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#how could you make it work

turns out the character limit is 140 not 130 oops


(don’t rb pls)

#flick ticks, #based on trying to make sure you have a partner in your life or obsessively maintaining the relationship you’re in then you’ve, #veered off your path and are working against yourself. It’s not your instinct to assert yourself or cause trouble but at some, #point in your life you’ll have to face standing on your own and getting comfortable with conflict. You can’t please, #everyone or let your happiness be dependent on how others see you. It’s about becoming your own best partner but doing this, #is brand new for you and takes time to grow into. It may have been especially hard when you were younger., #When in doubt you might fall back on needing a relationship to give you a sense of value - you could even make the honest, #mistake of letting this role define you. Being nice & likable is part of you but it’s not all of you; you are not one-dimensional, #You have many complexities that make up who you are and you’re intended to embrace them all. You might repress or refuse, #to acknowledge other sides of yourself in favor of what you find familiar or what the culture around you says you should be, #but this tactic could be the root of your frustration or pain. Ideally you’re open to evolving and accepting all parts of yourself, #no matter how different they may seem. // like. holy fuck¿¿ yeah like. jesus, #hm . so like. literally it is in my nature to be Like This but also i wanna say how i was raised is why i'm so like. flip-floppy and why my, #emotions are Always Extreme- there is very little gray area when it comes to how i feel tbh..... i'm either happy/content or i'm at extreme, #it's Only black and white for me and i'm? learning now how to like. get that under control create more gray areas w/ my emotions, #i'm only just now learning all this. i have no idea what i'm doing. i'm learning to be my own fucking person finally, #i don't know how long i'm going to struggle with feeling allowed to feel my feelings for because like. every single time i've felt my, #feelings it? got someone hurt as far as i could tell. i seem dishonest when i scream & throw fits and then apologize and say ''i love you'', #but i really could not be more sincere every time i said ''i love you''. i know it's hard to compare my feelings to my actions and like. my, #actions were absolutely dispicable don't get me wrong- but i don't just throw around ''i love you''s. to me they're? very special. they, #always have been, #idk. idk where else i could go w/ this, #but uh. yeah
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y’know, i’m aware i know how to write to some degree. bc like, i’ve been writing steadily for 8 years now and it would be ridiculous to think i haven’t improved and i absolutely do take every compliment i get on my fics to heart so i know my strong suit lies in character/emotion, it’s what i’ve built my fics on - plot be damned. but god it was my 2nd week in the creative workshop i’m attending right now and the whole time everyone else was reading their pieces i was panicking bc everyone had written 300 word stories with actual plot!! and i’d gone for something v simple this week, just a little snapshot into a moment in life, y’know? and for an actual published author to compliment me on that, to tell me it was beautifully written and point out all the little phrases she loved????????? guys i could actually cry i never thought i’d have a chance to have my work taken seriously outside fandom spaces before but i’m starting to feel like maybe i might???????? 

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I had a dream that Dreamworks randomly dropped a Voltron OVA without announcing anything beforehand and in it Allura was recounting a day on the Castle of Lions to some kids, except she was a completely unreliable narrator and that was like the “joke” of the episode so everything she said wasn’t canon. It was absolutely rancid tho because they decided that in this story of Allura’s, Sheef were together and their only screentime was spent being fucking gross with each other while the main plot was Allura trying to confess she had a crush on Hunk???

And despite the story itself not being true and Coran explaining what actually happened that day by the end of the episode, GUESS which group of people scuttled out the woodwork and would not shut the fuck up about how their ship was “canon” now

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my one 100% solid headcanon for The Magnus Archives is that John and Georgie met in the paranormal research section of the uni library and that John was so embarrassed to be found there that he started a conversation in self-defence, which revealed Georgie to be a really funny, personable gal who took the supernatural as seriously as he did. By the time he realized what was going on, she’d already asked him on a coffee date and he’d accepted

