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#how do you tag this fucking film lmao
forcedsense · 8 months ago
“C/ruella is just HQ now so lets ship her w the one version of J/oker that won’t abuse her!!!!” is not the hot take i was expecting out of that bs but why am i not surprised by it given the other hot take is that m/argot knows what the hell shes doing as h/arley lmao
its also not even true bc theres a lot of universes where J and HQ arent abusive to each other (yes, each other, bc denying what har/leys done on her end too is pretty much the same as saying you dont care abt women who abuse others) if you so desperately want to write that away so its ‘okay to ship’ when, again, if youre actually capable of separating reality from fantasy, like a majority of the ppl doing this claim they are but then further prove they have no idea how to do so, you’d know you can ship gross things if youre not romanticizing it, which is what most people on this website have an issue with, so. theres literally no need to latch onto J/oaquins when hes been more the victim in his version already, let alone with the chick whos entire schtick was ‘i want a puppy fur coat’
#its 2021 and ppl managed to find smthn thats not 50s/og thats somehow even more abusive than normal j/oker and ha/rley to claim is pure and#great i see. interesting.#out.#at that point just ship a/rkhamverse m/ad l/ove itd be around the same abuse levels#no physical abuse but the mental shit will all still be there#i dont go in tags btw i literally saw these on the fucking recommended page of tunbs lmao#it is possible to write awful gross things without romanticizing it!!!! ive written mad love and refused to romanticize it!!! same w harlivy#its!!! not!!! hard!!!#unless youre so locked down into denial of a women and a victim being capable of being abusive that you just want to thrive in denial#which is what most ppl seem to be doing esp w the wannabe puppy killer#and using the excuse ‘she didnt technically do it though’ DOESNT WORK bc she KIDNAPPED 99 PUPPIES and INTENDED to do it#puppies arent bred to be a fucking coat okay and she kidnapped them to kill them like thats your new sexy queen??? seriously???#its more personal to me as someone whos had her dogs fucking murdered before but ffs im tired#the post abt what wb did to zack snyder and how misconstrued society has gotten that they actually think he feflmed an entire fucking movie#when he filmed one additional scene over the course of three days and all this footage for the full four hours except for one scene is from#2016 and how wb joss whedon and others are abusive monstrosities that should be whooped. thats on hold for rn but it will be posted soonish#i have 400 caps of evidence rn its just a matter of organizing and making my thoughts coherent and ahit#im not writing anything but short n aweet ‘ew gross’ shit like this post on other matters so#im barely well enough to open my laptop at rhis point so#animal abuse cw#abuse cw#csa cw#i think what did i even write here
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minmoyu · 6 months ago
山河令 | Word of Honor - Mega Masterpost
Tumblr media
Hey guys, here’s a FULL masterpost of the following for all Shan He Ling | Word of Honor items, basically a where-to-find-what:
General - Where to Find What
Episodes - Where to Watch What
Merchandise - Stores to Look Out For
GJ & ZZH - Variety Shows, Magazines & Endorsements
♣ Updates as of 19 May 2021, updates for the GJ/ZZH sections will stop hahaha this is THE END ;-; of SHL-related promotions for em. Will only add on if more SHL merch or BTS footage comes up! ♣
Tumblr media
(1) Novel ➩ JJWXC | Translations (Full) | No New Edition Print (For Now) - Because the first edition was printed a few years ago, the novel is 11 years old haha
(2) Drama Rec ➩ Here (I did this on the first day it aired so it’s based on the first four eps so yeah some info like where to watch is not updated but ignore that) (3) Audio Drama ➩ Here (Seasons 1 & 2, with 2 recently released)
(4) 山河令 Manhua ➩ Here (Up for two weeks and then taken down for some reason)
(5) Official Accounts to Follow ➩ 山河令 Weibo | Youku Official Twitter
(6) Wrap-Up for SHL Filming ➩ Here 
Tumblr media
(1) Official Episodes (36 + 1 Special Ep)
➩ 山河令 on Youku (Original Simplified Chinese) - *How to Pay on Youku
➩ Word of Honor on Youku (Subtitles) - *How to Pay on Youku
➩ Word of Honor on Youku YouTube (Subtitles)
➩ 山河令 on Line TV TW (Traditional Chinese)
➩ Word of Honor on Viki (Subtitles)
➩ Word of Honor on Amazon Prime 
➩ Word of Honor on Netflix 
(2) Behind the Scenes ➩ 山河令江湖番外篇 on Youku - Partially (70%~) behind a paywall, each episode costs about 1 yuan (or if you’re in Singapore $1.50 SGD which is fucking expensive, in Indonesia it’s apparently $0.30 and in Malaysia $0.20 LMAO) - But you get about 4-8 minute long BTS cuts with original scenes released with original voices + green screens
➩ Word of Honor on Youku YouTube (Subtitles) - Definitely not full release of BTS and even if they did release everything, it’d take a while, but there are already some subbed ones on the channel, just have to do a search
(3) Noteworthy Extras
➩ Special Ep (Youku): 7 minutes long with the first 4 minutes an FMV and the actual alternate or extended ending (depending on how you see it) in the last 3 minutes - You have to pay for it on Youku (both on the CN and EN/multi-language versions), we’ll have to check this week if YouTube will have it available for free. 
In any case it’s a happy ending I suppose, do all of you know it’s a happy ending? I’m seeing people reblogging my posts with so much angst in the tags about how the ending is devastating (which I suppose it is by my interpretation anyway for Ep 36 but Ep 37′s healing properties have been spread far and wide)
➩ Ep 6 (YouTube)
➩ Ep 7 (Youku, BTS)
➩ Ep 12 (YouTube - BTS in Youku, Original Voices in Youku)
➩ Ep 17 (LINE TV TW & YouTube)
➩ Ep 20-21 (YouTube)
➩ Ep 27 (Youku) - Part 1 | Part 2
➩ Ep 35 (Youku)
➩ Official Interview with Cast
(4) 山河令 Concert - May 3 & 4 2021
➩ Livestream on Youku - *How to Pay on Youku
➩ Livestream on Youku YouTube - For international fans, think this is a cheaper option overall hahahaha
➩ Concert Trailer - Highlight 1 | Highlight 2 (I AM LOSING MY MIND)
➩➩➩ Footage now available subbed on Youku YouTube and unsubbed on Youku
➩ SHL Concert Merch - RWB Hair Accessories
(5) 山河令 Official OST
➩ Spotify
➩ YouTube Playlist
Tumblr media
Official Stores for SHL Merch
➩ 歪瓜出品 - First store to come up with SHL merch, has shikishi boards, standees, keychains, cushions, fan, badges, puzzles and ZZS’ hairtie most recently. Also officially bought the rights to two popular WenZhou fanarts for merch, the other stores don’t have the same design. Ran by Boss Hu, a young dude who’s hilarious af on Weibo and has been trying to get permission to produce more merch and also struggling real hard to get us WKX outfit-inspired sweaters!
➩ Rua哇吧 - First to come up with WenZhou dolls. Currently they have a 10cm version and also a 20cm version. 
➩ Omodoki [Via Rua哇吧] - Hairpin, cushions, glazed armour keychain, enamel pins and other cute things like bookmarks too
➩ 阿里鱼 [Via 咕噜文化] - SHL OST. Enough said. PO is over so there is no link but once they produce it the listing might go up again.
➩ 娱影文创 - SHL-themed jewellery based on ZZS’ alcohol gourd and sword Bai Yi, or WKX’s fan, also has tote bags and the glazed armour
➩ 一直娱 - Another app, items cannot be bought directly from Taobao. They’ve got mugs, hair ties, scrunchies, mouse pads, coasters and a lot of cute other things that the other stores don’t have, including customizable phone covers etc. and best part is they sell WenZhou posters from scenes from the book. They’ve also got an official photobook, but IMO the one from 吾流文化 is more worth it.
➩ 啦啦酱JK - Wen Kexing outfit-inspired kimono outerwear, and also WenZhou inspired ties and ribbons
➩ 吾流文化 - SHL Photobook (the full version with costume, set and character designs etc.) and also matches another box set of items that include a fan and standee and some other things 
➩ 月心引力 MOONLY - Perfumes in liquid and solid form. They’ve also bought the rights to a set of WenZhou fanarts, and they’re making white-haired WKX for standees and freebies etc.
➩ 地澈天清 - HANFU AND DRESSES!!!! Inspired by WenZhou I WEEEEEP they look real good and are also in the affordable range - A summary of what you’ll see
➩ CanCan x Youku - Cutest WenZhou fam items!!!! With WKX white-hair
➩ Prismland - New accessories!
Tumblr media
(1) About ZZH/GJ
➩ ZZH Weibo | ZZH Studio Weibo | ZZH Instagram
➩ GJ Weibo | GJ Studio Weibo | GJ Instagram | Wuhu-Famous
➩ Ship Name: Lang Lang Ding (LLD) or JunZhe - Although there’s no really strong RPS to be honest, most people I know use JunZhe and LLD as a mix of platonic friends + the WenZhou drama ship, or use JunZhe just to shorten their names because they appear at a lot of shows/shoots/interviews together, faster to type as well. The word Lang Lang Ding comes from 浪 (lang) which means to wander, and then 钉 (ding) as in nails, the nails that ZZS inflicted on himself.
(2) Noteworthy Interviews
➩ Goodbyes to SHL - ZZH | GJ
➩ About their Characters (Youku)
➩ Interview with ELLE TW
(3) Fansites (Check out their Photobooks - Mostly for WenZhou and also individual events and they will add on the upcoming concert footage and shots as well)
➩ 越界 (Both)
➩ 起意 (Both)
➩ 怦然心动 (ZZH) *Special mention they’ve been around for the longest so far, about 3 years, way before SHL and they’re REALLY generous
➩ 春秋荒梦 (Both)
➩ 同谋 (Both)
➩ Percent511 (ZZH)
➩ 105度 (ZZH)
➩ Plenilune (GJ)
➩ From May (ZZH)
➩ 月下思凡 (ZZH)
➩ 初霁 (ZZH)
➩ 未央 (Both)
(4) Variety Shows (Since SHL aired - Mar 21 to Apr 21)
➩ Happy Camp (Youku or YouTube) - 3 April 2020 | 24 April 2020 (GJ only)
➩ Ace vs. Ace (Youku or YouTube)
➩ Ace Actress (Youku or YouTube) - Ep 1 | Ep 2
➩ CHUANG 2021 (WeTV) - Part 1 | Part 2
(5) Magazine Shoots (Since SHL aired - Mar 21 to Apr 21)
➩ 精彩!OK (Both)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➩ Madame Figaro 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➩ SE 南都娱乐 - GJ
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
➩ Wonderland - For ZZH’s Birthday
Tumblr media
➩ Glitz - GJ
Tumblr media
➩ VOGUE/VOGUEME - GJ (Not cover)/ZZH (cover)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(6) Endorsements (Since SHL aired - Feb 21 to Apr 21)
➩ Both
Tom Ford - 03 Lark and other shades
Tumblr media
Armani Giorgio - Foundation
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wahaha Yogurt
Tumblr media
Pandora - Jewellery
NIVEA - Sunscreen
Oneleaf - Skincare
Elizabeth Arden - Skincare
Sensodyne - Toothpaste
OPPO - Phone
Joyoung - Blender
Maybelline - Superstay Foundation, Loose Powder
Ariel - Laundry detergent XD
Baidu Maps - Don’t ask this is damn weird
Clinique - SKincare
Costa Coffee - Coffee mugs
Longines - Luxury watch 
水星家纺 - Bedsheets (He’s clearing the entire household)
Ahava - Hand cream
JBL - Earphones + Speakers
Killian - Perfume
Glico - Pretz
梦幻新诛仙 - Game
➩ GJ
Bearkoko - Dietary sweets
Wolong Nuts !!!
Sisley - Skincare
Vita - Drinks brand
Centrum - Supplements
Fresh - Skincare
Tangle Teezer China - Haircare
Loreal - Sunscreen
TT语音 - Some gaming social network thing
Revelation - E-gaming
Beast - Candles, aromatherapy
Ya-Man - Men’s skincare
ROEWE - Car brand
Braun - Shavers
Plant Selected - Oat Milk
YSL - Rose perfume
Tiffany & Co.
Louis Vuitton
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itsallyscorner · 6 months ago
I was wondering if you can write something about reader x marvel cast where they go on the tour bus with James Corden. Maybe reader is dating a costar (you can choose who)
We Are Avengers
Pairing: Marvel cast x reader, Sebastian Stan x Fem!reader
Summary: Basically what happens during James Corden’s Star Star Tour😌
Warnings: None :)
Hello darling, thank you for the request! I apologize that it took so long for me to write, but I’ve been busy with school and I’ve been lacking motivation in general. But thank you so much for this request, it gave me the chance to rewatch one of my favorite Marvel cast videos so thank you for that as well, it never fails to make me smile. I hope you don’t mind that I chose Seb as the co-star you’re dating! Also, yes, I know I’ve been writing a lot of headcanons but writing this as a headcanon seems like the best way to write it for me😭 I’m gonna add in some pictures that the cast took with their disposable cameras, so enjoy😉
Tumblr media
(GIF from Pinterest)
✧───── ・ 。゚★: *. ☽.* :★. ─────✧
When it was mentioned that you and some other members of the Infinity War cast were going to be on James Corden, you were very excited.
You enjoyed making appearances on late night talk shows; Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel—they were always fun to be on. Though you’ve always loved making appearances on James Corden’s show.
When you first heard about being on The Late Late Show, you were expecting to do a typical interview in the studio that would lead to playing a game later on in the show.
What you didn’t expect was to be led out to the parking lot with the rest of the cast, only to be greeted by a double decker bus with James’ face plastered alongside it.
At first you were all a bit confused but one of the producers came up to you all and explained the segment you were all filming.
Everyone was buzzing with exhilaration waiting to get on the bus. One by one you were called up, you being paired with Sebastian.
Wait, he would make you go up the stairs first so he can stay behind you, making sure you don’t fall. Omg and he would place his hand on your lower back too😭🥺
“Wow—Marvel’s own power couple, it’s such an honor to have you both on here. Thank you for coming!” James greeted the both of you. Partially acting because the cameras were rolling.
You and Sebastian beamed at him, proud of the title the fans and your cast mates have given you both over the years. “It’s always a pleasure to see you, James.”
James gives you both your name tags, pausing mid way while he was handing Seb his. James’ gaze shifts between you and Seb, “I’m sorry, you’re just both so beautiful.”
Seb bashfully thanks him, pulling you towards the seats, as you giggle behind him.
You and Seb sit towards the back, behind Don and Tom.
You all sit tight, talking amongst yourselves as you wait for the bus to start. In the seats were disposable cameras and some Late Late Show merch.
The bus hasn’t started driving yet, but you were all having too much fun with the disposable cameras.
Everyone was just taking pictures of each other. You and Seb took a couple selfies and some stolen shots of the others, mostly Anthony.
You even got a cute shot of Don and Tom:
Tumblr media
Yes I know they used disposable cameras but I decided to tie in my ‘Polaroid’ series into this even though they’re not using Polaroids—just go with it😭
Tumblr media
Being the more social one in the relationship, you were going up and down the aisle talking to everyone.
Seb stayed towards the back with Anthony and Winston. While you were at the front talking to Lizzie and Chris.
Being sad when you were all told to go sit down because you had to leave Lizzie.
Tumblr media
Though it probably wasn’t shown in the video, I just KNOW that the filming for this segment was chaotic as fuck.
Chaotic in a good way.
But the whole bus was loud I just know it.
You could hear Mackie across from you talking loudly and laughing that contagious laugh of his.
You, Lizzie, Pom, and Zoe attempting to talk to each other from different spots on the bus over everyone else’s voice.
Chris and Paul can also be heard laughing all the way from the back.
James feeling like a parent because it felt like he was babysitting a bunch of toddlers.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The whole thing was freaking chaotic from the start, I mean ya’ll started the ‘tour’ with Benedict and Chris rubbing sunscreen on James’ legs.
Everyone passing around the sunscreen after, because it was sunny as hell and no one thought of wearing sunscreen.
Seb being a cheeky asshole and ‘accidentally’ smearing sunscreen across your face.
“Sebastian!” You gasped before a flash of light went off on you. When your eyes recovered from the flash you see Seb holding up a camera at you, snickering to himself.
James began to act as your guide, pointing out things like a coffee shop and explaining what it is.
All of you being childish and pretending to not know what a coffee shop or what a line is.
Laughing at Don when he got out of his seat and took a picture of the coffee shop. Like how he got into an over exaggerated position just to take a picture was funny.
Everyone being childish and acting as actual tourist in Los Angeles. Like pointing things out and asking about them or taking pictures of literally everything you drove by.
When Reggie Watts began that sing along thing everyone joined in, bopping and dancing along to the beat.
Like you guys are just having a really great time, happy to be in each other’s presence.
You could hear Sebby singing along to Reggie beside you, and you couldn’t help but just adore him singing and having fun.
He’d notice your stare, he may have had sunglasses on, but you could see the crinkle of his eyes from behind his sunglasses as he smiled at you.
“Na, na, na, na, na, na!” Seb repeated, leaning towards you to press a kiss on your temple.
Throughout the whole ride, he’d have his arm along the back of your seat or have it across your lap.
After the sing along, James went back to acting as a tour guide. He pointed to a red building—whatever it was—and deemed it as “Barbra Streisand’s holiday home”.
Josh Brolin, who was sat along at the back of the deck, raised his hand. “Excuse me! I—uh don’t mean to interrupt, but I have to use the bathroom. Can I use the bathroom?”
James pretending to cringe and telling him that in order to use the bathroom you have to be in three or more Marvel movies to use the bathroom—end credits don’t count.
Everyone being childish once again and yelling “OHHHHHHH!” Like a bunch of school kids.
James points to Tom, “Tom Hiddleston do you need the bathroom?”
Tom, with his soft voice and a small shrug says, “I’m actually okay!”
James then points to you and Seb, “My lovebirds at the back, Sebastian, (Y/n), do either of you need the bathroom?”
You and Seb glance at each other, “Nah we’re good.” Your boyfriend answers.
“Yeah, I used the bathroom before we came here.” You look behind your shoulder at Josh, a smug expression on your face, “Unlike some people.”
Josh flipping you off while everyone laughs at him.
Tumblr media
Since Anthony and Seb aren’t sitting together, I just know that Anthony would be yelling at Seb from across the bus to get his attention.
No seriously, I saw them in the background of the video and even heard Mackie yelling lmao😭😂
“(Y/n) call Sebastian!” Anthony yelled at you from across the bus, pointing to the man beside you with a grin on his face.
You chuckle and nudge Seb, “Your boyfriend’s calling you.”
Seb would shake his head at you and turn his attention to Anthony; who just wanted to take a picture of Seb from his side of the bus.
James trying to get spoilers out of all of you but thankfully you all aren’t Tom Holland or Mark Ruffalo.
“Does anyone on this bus die in the next Avengers?” James asked. Suddenly you were all quiet, not a word coming out of any of you.
Until Paul began to scream his infamous line, “snITCHES END UP IN DITCHES!”
Getting confused when James suddenly asked the bus to stop and ran off the bus.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Next thing you know, you’re all hopping off the bus and walking into a comic store with a Spider-Man statue at the front.
Seb motioned to the statue and looked back and Anthony, “We gotta get a picture with that.”
Anthony instantly agreeing—he was willing to do anything to tease Tom Holland.
Seb’s not that huge with PDA, but he always needs to be touching you. So he’ll be interlocking your hands with his the moment you walk off the bus and all the way into the comic store.
Feeling thrilled to surprise the people who were shopping at the store.
You all walked around, mingled with some fans, taking selfies with them, and signed a few things.
You were looking at some Funko Pops with Lizzie when you felt a small tap on your leg.
You looked down to see a small girl looking up at you with wide eyes full of admiration. In her tiny hands was a Funko Pop of your character.
You and Lizzie instantly coo at the toddler, crouching down to her level so you can talk.
“Hey, sweetheart!” You greet her, taken back when she suddenly wraps her arms around you into a hug. You laugh wrapping your arms around her small figure and hugging her back.
“I love you so much!” She squeals into your ear, arms tightening around you. Your heart swelled as she excitedly babbled about how much she loved your character and how you were her favorite.
“I love you too! Oh my gosh, you’re so cute!” You decide to carry the toddler, who you later learned was named Lila. Her parents scolded her for distracting you from the other fans in the store, but you brushed them off, your attention focused on your tiny fan.
You carried her around while you met other fans and signed more comic books and merch.
You even introduced her to your other cast mates.
Sebastian’s heart absolutely melting at the sight of you with a baby.
Homie wants to wife you up one day and seeing you with a baby made his baby fever sky rocket.
“Lila, this is Sebastian! You know who he plays right?” You ask the toddler in your arms. Sebastian ducking a bit so he could hear her over the commotion in the store.
“Yeah, he’s the wiener soldier!” She replied. Both you and Seb had to hold back your laughs at her answer.
Lila bragging about how she loves you more than Sebastian.
Seb having to agree because he doesn’t wanna make a toddler cry.
Before you all left, you took pictures with Lila and her parents and signed a bunch of her merch.
Tumblr media
^ the boys got their picture.
You guys get back on the bus only to come back to rolls of paper under your seats.
You all sang the “Avengers” song, singing screaming the lyrics dramatically.
Don and Anthony bringing on the vocals.
Before you guys get off the bus you all take a selfie together.
Leaving Chris Hemsworth on the bus and walking off the bus with your heart all warm and fuzzy because you had an amazing time with your boyfriend and your friends :)
This is so long holy shit
🏷 Tags ↴
*if there’s a line through your username, Tumbr won’t let me tag you*
Marvel Cast/ Avengers Tags
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leetotters · 2 months ago
Blurb with Chris and milf!reader
anon: WE need more milf reader content here but instead sebbyy maybe chris( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
anon: chris evans and milf reader but funny? idk if it makes sense buttttt yeah
note: the gif inspired this stupid fic lmao.
chris evans x wife!reader
summary: chris's son asks him what the word 'milf' means when his friends claim his mom to be one.
Tumblr media
The Evan's family was one of the most popular families known in their little neighborhood.
Always gaining everyone's attention when they attended an event or even a simple school trip.
Thank the genes of the dad; some moms' say whilst the dads' objected saying thank the sexy, hot mom- you-.
But if they were truly being honest, the majority thought it was both parents.
Chris and you were well aware of the title given to you both, having heard many times from others when out of the house.
However, you didn't really care. Once no one said anything horrible about your babies- Drew and Jules-. You were somewhat fine with the indecent comments and eye-fucking stares sent your way.
It made you feel disgusting at times. Thinking about the single fathers' even married ones having those thoughts about you.
But the worst you experienced, were your son's teenage friends. Little, horny striplings Chris called them.
You recall the day so well when you heard them- the striplings- saying what they would do to you if you were in their bed, it was mortifying.
And to make matters worse. Chris found out. Your son's friends couldn't look you in the eye after that confrontation.
But that's just what you have to live with when you're a fitted, healthy mom with a wonderful family.
You were also very well informed of the familiar words and actions your husband received-you couldn't blame them, he was a smoking hot dad. But he was yours-.
Curse the Evans' for having great features!
Chris sat on the couch, nursing his third beer while he watched the football game being played on the flat screen television.
He couldn't be happier with his choice of staying home and watching the game with Drew, his fifteen year old son. Instead of tagging along with you and Jules, your seven year old daughter, trip to Target.
It wasn't that he didn't want to join your little outing, he would've loved to actually. But since he arrived from filming his latest movie last week, he didn't have the chance to spend quality time with his teenage son.
So he immediately jumped on the opportunity to view the game with Drew as both Evan boys' loved a good game of football.
Screams and cheers erupted from the room when their team scored a goal. Chris pulled his son in for a bone crushing hug making the younger boy laugh and wiggle out of his dad's hold.
"That was a fair game." Drew uttered, earning a light shove from his father.
"Fair is an understatement, our team won!" Chris fist pumped taking a swig of his beer.
As the game came to a final end. Drew bit his lip, contemplating on asking his dad the question that had been weighing in his mind for the past week.
The right time was now, he decided.
"Hey dad," He spoke, fiddling with the bottle of water in his hand. His gaze on the carpeted floor.
"Yeah?" Chris hummed looking over at Drew.
"What is a milf?" Drew asked. The worried, unsure feeling dissolving as the words left his lips. He glanced up at his dad, only to find him wide eyed.
"What- Why?" Chris floundered, placing his beer on the table.
Drew now regretted his words but answered his dad anyway. "Uhm my friends said that mom is a milf.." The teenager gulped. Remembering when you came to pick him up from practice and his friends pulled him in the locker room calling you that unfamiliar name.
Chris forced a chuckle, utterly surprised but not at the same time. He knew his wife was a pulchritudinous women for her age. He knew he was a lucky fellow and sometimes wondered how he ended up with such a beauty.
But he was also mad? Infuriated. How dare those hormonal striplings call his wife that name, wasn't the confrontation that day not enough.
Chris pursed his lips, sucking in a breath before answering his son's question.
"It simply means mom I love forever.." Chris said. Trying his best to reply in the most decent way possible, not even realizing he made it a little worse for himself
"Oh thank God! Because when I asked uncle Scott he said it meant," Drew lowered his voice. "Mom I'd like to-"
Chris immediately stood up, an awestruck look lacing his face. "Y'know what Drew, don't tell your mother we had this conversation and please don't listen to uncle Scott."
Chris left the main room. The only thought on his mind was how will he tell his son the word 'milf' didn't actually mean 'mom I love forever'.
Good luck with that Christopher!
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rousinqscent · 4 months ago
What type of porn do the aot guys like to watch?
Tumblr media
aot boys & their porn taste.
cw + tags ‣ porn lmao notes ‣ man I don’t even watch a lot of porn besides the sapphic ones my friends send me from twitter lol so you could say this took a while because I had to go around and consult my friends 😭
Tumblr media
armin arlert
loves watching amateur videos. he dislikes the ones produced by legitimate porn companies because they’re so overly glamorized, scripted and overall; really fake. so watching homemade ones that are shot by phone while the couple are being awkward with each other as they get it on encapsulates “burning passion and integrity” (in his opinion at least). he also may or may not have tried doing vr porn lol.
bertholdt hoover
similar to armin, bertholdt admires the romantic and sensual aspects of amateur porn videos. he gushes over how intimate and sweet the couple act around each other while they have sex- excuse me, “make love” because he wished he were like that with his partner :(( also frequents the size kink tags because well… have you seen him?
connie springer
does not have a particular taste. will literally watch everything that varies from step-cest sex, orgies, adults inadvertently shitting themselves when they tried doing anal for the first time- you know the drill.
colt grice
literally cannot watch porn even if he tried. he’s way too weary of falco hopping onto his computer one day to do school work and opens a tab filled with unsolicited porn videos. he reads hentai doujinshi on his way to class though.
eren jaeger
he watches twitter porn. follows several accounts like http_daddy, petpuppi, soft_ratboy, so on and so forth. he’s also subscribed to some hot girl’s only fans and uses Grisha’s money for the funds.
floch foster
watches the most outrageous porn videos out there. he practically ransacks a bunch of sites just to find the perfect video that’ll set him for the night. his go to tags are so… ??? but it’s floch so I guess it makes sense. the tags are noted as such: piss kink, gun kink, hardcore bdsm, milf/step-mom, etc.
jean kirsten
another ardent fan of twitter porn because he appreciates how concise the videos are and portrays more realism?? as opposed to other sites. he’s also a doggy fiend so jean basically scrolls through twt until his thumb can’t handle it and settles for a ffm threesome with doggy. truth be told, he seldom watches lesbian porn too if he can’t find anything else…
levi ackerman
does not watch porn. he preferably reads erotica. he sees erotic literature as a way to relax because it gives him the chance to envision the scenario. he likes getting creative with his thoughts so erotica is the way to go for somebody like him.
marco bott
he likes to watch live cam girls !! like the cute ones sitting on a gaming chair answering the chat’s request then later on riding a fat plastic dildo that looks oddly realistic and they’re squealing and creaming all over the leather chair. too fucked out to even say goodbye to the stream.
