Aaron pulls a chair and sits next to him.
“We had to put him into a medical-induced coma”, the doctor says. Aaron looks up at the doctor.
“We did a M.R.I scan and saw that there were shards in his heart. We opened him up and tried to get as many shards of it out but the damage was too big”, the doctor starts saying. Aaron feels a pit in his stomach. He feels like he knows where this is going but he doesn’t believe himself.
“Are .. are you saying that ..”, Aaron trails off. The doctor looks at him sadly and nods.
“He needs a new heart”, the doctor replies, confirming Aaron’s suspicions. And just like that, his whole life changes in a heartbeat.
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Tumblr media
Far From Any Road - Chapter 8: In a Dark, Dark Room
AO3 | | Wattpad
A Criminal Minds fanfic
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None
Relationships: Aaron Hotchner/OFC, Spencer Reid/OFC, BAU Team & OFC
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan, Penelope Garcia, David Rossi, Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s), Jennifer "JJ" Jareau
Additional Tags: Slow Burn, Slow Build, Slowest slow burn, Since Baby Jesus Invented Slow Burns, Mutual Pining, Pining, Unrequited Crush, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Unresolved Emotional Tension, Unresolved Romantic Tension, Unresolved Tension, NEVER EVER a love triangle, Psychic Abilities, Canon-Typical Violence, Kidnapping, Murder, Gun Violence, Southern Gothic, Swamp Gothic, Racism, ACAB, i mean pretty much, Class Differences, Class Issues, Alternate Universe - Magical Realism, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe, Bisexual Spencer Reid, Bisexual Female Character, Autistic Spencer Reid, UNSUB, casefic
Summary: Eight women are discovered dumped in the depths of a Louisiana bayou. The team is called in, and Dr. Elliot Jackson, back in the field as a full agent 6 months after the events in "History," finds herself drawn to charming, complex local deputy, Gabriel Mendoza. As the mystery deepens, and the bayou weaves its primordial spell, can she regain Hotch's confidence while figuring out who she can really trust? Fourth in the series after my fics Endgame, Reckoning, and History.
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criminally-minded · 26 days ago
The Ghost of Me | Chapter 6 (Part 1)
 Summary: Celeste Charlotte Forge, ‘CeCe’, is an FBI agent with a tragic past. She graduated high school when she was 14 and joined the BAU at 24. With three PhDs, she’s almost as smart as Dr. Spencer Reid, but so much more mysterious. Not even her unit chief knows about her tragic past. She’s distant and unfriendly, but an excellent profiler. After eight months with the BAU, her past slowly starts revealing itself to her team.
Pairing: Hotch x OC
Words: 1850
A/N: Please note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there!
I decided to post the first part as it’s been a while since I’ve posted.
I don’t know when I’ll post part 2.
Feedback is always appreciated!!
Warnings: badly written smut
Face claim: Barbara Palvin
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It felt weird to be lying there, at first. She never thought she’d ever be lying in bed with someone else and enjoy it. But after slowly waking up at the rise of dawn in Hotch’s arms, and not panicking, CeCe had turned on her back and had been lying there ever since. He propped himself on his left elbow and leant over from time to time to kiss her lips, careful not to smother her, to make sure she was comfortable. They mostly enjoyed their alone time, talking, getting to know each other. After a while, his right hand had made its way under her shirt, and his fingertips were brushing a scar near her belly button. She was playing with the fabric of his sleeve with her fingers, her other hand resting on the bicep of his left arm.
“Do you want to see it?” she asked in a whisper.
“No,” he whispered back, “I’ll see it one day.”
She raised an eyebrow as she looked up at him.
“You sound confident.”
“I am confident,” he smiled playfully as he leant in to kiss her one more time.
He felt her smile against his lips, and she slid her left hand in his hair, pulling him towards her. He was being careful not to rush her, but when his tongue reached her lips, she opened her mouth to him.
His gentleness was hypnotic. This was something she had been through a thousand times, but she started to realise that wasn’t true at all. She had never done this before. It wasn’t the same at all. This was painless. This was the opposite of pain.
“This is nice,” she said with a shy smile between two kisses.
“Yes, it is,” he smiled back.
His lips found that special place in her neck. He loved the way she relaxed when he kissed her there. He didn’t know if it were because that was the first place where his lips had been or if it were because it reminded her of his promise to her, but she let go of all her fears and held onto him each time.
He knew not to go too far, so when his lips wandered off onto her skin and down her neck to her cleavage, he stopped as he reached the fabric of her shirt. He took what she was willing to give her, never asking for more, letting her decide what to give him and when.
And even though he would give her everything, she only took what she could handle. She always left his apartment before Jack came back and never really asked him for anything. And even though they made it look easy, keeping their relationship a secret at work was hard on both of them. Neither of them would do anything to compromise a case, and both knew how to focus on the job, but CeCe had never been so distracted. They shared glances, sometimes hotel rooms, and perhaps the idea of getting caught was thrilling and making it all more exciting, but at the end of the day, it was exhausting to hide.
What made it worse was that they didn’t have that much free time to spend with each other. Hotch was a father, after all, and his priority was his son, as it should be. And between his family and his work, he had little time to give CeCe, but he always found it. It be during a case or a stolen kiss in his office, he always made time for her. He made sure she was okay, that she was handling it all well, that she was making progress. And even though he didn’t want to overwhelm her, he didn’t want to underwhelm her either. But she seemed to prefer it this way. He knew they’d have to move slow, but this was a bit too slow, for both of them.
They eventually settled into a routine. But they were bumps in the road. Weeks passed and sometimes they couldn’t spend any time together. It be because of Jack or because of work. So Hotch started thinking about introducing CeCe to his son. He knew this could be a huge step for her, for them. But on the other hand, the entire team had met him, so why couldn’t she?
“A blanket fort?”
“We use the dinner table. Jack and I sleep in it for the weekend, order pizza…”
“And you want me to… help you… build a blanket fort?”
“You could spend the night. It’s been a while since we’ve had some alone time.”
“But Jack will be there.”
“Yes. He’s met everyone on the team but you.”
“Aaron… I don’t… do well around kids.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean they make me uncomfortable.”
“CeCe… Jack is my son…”
“And I’ll be more than happy to meet him… when he’s a teenager.”
“That’s gonna take a few years,” he chuckled.
She shook her head, then sighed.
“Fine.” If it got them to spend more time together, she could make an effort, especially with his kid.
He could see she wasn’t particularly looking forward to it, but he figured she’d get used to it. That was another problem she had to solve.
CeCe stared at the underside of the dinner table as she was lying on two blankets that had been put together on the floor as the foundation for the fort. There were drawings up there, some stars, some people… But it wasn’t the figure of Jack’s mother that was keeping her awake at one in the morning.
She couldn’t tell if Aaron was sleeping on her left. If he were, she certainly wasn’t going to wake him. He needed sleep. So, after it became clear she wasn’t going to feel comfortable under that table, she silently slipped out, careful not to wake either him or his son.
She made her way into his bedroom and sat down at the window seat and watched the streets of Washington, busy, even at 1AM. She let out a breath. She felt like she could breath again. There was no describing the feeling she had every time she was near a window. She could spend hours just looking out, even if nothing was happening out there. Windows led to the world. Unlike a locked door and four walls. Looking outside made her feel free, it reminded her she wasn’t trapped anymore. So, she stared and stared until she forgot the world. Hours may have passed, she couldn’t tell, when Aaron stepped in the room.
“You okay?”
She hadn’t heard him come in. His steps were silent as he made his way to her. He sat next to her and leaned back on the wall. He waited for her to look up, but she kept staring out the window.
“When I got out… I couldn’t sleep on beds… because beds weren’t for sleeping. Now… seems like I can’t sleep on the floor.”
“You can sleep in my bed if you want.”
“I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.”
“I’m sorry. I really wanted this to be a good experience for you.”
“Building the fort was fun,” she shrugged. “I never got to do that when I was his age.”
“You were good with him.”
“He’s a smart kid.”
“Yeah, he is.”
They sat in silence for a while. Just enjoying each other’s presence. Maybe she’d fall asleep right there, with him next to her. Eventually, she moved. She turned around and settled in his arms, resting her back against his chest.
“Do you want to go on the bed?”
She didn’t want to say more, he didn’t need her to. She kept looking out the window. She would keep looking out the window.
He started running his fingers up and down her arms. He felt her relax against him after a minute. His fingertips slid down her hands onto her waist and eventually under her shirt. She didn’t budge. He moved up, up her stomach, up to her chest. A shaky breath escaped her as his fingers reached her nipple. With his free hand, he moved her hair away from her neck where his lips started placing kisses. He stroke his thumb over and over again on her nipple while his other hand made its way down her waist, down her hip, until it reached the fabric of her pants. She didn’t say a thing when he slipped his hand under her panties not did she stop him when his fingers found her clit. He rubbed his thumb against it gently once, twice… He kept going as she wasn’t stopping him, however the lack of response started to concern him.
“I’m okay.”
So he kept going. He kept kissing her neck, kept caressing her nipple, kept pleasuring her. Because even if she wasn’t making any sound, he knew she needed time. Time to decide what to do. To decide how she felt. To decide if she liked it.
Eventually, another shaky breath escaped her as she leaned against him and moved her hips up. It was a physical demand for him to give her more, although he didn’t know if it was intentional or just her body responding to him.
“More?” he whispered the question in her ear.
She nodded.
So he obliged.
A finger slowly found its way inside of her as his thumb kept stroking her clit. Then another one.
She was scared, but she didn’t know of what. She wasn’t scared of him, nor of what he was doing. Maybe she was scared he’d stop. So she asked for more. She heard a silent moan, not realising it was hers. She asked for more because it felt good. And when she realised how good it felt, she knew what she had been scared of. She had been scared of the pain. She had unconsciously been waiting for it. And now she understood it would never come.
She groaned and moaned and gasped as he pushed his fingers inside of her. She put a hand on his, surprising him, making him stop.
“No, please, don’t stop,” she begged.
And when he started again, she brought her other hand in his hair as she pushed herself up, looking for him. She could see the concern in his eyes so she kissed him. She kissed him like never before. To thank him. To tell him how she felt. To maybe apologise for not being able to give him more than that.
She moaned against his lips, and he broke the kiss when he felt her reach her end. He watched her gasp and groan as she climaxed in his arms.
He covered her face with kisses until her breathing returned to normal.
“Are you okay?”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes,” she laughed. “I’m sure.”
She kissed him, gently this time. She turned around and moved to straddle him. He brought her close, closer, his hands wandering on her body. She cupped his cheeks with her hands and kissed him until she couldn’t breathe anymore.
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dudeitiskarev · 26 days ago
𝐒𝐮𝐧𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐞: 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐞.
Summary: Luna and Aaron finally consummate their love in the best way they knew. Although what seems to be only the beginning of their relationship could quickly be threatened when someone from Luna’s past shows up.
A/N: Half of this chapter is just smut. Yikes. Also if you follow this story, please click on the announcement at the end of the chapter!
Content warning: Yummy smut. Oral (male and female receiving); spit; fingering; unprotected sex; breeding kink; cockwarming.
Word count: 8k.
