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How To Avoid A Virus That Can Take All Your Accounts With It
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watching retro gaming videos and really wishing i could play any of my old favorites on my current laptop
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fauxyandere · 5 months ago
i've had this thought about kylar being a commissioned artist for pc (nude or clothed, you pick ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) and then they get just a liiiittle bit delusional.. maybe a lot delusional
also the new undressing feature makes me laugh because now i feel pressured to sleep with everyone to know their fashion tastes lolol
- eve!
When Kylar sees the new model for the day, they aren't initially impressed or anything. It's just a normal day, another still life study, simple anatomy, and it's not like they are particularly a stand out....
Kylar minds their own business, setting up their easel and paper, positioning the charcoals how they need, making sure all their supplies are in just the right places.... until they hear a laugh. A slight, awkward giggle.
They look over at you, blushing as you fumble with your robe, letting nervous adorable giggles spill out of your mouth... it sends a chill down their spine that makes them shiver. They have to gulp down the pooling saliva in their mouth as they look at you slowly reveal yourself, naked body on display for everyone in the room to witness... Ah, how were they supposed to draw you... You're already such a work of art.
You get settled in the middle of the room, taking a pose sitting, and you mindlessly look around at all the eyes staring at you. Ah, really, this was so weird. Feeling so watched. It made the hairs on your arms prick up, but... stay natural... stay calm...
Your eyes catch green as your gaze mindlessly meets Kylar's, the only person in the room who seems just as nervous as you, everyone else acting like it's a normal monthly session. You wonder if the person staring is also new to this, also nervous... The thought is really reassuring, so you shoot them a small smile, a slight, nervous smile.
And Kylar's heart skips a beat as they look at you. Oh. They usually feel so empty over these sorts of things. Always so numb. So cold. But you. You were warm. So, so warm.
A heat spreads through their chest as they finally are able to remember where they are. What they're doing. Your eyes pull away from theirs, and they are able to back away ever so slightly, still enough to see you, but their canvas too.
They weren't sure how they were going to match your aura, capture your sense of presence, but it would be a sin of them not to try. Charcoal meets paper as they carve out your skin... your eyes..... your eyelashes..... ah, how they wish they could capture the sense of how beautiful you were when you breathed, the subtleties of your smile, how complex and warm.
Shaping out your perfect body was a monumental task, especially with the way beads of sweat formed on their body every time their eyes lingered on the contours of your body... But still they persevered, staring intently to get the shading right, get your energy right, transform the paper into you. To keep a bit of your aura for themself....
They don't notice when another form appears on their page along with you. Rougher and cruder than the work of art that is you, but still they mindlessly draw, in a daze now. The class time somehow stretches into infinity but also seems incredibly too short, the professor calling time right as the last stroke of their charcoals lands, the bit of mineral near falling out of their hand onto the table that they were propped on.
It's the first time Kylar processes the art... And they blush even harder when they realize. Ah, there you are... perfect in every way-
And somehow Kylar finds themself on the page behind you, an almost ominous presence behind your almost ethereal one. The lines of Kylar are jagged and rough, compared to the smoothness and soft shading they gave to you. Like an Angel and Demon fell onto the page.
They glance at you one more time as you put your robe back on, giggling to yourself yet again and thanking the instructor for the time, asking if you can look around at the work, see what everyone thought of you, and Kylar begins to panic, quickly etching their likeness out of the portrait before you can get to them.
You let out a small gasp when you reach the work of your partner in nervousness, hardly believing this art was supposed to be of you. It looked so... holy, almost. Like something a Renaissance artist would create in the image of God.
You can't help but grin and tell the small, shaking ball of nerves that Kylar had transformed to that it was your absolute favorite, and that you can't wait to see them in a museum someday, taking their hands into yours as you say it.
Their eyes can't entirely meet yours as you praise them, all they can focus on is how their clammy hands are somehow touching that of a God's, tainting them, poisoning them. They fear you can hear their heart racing. That you can tell they're unworthy. But all you do is smile and reassure them, like a true angel. Like their guardian angel.
Maybe it's fate. Maybe this was supposed to happen. You're so nice to them... maybe.... maybe you were meant to be theirs. Ah, is that conceited of them? But the way your focus is on them, the way you looked at them, the way you're holding their hands......
There's no way this is anything else.
This is destiny.
You are their destiny.
..... When they finally get home, they prop up your portrait by their bed, and stare with a happy smile. They couldn't bear to turn it in for a grade, they couldn't imagine being apart from the only part of you they had.
Now they had to figure it out, is all they could think while staring at your visage.
How exactly they can make you theirs. Make the magic you bestowed on their life constant.
Claim their reason for living all for themself.
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jewishtardis · a year ago
a definitive ranking of how good each doctor who would be at minecraft
one only knows what it is because susan loves it. she has this one world she’s been playing for like ten years and one day she makes him try it. he doesn’t get it at ALL. he’s just like “susan why do you like this so much? what’s so special about all these… squares! this is preposterous!”
two takes the "mine" part of "minecraft" seriously. he has an inventory filled with diamonds within the first hour of the world's creation. he makes this elaborate system of tunnels that only he can navigate, and it connects to literally everything built on the server. he'll randomly pop into your base from the floor at literally any time. you can't stay mad at him though because he'll drop you a stack of diamonds and then jump back into his hole in the floor.
three is really good at it. like. weirdly good. he has this fortress with redstone traps and secret doors and passageways and shit. it's so dramatic BUT he has little personalized rooms for all his friends and he'll always give you any supplies you need.
four's inventory is a MESS. he has the 1.17 bundles but it doesn't help him organize at all. he picks up anything that gets his attention in any way, so he's got 8 different kinds of flowers, four different kinds of meat, he's got feathers, flint, leads, some gold ore, and four stacks of coal.
five has flying enabled in a survival, no cheats world. he just does it through sheer willpower. he makes big elaborate farms with each type of animal, and he takes care to keep them in appropriate habitats and feed them the right things. he has keepinventory on.
six's base is made out of every different color available in the game. if you can dye something, he's done it. wool, terracotta, armor, you name it. he's also big into potion making and has like six different effects on him at all times. "why do you have slowness and jump boost at the same time?" "shush" he's also really good at pvp do NOT challenge him
seven is a redstone GOD. everything he makes is so convoluted and upsettingly functional. he can make planes, infinite platforming machines, anything. ace asked "can you run doom on that thing?" once as a joke and twenty minutes later he's made a pc in minecraft that can run it better than windows 95 ever could.
eight tries to just explore peacefully but he keeps ending up in the worst, most dangerous situations. he accidentally finds and activates the end portal and wanders the end for weeks in misery. when he finally makes it out he digs straight down into one of those gigantic 1.17 caves. after one too many deaths he turns keepinventory on and starts playing as recklessly as he possibly can.
nine takes it way too seriously. he and jack have a server dedicated to beating the game/killing the dragon, and they play for hours on end, dying repeatedly in the nether. meanwhile rose is like "we're in dangerous situations irl every day. why are you doing this to yourselves." and she goes and builds herself a mansion. when they finally make it to the end, they make rose go with, and she's the one that lands the final blow on the dragon.
ten is a strip miner. he has this horribly complicated system for mining and it's so easy to get lost in. he's not very fun to play with but he's so lonely you take pity on him. if you tell him you need any materials he'll be like "yes of course!!" and get it for you immediately. martha's like "hey doctor i built a berry farm do you want some berries" and he's like "rose liked berries" and martha's like "yeah cool do you want some tho"
eleven starts dozens of complicated projects: mansions, redstone contraptions, farms, etc and he finishes exactly none of them. amy's like "can you at least get rid of the old ones? they're blocking me and rory's view" and he's always like "no no i'll get back to them i promise!!!" and he never does
twelve is strangely good at it. this is a fact bill discovers when she starts a server for her, the doctor, nardole, and missy. she teaches him to play, taking him through the first few steps and he's like "okay i think i got it" and he comes back in an hour and gives her a full set of enchanted netherite armor. nardole can't figure out how to play at all and he lives in a dirt hut. meanwhile missy hollowed out a whole mountain to build her evil lair. one day bill calls the doctor over like "i gotta show you something i made" and he goes over and it's a lil copy of the tardis console room. it plays out like the scene in parks and rec where april makes a marshmallow ron.
thirteen LOVES minecraft. she's not all that good at it but she has a blast. she has one gigantic project she's been working on the whole time, ever since ryan created the world. no one's exactly sure what it is but whenever you ask her about it she just goes "trust the process i'm almost there!" yaz and ryan are a great team and beat the game in less than a week, and graham never even tried it.
bonus 1: war
war plays on peaceful and builds himself a nice little beach house. it's what he deserves.
bonus 2: ruth
ruth is a speedrunner, and she's really, really good at it.
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darkficsyouneveraskedfor · a year ago
More than just a game
Warnings: dark elements including noncon and rape, oral, fingering, doxxing, stalking, and other explicit content. 
This is dark!Jake Jensen and explicit. Your media consumption is your own responsibility. Warnings have been given. DO NOT PROCEED if these matters upset you.
Summary: You find a new gaming buddy but he sees you as more than that.
Note: So this is my first Jake Jensen fic and it was lots of fun so let me know what you think and hope you enjoy. :D
Thank you. Love you guys!
As always, if you can, please leave some feedback, like and reblog <3
Special shout-out to @navybrat817​ for helping me with this idea
Tumblr media
After too many nights scrolling through subreddits and searching for something to keep you distracted, you decided to bite the hook. Several other redditors agreed to hop on Minecraft and it had been a while since you logged in. You missed the almost relaxing ritual of mining and building.
You joined the chat, quick to hit the little microphone emblem as you listened to the voices in your headset. You learned long ago to keep your mic muted on the servers, especially with strangers. The last time you dared to speak up as a woman in a game chat, your DMs had become so overwhelmed you deleted and started a new account on Discord and changed your ID on Steam.
You were all given your tasks as players called out coordinates and you kept to chopping up the side of a mountain. You mostly worked alone, chatting through text instead of voice chat. As you placed a crafting table in your little mine, another player, JJ-Smooth, popped up and dropped some iron for you. 
He stayed close but you didn’t mind. A lot of players tried to work together the deeper they got and you were used to it. As you uncovered some lava, he dumped water before you could get burned and helped you hack up the obsidian. 
He thanked you on the voice chat but you knew any courtesy in return would earn you the attention of the entire server. So you dropped some gold for him and went on your way.
“I hear a zombie,” he warned.
You turned to hack up the undead before it could get you, only to be shot by a skeleton hidden on the next level. Another appeared and you died before you could hide, the bony villain killed by your ally as you watched your possession scatter over the death screen.
“Hey, I got your stuff,” he said as you loaded back up, “I’ll find you.”
You typed quickly in the chat, ‘sorry, mic busted, give me your coordinates and I’ll come to you.’
You waited as ‘JJ-Smooth is typing…’ appeared at the bottom and finally he sent the numbers. You hopped over the blocky hills and through the forests until you found the mine again. He was just outside and handed over all your tools and ration. He headed back into the mine and you followed him. This time, you began your own path in the opposite direction.
Before you knew it, you’d lost track of time. You sat back as you realised it was only you and JJ on the server. The silence should have tipped you off earlier. He was the host and you felt super awkward for staying so long. You typed that you were logging off for the night and thanked him. 
You hit the keyboard with your knuckle and yawned as you opened the screen, 
“God, it’s late,” you muttered.
“Hello?” he said.
Your eyes rounded as you looked at the mic symbol and the lack of red line made you cringe. You’d hit an extra button without noticing.
“Um, hi, sorry, I just--”
“Mic busted, huh?” he asked.
“No, I--” you didn’t know what to say, “anyways, I should--”
“So, you’re a chick? Is that why you mute?”
“Uh, well, it’s just… easier, sorry, I--” even if you weren’t trying to hide from gamer dudes, you weren’t the best at conversation.
“A gamer girl, nice,” he said and you sighed, “sorry, that sounded weird, didn’t it?”
“Mhmm,” you touched your bottom lip as you cupped your chin, “it’s late, I have to work tomorrow.”
“You comin’ back?” he asked, almost hopeful.
“I don’t know--”
“I won’t tell anyone,” he said abruptly, “promise, lips sealed.”
“I really don’t know if I can do this too much, I usually work early mornings so… yeah,” you said.
“I get it but you know you’re always welcome, hope you don’t mind if I send you an invite now and then. No pressure,” he offered.
“Uh, sure,” you shrugged, “okay, yeah, good night.”
You left the chat quickly and pulled off your headset. Shit.
‘I’m Jake by the way,’ a pm popped up, ‘gg.’
You typed back, ‘gg, it was fun’ and quickly logged out. You sat back and rubbed your eyes. Well, he didn’t seem like a total creep, maybe just a bit awkward but so were you. You shut down for the night and stretched out as you switched off the lamp. You were going to pay for your session in the morning.
A few nights later you got an invite to the server. You debated it but as it was Friday, you decided to make good use of the PC you’d saved up forever to build. You spawned in the middle of nowhere and built a bed before you found the half-finished settlement. You joined the chat but you must have been early as you were the only one there.
You headed back to the same mine, some work done since the first night, and laid your torches as you ventured into the depths. You jumped in your seat as a voice broke your peace.
“I don’t think anyone else is gonna join,” JJ-Smooth, or Jensen said, “you think maybe you’ll unmute?”