I see him being an anal guy so he definitely watches “first time anal porn videos” or anything first time related really. he also watches food porn !! like the typical whip cream on the girl’s titties and frosting on the guy’s dick then makes the girl lick it off him.
he’s the only one who watches the company manufactured porn videos. like the ones where there’s a long ass intro filming the scenery then transitions onto the skit and you only get to the actual fucking at the end smh. has the money to pay for subscription too.
porco galliard
this man loves gangbang videos because it’s fun seeing the one girl in the group get absolutely obliterated by the big dudes. four of them would hold each of her limbs down while the fifth guy is pressing the vibrator on her soaking cunt- ends up squirting all over the sheets and them.
reiner braun
doesn’t really know how to use porn?? so he’d basically watch whatever was on the suggested category. aside from that, he’d also go for “masturbate with me” where the girl’s got her entire pussy on screen, fingers shoved into her little hole and screaming at how much she wishes he were there.
zeke jaeger
okay okay, hear me out. he’s tied with floch on grossest porn search history because he watches shit like “casting couch”, “job interview”, and “doctor/cop takes advantage” and it’s like :| k bye!
Tumblr media
all content belongs to rousinqscent © 2021
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shotorozu · 7 months ago
hellolololo!¡! so i recently saw this video where their
s/o goes on to omegle and the other person from omegle like goes “hi ur cute” or “u have snap?” and then their boyfriend just enters the frame,, can u do that to todobakudeku separately :3
if u dont understand u can check this out 😭 tyy ❤️❤️
“ur kinda cute” on omegle
(tiktok prank)
character(s) : todoroki shouto, bakugou katsuki, midoriya izuku (bnha)
part two — part three
legend : [Y/N = your name] they/them pronouns used, quirk not mentioned
headcanon type : fluff, crack — ‘x reader’
note(s) : i love these types of requests 🤩 so i plan on making 3 parts with this (oh and don’t worry, i’ll finish the other tiktok prank series i have going on at the moment)
also, there’s no proofread on this so if there’s any typos or mistakes, sorry! i’ll be editing them in the morning
┈ ✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✁ ┈
Tumblr media
todoroki shouto
okay so, the entire tiktok idea was planned— but the part where shouto came in surely wasn’t staged
so, being a curious young person— you wanted to make a tiktok, where you went on omegle just to speak to people for fun
and inside of your head, you’re kinda thinking that “this is dumb, omg im going to get flashed on there.” also while you were setting up your laptop
but you just used the appropriate tags and !! you were set off for an adventure
you set your phone aside, and you filmed most of the experience— cutting out the not so interesting encounters out of your tiktok
and then came on a dude, who had a,, unique reaction. he didn’t seem all that fishy— until he asked you for your snap (your social medias, essentially)
“you’re kinda cute, y’know. how did i not see you before?”
you shake your head, “oh no no! i appreciate your compliment, but i’m very much taken!” your mind immediately flashing back to the image of your icyhot boyfriend
“nahh you’re lying! i don’t see any dude back there”
oh,, and that was because shouto was out getting snacks 🧎 “no really dude, i appreciate it! i’m very much taken and being disloyal is out of the question!”
this dude just kept insisting and insisting, and due to the struggle— you weren’t able to hear the door knob jiggle
it seemed to be that his advances came to an end, and your lover made an entrance— a mop of red and white peaked out from the door frame
and the dude literally got scared and ended the conversation 💀 because you really weren’t lying!
you also figured that it was time to end your omegle shenanigans, and finish the tiktok— because your boyfriend was already there “hi love, who were you talking to?”
you closed your laptop, and offered him a smile “i was on omegle for a tiktok! i’m glad you’re back.” you discard your phone, wrapping your arms around his torso (and also making sure you don’t delete the draft)
shouto doesn’t say a lot, but he immediately accepts your touch, setting the groceries aside.
he doesn’t question the fact that you were on omegle because well,, he had to get used to your shenanigans on tiktok SOMEHOW
a few hours later, you posted the tiktok— and almost immediately, the tiktok gains a lot of attention
“i love how your boyfriend drove the last dude away 💀💀” “man the last dude didn’t take the hint 🗿” “your boyfriend indirectly protected you! we need more guys like him.”
you snicker at the comments, which ultimately gathered shouto’s attention “what’s up, love?”
you show him the tiktok, “the tiktok did well.” he’ll comment calmly, but shouto’s lowkey MAD ?? that a dude had the audacity. but he’s just glad that you’re happy just maybe,, don’t go on omegle anymore 💀
“love— next time, let me in on your tiktoks.” he says, running a thumb along your cheek lightly. because he was actually quite entertained, putting everything aside
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki
as if bakugou katsuki would let you go on OMEGLE, a place that’s known for having the sketchiest people to ever exist— but make it virtual
but being with you made him realize that well,, if you want to do something, you’ll go through lengths just to do it.
even the great bakugou katsuki can’t really stop you. whatever makes you happy— but oh, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t highly discourage it
which lead you to go on omegle for a tiktok in the other room, while bakugou exercised in the very next room.
when you told him that you wanted to film a tiktok, bakugou only shrugged— “don’t do overly dumb shit.” was what he only told you and he left the door open too
you then set up your phone and laptop, applied the appropriate tags— and went off to make your tiktok
you only filmed the interesting encounters, and the people you met on there were very diverse in personality and just,, in general.
after the 4th encounter, then came a rather interesting dude. he didn’t seem all that ordinary but he wasn’t spectacular. he was just nice
and the conversation was rather normal— until he started asking for your socials “putting everything aside, do you have social media? you’re really cute.”
you reject immediately, “oh no, i appreciate your words but— i already have a boyfriend.”
you just have to hope that he noticed bakugou walking back and forth with equipment, but with his next words— that doesn’t seem to be the case
“i didn’t see anyone back there, a simple no would’ve been sufficient instead.” uh oh
“no really, i—” and before things escalated, katsuki’s head peaked through the door frame, freshly out of the shower “are you almost done, idiot?”
the dude literally looked behind you, and thought “oh shit, their boyfriend is bakugou fucking katsuki.” because bakugou is famous for,, multiple different reasons
the dude’s camera shakes in terror, “oh uhm,, it was nice meeting you!” not long before he dips from of the conversation, never to be seen again.
closing your laptop— you end the tiktok while bursting into laughter, and this action just confused katsuki ever further. he heard you speaking to someone, and when he looked, the person was nowhere to be seen
“what are you laughing at??”
“nothing katsuki, i was laughing at the tiktok i just made.”
then— you figured that it would be best to tell katsuki now that you were on omegle (long story short, he wasn’t pleased)
he scolded you that you shouldn’t be on omegle, but let’s be honest, he couldn’t stay mad at you— so he just cuddles the frustration away
when you upload the tiktok the following hours, it blows up pretty quickly—with comments like “LOL IS THAT BAKUGOU KATSUKI??” “he had guts until he saw bakugou katsuki 💀” “tbh i’d be scared too”
and when you report the news the katsuki, he smirks— “as he should be.”
Tumblr media
midoriya izuku
at this point, izuku is very much used to your shenanigans on tiktok. he’s very supportive of whatever you do all in all
but, about omegle,,, yeah,, as much as he trusts you— he does not trust omegle. he’s aware that it’s a shady place, and he doesn’t advise that you do go on that website bc he cares
so when you brought up the tiktok idea, he proposed that he’d be there, right beside you just to monitor if anyone’s being weird :)
and that’s great! because you also wanted to ask if he wanted to be a reoccuring guest in your tiktok— and of course, what kind of boyfriend would he be if he opposed?
he helps you set up your laptop and phone— all of that sort of stuff, and then you guys were off to make an interesting tiktok
oh, but izuku did apply the appropriate tags because he didn’t want you to see odd things he was secretly nervous but,, you were very ethusiastic, so he was too.
the first several people were interesting in their own way— especially with their reactions to your boyfriend appearing on screen
usually, they’d back off with, and comment on how cute your boyfriend is— wishing the both of you well before calmly leaving to meet new people,
that was how it was, until you met this person in particular.
he sounded very,, egotistical— i wouldn’t say that because you’ve just met the dude, but he acted like everyone wanted him or it sounded like that
then he says, “you definitely have a phone number, right? you’re cute, just my type.” wkdksmd this is awkward since izuku’s right beside you, but he’s just outside of the frame
then, izuku pops out of the frame— in all his cute ass glory, he gives a small wave to the not so pleased stranger
“please, that’s your boyfriend?” he scoffs, “with those arms, he looks like he could be your little brother! now let me ask again—”
it’s really weird?? because have you seen izuku’s gainz?? and this dude’s audacity is extraordinary.
but little did this guy know, he’s looking at midoriya izuku— and,, you’ve seen his performance in the sports festival.
the dude takes another glance at your boyfriend, who’s sitting there right beside you— and he realizes who he was talking to
“oh shit, you’re—” and before the both of you could realize it, he nopes out of the conversation.
after that encounter, you burst into a fit of laughter— the look on izuku’s face being priceless. “you should’ve seen your reaction!”
“haha, i guess he knew who i was,” he says bashfully, cheeks warming up. because it registered in his mind that people actually knew who he was. “can you,, upload the tiktok later? i want to hug you— i mean! if that’s fine.”
of course it’s fine! you oblige, and give him all the hugs he could ever need
after cuddling with izuku, you do upload the tiktok— and an hour later, your tiktok notifications blow up
the tiktok all in all gathered 1M views, 780K likes, and over 1,500 comments— most of them saying stuff like
“your boyfriend’s reaction was so cute?? i know he looked like he was going to punch him through the screen but 👀” “last dude was just not it.” “LMAO HE REALLY TRIED IT” “is your boyfriend IZUKU MIDORIYA??”
when you excitingly showed him the tiktok’s results, he was certainly pleased— because most of the comments were positive, and also because the tiktok’s results made you happy
“i’m glad that it did well!” he’ll sigh in relief, pressing a kiss against your temple, let’s just not go on there ever again
┈ ✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✁ ┈
likes and reblogs are appreciated, thanks for reading!
i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing and i do not profit off of my hobby
do not plagiarize, reupload, translate, or use my works for audio readings without permission
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mypoisonedvine · 8 months ago
Seeing Red | bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x actress!reader (part 6)
(part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5)
series summary:  bucky used to brag that he didn’t have a celebrity crush, or really care about famous people at all, which is what made him the perfect person to start working for a celebrity like yourself.  except, of course, it’s just his luck that he’d fall for you.  
word count: 5.1k
warnings: smut (in the form of road head lmao) plus some more implied smut and teasing and stuff, use of 'y/n' which is perfectly fine but it still makes me anxious cause I've never done it before, other than that just fluff and celebrity/PR stuff
Tumblr media
You tilted your head slightly as you watched Bucky emerge from the pool, slicking his wet hair back out of his face, body dripping with cool droplets that sparkled in the afternoon sunlight.
Yeah, you were never going to get tired of this view.
“See somethin’ you like?” he grinned as he grabbed a towel and rubbed it over his hair before lowering it to dab off his shoulders and torso, his dog tags jingling lightly when he bumped against them.
“Yeah, why don’t you come over here and put that body on me?” you purred. He chuckled and stepped closer, tossing the damp towel aside before leaning down to climb onto your pool chair and hover above you; the dog tags hung low and tickled your stomach, making you giggle a little.
“I don’t know that I should, I actually have a girlfriend…” he explained, feigning hesitance as you sat up slightly to nibble at his jaw.
“You know, a lot of couples have a ‘celebrity pass,’ and I just so happen to be a celebrity… do you two have one of those?”
“Maybe we do,” he replied nonchalantly, raising an eyebrow.
“Who’s yours?”
“This really hot girl I saw once, in this really crappy movie,” he winked.
“Hey!” you laughed, shoving him back. “Which one of my movies is crappy?”
“What makes you think you’re the hot girl I’m talking about?” he countered.
“Oh, you’re really trying to get yourself in trouble.”
“Just to be clear— we’re not going to have any celebrity passes, right?" he frowned. "Because you know a lot of famous people and I don’t like those odds.”
You scoffed. “Definitely not.”
“Good. I can only handle one famous woman at a time anyways,” he chuckled.
He, meanwhile, would never get tired of waking up beside you, holding you before you were even really aware of anything yet, feeling you stir in his arms and snuggle up close to his chest.
“Bucky…” you mumbled sleepily into his shoulder.
“Yeah?” he whispered, smiling a little as your eyes fluttered but didn’t really open.
You just hummed and shifted again, looking so peaceful that he couldn’t help but kiss your forehead. “Mornin’, beautiful,” he purred.
And there was the best part of every morning: when you opened your eyes and looked up at him for the first time, and you smiled— actually smiled at the sight of him. He couldn’t remember the last time somebody was this happy to see him. He couldn’t imagine what he’d ever done to deserve it.
“Hi,” you greeted coyly.
“Hey there,” he grinned back. His eyebrow raised when he felt your foot delicately trail up the back of his leg, your hips beginning to straddle his. “Got somethin’ on your mind, pretty girl?”
He chuckled, always impressed (in the best possible way) by your insatiability. “Already?”
“Yeah,” you nodded, “had a dream about you.”
“Care to enlighten me?” he prodded, rubbing your back with his metal hand.
“You had me bent over the bed…” you began, voice a bit lower than normal.
“Good start.”
“In my trailer," you finished.
“Oh, you’re filming in this dream?”
“Well, we weren’t filming right then," you grinned, and Bucky clenched his jaw just imagining the idea of filming you while he fucked you. Much too risky when celebrity sex tapes always seem to end up leaking, but a fun thought nonetheless. "But you made me promise to keep quiet in case somebody heard us. Said you didn’t want anybody else to know how I sound when I come.”
He smirked. “Seems like something I would say.”
“But really I liked the idea of everybody overhearing and knowing how good you make me feel… I want them all to know I’m yours.”
“Sounds like a nice dream,” he smirked, shivering slightly when you leaned in to start kissing his neck and jaw.
“Feel like making my dreams come true, stud?” you purred.
“Yes,” he admitted tensely, “but we don’t have time. You have a meeting at 9, remember?”
“No no no, we have time,” you assured. “We both know how fast you can make me come.”
“No point in doing something if you’re not gonna do it right,” he frowned, “and I don’t have time to do it right.”
“You really are just completely against quickies, aren’t you?”
“Morally and religiously, yes," he announced firmly as he puffed up his chest.
“Religiously?” you repeated with an eyeroll.
“Making you come at least three times is sacred,” he explained. “I worship your body. The shapes I make with my tongue on your clit? I’m spelling out my prayers.”
“You do spend a lot of time on your knees,” you remembered.
“Yeah, well, so do you,” he winked. “But you really do need to get up. And I need to shower before I go warm the car up.”
“Fine," you groaned, wrenching yourself out of his grasp and hopping out of bed.
"That's the spirit," he laughed, getting up with you and starting his own morning routine.
He had to keep you in check to make sure you were ready on time, but with a little encouragement he was able to get you in the car with even some time to spare. And since it was just the two of you and you weren't going to be seen getting out of the car, you could ride passenger and be closer to him.
"What's this meeting about again?" he asked as he took the car around the driveway and out of the front gate, starting the commute to the address you'd given him.
"Director wants me for a project, we're gonna talk about her vision and see if it's a good fit."
"Have you seen a script yet?" he asked, hoping that you'd let him take a look at it if you had.
"No, it's still being written, but the concept sounds amazing. I'll tell you all about it after the meeting," you promised.
He checked the estimated arrival time on the GPS screen and noticed it was even faster than he anticipated.
"Hey, we've got some room for error— do you wanna stop for breakfast?" he offered.
"I want breakfast, but I don't wanna stop," you decided.
"What, like drive-through?" he asked, but then you suddenly reached across the console and slid your hand over his thigh and right over his groin. "Oh, fuck."
You smirked as you leaned in a little bit, resting your head on his shoulder as he started to grow hard in your palm. "Keep your eyes on the road, okay?"
"O-okay," he nodded a little, shifting in his seat to make it easier for you to undo his belt and fly.
You reached into his boxers and wrapped your fingers around his shaft— even just that made him shiver and blink a few times to try to focus on driving. Your fingers were a little cold but it was welcome relief considering he was suddenly burning up.
A few strokes were enough to get him fully hard, and it took a deep breath to keep him together as you leaned your head down into his lap, giving a slow lick right over his tip. "Fuck," he whispered under his breath, but you definitely heard it because he could feel your smirk as you kissed up and down his length.
Just when he was about to beg for it, you wrapped your lips around him and sucked, gentle at first but slowly getting more aggressive as he fought the urge to buck up into your mouth.
"Oh god," he sighed, head falling back onto the headrest. Your tongue swiped over his slit where precum had gathered already, and it was just another reminder that you'd already found all his most sensitive places and planned to use them against him whenever you could.
A little hum echoing in your throat vibrated through his cock, making him hiss a little as you started to set your pace of bobbing up and down and stroking what you couldn't fit in your mouth. Little drops of your spit rolled down the shaft to his balls and if he wasn't trying to hard to look at the other cars on the road he would've let his eyes roll back in his head.
Finally, a red light gave him a chance to take his hands off the wheel and grab your hair, stroke your back, hold your face— he didn't really care what, he just needed to touch you.
"Baby," he groaned, "fuck, you're so good… keep sucking my cock, just like that, oh my god—"
A car horn tore him from the moment and made him realize the light had turned green. One hand quickly shot up to steer as he let his foot up off the brake, breathing through his teeth as you sucked him harder and deeper.
Just as he put his foot on the gas, you took him down your throat until your lips met with the very base of him, and the shock made his leg jerk and sent the car lurching forward.
You were laughing a little as you pulled off of him, still stroking his soaking wet length as you popped up to glance out the windshield and then up at him. "Drive much?"
"All the time," he defended breathlessly, "but, uh, not usually like this."
"You can handle it," you scoffed. "All you need to do is not hit any cars or poles or pedestrians. Just relax and let me get my breakfast…"
You went back down with a smirk as he exhaled sharply, silently promising himself that he was going to keep his cool and drive safely.
Instantly, the tip of your tongue just barely pushing into his slit sent that plan out the window, a loud moan echoing through the car and his eyes falling shut for only a moment.
"Jesus fucking Christ," he groaned.
You let out a coy little giggle before getting back into it, returning to your reliable pattern of stroking and sucking with the occasional venture into the back of your throat— but this time gaining speed steadily, making his toes curl inside his boots and the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.
His metal hand had a death grip on the steering wheel while his other stroked your hair and held you down just a moment longer each time your throat wrapped around his head.
"Fuck, baby, I'm gonna— oh god—" he tried to warn you.
You moaned approvingly, stroking your hand and bobbing your head faster.
His turn was coming up and he needed to get two lanes over, but at this point he accepted that he was going to miss the turn because he just needed to come down your throat right fucking now; he didn't even hear the GPS announcing that it was recalculating the route, he didn't even care that he was driving way too slow, all he could perceive was the feeling of your lips around him as he throbbed with each pump of his load onto your tongue.
"Fuuuuckkkk," he gasped as he held you down at your neck, making sure you got every drop. But that backfired pretty quickly when he let go and you still didn't come back up, sucking as if he hadn't come at all. "Oh— oh fuck!" he yelped, and his fears that his eyes would fall shut were gone because they were wide fucking open now, his breathing coming fast and hot through his teeth as your tongue refused to let up.
Your little moans made it clear this was not an accident, but a deliberate attack on his senses that made his entire body jolt.
He tried to pull you off of him, and you resisted for just a moment before finally giving him a break, popping up from his lap to swallow what was in your mouth and lick your lips with a prideful smirk. He allowed himself a quick glance at your satisfied expression as he laughed exhaustedly, still trying to catch his breath as you leaned back in your seat.
"You are…" he began, but he didn't even know where to start. "That was dangerous," he decided to inform you instead.
"But it was fun," you grinned.
Another red light gave him a chance to tuck his softened cock back into his jeans. "We're just a few minutes away, so I don't have time to return the favor," he realized with a frown.
"Don't sweat it, I get the feeling you're gonna more than make it up to me tonight."
"What makes you so sure?" he smirked, even though you were completely right.
"Because I'm gonna take you out somewhere fancy, and you always put out after I buy you dinner," you explained with a chuckle.
"It's cause every time we go out, I have to act all professional and stuff, so when we get home I just can't wait to get my hands on you again."
He pulled in to the parking garage of the studio, finding a spot before turning off the car. You were about to grab your bag but he pulled you into a kiss; not so desperate since he'd just come two minutes ago, but still plenty passionate as his tongue slid over yours in search of the taste of himself to remember what you'd done even clearer.
Your lips moved against his with a quiet little moan, so precious that he couldn't stop himself from gripping your waist tightly.
"You're sure you can't be a few minutes late?" he mumbled, barely pulling back as he reached up and held your face in his hands. "We could get in the back and you could ride me real quick."
"Ah ah ah, we know there's no 'real quick' with you, you said it yourself," you reminded him. "You'll say it's just to take the edge off and then I'll end up folded like a pretzel while you rail me for an hour."
He laughed; he couldn't deny that. "Fair enough. Go to your stupid meeting."
"It won't even take that long," you promised. "And I'll be thinking of you the whole time… hard not to when sucking you off got me so wet."
"Fuck," he growled, "you'd better leave now before I change my mind and make you stay."
You smiled and gave him a peck on the nose before opening the door and getting out of the car. He took a moment to watch you walk away before grabbing his newest borrowed book from the glovebox: Tuck Everlasting. You promised this one wouldn't make him cry which was the only way he agreed to read it because he couldn't handle another sad ending again. And, because he was a little too in love to think straight, he actually believed you.
He hadn't told you yet, though; it was way, way too early for him to feel this way at all, let alone tell you about it. For now, the two of you had something great going, and he didn't want to rush it. Well, he did want to rush it, but he knew he shouldn't, so he kept his feelings to himself for the time being.
You were heating up some Vietnamese leftovers on the stove (you’d taught Bucky to stop using the microwave to reheat noodles and now he would never go back) while your boyfriend relaxed on the couch, attempting to find something decent to watch with your meal.
“Hey, one of your movies is on later,” he noticed as he scrolled through the channels. “We could watch that.”
Maybe it was weird that you watched your own movies pretty often— after all, plenty of actors preferred to avoid seeing their own performance— but it made perfect sense to you; you took roles in the kinds of movies that you enjoyed watching and wanted to see more of. It wasn’t that you sought out something you’d been in to watch, and it definitely wasn’t that you didn’t cringe a little watching yourself, but you just happened to like a lot of the things that you’d been in. Plus, they brought back sweet memories. “Oh, which one?” you asked, focusing mainly on stirring the food in the wok.
“After Midnight,” he informed you, and your smile dropped.
“Oh. Um, I don’t like that one,” you dismissed quickly, “what else could we watch?”
“Really?” he pressed, unfortunately not following your segue. “It’s pretty popular… I never saw it, sorry, but I figured I should. Is it not good?”
“No, it’s good, it just—”
“Then what don’t you like about it?”
“Do you not know that I did that movie with Sam Wilson?” you finally blurted out.
“Oh…” he deflated slightly. “You two dated, didn’t you?”
“Yeah, over a year,” you remembered, sounding more somber than you intended.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up any bad memories,” he frowned, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly.
“No, it’s okay, it’s not bad memories,” you soothed.
“Well, I didn’t mean to bring up any good memories either,” he smirked. “I guess you guys were pretty serious?”
“I thought so,” you answered, leaving the silent second half hanging in the air: He didn’t.
“Kinda sucks you can’t watch your own movie just ‘cause your ex is in it,” he realized.
“Yeah, that one’s especially hard since that’s how we met and all… and I was basically the only person on the planet who didn’t watch Code Gray while it was on,” you remembered. “I mean, everyone was talking about it and I just had to smile and nod and try to ignore the big-ass billboards in LA with his face on them. You get used to that last part, though.”
“Maybe you get used to it, but I don’t think I will,” he admitted.
“I guess it’s easier when you’ve already seen your own face on a billboard,” you shrugged, turning off the stove and distributing the food into two bowls.
"That reminds me, I saw your perfume ad on the side of a skyscraper yesterday," he told you proudly.
"Oh yeah? How's it look?" you asked as you stuck some chopsticks into the food and brought it with you to the living room.
"Looks good, I guess, but it doesn't really look like you to me. You're so airbrushed I couldn't see all my favorite little details of your face," he admitted as you set the bowls on the coffee table.
"That's the nature of the game," you shrugged, joining him on the couch and relaxing against his chest as he embraced you.
“Dating in the public eye must be tough…” he mumbled. You twiddled your thumbs and wondered if that meant he didn’t want to go public with you. He must have sensed your discomfort; he always did. “What’s on your mind, beautiful?”
"Would you ever want to… you know… go public? I wouldn't blame you if you'd rather stay this way as long as possible—"
"What?!" he scoffed. "Baby… I don't care about the spotlight, for better or for worse, I just care about you. And I want to shout it from the fucking rooftops if you'll let me."
You grinned and snuggled up into his arms. “Really?”
“Yeah,” he hummed.
“We could, you know… start that process, if you wanted.”
“What about what you want?” he pressed instead.
“I want everybody to know,” you decided with a smile that you tried (and failed) to fight. “I want to be able to go out with you and not worry about who sees or how you touch me.”
He grinned and kissed you, gentle but a little bit less than innocent. "I want that too," he whispered.
"Then let's do it," you announced giddily. "But, let's have dinner first."
He was reading as he waited for you in bed, starting to pick up on the fact that you'd duped him into another heartbreaking read. He was about to confront you about it when you returned from the hallway, but you spoke first.
"I just got off the phone with my publicist," you informed him, "she thinks we should get papped together before I post about it on Instagram."
"'Get papped'?" he repeated incredulously as he slipped a bookmark between the pages and set the novel aside. "Is that some sort of hip slang for getting a pap smear because, I'll warn you now, I’m pretty sure anatomy dictates that we can't do that together."
"Paparazzi," you clarified unamusedly as you got in bed next to him. "She wants us to go to lunch or something and tip off a few photographers; it'll be in the gossip rags by tomorrow."
"God, being famous sounds weird as fuck," he shivered.
"You'll find out for yourself soon," you warned, half ominous and half humorous, as you laid your head on his chest. "You're gonna have your own following once this hits."
He grimaced a little, afraid of becoming slightly famous in his own rite just for dating you when he didn't actually have any talent worthy of attention or praise. “Oh god, I’m not gonna have to make an Instagram, am I?”
"No, but you might want to consider a tinted moisturizer," you pondered aloud as you suddenly examined his face closely.
He gently batted your hand away as you reached up to poke his cheek. "Okay, I get it, I'm old. Makeup ain't gonna fix that."
"You're not old," you laughed, "and it's not that there's anything wrong with your face, it's just that everybody looks washed out on camera and the magazines and their readers are fucking ruthless. If I go out without mascara they'll start running shit about how I'm turning into a crypt keeper. God forbid I wear a tight shirt after eating a massive burrito; they'll pick out baby names for me."
"Christ," he groaned.
"You still wanna do this right?" you asked quietly, shifting from joking to concerned so quickly.
"Of course," he assured, clutching your hand where it had been absent-mindedly rubbing over his chest hair. "Do you?"
