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I got your ask a while ago and didn’t feel it really needed an answer, and then got a little drowned in my danmei/xianxia feels and my reactions to the English-speaking fandom, and this coagulated into something that I actually think your ask is a good starting point for. So you get an answer!

For reference, nonny is speaking about this discussion, where @baoshan-sanren and I make fun of 2HA/SVSSS many similarities. Warning: this discussion is really spoilery for both novels, so you may not want to read it, and anyway it’s not necessary to understand this post. The joke there was that usually someone write a serious book first and then come the satire, but SVSSS was published before 2HA!

So the thing is, this was a joke. I don’t actually think Meatbun wrote 2HA in reaction to SVSSS. I wouldn’t bet that Meatbun actually read SVSSS at all. SVSSS is a satire on common tropes. That means for it to work that they are common tropes. SVSSS makes fun of tropes that don’t appear in 2HA and 2HA contains tropes that don’t appear in SVSSS, etc.

I think this is more of the “lacking context” thing that had me worked up these last few days, because I’ve read the angsty chapters of SVSSS as MXTX cheekily telling me “isn’t this the kind of angst we like?” and yes, guilty as charged, bring the angst, and these generally made me laugh. And other people read the same scenes very seriously and got all ‘SVSSS broke my heart!’ and, wow, do we have very different reading experiences.

I don’t think one experience is inherently better than the other, or that SVSSS can’t be read as a serious novel if you want, because it does seem like a number of people read it very seriously and enjoyed it that way. I think reading 2HA while knowing nothing of the tropes and being blindsided by some plot-twists is a very different experience than reading 2HA while knowing the tropes, seeing the set-ups and being like “will you/won’t you use this?”. I think 2HA can work with both audiences because it’s well-plotted. Does it really matter if an unexpected readership is misunderstanding something?

And this lead me to think about Tolkien, and his influence on Western fantasy, and how in my opinion his strongest literary heritage was at the heart of it a fundamental misreading of his texts. I do think that “fantasy” coalesced as a genre around Tolkien, even if novels we would consider fantasy existed way before him and he was not alone publishing “this kind of stories”.

The Lord of the Rings contains a very high number of references to events/characters/locations which are not directly relevant to the story. Bilbo sings about Eärendil in Rivendel, Túrin is mentioned in the fight against Shelob, there are sentences in Sindarin, etc. etc. The misunderstanding is this: Tolkien actually already wrote thousands of pages at that point about Eärendil, Túrin, and others. He had written Sindarin grammar and dictionaries. He very much wanted to publish the Silmarillion along with LotR, it just didn’t happen. These were supposed to be references his readers would get.

The readers didn’t get them. What they got instead was a ‘cheap way’ to create a mythopoeia, or the illusion of one. That you can reference mythical heroes without having to actually write plainly the myths, just having mythical heroes is making your fictional world seem deeper. You can invent only one sentence in a fictional language to bring across the idea that your world has different languages. And then you get all the later fantasy genre using these literary devices as a way to sustain their subcreation.

(the ‘funny’ thing about this is that Tolkien very much wanted his concept of subcreation to get traction and have an impact, it’s just that the way to go for it for later authors was practically the reverse of what Tolkien himself had done)

 This is very much something that didn’t happen in wuxia/xianxia, which are genres who references real-world practices and myths. But then, coming back to the question: does it really matter if the readers are misunderstanding?

I think sometimes it does, when this misunderstanding is based on racist assumptions (that the English-writing way is inherently better than other forms of literature and what makes a ‘good novel’, or by denying the writers their agency, or, or, or (too many examples to list)), or on other oppressive assumptions (about queerness in China, etc.).

But respectful misunderstandings? You know what? I’m actually totally fine with them. They are kind of inevitable when reading in translation something outside of our culture. They happen even when we are reading in our language texts steeped in our own culture after all. And maybe we will create a new genre out of the English reception of these Chinese novels and just become in general more accustomed to read outside of our cultural norms and hopefully more attuned to other cultures as a result.

