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So… President of governing party (he’s just a vice prime minister, and at this point isn’t even pretending he’s a straight up dictator, not that we didn’t know about it) just called for a civil war. I am not joking, not exaggerating.

He called for war with us, protesters. He called to protect churches. You have no idea how aggressive young cis straight white men can be when it comes to protect churches.

If I’ll lose few teeth I at least will have an excuse to get the gold ones!

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                                 @ofaesr​ said:  random love bite attack!

           the asgardian has lost himself in a very intriguing book , a hundred years old at least . he’s enraptured with the contents that he suspects nothing going on around him . the quietness doesn’t bother him even if its unusual , but the interruption received by ace taking the book from his hand , climbing into his lap , and practically tossing said book is completely too obvious . must be tired of him sticking all too himself with ace getting no attention whatsoever .  


❝ couldn’t even wait for me to finish my chapter could you ??  ❞ thor laughs but ace doesn’t appreciate his wit when the nips and bites come down onto his neck . laughter comes from them both and the teeth marks are nothing if not filled with love and adoration . ❝  alright … alright !! you win !! the time for reading has passed and my time with you is LONG OVERDUE .  now bring those lips here and i’ll prove it to you .  ❞ 

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Okay, def not one of my best decorating jobs, frankly it looks terrible, but I sort of wanted to do a rustic casual look, so meh


Anyways I think Percy Jackson would like it

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