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#how im tryna be

The way these farmers harvest basil

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Color me ✨jealous✨ but also so very happy for you and this deliciousness!!!! 😍🥰Shiiiiiiiiit you went in for the kill with the finger sucking 👀

Me?? Arouse a man??? I actually don’t think I’ve ever. I can’t even get someone to admit they are even slightly attracted to me soooooo likeeee yeah. A tragic life I live

But I love your love story. Send some of that energy my way plsssssss 🥰

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My goal for the New Year of 2021 is to be more emotionally vulnerable and let down my guard. Take more risks with exposing my heart because I’m more equiped and capable of protecting it.

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facefucking but like… slow, deep & soft instead of rough & fast, that’s my mf shit

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