"Yeah," you smiled, relaxing again. "I can't wait, honestly."
"Then let's do the lunch thing tomorrow. You have to help me pick what to wear, though." Your arms wrapped around his torso and hugged him tight. "Ooh, don't squeeze me so hard, I ate a lot of Vietnamese food," he frowned.
"Sorry," you giggled, still holding him close but applying less pressure. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders, instinctively stroking your arm with his thumb for a moment before leaning over to turn off the lamp on his bedside table.
Yes, his bedside table, with a drawer full of his stuff. Next to your bed. It was like his wildest (yet most domestic) fantasies coming true and he was beside himself about it.
"G'night," you whispered, cuddling up closer to him.
"Goodnight," he whispered back, planting a kiss on the top of your head. He stayed awake just long enough to hear your breathing and feel your heartbeat as they slowed down, only then allowed himself to fall asleep as well.
You'd convinced him to stick to his usual style of 90% leather and denim, while you opted for the classic "I'm famous but I'm pretending I'm normal but I'm definitely not" look of jeans and a t-shirt that looked casual but actually cost nearly a grand combined. It was the ideal look for allegedly-candid pap pics, in your mind; unfortunately, the ribs were wanted to order were not part of that look, and you frowned a little as you ordered your salad and gave the menu back to your waitress.
"I'll have the same," Bucky mumbled quickly and handed his menu over as well, the waitress nodding before she stepped away.
"Salad? Really?" you questioned, fixing your hair for a moment since the breeze had messed it up slightly; you had to sit outside for visibility reasons, and thankfully the weather was gorgeous, but you could do without the wind.
"I'm not stupid, I know better than to unhinge my jaw to eat a burger when I'm going to be photographed," he chuckled. "I'm not hungry anyways, I'm too nervous."
"Don't be nervous," you dismissed, "all you have to do is sit here and not suppress the instinct to act like my boyfriend."
He reached forward and rested his hand on top of yours on the table, stroking your wrist with his thumb. "How about this?"
You smiled a little, feeling your face warm; sometimes he made you feel all shy and giddy like that, just from the simplest things.
“So, when are the paparazzi getting here?” he asked, breaking the silence that you hadn't even really noticed before, too lost in your thoughts.
“They’re already here. Across the street, behind those bushes.”
“Wha— oh my god,” Bucky gasped as he craned his head to see there were, in fact, cameras obscured behind the foliage, “they’re good!”
“Yeah, it’s too bad they use their powers for evil most of the time,” you frowned. “Spent a lot of time and money trying to keep less flattering pictures out of the papers.”
“How ‘less flattering’ are we talking here?” he pressed with a raised eyebrow.
“Unfortunate angles while getting out of a car… maybe a rendezvous on a balcony that we thought was totally private…”
“Do I want to know who the ‘we’ was?”
“Nope,” you grinned. "That's all in the past now… and right now I'm here with you." For emphasis, you slipped one of your shoes off and playfully trailed your foot up his leg.
"Careful there, honey, or you're gonna end up with some more dirty pictures to bribe some sleaze into deleting," he warned with a smirk.
"Just gotta make sure these pictures make it clear we're not just friends," you explained, shrugging a little but wiggling your toes as you moved just past his knee before going back down and slipping your shoe on.
"Maybe we're just really, really good friends."
"Ever gotten this personal at lunch with a really, really good friend?" you asked playfully.
"No, I don't think so…"
"Ever had sex in the bathroom of a really fancy restaurant?" you added, voice dropping as you grinned.
"No, and I never will," he laughed, "because the chances of getting caught are astronomically too high. We literally came here for the express purpose of getting caught."
"Yeah, fair enough," you deflated slightly, taking another bite of your salad.
It was easy after that: just talking with him as naturally as you always did. He glanced over at the hidden photographers occasionally but you'd all but forgotten they were there.
"Well, I think our job here is done," you decided after a half hour had passed. You stood up from your chair and he followed suit, but he stopped you before you turned away.
"Not quite yet," he smirked as he pulled you closer and into a kiss— one that just barely pushed into 'a little too steamy for out in public' territory. Even so, he was the one that had to pull away first because you quickly got so lost in it that you would've let him go on forever. "Now we're done."
"Yep, that'll do it!" you laughed, hugging him quickly before dropping a fifty on the table (it was a 40% tip but who cares) and leading him back to the car.
His phone was already set to give him news updates about you, and he smirked when he checked it after dinner only to see your plan already in motion so easily.
New photos spark Y/N Y/L/N dating rumors
Is Y/N Y/L/N dating again after highly-publicized romance with ‘Code Gray’ star Sam Wilson?
‘Touch of Blood,’ ‘After Midnight’ Star Spotted At More-Than-Friendly Lunch with Her Bodyguard
Y/N Y/L/N and Mystery Guy Get Frisky Over Salads at Lazan Bistro In The Lower East Side
“Now we just have to wait until tomorrow,” you smirked. “Is it weird that I’m all jittery about it? I mean, it doesn’t really matter, cause we’re the only thing that matters, but—”
“No, it’s okay, I’m excited too,” he agreed, setting his phone down and wrapping his arms around your waist. “Although I am enjoying my last day of anonymity.”
“Soak it in, Bucky-boy, most of us don’t get the chance to really appreciate it before it’s gone,” you giggled. “You should go out and celebrate— go grocery shopping, see a movie, something I can’t do anymore.”
“If you can’t do it anymore, does that mean you’re not coming with me?”
“That’s sort of the point.”
“But I’ll miss you…”
“You’re so needy,” you rolled your eyes. “But I like it,” you added with a peck to his cheek.
“Need anything from the grocery store? Or the movie theater?”
“All I need is a kiss before you go,” you decided.
He purred and pulled you a little closer, ghosting his lips over your cheek. “Do I get to pick where it is?”
“Above the belt,” you scolded playfully.
“That still gives me plenty of options,” he smiled as he leaned down to lift your shirt up, deciding to place his slow, gentle kiss onto your nipple. He wrapped his lips around it carefully, circling his tongue around the bud as it hardened.
“Oh fuck,” you sighed, weaving your fingers into his hair.
He grinned and looked up at you, pulling away just a little too soon to hear your pretty whines. Who’s the needy one now? “Can I give you one more kiss, on the other one?”
“Only in the interest of symmetry,” you smirked, moaning when he moved to the other nipple and sucked it a little harder than the last. He let his teeth just barely graze the sensitive skin, your body jolting in his arms at the sensation.
“Oh, I bit this one but not the first one,” he realized, “so I’m gonna have to go back. For symmetry.”
He kissed his way back and gave a rough lap over it before sucking it between his lips and using his teeth just like he’d promised. “God, just fuck me.”
“Really? I thought you wanted me to go out without you,” he remembered.
“Later,” you sighed, “need you now.”
A prideful grin stretched over his face as he stood back up and held you tight, tapping your back to instruct you to jump into his arms and wrap your legs around his hips— which you did instinctively, much to his delight. “Okay, pretty girl, let’s get you to bed.”
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Tumblr media
➽ corruption collab masterlist — hosted by @ultimate-astridwriting and @bummie ♥️
Tumblr media
➽ note: definitely gonna come back and edit this a bit more because threesomes are hard as fuck, no pun intended lmao happy v-day everyone!
➽ word count: 3.2k
➽ cw/tags: polyamory + body worship + threesome + praise kink + public sex + choking + handjobs/fingering + vaginal sex + squirting + established relationship
➽ pairing: akaashi x fem!reader x bokuto
Tumblr media
💿 1. nasty — ariana grande || 2. come on — jhene aiko
Tumblr media
With Valentine's Day fast approaching, it becomes rather apparent that love and romance are in the air. Storefronts are decorated in bubblegum pinks and reds. Flower shops promote their special bouquet arrangements at discounted prices. Even your favorite hole in the wall coffee shop has fallen prey to the spirit of cupid as they announce their new strawberry shortcake dessert and heart-shaped scones.
In lieu of staying home for the third night this week, your boyfriends escort you to dinner at an upscale restaurant in the city. They treat you to a five-course meal and a bottle of wine even pricier than the dinner itself. One would think, after three years of dating, you would no longer be caught unawares by their spontaneity. And yet, here they are, once again pulling the rug from underneath your four-inch heels.
Your gaze flickers from Akaashi's tranquil smile to Bokuto's wide grin.
Adjusting the napkin in your lap, you open your mouth to speak, then pause as the right words fail it come. Brain short-circuiting instead, you let out a confused, "Huh?!"
"We're taking you to Italy!" Bokuto repeats, about ready to hop out of his seat with excitement. He looks to Akaashi, "Three nights in Venice, right 'Kaashi?"
"Yes, we decided on Venice after you told us you'd always wanted to visit. Remember Koutarou's birthday last year?"
"But that was like months ago! Did you two honestly hold onto that drunk little confession this entire time?"
"Of course."
It's in moments like these when you are reminded of their history together, first as teammates playing volleyball, and eventually close friends. Not much longer after that, you'd met and fallen for Akaashi, then Bokuto, and thus began the relationship of today. While you find it a little ridiculous, it seems neither of them has any qualms about this trip.
After all, you are their lovely girlfriend. Why wouldn't they want to make your wishes come true?
Bokuto claps his hands, eyes sparkling. "Everything's already planned out, babe, so don't worry your pretty little head, okay?"
You can't argue with that. Reaching over, you take Bokuto's hand in your right and Akaashi's in your left. "Alright, since you two went to all this trouble for me, I guess I'll just sit back and enjoy it."
Venice is just as beautiful as you imagined.
It looks as if it's floating upon blue-green waters with lots of sunshine, beautiful architecture, and a vibrancy that makes it feel like the city has a life of its own. You are grateful you didn't come by yourself. There is no way you would've enjoyed it without Akaashi and Bokuto at your side.
"We're about a ten-minute walk from Piazza San Marco," Akaashi says as he taps his glasses. His sharp gaze is locked on the map in his hands, likely committing most landmarks and details to memory. "Would you like to check it out?"
"Yeah! Let's do it."
"Off we go, go, go!"
Thus, a majority of your first day in Venice is spent sightseeing.
The three of you take a gondola ride through Canale Grande, then have a peek into the Gallerie Dell'Accademia at Akaashi's insistence, though naturally, you wouldn't have come all the way to Italy and not visited at least one art museum. Afterward, the three of you go to the Le Mercerie shopping district and buy gifts for your friends before finally taking a pit stop for the most delicious gelato in the city.
The sunsets sooner than expected, casting the entire block in deep red hues. Bokuto's mood is greatly influenced by it, and the jetlag certainly doesn't help. He props himself against you, nuzzling you in a way that says he's itching for a kiss.
"Tired, Kou?"
Bokuto hums. "A little... More hungry than anything."
He leans in and pecks your lips with a sated smile. "Maybe I should eat you. I mean, how is it my girl's so damn cute? Not fair, I can't resist."
You snort at Bo's silliness but can't help shivering a little at the tiny implication of his words. He always did like to lay his head on your thighs, leaving a trail of kisses and love bites where he could.
So, the thought of him eating you out made you squeeze your thighs together.
Akaashi approaches with your frozen treats held between his long fingers; having overheard Bokuto earlier, he tucks his wallet back into his pocket.
"We'll get some dinner after we drop off these shopping bags. How does that sound?"
You eagerly take your gelato from him with a smile.
"Sounds like a plan."
Akaashi nods, standing at your other side, close enough to brush elbows though not as close as Bokuto, who was nearly hovering.
The three of you are in one of the narrow, maze-like streetways, basking in the warm, early evening glow. The sweet taste of fruit and cream on your tongue fills you with so much contentment, especially while being with your favorite people. You aren't sure if anything could top the way you currently felt, and the trip has just barely started.
Upon arriving at your temporary place of residence, a quaint little villa on the waterfront just along the shore of Punta Sabbioni Beach, Bokuto immediately kicks off his sandals, dumps the bags, and promptly falls asleep on the couch.
"It's so weird seeing Kou like this." You remark. "On any normal day, he's brimming with almost too much energy, but now he's all tired."
"Well, he did stay up an entire twelve hours on the plane. It was only a matter of time before fatigue caught up to him." Akaashi picks up Bokuto's shoes with practiced ease and places them by the others.
There is a fond smile running along the edges of his mouth as he tucks a throw around the man's larger frame. You help him adjust a spare pillow under Bo's head and then set off to explore the rest of the area.
It seemed like everything about Venice was taken straight out of a romance film, with its cobblestone paths, gothic cathedral architecture, crisp ocean waters, and authentic Italian cuisine. It is no wonder the city's known to draw hapless souls together in romance. Even you fell subject to it, and by each passing moment, you crave to be with your boyfriends.
You are standing at the balcony overlooking the beach, satisfied with your inspection of the villa when Akaashi comes to stand behind you. He holds onto the railings, caging you in his arms, and rests his chin on your shoulder.
"He was right, you know." He murmurs. "You do look good enough to eat."
Blunt as ever. Apparently, something's never change.
Though one might say that Akaashi is as he's always been after high school and college, there is no denying his boost in confidence. After all, he had landed not one but two rather attractive partners.
He kisses your cheek, then your jaw, before latching onto your neck.
The sun's scenic view on the horizon, reflecting upon the beach sands of gold and shimmering orange waves, makes for an excellent backdrop.
You turn to face Akaashi and pull him into a heated kiss. His lips convey a sense of devotion to you, and with each press of them against yours, you can feel just how bad he's yearning for more.
"Kei," you whisper. "Let's go inside."
In a moment, Akaashi whisks you off your feet quite similar to how Bokuto would, though you both don't even make it to the bedroom.
Your other partner had sat up on the sofa, hair flat on one side, scrubbing his eyelids.
"Guys, I'm freaking starving!" Bokuto groans. "Let's get some food or something."
He doesn't even notice how you and Akaashi are breathing heavy or how your clothes are sporting wrinkles that were not previously there. Regardless, Akaashi has food delivered while you went ahead to shower the day's journey away. There are still two days left. You'd get your chance with them at some point.
Sadly, the entirety of day two is spent indoors. Heavy sheets of rain continue to fall, muddying the shoreline. The three of you huddle on the sofa wrapped in blankets with subtitled movies playing in the background.
Even though you would've much rather been out exploring in the city, just sharing in your boyfriend's warmth would suffice for now. Akaashi hands you a steaming cup of something rich in both color and smell.
"What's this?"
"Just espresso." He takes the empty seat beside you.
You savor the taste while leaning against his shoulder. "Mm, nice."
Bokuto keeps his head on your lap, loving how you thread your fingers into his hair.
It is a tranquil kind of peace that soon lulls you to sleep.
Later, when you finally wake up, it's dark, and you're alone. A blanket had been tucked around your shoulders to shield you from the sudden chill. At some point, the television had been shut off along with every light in the room. You might've been a little scared if not for the voices coming from the second floor. Slowly, you creep up the winding staircase, dragging along the blanket around your shoulders.
"Hey, hey, hey!" Bokuto chuckles. "You're finally up!"
His hair is down, wet from his shower, and he holds a thin towel together around his waist. In his hand is a cellphone, and he doesn't hesitate to shove the screen into your face. "Say hi, Tetsu!"
"Hi Y/N, how's it going?"
You blink slowly, still trying to wake yourself up.
"Kuroo, hey… I'm well. How are you?"
"Great, just about to head out for a late lunch. I hear it's almost ten pm over there."
"Yeah, it's an eight-hour time difference."
You and Kuroo continue to chat while Bokuto towels off his hair and puts on clothes. Afterward, you let Bokuto resume his conversation and join Akaashi on the bed. The man had gone full editor-mode with his glasses propped up in his hair as he read through some work documents.
When you approach, he greets you with a kiss on the cheek. "You look well-rested."
"Is that your way of telling me I have drool on my cheek, Keiji?"
He cracks a tiny smile, eyes taking in your features, then he pokes your cheek with his index finger. "Perhaps."
You scrub the corners of your mouth with your sleeve and drape yourself over Akaashi, work be damned. This was supposed to be a special weekend for relaxing.
"I really wanted to go to the beach today." You pout.
Akaashi interlocks his fingers with yours. "Maybe we still can. It stopped raining a few hours ago."
You hop off the bed and head for the window. He's right, the rain had long stopped, and the beach lay bare, lit by only the moonlight.
Maybe a short walk to the beach would do you some good.
The grains of sand feel cold against your feet without the sun to beat down on them, but you don't complain. The air is humid enough on its own that you forgo wearing actual clothes and instead wear a swimsuit along with Bokuto's old Fukurōdani windbreaker.
You walk along the shore, toes digging into the sand, letting the ocean waves lap at your feet to wash them clean again.
At first, it's so eerily quiet without a soul around except you, but even that doesn't last long. You hear Bokuto's voice bellow into the night as he jogs towards you in nothing but swim trunks. Behind him, Akaashi trails slowly after with a blanket in hand.
"We thought you might want some company." He says and spreads the cover on the sand several feet away from the water, content with just watching.
Bokuto grabs your hand and you go running to the water with him, but a second later, you both come sprinting back.
"It's freezing!"
"S-So co-co-cold!"
You collapse on top of him, fingers splayed across his bare chest. However, when you try to sit up, Bokuto has other plans. He keeps you pressed to his chest with both arms around your waist.
"Let me keep you warm, baby!"
You know he meant it in the most innocent way, but you can't help but think other thoughts. Your nerves fray at the image that blooms in your head and spreads like wildfire.
And as Akaashi strokes your back, you know he's probably read your mind.
It's the way your eyes seem to glitter with want that gives it away. Akaashi has always been rather observant, and so your silent cues are something he's always been privy to.
His nimble fingers curve around the nape of your neck, and he tilts his head to capture your lips in a kiss. This one is unlike the one from yesterday. There is no rush, no desire to quicken his haste; instead, he savors the taste of you like it's something to be thoroughly enjoyed.
Underneath you, Bokuto stirs, growing aroused at the sight of his two lovers' kiss. He can't decide whether he wants to join in or sit back and watch. But his large hand comes down to stroke your ass, resulting in a moan you breathe directly into Akaashi's mouth.
"You're not usually so forthcoming, Keiji," you whisper against his lips. "Eager, are we?"
Akaashi pulls away just enough to pepper your face in feathery kisses. "Can you blame me? When I have such a lovely girlfriend here."
As if confirming his words, he slips a hand under your jacket and cups your breast. The pads of his thumb brush along the seams of your bathing suit, caressing your nipple.
"Kou, let's show Y/N just how much we love her, yes?"
Bokuto didn't need to be told twice. He had been in entranced by you and Akaashi, completely taken by the way your lips danced upon one another. But now, he wanted more than anything to touch you, kiss you, hold you.
Bokuto cradles you in his lap, propping your legs open with his knees so Akaashi can kneel in front of you. It didn't take much for him to relieve you of your clothing, namely your swimming bottoms. But the second the air hits your bare cunt, you feel tense.
You aren't sure what it was, but the atmosphere is different. Both Akaashi and Bokuto are so focused on you, it feels like you're under a spotlight.
"You're so pretty, so beautiful," Bokuto says while squeezing your thighs. His warm breath tickles your ear as he presses his nose into your neck. Next, his lips follow suit. "Wanna fuck you, so bad baby. You'd like that, right?"
His words earn him a chuckle from Akaashi, who merely licks two of his fingers, wetting them and sliding into you. Your mouth parts, shaky breaths barely expelled from your lungs. You're hyper-aware of the fact that you're literally being fingered on a beach in the middle of the night, and you can't bring yourself to care. It feels good to be pampered by the two men you love.
For every moan, Akaashi gives you double for your efforts, thrusting his fingers just right, curving them in such a way that has your back arching off Bokuto, who has also taken to fondling your nipples. With every roll of his hips, you feel his cock against your ass, and it pushes you further into Akaashi's fingers.
Your impending orgasm sweeps by so close and yet so far away. All you can do is rock yourself faster.
"Please," you whimper. "W-Wanna come."
Akaashi crooks his fingers, pressing into the perfect spot that sends you hurtling over the edge. Your cunt spasms around his fingers, clenching in intervals you have no control over until his hand is coated with your wet, slick juices that keep coming the more you squirt all over him.
"She's so wet 'Kaashi. Look at our pretty girl."
Akaashi places a chaste kiss on your forehead with a smile.
"She's doing well, so far. Let's see if she can keep going."
Bokuto shimmies his shorts off enough to free his hard cock. He had been uncharacteristically patient until now, but that was soon to change as he lines himself up with your cunt, teasing you with just the tip.
Your whining is unintelligible, but both men understand you more or less.
"Give the pretty girl what she wants," Akaashi says. He strokes his own hard-on at the sight of Bokuto's pushing past your wet folds. "I know she can take more than that."
Bokuto has always been girthy, and it takes you more than a few seconds to adjust to his size, but when you finally do, it feels like heaven.
The position you're in gives Bokuto all the power to thrust into you like a ragdoll. But it's only when you make eye contact with Akaashi that you realize that it's, in fact, the other way around for him in particular. From where he sits, stroking his cock with flushed cheeks and choked moans, you see just how much control you have over him.
"Kiss me." You moan.
Akaashi doesn't let you repeat yourself. He kisses you long and hard even as you grip his throat with one hand and his hair with the other. He kisses you until his lips are red and bruised.
"Good boy. Both of y-you."
Bokuto groans loudly. "Say it again. Keep saying it!"
"Y-You're both so good. I-" your hips stutter against Akaashi's fingers that are rubbing circles into your clit. "Good, so good-"
That's all it takes to take Bokuto over the edge, blowing his load. "Perfect, so fucking perfect."
You can feel another orgasm swelling up inside your belly. You try to tell them but can't, too overcome by the feeling of your body tingling with desire. It's too much, overwhelmingly so; your vision blurs with unshed tears as Bokuto continues to pound into sopping pussy. Pleasure floods every fiber of your being until you're limp and every nerve in your body is set alight.
Bokuto slips out of you easily, a string of his semen following.
You can only look on in a drowsy haze as Bokuto leans over and kisses you and then Akaashi, working him over with a tight fist.
The following morning, you’re the first to wake, but only because there’s a limb jammed into your back and a heavy weight on your chest. It takes you a moment to realize, but it’s Bokuto’s elbow poking you and Akaashi’s head resting on you.
All three of you are a tangle of limbs in bed, but you aren’t sure how you’d gotten there.
“G’mornin’” Bokuto breathes. His lips caress the column of your neck.
You shift into a more comfortable position. Though doing so presses Akaashi’s morning wood against your thigh.
“Keiji, you awake yet?”
“Mmm barely.” Akaashi looks up at you through his lashes, then smiles and nuzzles closer into your chest.
Bokuto, content with being your big spoon, reaches over to touch Akaashi, hands cupping his cheek. “It’s Valentine’s Day!”
“That’s true, should we do something special.”
Thinking about the previous night, you feel desire stirring in your gut. “Could we just... do it again?”
Both men look to each other then back at you, sporting matching smiles.
“Why not?”
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Tumblr media
A/N: my drabble for @autumnleaves1991-blog writer Wednesday! I had a lot of fun with this so I’m 99.7% sure I’m going to make this a fun little series.
Pairing: Pero Tovar x f!reader
Word count: 860
Warnings: swearing, brief violence
It was hard not to feel free flying down the freeway with your favourite music blasting through the speakers, windows open, wind whipping throughout the car and chilling your heated skin. It was a fucking good day, and those hadn’t been happening as much as you would have preferred lately. It was just nice. The vibes, the sun, the sudden person standing in the middle of the road—
“Jesus Christ—fuck!”
It was too late to avoid them, whoever the fuck they were. Where the hell did they even come from? The sound of their body hitting the bonnet was enough to pull a pained cry from your throat, and your tyres squeal along the road as you come to a sudden stop.
Fuck. Fuck.
Your fingers fumble with the button of your seatbelt, harshly tugging the strap away from your body before flying out of the car and into the heat of the day. You run to the unmoving heap on the road, praying to whoever’s listening that you didn’t just kill someone.
“Please don’t be dead, please don’t be—”
A groan.
Oh my god.
Thank fuck.
“Are you okay?” You bend at the knees slowly, cautiously moving a hand to the armoured shoulder of the stranger. The hell is he wearing? You don’t have time to think. Your back quickly meets the rough, burning surface of the road and suddenly the cool tip of a blade is pressed against your throat.
Maybe you should have killed him.
Now you were going to die in the middle of nowhere.
You hadn’t even caught up on MasterChef.
The man’s clearly pissed, and you can’t exactly blame him. His eyes narrow viciously in on you as you swallow nervously, his face curling into a snarl before he focuses on you. You see the confusion melt into his dark stare, see the way his brows pinch as he studies your flimsy sundress and the bare skin you were seemingly unashamed of flaunting.
His head tilts. “Are you a whore?”
You don’t think twice.
Sharp heat flares across your knuckles and you relish in the pained grunt he gives when your fist meets his cheek, his heavy body sliding from you and giving you the chance to stand. Hands on your hips, you glare down at him as he blinks in slight surprise, face puckering in the harsh rays of the sunlight.
“Don’t say shit like that, you fucking animal.”
He stays quiet, observant, eyes studying you from head to toe as he speaks. “You’ve got a filthy mouth on you.”
“Women swear dickbag. Get over it. I hope that hurt—both my punch and my car. Dick.” You turn, shaking your head as you return to your vehicle before a hoarse voice has you pausing.
“I—I do not know where I am.”
You shrug, unbothered. “Cool.”
“My horse, my... my friend, I don’t—” his head swivels, frown deepening as he stands. You eye his outfit, and the incredibly realistic looking weapons mounted on his back.
Horse? Who the fuck would have a horse out here? Maybe you hit him harder than you originally thought. Shit. Maybe he needs a doctor.
“Are you filming a movie or something?”
He blinks at you. “A what?”
Jesus. Okay. He needs medical attention.
You sigh, marching back to him and pointing an angry finger in his face. “I’m taking you to a doctor, but you listen to me, any funny business and I’ll fucking punch you in the dick—clear?”
“You are a frightening woman.”
“Damn straight. Now get in the car.”
He follows you and stands like an idiot at the side of it. You gesture to it, raising a brow when he merely frowns.
“Are you gonna get in?”
“I—I do not know how. Is it some sort of carriage? How does it move?” No horses? How would it work?
Your face twists as you stare at him from over the roof of the car. “Are you on drugs? Pull the handle.”
It takes him a few minutes and you can’t help the way your face betrays your absolute bewilderment. You didn’t hit him that hard, did you? He seems to genuinely not know what the fuck he’s doing. You slide into the drivers seat and watch him shift in his the passenger side, his weapons scraping along the roof of your car as he sits cautiously on the aged leather, eyes narrowing in on the dash and the way music falls softly from the speakers.
He isn’t faking this. This was more than a concussion. He had materialised out of nowhere. You were sure of it. Originally thinking it was a trick of the mind with the heat of the day, you had dismissed it, but now replaying it... it had you completely in disbelief. He had just appeared, like a hole had opened somewhere and he had just fallen through it.
“Who are you?”
“Tovar. Is this sorcery?”
You look at where he appeared from in the rear view mirror, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. You blink, eyes moving back to him. “I—I think so.”