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#simpin for yandere deku pt 2, #deku remembers there’s about 30 people watching so he drops ur chin takes a step back and says, #‘next time i will win so watch out’ before flashing one more killer smile and disappearing just as fast as he appeared, #u think about that day for weeks and weeks. u cannot get him out of ur mind. his words r engraved in ur head now, #‘ur amazing! im so impressed!’ could he really think u were amazing???? u calm urself by remembering that ur quirk is what he was impressed, #by & that he does even know you, #ur seeing him more & more around the office & each time u think ur heart w explode but it doesn’t. u even get to go on some missions w him!, #he’s so cool & he does most of the work but everytime u fight next to him u get this surreal feeling in ur chest like it’s just too good to, #to be true! i mean just a few months ago u hated ur life! u were alone & sad; but now? now u have all this purpose & friendship srounding u, #deku always makes u feel so inspired and special! he’s constantly praising u & u can’t believe that someone as amazing as him could see, #so much in someone like you but it’s the best feeling you’ve ever felt hands down. no ones ever made you feel like this before, #there’s one weird thing though, #you could swear someone is following u around lately, #u keep writing it off as nerves or ur mind trying to find one thing to complain about since life is so perfect now but u can’t shake their, #ur walks home from work are the worst. especially when u had such a great day w izuku (he insists u call him that now) cause it puts a bad, #vibe on ur happy mood. it’s like someone is always two steps behind u but u can’t ever seem to see them when u turn around, #& sometimes at night u wake up in a cold sweat and u could swear that someone was just there beside u. the bed even feels warm like someone, #was just there. ur things always seem just a little out of place. not exactly how u had them last time. but again ur mind must be playing, #tricks. ur happy now!! life is GOOD. there’s no need to be scared or weirded out. & even if someone did mess w u?, #well ur stronger than ever now. plus u have new friends who would help u. one special friend who u know could crush anyone who harmed u, #but then one day on ur walk home after a particularly happy day (u & izuku kicked major butt together & he took u out to dinner his treat!), #something is ... wrong. really really wrong. u can feel someone watching u/walking right behind u, #they r closer than they’ve ever gotten before ur hairs on the back of ur neck are standing up & ur entire body is tense, #u start running as fast as possible (which is fast considering ur quirk) and u manage to make it home safely, #u slam the door & full on panic ur heart is racing & u realize u aren’t crazy. someone is stalking you & they just took it up a notch, #u do the only thing u can think of .. call deku, #ur crying and breathing hysterically when u call but he somehow understands u. he’s there in an instant and the second u see him u just, #fall right into his arms. u cry into his chest & tell him how thankful u r for him. u keep apologizing for calling but insist that, #pt 3 now? god im sorry apparently i am all over the place w this, #izuku 💚
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After the events of the previous party, the city decided to hired more security for this one, giving Halloween was going to be more crowded party and the costumes would also make it more difficult to spot anyone with ulterior motives. Being part of the force, he was offered the possibility of joining the security team, and Kevin didn’t hesitated. It was the best way to keep everyone safe, not only his loved ones.

Roaming around the room, his gaze shifted through every person at his line of sight, looking for any suspicious attitude. There could be a wide range of  people around, even simple burglars. “Hey, you,” the detective called out as he walked closer to them. “I’m gonna have to ask you to empty your pockets.”

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me, up at 3am: so here’s why clerics should be Better,

#look i’m sure some people (probably hannah) could make a compelling case against this but., #i dont like divine intervention!!! i think it’s a boring and very underwhelming ability, #it’s just. i Know there’s compelling ways to do it but. i dont like that your Highest level thing, #is calling on someone else. i just. its not as Cool!, #this post is brought to you by me looking at paladin abilities, #i think. my problem simply is that i want clerics to be more like paladins, #maybe i just wasn’t raised christian enough for this 😔, #but. you spend your whole life/adventure healing and defending and helping. and even if you have a god you’re channeling thats still YOU, #and at the end of it all. at your most powerful. you call on some other force? something besides YOU?, #idk. i simply don’t Vibe with it personally, #it doesn’t seem satisfying to me if it works hsjsjsj, #divine intervention.... bro just do it urself smh 🙄, #but yeah i firmly think it’s WAY more compelling to have a paladin-like ability than divine intervention, #i’m also probably biased by playing cami and her Not having a god but i think that’s how more SHOULD be, #also. i have unity takes but i won’t get into those just that emboldening should be Different 😤, #katana is my best friend i think for that talk about how there should be more subclasses based in Community, #i guess i just don’t. really see the appeal of such devotion to one being and i don’t think it makes sense for that devotion to Work, #i think i just. yeah clerics should be more like paladins 😤😤😤 devoted to an Idea not a god, #i can’t see a narrative about getting a cleric to level 20 making Sense unless at some point they become about ideas instead of a god., #because otherwise what is the Point. if you devote your existence so fully to something else it Doesn’t End Well imo, #anyways. gonna go back to drawing hsjsjs, #nicki talks, #dnd hours
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I know I keep saying this but I really like the way obi-wan is characterised in M&A. Usually I find authors write him as overly passive and meek, or a kindly old emotionally-distant mentor, but this feels a lot more authentic. He’s very observant, eager to impress people he respects, he LOVES the sound of his own voice and is very sure of what he’s saying, and while he’s kind and polite he does have a petty mean streak in him