Previous chapters: I; II; III; IV; V; VI; VII; VIII; IX; X; XI; XII; XIII; XIV; XV; XVI; XVII; XVIII: Part one; Part two
Tumblr media
Like a couple of teenagers, they hurried back to the shore, going straight to pick up their clothes. At least, that’s what Aaron thought.
“Really?!” He shouted as Luna was already sprinting away from him.
“You better be fast or I’ll start without you!” She didn’t even bother to turn around, her bubbly voice echoed everywhere.
It surely looked like a performance – grown adults being loud and running half-naked as if someone was chasing them. Luckily for them, they were the last people left at the beach and their only witness was the moon. But even if they had an audience, they wouldn’t have cared less.
Aaron laughed to himself as he struggled to gather their belongings and rushed behind her, trying to reach her speed. He knew Luna was a good runner but he didn’t expect her to be just as fast barefoot and, let alone, on rough sand.
“Hurry up!” Luna shouted when they were a couple of feet away from their temporary home.
And he did. Aaron hurried his pace and, once he was close enough, he caught her by wrapping one arm around the waist and stopping her all the way.
“Not so fast,” he murmured agitatedly in her ear.
Luna pressed her body onto his for a second before turning to him and cupping each side of his head while capturing his mouth in a kiss.
It was the perfect fierce mix of teeth clacking between smiles, noses bumping together, and desperate tongues.
“I missed you so much,” Luna panted in his mouth as Aaron forced her to walk backward.
“We’ve been together all afternoon.”
“I know. Even when I’m with you, I miss you.”
In the clumsy attempt of walking up the short staircase while never breaking the kiss, their legs tangled together, losing the little bit of balance they had and before they even had a chance to react, Luna’s loud squeal was muffled by the resounding thud of her body falling against the wooden floor, ending up with Aaron–and all of their clothes–on top of her.
Her whines became louder as she squeezed her eyes shut. “Ouch! Ow, ow!”
“Oh, shit. Oh, no.” Aaron removed the shirt that landed on her face and pressed his forehead against hers. “Are you okay?”
“It burns!”
He propped himself up with his hands on each side of her head. His concern worsened as she breathed heavily and squirmed in pain under him, digging her nails into his waist. “Luna, talk to me.”
As soon as her eyes met his horrified expression, she bursted out a contagious laugh in between whines, because, although it was hilarious, the stinging of the sand scraping her skin was spreading all over.
“My heart, it burns from loving you too much,” she laughed against her palm.
His instant sigh of relief brushed her face. “You scared me.”
“I’m sorry.” She pursed her lips, wrapping her arms around his neck and bringing him close into a tender kiss. “We have to calm down.”
“I don’t think so,” he said, yet became more tender with his touch, lifting her leg by caressing the burning skin under her thigh.
With one more kiss, Aaron carefully stood up to pull her back on her feet, resting both hands at the small of her back – right where she had hurt herself the most.
She shook her head and gave him an unworried “I’m fine” before he even got to ask.
Although, she wasn’t that convincing.
Aaron guided her by the hand to the day bed and sat in front of her, spinning her hips around smoothly so that she was facing away, getting the perfect view of her backside.
Her skin was slightly irritated and somehow it made her look all the more desirable. He carefully swept his hand across her squishy skin with the sole purpose to shake off the sand, but that temptation to just lick and nibble on her skin grew in him quickly.
His hot breath steaming against her right cheek didn’t warn her enough, and a gentle, wet kiss made her jump slightly as it calmed the pain down. She was only able to flutter her eyes close in pleasure and focus on how his large hands held her tight, digging his fingers on her sides while his tongue seduced her.
On an impulse, she gripped his wrists, trying to hold back a moan, but Aaron got that as a pained gesture.
“You sure you’re alright?” He looked up and the ends of her hair could almost tickle his face as she nodded.
Her heart was racing, though, from the run, the fall and, most of all, from the way his hungry mouth had no intention of stopping, teasingly going from one cheek to the other.
He kept going, playing with the strap of her tiny underwear while his soft tongue took away any trace of sea-salt she had on her. Aaron couldn’t wait much longer: his longing for her was reflected on his increasingly heavy panting. So needy that the moment he slowly dragged her underwear down to her thighs, a small whimper lingered in his throat.
He was burning for her.
He let her panties fall to her feet and turned her around once again. Her hands instantly went to his shoulders as he kissed her lower stomach and pelvis with the same intensity.
Up and down. Side to side. He kissed her everywhere but where she needed it the most, building the anticipation and the ache between her legs. Yet, she let him take his time. He licked his fingers and brushed them gently between her slick folds, bringing her even closer by her thighs and cursing in a whisper against her skin, “fuck”. She was incredibly wet for him already.
As he stood up, he trailed kisses up to her lips, ordering in a deep and tender voice close to her mouth: “Lie down, I’ll be right back.”
The kisses almost had her on her knees, and his voice made her even weaker. But it was his intense glare that did the trick. She sublty bit her lip and held her gaze for a moment before nodding and obeying his commands.
Aaron was in and out of the house within seconds, approaching her with a flirty smirk and her blanket in his hands.
“How thoughtful.” Luna mirrored his smile.
“Sorry, it’s not for you, it’s for the couch.”
“Even better.”
Luna moved out of the way and took the blanket to spread it across the couch and lie down on it. She expected him to join her right away; instead, he stood there, his eyes fixed on every inch of her moonlit naked body.
That still unknown flutter on the pit of her stomach made her look away while she curved her arms behind her and hesitantly took her bra off, covering her breasts from him, but she was quick to shake those feelings away.
It was Aaron, the guy she was madly in love with, who had undressed her hundreds of times and seen her naked probably more times than with any clothes on.
Things were different though, and the exposure she felt wasn’t really superficial.
“Are you done checking me out?”
“Never,” he responded, crawling up between her legs with a lopsided grin creeping upon his face. “You’re beautiful.”
Luna subtly rolled her eyes in response and that feeling that they were the only two people in their universe grew around them while all they did was stare as the heat of their bodies wondrously blended into one.
“I love you,” she whispered, grazing her thumb on his cheek before pecking his lips once.
Those words coming out of her mouth still felt like a first kiss. And even when it was just her and her bare skin underneath him, all he wanted to do was love her and devour her at the same time.
There was no rush, anyway. “I love you too.”
“Would you promise me one thing?” Luna cupped his face as he returned the kiss.
“I don’t ever want to hear you say I’m gonna make love to you.” She lowered her voice in a mocking tone. “Because… I’ll gag.”
“Honey,” he murmured close to her ear, “The only thing that’ll make you gag is my cock. Deep in your throat.”
“That’s so dirty.” She bit her lip at his proximity. “And offensive.”
“How’s that?”
“I didn’t mean it literally. You know I don’t gag.”
He paused for a second before saying, “you’re absolutely right.” Then continued, kissing her smile between sentences, “I promise, I’ll just fuck you, hard, and with so much love.”
“Thank you.”
Their lips soon collided intensely slow. Four times as they were already used to. Her tongue teasingly started to reach every corner of his mouth and had no desire to pull away for air, bringing him closer by the nape of his neck until he was fully on top of her, pressing his chest against her breasts.
Their heavy breathing increased within seconds, still full of tenderness in each rough kiss.
“Please, I want you so badly,” she panted against his mouth, replacing her lips with her thumb.
His evident eagerness inside his underwear was hard against her pelvis, begging to be released. He needed to fuck her and please her for hours and, though her begging for it was more than enough motivator to just do it, Aaron wanted to make the night last forever.
“Let me kiss you for a little longer.” He slid one hand between her legs and with every finger he grazed her silky wetness, spreading it gently all over.
Her head slightly tilted to the side in reaction, whining with approval. Aaron motioned soft circles on her clit a few times before bringing his hand up to her lips, brushing his soaked fingers across her lips as if he was painting them with her arousal before he slid them in and out her mouth to fiercely capture her mouth again. Tasting her differently.
“Hotch, please,” Luna pleaded, grabbing his erection.
A deep grunt got caged in his throat, earning a soft whimper from her in response. He needed more of them. Louder.
As if he was following a path he knew by heart, Aaron trailed wet kisses from the underside of her chin, down to her jaw, neck and collarbone, licking his salty lips.
“You’re very well seasoned.”
“What does that even mean?” Luna laughed a little, pressing her chin to her chest as he kissed in between her breasts.
“It means,” he looked up through his dark eyelashes “I’m gonna devour you.”
With both hands, he groped her breasts before squeezing them together while keeping eye contact, kissing and licking them right where they met.
They filled his palm beautifully and, besides that very first time, there hadn't been a time in which he was so eager to love them more than now.
He captured her right nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue until it was as stiff and round as it could be. With light pressure he sucked it into his mouth and dragged it out while his fingers pinched and rolled the other one.
It drove him crazy how sensitive she was to his touch. Her soft voice, trying to hold back a moan, her chest agitatedly rising up and down, struggling to breathe properly but still letting him do anything he wanted...
Well, almost anything.
“Hey! No hickeys!” She pulled his head away by gently gripping his hair the moment he started to suck harder on the side of her breasts.
“Why?” he scoffed, going back to lighter pressure.
“Because I profit out of my body.”
He grunted. “Just one.”
“Hotch.” Luna raised herself on her elbows. “I’m being serious.”
“Oh, are you?” He shot her a cocky smirk and lifted his lips to her stomach, feeling her muscles tensing.
“Yeah,” she exhaled, giving up on her back again.
“Well, I need to suck on something,” he teased, placing kisses down her lower belly until he ghosted her bare flesh with his mouth, breathing in her scent. “Can I?”
The only response was tilting her hips up. So needy.
Just that first proper taste of her, that first long lick with a flat tongue that gathered all of her silky wetness made his cock jolt inside his underwear, and if he hadn't been focused enough, he would've spilled all of him right then easily. Her taste was something else, and every reaction he got from her was as exquisite as her. It was everything about her that forced him to take a deep breath before doing anything else.
While his thumb traced soft circles on her clit, he curved one arm under her leg and nibbled her inner thigh a few times. The moment his eyes were back on her sex, her clit was timidly peeking out for him and shining with her arousal.
Fuck. In a split second, Aaron was a starving man.
He parted her slick lips open with two fingers and went for an open-mouth kiss, capturing every part of her and grazing her entrance with the tip of his tongue. Luna touched her breasts, closing her eyes and savoring the way he started to suck her clit, stretching it into his mouth between lips and gentle teeth. So desperate to make her feel good.
And how damn good it felt.
Her hands found his head, running her fingers through his hair and grinding her hips harshly against his face as her moans became breathy. Begging for more. And the more he licked, sucked, and kissed, the tighter the grip on his hair was.
Not that he minded, anyway.
He firmly pinned her thighs down with his arms and that was when Luna knew he’d go all in. Motioning his head at the rhythm of his tongue, side to side, over and over until she was pleading, pushing his head against her. And that was just the beginning of Aaron’s best reward: her first orgasm.
It never took him long to make her come. His tongue knew all the right sensitive places that made her lose it just by stimulating her clit. A few more violent and controlled licks and she was already arching her back as every muscle of hers contracted.