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The Runt (Request)
Marvel Cast x teen!co-star!reader
Genre: fluff
Request Description: Hi! Can I request a story where the reader is the new youngest actor in the MCU and how different people react to that and treat them? Thanks :D
Warnings: language
(A/N): this is written as a headcanon, hope thats ok :) 
Tumblr media
You were the youngest by far
RDJ was of course involved in choosing you, just as he was Tom Holland
“That kid’s great. Let’s go with her” was all he said and-
Your life was changed forever
You were super nervous the first time meeting them all (at some random ass dinner at a super fancy restaurant) 
But you just tried to be yourself 
Which worked out for you because you’re a pretty great person :)
You immediately befriended Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan because of your mutual “hate” for Tom Holland
You and Tom had this dynamic where he’d be the poor and bullied costar, and you’d be the young, confident and superior actress
(Of course it was all jokes, and you both found each other pleasant)
Sebastian and Anthony basically adopted you right from the start
They dragged you into all their pranks because you were so sweet, yet so EVIL
They even tried to do a heist (you were stealing a copy of the script to Endgame)
You had a whole plan Mission Impossible style!
But you failed miserably when Tom ratted you out
That bitch
Most of the cast members (being old and out of touch) asked you for advice on technology and pop culture
In particular Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner
“What is a ME-ME?”
“Y/n, help, I can’t unlock my phone”
“What does this button do?”
And you’d always just mumble something about them being hopeless, old men
But you loved them, and their cluelessness was kind of adorable
Even in interviews when they didn’t understand something, they’d say “better ask Y/n about this later”
Your role in the movie had most to do with Captain Marvel
So during filming you became very close with Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson
Which, by the way, you’re so cool, you’re friends with Samuel L. Jackson???
Samuel taught you boss bitch energy
So did Brie to be honest
She helped you a lot with your understanding of women and the world
Smh Brie’s the only who’s taught you ANYTHING
They’d make dirty jokes around you to see if you’d catch it
And when you would, they would scold you for knowing that lmao
“who the FUCK taught you that?!”
And then there’s Benedict Cumberbatch
The only person with braincells in this entire cast
Benedict actually worried a lot for you
A lot of the cast did, but Benedict probably did most
He was NOT a fan of the whole “I’m a teenager, but I’m a famous actor, woohoo, time to ruin my self esteem” thing
Him and Elizabeth Olsen (the sweetest woman alive btw) made SURE you were staying away from hate comments
And expressed their concerns often
And you’d always assure them that you were fine
And if you weren’t you’d tell them
Because even though you weren’t super fond of opening up to people, they’d made it clear that they WANTED you to if you got sad :(
Benedict helped you with homework too
AGAIN this man is worried for you
Doesn’t want you getting stressed
Benedict is good at helping you with homework, but you can usually just get Elizabeth to tell you the answer to the questions
Because she is weak for your cuteness
And who can blame her???
Generally, most of the cast treat you very kindly
And they worry about you and are protective of you
Don’t be surprised if they’re AMAZED at your acting abilities too
You’re just there to have fun, just going along for the ride
It’s a wild ride for sure, but at least you’re in good hands with the nicest cast of actors and actresses around
And they would always be there for you
Until their contracts end..
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𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐟𝐨𝐮𝐫: 𝐦𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐝𝐨𝐯𝐞
summary: bucky flirts and it's not with you. you don't know how to shut the hell up.
pairing: bucky barnes / f!reader tags: enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, slow burn, relationship built on lies, general dumbassary, character building chapter  warnings: swearing, cats?? (animal not musical), jealously, talk of death/murder word count: 2.1k a/n: sorry this is so late guys. life is CRAZY busy right now and i barely have time to exist. still, i love you and these idiots. here's a lil something. this is also a somewhat therapeutic chapter lmao have fun
read chapter three here!
Tumblr media
Holy hell, your neck was cramped.
It felt like someone took all the muscles and tied them together in one big knot overnight. Are you seriously getting that old? Maybe your dad was right. It was time to invest in some fancy memory foam pillow that he swore by as leader of the middle age committee. Time to start your midlife crisis and buy a car you can’t afford and cry about the good old days.
The one glaring issue, as you slowly woke up and became more in tune with your surroundings. Your head was almost certainly not on your pillow, and you weren’t in your bed.
It all came rushing back like a bat to the head. Bucky asking to watch Grease, Bucky waiting for you to watch Grease with him, the singing, one movie turning into a marathon of beers and catching him up on the newest cinematic experiences of the twenty-first century. He was an unsurprising fan of Top Gun, but the 90’s IT let out a deep-seated hatred of clowns you weren’t expecting.
“They’re fucking creepy! And now this Penny bitch is killing kids? They were wrong back in the ’40s, and they’re wrong now.”
Grease Bucky enjoyed, even though he made a point to tell you that he wasn’t around for the ’50s, but he liked the music, and he laughed at the scrawny kids while mumbling something about Steve.
You didn’t ask. Everyone knew who Steve was, but for once, you minded your business.
Somehow, in the mess of the beer and tangle of blankets, you both must have dozed off on the emerald green couch of your living room—you with your head on his shoulder and Bucky’s hand on the middle of your thigh.
Christ, how did Bucky fly into your life in less than a month and make himself so comfortable?
And weren’t you more bothered by it?
Coffee, you needed coffee because that will clear everything up, and your head won’t be so foggy if the caffeine is running through your veins.
Slowly, you stood up, careful not to wake Bucky as you weren’t entirely sure what his reaction would be if he were startled awake, and you didn’t want to be on the receiving end of the metal arm he so carefully hid. Besides, you got the impression that he didn’t sleep very well.
He could do with some breakfast before you annoyed him for the day.
But of course, Bucky never did what you wanted him to do, and the moment he felt the lack of your body weight against his, he was stirred awake in a pit of confusion and bleary-eyed sleepiness that he hadn’t felt in so long.
He remembered faster than you. The movies, beer, and falling asleep in the early morning after being subjected to so many films he can’t remember half of them. He also knew that his sleep was riddled with the fear of having another nightmare and terrifying you in the process.
It didn’t matter if you were a heavy sleeper or if he was just light on his feet, but you never noticed the time he spent out on your balcony waiting for the sun to come up.
He knew everything you didn’t know — he tried not to focus on how true that statement even was.
“Shit, sorry, I was trying not to wake you up. I was just going to make some breakfast. Do you like Pop-Tarts?” You asked, opening the pantry to the slim picking of your culinary ability. Well, you knew how to cook; you just didn’t have the time most days.
“It’s fine; I’m a light sleeper. Also, what the hell is a Pop-Tart?”
The blue box in your hand paired with the wicked grin was enough to make Bucky believe that Pop-Tarts would be his favourite food. Or maybe it’s just because of the sigh of relief you gave him when he shot a thumbs up over the pastry.
Bucky announced his need for a shower and fresh clothes not long after, but you two made a plan to meet up in two hours at the local animal shelter in hopes of finding him his lifelong furry friend.
What if none of the cats like me?
He texted you not even thirty minutes after leaving. The slight anxiety made you chuckle, a wash of warmth running over you at the words.
Impossible. I like you, and I am much more fickle than a feline.
You’re so weird…. (thanks)
With a hot shower and mental note to do laundry, you stood at the front of the building waiting for Bucky and fully expecting him to sneak up behind you.
“Waiting for someone?” He asked as if on cue.
You didn’t even flinch.
“You know, you’re losing your touch there, Buck. Or maybe I’m just becoming the next super spy.” You teased, laughing louder at his face of disgust.
“Yeah, okay, Dove, let’s get inside before you super spy on anyone else, alright?”
He opened the door for you, the familiar smell of too many animals in one area hitting both of you at once. It was comforting in a way you couldn’t quite describe, but you thought you saw Bucky relax slightly too.
Greeted by the smiling receptionist, you couldn’t help but notice the way her eyes lingered on Bucky for a second too long and the small snort that escaped you at the small action. Mostly, it was the way Bucky leaned on his elbow and gave a grin that reminded you of the smooth-talking men at bars with smiles that should come with warnings.
Alright, so Bucky is a flirt. There are worse things he could be, you suppose.
So then why do you feel a flash of heat run through your body when he laughs at a joke that isn’t even all that funny?
“Mabel, that’s a beautiful name. You don’t hear it much anymore.” Bucky complimented, seemingly forgetting the reason you both even came in here today. Christ, this is why you don’t make new friends in this city.
“Cats,” you blurted out, causing the two to look over at you from where they were wrapped up in their own little world. “We’re here to look at the cats. The animals, not the musical.”
Bucky tilted his head at you, that stupid fucking grin still on his face. “There’s a musical with singing cats?”
“No, people dress as cats. It’s horrifying.”
“Why the fuck would they do that?”
“I dunno, go ask Broadway.”
And just like that, the moment with Mabel seemed to melt away as she rolled her eyes at the small back and forth you both had.
Shortly, a kind-looking gentleman opened the back doors to guide you both into the area where the cats were kept. Each had a large playpen to themselves stalked with food, water and toys. You knew this place well enough that you knew they were taken out and socialized with each other whenever they had the chance.
Each little face made you want to take them home, a particular orange cat melting your heart just a little too much, but none of them seemed to connect with Bucky.
Still, he said hello to each one, kneeling down to the floor and smiling softly when the cat found more interest in one of its toys or the worker.
“There’s only one more cat left to see. He’s been here for a while, I’m afraid. He was found as a stray and remains quite shy around people. We call him Alpine; after finding him in the snow and ice, it only seemed fair.”
Bucky didn’t seem phased. “Can we see him?”
Curled up in a small white ball of fluff at the last cage was a pure white cat with striking blue eyes and a pink nose. Even his ears were pink.
Bucky did what he always had, carefully going down to the cat’s level as if not to spook the poor thing. With bated breath, you stood back and waited for the rejection that was sure to happen.
Only, it didn’t.
Alpine raised his little head when Bucky reached his hand out, and with curiosity, the little cat strolled over to be met with soft pets and scratches. Almost as if he had been doing this his whole life, Alpine pawed at Bucky until the white furball was collected in the sleeve-covered arms.
You had never seen Bucky so enamoured by a thing.
“I guess Alpine made that choice for you, sir.” The worker teased, already gathering up the toys that rested in the playpen before waving you both to complete the paperwork that needed to be done.
With a shrug, it didn’t surprise you much when Bucky handed Alpine off to you to grab the pen and hand over his credit card. “I think we just understand each other, that’s all.” He lamented, clearly not wanting to elaborate much more on that subject.
When everything was finished, Bucky took back Alpine from your arms. As you left the building, you noticed how he barely gave so much of a wave to Mabel.
You weren’t meant for a life of crime.
Seriously, if someone tried to interrogate you, you would crack in the first two seconds. Never mind the torture; you would let up how you stole the lipgloss from Emily in kindergarten.
In your opinion, The Avengers were insane for searching out bad guys and purposefully pissing them off. Clearly, you were not the hero.
You and your mom used to laugh about that when she was still around. Every time you watched a movie and the hero did something stupid, you two would joke about being cowards.
She had told you once that she had no interest in being the main character of any story, as that always came with heartbreak and plot twists. Instead, she wanted to be the background character that everyone wanted to know more about. Clouded in mystery and intrigue, theories roaming about the interest about how important she actually was to the plot—all the while safe in her from harm and the evil way of writers.
On her birthday of all days, you tried not to let those memories become sour.
After all, how do you mourn someone you’ve never buried?
Bucky had taken to bringing Alpine along with him every time he came over. Salem had quickly taken to the white cat, happy to have another feline to play with, and Alpine happily chased Salem wherever she went.
“You’re quiet today. It’s unnerving; you’ve usually done more than this to piss me off. What’s up?” Bucky questioned, your spaced-out approach apparently not doing enough to keep him convinced you were okay.
“You get a break from me, and you’re asking why I’m not bullying you more?”
“I don’t trust you when you’re nice.”
Honestly, you don’t blame him.
“It’s just my mom’s birthday. It’s no big deal, and she would hate to know that I was moping over her, so let’s just forget I said anything, okay?”
It was easier to just be sad on this one day a year and ignore it for the other 364 days. Healthy, maybe not, but it sure was a lot less fucking miserable.
Complaining to Bucky, of all people, who has enough trauma to spread it over five lifetimes, made you feel like an even bigger asshole than you already were. Hell, the entire reason he hung out with you is that he can’t get over the trauma revolving around your mom and his apparent guilt.
“You’re allowed to miss her,”
“Bucky, stop.”
“I think you’re even allowed to be pissed off at her.”
“But you don’t get to push me away because of it, Dove. That’s not fucking fair.”
And like a light switch in the morning, you flipped over.
“Then tell me what the fuck happened! You came into my life for amends, but so far, all you’ve done is tell me some asshat Frederick Solovyov was involved. You can’t even tell me if she’s alive or dead. So don’t come over to me and say I’m pushing you away when you never even let me in.”
To your surprise, Bucky didn’t scream. He didn’t tell you to go fuck yourself and storm out of your life, only leaving you in memories.
Instead, he looked at you as he often did, like he was trying to decide on something that would weigh the world down. Maybe to him, it would.
And then he decided to speak, and you wished he hadn’t.
After all, they do say ignorance is bliss, do they not?
“Frederick Solovyov was involved. I didn’t tell you everything because it’s- it’s not pretty, Dove. Solovyov was dangerous, is dangerous, and I handed your mother right over to him. She never made it out of the building.”
You knew what that meant, you knew what he was saying, but none of it was registering in your head. How could it?
“Frederick Solovyov killed your mother.”
Maybe you should have demanded answers, asked how he knew it was true, how you could believe anything he said to you. In retrospect, you should have done and said a lot of things at that moment.
But if you asked Bucky, you couldn’t even speak, not when you fell to the floor in a heap of sobs and missed breathes while he had just enough time to catch you before you hit the hardwood.
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cocogukkie · 9 months ago
2020 in review: kdramas (the heart fluttering, the disappointing, the saviors of 2020)
it’s december 31st! the new year is quite literally upon us (some of y’all are already in 2021) and my procrastinating self has chosen to upload this today. i’ve always loved these rec lists and I wanted to do one for 2020! this year was a rollercoaster for kdramas with some excellent ones and some not so excellent ones. i watched all of these in 2020 but not all of them were released in 2020.
if you want to use my questions to make your own list please do!! or give your favs in the tags, i’d love to read them. (fair warning, some of these have multiple answers bc i just can’t choose one!!)
drama that made me laugh
When The Camellia Blooms (2019)
Tumblr media
i finally got around to watching when the camellia blooms this year and it. was. so. funny. oh my goodness, the comedic timing in so many scenes was pure excellency and im kinda mad at myself that i didn’t watch this last year. this isn’t just a comedy for those who are interested, its a thriller/romance but its also so fucking funny. definitely watch this if you want to laugh (and be touched bc the emotional scenes in this one are beautiful)
drama that made me cry
Sweet Home (2020)
Tumblr media
hahah….. um this one is gonna go to sweet home friends. i went into this one with zero expectations and the first couple episodes didn’t really wow me? but i kept watching and holy shit fam. this show really picks up story-wise around ep 4 and makes the viewer love a lot of these initially unlikable characters. all i can say is that the end was devastating for me and i cried quite a bit. (warning, there are a lot of mature themes in this one so make sure you look for trigger warnings or send me an ask and i’ll list them all out for you) 
best OST
Itaewon Class (2020) 
Tumblr media
i loved the ost for itaewon class!! the music is just so inspirational and pump up music, its so good. my favorites are ‘you make me back’ by woosung and ‘start’ by gaho.
drama with chemistry royalty (aka the best couple) 
i have three for this one because i just cannot choose one. 
It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (2020)
Tumblr media
we recognize this one as one of the best things to come out of 2020. go moon young and moon kang tae have some of the best chemistry i have ever seen in a drama couple. i waited on the edge of my seat every single week for the next couple of episode just so i could fawn over these two. they work so well together, lift each other up, and so fucking funny together and support one another. while they’re not the chillest couple (lmao) they’re most certainly one with the most personality. they’re so cute and bicker and they just get each other. who could ask for more.
Flower of Evil (2020)
Tumblr media
our badass mom and dad 😭😭. this was another peak drama that came out this year and our married partners-in-crime-but-not-really had amazing chemistry. baek hee sung and cha ji won were so cute as a married couple but they were even more precious later on in the drama after certain things unfolded (no spoilers). they both just get each other and protected one another as well as on the most precious kdrama children this year, their daughter eunha. they were so wholesome, flower of evil is so very worth a watch.
Into The Ring (2020)
Tumblr media
this was one of the more underappreciated kdramas of the year but hoo buddy was the main couples chemistry top notch. they were so friggin cute and i just couldn’t. goo se ra is highkey one of the best female characters i’ve ever seen, she’s absolute chaos, lawful chaos, but chaos nonetheless. her other half, seo gong myung is opposite from her as lawful neutral. he’s just along for the ride that is se ra and loves her. they’re both so very fond and protective of each other and back each other up!! very very cute and you’ll definitely replay more than a couple of their scenes together.
most disappointing
Record of Youth (2020)
Tumblr media
it’s sad but true… i went into this one with so much hope and excitement (i was riding off that ‘psycho but its okay’ high) and i was vastly disappointed. the plot mostly focused on the male lead, and there wasn’t much characterization for the female lead which i didn’t like. honestly, i only cared about maybe 3-4? characters in the whole drama. the rest were absolutely terrible or plain boring and i ended up skipping eps 14 and 15 and just watched the finale. i would not recommend tbh.
drama you can’t really get through
Crash Landing on You (2019)
Tumblr media
this one is absolutely on me, i want so badly to love this one. but i just… can’t seem to get past ep 2? i’ve tried!! i swear, but i just cannot get through it. maybe in 2021, i can try again and i’ll enjoy it more.
drama everyone else liked but was meh
Kairos (2020)
Tumblr media
i though kairos was a bit predictable tbh. i know those of us who did end up watching it really liked it but maybe its because i watch so many crime/mystery shows that this one didn’t really do it for me. the writing is quite solid and everything connects well, i would recommend that those who don’t really watch thrillers, to watch this one. (also the friendship between the female lead and her two friends is suuuper cute and worth it alone to watch kairos)
favorite romance
It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (2020)
Tumblr media
yeah… this one wins again lol. what can i say, i just loved it so much and the main theme of the show is romance (its also a comedy and a mental health/healing drama) all i can say is watch this if you haven’t yet, its definitely worth it!! 
favorite mystery
Memorist (2020)  & Watcher (2019)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i really enjoyed these two mystery dramas. both were super fun to watch and very kinda unique in their own ways. i liked memorist because it was lowkey funny and i liked the relationships between the characters, but most importantly i couldn’t guess the main antagonist by the end! i really thought i knew who it was and then i was completely wrong lmao. watcher was also very good, the main trio had really good chemistry and i really cared about all the characters. (also i’ll never say no to watching seo kang joon) plus the plot twists threw me a bit at the end which is always a feeling i welcome, i love being surprised and wrong (as long as it makes sense)
favorite slice of life
Hospital Playlist (2020)
Tumblr media
oh my goodness, i was late to the hospital playlist party and i regret it because this show is so. so. good. its just a slice of life following 5 friends who are doctors and work at the same hospital together but its so much more than that. this is honestly one of the first shows i’ve seen that are optimistic? in the show, every time i thought a plot was going to play out a certain way (usually negatively, as tends to be life unfortunately) it surprised me by taking the more optimistic wholesome route. characters in subplots changed for the better, became more understanding, chose to do the right thing, etc. if you want a feel good drama where the main characters have wonderful platonic chemistry and just care about each other but is also super funny, watch hospital playlist!! (season 2 is coming out early 2021 and im so pumped)
favorite fantasy
The Untamed (2019)
Tumblr media
this one is a cdrama but i watched it in 2020, mostly because of how many people on the internet were adamant that the rest of us watch this and ngl they were v right. the untamed was very very good and im really glad i gave it a chance and watched it, its also my first cdrama ever. the chemistry between the male leads is honestly what makes this show and its worth the 50? i think? episodes. to be completely honest the fanfiction for the show are peak and if you do watch this, go straight to ao3 and you will not be disappointed.
dramas that saved 2020
The Uncanny Counter (2020) & Run On (2020)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
these two dramas are among those that started airing at the end of the year and will go into the beginning of 2021 and absolutely saved the end of 2020 for me. while neither of these are finished, both have been excellent so far and worth starting. uncanny counter has the best use of the found family trope i have ever seen. i fucking love the four counters and their relationship with each other, how protective they are of one another. they all have amazing chemistry and the actors have amazing chemistry in the making films.
run on has one of the cutest couples that will definitely make my best chemistry list for next year. i didn’t put them on this list bc they actually haven’t gotten together yet but once they do, they’re gonna be freaking adorable, i can already tell. there’s no specific grand events propelling the plot forward, but just following the lives of these unique, interesting and relatable people who have casual yet entertaining conversations with each other. the show is super soft and the main couple are so straightforward and honest (plus theres mutual pining!!)
best dramas of the year
here are my best dramas (and one movie) watched this year, no further explanation given lolol. just watch them and enjoy because these are fucking excellent in the feels department. trust me 💞
It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (2020)
Flower of Evil (2020)
Itaewon Class (2020)
Hospital Playlist (2020)
One Spring Night (2019)
Midnight Runners (2017)
Hot Stove League (2019) 
I hope this gives you some fun stuff to watch!! or convince you to start that drama in your watchlists! 
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foxilayde · 5 months ago
What The Cat Dragged In [Cecil x Fem! Reader]
Summary: You’re a sex worker at the Starlight Inn Motel. Cecil stops by. [This is a fic from the Revenge For Jolly universe, but you needn’t have seen the film to enjoy this fic.]
Word Count: 8.7k
Warnings: Alcohol consumption, drug references, prostitution, cursing, crying, tiddy sucking, exchange of bodily fluids aka breastfeeding, mild violent thoughts towards Cecil, light on the smut, surprisingly heavy on the fluff? For Cecil? Who knew. 18+
Author’s Note: Been workin on this baby for a couple weeks, I was oddly inspired by @blackberries45 when she told me about a smut that grossed her out. lmao. Also, she made me this lovely moodboard! As always, thank you to @propertyofabelmorales for being my smut cheerleader and fellow demon. Also don’t expect this to be something you can sin to, put the vibe away and prepare for some feels.
Tumblr media
Bang Bang Bang
From your position on the cheap comforter of the Starlight Inn, you look over to the door- the source of the insistent knocking, as if the fire emergency sign could tell you who was on the other side. You weren’t expecting anyone, but it’s been a slow day and you’ll take whoever it is, even the cleaning lady. You know she’s got money. Especially if it’s the same bitch from the last time you were here, who definitely stole $40 from your leopard coat when you went out to Tommy’s. You turn down the volume on the tv and sweep your palms together to dust off the Cheeto residue. They really should have a less messy way to eat those things that doesn’t stain your fingers all red. Not exactly sexy for business. 
“Just a minute!” You shout toward the door before they start banging again. Sounds more like a series of kicks than a knock from a fist and you hope whomever it is isn’t angry. You roll up the half eaten Cheeto bag and shove it in the side table drawer with the Gideon Bible. You straighten the duvet, for what reason- who knows. It’s probably not royalty at the door, but still. You wanna be presentable. You’re a professional, after all. 
You check your teeth in the mirror sucking your tongue to the front of your teeth, and readjust your bra to push up your cleavage. Not as sexy as the stuff you used to wear, just a plain black one, good for nursing. Thanks to your post baby body, you went up a couple of cup sizes, it certainly wasn’t hurting business. You smooth out your short denim skirt, and give yourself a little pout and a wink in the mirror before opening the door.
Cecil. With an armful of beer. Yeah. An armful. Of PBR cans. You roll your eyes and shake your head. Well this certainly is no cash cow.
And he looks like shit. Looks like he’s been fucking crying by the looks of it. God, he sure is pretty, but what a lunatic. Certainly not the worst client you’ve ever had, but oh my god his shoes have no laces on them. You shake your head taking in the whole picture of him. Green canvas jacket, a couples sizes too big, dirty fingernails, gorgeous thick curls…. You try not to think about the curls.
You sigh, dropping your posture, dropping your lifted tits and shrug at him, “What the fuck are you doing here, Cecil? I’m working. You know? That thing most people have to do, that’s what I’m doing.”
He sniffles and attempts to wipe his nose on his shoulder, arms still laden with cans of beer. God he had been crying, hadn’t he? Either that or doing coke and you know for damn sure this shoelace-less fool does not have coke money. “I was hoping you’d be here. Tommy said you’d still be here. At the Starlight. Same room.”
You cross your arms and lean against the doorframe, “yep. Some things never change.” You nod to the PBR, “still trying to pay me in warm beer, asshole?”
He sucks in a breath and averts his eyes, “I have money.”
The thing about being a pro is your bullshit detector gets a fucking great workout and you know Cecil is full of shit, it’s almost cute how bad he is at lying. 
“Cecil look at me.” You raise your eyebrows at him as his gaze meets yours and he gives you such guilty sad eyes you’re afraid he’ll start crying.
“Okay! uhhhh, okay, okay, I don’t have any money but I-“ 
You wave him a swift bye bye and go to close the door. Where he promptly sticks his fucking lace-less shoe between the door and the frame shoving his pretty face in the opening “Angel, please, I don’t have any money but I… don’t even want to fuck right now, I don’t, I swear I just wanna talk.”
Part of you wants to crush his stupid foot and face in the door. I mean it’s been a whole fucking YEAR with no word from him. But there’s something so specifically pathetic about Cecil and breaking his foot would be like kicking a homeless puppy. His words are desperate and… almost sound sincere. He might be telling the truth and you figure you owe it to him for history’s sake to hear him out.
You ease up on shutting the door, opening it just a smidge, not an invitation. “Okay, Cecil, against my better judgement I’ll bite. You didn’t come here for a fuck? Why’d you come? Huh? I don’t deal anymore. Not even pills. Not that you’ve got pill money anyway.”
He bites his bottom lip and you suddenly become suspicious that he’s putting on this wounded puppy act to talk his way into your pants… Not that you can blame him for trying, it’s fucking worked on you before, hasn’t it? 
“Can I just. Uuurrghhh, can I just set these beers down, please? Can I come inside please and set these beers down I carried them all the way from Tommy’s.”
You don’t move. Serving him the same stare, full of suspicion. “Not my problem, Cecil.” 
He stomps his foot a little, lips quivering into a frown and, fuck, this isn’t an act. He’s not that good, not cunning enough to play you like this. He truly is this pathetic. Crying in the hallway of the second worst motel in town, arms laden with the second cheapest beer from Wal-Mart, coat two sizes too big, and no damn shoelaces. He gulps and shifts on his feet, he attempts to wipe his eye with his shoulder and you just don’t have the heart to leave this shivering dog in the cold. Especially one as cute as Cecil. Besides, you’re fairly sure if you lock him out, he’d just howl outside the door all night. Or get shit faced in the hallway. Either way, driving away any clients…. You really don’t have a choice.
“I’m going to regret this, but okay,” you sigh, flicking the door open wide, turning your back to him and strutting over to the bed. You plop down in your spot against the headboard and unfasten your hoop earrings. End of the night, it seems. Fucking Cecil, filling up your dance card again without so much as a down payment. “But you sit in the chair. No funny stuff, I’m not in the mood.” You set your earrings down on the night table and bend to unbuckle your heels. Might as well get comfortable, no one here to impress. “You can put your beer in the fridge if you want.” You gesture to the short icebox under the TV. 
“Well look at that, they got a fridge in here now. Did you do that?” He crouches and opens the box, putting five cans inside. Rising and turning, he tosses a can to you, it lands on your lap perfectly, you regard it for a moment before setting it on the nightstand next to your earrings. It’s fucking warm anyway. You shake your head. “Yeah, I uh, actually got Randy to put it in here. Since I’m here so damn often and all. He thought it was such a swell idea, he got one for all the rooms.”
Cecil cracks his beer and takes a long sip, it burns your throat and twists your stomach a little to hear him take such a long pull on a such a warm fucking beer. You try, you really try not to look at his Adams apple bobbing, but you fail and at least you refrain from licking your lips. Instead you shake your head and bring your feet up on the bed, crossing your ankles. 
