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#how're you doing bestie
humansdni · 12 days ago
chandraaaaaa hello
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imaslutformaybank · 2 months ago
I was wondering if you could write a 911 imagine where the reader is dating buck and they have a disagreement because buck and taylor have started hanging out more often and buck hasn’t been making time for the reader. Then it leads to an argument between the reader and taylor
Tumblr media
part two
A/N: hey besties! so, school just started today and i’m just letting you know that i might not be uploading as often as i was before.  as always, thank you for your request! this has been one of my favorites to write so far!
one shot, blurb, or head canon?: one shot
pairing: evan buckley x reader
warnings: angst, cursing, violence, buck being a bit of an asshole
as i walked into the fire station looking for my boyfriend, buck, i noticed chimney walking toward me.
"y/n, hey! how are you doing?" he said to me with a big smile on his face.
"hey chim! i'm doing good, how are you?" i replied.
"i'm doing alright, still standing. you lookin' for buck?" he asked, placing his hands on his hips. i nodded my head yes.
"yeah, have you seen him?" i asked.
"last time i saw him, he was sitting with cap and taylor upstairs," he said. i furrowed my eyebrows.
taylor kelly.  buck, for some reason is completely fascinated by her while i can’t even stand her.  lately, he has devoted all of his time to hanging out with taylor so i’ve barely been able to spend time with him.
"okay, thank you," i said. he nodded.
"one more thing. i don't think you have anything to worry about with her. she's as annoying as it gets," he said. i laughed at his statement and nodded, appreciating the fact that he was able to pick on my discomfort.
"thanks chim," i said. he gave me a tight-lipped smile before walking away. i climbed the staircase, looking left and right as i did so.
"y/n!" i heard my name being called. i looked in the direction of which it was coming from and saw bobby.
"hey," i said, walking over to him. i gave him a hug and he rubbed my back as i did so.
"how're you? you looking for buck?" he asked.
"i'm good and yes. do you know where he is?" i asked. he stepped out of the way and i looked behind him to see buck and taylor, sitting at a table laughing.
all of a sudden, buck looked in my direction. i could see him slightly furrow his eyebrows before standing up and walking over to me.
"hey, what are you doing here?" he asked. bobby patted me on the shoulder before walking away.
"missed you. thought i'd bring you lunch," i said, holding up the bag i was holding.
"aw, really?" he asked, taking the bag from me and looking inside. he smiled and wrapped his arms around me, "thank you."
"you're welcome. i also came to ask if you were down for a date night tonight?" i said. he raised his eyebrows.
"really?" he asked. i nodded my head yes, "yeah, that sounds great!"
"buck!” i heard taylor call.  i rolled my eyes as he looked back at her.
“okay, well, i gotta go, but i’ll see you tonight?” he said.  i nodded my head yes before he leaned down and placed a kiss on my cheek.  my cheek.  i sighed and turned around, waving goodbye to bobby on the way out.
Tumblr media
“you almost ready?” i yelled to buck as i applied my mascara.
“yeah!” he yelled back.  after i finished putting on my mascara, i stood up to check myself out in the mirror.  buck walked into the room a few seconds later.
“woah, look at you,” he said, coming up to me from behind and resting his hands on my waist.  i turned around in his grip and looked up at him.  he tilted his head down so we were making eye contact.
“i love you,” i said.  he smiled and placed a soft kiss against my lips before pulling away again.
“i love you too,” he replied.  
all of a sudden, his phone dinged.  he reached into his pocket and grabbed his phone, observing it.  the smile on his face faded and he looked down at me, causing me to furrow my eyebrows.  
“what’s wrong?” i asked.
“taylor said she wants to pick me up,” he replied.  oh, you gotta be fucking kidding me.
“right now?” i asked.
“yeah,” he replied.  i sighed and pulled away, “is that okay?”
“you’re gonna go?” i asked.
“i mean..”
“buck, we’ve barely spent anytime together recently.  i miss you.  can’t you just see her another day?” i said.
“she said she needs me,” he replied.  i sighed.
“fine,” i said, stepping out of my shoes, “go.”
“come on, don’t be that way,” he said as i threw them into the closet.
“i’m not being any way.  have fun,” i said, stripping out of my dress and attempting to put on more comfortable clothes.
“come on, don’t change, we can go out after.”
