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I can see how this peperomia got the common name “beetle”. Look at those baby leaves and tell me that doesn’t look like a striped beetle.

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Every week this little plant shows more signs of recovery! 
I am loving watching it slowly return from the grave.

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Plant haul!! A new succ I’ve never heard of, one that I’m unsure is just labeled under another Latin name, a variegated ghost plant, a new senecio (senecios are my fave), a silver pothos, and a mini monstera

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29 is pretty ok. 

It is apparently the year that I fully become my mother’s daughter by doing exactly what she would do on her birthday. Deciding that, no, I will not be working on my birthday or the day after, and then spend the day buying pastries and plants, and coming home to play in the dirt.

plant nerds – I would love help with an ID on both of those little pots! The were unlabeled and I forgot to ask someone before I left the greenhouse.

also my pencil cactus really had it rough last week in the Texas snow, I tried to cover it but it still ended up in a bad way so I pruned it way back today to see if it’ll recover.

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New leaf came out a bit after my birthday. It’s now hardened and looking great. Love how deep and rich these leaves are. I moved the plant down into the base of of my grand dame dracaena so it can spread. We’ll see how it likes it!

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Lipstick Plant (Aeschynanthus Radicans)

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Got tulips for my 30th birthday!

2 days later, I woke up to see some of them have some beautiful blooms starting!!

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