You stopped your mining and stared at the screen. You hovered over the mic button and re-read his name, he was the only other one there. You clicked and gave a strained smile to the screen.
“So, um, what’s the goal tonight?” you asked.
“Get some materials and go back to the settlement, keep building, oh, maybe we could try a portal, you ever gone to the nether?” he said but before you could reply he kept on, “shit, I shouldn’t assume, you seem like an experienced player.”
“Yeah, a few times, but I’m more a casual miner,” you went back to harvesting stone and ore.
“Ah,” he said, and it was silent for a moment, “so, you work again in the morning?”
“Not tomorrow,” you said as you focused on the game, “daycare isn’t open on the weekends.”
“A daycare, huh? That sounds fun, I love kids… not in a weird way but you know, I… urgh, I have a niece,” he said with a nervous chuckle, “nah, that’s cool though, sounds more fun than my gig.”
“Oh?” you turned and kept your axe moving.
“IT. You know, some people would be like ‘hey Jensen, why do you spend all your free time staring at a screen when that’s what you do at work?’” he scoffed, “well, who says I’m not mining there too.”
You wrinkled your forehead and gave a small laugh. He was rambling and it was kinda odd. You were happy for once not to be the strange one.
“But anyway,” he said, “I found lots of diamond over here. If we get some lapis lazuli we can build an enchanting table and get some sick armour.”
“Awesome,” you pressed your fingertips to your lip as you leaned on your elbow, “should try to head back before dark…”
“Hard to tell down here. How about you mine and I’ll keep an eye out for monsters?” he offered.
“Sure,” you agreed as he came onto your screen, “that works.”
Another week went by and you ventured back into the server a few times but not for very long as late nights did not mix with young children. The next weekend, you joined again on Saturday night and like the last few times it was just you and Jensen. You wondered why no one else was joining when the subreddit was so popular but you didn’t worry about it for long.
You mostly played in silence, Jensen did most of the talking and it was never about anything more than the game or his niece’s last soccer game. That night when you left the game, he kept typing on Discord.
‘I like playing with you,’ his message blipped up.
‘Same, thx.’
‘Really, you’re awesome.’
‘Thx :) Tired, gotta sleep.’
‘Sweet dreams.’
You changed your status to offline and dragged yourself to bed. You opened your phone as you laid in the dark and went to the subreddit, you scrolled through the builds and screenshots of other people’s catastrophes. 
You came to Jensen’s last invite post from that night but all the comments complained that the world code was incorrect. Hmm, you should tell him next time.
You blackened your cell and plopped it on your night table. You rolled over and buried your face in the pillow, the light still etched into your vision. You fell asleep quickly and woke the next day to another invite from Jensen.
‘How about some Fortnite? If you’re into it?’
‘Srry, can’t, my mom’s expecting me for lunch.’
‘2 bad, maybe later.’
You got ready to go see your mother for your usual Sunday afternoon visit and it went by like any other. When she asked you what you’d been up to, you didn’t mention the gaming, she was never a fan of it. When you got back home, Jensen was messaging you again. You didn’t open the notification and settled in to catch up on some streaming before another week of work.
Monday hit you like a train and you were glad you hadn’t spent the night mining again. If you had, you doubted you’d even be able to open your eyes. You got to the daycare centre and welcomed in the kids. You got them set up for the morning snack then cleaned up as Sandy took them over to the reading circle.
You wiped the tables and then did some painting before you went out for some play time in the yard. As you watched several of the children on the swings, you glanced around. There was a man across the street. You squinted through the chain link as he seemed to be watching but assured yourself it was nothing as he quickly headed for the corner and disappeared.
Inside, the kids were due for quiet time, some napped and those who didn’t, stared at the ceiling and yawned. You could have joined them but knew that wouldn’t be acceptable. The end of the day came and you helped the kids pack up their paintings and their sweaters. You waited in the yard with them as the parents showed up and handed them off one by one.
You waved to Danika as she clung to her mother and your eye was once more drawn beyond the chain link. The same faded grey jacket, the same glasses, and the hat with the frayed brim. It was a better look at the man. Was he looking at you? Why on earth was he hanging around outside a daycare?
“Sandy,” you turned and lowered your voice as she neared, “see that man?”
She peeked over and shrugged, “which one? The guy crossing the street?”
You looked up again and like before, he was walking away casually as if he hadn’t just been staring through the fence. You shook your head and huffed. “Sorry, never mind.”
“Ah, don’t worry about it,” she waved her fingers, “come on, let’s clean up.”
With the kids all sorted out, you went back in and tidied up the last of their mess. You and Sandy were friendly but like with any, you weren’t very talkative. You never really knew what to say but you were never unkind.
You pulled on your jacket and checked your purse for your phone and wallet. You checked the time and turned off the lights. You bid Sandy goodbye as she headed for her SUV and you took your usual route down the sidewalk towards your bus stop. 
You stopped short as the man was there. You were paranoid, he must just be waiting for the same route. You approached and he turned to watch you as you sat on the bench. He smiled and the dread sank deep in your chest. 
His rectangular glasses gave light to his blue eyes and a goatee trimmed his jaw. He was tall and well-built, you could tell even under his comic book tee. He was going to talk to you, another weirdo in the city.
“Hey,” his voice was chillingly familiar, “how was your day?”
You stared at him and blinked cluelessly. You looked around, it was only the two of you. You opened your mouth but you had to be wrong. He said your name and you winced.
“Jensen?” you breathed as you stood and squeezed the strap of your bag, “why? How--?”
“You weren’t answering me, I was worried,” he said, “just making sure you’re okay.”
“What the-- I don’t understand how--” He stepped closer and you backed up against the bench. “Don’t, I’ll scream.”
“Scream? Why? I’m just-- You know me, it’s me, Jensen.”
“You doxxed me?” you snapped, “what the hell?”
“No, I didn’t-- I’m just checking on you--”
“I don’t know you,” you said as your heart began to race, “so please, leave me alone,” you edged away from him, “and don’t message me again.”
You sprinted across the street and as you came up on the curb, you looked back at him. He watched you but didn’t follow. You could tell from there he wasn’t happy but the brim of his cap shadowed most of his face so you couldn’t guess if it was hurt or anger. You quickly spun away and continued down the next street to the nearest stop.
You couldn’t believe he’d just shown up like that. You couldn’t believe he would think that was okay. You couldn’t believe he’d think that much about you.
You blocked Jensen on Discord and left his world on Minecraft. That night you were shaky and nervous, afraid that he would show up at your apartment. Did he know where you lived? He must if he could figure out where you worked.
You didn’t open Steam that night. You paced your small apartment, jumping at every noise. Sleep didn’t come easily but in shallow spurts that left you even more tired. You watched over your shoulder as you walked to your stop and boarded with one eye on the door.
Work was little better as you found yourself distracted in the room full of toddlers. Sandy asked if you were okay as you kneaded play-do violently. You shook yourself out of your paranoia and assured her you were only short on sleep, not a complete lie.
You took out your phone when you stepped out for a small break. Your mom had called but you would have to get back to her when you had two hours to waste. There was another notification, that one from Discord, a friend request from JJ-NoRematch. It wasn’t hard to guess who it was and you declined it right away.
There were several others from Jensen, too. He followed your Insta, blocked; he followed your mostly empty twitter, blocked; and he even commented on your LinkedIn like a weird. You closed your phone and took a breath before you headed back into the kids, their voices rising in their excitement to go outside.
In the yard, you had another look around, expecting to see him there on the other side of the fence. You were slightly relieved when he wasn’t but still on edge. You joined a game of tag then watched several of the kids line up for the slide. You lost yourself in your job as you told yourself he must have gotten the hint, at least not to bother you irl.
Just like the day before, and every day, you left work and headed for your stop. He wasn’t there either and you sat down and phoned your mom, hanging up as the bus pulled up with a promise to call her again when you were home. At home, you felt almost normal again and checked your notifications; no more follows, no more requests, nothing.
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday passed in a similar fashion. Each saw your anxieties less than the day before. You even resolved to open Steam and start a new world for yourself. You spent hours mining and almost fell asleep in your chair. When you nearly tipped over, you decided it was time for bed.
You slept better than you had all week and woke up before noon. You wanted to log right back on but you had life to deal with; groceries, cleaning, and of course, making that call to your mother you’d delayed the night before. After all that, you felt accomplished and you decided to treat yourself to take out, a rare divulgence.
You called the local Chinese eatery and waited eagerly for your feast as you turned on a new episode of your current binge. You played on your phone until the battery was low and had enough juice to buzz up the delivery man. You dug for your wallet as you went to the door and unlocked it without looking up.
“How much--” you asked as you opened the door.
Your eyes met a familiar pair, two blue gems behind a pair of narrow glasses. Jensen wore the same cap and held the paper bag of take-out with a smile. You grabbed the door and tried to swing it shut but he was too quick as he slapped a large hand against the peeling paint.
“It’s on me,” he said, “I love spare ribs.”
“What the--” you gasped as you pushed on the door helplessly, “please go away.”
“You’re not answering me,” he said as he stepped closer and forced you back as his body brushed against yours, “you blocked me and I can’t even get a hey, Jensen, how are you?”
“I don’t want you here,” you tried to shove him and he shouldered you away easily, “get out!”
He slammed the door and you flinched. He put the bag down on the corner table and reached back to twist the lock without a look. His eyes roved around your entryway and further into your apartment. He smiled as they stilled and focused on you.
“This place is cute… like you,” he said and you heard a slight hesitation in his voice.
You swallowed and backed away from him. You spun on your heel and ran for your couch. You reached over the back to your phone and unlocked it as the battery icon flashed. You had just enough juice to make the call. You dialed as you turned back to him.
“I’m calling the police so you b-better l-leave,” you warned as your voice and hands shook, “I me--”
He was quick and before you could pull away, he swiped your cell out of your hand. He scoffed and tossed it across the room. It hit the wall and landed screen down on the hardwood. You bit down and pressed yourself to the couch. You stared at him and kicked yourself forward as you tried to slip past him. He caught you and wrestled you back into the front room.
“Why are you doing this?” he asked calmly as you struggled in his grasp, “I’ve been nothing but nice to you.”
“N-no, you’re-- you-- let me go,” you stammered as he angled you around the couch. He pushed you down so you bounced on the cushion. You tried to push yourself up and he pointed his finger in your face and wagged it. 
“No, you stay,” he growled and wiped his other hand on his jeans. He was nervous, even if he was angry.
“Please, why-- what do you want?” you grasped the cushion and hovered at the edge of the couch.
He sighed and sat in the chair. He took his hat off and set it on the table as he ran his fingers through his short hair. 
“Good question,” he said as his jaw squared and his eyes turned to pinpoints, “better one, why did you block me?”
“Are you serious? You-- you--” you struggled to get your words out, your voice even more splintered by your fear, “you doxxed me, you came to-- to my work-- and…”
“I thought we were getting along. I thought you liked me,” he said with a frown, “I really did, you sure acted like it and-- I only wanted to make sure you were safe.”
“But why wouldn’t I be? I--” you shivered and crossed your arms as you withered beneath his gaze, “Jensen, this was only supposed to be online.”
He scoffed and stomped his boot on the floor. He shook his head as he looked to the ceiling and his anger bulged along his temple. He tilted his head and looked at you again.
“You know, for years, I have been a nice guy, I am a nice guy,” he pushed his shoulders to his ears as he threw his hand out, “I’m so patient and caring and you girls, you don’t even give me a second look.”
“No, really, I mean look at you, you’re no supermodel and yet it’s the same thing, ‘let’s just be friends’,” he spat, “but I watch guys all the time treat women like shit and they don’t have any trouble at all, they got them hanging off of them and I’m a creep for giving them a compliment or opening the door--”
“I don’t… know you,” you eked out, “you have to understand--”
“I don’t understand,” he stood abruptly, “I’m done trying to understand.”
He pulled his jacket open and slid it down his arms. You watched him sling it over the chair and as he turned back to you, you stood. He caught your shoulders and held you in place. His strength was plain in his grip as he squeezed then slowly moved his hands to cradle your face.
“I just wanna be nice,” he said as he leaned in. You tried to pull away but he moved a hand around the back of your head and forced your lips against his. He poked his tongue inside your mouth roughly as you tried to shove him away. Finally, he parted, his hands still firmly around your head, “wasn’t that nice?”
“Please,” you begged as he ran his thumb over your bottom lip.
His eyes searched your face as you stared back at him in terror. He sighed and dropped his hands back to your shoulders. He pushed you down to the sofa harshly and backed away.
“Fine, I won’t be nice,” he snarled as he took his glasses off and folded them carefully. He put them on the table beside his cap and twined his fingers together, loudly cracking his knuckles.
You blinked at him as your eyes grew glossy. You brought your legs up under you and pressed yourself to the back of the couch. You grasped the upholstery and turned as you launched yourself over to the other side. You stumbled as you landed on your feet and ran for the door.
You were yanked back as he snaked his arms around you and took you off your feet. You kicked out and screamed but it was cut off by his palm as he kept one arm around your middle. You scratched at his hand as he dragged you back to the couch. He pushed you face down onto the cushions and planted his knee in the middle of your back, slipping his hand away as he put enough weight on you to keep your voice suffocated.
“Listen, I know I look like some IT nerd but I’m a lot more than that, now don’t make me hurt you,” he played with your hair as he smiled down at you, “you try that again and I will shut you up and if someone hears you, I can take care of them too.”
