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smellysailor · 5 months ago
“What’s an NFT, and Why is it bad?”
Hi Everyone! I've had some people reach out to me today about NFT's, and why it's bad that Gorillaz is involved. So I've decided to compile a ton of info in a post for people who are confused, and tips on how to help!
TL;DR: Gorillaz have announced that they are producing NFTs, a form of crypto currency attached to digital art that wastes more energy than most people’s homes do in a year. 
What is an NFT?
An NFT (non-fungible token), also known as Cryptoart, is a unit of unique data that represents a digital item, typically digital art, music, videos, and other digital files. Basically, think of it like a Bitcoin that is linked to or attached to a .jpg. 
It’s complicated, but in theory, it's meant to be like fine art auctions, but for digital art. However, buying an NFT does NOT give you ownership of the file, or even exclusive access to the file. Anyone else can view and save the original image/file. All the buyer gets is the unique digital metadata that is attached to it. 
Here is a video by the Wall Street Journal that does a good job of breaking down what an NFT is.
Why is it bad?
NFT’s are controversial for several reasons. 
For one, you do not need to prove that you are the original artist or creator of the digital art to tokenize it. That basically means that anyone can take your digital art and sell it as an NFT. Shitty, I know.
It is an incredibly inaccessible and fluctuating market, and works like a pyramid scheme. (linked is a very good infographic on the topic by Cabeza Patata on Instagram.)
However, the most damning and negative side effect is its environmental impact. Because of the large amount of computing power needed to create NFTs, an INSANE amount of energy is used, creating a LOT of pollution. An UNETHICAL amount of pollution.
To quote this article by Uproxx, “In one instance, the 10 seconds it took [...] to sell six NFTs consumed 8.7 megawatt-hours of energy, comparable to the amount of electricity used by a household in a single year.”
It’s hard to explain exactly HOW or WHY it uses so much power, so here are some articles that do a better job of explaining it than I can:
NFTs Are Hot. So Is Their Effect on the Earth’s Climate - Wired
The carbon footprint of creating and selling an NFT artwork - Quartz
What does this have to do with Gorillaz?
Yesterday, Gorillaz announced that they would be collaborating with Superplastic to produce products for their 20th anniversary, including NFTs.
This is a huge kick in the face due to the fact that Gorillaz has always produced music preaching environmental consciousness, and is deeply disappointing to fans. It’s hard to say if Jamie or Damon are fully aware of NFT’s impact, but regardless, it is a huge blow to the message of Gorillaz.
What can I do about it?
Instead, you can:
Support Gorillaz fan artists by commissioning them or buying their prints!
Buy any Gorillaz merch second hand/used (but take care to avoid scalpers.)
Here is a petition for Gorillaz to cut ties with Superplastic and stop production of NFTs!
Support organizations like The Climate Emergency Fund, The Clean Energy Innovation program, and other organizations fighting climate change.
Spread the word! Share this Post! Stay informed! Make sure everyone knows about the impacts of NFTs! This should go beyond the sphere of the Gorillaz fandom!
I hope this has been informative! And fuck NFTs!
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kaijutegu · 7 months ago
How do I know if that reptile TikTok is bad?
Or youtube video, or instagram post, etc.
Look: I get it. You see the cute lizard video, you watch the cute lizard video. But is the lizard video really cute?
Well, that can be hard to tell.
Like, really, really hard to tell. Not every animal situation on the internet is cut-and-dry, good or bad. Most of them, you don’t have the full context! You can’t tell how the person’s husbandry is, what the enclosure is like, or how they keep up with daily care.
Well, maybe this guide can help a little bit. This is meant to be used as a quick reference when evaluating short internet content. It’s not super useful for dedicated pettubers, because for those, you usually have a person explaining their entire ethos and showing you things like husbandry and care. Full breakdowns and evaluations for those are a lot more complicated.
What this guide is for is for when your mom sends you a viral video of a lizard and you have to explain to her that you’d really, really like her to stop sending you videos of animal abuse, or when you see someone doing something really dangerous with an alligator. I know this is a long post, but there’s a lot of things to watch out for!
Source: Is it from Jay Brewer (prehistoricpets/reptilezoo) or Brian Barcyzk (snakebytetv)? It’s bad. Stop giving them your attention/ad clicks. It just tells them that nobody cares about how miserable their animals are.
I know that’s flippant, but seriously, look at the source of your content. If it’s a facility that’s known for animal mistreatment, then don’t watch their stuff. Easy as that! Don’t feed into the content machine- don’t tell the algorithm that their content is what you want to see. Even if the individual post is ok and doesn’t show any animal mistreatment, people like Jay and Brian are known for their poor husbandry practices overall. This is the kind of enclosure Brian thinks it’s ok for a giant snake to spend its entire life in.
Tumblr media
Seriously, don’t give that man any more attention. Lots of breeders use racks, but this is at the low end of bad for racks. If you see content from someone who’s got a history of bad care, don’t watch it!
Oh, and how do you find out if they have a history of bad care? Google “Name here+bad care” and see what comes up. If it’s a one off thing where like, one animal is in crappy condition? Might be fine, they might have course-corrected. If it’s pages and pages of stuff? Red flags all around.
Venom: Is somebody taking a selfie with a venomous snake? It’s bad.
They’re putting themselves in danger for social media attention. Even if it’s a choice they made and they say they’re not hurting anybody else, they are. By putting themselves at risk unnecessarily, they put other people at risk. If they get bitten, the dose of antivenin that they receive is probably from a zoo, where actual educators put themselves at risk for conservation. Antivenin is expensive, and in many cases, you can’t even get it. For instance, in the US, there's only one antivenin commercially available to hospitals for treating venomous snakebites. It’s called CroFeb, and according to The Washington Post, the price for one hospital vial is about $2,300. A typical treatment dose? That requires four to six vials. So for a single, smaller rattlesnake bite that would need four vials of antivenin, the cost is $9,200.
And that’s if you’re lucky enough to get bitten by a rattler and to be in range of a hospital that has the antivenin. If you get bit by say, a cobra? That antivenin is coming from a zoo or research facility, and if there’s not one nearby that can help you, you are SOL. And quite possibly DOA.
Don’t take selfies with venomous snakes. Just don’t do it. Don’t support social media personalities who do it.
However... if the person is using snake hooks, using the proper grip on the snake if they are holding it, and taking proper precautions by having somebody else to spot and film... then it might be fine! There’s lots of good reasons to handle venomous snakes, believe it or not. One of my favorite reptile facilities that posts venomous animals is the Kentucky Reptile Zoo. KRZ is one of the most important venom facilities in the US- they keep all kinds of species and milk them for their venom, which not only goes to make antivenom but also is used for things like cancer research. You can bet when they post pictures of someone handling a venomous snake, that person is well-trained and is handling that animal for a purpose.
Egg cutting: It’s probably bad.
This is the practice of cutting open snake eggs before it’s time to hatch. Sometimes keepers need to do this because a baby is struggling, and that’s ok! Sometimes keepers do this to show off the patterns, and that’s really not ok! It can cause severe damage to the hatchlings. Furthermore, it’s not like it’s a surprise. Breeders who cut eggs already know have a really good idea of what’s going to be inside because they’re breeding for color morphs- they know the genetics they put together. They’re just doing it for attention, and not thinking of what’s best for the animal. It’s like an unboxing video that can lead to dead baby snakes. Not cool.
Inappropriate feeding: If somebody is giving their lizard a hot dog, it’s bad.
Animals need to eat, but what are they being fed? Is it a diet item appropriate for the species? Even if it’s appropriate, how much is being fed? Is the animal being fed according to an appropriate schedule? This varies so much from individual to individual, but in general, appropriate food includes whole prey (and if it’s being videoed, it should always be pre-killed!), most fruits and veggies, and things like small pieces of fish and chicken for monitors/tegus. Here are some things that are never acceptable: processed meat, like chicken nuggets, hamburgers, and hot dogs. Pizza. Candy. Bread. Ice cream. (I have seen social media of all of these. Some from “professional” reptile keepers.)
Live feeding: Reputable facilities and responsible owners aren’t going to film their reptile killing a live rodent and put it on TikTok for your entertainment.
While some keepers do need to feed live, responsible owners know that live feedings must be supervised and given their full attention because rodents can fight back. If they’re filming, they aren’t taking good safety measures. Insects are generally fine, though, so long as it’s a standard feeder. Crickets, roaches, mealworms, superworms, hornworms... stuff like that isn’t going to hurt the animal eating it. If you see somebody trying to feed their gecko a bee or something? That’s bad content.
Obese animals: A chonky reptile is a reptile that’s probably dying a slow, painful death from fatty liver disease.
This can be really difficult to assess, because most people don’t know what a healthy reptile actually looks like... and because the norm for pet reptiles on social media is obesity. Generally, the best thing to do is look for pictures of those animals in the wild and compare. Wild animals are often a lot skinnier than their captive counterparts, but you’ll get the gist pretty quickly of what the animal is supposed to look like. No species of reptile naturally has fat rolls (although big skin wrinkles aren’t uncommon, and some animals have heavier bodies than you might expect).
Examples of obese reptiles on social media include:
Margo the bearded dragon
Tumblr media
Macguyver the tegu
Tumblr media
Pretty much everything Jay Brewer/Prehistoric Pets/The Reptile Zoo owns
Tumblr media
Cats, dogs, and other pets: There is no safe way for a cat and a reptile to interact. Period.
If there’s a cat in the video and the cat is touching a reptile, it ain’t safe. I have written extensively about this but the gist of it is that cats harbor bacteria that is super toxic to reptiles, and even the most gentle pat can turn into a scratch that gets infected and is extremely hard to treat. It stresses the reptile out and in some cases can be super dangerous for the cat, too, if the reptile fights back.
However... if the reptile interaction is with another animal of the same species and they’re just kinda chilling in the same space, that’s fine. Some animals actually do better living in social situations, like alligators, rattlesnakes, garter snakes, mourning geckos, and dart frogs! Some animals do just fine hanging out with other animals like them- if you see a video with a bunch of bearded dragons in it and they’re not all sharing the same cage and they’re just chilling, that’s probably fine!
Intentionally aggravating the animal: Being a jerk is bad.
Yeah, I know, the video of that Budgett’s frog going REEEEEEEEE sounds hilarious, but that animal’s in a lot of distress! Don’t poke animals with sticks to get them to make noise! That’s mean! If the animal is flinching away from a stimulus, or squinching its eyes shut really tight, those are both signs that something’s wrong here. Reptile body language can be really hard to read, so you might need to google around or ask someone.
Holding an amphibian: Usually bad.
Not a reptile issue, really, but worth addressing because reptiles and amphibians get lumped in together. Amphibians have porous skin and are vulnerable to the oils we have on our hands. Chemical exposures can kill them. If somebody’s holding a frog for more than a brief moment, that’s not good for it. There are valid reasons to hold an amphibian- sometimes you have to move them! But generally videos of people holding amphibians aren’t great and you should always be critical and ask what the point of the contact is.
Handling crocodilians without banding their mouths: If the public can access the animal, always bad. If it’s in a private setting, not always bad but can be bad.
If someone is holding an alligator or crocodilian of any kind and its mouth isn’t banded, there is a big problem. It doesn’t hurt them to have their mouths banded. Usually it’s done with hair ties or electrical tape, which peels off very easily and doesn’t bother them at all. Any crocodilian with public access needs to be banded. If it’s out of the enclosure, a band goes on the mouth. There’s no excuse. Even the little ones have razor sharp teeth and remarkably strong jaw-closing muscles. Now, if you’re working privately and you’re feeding, then obviously you won’t band- but if the person in the video isn’t being careful and is working within six feet of an unbanded adult crocodilian’s mouth, that’s irresponsible.
Alligators in particular make wonderful ambassadors. They’re charismatic, they’re adorable as babies, and they really can get quite used to being held and worked with. But an unbanded alligator that the public can access is a public safety hazard. Also, if you’re in the US, it’s illegal in most states. It doesn’t matter if you’re an educator or whatever, band your crocodilian’s mouths before taking them outside.
Tumblr media
Blowing smoke or vaping in a reptile’s face: This is animal abuse.
We get it. You vape. But reptiles have really primitive lungs- in fact, snakes only have one functional lung. Reptiles have really bad reactions to nicotine, THC, essential oil diffusion, smoke, and pretty much anything else that lets off a lot of VOCs. It’s not funny, it’s not cute, and it’s always bad when somebody is smoking or vaping around a reptile.
Now like I said: you can’t learn everything from a single TikTok, youtube video, or instagram post! These are just some of the big red flags to watch out for. There’s lots of good reptile content out there that’s totally fine and safe and good- you just have to know how to spot the bad stuff! Thanks for reading!
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tteokdoroki · 3 months ago
had it | k.bakugou.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡ pairing: katsuki bakugou x fem!reader.
♡ word count: 4.5K
♡ rating: everyone.
♡ genre: pro hero!au, married!au, fluff, comfort.
♡ summary: your pro hero husband is a show off, always has and always will be... but when his big ego gets in the way of you doing your job, you give him little piece of your mind..
♡ warning(s): please read ! mentions of violence, i gave reader a quirk?? bakugou with a daughter ok literally nothing. oh and angst if you squint.
♡ author’s note(s):  hi besties!! happy birthday to meee!! today i’m dropping a fic that’s been a long time coming, its a short and fluffy little piece with domestic baku bc i love him with babies n kids ok ok!! i hope you all have a lovely day <3
♡ masterlist | requests | kofi
Tumblr media
some say that working for a pro hero is an honour, no matter what the position is. some may work behind the scenes— creating gear and suits that support the pros protecting their cities or livelihoods. others are in charge of things like reports, PR and even physical health. everyone plays an important role in a hero's career. there’s never a dull moment working in a team supporting the pros, especially if that pro was dynamight.
the offices for katsuki bakugou’s hero agency were always buzzing; usually because the clean up team were rushing through with stacks upon stacks of receipts and paperwork from the damage done during bakugou’s patrols— other times it would be his secretaries gossiping about how good he looks in his winter costume because damn did that tight black shirt do his arms justice but usually it was just because of the PR team contacting media outlets with excuses for bakugou’s potty mouth.
working for the hot headed blonde was more laid back than it seemed however, the man himself was rarely ever in the office as the number two hero but out on missions instead, the pay was pretty decent and no one ever really faced his angry wrath nor his sailor like mouth unless they had royally fucked up on their job. katsuki bakugou was someone to admire, he never gave a damn about what people had to say about him— he only cared about getting the job done and maybe that’s why most people enjoyed their time under the dynamight agency.
particularly this time, right around noon.
the doors to the floor of the secretary offices fly open, crashing loudly against the walls and drawing the staff from their daily work. this office space is around ten floors up and somehow you’ve made it in record time today. “where is he?” your voice crawls through the entrance of the room, settling over the workers like a thick fog— commanding, menacing and soft all at the same time. newbies cower in their boots, confused at what’s going on and it’s safe to presume those who have been working here for years have yet to give them the run down. “don’t make me ask again.” you add, eyes darkening as you cast your gaze across the room.
an intern approaches you, visibly shaking with fear which makes you loosen your stance and raise an eyebrow toward them. “he-uh... he just went for his lunch break—“ the stutter, gulping under the stare of another highly ranked pro hero. “in— ma’am!” they stumble through their words, hiding behind the ungodly amount of paperwork that's been dumped into their hands. you make a mental note to chew bakugou out on the load his interns have been getting as well as your prior reasons for coming to his agency.
nonetheless you shake your head and drop the frown, a sweet smile quickly replacing the look that could put anyone six feet under if you really tried. with a tap to the side of your head, the visor to your hero costume rises above your eyes— allowing you to give the poor little intern a cheeky wink as thanks. “‘ppreciate it darling, have a good one!” you thank them properly with a ruffle to their hair, resuming your previous stance as you march the rest of the way through the office and kick open the door at the end of the room.
the intern sags, a whimper of relief passing from tired lips while they wipe at the sweat forming on their brow. they’d not even encountered their boss yet and they’d already come face to face with a top pro hero. “w-what’s her deal?”
a chuckle to the left of the poor kid startles them out of their mind; but they relax upon realising it’s just another one of dynamight’s secretaries— haruto, who’d apparently been working at the agency since it started up. “that’s nightsky, her quirk is lullaby, which allows her to control certain people if she hits the right note. she can also put them to sleep, if she really wants to,” the intern now perks up, remembering you from countless interviews on tv. you ranked pretty highly too, managing to the reach the top five this year along with others like shoto and deku. “she owns the hero agency across the street, herself and dynamight have been going at it ever since. it’s like they’re elderly lovers or somethin‘.”
“d-do you think they are? lovers like you say?” the intern asks a little too excitedly, touching at their messy hair from where you’d ruffled it. a crimson blush warms their cheeks, the idea of two pros playing enemies to the public eye but being lovers in secret seemed like something right out of a romance novel. how romantic.
haruto only chuckles at the newbie, standing to ruffle their hair as well before heading over to the coffee stand to fix himself a cup. “beats me,” he mumbles cheerily as he walks away, arms crossed behind his head. “but with the way yn bursts in here at the same time everyday to scold bakugou, and leaves with a huge smile on her face— i wouldn’t put it past them. they probably have a whole life together.” he taps his nose once as if he’s given away too much information, turning away without a word.
the intern hums, seemingly happy with their superior’s answer and easily heads back to work from there.
Tumblr media
katsuki bakugou was bored out of his mind.
being a successful pro hero was all he’d ever wanted— being the number two pro hero just came with that. bakugou wanted to get to the top and show everyone he was the best of the best and with him being blessed with a powerful quirk there was no way he couldn’t be where he was today. yet, now that he’d finally achieved his dream all he wanted was a fucking break. the blonde stares down at his microwaveable bowl of home cooked stew, a frown cutting deep into his cheeks. it was his lunch break for crying out loud, but instead of scarfing down the delicious meal before him, the hero was forced to watch it cool as some dumb fuck reporter asked him questions over the phone.
the telephone interview ( or a waste of his fucking time, as katsuki had called it ) , had been set up by his PR team right after he’d taken down a couple low level villains downtown earlier this morning. katsuki had called it nothing but apparently the whole world and their mother had been on his ass, watching as he took the criminals down with ease and raving about how glorious dynamight was during that fight. the reporter drones on about said event, asking the same old questions and it takes everything within the hot headed pro not to blow a casket— he’d been promised a few extra days off from his manager if he could finish the interview without blowing something up and only god knew how much katsuki needed a break from dumb paps and some overly obsessive fans.
‘so, final question, how does it feel to be the number two?’
bakugou grunts, buying himself time to formulate an answer. what he really wants to do is kindly tell the reporter to fuck off and ask more original questions; but with the prize of a longer weekend hanging in the balance he bites his tongue for the sake of freedom. “well i—“
“katsuki bakugou.” your voice cuts through his sentence before he can finish, vermillion eyes land on your hero costume clad form as you burst into his office. a lazy smirk now decorates the hero’s lips, brow quirked with piqued interest. “i have a bone to pick with you, you motherfucker.”
the reporter on the other end falls silent as katsuki watches you, leaning back in his plush leather chair. you look slightly disheveled, costume torn in a few places, scrapes littering your skin as you pant heavily from exertion— chest rising and falling with every breath, it seems ragged and bakugou makes a mental note to remind you to get your ribs checked out later. “you’re late, shitty woman.” the number two sits up a little straighter as you enter the room, leaning up to look at you while you slam your hands down on the smooth marble desk— the force rattling the items he has neatly placed on it.
‘uh-? mister...dynamight-? sir?’
your eyes sweep the room while the pro before you deals with the reporter, mentioning to her that they’ll have to continue their call later. in the meantime, you note that katsuki’s office is meticulously clean, not a single book, folder or pen out of place— it’s high up with a perfect view of the city and the large windows allow golden beams of the sun to light up the room. the sound of a phone being placed back on its hook brings you from your thoughts; annoyance settling deep in your veins as you turn to face bakugou again.
“i had it,” you growl lowly, jumping the gun before he can even register what you’ve said. “i’m a grown woman, katsuki, i can handle a couple of criminals myself, you know.”
the blasting hero does nothing but smirk even wider at the irked tone that litters your voice, standing up as well to tower over you. bakugou still wears his own hero costume, considerably in less damage than yours— not a single tear had formed in his suit, mind the small scratches on his face no doubt from his stupid explosions creating some debris. leaning over the desk between you, bakugou uses a forefinger and thumb to tilt your head up, bringing you even closer than before. “clearly y’didn’t sweetheart, or otherwise that icyhot bastard wouldn’t have needed to back you up ‘fore i got there...” his timbre voice sends sparks of electricity through the air in the room, it’s low and gravelly which is enough to send shivers down your spine but you’re not about to let katsuki bakugou know that he makes you flustered— it’d go straight to his head, the cocky bastard.
nonetheless; you roll your eyes at the mention of your old classmate and fellow pro hero— shoto todoroki. yourself and shoto got along fairly well, even back in high school, so it was normal for you to work together from time to time; you both made a great team and your skill set complimented each other’s well. katsuki was just jealous. he never really got along with todoroki like that. “he didn’t back me up, we were working together,” you snap back at the blonde, shaking yourself from bakugou’s grasp and flicking him right between those alluring vermillion eyes. “something you might not be familiar with, mister number two.” bakugou backs away from you completely ( only wincing slightly ), making you smirk in victory. you’ve struck a nerve. deciding to leave the conversation at that, you turn to make your exit as he collapses back into his seat with a deathly scowl and a quiet ‘tch’. “like i said, i had it, dynamight. next time, don’t jump in uninvited.”
happy that you got the last laugh, you open the door to leave his office but pause when a wave of heat hits your back. you should have known, katsuki bakugou was never one to back down from a challenge and you certainly weren’t an exception. well shit. when you turn around to face the blonde, small explosions spark from his right hand and he has some what of a look of a feral pomeranian, blood red eyes full of rage.
you visibly gulp and katsuki growls out his next words with the upmost venom, designed to hurt and cut at your feelings. “well maybe y’sudda let the actual pros handle shit like this,” bakugou begins, voice rising in volume with every syllable that passes his lips. “we both know you’re no good at short distance attacks with your quirk, shitty woman, you couldn’t have taken those villains down without me.” the blonde finishes with a short ‘tsk’, settling the explosions that spark in his palms. now it’s your turn to be pissed. you could handle katsuki’s jealousy, his petty reasoning for joining you on your patrol and taking the credit but bashing you and your quirk? no way in hell would he get away with that.
“what? the fuck y’still here for?”
you roll your shoulders, gracing the blonde with a devilish smile as your eyes light up mischievously. “why are you hitting yourself, bakugou?” you sing, hitting just the right notes that will have him under your spell, the tone in your voice as smooth as chocolate. katsuki’s eyes widen in horror and before he can stop himself, his free hand comes up to slap him across the face. that was your quirk, lullaby. you had the ability to sing your way out of any situation— adjusting the tune of your song to control the actions of certain individuals or groups of people. it was near impossible to resist but the more people you used your quirk on, the weaker your control over them was. that doesn’t mean you weren’t going to use it on bakugou from time to time. the blonde tries to fight it, he really does, but he’s no use up against your ability— losing all control of his own body. he grunts on impact, looking bewildered for a moment as he moves to grab his own wrist to stop any impending blows. “not so cocky now, are we dynamight?”
“h-hey!” he stammers, refusing to accept defeat against you. “shitty woman, no fuckin’ fair. you know i can’t use my quirk against you in here.” he was right, while your quirk was poor against short distance attacks ( meaning you had to result to hand to hand combat ), bakugou couldn’t use his own in enclosed spaces without hurting anyone he didn’t want to. especially you, he would never hurt you intentionally unless you were sparring.
“shoulda thought about that before you decided to taunt me, you know better than to piss off your wife, katsu.” you chide, still smiling just as brightly as you were earlier, before taking a seat on his desk and folding one leg over the other. it was quite amusing to watch your husband of four years fight against himself— everyone knew katsuki had an unbelievable amount of strength even without his quirk so he was definitely beating himself up ( literally and figuratively ).
bakugou looks up at you through gritted teeth while he struggles to keep the wrist you have control of down and you almost feel bad for the guy. “turn it off, dammit!” he curses at you, said hand rising above his free one to tug at his own sun kissed locks.
feigning interest in the objects on your lover's desk, you ignore his pleas for you to release him from the holds of your quirk and hum “apologise.”
“f-fuck... fuck y-you.”
you sigh knowingly, picking up a hand crafted paperweight, covered in glitter and sequin stars,  inspecting it carefully. bakugou could hardly ever say the word ‘sorry’, it was just in his nature and he’d been that way since you were young. part of you knows it’s because of how he was treated as a child where people praised him for his quirk. that meant he became prideful yes, thought highly of himself too and struggled to admit when others were right...but he had his own way of apologising— through actions instead of words.
like when you first moved in together and he had broken your favourite mug, instead of saying he was sorry, he spent all night super glueing it back together for you to use in the morning. to him, actions were louder than words but you right now; you were being mean and just wanted to hear him say it.
“fuck fuck, fine. alright. ‘m sorry.” bakugou lets out a strained growl as the hand you control gives a particularly hard yank to his hair. “i’m sorry for lying about your quirk. it’s not shitty…’n ‘m sorry for... barging in on your patrol. again.” you grin, satisfied with his answer and grab the hand he keeps down with his wrist. you press a simple kiss to the skin, making your husband blush as you release your hold over the limb. katsuki shyly yanks it from your grip, rubbing over the area that you’d kissed, shooting his gaze to the side in the process. “jesus shitty woman, if i don’t die from being a hero or of old fucking age, i know for a fact you’ll be the one to kill me first.” he mutters harshly under his breath, but you know he’s only kidding from the way his hands now fall to your thighs and his fingers rub small circles into the exposed skin.
“pro hero nightsky murders number two pro hero dynamight in cold blood!” you joke as if you’re reading a headline in a news article, katsuki only glares up at you— making no effort to curse you out because of your shitty joke, which causes you to frown while leaning  forward to brush some of his hair away from his face. “you know i’m only kidding right? is something wrong? did i come at a bad time?”
it’s only now that you notice the exhausted expression that paints your lover’s face. he’s always up to playing this game with you, at the same time every day— you come to bother him about some trivial matter, tease him a bit and leave with a kiss. but today, you can tell he’s trying to hide something from you. something that bothers him.
bakugou shakes his head, leaning into your touch as you play with his hair— a habit he’d picked up from even before you started dating back in high school, although he’d never admit that to you if you’d asked. “nothin’, just this stupid fuckin’ interview the PR team want me to do about the fight today. the one i took from you,” your husband smirks slightly at the thought and you roll your eyes for what seems like the nine hundredth time that afternoon. “didn’t get to finish my fuckin’ lunch but they promised me a couple days off if i got the interview done.”
“better the number two than me, eh? but don’t worry, i’ll order us some take out tonight,” your suggest, voice coming out as soft and mingling with your slight giggle— a quiet melody to katsuki’s ears. your only reply from him is a grunt, so you stop your fingers in his hair and watch as he scowls up at you. you quickly press a kiss to the explosive hero’s lips, pulling away to reveal his blushing face. you smile, knowing that you’re the only one who can make him flush red like that. “there’s something else bothering you, isn’t there?”
if there’s one thing katsuki bakugou hates, it’s how you read him like an open book. one look at him and it’s like you know exactly how he’s feeling. he can never hide anything from you— sometimes that both pisses him off and reminds him of how much he is loved by you. he hesitates with his words at first but decides to confide in you anyway, knowing that you’ll get it out of him in one way or another. “‘m worried about you, dumbass.” he mumbles, nudging your hand with his head as if to ask you to continue your earlier actions. “i know you had it, yer fuckin’ powerful but you looked so tired in that fight today ‘n i thought something bad was gonna happen to you, y’fuckin’ shitty woman.”
he toys with the tears in your costume now, smoothing over scars from your bumps and scratches as a result of combat. “oh lovebug,” you mumble, cupping his cheeks to make him look up at you. “you know i can handle my own, they just took a lot out of me today. i promise i’ll—“
“that’s not it, fuck,” katsuki cuts you off, brows furrowing deeply as he grabs your wrists— pulling your from his desk and into his lap. he holds you close, burying his nose into your neck as if you’re going to disappear. you sit still, a little shocked by his actions and his quick change of mood, but wrap your arms around him anyway and slowly fall silent. “it's just that...we’re both pros now and at the top of our ranks ‘n we both have a lot to lose.” you instinctively cling tighter to katsuki, mind flickering to the homemade paperweight you’d spotted on his desk earlier... causing your heart clench.
your daughter had made that for him during her time at preschool for fathers day; something your husband cherished with his whole heart, even if the thing was still sticky with glue when he’d gotten it.
katsuki loved taiga more than anything in the world and if something had happened to her because of your line of work, you don’t know what either of you would do. “what if something were to happen to you? or to me? or shit...both of us? who would look after taiga? you know what happens to kids who end up in the fucking system.” bakugou pauses, the same tired expression from earlier now sitting heavily on his face. “i just want you to be careful, stop pushing yourself so much, y’fuckin’ dumbasss. we have a family take care of. it’s not just you and i anymore.”
you nod, grasping onto your lover’s clothes tightly. the air is flooded with a comfortable silence, the pair of you holding one another right the way through it. you treasure moments like this, where the world stops and katsuki shows you another, more vulnerable side to him.
he would never admit or show this to anyone; but he cares , more than he lets on... especially for you and especially for your daughter. he was attentive, paid attention to you and your weaknesses and helped you overcome them. it was something you couldn’t stop loving about him. “i promise to be more careful, for you and for taiga,” you say quietly after he’s done scolding you, brushing your lips against the side of his head in a soft peck. “that must’ve been why jumped in earlier, you were worried about me?”
“somethin’ like that, you crazy woman,,” bakugou whispers, there’s a tinge of fondness to his ruby eyes as you pull away to look at him, his hands settling on your hips while he moves up to press a soft kiss to your awaiting lips. “didn’t want you getting yourself killed.”
you stay with katsuki in the office for a little longer than usual, laying on his chest as he prattles away about everything and anything even though he should be working. you make sure he eats his lunch, despite how cold it is and promise him a boat load of take out when he comes home later— your sweet cuddling session only being cut short by a call from your assistant to tell you that your daughter is ready to be picked up from school. “better finish that interview katsu, taiga’ll be happy to know her daddy’s getting some time off to spend with her soon,” you remind him as you gather yourself together, your husband pouting ( he swears on his life he wasn’t ) from the loss of your warmth in his lap. “she has a lot to tell you.”
the blonde quirks a brow, watching you as you head for the door. “yeah? like what?” a hand comes up to cover your mouth as you giggle at his curious face. sometimes, when you look at katsuki, you could see how much your daughter resembles him, right down to his mannerisms. she had somehow inherited the shape of your nose and the brightness of your smile ( the only reason barely anyone realised bakugou had a kid, he never fucking smiled. ) but the bakugou genes were incredibly strong so there was no way she’d miss out on those crimson eyes and uncontrollable, untameable messy blonde hair.
she even acted like him. a very brazen little girl who knew what she wanted and how to get it, so she had her daddy wrapped around her stubby little fingers.
you grin, eyes sparkling with the same mischief as before. “oh y’know, just her little crush on midoriya’s boy.”
“yer fuckin’ kiddin’ me.”
“i would never joke about such a thing,  just make sure you’re home in time for dinner, number two!” you squeal, dashing out of the office before your husband has time to demand more answers from you. slamming the door shut, you chuckle at the melody of curses that leave your husbands mouth before heading off to pick up your daughter.
on your way, you admit to yourself , that maybe you didn’t have this fight in the bag. but what you did have; was a loving husband, a beautiful daughter and the best life you could have ever imagined.
Tumblr media
extended ending:
“so, taiga... daddy hears you have a little... crush on someone.”
you’re in the kitchen, washing the dishes from tonight’s dinner as bakugou wipes tentatively at your little girl’s messy face— she was a poor eater but it’s something you didn’t mind, not when your husband was so soft with cleaning her up. you can see them from where you stand, watching katsuki knowingly.
taiga looks up from the colouring you’d set out for her when she finished up her meal, crimson eyes shining brightly as she fixes her gaze on her father. “mhm mhm!! he’s mister deku’s son! and i’m gonna marry him!”
“no yer not.” bakugou answers simply, looking close to popping a vein.
“why not?”
your husband scoffs, throwing away the tissue he’d used to clean his little girl up before joining her in her colouring. “‘cause daddy says so ‘n boys are gross, especially ones who’s dad’s look like broccoli.” the older ash blonde seems satisfied with his answer, grinning to himself as you dry the dishes with an amused smile.
but taiga isn’t finished, swapping her green crayon for a red one to finish up her drawing. “but you’re a boy...and mommy still married you!”
bakugou pauses, lost for words as taiga continues to colour— humming the theme song from a commercial for some of deku’s merch. you can tell it’s taking everything katsuki’s got not to combust right there on the spot, but he can’t stay mad at taiga for too long, not when she’s describing her wedding and how her daddy is going to walk her down the isle.
setting the dishes to dry and towelling your hands; you smile to yourself as you admire your family. some would say you had it all, and looking at the pair of bakugou’s now, who were you to deny the truth.
Tumblr media
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witch-hazels-musings · 7 months ago
Seeing you get hit
Okay, so I really don’t know how to chill with my stories. I’ve always written them out so i’m still practicing the more condensed type of story - bare with me. 