No sound came out of her besides her heavy panting, and her only motive to stay quiet was to delight her ears with every wet and sloppy sound he made with his mouth; each slurp and every pleasured hum of his were a sinful melody on their own.
That erotic trance he always managed to put her on was the closest she’s been to heaven. There was nothing on her mind other than him, his large hands traveling up and down her thighs, his desperate tongue. Though his face was buried in her, she wanted him closer.
When her body shook in complete release, she let a sweet and long moan escape past her lips as her muscles began to relax, rolling her hips gently to the feeling of his tongue flicking her clit at all times. His hands traveled up through her skin and found her breasts, groping and digging his fingers on them while she caressed his forearms up and down.
Besides her laugh, her moans have always been his favorite sound. Even when he was too focused on making her come, he’d still sense her smiling through it all. But one was never enough for him. Although no orgasm compared to her first one, Aaron loved a second one.
It was slower, longer, more playful, more teasing.
He glanced at her, biting her knuckle softly and making herself even more comfortable by supporting her feet on his shoulders, ready for her next orgasm. Aaron grazed her soft entrance a few times with his finger before slipping it in.
A second finger came right after and he’d find her spot through pure muscle memory, massaging it with the perfect pressure and motion. She was so soft. So wet. So warm, that he’d felt jealous of his own fingers, wishing that it was his cock that made her squirm like that.
He was patient, glimpsing at her face every once in a while to make sure that her blissful smile was still there. “So pretty.”
Aaron wasn’t loud, but Luna still heard him, smiling even bigger. She tenderly ran her fingers through his hair while his lips pulled on her clit again, increasing the speed of his fingers inside of her at the same time.
“God, that’s so good,” she muttered, tightening around him.
So he kept that motion. that perfect motion Luna was convinced had gotten better over time.
It was still overwhelming for her, how good and... passionate he was at pleasing her. Feeling him grind his hips knowing that he was so hard made her want him inside of her mouth, so she could make him feel good too.
When Aaron felt her body getting desperate again, he managed to extend her pleasure by intermittently stopping his movements and kissing her everywhere but there.
“Don’t tease me.” She tiredly raised back up on her elbows.
This time, he didn’t bother to look up, he just smirked wider. Fuck. He was breathtaking. His lips and chin were shining with her arousal, his strands of hair fell messily on his forehead, and his cheeks –Luna swore– were painted with the faintest shade of pink.
It was then that his own flushed cheeks enlightened him.
He gave one kiss on her clit before swiftly adjusting next to her while keeping his perfect motion inside of her. And Luna, as she felt his hard erection pressed against her thigh, couldn’t help but palm him over the thin fabric.
“I remember,” he panted against her mouth when she began to give him soft strokes, following the constant rhythm of his fingers inside.
“Mmm?” She met his face, focusing on how his brows pinched together.
“When I started to fall in love with you,” he breathed heavily. “I had just come back from work and you were smoking when you noticed me.”
Luna brought him into a deep kiss to stop him from talking, but he pulled away and continued.
“You were just standing there. So beautiful. And you smiled at me and you made me nervous.”
The memories of that night were a blur until he mentioned it. “You barely even knew me.”
“God, that was enough, I loved you then.” Aaron nibbled her bottom lip into a slow kiss. “Your hair was braided and I could see your face perfectly. I love it when you braid your hair.”
The motion of his fingers was still the same, but that sensation inside of her grew pleasingly, spreading to her toes as he spoke. His voice was just as stimulating.
“S–so it was my… mmm… my hair?” Luna asked dizzily, closing her eyes and ghosting his mouth with her sharp breaths as she tightened around his fingers, meeting his thrusts with her hips.
In no time, her heels were pressing hard against the cushion, squirming as she started to let go. So Aaron kept quiet and guided her through her climax, catching each of her loud but still delicate moans with kisses and smiles.
When her eyes were back on his again, Luna had forgotten what they were even saying. Unlike him who patiently held his thoughts and made sure to give her a few moments to regulate her breathing, to come back to Earth. He peppered her with a couple more kisses before continuing.
“It was your smile at first.” Only then he slipped his soaked fingers out of her and ran them up across her stomach. “Then your lusty eyes.” Smoothly, he spread her arousal around her nipples. “Your hair.” And with his mouth, he sucked them clean. “Your laugh–”
“I don’t believe you,” Luna said in a murmur, biting her lip under the feeling of his mouth and looking down as he tugged her hard nipple between his lips to let it go loudly.
“It’s okay, but it’s true.” He raised his brows as he spoke, a thing he usually did that, to Luna, always reflected the sincerity of his words.
And that melted her heart. “God, I want to suck your dick so bad.”
“I’m trying to be romantic,” Aaron laughed a little.
She hastily changed positions and stood on her knees between his legs. “Save it for later.”
Aaron didn’t bother to argue and adjusted comfortably on his back, placing one hand behind his head as she dragged his underwear down. The sight of his veiny erection springing free made her mouth instantly water. He was mesmerizing.
Without hesitation, she lay on her stomach and began to kiss his pelvis and all around his cock, starting to pump up and down slowly.
“Look how hard you make me,” he said in a soft voice.
That was all she could do: stare at how erect and swollen he was for her. It just increased her desire. She was so eager to make him feel good that her feet swung back and forth in the air on their own, smiling as she lightly tapped her cheek with his shaft and kissed gently, worshiping his cock.
Aaron sucked in a breath, almost losing it right then. That sinful but still sweet action awakened his rough self and there was no room for any gentle behavior in his mind.
How could he be anything but gentle, though, when she looked like that – so stunning between his legs? Her flat tongue licked him long from the base all the way to his tip, seductively keeping eye contact; Aaron instantly hissed between clenched teeth at that first extraordinary feeling. The urge to shove her head down until he reached her throat was all-consuming.
Instead, he pushed her hair aside and controlled himself, letting her do it how she liked it. Her plump lips wrapped around the head and slowly started to take more of him, in and out, motioning her head in small and short waves as her delicate hands cupped his balls.
“How deep can you take me?” he brushed her cheek with his thumb when she looked up at him through her eyelashes.
She shrugged innocently and without a warning she began to take every inch of him into her mouth, resting one hand flat on his lower stomach as the other kept his cock straight and steady by the base.
The moment his tip reached the back of her throat, Aaron exhaled a loud breath, frowning in deep concentration. She was so good that in any second he’d come in her mouth. He couldn’t let her. He needed to finish inside her. Always.
So he tilted his head up and looked at the sky, trying to keep his focus on the calm sound of the ocean. The thing is, he heard her even better, her sloppy slurps and needy little whines traveling throughout his body.
“Jesus, Luna.”
She went back up, flicking her tongue under his tip and his hands found her hair again, this time grabbing it into a harsh ponytail. He couldn’t resist gently pushing her head down deeper, subtly grinding his hips against her face. She loved being used by him like that, and she let him know by moaning greedily. Though her mouth was too busy to give him a proper smile, she still did with her eyes, slowly batting her eyelashes at him with her approval.
What she loved the most about having him deep in her mouth — besides his low grunts — was how hard he tried not to come. It tempted her to be more intense, moaning and licking and sucking hard. Was it a mean move? Probably, but she only did it until she needed a break.
A gentle cold breeze brushed their skin and Luna took it as a sign to breathe some air. She hollowed her cheeks on her way up and, with a ‘pop’, she let go of his tip, keeping track of her pumps with her hand and giving him a sweet smile. She kissed him right there while fisting his wet cock, spurting some spit on the head and spreading it across her swollen lips, ready to stick her tongue out and stroke him until he came all over her face.
But Aaron stopped her before she had the chance to do so, yanking her hair back. “That’s enough.”
“Get on your back for me.” He was quick to sit back up and wipe the spit off her chin with the closest piece of clothing he could reach. “Now, baby.”
She obeyed him with a childish frown that quickly faded the moment he stood on his knees between her legs. It was one of those views that would definitely replay in her mind right before going to sleep whenever he’d be away on a case. She’d seen that scene many times before, but she had never been more infatuated with him than now.
The moon lightened him up like a spotlight, caressing every soft muscle of his and following each of his confident movements as he made himself ready to be inside her, stroking his dick hurriedly a few times before urging her legs apart.
He harshly pulled her closer by her thighs, lifting them off the cushion and letting his cock drift her pelvis while he groped her breasts with both hands, pinching and pulling her softened nipples.
It wasn't that move that made them hard, though. It was all him. That evil smirk across his face, his confidence and his provocative desire for her, smacking her sensitive clit with the head of his cock strongly enough to hear the stickiness of their skin clashing together.
He was so attractive that, for the second time during the night, an unknown warmth spread over her cheeks. When he hunched over, guiding his erection at her wet entrance, that feeling became even more intense.
“I feel shy,” she said in a small and rushed whisper.
It took him a moment to understand she was being serious by the way she pressed her lips together. Then, the most contagious laugh she’s ever heard from him resonated in her chest as his body gave up on top of her.
“Ow! You’re heavy,” she timidly laughed along.
His body only shook with laughter for a few seconds and he turned silent until he propped himself up again and wiped the few happy tears at the corner of his eyes.
“You just sucked my cock until I had to stop you and you’re feeling shy?” he whispered rather loudly.
“A little.” She scrunched her nose.
“You... amaze me.”
“Thank you.”
It truly amazed him, because the lust in her eyes had softened. But he didn’t want her to be uncomfortable, so whatever he did that made her shy was replaced with slow, loving kisses from her jaw to her mouth while teasingly brushing his erection up and down between her wet folds, stimulating her as gently and sweetly as he could be until she loosened up again, her lips curving into a smile.
“Feeling better?”
She nodded. “Now you can fuck me.”
“Good,” Aaron smirked, gently tilting his hips forward until the tip of his cock was inside her, grunting instantly at the feeling. So warm and so wet that he couldn’t resist any longer.
With one harsh slam, he was all the way deep inside her.
She fisted the soft blanket underneath her, biting her bottom lip hard to stop herself from being too loud.
“Not so shy now, huh?”
She barely responded with a sharp and satisfied exhale. He filled her so good, stretching her so slightly that it’d still hurt in the most pleasurable manner.
“You always feel so good, baby,” she whimpered.
His hands found hers, bringing them to her sides and intertwining their fingers together as he dropped his head, nuzzling his face on her neck and gradually thrusting faster and faster, making her moans worse.
Or better.
It was the way he rolled his hips in that perfect motion, his low grunts deep in her ear and occasional wet kisses at the corner of her mouth that drove her into the perfect state of never-ending pleasure.
There was no reason to control herself. Why would she if he fucked her so good? It’d be selfish not to show him how much she enjoyed it. Him.
Aaron deserved every quiet but still long whines, and with each push he gave, Luna gasped, which only drove him closer to his climax, increasing the pace of his sloppy thrusts.
He lifted his head and captured her lips when he fiercely began to pound into her as hard as he could. The only thought on his mind was how stunning she was, with her lips parted, her brows slightly drawn together and her breasts bouncing underneath him.
Luna had to admit, him being on top has always been one the best things she’d ever experienced. Not only his cock felt amazing, but also he was the most beautiful creature to look at.
It didn’t matter how close he was, skin to skin was never enough. So she’d stare trying to reach him everywhere and be as deep inside him as he was in her. She’d pull him closer and kiss him deeply as he'd slipped in and out of her, moaning in his mouth until her voice turned into fire within him.