You sniffed as tears pricked in your eyes and nodded frantically as it felt as if he would snap your spine. He pushed off of you and you stayed as you were, paralysed with fear. He sat and unlaced his boots one at a time. He looked up as he set them neatly beside the foot of the chair and he bent to catch your eye.
“Well?” he pointed at you and traced the line of your body in the air, “let’s go.”
You stared at him dumbly and he stood to pull his tee over his head. His torso was sculpted perfectly and his chest trimmed with hair that trailed all the way down to his pants. He stepped forward and tugged at the back of your shirt.
“You want me to do it for you, baby?” he purred, “I can help you.”
You swatted him away and sat up. You bent your legs to your chest and hugged them. “Please, I’m scared, just leave me alone--”
His hand rested on his belt and exhaled again. His fingers moved swiftly to unloop the striped belt and unbutton his jeans. He pushed them down, nearly tripping as he stepped out of them. He stood in his boxers, tented with his impatient excitement, and gripped his hips.
“It’s okay, baby, I know you’re shy, I am too,” he neared and you winced as he grabbed your wrist. He tugged on your arm and you resisted until he bent your hand back painfully and you cried out. He tickled your jaw as he looked you in the eye and tutted, “it doesn’t have to be like this, alright?”
You went limp and let him pull your arms apart. Your legs slipped down and your feet dangled above the floor. He got to his knees and pushed between yours. He slowly rolled up the hem of your shirt and bent to kiss your stomach as he bared the flesh. You trembled as he forced your arms up and swooped the fabric over your head. It fluttered through the air and to the floor as he cupped your tits through your bright pink bra.
“Is this so bad?” he asked as he nuzzled your chest and pushed your tits up. 
He glided the straps down your arm and slid your bra lower so that you popped out. He nibbled at your flesh and traced your nipples with his tongue. You sat rigid and let him explore your body, too terrified to move a muscle. He reached around you and struggled with the hooks, frustrated he snapped the clasps and the band came free.
He continued to play with your chest, his fingers crawling up and down your stomach and sides. There was a genuine curiosity to his touch and it sent a chill through you. His fingertips pressed to the top of your pants and he pulled at them as his lips travelled down to your hip.
He tugged on your pants and jerked your entire body. He tore them lower as he pushed you up and you lifted yourself to let him peel away the layer. He added them to the floor and toyed with the elastic of your panties. The little bow in the front drew his attention as he pushed your legs wider and ran his nose along the cotton.
He hummed and rubbed his fingers down your crotch, pushing the fabric to your folds as he teased you through them. You inhaled sharply at the tingle it inspired and he pressed firmer against you, flicking his fingers along your bud as he noticed how it made you squirm.
He gently pulled aside the cotton and you felt his hot breath against you. You pushed on his head before he could delve into you. “Please, don’t--”
“Shhhh,” he threw your hand away from his head and bent over you, “just relax.”
He dragged his tongue along your cunt and lingered around your clit. You clenched as it sent a thrill through you and he moved his lips against you, suckling at you bud as your breaths grew raspy. You pushed yourself against the back of the couch and dug your nails into the cushion.
He slid a finger along your cunt and circled your entrance. He rubbed up and down as he kept his tongue swirling over your clit and you swallowed back as gasp as he poked inside. He felt around and added another finger, stretching you as he carefully pushed them in and out of you in time with his mouth.
He lapped you up and you closed your eyes, desperate to resist the coil winding within you. Your legs tensed against the couch and you tilted your pelvis without thinking. He sped up, the noise of his mouth and your slickness filled the silence. You let out a puff and moaned as you slapped the couch. The waves rolled over your flesh and you came into his mouth with a pathetic mewl.
He stilled his fingers as he lazily teased you with his tongue. He pulled his fingers out and sat back, the heat between your legs cooling in his absence as he licked up your juices. He watched you as he sucked his fingers and stood. Your head lolled and you edged forward on the couch. You tried to stand but he caught you and flung you back.
“We’re not done, baby,” he winked at you as he grasped the top of his boxers, “go on, lay down.”
You murmured your refusal and once more tried to get up. You slipped onto the floor and shakily crawled away as he dropped his boxers to his ankle. He grabbed you before you could get around the side and lifted you easily. He turned you and shoved you down onto your back as he lifted a leg over you.
He straddled you and again his hands roved over your body. You smacked at his fingers weakly but he easily ignored you. He kept one hand moving along your curves as he stroked himself with the other. He groaned and shook as he stroked his dick. Your eyes followed his hand and you gulped, he was thick.
He moved his knees back and pushed them up beneath your thighs as he kept a hand planted on your chest. He ripped your panties down your legs and untangled them from your feet. 
He held you down as he ran his tip along your cunt, wetting himself with your coerced arousal. You groaned and grabbed the arm of the couch above you. You tried to pull away from him.
He pushed against your entrance and you looked at him in shock. You couldn’t stop him. His eyes were set between your legs as he inhaled and slowly eased into you. He gasped as he got his tip inside you and his muscles tensed. He bit his lip as he dove further in and you gasped as he filled you inch by inch.
“Shitttt,” he moaned as he reached his limit and you whined at how full you were, “oh, baby.”
His hand slid from your chest and he gripped your hips as he pulled back and thrust. You exclaimed and he did it again, slowly as he watched himself impale you over and over. You curled your fingers against the couch arm and your feet arch as you pressed your thighs around him. He lifted your pelvis high as he angled his dick even deeper.
“You feel so good,” he rasped, “oh, baby, you’re so good. Ahh-hh-hh,” his voice fizzled as your walls clenched him and you closed your eyes as you felt the heat building. 
He moved his hand along your thigh and stretched it over your pelvis, pushing his thumb to your clit as he kept his pace. He purred as you writhed helplessly against him and you panted through the rising ecstasy.
“Please, please, please…” you chanted, unsure if you were begging him to stop or for more.
He moaned as he sped up and you sucked your lip under your teeth as you neared your peak. You quivered as your orgasm crashed into you and you let out a strangled cry. He snarled and planted his hands beside your head as he leaned over you, his hot breath tickled your face as he pounded into you.
Your legs bent around him as his pelvis rubbed against you and the friction drove you to another climax. You held onto the arm of the couch as he fucked your harder and harder. He kissed you and nibbled at your lip as he groaned and hooked an arm under to hold you close.
“You’re gonna make me cum, baby,” he said against your cheek and you turned your head away from, “ah, here I--”
He spasmed and slammed into you. He took several long thrusts and stilled. He grunted and drew heavy breaths as he rested his weight over you. He grabbed your head and turned your head up as he pressed his forehead to yours. You kept your eyes closed as the flames slowly dwindled.
“Was that so bad?” he stroked your cheek and trailed his finger down to poke between your lips, “No, it’s what you wanted, isn’t it, baby?” he wiggled his hips and you hissed, “yeah, you want me.”
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feralphoenix · a year ago
SONGS OF RESISTANCE: The View Myla Grants Us Of Hallownest’s Moths
hello again hollow knight fandom, i am back with my picante takes and ready to discuss two things i love: myla hollowknight and the moth tribe! Let Us Be Sad About Them Together.
as with my previous essay i’m going to be putting this fellow up on dreamwidth later for accessibility purposes since my layout text may be too small for high-res pc users. this time i’ll be attaching that in a reblog to avoid this post getting eaten by the dread tungle algorithms.
CONTENT WARNINGS FOR TONIGHT’S PROGRAM: This essay discusses colonialism and genocide both in real life and the fictional depictions in Hollow Knight, as well as racism in the zombie horror genre and in fandom.
ALSO: if youre from a christian cultural upbringing (whether currently practicing, agnostic/secular, or atheist now), understand that some of what i’m discussing here may challenge you. if thinking thru the implications of this particular part of hollow knight worldbuilding/lore is distressing for you, PLEASE only approach this essay when youre in a safe mindset & open to listening, and ask the help of a therapist or anti-racism teacher/mentor to help you process your thoughts & feelings. just like keep in mind that youre listening to an ethnoreligiously marginalized person and please be respectful here or wherever else youre discussing this dang essay
In this house we are all love Myla.
Well, in all fairness, there are probably plenty of Hollow Knight fans who aren’t interested in her character, since which fictional characters one attaches to is always a matter of personal preference. But she’s still well-loved for a minor NPC and inspires a high level of devotion in her fans. There’s nothing that whips folks into a frenzy like a cute character you can’t do anything to help, and unlike some other characters in Hollow Knight Myla’s fate leaves no room for ambiguity. Once you pick up the Crystal Heart you’re left with only two choices: Avoid her, or kill her.
A lot of Hollow Knight’s world is designed to make you care about it so that it will hurt more when Ghost’s violent skillset proves too limited to save something or someone. The consequences of Hallownest’s founding and policies have directly or indirectly caused a great deal of damage to everything, and chief among those consequences with massive damage and a wide splash range is the Infection. Much has been said elsewhere by other people about Hollow Knight’s predominating mood being a struggle against futility, with Ghost arriving at the eleventh hour and every new tragedy designed to make the player more desperate to find something actionable, only finding out by trial and error what’s beyond your personal ability to save.
Myla, in that sense, is a typical example of that worldbuilding. She’s a particular kind of stock character in the zombie horror genre, the innocent who falls victim to the plague and cannot be saved, wrenching audience hearts and demonstrating the stakes.
But Hollow Knight plays with the trappings of zombie horror in a very unusual way, one I find thematically fascinating.
For a quick overview, the “zombie” as we know it in popular culture is an appropriation of a voudou (the Black American spiritual practice) concept that deals with the fear of slavery killing one’s spirit. (People more versed in/with roots in voudou culture can give a much more comprehensive overview than this simplistic one.)
The zombie horror genre, especially in Western media, is part of the great white fragility stock plot trifecta (the other two being alien invasions and robot uprisings). Zombie horror in particular expresses white fears that marginalized ethnic groups will rise up violently in revenge for their mistreatment and destroy white society. The fear of “that which is human, which ‘humanity’ is not” (to borrow mecha visual novel Heaven Will Be Mine’s pithy term) and the extreme levels of violence towards human-but-not bodies typical of zombie horror are often an expression of such bigotries. This is, again, a subject that’s been discussed in greater depth and with more nuance elsewhere.
But what Hollow Knight does is take the ugly metaphors and it makes them literal, makes it harder to ignore the toxic subtext of the genre. The Infection is literally a native god’s revenge on the settlers who committed genocide* against her people. How the Pale King’s colonization of the crater negatively affected the preexisting groups of bugs underpins every level of the worldbuilding, as does Hallownest’s cruelty towards its neighbors.
Hollow Knight is a game that is about the tragedy of Western imperialism. It is one of the work’s central themes. There are a lot of conversations that need to be had about the ways these themes manifest and, on a real-world level, about fandom’s predisposition to avoid the subject.
But, for now, let’s get back to Myla. If she fits such a stock zombie horror archetype, and Hollow Knight uses zombie horror tropes to underline the conversation it attempts to have about colonialism, then what has Myla got to teach us about the overall worldbuilding?
There's two topics I’d like to broach here: First we’ll get into how the circumstances of Myla’s infection fit in to the implied role of Crystal Peak in pre-Hallownest society. Then let’s take a long look at the lyrics of Myla’s song and what it implies.
If you think about it, Myla is an interesting outlier compared to the other NPCs we encounter on the verge of succumbing to the Infection. Both Bretta and Sly are unhappy: Bretta is a lonely, anxious bundle of abandonment issues yearning for someone to sweep her off her feet; Sly misses his pupils and loved ones who’ve left him in death (we never learn who Esmy is or what they were to Sly, but we sure can tell they’re not around anymore). The temptation to dream away those sadnesses seems to play a part in their vulnerability to the Infection, and also why Ghost’s interruption brings them back to reality.
Not so Myla. She appears to be blissfully unaware of her fellow miners’ fate, and most of her dialogue prior to her infection (besides the song - we’ll get to that later) is about how much fun she’s having at her job and how much she enjoys Ghost’s occasional company.
Yet she still winds up infected when Ghost’s back is turned. Why?
Not to discard the possibility that Myla’s got her own issues too, but in her case there seems to be another likely cause at hand: The crystals. If hit with the Dream Nail before infected, she mentions that she can hear them “singing” and “whispering”.
Under the The Hunter’s Hot Takes section of the Hunter’s Journal entries on various Crystal Peak enemies, we can learn more about the crystals - particularly in the entries for the Husk Miner and Crystallized Husk.
Crystal Peak’s crystals were thought of as particularly precious in Hallownest and harvested en masse for use in luxury items and the like. To do so, the mining operation was set up throughout most of the mountain, though the area around its peak still remains largely untouched. However, there’s more to the crystals than just that. Like Myla, the Hunter notes that the crystals can be heard to sing very very softly if one listens closely enough.
Perhaps of even more interest than that is this particular comment he gives us, from the Crystallized Husk journal entry: “There is some strange power hidden in the crystals that grow up there in the peaks. They gleam and glow in the darkness, a bright point of searing heat in each one.”
I don’t think it’s a particularly revolutionary idea to point out that there’s some connection between the crystals and Radiance’s power; this is something many players have intuited just based on Myla’s dialogue. But, in order to understand what Myla is demonstrating about the game’s world I think it’s important to think about what that connection is.
Speaking of which, the local Whispering Root has two important clues for us: The phrases “light refracted” and “energy contained”.