If people like this one I have a few more story versions for some of the other characters I feel most comfortable writing about. I’ll post those sometime soon. 
Anyway - have a DILUC fic ;) 
Genre: sfw, a bit violent, angry Diluc**
character x GN reader |  Anthology
*character* become progressively worried about you not returning back - as the hours tick by, they notice a commotion has started and as they check it out find you in distress. Quickly they head to where you were and, well, their reaction to seeing you being accosted by someone in the middle of the city, let’s just say they took matters into their own hands.
He made his way down the cobblestone stair case, hoping the commotion didn’t have anything to do with you. As he made his way toward the front gates, the citizens of Mondstadt were beginning to crowd the streets, their heads bobbing up and down to get a better view. 
“Isn’t that one of the adventurer guild members?” a curious citizen whispered to their friend. 
“they look upset…” they said with a hand covering their mouth. 
He felt a pit in the bottom of his stomach, what could you possibly have gotten yourself into this time. He answered his question the closer he got to the noise. You were in a heated conversation with some man; his clothes didn’t give away any indication he was part of the guild, or the knights, he looked like any other traveler passing through the city. The man's eyes were narrow, and his face red with anger. He was yelling something at you, but the gawking citizens drowned out his voice. 
Diluc saw you start to walk up the steps toward the town square when the man grabbed onto your arm pulling you back roughly. Everything after that moved slowly. Your face turned to the stranger, his free hand raising above his head, and in painfully slow seconds, came back to strike you across the face. Diluc never moved faster in his life.
Yells and gasps were heard from around you. Pain spread across your cheek, seeping into your eyes like electricity finding the easiest path to ground. Instinctually, you covered your face and felt tears make contact with your finger tips. What a fucking asshole, you thought to yourself as you turn to question the man you had SAVED just a bit ago. Instead you see Diluc standing in between you and the man. He definitely wasn’t there a few seconds ago, right? Now here he was, his back to you, broad shoulders heaving up and down. Through blurry eyes you noticed Diluc had his claymore in his hand. 
“What the hell!?” the man shouted from the ground. Wasn’t he just holding onto your arm? “What is your prob …” his words were cut off by the presence of a large blade at his throat. 
You could feel the seething rage emanating from Diluc. As you look around you, you catch the faces of those in the crowd. They’re a mix of worry, fear, and shock. One person starts running off toward the Knights of Favonius headquarters. This was becoming more of a spectacle than you wanted it to be. You call out his name but it falls on deaf ears. Carefully, you pick yourself up from the hard ground and bravely reach out to the clenched fist of your partner. 
“Diluc … ” you say, gently wrapping your hands around his fist. He tenses up before carefully looking toward you. His face is contorted with hatred, his eyes burning with anger. They aren’t looking at you, but through you. Reaching a hand to his face he finally meets your gaze, “I’m okay. Look…” and he does. He sees the irritation on your cheek, the small cut on your lips as it starts to swell, and it only makes him more furious. 
He breaks away from your grasp and starts to step closer to the man now scuffling away like a scared animal. 
“Listen, it was just a joke! they wouldn’t have gotten hurt if they’d just …” he sputtered, his voice shaking as he tried to crawl away. 
“A joke?” Diluc’s voice was deep, and it sent a shiver down your spine. Using his large claymore, he thrust it into the ground in front of the man’s face. The shiny metal reflecting the look of horror back at him. “I must have missed it, care to fill me in?” 
“... this is crazy! You’re both crazy - they aren’t even worth my time anyway!” he spat at Diluc, “ugly brat wouldn’t know a good thing if it slapped them in the face!” 
You’d only seen Diluc angry one other time in your life. When the Abyss threatened to harm those he held dear, and that didn’t end well for them. Even then, he didn’t let his anger get out of control, he just used it to his advantage. This though, he was livid. His jaw clenched, his eyes absent of the calm which usually resides there. If you didn’t step in it was sure to get ugly. 
Taking some tentative steps forward, Diluc moved before you could reach. He grabbed the man by his collar and lifted him up into the air. Without a word he started walking toward the bridge and away from the city entrance. Eager citizens pushed their way after him, interested more on the spectacle they were about to see than anything else. As the pair reach the center of the bridge Diluc lifted the man up and over the barrier, letting him dangle above the water. You can hear pleading spill from the mans lips as he desperately tries to find a place for his feet, his hands clawing at Diluc’s arm. Then, without warning, Diluc let’s go, a splash signals the man hit water.
There is a heavy silence which falls over the onlookers, save for the yelping and splashing from the water below only the wind offers any signal the world is still moving. You turn your head around as the sound of heavy footsteps head toward you, the knights finally making an entrance. It’s all just blown out of proportion… fuck. 
You’re about to turn back and call out for Diluc when a hand grips yours and starts leading you down one of the side paths of Mondstadt. 
You sit in the dim lit bar, hands resting in your lap and eyes downcast. In front of you sits Diluc as he sets up several first aid items on the bar. Neither of you have said anything since returning to Angels Share. The silence is oppressive and you desperately want to break it. 
“Diluc …” you begin but are cut off by a cold cotton ball against your lip. Diluc’s hands holding up your face so he can better see the cut on your lip. His eyes are once again looking through you rather than at you. Frustrated you push his hands away and call out his name again. 
Reluctantly he drops his hands and just stares at you. 
“What were you thinking? What if the knights come here looking for you?” You question him. 
He puts the cotton ball on one of the many napkins he’s placed on the counter, “they won’t.” 
“How do you know that. Everyone saw you throw that guy in the water.” 
“He won’t drown, unfortunately.” 
You scoff, you can’t believe he’s being so blasé about it all. Exhausted, you rest your head in your hands. “You didn’t need to go that far.” 
“I could have killed him.” you look at him, his face showing no emotion. He’s right, he could have killed him, but that doesn’t really mean what he did was right. 
“Listen, I appreciate you were worried about me, but I could have dealt with him.” 
“He hit you.” again your eyes meet, “he hit you and I just … lost it.” He rubbed the back of his neck, his red hair shifting from the movement. You didn’t know what to say back to him. He seemed confused by the whole situation. You knew he was beating himself up for letting his emotions get the better of him. 
“Well, at least I can say I have the affection and protection of the Darknight Hero on my side!” You pester, showing him a playful smile. 
“Stupid name…” he mumbles under his breath returning to the Diluc you know. 
“Stupid awesome you mean.” You throw the jib back at him before before turning to hop off the bar stool. Diluc stops you before you can go, grasping your face and placing a soft kiss on your cheeks, followed by a tender kiss on your lips. 
“I love you.” he whispers. It wasn’t the first time he expressed this too you, but it had been a while since the last confession. 
“I love you, too.” You reply with a kiss. 
The knights never did talk to Diluc, though Kaeya came by a few days later to have a conversation with him. You learned quickly that while the citizens of Mondstadt may be gawkers, they mind their own damn business.
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bubbleteaimagines · 6 months ago
Pep Talk
Bokuto Koutaro Oneshot
Tumblr media
Summary: In which you give your boyfriend just the pep talk he needs, or in which Bokuto fucks his favorite cheerleader right before a big game
Pairings: Bokuto Koutarou x Cheerleader!Reader
Warnings: Smut, praise, Bokuto has a thing for cheer uniforms...? Unprotected sex
Tumblr media
There was just something about you on game day that always drove Bokuto wild. Maybe it was your smile, maybe it was the pretty way you styled your hair, or maybe it was-
Oh who was he kidding.
The best part about you on game day was the way you always cheered the loudest for him, and that uniform.
That damned uniform that drove Bokuto absolutely wild every time he saw it. He couldn’t help it- with that tiny little skirt and tight top, it was impossible not to be attracted to you.
It was 1 out of 37 of his weaknesses. Put you in his proximity and Bokuto would faulter due to the way his thoughts immediately turned dirty.
That fact alone was precisely why you were being dragged into a random bathroom by your boyfriend, giggles escaping your lips as you cautiously looked over your shoulder.
“Bokuto are you sure this is a good idea?” You questioned as your boyfriend immediately plopped you on the sink, a wild look in his eyes as your skirt rode up just the tiniest bit.
“Are you kidding me? Baby, if I don’t fuck you now then I’ll never be able to focus out there,” His pink lips formed into a pout, making him look irresistible as he looked at you with shiny eyes. “You want me to win, don’t you babygirl?”
“Of course Bo,” You immediately nodded, causing your boyfriend to smile.
“Good. Then let me take care of you.”
In your entire two years of dating, you had known that Bokuto had never been a patient being. That was exactly why you weren’t surprised when he planted his lips on yours, capturing you into a messy kiss, his fingers immediately going to work.
First, he started by trailing them up and down your thighs, just ghosting over your skirt before deciding to drop a little lower. You gasped as his fingers began to explore your most sensitive territory, just barely padding over your clothed entrance before applying the slightest bit of pressure.
“So wet for me, already,” There was a grin a on Bokuto’s face as he pulled away from the kiss and observed the way your mouth dropped slightly. He could feel your arousal slowly building and the thought absolutely excited him.
Quickly, he began to kiss you again, but not before teasing you by prancing his fingers alongside your hips. He toyed with the hem of your panties for a second, and to signal your impatience, you wrapped your legs around him and hummed against his lips.
Please, take them off You mentally screamed at him, and Bokuto seemed to get the message because he quickly looped his fingers around the waistband and yanked them down.
The feeling of the cool counter coming into contact with your core had you gasping again, your boyfriend moaning as the bulge in his shorts grew tighter.
“Fuck, you look so pretty,” Once again, he pulled his lips away and took in the look of your plump, swollen lips, and the way your chest was rising and falling, eyes glazed over with lust. Just the sight of you mentally begging him to touch you had Bokuto riled up. He could barely contain himself as he leaned you back on the sink, your back touching the mirror as he gently spread your legs.
“Such a pretty girl,” He praised, sinking to his knees in order to admire your pretty pussy. Your heart fluttered in your chest at the hungry look in his golden eyes, looking like he couldn’t wait to devour you. And what do you know, it only took a few seconds for Bokuto to snap out of his trance, smiling at you before leaning in to taste his favorite meal.
“Fuck,” You moaned as his tongue came into contact with your dripping core, hips bucking at the electricity that went through your body. Bokuto’s tongue had always been magical, knowing exactly how to please you.
His lips immediately found your sensitive nub, sucking on it as his thick digits came to tease your folds. You moaned again as he glanced up to watch your face, satisfaction filling him at the pleasure that appeared once he slowly sunk a finger into your cunt.
“B-Baby,” You whimpered as he began to move, pumping in and out of your pussy at a steady rhythm. While his tongue carried on the assault on your clit, and his right hand took to pleasuring you, Bokuto used his left hand to reach up and yank on your crooked cheer top.
Nothing would make him happier than seeing your pretty little tits. You knew what he wanted, and so you quickly disposed of the item, throwing it god knows where as Bokuto hummed in satisfaction.
The vibrations against your pussy caused you to arch your back. With his relentless pace, you could that you were close. Bokuto could tell, too, as your walls began to clench around his fingers, little moans and whimpers escaping your lips.
“That’s it, let it go pretty girl,” He cooed, pulling away from your clit to watch in awe as his words sent you over the edge. Slapping a hand over your mouth, Bokuto came back up to hold you as you reached your high, a loud moan leaving your lips. You did everything you could to hide your face, burying yourself into the crook of his neck and biting his shoulder as you gushed all over his fingers.
“K-Kou,” Your boyfriend thought it was the hottest thing ever to hear you moan his name in his ears, shivers raking down his spine. He could tell you were shaking as you came down from your high, your body spent but that was just the beginning, Bokuto silently reminded you.
The hard-on in his volleyball shorts was painfully prominent, throbbing as he pressed against your bare pussy. You whined as Bokuto began to grind against you, still weak from your orgasm but he was desperate.
The game would be starting soon and Bokuto needed you. If he was gonna have any shot at doing well on the court then he needed to be buried inside of your pussy, and he couldn’t wait another minute.
Leaning down, he started sucking on your sweet spot as he held your trembling body and attempted to push the material of his shorts down. Bokuto had never been more grateful that Fukurodani had easy uniforms, as it only took a few second to free his aching cock.
You could sense his need as he pulled away from giving you lovebites and rested his forehead against yours. His pupils were blown, golden eyes absolutely wide and filled with lust. He was silently asking for your permission to fuck you, and once you nodded, spreading your legs wider just for him, Bokuto immediately wasted no time.
He gripped his cock and began to line himself up at your entrance, not even bothering to tease you as he pushed himself him. A low groan escaped his lips at the same time you moaned, your grip on his jersey tightening as he pushed himself in.
“Baby,” His eyes looked ready to roll in the back of his head, hips stilling as he grunted at the stretch. “You’d’d think we hardly ever fuck from how tight you always are...”
A breathless giggle left your throat at his comment, quickly turning into a moan when he snapped his hips, slamming his thick cock right into you.
The way he absolutely filled you up was delicious, Bokuto rapidly beginning to pick up his pace to a quick one. Usually, he liked to take his time with you but now he had no choice. He had less than twenty minutes to get back on the court before someone -probably Akaashi- came looking for him. That meant that that you immediately fell victim to his powerful thrusts, Bokuto having to steady you with his body.
“God...have I ever...have I ever told you how much I love this pussy?” He asked, throwing his head back. His eyes were screwed shut in pure pleasure, his moans sounding like music to your ears. The way he fucked you was causing your own vision to be skewed, white spots appearing as Bokuto slammed into your sweet spot over and over again.
“Fuck, just like that Kou,” You held on for dear life as you were pounded into you, your back hitting the mirror repeatedly. All that you could hear in the bathroom was the sound of skin on skin, and the sweet moans both of you released.
From the way it was going, neither of you would last long. You both were too needy, too eager to hit your highs. And even though Bokuto had already made you cum once, you could feel it building up once again. Like a dam ready to release, Bokuto slowly pounded your walls until it broke.
Letting out a sudden cry, your body tensed up and you could feel yourself beginning to cream all over Bokuto’s cock. The action was sudden, your hands darting out for some type of support from your boyfriend. You were lucky that Bokuto was muscular enough to support the both of you, crying out as he reached his own orgasm.
The feeling of you wrapped around him, cumming just for him was too much. His hips came to a still as he groaned, the ace spilling himself inside of your pussy.
“Y-Y/N,” He was saying your name like it was a prayer, the word falling from his pretty lips effortlessly. All you could do was wrap yourself around him tighter, both of you faltering from your orgasms even though Bokuto somehow still had the strength to hold himself up.
“K-Kou,” You were convinced you weren’t gonna be able to walk by the time you came down from your high, your legs numb as your body shaking. Your back ached from repeatedly being slammed in the mirror behind you, but you supposed it was all worth it in order to see the grin on Bokuto’s face, well beyond satisfied as he came down from his own high.
“That was...” Bokuto moved his body away from yours in order to admire you. Your pussy puffy and swollen from his powerful thrusts, your lips plump, your legs still shaking from the intense pleasure and your chest still heaving as you tried to catch your breath. “Amazing.”
Yeah, it was amazing alright.
“You’re telling me,” You grinned back, your smile a little hazy. You looked so cute, all fucked out. Bokuto almost felt bad for having to send you back so you wouldn’t miss your warm-ups, either.
“Come on,” He grabbed some napkins from the dispenser and wet them in order to clean you both up. Then, he adjusted your clothing and held out his arms for you. Quizzically, you rose an eyebrow, and that was when you suddenly realized where exactly you were.
“We have to get back before our teams get suspicious,” Bokuto reminded you, causing your eyes to go wide.
Your captain was totally gonna kill you! While you were in the bathroom quite literally fucking around, she was probably pissed and waiting for you on the court. All cheerleaders were supposed to be there an hour before to stretch. Now, you probably only had ten minutes at the max. “Yui is totally gonna kill me!”
“Well come on them,” Bokuto motioned to his arms again. “We can still get you back before she completely looses her shit,” He said.
You grimaced. “Yeah am I supposed to cheer when I can barely feel my legs, Bo?”
It seemed that in his horny pursuit Bokuto didn’t really think of the consequences. His favorite little cheerleader had now been absolutely ruined, barely able to walk as he helped you to the ground.
“Maybe...maybe I can tell her you were sick. You could sit this game out,” Bokuto offered, trying not to smirk at the way you hobbled towards the door, you uniform ever-so slightly crooked.
“You’d do that for me?” You turned to him and smiled.
“Well...what choice do I have?” Bokuto snickered. “I kinda ruined her best cheerleader.”
“Oh shut up!” You rolled your eyes and lightly pushed his shoulder, even though you knew he was right. “It’s not that bad!”
“Then why are you still holding onto the counter to walk?” Bokuto challenged.
You stayed quiet.
“Exactly,” He smirked. “But don’t worry princess- I know I fucked you good but I’m still gonna take care of you. Come on, lemme carry you.”
“No, you’re mean,” You pouted and leaned into the counter, crossing your arms. “Making fun of me after I just let you fuck me.”
“Awe Princess,” Bokuto chuckled at your scrunched up face. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to tease you.”
“Yes you did,” You stuck your tongue out at him. “...But I guess I have no choice.”
“Come on then,” Bokuto grinned as he scooped you up bridal style, effectively carrying you out of the bathroom in his arms. While exiting, a few passerby’s gave you guys weird looks for leaving the bathroom at the same time but Bokuto simply ignored them as you hid your face in his arms.
“Princess? You can look now- we’re on the court,” Bokuto chuckled at your embarrassed figure, stopping on the edge of the arena and placing you down. Immediately, he could see the heated stares of his teammates and your captain causing you both to wince.
“See you after the game, yeah? And good luck,” You grinned up at him as your captain began stomping over, profanities already forming on her lips. However, you ignored her and instead focused on Bokuto, who nodded and leaned down to give you a quick kiss.
“Thanks for the pep talk babe,” He beamed and winked down at you, pulling you into one last hug before stalking off. You could already hear Akaashi’s curious voice and the sound of Bokuto making up some excuse. Meanwhile, you had to deal with an angry Yui but you supposed it was all worth once you watched Bokuto play-
From on the sidelines, of course.
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five-rivers · 7 months ago
Danny slowly loses his memories from before the Accident.
“I don’t remember that,” said Danny.  “Are you sure I was there?”
Maddie raised her eyebrows.  “I talked to you about it just last week,” she said. “When I was asking you about what you’d like to do during summer vacation.”
“I remember that,” said Danny, uncurling slightly from his position on the couch.  “I just don’t remember the other thing.  I... maybe we talked about something like it.  When was it?”
“You were twelve,” said Maddie.  “It was just before your birthday.”
Slowly, he shook his head.  “Sorry,” he said.  “I remember, um...  What other vacations did we have?  Before the one where you thought I was crazy, it was, um...” He held his hands as if preparing to count on them.  “We went to New York that one time.  And then the Great Lakes before that...  Oh!  And that haunted house road trip.”
He frowned down at his hands, and Maddie felt something unpleasant curl in her gut.  
“Is that...  All you remember?” she asked.  
“Y-Yeah?  I guess the others were from when I was too young to remember?”
“The haunted house trip was when you were five,” said Maddie.  “Danny... have you been,” she didn’t want to say it, didn’t want to piece together other little oddities into a big picture, “have you been forgetting things?”
“No!” said Danny, defensively, sitting up straighter.  “I’m just...”  He chewed his lip.  “It isn’t as if I’ve forgotten anything recent.”
His abysmal grades and missed curfews begged to differ.
“One second,” said Maddie.  “Stay here.”
She went to her room and fetched one of her largest photo albums.  Danny was still on the couch when she came back, picking at the hem of his pant leg, and staring blankly at the floor.  Maddie sat next to him, making him jump.  She opened the album to a random page.  
“What were we doing here?” she asked.  
“Um,” said Danny, brows pinching together in confusion.  “Shopping?”
“For?” prompted Maddie.  
Danny shook his head.  “It’s just shopping.  It isn’t important.”
“Danny, this is from when we got you that model spaceship.  The one you have hanging up in your room.”
Danny blinked, and slowly shook his head.  
The doctor’s office looked clean.  It even smelled clean.  Danny was still doing his level best not to touch anything.  Maddie would have sighed at his behavior, but she was too tense.  She met Jack’s eye.  He looked terrible too.
“There are no signs of Alzheimer’s disease,” said the doctor.  All three of them sighed with relief.  “However...  You said the other symptoms, the difficulty in school, began after the electrical accident?”
“Yeah,” said Danny.  
The doctor nodded.  “Electricity can do strange things to the brain, sometimes.  We haven’t been able to find any structural damage, but the activity levels...”  He brought a colored image up on his computer screen.  “This is where long-term memory is stored,” he said. 
“Doesn’t red usually indicate high levels of activity?” asked Jack.
“It does,” said the doctor.  “This is actually higher than usual activity...  Honestly, I don’t know what’s going on here.  I would like to request that you make a record of things that you currently remember as happening in your life, and then come back a month from now.”
“That’s it?” demanded Maddie.  
“Right now, since we don’t know what’s causing this,” said the doctor, “the best we can do is monitor the situation.  We don’t even know if this is an ongoing deterioration, or something more gradual.  On the upside, other than long-term memory, there doesn’t appear to be any damage.  Your timeline after your accident is clear and detailed.  The cognitive tests we put you through actually put you significantly above average...  This is what we can do.”
Maddie didn’t like it.  Danny didn’t look surprised.  Or even particularly upset.  
She caught Jack’s eye again.  They would have to be ready to support him, when the extent of what he had lost fully hit him.  
Danny floated down the icy hallway next to Frostbite.  “This isn’t going to be one of those examinations where I have to get undressed, is it?” he asked.  
Frostbite chuckled, but there was an undercurrent to it that usually wasn’t present.  “Only halfway.”  He paused to tap Danny on the chest.  “Your mind is no longer entirely contained in your head, after all.”
Danny rubbed at where Frostbite had tapped him.  “You don’t think that has anything to do with it, do you?”
“I’m unsure,” said Frostbite as they reached the examination room.  “It isn’t unusual for ghosts to lose their memories of their lives, but that is both more immediate and more complete.  Sit down here, and take your shirt off, Great One, and we can begin.”
Danny made a face at the item that looked like an overly complicated dentist’s chair with a large metal disk embedded in the back, but obeyed.  
“Here we are,” said Frostbite, pulling a complicated ring-shaped thing from the chair.  “This part goes around your head,” he said adjusting it to fit.  
Despite his cold core, Danny shivered at the frigidity of the metal.  
“These are to monitor your core, along with the matching one built into the chair,” said Frostbite as he attached several flat disks to Danny’s chest.  
“Are they, like, ultrasound?” asked Danny, running his finger along the edge of one of them.  He didn’t like how they stuck to his skin.  
“They work on a similar principle,” said Frostbite.  He turned on several nearby monitors.  “With this, we will be able to see how your brain and core react in tandem.  Can you transform for me a few times?  I want to compare with the baseline readings we took from you when you first stayed with us.”
“Sure,” said Danny.  
“Alright,” said Frostbite.  “Now, I am going to try sending a few low-intensity ectoplasmic pulses and currents through you.  Is that alright?”
“Sure,” said Danny.  
The first few left Danny feeling lethargic and tingly.  Other gave him so much energy he had to leave the room for a few minutes to burn some of it off.  Another, interestingly, turned off his ghost half, not unlike the Plasmius Maximus.
There was a rest period in-between each test, to make sure that they weren’t mixing results.  During those times, Danny and Frostbite would laugh and tell jokes and...
...  Danny trailed off in the middle of a sentence.  “Frostbite?” he asked after a minute.  “What was I just saying?”
“I want to stress that this is currently just a theory, Great One,” said Frostbite.  
“It’s okay,” said Danny.  “Just...  What is it?”
“Your memories are recorded in both your brain and your core.  You know this, correct?”
“Yeah.  You told me that a while back.”
Frostbite nodded.  “Normally, if one is turned off, the other one is still recording memories, and the memories will be transcribed.”
Danny nodded.  
“Or, if they are disconnected, in the case of the Plasmius Maximus, or your parents’ ‘Ghost Catcher,’ they will swap memories.  However...”
“It is my theory that certain kinds of discrepancies between memories can lead to your core deciding that the discrepancy is an error and attempting to remedy it.  Great One, your core did not exist prior to your accident.”
“So, it thinks my memories from before that are wrong, and it’s getting rid of them.”
“I’m afraid it may be so.”
“Can you stop it?  I mean, you were able to artificially induce it, earlier...”
Frostbite made a face.  “The only things I can think of that could stop this would be unhealthy in the long run.  I do not believe you want to try to split yourself in two again.”
“No,” agreed Danny.  “Any-Anything else?”
Frostbite sighed.  “This is not something I can confirm,” he said, “but I suspect that the reason for your odd pattern of your memory loss is that the memories you dwelled on most often vanished first.”
“Oh,” said Danny.  “Because that would bring them to my core’s attention...”
Frostbite nodded.  
“Well.  That’s... not ideal.”
“I’m sorry, Great One.  Would that I could do more.”
“It’s all gone,” he said, without preamble, as he stood at Jazz’s door first thing in the morning.  
She looked crushed.  “Are you sure?”
Danny nodded.  “I remember remembering, but I don’t actually remember.  It’s weird and...  actually kind of a relief,” he said, tilting his head to one side.  
Jazz blinked rapidly.  “Are you going to tell Mom and Dad?”
He shook his head.  As his memories had disappeared, so had most of his remaining trust in his parents.  Between the memories of them caring for him, and the memories of them attacking or threatening him, the latter were more vivid.  
He still loved them, and his ghostly desires, that he literally could not remember living without, still focused on them, but that and trust were two different things.  It had been months since he’d started to fake retaining memories that he only knew about from reading his journals.  
“Sam and Tucker?”
This time, Danny nodded, the gesture much more enthusiastic.  “We were going to meet up later today, anyway.  Do you want to come with us?”
“Sure,” said Jazz.  She rubbed at her eyes.  “Give me a second.”
Danny nodded.  He wasn’t in a hurry.  “I’ll be downstairs.”
He could understand the grief.  He had felt it.  But it was over, now.  The only thing left was to make new memories.  
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j0succ · 3 months ago
Ok ok so one of my biggest dreams for the longest time has been gentle yet spicy facesitting the 4taro so I'd like to request that! Thank you and congratulations on the 5,555 Nat!!!
savouring - jotaro x reader (1.4k)
warnings: afab reader, no pronouns. face-sitting. nsfw, minors dni!
Tumblr media
Jotaro’s hands feel so big on your thighs, as he urges you to straddle his chest. You look down at him, lip bitten; his eyes are almost black, blown wide, his hair (free from his hat, for once) spread out in dark curls over the pillow. He sees you looking at him and his eyebrows furrow, his lips barely tilting; you recognise it as Jotaro’s way of smiling, and heat rises to your cheeks.
His chest is broad enough that your straddle makes an aching stretch in your legs. Everything about Jotaro is huge; his hands, his chest, his thighs . . . as well as . . . Well. If you chanced a glance behind yourself, you would see the bulge in Jotaro’s underwear that made it very obvious how big he was there, too.
“You okay?” He asks, gruff, with a dusky flush on his cheeks. He’s not the kind of guy who smothers you with affection and kindness and checks up on you every single moment, but that doesn’t mean he’s not caring. Your own hands cling to his shoulders as you take a slow, careful breath.
“Just nervous, I guess,” you tell him, feeling self-conscious at the way that his eyes graze your body. There’s hunger in his gaze, yes – but it’s hard not to feel self-conscious around Jotaro. Even without taking into account what he looks like, you’re currently straddling him in a penthouse suite at the Morioh Grand hotel, a place of luxury that is costing him more than you’d really like to think about--
“You haven’t got anything to be nervous about,” Jotaro says, his voice very deep and simple. The hands on your thighs slide up, curving over your hips, his thumb gently brushing your waist. “I won’t hurt you.”
“I—I know,” you say, squirming; your bare sex presses against his hard chest, and you wonder if he can feel that you’re wet. If he can, he’s polite enough not to say anything about it. His thumb circles you soothingly. “I’m not scared of you hurting me--”
A quirk to his lips, again. One that makes you feel all hot and bothered, your heart feel like it’s going to burst right out of your chest. The look in his eyes is impossible to read as anything but bare-faced hunger.
“You’re not going to hurt me, either.” That’s simple, too; Jotaro doesn’t gloat about his strength, though you know how much he’s withstood (and his body is littered with the scars to prove it). “I wantthis.”
There’s that desire leaking into his tone again; a rough vein of need running through it. He pulls you forward a little, his eyes not leaving your face for a minute.
“Please,” he says to you, and how are you supposed to resist him when he’s so polite? When his words are so dark, shivering with suggestion? “I want to taste you.”
How are you supposed to say no to Jotaro speaking so plainly – to his firm grip guiding you to place your knees over his shoulders, spread your legs wide enough that your pulsing sex is revealed to him in all of its full, sopping wet glory? He breathes deeply, letting your scent linger in the air.
“You’re beautiful,” he rumbles low. You look down at him, seeing that the flush on his cheeks has not subsided in the slightest. You’re not exactly surprised by that; compliments aren’t exactly his style. But the fact that he’s able to look up at you from the angle he’s seeing you at and still say that to you--
“You’re getting soft,” you say to him, and he laughs. The sound is still rare and precious, despite how long the two of you have been an item; warmth suffuses you.
“Only for you,” he mumbles, and urges you down to rest yourself over his mouth completely and be quite literally sat on his face. “C’mere--”
The first slow lap of his tongue makes you gasp. It’s hesitant, but not exactly shy; the muscle is wet and flat but firm. Your thighs squeeze around his head almost by themselves, surprised by how intense the sensation is in the new position. Your hands reach out to steady yourself on the headboard of the king-size bed; if Jotaro’s first lick on you feels like that, you know you’re not going to be able to keep your balance through more intense stimulation.
“You taste good too,” he mumbles, pulling back to press the words into your inner thigh along with a kiss. The vibrations of his words send an ache through you, a low curl of tension making itself known in the very pit of your stomach. He doesn’t let you respond, immediately going back to lapping at you.
It’s a slow, exploratory kind of motion; Jotaro’s tongue delving between your slick folds, letting the taste of your arousal soak into his mouth. The firm press of his tongue against the delicate petals of your cunt has you clenching fingers around the edge of the headboard, your head swimming in foggy pleasure.
You can hear a panting noise, and you realise that the panting is you, responding to everything Jotaro is doing with his mouth by breathing shakily and gulping down air. It feels so good. Every swipe of his tongue sends electric sparks through you, warmth flooding you entirely. Your fingertips tingle, the way that Jotaro is eating you out spreading to every part of your body.
That’s nothing, though, compared to the feel when his tongue traces your entrance and thrusts up. It’s neither as firm nor as big as his fingers or his cock, but the flexible muscle exploring your inner walls and fucking you gently is still enough to have you moaning out his name, feeling sweat dampen your brow. Jotaro’s tongue massages your inner walls, somehow still knowing exactly where to brush to get you to feel like you’re about to come apart on his face.
He pulls his tongue out, leisurely, slow – guides it back over your sex, his breath ghosting hot on your slickened cunt, before he flicks it quickly out over your clit and you feel yourself tighten, thighs clamping about his head again.
“J-jojo,” you whimper. You wish you could fist your hands into his hair, but if you move yourself from the headboard you know you will simply fall flat on your face. The feelings that Jotaro’s tongue is eliciting has you all hot and needy and trembling; your legs will give out, you know it, if you do not keep yourself anchored.
He makes an ‘mm’ noise of both pleasure and understanding that vibrates through you, your spine tingling. You want to kiss him; but all you can is stay there, sat on his face, as his tongue continues to play with your clit. He gradually ups the pressure; alternating between flicking with the tip and lapping slowly over it, your entire body a mass of sensation. You’re aware you’re squirming on his face, trying to get him to go harder, faster, meaner--
And Jotaro delivers. He senses the way your body is moving and makes good on it; his tongue getting quicker and rougher. Your clit is swirled and played with as the coil of need inside of you is pulled tighter and tighter and tighter, your thighs and knees squeezing so hard around his head it’s a wonder he doesn’t pass out from suffocation.
And then, he does something with his tongue that’s just right, utterly perfect, and your world comes apart around you as your orgasm washes over your body. Heat and need and pleasure rolling over you in wave after wave, your panting turns into wailing – and Jotaro clings to you through it, carefully and gently rolling his tongue over the bud to guide you through your shuddering aftershocks.
You’re trembling and useless as he helps you slide down his chest, his face all glittering with your wetness. He pulls you down to smooth a kiss against your mouth, hungry and heated, the taste of you still lingering on his lips; and he’s gentle, helping you dismount, pressing you to his side.
“W-where did you learn to do that?” You breathe, as Jotaro pulls you in against him. He’s firm, and you cling to him; warmed and comforted by his familiar sea-salt scent and the feel of strong arms wrapped around you. Jotaro isn’t good with words, but his body always seems to say ‘this is where you belong’.
“Hmm,” he rumbles against you, nosing against the junction between shoulder and neck. “Not sure. Think I could do with some more practise, if you’re up for it.”
You sure are.
