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Micah B

Hound mix |M| Clarksville, VA

“Micah B came to us at the end of Sept. 2019 as a 1 year old Transylvania hound weighing 38 lbs. Although he is a tall dog, he’s slender and has the most amazing ice blue eyes. He does well with the other dogs and is a nice and friendly dog. He can be quite loud when he’s inside his kennel, however, staff say that he doesn’t bark when he is outside, so we think he’s telling us he’s ready to leave the shelter and find a new home. ”

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Hound mix |F| Seattle, WA

“Meet Kora, this beautiful girl traveled all the way from Honduras to find her forever family. Kora is an energetic girl that loves outdoor adventures and active humans. She is obsessed with toys and always ready for a game of fetch. She has a silly side that she only shows to humans that she has gotten to know really well. ”

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