The very top of Crystal Peak is one of the only places in the crater where the moths’ architecture has escaped Hallownest destroying it, and is the only place in the entire game setting where their religious iconography remains fully intact. There are stone monuments covered in their language (which has been destroyed with the rest of their culture) and the statue of the Radiance - this is easier to see in the Wanderer’s Journal tie-in book, but the huge stone arches upon the Crown represent Radi’s halo and its rays and encircle her when viewed head-on or from a distance instead of the side view we get in the game.
The crystals grown here were used by the moths to store and cultivate Radiance’s light. It’s impossible to know what sort of architecture/infrastructure existed inside the mountain before Hallownest stole it from the moths. But between the massive scope of her statue and all the texts at the Crown, and the fact that the moths were working with their literal actual god’s freely given power here, it can be safely asserted that Crystal Peak was a holy ground to them.
Hallownest didn’t care about the mind-boggling level of spiritual significance Crystal Peak must have had to the natives, though. To the Pale King and his people, the crystals are just a natural resource to be harvested for personal profit.
This is unfortunately a conflict that still plays out in colonized countries today. If you��re American, #NoDAPL probably comes to mind; Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are filled with these sorts of horror stories too. Settler disrespect for indigenous sacred grounds is a huge problem that needs addressing. If you’re looking at the story of Crystal Peak and thinking it’s very on-the-nose... maybe it needs to be.
Anyway, Myla is nowhere near as miserable as Bretta or Sly, but she still notices that something’s up with these crystals. She hears the voice coming from inside, and she’s curious, and she tries very very hard to listen to it... so she DOES end up hearing Radiance’s voice. Radiance’s real voice, not the songs and whispers inside the crystals: The voice of a frightened, angry, grieving god who knows there’s a new vessel running around in Hallownest, and doesn’t want any part of that. A voice that’s pleading for someone, anyone to kill this dangerous creature, and save her from the threat Ghost poses.
Between how freaked out Radi is to know Ghost is poking around, the tendency we see in her boss battles for her to panic and kneejerk blast things at full volume/vibrance when she’s panicking, and the way her dream broadcast seems to be only a one-way communication line while she’s in the Black Egg... naturally this spells disaster for poor Myla.
Similar to the Moss Prophet, this small tragedy is a demonstration of the eleventh-hour state the conflict is in: The Pale King has escalated this situation so far, and Radiance is so traumatized and isolated, that bystanders who might in a kinder timeline have become Radi’s allies instead get caught up in her AOE. Myla’s definitely not as aware of the overall situation as the Moss Prophet, since she’s a Hallownest bug and not an indigenous one the way they are. But she noticed things were not as they seemed, and she was curious. Who knows what new possibilities could have opened up, if Radiance was able to truly communicate with bugs in the outside world?
Small side note before we move on, but I’ve noticed a tendency among some folks who notice the missed connections to come down extra hard on Radiance and chalk Myla’s infection/Moss Prophet’s death down to deliberate cruelty on her part. I’d like to gently push back against this.
Living in a post-colonial world we all absorb some level of prejudice from our surroundings, and it’s important to take a look at our first assumptions about people (or, in this case, fictional characters lol) to examine whether these prejudices we’ve inherited have influenced those assumptions.
So, if your first instinct is to look at this situation and say the problem is that Radiance is being too harsh and too angry where she should have stepped back and softened her emotions for others’ benefit to gently persuade them to her side... Please think about how when people of color and non-Christians express anger or hurt at our treatment, or even so much as calmly assert our boundaries, white/Christian viewers often view us as much more aggressive and threatening than we actually are. The “angry black woman” trope is a good example of this stereotype. You may want to look up the HuffPost article “Why It’s So Hard to Talk to White People About Racism” and its discussion of white fragility to further understand this phenomenon.
It is absolutely essential to remember the complex power dynamics in play in Hollow Knight and that the Pale King deliberately imprisoned Radiance (who had at this point already gone through an extreme amount of trauma) in a way that would compromise her ability to communicate with others. If you can extend compassion to characters like Ghost or the Pale King and empathize with their motives/feelings when their actions cause harm, but you are not willing to do the same with Radiance... it’s important to sit down with yourself and examine why that is.
Okay, let’s switch gears and take a look at the lyrics to the song Myla sings, since it’s got some interesting things to tell us too.
The first verse, which you can hear from Myla the first time you meet her/before you acquire Vengeful Spirit, goes:
Bury my mother, pale and slight Bury my father with his eyes shut tight Bury my sisters, two by two, And then when you’re done, let's bury me too
There’s not much particularly story-related going on here except foreshadowing that Myla may in fact wind up dying. Most of what we get here is that a) this is a song about burying the dead and b) it’s morbid as fuck.
Curious, a new player might think of the mention of burying the dead; there are a lot of corpses just lyin’ around all over the ground - something that might lead one to believe Hallownest didn’t have such a custom. Later players will discover the Resting Grounds, confirming Hallownest did bury its dead... and that the gravekeepers are all dead too.
Let’s look at the second verse, which Myla remembers and will sing after you pick up Vengeful Spirit:
Bury the knight with her broken nail, Bury the lady, lovely and pale Bury the priest in his tattered gown, Then bury the beggar with his shining crown
This right here is where it gets interesting. The first verse describes the singer’s family as dead or dying, but the people we’re burying now sure do have some parallels to Hallownest's ruling body, don’t they?
Among Hallownest’s Great Knights, three of them - Dryya, Isma, and Ze’mer - were women. They are also very dead or might as well be: Dryya was killed by Traitor Lord’s resistance, Isma is a tree spreading acid through the kingdom’s waters to cut off access to the City of Tears, and Ze’mer hung up her nail after her mantis girlfriend’s death and only lingers on as a revenant.
While there aren’t any characters who are described in-text as “priests” in Hallownest, the idea of a tattered gown might bring Lurien the Watcher to mind, or perhaps the Soul Sanctum’s magicians before they went rogue.
The lovely, pale lady in the song can only refer to the White Lady, Hallownest’s queen. And there’s only one man in the game who has a shining crown: The Pale King. The lyrics are particularly derisive towards him in a way they aren’t to any of the other figures listed, too.
So, it seems like whoever came up with this song didn’t think much of Hallownest. With that in mind it’s hard to think that it originated from any sort of faction loyal to the king.
We’re missing a line from the third verse, which Myla sings after you’ve beaten Soul Master and she’s beginning to become infected. But what we do see of it is Huge in terms of lore:
Bury my body and cover my shell, [...] What meaning in darkness? Yet here I remain I’ll wait here forever ‘til light blooms again
So. The “protagonist” of this song’s family has died, and they expect to die as well, but even unto death they're waiting for Hallownest to fall and the light to return.
The moths became Hallownest’s gravekeepers after the Pale King forcibly assimilated them. Under the Pale King’s light, the moths forgot Radiance and most of their original culture, but Seer tells us in her final monologue that a few individuals remembered just enough to pass bits and pieces down through the generations. This secret resistance among the moths was what kept Radiance alive and prevented her from being sealed away entirely.
This song Myla sings comes from that moth resistance.
Code songs amongst oppressed ethnic groups are very much a real thing, especially when groups have to communicate or signal each other within hostile parties’ hearing. Since I’m American (and had a big ol crush on Harriet Tubman as a little kid lmao!) the first thing that came to mind for me when I made this connection was the working songs escaped Black slaves used in the Underground Railroad.
These have another point in common with the moth gravedigger song Myla sings, in that they enter the general cultural consciousness through out-group people who don’t know the true context. If you ever pick up a book of American baby songs, you’ll probably find some Underground Railroad code songs in there - often because generations ago white kids heard these songs from Black slaves or servants, and went on to sing the same songs to their children with zero awareness of what the songs were really for.
So some Hallownest bug somewhere probably heard the moths’ song and liked it and sang it in a context totally divorced from its original one, and it got spread around and passed down to become one of Myla’s old favorites, with her seemingly not realizing the meaning behind the lyrics. The moths’ song of devotion to their lost god survived them as a people.
This is some VERY realistic and layered worldbuilding. There is so much to glean from just one NPC’s dialogue when put together with other clues. Of course all of it is SAD and DEPRESSING, but Hollow Knight is a tragedy with a super unsubtle point to make about the unsustainability of Western imperialism.
What happens to Myla is awful, and upsetting, and unfair. So was what happened to the moths and their sacred ground, and to Radiance too. It’s important to understand the scope of the conflict that led to all this happening, trace it to its roots, and lay it at the feet of the ones responsible for engendering all this tragedy in the first place: Hallownest and the Pale King.
This is a tangent, but since there’s some debate about whether it’s appropriate to define the Pale King’s actions towards indigenous bug nations as genocide, allow me to cite the official definition of genocide here.
The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (the Genocide Convention for short) defines genocide like this:
Genocide is any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, religious, or racial group, as such:
A) Killing members of the group
B) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group
C) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part
D) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group
E) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group
Among the abovelisted, Hallownest is guilty of A (Deepnest and the moths), B (Deepnest physically/the moths vis a vis brainwashing), C (the mantis tribe and the hive), and E (the moths, which we know from Marmu, and possibly the mosskin also - Isma is mosskin).
Then there is cultural genocide, i.e. acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, religious, or racial group's way of life. Let’s look at the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (DRIP) and how it defines cultural genocide:
A) Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities
B) Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands, territories or resources
C) Any form of population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of their rights
D) Any form of assimilation or integration by other cultures or ways of life imposed on them by legislative, administrative or other measures
E) Any form of propaganda directed against them
Hallownest is guilty of every item on this list. A: The moths, attempted with Deepnest. B: The moths, the mantises, the flukes, the mosskin; also attempted with Deepnest. C: The moths, the mantises, the flukes. D: The moths; attempted with the mantises and Deepnest. E: The mantises and Deepnest.
Any sort of discussion of the wide-reaching harm Radiance caused MUST include the context that the Infection is her response to multiple levels of genocide. Discussion that does not include this context loses nuance and simplifies the conflict and power dynamics portrayed in the game in ways that reflect real-life racism and Christian supersessionism.
Now, this is NOT some sort of holier than thou Fandom Purity dunk to say that it’s Bad or Wrong to care about Hallownest’s nobility. Like, one of my favorite characters in this dang game is the White Lady, who spent a long ass time enabling her husband’s actions before she finally walked out on him over the mass infanticide thing. You can, and it is okay to, love TPK and want rehabilitation for him while acknowledging that the dude has done objectively bad things.
I just feel that it’s important to keep things in perspective so that we don’t wind up stirring a bunch of real-world bigotry into our fandom funtimes. A lot of us don’t have the luxury of turning our brains off and simply Not Seeing It, because these same sorts of dynamics are behind a lot of the hardships that threaten our everyday stability.
It’s pretty hard to have conversations about those things in real life if one can’t even recognize them in fiction. So, this might be a good opportunity to start practicing anti-racism so we can better utilize that ideology in real life, where the stakes are much higher.
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Inventive Mode: Play With Unlimited Sources
Developed as an indie game and released publicly in 2009, Minecraft has turn into a mass phenomenon. Its creator Markus 'Notch' Persson revealed it via Mojang and certainly did not count on the success it reached in a very short time frame. This sandbox adventure and building sport with huge pixels has sold dozens of tens of millions of copies everywhere in the world... and has ended up underneath the management of Microsoft who paid over 2 billion dollars for its rights.
So now backed by a huge firm, the sport is at its greatest (though who knows if it might die of its own success, it would not be the first case) and has been bolstered in numerous points. It has also been released on different platforms resembling Windows, PS4, Xbox, iPhone, in APK format for Android (the cell version is called Pocket Version or PE), and on Mac, with this model that we're speaking about at present.
Though the truth is that there aren't too many variations between this Minecraft for Mac and the Pc model. MINECRAFT SERVERS In other words, you may discover worlds generated randomly and construct all types of constructions: from an old hut to a palace worthy of a millionaire. You only need to be bear in thoughts a couple of things: in the event you find out how to mix and craft your instruments and resources your world will open as much as unlimited potentialities.
Two recreation modes and a limiteless experience
There are two sport modes to take advantage of the sport's options, in which you'll define the problem of the world in which you will play, from a extra pacific version to the most conflictive one:
Artistic mode: play with limitless resources, where you can simply spend your time exploring every little thing that surrounds you and building nice constructions. Survival mode: right here you will face up against dangers and creatures that will force you to build shelters, armors, and weapons. Extreme mode: similar to the survival mode by much tougher because the world will disappear if the player dies. Spectator mode: you'll be able to fly and view the sport with out interacting with it, from your individual point of view or from the attitude of another player or creature. Journey mode: for gamers that create maps for users that need to play solo or online.
In both modes, the game is all about putting and destroying blocks, being able to play in first individual or third person. These blocks are different components of nature, such as stones, minerals, wood or earth. A minimum of in their primary state because the participant can craft them, in other words, work on them and combine them to make other tools to help you to build extra sophisticated buildings and tools.
Furthermore, as we said earlier than, the sport is generated randomly by an algorithm, allowing it to be countless and that no two worlds are similar. Thus, you may explore jungles, deserts, tundra, oceans, plains, mountains... and sure, there are evening and life cycles: 20 minutes of gameplay is equal to a day.