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saekogun · 4 months ago
Hi for your event can I please request Yandere Kaeya x F reader with hate fucking. Please ignore this if it makes you feel uncomfortable and congratulations on your milestone. :)
WARNINGS: noncon oral (m recieving), slight throat fucking, hate-fucking, stalking (?), jealousy, degration, implied future noncon, diluc slander bc I said so. this got so long for no reason and I kinda hate it lol. no actual penetration. reader has a electro vision
unedited bc I'm tired so I hope its good??
Title: The Better Brother
Tumblr media
he hated how his brother had the fucking nerve to take the one thing he's ever wanted.
diluc was always mean and rough after their fight, but this was just low. the pyro man had a fiery in his heart with flames as thick as the ones he produces with his own vision, needlessly rude to kaeya with whatever chance he got. but this? this was a new low.
it was no secret to the citizens of mondstat the little dynamic you two had; the needlessly flirtatious man obviously in love against the needlessly oblivious and somewhat stoic knight. you were acutely naive towards his advances, ignoring the way heat would rise to your face and instead choosing to believe that kaeya ー you're naturally charming and flirtatious captain ー was simply just that; those flirts didn't mean anything, they couldn't have.
common knowledge, it truly was. everyone knew your were off-limits, that you were kaeyas only, even if it wasn't official. you two became an item that the citizens cheered on.
so why the fuck were you with his brother right now?
it was supposed to be just a simple patrol, wanting to get a break from his stuffy office and feel the pitter-patter of rain against his skin. though of course, he wasn't expecting to see the sights playing out inside of the tavern, his brothers taven. clear as day a window showcases you and diluc softly dancing together, arms wrapped around eachother softly like a married couple and he tries to ignore the adoration in both pairs of eyes. you two waltz together for what feels like hours, and it's now that he's seen his brother smile ー genuinely smile ー for the first time in eons.
what made things worse is that there was no music playing, the only thing driving you two were love and admiration.
he assumes that it's time to go when diluc pulls you close while kaeya can only watch in anger, leaning down to press a gentle kiss on your forehead and bidding you a murmured goodbye. he clenches his fist, almost drawing blood from the way his nails dig into his palm. he hides, making sure you don't see him as you leave the tavern with a wave.
you don't love diluc, he thinks. you just love his attention. what happened in the taven means nothing. kaeya has been so busy lately, you must be feeling so attention deprived, so needy that you had to go to his brother of all people. yeah, that's it. you just need attention, but first he has to punish you for this little stunt you pulled.
its funny how easy it is to pin you down in the middle of an alleyway and force you to drop down onto your knees with a sob.
your hesitance to fight back against him didn't go unnoticed, but he uses it to his advantage, nonetheless. he knows how easily you could end this right now. you're not one of his strongest soldiers ー one of his strongest knights ー for no reason. you can throw him off of you, maybe even shock him. but maybe it was the knowledge of seeing just how deadly electro can get in the rain when it clashes with the hydro that stopped you from doing anything.
or maybe it was the knowledge of just how easily kaeya could overpower you.
nonetheless, his heart throbs a little that you care enough about him to avoid putting him in harm's way, even as you're forced onto your hands an knees with a gloved hand wrapped in your hair.
he forces you to look up to him, and if it wasn't for the fact that he simply knew better he would've mistaken the tears running down your face as simply droplets of rain. he scowls, gripping your hair harder and causing you to whimper.
the fear that shoots through your face as you watch him unzip himself makes him even harder than before, and he knows that your shaking isn't a product of just the coldness of the rain. he brings his cock to your quivering lips, smearing precum on them while you continue to stare up at him in embarrassment.
"suck," he barks at you.
your eyes widen, but you do what he says, not wanting to suffer the consequences of what would happen if you didn't. you choke back a sob as you shakily open your lips and grabbing onto his dick with one hand. you give it soft kitten licks, feeling the sultry-sweet taste against your taste buds. he pushes your head forward before you finally wrap your lips around his tip.
"ah, good girl, good. finally doing what you're told, hm?" you try to take him deeper.
he feels slight bolts of electricity run through your mouth, making him jitter and moan and push your face further down onto his length. he knows how you can't control your vision when you're emotional like this, but the light shocks of electricity being produced are merely pleasurable with how gentle they are.
you really were trying not to hurt him.
he pushes your head all the way against him until your struggling to breath, looking up with big and pleasing eyes. he's always imagined this (albiet a lot more... consentually), those plump lips of yours wrapped around his length as you struggle to take all of him was a thought that always had him fisting his cock late into the night.
you try to hum in order to stop yourself from choking on the sheer size of him, painfully knowing that he's already touching the back of your throat without being more than halfway in.
"haah, I bet Diluc doesn't even come close to reaching back here, hm? you take me so well, don't you? this mouth is just made for me."
'y-yes sir,' you mumble against him and slobber over his cock before being released from his grasp, allowing you to take in large gulps of air before wrapping yourself around him again. he eyes you up and down, noticing the way he can see the darkness of your nipples through the sheer wetness of your white blouse. he's somehow even harder than before.
"tits. unbutton your shirt for me like the whore you are, quickly." you whine against him, hasty fingers moving to unbutton your blouse one by one, letting your tits feel the cool air and causing you to gag while feeling the rain droplets roll down your exposed body. even now, all wet and exposed your beautiful, kaeya thinks.
"aren't you just pretty? look how hard your nipples are, maybe you do want this after all, hmm? why don't you play with yourself for me, give me a little show so I can give you the attention you so desperately desire."
"good fucking slut. my good slut. finish me off like the whore you are and then maybe I'll take care of you, since you're oh-so desperate for attention,"
he's outwardly moaning and groaning now, not caring if someone sees. he knows exactly what the town people would think, that this is just a cute moment of intimacy between the calvary captain and his dutiful knight, that he must've been pent up and you helped. he pulls out of your mouth, instantly missing the warmth as he jerks himself off to finish the job. you hold back a gasp as you feel his cum cover your tits, directly opposing the cold of the rain with its own warmth. you whimper, moving to wipe it off before you're stopped by kaeya pulling you to your feet after he tucks himself away and zips himself up.
"here, let me help," all of his previous animosity was gone now, instead replaced with a loving, warm voice.
he buttons up your blouse back up again tenderly while avoiding the redness of your eyes as though you two were kind-hearted lovers getting dressed during a honeymoon. you try to ignore how his cum is still staining you. a gentle smile plays on his lips, and if it werent for the gleam in his eyes, you would have thought that everything was simply resolved and tossed away. he places a butterfly kiss onto your temple, mimicking that of the one diluc gave you before wrapping his arms around you.
"there. shh, shh, it's okay love. I'm right here. let's go home and get you out of the rain, yeah? I think you've had enough of a punishment for one night. oh, but wait-"
he tilts your head up towards him, singular crystal blue eye staring into your soul.
"i'm the better brother, aren't i? you are not to interact with diluc under any circumstances after tonight, got that?"
all you could do was nod.
Tumblr media
I can feel the genshin burn out starting to course through my veins.
ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏” ♡♡♡ Event Page | Navigation
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randomshyperson · 4 months ago
Wanda Maximoff x Dom!Reader - No jealousy
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Wanda have an established relationship, and you were away for two weeks due to a mission. Wanda is testing your limits, and everyone seems to insist that you are jealous.
Warnings: (+18), Smut, Switch!Reader (most dominant reader),  power  dynamics change, bottom!wanda, teasing, spanking; also mentions of torture, heavy past etc.
Notes: I've been trying to bring in a little bit of dom reader, and it turned out to be a bit of switch or soft!dom reader, but it's still pretty dom I think. Let me know what you think please ‘cause i’m not sure i’m writing smut correctly haha. Nota em português: Eu fui traduzir a expressão "que baixaria" e não achei nada em inglês que tivesse o mesmo impacto, fiquei bem chateada kkkk que pegar a referencia finge que é engraçado imaginar o Bucky falando isso na cena da cozinha obrigada.
Words:  5.555 K || Read on AO3
Marks:  @mionemymind @abimess​
Translations:  Scheiße = Shit ||  Amerikanischer Müll = American Trash.
Avengers Compound, New York, Present.
Throwing your jacket against the kitchen counter, you sighed in irritation.
Steve was mumbling something about responsibility and morals and you have a headache. 
"Are you even listening to me?" Steve asked irritated and you let out a dry laugh as you looked around for something to drink.
"Sure, cap." You snickered without looking at him, and Steve let out an impatient sigh.
"I need you to start being careful, we can't risk the safety of the team..."
"Is anyone hurt, Steve?" You interrupted without a patient, punching the countertop. Steve was startled by your sudden response, but you didn't back down. Natasha and Bucky who were entering just behind you, exchanged glances before heading outside. 
"This is not the point."
"That's the only thing that matters." You retort angrily. "I will do whatever is necessary." You assure seriously. "You worry about morality in the meantime."
Steve lets out an irritated sigh.
"You're not listening to me." He resumes crossing his arms. "There are lines we must not cross, or we are no different than those we face." He continued in earnest, and you rolled your eyes, finally finding a drink under the counter, and grabbing one of the glasses from the sink to pour yourself. "We need boundaries. If you don't change this attitude, you are no different than Hydra..."
The glass in your hand breaks, startling Steve again. 
"Don't ever say something like that again." You angrily warn him and he frowns worried about the shards and that you might have hurt yourself, but you just turn and walk out of the kitchen.
You walk into the first bathroom you find, heading toward the sink to clean your hand. You watch carefully as the glass falls from your skin and the wounds close up.
You stare at your reflection in the mirror. Even though you have spent the last few hours in conflict, there is no bruise. You have even been shot twice, but no one could tell if it weren't for the torn fabric on your shirt. No one would know about the explosion you survived if it weren't for the ashes on the fabric. You were perfect fighting machine, exactly as Hydra wanted you to be.
Pushing away the painful memories that threatened to dwell in your mind, you turned off the faucet and wiped your hands, leaving the bathroom afterwards.
Hydra Military Base, Old Sokovia Area, 8 hours ago.
You rummage through the metal drawers impatiently. This mission is taking too long, and you are starting to get annoyed by the lack of action. Silence is never a good sign in jobs like this.
And then as if the universe was listening to your complaints, you heard a noise of something falling.
" Sounds to the north, I'm going to investigate." You warned your companions over the communicator, starting to move. Steve said something about waiting for reinforcements, but you were already opening the mechanical door, a pistol in your left hand.
The impact of two shots pushed you backward, and you felt something run down your uniform, and then a sharp pain. Laughing lightly, you fell to your knees.
"We got one." You heard someone mutter, and then there was a man getting up from behind a table at the far end of the room. Another man stopped hiding from one of the bookshelves, and they walked over to you. 
"Sure thing, friends." You grumbled panting slightly. 
"Scheiße, we got the healer." The one with the mustache muttered as soon as he looked at you closely, and you let out a smug smile as he took a step back. Your colleague was pointing his gun at you again, but you were already grabbing his wrist as you stood up and threw him to the ground.
You fought for a few moments, and you made a mental note to thank Natasha for improving your fighting considerably since the last mission, soon you knocked him out.
The other man was fighting what appeared to be a bronze door that was jammed, and you pulled the bullets out of your shirt before you pulled him by the shoulders and threw him to the floor.
" Come on buddy, I don't have all day." You warned pointing your own pistol at the man, who looked at you angrily. "Tell me what you were doing around here."
"Amerikanischer Müll" He cursed and you rolled your eyes, moving to kick him in the nose.
The man gasped in pain as he lifted his head again, his nose bloodied.
"Do you want to try again?" You asked irritated and he spat blood before speaking again.
"We come back for what is ours." He replied with irritation, and you frowned in confusion. But before you could ask anything else, Steve and Natasha rushed into the place.
Natasha was in charge of the interrogation, it was her thing anyway, and you helped Steve open the jammed door.
You entered the room next, and you choked in surprise when your gaze met the files displayed on the holograms around the place.
"So what did you find in there?" You heard Nat ask through the communicator, but you didn't answer, trying to control the anger that was spreading throughout your body.
Displayed in front of you were the files of the Maximoff twins' experiments, several pictures of the tests Hydra had run on them. One particular video caught your attention. It was Wanda, lying on a stretcher, several leather chains holding her to the mattress while Hydra sent electric shocks through a machine to her head, making her scream. You broke the projector with one punch, and Steve tried to calm you down.
"Hey, breathe." He asked raising his hands to your shoulders. You shook your head, panting.
The sound of Wanda's scream still echoed through the room, even without the image, and you grunted in anger, pushing Steve away.
Natasha blinked in surprise when you stormed into the room next, interrupting her interrogation when you kicked the Hydra agent in the chest. She took two steps back, surprised at your anger, but she barely had time to be shocked and you were already lifting the agent by his shirt in the air.
"How could you do that to them?" You asked angrily, throwing the agent to the ground. The man laughed helplessly, spitting blood. Steve grabbed you next, and you threw him across the room.
"They were always ours to play with." The man grumbled and you stepped forward again, kicking him in the face. He laughed bewilderedly, practically choking on his own blood. "Just like you."
"You'll pay for that." You muttered angrily and then punched him in the face. The man just laughed and that increased his fury. "What the fuck are you laughing at?"
The man started to choke and then he spit something out. You let him go.
"Hail Hydra." He muttered, and you had exactly one second to realize that the small device he spit out was the tip of one of the special grenades that Hydra agents have started carrying since last year. Hugging him quickly, you threw yourself against the window in front of you, and then he exploded at you as you fell through the air to the street.
When you hit the ground, you grunted in pain.
Steve is calling you on the communicator, but the explosion damaged the equipment and the noise is very disturbing, so you ripped the item out of your ear and threw it to the ground.
As your body recovered, you stayed on the ground, trying to ignore the urge to burn the Hydra to the ground for hurting your friends.
Avengers Compound, New York, Present.
Wanda was not in her room.
You let out a tired sigh as you fiddled with your cell phone, but there was no message from her about having some other commitment that would justify her not being at the compound at the time she usually was watching her favorite shows. 
After you showered and put on clothes that didn't have as many battle marks, you went to visit your girlfriend, but she wasn't there.
"Friday, where's Wanda?" You asked loudly in the hallway.
"Miss Maximoff is in the northern outer area, along with Mr. Vision." Announces the AI next and you frown. 
Walking towards the location that Friday indicted, you crossed your arms when you saw through the glass of the compound, your girlfriend and her teammate laughing together.
They didn't see you, seeming distracted by their conversation.
"Wow, you look scary when you're jealous." Commented a voice from beside you suddenly, and you blinked in surprise as you noticed young Peter Parker approaching. 
"Missed the school bus, kid?" you tease and Peter rolls his eyes, blushing slightly.
"I'm not trying to annoy you." He says stopping beside you, and looking in the same direction as you.
"I wouldn't recommend that either." You retort, feeling an irritation settle in the pit of your stomach as you watch Vision make Wanda laugh again. What the hell was so funny.
"I don't think you have anything to worry about you know?" Peter remarked after a moment. "I don't think Wanda sees Vision that way, they're just friends."
"I'm not jealous." You lied angrily, clearly jealous. Peter didn't want to contradict you however.
"Of course not." He said slightly startled. "I just... Wanda... She... You and her are a nice couple. Even if Vision has the stone, it's not something to worry about and..."
"Shut up, kid." You grumble angrily as you turn around, deciding to calm your nerves before you lose your mind and send Vision to the moon with one punch.
Having Pietro Maximoff as a brother in law was a pain in the ass most of the time.
You liked him in general, the problem was when he teased you, because he seemed to know exactly what to say to piss you off.
When you got back to the common room, he was on the couch, playing some stupid video game, and you sat down next to him and turned on the television.
It took him five minutes before he started to annoy you.
"My sister is getting along pretty well with Vision lately, isn't she?" He comments with a smile without taking his eyes off his cell phone. You squeeze the television control harder than necessary.
"Bite me."
Pietro laughs at your aggressiveness. Wanda and Vision enter the kitchen the next moment, their laughter slowly dying down. You don't take your eyes off the TV.
"Honey, I didn't know you were back already." Wanda says as soon as she sees you on the couch, smiling as she approaches you. She kisses your cheek, and frowns at your lack of reaction. You force a smile. "What's up?"
"Relax, little sister, she's kind of green today." Mocks Pietro, and you cast him an annoyed look, before looking back at Wanda.
"I'm just tired, babe." You say, stealing a quick kiss from her. Wanda seems to believe you and then walks away, heading toward the counter.
It takes three minutes for Vision to make a stupid comment and Wanda to laugh again, and you sigh in irritation.
"Wow, that's sad." Pietro teases again in a tone low enough for only you to hear. "Maybe you should watch your girl."
"I'll stick this remote in a place you won't like." You retort in the same tone and Pietro lets out a short laugh, turning his attention back to his cell phone.
You risk a backward glance next, and then the remote control breaks off in your hand. Vision is brushing a strand of hair out of Wanda's face, and she looks surprised and slightly embarrassed by the touch. Pietro laughs at your lack of control, but you stand up next, throwing the rest of the object to the ground and attracting the attention of the other two.
You glare angrily at Wanda before leaving.
You need to punch something.
So you go back to the training room, and put on the first pair of boxing gloves you can find.
Climbing into the ring quickly, you start punching the punching bag that Steve left over from the last training session.
It takes ten minutes for Wanda to find you.
"Y/N, what was that about?" she asks slightly annoyed as you approach. You are trying to maintain control so you don't rip the punching bag off the metal stand.
"Why don't you go laugh with your new best friend and leave me alone?" You retorted and Wanda frowned in confusion, then let out a dry laugh.
"Are you jealous?"
Your next punch rocks the iron support of the ceiling. 
"No, Wanda." You retort as you stop punching, and start pulling off your gloves. Wanda crosses her arms and has a little smile on her face, which irritates you even more. " I don't feel jealous."
"Oh, yeah?" She responds with irony, and you are throwing the gloves on the floor, and approaching her. She takes a few steps back, impressed by your posture.
"Tell me dear, do I have reason to be?" You ask as you approach. "Everyone wants to remind me that that damn stone makes the toaster think that you two have some kind of connection and that I should be careful." You continue and then Wanda reaches for a wall, and you rest one of your hands beside her head, pinning her against your body. "But I know better. I have nothing to worry about."
"Y/N..." Wanda starts half breathlessly, trying to keep the look in your eyes, and failing.
"Am I wrong, baby girl?" You ask raising your free hand to her cheek, stroking her skin with your finger. "Is there anyone who makes you feel the way I do?"
Wanda sighs, denying with her head next. You give a smug little smile, placing your hand on her chin, and running your finger over her lower lip.
"Then why are you laughing so hard at that piece of tin, dear?" You questioned bringing your face closer to her neck, Wanda closed her eyes as you inhaled her perfume. "Did you want to make me angry? Did you want to be punished?"
Wanda gasps low, denying with her head. You begin to deposit wet kisses against her collarbone and move your hand down her body from her chin.
"God, Wanda, you've been so needy." You comment kissing a sensitive spot on her neck and making her sigh. "Needy enough to get wet with the toaster."
Your teasing makes Wanda grunt in irritation, and you let out a short laugh feeling her tighten the fabric of your shirt.
"What's the matter, baby? Are you angry with me?" You teased, pulling your face away from her neck. Wanda looked at you with a mixture of irritation and excitement.
"Don't say such things." She says half breathlessly. "Vision is just my friend. I don't... I don't see him like that."
You stare at her for a moment, and then back away completely.
"Ask your friend to help you cum then." You retort before turning away. Wanda lets out an impatient sigh, but she doesn't go after you.
Steve Rogers is testing your patience.
He set up weekly meetings with the team about social responsibilities and hero morality and whatever other patriotic crap he was following, and this was the first of them.
It had been forty minutes since he had been talking, and you were impressed that Tony Stark was still awake.
"And so we conclude that as the Avengers, it is our responsibility to make a difference." Steve spoke as he turned off the presentation.
"I'm thrilled." You grumbled next and the room looked at you. Steve sighed.
"Do you have anything to add, Y/N?" Steve asked seriously, and you let out a short laugh.
"Oh, of course." You say crossing your arms. "Maybe the rest of the team doesn't know but this whole bullshit is only happening because of me."
"No, cap, come on." You interrupt with irony. "Tell the team why you are making everyone learn about American history."
"Now I'm curious." Commented Tony looking at Steve, who just had a tired expression.
"This is not about pointing out mistakes." Steve says and you laugh.
"No, of course not." You retort with irony getting up. "This is about hypocrisy really."
"Don't even go that way!" You interrupt angrily and then turn to Tony. "You want to know what happened? Great! Let's start with the Stark bomb that dropped on Sokovia!"
Tony blinks in confusion at your outburst, and the team looks at you with surprise and concern, while Steve holds up his hands to try to calm you down.
"Please, I'm not trying to-" 
"No, Captain!" You shout. "You want to talk about moral values, don't you?" You sneer with irritation. "I have a list of shit that happens in this place."
"Stop it, now!" The captain asked angrily, and you looked at him incredulously. "You killed someone!" He charges and the team looks at you in surprise. "That's not how we do things here..."
"We have killed thousands of civilians in New York." You interrupt coldly. "Every building that fell to the ground had a family on every floor. Not to mention the missions that came after." You reminded them and Steve clenched his jaw. 
"That was different."
"They hurt Wanda." 
You shoved Steve in the shoulders, and he took a step back. Tony and Natasha stood up.
"I'm going to kill every agent that was in that lab." You tell him. "Everyone who hurt her is going to pay."
Your colleagues look in shock at your words, but you just turn away, opening the door angrily.
In the hallway, Wanda caught up with you.
"What was all that about?" She asked worriedly as you leaned against the wall, breathing hard.
"I hate the hypocrisy of this team." You retorted with irritation, but your anger subsided considerably when Wanda placed her hand on your cheek, asking you to look at her.
"Talk to me."
You sighed, touching your foreheads together.
"On the last mission, I...we found the decommissioned base where you got your powers." You count and Wanda blinks in surprise. "I lost control when I looked at the files."
"Wanda." You interrupt with a weak smile. "Please, you can't agree with them."
"I don't." She adds as she strokes your cheek, "I'm just sorry you had to see it."
You shrug, letting your arms hug your waist.
"You're not angry? Or who knows, disappointed?"
Wanda denies with her head.
"I feel the same way about you." She says. "I can't think about the people who arrested you without wanting to blow up everything around me."
You laugh lightly.
"That's some shit Steve doesn't want to understand." You say next and Wanda sighs.
"I think he understands, honey." Wanda says and you blink in confusion, "It's the same thing with Bucky."
You sigh looking away.
"Shit, you're right." You grumble, and then add with a slight smile. "Maybe he was upset about the explosion."
Wanda frowns in confusion. And then she nudges you slightly when you tell her your little story with the grenade.
"Have you lost your mind?" She asks angrily. "Don't you ever do anything like that again!"
"Hey, I was saving the ass of those two mortals in the room" You complain humorously, but Wanda sighs impatiently.
"My god, this is all just because Steve must have been worried to death that something was going to happen to you!" She says and you frown. 
"What are you talking about?"
"Honey, the captain is just trying to get you to behave." She clarifies. "He doesn't want you to abuse your powers, and put yourself at risk for no reason. Honestly, I don't want to either."
You stand thoughtfully for a few minutes and then sigh.
"Damn, now I'm going to have to apologize."
Wanda makes a noise of agreement with her mouth and moves closer, stealing a quick kiss from you. She smiles when you try to kiss her back, pulling away.
"I remembered that I'm mad at you." She says and you look at her with confusion.
"What did I do?"
"That scene earlier in the gym." She says and you sigh impatiently. "It wasn't nice."
"You're being so mean." You retort and Wanda flashes you a small smile before turning away, walking in the opposite direction.
You decide that you should apologize to the rest of the team and return to the conference room.
Wanda was being a brat.
After you apologized to the team, and Steve made it clear that he was concerned and that he understood your anger, but that there were better ways to deal with what Hydra did to the people you love, the atmosphere eased a lot. And you were hoping to spend some time with your girlfriend, but she was too busy teasing you.
She spent the last few minutes cooking with Vision. The guy who didn't eat food.
You rolled your eyes impatiently as you threw yourself on the couch, a newspaper in your hands.
"This is ridiculous, honey" You mentally warned her as you noticed her gaze on you. Wanda didn't sketch any reaction as she cooked.
"Sorry, weren't you the one who said I was, what was the word, needy?" You heard her sneer in your head. You bit your lips to keep from smiling.
"Clearly you are, dear."
"And whose fault is that?" She retorted and you frowned, attracting the attention of Bucky who was standing next to you. You smiled slightly, telling him that it was just a news report about the new political changes that had taken your attention, and then turned your focus back to the newspaper.
"What are you talking about?" You asked Wanda in your thoughts. 
"You were gone for two weeks." She complained, and you took your eyes off the paper to look into the kitchen. Wanda had her back to you, stirring with a spoon in one of the pots. Vision stood next to her, watching the procedure. You clenched your jaw. "I've been all by myself."
"Are you trying to piss me off, Wanda?" You ask angrily, watching the redhead meters in front of you signal for Vision to come closer to take a look at the pot.
"I'm not doing anything." She thinks sounding harmlessly, and you close the paper tightly as you watch Vision cast her a shy smile.
Bucky looks at you curiously.
"Everything okay?" He asks and you nod as you stand up toward the kitchen.
"Wanda, I want to talk to you." You tell her stopping with your arms crossed in front of the counter. Wanda flashes you a little smile.
"I'm busy right now, honey." She retorts as she returns the spoon to the pot, stirring the mixture.
"We're making Sokovian food." Completed Vision with a smile, but you completely ignored him.
"I'm going to count to three." You warn and Wanda swallows dryly, looking at you.
"I don't..."
"Room now, or I'll make you cum against the kitchen counter."
Wanda's eyes widen, and Vision looks extremely surprised. The redhead ducks her head and walks out of the kitchen, you following her. Bucky mumbles something like "for the love of god, why all that obscenity" as you leave.
There is a palpable tension in the air during the silent walk to your room.
When Wanda opens the door and walks inside, you sigh as you close the door.
"What was that in the kitchen, dear?" You ask her as you unbutton your shirt, Wanda looks at you next, biting her lower lip in anticipation. "Insinuating that I don't pay enough attention to you. Teasing me with Vision."
"I'm sorry." She mumbles softly and you shake your head slightly, taking off your shirt and standing in just your bra. Wanda blushes and takes a step toward you, but you just hold up your finger.
"I'm going to be in charge tonight, honey." You warn as you take off your shoes. "By the way, you do look a beautiful thing in that skirt. I could barely control myself during the meeting."
Wanda smiles with embarrassment, looking away to the floor. You approach, lifting her chin with your finger slowly.
"Can I undress you?" you ask and she sighs softly, nodding afterwards. You drag your finger from her chin down, around her silhouette. When you get to shoulder height, you drag the left strap to the side, and then repeat the motion on the right. Wanda's blouse loosens on her body, and you watch her chest rise and fall rapidly, her breathing out of rhythm. 
You raise your other hand next, and turn your gaze to Wanda. In a twist of your hands, you tear the fabric in front, and Wanda moans softly.
"Are you anxious, baby?" You ask her as the fabric falls away, and you run a finger down her torso to the hem of her skirt. Wanda swallows dryly. "You must be so wet."
Wanda sighs, closing her eyes momentarily. You begin to remove your skirt next, and let out a low growl when you realize there is nothing underneath as the material falls away.
"Wanda, Wanda, Wanda." You scold her maliciously, looking at her exposed intimacy and feeling your mouth fill with water. "Absolutely sinful."
Wanda sighs, moving slightly forward. You bite your lips, noticing her red cheeks. Her body cries out to be touched.
"That's no way to behave, honey." You tell her, lifting your fingers to push up the straps of your bra. "Exposed during a team meeting. Tsk, what a naughty girl."
Wanda whimpers, and you smile. "Is that what you wanted, babe?" You ask as you unzip her bra. " For me to put my fingers in you under the table? Make you come in my hand while everyone watched?"
"Please." She sighs in a husky voice. "Kiss me."
You give a little smile at your girlfriend's breathless confession, and lower your face to the height of her neck, just as her bra falls to the floor. Depositing wet kisses all the way down, you listen to Wanda sigh with each touch of your lips against her skin.
When you reach her breasts, you raise your right hand to play with the hardened nipple between your fingers while using your mouth on the other breast, and Wanda throws her head back, moaning with her mouth open. Sucking and licking the flesh, you delight in the sounds you get from her.
"Babe, please." She pleads breathlessly. "Touch me."
You smile as you release her hardened nipple, raising your face to the height of Wanda's.
"I'm sorry, baby, but it's not going to be that easy." You warn as you squeeze her breast with a full hand. "You need to be punished for today."
Wanda sighs and then you kiss her intensely, making her stumble back, but your hand on her waist holds her against you.
Your tongue invades her mouth, and Wanda moans against your lips, her hands moving up to your neck. You smile as you lift your hands to hers to put them down.
"You can't touch." You warn between kisses and Wanda sighs, letting your tongue tangle in hers sensually.
You begin to lower your kisses again, and Wanda writhes against you, her fists clenched in an effort to resist the urge to touch you. You lick the length of her neck and one of her hands touches your waist.
"What a disobedient brat." You tease against her skin, and then use your right hand to slap her ass, making Wanda moan loudly. You wish to see the mark, so you hug Wanda around the waist, bringing your bodies together, and look down. The bright red mark. Wanda whimpers against you, her other hand coming up to your belt, and you pull away only to kiss her on the lips hard enough to leave her helpless. 
As she begins to play with the beam of your belt, you slap her ass again, on the other side, and her knees buckle slightly.
"Fuck." She whimpers breathlessly, and you bring your hand to her neck, forcing her to keep her gaze on you.
"Get on the bed." You command and Wanda sighs, and then you release her. She moves to the mattress, ass thrusting toward you as she kneels on the bed, hands on the headboard.
"Will you be a good girl, Wanda?" You ask as you raise your hands to her ass, squeezing the flesh as she gasps.
"I don't believe you." You taunt, slapping her ass. She leans over, moaning. You spank her again, her body arching as she throws her head back, moaning with her mouth open.
Then you move forward, pulling her hair back as a hand slips between her legs, your fingers teasing her entrance and making her whimper.
"Look how wet you are, baby." You whisper against her ear, Wanda has her eyes closed tightly, her hips moving in search of more friction. "Were you missing me, love?"
"Yes." She gasps pushing her hips back, your fingers slipping inside and drawing sighs from both of you. But you withdrew them next, s Wanda whimpers. "Please, honey, touch me."
"You don't deserve it Wanda." You start against her ear. "But you feel so good, baby. So wet and hot, I can't resist."
You suddenly penetrate her with two fingers, deep and precisely, and Wanda cries out, moaning your name. 
"Fuck, yes." She gasps moving her hips, you slide in and out with ease, feeling Wanda flushed.
"Look at you baby, crumbling in my fingers." You gasp, your hand releasing her hair as you drag it to her breast, squeezing the flesh.
"I...I 'm com..." Wanda begins to whimper and you smile, feeling her body quiver in spasms, the rhythm of her hips disablisting as her walls get tighter and you feel her pulsing in your fingers.
"Cum for me, baby girl." You whisper in her ear, and one stroke later is all it takes for Wanda to arch her back, coming on your fingers with her mouth open as she screams your name.
You withdraw your fingers as she falls to the mattress, turning to you next. Bringing your fingers to your mouth, you taste Wanda as she looks up at you with dilated pupils.
"You taste so good babe." You tell her with a smile, and Wanda raises her hands to your waist, asking you to climb on top of her.
You slowly shake your head, reaching up to remove your pants. Wanda bites her lips as she watches you undress.
"I want to show you something, honey." You tell her after removing your clothes, straightening to sit on her thigh. Wanda sighs as she feels your wet intimacy against her. "Do you like that?" You ask watching her reaction, Wanda raises her torso, bringing your faces closer together as her hands go to your waist. "Do you like how wet I get on top of you?"
"Fuck yes." She gasps against your lips, you begin to move against her thigh, feeling your eyes spin in their orbit with the sensation.
"What about you, Wanda?" You ask slipping your fingers into her again,making her bury her face in your neck. "Look at that baby, you're soaking wet too."
Wanda moans, her hands tightening around your waist as you feel your fingers in her. You increase the speed of your movements against her thigh at the same rate as your fingers move in and out of her, Wanda begins to force her hips to keep up.
"No one makes me feel like this, Wanda." You confess breathlessly, penetrating deep. "I am yours."
Wanda moans and forces herself to confess.
"And I am yours." She retorts groaning, and you feel her walls tightening in your fingers as the feeling at the tip of your stomach tightens.
"Let's cum together baby" You tell her breathlessly, and Wanda shudders nodding. Forcing your hips against her thigh, you gasp, trying to keep the rhythm in your fingers.
A few strokes later and you struggle to keep up, your body shaking in spasms. Wanda tightens her hands on your waist, forcing you down as you move in and out of her. Wanda begins to curse in Sokovian, moaning breathlessly, and you smile, feeling your eyes roll. And then you cum together a moment later.
You collapse against her, as Wanda falls onto the mattress. Depositing lazy kisses against her collarbone, you smile as she sighs, her fingers running up your back as you pull out of her.
"Was that enough attention honey?" You tease a minute later and Wanda laughs softly, biting her lips.
You raise your head to look at her, feeling your heart soar at the image of her lazy gaze, her lips puffy and parted.
"Do you love me?" You ask in a whisper and Wanda sighs.
