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#how yo convert to islam
rumaan · 7 months ago
Revert Dani and Time
Quick caveat: I still don’t think we’re getting revert!Dani although it’s always what I’ve wanted to see for this particular ship since s2.
Writing this because I’ve seen people question if there is time for Dani to become interested in Islam and convert in this season and speaking from my own experiences of being a revert - yes there’s time.
This is based on my personal experience and other reverts may disagree and that’s fine and normal because we all come to Islam and/or faith differently.
For me, I knew in my early teens that I would become a Muslim. I had always believe in God but my immediate family were atheist. Then I met my best friend in secondary school who was Muslim and once she started to casually talk about Islam, I knew I wanted to be Muslim. It felt right in my heart as soon as we had our first conversation and I believed. I didn’t need study Islam in depth and then make a decision. I had made my decision as soon as I learnt some basic facts. The only thing that delayed me becoming a Muslim was the fact that I was a minor and I knew my family wouldn’t be happy and certainly wouldn’t accept their 13/14 yo daughter becoming Muslim.
So I used the next 5 years to learn more in depth about Islam and to do a couple of Ramadans and once I was an adult, I said my shahada.
Basically, what I’m saying is that Dani doesn’t necessarily need months to decide - he could take one afternoon looking into Islam, it feel right in his heart and bam! He’s decided he wants to be Muslim. It might be weird for audiences and whether it’s believable or not definitely depends on how it’s written but just to say from my own experiences, it’s that easy to believe in Islam and it doesn’t need years of build up to happen.
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chi-is-bored · 8 months ago
And wow this is long, and i have no idea how to keep reading it so I apologize in advance,
Just watch the Omar interview with Trevor and wow, does the trolling JUMP on the comments.
Alas, these american idiots be like, tHeiR rEliGioN is vIoLenT, iN tHe bOok theEy sAy tHis, aLL mUslIm haTe us, Isis is iSlam. -_- i mean they are probably troll cuz I just can't believe that someone from the US would actually believe an organisation (terrorist no less) is representative to all religion. Like that's literally saying the blue / the red are representative to all american. Like come on.
I mean as muslimah who spent most of her internet time in foreign english-speaking domain (which is dominated by america), I aint new on islam-hating words. But like it has and always been alittle frustatingly hilarious to me.
Also disclaimer i aint from english-speaking country so im translating the terms of my language, cuz y'know i dont know what english-speaking people would called them, i only know the terms in my language. Also im pretty sure my experience and lessons I get are island or even small city-oriented, but you may be surprised (like i did) but the islamic lessons that are taught have small differences in each country or nation based on cultures or even country's history.
Cuz it's always the same thing. AND the hilarious thing for me is that their arguments most often are similar to the radical or the terrorists. Just swap the people they called the devil worshipper / the enemy. Like the terrorist/radicals would say that the Jewish people (which honestly is very telling how they never say israeli) is a satanic / genocidal / evil etcetra, while these islamic-hating comments would say Islam is a satanic / genocidal / evil etcetra.
Which, huh, maybe those comments/posts are the reason why I never paid much to the radicals.
Like judging from those rhetorics where 'Islam as a religion hates christian and/or jewish people' etc, many non-muslim seem to not know this, but like there's this 6 elements that you HAVE TO truly and wholeheartedly believe (put faith on) in your heart to be muslim. And one them is having faith (as in truly believe) that Torah came from Prophet Moses and Bible came from Prophet Isa. So, whenever I spy these rhetorics, I just can't!! Because we were supposed to also learn from Torah and Bible too. But, I also think it's understandable, cuz it's probably an awkward thing to openly say right? Esp in these tension-filled interaction between religion where aLOT of things has been said to attack. Or maybe it's not an awkward thing, but words that cannot penetrate the walls that was built from conflict and hatred.
I was taught that Qur'an is the last Holy Book to round-up or finish off all lessons from previous books that came from previous prophets. But I did come to realize that the lessons I was taught were only words they parrotted without meaning. Why? Because I was taught that in my single digit year old, now I'm on my twenties and I never learn what's in Bible or Torah. Even tho, the holy books we were supposed to learn, understand, and apply were Torah, Bible, and The Quran.