- Build a digital world with none form of limitation. - Completely different game modes. - Mix totally different recreation modes: motion, development, adventures... - Discover the generated world with whole freedom. - Create your individual world with the editor. - Play in the net multiplayer mode in real-time. - Customise the sport with mods and skins.
In flip, the game may be very versatile, and that is where a part of its success lies. In fact, it permits you to customize totally different aspects by the use of using mods and skins to characterize your character or modify the surroundings.
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spartanguard · a year ago
Tumblr media
summary: Imagine Killian came over with the first curse. Imagine Belle wasn’t locked away—that she actually had been Lacey that whole time. Imagine if they met. (Imagine if they did whole lot more than that.)
A/N: It’s time for Kaitlyn’s annual self-indulgent birthday fic! It’s not CS—not remotely—but I had a desire to see Killian x Lacey, and realized that I couldn’t do it within canon. So here’s some AU that’s bound to piss people off but I enjoy it so don’t come at me. Hope some of you like it, too!
rated M | 1.3k | AO3
Ian Jones didn’t bother to lock the door of his office as he left it. If anyone really wanted to mess with the harbormaster’s files and ancient PC, they were welcome to it. Besides, this was Storybrooke; he’d be so lucky if something that exciting happened. 
(Besides—the real valuables were hidden...offshore, so to speak. His extracurricular activities were not necessarily above board but the only thing that made his mundane existence bearable. Just don’t tell the new sheriff that.)
Anyways. He left the docks, taking the familiar side streets and alleys that led to the Rabbit Hole. It was a Monday, so it’d be quiet there—well, save for the regulars, like himself. He wasn’t sure exactly when it became tradition to end a shift with a celebratory drink, and some might find flaw with the frequency in which he stopped into the watering hole, but those people thankfully kept their opinions to themselves.
No one spared a glance when he entered the dimly-lit dive, and no one ever did. He slid onto his usual stool at the bar and ordered his usual rum, then settled in for a usual night of drinking and casual, empty conversation.
(He never said his nights here were fulfilling; perhaps they were as banal as his days. But he liked it well enough to not seek out a change. He was familiar with the stir of restlessness, but it wasn’t telling him to do anything—yet.)
He glanced around the half-empty bar; billiards tables took up one side of the large space, where a couple dusty miners were making bets that everyone knew they wouldn’t honor; a couple was attempting to have a private rendezvous in one dark corner, oblivious to the fact that they were actually on full display; and a fight was about to break out at the jukebox over whether they should play Van Halen or Guns N Roses, if his hearing was right.
Actually, that caught his attention; bar fights didn’t happen often but were always entertaining. But more importantly, he’d never before seen this dark-haired lass, who was trying to take on a much-larger man. 
It wasn’t often strangers showed up in town, so anyone new was a break in the monotony. (That included the new sheriff, though he hadn’t had occasion to meet her yet...and he was rather hoping to hold off on that encounter as long as possible given his less-than-legal side hustle.)
And, though this (rather attractive) woman seemed capable of holding her own in a fight, neither party was the most sober and her foe was easily twice her size. Ian was nothing if not a gentleman (when he felt like it), and it’d be bad form to let her lose this battle, as she was sure to do—she wasn’t as steady on her stilettos as she thought she was.
He strode over as casually as he could and told the man to, “Leave the lady alone.” 
The brute was nearly bent over, trying to get into the woman’s face, but rose to his full height at Ian’s arrival. “Or what?” he sneered, then shoved Ian’s shoulder—specifically the left one, the arm of which quite obviously ended in a prosthetic hook.
Ian was well aware of his lack of appendage, and if there was one thing he hated, it was when others tried to use it against him. “Well,” he snarled, but rather than finish his sentence, swung back and clocked the man with his right fist. The asshole fell against the jukebox head-first, then slid to the floor, knocked out cold. 
The bar had gone silent at the scene, but a few moments later, the opening strains of “Runin’ With The Devil” began, and the hum of conversation resumed. One of the guy’s friends came to tend to him, but Ian had already turned around, headed back to his stool to finish his drink (and hopefully get some ice for his aching knuckles).
“Wait,” the lass said, reaching out for his forearm. “You’re just gonna walk away without letting me say thank you?”
He turned around and she was grinning up at him—a wide thing, slightly inebriated, but genuine, and he couldn’t help but return it. He even went so far as to bow slightly, replying “At your service, ma’am.”
Adorably, she snickered at him. “I don’t think anyone has ever called me ‘ma’am’ and meant it,” she joked. “It’s usually ‘miss’ or ‘hey you, stop that’.” He couldn’t exactly place her accent—Australian, maybe? There were a handful of foreign ones floating around town, his own included. But he liked it.
He also liked the way her skin-tight skirt clung to her hips, and the way her black bra was visible through the gauzy blue blouse that brought out the color of her eyes. He might have a chivalrous side, but he could just as easily be a scoundrel.
A fact she’d picked up on, if the smirk he found on her lips after his blatant perusal of her form was anything to go by. But he’d noticed her eyes heading south as well, more than once.
“So, does my handsome hero have a name?” she asked, shifting ever so slightly closer.
“Ian,” he replied; he had a feeling that last names weren’t needed for this encounter. 
“Lacey,” she said back, and offered her hand. He took hers gently and lifted it to his lips, placing a kiss on the back of it. An apt name, he thought; it matched her bra. “Can I buy you a drink?” she offered.
“If the lady insists,” he shrugged, and they wordlessly headed to the bar.
One drink quickly became a few, the alcohol loosening their tongues—and their inhibitions. Later on, he could hardly remember what was discussed, and was only surprised to discover that they’d both been in town as long as either could remember and just somehow hadn’t had a chance to meet. A pity, that.
Because she was a divine kisser.
He wasn’t even sure how it had started; they were just suddenly too close—her lips looking far too delectable—and he needed to taste them. They were rum-soaked but sweet, whatever drug-store chapstick she wore getting lost in the shuffle of their lips. 
When their hands began to wander, someone told them they needed to take their activities elsewhere, so they stumbled out into the chill night—but didn’t go much farther than the side of the building. They weren’t the first to engage in traditionally horizontal activities on the vertical brick surface, and likely wouldn’t be the last. 
He pressed her against the edifice, quickly finding her lips again and cupping her pert rear with his hand, settling his hook at her waist. Her hands slipped under his leather jacket to grip his hips, though one eventually drifted up to his chest; her palm felt like fire through the thin cotton of his tshirt. 
She started to wobble—no thanks to her impractical footwear—so he slid his hand down her thigh and pulled her leg around him, letting her feel the evidence of his arousal. She groaned into his mouth and arched her hips against his, making him bite back his own cry of want.
“Can I?” she breathed, one hand on the button of his jeans. 
“Please,” he practically begged. 
She made quick work of the fly, and her own situation was easy to deal with. It wasn’t elegant—one might even call it quick and dirty—but they soon found release then and there, under the flickering streetlight outside the bar. 
As quickly as they’d come undone, they righted themselves—but he was enjoying himself too much to leave it at that.
“Y’know, my place is just a block away,” she said softly, but desire was dripping from the simple statement.
“Lead the way, love,” he replied—and oh, he loved to watch her lead.
Months later—after the curse was broken, after Killian had finally met and inevitably fallen head over heels for the blonde sheriff who absolutely upended everything in his life—did he finally realize that his lover-turned-friend (with benefits) was actually in love with his mortal enemy.
Yet another thing he could hold over the Crocodile’s head, he supposed: he knew how to make Belle come.
yeah, I stand by that last line.
no idea who to tag but some of you that might like it: @kat2609 @optomisticgirl @thesschesthair @laschatzi @cocohook38 @kmomof4 @word-bug @pirateherokillian @scientificapricot @stubblesandwich @ohmightydevviepuu @shireness-says @phiralovesloki @profdanglaisstuff @initiala @idoltina @thejollyroger-writer @let-it-raines @donteattheappleshook​. Feel free to ignore; I have no idea who is into this.
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dmsden · a year ago
Touched by the Elements - Personal Plot for Genasi
Tumblr media
Hullo, Gentle Readers. It’s time once again for another Personal Plot article. This month, we’re delving back into the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion for the fascinating Genasi. If you need a copy of this free official supplement, you can download it at https://media.dnd.wizards.com/EE-Players-Companion_0_0.pdf
By the lore of the EEPC, Genasi are unique, one-off creatures, usually stemming from a mortal and a genie of some kind producing offspring. This is a perfectly acceptable bit of lore, and it would work for any campaign. In my own campaign world, Genasi originated as mortals from the country of Bedourin who were taken prisoners by the Primordials during the ancient war at the dawn of time. They were imbued with elemental power to help them survive their time in the Elemental Chaos. When the Primordials lost the war, the Genasi returned to the world, profoundly changed, and have done their best to rejoin Bedourani society. Whether your campaign uses one of these kinds of origins or something totally different, looking at what makes Genasi unique gives all kinds of fertile ground for storytelling.
Let’s say you’re using the “one off” origin. You could do all kinds of storytelling related to the Genasi’s Genie parent. After all, if the people you think of as Mom and Dad are human, and your skin is light blue, a breeze constantly follows you, and you have crystals embedded in your scalp, you’re probably going to realize there’s something different about you. Eventually, a child in that situation is probably going to have questions and maybe want to meet the parent they’ve never known. This could be the basis of a major adventure, as the players find a way to get into the Elemental Planes, seek out the parent, convince them to grant an audience, etc.
What will this meeting be like? The EEPC suggests that most genies don’t desire contact with their genasi offspring. That could make the meeting very bittersweet at best and almost hostile at worst. On the other hand, what if the genie decides this mortal spawn is useful to them? They could send their child on all kinds of adventures. Or what if the efreet general they’ve been seeking to help bring down turns out to be the genasi’s parent in the end? It’s a rich tradition of storytelling to explore.
On the other hand, if genasi are elementally-charged race with their own communities and such, how does the rest of the world react to them? You could have people react poorly, being suspicious of the possibility that they worship the Primordials. Or, conversely, people could start showing up to seem to recognize the genasi PC as a chosen one among his kind, seeking to have the Genasi lead a cult dedicated to Imix, Ogremoch, or the Elder Elemental Eye. If a PC chooses a race like a Genasi, they are saying they want to be marked as different, and you should discuss with your player where they want to go with that idea.
One thing that might be interesting to explore through story is the PC’s relationship with the element they embody. Do they love and accept it, or do they fight against it? The story of someone trying to fight their own nature can always be an interesting one. What if the fire genasi lived in a tavern as a child, but the building burned down, killing their parents? They fled, as townsfolk pointed accusing fingers, and now they have a hatred of fire and try to suppress their nature. A fire genasi monk trying to maintain an inner calm to avoid any flare-ups would be quite interesting. 
On the flipside of this, learning to love one’s own nature gives a lot of story potential. Perhaps the earth genasi lived among miners, or the water genasi was a sailor, or the air genasi plies a trade on an airship or guiding people high into the mountains. The character could be seeking to more strongly build their affinity to their element, which could mean seeking elemental fonts around the world which grant boons based on the element they’re charged with. Once again, a jaunt into the Elemental Planes is something that should definitely happen at least once, to allow a genasi to really embody their power.
One thing you might want to consider is that, since genasi embody the classic four Greek elements, each element had an element in opposition. Fire and water are in opposition, as are earth and air. You could use this idea to craft a nemesis or rival for the PC. It doesn’t have to be a literal other genasi or genie, but maybe it is. A fire genasi might have a childhood rival who’s a water genasi. A water genasi might be opposed by an efreet. An air genasi might have an enemy who’s a xorn. An earth genasi could be hunted by an invisible stalker.
It’s always a great idea, often around the middle of the campaign, to ask the player where he’d like to see his PC end up. Asking at the beginning yields some interesting ideas, but it often isn’t until they’ve been in a character’s skin for a while and seen them evolve and change that they know where the character would want to go. Maybe the PC decides they want to throw down their efreet pasha father, crush the attack on the Prime Material Plane they were planning, and take their crown. Maybe the air genasi PC wants to free their djinn mother who has been imprisoned in a lamp by an evil sorcerer. Maybe their goal is to get purged of the elemental influence and become just a mortal human. Odds are, at the beginning of the campaign, that they won’t have an idea what that goal is yet. They may have a goal they think is the final one, but it’s likely to be different as things move along.
As one extra little note, there used to be five kinds of genasi. Stormsoul genasi were kind of an odd bit, but I always liked them. Since they exist in my campaign setting, I did create them as a subrace for Genasi in D&D Beyond, and you’re welcome to use them. You can find my work ready to play at https://www.dndbeyond.com/subraces/12762-storm-genasi
I hope this article has helped spark some ideas for you. Next month we’re back to the Player’s Handbook for the Outlander background. Until then, may all your 20s be natural.
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lordofchickens · 3 months ago
Last week's session of DnD was mostly roleplay which I'm happy about, mostly cause I knew the next session (last night's) was going to be mostly combat (it was)
The party left the sewers of the city they were locked up in, ended up fleeing into the nearby forest where they happened upon a bunch of wolf and boar corpses, one wolf was barely alive and was nursed back to health before being asked about what did this. Turns out the wolves and boars of this forest turned on each other
After convincing the wolf to lead the party to the rest of its pack. the party starts finding more dead wolves and boars dotted throughout the woods, eventually the mysterious hooded figure from the prison appears.