"I wanna get you pregnant so bad," Aaron murmured against her lips.
Luna breathed out an agitated laugh. "So kinky."
Shifting his rhythm to a more unhurried and controlled pace, he lifted his mouth to her ear. "And come inside you for the rest of my life."
The motion of his hips soon became so unbearably exquisite that her voice barely came out in a whisper. “So, so romantic."
"I mean it."
A small whine came before her response. "Are you proposing?"
"No, not yet,” he laughed, lovingly brushing his nose across her cheek. “You have to be my girlfriend first."
"You are not, mmm, asking me to be your girlfriend while you’re, ah, fucking me.”
Aaron stayed still all of a sudden. Was he?
"I’m trying."
Yet, somehow, he was still avoiding the question. He began to pound deep into her without mercy again. Their bodies touched everywhere they could. Mouth to mouth, sharing one single breath. Palm to palm as Aaron pinned her arms down. Sweat against sweat blending the clash of their bodies with their moans and the murmur of the waves curling against the shore in the distance.
Although making love was a forbidden sentence between the two, Luna couldn’t deny that love was all that radiated off of them. And one kiss on her lips gave him the courage to ask her properly, slowing down his thrusts and making sure she had her eyes open.
“I want you to be mine.”
“Be mine.”
“Be my girl."
Each harsh push made her gasp for air. He stole every word she ever knew so much so that she merely gave him a little nod as a needy frown spread across her face.
"Mmhm." She nodded again.
That was what he needed to let the pleasure he’d been pushing away flow through him.
"Goddamnit. I love you."
His muscles quickly tensed up as he thrusted desperately slow, grunting and murmuring a long and shaky ‘fuck’ against her lips, just for her.
“My baby.” Luna grabbed his face and gave him a comforting kiss while she purposely tightened to feel his cock twitching even more. “I love you, too.”
He gave a few more pumps before gently resting on top of her. She kissed his eyebrow and held him tight while their chest agitatedly rose and fell in sync.
Aaron would’ve fallen asleep right there with her heartbeat pounding against his cheek, but that would’ve meant the night was ending soon and he’d rather stay up for two days straight if it meant he’d spend every second with her.
Luna barely let him fall next to her and straddled him, leaning down to whisper in his mouth.
“I want you inside me for a little longer.”
He had no time to react when she was already reaching for his soaked cock from behind her and lined him at her dripping entrance, sinking down on it slowly.
As a reflex, he arched up and wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her tightly while she trapped him with her legs. “You’re evil, did you know that?”
“I think you’ve called me that once or twice,” she chuckled, clasping her arms around his neck.
There was no intention in her to go for another round. At least, not yet, so she placed soft kisses all over his face, making him sigh deeply. So in love. So lucky.
“Did you really just ask me to be your girlfriend during sex?” She laughed a little once her lips found his again.
“I did.”
He quietly laughed too, bringing her long hair back and sweetly returning the gentle peck. Luna was quick to nibble his bottom lip to turn it into a long kiss.
Their tongues slowly grazed together with short, sharp breaths in between that could only get as intense as Luna let them.
“I feel like... I’m gonna love you forever.” She licked her lips, brushing her nose with his in small circles.
Aaron cleared his throat. “Is that a bad thing?”
“No.” She shook her head.
Not at all.
“What do you love about me?” he asked in a teasing tone, even when it was a genuine question.
“You just want me to boost your ego.”
“Uh, maybe?”
She took a deep breath and let it all roll off her in one single sentence:
“I love your presence. Just knowing you’re there I feel like my heart grows bigger. I love your hands and the way you touch me. I love your voice, the way you talk and how you sometimes wiggle your brows when you speak.” She mimicked her own words. “I love how good you smell, your smile, your nose. I love how you always lean in for a kiss with a smirk.” A soft whimper lingered on her lips as his fingers ran up and down across her spine. “God, Aaron, your kisses, they drive me crazy.”
“Well, you’re very kissable.” He naturally raised his brows as he spoke before kissing her softly.
“I love how passionate you are about your job,” Luna continued, tilting her head to one side giving him room for kisses on her neck, “and how much you care about people. I love it when you call me pretty. I love you when you sleep, you look so pretty and peaceful. I could stare at you for hours, just watching you breathe. I love the way you blink and the way you sneeze.”
“I know. I’m creepy.” She laughed at how he abruptly met her eyes. “I wish you could see yourself the way I do. You don’t even realize how beautiful you are, how kind and how... perfect.”
It’d be a lie if all of the things she said didn’t make his eyes water. He’d said it, everything was beyond perfect but hearing so many kind words from her mended wounds he didn’t know were still open.
Until now, he wasn’t aware of how much he needed her reassurance.
“So obsessed with me,” he teased, thickly swallowing the lump that was forming in his throat.
“I am. I so am.” Luna gently grabbed his jaw and kissed him once.
“Good thing I’m obsessed with you, too. But, you already knew that.”
“I did.” She smiled. “I’m so deeply and madly in love with you, Hotch.”
“I’m in love with you too.”
Although she didn’t notice, this time it was her who stopped his tears with an intense kiss, that got deeper within seconds.
His hands found her ass and squeezed them firmly. That was his sign that he was ready to go again.
With short and subtle motions, she began to rock her hips back and forth, murmuring in his ear, “Lean back, I promised you a ride.”
Aaron was on his back without a question, digging his fingers on her hips and following her increasing movements.
She flipped her hair to one side and supported both hands over his chest, beginning to move up and down along his erection.
The rubbing of their sensitive skin soon began to be nothing but pure pleasure. Aaron tilted his head back and licked his lips, breathing sharply and cursing quietly under his breath.
It didn’t take much for Luna to catch a rhythm and when she knew he was about to come, she leaned over his torso and started to bounce her hips, grabbing him by the jaw and kissing his neck.
His cock reached her spot just right and in no time she was whining delicately as she tightened around him.
“That’s it, use my cock,” Aaron encouraged her, guiding her ass up and down and holding back his orgasm to come with her.
Her rolling motions became desperate while her body shook at the same time his muscles tensed, thrusting under her hips until his dick jolted with each spurt he spilled.
“Ah, gosh!” Luna cried out in unison with his short, low grunts.
Their mouths collided in a needy open-mouth kiss until the lack of air only brought a drunk kind of dizziness.
As they stayed there, panting, smiling and staring at each other in-between more kisses, Aaron rubbed Luna’s back until their bodies started to cool down.
“It’s actually getting so cold,” Luna murmured when a strong wind made her sink herself onto Aaron’s chest even more.
“Should we go inside?” They shrugged at the same time.
After they got rid of any fluid with a warm shower, they agreed to spend the night outside and make the porch their outdoor bedroom. They grabbed all the bed covers and pillows they could find and brought some hot coffee and snacks they stole from the pantry to have a more proper dinner.
For both, it was surprising that it was barely ten at night, because although neither mentioned it, their respective work exhaustion got to them and it was hard to hide the big yawns. And between the sex, shower and cozy blankets, both fought the sleepiness with endless conversations.
“I want to live here again,” Luna tangled her leg over his, as if she couldn’t be closer to him.
Aaron frowned to himself. “Again?”
“I used to live here.” She lifted her head and rested her chin on his chest to find his eyes.
“You’ve never mentioned it.” He almost sounded offended; Aaron swore he knew everything about her.
“Hmm. Really?” He nodded. “From when I was little until I graduated high school. But then my dad got sick so we moved to D.C. for better healthcare. And the college I applied to was there too, so I had to move anyway.”
He brought her hand to his lips and kissed her delicate fingers. Just by picturing a twenty-something-year-old Luna going through all of that tightened his chest, wishing he’d met her sooner.
“I’ve told my dad about you, actually,” she continued, caressing his face.
“How? He’s dead.”
“You know what I mean,” Luna said with a chuckle. She knew that Aaron went through a similar loss, so dead-dad jokes weren’t new between the two.
“Do you tell him good things?”
“Most of the time, yeah.”
She smiled. Sometimes, when he wasn’t home, she’d find herself praying to her dad at night asking him to take care of Aaron. “Do you talk about me to your dad?”
He sighed deeply, looking up with a lost look. “I don’t talk to my dad.”
“But you can talk to me about him.”
Aaron barely mentioned him and, whenever the topic was brought up, he’d dodge it by changing the subject with a question. Luna never pushed him to talk about it, even when the curiosity has always been there.
“I know.” He ran his fingers through her hair and met her face again. “My mom will adore you.”
“She will?” she raised her brows with excitement.
He nodded. “I haven’t seen her in a while.”
“But you call her.”
That she knew for a fact. Not because he’d mentioned it, but because she had heard him do it. The first time – for whatever reason – he’d put the phone call on speaker and she sounded lovely.
“Yeah, but she always tells me it’s better to see my face.”
Luna shifted positions and laid right next to him, both facing each other and sinking in the bed covers.
“I mean, I don’t blame her. You have a pretty face.” She stroked his cheek. “I would be proud if I made a face like yours.”
“We will.” Aaron pulled her close by the waist.
“So you agree?” She quoted one of her favorite movies, but, of course, he didn’t get it.
“I meant your face.”
“What does that mean? You want to populate the Earth?”
“Only with you.” He pecked her lips. “Let’s make a baby, right now.” Then, he placed a bunch of squishy kisses all over her face.
“Whoa, easy there,” she snickered as Aaron swiftly rolled on top of her, lifting his lips down to her neck. “You are skipping a bunch of steps.”
“You should write them down, then.”
The rest of the night was as perfect as it all had been. And though Aaron was sleepy, he still woke up multiple times in the middle of the night to check on Luna, making sure she was well covered by the blankets and rubbing her back up and down to keep her warm. And only once she woke up too by feeling him stroke her arms, seducing him with soft kisses and touches until he was all the way inside her again.
When the morning came, Luna woke up facing the ocean with Aaron cuddling her from behind, and all the feels started to rush through her. The first thing her eyes captured was the hint of a ray of morning sunshine peeking from under the sea.
If that’s what her boyfriend meant when he compared how he felt about her to it… She couldn’t feel more in love.
Slowly Luna rolled on her side to face him. He was still sleeping, as peaceful as ever. The grip around her waist became tighter when Luna pecked his nose and his lips instantly curved into a soft smile.
“Am I dreaming?” Aaron mumbled, pulling her even closer.
“You don’t want to miss the sunrise,” Luna kissed him gently on the lips.
His smile grew wider as he opened one eye, slightly lifting his head off the pillow and glancing over Luna’s head.
There was that feeling that brought him comfort when he didn’t get to wake up next to her. This time, he couldn’t care less about the sun when she was right there in his arms.
“You’re prettier,” he said, returning the kiss and pretending to go back to sleep.
Luna rolled her eyes and turned away from him to face the shore again. She breathed in deep the salty air between smiles.
“What do you want to do today?” Aaron propped himself on his elbow and rested his head on his palm.
She turned her head and met his eyes glimmering with the view. “Anything, I don’t mind.”
He looked down on her and kissed her shoulder. “We’ll stay in bed all day.”
Although that sounded like a really good plan, they didn’t.
