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#how to train your dragon

Some final images before I saved the game, stopping at Sunday 1:55am.

Toothless falling asleep or whatever on the floor would be great if like, Hiccup just fell asleep next to him.

Like, imagine Hiccup just falling asleep on the floor next to Toothless while the gang sleeps in beds. 

Also Fishlegs completed the art aspiration. 

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I have a question about THW

As much as I hate to remind anyone this movie exists, there’s just something I need to address. In the first part of the movie we get our first glimpse of the ever controversial Light Fury. In this first appearance she is invisible, thus preventing Toothless from seeing her and helping her escape (which in itself is a pretty stupid way to build up/add watch time). The ones working on the movie have stated numerous times that in order to activate her camouflage the Light Fury needs to heat up her scales by flying through her fire blast. So…….when did she get the chance to do this exactly? Without being noticed? Or perhaps breaking out of her cage? Alerting Toothless and the others to her presence?? Her camouflage is also only supposed to work for a few seconds (really dumb), so there’s no chance she was just like that the whole time she was on the boat. So can she go invisible woman at will and you just left that up for interpretation? Or is this just another example of you putting zero thought into the female character other than “she girl, small pretty, make good girlfriend”. Like you couldn’t even be bothered to properly define the one ability that makes her species stand out. And then you make it worse by giving it to Toothless but that’s a whole other rant).

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The Twins: [ Walk into a meeting ]

Tuffnut: Is this about destruction?


Hiccup: No?

Tuffnut: Then we’ve lost interest.

The Twins: [ Walk out ]


What do you think? Should I use brackets? Or stuck with Asterixs?

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I watched HTTYD:THW with my bf tonight for the second time. I’ve of course seen it mutiple times but the only time he’s seen it is in theaters on opening night with me. Last night we watched HTTYD2, and the night before, HTTYD, so this time watching it really hit him and me emotionally, especially with everything going on rn. I bawled really hard during As Long as He’s Safe and Once There Were Dragons. BAWLED. It really hits differently when you just watched Hiccup touch Toothless’s nose for the first time and then see him let go of it.

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