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#how sweet of you to notice
linktoo-doodles · 4 months ago
“I think that's one of the hardest things to do as a creator is change. When you carry a community that's so used to seeing one certain type of content and you switch it up, a lot of people are not going to stay. And that's a harsh reality that a lot of creators many times don't come to the realization to. 
I have been blessed enough to change up my content so many times and have so many people still watching it. I've changed my content a lot and to see people still supporting it, it's really awesome.”
 — Quackity
Happy 5 million, Big Q.
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sahara4k · 2 months ago
hari i'm so sorry for the idiots on twitter with no reading comprehension who are making your very based thread out to be a personal attack against them i hope you're okay!!
Tumblr media
answering these together for efficiency's sake but <3 thank you so much anons this is seriously so sweet omg :( <3
at the end of the day if i had a nickel for every time i made a thread critiquing the absolutely insane fandom environment that is mcycttwt and then inevitably got mass qrted by chronically online weirdos who refuse to think critically and instead want to wildly misconstrue general statements to make themselves the victim i’d have 2 nickels........ which isn’t much but it’s weird it’s happened twice T_T
i'm personally completely fine but thank you for checking in that really means the world <3 mcytblr truly is the best fandom space ever i'm eternally grateful for a community where being a completely awful person is Not the norm :3
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allistersshtuff · a month ago
I love Bway!Orpheus' voice so much,,
#hadestown#hadestown bway#orpheus#his beautiful falsetto! Is a river of gold!! NO REALLY I'm a synaesthete and I 'see' (well more like feel) sounds as 'colors' and#his voice is really GOLDEN to my ears!! I feel it like warm liquid sunshine if that was even POSSIBLE#and the blues/emo/alt-rock edge!! Idk if any of y'all noticed at this point but I'm THAT kind of underground emo kid that's my kind of music#no but Blues-Rock (*coughWineDarkRockcough*) really fits Orpheus so well. The softness of the lyre contrasted with the hardness of the drums#the simplicity of the melodies contrasted with the perishing alt-rock singing full of Blue Notes#the 'Apollonian' principle and the 'Dionysian' principle and how Orpheus encompasses both at the same time and is a bridge between them#the way Reeve's voice sounds like breathing. like the wind. I fully believe that's the kind of voice ancient Greek poets referred to by#the word 'ligyros' (sweet high and clear like the nightingale the cicada the wind and the lyre itself)#as Hermes said Orpheus sings like a bird up on a line (and he wasn't bluffing because REALLY)#this is also the reason I prefer Reeve's voice for Orpheus waaay more than Da/mon's#Reeve is able to bring a lot of emotion in his singing in a way neither Justin nor Da/mon can. You can FEEL Orpheus' character in his voice#and singing with emotion is like. The whole point of Blues ain't it. 'can't hit the notes' dude they're called Blue Notes for a reason#meanwhile Da/mon has a pretty falsetto but. Not much else. and I Do Not Like Da/mon's lower register voice that much#Da/mon audibly scratches his voice like someone messing up with strings and. No. Just no#it's a pretty aesthetic but. Not for Orpheus. Whose voice is supposed to sound natural as in breathing pretty as in sounds of nature#Da/mon's voice is just. Too artificial. Too physical. It lacks the ethereal airy quality Reeve's voice has
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thedreadvampy · 8 months ago
ok I mean I'm back on my bullshit vis a vis the ways that fandoms tend to conflate desexualised fumbling uwu cuteness and fatness, specifically although not exclusively in men
like when a character is canonically cute and awkward and nerdy/dorky and a Cinnamon Roll, fan depictions tend to choose that character to be the Token Fat Person in their headcanon (and also usually white) or choose to exaggerate their curves if they have a canon appearance that isn't fat
and when a character is canonically fat, fandom tends to characterise them as shy, sweet, desexualised, cute and dorky, and ignore the parts of the character that are rude, angry, sexual, confident etc
and idk I just happen to think. there's something of a pattern which. falls along the same image a lot of media puts out about far people, particularly fat men, being nonsexual, degendered and nonthreatening/amusingly awkward. idk I'm most of the way asleep so I think half this thought process is missing
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kghr-8125 · a month ago
Kagiura is going through that same cycle Sasaki went through before he and Miyano started going out
The first phase is being able to shamelessly invade their private space/playfully flirt with them/cling on to them whenever and doing other lovey dovey things couples do without being embarrassed.
Second phase is realising just how in love and down bad you are for that person.