They waited for the sun to be higher up and got ready to find a place to have breakfast, where the talk about babies was brought up again, but both admitted that there was no rush, even when both already pictured a future like that.
The next couple of days were filled with a few more walks along the shore and, though time seemed to go by slowly, there was no way to avoid the ending of the magical weekend. Soon enough, Monday morning arrived. They both made sure the house was as clean as how it was before starting the road trip back home.
But there was one thing missing.
They were finishing the master bedroom when the feeling that something was off froze Luna. “Do you have the receipt?”
“I don’t think so,” Aaron frowned, “check my pants.”
He gestured his bag and she quickly emptied it over the bed, but every pocket she reached had nothing in it but grains of sand.
“No, no, no.” The more she searched the empty pockets, the more desperate felt; the feeling of her heart shattering quickly traveled to her eyes.
When there was clearly no sign of the piece of paper, her hands flew to cover her face as she whined, “I lost it.”
“Hey, hey,” Aaron softened his voice and walked up to her, tilting her head up by her chin to comfort her. “It’s okay. I’ll write it again.”
“It’s not the same.”
The memories of that night flooded into her mind and, with a mind of their own, her feet took her to the porch.
As soon as she slid the window open, the cold morning fog hit her. The ocean was barely there but a thin ray of sunshine breaking through the cloudy sky gave her enough hope – Luna was determined to find that piece of paper.
Aaron was right behind her. When she had walked a good few feet, he shouted, “you’re gonna be late!”
“I don’t care!” she yelled back and kept wandering.
Her eyes turned into magnifying glass when she spotted a white piece of paper dug in the sand from a couple of meters away and ran to pick it up. It was humid and wrinkly, but it was definitely Aaron’s handwriting.
“Ha! Found it!” She waved the paper in the air as she ran back to him, stealing a quick kiss. “Now we can go.”
Aaron shook his head with a smile and grabbed her face. “I love you. I’m gonna write it everywhere for you when we get home.”
The drive back to Quantico was silent most of the time, filled with stolen glances and tender touches, with a random radio station in the background and Luna’s occasional complaints about how she didn’t want to work that day.
But, in no time, Aaron was parked outside the nursing home.
“Is this how it’s gonna be?” Luna leaned to him to give him a kiss. “I’m always gonna hate saying goodbye?”
“I hope so.” He kissed her back. "I'll miss you."
“I’ll miss you too.” Luna pursed her lips and waved him goodbye.
He waited for her to be safe and sound inside the facility before driving off to the BAU.
The smile on his face seemed to be permanent, so he tried his hardest to hide it in case he ran into one of his team members and wouldn’t be interrogated about his weekend right away.
Although, the person he first came across wasn’t precisely someone he knew.
“Aaron Hotchner?” A tall, grey-bearded man approached Aaron while he locked his car.
By the way the man kept looking around and fixing his hood, Aaron could tell he was trying to go unnoticed, but his height was hard to hide. He seemed oddly familiar, too.
Aaron cleared his throat. “Yes?”
“Sorry for approaching you like this.” He chuckled nervously and stretched his hand.
Aaron glanced at it before hesitantly shaking it. “I’m sorry. Do I know you?”
“No, but…” The man kept looking around, gripping tightly the folder he had under his arm. “I’m pretty sure we have someone in common.”
Aaron kept his posture and his chin up. “Could you be more specific?”
“I’m— I’m Roger Kersey.” He cleared his throat and swallowed thickly. “I’m Luna’s dad.”
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How to Save a Life
Summery: Chris and Aaron get engaged but one fatal car crash changes everything.
A/N: So I'm starting to ship Chris and Aaron more than him and Blake. Anyways, this is connected to my two other fics called The Text Message and The Text Message pt 2. And yes, I stole the title from the song called How to Save a Life.
Taglist: @ellyhotchner @unionjackpillow @eleanorbloom
Warnings: Car crash, blood, head trauma, injuries, drunk driver
Aaron stares at the ring on his finger. The engagement ring, in fact. He smiles at the rose gold metal around his finger. Yesterday, Chris had proposed to him while they were eating dinner. Despite being an amazing profiler, Aaron didn't saw it coming.
Aaron opens the door and comes inside. It was a long day and all he wants to do is go home to his boyfriend.
He walks inside and sees Chris cooking dinner. Aaron walks up behind him and looks over his shoulder. Chris turns around to see Aaron behind him and jumps.
"Jesus, Aaron. You scared me", Chris says as he drops the spatula.
"Oh, sorry", Aaron replies. He picks up the spatula on the ground and gives it to Chris but he pulls him into a kiss.
"How was work?" Chris asks as he pulls back from the kiss but keeping Aaron in his arms.
"Not good, rough case", Aaron replies. Chris looks at his sadly.
"I'm sorry. Are you ok?", Chris asks softly, touching Aaron's arm. Aaron turns around to look at food behind them.
"Yeah", Aaron replies. He looks at the stove to see what Chris is cooking.
“What are you making?” Aaron asks.
“Some Italian dish. Rossi actually gave me that recipe. Turns out he can cook something other than pasta”, Chris jokes. Suddenly Chris’s phone dings.
“Can you get that for me?” Chris asks. Aaron felt a pit in his stomach. The last time his boyfriend asked to get his phone for him is when he found out that Blake has been cheating on him. Aaron slowly walks over to the counter and picks up the phone.
“Can you read what it says?” Chris asks, who was still by the kitchen, cooking them dinner. Aaron gulps silently.
“It says ... will you marry me?” Aaron reads the notification. He looks back at Chris who was now on the ground with a ring. Aaron covers his hand with his mouth to try to hide the tears.
“I love you, Aaron. I love everything about you. Even the things you hate about yourself. So, will you marry me?” Chris asks.
“Yes”, Aaron chokes out. He drops to the ground and places his lips against Chris's. They were going to get married.
Chris told Penelope that he was going to propose to Aaron. She helped him picked out the ring. They were both hackers in the FBI so they became friends quickly. Penelope though was dissapointed when she realized they weren't going to have a wedding. They just wanted to sign the forms and have a party later. Aaron never liked big parties, especially weddings. There is always some dessert that has strawberries that Aaron accidentally eats which leads to the rest go the day in the hospital.
When Aaron told Derek that they were getting married, he had joked that their ship name would be crotch. Derek and Chris couldn't stop laughing while Aaron was trying to hide his smile.
Jack was happy to find out that his father was going to marry Chris. In fact, he had already started calling him papa. Aaron was worried Jack would think Chris was going to replace Haley but he didn't seem to think that way.
Three days later after Chris proposed Aaron, they were both driving to their local register office to sign the legal papers. While they were driving, Aaron's head was resting on Chris's shoulder while complaining about Dave inviting more than thirty people to the party. Suddenly while Chris was driving, a car ran through a red light and smashed into the drivers seat. Chris pushed Aaron off his shoulder and the car got pushed to the side and hit a pole.
Aaron's head hit the glass window next to him. After a couple do seconds, Aaron slowly lifts his head from the window and looks next to him. Chris's head was on the steering wheel. There was a glass that hit next to Chris's eye and blood on the side of his face.
"Chris ...?" Aaron asks, softly. He shakes him a little to wake him up but it doesn't work. He presses two fingers on his neck to feel a small pulse. He's still alive. Aaron tries to get out of the passenger seat but the pole fell on the car trapping Aaron's leg. He looks outside to see people around them recording the crash. He also sees a couple of people calling 911.
Aaron tries to push the door open but the pole keeps him from doing that. Aaron looks around to see if anyone is near enough to help him but they're all too far. He looks behind him to the electricity lines on the ground, keeping from anyone coming near them. Aaron looks back at his leg and tries to pull it out. After a couple tries, he got his leg free. Aaron groans in pain. He goes into the back seat and gets out of the car.
He looks around to see if any ambulances are near but there was none in sight. His right leg was aching in pain but he didn't care. His only concern was Chris.
Aaron goes to the other side of the car, making sure he doesn't get electrocuted. Aaron looks at the car that crashed them. It seemed oddly familiar. He looks in the drivers seat to see empty beer bottles and a man with light brown hair and blue eyes. It was Blake. Blake was the guy who hit them.
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binickandros · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Far From Any Road - Chapter 7: Old Money
AO3 | | Wattpad
A Criminal Minds fanfic
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None
Relationships: Aaron Hotchner/OFC, Spencer Reid/OFC, BAU Team & OFC
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan, Penelope Garcia, David Rossi, Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s), Jennifer "JJ" Jareau
Additional Tags: Slow Burn, Slow Build, Slowest slow burn, Since Baby Jesus Invented Slow Burns, Mutual Pining, Pining, Unrequited Crush, Unresolved Sexual Tension, Unresolved Emotional Tension, Unresolved Romantic Tension, Unresolved Tension, NEVER EVER a love triangle, Psychic Abilities, Canon-Typical Violence, Kidnapping, Murder, Gun Violence, Southern Gothic, Swamp Gothic, Racism, ACAB, i mean pretty much, Class Differences, Class Issues, Alternate Universe - Magical Realism, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe, Bisexual Spencer Reid, Bisexual Female Character, Autistic Spencer Reid, UNSUB, casefic
Eight women are discovered dumped in the depths of a Louisiana bayou. The team is called in, and Dr. Elliot Jackson, back in the field as a full agent 6 months after the events in "History," finds herself drawn to charming, complex local deputy, Gabriel Mendoza. As the mystery deepens, and the bayou weaves its primordial spell, can she regain Hotch's confidence while figuring out who she can really trust?
Fourth in the series after my fics Endgame, Reckoning, and History.
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hotchgan · 28 days ago
The Text Message pt 2
Summery: Aaron meets Christopher at a bar.
A/N: Part two of The Text Message! I also may or may not have made another ship but I’m not going to spoil it for you guys. Disclaimer: I know practically nothing about the FBI so this information probably not accurate.
Taglist: @ellyhotchner @unionjackpillow @eleanorbloom
Warnings: cheating, alcohol, no smut but there is kissing
Here is part one!
It’s been one day since Blake and Aaron broke up. He had just found out that he was cheating on him with another guy. And the worst part is, that he is the guy Blake is cheating with. Aaron is still shocked that Blake was seeing someone else this whole time. He doesn’t know what to do so right now, he is at a bar drinking his pain away even though it’s morning.
“Hey, is this Aaron?”
Aaron turns around to see a tall man with green eyes and rich brown skin behind him. He was wearing a buttoned shirt with a leather jacket. He also has a tattoo on the side on his neck. And he looked exactly like the person Aaron would sleep with if he was in high school.
“Yes, who are you?” Aaron asks, putting down his glass of scotch. The green eyed man sticks his hand out for him to shake it.
“I’m Christopher but you can call be Chris”, the man replies with a smile.
Aaron stares at him in shock. Chris pulls his hand back, realizing that he’s not going to shake it.
“Christopher as in ...”, Aaron trails off.
“Blake’s boyfriend .. well ex now”, Chris confirms. Aaron stares at him who is still in shock.
“How did you find me?” Aaron asks. Chris smiles.
“Well being a hacker for the FBI has it’s perks”, Chris replies. Almost every department in the FBI had their own hacker. Penelope Garcia is the hacker for the BAU while Chris is the hacker for another department.