The figure casually mentions "how messy this ascension business is", when questioned he explains how currently two candidates in the war domain pantheon are fighting to see who "moves up", and asks the party to help one of them out cause if they fight too much then whatever is killing gods will have an easier time getting rid of the victor.
The party asks if the figure has a suggestion of who to go for, and is told the wolf deity, Hultat, is the one he'd aim for. The party accepts and is then told of a nearby blacksmithing/mining town they can rest in if need be, they head there and spend the night at the inn, a man mentions that his son is missing, a PC, Dav lies and says they found the kid's body near some dead wolves. Before turning in for the night two of the party challenge a group of dwarven miners to a drinking contest and lose pretty bad 6 drinks in.
In the morning they leave the town and head back into the forest, after some time they come across a clearing where a great many wolves and a pack of boars are fighting, however some of the boars are up on two legs and using weapons.
They watched for a bit and then the session ends there.
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helloyesthisisdado · a year ago
dado goi thoughts
hello all dado follower since dado has hit the mile stone dado will be revealing his thoughts on all the goi that he can find on that one page on scipnet yes.
pls do not ask dado how he got on scipnet.
Tumblr media
es see pee foundation: dado does not like the es see pee as they love to steal fine dado product and or threaten dado over email. alex ya va university: dado personally not interreact with them but has tried to sell the fine horses to them as he think they would like the high power horse. i think they could be good dado friends. ambrose restaurant: dado since change opinion on them and think they r wonderful place to eat at, great food for dado and is now business partner of dado. anderson robot: dado has tried and tried to work with them but they always say "mr dado u r so unprofessional at the robot" even though dado make fine robot like tsar roomba. they r not very nice. are we cool yet: dado does not know how to feel about the are we cool ppl as many of them hate dado but some do not hate dado. the are we cool ppl sometimes prank dado and dado does not like that. the black queen: dado wishes to not talk about the black queen as they do not like dado for some reason, dado does not know why. chaos insurgency: ppl who are better then the es see pee and dado like to pay them to go hit ppl, but still sometime steal dado product but dado is forgiving man and they do good job, dado like them. chicago ghost: dado once made a cigar for chicago ghosts and dado think "hmmm chicago ghost very cool" but then dado watch ghostbusters and dado no longer like them. church of broken god or something: dado is very on edge with religions especially the crazy cult kind of ppl but these guys are very friendly towards dado and do not mind him, dado will sometimes fund their crazy ongoings. the church of the second high tooth: dado does not like the cults. dado: idk why dado on goi list but dado like himself. u trust dado. dr wondertaintment (tee em): dado love the dr wondertaintment (tee em) and dado strives to be like them with all whimsy (tee em) and fun, but dado is not good at making the toy sometimes so he leave that to them. favourite dado partner. the factory: dado number one enemy as dado hate the factory and wish dado could punch them into the sky with dado boxing glove. dado wishes they suffer for long time. five church: dado does not like cult as he stated before and this no exception but dado find it funny how they worship the starfish like the patrick star from spunch bob. maybe they r funny ppl. gamers against weed: dado think the fact they r against weed is good thing as dado does not like devil lettuce, so dado support them but when dado try to enter chat room it fill dado pc with the weed so dado think the es see pee is attack them, they r cool ppl. global occult coal miners: just as bad as es see pee if not worse as they actively want dado heads, very bad and dado does not like it when they raid warehouse or threaten dado customer. do not threaten dado customer. dado stillnot consider them number one enemy. gru-p: dado had run in with gru-p when he make product for the russian but other then that no bad quarrels with the gru-p, dado hasnt heard from them for while though. circus of quiet ppl: dado is mortal enemy of circus as they ruined his moon fort and forced him to fight the spaceman in fisticuff (which dado won) dado wishes to not intrude on their business though. maybe could repair relationship. the horizon something (dado forgot): dado does not attempt to speak with them and wishes not to. ijamea: mmm dado love jam, very tasty. manna charity foundation: dado loves support charity like the good businessmen who r rich should, donate many product and money to them as anonymoose, very good ppl dado support. martian cottage and grimdark: dado does not know how to feel about them as they tried to hack dado, steal his product but also willing to work with dado??? dado have many bad experience though so he is 50/50 on them. nobody: dado cannot read into nobody as they are nobody. oria: who? oneiroi collection: helped dado with his dream marketing which is very good at selling the product to higher entity, dado like them as they r helpful for dado to further market in dream. pattern screamers:
dadafuiasfhiafhnidhfajkbfajgbgadgasjkgbahdgbgjkabgjlalgbadghlalgah srry hamster on keyboard. prometheus lab: dado similar to them, maybe dado even worked for them before is where dado got his keyboard from as well, dado miss them sometimes. sharkic cults: dado hate cults and dado hates sharks, dado does not like them at all. snake hands: dado feel bad for the walking library ppl with the snake hands and wish he could help them cure snake hands but dado is banned from library like what the? dado is try to help them and they treat him poorly. the shark punching centre: dado supports their cause 101% as dado hates sharks and sharko, dado donates 10% of his money made to them so they can punch sharks and sometimes dado will punch sharks. great people. uiu: hahahahah wizard police cannot touch mighty dado business, dado still hate them though as they will actively look for dado product that have been sold and take them away!!! wilson wildlife solution: very great ppl, take care of the horses (dado offer to replace before) and very kind ppl. dado wishes he could meet the tim wilson man in person but dado is very busy all the time. dado like them. three moon ppl: dado tries to avoid at all cost and they could spell end to dado business! very bad ppl, dado do not like, hate them alot. █████ industrial: dado pity them as they try to take the easy way out, big hole left in market and dado sometimes will try fill it in but he is not good at filling them in. dado wishes he could help. atf: evilest company run by evilest man (except factory) wishes to abuse customer base, does not respect customer either. dado does not like the atf. atari arcadia: dado think the arcade making and the game making is a very good idea for the business venture and maybe dado should reach out to them?? dado will try later, possibly good business partner. deer college: dado funds them in return dado get to help with school food menu full of yummy dado food, also dado will sometime teach the class there and is like "i am dado i teach u the magic pill and stuff" nice place to be. daevites: dado does not like the evil cult. eric: dado see alot of his younger self in eric so dado sometime reach out to him in time of the need and will offer help and maybe even the free dado product (wow) and also offer him support on his own things. just girl things: dado once tried break into market but did not agree with founder of just girl things so dado cut the ties and never talk to them again, does not like dado either. light courier enterprise: make the good product that dado like to keep and also spread a good message, very truthful and good ppl. lord blackwood: one of dado good friend who will share the tale that inspire dado to make a product, also look after robert mitchell when dado cannot. parawatch: the dado arg did not go over well, dado apologies to parawatch.net. not on good terms with dado either, will not come back. saturn deer planet guy: dado will sometime talk to them but dado is like "u r so evil and mean, dado is not like the evil and mean ppl" so dado block them. scarlet king: dado is not on good terms with red king man, dado try sell to him before and all he did was try and kill dado so dado will not try again. totleighsoft: dado once tried to invest in them but all they did was scream hazard at dado so dado gave up. dado glad he did not invest as they make the bad product. the going to hell ppl who made the puppy machine: also dado enemy, dado does not like or understand the product they make and wishes they go bankrupt or something soon. ok that is all goi dado can think of, dado hope u like his list and thoughts on the matter.
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rayne-storm · a year ago
AU-Gust 1: Ancient Gods
Fandom: The Outer Worlds
Max/Captain (PC)
This just kind of came to me, and it's probably massively ooc but I really don't care at this point. I'm releasing it into the wild.
Many and many a year ago, in a place that no longer exists (the way that anything can cease to be with enough change and time), there was the Sun.
He was old, and wise, unchanging and unflinching from the graveness of his responsibility. He walked across the world every day, never stopping to look back, never bothering to look around, only ever staring forward as he marched along. That was all he needed, a path forward. Occasionally, something might block the path, and he would grow angry. Nothing had the right to stand in his way, his logical purpose, his perfect plan, and as he paced around the roadblock, his anger would only grow.
Eventually, his ire would build so much that whatever blocked him would melt in his heat. With the interruption removed, the Sun would continue along his path. So it went for millennia.
Many and many a year ago, in this place that now is gone, there was the Moon.
She was young and full of life, but inconsistent. She was happy and sad, wise and naive, changing but ever-present. She had a path to follow as well, around the world and back, but instead of a march, she slipped and danced. A roadblock was merely an opportunity to see what else she could do. She gazed in every direction, noted her past and made wishes for her future.
The Sun and Moon were gods, then, energy and matter taking shape and shaping the universe in turn.
He was logic and science and certainty, a god of intellect, of cleansing fire.
She was compassion and curiosity and superstition, love and hard-learned wisdom. A goddess of water.
The Sun had never met the moon, and lived his whole life believing himself the highest creature above all, looking down at everything. He was firm and assured, set in his purpose. His followers sought to find their own straight and narrow path, though he cared little for them nor anyone else.
The Moon had never glimpsed the Sun, but knew much of him. He was confident and surefooted, with self-control she could never match (or so it seemed to her, for she had never beheld him in his faults). She did her best to reflect his light, but he never once looked her way. She only heard what his followers whispered when she came across them, playing with her own friends, dancing among the waves and tides.
But in her dallying, the moon began to lag further behind, and soon there was no light at all. The goddess fell into a deep slumber, her warmth and energy gone.
The Sun took no notice that anything had changed, until he heard a mournful wail. He normally would not pause his walking, but something struck him. Perhaps his logic was giving way to curiosity, and he bent down to listen.
"Where, oh where, is our moon? There is no light to save us in the darkness of the night, and we are led astray by those who would do us harm!"
This was intriguing. A light in the dark? He had never heard of such a thing. It was a contradiction, even. If there was light, there could surely be no darkness.
"You talk in riddles. Away with you," he grumbled, and the little creatures fled from his brilliance and heat.
He began once more to walk on his path, but could not help feeling the was was no longer straightforward. It was as though doubt had crept in.
Was there another like him? Someone who walked the world as he did? How could he not be certain either way?
In his wondering, he tripped. A rock had been in his path, and he had not immediately noticed. How very odd, and very upsetting. But he did not feel his rage begin to burn around him, not as he had before. Instead he felt that terrible curiosity. Where had the rock come from? Surely it didn't just grow from the ground. It was minerals all bound together, inorganic yet natural.
For the first time, he looked around, and saw there were many rocks. There was water, too, and dust. There was an entire world beyond his path, and now that he had seen it, he couldn't help his curiosity growing.
Then he saw the Moon.
He was unsure at first of what she was, just that she was there and she was lovely. She lay asleep in a sea of blackness, and the only reason he spotted her at all was the reflection of his own light that she gave. In her, he also glimpses himself for the first time.
He was an old man. Not so old as to be elderly, nor senile, not old enough to worry for his life closing, but vastly older than he realized. He was clothed in robes of blue and gold, and he had hair of multiple colours, light and dark, laying neatly on his head. He glimpsed his eyes, once so cold and narrow, now open wide, and he realized he had never known they were blue.
He pulled himself back from the reflection, and knelt beside The Moon. She was unlike anything he had met before. She was new to him, yet had an air of someone or something that had existed for eons. She was nearly peaceful in her slumber, but something tugged her eyebrows down and curled her lip, and the Sun became… concerned?
He reached his hand to wake her, but pulled away as before he could touch her skin, realizing that he might burn her, as he had everything else he had ever encountered.
Was it worth it to hurt this lovely creature to have a conversation?
Was it right to spare momentary pain and leave her locked in a nightmare?
He settled for tearing a strip off his cloak, and wrapped it around his hand. He gently caressed the Moon's hair, and she began to stir. She opened her eyes slowly, and they were brown, deep and dark, nearly a void unto themselves.
She smiled, then, and he could scarcely catch his breath. He had never been one to care about what lay beyond himself. How could one person change so much about him without any direct words?
But he felt himself change indeed, his own near-permanent scowl softening into an expression that mimicked hers, and he nearly forgot his hand on her face, until she gasped and he pulled away. He had left a mark upon her fair skin, and he began to run away lest he hurt her anymore.
"Wait!" She cried, and began to run after him.
He could not bear the thought of damaging his Moon any more, and so he continued his pace.
So it went for a time, he ran away, and she ran to catch up, both aware of the other, his light continuing to reflect off of her. Sometimes he would gain speed, and she would fall behind, and his reflection would dim.
One day, after what seemed like a millennia, he fell again, tripping once more over the rock that had led to their meeting, and she caught up with him.
"Please," she murmured, voice hoarse from her efforts, "Don't leave me again."
The mark he had left upon her face had healed, and he found she was no less beautiful. He still felt guilty, but her smile began to heal it within him.
"I've waited so long to meet you. Please. Stay a while."
He couldn't deny her.
The Sun and Moon sat a while, and talked of everything they could think of. Life, death, chance, fate, everything and nothing, until they both began to tire. The Moon fell asleep first, and leaned into the Sun's warmth. The Sun tried not to touch her, but her cool skin felt amazing on his own. So they slept, safe and sound in each other's arms, and when they woke they found they had left marks on each other, but none hurt, and all were their own kind of beautiful.
So it became their dance. He led the way across the skies, and she followed, sometimes passing over him, sometimes letting him get ahead. Every so often, they stopped at their rock and rested.
Eventually, much more came of their union, and points of light littered the skies in beautiful patterns, his heat and light and her curious creativity.
They continue this dance even now, though the place they once loved is changed so much, free and focused, he now more open to what was around, she more constant in her path.