He smacks his lips and lowers himself into the chair and kicks off his loose shoes easily. Cecil has never been one to make himself a stranger. “Well, some things do change, I guess. Never thought Randy’d be the type to give a shit. What do you know?” He seems better already, a smile cracking across his face, he brings the beer up to his lips for another pull and you wonder why he bothered to put any in the fridge at all if he’s clearly going to down the lot in the next 10 minutes.
“Yep” you mutter lazily, grabbing the remote and flicking to the tv guide channel. “Randy’s going soft on us. Next thing you know he’ll be getting me health insurance.” Cecil nearly chokes on his beer at your joke, emitting the dorkiest chuckle. You try to hide your grin. You kinda missed the puppy dog. You glance over at him, you grab the beer from the night stand and toss it to him. “I’m not going to drink it, here.” He catches the can but his face is marked with confusion. 
“Too warm?” He cracks the can and brings it to his lips. Eyeing you warily, as if refusing alcohol is a sign you’re actually a pod person and you’ve been fucking body snatched. 
You breathe in a heavy breath. You didn’t want to bring it up out of habit. It’s not something you like telling clients, they always look at you with pity. These creeps and losers and dive barflies. Pity. Psssh. Well… it’s not like Cecil is exactly a client, per say, he’d have to pay you for that title. You regard him for a moment and slap your palms to your thighs. “I’m not drinking right now because I’m… I’m breastfeeding, and if I drink, I gotta pump and dump and it’s a whole ordeal that I’m not going through for a couple of warm PBRs. A nice scotch, maybe. But” you nod in his direction “nah”. You look back at the TV guide channel hoping that your casual tone is enough to not bring about a torrent of questions.
“Breastfeeding? You’re pregnant?” Cecil says reverently. You close your eyes and you can feel them rolling to the back of your head.
“No I’m not fucking pregnant, dumbass. I’m breastfeeding, which means I was pregnant, and now I have a baby. That I feed. Get it?” Cecils eyes go wide and he sets the beer on the tabletop and scans his eyes around the room.
“Where- where is he? She?” 
“Um not here! Jesus, Cecil, you think I’d bring a baby to work with me?” You cross your arms and flare your nostrils. You dimly register that you shouldn’t be so aggressive with him, he’s just a stupid bastard who means well. You can tell by the concern etched all over his forehead. 
His eyes go wide, “What… what happened to him? Her?” 
You tilt your head at him. The worry in his puppy dog eyes. He’s very obviously invested in the welfare of this baby he knows nothing about. You remember him being this way about tv shows too, watched in this very room; seeing something particularly sad in a docuseries or on the news…he’d always make comments about things most people brushed off or were too self absorbed to consider. And what’s fucking sadder than a whore’s baby? A strong memory pops up of him crying watching animal planet with you: baby sea tortoises were making their way to the ocean from their beach hatchings; getting swooped up by seagulls on the journey from the sand to the water, he was practically in hysterics when the narrator said only one in fifty babies would make it past the breakers. You breathe sharply out of your nose in a half laugh at the memory of you patting his back, him crying into your shoulder, cursing the seagulls, you remember thinking you weren’t charging him nearly enough for this shit. 
You loosen up your crossed arms till your hands fall to your lap. "He… is at my parents place.”
Cecil nods at you, waiting for you to continue. Leaning towards you, elbows on his knees.
“Uhhh, they’ve been taking care of him for the most part. Making sure I’m clean. They keep giving me piss tests… I stay with them, when I’m not here. I’ve been off the hard stuff ever since I found out I was pregnant… I’m keeping off it too, ‘cause I’m breastfeeding.” You bite your top lip. Cecil doesn’t move a muscle besides nodding again, beautiful full lips curved out. He’s so damn earnest, it’s easy to be honest with him. He’s so fucking vulnerable it’s tough to be tough around him. “I… you know I’m actually really grateful for him, for Simon… for needing to feed him, because, through the pregnancy, through 'til well, now. I’ve needed to stay clean for someone else. And I have. And I feel good, really good, Cec.” You nod at him, a little shocked by your honesty. You give him a little smile. 
He rubs his chin, same dumbstruck expression, he closes his mouth, gulps and nods towards your chest. “Thats why your tits are so big.” You laugh and a great big grin breaks out across his face and he guffaws so heartily. “thought you had work done!” You bite your bottom lip and toss a pillow at him, he blocks it with his forearm. 
He smiles at you warmly, glassy eyes squinting from sincerity. “Congratulations, Angel, I’m really really happy that you’re feeling good. You deserve to feel good.” He smacks his lips and takes the beer off the table taking another long pull, he burps and pounds his fist to his chest. “You always make me feel good. You’re really good at that, Always so nice to me.”
You scoff and give a high pitched laugh, “Cecil, I’m not that nice to you.”
He runs a hands through his messy curls. Don’t think about the curls. “Nicer to me than anyone else around here… I missed you. Thought about you a lot while I was away.” His stare becomes distant and takes another sip of his beer.
You clear your throat, “where were you? I mean, I heard things, you went away… like to a hospital?” You squint at him, people talk, they always fucking talk and you learned you can’t trust people as far as you can throw them. But the stuff they said about what happened with Cecil a year ago, well it made fucking sense. The man needed help.
He shakes his head and drags his hand through his thick hair again. Stop. Stop thinking about it. He lets out a shaky breath and you think he might cry again with that pained look in his eyes, “I.. I um” he blinks rapidly and you try to offer him that same look of concern he gave to you when asking about Simon. “I had some trouble, you know, and I had to go away. I went away and… and it was good for me, you know. I needed it.” He presses his lips together and you’re sure he’s going to fucking cry now. “Its been so… so fuckin… I don’t know which way is up sometimes, you know. And I’m sorry I didn’t get to, you know, say goodbye or tell you where I was, I just- needed to…” He laughs suddenly, mirthlessly, and shrugs his shoulders before burying his face in his hands. 
You wanna reach out and pat his shoulder. Tell him it’s going to be alright. The same way you want to pet a puppy thats about to be put down. 
“I-I know I… I don’t have any money.” He holds his palms up, tear tracks down his silly pretty face. “But, but how much is it to just hug you, Angel?” He sniffs and his bottom lip quivers and you nearly sob yourself at the wretched sight. 
You shake you head and pat the space on the bed next to you. “C’mere, Cee.” You think he might break apart with the relieved sob that eeks out of his chest. He slowly bends forward to stand and makes his way to the bed. He curls up next to you on the cheap duvet burying his face in your lap and you pet his luscious dark curls that you most definitely shouldn’t be thinking about. He shakes a hot sigh into the fabric of your denim skirt and you pretend to watch the menu of the TV Guide but are so helplessly and utterly thinking about his curls as they glide through your fingers. 
“Shhh, Cee. It’s okay, sweetie. You’re okay.” This has got to be an effect of fucking motherhood, right? The nurturing hormones. Maybe not. You remember a year ago, holding him just so, comforting him about the fucking sea tortoises. And it feels like no time has passed. No time at all. You’re suddenly very grateful for the fact that Cecil is here. That you can hold him. That you can make him feel better, and it just feels like an uncomfortable mix of all the shit your addiction counselor has been telling you. That life is about these moments right here; being present, being grateful for the opportunity to be here for someone else. And this someone else just happens to be Cecil, this man who is so obviously in need. You close your eyes and breathe deeply, continuing to pet his hair, shushing him. Because he needs this. Needs this more than you need $80 for a quick fuck from a John that wont come tonight. “It’s okay, Cecil. You’re alright, baby. Everything is going to be okay.” 
Cecil grips you, but not in a demanding way. He holds you preciously.
“I… I missed you, Angel. I really did. I wrote you letters, wrote you when I was away, but I- I tossed em.” He shifts on the mattress and burrows further into your lap, none of it feels sexual. It just feels like he wants to hide, like he wants to crawl so far away from his problems, somewhere warm and safe where they can never find him. You know the feeling.
“It’s okay, Cecil. Really. It’s okay. Shhhhh.” You pet those forbidden curls. You even bend over and kiss his temple. Total mothering instinct, right?
He turns over, onto his back, his head in your lap, and looks up at you. So pathetic, you nearly want to put him out of his misery. He sniffs like a little boy and drags his dingy green sleeve across his nose for good measure. “You’re a mom now. That’s… wow, thats fucking wild.” He giggles and you think he must be a little stoned. Whatever. You smile at him and nod. 
“How old is he? Simon.”You don’t know if he’s asking out of politeness or sincerity… but you do know, there’s nothing about Cecil that’s fake, you know that at least that by now.
Another heavy breath. Out of practice. “He’s four months old.”
Cecil nods like he knows anything about 4 month old infants and asks you in all seriousness, “Can he talk?” 
You stare into his red glassy eyes for a moment before responding. “No. Not yet. He’s pretty useless right now. He just eats, shits, cries, and sleeps.” 
Cecil laughs out of his nose, “sounds like me”.
“Yeah, but you’re pretty good at talking, too.”
“Do you know… um, do you know who the father is?”
Your expression turns grim. Even as stupid as Cecil is, he should know, from obvious fucking context clues, that you have no idea. You’re a whore. The potential paternity test candidates would put every bitch on Maury Povich to shame. 
You shake your head. “No. I don’t. And as far as I’m concerned, he doesn’t have one. Also, it’s none of your fucking business, Cecil.” 
You know he doesn’t deserve the vitriol you’re spitting at him. Fuck, in the reverse position, you’d be asking the same fucking questions.
“I’m sorry, okay, I didn’t mean anything by it. I just… I just…” he rubs your shin with one hand and his eyes seem to be very focused on your knees. “If… it was. If he was…” he switches his gaze and looks into your eyes with such god damn purpose. “I’d want to help you. Any way you’d let me.”
You swallow any sentimentality right down your god damn throat. “Well, Cecil, it’s not. He’s not.” You bite back those traitorous tears and give him a firm nod. “He’s mine. Just mine. And I don’t want you to ask me about him any more.”
Cecil nods in the affirmative and stares at you for a long silent time, a hiccup of his breaks the silence and he sits up. "I’m going to get a beer. Save my seat.” He points at your lap making his way over to the little fridge.
“Get me one too.” 
He jerks his head back and blinks at you. “You can’t, remember? You gotta… pump and dump? Isn’t that what you said? I don’t know what the fuck that means but… it sounds horrible.”
“Just toss me a beer, Cee. Let me worry about it.”
He holds up his hands in surrender before he tosses you a semi-cool beer, landing in the same spot on your lap as the one previously. 
“Whatever. It’s your pregnancy.”
“I’m not pregnant, idiot.” You huff out, cracking the can and making room for him to rest his head on your lap once more. How the hell is he going to drink his beer laying down?
He climbs back onto the bed and nuzzles into your lap, making himself right at home. He is, admittedly, really god damn adorable like this. His can of beer abandoned at the foot of the comforter. You chug the shit beer, trying to get it down your gullet before it gets any warmer. You down the whole thing faster than you can remember ever having done before. Damn, maybe your body was calling out to it. 
“Giddy up, cowgirl!” Cecil praises beneath you. You have the sudden urge to crush the can against his skull, but you don’t do it. He’s really not so bad with those big brown eyes staring at you… which you only now register are as dangerous to think about as the god damn curls. 
He shifts and grabs the can from the foot of the bed, passing it to you. “Think you deserve this more than me.” He winks at you with his whole damn face and its a weirdly soft gesture for him to make. You curl the tab under your middle finger, savoring the hiss and crack of the carbonation. 
You lick your lips. “So,” you take a long pull from the lukewarm can and burp “did you really walk all the way here from Tommy’s? Just to see me?”
In an odd display of insecurity, Cecil buries his head in your exposed thigh and plays with the pilled fabric of the cheap duvet. “I did. I walked here from fucking Tommy’s” his hot muffled speech makes you giggle and you take another long pull on the beer.
“With an armful of PBR?”
“And you weren’t trying to fuck me?”
He turns back around, forbidden curls resting in your seated lap, and he crinkles his nose. “No. No, Angel, I’m not tryna fuck you. I just… I just wanted this.” And he throws his arms around your middle and buries his nose in your navel. “I missed you so much. When I was away. And now I get to hold you and I don’t wanna let go.” He clutches you tighter and you wanna eject right out of your body. You don’t know why exactly. The tight intimacy he’s giving you isn’t a fuck or a smack on the ass or a hand to the throat, but it makes you almost nauseated and you wish the feeling were as simple as any of those clear violations so you’d have a reason to be upset.
You push his arms down your sides to loosen his grip. You don’t verbally acknowledge his sentiment. Instead, you drain the rest of the PBR and toss the can to the ground. That bitch can clean it up tomorrow with her $40 tip.
Cecil is kissing your clothed belly and rubbing your back and the only thing you can feel is fury. He’s trying to weasel his way into a fuck. You fucking knew it. This may have worked on you in the past, that smile, the kisses to your navel, those damn stupid curls, those puppy dog brown eyes. But it’s not working tonight because you aren’t the same stupid girl he knew last year. You smack the side of his dumb curly head pretty fucking hard. Hard enough to earn a “aaaaahhhh!”
Cecil rubs his head and sits up, taking his hands off you, but not leaving the bed. 
“Angel?! What the hell?!”
“The fuck you think you’re doing, Cecil?!”
“We were having a moment!”
You laugh, “oh no no no! You, you were having a moment. Trying to weasel way in, like you always fucking do.”
He leans back, further distancing himself from you and wipes his nose with his grungy jacket sleeve. “That what you think of me?” He chews on his bottom lip and you don’t even have the courage to look him in those mangy mutt big brown eyes. “No. No, Angel, no.” He licks the back of his molars before continuing, “every time. Every time something happened between us was because we both wanted it. I never tricked you. I never weaseled in. I like you and you like me. And fucking…. Fucking is just what happens when two people like each other. I’m sorry you got it all fucked up with money now. But that’s not me.”
You’re shocked by his words, and instinctually you try to grab for one solid memory that disputes what he’s saying. But you’re coming up with nothing… he’s right, and Cecil might be a lot of things, he might be broke and dumb, but he is no fucking liar. And he might not even be as dumb as you think he is because he clearly reads everything happening on your face right now.
“I’m not trying to get in your panties. I’m not. I really… I really fucking missed you. You don’t even know. I named my cat after you.”
“Yeah. They gave us cats when we were in there. Something to look after. And I didn’t give a shit, you know, not at first and then… she kind of looked like you. She had your eyes… kind of, and her hair reminded me of your hair… and I-I named her after you.”
A stray dog with a pet cat. How fucked up. He reaches tentatively for your hand and you let him hold it with both of his. They’re surprisingly warm, like his eyes.
“Walked all the way here from Tommy’s, huh? Just to hold my hand.”
“Just to hold your hand.” He kisses your fingers and scoots closer to you. The proximity is… nice. 
“What’s with the shoes?” You jerk your thumb over to his discarded laceless shoes by the table.
“Oh, they misplaced my shoelaces. At the place. When they discharged me this morning they gave me my shoes without the laces. Makes no sense.” He shrugs like he’s as baffled as you are. And you are baffled. Not because of the laces, but because he was discharged this morning and… he came here? His first night of freedom and he comes to see… you? Now, you don’t mind Cecil, but you don’t hold back on the “moron” and “idiot” and “dumbass” monikers. And it’s just outright baffling he’d pick this way to spend his evening. Instead of with Harry who he hasn’t seen in a fucking year, or at Tommy’s or, hell, even with a pro who might’ve boned him in exchange for the warm beer.
You bring your hand to his cheek and rub his stubble with your thumb. Still trying not to think about those tragically brown eyes as he closes them and leans into your touch. He hums against your palm and kisses it. He squeezes his eyes together really tight like he’s trying to remember the word for something or trying to hold onto a dream and he asks you, “can I rest my head on your shoulder, Angel? Would that be okay?” 
His face looks pained and you wrap your fingers around the nape of his neck and bring his head down to your cleavage. You know he asked for a shoulder, but god damn if ever a lonely sap needed to rest his head on a pair of tits, it was this poor fool. The sigh he breathes out is so whiny you snort a little and shake your head. His arms snake around your middle and you don’t have any urge to loosen his grip. He’s not holding you too tightly, he’s rubbing you very gently with his, yes, slightly dirty, hands. It’s sweet and you can feel his warm breath on your cleavage when he asks “are you sure this is okay?”
Your eyebrows knit together, you know its been a whole year, but you don’t remember Cecil being so unsure like this, so whiny, and you have to imagine the life he’s been living for the past year hasn’t been great- like no shit, he’s been on the verge of tears since you opened that door, but no, even before that, right? He had to have been crying, arms laden with beer, walking over here, all down Florin street, in the fucking dark. Heels snicking out of his lame shoes. 
When you bend your head to inhale his scent, he smells like PBR and cheap soap. You do it like on instinct. Smelling him the same way you do to Simon’s head.
You smooth his curls with your palms, soothing him from his forehead to the nape of his neck and he chokes out a little sob, just a tiny one, like a hiccup. He flexes around you for a split second and presses a quick kiss to your chest. 
“Yeah, that’s okay Cee.”
You can feel his smile over your heart and the cheeky bastard kisses your chest again, this one a little slower. “That okay?”
You slap his shoulder lightly and roll your eyes up to the yellowed ceiling. 
Oh what the hell. Who were you? Who were you to deny this man a little affection, when he so obviously needs it? When you so obviously need it. 
“Yeah, Cee. That’s okay too.” You settle back fully against the headboard and Cecil shifts too. Propping up to give himself more of a direct contact approach with the tops of your tits. He kisses the exposed parts of your chest with reverence, with absolute tenderness, every kiss taking about 5 full seconds. You have never, you’re pretty damn sure, have ever been kissed like this before. He’s not groping you either, he’s propping himself up with one hand and the other is resting on your low back, rubbing little circles with his thumb. He lets his lips graze side to side, delicately, breathing you in. 
“Mmmm. You smell so nice, Angel. Like flowers and laundry. I love that smell.” He buries his face in the valley of your cleavage and inhales deeply, his voice is muffled, “I don’t remember you smelling this good.” He kisses the same spot between your tits over and over again. 
“Probably because I stopped smoking last year too.” You rub his back lazily. You don’t want to look at him, at his pretty eyes or the top of his fluffy hair, so instead you look at the little police chase happening in one quarter of the screen of the TV guide channel. He grips your shoulder and kisses your neck.
“You stopped smoking for Simon, huh?”
You nod.
“You’re a good mom. Your son, he is lucky to have you.”
You tear your eyes away from the TV to look down at him, despite knowing what you’ll find; his head resting on your chest, liquid brown eyes and lovely curved lips. The scrape of his facial hair feels so nice on your soft skin, you close your eyes and hum. His fingers make their way to the neck of your tight, low cut top and he tugs the material down just a little to give himself a tiny bit more access to you. 
“This okay?”
You keep your eyes closed and nod, bringing your fingers up to his head and engcouraging his kisses by rubbing his scalp. It’s somehow much easier to enjoy this without looking at him. 
“Lift your arms, baby.”
You lift your arms and Cecil easily pulls the top over your head. You drop your arms, eyes still closed, you think you hear him… fold? The shirt? What did they do to him in that hospital?
“You’re so beautiful, baby. So beautiful. Even more beautiful than I can remember. You know,” he brings his face back to the valley of your chest and he starts to fumble with the bra clasp behind your back. “I had to jerk off to my imagination for the past whole year. They don’t give you porn in there. I got really…” he unclasps the bra and it’s instantaneous relief, “good at it.” 
The cool air hits your nipples and you can feel them perk up, you can also feel that you’re leaking a tiny bit, Its been a little while since you pumped and you’re fairly certain Cecil’s crying activated your “feeding time” response. 
He pulls the bra off you and folds(?) it before sweeping a thumb across your wet nipple. “Oh wow. Oh my god.”
Judging by Cecil’s voice and the sweeping motions he’s making with his thumb, you’re pretty sure he falls in the camp of “fuck yeah” with your condition. Some clients don’t like it at all, the milk, and prefer you keep the bra on, some don’t mind and just wipe up whatever happens to dribble on them during the act and then a select few are actively into it and it shouldn’t surprise you that Cecil is one of them. Orally fixated, in need of a good hug, a born nuzzler. 
“Can I… can I taste you? I won’t take much, I swear I don’t want to take food away from your baby, but…. Can I taste you?” He asks you so carefully like he’s talking around a rising soufflé, like the wrong word might make you deflate, slap him, and put your bra back on. 
You laugh and reach out blindly for his head, bringing his mouth to your nipple. You gasp when he latches on and you moan from the sensitivity. It’s so different, it’s so so god damn different when you get sucked by him compared to a baby, it’s just a whole different experience. With Simon it’s love and quality time, it’s bonding, it’s nurturing, you make Simon feel safe and he looks at you like you hang the stars… This, this is fucking different. This is thigh trembling, lip quivering. This is lava flowing in your stomach. 
You scratch the back of his scalp lightly. “Taste as much as you want, I needed to pump anyway, you’re actually doing me a favor.” Your chuckle turns into a whine when he swirls his warm tongue around your peak. So fucking sensitive. “Ah, fuck Cee, that feels really fucking good.” You’re resting the back of your head against the wall, eyes closed, and you’re in heaven. It’s not.. making you horny exactly, it feels more like a great relief, like the world’s best foot rub or back scratch or something. With every suck it just keeps feeling better and better. Well maybe you’re a tad horny. He’s just sucking with such fucking care and he’s moaning too, at the taste, the taste he wanted to try so badly.
He sucks harshly and your nipple falls from his lips with a pop. “Oh, baby. That’s so so good. It’s so… sweet, I didn’t think it’d be sweet. Is that all women or just you?” He rubs his thumbs along the underside of each of your breasts, he doesn’t go back to sucking so you open your eyes. He appears to be… looking back and forth between your tits and mutters, “Can I try the other one?”
What a fucking dork. “I think they’re the same flavor.” You almost tack on a ‘dumbass’ to the end of your statement, but you decide against it. After all, you’re ‘nicer to him than anyone else’. What a trip. 
“We’ll see about that”, he wiggles his eyebrows and shucks off his jacket, leaving his arms bare in a plain grey undershirt. He tosses the jacket to the chair he was sitting at earlier and misses. 
“Here, scoot forward a little,” he reaches behind you to prop up a few pillows. “Okay, lay back.”  You’re at a nice 45 degree recline, head and back supported by the pillows. “Comfy?” You nod. Cecil grins and lays himself across your bare torso, mouth latching onto your other nipple with a satisfied moan. Fuck, sweet relief. It’s like he’s sucking all the tension out of your body. Its been a LONG fucking time since you’ve felt so… appreciated? You, almost instinctively, curve your arm around Cecil’s head, soothing his curls away from his forehead and you allow yourself to look at him. Really look at him. He’s sucking at you, so slowly and deliberately, like he’s trying to savor you, like the intentional kisses he rained on your chest earlier. He’s drinking from you like he was telling the truth, like he really did just come here to hold you. And he is holding you. One arm underneath you and the other resting on your ribcage, dragging his fingers in a curling and unfurling motion. He could be shoving that hand down your panties if he wanted to, you probably wouldn’t stop him if he did. But he’s not. His eyes are closed and his lovely long lashes rest on his cheeks. He’s humming with contentment, not moaning with pleasure, hot breath fanning your chest loud and sharp through his nose. His lips looks so fucking pretty, pursed around your peak and he uses his teeth just the tiniest bit with his tongue on your bud and the pleasure from his gentle scrapes makes your breath a little shaky. 
You drag your nails across his scalp and twist his locks lazily between your fingers. You thank him in your mind for keeping those eyes closed because despite selling your body on a daily basis, you’ve never had so much real intimacy in your life, and you don’t think you could physically contain another ounce of it. And you know, you just know if he looks up at you from this position, you might just fall in love with him. 
This is like being back on the good stuff, the buzzing in your head, the stunted sucking sounds are just primitively soothing like being high and the last time you felt like that was a whole little lifetime ago. And that was a manufactured euphoria. This one is the real deal, meaning of life type shit. And you want to cry it feels so good. You think he’s going to do something to fuck it up, he’s going to say something stupid to shatter the humming glowing feeling in your brain. But he doesn’t. Cecil rubs his stubble on your breast and diligently drinks from you while he holds you and you hold him. 
He opens his eyes and releases your nipple from his wet mouth, “I think this side is sweeter.” He grins with all his teeth, you bite your bottom lip and drag his head by the curls to your other breast. He’d drank enough from one side and you need him to even it out.
“Better make sure of that,” you stroke his cheek bone reflexively and he’s sucking with his mouth, but laughing with his eyes. They’re all crinkled and you look into them. Into those coffee eyes soften, the folds that formed with mirth smooth out with every passing moment your eyes lock with his. They turn big and round and become a very familiar pair of eyes. And it’s not so different at all. That look that Cecil gives you is so familiar and you wonder if there aren’t permanent bonding chemicals in the milk or something because the warmth in your brain, that buzzing, has seemingly turned in Cecil’s favor very quickly. Not 30 freaking minutes ago you were thinking of smashing his pretty face in the door and now look at that face, those honest tear-tracked eyes… Love. Fucking love staring up at you. You’ve still got your skirt and panties on, but this is a whole new naked you’re feeling. Not like a lack of clothes, but like you don’t have any skin. Big brown eyes you can’t swim out of, and-
 then your fucking phone rings just in time, breaking the little spell. Thank God.
You tap his cheek. “Would you get that, for me please? It could be my mom about Simon.” You weren’t worried about Simon explicitly, but you always worry about him at like a base level amount- especially when you’re apart. Something about having a kid just puts all these nightmare scenarios in your head sometimes about the scariest shit, and you wouldn’t be able to enjoy another second of Cecil without calming that fear. Plus it’s never a good idea to ignore a phone call from mom; you’ve been clean for nearly a full year, but she still doesn’t trust you completely and you don’t exactly blame her. She’s been known to call at this hour just to hear your voice: to make sure you’re not doped out.
Cecil unlatches from you with a little petulant groan and gets up to retrieve your phone from where its charging by the TV. It has stopped ringing by the time he reaches it. He unplugs it and freezes. His back is to you, you know he’s holding your phone and is head is down and he’s not moving a muscle. The fuck is he doing?
“Cecil. Give me my phone…. Please.” You tack it onto the end, for some reason you have a desire to be at least a little kinder to the guy.
Still nothing. He’s like a human dial-tone with the response he’s giving you. What could he even be looking at? Its not like he knows your password and he’s looking at all the fucking relentless dick pics past clients seem to think it’s sexy to send you…. All he would be able to see is the date, the time, the number that just called, and the lock screen- oh… oh. 
“Cecil. Phone. Please.” Your voice comes out a little nervous. A little hesitant. But still trying to maintain control of the situation. 
He turns around and you should have suspected he’d be at it with the water works again. Of course. He’s going to make this about him, isn’t he? Selfish fuck. You hold out your hand and let him know with your expression and tone that you’re not going to put up with his little wounded animal act. “Cecil. Give me my goddamn phone.”
After a few blinking moments and a particularly pitiful pout Cecil puts the phone in your outstretched hand. He paces over to the table and back to the TV, then round to the closet, coving every inch of carpet in his socked feet, hands clutching at his curls; looking like he needs another year back at the hospital. 
The missed call isn’t from your mom, it was a spam call and you really fucking regret having Cecil pick it up for you. If some robot routed from Minneapolis hadn’t just called you, you’d probably be making out on the bed with Cecil right now, kissing those pretty, warm lips and grinding into his thigh. That was the next step, and though you denied it before, you knew it. Instead he’s crying and pulling his hair out. 