“I’m sorry. I just broke up with Blake yesterday and now you’re here and it’s just. I guess I’m still in shock”, Aaron apologizes.
“No worries, I’m still pretty shocked when I found out that Blake was seeing someone else”, Chris replies.
“Yeah, now I feel like a dirty mistress”, Aaron says. Chris sits on the chair next to him.
“The only dirty mistress here is me. He told me he was just using me for sex and that he loved you”, Chris replies. Aaron suddenly feels guilty.
“Yeah uh sorry”, Aaron apologizes. Chris looks at him and laughs.
“It’s not your fault. We were bound to break up anyways”, Chris replies. Aaron looks at him and smiles. He can definitely see why Blake would date him. Aaron is pretty sure he is blushing right now. Chris looks at him and smirks.
“You want to kiss me so bad right now”, Chris says, snapping Aaron out of trance. He can feel his face getting red.
“Wha- no, I don’t”, Aaron denies. Chris raises his eyebrows at him making Aaron blush even harder.
“Seriously, I don’t”, Aaron denies again even though he’s lying. Chris chuckles, enjoying this.
“Alright, I’ll stop. But I have a plan to get back at Blake but I need to know if you’re in or not”, Chris says. Aaron looks back at him, intrigued.
“Alright, I’m in. Now what’s the plan”, Aaron asks. Chris smiles as he tells Aaron the plan.
Five minutes later, they both were at Aaron’s apartment. Aaron calls Rossi and asks him if he can babysit Jack for a while. Jessica is out of town and Jack hasn’t spend much time with his godfather. After calling Rossi, who’s agreed to babysit Jack, he goes into the living room where Chris is.
“Blake is going to come in ten minutes so when he comes, I’ll open the door wide enough for him to see you’re here”, Aaron says to Chris, going over the plan. Chris nods.
“Yup, and then he’ll realize we both are seeing each other and will be single forever”, Chris replies. Aaron smiles. Though he was a little disappointed that both of them dating will only be fake.
“But before we do this, we need rules”, Aaron says. Chris raises an eyebrow at him.
“The first rule is don’t make that face”, Aaron continues on.
“What face?” Chris asks, smirking a little.
“That face, right there. That smirk, don’t do it”, Aaron replies.
“That’s my normal face, you want me to frown and be all uptight like you?” Chris says, teasing Aaron.
“I am not uptight-“, Aaron says before getting interrupted by a knock on the door. Aaron looks at the door and back at Chris. He nods telling Aaron to go open the door. Aaron opens the door to see Blake standing outside.
“Hey, here is your stuff”, Aaron says as he picks up a bow of Blake’s stuff.
“Aaron please, give me another chance. I promise-“, Blake starts to beg but then stops when he sees Chris. Chris comes up from behind Aaron and wraps an arm around Aaron’s waist. Aaron freezes, surprised at that gesture.
“Blake, funny seeing you here”, Christopher says, doing the face Aaron told him not to do. Blake frowns.
“What are you doing here, Christopher?” Blake asks. Chris smirks before stepping outside. Blake moves back, almost tripping over the box.
“Well I met Aaron at a bar and we just .. well I decided to stay over”, Chris says towering over Blake. Blake picks up the box and scowls at Chris.
“You’re making a big mistake, Aaron”, Blake says to Aaron before he leaves. Chris sighs as he goes back inside. Aaron closes the door behind him as Chris goes back inside Aaron’s apartment.
“Well, missions accomplished-“, Chris says before he was interrupted by Aaron. Aaron steps forward and kisses Chris on his lips. He places his hands on his chest and pulls his closer. Chris grabs Aaron’s hair and kisses him back. Aaron pulls back but keeps his hands on Chris’s chest.
“I told you not to make that face”, Aaron mutters. Chris smirks before pulling him into another kiss. Aaron knows that he shouldn’t be kissing his ex’s ex but he doesn’t care. All he cares is that Chris is pulling him into the bedroom and staying over for the rest of the day.
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The Text Message
Summery: Aaron finds out that Blake is cheating on him.
A/N: I love Blake and all but I love hurting Aaron more. Also this has nothing to do with the fic where Blake gets kidnapped. This is like an au when he cheats on Aaron. I also might make a part two of this.
Taglist: @ellyhotchner @unionjackpillow @eleanorbloom
Warnings: cheating, past cheating mentioned
Here is part two!
Aaron and Blake have been dating for three months. They met each other when Aaron was in the hospital. Blake was the nurse in charge of Aaron. And they’ve been dating ever since that day. Aaron never thought he would find someone after Haley but he did. And he’s happy. Until one text message that changed everything.
Aaron went into his apartment and opens the front door. Jack was at Rossi’s house because he invited his friends over for a sleepover. Rossi suggested his place to make Jack’s friends jealous. He takes off his suit and walks in the kitchen. Inside, he sees Blake cooking some food. He sneaks up behind him and wraps his arms around him.
“Hey honey”, Aaron says softly into his ear before planting a kiss on his neck. Blake turns around to see his boyfriend behind him.
“Hey baby, how was work?” Blake asks, wrapping his arms around Aaron.
“Don’t want to talk about it”, Aaron replies. Blake knows that means the case went bad so he didn’t say anything.
“What are you making?” Aaron asks, pointing at the food.
“It’s a recipe I saw online. It’s called-“, Blake replies before his phone dinged.
“Oh, can you get that?” Blake asks. Aaron nods and goes to the counter. He picks up the phone when something catches his eye. Someone sent Blake a test message that says Hey baby, wanna come over 2night?. The text message was from Christopher. Aaron didn’t know any Christopher. He suddenly felt a pit in his stomach.
“Who’s Christopher?” Aaron asks. Blake freezes before turning around. Aaron shows Blake the text message.
“I-I can explain”, Blake says. Aaron raises his eyebrows but doesn’t say anything.
“He’s well ... It’s complicated”, Blake continues saying.
“Are you cheating on me?” Aaron asks, simply. Blake looks at Aaron, trying to find a good way to say yes. He didn’t want to hurt Aaron but there isn’t a good way to say that he’s been seeing someone else.
“It’s complicated and-“, Blake tries to say before Aaron interrupts him.
“Are you cheating on me?” Aaron asks, more sternly this time. He needs to know if his boyfriend has been seeing someone else.
“It’s ... it’s more like I’m cheating on him with you”, Blake replies quietly. Aaron looks at him, confused.
“I’ve been seeing him before you .. for six months”, Blake says. Aaron stares at him, mortified. How could Aaron not know that Blake was seeing someone? Was he so blindly in love with him that he didn’t even notice the obvious clues. Aaron suddenly remembers Blake coming home late and going to work early. He thought it was because of his job at the hospital. Aaron leaves and goes into the living room. Blake follows him.
“Aaron, please .. I’m sorry. I was going to break up with him”, Blake says. He tries to hold Aaron’s hand but he turns around.
“Don’t touch me”, Aaron warns. Blake steps back, giving him some space.
“Please, I’m sorry. I really am-“, Blake says before getting interrupted by Aaron.
“Do you even love me? When you told me that you love me, did you mean it?” Aaron asks, interrupting him.
“Of course, that’s why I was going to break up with him”, Blake replies.
“Then why were you seeing both of us? Why didn’t you break up with him in the beginning?” Aaron asks.
“Because I’m scared!” Blake replies, raising his voice.
“Scared of what?” Aaron replies, also raising his voice.
“I’m scared of committing to someone. I don’t even do boyfriends. He’s just a person I like to sleep with but you’re .. you’re different”, Blake explains, lowering his voice a little.
“How am I different?” Aaron asks, not bothering to also lower his voice.
“Because I actually love you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I want to change for you”, Blake replies. Aaron stares at him. They both stand in silence before Aaron says something.
“It’s not enough”, Aaron says softly. Blake looks at the ground, afraid to meet his eyes. He can feel tears filling in his eyes. He should’ve knew this was going to happen. Aaron finding out he was cheating on him and then breaking up with him.
“You can leave in the morning”, Aaron says to Blake as he goes into his bedroom. Aaron takes off his pants and sits on his bed. The bed that they both used to sleep in.
Aaron still loves him but Blake had been seeing someone else this whole time. He remembers when he found out that Haley was cheating on him. He never got to say anything because she left him. At that time, he was at fault and Haley had every reason to cheat on him. But now, it wasn’t his fault. Blake cheated on him and he couldn’t be with him after that. Despite the fact Aaron still loves him.
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dudeitiskarev · 29 days ago
𝐒𝐮𝐧𝐫𝐢𝐬𝐞: 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐭𝐰𝐨
Summary: Aaron finds the perfect way to tell Luna the three little words she’s been too scared to hear him say.
A/N: I loved writing this part too much that I teared up a little 🤧 So I hope you love it too!
Content warning: disgusting amount of fluff.
Word count: 5.2k
Previous chapters: I; II; III; IV; V; VI; VII; VIII; IX; X; XI; XII; XIII; XIV; XV; XVI; XVII; XVIII: Part one
Tumblr media
As soon as the small foamy waves trickled in between their toes, a soft autumn wind arose against them.
Despite the season, the water embracing their feet became warmer and warmer in their endless walk along the shore – that had no particular destiny whatsoever.
Wherever their legs took them was fine. Aaron was fascinated by Luna and everything she did and said and the way she’d point out anything that caught her attention. Like the way the bright orange clouds seemed to be on fire, or how she subtly looked around in hopes to come across a cute puppy.
"This feels like a date.” Luna glanced at their hands perfectly intertwined between them. “Is this our first date?"
"To me, it's the second one, but I guess, for you, it can be the first one." Aaron raised his brows as he spoke.
Luna turned her head and he was already looking at her. “Second one?”
He glared at her with a smirk and pulled her closer by the waist, wrapping one arm around her while murmuring softly close to her ear.
“When you begged me to fuck you at the mall?”
“Ah,” she nodded and slid her hand in his back pocket. The flashbacks of that day came to her briefly; she thought about that particular moment more often than she wanted to admit. “Yeah... that was not a date.”
“Well,” he sighed deeply. “To me, it was the perfect first date.”
“It was very... memorable, but not a date at all. This is a perfect first date.”
Confessing that it was, in fact, a date wasn’t planned but it was no secret either. With her casual kisses on his cheek and occasional long sighs, she radiated her joy and how much she was savoring it all.
But it was him the only reason she was shining bright. The beautiful scenery was a nice simple bonus; with Aaron by her side, anything was wonderful.
There’s always been beauty everywhere she looked, but ever since he came around, in her language the word beauty had one single meaning.
He was beauty, and every pretty little thing just happened to revolve around him.
The soothing whisper of the waves didn’t compare to his sweet nothings in her ear; as mouth-watering the smell of cotton candy coming from the food cart near them was, only his perfume on his skin could make her so ravenous; and the bubbly giggling kids running in the sand couldn’t excite her more about the future than his laugh ringing in her chest.
“So, it took you this long to accept a date with me?” Aaron squeezed her waist.
Luna put her daydream aside and hummed in deep thought. “Now that I think about it, you haven’t asked me directly, so this isn’t an actual date,” she teased, playfully pinching him inside his back pocket.