You maybe wondering if I do believe that why don't I research those holy book myself. Well I did, but the young me got confused at the bible versions that pop out from my initial search that I give up because I aint touching that without any Christian with me., Thats just a disaster in waiting, cuz I wouldn't be able to spot whats true or not since I have no base knowledge on it ya know? But, I did get that children book of Christian's prophet stories. Tho, I can't mention it willy-nilly cuz people would think I'm converting. T.T amd nobody would want to read it for fear, but like if anybody ask me I would say you are not afraid of the christian tales, you are afraid to find out how fragile your faith is.
I get to that point after many of these news that are viral on the islam part of internet where they glorify and amplify the news whenever someone converts to islam or whenever someone 'owned' non-muslim's in debate or whenever someone get non-muslim to convert.... Not gonna lie, at first, I did join on these people in amazement and happiness until I realized these people were only using these stories to back up their choice of religion. Like they scream while acting humble, I am right in choosing Islam, see it is undeniably the truth, those are the proofs!, look non-believers got converted the islam is true!. And my fellow muslim you would thought there was nothing wrong with these words (like I did) until you realize these people don't actually believe in Islam. They only interest to be saved or want the benefits of Islam, but they only filmsy believe the religion so they use as many of those stories to prop it up. They are in denial, deep deep denial how fragile their believe is so they seek these stories to prop up their faith.
How do I get there? Well, one of them is flat earth. Bro, I have interact wih these fools who jump on flat earth because apparently a quote in the Quran said so. At first I was like bro what? I did say that the word used for implying flat earth is ambiguous before I realize I don't have the authority nor accredited knowledge to say that. But I did jokingly say 'what are all the fusses with the earth shape and the Qur'an quote? What, you gonna stop being muslim over that? Lmao, can't relate' before i realized that THATS THE THING. These people have used those stories and believe blindly and narrowly that everything in the Qur'an is true and applicable to everything to prop and use as a foundation for their believe, that when they found any surface disperancies, they lost it.
I can already feel muslim frowning at me saying what's wrong with having these stories affirming their faith. you see, on the panic over the fragility of their believe they went on full stupid and just swallow ANY SENTENCES without any thought whatsoever abt Islam that would strengthen their faith. Girl, some ustad be saying that islam prohibits drinking while standing is proven scientifically right because when drinking while standing will make the water fall hard straight to your bladder and cause the water to not be absorbed and just pee out. And people be subhanallah God and God's wisdom. And when some profesor be like 'sir, please be careful on spreading these info cuz that's not how our body work', she got blasted and labeled as a non-believers, or proof that getting higher education is to be corrupted and losing ur faith.
Which, yo muslim fellow, was I dreaming this thing or did Prophet Muhammad did actually said 'to pursue knowledge, even to China' ( i am paraphrasing this)? I can't believe how I was taught this at young age, as a girl, that it is very important for mothers to pursue education as highly as possible because mother is the first person children are gonna learn from. To be at this age of mine, where some muslims be dissuading muslim from learning higher. Like what?! Actual religious muslim man be telling me I shouldn't get a master degree because no man would want to marry me. The muslim man who was taught like I was that every person on earth has their 'soulmate' that is predetermined before our birth by Allah. Seriously? He didn't even say that my 'soulmate' would not be attracted to me, which is how i know he was taught the same thing as me. He also went quite when I hit him with 'is he questioning Allah's decision and power over my soulmate? That a mere master degree will over overcome my predetermined 'soulmate' that Allah has chosen for me?'
(and yes, idk whats the English word for it so im using soulmate)
And no, he did not stop pursuing me, he just stop using religion as flirting method. He downright stop saying any religious thing around me, and straight on asking me on a date, as an 'uber' driver on my way home, at night, almost midnight, note: i was a restaurant waitress. That muslim getup really be accessories for him.
Wait, my main point is Islam lessons isn't as perfectly similar as alot of people believe. Like I said the islam lessons really be different. Like the foundation is the same, but the details differ.
One simple example is how I found out that English speaking country (idk which one) use he, him as god pronoun, when I was taught that Allah is genderless and is referred as ?substance? (idk the english term, just that Allah is not humanize ya know? Someone help me explain), and the mere thought of implying Allah's gender be a huge blapsemy (notice how i never use one) let alone using the pronoun he,him. But honestly I figured it's because english doesn't have neutral gender he/she/they like my language.