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I finally got my internet working well enough on the laptop to make myself a Tumblr account so I can stop anonymously stalking Total Drama blogs on my mobile. Seriously, I’ve been spamming some of you guys with anon asks for a few months, now I have an account you can finally tell me to go to hell XD

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I just love flowers, don’t you too? They emit a scent that attracts animals, humans and insects of all types. Yes, we might disagree on whether they’re pretty or not, but hey, they’re flowers! They make a large amount of pollen and they look beautiful on almost any surface, any type of flower will do, I’ll even accept the monkey-faced orchid!

(the monkey orchid pic is off of Google, not me. But the flowers at the top are mine)

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first drawing upload! im a bit nervous hehe;;

these are my characters, dewripple, doveshadow and streamstar! this is meant to be a ref for all 3 of them because I didn’t want to put them into separate canvases on csp 😔

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

streamstar: shes babey and i love her B)
but to go into depth of her personality, she has generalized anxiety disorder and really shy. but if you can get her to open up to you, she’s really nice and sweet uwu but shes pretty sensitive and hates fighting. she also kind of cries a lot?? a headcanon that i had was when she became upset to where she was visibly showing it, she starts crying angry tears and it frustrates her :’)
stream doesnt really know why she was chosen as deputy in her original Clan, the late CinderClan and she struggled to keep her composure most of the time. but once a flood destroyed her clan’s territory and separated her with only a portion of the cats, she realized she had to take charge and do something. 

dewripple: shes pretty basic in terms of personality?? but I really like her design!! :D shes pretty calm and sarcastic, and likes to think shes funny lol
whenever shes in any tense situations she tries her best to keep the mood light and jokes around but if she sees that it’s not helping or if shes trying to use her humor at the wrong time, she won’t try to make any jokes and do whatever she can.
she really, really loves babies and has a goal about having at least two or more litters before her life is cut short. she has a personal goal of having 5 or more kits tho 👀👀

doveshadow: a grumpy old cat, that’s what I would use to describe her lol
dove’s been around for a long time, I imagine her being around 12 years at most, 🤷 she old xd
she used to be calm, sensible and actually pretty cheerful when she was just a young warrior but now that her vision is deteriorating, majority of her right ear torn off and with many battle scars, she has grown more irritable with her thin body and old age, and with that came the unwavering stubbornness. fun fact: it took cinderclan moons to get dove to move into the elders den because she was so stubborn.
dew, being the youngest, didn’t think she would make it to when they settled back down in a territory(that they now call horizonclan territory) but alas dove has prevailed :)
sometimes dew jokes about dove being immortal

I think thats pretty much it? ;w; hope yall like my dumbass cat ocs lmao

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I HAVE ALREADY READ THIS SERIES AND I AM HEARTBROKENLY IN LOVE WITH IT. @autisticmidoriyas is the author and they (and their writing) ARE AMAZINGGGGG!

Trigger Warning: Mention of Suicidal Thoughts/Ideation (both in this post and in the series)

I think it’s a very complex (but potentially realistic) connection to explore, seeing how izuku’s strides in heroism could ultimately be his own downfall. the self-sacrificial tendencies and troubled self worth we already see in izu’s character are further problematized in a scenario where he’s contemplating suicide, but allows himself to reach out for help before he goes through with anything. I love the way that each installment explores different interpersonal relationships in izuku’s life and it gives us a more elaborate picture of his journey towards recovery!!! if you ever wanna talk about the series more, feel free to hit me up again!!

and if anyone is interested in the series nonnie is talking about, you can find it here!

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aaand finally the last thing for today, my favourite thing to piss off my followers with ;) the assassin’s creed/warrior cats crossover

that’s achilles and haytham, and more haytham, lol. both got a redesign and i like them very veery much

what about their warriors names? 🤔 oh idk. that’s just it.

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