“Oh, come on, I took you to the beach,” he gestured at their surroundings, “and got us a house for the weekend. Admit it, it’s a date.”
“Mmm, sorry.” She scrunched her nose. “You have to ask me.”
Aaron stopped and turned her by the hip, trailing it up until he cupped her face. It took him a while to say a word, mesmerized by her...everything.
The sun painted her profile golden, as bright as his heart glowed for her at all times. And those eyes, that were as dark as the night most of the time, had glints of warm light of their own; better than any sunset.
Just like him, Luna skimmed every bright feature of his. She’s always thought that the little wrinkles above his brows suited him well, but his dimples held a special place in her heart and she couldn’t help poking his left one with her finger. That was her favorite one. It was deeper, and sometimes, she wished she could make herself tiny to take a nap there; make his left dimple her forever home.
“You’re really going to make me ask you when it’s so obvious this is a date?”
“Correct.” She nodded and his dimples deepened.
He leaned in and, one kiss away from her lips, he asked, “Would you go on a date with me?”
Luna rolled her eyes with a slight smirk. “I guess.”
Then he went for it. Their lips collided softly once. Twice. Three times and one more. And without even knowing, they had invented a new code.
The fists that hadn’t bumped in a while were naturally replaced with four tender, long-lasting kisses on the lips.
For a few seconds, it was just them inside their bubble. Luna could only focus on how his lips – his kisses – had the power to take away every thought she ever had and Aaron, right then as his thumb grazed her cheek and her hands clutched his waist, got enlightened with the best way to tell her I love you.
No matter the outcome, he was ready to confess.
“So,” Luna pulled away first and with her thumb cleaned the trace of lipgloss she left on him. “Where are you taking me?”
Aaron licked his lips and took a moment to catch back his breath.
A couple of stars were already hanging above their heads and they were too far from the house to keep walking. So, he decided that a not-so-healthy dinner was the best way to end their walk.
“There.” He pointed with his head at a food truck.
Without even looking, she accepted. “It’s a date, then.”
Once they ordered, Luna settled at a small-wobbly-round table for two, expecting Aaron to follow her, but he had stayed behind.
She rested her chin on her palm and paid attention to him, borrowing a pen from the cashier and writing something down. So, she decided to wait for him before touching her food.
“You’re not hungry?” Aaron put the change in his front pocket before sitting across from her.
Neither were really hungry and a single strawberry-flavored frozen yogurt to share seemed enough to line the stomach, but the fact that she hadn’t dipped the spoon yet made him regret his decision.
Maybe she didn’t like it.
“I was thinking,” she shook her head and continued, “We met almost two years ago... Isn’t that crazy?”
“That was back in November,” Aaron clasped his hand together on the table as she finally took a spoonful.
“How do you remember that?”
“I guess I have a good memory?”
That wasn’t a lie, he remembered like it was yesterday. Mostly because it had just been his birthday back then but also because he vividly recalled that the night they met was in mid-autumn.
“And it’s gonna be a year since we started to, you know, have fun.” She gave him a flirty look as she sucked her spoon clean. “That I remember.”
Oh, she remembered it perfectly. And to this day she wanted to punch herself in the face for asking a stranger to have sex with her. She would’ve never done that with anyone in a million years and still wondered what summoned her to do it, but she didn’t regret it one bit.
Aaron was more than she ever dreamed of.
“It feels like a long time ago,” he mirrored her smirk. He was too nervous to eat. Still, he opened his mouth when she brought the spoon to his lips.
By the time their cup was empty, the sun was almost gone behind the mountains and the moon was already the main character in the sky.
And, naturally, a cold and soft breeze accompanied them on their way back to the house. Or, like Luna already called, the mansion.
She didn’t mind the weather though and didn’t even notice how cold it had gotten with Aaron by her side sharing his warmth. It was him who was worried about her catching a cold. Though, after five years of wearing almost nothing until three in the morning, Luna was used to the exposure.
Between too many stolen kisses – that were never enough –, they followed the remaining of their footprints the ocean had dragged away. Once they were close enough to their temporary home, Luna decided it was too early for her to say goodbye to her beloved ocean.
“I wanna stay here for a little longer.” She gripped the velvety-soft sand with her toes.
Aaron raised his brows, nodding unsure. “It’s getting cold.”
“We’ll keep each other warm.” She let go of his hand and paced backwards to the dry sand, keeping eye contact, and let herself fall cross-legged facing the sea, tapping next to her signaling for him to join her.
Whatever she wanted Aaron would do.
He followed her steps, placed their shoes behind her, and sat right where she told him to but chose to face her instead. He’d never get enough of her side profile.
There weren’t many people at the beach to begin with, but the few families were already folding their blankets, giving way for small groups of teenagers.
Until not long ago, teens reminded Luna of all the things she missed when she was one of them. At that moment, she didn't even acknowledge them.
“You look so happy.” Aaron tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.
Luna turned her head and met his smile. “I am. I love the beach so much.”
It's now or never.
Aaron cleared his throat and reached inside his front pocket to hand her a wrinkled piece of paper as he asked, “just the beach?”
“What’s this?” Luna frowned confused while receiving a folded receipt. “What, you want to split seven dollars?”
“Open it,” he said in between a soft laugh.
A smirk softened her brows as she straightened the paper. The moonlight was bright enough for her to read clearly, and by impulse, she slapped her hand over her eyes.
Her heart started racing so hard that the sound of the waves became secondary and all she could hear was her pulse pounding in her ears.
"Please tell me that the hot cashier wrote this and not you." She peeked at him between her fingers.
Aaron swallowed so thickly that his Adam’s apple became more prominent, jumping up and down.
"I wouldn't blame him if he did, you are very pretty," he played along.
She exhaled a small laugh and uncovered her eyes. The worried look on his face pierced through her, almost begging her for a sign that assured him that everything was going to be okay. So she gave him a little nod, even when reading that note one time was enough to turn her stomach upside-down.
With one sharp breath, Luna gathered all of her strength and dared to read it again.
She would recognize his rough handwriting even on sand.
"You said once, that you didn’t want to hear me say it.” Aaron tried to find her eyes, but she couldn’t bring herself to look back up.
She pressed her lips together to hide a smile and a strange heat took over her cheeks. Luckily it was too dark for him to notice her blushing for the first time because of him.
"This is worse than hearing it, Hotch.” A sudden chilly wind waved the paper between her fingers. “It's written, it's on paper, it'll never go away."
And, by worse, she meant it was the most perfect way he could’ve chosen to tell her — again.
"Good. I don't want it to go away."
Ever since she first showed him one of her adorable lists with random thoughts, Aaron understood how much ink on paper meant to her; that by bringing said words into something tangible, she had something else to hold onto besides the hint of a voice in her mind.
So, reading those three words was way different than hearing him whisper them, and that time didn't prepare her for this moment at all.
She kept her head low and read his words until they were imprinted in her memory.
“Unless I burn it…”
His calm and quiet laugh made her flourish out of the hoard of emotions he was responsible for and she finally attempted to bring her eyes back at him.
The urge to kiss her on the lips was torture, knowing well it’d mostly be just to delay her response. But, instead, Aaron brought her closer to him and enveloped her by the waist in his arms, placing a strong kiss on her face.
He expected her cheeks to be as icy as her hands, but her skin warmed his lips like midday sunshine.
“You’re blushing?”
“You wish,” Luna scoffed.
"I love that you're shy with me now," he teased against her ear, making her the weakest she’s ever been.
She closed her eyes to enjoy his nearness. "I am not shy."
"Yes, you are. Look at you, can't keep eye contact, your jaw tensed up, you gripped the paper, your cheeks went all red."
"Is this what you sound like when you profile people?"
“Mhm.” He kissed under her ear.
“So hot.”
There she was, playing it cool as if she wasn’t about to burst out of her skin and show him more of her colors.
Aaron stared close at her frown, biting her bottom lip so hard that it almost disappeared into her mouth.
“Hey, loose that frown.” He tilted her face towards him by her chin. “You’re too beautiful to frown.”
Her lip bite instantly curved into a toothy smile and relaxed her stiff shoulders. How could she not obey that?
“I love you,” Aaron began, scanning every soft feature of hers. “I am so in love with you.”
Her stomach tickled instantly at those words and kept staring right back at him, cherishing the moment. She’d give anything to hear him say it until her very last day alive.
“I’ve been holding onto this forever. I just couldn’t anymore.” He paused, licking his lip in case she wanted to say something, but she was too immersed in him to say anything. “I know it’s hard for you to open up but you don’t have to say it back, I don’t expect you to do it.”
It was then, at that moment, after hearing the almost plea in his tone that Luna became aware of her selfishness. She knew how he felt about her for the longest time and wouldn’t let him say it.
“It’s not that I don’t want to say it back, it's just when I love…” She trailed off for a moment, looking past him over his shoulder. “...when I love, I love like... like a limpet."
Her eyes went back to him, and his funny look put a wry smile on her face.
“A limpet?” He laughed. “I’m not sure what that means.”
“That shellfish that sticks to rocks and never lets go and if you try to pull it away it breaks and could even die,” she explained with little hand gestures. “It’s very tasty.”
“You’re very weird,” he matched her tone.
“What I’m saying is...” She inhaled a sharp breath. “When I love, I love too much.”
"Then love me just a little, that's enough for me."
Just a little, he repeated in a whisper as he went for a squishy kiss on her cheek.
"I won't be able to. I'm clingy, I'm gonna be all over you, all the time. I'll be kissing you, touching you, giving you gifts, sending you nudes, cooking you food and I'm gonna scare you away." She counted each one with her fingers.
"That's not possible. It sounds like a dream. Your kisses, your touch, your attention, the food,” he said between more kisses. “God, the food."
His intention was to calm her down, but his lips were having the opposite effect on her. Her pulse was barely there yet somehow her heart was banging against her rib cage, begging to run away and avoid being given to him.
“Come here.” He moved their shoes aside and sat right behind her with his legs on each side.
She scooted back to close the space between them and cuddled her back on his chest as he embraced her in a tight hug.
There was his heartbeat, steadier than hers.
Aaron was relieved at last. The scary part was over and she didn’t escape from him.
Her silence was scary most of the time too. She always had something to say, but after that confession, she had every right to remain silent. So he pulled her hair to one side, tucked his chin on the crook of her neck, and enjoyed the moment, waiting until she decided to speak.
No matter what her words were going to be, Aaron was ready to take them.
The thing was, Luna didn’t want to just say it back. He was so perfect that he deserved more than three simple words.
For a moment, her eyes were fixed in the dazzling moonlight reflection in the ocean – which was as calm as a cup of milk – wishing that there was an easier way to do this without breaking.
Luna never breaks, but Aaron reached her everywhere – touched her everywhere. With his eyes, his voice, his breath, his skin, he managed to make her weak.
And, after everything he’d made her feel, she couldn’t care less.
“There was a time,” Luna started, digging her feet under the sand, “when you were gone for too many days and I didn’t hear anything from you. I was convinced you were dead.”
“I remember,” Aaron softened his voice. He wasn’t sure if he was supposed to say anything, it sounded like she was talking to herself.
