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#houseki no kuni

I’ve been enjoying the time off between jobs, with this time I’ve been watching anime I missed in college, I watched and read Houseki No Kuni and I relate to Phos so much it hurts. Phos shatters himself over and over again trying to find acceptance and love and to be useful and I think that feeling is common for those of us with DID/OSDD, a character even comments as more parts of Phos get replaced that can you even call them Phos anymore and it just hits home. The series is gorgeous and tragic and I love it and I’d been thinking about it all day when I finally got my answer. -Outer

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A break from all the terrible shit that’s going on and a soft moment that definitely happens off screen in Grief and Excellence-

It’s been a bit hard to continue writing it since I’m reliving past traumas to propel the plot but it’s the very reason that I’m reliving the trauma and accepting it that’s making the work so rich ya know? Anyways this is just of a precious moment for me as it is for you pff

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HHHHHHHHHHHH BRO IM GLAD YOU LIKE THEM it makes me so happy that ppl are readin and enjoyin them….

okay fav rock. ngl im still a cairngorm stan, a lotta ppl jumped the cairngorm appreciation train when they became moon princess but honestly it made me like them more? its obvious they were manipulated and they dont have a strong sense of self which makes it easy to prey on but ANYWAYS thats a topic for another time i love cairn. they have DETPTH

I ALSO love euclase and phos and pads, and nugoshe cause theyre batshit insane and i appreciate that in a rock. ngl though all the characters are so interesting to explore, like its such a rich world and the characters are so well integrated into it it. good writing and shit. man these rocks get me feelin emotions and shit smh… 

ANYWAYS than you for the ask pls have a good ass day my guy you ROCK 

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No actually, but I definitely think their energy for the day was pretty much drained lol.

I think Phos’ rage will remain for a long time, and not because they can’t heal, but because rage is probably the most human emotion of them all, because it fundamentally seeks to protect the creature experiencing it. What I would like for to happen next is Phos learning to channel their rage into strength and conviction, because to be quite fair, they should be angry. They should be angry at Enma for playing on their emotions and driving them to genocide, even if the genocide seemed like a good idea at the time. Enma’s manipulation is rooted in playing with the gems’ newfound ability to feel “human” emotions, which is how he managed to manipulate and bed Cairngorm, but with Phos, he just needed them to be angry enough to light everything in their path on fire. By no means should Phos’ rage be erased, dumbed down, or sacrificed in order for them to repent. Instead, they should learn to channel that rage into strategy, and hopefully find a way to blast Enma into space and beyond. 

I like to think the Admiriablis and Uncle Ice Floe might just lend them a hand after they come up to the surface and realize Cousin Phos’ entire family got kidnapped lmao

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