"I do." She agrees and you raise your hand to her neck, your fingers strolling along her chin.
"Show me."
Wanda nods moving forward to kiss you on the lips.
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elysianslove · 5 months ago
been putting this one off cause i never get male!reader asks and this is one of my favorite “series” i’ve written but ,,, here it finally is 😁☝🏼 writing this in third person was,,, so difficult because the only way i could refer to suna’s bf is “boyfriend” “lover” and using pronouns but i didn’t wanna write second person cause it didn’t have that ,,, flare. anyways imma shut up i hope you all enjoy this!! <3 
warnings; virginity loss, anal fingering, anal sex, it’s pretty vanilla actually lol 
Tumblr media
to be completely fair, suna should have expected it. after months of fooling around and teetering on the edge, never fully crossing that boundary but getting awfully close to, suna should have seen it coming. but just like every other time, he’s caught off guard, eyes widening and mouth parting slightly, his breath caught in his lungs. 
it’s in the middle of a very heated make out session that he asks him. he’s seated on suna’s lap, thighs spread and knees planted on the bed beneath them. his mouth presses harshly against suna’s, hands locked and tangled in his hair, twisting and pulling. suna’s breath-taken over just how much more confident the boy on his lap seems, how initiative falls more often in his hands, how tentativeness and carefulness gets thrown to the side so easily now, and he’s reminded again that he should have expected it. 
but he really, really couldn’t have anticipated the breathless way his boyfriend had gasped out, after leaning back to stare down at suna through careful eyes, “can we have sex?” 
suna’s brows furrow, and his hands squeeze at his lover’s waist. “i mean— sure?” he says, confusion laced in his voice. “you never really— ask?” his boyfriend sighs slightly, slumping his hold. in response, suna shifts, spreading his legs wider to sit up straighter, eyes locked on his. 
“no,” he sighs, and suna’s frown deepens. the hands in his hair fall, coming to rest lightly on his shoulders, and it’s then he realizes that his boyfriend’s shaking. it’s barely noticeable, but suna’s able to tell, especially with the way his eyes seem to try to, at all costs, avoid his. “i mean sex sex. i—” his hands squeeze at suna’s shoulders, and he swallows thickly, before finally steeling himself, building up the courage to look directly at suna as he confesses, “i want you to fuck me.” 
suna honest to god feels all the blood leave his head and go straight to his dick. 
his hands on his waist tighten, gripping rougher, more in a way to ground himself than anything, before suna mutters out, “you want me— inside of you?” he’s asking as if to make sure he heard him right, as if to properly process what he’d just heard. his boyfriend nods in confirmation, and suna finally breathes. “are you—”
“i’m sure,” he interrupts, all too quickly, enough to elicit a sheepish, teasing smile on suna’s lips. “please just— i trust no one but you. i trust no one more than you, and there’s nobody i can imagine doing this with.” 
“you’ve thought about this?” suna asks, and his boyfriend rolls his eyes, ease crawling back onto his skin, nervous energy dissipating. 
“of course i’ve thought about this, rin,” he replies, and he figures it’s the end of that, no more prodding and prying, but he’s on back before he can blink, suna hovering above him, much closer than he ever was. his hands are on either side of him, the muscles on his arms bulging as he keeps himself up, an unfamiliar glint in his eyes. 
“tell me,” he says, and the boy beneath him shivers. “tell me what you think about.” his tongue ties, and he stammers, while suna’s fingers find their way to the hem of his shirt, tickling the tiny strip of skin revealed, daring to inch upwards. “come on; tell me.” 
the moment suna’s hand finally presses flat against his stomach right beneath his shirt, he sighs, eyes fluttering shut as his lover above him leans over to press a kiss to his jaw. “i think about you, and— your hands.” 
suna hums, his mouth littering wet kisses down to his neck. “hmm, my hands?” 
his boyfriend nods, dizzyingly quick, and continues, “your fingers too.” suna hums again, in encouragement, his hand trailing further up and his mouth trailing down lower. “so long and thick— want you to— to fuck me with them. want them deep inside me. stretching me open for— ugh—” swallowing a low fuck, suna instead grins as he sucks hotly where his boyfriend had been so responsive. “—for you.” 
it’s all he needs, and a second later, suna’s sitting up, his hand leaving the warmth of his boyfriend’s tummy as he leans back, reaching for the back of the neck of his shirt, gripping and lifting it over his head. at the first sight of skin, his boyfriend inhales sharply, and it’s almost like the very first time they’d even dared to be close to one another. it’s not the first he’s seen of suna, and it definitely won’t be the last— at least suna hopes — but there’s something about tonight that makes this a thousand times more intimate. maybe it’s the knowledge of what it will all lead to, or the fact that this is what his lover wants it to lead to, that’s making everything as overwhelming as it is, especially for suna. 
urgently, his boyfriend strips himself of his own shirt, mirroring suna as they both slip out of their trousers and, timidly, following suit after suna removes his briefs. they’re both barely hard yet, but suna can feel the lust and want thrumming loudly in his veins. 
“baby,” suna sighs, falling forward to lean over his lover again. his boyfriend hums, nodding slowly as suna’s palm trails up to cup his cheek endearingly, a thumb brushing lightly at the skin. “are you sure you want to do this?” 
“rin—“ he starts to whine, but suna’s quick to cut him off. 
“no, i’m serious. this isn’t something you can decide in the heat of the moment,” he warns, his eyes sharp yet as soft as ever, trying his best to convey what he means to say. “i don’t want you to end up regretting it later, that you could’ve waited longer— and i don’t mind waiting. i don’t mind waiting forever for you.” 
his boyfriend sighs, a small smile painting his lips as his hand wraps around suna’s wrist, the same wrist attached to the hand cupping his face. “i’ve never been more sure about anything,” he promises, adding, “and i was serious when i said i’ve thought about this before. none of those other times felt right, but now... i’m ready, i promise.” 
suna decides he’s never been good with words, and kisses him instead. his lips meet his halfway as his lover lifts up to meet him, and it’s the most sensual kiss they’ve shared. it’s a million times more electric, a thousand times more passionate, and it’s as if everything they’ve ever felt and are feeling for one another is being poured into this one kiss. suna kisses him soft and slow, taking his time, because for once, they’re in no rush. for once, it really does feel like the world is stopping for them, almost as if in respect. he thanks the universe and kisses him harder. 
there’s blind fumbling in the drawers as suna reaches over, unprepared to break the kiss in any way while he searches for what he needs. unsurprisingly, he can’t find shit without his eyes, and breaks the kiss with an annoyed huff and groan. 
his boyfriend laughs lightly at him, to suna’s dismay, as he grabs at the necessary items, tossing onto the bed a bottle of lube and a condom. when he uncaps the bottle, suna starts, “just so you know,” he squeezes a generous amount onto his fingers, “you can back out any time you want.” he leans back, further away from his boyfriend, and presses his hand to his thigh, pushing at his legs to spread them. “i mean, any time.” 
the nod suna receives is strained, and his boyfriend’s thighs tense, his half hard cock lightly twitching as suna’s hand trails lower. 
“this is okay?” 
he nods again. 
“i need to hear you, baby.” to reinforce his statement, suna’s hand freezes where it is, awfully close to his boyfriend’s dick. 
his boyfriend nods again, mewling out a small, “yes, please, touch me,” that finally urges suna’s lube covered hand to press right where he needs him to, his other hand gripping at his inner thigh and keeping his legs open wide. 
testing the waters, suna’s fingers lightly circle his hole, massaging gently to cop a feel of how his boyfriend would recreate. when he sees the way his breath hitches, the way his hips twitch lightly and threaten to raise, he finally, finally, presses his pointer finger inside, taking it as slow as ever. the wet lube eases the slide, his boyfriend’s hole sucking him in hotly. suna leans heavier on the hand on his boyfriend’s thigh, trying his best to steel himself and not take him right then and there. 
god he could already feel his dick hardening. 
he starts to lightly finger him, not yet curling his finger or anything of the sort, simply trying to stretch him a little and get him used to the feel. “you’ll tell me if i need to stop?” suna asks, and he feels him clench down around him. 
“don’t stop, please,” his boyfriend begs. in response, suna simply chuckles. 
he spends a generous amount of minutes stretching him, adding a second finger to loosen him up more, squeezing out more lube when necessary, curling his fingers to heighten the experience. so far, his personal self control is impressing him, especially with how cute his boyfriend looks beneath him, cock hard and leaking, thighs and muscles twitching, mouth parted a little dumbly. he couldn’t wait to sink into him. 
although it feels like hours are passing, suna doesn’t slack off. he presses a third finger into his boyfriend’s hole and watches his wide, blown eyes as he arches deeply, head tossed back and hips pressing into the mattress, as if to urge suna’s fingers deeper inside of him. 
suna can really never get enough of his reactions. 
“rin, rin please,” he whines, hands grasping tightly at the pillow his head lays on. he thrashes beneath suna as suna curls his fingers again, pressing tightly against his prostrate, his other hand squeezing at his tense balls. “rin, i beg you, give me your cock, please.” 
“never deemed you a desperate guy, my love,” he teases, but his own cheeks are flushed and he’s sweating a little, his cock fully hard and brushing against his stomach with every harsh movement of his arm as he fucks his fingers faster into him. 
“rintarō,” his boyfriend gasps. “wanna cum with you inside of me.” 
unsurprisingly, suna’s sold. 
he twists and scissors his fingers for good measure, trying to ensure that his boyfriend’s properly stretched out, but in his lust induced haze, he can only pray he is. he’s quick to grab at his own dick, fisting and squeezing at it tightly, while his boyfriend manages to sit up, reaching for the discarded condom and unwrapping it. 
“put it on me?” suna offers, leaning back and taking his hand off his dick, despite how much it hurt to. 
his boyfriend’s trembling frame attempts to sit up straighter, and his eyes meet suna’s. “okay,” he stutters out, leaning closer and lower. his hands shake as he presses the condom against the tip of suna’s cock, before slowly sliding it down, all along his shaft. soon as it’s on, he breathes out, a little shakily. 
of course, suna notices, as he always does, and urges him to look up with a gentle nudge at his chin. “everything okay?” he softly asks. 
suna’s never been good with words, he repeats to himself, but he knows his eyes have always been a dead giveaway, if only one were to properly look. and he can trust his boyfriend to look. proving suna right, as soon as he reads through him, his boyfriend smiles, and grabs at suna’s forearms. 
“everything’s perfect,” he replies, and falls back onto the bed, taking suna with him. 
throughout the length of their relationship, suna’s taken many of his boyfriend’s firsts. he’s watched him become who he is today, watched him grow in confidence, especially sexually, and every single time had been more satisfying than the one before. this, however, is unlike anything else. this feels a thousand times more satisfying than anything he had ever, ever done with him. the amount of trust he’s placing onto suna, the amount of want and desire and need that’s within him to let him kiss all over his body and to let him sink fully inside of him, to take away something as special and as important as his virginity. 
suna can’t fathom, can’t comprehend, the fact that someone trusts him this much. and that that someone isn’t just anybody. 
“fuck,” he breathes out, finally bottomed out. his hips press against his boyfriend’s, his hands fisting the pillow beneath him. “fuck, you feel so good,” he praises, and in response, his boyfriend moans and sighs delightfully. 
“you— you feel so good too,” he admits, hands fumbling. “feel so full with you— with you inside of me.” 
“yeah?” suna encourages. 
“mhhmm.” he nods, brows furrowed deeply.
and when suna grinds his hips, somehow pushing himself even deeper, the boy beneath him cries out, back arching, just the way he wanted him to. he rolls his hips again, leaning closer and closer until their chests are pressed flush against one another, until he can feel his boyfriend’s cock, painfully hard, twitching between them, before he presses his lips against his.  
against his mouth, his boyfriend gasps, breathing him in. his legs lift to wrap around suna’s waist as his hole stretches and twitches to accommodate suna’s cock. “rin,” he starts, but he doesn’t know what he’s leading to. suna’s name is the only thing that feels right to say. 
suna doesn’t believe in fate, neither does he believe in coincidence. but maybe, maybe, just this once, he’ll believe in the universe, for it’s decision to find him this boy is one he’s forever grateful for.  
“i love you,” suna finally says, and doesn’t give him a chance to respond before he’s pulling out, and pressing back in suddenly, leaving all but a gasp on his lover’s lips. 
Tumblr media
“you loveeee me?” 
their bodies are a mess of sweat and cum, evidence of the multiple rounds of love-making— much to suna’s chagrin, that really was love-making, so really, maybe suna was a virgin too in a sense—
“shut up.” 
his boyfriend laughs, gleefully, and suna genuinely can’t hide the smile it paints on his lips. “yeah but why did you admit it mid sex, rin? like some coming of age movie?” 
suna rolls his eyes, still smiling unfortunately, and shifts on the bed, rolling over onto to his side to have his back facing his boyfriend instead. unsurprisingly, sticky arms make their way around him, and a wet pair of lips press against the back of his neck as legs tangle with his. against all odds, he sighs, relaxing and leaning into the touch behind him. 
his boyfriend kisses his shoulder, and then mutters right by his ear, “i love you too, by the way. if you hadn’t already figured,” and suna’s heart jumps right into his throat. 
Tumblr media
this was so longggg but i really really hope you guys like it, because it took me an embarrassingly long time <//3 and also because i’m proud of it. and also because i just wanna make you guys happy :) anyways luv u all hope you have amazing days ahead of you mwah <3 
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adminbryantsaki · 6 months ago
Alpha! Werewolf! Aizawa x Female! Luna! Reader.
Tumblr media
(A/N: I am here again with the Bnharem’s collab! This theme is sex worker. I hope you enjoy this version of everyone’s favorite sleepy teacher, Aizawa.)
(A Luna is an alpha that can conceive. A luna has a harder time at conceiving and is more submissive if in a relationship with an alpha. Lunas have ruts and heats. These ruts are not as aggressive as an Alphas and the heats are not as aggressive as an omega’s either the heat or the rut is when the Luna is more fertile. Lunas can be marked and give marks to both Alphas and Omegas.)
Word count 8,535.
Rating: 18+, minors dni
TW: Omegaverse, Breeding, Werewolf, cum inflation, strip club, pregnancy.
If this isn’t your cup of tea, blend of spices, or brew of coffee, then move along.
Read the other stories here
It was late at night. You and your friend were walking home late after a party. The both of you had a bit too much to drink. An ad from the strip club caught the attention of your friend.
“Oooh! An ad for some sexy alpha men. Isn’t your heat rather close, Y/N?” You friend said a bit too loudly as they waved the ad in your face. You took the paper and stuffed it into your purse.
“Enough, F/N. Do you wish to get us followed?” You hissed and pushed your friend to your apartment building making it inside the complex before guiding your drunk friend up the stairs to the door of your apartment. Your friend had passed out on the way up so you had to prop her up while you fumbled for the key to your apartment. You let out a noise of relief when you finally found your key and unlocked the door to your apartment. You set your friend on the floor so you could grab a bucket for the morning. You dragged them to your small couch and pulled them onto the item of furniture. You pulled a blanket over them and went to your bedroom to change out of your own clothes. You sighed in relief when you took your bra off and chucked it onto the corner where your laundry basket was. You pulled off the scent blocking patches from the delicate skin of your neck and put them back into their packaging. You grabbed the small container of lotion you had and rubbed the serum into your skin. You hummed and got changed into your pjs. You looked over at your purse and saw the ad peeking out. You sighed and pulled the piece of paper out of the confines of your purse and stared at it.
‘Are you lonely? In need of a mate? Then pick from one of these fine Alphas courtesy of The Underground. Bring this ad for entry.’ The top line of the ad read. You looked down at the selection of alphas presented on the page. None of them really caught your interest. A few did look good but not what you would actually want as a mate. As you looked down the ad, you noticed all the typical over muscular apex alphas. One of them scared you with the flaming red hair and another weirded you out by having features similar to that of a killer whale. Your eyes settled on a dark-haired man that looked sleep deprived. He had a pair of wolf ears and slight stubble on his jawline. You couldn’t stop staring at the man. You read his description and found out that he was a werewolf. That you didn’t mind. He would be like a kind of guard dog along with being your mate. The idea of having an alpha werewolf as your mate made you blush hard. You set the ad down, crawled under your covers and drifted off to sleep.
The next morning you woke up to the sounds of your friend puking into the bucket. You sighed and pulled yourself up from your bed. Your senses seemed on overload. You checked your phone to see if your heat had started. It hadn’t yet. You let out a sigh of relief and got up to help your friend. You walked into the living room and saw your friend who was a beta so if your heat had started, they wouldn’t be affected by your scent. You sat next to them and held their hair back as they puked into the bucket. You rubbed your friend’s back as your mind wandered back to the ad you had perused the night before. You blushed a bit as you thought of the alpha werewolf. You shook it out of your head as you stood up to find a common cure that some distant relative of yours had told you would cure a hangover in a moment. You found it and put some into a mug to brew as a kind of tea for your friend. You turned your electric kettle on to boil some water. You stared off into space as the water boiled. The thought of what that alpha would look like up close and personal occupied your thoughts. Would he be completely covered in fur? Or only have the ears and tail? You also took note of the muscles that he had that were shown of him in the advertisement. You felt your face heat up as the kettle clicked off and you were taken from your mental fantasy to pour the water into the mug and carry the vessel to your hungover friend.
“Here you go.” You said quietly in a gentle and caring tone. Your friend groaned and looked up at you then at the mug.
“What is that?” They asked.
“Something that will help with your head. Trust me. It will be bitter but it will help.” You said as they received the mug from you and took a sip. Their face soured which made you chuckle.
“I gotta get changed and go to work. You can stay here for as long as you need until your hangover goes away.” You told your friend.
“Thank you. I’ll just finish this and go home. Thank you though.” They responded. You let them be as you went to go shower to get ready for the day.
Your friend was still on the couch by the time you had gotten out of the shower.
“Did you look over the ad, Y/n?” They called out. You glanced over at the paper that was laying on your nightstand.
“Yeah! I did. You might even be interested in some of them if you looked at it yourself.” You responded as your pulled on your shirt. You picked up the ad and walked out to the living room where your friend seemed a lot better than before.
“Here. Look at it. There’s a couple red heads and blondes that you might like.” You told them as you handed them the page.
“If you say so.” They said as they browsed the ad. You went back into your room to finish dressing yourself. You came out a few minutes later all dressed except for your shoes. You wanted to eat some food before you headed out the door. You grabbed a microwave breakfast burrito, unwrapped it, and put it into the microwave to heat up.
“Oooh! Some of the boys on here are kinda cute! We should go this Friday!” Your friend called to you from their seat on your couch.
“If you want to, I’m game for it… I do want a mate this time around.” You said as you stopped the microwave and pulled out your hot breakfast.
“Interesting. You know I can still help you if you want me to.” Your friend offered.
“I know… but I don’t wanna inconvenience you. You have an omega that you’ve had your eye on for a while. You should go for them. I’m not saying that you aren’t bad at what you do. I just prefer an alpha as a permanent mate.” You told you friend.
“I understand. There’s something about alphas that is just irresistible. I might hook up with one before I settle down with the omega. One of the beefy red heads looks interesting.” Your friend said as they eyed the ad again.
“Thank you. I’m glad we’re still on good terms.” You spoke. Your friend nodded and gathered their things and left with you as you went to work.  
Friday came sooner than you thought. You were getting all dressed up in your clubbing outfit. You were putting on your shapewear to slim down your hips, thighs, butt, and stomach. You slid on a simple black dress and went to go do your hair and makeup before your friend came to pick you up. You took your time applying the makeup to your face. Just enough to enhance your already natural beauty. You then curled your hair to have simple waves to accentuate your face. You just finished applying the final layer of hairspray when you heard knocking at your door.
“Just a moment! I will be right there!” You called from your bathroom. You adjusted your hair once more before walking to your door and opening it a bit to see who it was. It was your friend who was also dressed up. You closed the door again and unlocked it to let your friend in. They stepped in and closed the door behind them. You went to your room to grab your purse and the ad as you needed the page to enter the establishment. You pulled your shoes on then went to join your friend.
“You ready to finally get yourself an Alpha mate?” They asked. You smiled and nodded. They hooked arms with you and headed off to the club.
The pair of you turned the corner of the block that the club was in. You followed your friend down the alley where what seemed to be the bouncer was standing outside the door. He had silvery hair and what looked to be a permanent scowl on his face. The bouncer had a small tooth poking out from his bottom lip. His gaze looked over at the two of you.
“You two got the entrance requirement?” The bouncer asked. You nodded and reached inside your purse for the ad. The bouncer took the ad and looked at it.
“Alright. The both of you are in. Have fun you two.” The beefy man told the both of you and held the door open for the both of you. You entered and took in the environment of the neon lights, sensual music that came from the DJ in the corner, the smell of lust mixed with a heavy combination of several heat and rut scents clinging to the smog laden air made you feel dizzy; your head buzzing. You held onto your friend as the two of you were stopped by a dark blue haired woman with a low- cut dress and a high slit in her skirt that showed her fishnet stockings. The scent that came from her made your body feel heavy and your eyelids grow heavy.
“Hello, I am the owner of this fine establishment, you may call me Midnight. How may I help the both of you?” The woman introduced herself.
“My friend here is looking for an Alpha. I myself wish to hook up with one of your Alphas as well but not permanently.” Your friend spoke for the both of you since your head was clouded with taking in all the new sounds, smells, and sights that had invaded your senses. Your eyes wandered over your surroundings as you took the new environment in. You saw the Alphas that were shown in the advertisement. Along with some other faces that weren’t shown. You saw the other guy that had caught your interest in the back corner behind his turntables, monitoring speaker, and mixer. You scanned the room to see if you could find the werewolf that had piqued your interest and caused a fire to light in the lower part of your stomach. You searched the room in anticipation to see his face and take in his scent. You couldn’t seem to find him among all the other alphas there in the main room. Your mind went to the worse case and thought that he already had a customer for the evening. This idea saddened you a bit and you stared at the ground.
“That is excellent. I will need for you to write down your secondary gender to help with our ratings. After you have done that, feel free to look through our selection of Alphas and other dynamics.” Midnight requested of the two of you. You looked up and the both of you write down your specific dynamics. The both of you then handed your cards to the woman. Midnight looked over what the two of you had written and when she read yours, her eyebrow raised. She gave a book of the still available workers to your friend and she told you to go wait in the bar for her. You did as you were told and went to the bar.
The host that was seating people asked you if you were waiting for anyone. You said that Midnight had told you to come here and they guided you to a back corner seat and had you sit there. They took your order and went off to make your drink. You looked over to where your friend was being guided by Midnight to the tall, beefy redhead with flames all over his body. You chuckled to yourself as your friend had picked out the same red head that they were gushing about earlier that week.  You watched as Midnight introduced your friend to the red head and he stood up to his full height and introduced himself. You watched as someone delivered your drink to you the sheer size of the man and how he dwarfed your friend. Midnight left the two be and headed in your direction. You watched the man lead your friend into a private room. Midnight slipped into the seat across from you with her own drink.
“We don’t usually get Lunas coming here looking for an Alpha. They usually want Omegas. What brings you here, Y/N? Other than an Alpha to help you with your heat?” She asked as she sipped her drink.
“I want a mate. I want a partner to keep me company and to treat me right and not like some creature that is only meant to take care of the house and bend over when they want to rut into me then expect me to raise his litter on my own.” You told her. She smiled at you.
“I know exactly the Alpha for you.” She said and stood up. She held out her arm for you. You stood up and took her arm so she could guide your head riddled brain up the spiral staircase and to the quieter part of the apartments of the club.
“Who is this Alpha you are taking me to?” You asked as the environment and mood changed to one that caused a chill to run down your spine. You could smell a difference in the air as the scent changed from citrusy, warm, and spicy to cool, crisp, and relaxing. The scent was similar to that of waking up in a log cabin deep in the woods just after a night where the snow fell hard the night before and your partner had made a fresh pot of coffee and had brought you a cup. You hummed and closed your eyes to take in his scent. Midnight paused with you to let you take in the new scent. You opened your eyes and looked to her.
“What else do I need to know about him?” You asked as you had let his scent envelop you.
“He’s a werewolf, sweetheart.” The woman told you. Your eyes widened and you tensed up.
“Relax, he won’t bite you, much.” She told you as she stood by the door. You walked over to the door and stood in front of it.  
“The both of you will have to establish a safe word.  He won’t mate with you until you give him consent. He is actually quite the gentleman once you get to know him. Shouta will take care of you and your heat, he has been looking for a mate himself for a while now. You could possibly be the lucky one.” Midnight said as she opened the door for you. You took a deep breath and stepped inside the room. You looked around the room to take in your surroundings and look for your Alpha. He was nowhere to be seen. You heard the door close and lock behind you and a presence that set the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.
“So, what did you come here for? Just another omega who can’t handle their heat? How pathetic.” You heard a deep, gravelly voice rumble from behind you. You turned around to face him even though you could barely see his form from where you stood in the dim lighting of his apartment. The man stood before you shirtless and wearing a rather tight pair of sweatpants that showed his already erect member. You panted a bit and spoke up.
“I’m not some typical needy omega!  I am a Luna that is looking for a mate. The owner of this establishment thought that you and I would be a good match up.” You told him in a slightly raised tone. He pushed off the wall that he was leaning on and looked at you from the shadows. He slowly walked to you and held your jaw in his hand.
“You think you’re so tough because of your dynamic, huh? Still pathetic. Why would Midnight pair you with me?” He asked as a strong wave scent of rain-soaked pine filled your nostrils and knocked you onto your butt. He smirked and walked over to his nest.  
“Tell me why I should even consider taking you as a mate.” He said as he laid down and watched you.
“I don’t just want a one-night fling, I want a permanent partner. One that will care for me and treat me like a human being and not just some breeder to crank out litters.” You told him. This caught his interest and made him look at you.
“Come here then, Little Luna.” He told you and made room for you in his nest. You obeyed and did as you were told and sat outside the nest. The werewolf looked at you and flicked his fluffy ebony tail at you. Shouta watched your chest rise and fall with your labored breaths as your heat slowly invaded your body, making you get hot and needy. You were doing your best to keep your scent to yourself. You huffed as your neck felt sore as you wanted to let your scent loose and fill the room with your heat scent. Shouta noticed the frown knitted into your brow. He leaned forward and whispered into your ear.
“Let it out, kitten, I want to smell you. No other alphas will come in here. They know not to mess with me.” He told you.  He hovered over your neck where you could feel his warm breath on your sensitive skin. You finally released your scent and the werewolf took it all in. He buried his nose into your neck and growled in your ear which made your heat become more wet with slick. The werewolf wanted to sink his teeth into your neck and make you his and his alone. He pulled away and sat back in his nest and stared at you.
“Why don’t you come in here with me, kitten?” He purred and encouraged you to come into his nest that seemed to be lined with a sleeping bag. You climbed in and melted into the soft fabric that was the inside of the sleeping bag. The man put a hand on your back and hummed as he rubbed your back.
“How long have you been holding your scent in? Your doctor should’ve told you that’s dangerous.” Shouta told you as he rubbed your back and looked down at your heat-ridden form.
“About a week.” You said just loud enough so he could hear you. He sighed and laid down next to you.
“Do you feel better now?” He asked as he stroked your cheek. You nodded and looked at him.
“Tell me your name, Little Luna. You probably know mine already from the ad.” He said as he stroked your hair out of your face.
“Yours is Shouta Aizawa. Mines Y/N.” You told him. The werewolf smirked and propped himself up on an elbow.
“Such a pretty name.” Shouta spoke. You couldn’t keep your eyes off of him. Everything about him drove you crazy as you resisted the urge to take him as your mate and get it over with.
“I know you said that you don’t want to just be some, thing to be bred but I know you’re in heat just by how strong your scent is. I’m willing to be your mate. Midnight was right. You are perfect for me. As for your heat though, you have no idea how much I want to fill you with my seed over and over until your womb is heavy with my litter.”  The werewolf confessed as his voice began to hint with that lust filled tone that you had heard from previous alphas that had courted you in the past. You began to stare at the wall.
“Hey. Eyes back down here, Y/N. I know that you don’t want to be an incubator 24/7. I don’t expect that. But I know that you want me to claim you right here and now and stuff that wet hole of yours full of my seed? How does that sound, Little Luna?” He asked as he kept eye contact with you. You were blushing redder than a beet when you looked at him. You nodded in agreement and he proceeded to move onto his hands and knees. He hovered over you and was so close that you wanted to pull him into a deep and passionate kiss but you stopped yourself.
“Before we begin, what should our safe word be?” He asked as he moved close to your neck and wanted to bite a deep bruise on the tender flesh of your skin.
“How does moonlight sound?” You suggested as his scent flooded your senses.
“A little tacky but it will do.” Shouta chuckled as he hovered closer to your neck.
“I’m guessing you don’t have a permanent mate by the lack of a mark on your neck.” He said as he put a gentle kiss on your collar bone. You held back a moan and spoke.  
“No, I haven’t. Please, just mark me already.” You practically begged for him.
“Then tell me what you want me to do to you, Little Luna~.” He said as he put another kiss down on your chest right above your breasts. Shouta pulled away and looked up at you.
“Go on and tell me.” He encouraged you. You sat up and looked him in the eyes.
“I want to have your litter so badly. Please. I beg of you, fill me with your seed. Fuck me until I’m sore and can’t move anymore. I want you to be mine and mine alone, Shouta.” You told him as you cupped his face and gave him a genuine pleading look. You looked so cute to him as he looked back into your eyes and saw the honesty in what you had said.
“If we are gonna do this then you should know that there is no going back. Once we are mated, then we are mated for life.” He told you as he ran a hand up your thigh. You looked back at him and nodded. The thought of a werewolf as your mate made you push out more slick that now coated your thighs. The werewolf smirked and kissed you before moving to your neck. He kissed and licked the area around the area he was gonna mark you with to put you on edge. You huffed and whimpered out as you wanted his knot to fill your empty hole. Shouta looked to you when you let out a whimper.
“Should we call you kitten instead of little Luna?” He teased you. You huffed and moved to turn away from him.
“Where do you think you’re going, kitten? We need to get you out of that pesky dress of yours~.” He told you and helped you sit up. He undid the zipper on your dress then slid the straps of your dress off your shoulders. He leaned to your left side and bit down on your soft flesh and sucked a pretty bruise into your neck before leaving.
“You’re mine now. Mine and mine alone, Kitten.” He told you before kissing all over your neck and licking blood from the mark. He pulled away from you slowly and kissed your cheek.
“Yes. I’m yours, Alpha.” You responded. He smiled and kissed you. He pulled the rest of your dress off your body and chucked the garment to the far corner of the room. You looked sadly at the discarded garment as you worried that you wouldn’t get it back.
“Don’t worry, kitten. You’ll get it back when we’re done.” His eyes flicked down to your waist as he noticed the shapewear on you and smirked.
“What makes you need to wear something like this?” He asked as he ran a thumb over the band that lay just below your chest. He looked up at you to see you blush and look away from him. He gripped your face and made you look at him.  
“What’s wrong? You can tell me.” He asked.
“I wear the shapewear because my lower half is too big.” You told him. He moved down to rest his head on your stomach.
“I want to see.” He told you as he looked up at you with his deep brown eyes and you melted. You stood up with his help and slowly pulled the constricting fabric down off your body until you were only standing there in your underwear and bra. His eyes widened and he leaned back.
“I don’t see anything wrong with your body.” He said as he pulled you down into his lap and against his warm and partially fuzzy chest. He looked down at you.
“Look at me, kitten.” He told you in the same commanding tone as earlier. You obeyed and looked up at him. He held a crooked finger under your chin as he looked at you in the eyes.
“You are beautiful just the way you are. There is nothing I would change. But I do have to say, I do appreciate your thick ass.” He told you with a smirk. You blushed and hid your face in the crook of his neck to take in his scent. He chuckled and slid his hands down to grip your butt. He grinned and slid a hand up your back to caress your hair and take in the scent of your shampoo. He hummed and kissed your head. He slid his hand back down to your butt.
“You’re so soft, I like it.” He told you as he let his fingers sink into the soft flesh of your hips. He guided you to lay down in the nest and look up at him.
“Remind me again what you wanted from me?” He asked as he looked down at you and gave you kisses all over your neck and torso.
“I want your litter. I want it so badly.” You reminded him. He nudged your legs to spread them open so he could lay down between your legs and rested his head on your stomach.
“Just how badly do you want this?” He asked as he traced patterns on your side. You huffed as you were growing impatient as you felt your heat grow more and more unbearable as you snuck a hand down to give yourself some release.  
“What do you think you’re doing? Did you think you could sneak a hand down there and fuck yourself when you clearly came here to get claimed, fucked, and bred full of a litter? I don’t think so.” He scolded you gently. He then arose from the nest and went to another part of his room to retrieve something that you couldn’t see. You rolled over onto your stomach and watched him come back with a long piece of grey fabric. You blushed as he stared down at you with the fabric looped in his hand.
” For being such a naughty kitten, you are going to get your wrists bound.” He said as he knelt down and bound your wrists together. He didn’t pull tightly, just loosely bound them so you couldn’t move them easily then put your arms above your head. He then climbed back into the nest and hovered over your body, situating your wrists so you couldn’t move them. You stared at his bare chest and gulped down the lump of anticipation that had formed in your throat. Once your wrists were secured in the wall of the nest, he looked at you and smirked. He spread your legs back open and slid between them. He folded your legs up so they almost touched your chest. You blushed harder as he stared at your slick hole. He moved down to kiss and nip at the soft flesh of your thick thighs.