“That was the first time I missed you, the first time I felt like a part of me was literally missing and I was half empty. And… and that’s when it hit me, that I was falling in love with you.” She paused for two infinite seconds to catch some air; some courage. “I was so afraid that I didn’t know the last time I saw you was gonna be the last, and that I was never gonna hear your voice again, feel your warmth, your company.”
She swallowed the lump on her throat and turned to bury her face on his neck. “And then I saw your face again, and got to kiss you again, and that night I… I loved you for the first time.”
Her voice cracked slightly. It came out so small and too painfully quiet for him to process.
Please, say it again.
“I love you, so much, and it scares the hell out of me.”
A gentle wind caressed them. Aaron closed his eyes to breathe it in and grazed his chin on the top of her head. She sounded pained.
“What are you so scared of?” Her eyelashes tickled his neck with every blink that replaced the words she wouldn’t say. “You won’t lose me, Luna, I’m not going anywhere.”
It almost sounded like a promise that Luna refused to expect would stay unbroken. It’s not that she didn’t believe him, but she was aware that all good things must come to an end and it was terrifying knowing that a life without Aaron had no special meaning.
Luna had no problem being on her own, but one day she left her heart halfway open and he came right in, unannounced. He became an extension of her. Everything she did, he was there in her mind. Aaron was a limb that helped her carry herself better.
Of course, she’d be able to live without him if anything ever happened and would eventually adapt to a life like that. She simply didn’t want to.
Slowly, she lifted her head and the moment her eyes met his, she crumbled.
Her shaky chin wouldn’t let her give him a smile, and her brows pinched together in an attempt to stop the tears that threatened to escape from her glassy eyes. A look he’d never seen before.
“Hey, hey, come here.” Aaron cupped her face with one hand and pressed his lips onto hers.
Four tender, unhurried kisses. And with each one, Luna was drowning in him.
That was it. She had said it, quiet and clear. There was no secret to keep behind her teeth anymore; all the times she wished she’d said it before vanished and each fight, every mistake and every time they hurt each other was worth it.
“I love you so much, I love you, I love you,” Luna murmured the words against his lips over and over between kisses until she ran out of air, feeling his mouth curve into a smirk.
She adored how he always smiled in the middle of a kiss.
“You love me?”
“How much?”
“Too much.”
“Well, it took you long enough.”
Luna exhaled a laugh and brushed her nose against his, sniffing the ghosts of the tears he wisely stopped with his lips. “I’m sorry.”
“I’m kidding.” He pulled her close and rocked her in a tight hug, kissing the top of her head. He wanted to hold her forever. “Don’t be sorry. This is… beyond perfect.”
She swung her legs over his thigh and cuddled up more onto his body, pressing her cheek on his chest.
“I feel so tiny right now and it feels nice.”
Aaron frowned to himself. “How’s that?”
“I don’t know. Whenever I feel like I’m shrinking is when something bad happens but–” she sighed deeply “–I don’t know, Hotch. I’m tiny in your arms and I love it.”
“Well, if it feels nice then it’s good, right?”
She gave him a little nod and closed her eyes.
As Aaron held her tighter, her words started to become real. She did feel smaller under his grip and although it felt more than nice, there was this urge growing within him to protect her from whatever was on her mind. He wanted to ask about what made her so scared to love him.
Because he felt guilty about it; being the reason for her fear.
That’s what he believed anyway, but he stayed silent and enjoyed the serenity brought by letting his feelings out at last.
The friendly breeze that had witnessed it all, accompanied them while they breathed in sync as every cell of their bodies glimmered, connected, and reconnected. As if after saying ‘I love you’, someone pulled the last strings that attached them together and held them in place, like a ship in a bottle standing steady.
“I can’t believe it.” Aaron broke the long silence. “You really admitted to loving me.”
Luna lifted from his body and adjusted to face him. “I know, I’m feeling very bold tonight.”
“You’ve always been bold,” he softened his voice and raised a hand to stroke her cheek.
She scrunched her nose and gave him an evil smirk as her eyes turned dark.
“What?” Aaron asked in a curious tone and as she stayed quiet, her eyes became darker. “Luna,” he said in a warning tone.
“What?” She held onto his thighs to sit upright on her knees and pecked his lips.
She was already feeling exposed, what harm could it do exposing herself a little bit more? Without thinking about it that much, she began to undress, taking her jacket off first.
Aaron’s mouth parted open slightly as he murmured, “there are people around you.”
“And?” She smiled even bigger and stood up to undo her belt.
“We are not doing it here.”
“Is that all you think about?” she asked between contagious laughs. “Sex?”
“You’re taking your clothes off!” He looked around as her jeans were in her mid-thighs. “This isn’t a strip club.”
Luna teasingly stepped out of her pants and kicked them at him. “I’m stripping for you.”
"Oh yeah?" He leaned back on his hands while she pulled off her shirt and tossed it gently at his face, showering him in her perfume and affection.
The moon behind her head reminded him of a halo; she still looked like an angel even with that devilish look on her face.
“Where is the dance, then?”
“I am never dancing for you.” She adjusted the underside of her bra, taking a step back. “I hope you know that.”
Then, she threw her long dark hair over her shoulder and tip-toed swinging her hips on her way to the seashore; his piercing eyes stuck on every inch of her.
Although the weather had gotten colder, the water was surprisingly warm so Luna didn’t hesitate to go deep enough until it reached her knees and stayed there for a moment.
She brought her clasped hands to her chest, closed her eyes, and took the deepest breath in a toothy smile as the fresh ocean mist caressed her skin. She was walking on moonbeams, enraptured by the relief of finally saying those damned words that haunted her for the longest time.
But, deep down, it was more than that. Before him, she didn’t know she could love that much. And all the times she said ‘I love you’ to her previous partners now seemed like a lie. Saying it to Aaron made her think that she’s never truly meant it. He had rocked her world in many unexpected ways.
Just like his sneaky hugs from behind.
“No! What are you doing?!” Luna hooted with laughter. She hadn't even heard him coming and he was already lifting her by the waist with his strong arms.
“Weren’t you feeling so bold?” he teased in her ear as he effortlessly carried her into the deeper ocean.
“I was getting there!”
“Mmm, we’re not there yet.” Aaron kissed her shoulder and kept walking until the water covered half of their bodies.
It didn’t take long for Luna’s jaw to start shivering, yet she stopped resisting and willingly followed his commands. “It's cold.”
This time, he was gentle to turn her around so he could face her and tugged her in a tight hug walking a couple more steps deeper.
“We’ll keep each other warm,” he murmured, bopping her nose with his.
They took a few more steps until Luna’s body froze by the time the water was close to reaching her chest.
“I should probably make another big confession. I never learned how to swim.”
“Really?” She hummed in response. “But you have a pool in your building.”
And grew up in front of the ocean, but she never took interest in it.
“I know.” Her chin shivered, making her teeth clack together. “But I’ve been so scared to learn on my own.”
“I’ll teach you when we get home.”
Another positive hum came from her on her way to find his mouth.
She felt somewhat warmer by then as they were getting used to the water temperature. Even so, nothing compared to the heat of his affection. Skin to skin. His lips against hers; his tongue timidly finding hers, slow and tender; his legs and stomach grazing hers under the water; and his hands, like two needy limpets that had found their perfect home on the curves of her waist.
When Luna’s cold lips were drawn to his jaw, her soft voice echoed around them as she asked, "Do you remember when you fell in love with me?"
That was a trick question for him, which wouldn’t have taken him too long to answer if her lips didn’t make him nervous.
“You, uh, want an exact moment?” He tilted his head to one side giving her access to his neck.
“Mmhm.” Her tongue teased the skin under his ear and a small groan from him tickled her in more than one place.
“I feel like I've always loved you.”
“Ugh.” She let her forehead land on his shoulder. “Don’t give me that.”
“It’s true,” he chuckled, leaning back to cup her cheeks and admire her moonlit face. “As a friend, in the beginning, of course.”
“Of course,” Luna mocked him. Her cold hand went to the surface and teasingly began to trace random lines on his wet chest while looking at him.
“It's everything about you. Everything you say, everything you do. Everything about you made me fall in love. I can’t give you a precise moment. I don't remember."
“So much for a good memory, huh?”
Aaron sucked in a short breath. “I guess it’s not that good.”
He tried to dig deep into his memories and no specific moment showed up and every second they’d spent together stood out. It could’ve been the first time his lips connected with hers, back then when they were still – not so – regular neighbors.
Even before she asked him so boldly and so… publicly to have sex, he noticed her. From their very first late-night talks in the haunted hallway, he remembered how charming, natural and contagious her smile was.
If Aaron was honest with himself, he already had a little crush on his neighbor back then.
“Did you love me the night we first met?” Luna loosely clasped her hands behind his neck.
“Absolutely not,” he responded with a teasing smirk, cupping her ribs.
“You answered that way too fast.”
“Because I didn’t.”
“But I looked so pretty.”
“You did.” Aaron moved his large hand up and down across her goosebump-covered back, but his touch only made them more prominent.
“Well, I thought you were a jackass anyway.”
“Excuse me?”
“You didn’t accept my dance and then you stared at me like a creep while I rubbed my boobs together.”
“How could I not?” He leaned to lick the exposed skin above her bra, sucking softly the salty water droplets.
And he kept kissing as Luna talked.
“Admit it, you thought I was so hot.”
"I thought you were beautiful," he said before pressing his lips onto hers once again. “But with you, I learned that love at first sight doesn’t work for me.”
Luna narrowed her eyes as her mouth opened, actually offended by the choice of his words. “I’m gonna give you a chance to rephrase that.”
“Don't get me wrong, but I didn’t fall for your looks. I mean–” tenderly grazed his thumb over her bottom lip “–this pretty mouth may have helped, but, ever since you offered me your friendship, I’ve learned to love every bit of you because you are the sweetest person in the world, you make me laugh so much, you fascinate me and you make me want to be a better person.”
With her, every kiss, laugh, and joke he told was effortless. She encouraged him to loosen up without even knowing and – as he told her once – he’d learned to enjoy life more because of her.
“You are like that first ray of morning sunshine. So warm, gentle, and... bright.” Like a puppy, Luna tilted her head in question. “You are it for me, Luna Kersey.”
My sweet, sweet girl, he whispered, and leaned for an open-mouth but still gentle kiss that she eagerly accepted with a soft chuckle that quickly blended into a quiet moan as his tongue timidly touched hers.
His hands were no longer delicate, trailing them down her ass to cup them, squeezing them tight.
“Would you love me hard tonight?” She barely asked.
“How hard?”
“As hard as you can be.”
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Far From Any Road - Chapter 6: Truth and Lies
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A Criminal Minds fanfic
Rating: Mature
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Relationships: Aaron Hotchner/OFC, Spencer Reid/OFC, BAU Team & OFC
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Summary: Eight women are discovered dumped in the depths of a Louisiana bayou. The team is called in, and Dr. Elliot Jackson, back in the field as a full agent 6 months after the events in "History," finds herself drawn to charming, complex local deputy, Gabriel Mendoza. As the mystery deepens, and the bayou weaves its primordial spell, can she regain Hotch's confidence while figuring out who she can really trust? Fourth in the series after my fics Endgame, Reckoning, and History.
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