Also, yes I have a joke I thought when I first learn of non-binary people, but it is very blasphemous so i can not say it. Been hoping someone else say it, but alas I have not see it. :(
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chocolatnoiretpatatedouce · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Saturday, 18th July 2020
Picture::: I made 2, but I don’t really like the other one hehehe, with whatever flowers we had. This one is a really really small arrangement, its total height is probably only 40 cm.. since the highest flower is dark purple, I couldn’t put it at any chapel, it doesn’t look good, dark.. Thus I put it next to Ambon. 
Ok, peeps.. before we continue with flower talk, Nantes Catedrale was on fire! 
Wake up wake up dear French .. you don’t understand Muslims at all.. you don’t. There might be some open minded ones, but most of them are not and it’s not that they don’t understand correctly their own religion, but it’s what written in their Koran. They are told so. For them to be practising Muslims, this is what they are told to do. And they believe they are doing the right thing.
Ok, I don’t know if it’s done by Muslim, but who else? hehe sorry.. 
There is a real chritianophobia happening and as always the government makes no comment but saying the minimum about it, as if it’s nothing. But when it’s about some Jewish graves being vandalised.. it pops up at news. I have nothing against the Jewish, I am just pointing the discrimination out. How many churches were vandalised in France every year?!! We hear nothing mentioned at the mainstream news.. 
A French Grobie friend of mine, Yves-Marie, who is gay heheh is lamenting on FB for his cathedral, yeap yeap, he loves his cathedral of course.. He lives in Nantes.
St Sophie is becoming a mosque and of course, Muslims feel the need to show off.. brrr..
This morning, at mass.. I don’t know if Fr Steph was being parano or something else.. He kept watching far away, and suddenly gave me sign to watch out.. I sat far behind for daily mass now .. at the second part of the centre though. I looked behind me, there were men but I didn’t see anything suspicious. Later.. because he kept watching, right before the Gospel, he told Sr Daisy to come to tell me that there was a Muslim and I  had to watch him. geeez.. I didn’t know WHICH one hhahahah.. And Helene came to sit near by my zone.. I watched a man at the right side. His nose had bruises and scars.. seemed to get hurt.. Well, I couldn’t be sure that it was him.. since he had a small Gospel in his hand! He was holding it. 
I hesitated a lot, wondered if I had to go to talk to him.. 
It came into my mind, Fr Thierry holding a man’s arm at mass when that man came to approach the priests ..  and he came down to sit with the man at St JB chapel. 
Wondered if I should just go and sit next to that man hahahha...  but what if he’s dangerous hahah.. ok, ok I prayed Holy Spirit.. and stayed at my seat, watching that man secretly.
At Eucharistic prayer, when Jesus was lifted up high, it was THE moment heheh.. dunno, I felt it with all my heart, His presence and bowed down wholeheartedly and that man, suddenly sat down .. I didn’t turn around to see but I could hear him.. And kept my soul on Jesus. Then the chalice was lifted up high, I felt it much that there was something happening from my right side.. dunno what..Holy Spirit kept praying in me .. brrr..  And somehow I kept looking at St Michel archangel on the top of our pulpit. It should be fine, my saint patron was there heheh.. 
And that’s it.. all calms down.. Eucharistic prayer continued, I turned my head around to see that man, he suddenly stood up and prayed with his both hands, Muslim way.. bowed down at the side, but not muslim way, but rather venerating type..
----- NOTE also why I don’t like people lifting up hands on “Our Father” prayer, some don’t do it well, more like Muslim people and I dislike it much.. Oran gestures by priests is meant to invite people into prayer. Our catholic gesture doesn’t look like Muslim’s praying hands. I grew up with this, with Muslims, I know what I saw and it irks me much when at mass, I see timid gesture at Our Father part which make it look like a Muslim prayer hands. 
I actually don’t like it when the assembly does this gesture, because they are not priests, ok? hehee.. Why seminarians, nobody does it? Because it’s meant to be done by the priest and not others. Now, even altar servants do it.. My kids don’t, as I told Josh, if he sees no seminarians do it, he can’t do it hehehe.. they’re supposed to be the ones who are learning correctly.