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I was holding onto this post until I watched Act 3 Commentary cause I wanted to hear Holly’s thoughts on the Dr. Coomer boss battle. Tbh, I’ll probably revisit this ask when the Act 4 commentary comes out too.

But uhhh my favorite that i personally have is the headcanon that Dr. Coomer’s AI is broken (of course) and kept spawning duplicates of him (like the later infinite helicopter heap) and every time he kills one, he gains more RAM space/processing speed, which is why he becomes more powerful.

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I’m back again with more renovation fun! Yeah, sorry for the skip last week – what happened is, I only had a short play session the Saturday before last (my computer is being an ass) and most of that was fiddling with the stairs, seeing what configuration I thought would be best. This past weekend, I actually did some stuff with the rooms…

Including swapping two of the levels! Yeah, with the new way I’ve set up the stairs, I decided it made more sense for potions and magic to be on the second level, and the bedroom on the third. Helped eliminate my “weird-shaped room with no purpose” problem too. I mean, now the wizard in question has a bunch of stairs right in the middle of their bedroom, but that is the price you pay to live in a wizard tower in a game where you can’t QUITE get stairs to spiral. (Trust me, just the way I’ve got them now took a LOT of fiddling!)

But yeah, with that change, some rearranging of furniture, and some little additional touches added (thanks “Pufferhead Stuff,” “Cottage Garden Stuff,” and my vast collection of Alice custom content!), I’m pretty sure the inside is done! Now I just have to take care of the outside… Watch this space for more!

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it’s only october but i think i’m resigned to failing

#i try to finish my work but i can’t finish it all and i can’t even be proud of what i did finish because not finishing something for another, #and teachers don’t care about what you finished in other classes because you’ll still fail their, #class, #i already have so much unfinished stuff but i just can’t finish any of it because it’s hard enough doing my regular work, #so i’ll never be able to get my grades back up so i guess i’ll just fail, #i’m not even happy anymore i’ll be happy for an hour at most but it never lasts!, #there’s nothing to be happy about that affects me more than everything that hurts me, #i don’t know how i’m supposed to deal with this until school ends it’s only october and i’ve gotten to this point i don’t know what’s going, #i know i’m disappointing everyone but there’s nothing i can do they don’t understand me at all they don’t understand why i can’t do anythin, #nothing really makes me happy anymore i just feel empty it’s like i just don’t exist, #whenever i do something that isn’t schoolwork i feel so guilty and whenever i do schoolwork i feel terrible too, #i’m just going in circles because whenever i finish schoolwork there’s always going to be more for me to do and it’ll never end i’ll be con, #i don’t understand how my mom can’t see this is hurting me whenever i look her in the eyes i feel dead but she just thinks i’m being angry, #and i can’t even tell her that i just don’t have enough energy to speak or think so she just thinks i’m having an attitude or something but, #to her work is just something she can do i feel so guilty when i’m around my parents because i’m constantly aware of how i’m failing and th, #and i feel like whenever i do something for myself it’s time wasted not working and i wonder if they think that too, #i speak, #i’m avoiding the topic in my brain because i know the answer of what you end up thinking when you only do work and have nothing positive ha, #and i really don’t want to think like that i don’t want to do anything like that, #i know i already kinda think like that and it scares me because it could get worse so easily, #so i just ignore the thought because if i ignore it it can’t get worse
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