“So soft and cuddly. I could use your thighs as a pillow for when I take a nap.” Shouta said as he pressed his cheek to your thigh and kissed it.  He kissed his way down to your entrance and attached his mouth to your hole and began to kiss and suck the slick off your lower area. You moaned out, shut your eyes closed, moved your hips against his mouth. He looked up at you and smacked your butt.
“Look at me, kitten. Keep eye contact with me the whole time.” He told you and made eye contact with you. He growled against your folds which made you squirm in his grip.  He chuckled and sucked you more. You leaked more slick and he swallowed every drop you would give him. You felt your head buzzing as he gave you so much stimulation that you could barely handle it. Shouta pulled away to grab the bottle of lube he had stored around the outside edges of the nest. He applied some to your hole and shifted up to put you into a mating press. He pulled his sweats down a bit and pulled his massive cock out to apply some lube and slide his member into you gently so you could adjust to his size. You moaned and desperately moved your hips to give yourself some friction. But the werewolf wouldn’t have it. He growled and spanked your supple ass again. He gripped your hips and held them in place.
“Did you want to do all the work? I can get you a dildo instead.” He said as he began to pull out. You whined and shook your head no. He pushed his girth back inside and made you wait a little longer.
“Don’t be impatient or I’ll get you kicked out, you got that?” He told you in a firm tone. You nodded.
“I’ll behave. I will. Just please breed me!” You cried out. He smirked and began to thrust slowly in and out of you. You moaned and gripped the blanket above you as his knot stretched you so nicely. He quickened his pace and sucked a mark onto your thigh. This caused you to moan out and let your scent pour out from your glands to fill the room. Shouta took in your scent which made him drive deeper into you.  
“I’m gonna fill you up good, kitten. Make you so full that cum drips out of your hole~.” He told you as he pounded into you. You nodded in agreement. You had waited so long to carry a litter. You were happy that you finally would be able to after so long. You were in pure bliss as your werewolf mate pound your dripping hole. He grunted in your ear as he whispered things into your ear that made the knot in your lower stomach grow bigger until it was threatening to snap. You whimpered and told him you were close. He nodded and the both of you released. He pulled out and got you some water. He held your head up and made sure you drank. When you were finished with the water, he looked at you.
“Do you need anything else before we go another round, little Luna?” He asked of you while he had a smirk on his face. You were still blushing hard and shook your head no.
You wanted to be leaving here with a stomach rounded out from being stuffed with cum and having your hole dripping with his seed. He lined up with your hole before sliding in. He looked to you to make sure you were ok before thrusting. He gave you his knot this time to give you a higher chance of getting pregnant. You had released sooner than you thought you would. You could feel the hot spray of his seed in your womb as he released. He didn’t pull out and instead he kissed you again as he began to thrust more as he was determined to give you his litter. About an hour or so passed before the both of you were spent and he finally pulled out, put his member back in his pants, and laid next to you. He turned to face you and intertwined his fingers with yours. He propped himself up on his elbow and looked at your cum-filled stomach and put a hand on it as he kissed your head.  
“Go use the bathroom love. Is there anything else you want?” He asked as you sat up and discovered just how sore your hole was.
“C-can you help me to the bathroom? My legs feel like jelly.” You asked him. He nodded and stood up. He picked you up bridal style and carried you to the bathroom. He set you on the toilet and left you to do your business and he went through his drawers and pulled out one of his shirts and pulled out a pair of fresh underwear provided by Midnight for the customers.  He walked back to the bathroom door, knocked a couple times and opened the door a bit.
“You can wear these for now.” He said as he handed the clothes to you and closed the door again. You got changed and finished using the bathroom. You called for him to come in. Shouta was waiting there so he could scoop you up in his arms and carry you back to the nest. You held onto him and he held you close. While you were in the bathroom, he had added a couple pillows, a heating pad, and some more water bottles to the nest and the surrounding area. He then set you down in the nest and sat outside the nest looking in on you.
“T-Thank you, Shouta.” You said as you put the heating pad on your lower back.
“I’d do anything for you.” He told you as he kissed your head and wagged his tail a bit.  
“Can you get some food for us? I’m hungry.” You told him. He nodded and got back up again.
“What do you want?” He asked.
“I’d like F/F.” You requested. He nodded and pulled a shirt on before leaving the room and closing the door behind him. This left you to get comfortable in the nest and doze off a bit before he came back. Your mate soon returned with your favorite food and something for himself to eat. He set your food in the nest next to you before he leaned in and brushed a few strands of hair from your face. He kissed your forehead which made you scrunch your face a bit and wake up.
“Have a nice nap, kitten?” He asked as you noticed the bag with your favorite food inside.
“I didn’t mean to fall asleep but I was so tired after we mated.” You told him while eating your food.
“I did you put you through the ringer earlier. You can stay until morning. Now that I have a mate, I need to move out. I want to stay loyal to you. Even more so if you’re gonna have a litter.” He said as he ate his food.  
“I have a small apartment that we can share.” You told him. He smiled a bit.
“I don’t have much. Just what’s here in this room.” He responded.
“I can help you pack up tomorrow. I live down the block.” You said smiling.  
“We can have some of the other guys help carry my stuff to your apartment.” He told you. You nodded and smiled. Shouta took the to-go containers and put it outside his room. He then walked back to where you were in the nest and laid next to you.  
“Thank you.” You told him. The look on Shouta’s face was that of a puppy wanting to climb into bed with you. You smiled and put your fingers into his ebony locks and stroked one of his wolf ears that poked out of his head.
“Get in here. Just be careful, I’m still sore down there.” You told him. His face lit up and he climbed into the nest and laid behind you. He wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you gently into his embrace. You couldn’t be happier than you were right now. You had a mate and a very large possibility of a litter on the way. Shouta had his hand over your swollen stomach and was kissing your neck and ear. He was happy too.
“Thank you for being my mate, kitten. I’m happy you asked me to be your alpha. I will help you through each and every heat that you have if you’ll let me.” He told you and slid a hand up your shirt. You blushed and pressed into him.  He smirked and cuddled you.  
“You just rest now. You’re gonna be growing a litter here soon, Kitten.” He told you. You closed your eyes and dozed off in his arms. He kept you close all through the night as there were others going to their rooms with people that had come in earlier that evening. You woke up a little bit and flipped over so you were facing Shouta. You nuzzled into his chest and he woke up too.
“What’s wrong kitten?” He asked quietly.
“Others are making noise.” You responded as you blinked up at him.
“That’s normal here.” He chuckled. You blushed and hid your face. He looked down at you.
“I have an idea. Why don’t you come under my shirt to keep you warm? How does that sound?” Shouta suggested. You liked the idea and with his help he lifted the hem of his shirt and slid under his shirt. You hummed and nuzzled his chest. He stroked the back of your head as you pressed your face into his chest and dozed back to sleep. He pulled the sleeping bag around you two and zipped it up before he fell back asleep.
 Morning came and you woke up sleepily. You looked up to see Shouta looking down at your sleeping form.
“Morning kitten, did you sleep ok?” He asked.
“Yeah. After I got under your shirt, I zonked out quickly.” You said giggling.
“Do you want breakfast?” He asked.
“Are you allowed to do that still? Even now that I’m your mate?” You asked as you didn’t want him to get in trouble.
“I’ll be fine. I’ll tell Midnight what happened last night and she will have some of the other guys come up when we’re ready to go.” He reassured you as he unzipped the sleeping bag. You whined as you didn’t want to leave the warmth that he gave you.
“You can cuddle me more once we’re settled in your apartment, ok kitten?” He said looking down at you then helping you leave his shirt which was now stretched out. He stood up and let you be wrapped up in the sleeping bag. He knelt down and kissed your head before he left to get food. He stopped at the door.
“What do you want?” He asked.
“Pancakes with chocolate chips?” You asked cutely.
“Anything for you, kitten.” He told you before leaving. You rolled over and snuggled back into the sleeping bag to rest your eyes more before you had to get up. A few minutes later, Shouta came up with some pancakes for the both of you.
“Hey, sleepyhead. Wake up. Your breakfast is here.” He told you teasingly and licked your cheek. You opened your eyes.
“All I see is you~.” You said while blushing hard.  
“Do you want me for breakfast too, kitten?” He asked as he leaned closer to you and kissed you. He lured you out of the sleeping bag and into the cold air.
“I know you don’t like the cold but the warm and fluffy pancakes that are dripping with syrup and waiting to be devoured by a rather ravenous kitten~.” He mused as he teased you with the pancake. You reached over to take a bite but he pulled it just out of reach. You whined and retreated back into the nest. He tore off a bit of the fluffy breakfast item and held it in his mouth. He made a come here gesture with his finger and you obeyed and he prodded your mouth with the pancake which you gladly ate from his mouth and then kissed him. You hummed and climbed into his lap. He tore off another piece and fed you bit by bit until the first pancake was gone. There was two more in one of the containers. He looked at the pancakes then at you.
“We have some time before Midnight kicks the customers out. Why don’t we have some fun~.” He told you as a sly smirk tugged at the corners of his mouth. You smiled and nodded in agreement.
“Where do you want me?” You asked.
“Lay down for me, Y/N.” He instructed of you. You laid down and looked kept eye contact with him. He smirked and pushed the shirt up past your stomach.
“Still so pretty~. “He told you. He reached over to one of the pancakes and ripped it in half. He then tore up each of the halves into smaller pieces and trailed them up your legs. He took the extra maple syrup and trailed it up and down your legs. He sat back and admired the pretty picture in front of him. You blushed hard and nodded to give him approval to start. He laid down and started at your ankles. He licked the syrup that had dripped down and almost onto the floor. He sucked a bit and licked up to the piece of pancake and he ate it before kissing your shin. He licked up to the knee and ate the piece of pancake that was there before going up to the rest of the chunks of pancake that were on your thigh. He reached your hip and sucked a mark into the soft flesh of your hip before moving back down, starting at the ankle of your other leg. Shouta copied the same process with your other leg until he was panting over your lower area.
“Now, for my meal~.” He hummed and went down on you.
He had finished just as there was banging on his door.
“Hey Shouta! You gotta wrap it up in there. Midnight wants the customers out in ten!” A loud voice called from the other side of the door. Shouta groaned and pulled away from you.
“Go put a pair of my shorts on and follow me. I’ll carry you down to Midnight and tell her that you’re my mate.” He said as he helped you up to your feet and helped you to his dresser. He pulled out a pair of black shorts and helped you into them.
“There you go. Do you think you can walk?” He asked you. You shook you head no and he picked you up to wrap your legs around his waist.  He kissed your cheek and carried you down to the main room which looked completely different than how it was the night before. You peeked out from under your hair and saw some of the others. You searched for your friend that should’ve been next to the fiery red head. He saw you and spoke.
“I sent your friend home when we were done. They should be fine.” He said and you relaxed. Shouta sat down with you in his lap next to a long-haired blonde that had the same voice as earlier. You recognized him as the DJ from last night. You hid your face in the crook of your mate’s neck as Midnight approached them all. She sat down and addressed them about what happened last night and reminded them some of the rules. Shouta held you tightly as she reminded the group about having the customers leaving before morning. Midnight’s eyes darted to Shouta and she smiled.
“I see that you finally found yourself a mate. You remember the terms that we decided on, right?” She asked. He nodded.
“I need help with moving my stuff into Y/N’s apartment down the street.” He asked.  A couple of the beefier men including the orca looking guy pitched in to help.
“When we’re done here the boys can help you.” Midnight said. A few of the other alphas in the room congratulated you and Shouta.  You blushed and hid your face in Shouta’s chest.
“I’m gonna go back up and get my stuff sorted.” Shouta told the group as he stood up and went back to his room.  He set you down in the nest before going about his room and sorting the small amount he had.  The loud blonde came up with some empty boxes and helped his friend pack his clothes and bedding. He walked back over to the nest and checked in on you a few times before he had to take the nest apart and leave you with the sleeping bag. When everything was packed, Shouta’s friend went down and came back with the bouncer from the night before and a new person that also had blonde hair. They helped carry the boxes and a couple pieces of furniture downstairs and out of the establishment. Shouta carried you in his sleeping bag after the other men. You led them to your apartment down the street and helped them inside. You instructed them where to put the boxes and furniture. They left soon after, leaving the two of you alone. He set you down on your bed and kissed you.
“Your place looks nice. I’ll go unpack. You rest, kitten.” He said as he kissed your head and left the room to go unpack. He dragged a box into your room where his dresser was and sorted the clothes back into the drawers as you slept. He wanted to stay close to you even now. He felt like he had to protect you. He could sense that you were pregnant even though you didn’t believe him. He finished sorting his clothes and went to the box of his bedding and made a nest around you. He slid in and held you close to his chest. He dozed off, now feeling safe in his new home and next to his new mate that he loved so dearly.  
Two weeks went by and you adjusted to your new life with your mate. You didn’t feel top notch though. You had nausea and fatigue. You didn’t want to move from the nest as the slightest movement would make you want to run to the bathroom and puke out your guts. You had developed the oddest cravings. One of your cravings was pickle juice as a brine for raw meat that you were craving. You also couldn’t seem to get enough pineapple juice, Gatorade, and milk. The smell of fish made you want to puke. Shouta was willing to get up at early hours when you would wake him when you had an intense craving for whatever you were craving that week. One afternoon, You, were sitting on the couch and devouring a tray of chicken nuggets with mac and cheese as Shouta came over and sat down next to you.
“Hey, Y/N? I wanna talk to you about something.” He told you.
“What is it?” You asked as you ate.  He looked at you with concern and spoke.
“Remember about two weeks ago when we met?” He asked you. You blushed and nodded.
“I think with all your recent cravings and nausea, I believe you’re pregnant.” He said smiling a bit.
“You really think so?” You asked as you finished your ramen and set the plate on the coffee table.
“Yes, I do. I went out and got a pregnancy test when I got the ice cream you requested.” He told you.
“Ok. Where is it?” You asked.
“On the bathroom counter.” He told you. You got up with some help and went to the bathroom to take the test. Shouta stood as well and took your plate into the kitchen to wash it. You came out a few minutes later and showed him the positive test. He picked you up and held you close. The both of you were happy and excited. Shouta kissed you and knelt down to your stomach that was showing the slightest bit.  He kissed your stomach and hugged you.
“Thank you, Y/n. I am very happy. You have helped me with that. I love you so much.” He told you and kissed you again.
“I will go set up a doctor’s appointment for later this week.” You spoke. He nodded and told you that he wanted to go with you to the appointments.  You set up an appointment and he made a special dinner for the both of you to celebrate. He pulled you close when you had finished setting up the appointment and held you close to his chest.
“C’mon. I made us dinner.” He said and led you to the bedroom where a pizza was laid out on the bed. He had redone the nest and climbed in. He helped you in and he shared a pizza with you. The two of you spent the rest of the evening dreaming of the future and what it would hold for the both of you.
 The end.
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bonbonthedragon · a month ago
Would you do 7, 9, and 10 with Bakugou?? 💜
Hehehe I had so much fun writing this
Prompt Event!
“Pay attention to me”
“No don’t do that’s its not safe”
“Because I care about you, you asshole”
Tumblr media
Katsuki was clingy by no means…at least not in public. The boy behind closed doors though? He loved making sure you were his, making sure to fill the time with his love he wasn’t able to give you the whole day because of his enormous ego around others. So when it’s been a good month without his touch, pretty easy with you two in different classes. It was difficult to find time with midterms coming and constant studying for test, only as a support student, your final for the semester was to create something new that would help the future generation of hero’s. So as much as you two could have had time to get together, your time wasn’t studying in your room, rather staying as late as possible in your lab to build until the due date for said item came to term. Bakugou though? Your boyfriend was obviously going insane, and in all honesty you found it quite amusing.
you heard the door shut behind you, the door you thought you locked and a bit intimated by since it was in fact 10:00 and you were in fact alone in the school beside maybe Aizawa who always stayed late and forced you to go back to the dorm and be “normal”. What ever that meant. Suddenly there was a chair being pulled up next to you and it caused you to flinch, stopping the electric saw from moving so the stupid person next to you didn’t get sparks sprayed in their face. You turned and lifted your mask, that stupid person was Katsuki.
“Pay attention to me”
Blinking, you hummed “I will, I just need to get this part done.”
The blonds leg began to jump up and down, huffing through his nose and nodding. The table nudged as he kicked himself away from it, rolling back and leaning to get comfortable. You looked back, sighed and putting your mask back on. As much as you loved him, the boy was much more jumpy than you.
He only got more nervous watching you work, hating how it was dangerous for you. The heavy lifting, burns and rolling under heavy equipment to build your dream tech. It was your job and something you loved he knew, but it was also dangerous and he hated knowing you could get hurt. Just made him so nervous. It was taking up a lot of your time and stress, all the work making him miss you more. Plus he wanted cuddles, as your boyfriend he needed some fucking cuddles.
He watched you intensely as you stopped the saw, removing your mask and setting it aside the metal. He felt himself relax at that, that was until you grabbed your creeper, using the jack to lift the motor and lay your back on the roller. His chest tightened again, the at least 300 pound hunk of metal just above your body. Yeah no.
“Hey Kats, can you hand me the- oh”
Suddenly you were pulled from your ankles, hands rolling you out and from under the motor. Looking up you were faced with a wide eyed bakugou, soon replaced with a pout and looking away as he helped you up from the roller. Resisting, you tugged back down only for him to resist back “no don’t do that it’s not safe”
“And why is that?”
“Because I said so”
“You say why?”
“Because I care about you, you asshole” and he grabbed the hem of your shirt “now pay attention to me and stop working.”
“Please pay attention to him, he’s been here for hours making me give him practice test until you leave”
You startled as you looked over bakugou’s shoulder, seeing his teacher in the door way scratching the back of his head. You looked back at your boyfriend “how long have you been here?”
He rolled his eyes “since school ended. You take too fucking long.” He grabbed your hand, placing it on the top his head signaling he wanting you to thread your fingers though it as his head went to fall on your shoulder, in front of the teacher no less.
“All this in front of another human being? You must be miserable” you scoffed, beginning to scratch his scalp earning a nuzzle come him deeper into your shoulder. Aizawa nodded and left the room, having little to no interest with the situation. With that you used your free hand to set on his lower back, pulling him closer as his own hands went to wrap around your waist. “Do you need some snuggles?” you said in a voice, earning a hum back from him “back scratches and hand rubs?”
With that he stopped your ministrations and went to grab your school bag and hand, leading you out the door. As you walked you took the hand in yours and began to massage his palms, knowing he was already putty in your hands.
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positions | b.barnes & p.parker
Tumblr media
[warnings] dark!bucky barnes x reader, grey!peter parker x reader, petplay, abduction, collars/bondage, brainwashing, noncon/dubcon oral sex, degredation/dehuminization, sex slave training, some weird shit 
A/N: So I tried something new and this is kind of a test to see if people like it. I’m into it so I figured I might as well write it :) if you don’t know what petplay is ... google it 
In which Bucky trains you for your new owner, Peter Parker. 
word count: 4.3k
main masterlist
taglist: @cherienymphe​ @peterztinglez @lovelynerdytraveler @buckysbunny @hollandsdream @micki-smiles @buckybarnesplumwhore @arts-ismything @saharzek @lovemassivelybeautifulbouquet @what-is-your-wish @brattypeony @hermayone @buckysugar @mischiefmanaged011  @visintaes @cherienymphe
You dipped your head down, trying to get your fingers closer to your mouth you could pull out the gag tightly wrapped around your head. Your cheeks were wet with mascara and tears and your body was completely sore, having been wrestled, bound, and thrown into a cage. Leather cuffs decorated your wrist, ankles and were even wrapped around your thighs, all connected together by chains and leaving you positioned in all fours. 
You even felt a tightness around your neck which could only be a collar. 
Where are my clothes? 
Of course, he knew you were a tourist, having asked him directions to the club you were supposed to meet your friends at. He joined you and bought an entire round of drinks for you and your friends. You were broke so how could you turn down drinks from such a nice guy? Who cares if he was trying to get into your pants, your friends would help if he got too handsy. You remembered dancing with the older and extremely handsome man for most of the night, actually enjoying being pressed against him. 
You remembered the dark brown hair that he pushed back from his face, the stubble you felt against your cheek when he spoke in your ear. 
You were supposed to take the pill he offered you together but now you knew his must have been a placebo. Your friends saw his face and they’d help the cops find you. That’s what you told yourself but as the hours that felt like days went by in the dim, concrete room.
You weren’t alone, you knew that, you could hear the moaning and whimpering of other girls that you assumed were locked away just like you were. You were being sex trafficked, you assumed, and the thought was suffocating you more than the gag was. You began to hyperventilate and, no matter how much you tried to control your breathing, you couldn’t stop yourself. You welcomed the darkness of sleep and hoped you would wake up in your hotel room. 
You awoke to the sound of tapping on the cage, your heavy eyes blinking open to find the man who was responsible for your kidnapping. Unlike the smile he wore when you first met him, the look on his face was stoic as he bent down to examine you. 
He said his name was James but his friends called him Bucky.  
“Look how beautiful you are even when you’re crying,” He said, a pain in the back of your throat when you realized the tears were starting again, “Look at those eyes … I knew you had the face for this.” 
He reached towards you, pulling up the hinge that was keeping the cage shut. It was a simple contraption but with your limbs pinned by leather, it made the simple task impossible to do. He opened the cage, reaching into his back pocket, and pulling out what looked like a …  leash, “C’mon, doll, let's get the hard part over with,” He was going to lead you around like a dog? You backed yourself up further, suddenly thinking you might be safer inside the cage, “I’ll give you another chance ... “
You shook your head, an inaudible sound of protests coming from your mouth because you were gagged. He clicked his tongue, “That little collar around your neck, that's the one good girls wear. Would you rather wear an electric one?”
You paused, your eyes widening. This was even worse than you assumed and, although you were shaking, you let him attach the leash to the collar. He stood, pulling on the leash. It tightened the more you hesitated and you found yourself struggling for air. You crawled out onto the cold concrete, unable to stand up. 
The room reminded you of a basement or a mad scientist’s lab, concrete walls, one wall lined with cages, another covered in what looked like torture devices, and a metal table in the middle of the room, “There you go, good girl,”  He started pulling you further along and but you couldn’t coordinate your movements. The feeling was so unnatural. You finally got a look at the other girls but, unlike you, they weren’t bound like you were. Some were sleeping peacefully and the others had their wide, wanting eyes on Bucky as if they desired his attention. 
Growing frustrated, you started to pull back, but it only choked you further. You struggled to make actual words come out but you were loud against the gag, though your efforts were probably futile. He forced you to crawl over to the table, where he paused before he was suddenly wrapping his arms around your torso. 
He lifted you onto the table and, for a short moment, you imagined the muscles that were probably underneath his black shirt. The cold of the table sent a chill through your body, adding to the eerie nature of the room. As you tried to move into a more comfortable position, resting your bottom back on your feet, you felt a sharp sting to your bottom, “I didn’t tell you to change positions,” You heard him say, and when you tried to turn your head to look at him, he spanked you again, “Face forward, pet.”
You tried to blink away your tears as you turned your head away, “Are you naturally obedient … or are you just scared out of your mind, huh?”
You weren’t sure either. The only thing you knew was that you wanted to be miles and miles away from where you were now. Were you even in New York anymore? 
“The fear will go away,” He said and you felt him messing with the leather cuffs wrapped around your limbs. He tightened them in areas that were loose and made sure they were secure. When he got to your gag, you didn’t expect him to untie the cloth from around your mouth. Before it was loose enough, “Speak and the shock collar goes on … nod if you understand.”
Slowly, you nodded. Trying to protect yourself, you decided you would be obedient for now. When there was a clear chance of escape, you could take it. The gag being gone gave you back some comfort but your lips trembled. You wanted badly to say something, to reason with him but he seemed set on doing whatever he was going to do. Whatever he did to those other girls … 
You felt a hand on your waist, it wasn’t rough, but his touch sent warning signals through your brain, “From now on, the only words I should hear from your mouth are ‘Yes, Master’. Do you understand?”
Your lips did not part to utter those words which led to a spank on your bottom. You yelped at the initial one and his assault continued until you gave in. You squeezed your hands into a fist, embarrassment rushing through you, as you finally said, “Y-Yes, Master.”
Sounding triumphant, he moved on to the next part of his inspection. Still looking forward, you were pulled to the side when he grabbed a hold of your hair. He separated it, almost neatly, into two sections, tying each side into a ponytail and effectively removing it from your face. Next, you watched him walk over to his wall of torture tools. 
You looked at him then down at the restraints around your wrist. You pulled your hands in opposite directions, testing the strength of the chain connecting them. When he approached again, he was holding another black item. You tried backing away but he grabbed a hold of your arm, “Shhh,” He spoke, sounding more annoyed than calming. You weren’t sure what it was until it was right in front of your face. Black leather straps attached to a metal ring. When he grabbed your face, forcing the ring into your mouth, you thought you might choke once again. Like the cloth gag, he tightened this one behind your head, “There, that’s better. Your first, big reward will be getting to take off that gag … in the meantime, you’ll learn how to beg without using your words.”
He held your chin in his hand, the other touching over your hair. For a moment, he seemed to look at you with adoration. 
For the next three weeks, you’d stay in that cement room for almost twenty-three hours of the day, Bucky only letting you out for your “lessons” or to let you relieve yourself. He’d told you a while ago that you wouldn’t do anything without his permission, not even go to the restroom. It was dehumanizing which you knew was the point of all of this. You were already starting to feel relieved whenever Bucky appeared because it meant you could come out of the cage. 
He often walked you around the room, letting you practice coordinating your movements. Humiliating as it was, your favorite thing was when he’d take off the restraints, letting you stand up, as he bathed you. 
Today, things were different, “It’s your lucky day, pet. We start house training today.” In the morning, he came down the stairs, and, this time, he led you up them. Undoing the chains but leaving the cuffs allowed you to move more freely but you learned that he still wanted to crawl. It made you feel small, in comparison to the massive house that was built above the basement. The home was sleek, expensive, and clean as well as full of grays, whites, and black colors. 
Bringing you into the living room, The living room was illuminated by the tall windows and you could see the thick green trees outside. You definitely weren’t in the city anymore. You could run now, if you could find a way out. So far, you hadn’t spotted a front door but maybe that would be the obvious out. He was a professional after all and your escape would take some critical thinking. 
Right now, you were focused on not being punished. From the moment Bucky decided to move the ring gag, you’d do anything to keep it off. You’d gotten used to the feeling but it was still painful and it didn’t make you feel any better about yourself when you were constantly drooling on yourself. 
You soon learned what exactly Bucky meant by housetraining. Instead of spanking, Bucky decided on a new positive reinforcer. With everything you did right, he gave you little bites of chocolate which you became grateful for. The food he served down in the basement didn’t resemble anything tasteful. 
First, you went through positions. 
Stay, Sit, Heel, Wait, Come, Stand, Bed or Crate, and plenty more an adult woman could easily do but fight her cognitive dissonance at the same time. You tried your best to not focus on the embarrassment and remembered the food … you even took comfort in the soft pats on your head and bottom, a reminder of human contact. 
“When I tell you to Mount, I want your face down and ass in the air,” The command was simple enough but Bucky sensed your hesitance. It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen every inch of your body already, “Face down,” Bucky urged you, his voice deep and commanding. 
Slowly you moved down to the carpet, your bottom in the air. You felt him standing behind you, probably taking in the view. He placed his feet between your legs, kicking them apart and allowing him a better view. He was quiet for a moment and you began to assume the worst, jumping a bit when you felt a hand on your bottom, “Face down,” He commanded again and you pressed your cheek to the carpet, “Good. Don’t you worry, sweet thing. I’ll leave this hole untouched for your future owner … though I am tempted.”
“Up,” He said, grabbing ahold of the leash attached to your collar. He led you towards the white, leather couch, taking a seat while pulling you in between his spread legs. Leaning forward, Bucky’s held your face in his hands, brushing his thumb over your bottom lip. Bucky watched the panic in your eyes, the uncertainty and fear that was still lingering, “Things will be so much better when you realize you rather be a dumb, little puppy … the overthinking, the anxiety, you can let it all go, let someone else take control.”
You began to shake your head and Bucky grabbed your chin roughly, his eyes darkening, “You’ve been good all day, don’t start now,” He said, his grip still tight, “I think you need to show me a little bit more gratitude.” You watched him begin to wrap the leather leash around his hand, over and over, until he had all the control of it. It pulled you closer to his crotch as Bucky leaned back against the couch. 
“I’m sure you’ve done this before, right?” He smirked, undoing his belt, and unbuttoning his jeans. 
“Please-”  You yelped as he pulled you even further. 
“Pets don’t get to make demands. I don’t want any thoughts going on in that little head that don’t involve your mouth being around my cock. Understand?” Another rough pull. 
You nodded, “Y-Yes,” You rushed the words out, “Yes, Master.”
“Good puppy,” He spoke condescendingly, reaching into his briefs to pull out his cock, and he touched it against your cheek, letting you feel how hard he already was, “If you make me cum fast enough, I’ll let you sleep upstairs tonight.”
You’d never fully admit it to yourself but the prospect of sleeping in a real bed, at least not sleeping in a cold basement, sounded a lot more appealing than the food. Though you were hesitant, you knew how badly you wanted to stay upstairs, even if that meant you had to be with Bucky. 
You grabbed the base of his cock with your hand and put the tip of him in his mouth. As Bucky’s head tilted back, you began to work your magic which wasn’t much seeing as how you hadn’t been in many relationships. You worked him into your mouth slowly, trying not to trigger your gag reflex, while you stroked his bottom half. “Good girl … good girl,” You heard him whisper, trying not to find the way his face contorted in pleasure as attractive. He took you away from everything, you had to remind yourself. 
As time went on, you could tell he was getting close. You swirl your tongue around his tip, anticipating his orgasm. He grabbed you by your ponytail, pushing you further down, as he came down your throat, “Swallow it all,” He grunted, “Good girl.”
You did swallow it all though it was hard to hide your disgust at the taste. Bucky looked amused, once again taking your face in his hands. He had a thing for your lips, that much you understood, and you wondered if he wanted to kiss you. Maybe it was another thing that was oft limits and to be saved for your true “owner”. 
That night, Bucky kept his word though you slept at the end of his bed with a pillow and blanket, your collar chained to the bedpost. Somehow, it was the best night's rest you had in weeks.
“This is … impressive,” Peter breathed out, stuffing his hands into his pocket in order to keep them from fidgeting. The sight of women displayed before him, each one of them beautiful, was reddening his cheeks which he hoped Bucky didn’t notice, “And you’ve trained all of them yourself?”
Like he was showing off one of his greatest accomplishments, Bucky smiled. Three of his “pets” sat on their knees obediently in the area in front of the fireplace. All tourists and all of them had something special Bucky noticed about them. Holding two glasses of bourbon, he handed one to Peter to which Peter accepted politely, “Tricks and all. Piper there has been with me for over a year. Feel free to touch and try out the merchandise, they love it.” 
The girls did seem eager to get their hands on him, with warm smiles and flirtatious eyes. Though they loved Bucky, they’d been trained to work hard so that one day they can be adopted by someone else. All they had worked for would be worth it once they were chosen.
Peter’s eyes widened, “Actually, I don't think-”
“Not your cup of tea, Pete?” Bucky raised an eyebrow, bringing his glass to his lips. 
“No, uhm, that’s not it,” Peter said. The entire idea of this was becoming a little too real for the young Avenger. He knew what had led him here, the loneliness of being a superhero, and the inability to get close to someone out of fear that his enemies would target them. That's how he lost MJ and he’d promised himself that he’d never hurt like that again, “I’m not sure about … all of this.”
Bucky placed a hand on Peter’s shoulder, giving him a look that father might give a son, “You have a lot of empathy, that's why,” Bucky explained, “But you already do your part to society, saving people and risking your life. It’s okay to be a bit selfish and take back from the universe. You deserve it, kid. Besides, I’m sure your left-hand could use a break every now and then.”
Peter shook his head, trying to hide his amusement, “Ha ha.”
“C’mere, let me show you something,” With his hand still on his shoulder, Bucky led Peter over to the basement door, “I’ve never shown anyone where the magic happens. My customers usually see one of the girls, gets over excited and immediately wants to buy one.”
The lights flicked on and illuminated the staircase. As they went down, Peter’s eyes were wide with curiosity, feeling as if Bucky was the villain and he was entering his evil lair. Well, his feelings weren’t totally wrong, “... do they usually test them out too?”
“Usually, yes …” Bucky trailed off, realizing something, “You’d like someone untouched, I can tell. There’s someone that I think would be perfect for you.”
The two walked along a long corridor until getting to a room full of metal cages. You were the only one left downstairs, the other girls were ready to be sold, and you were sleeping peacefully like you did most time during the day. After seeing Bucky leading the other girls away, you didn’t expect to see him for hours. Now that he had returned, you were perked up, and even more curious about the man with him. 
Seeing someone new made you want to cry out for help but that would be stupid. If he was with Bucky, he was probably into Bucky’s sick business too. They stopped in front of your cage and Bucky crouched down to open the lock, crawling out as Bucky beckoned you by waving his hand. 