Ok, I have talked with Fr Thierry about this before.. and he said perhaps that’s people way of expressing their prayer. Ok, I can get this..I do open my arms, lift them up high too when I am on worshipping mode. it’s fine.. but then, please people do it correctly, not the way like Muslims do.  I grew up with these people and in Jakarta, it’s common for us, to tell people’s religion by how they pray.. Having a religion is a must in Indonesia.. You’ll see everyone pray before meal time, it’s common.. What differentiate us would be our way of praying.. the timid opening up both hands in front is categorised as Muslim.. Christians open both hands widely, lifting them up higher. not in front of your belle/chest. Just google the Muslim praying hands.
Actually it’s not a big deal heheh because it’s simply gestures for prayer.. What bothers me in this is the confusion caused. AND I rather choose to not do it, if what I do might lead others to confusion. St Paul said it.
Ok, so back to THAT man at mass this morning.. Apparently, Fr Steph recognised the same gesture hehehe both hands in front of his chest, AND bowing down on the floor.. 
Ok.. I saw it too.. but probably I live in my pink bubbles hahaha I had thought that he might want to convert to Christianism.. He had  a small Gospel.. he might be interested.. but since the only prayer gesture that he knew was from his religion, Islam, he did it his way.. he was worshipping in his way. 
Why? Because when the Body of Christ was lifted up high, he suddenly sat down and later I saw him bowing on the floor.. 
He heard it.. this is my Body etc.. it’s simple to understand that it was Christ that was lifted up high. 
As the Eucharistic prayer continued, suddenly we heard Fr Steph yelling from altar, telling that man to NOT do his Muslim prayer in a Catholic church.. That man stopped and stood up, meaning to leave.. before leaving, he stood at the middle near by the door and bow down again.. to altar’s direction..  and left.. It looked like how Yolène often does.. Bowing deeply to the floors.. with venerating hands.. 
I felt.. dunno, confused..I prayed hard so that man wouldn’t leave, because I wanted to talk to him..
After communion, I went out to look for him, and found nobody. sigh..
After mass, Fr Steph told us all that he had to pay attention because of St Sophie etc.. that he doesn’t want the thing that happened to Fr Hamel to happen at our parish, that man could have brought a knife.. etc.. Euuuh, you sent me to talk to that man? hahaha what a joke..
I told him that he had a Gospel in his hands.
Later we found out that Helene gave him the Gospel, because that man came to ask about conversion.. 
Later again, Fr Steph went to ask around, found out that man was just released from prison..
Well.. I prayed for that man, it pained me a bit..dunno why.. I just thought that he might really want to convert.. but the only way that he knows to pray was his Muslim gestures.. call me silly and naive, but I do know how Muslims pray and he was not praying his Muslim prayers.. he was bowing venerating.. to the altar direction.. FYI, Adel, who was baptised recently was muslim too and when he did Our Father prayer, his hands were Muslim type of praying hand.. I don’t like it hahahha.. I am sensitive on this.. because I grew up with them.. It’s simply praying gestures, I know but seriously it irks me hahah..
If THAT man means to convert, please, make him come back, Lord. Send him to me..I know that Fr Steph might be correct too.. he might just save me from a man with knife hahah
Will see what the future brings, if I see him again.
Our flower time was as usual.. There was not many flowers.. and Vero was feeling off, tired I guess.  We decided to put a plant at the pillar, which is good.. We won’t have enough flower to make one big arrangement.
I think Elisabeth has officially left our flower group heheh.. Vero said once that she regrets to bring Maryse to our flower group haha now, we can”t tell her to not come.. but seriously, it’s annoying to have someone who talks soo much next to you when you want to focus and also very negative in comments kekekeke..
Well, today, Vero and I talked about something I sent her the pictures yesterday.. In the picture when she had her hair black, she was looking at Fr Thierry with all loving look haha.. Fr Thierry might have said something funny, Josh, Vero and I laughed.. while Elisabeth was talking to someone next to her.. Picture was taken by Jean Louis kekeke.. Marie was next to him.. 
Funny hein, pictures bring us back to the past.. we might not remember what was the joke haha I didn’t even remember that it was something funny? HAHA but I was laughing, not smiling picture pose kekekek.. 
That’s when we were young and had less white hair HAHAHA.. Fr Thierry started to have a bit of white hair back then.. I didn’t.. kekeke.. AAAAAAAAAAAAA he was 43 yo, haha ok.. I was 40 yo, see why now, 4 years later, I have more and more white hair? hahaha it’s about age. Vero suddenly has sooooo much white hair! .. impressive.