“Cecil, sit down.” You sigh. “Get yourself a beer and sit the fuck down.”
Cecil doesn’t appear to have heard you. He does stop clutching his curls, he drops his hands to his sides, palms out in a defeated stance. His voice is cracked and feeble. He’s not angry. He’s… sorry.
“Of course you didn’t fucking tell me. Why? Why would you tell me? I wouldn’t tell me. Look at me, fuck. Fuck.” He plants himself in his chair by the table, his hands go back to his hair and clutch at the curls and he laughs for a moment. “I don’t have a car, I don’t have a job, fuck, I’m fucking crazy and oh yeah, look at that, I don’t even have any shoelaces.” He kicks the shoe temperamentally and it thunks against the nightstand. “I don’t have a shoelace to my name, no shit, no fucking shit you didn’t tell me about him…. Fuck.” He buries is face in his hands. “He looks… He looks…” 
Cecil is unable to finish the sentence, but you know what he’d say if he could. That Simon looks like him. You weren’t sure at first, who he looked like, but in this past month, Simon’s curls have really come in. They’re especially prominent in the photo on your lock screen. As are the large deep eyes. And the timeline just… adds up. He was already a front-runner before the attributes manifested themselves. Besides, there aren’t too many other clients you’ve let use the Pull And Pray method of birth control.
You want to comfort him, but you really don’t know how he must be feeling. What combinations of words will make anything better? This was never part of the plan. You promised yourself you’d be doing this all on your own.  Plus he had been gone. The whole damn time. You didn’t know if he’d ever show back up at your door. Didn’t even give him the credit to think this would even mean anything to him. You feel pretty small for that. Considering how much having Simon has meant to you. Cecil is not some rabid dog on the porch who should be watching the warm glow of love through the wrong side of the glass on a bitter cold night… he should get the chance to feel that too, right?
“Cee, come here.”
He shakes his head slightly.
“Please?” You don’t expect your voice to break the way it does and the sound makes him look at you. He must see something in your face because he makes his way over to the bed and goes back to his spot with his head in your lap. You think you should put your bra back on for this conversation, but you’re actually very fucking comfortable like this, especially with the weight of Cecils head on your lap and his hand reaching around to rub your low back.
You smooth his hair and he leans into the touch, giving a little shaky breath. Poor guy must be exhausted, helluva fucking eventful day for him.
“So,” you clear your throat, wanting to choose your words carefully. “I don’t know for sure that he’s yours… obviously, I never had you or anyone take a test or anything-“
“I’ll take any test you need me to take, I’ll do it right now.” His muscles tense like he’s prepared to hop up from your lap, however many beers deep, and go to a doctors office at 1am.
“You don’t… uh, Cecil, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Okay, I’m not saying you’re a bum, I’m not saying that, I’m saying it was my decision to keep Simon. So I live with that. I know you’ve got a lot on your plate now. A lot to figure out. And I’m not asking you for child support or anything, okay.” You keep smoothing his hair and rubbing his cheeks and beard with your thumb.
“I want to take the test.”
You pause for a moment to appreciate that there’s no going back now, that depending on the result, the trajectory of Simon’s life and upbringing is going to change dramatically if you agree to this. “Okay, Cee. You can take the test.”
Cecil grips your hips with his bare golden arms and pushes his face into your navel “I hope he’s mine.”
Your chin trembles and you try to fight it, but before you know it, you’re the one fucking crying now. A sob rips out of you and it’s big and ugly.
Cecil hears your sob and sits up and for the first time tonight he’s the one cradling you. He props you so you’re tucked safely under his arm and you huddle close to his chest. You release your tears into the material of his ribbed grey shirt. You’re just so… fucking relieved. You’ve had to pretend to be this strong single parent for so long. You act out this story with everyone, you play the bad bitch, just you against the whole fucking world but maybe you just needed to cry and be told with lips and eyes and arms and words- that you are wanted. 
“Shhh, shhhh.” He’s smoothing your hair with his big warm palm and rocking you just a little, and it is actually very reassuring- it’s a great testament to why the motion works on Simon when he’s crying and you laugh a little at yourself for feeling like such a baby. 
“I don’t want to take the test.” His words don’t match how tenderly he’s cradling you and your brow creases in confusion.
“You don’t have to, Cee, I already told you. We will be fine.” You know he’s flopping back and forth here, but the man just got out of a freaking mental hospital and for all you know his mental state could be the result of an anti-psychotic mixed with an armful of PBR. 
“No, no, no.” he grabs your face  and cradles you cheeks in his hands, looking at you with those deep warm eyes. “I don’t want to take the test because… I know. I want him to be mine. Okay, is that okay with you? I don’t want to be wrong. I… I see how good it’s been for you, taking care of him and I need something to take care of, you know, like my cat, my Angel cat.”
“A baby is not like a cat, Cecil.”
“You can teach me. I’ll do whatever you need. And I can take care of you, too.” 
The sentiment is sweet, and he says it so earnestly you want to believe him. You kind of do believe him, because Cecil is a lot of things, but he’s not a liar. 
You nod sleepily at him. “We can talk about it in the morning, okay? I’m tired. You must be fucking exhausted.”
He strokes your lip with his thumb. “Can I stay here tonight?”
“Yes, dummy. The invitation was implied. You think I’m going to make my baby’s father sleep out in the hall like a dog?”
Cecil grins and pulls you into a tight embrace, scooting your body as close to his as possible. He buries his face in your hair and kisses the top of your head.
“You think he’ll like me?”
Even though you want to, you don’t tell Cecil he’s an idiot, that four month old babies can’t like or dislike anyone or have opinions or judgements about diddly-squat.  But you don’t. Instead you lift your head to kiss him on the stubbly cheek. “I’ll put in a good word.”
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starryevermore · 4 months ago
red carpet (2) ✧ colby brock
masterlist | send in a request (consult request faqs first)
request: Oh celebrity crush was so cute I loved that!! What if there’s a part 2 like colby and reader go to the premier for tfatws and Sebastian remembers her and that just pisses colby off cause why does he remember her??? - anon
pairing: colby brock x fem!reader
summary: you’re invited to the tfatws premiere and run into a familiar face. 
word count: 1,474
warnings?: this takes place in a world without a pandemic, jealous!colby, not proofread (plz don’t judge too harshly,, this was written in half an hour lmao) 
i DO NOT consent to my works being reposted, translated, or published on any third party site or app. if you see my work posted on any platform that is not my tumblr, my wattpad (starryevermore), or my ao3 (illiterate), it has been stolen and reposted without my permission.  
reblogs and feedback encouraged. 
my blog is strictly 18+. by clicking on the links or read more, you are agreeing that you are an adult. any minors found interacting with my blog will be blocked.
Tumblr media
In some ways, Colby almost regretted taking you to that con to get your photo taken with Sebastian Stan. You’d already had a massive love for the actor and now? Well, that seemed to only increase tenfold. Many of your followers, having known of your love for the actor, teased you when you posted the photo, tagging him and saying that he needs to come “get his girl”. To make matters worse, Sebastian had even liked and commented that it was “so nice to meet you”. How fucking rude. You were dating Colby. If anyone needed to come get you, it was him. Not some really attractive and wildly successful actor.  
It only got worse when you moved into the new Trap House. Not only did he have to see everyone on social media talking to you about Sebastian, but he also had to deal with that stupid fucking picture hanging on the wall, reminding him that you loved that actor almost as much as you loved your boyfriend. The only saving grace was knowing that you would never leave him for Sebastian. And that he’d been the one to get you that present, showing you just how much he treasured you. 
But it all came crashing down when you received an invitation to attend the premiere of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Apparently, Marvel was inviting various fans to the premiere, most notably cosplayers and film/TV YouTubers to get a little free promo for the event. And, as someone who not only had interacted with one of the stars of the show, but also as someone with a sizable following, you managed to make the cut. And, luckily (or, perhaps, unluckily), you also had a plus one for the event. You didn’t even have to ask, the two of you knowing that Colby was and always will be your plus one. 
You’d had a little over a month to get ready for the premiere, and you had big plans for what you’d wear. You decided that your promo for the event would be designing a dress that combined the monikers and overall vibes of both the Falcon and the Winter Soldier and you’d document that process for your YouTube channel. As was the case with the comic con, Colby was there to help you in any way possible. And, as such, he’d even scored a cute matching tie to wear to the premiere. The end result was a gorgeous silver ballgown adorned with red, white, and blue stars. The crowning jewel, though, were the sleeves. They were long sleeves that, when you stretched out your arms, revealed the fabric conjoining them to the rest of the rest. The one on the left was silver with a large red star on it, resembling the Winter Soldier’s original metal arm. The one on the rest resembled the Falcon’s wings, thus tying the two heroes together. 
When you wore it to the premiere, Colby swore he only fell further in love with you. A gorgeous and talented woman? That was his to love and to cherish? Yeah, he really got lucky.
Walking the red carpet was relatively simple, though still nerve wracking. At least, though, you were the focal point, and Colby just had to stand back and let you shine through. And, besides, even then, you two got far less attention than the actual stars of the show. Once enough pictures were taken of the pair of you, you left the carpet and the two of you went off to the side to get a few pictures for Instagram.
“It’s you again! Y/N, right?”
And that’s when the happy night came crashing down. Well, okay, he was being overdramatic here. But...he wasn’t quite as happy as he was before. Colby had to stop himself from groaning when he realized who was speaking and, more importantly, who that person was speaking to. 
You turned, a grin on your face as Sebastian walked up to the pair of you, smiling brightly. You let go of Colby’s hand as Sebastian pulled you into a hug, squeezing you tightly. When the man let you go, it took everything in Colby to not lash out. You’re his girlfriend. He’s the one that got to cradle you in his arms. Not Sebastian fucking Stan. 
The man still held onto your hand, twirling you so that he good get a look at your dress. “You look incredible!” he complimented. “What’re you doing here?” 
“Oh, Marvel invited some influencers down to, like, drum up publicity or something. I don’t know, they worded it really well in the email, and I’m not about to turn down going to a premiere,” you explained, your smile never leaving your face. 
“So you’re an influencer?” Sebastian asked, leaning down in that sort of way that let you (and Colby) know that he was interested in what you were saying. “What do you do?” 
“I’m a cosplayer,” you said. “I have a YouTube channel where I show how I design and make my outfits, and I do like challenges and stuff. I actually made this dress for tonight!”
“Isn’t it amazing?” Colby cut in. It was hard to hide the annoyance in his voice. He figured it was inevitable that you’d be fangirling over Sebastian, but he never expected you to speak to the actor again. And he certainly never expected the man to remember you. Like, what gave him the fucking right? “She’s beyond talented, and if you ask me, she deserves her following and so much more.” 
Both you and Sebastian looked to him, before realization dawned on you. You said, “Oh, I’m sorry! I’m so rude. Sebastian, this is my boyfriend Colby!”
“Hey, it’s nice to meet you,” Sebastian smiled, reaching out to shake Colby’s hand. Reluctantly, Colby took his hand and gave it a quick but firm shake. “And I have to agree. I mean, I’ve only seen her Winter Soldier cosplay and this dress, and I can see that she’s incredible.” He looked back to you, his blue eyes twinkling. “You should go into fashion designing!”
“That’s a lot of work,” you laughed. “No, I do this mostly for fun and I was fortunate enough to make it into a business. The second I have to make things for others, it loses its appeal, you know? ‘Cause then I'm not doing it to make me happy anymore.”
He nodded. “Yeah, yeah, I get that! Honestly, I really admire that.”
“Yeah, it’s really easy to get sucked into the whole making everything you do be for profit, and it’s really refreshing to see someone decide, no, I'm doing this for fun and I'm not gonna change that for any dollar amount.”
“She’s really good at sticking to her beliefs,” Colby said, the irritation overtaking him again. God, didn’t Sebastian have somewhere else to be? Some interview he had to do? “Stubborn as all hell, but I love her for it.”
“Well, I gotta say, you’ve struck gold, man. You better keep her and treat her right.” 
The words shouldn’t have pissed Colby off the way they did, but the annoyance really started to bubble over. What kind of insinuation was that? That he couldn’t treat you right?  
“Oh, trust me, she couldn’t get rid of me if she wanted to,” Colby said. 
“Good, ‘cause if you let her go, I might have to just swoop in and pick up the pieces of her heart,” Sebastian said. 
Colby knew it was a joke. It wasn’t something serious. But the way you laughed, the way Sebastian winked at you as he said it, just annoyed the shit out of Colby. But, thankfully, Anthony Mackie was waving Sebastian over, and he bid the two of you goodbye. When he was finally gone, Colby let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding.
You smiled over at him. “Awe, baby, you okay?” 
“You know I’m not,” Colby said, laughing. Really, it was ridiculous to get so jealous over something like that. But, he wasn’t sure...It just flared up all of his insecurities. “You wouldn’t leave me for him, right?”
“Of course not,” you said, leaning in to press a soft kiss to his lips. “You’re the only man for me.”
“I promise,” you said. “And, after tonight, I’ll try to lessen the Seb talk, okay?”
“No, no, you don’t have to do that. I love listening to you talk about the things you love,” he quickly said. “Don’t ever feel like you have to change for me, for anyone. You’re already amazing. Now, c’mon, let’s go to our seats.”
And, as the two of you walked to your seats, hand in hand, Colby knew that he wouldn’t let you go for anything, because he loved you more than all the riches in the world. 
Tumblr media
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Hello everyone. Welcome back to ‘I’ve been obsessed with this other thing for a while but also Saiki so I want to merge them’.
So, recently I’ve been reading a lot of historical high-society harem type webcomics, and they’re addictive let me tell you.
(If you like the sound of this post then I recommend watching ‘my next life as a Villianess, all routes lead to doom’ )
But, there’s a bunch of things we could do with that and Saiki K merged, so here is version no. 1, that I will probably end up writing fan fiction for so I’ve had to severely cut this post down to not give spoilers LMAO
(Feel free to add onto this or even make your own posts about this! This isn’t an original idea and I’d love to see more of this! Please tag it on the Saiki k historical AU though)
The reverse-harem reincarnation villian thingy mabob
-at the start of this story, Saiki reincarnates into the villian of a story or manga he was reading, that is inexplicably similar looking to him for some reason (idk I can’t be bothered to justify it right now)
-and he’s like ‘aw fuck I’m gonna die. Well that sucks’ and promptly fucks off to eat his body weight in coffee jelly
-yada yada, all the major houses become interested in him. It could be a major noble house per person of the Saiki gang in cannon but they could be grouped up. I can’t decide which would be funnier
-the reason the kids of the major houses become interested in him is because Saiki is trying to avoid dying by the people, because he knows what will happen due to the world being the world of some type of romantic harem media (book, film- but probably an otome game) and his cannon gang being the lovable characters. Saiki realises this, realises he’s supposed to be the villian in this story and doesn’t want to die so he chills and doesn’t do evil.
-also teruhashi was the original harem protagonist and did the usual protagonist stuff, being in a bad situation but being rescued because people discover she’s the crown princess.
-also teruhashi is crown princess for reasons
-they all slowly fall in love with him and Saiki has no clue. Mans is like ‘aren said he wants to protect me with his life and Kaido got on one knee but didn’t finish what he said because he got really red. This is fine 👍🏻’
-he just wants to be alone and garden, and also eat with Mera and laugh at (with) nendo and talk with aiura and- wait shit he actually likes these people
-he now has to deal with high-society mind games and drinking tea and also about 10 nobles trying to court him and fighting for his affection. Oof
I’m gonna expand on how The main cast interacts in the next post-
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queenofallimagines · 11 months ago
I love your Hcs!!! Do you have a master list?? Also I was wondering if I could request hcs of Oikawa, Sugawara, Bokuto, Tsukishima, ( and maybe Noya if that’s not too much) with a black famous actress s/o??? ✨✨💞
I am in the process of making a masterlist!
But we love this
Tumblr media
- happy late birthday babe
- He will brag
- “You see my super talented s/o?”
- The team is Lowkey tired
- Can’t take him to a movie premiere BC he will scream whenever you’re on screen
- Can’t take him to the set either BC he will backseat direct
- Knows nothing about lighting sound or directing
- “Hmm ion like that.”
- Sir go home
- Will match fits with you so you both step out in style
- “You can’t hurt me! My boots are Versace!”
- Will act househusband at times when you come home from a 12+ hour filming day
- “I made your favorite 🥺”
- Will watch every movie you star in no exceptions
- If you do your own stunts he’s like
- “Step on me rn”
- “Sir-“
- “Please.”
- Super supportive and excited to watch you flourish
- Photoshoots 👀
- If it’s for it he’s the best camera man
- “Fuck it up!!”
- If it’s professional he will heart eye you the whole time
- “Do you want to get in the picture too?”
- “Fuck yeah!”
- We love a front page cover couple
Tumblr media
- probably met when he was in Argentina
- Was in his way to practice when he was his usual pathway was blocked off
- Then he spots you and it’s a wrap
- Is distracted for the rest of practice
- Afterwards you bump into each other getting snacks at night
- 7-11 to be exact
- He’s trying to be smooth but you’re so pretty so he’s struggling write his number down
- You guys snap and text everyday
- “Practice ran so long today😩”
- “I had to reshoot the same scene like 10 times BC I couldn’t stop laughing”
- Talks to iwaizumi about you
- “They’re so amazing!”
- “Are they real?”
- Maki and matsun are exhausted
- A seijoh meetup where you fly them out to Argentina as a surprise
- He’s so soft
- “Why him?”
- Lmao it’s just bully Oikawa hours the whole time
- After you come to his game in his jersey and he wins he will ask you out
- Ofc you say yes
- He can’t stop talking about you so the Internet eventually finds out
- “Chilling with my boo🥰”
- The comments are like
- “ISNT that s/o’s Bonet??
- “Who is that in the background??”
- “And I oop👀”
- Lmao he didn’t even know he leaked the relationship so you gotta do damage control on twitter
- “I’m dating a fool😃😃”
- Like it wasn’t really hard to piece the puzzle together lol
- Internet power couple
Tumblr media
- okay so this dude is a kindergarten teacher right?
- He’s always been a big stan if you
- So when you meet in this hole in the wall bar down tans you go back home with him he’s freaking out
- “Hey you Kinda look like s/o lol”
- “Yeah that’s me.”
- “Huh?”
- Plays it cool but internally he’s freaking out
- You’re ass naked in his bed?? And he’s just like
- 🙃this is fine
- Will escort you back to your hotel
- “That was fun, call me cutie.”
- When you give him your number he’s just like
- “Is this real??”
- After dating for a while you sneak in during his lunch break and the kids see you
- Que freak out
- He sees how good with kids you are and he’s already looking at rings LMAO
- No chill at all will brag on the karasuno group chat about you
- BC you know they have one
- “Y’all see my baby? The raw talent!”
- “Suga please it’s like 4 am”
- Overall a good boy
Tumblr media
- emotional support himbo!
- He will accidentally talk about you a lot online and in interviews
- “You see that? That’s my future partner.”
- All his fans start tagging you in his thirst tweets and you’re like???
- Who is this snack calling a snack??
- You post a pick of you watching his game on Instagram with the caption
- “#12 kinda thick”
- The whole internet is in his dms begging him to look at it and he screams
- Swan dives into your DMs
- “You’re pretty cute too!!”
- Lmao he’s bold asf he doesn’t care
- Will take you out on fun dates that end up in chaos
- You show up to his game and he plays x10 better
- Often the game the press will be like
- “You were amazing out there!”
- “I had the love of my life watching.”
- Good lord twitter crashes for a few hours
- Everything works out tho BC you post a pic on snap saying
- “On a date kinda nervous🥺🥰” with him in the background
Tumblr media
- lmao okay this might be a trip
- He will be a secret Stan
- This is so cliché BC he thinks your snotty when you’re just a sweetheart 🥺
- So when he bumps into you in disguise
- He is shook for like 20 seconds before you run off
- Will be daydreaming about that for weeks lol
- He runs into you yet again because he sees you at one of his games
- You came to watch your friend
- “Hey! I bumped into you before right? You’re an amazing blocker.”
- Swoon
- He tries so hard to turn down the tsundere attitude because he doesn’t want to push you away
- You don’t mind that he’s being stiff
- It’s cute kinda
- He goes gone and watches all of the movies he has with you in them and he’s hooked
- Your acting is fantastic
- Grade a simp
- He won’t admit that he has watched your more spicy scenes over and over
- Respectfully tho
- A lot of playful banter between the two of you
- You make the first move and ask him out for a quiet night in
- Your choice to get handsy or not
- You give him a dinosaur toy at the end of the date and he will tear up
- He makes the decision right there to win your heart
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marvelfansince08love · a year ago
Welcoming Surprise
Word Count: 2275
Pairing: Billie Dean Howard x Reader 
Warning: 18+ NSFW - very filthy, you’ve been warned lmao.
Prompts:  4 “That was amazing, you’re amazing” ,15 “I hope you’ve had enough sleep while I was away because I’m going to ravish you all.night.long” ,21 “Is this what you pictured in that dirty mind of yours, my sweet girl” ,24 “You look sensational” ,37 “Eat me out”
A/n: For my sweet Anon, I hope you enjoy this love! 
P.s: Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes, I tried to fix after scanning it through but my ass is so tired lmao, so enjoy the mess x
Tags: @waitingfortheendtocome​ @natasha-danvers​ @muted-stoneheart​ @saucy-sapphic​ @coconutlipss​ @witchxaf​ @billiedeanhwrd​ @the-enamorando-deity​ @chewbacca0805​ 
Tumblr media
Prompts 4,15,21,24,37
Billie had been away for over three weeks now, filming in Toronto for her new and upcoming TV show investigating ancient buildings that are known for spirit activity. She had asked for you to come along of course, but she knows how much you like having your independence and with your new business venture looking promising you couldn’t up and leave with her, much to the medium’s displeasure. That’s why you were currently sat alone on your cosy plush three piece sofa in your shared luxurious warm home late at night sipping the remaining content from your wine glass, craving just the simplest of touches from your wife’s hands, her warm breath against your skin as she kissed along your collarbone seeking out the familiar moans and groans that leave your lips at the contact. 
Her deep sultry voice teasing you as her wandering hands explore your needing body, giving yourself up to her touch and words. You flush at the dirty thoughts that seem to swirl around in your head from her absence, the thoughts alone making you ache deep inside, needing to relieve the throbbing sensation where you wish to have her talented hands and skilful tongue. 
Placing the now empty wine glass onto the marble coffee table in front of you, the overwhelming feeling of arousal overrides your rational mind as you sink further into the sofa and allowing your hand to skim across your slightly exposed chest, leaning your head back over the top of the sofa you close your eyes and allow yourself to picture your wife’s face and that delicious dirty grin when she makes you come, the feeling of her hands taking control of your very being. Your other hand wandering south to your already wet heat begging to be touched, you moan in relief  as you slowly circle your clit knowing this is the only way to take care of your needs. You continue on, picturing Billie’s fingers instead of your own. So strung up in your own pleasure, you hadn’t heard the soft click of the front door closing behind your wife. 
“You look sensational,” Her rich voice husks close to your ear, making you moan deeper. In your lustful daze you mistake her words as if you had pictured them in your mind but the warm real life breath startles you from your sinful state. 
Turning slightly you gape at the sight of your well put together wife, dressed in one of her signature silk blouses and black pants, a new shade of pink painted across her manicured nails matching her lipstick, this sight of her makes you want to repeat the same word back to her.
“Billie! I- uh, I thought you weren’t back until next week?” You breath, watching as she toes off her heels and crouches down making herself level to you leaving just the piece of furniture between you both. Her delicate hand reaches forward cupping your hot cheek showing evidence of your dirty thoughts and sinful act, her brown eyes sparkle with mischief as she replies.
“What and miss out on this? Oh my darling, if I knew that this was going on without me I would have been home much sooner.” She teases but the arousal is evident in her voice, making you shiver at the intensity of her stare. She leans in close, her lips a breath away from your own. 
“I hope you’ve had enough sleep while I was away because I’m going to ravish you all night long,” The last three words punctuated through desperate kisses. She pulls away quickly and makes work in helping you stand from the couch. 
Once stood, she takes your previously occupied hand and brings your now wet covered fingers to her full pink lips, the warmth of her mouth around your wetness makes you whimper on the spot, she smirks around your two fingers her tongue collecting your arousal before removing them and placing her wet lips to your own. Her tongue sweeping across your own as you taste yourself upon her lips, she pulls away for a second catching her breath. 
“God I’ve missed you, darling.” She whispers, against your lips.
You lean your head against her own before replying. “Take me to bed and show me how much you’ve missed me, baby,” You beg, your voice deep and full of need. She smirks lightly at your begging, loving the desperate need for her and her touch. 
“Oh I plan to do exactly that, my sweet girl.” She promises, grabbing a hold of your hand and pulling you gently through the house and up the stairs purposefully swaying her hips showing off her perfectly formed ass, knowing just how much her ass in those particular pants drove you crazy. 
Tugging you close, she kisses you hard and meaningfully before shoving you gently onto your shared queen sized bed, her smirk more prominent as you yelp at the sudden change of direction. You watch dutifully from the middle of the bed as she leisurely unbuttons her silk blouse exposing her full breasts and toned stomach, you lick your dried lips in anticipation knowing that she doesn’t like being interrupted when putting on a show for you, only for you. Once dressed down in only her underwear, she approaches the bed almost predatorial her eyes locked onto you like she hasn’t eaten in days and finally finds her prey to feast her watering mouth. She crawls slowly onto the bed approaching her vibrating body, ready for her. With a hand against your shoulder she guides you down into the soft mattress sinking deep into the plush pillows, her fingers instantly going to remove the piece of clothing that is restricting her access to what's hers. 
Having undressed you bare, you shiver as the cool temperature hits your hot skin, before becoming distracted by the soft touch of Billie’s lips and fingers tracing every inch of skin she can get a hold of and what she can’t touch with her fingers her lips find instead. Her fingers trace south as she reaches your sweet spot, moaning in unison as she curves a finger into your entrance, rubbing against your walls coaxing your arousal to build. 
“So wet for me, my darling wife,” She mocks teasingly, making you groan at her smug expression. 
“Billie I swear- god, fuck!” You whimper, as she adds another digit making you lose all train of thought. 
“It’s just Billie, sweetie,” She teases, making you glare at her briefly before reaching forward and pushing your lips against hers hard, sucking and biting at her bottom leaving it swollen and red before replying.
“Don’t be cocky.” You scold, half-heartedly. Making her chuckle breathlessly before moving her mouth towards your sensitive nipple, swirling her tongue around the swollen nub. Your hands thread through her blonde volumized locks, keeping her head close to your breasts as she continues to pump her fingers into your needing heat, stroking at your sweet spot making you cry out. Bring her face towards your own with two hands you kiss roughly while she slows down her movements, dragging out your pleasure. 
“I love you,” You say, in between kisses. Overwhelmed with love and passion for this vibrant woman. She pulls back slightly, locking her big brown eyes onto your own.
“I love you so much, Mrs. Howard.” She whispers back, smiles softly before taking your bottom lip in between her teeth and sucking gently letting go with a quiet pop. 
Her head travels down your body, leaving wet trails of kisses along your glistening body before finally flickering the tips of her tongue against your swollen clit, making you jolt at the electricity of desire that coursed low within your navel.
“Is this what you pictured in that dirty mind of yours, my sweet girl?” She coaxes, mocking you teasingly from your earlier act making your flush before humming in agreement. 