Peter’s heartbeat quickened at the sight of you, watching how your eyes darted back in forth between the two men. You seemed just as frightened as Peter was, “Sit,” Bucky told you and, hesitantly, you sat back on your knees, your hands in your lap. Though you were still naked, you’d earned your way out of the restraints except for your collar of course. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she? I haven’t named her yet but I’ve only had her for a few months.”
Bucky ran his hand over your hair and then down your back, his hand resting on your bottom, “Yeah, uhm … yeah,” You connected the dots quickly, realizing the man with the light brown hair and kind eyes was interested in buying her, “She already seems very behaved.”
You looked to Bucky to see his reaction and he had a proud look on his face, “We had an issue about two weeks ago but it was easily corrected,” You cringed, looking away, remembering the week you spent with the electric collar on all because you’d tried to run to the front door. You could still feel the current rushing through your body, paralyzing your muscles, “She is very sweet, good with her mouth and she’s a cuddler, that’s why I think you’d be a good match.”
Bucky stood and you wished for a second that he’d keep caressing your back. He’s spent most of the last week with the other girls and you hadn’t slept upstairs in ages, “Would she really be ready after two months?”
Bucky sighed, “I’d have to keep her for a few more months. It usually takes more than a year,” Peter nodded, “But, for my friend, I’ll make sure she’s ready as soon as possible. So?”
Peter looked you over again. There was something about you that was different … special, even, “She’s the one,” Peter said, surprising himself and Bucky smiled. 
You didn’t know if you’d be able to recognize yourself in the coming months but, just like that, your fate was sealed. 
six months later … 
You remembered your last night with Bucky. He reminded you every day it seemed like that you’d be going to Peter soon. You’d curled up in his lap, letting tears fall down your cheek as Bucky wiped them away, “I know it hurts, pet,” He spoke soothingly, “Peter is a good friend, you’ll see me soon. Besides, it’ll be nice not having to share, won’t it?”
Bucky took your silence as a sign of acceptance, “That’s my good girl,” He cooed and you tried to keep in your sobs as you accepted his comfort. He leaned down to kiss your forehead and then your cheek. It was the perfect distraction and you almost didn’t notice that he pricked your neck, filling you with a sedative, “When you wake up, you’ll be somewhere new, but I want you to be on your best behavior. You’ll listen to him … you’ll comfort him because he’s your new Master. You can do that, right?”
“Yes …” Your voice began to trail off as your eyes got heavy, “... Master.”
“Goodnight, pet.”
Peter awoke the next morning to a phone call. He rolled over in bed, picking it up, “Hello?” He asked groggily. 
“Mr. Parker, you have quite a large package here. Should I send it up?” It was the man at the front desk downstairs. Peter was confused at first since he hadn’t ordered anything but the realization hit him quickly, “Mr. Parker-”
“Yes, send it up, please!” Peter was already hurrying out of bed, looking around the room for clothes. Peter was expecting you tonight and he thought he’d have all day to get things ready for you. When he finally made it out of the room, there was a knock at the front door. Taking a deep breath, Peter answered. One of the bellhops rolled in the package which was wrapped in red wrapping paper and a bow. Just in time for Christmas in a few days. 
Peter waited for the bellhop to step out and tipped him handsomely. Even if the man did think Peter had made a shady purchase, Spiderman wasn’t exactly a figure you wanted to go against. A lot had changed since he was a teenager, a lot for the better. He wouldn’t be standing in the foyer of his penthouse apartment if things hadn’t changed. Peter couldn’t buy his happiness, he knew that, but he had a feeling you could change things. 
Peter carefully unwrapped the paper, trying not to startle you further, but it seemed that it was too late for that. As Peter crouched down at the opening of the cage, you had pushed yourself to the back of it, your knees pulled to your chest, and tears dry against your cheeks. 
You looked different, Bucky having dressed you in a new, light pink collar as well pink ribbons to decorate your pigtails. He’d even given you a dress though it was tight to your skin and barely went over your bottom. 
“I’m not going to hurt you, I promise” Peter said, opening the door to the cage, “I’m Peter, remember? … do you want to come out?”
He was asking you? Bucky never asked what you wanted. 
Peter racked his brain for all the training information that Bucky had given him, “Come,” Peter said, remembering the word from the manual, “ … please,” He added. 
You moved slowly, getting onto your knees as you slowly crawled out onto the cool, marble floor. Up above you could see a shining chandelier and looking around you could tell there was much to discover. Peter, kneeling beside you, said, “This is your home now,” He informed you and couldn’t help but wish Bucky was here. You were already missing his bed, you even missed when he would come down to the basement and set you free, “I’m going to take care of you from now on.”
Peter was your Master now, you had to remember that. You belonged to him now and, unlike with Bucky, you belonged to him solely. 
You trusted Bucky. And when you were finally reunited, he’d be overjoyed that you’d done as he told you. Bucky wanted you to be happy here and he wanted you to make Peter happy so that’s exactly what you’d do. 
“Do you like it, Princess?” Though you still had dry tears, your lips pulled into a thin smile which surprised Peter.
Princess, you liked that name. 
The younger man, reach out, and you took the opportunity to brush your face against his hand. Peter stroked your face as you nuzzled into him. You loved his touch and you craved more of the feeling. You pushed closer and closer, causing Peter to fall back on his bottom as you climbed on top of him. Still grinning, you placed soft kisses along his neck and then on his chin. 
He laughed, sitting up on his elbows, “I’ll take that as a yes. How about a tour?”
Anything to make you happy, Master.
hope you enjoyed!!
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fandomvariousness · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Eren Jaeger x reader
Warnings: angst, mentions of violence & death, nsfw content
Summary: reader finally sees her lover Eren after the team retrieves him to the airship, yet he’s not the same. Will she bring him back?
Word count: 3.2k
A/N: Forgive me if some details are inaccurate, this is my rendering of the situation, so some things may not add up!
Tumblr media
Finally, the day you’re going to see Eren again.
You shivered with anticipation, thinking about the letters that were going sparse, until there were none. You’ve been inseparable, supporting each other every step of the way, but Eren had to deal with unthinkable, horrible things along the same steps too, and you couldn’t take all of it away – the burning hatred seeped into his brain, numbing his senses and compassion.
He offered no explanation in letters as to why he’d stopped writing so often, and you didn’t ask for one – he’s in enemy’s land, surely he has his reasons, but deep down you knew he was pushing you away.
What were you going to say to him? Will you hug him? Will he hug you? You had no idea, and it was killing you.
Your adrenaline was over the roof. Everything around you was destroyed, splintered, ground to pieces – Eren did that.
It seemed that you lost it when you realized that Eren had transformed without the care of hurting innocent civilians – his sense of revenge was stronger than anything else. You haven’t been able to approach him yet, to look into his mesmerizing jade eyes. You suspected Captain Levi has positioned you away from him on purpose – who knows how you and Eren would’ve reacted to each other’s presence after so long.
You felt the insides of your stomach turn as you hooked your cables on the airship and zipped-lined towards it. Just a minute ago you saw how Mikasa made it inside, dragging Eren along. You heard a commotion above you – Captain Levi was cussing Eren out. The casual.
You felt how everyone stopped whatever they were doing as you were climbing on board – secretly, they all wanted to know what will happen once you two meet again. That’s how powerful you two are. Were.
Out of breath, you stood up, regaining your posture, your rifle still in hands as you finally looked at him: if not for the emerald sheen of his eyes, you wouldn’t have recognized this ragged, miserable man with a chestnut resembling that of a lion.
You stared into each other, the unbearable grief that consumed you rendering you immobile. Quickly, your vision worsened, tears blurring your eyes as you realized there’s nothing behind those of Eren. He looks at you, yet doesn’t say anything, doesn’t feel anything.
“Move,” Captain Levi muttered and lightly pushed you aside.
You tore your gaze away from Eren, breathing shallow breaths as you stumbled towards the wall, leaning on it.
And then you heard the shot.
It was unbearable. One fleeting moment, one slightest miscalculation, and she’s gone. Sasha is gone.
You kneeled beside her tomb with your head hanging down, hot teardrops sinking into the pale stone. Everything was always shit, but now… now it’s pure hell. You sobbed and raised your head to look at the cloudy sky, cutting off the air flow, trying to pull yourself together.
“Hey,” Jean approached you, Connie not far behind. “Come here.”
He crouched down to your level and placed his palms on your shoulders reassuringly, helping you stand up.
Eren was nowhere to be seen. He kept to himself in his quarters, but Captain Levi forbid anyone to properly visit him anyway. He thought Eren’s unstable.
But you thought the opposite. Eren’s perfectly stable – the deadly precision, calculation and determination fueled his conscious, revenge-fueled decisions, and frankly, you were afraid. He wasn’t thrashing around like he would years ago, screaming and tearing everything apart, consumed by fury – he knew what he was doing now.
The last time you laid eyes on him was during Sasha’s funeral, but it seemed that he wasn’t even there. His body was, of course, but his mind was fleeting somewhere else, somewhere where he could continue plotting the utter extermination of every last one of his enemies.
It’s going to be hard, bringing him back. Hell, you didn’t even know if it’s possible – he truly looked like a goner. But you were going to try, because there isn’t any other living being in the world you love more than Eren Jaeger.
You sat on your bed, facing the one that belonged to Sasha. She would tell you to stand up and go straight to Eren and whoop his ass for ignoring you.
You sank your teeth in your lower lip as you stood up and made your way towards Captain Levi’s office.
“Come in,” his low voice muttered after you knocked. He rolled his eyes when he saw it’s you.
“What is it?” he asked, his desk already stuffed with a bunch of paperwork.
“I need to visit Eren.” you realized how selfish your request sounds in the midst of everything, but you couldn’t help it.
“No.” he answered after a few seconds of regarding you, without any care in the world. “You’ll just wind him up.”
Your heart skipped a beat – if Captain Levi thought that Eren still feels something for you, then maybe it’s true.
“Please, Captain, I –”
“Stop whining, brat.” he hissed, silencing you.
There was a wall of miscommunication between the two of you as you stared at each other, trying to convince one another silently.
He put down his pen after a few moments and leaned back in his chair as he sighed slowly. “You’re gonna do it anyway, aren’t you?”
You shrugged ever so slightly as you stared at nothing in particular.
Some more silence passed. “I’ve not yet decided on giving you week’s-worth punishment for insubordination, but go. Get out.”
“Thank you, Captain.” you bowed your head to him quickly, suppressing your smile as you basically ran away.
Levi rubbed his forehead. “Stupid brats.”
As you approached the door of Eren’s room, your heart pounded against your ribs so hard, you truly thought they’re going to crack. Yet here you were, standing within a step from the door, eyeing the little crack of light that emits from within – it’s not completely closed.
You lifted your trembling arm and knocked softly, then once again, harder this time, thinking he may not have heard it.
“Eren?” you whispered weakly after you got no reply once again.
You gulped and pushed the door further, stepping in – empty. He’s not here.
You released a breath you didn’t realize you were holding as you stepped further, looking around. The whole room looked almost untouched if not for the sack of a few items he brought from his old room. Your eyes flicked towards a stack of letters on the desk – your letters.
Your lower lip quivered as you approached them, picking one up – not even opened.
Pain and anger spun like a vortex inside you, bringing hot tears to your eyes. How important must’ve been the reason that he denied you the slightest explanation?
The letter dropped back to the desk as you flinched, hearing the door shut behind you.
Gasping quietly, you turned around, seeing him clearly for the first time since a couple of days ago. He stood there in all his cool, newfound glory: hair long enough to be messily gathered in a bun, naked torso adorned with chiseled abs, V line protruding from his waistline, and pants that hugged his muscular legs.
He had a toweled hanging over his shoulder – that’s where he’s been, in the showers.
You didn’t know what was the exact reason for the hot blush that crept to your face in a second – the fact that Eren is even more attractive than you remember, or that you stood there like a mute, with your jaw basically on the floor.
His own gaze was unreadable – he watched you like a hawk as he approached the chair and draped the towel over its back, stuffing his hands in his pockets afterwards.
You snapped awake, glancing at the letters behind you, and then back at him. “You never opened them.”
“You need to forget me,” he spoke, staring directly in your eyes. “I’ve only have a few years left anyway, if I’m lucky.”
It hurt you how assured of his words he was as you turned your body from him, desperately trying to calm down. He stood there just the same when you dared to look at him again.
“Why are you doing this?” you asked, failing to conceal the tremble that laced your voice. “I’ve told you countless times, I’m with you until the end, and even then.”
“That’s exactly why.” he raised his voice just a bit, reminding of the old Eren you used to know. “I can’t bear the fact that you’re okay with… all this.”
You covered your face with your palms momentarily before stepping a couple of steps closer to him. “Did you honestly think I’ll go down with this scheme of yours?”
“I’m determined to make it happen.”
“Eren, don’t be stupid!” you couldn’t control yourself anymore. “I’m not some… weak maiden in need of constant attention! I’m your partner!”
“You want to be partner of the monster that I am?” he asked, a faint hint of disappointment in his voice.
You sighed, closing your eyes. “Eren…”
“I’m a murderer.” he said as he lessened the space between you a little more, trying to impose his truth on you – you could almost feel his breath on your skin, what made another shiver run down your spine.
You opened your eyes abruptly, because you knew he expected that you won’t be able to even look at him after what he’s done. His jade eyes were the same as before as you drowned in them.
You couldn’t help as you placed your dainty palms on his ripped upper arms, the tips of your fingers jolting with electricity. Eren felt that too, for you heard him draw in a sharp breath.
You were going to say something, but right now you couldn’t focus on anything other than your skins touching again, after all this time. You gulped as you gathered courage to lightly stroke down to his forearms.
“You’re not a monster.” you spoke again. “You’re just a hurt boy who can’t help but hurt others.”
He stayed silent, because he knew it’s true. You always did this to him – always had one last argument that made him shut up. His eyes became glassy as he looked down in shame, gripping your own forearms in his calloused palms.
“Come here,” you mumbled as you wound your arms around his neck, cradling him, as his own arms snaked around your waist, head buried in the crook of your neck.
You were only hugging, but it felt ecstatic. You gripped him tightly, swearing to yourself never to let go again. You felt a few wet drops run down your shoulder, yet Eren didn’t release a sound – you knew he was holding back.
“I’m sorry for everything.” he whispered. “You don’t deserve this.”
“Eren, you’re never getting rid of me.” you whispered into his hair before planting a tender kiss on his head.
He released a breathy laugh, tickling your neck. You nuzzled into each other more, and then you felt his lips on your neck, pecking it lightly, immediately blazing flames in your lower region.
You arched your neck back, providing him with an easier access to your skin. You couldn’t suppress a small gasp as his hot breath trailed up to your jaw, along with his longing-filled kisses.
“I missed you.” he whispered against your jaw, before pecking just below the corner of your lips.
Your mind was already in shambles. “Believe me, I missed you more.”
Your lips finally collided: desperate, needy, hungry. His fingers dug into your hips, aligning your centers as your palms slid down to the either side of his neck. You moaned into his lips between the famished, open-mouthed kisses as he gripped your behind, trying to savor it all.
Your palms were running down his chest on their own, exploring every crevice and scar, some old and some new, still unexplored. You felt his hand slide under the hem of your shirt up to your ribs, leaving a scalding-hot trail in its wake.
You rutted your hips against his automatically, getting needier with every passing second, your hands hooked around his neck again, holding on for dear life.
Your jaw slacked as he sneaked his hand under your bra, his fingers coming in contact with your hardened nipple. He drew back a little so that he could see your flushed face and hazy eyes, a light sheen of saliva reflecting from your slightly lolled out tongue.
“More, you say? Just how much?” he teased, his eyes darting from your eyes to your lips repeatedly, the corners of his lips upturned ever so slightly.
“Really, really much,” you whimpered before he discarded you of your shirt and bra, his hands roaming down your sides as he sucked on your jugular, your hands buried in his hair, ruining his bun.
“Jump.” he said between the wet kisses as you felt his hands under your thighs.
He made his way towards the bed before gently dropping you down on it, feeling the tent in his pants become unbearable, almost painful. How could it not, when you lay sprawled out under him, hair messy around your head like a halo, all the while needy breaths escaping your lips?
You knew exactly what you were doing to him, but you wanted to drive him crazy, to make up for all the painful time you’ve spent apart. You started wriggling out of your leggings, your gaze never leaving his eyes. He unbuttoned his own pants before they slid to the ground, revealing a formed tent under his boxers.
Suddenly, he grabbed you by your calves and yanked you closer, forcing a yelp from you. Second after his lips crashed on yours again, making their way down, passing your neck, collarbones, stomach, until they reached their destination.
You found it hard to breathe as he kissed your inner tight, getting closer and closer to where you needed him most.
“Eren,” you whimpered, your eyes closed, hands gripping the sheets. “Please…”
You felt him smile against your thigh before his tongue flicked against your clothed clit lightly, coaxing another high-pitched moan from you.
You put the back of your hand against your mouth quickly, embarrassed at the sudden reaction. You felt the bed shift before you opened your eyes and saw him parallel with your own body again.
“Don’t,” he asked as he removed your arm from your face. “I want to hear every little sound you make.”
He kissed you once before making his way back, hooking his fingers on your panties and sliding them down painfully slowly. The cold air on your skin peppered it with goosebumps, yet when you felt Eren’s face lower to your center, your body ignited once again.
A moan got stuck in your throat as you felt Eren’s slick tongue go all the way from your entrance to your clit, circling it, literally driving you crazy.
“Eren,” you moaned, the back of your head buried into the mattress as you wound your hands through his hair, completely ruining the bun, his chestnut hair falling to the sides and framing his face.
His fingers dug into your thighs as he pleasured you with his tongue, awakening the passion in you that was dormant during his absence.
Eren loved the taste of you on his tongue as he sucked on you, holding down your squirming hips. He knew you were close; he remembers everything your body language tells him.
“E-Eren, I’m gonna—” you choked out, confirming his observations.
You felt cold air hit your slick folds as Eren drew back, quickly discarding himself of his last piece of clothing before he leaned down, planting a sloppy kiss on your lips.
“Ready?” he breathed into your lips, receiving a nod.
The burning sensation followed his dick breaching your entrance, stretching it out after so long.
“Fuck,” he groaned against your mouth, having forgotten just how good your pussy feels.
You choked out a groan as you wound your legs around his waist, urging him to plunge deeper, despite the slight pain that strains you.
“This good?” he asks between his heavy breathing as he makes his way deeper into you.
“Yeah, yeah,” you nod quickly, your voice out of tune.
He finally hits your cervix, staying like that for a few moments, allowing you to adjust, peppering your neck with kisses as your chest rises and falls heavily.
You kiss his lips as you place a hand against his buttocks, urging him to go on. He goes back to the point of pulling out before hitting you deep again, building up his pace as he does so.
Your mind is getting hazier with each thrust – it seemed that the room turned into a sauna as you could almost see the huffs of air that escaped both of your mouths.
“You’re doing so good, baby,” he groaned against your ear as he pinned your hand above to your head, intertwining his fingers with yours.
He was barely controlling himself as your pussy clenched around him – he probably never had to restrain himself with you as he does now, regarding the absence of your touch for such a long amount of time. You’ve never been apart that long, and he hoped you’ll never be again.
“Eren!” you screamed, sensing your release fast approaching as you wound your hands around his neck.
He pounded into you hard, bringing some steamy memories of your times before for a moment.
Finally, you fell, arching your back, your stomach gliding against his, as every nerve of your brain exploded. Eren continued thrusting into you until a few moments after you felt his own release spilling inside you.
He moaned against the crook of your neck, planting a few kisses. He rolled to your side and faced the ceiling with his eyes closed, until they snapped open again, hearing you sniffle.
Guilt washed over him like a tempest as he leaned on his side, gently gripping your waist as you covered your eyes with the back of your forearm. “Did I hurt you??”
“No!” you yelped and removed your arm from your face, placing your palm on his cheek instead. For a moment you were so frightened he would blame himself for something he didn’t even do.
“No,” you repeated, more softly. “I’m just really happy you’re here.”
He leaned his forehead to yours, worry leaving his body almost visibly. He sighed as he brought you closer.
You tucked a few of his locks behind his ear, making him look a couple years younger. “I love your hair.”
Eren chuckled, his eyes still closed in the afterglow bliss. “Captain hates it. He said –”
Then it dawned on him. “Wait, how did you get here?” he leaned on his forearm as he looked at you, genuinely interested, amusement threatening to widen his smile any moment.
“I simply asked Captain.”
Eren raised an eyebrow. “And he let you?? Just like that?”
“Well,” you trailed off. “He did mention something about a punishment for insubordination…”
“Unbelievable,” Eren whispered, as he sunk back into the mattress, quiet laughs emanating from his chest, as you drew shapes on it with a stupid smile on your face. “And you still came.”
“I’ll be fine if you visit me at least twice while I’m behind bars?”
You two laughed even harder, and this moment, this tiny moment in the vast space surrounding everything, was perfect.
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echos-newlegs · 4 months ago
Hello again! I'm here to fullfill my promise of asking for a Rex one based on your prompt list, especially excited after the beautiful work you did with the Tech one <3 So how about 46 for our Captain? I had thought of a Jedi!Reader situation, bit it's up to you really, just have fun!!
Double Trouble
Ahh thank you, I'm always open for writing for my boy Rex 🥺 send as many asks as you want m'dudes 😌💕 but thank you sm, that means a lot tbh!
Rex x Jedi!Reader: "Isn't it illegal?" "I mean, probably?"
Warnings: slight angst? No established relationship. Y’all just like each other. Anakin teasing you and Rex.
Word count: 1.9k
Tumblr media
“You’ll never get what you want from us.” Rex spat as you stood in the corner of the room, strapped up to a machine. Grievous only laughed at that. His gravely, robotic voice echoing threw your ears. It annoyed you more than anything. How he seemed to think he could get the whereabouts of your base from you and the captain. “Oh, I don’t expect them to crack, clone.” He mocked. Leaning into Rex’s space. The Captain keeping his ground. “Why do you expect I would?” He snapped, and that made him laugh again.
He only tittered as he walked between the two of you. “It doesn’t take a Jedi to sense a connection between the two of you. I saw the way you tried to save the General over here.” He mused with a sigh. “It’s orders, to save the Jedi.” Grievous shook his head, hands resting behind his back. “No, not like this. General Tano got hurt and you cared, but not like when they get hurt. What are they to you? Do you really think a Jedi could love a clone like you?” He taunted, Rex darting his eyes down.
You scoffed, rolling your eyes. A habit you often found yourself doing due from hanging around the 104th most days. “You’re wasting time, Rex and I are merely friends, I’m not even his General. I serve another Battalion under the watch of General Plo, you’d think after all our encounters you’d know this, droid.” You drew out the last name with a smirk. Though that smirk quickly faded when you felt your body begin to tingle. A surge of electricity shooting through you that had your fists and jaw clenching. Eyes shooting open and then closed as you arched your back with a shriek.
“Stop it you’re hurting her!” Rex screamed as he fought against his restraints to get to you. Grievous was right, Rex felt attached to you. You could even say he loved you, but he would never admit to it. He only hid back the feelings— Which seemed to only make them worse.
Grievous hummed in amusement. Stopping the shock. Watching as your body went limp. “Your attitude never seems to change, General. You hang around Skywalker too much.” He wasn’t wrong, between hanging around Skywalker and Wolffe your attitude was horrendous. “You say that each time we meet.” You scoffed, shooting a glare up to the general.
“Now, if you want your Jedi to live, you’ll tell me where the base is.” You didn’t want Rex to tell, but you knew he would crack at this rate. Not only the stress of the war was on his shoulders, but you could sense how he felt about you. You were quite fond of it, until now. Realizing it was a weakness on both ends. Rex was a good friend of yours, and you admired everything about him, but this? This worried you, if maybe you should have distanced yourself like your consciousness told you to a month ago.
“I won’t,” Rex said, after catching your look of worry. “Not to Seppie Scum like you,” He spat. You gave him a small, worrisome smile as he gave you an apologetic look. ‘It’s okay,’ You mouthed to the Captain as another surge shot threw your system. Voice straining as you screamed. You could feel the tremors run in and out of your body. Gasping for air as you fought to keep your body functioning. Then it all went dark.
Rex panicked when you went limp. His eyes shooting wide. Tugging at the restraints as he let out a choked cry. “General!” He exclaimed, and Grievous let out a cackle. “How interesting, A clone and a Jedi.” He scoffed. Leaning close to Rex. “I would have never guessed.”
When you woke up you were on the cold floor. Body sore and stiff. Your throat felt like it was in flames. Rex holding you in his arms. Noticing this as your vision cleared. “Am I dead?” You spoke hoarsely, with a crooked smile. Rex smiled softly, glad to see you still had your sense of humor. “Thankfully, no,” You sighed, which hurt even more than breathing. “Did he get anything from you?” He shook his head ‘no.’ You nodded, moving to sit up. The captain helps you up to lean against him and the wall. “Do you think anyone’s looking for us?” You asked, and Rex nodded. “For you? I’m sure Plo and Anakin have everyone searching far and wide.” He added as you lean your head against his shoulder.
He smiled faintly, your hair tickling his neck a bit, though he kept his hands to himself. He had to remind himself as you dozed off again that you were doing this because you were hurt. You wouldn’t lean on him any other time. This meant nothing.
Rex was right. The moment that General Plo got word that your mission with the 501st went south he and Anakin were racing to make a plan— a semi chaotic one. With an equal amount of quick decisions and thorough thinking between the two. You were like Anakin's little sibling, he wasn’t about to let you spend any more time with the Seps than you had to.
When you woke up again you were being nudged awake by Rex. Sirens were blaring and droids were running too and fro. “General, I believe our rescue is here.” Rex spoke. That got you smiling. Helping yourself off the floor as he pulled you up. “How are we getting out?” You asked, but it seemed the moment you did a droid was approaching your cell. “You’re being transferred, both of you.” The news made the two of you give each other a glance. Almost as if the undiscussed plan was working itself out in front of you. “Is that so?” Rex asked as the door opened and the droid approached you both with restraints. Once close enough Rex took the opportunity to attack.
Once the droid was practically dismembered and the Captain now held his blaster. It gave you the opportunity to realize you had no saber, or cloaks, and Rex was stripped of his armor and weapons. Left in only his boots and blacks. “What’s the plan, General?” He asked, and you groaned as you stretched. “Well, I don’t know about you, but I’d like my lightsaber back.” He smiled at that, “I think I know where they stored them, too.”
The two of you take off down the hallway as quick as you can manage. You attempt to fight the pains shooting up your leg as you clung to the captain for dear life. His hand rubbing your side here and there. Though you thought nothing of it.
“There,” he stated.
He pointed over to a doorway a droid just exited. “They stopped us here, took our weapons and armor and took them through there.” He nearly whispered in your ear.
You pondered, thinking of what you could do. Until you got an idea. “Let’s go over there, then.” You spoke. Watching as he furrowed his brows at you. “General,” “that’s an order.” He scoffed, rolling his eyes. Helping you over to the doorway.
You hacked into the system. Opening it with a breeze. Something Anakin taught you along the way. The two of you squeezing into the storage room. Spotting your lightsaber in almost an instant. “We need to be quick, Captain.” You informed him as you lean against the wall. Hooking your holster to your hips. Pulling on your robes and some of your other items that were taken.
You looked over, watching as Rex made quick work of his armor. Your eyes dragging over his form a bit too long. “General, everything alright?” You thought he was oblivious to your actions. Until you saw him nervously rub the back of his neck. You couldn’t see the blush that his tan skin hid, but you could feel it. He was nervous in a sense, and you thought it was adorable.
You smiled, shaking your head. “All is good, now let’s get out of here.”
He nodded at your comment. Holding his blaster with one hand, and you with the other. “Captain,” you spoke, and he looked over to you. Watching you as your eyes scanned the room. “How much do you trust me?” You asked, holding up some detonators.
His eyes fell onto them. Lips turning up into a smirk. “With my life,” “good.” You spoke. Looking from his eyes to his lips. The two of you share a lingering stare.
“You guys are painful to watch, just kiss already.” A familiar voice speaking from in front of the two of you. “Miss me?” Anakin spoke as you and Rex caught his form. “Not one bit,” you quipped. Making Rex have to bite the inside of his cheek to hide a chuckle. “I know you did. Don’t lie, now, whatcha doing with those detonators?” He asked, and you smirked. Holding one between your fingers. “Blowing this bad boy up, of course.” “You got my attention.”
Anakin knew you wanted to blow something up. You and Hardcase were known for having that destructive personality. Rex honestly loved how you seemed to bond with each one of his brothers in some way or another. They all loved how for a Jedi, you were nothing like one. You were different, in big ways and they loved it.
Anakin ordered Rex to take you back to the rescue ship anyways with your condition. They needed to run once the detonators were set, and well— you weren’t in any condition to be running. You understood though.
You watched from the cockpit once Anakin returned as the ship blew. Grievous had escaped, as per usual. But you destroyed one more of his ships, successfully. “He’s gotta hate you by now.” Anakin commented, and you snickered. Still using Rex to lean on. “Isn’t it illegal?” He asked, and you looked up to him. Watching as his eyes fell to yours. His lips so close to your own. “How many ships of his you’ve destroyed.” He joked, his voice lowering a bit. You smirked, shrugging. “I mean, probably? But since he’s a Sep it doesn’t count. Double negative, that’s how it works, right?” Rex snorted, rolling his eyes. His hand absentmindedly snaking around your waist. “Sure.”
You were on cloud nine. The affection was euphoric, but leave it to Anakin to ruin a moment. “So what’s going on here?” He asked, and Rex looked at him with a shocked expression. As if he forgot he was there. Removing his arm from you as you pushed back from him a bit. “What do you mean?” Rex asked, and you played with the end of your sleeves. “I don’t have to be a Jedi to sense the tension between you two, are you..” he trailed off. Looking back and forth between the two of you. “Screw—“ Rex nearly choked and your face heated up to a max. Both your eyes going wide. “What? No! No, Makers no—“ you corrected, but that wasn’t enough for him.
“Then Rex, buddy, you need to do something and make a move. Y/n won’t, and I won’t tell anyone.” Walking past the Captain, patting his shoulder. “You’d make a cute couple, I could see it now.” You were going to kill Anakin when the ship landed, it was final.
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friendly-alien-fucker · 3 months ago
I don't know if this was already requested before but if not how about a yautja with a s/o thats in a rock band and plays the electric guitar thanks!
Yautja with an s/o that plays in a band
Warnings: none
Thanks for the request @turrikal , I hope I met your expectations 💖
• They'd be supportive to the max
Being your mate, they'd be supportive of all the things you do, and that includes playing in a band. They'd most likely insist on visiting every concert you play at and steal buy at least two pieces of every merch item they have. They can't help it, they're just too proud of you.
Will definitely wear Bandshirts at home too.
• Will want you to hold a concert in front of other yautja
Yautja have music, just not...that kind of music. Their music sounds a lot more like rythmical clicking than anything else. They want the other yautja to hear for themselves the strange yet nice music humans have to offer. Will be upset when you explain that you can't play in front of a dozen aliens with your band.
So what if they see us? Your band mates shouldn't be scared! They play in front of others all the time! So what if they're humans? We're not going to fight them, well just listen!
Will still insist at least you alone play a little in front of their peers.
• Wants to learn how to play too
They're not the best at it, but they're patient. Yautja were never one for giving up quickly, so your mate isn't going to do that either. They'll have the basics down pretty quickly, how you have to hold the guitar, what notes to play, etc. The hard part comes in when they have to actually play it.
Yautja fingers are pretty thicc given their big hands, which is...not a bad thing. Just not the best thing either when you're trying to play an instrument. So they'll end up being able to play, but it's still gonna be a little bit...clumsy. To say the least.
• Will fend off creeps
As previously mentioned, they'll most likely be at every concer you play at, so expect them to fend off any weirdos that decide to come a little too close to you. But don't worry (y/n), they'll take care of them as quietly as possible, as not to disrupt your play.
And if you come home complaining about someone invading your comfort zone, your mate will never find peace letting you go to concerts alone again.
There's just no way they'll let other humans take advantage of you like that. Not if they can prevent it.
• Just...loves your music.
I have this very strong opinion that Yautja would love rock music, especially the more aggresive kind. It's good to get your blood pumping and that's something a good warrior can appreciate. So I feel like they'd listen to a couple of songs from your band before hunts to get them in the right mindset. Bonus points if you're the lead singer in some of them.
• Will introduce you to Yautja music
Yes, it's just rythmical clicking for human ears, but it's the lyrics that really count. Yautja are anything but not intelligent, and if you get a few songs of them translated you'll notice it too.
Their songs hold the most beautiful rhymes and metaphors you could think of, almost like poetry.
I also feel like since Yautja are very tradition based creatures, they'll have a lot of old folk songs that they like to listen to. Songs about great warriors and leaders, songs with a lot of meaning behind them. It's truly beautiful in its own fascinating way.
• they'll possibly ask you to join a band with some Yautja's
When it comes to humans, there are yautja that don't trust you at all, and would prefer to stay away from you as they view themselves superior and don't want to get mixed in with you. And there are curious Yautja who's fascination with you overtakes that feeling of superiority.