“no! because i know every time you go out with her, you don’t get back till midnight.  i’m not gonna sit around waiting for you in a pretty little dress like a fucking housewife.”
“i’ll be quick.  we can still go out,” he said.
“i don’t even want to anymore,” i said.  he scoffed and rolled his eyes.  
“fine,” he said.  all of a sudden, i heard the honk of a car horn.  
“is that her?” i asked as i put on sweatpants.  he looked down at his phone and pursed his lips.  how the fuck did she get here so quick?
“i’ll call you when i’m on my way back and then we’ll go out,” he said, stepping toward me.  i took a step away from him and sat on the bed.  he huffed crossing his arms over his chest, “do you want me to stay?” 
“no, go.  taylor is already here.  wouldn’t wanna keep her waiting,” i said.
“what the hell is your issue with taylor? are you seriously that insecure that you don’t want me to have any friends that are girls?” he asked.
“buck, she fucking wants you! but you’re too fucking blind to see it.  so, go out with her, i don’t care anymore-”
my yelling was cut off by loud footsteps coming up the stairs.  a few seconds later, taylor appeared in the doorway.
“oh, you’re fucking kidding me,” i mumbled.
“oh.  i didn’t know you were here,” she said, leaning against the door frame.
“there are a couple things wrong with that.  one, it’s my house.  two, it makes it okay for you to just barge in unannounced when i’m not here?”
“nothing i haven’t done before,” she said, a sly smirk playing at her lips.  i looked back at buck with a scowl on my face, automatically assuming the worst.
“no, let her keep talking,” i said, cutting him off, “what else do you have to say?”
“let’s start with the fact that i think it’s absolutely hilarious that your boyfriend wants to spend more time with me than you.  i mean, if i being honest, i can see why,” she stated, looking me up and down.  i balled my fists up at my sides and began cracking my knuckles, using all of the strength in my body to refrain from pummeling this bitch.
“well guess what, hun? look at who he’s with,” i said, “because it sure as hell isn’t you.”
“well, ‘hun,’ does that really mean anything if he doesn’t love you?” she asked.
“woah, taylor, that’s not true,” buck said.  i attempted to take a step toward her, but buck was quicker, stepping in front of me and placing his hands on my shoulders.
“why don’t you say that again, just come a little closer this time,” i said, peeking around him.
“why not? it’s not like you’re gonna do shit.  move, buck,” she said.
“i don’t think you wanna-”
“i said move.  did i not?” she asked, raising her eyebrows.  he stuck his tongue against the inside of his cheek before stepping away from me, “i think you asked me to repeat what i said before because it was too difficult for you to understand.  let me dumb it down for you.  what i’m saying is he doesn’t love you.  he could never love you because-”
all of the words she were saying were finally getting to me and i snapped.  I drew my arm back and punched her straight in the face, causing her to stumble and fall on to her ass.
“y/n! are you crazy?!” buck yelled at me as he rushed over to help her up.  
“get the fuck out of my house,” i spat as taylor held her bloody nose, “both of you.”
buck looked at me with furrowed eyebrows.  he really must not love me if he repeatedly chooses her over me, so i’m done.  i’m not gonna be somebody’s second choice.
“y/n, just let me walk her out and then-”
“no.  no more ‘and then.’  i’m done with this.  i can’t do this anymore.  so, congratulations, taylor, you win.  he’s all yours,” i said, going over to the closet and putting my sneakers on, “i’m going to hen’s.  when i get back, you and your shit better be gone.”
i walked past him toward the door, but he grabbed my arm.  i turned around and pushed him away from me.  i didn’t even realize i had started crying until a tear dripped off of my cheek.
“don’t touch me,” i said, my voice coming out weaker than i intended it to.  with that, i left the love of my life and his next girlfriend standing alone in my home. 
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bestiesenpai · 4 months ago
bestie please do number 20 and geto-nii thank u so much for ur service and congrats on the office job deserved!!! 💖🙏
😚 thank youuu. I can't wait to write fics on the job lmao, tw for this one lads there's dubcon
20. I can never seem to get enough of you
Choso didn't like leaving you alone with Getou, it left a weird feeling in his gut. Whenever you and Getou were alone, he always managed to get into some kind of trouble that centered around touching you. Groping your ass when you passed by, fingering you on the train, kissing you until your face was hot and you were gasping for breath.
