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Is there any X-men you can't stand? Like, you want to erase them from the lineup? Outside the X-men what is your favorite superhero team-up? Do you have any controversial opinions on the X-men?


Hands down it has got to be Logan Howlett.

I don’t have anything personally against the character, I even enjoy him from time to time, I’m just so fed up with Marvel’s insistence that he needs to he in everything. That he has connections and a history with everyone and everywhere. Its aggravating.

Doubly so because he only has like four or five storylines that they just repeat over and over and over again.

He either has a long lost child or clone show up out of nowhere, a government conspiracy surrounding him, Japan, something involving his dark past (“I’m the best at what I do and what I do isn’t very nice” - yawn!), or he broods.

Yes, I’m simplifying it a great degree, but that’s the gist of what Logan gets up to in the comics, when he isn’t barging into someone else’s storyline and getting the girl because he’s all manly and animalistic and blah blah blah.

Okay, so maybe I dislike him a little bit. I would like to just go a nice chunk of time without him in an X-Story. I would like to see how Scott and Jean are doing since their mutual resurrections with out Logan’s shadow hovering around their knees. I would like to see the other X-Men go on a mission without him, which rarely ever happens. I would like to see him take a sabbatical to deal with all of the stuff he needs to deal with but never does… but he can do that away from everyone else.

There was a joke post a while back that the only constant with the X-Men is Logan. Is it in the future? Logan’s there. Is it in the past? Logan’s there. Is it in an alternate timeline where the X-Men never existed? Logan’s there. Is Logan dead? Logan’s there.

It gets to be a bit much.

Moving on to the other questions.

Outside of the X-Men, do I have a favorite superhero team? That’s tricky and I could easily exploit a loophole to talk about how awesome the New Mutants are (they really are - I’m a big fan of their current lineup) but that feels like cheating because they’re comprised of mutants and technically an X-Team, so I’ll bypass them.

Outside of the various X-Teams, I’d say it’s a toss up between the Young Avengers and the Runaways.


These two teams came about when I was a teenager, so for me they were instantly more relatable and likeable than the older generation of superheroes, and they both have such interesting backstories. I mean, the Young Avengers are a bunch of random kids (some powered and some not) who all turn out to have some connection to the original Avengers and come together at a time when their older counterparts had disbanded. Whereas the Runaways are all the children (or creations) of a group of supervillains, and the moment they found out who their parents were, they bailed and did their own thing.

There’s actually a pretty cool crossover event between the two teams at during the shitty comic Civil War that I recommend reading. The art style alone in that comic is probably one of my favorites.

Aside from them, I’d say my favorite team is Alpha Flight


But once again I feel like that’s cheating because Northstar (first ever openly gay superhero!) was a part of the X-Men more than once. And then of course there’s the fact that Logan was once a member of this team. (Sensing a theme? If there’s a superhero team, Logan was probably on it.)

Controversial Opinion regarding the X-Men?

Uh… they were right? They are right? They will always be in the right when it comes to fighting other superheroes because they’re always fighting for their own survival while the others are fighting for some political agenda or religious belief.

I also really liked the House of M storyline. I know people had their issues with it, and I do recognize its flaws, but it was a comic where mutants lived in a Utopia where they weren’t persecuted or hunted like animals. And then Logan (surprise surprise) fucked it all up.

I think that’s why I like the current run of the X-Men, since House of X/Powers of X, because we now have the sovereign nation of Krakoa for mutants and mutants only. Old grudges have been put aside, enemies have become allies, and they’re all dedicated to the protection and advancement of the mutant-race. I know it’s inevitable that it’ll all blow up in their faces (it’s already started) but I’m gonna enjoy it while I can.

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This piece means something to me. I really tried to take my time and do something a bit more detailed and meaningful. Storm is Kenyan and i wanted to reflect that, i also love her tiara lol.

In marvel’s House of M series Storm is a world leader and she never joins the Xmen. She retains her royal status and helps free Africa from the turmoil. I like Storm in that role!

I wanted to depict her with somewhat Kenyan looking fashion while still adding my own flare, fashion isn’t my forte but i think i did good. I like gaudy jewelry on her and the tiara that was originally designed for her, i just put my own spin on it.

I plan to do more pieces of Ororo looking more Kenyan! This was fun

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Mgnus (former, sadly) siblings


All-New X-Factor


House of M (Secret Wars, i think) I just chaged the quotes…

I just redrew it, they all have original artists!

I just wanted to draw something during exam period and well…

So where’s Polaris now? I only saw her in House of X I think.. I love Polaris and loved All new X factor but ah well they stopped printing… I was kinda enjoying the sibling moments but here we go, retcon

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The Maximoffs really got a thing for royalty

  • Billy engaged to Teddy (King of Space)
  • Wanda almost married Doom (King of Latveria)
  • House of M in general
  • Whatever Peitro has going on with Namor
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but like even if we win and get a good characterised non white washed straight washed Billy and Tommy in the mcu… we will still have to deal with people grouping them with Peter Parker and Harley Keener and stuff…

there’s no way this could go well… it’s a lose lose guys…

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