Third phase is when you confess your feelings and you get turned down (tho Miyano told Sasaki he'd think about it first while poor Kagi got straight up rejected.)
Fourth phase is when things between you gets a bit awkward but you talk it out and everything goes back to normal.
Fifth phase is when you continue to fall deeper in love with them because of the things they do.You get the urge to get closer to them and you want to do things like hug them,kiss them or hold their hand but you hold yourself back and say to yourself that you can't do that yet.
And then the final phase is that you continue pining for them for a very long time until they realise that they do return your romantic feelings and you finally start going out.
Sasaki went through the whole cycle already and he and Miyano are now happily dating. Let's hope Kagiura turns out as lucky as Sasaki and he and Hirano gets together by the end of the series.
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Hmm been thinking and if PJ really is related to Davy Jones like many of us believe then I think Zachs gonna bonk is on the head with some Disney parallels.
Tumblr media
Ah yes just like how it goes in that good old family classic: vampire pirate cop businessman with hook hand is actually biological family of flying wonderboy who never grows up and visits you in your bedroom.
In conclusion: PJ’s name is Peter Jones
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dudeandduchess · 3 months ago
are you okay, Jen-aneki? did Biz-aneki take good care of you?❤️‍🔥🥺✨
I’m doing better, bby. Thank you for asking. 😌 And yes, Biz has been my number one constant in all of this. We had so many jam sessions, and I’m more inspired than ever to write.
I’m also thankful to all of you for being so sweet and supportive. Thank you so, so much to all of you who have sent such kind words to me; I promise that I’ll do my best for all y’all— and my best for me too. 🥰
Tumblr media
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lousdetsera · 6 months ago
edit: wait 😭😭😭 just saw they called her diva sensei !!! okay BYE.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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rorybutnotgilmore · 8 months ago
Instead of deal breakers. What are qualities Loki finds attractive?
humour!! he’s the god of mischief for a reason!!
understanding and acceptance of him and what he’s been through
independence. he’d love to help you, but not have you rely on him or someone for everything. he’d find you taking control of a situation very attractive
curiosity! loki is a learner, and so he’d love someone who shared his interests in things. he’d absolutely adore answering all your questions about the nine realms and watching how your eyes light up each time he tells you something new
trust. loki takes a while to trust, but if someone trusts him, he feels accepted and he likes that. if you trust him too much too quickly though, then he’s less interested
loyalty. goes hand in hand with trust, but still works well on its own. if you’re loyal to loki (although not overly), he will find it endearing every time.
honesty. he may be the god of lies, but having someone be honest with him would mean so much.
Tumblr media
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batshit-birds · 7 months ago
Soooooooo, gotta ask, in your reverse au, is Damian also an unintentional human thirst trap whom other heroes lust over like Nightwing is in canon? Lollll, but unlike Dick I can imagine him being completely oblivious to pple checking him out.
(Jon totally does not like this so cute him glaring at pple murderously.)
(( Bonus! Lil Dick also does not like other pple flirting with Damian and goes around telling pretty much everyone around that he's married, whether the person in question is flirting with Damian or not))
He totally is
Damian is the handsome, mysterious, commanding guy that has pretty much everyone that’re into men thirsting hard. Like...who could resist the allure of Nightwing? His voice alone turns heads
Tbh I feel like he’d be completely aware of this fact, but does his best to Ignore It So That It Goes Away. (it won’t). This false obliviousness gives him excuses to blatantly ignore various peoples’ advances
Big hero gatherings are a pain in the ass because there are at least two people that ask Damian out. It annoys him to no end, but he also enjoys how Jon gets endearingly possessive whenever it happens.
Lmao I love the concept of Lil’Dickie being scandalized whenever someone flirts with Damian. Like, excuse YOU, ma’am/sir/m’m, he is in a relationship. How dare thee turn thy sinful eyes on my brother dad
I feel like Jon would team up with Dick on glaring at people who look a little too long / a little too closely at Damian. At galas it’s a full time job to keep pushy creeps away from their favorite ex-assassin. 