“But this is so much better.” You admit, loving the feeling of her on you again.  Leaning your head against the headboard, you surrender yourself to your love allowing her mouth and fingers to work their magic on your responsive body. The tension builds low within your stomach making your clench harder around her fingers, your legs squeezing slightly against either side of her head making her chuckle softly against your clit, the vibrations increasing the build up of arousal. Your mouth gapes wide at your silent cry of pleasure as you reach your peak, sagging heavily against the headboard as Billie continues to drag out your orgasm making sure to take every ounce from you. She cooed gently against your glistening pussy pressing a kiss on either inner thigh before crawl back up to your body and kissing you softly allowing you to taste yourself from her tongue. 
Before you comment on her lack of needs being fulfilled, Billie removes herself from the top of your body and moves to the head of the bed next to you, her intentions clear as she crooks a finger towards you in a ‘come hither’ gesture making you crawl in between her legs, hands on either side of her you lean in close, nose brushing against her own. 
“Eat me out.” She demands softly, the authority behind her sultry voice making you shiver in desire. You grin at the alluring voice before pressing opened kisses on her breasts, making your way down towards her dripping cunt. 
“With pleasure,” You reply, smugly. Eyes lifting to meet her lustful filled brown ones as you slowly remove her black laced panties. Blowing gently on her sensitive bundle of nerves you watch with glee as her body jolts at the cool air, her body's response against your own always sending a thrill of pleasure low in your stomach. Your flat tongue licks hard between her wet folds making her gasp and squirm above you, egging you on further to continue your agonizingly slow strokes. She purrs low, making an effort to grab hold of the top of your head keeping you close to where she needs you most. 
“That’s it sweetheart. God I’ve missed your tongue, Jesus Y/N!” She cries out, as you tease her entrance with your tongue dipping in slowly before tilting your tongue up, collecting her arousal before repeating the movement over and over again. Her acrylics scrap gently across your arms that have snaked their way around her thighs keeping her still, you groan at the feeling of her nails scratching across your skin showing you just how close she is to coming for you. 
Watching her mouth open wide, eyes wound tightly shut at the sheer pleasure was one of the most beautiful sights you have ever laid eyes upon. With that permanent image in your head you turn your gaze away and focus on the task of pleasing your beautiful blonde wife. Her hands become desperate, holding onto you tightly as you feel her clench around you making you speed up your strokes, your finger rubbing circles against her clit as she comes undone in front of you.
Once Billie has come down from her high, you move from your position and allow your wife to crawl in between your legs at the head of the bed, her back to your front as she relaxed further into your open arms, your glistening naked bodies pressed against one another. Pressing a kiss to her shoulder, Billie leans her head against yours catching her breath as she scratches along your arms that are placed protectively across her chest as if keeping her safe within your own makeshift barrier. 
“That was amazing, you’re amazing.” She whispers into the dark room, too scared to break the bubble you have created in your shared space. 
“God I’ve missed you. Don’t ever leave me that long again.” You moan, humour evident within your voice as she chuckles softly at your poor attempt of sulking. 
“Don’t worry next time, I’m taking you with me.” She teases back. 
“Oh and keep me locked away in your trailer, for you use for sex? I’m hurt.” You joke but the glint of glee that sparkles bright in her eyes shows you just how fond she is of your proposal, even if it was a joke. 
“That might not be a bad idea, sweetheart. God I can see the headline already, ‘New and upcoming TV star Medium Billie Dean Howard and Sex Slave!’.” She continues to tease, making you grumbling into her neck, biting slightly at the skin. 
“You know I may have missed you but the couch is still an option for you tonight, my darling wife.” You threaten, but the teasing glint indicates anything but. 
“Why do that when I’m not finished with you yet, ‘oh darling wife’.” Her suggestive tone, making you gulp slightly in anticipation. The idea, sending fire to your stomach already at her wicked grin. 
As you look deep into your wife's gleeful eyes, you thank your lucky stars for having found someone that fits so perfectly next to you in this whirlwind that’s called life. Knowing that although she may not be around as often as you would like, you are who she comes home to after it all and being here in this moment with her in your arms, home safe and sound is all that truly matters.
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therukurals · 8 days ago
Tagged by Sara @baek1nho (thank you friend!!) to list 5 of my favourite creations
1. This Karnan x Meena Kandasamy set. Meena Kandasamy is one of my favorite poets/writers and I remember watching Karnan and remembered this poem. It’s short, but impactful and fit not only the themes of the film of resistance but also the subversion of the Mahabaratha.
2. Kingdom: Ashin of the North x Ada Limón Ada Limón captures rage so well, and I think rainhat talked about how Kingdom is such a visual show and making this set really reminded me of that.
3. POV: Kim Do-ki feeds you while Ari lennox plays in the background. Yes I played the entire shea butter baby album while making this set.
4. Much Ado About Nothing -Eat his heart in the marketplace  I love this play, my favorite Shakespeare play and I just vibe with women in rage? This is also my favorite production to, yes it edged out the Tennant/Tate version which was my top, because Danielle Brooks fucking killed it and it was really her performance in this part of the scene. Both grief and rage in the midst of a confession, oof.
5.  Lous and the Yakuza -  I love her music and also her music videos, and I wanted to make a more stylstic set and its very easy to do with her videos. I definitely made it in the middle of a staff meeting lmao. did dust off my rudimentary french skills for this
Tagging (no pressure though!)
@thalapathy @vennilave @forursmiles  @deokmis   @cuddlybitch @smudgedhenna @desicinema @petekaos @junghaesin @dingyuxi @motodaka @minhyowon @rain-hat @elderflowergin @why-this-kolaveri-machi @gimme-a-chocolate​ @melonatures​ @ahsung @awkwardqueenmel​ @rabonghee and anyone else who is interested and i forgot, feel free to tag me!
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charmedbaek · a year ago
loyal - bbh - part 1
Tumblr media
index | part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | part 9 | part 10 |... (ongoing)
summary: a year ago, you landed your dream job and made your move to the city. not knowing anyone, you moved into the spare room of coworker’s beautiful apartment, and quickly became close friends. her loyal social circle quickly adopted you as one of their own, giving you some of the best friends you’ve ever known. you have it all. there’s only one problem: Byun Baekhyun. not only your friend via your roommate, but her longtime crush. completely off-limits to you, as she’s made it very clear. but when love interferes with the life you worked so hard to build, who do you stay loyal to?
genre: smut, angst, fluff, MATURE/NSFW lmao
warnings: explicit sexual content, swearing, alcohol use
words: 10.3k (she’s long i’m not sorry)
author’s note(s): she’s finally here!! i’m so excited for you guys to finally read this, i’ve been going CRAZY ever since i posted the preview and got so much positive support, so thank you all!! feedback is much appreciated so please let me know what you think. and be sure to let me know if you’d like to be added to the tag list for part 2. i’m planning on making the series somewhere around 10 parts so i hope you all are excited for shit to go down :)
tag list: @baek-byunies @baekhugme @falsemagic @fullsuninbloom @gyuniiverse @jummyjammy @kylomeyon @lightmochi @littleflowercrown13 @making-me-blush @marks-aurora @myexolib @smile2sushii4me​@stormymoonlight @yixing-jaebeom 
Tumblr media
“This is just pathetic.”
You looked up from browsing Twitter on your phone to see your roommate, Minji, staring at you disapprovingly from your doorway.
“What?” You asked innocently, setting your phone down beside your pillow and sitting up inside the fort of pillows you had created on your bed.
Minji sighed, entering the room and sitting at the edge of the bed next to you. “It’s Friday night. Are you really just going to lay here doing...” She waved her hand, gesturing towards your comfortable attire of an oversized hoodie and gym shorts. “...this? Again?”
You looked at her and scoffed. “What do you mean this? I’m fine. I’m comfortable.” You said, reaching over her lap to grab the bag of pretzels that seemed to live on your nightstand these days. Minji snatched the bag before you could get to it, tossing it to the floor with a groan. “I’d say you’re a little too comfortable,” She said, poking your bare thigh. “How long has it been since you came out with us? A month? Two? I don’t even know. The rest of the guys keep asking me where you’ve been, and I have to tell them you fell asleep on the couch after one glass of wine after work.”
“Shut up!” You exclaimed, grabbing one of your many pillows and smacking her with it playfully. She wasn’t wrong though. You’d had your job as an assistant editor for just over a year now, and it was draining. The assistant part of the title didn’t mean you were just grabbing coffee for the bosses, but rather doing all of the work that the senior editors at the magazine didn’t feel like doing. It was a lot of stress, and lately you hadn’t felt like doing much on the weekends besides sleeping until noon and taking a midday nap. 
And it was true, you hadn’t seen much of your friends recently. Well, technically they were Minji’s friends, but after a year you were finally comfortable referring to them as yours. You missed them a lot. But you felt too tired to be any fun.
You fell back against the pillows. “I’m just relaxing. I had a tough week.”
Minji raised her eyebrows at you. “Need a stress reliever?” She asked suggestively.
“Minji, before you even-”
“Come on!” She whined. “Just fuck him! Please! I know for a fact he likes you.”
The he in question was Minji’s friend Jongin. Yes, he was your friend too. Although it was evident to you, and everyone else, that he’d like to be more than that. His gentleman-like behavior towards you was a bit over the top, never letting you open your own door or pay for your own drink. The way he gently placed his hand on the small of your back while letting you walk in front of him was cordial, but it didn’t make you feel butterflies. The way he placed his hand on your knee, and never any higher, when you sat beside him was affectionate, but it didn’t get you... well, wet.
Sure, he was sexy. And kind. And tall. And honestly, drop-dead gorgeous. But that was the thing. He was too perfect. In the year you’d known him, you found it difficult to find a single area he was deficient in. It was unnerving. You just couldn’t bring yourself to want him like that.
Were you leading him on? You didn’t think so. But you were never one to pass on a free drink.
It would be a lie, however to say you’d never had a one-off fantasy about Jongin. After all, he was incredibly hot. You almost hoped he would just try his luck and kiss you one of these days, but his courteous demeanor would never allow him to be so bold with a woman. 
And though nothing close to fucking had ever happened between you two, the rest of your friend group seemed to assume you were meant to be together.
The group consisted of five before you came along. They had all known each other since high school, so it seemed like fate when you arrived, making an even group of three guys and three girls. They had laughed about how they were finally like Friends the TV show, all paired off into even male-female pairings.
The most solid couple was Chanyeol and his girlfriend Soonja. They had been high school sweethearts, and were very affectionate towards each other. Like, very affectionate. Always all over each other, even after ten years of being together. It was kind of gross at first. But you got used to it.
Next, was Jongin. He occasionally brought a random, boring girl to your hangouts, but things never lasted. And everyone seemed to have it in their minds that the two of you would make the perfect couple. In their minds, you were already together, making another seemingly perfect dyad to fit in with them.
Lastly, there was your roommate Minji. You had met at your job and quickly became close with one another. She was the one to indoctrinate you into the group, and for that you were eternally grateful. You had moved to the city alone with nothing besides your belongings for your job, and she had taken you under her wing.
Her pairing was the most interesting. Though she was technically single, there was-
Yeah, Baekhyun.
“Baekhyun!” Minji shouted again. “Come in here!”
You heard Baekhyun sigh from where he sat on the couch in your living room, slowly making his way to where Minji and you sat in your bedroom.
“What do you want?” He asked, peeking his head through the entrance.
Minji stood with a huff, walking to the door to grab Baekhyun’s wrist and pull him into the room. “Tell Y/N that she should just fuck Jongin. We all know it’s gonna happen eventually.” She said.
“Oh no,” Baekhyun said with a chuckle, shaking his head. “I’m not getting involved in this.”
“Please!” Minji exclaimed. “She said she’s stressed from work. I told her fucking him will get her mind off of it.”
“How? By dry humping on his bed? Him feeling her boobs over the bra?” Baekhyun made himself laugh. “How about when he asks ‘Is that okay?’ before doing literally anything?” Baekhyun was laughing hard now, wiping a tear from his eyes. “No, I don’t think that’ll solve anything.”
You laughed with him at the thought. Jongin was overly polite. Any sex fantasy you’d ever had about him was always ruined by thoughts similar to those Baekhyun had described.
Minji was not as impressed. “You’re no help!” She shouted at him, shoving him back outside the room and slamming the door.  She returned to your bedside with a sigh. “Please just consider getting laid, Y/N.”
“Hm...” You thought out loud, tapping a finger on your chin. “Baekhyun’s pretty funny. Maybe I’ll just sleep with him.”
“Ha!” Minji squawked as she slapped you on the arm. Hard. “You wouldn’t dare.” She said with a glare, only half joking.
And that was the final pairing. Minji and Baekhyun. No, they were not together. They never had been. Minji had had a crush on him since college, when she said he “got sexy”. They were close friends, and she was pretty much in love with him.
Whatever you wanted to call their relationship, Minji was overly protective of it. The very first time you had hung out with the group, she pulled you aside to explain to you that no, they were not dating yet, but he was hers. She joked that she would kill you if you touched him.
And if she hadn’t warned you, you might have tried. Baekhyun was extremely sexy. When you met him, his hair was the white-blonde that you loved the most on him. You were intoxicated by your first thoughts of him, that his plump lips would be incredible to kiss. That his long, slender fingers would feel amazing inside of you...
But it wasn’t just that. He had a bright smile that always lit up any room, and a fun, chaotic energy that could always make you laugh. You were smitten by him. Plus, the two of you had always had a great time together. You’d pretty much hit it off right away as friends, constantly texting about work, complaining about how annoying Chanyeol and Soonja were. 
It wasn’t uncommon for the two of you to hang out alone, either. You both loved art, and he’d taken you to a few gallery openings that he organized for his job. You often dragged him to the theatre to see foreign films that would bore the rest of your friends to sleep. Whenever you wanted opinions on your projects for work, Baekhyun would meet you at your favorite coffee shop to help. Out of any of your friends, even Minji, he was the one who was always there for you.
But whatever your outings with Baekhyun were, they were not dates. 
No, that would never be allowed.
It had been a year since Minji’s initial warning, which you had respected completely despite your attraction. From her description at the time, you had assumed they’d get together at some point, but it hadn’t happened. And you were pretty sure it wasn’t going to, so you didn’t feel bad hanging out with him.
That was, until a few weeks ago when Minji made you make a promise to her. She begged you to give her more alone time with Baekhyun. She asked you to stay in your room whenever he came over, worried that you might be scaring him from making a move on her. She asked you to stop spending so much time with him alone, because it was distracting him from the time she thought he owed her.
Sure, your feelings were hurt. But Minji was the reason you had these incredible friends and this beautiful apartment, so you didn’t argue. You were loyal to her. Even if you were sure she was imagining her entire relationship with Baekhyun.
But your perception of their relationship and your initial feelings towards Baekhyun didn’t matter. She was his. That was that.
You smiled through your teeth at Minji. “I would never. You know that.”
“I know,” She smiled back, patting you on the shoulder. “But I am being serious. You’ll feel better if you have sex.”
You sighed. “I don’t know. I’m not in the mood for being disappointed.”
“Trust me, I get it.” Minji giggled. “At least come out with us tonight? Please?” Minji pleaded, sticking out her bottom lip in a pout.
You let out a final sigh as you gave in. “Fine. Sure. Okay.”
“Awesome!” Minji cheered. “I’ll pick something out for you to wear. Be ready to go in thirty.”
Tumblr media
You exited your room wearing the dress Minji had picked for you, heels in hand as you shut the door behind you. With a huff, you sat yourself down on the couch next to Baekhyun to strap the shoes on. 
He looked up at you from his phone and stared. “What are you wearing?” He asked as he set his phone down on the coffee table.
“What are you, my dad?” You scoffed, looking up at him from your shoes.
Baekhyun chuckled. “No, no, I’m serious. Is that, like... lingerie?” He asked carefully, eyeing your figure while clearly trying not to stare too long at any one spot.
“The dress?” You asked, looking down at Minji’s selection. It was a black slip dress, short and decently low-cut, trimmed with lace. “It’s just a dress,” You shrugged. “Though I’m sure it’s some part of Minji’s plan for me to go home with someone.”
Baekhyun laughed again, turning his attention toward his phone. “Well, it just might work.”
“Yeah, I’m sure Jongin will love it.” You mumbled as you finished buckling the strap on your heel.
Before you could lament on that inevitable situation any longer, Minji burst through her bedroom door. “I’m here, I’m here. Let’s go.”
“I got us an Uber,” Baekhyun said as he stood from the couch. He turned to offer you a hand, which you accepted as you stood up on your wobbly heels. Minji was right, it had been a while since you’d been out, and your feet weren’t used to this abuse.
“You alright? Drunk already?” Baekhyun asked with a raised eyebrow as you stumbled a bit.
You squeezed the hand he had offered as you caught your balance. “Not yet, hopefully soon.” You laughed, not looking forward to the way your feet would feel at the end of the night.
“Come on, Baek.” Minji chirped as she grabbed him by the arm, pulling him towards the door and his hand out of your grip. She opened the door, leading him out and into the hallway of your apartment building. 
They continued down the hallway, her hand still latched onto his forearm. You sighed as you followed them through the doorway, fishing in your purse for your keys. Stopping to turn your key in the lock, you watched the pair turn the corner towards the elevators, catching a glimpse of Baekhyun looking back at you. You sighed. It wasn’t completely unlike Minji to disregard your existence when she was with Baekhyun. It was understandable, given her situation, but it was still annoying.
You rushed to catch the elevator with them, wincing as your heels pinched your toes with every step. You slipped in just before the doors closed, catching your breath as you clutched the railing. Minji and Baekhyun barely seemed to notice your struggle, as she was still clinging onto him and had begun explaining her latest business card design in lengthy detail.
You reached the ground floor and exited outside, finding your Uber on the crowded city street. Graciously, you got into the front passenger seat, allowing Minji and Baekhyun to be together in the back. You figured this was probably one of the times she would want you to give them space, to do whatever the fuck it was she thought they did.
You and the driver rode in silence, while Minji continued to chime about design and color theory to a quiet Baekhyun. In the rearview mirror, you watched her leaning on his shoulder and running a finger through his dark, wavy hair.
You glowered into the mirror as you stared at her fingers twirling his locks. It made your blood boil. You shifted in your seat to see a different angle from the mirror, only to lock eyes with Baekhyun.
You quickly looked away, embarrassed, choosing to stare out of the window for the duration of your ride.
When you arrived at the bar, you quickly exited the vehicle and rushed towards the building, not waiting for your friends in the car. You pushed open the front doors and looked for your friends. Quickly, you spotted Chanyeol towering over Soonja in the corner booth with his arm around her. You huffed as you sat, muttering a quick hello and sliding in next to Chanyeol.
He eyed you as he took a sip of his drink. "Did you come by yourself?” He asked as he set his glass down.
“No, Minji and Baekhyun should be walking in.” You answered under your breath, staring aimlessly at the crowd of twenty-somethings mingling loudly around you.
Soonja looked at you with concern. “What’s wrong?” She asked, reaching over Chanyeol to rest a hand on your shoulder. You shrugged in response, but she pressed. “Seriously, Y/N, what is it?”
You sighed. “They’re just being annoying. Minji can’t keep her hands off of Baekhyun, and they ignored me the whole way here, and it’s just...” You trailed off.
“Does that bother you?” Chanyeol asked with a raised eyebrow and a smirk.
You snapped to look at him. “No. I just don’t like being treated like I’m invisible.”
Before Chanyeol could ask any more questions, Jongin walked over from the bar, a drink in each hand. With a smile, he set one down in front you and slid into the booth beside you. “Gin and tonic with two limes, right?”
You gave him a small smile. “Yeah, thanks.”
He smiled brighter. “No problem.” As he put his arm around your shoulders, Minji and Baekhyun finally made their way over. Minji looked at you as she sat. “Why’d you run ahead?” She asked, clearly a little annoyed.
You raised your glass from the table. “Thirsty.” You said dryly, bringing your drink to your mouth and taking a large sip. You could tell you were going to need a few more gin and tonics to make it through the evening.
From that point, things proceeded as your nights out normally did. Soonja found her way onto Chanyeol’s lap, her lips close to his ear. The two didn’t pay much attention to anyone else, as per usual. Baekhyun made a few trips to the bar to order a drink, Minji following him each time. You chuckled each time Baekhyun returned to the booth with one drink, leaving Minji alone up there to buy her own. You chatted politely with Jongin about work, not paying much attention since you were busy watching Minji make a fool of herself.
A while passed as a few more drinks passed your lips, and you found your eyelids getting heavier and heavier as you leaned further and further into Jongin’s side. He was warm, but then again so were you from the amount of alcohol you had consumed.
“Want another?” Jongin asked, already getting up to go back to the bar.
You laughed a little. “Jongin, you know I can buy my own drinks, right? I have a job. It’s all I talk about, actually.”
He shrugged, not too concerned with your response. “Yeah, I know. I’m just trying to...”
“I know, I know, trying to be nice.” You rolled your eyes and gave him another small smile. “Let me get my own for once, please.”
Leaning forward to hop over Jongin and out of the booth, you noticed Baekhyun at the bar alone waiting for a bartender. Minji was nowhere in sight, and you took the opportunity to join him. She wasn’t there to stop you, and what harm could it do to just chat with him?
Shoving aside the drunken college students to his right, you rested your elbows on the bar and looked up at Baekhyun. “Hey, Baek.”
He turned to face you, flashing you his signature bright smile. God, you loved his smile. Especially when you were drunk. “Hey, what’s up?”
Your smile grew as you stared at him, leaning further onto the bar. “Drunk. Getting drunk.” You slurred, peering up at him through your eyelashes.
“Oh, yeah?” He laughed, putting a hand on your shoulder to keep you from completely falling flat onto the sticky wooden surface. “What are you drinking?”
“Please don’t,” You whined. “I just gave Jongin a speech about how I can buy my own drinks.”
Baekhyun shrugged and let out another laugh. “Suit yourself.” He said as the bartender delivered his drink. He grabbed it and took a sip of the dark liquid, tilting his head back to reveal his neck as he drank. You stared a bit longer than necessary. 
His neck was just so... pretty. You suddenly found yourself wondering what it would be like to leave a mark on it.
But before you could fantasize any further, he brought his drink down and turned away, heading back for the bar. You sank further onto your elbows and let out a long sigh, ordering another gin and tonic. Somehow, you felt like Minji could sense your dirty thoughts about Baekhyun. You felt guilty. You respected her wishes, but sometimes you just couldn’t help thinking about him, especially when he looked like... that. His white t-shirt and oversized denim jacket hanging effortlessly over his lean frame. The way his recently-dyed dark hair fell over his forehead in soft waves. It was a lot for your drunk self to take in.
Vowing to stop your thoughts before Minji read your mind, you suddenly felt a hand on the center of your back, just where the lace of your dress met your skin. You turned, ready to tell Jongin once again that you were capable of paying for one drink, but you were met by Baekhyun’s wide brown eyes. 
“Can I ask you something?” He asked, scanning your face with a bit of concern.
He seemed nervous, and it put you on edge. “Yeah, of course.” You replied a bit shakily.
Baekhyun suddenly leaned in close to you, his lips nearly touching your ears. You knew it was just so you could hear him over the noisy bar-goers and blaring music, but him being this close to you made your heart race.
“Do you... like me?” He asked softly before leaning back to search your face for an answer.
You gulped, feeling like you’d been caught, like he’d heard your thoughts about him moments ago.
He shook his head before you could answer, letting out a weak laugh. “No, I mean, like... we’re friends, right? You think I’m a good friend?”
You sighed a little in relief, taking a sip of your drink that had just been delivered. “Of course, Baekhyun, yeah. You’ve been a great friend.”
“Okay good.” He smiled. “Because I just felt like... I don’t know. Like you were avoiding me or something. When you ran out of the car. I feel like I never get to see you anymore.” He finished, his smile fading a bit as he finished his explanation. “I miss hanging out with you.”
You bit your lip, not wanting to reveal the promise you had made to Minji, or the fact that her being all over him had irked you earlier. “Baek, I swear I’m not avoiding you. It’s just, you know... Minji-”
As if your words summoned her, Minji poked her head between you and Baekhyun, ending your conversation as she grabbed his bicep. “Can we dance Baekhyun? You promised me we’d dance.”
It wasn’t much of a question, as she was already pulling him away from the bar. Baekhyun gave you a sad smile as he was dragged away, and you sighed for about the thousandth time that evening. You watched Minji turn so her back was pressed against him, grinding a bit sloppily onto him. Baekhyun seemed apathetic, more focused on taking another sip of his drink than on Minji’s hands on him. 
You lifted your drink once more, downing it before slamming it back onto the wood, having seen enough. You walked past your booth, ignoring Jongin’s expectant stare, and headed towards the bathrooms in a dark corner towards the back of the bar. Pushing past a few younger couples making out next to the door, you entered and leaned heavily on a sink.
You looked up to inspect yourself in the mirror. You could tell you were drunk by the way you swayed back and forth as you tried to focus. Your hair was a bit disheveled from resting your head on Jongin’s shoulder all night. Not being bothered to fix it, you wiped at the small amount of mascara that had rubbed off under your eyes.
Maybe Minji was right, you thought to yourself. Maybe you should just give in and fuck Jongin. You knew he’d agree if you went back out there and asked him to come home with you, especially given your sexy, unkempt state. Even if it wasn’t the best fuck of your life, it would probably help distract you from your outlawed thoughts about Baekhyun. You decided to consider that option after one more drink.
Giving your messed up hair one more quick tousle, you turned to go back to the booth. But when you opened the door, you were met by Baekhyun’s intense stare.
Before you could finish the word, Baekhyun was grabbing your wrist and pulling you towards a nearby empty corner.
“What the fuck are you doing?” You whispered harshly, wriggling the hand still in his grip. “That hurts.”
Baekhyun quickly let go and shoved his hands in his jacket pockets. “I’m sorry,” he said as he shook his head, looking up from his feet to meet your gaze. “I just wanted you to finish what you were saying before. About Minji.”
“Baekhyun...” You rolled your eyes. “Don’t make me say it.”
“Say what?” He asked, though from the look on his face he appeared to know what was coming.
You peered over his shoulder to look for any of your friends watching, but the entire booth was blocked from your view by another wall. You spoke once you were sure they couldn’t see you. “Minji likes you. A lot. Sometimes I think it’s better if I just stay out of her way.”
“You think that?” He raised an eyebrow and leaned in closer. “Or she thinks that?”
“I...” You pulled your bottom lip into your mouth, considering your words carefully. “Sometimes it’s easier to just do what she wants, right? I mean, you do it too. She can be kind of controlling, especially when it comes to you.”
Baekhyun scoffed, taking a step back and removing his hands from his pockets. “You think I do whatever Minji wants?” He asked bitterly.
“Not everything, but I mean-”
Baekhyun’s lips were pressed against yours before you could finish your sentence. The kiss was forceful, his eyes closing as he took your cheek into his hand. 
Your mind was racing. You knew you were kissing him back, feeling your own lips moving gently against his, but it didn’t feel real. You were floating, the alcohol in your veins simultaneously lifting you off the ground and pulling you towards the floor.
He pulled back slightly, his hand still resting on your face. You were both breathing deeply, clearly out of breath from the moment. His lips were nearly still on yours when he asked, “Do you think she would have wanted me to do that?”
“No.” You laughed breathlessly into his mouth, looking up to meet his eyes.
He was looking at you intensely, his brown eyes sparkling in the neon bar lights. “Because I wanted to. And I’ve wanted to for a long time.” He said as he rubbed his thumb against the apple of your cheek. “What about you? Did you want to?”
“Yes.” You said softly, not being capable of much more than one word answers at the moment.
Baekhyun smiled. “Good. Then let’s do what we want.”
And with that, his lips were back on yours, just as intense as the first time. And this time, you were sure you were kissing back, and with just as much force as he was. 
