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#houses under 50k
sourwolfstories · 9 months ago
Life in the Flicker by wanderingeyre
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 24594
The wolf’s fur is softer than even Stiles could have imagined, like clouds and baby bunnies, and Stiles cards his fingers through the ruff at the wolf’s neck. The wolf whines and leans into the caress and Stiles can feel his eyes fill. He stands there, crying with the wolf leaning into his legs and his hand fisted in the wolf’s fur. God, what a night. Stiles unlocks the door. “I hope you’re housebroken.”
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sourwolfstories · 2 years ago
The More That I Know You (the more I want to) by LadySlytherin
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 43655
When death, in the form of hunters, comes for a family of Kelpies seeking refuge in the Preserve - in Hale territory - the Hale Pack is too late to save them. Before he dies, the male Kelpie presses a precious bundle into Stiles’ arms and begs the Emissary to take responsibility for it, which an initially reluctant Stiles does. When he agreed, Stiles had no idea what the sight of him with a baby would do to his esteemed Alpha, Derek. If he’d known, he might not have been so reluctant to agree.
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oldhousesunder50k · 14 days ago
Free Barn To Tear Down and Remove in Albany, WI
Free Barn To Tear Down and Remove in Albany, WI
  Albany, Wisconsin    Free Free Barn To Tear Down and Remove in Albany, WI OHU50K NOTES The free barn needs to be torn down because the roof is rotten. It’s a massive undertaking, but with the price of lumber these days….. Message the owner through the link below. Contact     SELLER COMMENTS Free wood. Large barn free. 36 ft x 95ft All or nothing. You must tear down and remove all.    
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