And those Yautja will be thrilled once they find about about the culture around human music. The feelings put into every song, the meanings behind them. Songs about mating, songs about love, hurt, anger, rage. They'll want to experience what it's like to create such music.
And as before mentioned, Yautja are patient learners. They'll most likely ask you to teach them at some point. Teach them how and why humans write songs, what instruments sound good together and which don't. And they'll most likely end up creating their own band in the end.
And they... actually don't sound all that bad. Yes, still a little wonky for their first time, but not bad.
It's quite possible that they'll start a new era of Yautja music this way. And you helped then achieve it.
• Your Yautja will write a song about you
They will and you can't convince me otherwise. It's gonna be very emotional too. Yautja usually don't hide their intentions and emotions, they're very blunt with everything they do and say. So when they write a song about you, you'll almost tear up with how honest and from the heart it is written.
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melancholymetropolis · 6 months ago
Summary:  Business Man Todoroki has been unconsciously neglecting his wife, due to his enormous workload. So, she decides to surprise him at home office.
A/N: Thank you guys for all the love you shared on my first piece! I didn't expect so many people to be so into it! If you want to commission me for a story, click here!
Warnings: This is pure filth with a dash of fluff at the end. Maybe, angst, if you squint. Reader is, also, plus sized! Shoto is a cocky little bastard, but a total simp for his wife. 
Pairings: AgedUp!Todoroki Shoto x Black!Reader
Tumblr media
As I grabbed my bonnet off the nightstand, my eyes caught a glimpse of the clock. 12:34 AM. I sighed and looked at the neatly made bed. My husband was supposed to be on the other side, pulling back the sheet and climbing in along with me. But, like most days, he was still in his study, waist-deep in work. Frustrated, I walked to the closet and took a long look at the present I had picked up earlier that day. I was supposed to wear it the following day since he had claimed I would have his undivided attention this weekend. However, my patience had been wearing thin and I was seconds away from throwing myself at him in my birthday suit. Knowing Todoroki, he would’ve found it by the morning anyway and ruined the surprise. 
Before I could change my mind, I stripped out of my oversize cotton shirt and underwear. I threw the items in the hamper and unhooked the lingerie from the hanger. I slipped my legs into the lace cheekies and snapped the garter belt around my waist. After I shimmied into the strapless bustier, I rolled the thigh high stockings onto my legs and clipped the garter belt onto them. I tossed the bonnet on the bed and untied my boxed braids from its messy bun. I slipped my feet in the marabou lined heeled slippers and shrugged on the matching black, silk robe. I rolled on my homemade Love Potion scented oil and fluffed my eyelashes with mascara. I added a little bit of sparkling lip gloss and headed out of the room.
On the way to the study, I had tried to convince myself that what I had done was incredibly stupid and childish. But, I simply debunked that statement with “YOLO” and continued on my journey. The door to the study had been partly ajar. Through the crack, I could see Todoroki typing away on the laptop as if there had been no tomorrow. I took a deep breath and pushed the door open a little more. I knocked twice on the frame and waited for him to look up. He didn’t.
“I promise I am almost done, I just need to type this last statement and I will join you in bed,” his eyes were glued to the computer. “Just five more minutes.”
I looked down at my rose embroidered bustier and back at him. 
Should I just wait until he finished? He did say it wouldn’t be that long.
“Okay, darling?” he quickly shot a look over to me, before resuming his work on the computer. Suddenly, Todoroki stopped typing and stared at me. His mismatch eyes washed over me ever so slowly, taking in every detail. He took his sweet time to meet my eyes again and a smirk fell on his lips. “Lock the door.” 
I stepped into the room and closed the door behind me. I turned the lock to the left and looked back at him. The laptop had disappeared, along with the papers from on top of the desk. Todoroki loosened his tie and pulled it from his neck. He pushed his body away from the desk and leaned back in his swivel chair. 
“Come here,” his voice dropped an octave as his eyes darkened. 
I squared my shoulders and lifted my head. I stared directly at him as I took small steps toward the desk. I brushed my hands along the outside ridge before I walked in between his legs. I scooted my rear on the empty space on the desk. 
The Japanese man closed the distance between us and looked up at me. His fingers glided down the base of my thigh before wrapping around my heeled foot. Todoroki slipped the shoe from my foot and dropped it on the floor. He repeated the action with my other foot. His long fingers kneaded the stocking covered skin on my thigh. 
“I don't know if I should be pleased by this action or angered by it," his smooth voice dressed my ears. 
Todoroki had a way to speak with such authority and pose that it infuriated me. When he wanted to, he could switch on an Alpha persona and command my undivided attention. His voice would get deeper, huskier, and, when he spoke, it sounded as though it vibrated in my earlobes. The feather-like touches on my skin shot electricity through my skin as his gentle humming gave me goosebumps. Todoroki was well aware of how sexually attracted I was of him and would use these tactics against me. Sometimes even in public. The amount of underwear I ruined because of this was laughable. But he didn’t care since it meant that he would see me in new lingerie every so often. 
“Why would you be angered by this, baby?” I asked shyly.
Todoroki opened my thighs just a tab bit wider and scooted his chair closer. “Because I know—” he undid the knot on the belt of the rob. “I am gonna have to explain—” the silk slipped from my shoulders and fell on the desk. “Why my report is missing—,” Todoroki sat my heels on the arms of his chair and pulled my pelvis to the edge of the desk. “In the morning,” his hand kneaded the soft skin between my thighs. His fingers inched closer to my lace-covered womanhood and his eyes flickered to mine. The Japanese man placed his thumb on the moist area and drew small circles upon it. I took my bottom lip in between my teeth and nibbled on it. The skilled muscle slid to the top of my vulva and found the throbbing, sensitive bud. Todoroki drew bigger circles on that spot and my mouth fell open graciously. 
With a smirk on his lips, he mimicked my facial expression. “There we go. That’s the face I want,” he said as he leaned closer. “You like that, princess?”
“Mhm!” I hummed with a nod. I leaned backward on my hands and let my head fall back. 
Pushing my legs further apart, Todoroki rose from his seat. His lips left hot kisses from my navel and up my bustier. His tongue slid up my cleavage to my collarbones. My husband sucked the skin on the crook of my neck tenderly, before nibbling the skin on my neck. The bites increased until he reached my jaw. With one hand still on the sensitive bud, he found my lips. Leaning on my left hand, I laced my fingers in his hair and gave it a slight tug. I opened my mouth, greedily taking his tongue in my mouth. Todoroki flicked his thumb faster. My moans increased to desperate pants. I pulled my lips away and rested my forehead against his. I looked in his eyes as I whimpered under his touch. My legs began to shake slightly as my walls clenched against themselves. The seat of the cheekies was drenched in my arousal and clung to my vulva. My husband moved the digit faster and tingles ran through my body. My toes curled tightly as my pants became louder. I squeezed the root of his hair tighter; I never broke eye contact with him. 
Todoroki smirked deviously and removed his finger from the bud. 
“Why did you stop?” I whined with a frown.
He chuckled and unbuttoned his shirt. “Because if I don’t bury myself in that sweet cunt soon, I’m afraid I'll burst,” Todoroki said as he unbuckled his belt. 
“Well, we wouldn’t want that,” I replied with a tired giggle. 
Todoroki pulled his trousers and boxers down in one go. His member sprang free and bobbed a little. My walls clenched in anticipation. He stepped out of the pants and kicked them to the side. My husband looked down at my clothed core with the same anticipation I had. He unclipped the garter belt from my thigh highs and gripped the edge of underwear. He gently pulled the fabric from my hips and down my legs. Todoroki tossed the panties to the side and placed my legs back in their original position. He rubbed the tip of his member from my bud to my core before sinking himself into me. I inhaled sharply and exhaled with a low moan. The familiar sensation of him stretching my walls was always such a turn on. 
His mouth fell open and a groan poured from his mouth. “Fuck...”
I slowly rocked myself against his hips, hinting that I was ready for him. 
Todoroki started off with deep, long strokes. Savoring every moment of the transaction. Quiet moans left my mouth. The stimulation from earlier still stirring the depths of my being. The pleasure in my body had been reaching its limit and I knew my husband was nowhere near done. 
Bored with that position, Todoroki leaned back just a bit to lift my legs from the desk and rest them on his biceps. He gripped the edge of the surface I was on and began ramming himself into me. The breath in my lungs had gotten stuck in my throat and I forgot to breathe.
“Oh. . .  shit . . .” My mouth formed a large ‘o’ shape and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. 
“There’s the face I want,” he said cockily. 
I leaned back on my hands and threw my head back. “ So. . . good. . .” I grunted as I bucked my hips to meet his.
“Look at my naughty, naughty wife,” Todoroki mused lowly. “Desperately. . . ready to become undone.”
“Ugh~~~,” tingles began to flood my body. Stars flashed behind my eyelids as my legs began to shake again yet again.
Todoroki lifted my legs higher until they reached his shoulders. He continued his steady, but deep pace. His long, ebony locks began to cling to his forehead. Eyes drilling holes into my body. Todoroki slid his hands along the desk and gripped the edge near my shoulders. His member pushed deeper into my, brushing my cervix tenderly. My back slowly fell against the desk, and, to avoid an injury, Todoroki supported my neck with his hand. With hooded eyes, I looked up at him.
“I love you . . . so much,” I whispered as my toes curled tightly.
“I know,” he said with a wide smile. “I love you, too.”
The tingling stopped and a chill ran through my body. My back arched into his abdomen as my eyes rolled back. My mouth stretched open and hips pulsed against his. My nails dug into the wood of the desk. An elongated groan left my lips and I saw white. Todoroki continued to stroke in and out of the smooth canal, chasing his own finish. That actually, ultimately, further stimulated the sensitive area and elongated my climax. 
"Oh. . . My. . . GOD!" The whimper increased to high pitched shrieks. 
Todoroki drops one of my legs from his shoulder and hooks it around his waist. He tucked his arm through space my arched back made against the desk. He lifted my back from the surface, digging the bones from the bustier into my back. With my lifted leg in the air, I used my right hand to grip his shoulder as I lean forward, My left hamstring tingled a little at the position, but I pushed through it. 
“Thank God for Yoga,” he said with a smirk.
“Oh shut up— shit!” Todoroki resumed his deadly rhythm in the middle of my sentence. 
“Mhm, that’s what I thought,” he replied between pants.
The potency of that new position had been lethal; each stroke caused his abdomen to briefly brush against my sensitive bud. The overstimulation caused my legs to shake violently, after a short while. A build-up of pressure found its way in my lower belly and gave off a warm sensation. I dug my nails into my husband’s shoulder and threw my head back. Incoherent words left my tongue, as water gushed from my core and onto the silk garment beneath me. Todoroki’ stroke came to an abrupt pause and a silent scream left his lips. With closed eyes, he gripped the edge of the desk tightly and pushed himself in me one more time before oozing into me. He caught his breath and ran a hand through his hair. A shallow laugh left his mouth as he pried his eyes open. Todoroki lowered my leg from his shoulder and rested a hand on my neck. Thumb on my cheek, my husband lowered his mouth to mine and gave me a passionate kiss.
I hooked my arms underneath his and placed my fingers in his hair. With his other hand flat against my lower back, he arched my body into his and deepened the kiss. He moaned against my lips.
I pulled away from the embrace and chuckled, “You never took off the bustier.”
“I didn’t want to break it,” he gave my lips a small peck. “I actually liked this one.”
“Oh. really?” I said with a raised eyebrow. “You didn’t like the pink one?”
“I mean, it was nice,” Todoroki kissed along my jawline. “But, it is something about you in black. It does things to me.” He nipped the sweet spot on my neck and a shiver ran down my spine.
“Noted,” I replied with a groan. 
“But, it really doesn’t matter what you wear,” Todoroki kissed his way up my neck and raised his head to meet my eyes, “You could wear a garbage bag and I’d still rise for you.”
“Garbage bags are black, honey,” I concluded with a cheerful glint in my eyes.
“Oh, you’re right,” Todoroki said with a laugh. After a few seconds, he paused his laughter. “I just remembered. . . I have a surprise for you, too.”
“You know I hate surprises,” I groaned. 
“But, you’re gonna like this one,” Todoroki untangled our limbs and pulled away from me. He reached into a drawer and pulled out two pieces of paper. He handed them to me. 
“Plane tickets to. . . the Netherlands,” I read aloud. 
“A two-week romantic getaway,” he declared with a nod. “I have been promising you quality time for a while now, so I decided to take off of work for a little while.”
“Looks like I gotta buy some more lingerie, huh?” I questioned with a grin.
“A whole lot more,” my husband said before pulling me in for another kiss.
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generallybarzy · 5 months ago
under twinkling lights.
Tumblr media
an: christmas in april? sorry this took so long.. but here’s a little bit of established relationship and soft cute Christmas smut! Its been too long since we had something so sweet and smutty about our fav cute ass couple. It’s all sweet and soft and cute and then it gets filthy... the perfect dynamic, i want what they have. i was only inspired to finish this because of barzys hatty tonight haha, he deserves everything. I didn’t really spell check this yet, just needed to post finally!! Personally, I think its the hottest thing I've ever wrote. Lemme know!!! 💕
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word count: 6.5k
You never believed you’d find someone to spend your life with. If anyone told you your holidays would one day be spent cuddling up with your boyfriend of almost two years in the apartment that you had just moved into together earlier that month, you would have told them they were wrong. Flat out wrong. Things as beautiful and destined as that only happened in movies, and you certainly weren’t lucky enough to get something like that. But, now, here you were.
And here was Mat.
Even after two years with Mat, there was still nothing better than spending the evening cuddled up with him on the couch. No matter how many fancy, expensive dinner dates he took you on at upscale restaurants in the city or how many helicopter rides you took together out in B.C. when he was showing you his home, or how much you loved hanging out with his friends and his family and his teammates, nothing was better than cuddles at home. As much time you spent together, you still felt as giddy and comfortable and safe and at-peace as that first time with him. Things didn't simmer down, that spark didn't fade away after a bit like you feared they would. But they became more subtle. You no longer had to ask him to come to the couch to cuddle, you no longer worried that maybe he wouldn't want to. It was a habit, at this point, to fall into his arms at the end of the day just the same as he did with you. You were each other’s safe havens, the place you laid your head to rest. You loved each other, and there was no place you’d rather be than together.
You’d spent the evening baking cookies, decorating the new tree, and wrapping his family member's Christmas gifts- a book his mom had been wanting, along with some of the cookies you'd made and various at-home spa items; hockey memorabilia and classic jerseys for his dad; and some new pieces of technology and the latest eye shadow palette that his sister had been wanting, along with some stupid jokes gifts that he wrapped in duct tape like the annoying older brother he was. Now, after the sunset bared its last light over the horizon and through your window, you lay together in bliss, with the tree twinkling its colorful lights across the room as you and Mat snuggled on the couch under a fluffy blanket, and everything felt right. 
"I don't know why we went through all that work to decorate the tree if we're not even spending Christmas here." Mat grumbled playfully, his head on your chest, partially hidden under the blanket. 
"Well," your face glowed in a smile as you remembered the flight out to Vancouver you had in a few days. Spending holidays with his family was always your favorite. Your family wasn’t the best, and it wasn’t too healthy to spend your holidays with them, but you always had Mat and his family. They were so welcoming, so kind, and for as many years now as you’d gone as Mat’s girlfriend, they had accepted you like family. "Because this is our home, Mat. It'd be wrong not to decorate it for the first time." 
"I don't need a tree for this to feel like home." 
“Aww, baby.”
“It’s true.” He pushed himself up onto his hands and knees above you on the couch, bringing his face level with yours. His warm breath hit your lips as he brushed his nose against yours, eyes slipping shut and grinning. “I love you. Always.”
“I love you always too.” 
"I'm so glad you're here. I'm so happy we live together, finally." 
"I'm glad we live together, too." 
Mat snuggled down into your neck, the locks of dark hair that had been growing out lately tickling your face. You reached up to brush them aside and curl your hand around the back of his head, cupping his head against you tenderly . His hair was getting so nice and long, and you knew he’d have to cut it soon, per the team's guidelines, but god, you were gonna cherish it now. 
"I actually have something for you, Maty."
"A Christmas present?" 
"Well, an early Christmas present." You smiled at the excited look on his boyish face as he leaned back, the lights from the tree highlighting the sparkle in his eye. "You can't open it at your parent's house, so we're gonna do it here instead."
"What is it?" 
"Try to figure it out." 
He sat up then, his eyes scanning the room for anything that might seem out of the ordinary, anything that might be hidden. He was looking for his present, and you had to hold back a laugh at the sight. 
"No, no, I'll find it."
"I got this."
"Let me give you a hint, at least." You sat up with him and took his hand in yours and cupped it against your cheek, turning your head to the side to kiss his fingers. He smiled at the touch, melting back into you and tracing his thumb across your skin. 
"Alright, gimme the hint."
You pushed his hand down the smooth skin of your neck, the swell of your breasts, down the curve of your waist, and to the hem of his hoodie that swallowed you up. "It's right in front of you, baby." 
"For real?" The joy in his eyes was the same you saw the first time you told him you were ready to take that step, almost two years ago now. No matter how many times you were together, he was always just as excited.
“You say that as if we’ve never done this before.”
“It always feels like the first time.” 
You glowed and let go of his hand to reach up and cup his face between both of you. His words came so simply and without hesitation that you knew he was sincere. “Aw, Mat…”
“I’m serious.” 
“You’re so sweet tonight.”
“Maybe I just really want to lay some love on you.” He hitched his hands under your thighs and tugged you close, lying you back against the couch once again. His hands slid up the soft skin of your tummy and waist, dipping under your shirt momentarily, and causing your breath to hitch in your throat- his hands always managed to do that to you- as you breathed out the words against his lips. 
“Maybe I’m gonna let you.” 
With one last grin, his face dipped down to yours, locking your lips together in a familiar, electric dance. Soft, gentle lips moving against yours had never felt as good as with any other boyfriends as they do with Mat. His touch was intoxicating, made your mind wander and your heart race flushed your skin and shocked you to the core. Ever since the very first time his hand grazed against yours when he reached out to hold it for the first time, to the first time your bodies connected in passion under the covers, it felt the same. Like fire. Even two years later, he drove you insane, and all you wanted, and frequently achieved, was to drive him insane as well. In the best way possible. Mat broke apart from your lips momentarily to slip the hoodie over your head, revealing his gift. “Fuck…”
Right there, in front of his eyes, your breasts were covered only by a lacy crimson fabric, held together behind a pretty red bow. With each heavy breath of anticipation, your chest was heaving softly before his eyes, and he found himself hypnotized by the gentle rise and fall. 
“You like it?"
“Holy shit, you’re hot.” 
“So are you.” 
His eyes were wide, warm, and gentle, looking over you. He dragged his gaze away from your chest even though you could tell how hard it was, and shook his head. “Not as much as you.”
"Mmm", you took the liberty of taking his hands from where they had frozen beside you and placing them, big and warm, over your chest. "Go ahead, baby." 
"No, no, I wanna savor this first."
His mouth dipped down, soft hair tickling your neck as he nibbled at your chest, laying little love bites and kisses along the tender skin. He cupped your boobs and squeezed them around his face, humming in content. You couldn’t help but laugh as he buried his face against you, and you could feel his grin break out against your skin. “Having fun, baby?”
“Oh my god, yes. You’re gorgeous. So soft.” 
“Mmhm.” You sighed into his touch as he kissed his way back up your chest.
“Baby.” He spoke softly to get your attention, and your eyes opened lazily to see him, biting his lip and holding the delicate ribbon between two fingers. “Can I?”
“Please.” He gave a gentle tug, and with one last heave of your chest, the lacy bralette fell open, revealing one of Mat’s favorite parts of your body. 
“Fucking Christ.” 
“Bub, you can’t be swearing like that so close to Christmas.” 
“How do you expect me not to when you’re…. God, just so perfect…” You saw the way his eyes glazed over mid-sentence in the colorful lights of the tree, the way his jaw went slack as you arched your chest up towards him. He reached out, slowly, as if worried you were going to disappear if he moved too quickly, and when the large, rough hands curled around the side of your waist and slid up and down, you felt goosebumps pop up along your skin. 
“Your fingers are cold.”  
“But you love it.” He ran the pad of his thumb over your nipples, watching as they pebbled under his touch in the cold air. “So do I.” 
“Warm me up?”
He dipped his head down, his mouth hot and wet along the peaks and valleys of your chest, down your stomach.
His fingers traveled over the familiar layout of your body, colored in soft golden and red and green in the dancing Christmas lights, tracing each recognizable landmark with specific care- every memorized freckle and birthmark he had kissed since your first night together and every dimple in your skin that he cherished, every spot that had his fingerprints imprinted onto like memory foam after so many nights spent holding you tight with everything in him, as if you'd slip away. As if you'd want to. With each inch his hands followed, he found more, there was always more territory to be marked down, jotted down in his brain for future reference. He was always finding something new. Something more to use against you, to use against you in the best way possible, to push you further and further to that blissful end goal.
He made his way down, down, down, until his breath was hot over your lace-covered core, his hand gripping your hips tightly. Mat smiled as your hands found his hair, curling your fingers through a fistful of the dark locks before releasing and smoothing it back into place again. Mat's favorite thing about going down on you, besides the way it pleasured you, was the way your hands felt on his head, massaging and grabbing and twisting and pulling. It was heaven to him, letting you guide him around like that. 
“Can I take them off?” 
“Hmm.” As much as you wanted him to ravage you right there, with those soft, sultry eyes he was giving you, he was wearing far too many clothes. “You first.” 
Mat didn't say anything else before stripping out of his dark crew neck sweater and jumping up off the couch to kick his gray sweats down. His smile was contagious as your gaze dropped from his face, down his bare chest and the little chain you’d gotten him for your anniversary, down towards the tent in his boxers with a silly, excited grin. He laughed. "Not tired of seeing me yet?" 
"You sure you’re not getting bored of my dick yet?"
"No, baby. Definitely not.” You grinned, the thought of spending the rest of your life with him bouncing around your mind. “Why? Are you getting bored of me?"
"No way." Mat leaned down to lace your fingers together and lock lips. "How could I?"
"How could I get tired of you, Maty?"
Mat hummed. He loved this little play, the little banter, the back and forth. He'd loved it since you first started dating, and he always would. He knew you loved him endlessly, but he played along. "I'm just a hockey player."
"No, you're my hockey player. My boyfriend. My pretty, pretty baby."
Mat settled back down between your legs with a warm smile. "Yeah, I am. So can I take these off now?" He hooked his fingers in the waistband of your panties. "C'mon, I know how much you love my tongue."
Your thighs squeezed around him at the words. “Fuck, please.”
“Anything for my baby.” 
You lifted your hips for him as he tugged the lacy fabric down your thighs with nimble fingers, stopping momentarily after they were off to just look at you. He let out a sigh, his eyes finding yours again with a soft look as you squirmed a bit beneath him- not because you were shy, no, you were long past that point in your relationship, but because you just needed him to do anything to you. Mat had spent the past two years helping you love and appreciate your body, and this, right here in this moment, was the perfect showcase of how much he helped- as he was gazing down at your naked body and the only thing you felt was just the absolute need and desire for his body to move against yours and his warmth to cover you up. No nerves. Only love, and need. 
“Shit, you’re gorgeous.” 
“I know.” 
The lack of hesitation in your reply had Mat bending over you and laughing. “That’s your response?”
“Yeah! I mean, you let me know. You make me feel so confident.”
“Mmhm, good, babygirl.” He scooted back down to lay his head against the soft, naked inside of your thigh gazing up at you through his eyelashes. “I always wanna make you feel good. Physically and mentally.” He turned to lay open-mouthed kisses against your thighs, and any thought of response you may have had dissolved completely as you leaned back and waited for him to do his magic. His hand reached up to cup your heat, just feeling you against his palm for a moment before swiping a long finger through your fold, smiling and raising his eyebrows at you. “Oh? Already so wet for me?” 
“Always, baby. You should know this by now.”
“Yeah?” He dipped his fingers at your opening teasingly and his head dipped down to connect his lips with your clit, kissing it gently and watching you squirm. “Ugh, I could fuck you right now if I was in a rush. But you know the foreplay is my favorite part.”
“I know. And you’re so good.” 
He went silent then, his tongue wide and wet, licking a long stripe along your slick and gathering the wetness at your clit, giving it soft, kitten licks and wet kisses. He listened intently for every soft sigh that left your lips- music to his ears- and felt every tug on his hair when he flicked his tongue in small circles around that spot like he knew you loved. And the best part was that he knew. You didn’t understand how couples could get tired of each other after years. You didn’t understand how the excitement could flicker away or how they could get tired of each other’s bodies or minds. Never in your relationship with Mat have you felt as excited as now, two years in. The thought that he knew your body inside and out, maybe even better than you did, was just so overwhelming in the best possible way, and the longer you lay there, with Mat’s mouth on you, you couldn’t stop thinking that this is your man.   
Mat was lying flat against the long couch, his face between your thighs and his hands holding your legs open for him. His dark hair was a wild mess, and you could see the gentle movements of his lower back and ass and the back of his thighs illuminated golden in the lights, rolling lazily against the couch cushion- covered by a blanket, of course- to provide any friction for his sadly untouched cock. 
You hadn’t even noticed the noises dripping from your lips until Mat pulled back, and the lack of feeling his mouth against your core had you whining for him.
“Fuck, I’ll never get over you.” 
“Mmmmat.” You hummed his name, dragging out the “M” in the way you knew he loved.  
“Yeah, baby?” 
“Please keep touching me.” 
He sat up, between your thighs, knees digging into the couch, and his bare thighs and torso on display for you. You loved him, all of him, and all of his body. His legs, his abdomen, his chest, his arms… all of it was amazing. Perfect to look at and perfect to touch, to grab, to dig your nails into as he railed you. To ground yourself with. “Baby, you know I love eating you out. But I just gotta see you right now. And talk to you.” His big hand slid up the inside of your thigh, and your breath caught in your throat when he started rubbing soft, small circles against your clit. “So this position will have to do, okay? I promise I’ll spend all day before our flight eating your pussy.”
“I’ll remember that.” 
“I hope so. God, this fucking thing. Could eat it for days.” He pushed a single finger inside you, slow and steady, but enough to make you clench around him. His fingers were so much better than yours, just a little longer and a little thicker in a way that had you squirming for more. “So fucking tight and wet. So hot. I’m so lucky to have you.” His free hand left your hip, leaving nothing but cold, empty fingerprints on your skin, and rubbed against the bulge in his dark boxers. You could see how much he was aching, and you were determined to make it better. 
“Mat, c’mere.” 
“I’m knuckles deep in your pussy, babe, how much closer do you want me?” You laughed at him, rolling your hip down against said finger. How he could be so funny and sexy at the same time was beyond you.
“Lie down with me. I wanna touch you.” You held your arms out for him and scooted to the side, and he obliged quickly, lying on his side between you and the back of the couch and hooking your left leg over his right thigh. His hand dipped back down between your thighs, pressing into you before you could even catch your breath, feeling exhilarated at the much more intimate position. “Oh, fuck, Mat.” You reached out to him, willing and eager to reciprocate the feeling. He drew in a sharp breath at the way your hand rubbed over the thick bulge in his boxers, pulling the waistband down just enough to release him from his cotton prison.  
His cock jumped up against his lower belly, stiff and pink and needy for you and only you. Your hand, your mouth, and you could tell by the way Mat’s fingers paused inside you that he was anticipating the moment your fingers wrapped around his length. “Oh, that feels so good. Always does, baby.” And then, as you worked your hand against him, he pumped his long fingers inside you, bringing his other thumb to rub mercilessly at your clit. But still, even with the way he was fucking you on his hand, the most intense part of this moment was the way he held your gaze; the lust, the need, the twinkle of amusement in his hazel eyes at the sheer amazement that he got to do this with you; and the love- the pure, unadulterated love that soaked from his skin to yours, in every touch, in ever moment spent together, every kiss, and every time you laid together, bare and vulnerable, in the heat of passion, under the twinkling lights or in the dark, safe haven of your home to show each other how much you loved each other. His warm eyes glittered in the light, reflecting the gold and green and red lights from the Christmas tree that illuminated the room, and the city lights outside the window of your apartment lit up his body and highlighted every muscle. Your apartment, the one you own together, and the one you knew you were going to make countless memories in. His eyes glittered with love, with the question of “can you believe we still make each other feel so good?” and with the statement “I want to kiss you so bad right now”. Your hand pumped his length, pulling a soft moan from his lips, one that you had used to have to work so hard to hear. “I want to hear you, baby” You had used to say, practically begging him to let himself go as he bit his lip to hold back the moans. It had taken a bit of encouragement, but now he never held back with the sounds that left his pretty mouth. You lay there, vulnerable and exposed to each other, staring into each other’s eyes as with hands between each other's thighs, cheeks pink and hearts full of love as you helped each other climb to that climax. 
You broke eye contact first, laughing breathlessly and feeling your cheeks go hot under his gaze. Despite the lack of shame you felt in front of him, he could still get you so flustered and giggly. 
“What’s so funny, beautiful?” He asked between shaky breaths. 
“You’re so beautiful, Mat. Those moans are so pretty. I can’t believe it.”
“Yeah?” He smiled with another laugh. “I can feel how wet you are. It’s crazy.” He slipped the tip of a third finger into you, your hole aching and pulsing around them already. “Oh, fuck, I love your moans too.” And you could tell he did, as his hips jerked helplessly up into your hand. “Faster, baby.” 
“Only if you kiss me.” 
Without hesitation, he leaned over and his lips locked onto yours, needy and begging but oh, so willing to go slow and passionate. The hand that had been teasing your clit came up to grab at you face, squeezing a tit on the way up, and you reached a free hand out to tangle in his dark hair as you leaned in and continued to jerk him in your hand- up and down, and up and down, twisting around the head just like he liked. “I love you.” He whispered against your lips, breaking apart for only a moment to look down at you one more time in awe. “I love you so fucking much.” 
“I love you, Mat.” 
“Fuck, I love you.” His lips crashed back against yours again, his fingers plunging deeper inside you as he kissed his promise into your lips, the promise that he was there and he’d always be there. He was yours. And you were his. Simply that. The heel of his palm rubbed against your clit as he curled his fingers inside of you, hitting that wonderful spot and making fireworks twinkle behind your eyes. He groaned into your mouth as your hand curved over the head of his cock, palms getting slick with his pre-cum, and stroked back down to cup his balls gently. He let out a breathy laugh at the tender feeling. 
“Baby, look at me.” You cupped his cheeks between your hands and pulled him back when you began to feel your peak rising. He whined when your hand left his cock, aching and hard, and his fingers halted inside of you, cupping his palm against your heat.
“Oh, baby,” His eyes locked on you, making a show of how they were scanning up and down your body. “I’m looking.”
“I need you inside, right now.”
His bottom lip was sucked between his teeth and his eyes nearly rolled back in his head at the words. Even after so long, he still couldn’t handle hearing those words. His eyes fluttered shut. “Fuck, say less.” He rolled over you to sit upright on the couch, finally pushing his boxers all the way down his thighs and onto the floor. He gripped his cock in his hands and slid between your thighs, bending down over you to kiss your lips. “How do you want it?”
“Just like this.” Your hands fell to his hips and pulled him close. 
“Wanna see your face. Maybe it’s basic, but I love this position.”
“Yeah. It’s simple, but so intimate. I like it too.” He paused and leaned back for a moment, looking down at his sweatpants on the floor for something. “Shit, ugh, I don’t have a condom here, hold on-” 
“No, no, no.” Before Mat could run off to the bedside drawer, you grabbed his hands in yours, pulling him back to you. His eyes went soft and cautious for a few moments. 
“No? Babe, shouldn’t we…” 
“We’ve had conversations about this, right? About doing it without?” Mat nodded, a little smile beginning to pull on his lips. “I’m still on the pill, and I know I remembered to take all of them recently, so we’re still pretty safe, if you want.” 
“Fuck, I want.” He settled back down between your knees. “Are you sure?”
“A hundred percent.” 
“Alright.” Mat chuckled in boyish excitement. He reached a hand down between your bodies to adjust himself, nudging the blunt head of his cock against your clit and rubbing his pre-cum along your slit, lining up with your tight entrance and sending sparks through your body. “God, my God, I can’t wait to come inside you. Feel you around me completely. See my cum on you.” One last time, he bent his body down over yours, his weight warm and heavy, the metal of his chain cool between your chests, and pressed his mouth to yours, breathing in your warmth. One of your hands curled around his waist, slid to the small of his back, just like he always did to you, and the other cupped the back of his neck, fingers curling into the hairs and playing with the chain around his neck and pulling him in closer to your face. He broke away slightly with a sigh against your lips, his forehead bumping against yours and his nose nudging yours in a familiar gesture. He didn’t need to say the words anymore, because his quiet affections were ones that you’ve known for a long time. 
His question was loud and clear, and your answer was just as obvious. 
Mat brought a forearm down next to your head to steady himself, stroking the pad of his thumb against your warm cheek as his hips finally pushed against yours. Hands tightened their grips on each other’s bodies, sliding across hot skin slicked with sweat, and a euphony of moans mingled together in the air at the initial feeling of finally being connected in such a primal way again. His hips were flush against your own, and the weight of his thick cock inside of you was heavy and intoxicating; you could feel his tight abdomen expanding and contracting with every heavy breath and shudder through his body. He let out a long string of moans, his head dipping down to nibble at your throat, and fuck, did you know what he meant. You were connected, everywhere- heart, skin, and mind. “Fuck, oh my God, baby, hot as ever.” 