And of course it will be happily ever after.
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tabletoptrinketsbyjj · 2 years ago
Trinkets, 34: Interesting baubles, semi magical objects and items touched by mystery.
An eccentric plum coloured hat decorated with a silver buckle and a long egret feather that droops over the bearer's eyes.
An unremarkable gray stone covered in myriad tiny pink growths, ranging in shape from rough textured flowers to near-perfect spheres. Knowledgeable PC's can identify the mineral as rhodochrosite.
A blank envelope containing a single jigsaw puzzle piece and a  note that reads “You have two months to find the rest of this puzzle. If you do not, the entire population in this forsaken area will die.”
A centaur hair pictorial prayer rug.
A small harp with little vines for strings and a oaken body with stray leaves. It appears to be alive, requiring water and light to sustain itself. Its leaves change with the seasons and it blooms in the spring. If broken or damaged, it will slowly but surely repair itself.
An accordion made brown suede of with bronze keys.
A tiny hourglass no larger than a man's pinkie finger filled with phosphorescent sand that emits a faint Random Coloured glow in the dark. It takes one hour for the sand to pass from the top end to the bottom.
A shiny leather doublets trimmed with seal fur and belted with checkered woollen sashes.
A single stick of chalk carved with swirls and twists across the powdery stone.
A finely crafted leather backpack that seems to have been handmade from excellent materials by a master’s needle and knife. The style is simple, but durable and effective.
—Keep reading for 90 more trinkets.
—Note: The previous 10 items are repeated for easier rolling on a d100.
An eccentric plum coloured hat decorated with a silver buckle and a long egret feather that droops over the bearer's eyes.
An unremarkable gray stone covered in myriad tiny pink growths, ranging in shape from rough textured flowers to near-perfect spheres. Knowledgeable PC's can identify the mineral as rhodochrosite.
A blank envelope containing a single jigsaw puzzle piece and a  note that reads “You have two months to find the rest of this puzzle. If you do not, the entire population in this forsaken area will die.”
A centaur hair pictorial prayer rug.
A small harp with little vines for strings and a oaken body with stray leaves. It appears to be alive, requiring water and light to sustain itself. Its leaves change with the seasons and it blooms in the spring. If broken or damaged, it will slowly but surely repair itself.
An accordion made brown suede of with bronze keys.
A tiny hourglass no larger than a man's pinkie finger filled with phosphorescent sand that emits a faint Random Coloured glow in the dark. It takes one hour for the sand to pass from the top end to the bottom.
A shiny leather doublets trimmed with seal fur and belted with checkered woollen sashes.
A single stick of chalk carved with swirls and twists across the powdery stone.
A finely crafted leather backpack that seems to have been handmade from excellent materials by a master’s needle and knife. The style is simple, but durable and effective.
A small, flat slab of dark stone that, nondescript though it is, gives off an unmistakable eeriness.
A torc fashioned from a coiled length of interlocking chains, constructed of two unknown metals. Black and white, they swirl around each other like yin and yang, darkness and light.
An armoured gorget consisting of a metal throat-shield and a series of overlapping metal plates that encircle the neck. The entire device is connected to a belt made of leather. When worn, the battle gorget protects the wearer from physical strangulation and bites to the neck such as the case if they were hung by a noose or attacked by a vampire.
A clear crystal the size of a child’s fist, covered in eldritch runes. The gem flickers with a weak glow in various coloured hues depending on who its being held by.
A heavy iron bell inscribed with distorted musical symbols that releases an incredibly cacophonous noise when rung.
A magnificent goblet formed from a basalt-like stone permeated with veins of violet crystal.
A hauntingly terrifying mask that appears to have be fashioned from leather, metal and nightmares.
A druid’s staff fashioned by woodland spirits. The shaft is carved from sturdy oak and bound in vines. The head piece of the staff is a slightly oversized rose bud which blooms whenever its wielder casts a spell whose power stems from natural magic.
A peacock-feather quill that always writes smoothly and never needs to be filled with ink.
A large oil painting of some otherworldly sea, where creatures who are octopoid from the neck down but with human heads float in bliss.
A piece of torn red cloth bearing a royal insignia.
A leather bandolier that can be worn over one shoulder and runs diagonally across the chest and back. It has small loops or pouches for holding eight objects the size of a flask or small dagger. The bearer can easily retrieve any of the items stored in it during combat without having to dig through their pack.
An obsidian icon of a forgotten deity.
A recorder carved from brilliant white ash.
A short necked, round bottom flask that could hold about a half-gallon of liquid. Clearly visible through the glass sides, though, is a city. When viewed extremely closely, such as under a magnifying glass, what appears to be tiny people walk through the streets, conducting their daily lives. No matter how the bottle is moved or tilted, those within don’t seem disturbed.
A leather military horse saddle, engraved with battle scenes of human knights slaying kobolds.
A damp beaver skin bagpipe.
A marble sculpture of an elven woman being swallowed by a large wave.
A twisted warhorn blasted into a dark ebony hue and wrapped in bands of bronze with draconic runes that glow with purple eldritch fire. The low moaning drone of the horn discomforts all who hear it.
A wooden armband, intricately carved with interweaving vines and snaking dragons’ heads,
A silver horseshoe with foreign writing etched on to the side of the shoe. Roughly translates to "Trailfire".
A high, conical mask, intricately decorated with dried corn kernels of different colours.
A war banner depicting a bone-white skeleton on a field of midnight blue.
A maple linen chest with false bottom holding a number of lewd porcelain figures.
An innocuous-looking, fist-sized piece of faceted glass. When placed upon a flat surface the object floats about three feet into the air, glowing and chiming softly.
A fist-sized orb that resembles the eye of a dragon and dangles from a heavy gold chain.
A simple quartz crystal with a series of emerald green and brown straws extending from within its central structure. Knowledgeable PC's can identify the mineral as tourmaline in quartz.
A colourful ball formed from silk ribbons that randomly unfurls in a multi-hued explosion of noise and whipping fabric, before suddenly reforming.
A small cut glass bottle has a hinged silver top emblazoned with a caduceus.
A bronze rattle with a set of small openings that allow you to see the glowing purple stone within it.
A lacquered wood-carved mouth instrument resembles a duck-hunter’s call, except for the red band along the mouthpiece and the hooked dragon’s claw wood-burned into its side. Blowing into the object causes it to sound like a drake's mating call, barely resistible to any draconic creature within earshot.  
An empty djinn lamp. There is a note attached on which are written the words: “It's out. It is coming for you.”
A pair of small ceramic vials stoppered with corks. The sigil of the local constabulary has been stamped into the sides.
A handful of small, silver and copper coins pressed with unfamiliar faces and strange lettering.
An empty, crumpled leather belt pouch with a large hole opened along the bottom seam and a snarling beast embossed on the side.
A set of thieves’ tools that includes a small file, a set of lock picks, a small mirror mounted on a metal handle, a set of narrow-bladed scissors, and a pair of pliers.
An egg-sized smooth white stone poorly carved on one side to resemble a grinning skull. The tiny eye sockets appear far deeper than should be possible on an item this size.
A dozen brass keys in various sizes linked on a polished steel ring. One of the keys appears far too intricate for any mechanical lock you have ever encountered.
A polished dark wood box inlaid with silver tracery and lined with velvet, suitable for displaying a single piece of jewellery.
A small metal cube with dark glass on two opposing faces. Holding the box up to a light source causes it to project a colourful image of two men in orange robes, arguing over what appears to be a carefully flayed human skin.
A garish tabard made from simple red cloth, with gold-coloured trim that has frayed badly. The effect of the wear is such that the tabard’s edge appears to be fluffy; the strands of cheap gold fabric float like tentacles in the slightest breeze. The front of the tabard is dominated by a somewhat-successfully stitched image depicting a drop of blood. The back is adorned with a single letter “I” and has undergone the same transformation as the gold trim. Donning the tabard causes several wayward strands to drift upward into the bearer's face.
A doss lute carved from alder wood in a graceful, pear-shaped form. Abstract designs were inlaid in the wood in copper.
A mask of smoked glass cut into a half shell that obscures the bearer's features.
A golden, translucent bracelet made of a lightweight, silky material that resembles warm amber. In fact, small creatures can be seen trapped within. If watched closely, they seem to move.
A disguise kit consisting of cosmetics, hair dye and small props that allow the bearer to create disguise and change their physical appearance.
A coinpurse crafted from shimmering bronze-hued fabric that features humanoid teeth as part of its clasping mechanism. The incisors seem particularly pronounced.
A rough, milky white gem with a red crystal grown directly through one side and tinged with yellow discolorations. Knowledgeable PC's can identify the mineral as realgar.
A curious jade rod tipped with a glowing knob of crimson that shimmers with eldritch phosphorescence like a live thing.
A tiny finch made of overlapping metal plates. A gentle tug on its tail causes it to unfold into the shape of a small flower. Touching the centre of the flower causes it to reconfigure into the shape of a small lizard.
A tightly rolled vellum scroll, apparently blank on both sides, but with a deep blue shimmer as it catches the light.
A simple clay pin in the shape of a human face. Its eyes dart about and its mouth moves as though attempting to speak.
A small brown leather bag contains a double handful of black shale shards that ring like coins as it moves about.
A slate-grey box covered in tiny blinking lights. Along one edge is a panel which folds down to reveal a seemingly random assortment of letters and numbers on individual buttons opposite smooth black glass.
A padded trunk that contains a device to extend and display several small drawers when the trunk is opened. Beneath the display drawers are several additional removable padded drawers, all of which contain neatly sorted tiny decorative beads and wires.
A simple silver mirror that shows a perfect reflection delayed by several seconds.
A soft fur stole lined with black satin. Something solid has been sewn within the lining at one end.
A filthy, mummified monkey’s paw, curled into a fist and clutching what looks like an egg.
A tiny, polished wooden coffin. The lid is sealed with wax and the sound of tumbling glass shards can be heard as the box is moved.
A pair of excruciatingly detailed false glass eyes, in grey and green. While held or placed on a solid surface, they gradually turn to face each other.
Some garish crushed velvet pantaloons, monogrammed with the initials ‘AJW.’ So obviously out of fashion that they can only be antique.
An old, thick coin, dented but cleanly cast with bas reliefs. Some runes on the obverse; and on the reverse: the cruel-eyed face of a woman with spiral horns. The con has a scent of mildew and copper that rubs off when handled.
A small glass cube filled with a faintly luminescent blue fluid, with a small latch on one side securing the top. Something about the liquid suggests a degree of consciousness to its movements.
A leather drawstring pouch filled with a dozen perfectly spherical polished stones. The stones stick together as though magnetic, but come apart again with almost no effort.
A hard black leather case containing a flawless set of well-used professional kitchen knives, one nearly as long as your arm.
A coloured glass hemisphere made to resemble a distant galaxy seen on a clear dark night.
An odd red badge in the shape of a hunting bird’s head. The maker’s mark on the reverse appears strikingly similar to the local duke’s seal.
A folding leather wallet filled with strangely coloured bits of paper. Tucked within, you also find a small pewter badge showing the symbol of a great wyrm atop a castle wall, with the initials ‘GG’ on its reverse.
A shattered magenta stone with two dark green edges and that vaguely resembles sliced fruit. Knowledgeable PC's can identify the mineral as watermelon tourmaline.
A miniature castle constructed from a series of slick, modular blocks. Tiny, smiling figures man the parapets.
A well-polished brass oil lamp covered with intricate characters and a strange landscape in relief.
A brass and steel orrery, animated by clockwork and magic in real time. The spheres are nearly perfectly aligned.
A military chest with silver handles, three drawers, and iron-edged pigeon holes. The chest is covered in crossbow bolt holes.
A bronze candelabrum depicting angels being chased by stirges.
A crystal-beaded gossamer headpiece that sparkles with the slightest movement. The pattern of beads is that of an icon for a long-dead religion.
A clay pot with four faces; one a jackal, one a crocodile, the third a vulture, and the fourth a grinning hawk swallowing a human eye.
A large pot scarab filled with mummified human fingers.
A flat brass clockwork dial so richly studded with circles and hands and curious symbols that it looked like a cross scowly face.
A painted limestone incense burner set with a garnet.
A black basalt statuette of a lion wearing a gold crown and crushing slaves beneath its paws.
A leather wallet stamped with the design of a market stall, containing a full set of certified identification papers denoting that the bearer is a member of the merchants guild. The section containing the member's physical description (Height, weight, sex, race, eye, skin and hair colour) is completely blank and could be filled in by anyone with half decent handwriting.
A pouch filled with a dozen silver coins of great age, depicting forgotten gods and god-kings engaged in carnal acts.
A terracotta lamp with silver filigree work depicting lions killing escaping slaves.
A suspiciously clean wallet made from sewn mice and rats.
A scroll case made of sewn snakeskin and metal plates.
A fancy snuff box made from carved whale bone.
A set of flint and steel in an old calfskin wrap with the tail still attached held in a wool holdall.
A walnut, iron, and onyx pipe with a clay bowl depicting a swan.
A set of dice carved from white dragon bone. They will chill small quantities of liquid if placed inside a vessel of any kind. If rolled the dice will cover a small surface in a thin layer of ice.
An ornate linen headband with brass decorations.
A strange looking stone made of a material that looks like basalt, only with small insets of strange red, almost gleaming, material. It is slightly warm to the touch, and if one examines it very carefully or is very tactile to the touch, it seems to be almost pulsating.