We listened to Fr Thierry and other priests singing “Quand on se promene au bord de l’eau”.. hahaa and then the version of St Albert kekeke..  yeap, Vero didn’t come with us that day. She had her date with her Patrick.
She asked me if I had news of Fr Thierry.. noooooo, I don’t hahhaa.. She laughed and jokingly played surprised, what? Diana doesn’t have news of her Fr Thierry hahaha Of course I have news hahha what do you want to know? the news is he is on vacation and will be back in August hahaha..It’s announced on his parish website! hahaha
I said that I want to behave, to not ask “eh, hello, père Thierry, vous êtes où?” kind of question HAHAHA and to hear the answer like “ça ne vous concerne pas, Diana!” HAHAHA
The funniest reaction was from Marie Therese, “no, it couldn’t be, that kind of answer is not his type, it’s Fr Louis!” Huahahahaa we all laughed.. Indeed, Fr Thierry has never answered me something like that.. but I also usually behave hahahah.. Honestly, I have asked perhaps in the past that kind of question, just asking and  he answered it generally.. Normandie hahaha without precision. <<< this was years ago.. Sometimes he replied with things like he was “à la campagne where there were a lot of stars” hahaha.. yeap yeap peeps, he is a darling.. a very cool precious friend.
And true I have asked Fr Louis too, just asking, heheh where he was for vacation.. his answer was exactly, ça ne vous concerne pas! hahahaha
Funny hein.. it’s readable.. We know our priests well.. to even guess their style of answer kekekekek.. Marie Therese who said it hein.. kekekeke.. 
Fr Louis was silly.. I think he is a good person and actually liked us much. He simply has huge relational issue and expressed himself badly. Too bad.. We all were hurt by what he said. I did try to see beyond that.. and tried to get in touch at the first semester and asked in future tense hein hehehe as the answer was no.. well..   I don’t think I can ask anymore, I respect his decision, time flies.. Now it is I who feel awkward to even send a message hahaha.. 
He builds soooo thick gates around him, doesn’t want anyone to step in..Something happened and hurt him in his youth days? I pray that one day, he manages to heal himself, to fear not people’s presence in his life.  It just feels unbelievable that with the girls and all we got along well, we had fun and had nice time even to our last apero etc, and pufff, he left and then, gone for good. 
That silly priest. I imagine now he mentions me as always.. dame du KT... kekeke the Dame du KT at his first parish gave him trouble, the next parish had another dame du KT .. me.. hahahhaa.. this is nothing serious hein.. he can name me whatever.
I don’t think I gave him trouble though, I honestly think I was fine, I adjusted myself to his need, and I think I was beyond fine hein hahahah I was very patient with him because  I wanted to help him to make it. By how much he was demanding and all... I was supposed to be the one who slammed door and quit hein hhaha like other people in charge who worked under him.. reminder, he didn’t get along with anyone at all. He’ll regret hahaha he won’t find another me anymore. Like later when Fr Bapt leaves our parish, he’ll remember well how efficient I was hahaha.. I know Fr Jer might wish to work with me than with Hilda, Sandra and others hehehe It’s just that I don’t want to work with him hahahhaa.. I am more for catechism, Fr Louis was an exception, I meant to help a friend.. and Fr Jer is not a friend, to make it worse, he dared to be nasty with me hahaa from the beginning, he chose the wrong person to be nasty with. kekekek
Thanks be to God, I am really not bad hein hehee the most efficient volunteer kekekkee.. Praise the Lord. I am quick learner, fast, smart in my own way and I am not chatty hahhaaha..I think it’s horrible to work with someone Maryse hahahah.. I want to help the future curé wholeheartedly, I hope only that he won’t make the wrong move like Fr Jer did. What’s broken is difficult to mend. Fr Hervé likes me fine hahaha he said yesterday that it’d be nice to have a flower team at his parish and would like to recruit us hahahha.. well, will see. I believe God leads my way, I didn’t even ask to work on flowers at St Fr d’Assise, I was asked kekekek..
Well, Fr Louis, Fr Bapt, Fr Jer, all of them will grow up one day.. Two of them have to learn to work with others.. While Fr Bapt is good on this, but he’ll be in trouble for his lack of leading spirit..not a decision maker.