“Oh, Maty…” 
“I’m gonna give you so much love, beautiful.”
The first withdrawal of his hips from yours was painstakingly slow, and all you wanted was for him to plunge back in again and again and again. And he intended to do that, in time. Mat loved to take his time, but it didn’t take him long to fulfill his promise, sliding back against you, his cock hard and aching inside your wet cunt. He found a steady, easy pace rolling his hips into yours, each stroke like electricity through your body, long and languid, taking his time to draw your pleasure out, taking the time to feel your body around him. His knee dug into the couch hard, steadying himself and getting more traction so he could pull closer to your body, snapping his hips against yours with slaps that had you both gasping for air. 
“Oh fuck…” 
“Feels so good, Mat.”
“You’re fucking amazing.” He let out another high-pitched whine and arched your leg over his hip. “More?”
“More, faster, please baby.” 
His hips slapped against yours with a groan, his big hands holding behind your knees and opening you wide for him. He leaned back to take a good look at you, at the scene in front of him, trying to take in every image he possibly could. Because these were the best moments. Not only the sex- god, but the sex was good- but just being together, being close, being intimate and so so close, yet only craving to become closer and closer. “God, you’re so hot, babe. So tight, so wet, all for me, right?” When you couldn’t answer, too overwhelmed with the way he was pounding against you, he took it as a sign to keep running his mouth. God, you loved to listen to him talk. “So wet, all for me. Getting all turned on over this big cock inside you, yeah?” You nodded your head enthusiastically, pulling his body closer to yours. He followed without hesitation, down and down until your bodies were glued together and he was just pushing against you, his hips driving yours into the couch cushions. “All fucked up for my cock, are you? Fucking beautiful.” 
“It’s so good, Maty, baby, so big, fills me up so good.”
“I love you. I love you, (Y/N).”
“Oh my God, Maty, I love you.” 
His mouth locked onto yours, sealing your lips together and swallowing your moans down. Dark locks of his hair shielded your face and tickled your cheeks, and as soon as he inched away to take a deep, shaky breath, your eyes opened up. He steadied himself on strong arms, framing your face, his veins prominent, and you curled a small hand as far around his thick bicep as you could, watching in awe as his head jerked back, throwing his long hair off his forehead and squeezing his eyes shut as he concentrated on pounding against your dripping cunt. 
Slowly, his body peeled back off of yours, away, away, and he brought himself up to his knees in front of you. You let your eyes roll slip the long length of his torso, decorated with glittering reflections of gold and red and green, shining off the sheen of his sweat, and you looked from his thick neck, covered in your love-bites, down his chest, down the hard muscles of his abdomen and tummy, and down the V of his hips to the small patch of prickles that rubbed against your clit with every thrust. His thighs were spread open with your legs wrapped ever so gently around his hips, and his cock was stilled, aching inside of you. He shifted around on the couch momentarily, readjusting his knees on the cushions. “Ya know, we’d be a lot more comfortable in our bed than out here.” 
“But it’s so pretty out here. All the pretty twinkly lights on you…” 
“On me?” He laughed, “Look at yourself, babe. I’m fucking lucky.” 
His big hands traced down your cheeks, squeezed down your chest, curled down the curve of your waist and hips, before finally wrapping around the backs of your thighs and pulling you closer, hoisting your legs up, up, and over his shoulders and spreading you wide open in front of him. 
“Ooh, Mat…” You giggled a bit as he easily positioned you in the way he wanted, smirking down at you wickedly and rubbing his thumbs up and down the wet slick of your pussy. 
“Gonna make you fuckin’ come, babe, my god… you want that?”
“Yeah, yeah, please, Maty.” 
“Just a little bit longer, ‘kay?” He rolled his hips against yours again, starting up that steady pace again. His hands held your thighs open, lifting your legs up the length of his torso and locking them over his shoulders, and he never failed to make you seem tiny compared to him. You watched, mesmerized, as his abdomen tensed and hardened and spasmed as he tried to keep himself under control. 
“Little… longer.” 
With one more low moan, your boyfriend bent closer to you, his chain dangling in your face tauntingly as he got back to pounding away at you, heavy balls slapping against your ass with every erratic movement, his thrusts getting sloppier and sloppier and his breaths getting deeper. He was so goddamn close to that edge. He could tell you were getting there, too. You’d been on the edge ever since he started pounding you, but now, you were only a few feather light touches away from falling over that edge. And Mat was ready for it, he could barely hold his own seems together, he could barely think about anything except how rock hard he was and how your tits were bouncing so perfectly in rhythm with his hips, the way your eyes were rolling back and the way his cock felt inside you, fully covered in your slick, both your lower halves sticky messes. He was ready to fall apart completely, and ready to help you reach your own. “You look so fucking good taking my dick like this, babygirl. It’s so big, isn’t it? But you just take it so good, yeah? My good, good girl with her perfect fucking pussy, taking that cock so well.” He reached his fingers down to roll his thumb lazily against your clit, ever so gently, but enough to make you fall apart. Your eyes rolled back as you gasped out for him. 
“Please, M- Maaaat…” 
“Oh, you- you want it, don’t you?” Mat’s words were getting shaky, his sentences choppy. He was so close, so close his mind couldn’t comprehend anything beyond just fucking letting go. “Want your boyfriend’s hot cum filling you up, just flooding that- ugh, that tight little cunt, yeah? My balls emptied inside you? You want that nut so bad, you’re so desperate for it, huh? Tell me, baby. Tell me how you want the love of your life to just… fucking f- flood your pussy.”
“I want it, Mat, I want you to cum, baby.” 
His thrusts became erratic, his hand leaving bruises on your thigh and his thumb absolutely torturing your swollen, sensitive clit. He was getting desperate, too. “Where? Where do you want my big fucking load?”
“Cum inside, fuck, fuck, please, Maty-”
“Ohh, gonna fucking nut inside you, babygirl-”  
“I’m gonna cuuuum, Mat…” 
“Ohhhh, fuuuuuck, oh, oh (Y/N)...!” Mat let out a long, strangled moan, his voice shaking and whiny and breathless in exasperation. His hips stuttered and his thighs trembled beneath him as he nearly collapsed onto you, absolutely flooding your aching, spasming hole with his cum. Your mind went fuzzy and white when you finally felt his stitches come loose, and he finally emptied all of himself- all his hot, gooey warmth- inside of your throbbing cunt. And flood, he did. It felt like the thick ropes of cum were never ending, filling you to the brim, until finally, he was done, his eyes squeezed shut and hair falling into his eyes above you.
Forming sentences would be a miracle at this point, but you reached up to curl a finger around Mat’s chain and yank him down to your face, ushering him to collapse against your body. And he did, eyes glancing open for a moment and lips locking with yours, always thankful to be able to fall onto you after a hard day, after absolutely spending himself. He groaned against your lips and buried his face against your neck, panting against your skin and kissing your neck and breathing in your scent as your hand found it’s rightful place at the back of his neck.  After a few moments of stillness, he reached down lazily and let his cock slip out of you, both of you whining and the loss of contact, and you felt a familiar wetness on your tummy as his cum dribbled down the head of his spent cock to fall on your warm skin. 
You were silent, panting for a few minutes, just letting your heartbeats steady back to normal and your heads to recover from the dizzying orgasms. Then, a breathless chuckle vibrated through Mat’s chest and into you. “Merry fucking Christmas to us, right?” 
“I think that was the hottest thing we’ve ever done, Mat.” Mat hummed in agreement, squeezing you between his arms. “Now you see why we couldn’t do this at your parent’s place?”
“I mean… what’s stopping us?” 
“Mat, I know for a fact you can’t keep quiet enough to fuck in your parent’s house.”
“Says the one who was just screaming my name.”
“As if you weren’t moaning mine just as loud.”
“Hmm.” Mat laughed again at the banter, the playful back and forth, and rolled to the side, his back to the back of the couch, and pulled you against his side. “How do you feel, anyway? About… me coming inside? Still feel good about it? Wasn’t too much?”
“No way. I really… really enjoyed that. Everything about that. A lot.” 
“Mm, that’s good. So did I.” 
“But… I kiiiiiinda feel like we should clean up. It’s starting to feel… sticky, like, everywhere. And not a good sticky.” 
“Yeah, how about we take a bath together? A nice warm bath in the lights of the pretty Christmas lights you love so much? How’s that sound?”
“Sounds like heaven, Mat.”
So Mat scooped you up in his arms, his own legs weak and shaky after an unbelievable orgasm, and he pressed kisses against your cheeks as he carried you through your brand new home, lit in the pretty pinks and gold of the Christmas lights, stopping before the bathroom door only momentarily to ponder on the beginning of the rest of his forever with you. This truly might be the beginning of the best years of his life. The beginning of an even more serious relationship with you. He felt your fingers playing with the chain that still hung around his neck, the one the guys teased him about the charm on the end, but the one he always wore for you, and he glanced down, his eyes warm and contemplative as he searched yours. This. This was eternal love.
“I love you, babe. Always.” His heart felt dipped in syrup when you smiled up at him with that soul melting look. Yep. You’re it for me.
“I love you, bubs. Always.”
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afictionalwhore · 7 months ago
Mr. Tough Guy
Tumblr media
A/N: this is for my dear friend @libiraki as a sort of pick-me-up for bad days 💞 it’s my first time actually writing for Dabi and not messing around so I was nervous af writing for the Dabi Queen 🥺
TW: ??? Soft Dabi???
Word count: 2K
You rolled on your side to glance at the clock. Glaring electric numbers and letters taunted you back—2:36 A.M. Dabi wasn’t coming home again tonight. You knew you couldn’t get mad at him; it was Shigaraki always sending him out on ridiculous missions. But you were much too afraid of voicing your complaints to the temperamental man-child, so you contended yourself with being mildly annoyed at your pyro boyfriend. You sighed before pulling his pillow across the bed and over you, spooning it and breathing in the lingering scent.
You were almost asleep, when you felt the mattress dip beside you. Warm, rough arms wrapped around your small frame, pulling you into a lean chest. You felt the gentle tug of staples on the thin shirt you were wearing, shaking you awake just enough to be coherent. 
"So you finally decided to come home?" you sleepily grumble, refusing to turn over to look at him.
A husky, smoke-heavy voice hummed from behind you before you felt Dabi nuzzle his face gently against your back, careful not to hook any more of his staples in your clothes. You were annoyed enough at him coming home so late without him accidentally ripping your shirt or staining it with blood from his charred skin. Dabi breathed you in. 
"You're wearing my shirt, doll," he said, grateful that you were turned away so you wouldn't witness the blush dusting his unscarred cheeks. "You must have really missed me." 
"Don't flatter yourself," you replied. Knowing how much he loved seeing you in his clothes but being unsure of when exactly Dabi would home, you had been going to sleep in his loose shirts. The large scoop neck did next to nothing to hold in your boobs, and the hem typically reached your midthigh standing, rolling up to barely come over your ass in your curled position, a fact that did not go unnoticed by the man himself.
“No, Dabi,” you huffed as he began to slowly grind into your ass. “You stink. How long has it been since you had a bath?”
“How long have I been away again?” You could hear the smile in his voice. Dabi never took a bath without you to help him. Bathing Dabi after a long mission quickly became one of your favorite activities. He knew this and was absolutely using it to get back on your good side, though you didn’t mind the fact at all. His latest excursion was almost two weeks, and you wondered how his league mates could stand him for so long.
“Go warm up some water and get some wash rags.” You told him. 
“Yes ma’am!” Dabi pressed a chaste kiss to your cheek before rolling off the bed, the mattress springs giving a low groan with the shifting of his weight. 
As you rose from your comfy position, swinging your legs over the side of your bed  and planting your feet on the cold floor, you remembered the first time you had given Dabi a bath. 
You had, simply put, a rough day at work. You knew that when working retail, most days would be simply not good, but that day really took the cake. Somehow the blame for everything landed on you, despite the problems originating in different departments. Your fuse was blown short when a middle aged woman insisted she knew more than you, screaming that she wanted to speak to your manager and accusing you of "withholding" items from her when you didn’t take her expired coupon for an item that she didn’t have and you didn’t carry. Somehow "ma'am, we don't even have a back to check. I’m sorry," escalated into "you dumb bitch can't get laid and has to take out her pent up frustration on retail workers." Needless to say, your boss did not appreciate the comment, and you were told you had to be "let go", as though he was trying to break up with you gently instead of firing you.
 You would much rather go out and get something to eat on days like this. Chicken nuggets, fries, something greasy and comforting. Unfortunately for you, you and Dabi had recently started a budget, after a scare of not making rent due to spending too much on delivery and takeout. With your newfound unemployment, you decided the wisest decision would be to just go home and take out your frustration on some poor helpless rice cakes. Spicy but simple was perfect for the day you were having.
That’s what led to you hunched over the stove, saibashi in hand, viciously stirring the bright red sauce into the cylindrical gooey rice cakes.
“I need your help,” Dabi had said, appearing in the small entryway between the kitchen and your bedroom. 
You stopped your stirring. Dabi needing help meant one of two things: he needed to hide a body or he wanted a blow job. After the day you had, you were in no mood to play any of Dabi’s games. You turned fast to face the man, almost giving yourself whiplash and pointing your chopsticks at him as though you would stab him if he didn't choose his next words very carefully. Dabi took a step back and raised his forearms up in surrender.
“What do you want?” you practically growled at the man, shaking your chopsticks and dripping red sauce on the floor below.
“Do you think you could help me take a bath?”
Your eyes went wide with shock before realization of his request set in, and your features immediately softened, the muscles holding you tense relaxing, as Dabi gazed at you with a shy, almost sheepish, expression. You gently set the poor saibashi that were about to snap in your grasp down on the counter beside the stove.
“Okay, baby,” you said, smiling at him, the corners of your eyes crinkling, tears threatening to spill over at his sweet request. “Of course! Why don’t you go get some warm water and a soft rag?”
Since then, Dabi would every so often request help with a bath. It was always something that he had to be the first to mention. This was a side of Dabi you cherished. It was like watching the hummingbirds sip from the nectar feeder outside your window. To ask of it yourself felt almost akin to trapping the bird and keeping it under lock. He would never tell you what it was that made him finally decide to look more after his hygiene. You had the slight feeling that it was his insecurities settling in. Everyone in Dabi's life had abandoned or used him, and you had deduced that he feared you would leave him if he didn’t start to take better care of himself. The scent of light cherry blossoms and sweet peaches radiated from you while he smelled of rotting flesh and old cigarettes.
You made your way to your bathroom, a typical affair for a tiny Tokyo apartment, but it was just enough for you and Dabi. You pushed the sliding glass shower door open and stepped in, knocking over a few almost empty bottles, still clad in just Dabi's white t-shirt. 
He sat on a small stool placed in the center of the shower, glancing up at you as you slid the door open. The seat was just a little too small for him, forcing his knees to bend awkwardly up to his chest as he slouched back over. You drank in the sight of him. From the scars that decorated his chin and the top of his chest, forearms, and legs to the gleam of the staples that just barely held him together. You loved everything about him, despite the patchwork of purple scars that littered his body. You had a feeling deep down that despite his rough exterior, Dabi was insecure about his body. When you had met, he smelled of rotting flesh and cigarettes, and while he still retained the smoke smell, you figured that he began to grow self conscious over how you may have perceived him. 
You started with his face, dipping the soft rag into the bucket of warm, soapy water Dabi had made before pressing it gently over his closed eyes. You made your way around Dabi's face, lightly patting the warm, damp rag against his skin.
Dabi made a small hum in the back of his throat as you made your way to washing his neck, the same gentle patting motion you had used to wash his face. 
"That feels really nice, doll," he sighed.
You moved on to his arms, starting with his right shoulder and gently nudging him to rotate his arm. With as many times as you have done this now, it didn’t take much for Dabi to pick up on your wordless request. You worked your way down his arm and back up, wringing the rag out to run down the drain before dipping it into the clean, mildly soapy water to start washing his left side. 
As you repeated your gentle motions on his left arm, you noticed Dabi staring off. He looked deep in thought, enough to worry you as Dabi usually had a sharp tongue during his baths, hoping to stir you up and enjoying watching your face flush with embarrassment at his crude words on what he planned to do to you to repay you.
“You tired?” you asked, a small smile crossing your face.
“Mmmm” Dabi nodded. “Yea, I guess.” You decided not to push it and rang out the rag again so you could move on to his chest.
As you pat the damp rag onto his collarbone, careful not to let the charred skin get any more damp than what was necessary to keep him feeling fresh and clean, you heard Dabi mumbling.
“What was that?” You looked up at him, eyes wide in fear that you had hurt him. Dabi was still staring off to the side.
“I’m sorry,” Dabi murmured, barely audible despite your closeness. “For being away from you for so long.” He still refused to look at you.
You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. Was Dabi really apologizing? And for something that deep down you both knew wasn’t truly his fault. The Dabi you knew would never, even if bathing Dabi did tend to bring out a softer side of him. You were dreaming. You had to be. You had fallen asleep, waiting for Dabi to come home, and ended up dreaming of bathing your lover. 
“I mean it,” Dabi whispered, looking down at you with bright blue round eyes more befitting of a small husky puppy than a wanted arsonist. "I'm sorry. You put up with so much from me. You could have left at any time while I was away, but you didn't. You just kept waiting and trusting I'd come back." Dabi took in a deep breath. "I think I love you."
Despite his frightening exterior, Dabi was truly quite soft; he just often had trouble expressing that softness. Bathing Dabi brought out a side of him that only you saw, a sweet, lonely man who so desperately wanted to open up to someone but was afraid of being abandoned or worse, betrayed. This was who Dabi really was underneath his tough guy shield. This was the Dabi that you loved. Something must have happened while he was gone to make him really open up to you like this, but you didn’t want to pry; Dabi would share in his own time. Just hearing those three little words was enough for you.
You tried your best to stifle your tears, ducking your head down and dropping the rag in a pitiful attempt to hide your tears. 
“Aw damn,” nothing got past him. “I went and fucked up again didn’t I?”
“No,” you started, sniffling lightly. “No, Dabi. I’m just really happy you’re home. I love you, too.” 
“Hurry up, would ya!” Dabi tried to bark, an attempt to gain back his tough guy act. “You've still got my whole bottom half to do, and I’m getting cold over here!” 
You couldn't help but giggle at him, pressing a sweet peck to the scarred part of his cheek and fully enjoying the blush that crept up the rest of his face.
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laurfilijames · a month ago
Tumblr media
Love and Lace
Pairing: Modern AU Kìli x female reader
Words: 3,390
Warnings: rated E. M/F unprotected intercourse.
Summary: You and Kili have a romantic dinner date planned and you intend to make it even more special for him by wearing a little something extra under your dress.
A/N: requested by my dear friend and one of my greatest supporters @the-poldarkian . You are truly the sweetest person and I’m forever grateful to have you as a friend and ally! I hope this is everything you were looking for; sweet, fun, romantic and of course, smutty.
The moment you saw the color of the intricately crafted lingerie, you knew Kìli would go crazy over it. Even you had never seen anything in this rich, dark green hue. Most pieces came in the usual black, white, red or pink, making this one stand out to you. You had to have it. It was stunning and incredibly unique, and a little out of your budget, yes, but you knew splurging on a special item like this wouldn’t go unappreciated.
The lace was surprisingly soft against your skin as you pulled it on, finding that most lingerie scratched at you or squeezed in all the wrong places and you were happy for splurging on the higher quality garment.
Watching your body transform into even more of a masterpiece as you positioned the straps and bodice to hug every curve, you turned to check out your backside and couldn’t help but grin and bite your lip at knowing how Kili would react when he saw you in it.
What if he ripped it right off of you in the heat of the moment and it was ruined forever? The thought was alarming, but he wasn’t so reckless, not all the time anyway…
You smoothed your dress overtop, disguising your surprise for later perfectly. You felt powerful, like a seductress about to bring her man to his knees, leaving him speechless. You shook your head at the thought, when was Kili ever speechless?
The date had been planned for weeks now, and you’d never been more excited. You and Kili had been seeing each other for months, but now things were really starting to take off between you. Both of you had been so busy with work recently that there hadn’t been many opportunities to see each other, so when Kili arranged this special meal at an up-scale restaurant it made the time waiting for tonight drag on more than usual in your anticipation of seeing him.
He was clearly excited too, having sent you sweet texts throughout the day, some simply saying I can’t wait for tonight!, others more longing with I miss your face, your body, I need to feel you in my arms again. He was such a romantic, so caring and attentive, and although you hadn’t shared the words with him yet, you loved him and knew the feeling was mutual.
As if no time at all had passed since the last time you saw each other, your chemistry was as electric as ever and your conversation flowed seamlessly. Your cheeks were even sore from how much he made you smile and laugh. The food was divine, Kili really had spared no expense, but even as much as you were relishing in every minute of this you couldn’t help but look forward to what followed your meal.
You watched him across from you, his bright smile gleaming at you as he told you a story about him and Fili when they were younger. He was the definition of handsome and suddenly you weren’t paying attention to his words anymore.
His hair was tucked up in a bun to pull it out of his face, the hair on his cheeks a rough stubble. You felt lost in him, finding yourself matching his infectious smile every time it spread across his perfect lips, his brown eyes luring you from across the table.
You shifted in your seat, the sound of his voice and overall look of him causing fire to bloom low in your belly.
“Y/N?” Kili asked, his question catching you off guard. What had he said that you missed? You cursed him for being so distracting.
“Sorry, I was lost in thought. What did you say?” you stammered, feeling slightly embarrassed.
“I asked what you’re wearing under that dress.”
You looked down in a panic, your dress must have moved when you adjusted your position in your chair, revealing the secret you were trying to keep hidden from him. Your hands flew up to adjust the straps of your dress to make sure you were covered, and you gave Kili a shy smile as you recrossed your legs.
“You’ll have to just wait to find out, now, won’t you?”
When you looked back up at him his face was serious. He was no longer smiling and his eyes seemed to have darkened so much they appeared black. You swallowed hard, your stomach erupting with butterflies and heat rose up the back of your neck.
“Seems I better get the bill then,” he said in a low tone.
All you could manage to do was nod in agreement, suddenly desperate to leave and request that the waiter bring your desserts to go. Kili leaned forward slightly, bringing himself closer to you over the table and reached for your hand, running his nimble fingers over your skin.
“I really don’t think it’s possible that you could look more beautiful than you do right now, but I have a feeling that whatever else it is you have on,” he paused, his eyes lingering over your chest before darting back to your eyes, “is going to prove me very, very wrong.” His throat moved as he swallowed hard, clearly worked up by simply imagining what the rest looked like based on the glimpse he caught.
By the time you got back to your house, you both were in a state. Kili could barely keep his hands to himself in the car, not that you minded of course, his hand that wasn’t on the wheel slowly running up your thigh or tangled with your fingers.
Before you had time to open the door Kili turned you toward him, cupping your face gently in his hands, his eyes burning into you and a sweet smile tugging at his lips.
“Is everything okay, Kili?” you asked.
He smiled broader and nodded. “Absolutely. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed tonight, how much I enjoy being with you. You make me very, very happy Y/N.”
You returned his smile and wrapped your arms around his waist, his warmth radiating onto you. “Well, it’s a good thing the night isn’t over yet.”
As if his grin wasn’t big enough already, it grew even more as he chuckled and brought his face closer to yours, capturing you in an eager kiss.
Each time you kissed Kili it was like the first time all over again despite how many times your lips had met with his. He hummed into your mouth as though the taste of you was the most delicious thing he’d ever had the pleasure to try, which in turn made your hunger for him increase. You slid your hand up under his shirt and ran it slowly over the muscles that lay hidden beneath his hot skin, focused on the feeling of him.
Somehow between kissing you and tangling his fingers in your hair, Kili had opened the door and you both stood in your entryway, still entwined. Shoes and jackets were quickly removed and discarded as if it was a race to see who could undress the other the fastest.
Naturally, Kili seemed to be the one in the biggest hurry, his curiosity not having left him since the restaurant. And although he was desperate to finally take you in in your special outfit, he was savouring you just like every other time you were together.
Eventually you made your way through to your bedroom, Kili stripped down to nothing but his boxers, you still somehow in your dress.
Kili sat on the bed before you, gripping your hips to turn you to face him.
His gaze was soft as he looked up at you, his expression full of love.
You couldn’t help but smile at him, and ever so slowly you began to unzip your dress.
Normally an act like this would have made you feel vulnerable and too on display, but being with Kili made you feel so comfortable, washing away any insecurity you may have had.
As soon as your dress fell past your hips, Kili’s expression changed. He was in complete awe of you, lips parted and eyes full of astonishment, looking as if he was working to memorize exactly how you looked.
His hand came up from where it had been gripping the bed to carefully trace along the edge of the teddy that hugged your hip bone, the featherlight touch of his fingers making you shiver. His eyes followed the path of his hands, slowly making their way up your waist and over the curve of your breasts, feeling every intricate detail of lace and satin, the boning that held it all together. He stood, his hard cock probing against you through the materials that separated you, and placed his lips on your neck.
Your head fell back at the contact and you moaned as he peppered his way along your collarbone and breasts.
Despite not wanting to, Kili halted his ministrations and looked you in the eyes.
“Y/N,” his voice barely above a whisper. “You are the most exquisite and perfectly stunning woman I have ever seen.” His forehead leaned against yours and his voice somehow managed to sound huskier when he next spoke. “Everything about you is captivating. I can never seem to get my fill of you.” Kili brushed his lips against yours before continuing, almost like he was delaying what he intended to say next.
You returned his kiss, slow and sensual, stoking the fire that burned within your soul for him.
“This lingerie is pretty nice too,” he broke out in laughter and you couldn’t help but join him.
You tucked your bottom lip in your teeth and carded your hands over his stomach and up to his chest.
“I’m glad you approve of it. As soon as I saw it I thought of you.”
“Well, I very much approve!” he said with his classic Kili grin, the sight igniting your hunger and bringing you back to the heated moment you had been in just before.
You kissed him harshly, crashing your mouth against his with fervor, your hands moving up to rake through his hair and remove the elastic that held it back. While you continued tangling your tongue with his you went to remove the straps of the lingerie, but Kili was quick to stop you.
“No, no, I’m not done seeing you in this yet.”
You smiled against his lips and decided to focus the attention of your hands elsewhere. You plunged into his stretched-out boxers and gripped onto his girth, reminding yourself how much you loved the feel of him in your grasp, the size of him heavy in your hand. He growled against you as you stroked him, twisting around his base before moving to his leaking head.
Surprising you, Kili spun you around and backed you up against the bed, the back of your knees buckling when they hit the mattress, causing you to fall onto it. Sprawling yourself out on the bedding, you admired the view in front of you.
Kili pulled down his boxers, his cock springing free to slap against the dark hairs that decorated the area around it, another wave of arousal flooding the apex of your thighs. He bent down to lean over you, his face hovering over your feet that you rubbed together in anticipation of what his next move would be. Brown eyes glared at you as he planted a kiss on the top of your foot, then another on your shin, slowly crawling his way up your body.
“I love your toes,” he said between kisses. “Your knees,” another mark left in his wake. “Your thighs.”He gripped onto one with his hand, biting into your soft flesh which made the giggles that were leaving you turn to moans.
Kili paused at your core, his expression hungry, bringing his lips to the wet lace that covered you. Lingering here to inhale your scent, Kili brushed his nose against your tingling bud before moving his body further up yours and planting a wet kiss on your stomach.
“I love your belly,” he continued, “your hands,” he said, moving to kiss your open palm. His rough stubble tickled against the inside of your arm as he placed a kiss on nearly every part of your limb, “…your arms,” a mumble against your skin.
Now he was fully over top of you, and your breathing grew heavier. His mouth landed open on your breast, his tongue flicking the hard peak through the thin lace that barely covered it and your entire body shivered at the sensation. He pulled away, looking like he was about to turn feral, his own chest heaving from his want for you. One of his hands supported his weight on the mattress to hold himself up over you while the other ran up and down your side, simply enjoying the feel of the material on his hand. His face hovered over yours, his eyes flickering over your features.
You wanted him to plunge into you, to rip the garment that was keeping him from touching all of you and making you feel as good as he always did, but just as you went to tell him to remove it from you he spoke again, his voice low and breaking ever so slightly.
“I love you, Y/N.”
You watched him swallow after the words left his mouth and could see the emotions he was feeling clear as day in his eyes. Your heart swelled and you fought back tears, giving a smile instead.
“I love you too, Kili.”
Everything from then on was a blur of ecstasy, your mind clouded by elation and lust, your body acting on its own to chase the physical evidence of your love for each other.
Your legs wrapped around his waist to pull him closer to you, his cock pressing hard against you as your hips rolled together in waves. Kili left your mouth, his lips parted and wet, reaching down to pull the crotch on your bodice to the side. He ran a finger through your slick, ensuring you were ready for him, a guttural sound leaving his lungs in his excitement of filling you with himself. Your back arched when his fingers dove into you, hooking to massage the spongy spot he knew made you come apart.
“You look so good spread apart for me like this.” His voice was deep and startled you slightly, your eyes flashing open to see him taking every part of you in, the other hand that wasn’t buried in you lazily stroking his unattended cock.
Kili removed his fingers from you after giving you two harsh blows against your g-spot, his thumb pressed hard on your clit, the action making you clench and cry out before your body no longer had anything to move against.
“Kili…” you begged, needing him to touch you again.
Heat washed over you, watching as he placed his fingers that were coated with your arousal in his mouth to lick them clean, his hips bucking into his other hand as he readied himself more.
He leaned over you again, his breath fanning over your sweat coated skin, lining his throbbing shaft up with your entrance. A shuddered moan left you when he ran his thumb over his head, squeezing out a string of precum onto your clit. Making sure your lingerie still wasn’t in his way, Kili ran his finger between it and your skin, the material pushed over to the side even more to give him full access to you. He wrapped his arms under your hips and brought you up to meet him, pushing into your tight heat. He growled at the same time you cried out, feeling him pull out slightly before plunging back into you to fill you to the hilt. His mouth found your neck again and he nipped and sucked the tender area as he worked to set a tempo with his thrusts. You could feel his spit remain there as he traveled down to pay attention to your bouncing breasts, loving how unhinged he became when lost in his desire for you.
The tip of his member assaulted your deepest spot with every plunge, pushing you closer and closer to the edge, that familiar tingle beginning to spark at the base of your spine.
Kili reached a hand up to your breast, exchanging it with his mouth, pulling the lacey cup down to reveal more of you to him. His mouth quickly returned, his tongue hot on your nipple, swirling in a rhythm that matched his pumping and created chaos through your body. You moved your hips upwards to crash against his every time he pushed into you, sending him even deeper inside you, your swollen bundle of nerves rubbing harshly on his coarse, black hairs.
‘I love you’ filled the air as a mantra whenever his lips weren’t occupied elsewhere and you felt his words in every touch, only adding to your bliss.
Kili leaned back to sit on his heels, gaining more traction to fuck you both to your end, his fingers digging into your hips as he increased his pace. You loved seeing him like this, his form tall above you, him buried as deep inside you as he could be, his eyes dark as he watched your breasts shake in time with his movements.
As much as you wanted to see the satisfaction on his face as he finished you, your eyes shut tight as you began to fall. You felt his hand on your jaw, firm, but still gentle, and opened your eyes despite what your body was telling you to do.
“Keep them open,” he coaxed you, not easing up on his pace, “I want to see you when you come around me.”
You did as you were told, staring into his eyes as fire erupted inside you and your climax ripped through you, the glow in his brown ones keeping you focused as you detonated. You cried his name again and again, your nails digging into the skin on his wrists as he circled your clit and pounded into you harshly. Kili’s teeth clenched together and he joined your wails, your eye contact never once breaking as he pumped you full with his cum.
His body folded over yours and he wrapped his arms around your back, pulling you close to him while you both settled from your highs. He found your mouth again and kissed your lips gently, his hair falling in front of his face to tickle against your cheeks. You felt him pulse a final time in you, the sensation of his hot spend against your fluttering walls the most wonderful thing.
Kili smiled at you before settling himself to lay on you completely as you tucked his curls behind his ear. He was heavy, but you didn’t mind, loving to hold him in your arms while you drew imaginary designs on his sweaty back, his cock still safely encased inside you.
“I could stay like this forever,” he said quietly against your chest that was still partially exposed.
With a hum you agreed, “Then that’s what we’ll do.”
It was silent for a couple of minutes, both of you blissed out and close to dozing off, when Kili began tracing the pattern of the lace that covered your midsection.
“Please tell me you’ll wear this again.”
You couldn’t help but laugh, loving how he always made it happen so easily.
“If wearing it results in this each time, I’ll put it on everyday.”
He turned his head to look at you, his cheeks plump from his grin.
“You know I can’t keep my hands off of you no matter what you wear, but I’ll be sure we put this to good use.”
“I’m holding you to that, Kili. This wasn’t cheap!”
“I could tell, I think I would’ve ripped anything else,” he gave a cringed look before chuckling again, stopping when his gaze fell on your lips.
He captured them, kissing you slowly and sensually, his body moving against yours in a way that told you he was ready for more of you.
“We better start getting your money’s worth now then, my love…”
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