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realablealiyan · 11 months ago
Bitcoin: What Is It, and Is It Right for Your Company?
For someone unfamiliar with Bitcoin, the first problem that comes to mind is, "What's Bitcoin?" And another popular problem that's often asked pertains to the Bitcoin price. It began a under 10 dollars per Bitcoin upon its release in early 2009. It's risen gradually since and has hovered around $4000 per Bitcoin recently. So regarding Bitcoin price or the Bitcoin rate this is a many remarkable appreciation of value and has generated many, several millionaires throughout the last eight years litecoin to paypal .
The Bitcoin market is world wide and the citizens of China and Japan have now been specially active in its buy as well as other Asian countries. But, recently in Bitcoin information the Chinese government has attempted to restrain its activity because country. That action drove the worthiness of Bitcoin down for a short while but it soon surged straight back and is currently near their past value.
The Bitcoin record chart is extremely interesting. Their author was an anonymous band of fantastic mathematicians (using the pseudonym Satoski Nakamoto) who developed it in 2008 to be "virtual gold" and introduced the very first Bitcoin computer software in early 2009 throughout the height of the USA financial crisis. They knew that to possess sustained price, it like silver required a finite supply. So in creating it they capped the supply at 21 million Bitcoin.
Bitcoin mining refers to the procedure through which new Bitcoin is created. With old-fashioned currency, government chooses when and where you can print and spread it. With Bitcoin, "miners" use particular software to solve complicated mathematical problems and are given a particular amount of Bitcoin in return.
A question that then arises is, is Bitcoin mining value it. The answer is NO for the average person. It requires really innovative understanding and a strong pc system and this combination of factors helps it be unattainable for the masses. This applies much more to bitcoin mining 2017 than in previous years.
Many question, who welcomes Bitcoin? That question gets asked in several ways, what are stores that take bitcoin, what're websites that take bitcoins, what are some retailers that take bitcoin, what are some places that take bitcoin and where may I invest bitcoin.
More and more companies are starting to see the value of accepting cryptocurrencies as a valid payment option. Some major organizations that do are DISH network, Microsoft, Expedia, Shopify shops, Newegg, Payza, 2Pay4You, and others.Two key holdouts at this time are Walmart and Amazon.
Ethereum is the best competitor to Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency market and many question at the issue of Bitcoin compared to Ethereum. Ethereum was created in mid-2015 and has obtained some recognition but nonetheless rates far behind Bitcoin in utilization, acceptance and value.
A question that usually arises usually relates to Bitcoin scam. That writer features a friend who created a obtain from a organization that assured 1-2% growth per day. The organization web site stated no contact data and following a few months the web site simply vanished 1 day and my pal missing all the cash he had spent that was several thousand dollars.
You've got to understand how to buy Bitcoins, how to get Bitcoin or how to buy Bitcoin with credit card in order to get started. Coinbase is really a highly popular website to do this. Their payment is 3.75% and the buying restrict is $10,000 per day. This may oftimes be the simplest way to purchase bitcoins.
The others would like to buy Bitcoin with debit card. Coinbase also offers that support and has clear detailed recommendations on how to proceed with sometimes your debit or credit card.
You can find those that want to get Bitcoin instantly. This can be achieved at Paxful, Inc. and can be done through W. Union or any credit/debit card.
Different common issues that come up are what is the better way to buy Bitcoins, the simplest way to get bitcoins or wherever to buy bitcoins online. The easiest way is probably to get it by way of a digital asset exchange such as the mentioned before Coinbase. Starting an bill together is easy and when you link your bank account using them you can purchase and offer Bitcoin really easily. This is quite likely also the best position to get Bitcoins.
One got to know exactly what a Bitcoin budget is and how to utilize it. It's this is the Bitcoin exact carbon copy of a bank account. It lets you get Bitcoins, store them and deliver them to others. What it will is store an accumulation of Bitcoin privacy keys. Usually it's secured with a password or elsewhere secured from unauthorized access.
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brand-it · 11 months ago
How to Mine Ergo Coins On PC (Step-by-Step Guide) 2021
I wrote this article on July 17th, 2017, at the time; one Ergo coin was worth $14.88. (10-09-21). The equivalent of $100 in Ergo coins will be worth $1287.14 in 2026. That is really significant! You're completely broke. While you learn about Ergo coin mining using your PC in this article, you can also be certain that it will provide answers to your mining questions and how this can help you get some money in your pockets.
My ERG is .832, and I'm well aware that it's quite low. So earning potential depends on the CPU and GPU within your desktop or laptop.
If you are looking to generate a lot of money, consider making your mining rig larger. I'm hoping that I've been clear about it. So, before we talk about mining Ergo coins, we need to learn how to do it easily.
How to Mine Ergo Coins on PC in 2021
To get started, you'll need to set up a wallet for sending and receiving cryptocurrency. A mining pool is the second stage of the process, which involves connecting your PC.
And that's all there is to it! For the safety of your computer, the third step is to monitor the GPU temperature.
How to mine Ergo on a PC:
Create a wallet
Get involved in a mining pool.
Begin generating ERGs and keeping an eye on the GPU temperature.
It's time to start with the first step, so let's begin.
1. Make a Yoroi Wallet.
Just like a conventional wallet, a crypto wallet stores your money. Digital wallets allow you to use digital money, like bitcoin, to transfer and receive funds. Moreover, they aid you in checking your balance, finding and sharing your wallet address for your transaction.
One should look for a crypto wallet that is lightweight and safe. Yoroi Wallet offers both of these qualities, and it is a relief. I choose it because of that. I'm going to provide you some information about it and explain why you should utilize it.
Why Use Yoroi Wallet?
The Yoroi Cardano wallet is both a browser extension and a mobile app. The Yoroi Wallet is unlike other wallets in that it does not sync or download the blockchain. Furthermore, you may see and pay bills when you access your wallet.
Additionally, Yoroi is a lightweight (HD) wallet for Ada (cryptocurrency) that runs as a Chrome addon.
You may use Yoroi on any device supporting Chrome and Google Chrome extensions. In addition, Yoroi is compatible with many operating systems, including Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. It is also possible to share your wallet's contents with someone else.
The installation process for Yoroi is concise and thus requires just a tiny amount of bandwidth. In addition, Yoroi is an extremely lightweight wallet that doesn't need you to download the entire blockchain, which saves you on bandwidth.
If you're thinking of mining with Ergo or another cryptocurrency, you'll want to get a Yoroi. We need to get started with installation right now.
How to Make Yoroi Wallet?
1. Visit yoroi-wallet.com and click ‘Download' from the options on the page.
2. You may choose from the list below. Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Android, and iOS are all available. And everyone is well taken care of because of it.
3. If you're using Google Chrome like me, I recommend adding it to your Chrome browser. It'll be an add-on to your browser. Make sure you're ready before proceeding with the ‘Add extension' option.
4. Navigate to the Yoroi logo on the Google Chrome extension's toolbar. You will be able to continue after you choose your language and agree to the terms and conditions. Now choose the ‘Simple' wallet.
5. You may skip the next option, or you can enable the option to enable Cardano payment URLs. After this, you will be able to set up your hardware wallet, restore an existing one, and create a new one.
6. If you wish to mine Ergo coins, choose ‘Ergo.' Then, click on ‘Create Wallet'.
7. Enter your wallet details here. Once you've established your own recovery phrase, do so. However, remember to use it afterward for any secure transactions you make.
Hooray! You have created Yoroi's brand-new wallet. Now is the moment to plug your computer into a mining pool. It's best if we do it immediately.
2. Set Up Nanopool for Mining
For every coin, you have two choices for mining:
Mining rig or Miner
Mining pool
Mining rigs and miners cost a fortune. I've written this article to use a PC to mine Ergo Coins. In this case, I will choose the second choice. So what exactly is a mining pool?
What are mining pools?
Many obstacles complicate the challenge of solo mining. As a result, miners have developed a strategy to improve the odds of discovering fresh deposits by pooling the hash power of individual miners.
Suppose you can, a picture of a handful of small-scale miners combining their computer power to pool it. Then, honestly, they could make the same production levels as big farms do or perhaps beat them. ‍
When these miners participate in pools, they each receive less since the pool members split the benefits. However, even if the return is modest and constant, we should still appreciate it, given that alone miner has a hard time mining even a single block.
Mining pools that ensure payments are prompt and on time are more attractive and profitable. Nanonpool has an important role to play.
Why use NanoPool?
The specialty of Nanopool is cryptocurrencies, which are exclusive of use to video graphic cards. However, you may use it for mining at present:
Ethereum (ETH)
Ethereum Classic (ETC)
ZCash (ZEC)
Monero (XMR)
Raven (RVN)
Conflux (CFX)
Ergo (ERGO)
You may concurrently mine two different currencies using the pool. Nanopool uses powerful video cards and GPUs to mine digital currencies with huge farms.
Mining Ergo Coins on Nanopool
1. Visit nanopool.org and choose a cryptocurrency of your liking.
2. To start mining, click on the Quick Start button.
3. Get the miner as a zip file.
4. Extract the archive into any location on your PC. And then set up the minor.
5. Open the file and enter your wallet address in the place of the existing wallet address. Save the data in this format.
6. Save the ‘configure ergo' file after entering the mining rig information.
7. Go ahead and run the ‘nanominer' program now and wait a moment.
Here is how you mine Ergo coins on PC without the need for full-fledged mining equipment.
3. Use MSI Afterburner to monitor the temperature.
You must monitor temperatures in hardware. You risk ruining your computer if you don't take the appropriate steps. For that, the MSI Afterburner utility is a fantastic help.
What is MSI Afterburner, and why is it the best choice?
Afterburner is a free, third-party utility that MSI has created. Those that have GPUs utilize it to manage them. In addition, you may alter your GPU, VRAM, voltage, and other aspects of your graphics card via overclocking.
MSI Afterburner is a popular tool for enthusiasts since it serves a wide range of functions. For example, it's possible to monitor GPUs, VRAM, and temperatures using it.
But are you able to check the CPU temperature using MSI Afterburner? I'm happy to say yes. MSI Afterburner has no ties to the central processing unit. It may also be used to track the temperature of the CPU and GPU settings.
Monitoring GPU Temps with MSI Afterburner
You may get the MSI Afterburner file from MSI's website. First, unzip the download, double-click the executable file, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
After the installation, run MSI Afterburner. To check GPU temperature and performance, go to the ‘General' page. The ideal GPU mining temperature is 70 degrees Celsius. However, I still think you should maintain it at the lowest level feasible.
Final Thoughts on How to Mine Ergo Coins on a PC
Now more than ever, mining cryptocurrency is simple. The mining pool Nanopool allows you to mine the Ergo currencies that have a crypto-like quality. The procedure includes three fundamental actions:
Create a wallet for yourself (using yoroi-wallet.com)
Mining pools provide entrance to cryptocurrency (on Nanopool)
Stay on top of the temperature (using MSI Afterburner)
That's the crux of the matter! After 48 hours, I've earned around .832 Ergo coins. It's true that it's tiny if you think so.
It's better to create something than to produce nothing, isn't it? Your total Ergo Coin amount may be increased if you have a higher powerful PC than I have.
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apkstatue · 11 months ago
Open and install APK - how it works
An APK file is an app's setup file. The application must, therefore, still be extracted from this and set up. APK is an abbreviation and stands for "Android Package." APK files can only be opened on Android devices and not on a PC or iPhone.
Open and unzip the APK.
If you have downloaded an app as APK, make this setting to install the application:
Go to the Settings app.
Go to the Security section.
Here you will find the option Install unknown apps.
Now select the app you want to use to open the APK.
Up to Android 7, the installation of APK files was allowed globally. As of Android 8, authorization is granted for individual apps. In this way, you control which application can set up apps from unknown sources and prevent unwanted installation in the background. Once you've downloaded the APK file, you can use the "My Documents" app or another file manager, for example, to access it. When installing directly from the Internet, you activate the setting for the Chrome app.
Idle Miner Simulator Mod Apk Latest Version 2021**
Find and install the APK file.
Once access to the APK is permitted, you control the installation file via the app selected above. In the file manager, you press on the downloaded file. Confirm the installation, and the app will be set up outside the app store. In this way, for example, the pre-version of WhatsApp can be installed manually. Please note, however, that an app installed externally as an APK is not automatically supplied with updates. If there is an update, you also have to import it manually.
One should pay attention to that.
After the installation, you should reset the setting made above. Downloads offered in the app stores are usually checked so that the content here is most trustworthy.
For security reasons, however, APK files are locked in the device's factory settings. These installation files for apps can be offered anywhere on the Internet so that you cannot always be sure whether a trustworthy application or malware is hidden in the APK.
APK not working?
After downloading the APK, you can find the file in your file manager. If you do not know the download folder, use the search function and enter the abbreviation for the file extension, i.e., "ask." After you have found and installed the APK, you can delete the file. After setup, the app also works without the installation file.
Setting up apps as APK files is not only more dangerous but also more prone to errors. In the Google Play Store, you will only find those apps that are compatible with your device. APK files can be run on any Android device, even if the app was not developed for your device at all. If the application doesn't work, it is most likely because your device doesn't support the app. If the installation fails, only the download file may be defective. In this case, you should download the APK again, ask the provider for help, or find an alternative download option for the application. - apkstatue.com
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