I can’t wait for September to come, hehe we’ll start a new page.. Fr Bapt asked me if I could go to Musical camp at NDO hahaha.. Hilda told him that my presence might help and motivate some kids to come. But they only need me to be there for 1 day hahaha to accompany them to go on bus and helped to settle in and that’s it.. I’ll go home later.. This year would be Jocelyn’s last year.. she’ll be retired next year.. AND this year, Hilda will be the camp director! hahha.. 
Well, Fr Bapt felt bad to ask me to go on the first day and have to come back by myself.. hehe but.. I’ll be good.. I’ll do it. I’ll put my whole good intention to help them.. 
Becc wanted to go, but now she doesn’t want to go anymore.; because of me.. I  hope we’ll be able to convince others.. I understand that it’ll be difficult.. I am the “catechist-mommy” for them all this time and now there’ll be Hilda.. with her working style.. less affectionate type hehehe.. and it’s her first year with us..  while I were like aunty next door.. that they know for some time already..
Having said that, I think I’ll be off now, I want to make a new catechism calendar with new style etc..
Someone just tried to use my yahoo mail account..Don’t be silly, there is nothing important in it. I might have stalker hhehe, but don’t break into my mailbox ok? 
----- Evening
No, I didn’t make the new catechism calendar hahah I cooked.. kekeke and lazying around.. at least I have done dishes and laundry too. Now.. peeps.. I think.. hahah Fr Thierry is back heheh... I went to his parish website and saw that the announce for 14th July has been deleted. Then I saw there is a homily for tomorrow! haha.. But well, I don’t know why it’s not noted for morning or evening? Was there old homily that he noted that way? I can’t remember anymore.  Logically since there is homily, it means he’ll have mass, right? He couldn’t be having mass somewhere else and posted his homily only, right? kekekeke..  if so, he would post it on his personal blog, right? but he posted on his parish web, it’s for his parish.. kekkee..
I asked the girls hahah if they want to go, just like that. hahaha ehem.. Vero has a date with Patrick, Elisabeth can’t go.. has appointment already.. I want to ask Anne too, but see, if there is no Fr Thierry, Anne won’t like it. 
Elisabeth told me to just ask hahaha... And earlier I went to his website again, and I saw there is no FIP, not even old ones. He is home, right?  Shall I go? hhehehe.. to see my happy vibes kekekekke
I better go to bed now? hahaha too early.. I am feeling fine today hahaha.. silly, hein, I am excited for a probably mass at St Albert hahaa yes, probably hahaha.. not sure.. I’ll go there if Fr Thierry has mass tomorrow kekeke.. will see..
Let me take the shower and get ready to bed.. like a good  kid kekeke.. sleep early. kekeke
Almost midnight, this is not sleeping early hahaha.. but still before midnight. kekeke..
I’ll go to St Albert, jajajjajajaja.. It’s good that I didn’t click on the homily hehehe, I prefer listen to it directly before reading. 
—— OMG, I am 52,6 KG aaaaaaa and I don’t eat rice at all .. huaaaaa... hahha the midnight thought how to get into my dress hahah ..
Good night peeps.. under happy vibes kekkeke
It feels unreal hahah.. we were talking about Fr Thierry where he was etc and tadaaa he’s in Paris kekkeke de passage .. we don’t use that term in English I suppose .. hehe jaajaja peeps I need to sleep but I keep coming back here?! Haha
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nearlyheadlesspeeves · a year ago
Yo should I be friends with someone I found out once voted trump? Do you believe islamaphobes can change and even become good allies? I'm trying to be merciful since I haven't exactly been perfect before. Would you still be friends with someone finding that out? To be fair they were very ignorant and didn't know. I mean what would you personally do?
were ignorant? or still ignorant? refuse to see the truth? or willing to learn?  Islamaphobes do and can change. some really crazy Islamaphobes converted and became the biggest champions of Islam. I cant believe im saying this but there are worse things than voting for trump out of wilful ignorance. I dont want to get preachy but I’ve been friends with people who hate God and all religions, and I still check up on them once in a while. They consider me their best friend, honestly im a douchebag -_- , but i can hope that maybe cause of me they wont hate on religions, they wont hate Muslims, they might think about the existence of a Superior Being? One can hope. 
This is tricky. I dont want to tell you what to do, I dont know how you feel about this person. If you really care, you cant giveup without trying? right?  Trust your gut! 
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