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restinpeacesensei · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
#boueibu#akoya gero#arima ibushi#kusatsu kinshirou#kinshiro kusatsu#kittykoya#my art#my comic#talisman975 AGVHSFGD THANK YOU FOR WANTING THIS TO BE A TV SHOW!!!! >/////< im suuper honored you would watch sc kitties being cute!!!!!#your kind words inspired me to finish this Kitty SC drawing as well ;;/////;; thank you soo much!! >////< i want to watch them tooo;;;;;#i would also love a tv show of nothing but sc kitties being cute afvgsfgd they'd be sooo cute animated!!! thank you for this idea omg!!!#they are always animated and running around in my heart;; ;;////;;#AND THANK YOU!!!! IM SO HONORED I KILLED YOU AGAIN WITH CUTENESS!!! BUT I THINK I SHOULD GIVE YOU A TREATMENT PLAN!!!! T////T#a little akoya angel arrives with love & medicine once a day just in case it happens again T////T#silvormoon THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SWEET COMMENTS!!! >/////< you noticed all the things i hoped people would notice afvgsg wahhhh!!#it made me so happy you said oh gosh this is cute ;;////;; it made me feel like they were really really cute and im happy!!! >/////<#i love how you noticed kinshirou's shy little poke!! ;;w;; i love how you described it that way!! it sounds so little and cute wahhh;; >///<#and i love how you make a little story about how they're investigating the blankets with such serious care!!#it sounds like they're approaching it with such careful and intrepid scientific curiosity!#there are risks but they Must know the answer. this could be a very important discovery!!#AND OMG HOW CUTE IS IT THAT YOU SAID THEY JUST FLOPPED DOWN ON THE FLOOR LIKE REAL KITTENS??? >////< they totally did I LOVE THIS!!!!#'everyone will have to walk around them' afvghsfgb that's SO CUTE wahhh thank you so much for saying this that's adorable!!!! >/////<#i love it so much;;; thank you so much for such soft words omg you make them sound sooo cute and precious!!! \;;/////;;/#im so happy wahhhh;;; T/////T
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rat-zuki · 3 months ago
kiss for u
Tumblr media
FERN my love <3 oh, how i’ve missed you.
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spideyspeaches · 4 months ago
I remember you were one of my earliest followers, but I didn't know you came from @propertyofmarvel 's circle of people!!!!
I figured that out when I scrolled through her entire archive and found a bunch of interactions between you and her and it warmed my heart to see how she interacted before I even knew what Tumblr was, very wholesome you took care of her very well 🥰🥰🥰
anyway, I am following you but lack the time to read fanfic, but I have a bunch of the old ones she used to read stored back for if/when I get the time, can't wait to read the stuff you've got!
HIII! OMG WAIT WHAT? No cause I remember her and you interacting with me back when I confessed my crush on coffee!! I mean we talked here and there but I didn't realise she's read my stories? jkahakk I write reader inserts so Idk how much of your thing that is but I hope you like them!
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the-highest-warlock · 2 months ago
Setting timers to do work is always really fun because I get distracted and then I look at my phone and think ah let’s set a timer and do work and then I discover it’s been running for 40 mins and
#i mean at least i have coins#because the thing is right see there's this timer app that i'm using and it's called studybunny i recommend it and so you set timers for#studying and for every ten minutes you study you get a coin and then you can save up coins so you can buy stuff for your bunny and it's all#kinda sweet and all that and basically i'm saving up for this thing that requires 15000 coins (currently on 7100 and something and i've been#using this for 10 months now)#and basically a while back i took my monthly average and calculated it to work out that at the rate i was spending the first three/four#months at it would require two years and a half to gain the required coins and that's obvs too long right because no i me and yeah#so then i was like meh whatever let's see how long it takes and now uh yeah i don't know where i'm taking this thing but the thing i'm#saving up for is called super bun or whatever and it makes your bunny look like a black hole.#literally.#it's the coolest thing there. and your cute bunny looks like a black hole and has this fire coming off of it#and so literally one day about nine and a half months ago i sat down and said i want that and i haven't bought anything despite the fact#that there is only one thing i can't afford in that for 10000 and everything else i could get#also yeah that's that and if anyone wants any evidence of how hyperfixations can be more subtle and really hard to notice in the people#around you this is that#because literally i swear the only reason most people think i'm normal is that a lot of my things are the quiet things that you don't really#notice and easily fly under the radar cos most of the time see i can cope well enough and so people assume ah ha stable human being when in#fact my brain is literally a dumpster truck or whatever on fire and i don't know what's going on but i'm good at pretending i know what's#going on seriously just sound confident and people at least on the surface will accept what you say i don't know why but it's cool and yeah#y'know what i don't even know where this tangent went this time but here's a little introduction into just exactly how my internal monologue#works and let me tell you it only gets crazier
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