Choso didn't like to leave you alone with Getou because he was ashamed to admit he liked how the other man made you feel desperate and embarrassed, wanting nothing than to crawl into his arms.
And now was one of those times Choso had to leave you alone with Getou. He'd had you tag along to their job, sitting in an office chair that they'd pulled up for you as they typed away on their computers.
"I'll only be gone for like ten minutes." He warned more to Getou than to you. It was his turn to go get lunch and while he'd like for you to come with him, Getou had you wrapped up in some dumb little game on his phone.
"Bye Choso-nii." You gave him a quick smile before returning to the game. Choso sighed, giving Getou a lingering stare as he walked away.
"Having fun?" Getou turned to you as soon as Choso was out of sight. Grinning when you nodded, Getou tugged you from the chair and onto his lap. "Lemme watch."
"That tickles, Getou-nii." A surprised giggle erupted from you as Getou skimmed his lips on the back of your neck.
"Hmm, does it?" He whispered, doing the action again and making you squirm around. Wrapping an arm around your hips, he kept your ass flush against him.
Pulling you to lay back against his chest, Getou let his other hand wander up the front of your shirt, skimming the fabric of your bra before pulling it down and cupping your breast.
"Getou-nii, someone might see." Pausing the game, you looked around the office. There were high enough cubicle walls that you couldn't see over them, and you were sitting in the corner of the building, but that didn't mean someone couldn't just come around the corner and see.
"No one's gonna come by, don't worry." Shushing you with his lips pressed against your neck, Getou flicked his nose to his phone. "How're you doing on the game?"
"F-fine." You were just a tad bit breathless, having to bite back a small whine as Getou rolled your nipple between his fingers. The attention to your breasts had your thighs clenching tightly together, something that wasn't missed by Getou.
"Do you want me to touch you here, little sister?" Withdrawing his hand from your chest, Getou slid a hand between your legs.
"No..." You whispered, knowing Getou wouldn't listen to you. Shoving his hand into your underwear made you gasp loudly. "Getou-nii, stop, someone might-"
"No one's coming." He snapped, pinching your clit as he spoke. You could just imagine his unamused face, lips pressed in a straight line.
"Are you sure?" Gripping his wrist with one hand, you nearly dropped his phone as he started to circle your clit.
"I'm sure." Giving your neck a loud kiss, Getou firmly pressed on your clit, sighing softly as you jumped in his lap. "You know, little sister, I can never seem to get enough of you."
"Get enough of this." Choso's voice cut through the air and a plastic cutlery set was thrown right at Getou's cheek.
"Hi nii-chan." Your head hung low, embarrassed at being caught in this position with Getou. Choso hated how much he liked seeing you like that. Giving you a hum, he set a bag of food onto his desk, snapping his fingers at Getou.
"Wrap it up, pervert."
"That's a lot coming from you." Getou laughed, grabbing his food. "Hey, maybe (Y/N) will let us eat her pussy for dessert."
"Getou-nii!" You were thoroughly scandalized, slapping your hands over your face and whining loudly about how embarrassing what he just said was.
"Me first." Choso said, quiet enough for you not to hear, but it made Getou break out into another laugh.
"And you call me a pervert!"
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life-gave-me-oranges · 3 hours ago
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diary-of-a-poltergeist · 23 days ago
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you-said-yes · 11 days ago
bestie how is you ive been gone for like a week because for some reason all my teachers decided to pile on hw a week before the psats? anywayyy how're you doing?
i stayed up till 3 on accident even though i have a decently early class today riiiiip im so tired but other than that i have a lot of stuff goin on this weekend that i’m super excited about so YEAH how are u how is ur homework n u POOR THIN… the sats… or dare i say… the suck ass test </3
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lqdyofroses · 17 days ago
hey bestie!!
how're you? <3
(also i love your theme omg 😍
omg hii !!
i’m doing okay, how are you?
omg thank you sm 💖💖 yours is spectacular !!
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authorofemotion · 24 days ago
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scarlettriot · a month ago
I got a question for all you Kirishima Kinnies...
How're things going with your KatsukiKinnie bestie?
Did you give them affection, tell them how good they are, and how much you appreciate them today? They might act like they don't like it but they do :)
A KiriKinnie with a KasukiKinnie best friend <3
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idv-sunshxn3 · 2 months ago
Hi Pins! How're you doing? Mind if I request some platonic hcs for Violetta?
