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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
#how it worked
blackglitter · 2 months ago
Just saw a dream where Will and Rachel fed people pizza but with acrylic paint topping and laughed at them I don't know—
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shit-larries-say · 3 years ago
street teams
used by the RECORD LABEL to get music out there on the streets. how many more pieces of evidence do you need that the doll lady is operating in 1997???
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mountain-dewdrop-blog · 7 years ago
Joe Everykid part 1
Joe Everyman was walking home from work one evening, and as it was getting late he decided to take a shortcut through a dark alley that would shorten his walk considerably. Nearing the end of the alley, Joe noticed that a large truck had been parked at the exit, blocking his way forward. As he turned around, resigned to taking the longer route, a man appeared, seeming to materialize out of the shadows. "Give me all your cash, and I won't kill you" said the mugger, managing to make the cliche sound serious, and dangerous. Unfortunately, the mugger didn't believe that Joe wasn't carrying any cash on him. "Don't fuck with me or I WILL cut you" said the man, pulling out a knife.
Joe tried to plead with his assailant, to no avail. The mugger lashed out with the knife and cut his arm three times. Shallow cuts, but they still hurt. In a desperate attempt to ward off his attacker, Joe threw a wild punch in the general direction of the man's face. Somehow it connected and the mugger reeled back, bleeding profusely from the nose that seemed to be broken.
It was at this point that a policeman, happening nearby, heard the commotion and came running to end the conflict. Both Joe and the mugger were arrested for assault. Joe renewed his pleas for mercy, this time directed at the policeman bringing him into custody. "Please, I was just defending myself! Why are you arresting me? He tried to rob me, HE attacked ME!" "I don't care who started it, you know the rules" the policeman replied. "ANYbody caught fighting is brought to the authorities and punished equally, it doesn't matter if you were just defending yourself. You are just as guilty of violent behavior as the man who attacked you."
Joe Everykid woke up from his nightmare and sighed in relief. "Thank God," he thought to himself, "that wasn't real. Real life doesn't work like that, only school has that stupid rule." So Joe got up and prepared for another day of high school, thinking of a life where he would actually be able to defend himself from the bullies who attacked him without having to worry about being expelled. In the meantime, there was nothing for it but to put up with whatever they decided to throw at him. It's not like he had a choice.
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press-pause-blog · 9 years ago
Tupac Hologram: How It Worked
You have seen the video: Tupac Shakur performing at the 2012 Coachella Festival with Snoop Dogg. Hologram ? Ghost ? This video explains the simple technology behind the illusion. It was actually a simple 2D image. Watch the video and take a look at the image below to understand better how this worked. The video was over 10 times in the YouTube Most Viewed videos with a total of over 10 million views in less than 48 hours.
Snoop Dogg didn't see the hologram from where he was standing. It was only possible if you were facing the invisible foil. If you take a look at the video, around the 3:40min mark, you can see that the camera has moved way too much to the left, and we can see a distorted Tupac. If the camera continued moving to the left, the image would disappear because we would no longer be facing the foil that projected the animation. Check the screenshot below !
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pmcs · 17 minutes ago
maybe i will maybe just maybe a little bit maybe post every now and then because instagram is shit. here is my carrd Follow Me
its made for instagram so some stuff may not apply god this is so embarrassing i am at my lowest point
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heidcgger · 38 minutes ago
Starter Call ||
Like for a one-two paragraph long multiverse starter~
My other starter call got kind of S W A M P E D and is a little u n f r e s h, so give this a like and I’ll smack, bang and wallop you out a starter-! 
// If I already wrote you one last time, I’ll just repost it lest you want it changed~ If you’re unsure, use the ‘/search/-yoururl’ on my blog to see if one’s been written~! :) 
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pochiecarms · 51 minutes ago
Tumblr media
EARLY GIFT FOR @1-800-sat-anic for their wonderful work called “ You Rip What You Saw “ For its Anniversary/Birthday! 🎉 This was inspired from the Go for it Nakamura meme that came a while back! it was just so fitting for the YRWYS Crew and Its Recent chapters which I’ve been thoroughly enjoying myself! ( ALSO I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GO AND READ THEIR FIC BECAUSE IT IS A WORK OF ART! ) 
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chaiied · 56 minutes ago
Contracts: Alatus.
Rex Lapis meets Alatus, except I don't know how they even met so if it isn't accurate then pretend it is😀
TW: Killing, Blood (is that a trigger though??)
Tumblr media
before you get started,, you may be like "cHai whY'S tHe gIf abOuT xiAo duRinG tHe lAnTErn Rite?¿" I KNOW BUT IT WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT DIDN'T CHANGE INTO SOME K-POP GIF 😩😩
Their agonizing screams echoed through his mind as he had shaked from his actions. Alatus’spolearm, now coated in the familiar stench of blood. He had collected the items that his mistress was in dire need of. He wasn’t expecting to have them dead though, however, it wasn’t like he had gotten to have a say in the situation. The people were kind, they had offered the items that he was required to get willingly. Yet of course, his mistress had told him to murder them. He despised her, the hatred flowing in his veins. Why do I have to kill them for her? He had begun to question, eating some of the snow on his way back. Snow is cold and Alatus’s teeth are sensitive, he preferred this punishment most, since it was the least painful punishment that he would receive. Strokes of scarlett blood staining the beautiful white snow. He too, was like the snow. Stained with blood. Oh how he hated it.
Shrill screams had begun to ensue, war cries and the scene of people fleeing the land. Then he saw it. He had seen an archon turning his home into a battlefield. Following his duties, he had picked up his polearm from the ground, and fought. He had fought, and fought, and fought, suddenly thinking about his mistress, he had gone to her mansion, seeing how the windows were shattered and how there were many bodies on the floor, he had rushed to find her. Upon entering her throne, Alatus was able to distinguish an archon, black arms with a pattern of gold shimmering in the moonlight. He had heard his mistress speak ill of the supposed man in front of her. What is he supposed to do? Does he just stand at the middle of the hall and watch her meet her faith?
“Alatus!” She screamed causing him to tremble in fear. “Do something! Save me! That is an order.” Her voice dripping with venom, every word that she had spoken tore him down, why should he save her? However, it was an order.
And so he did, gripping onto his polearm, he charged at the archon. Each step he took rattled with hesitation, even his mistress could sense it. The look on her face was plastered with disappointment. Enemies entered the room, grabbing his arms, restraining him. The man bowed, walking towards his mistress.
“You useless child! You dare fail to meet my orders?! If I die here and now, I will find you in the afterlife and hunt you down. You will never escape me.” She yelled, laughing hysterically causing him to quake in pure fear.
She was then met with a blade, her life, coming to a close as she flopped onto the red carpet. Maybe that was the scariest part. What does he do now?
“Young one,” The man spoke, turning around as he began to walk towards him, causing Alatus to shrink away in fear. “what is your name?” He had crouched down in front of him.
“... A-Alatus.”
“Alatus.” He repeated to himself, then nodding. “Would you like to make a contract?”
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ryukotatsuma · 58 minutes ago
I'm pretty sure I closed my door all the way since I gotta go to bed early
I hear my dog clawing at the door and she manages to open it, walks in, stands there for a few seconds, and then walks back out
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mulletnico · 59 minutes ago
my sibling just smacked me in the ear that I just got pierced all because when I do the dishes I leave them to air dry it fucking hurts
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