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#how are these so spot on

Absolutely Obsessed today with that cliché of two spying characters kissing each other to avoid being seen by the enemy ever since i saw that post by that guy from the “am i the asshole?” reddit bout kissing ur homies on the mouth bc the entire fucking thing falls in on itself when the two idiots just Do That Normally and Platonically. Like a guy n a gal do the cliché n instead one of them becomin a blushin mess or speechless as is normal they just go about their fuckin business again. I fuckin Love that

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I’m sure im not the first to say this but “I’m still here” (Jim’s theme, treasure planet) by John Rzeznik is not only a bop, but it’s THE anthem for trans men.

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i had to go back and choose the other option to see if any of your questions could be answered. since it’s implied that he had to search for it, i’m assuming it doesn’t always have 666 leaves lol maybe the ones that grow in the devildom are just freakishly weird. who knows. it doesn’t seem like it’s too difficult to find if all you have to do is shine a light on it tho? maybe they’re not that special after all sdjshs

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Which archetype on a pirate ship are you?


the mermaid

you are the mysterious glimmer under the water, the ghostly hand that rescues the drowning sailor from the storm and pushes them back on deck, whilst disappearing the moment his crewmates rush over. but you have followed the ship ever since, listening to the distant music and laughter while you hide in the shadows of the hull, wishing you could feel their warmth and understand their songs. but how can you find connection with those so far away, who come from a world so different from yours? you long to understand; you wish to be understood. you dive under the water too slowly when they turn your way, and secretly hope they catch sight of your pearly fins. when they are lost, you slip shells and jewels onto their ship and listen in on them as they wonder where the jewels came from.

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I dunno he just seems like he’d be a snob about things that don’t really matter… he’d correct your pronunciation of Tolkien elvish when you were reading out loud and be like “actually that word is from Sindarin not Quenya so it’s pronounced with a flat e” or whatever and then look at you judgementally over the cover of his book like this is something basic you should already know ugh what a fake fan I bet you only read that book because it’s popular. Idk it’s the vibe I get from him

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