Feeling Baekhyun’s tongue press against your lips, you parted your mouth to grant him access inside. The kiss deepened, and you felt your arms reach up to rest on his shoulders, your hands threading themselves through his soft hair, your nails dragging lightly against his scalp. The action earned a moan from Baekhyun, and he used his entire body to press you against the wall, his hands pressing flat against it on either side of your head. You whimpered, feeling his hips grinding into yours.
Kissing Baekhyun was just as intoxicating as you had imagined it would be, his lips just as soft as in the dreams you hoped Minji never found out about. He was taking you without asking for permission, because he knew you wanted him, too. And you didn’t need anyone else’s permission.
Except, maybe you did.
“Wait!” You broke the kiss to exclaim. You pulled back sharply, smacking your skull against the exposed brick. “Ow.” You reached up to rub the back of your head.
“You okay?” Baekhyun chuckled, replacing your hand with his as a rubbed slow circles on your minor injury. The feeling sent chills straight through you.
“Baekhyun...” You trailed off softly. “You know we can’t. It’s not right.”
“Says who? Minji?” Baekhyun questioned.
“Well, yeah.” You answered.
Suddenly, Baekhyun pulled his hand away from your head and took a step back, exhaling deeply. “God, I am so sick of her controlling everything I do. She thinks she owns me.” He said, beginning to raise his voice. “Everywhere I go she needs to know. Anyone I hang out with she needs to check out. Do you know how hard it is to meet girls, let alone have sex when I have Minji up my ass like that?”
You sighed. “She just really likes you, Baek. She’s being overprotective.”
“Yeah, and it’s ruining my life.” Baekhyun put his fingers to his temples and closed his eyes. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted to kiss you, Y/N?”
You shook your head. You honestly had no idea he wanted to kiss you outside of your dreams.
Baekhyun laughed dryly. “A long time. Basically since we met. But Minji made it seem-”
“Seem like what?” You interrupted.
He opened his eyes to look at you again, sighing. “She made it seem like you didn’t want me around lately. Said you’d rather hang out alone in your room than come talk to me. I even tried to tell her one time that I thought you were hot, and she completely shut me down, saying you’d never be interested in me, saying that Jongin would kill me if I tried anything with you.”
You stared up at him, bewildered. “She said all that?” You asked softly, voice laced with disbelief. Baekhyun nodded.
“No, none of that is true,” You clenched your fists, the anger running through your veins boiling. “She told me the first time I met you to stay away from you, because you were hers. And I wanted to respect that.”
You took a deep breath and continued. “But you and I are friends, too. And I like spending time with you. But lately, she asked me to give you guys time alone, which I tried to do.” You felt tears stinging in your eyes at Minji’s betrayal. “It makes sense, I mean, to try to keep me out of the way after you told her that.”
You waited for a long pause before you started again. “Look, I like you. Like, really like you. And I always have. But Minji-”
Baekhyun didn’t let you finish, returning his plump lips to yours to sweep them up in another kiss. This one was softer, more gentle, and he moved his lips across your cheek and against your ear. “I don’t want to talk about her anymore.” He whispered, lips brushing against your skin. “She doesn’t matter. We can just focus on us now. Okay?”
“Yes,” You breathed out softly. “I want to.”
Baekhyun smiled against you. “Good. Because I’ve been waiting for a long time to do this.”
He kissed his way downwards from your ear as you lifted your arms to wrap around his back. Gripping onto the denim of his jacket, you let out a small moan as he pressed his teeth into the delicate skin just below your jaw. And again, when he bit into the soft skin at the base of your neck.
Tilting your head forward to rest in the crook of his neck, you used your leverage on his back to pull his hips to meet yours once again. This time, it was you who grinded up into him, feeling the prominent bulge against you growing through the fabric.
“Shit,” Baekhyun whispered into your neck. “How are you so hot?”
You giggled, continuing the action as Baekhyun’s hands drifted downwards, exploring your curves through the silk of your black dress. They finally reached the bottom, and he rubbed his thumbs where the lace trim met the skin of your thigh. You sighed deeply at the repetitive action, as Baekhyun pulled his head away from your neck. He slipped his hand underneath the lace and lifted, looking to your face for a reaction.
All you could do was lean your head back against the bricks, anticipating the pleasure that was coming.
And Baekhyun didn’t disappoint. He slowly dragged his fingers from the spot on your thigh to where your lace underwear rested on your hip bone. Sneaking his fingers under the fabric, he pulled it back and released, letting it snap back against your skin. You moaned at the sensation. “You like that?” Baekhyun hummed into your ear. You nodded, feeling the wetness at your core getting more intense. “Kinda kinky,” He hummed to you again. 
You giggled softly. “Trust me, that’s just the beginning.” You whispered back.
Baekhyun’s eyebrows raised, his eyes wide as he looked back at you. “I’ll remember that for later.” He said darkly, turning his attention back to his fingers. He traced the bottom lining of the fabric, slowly going from your hip right to your center. You hummed at the feeling of his fingers so close to your most sensitive area, as he drew small circles with his fingertips over the fabric.
“You want me to touch you?” He asked, voice dripping with his sinful intentions.
You nodded as you hummed again, bucking your hips slightly into his touch.
“Then I want you to say it.”
Your eyes widened as his words sent another wave of arousal straight to your core.
You took a shaky breath. “I want you to touch me, Baekhyun.”
You’d barely finished the last syllable of his name when he slipped his fingers underneath the fabric, pushing it to the side. He cupped your entire heat in his palm, the hard flat of his hand pushing against your clit. “Already so wet,” He whispered before placing a soft kiss on your cheek. You groaned, pressing into his hand to increase the pressure.
He slowly curled and uncurled his fingers, running them softly back and forth over your wet, sensitive skin. You gasped when you felt the tip of his middle finger nudge against your folds.
“Baekhyun.” You sighed, reaching down to grab his forearm. 
He looked up at you with concern. “Everything okay?”
You nodded. “More than. But we probably shouldn’t do this here.” You looked around, noticing the thinning crowd of the bar that left you more exposed than when you began.
“Okay,” He said, removing his hand from under your dress. “Let’s go, then.”
“Wait, wait!” You whispered, grabbing his elbow as he turned to go. “We can’t leave together. Because of... you know. Her.” 
Baekhyun rolled his eyes. “Fine, you’re right. I’ll leave first. I’ll wait for you at the end of the block on the right.”
You nodded, and he gave you a soft kiss on the tip of your nose before turning to return to the booth of your friends.
Standing at the edge of the wall, you listened in when he said he was taking off.
“But Baek,” You heard Minji pout. “You came here with me, you can’t just leave without me.”
You heard Baekhyun sigh. “I’m going to my home. You’re going to your home. It’s fine.” Minji didn’t complain again after his short response to her, but you could feel her fuming through the wall.
Baekhyun said his goodbyes to Jongin, Chanyeol, and Soonja, and you heard his footsteps lead out the door.
You waited for a few minutes behind the wall, not wanting to make it too obvious that Baekhyun had just had his tongue down your throat only moments before. And he certainly had. And you had certainly kissed him back. And more.
Holy shit. 
The one man you were supposed to keep your hands off of, and you couldn’t resist. You didn’t even try to resist. Maybe it was the liquor, but you had completely melted under his touch. 
You could still feel his fingers on you, and suddenly you needed more. Every late-night sex dream you had compartmentalized and tried to forget for Minji’s sake came flooding back to you, and you wanted him. Bad.
Quickly coming up with an alibi, you turned the corner and faced your friends once again. “Hey, I think I’m gonna head out.” You turned to face Minji directly. “You know Chaeyoung, from work? She just messaged me and said she had a big fight with her boyfriend, and asked if I would come over.” You lied through your teeth.
“Oh, okay.” Minji answered softly, apparently still a bit bruised from Baekhyun’s words. “I’ll see you in the morning then, yeah?”
You nodded. “Yeah. Goodnight guys!”
Jongin stood. “Let me walk you out, Y/N.”
“No!” You shouted, a bit more forcefully, and suspiciously, than you meant. You bit your lip, lowering your voice back to a reasonable volume. “No, no, I’m fine. Thank you though.”
Before he could protest, you grabbed your purse from the table and rushed out the door and into the cold evening air.
Tumblr media
As he said he would be, Baekhyun waited for you at the corner, hands shoved in his pockets, his breath visible in the air. When he spotted you approaching, he was grinning from ear to ear. Wordlessly, you began walking together step by step around the corner. Neither of you needed to speak to know you were heading for Baekhyun’s high rise apartment building. It was only a few blocks away, quick enough to walk. And there was no chance in hell you’d risk taking him back to yours and Minji’s place.
The cold air was sobering you on the walk, but it didn’t change your mind about what you were on your way to do. If anything, you felt more sure of yourself, taking long, purposeful strides to keep up with Baekhyun.
You only stopped once on your way, when you passed your favorite corner coffee shop. They were closed, but you stared inside at the counter and chairs flipped upside down. “I miss this place.” You stated. You hadn’t been in a few months when you came with Baekhyun, since before Minji’s request was made. 
The darkness in the shop allowed you to see your reflection peering in, and Baekhyun’s figure next to you. You looked from his face back to yours in the reflection, and it dawned on you that this was really happening. You were here, with him, and only him. He caught your eye in the reflection and smiled. “Tomorrow?” He suggested. You nodded, and quickly went on your way to finish the walk.
Not long after, you made it to the building, Baekhyun buzzing you in through the main entrance with his key. The two of you politely walked past the nighttime security guard, giving him a small nod and continuing towards the elevators.
Once the elevator doors closed behind you, you picked up where you had left off.
Pressing your back against the wall, Baekhyun enveloped your lips in another powerful kiss, biting into your lower lip and pulling away slightly. Now that he knew you liked a little pain, there was no way he was going to be easy on you. Though you winced a bit at the feeling, you rested your hands on his shoulders and pulled him back against you, slipping your tongue inside his mouth.
You didn’t let go of each other when the elevator dinged and the doors opened. Hands and lips on one another, you moved out and into the hallway, making your way towards Baekhyun’s door. He took one hand off your waist to fumble in his pocket for his keys, never breaking contact on your mouth. Eyes closed in bliss and one hand still on you, he slipped the key in the lock and turned, opening the door to bring the two of you inside.
The door was slammed shut behind you, and you found yourself once again with your back against the hard surface. What was in front of you was nearly just as hard, Baekhyun’s erection back with a vengeance and pressing against you as he moved hip lips to your neck and began sucking.
Everything about this moment felt amazing, apart from your feet. As you predicted, these heels were killer, and you wanted nothing more than to get them off. “Ow,” You whispered mindlessly as you struggled to kick the shoes off.
Baekhyun pulled back to look at you. “What?” He asked, eyes wide.
You laughed. “It’s my feet, these shoes. They’re killing me.”
Baekhyun grinned. “I’ll take care of it.”
Suddenly, his hands were gripping the underside of your ass, lifting you up off the ground as he returned his lips onto yours. He pressed his chest against yours, pushing you harder against the door for leverage as he removed your shoes one hand at a time, throwing them aimlessly into the living room behind him.
“Thanks,” You laughed breathily onto his lips, wrapping both of your legs around his back and pulling him closer.
Once both of his hands were again focused on holding you up, he moved you from against the door and carried you past the kitchen, down the hallway towards his bedroom. He closed the door once you were in the room, before gently letting you down to sit at the bottom edge of his bed.
You looked up at him from where you sat, watching him shrug his jacket off and toss it aside. Next off was his shirt, revealing his lean body as he lifted it. You licked your lips at the sight, taking his actions as your cue to remove what little clothing you had on as well.
But just as you start to lift the fabric of your dress, Baekhyun’s hands were on yours, stopping you. “No. Leave it on, please?” He asked, his puppy dog eyes begging you.
“Why?” You looked up at him quizzically.
Baekhyun responded with a shit-eating grin. “I told you it was gonna get you laid, didn’t I?”
You snorted, recalling what he’d said to you before you went out for the evening. “I guess you were right.”
Removing your hands from the fabric of your dress, you placed them on Baekhyun’s backside and pulled him closer to you. Standing in front of you, his toned stomach was at your eye level, and your eyes lowered as your hands flew to his belt to undo it. It was quickly off and tossed to the side with the rest of his items, your hands already working to undo the button of his jeans.
Baekhyun chuckled. “You seem pretty eager, huh?”
“I guess I wanted this just as bad as you do.” You retorted, glancing up at him with a smirk.
Returning your attention to what was in front of you, you shoved his jeans and boxers down below his hips in one go. As they fell to the floor and he stepped out of them and kicked them behind him, you couldn’t help but stare as his dick slapped against his stomach. Given his smaller, lean frame, you were shocked at how thick he was, and the thought of him stretching you out made your mouth water.
You must have stared a bit too long, because Baekhyun let out a playful, impatient sigh.
“Are you gonna do something, or wha-Oh,”
Before he could finish the word, your hand was wrapped around his base, lips around his tip. Your tongue danced over his slit, tasting the salty precum that had already seeped out. “Oh, wow,” Baekhyun groaned softly, his fingers wandering through the hair on the back of your head.
Finding work for your free hand, you gently cupped his balls, gently dragging your fingertips back and forth along the underside. Baekhyun cursed under his breath, his head rolling backwards and eyes pressed shut.
Pleased with your work, you started moving your head to take more of him into your mouth, one hand still wrapping firmly around his base. You bobbed back and forth, humming occasionally as you did so, reveling each time Baekhyun softly repeated your name.
“You’re pretty good at this, huh,” He said breathlessly, head still tilted back in bliss. You hummed again at the praise, taking his balls in your hand once again as you gave him a squeeze.
He groaned loudly at the action, hips bucking forward harshly as his cock plunged further into your mouth and slammed into the back of your throat. It took you by surprise, coughing around him as you pushed him away by his thighs and leaned back.
“Oh god, shit, I’m sorry,” Baekhyun apologized profusely, hands moving from your hair to hold your face. You laughed, still out of breath as you looked up at him. “It’s okay,” You answered, wiping the spit off your chin as you quickly brought him past your lips once again. His hands returned to the back of your head, gently caressing the nape of your neck.
You knew he wouldn’t try to push you to go further, but you wanted to feel the sensation once again. You wanted to choke around him.
Placing your palms flat on his ass, you slowly pushed him further and further, getting ready for the gag reflex that you knew was coming.
“Are you sure you want to...” He started, but cut himself off with a sinful moan as your throat started to constrict around his tip.
You held him there for a moment longer, as long as you could take it, before pulling your head back slowly until only your lips remained on the swollen pink head. Taking a deep breath through your nose, you began to repeat the sequence, slowly bringing him inside further and further until he completely blocked your airway. “Fuck,” He moaned again as you held him there.
Once more, you pulled back slowly, but this time he slipped out of your mouth as he gently pulled your head back.
“Was it good?” You asked breathlessly, your chest heaving from your effort.
“Yeah, it was good,” Baekhyun also breathed heavily. “More than good, actually. I was about to cum down your throat.”
You laughed as you wiped your mouth with the back of your hand. “We wouldn’t want that, now would we?” You asked playfully.
“Absolutely not,” He growled, his sultry, low voice reminding you just how wet and desperate for his touch you were.
As if reading your mind, he raced to lower himself onto you on the bed, kissing you deeply as he moved you both further up towards the headboard. The kiss was sloppy and needy, and you moaned into his lips and you fisted his hair with one hand.
Breaking from your lips, Baekhyun pushed himself up over you. Gently, he rested his hands on your thighs and pulled your legs apart from one another. He settled himself on his knees between them, which prevented you from closing your legs. You smiled softly as his eyes hungrily raked over every inch of your body, licking his lips hungrily. “You’re so perfect.” He murmured, bringing his eyes back to meet your gaze. 
“Stop.” You blushed and looked away, embarrassed by the compliment. Quickly, Baekhyun’s hand was on your chin, turn you back to peer up at him.
“No, I mean it.” He said forcefully, his eyes wide. Your small smile grew into a bigger one. He smiled in return. “And I want to see your pretty face when you cum.”
Leaving you with his lustful comment, he returned his attention to the bottom edge of your slip. Pushing it upwards over your hips, he revealed the black lace fabric you had covering you underneath. “You know, I think black suits you best, like the dress.” Baekhyun smirked, his hands ghosting over your wetness through the fabric, “Too bad we have to take them off.” He said, slipping his fingers underneath and pulling the underwear down and off your legs.
He leaned back down so his pretty face was only inches from yours. His hand rested on your stomach just above your most sensitive area, drawing slow circles. “Now, remind me again what it was you wanted me to do earlier?” He asked, feigning ignorance.
You rolled your eyes, anxious for him to give you what you needed. “Baekhyun, just touch me.”
“Like this?” He asked, bring his palm to rest flat over your folds, the heel of his hand putting an immense amount of pressure on your clit just as he did at the bar. He rubbed his fingertips over your skin gently, picking up the wetness that had been building since he first kissed you.
You moaned softly at the feeling of him rubbing you like that, bucking your hips upwards to increase the pressure. But as you did so, Baekhyun’s free hand came down forcefully onto your hip, pressing it into the mattress so you couldn’t lift yourself off it again.
His hand on your pussy remained stationary as you whined, desperate for him to move. “Baekhyun, please,” You begged pitifully. But instead of moving his hand, he just stared at your face with a smirk as your eyebrows scrunched together in frustration.
Eager to mimic his words from earlier, you breathlessly spit out, “Are you gonna do something, or wha-”
And just as you had before, he cut you off before you could finish the word, plunging two fingers past your folds and into your core, a loud gasp escaping your lips at the sensation of him deep inside of you. Not even your fantasies of his long, perfect fingers inside of you could prepare you for how far inside you they reached.
You let out another whiny moan as he began to slowly pump his fingers in and out of you, his face still close to yours as he breathed in the sinful sounds you were making. “You can be as loud as you want, baby,” He sighed into you. “It’s just us, remember?”
As those words came out of his mouth, he curled his fingers upwards inside of you, hitting the spot that made you moan out his name.
He pumped in and out a few more times, increasing his speed. “Come on, I know you can do better.” He taunted, curling his fingers once again with more force. The feeling had you seeing stars, eye rolling back as you nearly screamed his name.
“That’s better.” Baekhyun sighed.
His hand that had been pushing your hip down was suddenly on your clit, rubbing fast circles as he other hand increased speed inside of you. 
“Shit, Baekhyun, oh my god,” You moaned, feeling every muscle in your body tensing in sequence as the pleasure built. You knew you wouldn’t last long with both of his hands working against you like this, and you screwed your eyes shut in anticipation of your climax.
Just before you tipped over the edge, Baekhyun removed both hands from you with a smile. You whined at the loss of contact, your orgasm ruined as your walls clenched around nothing. “Why’d you do that?” You asked breathlessly.
Baekhyun was clearly pleased by your reaction, his eyes glinting with amusement. “Because I waited for you. Now you have to wait for me.”
“I used my mouth. That’s harder work.” You pouted.
You were quickly shut up by Baekhyun’s fingers pressed against your lips, the ones that had just been inside of you. You parted your lips to allow them in. He slipped them inside, and gave you a smirk. “Next time, I’ll use my mouth, and I bet I can get you to scream even louder.” You sucked on his fingers, tasting the sweetness of your own arousal, and you felt your stomach flutter at the mention of a next time.
Baekhyun must have also felt the excitement his words caused, quickly bringing his lips back to yours to taste you on them. “Mmm...” He hummed against you. “I bet it’ll be even better when my mouth is on you for real.”
"Stop making promises and just fuck me, already.”
Baekhyun grinned at your words, just as eager to do what you both came here to do. Reaching over you, he opened the drawer of his bedside table, pulling out a condom. He ripped it open before tossing the wrapper somewhere on the floor, then sat back on his heels to roll it on himself. You watched as he did so, practically salivating at the thought of him finally inside of you.
Once it was on, he leaned forward again, one hand holding him up beside your head, and the other lining up his dick with your entrance. He looked down at you, his smile never fading, and stared into your eyes. 
“Ready?” He asked softly, gently rubbing his tip between your wet folds. You shuddered at the teasing sensation and nodded. “Yeah, ready.”
With that, Baekhyun began pressing into you slowly. You each let out a mutual groan as your walls pulled him in deeper, and your fingers latched onto his back for dear life. He slowly pushed himself inside of you further, inch by inch. “God, you feel so fucking good,” He growled, using all of his strength to not start pounding into you immediately.
Just as you had imagined, his girth was stretching you intensely, causing a dull ache as he slowly gave you more and more to take. He let out a sharp breath when he felt himself bottom out. The feeling of his tip press against your cervix forced a cry from your lips, which Baekhyun swallowed as he kissed you deeply.
“Hurts?” He asked with concern, lifting his lips from yours to search for any amount of pain in your eyes. “A little,” You admitted, still pressing your fingertips deep into the skin of his back. “Just give me a minute. It’s been a while.” You laughed breathlessly,
“Whatever you need.” Baekhyun obliged, holding himself stationary above as the sweat pooled all over him, the dark hair sticking to his forehead becoming damp above you. You could tell he was struggling not to move by the way he turned away from your gaze. The sight of him falling apart above you made your discomfort dissipate and turn to pleasure, your walls squeezing around Baekhyun.
“Please, I have to move.” Baekhyun sighed, the feeling of you clenching sending him to the edge. You nodded, and he slowly pulled out before easing back into you, creating a slow and steady pace with his hips. You groaned at the delicious feeling of him moving inside of you, filling you completely with every slow thrust. You found his eyes, giving him a reassuring squeeze on his bicep. “You don’t have to be gentle with me, you know.”
"Oh, thank god.” He let out a sigh of relief. “I can’t take it this slow.”
And with your words guiding him, Baekhyun increased his pace, earning small groans from you each time he filled you to the hilt. You bounced on the bed with each rock of his hips into you, opting to grab the headboard above you with both hands so as to not slow him down. “Don’t stop, Baek,” You moaned up at him. “Feels so good.”
He groaned at your words, squeezing his eyes shut to focus on his movements. You watched his face contort in concentration, thoroughly enjoying the look on his face as he fell apart above you, whispering your name each time he thrusted in. “Does it feel good?” You questioned him teasingly.
Eyes still shut, Baekhyun let out a breathy laugh at your words. “Yeah, feels amazing,” He answered between grunts as he continued thrusting.
“Then fuck me harder.” You egged him on breathlessly. “I know you can.”
Baekhyun’s eyes shot open at your challenge, catching the impish look you threw at him. “Harder? No problem.” 
And he met your challenge with determination. Carefully, he pulled himself nearly all the way out, before slamming himself back down onto you as hard as he could. The blow caused you to let out your loudest moan yet, and before you could recover he was crashing into you again. And again. And again. Each time, you screamed louder than before, causing the smirk on his face to grow. “How’s that?” He asked sarcastically. “Hard enough?”
You let out laugh between gasping breaths, trying to regain some amount of composure in your current situation. “Yeah, good,” You managed to pant out. “Not gonna be able to walk tomorrow.”
“That’s the goal,” Baekhyun muttered back. Suddenly, his long fingers were wrapped around your neck, as he pulled you to lay sideways. Not letting go, he quickly repositioned himself so that he lay behind you, and began thrusting up into you once more.
You moaned louder and louder with each thrust, the new angle allowing him to hit the spot that had you screaming his name just minutes before. You felt yourself starting to slip away, your vision going hazy as every muscle in your body began to tighten, the pit of your stomach dropping. You clenched around him as he groaned, the tightness pushing him closer and closer to his own edge.
Baekhyun could sense you were nearly there, bringing his free hand down to where you were connected to rub fast circles into your clit. You knew you were a goner, and syllables leaving your lips incoherent. You pressed your hand on top of Baekhyun’s that was still around your neck, encouraging him to squeeze harder. He groaned as he followed your instructions, tightening his grip on your airway. “Cum for me.” He whispered delicately into your ear. “It’s just us, remember? I’m here.”
His words pushed you over the edge, and you struggled to gasp for air as Baekhyun brought you to your climax, both hands on you and dick buried deep inside you. The wave of pleasure that washed through your whole body was so intense, your vision completely blacking out as you shuddered and shook in Baekhyun’s grasp, repeating his name over and over, “Baekhyun, Baekhyun...”.
He continued holding you and rubbing your over-sensitized area as you came down, your walls clenching spastically around him. Releasing his grip from your throat, he continued thrusting fast and hard into you from behind. “Gonna cum,” He muttered out between fast breaths, the feeling of you spasming sending him over the edge. His hips sputtered and a string of curses fell from his lips, mixing with your name as he came undone in your ear and released into the condom. 
He slowed and pressed himself deep inside of you as both of your breathing subsided, still coming down from both of your highs. You turned your head to look back at Baekhyun, his cheeks flushed and drenched hair framing the blissful look in his eyes. He was absolutely beautiful. He caught your eye, noticing you staring, before kissing you deeply, his hand coming up to rest on your cheek.
You pulled back slightly, smiling. “Didn’t you say you wanted to see my pretty face when I came?”
Baekhyun laughed, rubbing his thumb on your rosy cheek. “Next time, yeah?”
You nodded, not able to control your smile.
He slipped out of you and stood from the bed, looking around the floor to locate his boxers. As he pulled them on, you adjusted your dress that had remained on but migrated up to your chest. You sat up on the bed, bringing your knees into your chest and admiring Baekhyun’s figure. 
Turning back to look at you, he grinned. “I’m gonna get some water. Need anything?” He asked.
“Water would be great.” You replied as he turned to exit the room. Hearing the faucet run in the kitchen, you decided to rid yourself of your sweaty garment, opting for Baekhyun’s discarded t-shirt on the floor. Slipping it on, you smelled the remnants of his cologne, heaving a deep sigh and smiling involuntarily. The shirt didn’t completely cover your ass, but it would do. 
You slipped into the bathroom to inspect your appearance in the mirror. You hair, which was already somewhat of a mess to begin with, was even bigger now, and your makeup a bit more smudged. But you looked free. You felt happy.
Baekhyun appeared in the mirror beside you, glass of water in hand for you. You accepted it with a quick thank you, gulping it down.
“So you like being choked, huh?”
Coincidentally, you nearly choked on your water when Baekhyun blurted it out.
Catching yourself, you gasped for air and tried to recover.
“I mean, first you want to choke on my dick, then you want me to choke you out?”
“Baekhyun!” You gasped, slapping him on the arm.
“I know you said you were into some kinky stuff, but damn...” Baekhyun chuckled the shit-eating grin returning to his face.
You rolled your eyes. “Like you didn’t like it.” You teased back.
Baekhyun shook his head. “Never said I didn’t. Looks good, by the way.” He paused to look you up and down, his shirt draped over your body. He scratched the back of his neck. “I assume, you’re, uh, gonna spend the night?”
You blushed a bit at the question, shifting on your feet uncomfortably. “I mean, yeah, if that’s okay. If I went home now, Minji would-”
“It’s totally fine, don’t worry.” Baekhyun reassured you, gently placing a kiss on your forehead. “You wanna borrow some shorts or something? If I wake up in the middle of the night with your bare ass against me, I can’t promise I’ll behave...”
You laughed, the comfort of being with Baekhyun returning. He graciously offered you a pair of gym shorts, which you accepted.
As you set your glass of water on the bedside table, you felt drowsiness from your activities and night of drinking overtake you. Slipping between the sheets, your eyelids felt heavy.
Baekhyun flipped the light switch before joining you in bed, snaking an arm around your waist and pulling you close. 
“Goodnight.” Baekhyun whispered, intertwining his legs with yours.
You smiled, eyes closing. “Goodnight.”
Before you lost consciousness, one last thought passed through your mind-
“It’s just us, remember?”
You hoped it was true.
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