Pins// OOH- Hello, Four! I’m doing splendid, I hope you’re doing alright as well! I'll do my best to fulfill your request. nwn💕✨
Tumblr media
Violetta Platonic HCs
Header via Identity V Official Twitter
Gender Neutral! Y/N
Violeta looks scary at first, but omg,,, She’s so nice and precious- qwq💕💕💕
You would often see her knit scarves and sweaters during cold, chilly seasons and give them to you in a well-wrapped box.
She's quite like a big-sister figure, Violetta would often be there to listen to you vent and comfort you.
When it comes to playing hide and seek, Violetta would insist you to hide beneath her cape or under her pile of scarves-
Y/N hiding under Violetta's cape, jdhrejje,,, 🥺✨
She surprisingly has so many good hiding spots to use,,, x'3
Violetta likes giving and receiving hugs to loved ones, it's quite complicated sometimes since you have to get on your knees to hug,,,
But they're actually pleasant, trust me- ùwú
Violetta likes to tell good stories about her near the fireplaces, and some anecdotes about the circus she used to perform in.
She would lay in the living room's carpet as you lean on her back, listening to her talk and read memory books to you.
She would gladly teach you how to knit cute sweaters, scarves, dolls, and hats.
You once made her a hat that it was quite big, but it really made her day so much,,, qwq✨💕
There are times you get worried if she struggles with going through obstacles with her spider-like claws.
Though, you also knew that she had been walking with those legs for years.
As she surprisingly didn't struggle in climbing through ladders, sitting in chairs, and sliding through swings.
If you were adventurous and daring, you once tried to face obstacles while walking in four out of curiosity-
It almost got you injured-
Good thing Vio was there to stop you, she chuckled by your silliness as she passed by.
Violetta// I swear, Y/N. Having spider legs like me is not easy as you think... Fufufu~! X'3c
Imagine you randomly placing a cute bow on her head- that would be so wholesome qwq💕💕💕
Tell her that she's always pretty everyday, she must have her self-esteem boosted! ÒwÓ
Vio will always thank you gratefully, it encourages her a lot,,, You're the best, bestie uwu ✨
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0-ashes-0 · 4 months ago
Hi bestie how're you? I hope ur doing amaceing
just when i think im free from ace puns
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tmmyhug · 5 months ago
i am studying lots (fuck may) but enjoying all the recent streams :) how're you doing?
aw man exam season 😬 good luck!! take this to help you on your journey and don’t forget how important it is to get enough sleep <3
Tumblr media
i’m doing pretty awesome cause i’ve had basically nothing to do for the past week except mess around and run errands and birdwatch. i am, as they say, straight Vibing(tm). ace those exams for me bestie
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daddydamiano · 2 months ago
idk what that paparazzi did to my boy but so help me god my fists are RAISED AND READY
(also hi sorry for being inactive I had writing stuff and shit, anyway HI BESTIE HOW ARE YOU)
jack oMG HI YOU'RE BACK, I'VE MISSED U SO MUCH, BESTIE. I'm doing great, how're you??????
and also yes, I am so ready to throw hands right fucking now LOrD help me
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untowardflower · 4 months ago
how are you today? 🥰💞
i'm doing pretty good today!! how're you? <3
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shadowhuntingdemigod · a month ago
hey vi!!
how're you doing?? <33
I just dropped an ask in ur box😂😂
I'm doing great... But if anyone mention Sustainable development or Gross income rate or something I'm gonna flip!!
How are you bestie??
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burstingsunrise · 6 days ago
Actually ochem was canceled and I don't have to do laundry till tonight. Haha. How're the meetings and meg lattes? Bully me in the tags at your own risk bestie <<33
and yet you are doing laundry today.
meanwhile, i have no meetings today and i didn't have a meg latte, just a normal latte! joke's on you!
i don't want to be a bully that's boring let's be friends. ::squeed::
oh btw there's one wip i missed putting on my list and this is the entire content of the doc:
Adri wants to make luke angry and then make out (muke)
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i'm bored so it's time to annoy you :)
Doing good bestie, I'm eating cookies and chips (crisps)
Have you seen the Thomastair art yet?
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miyazakibf · 3 months ago
heyy, how are you?
For the ask game ~ 22, 26, 31
Hi bestie I'm okay, how're you doing
22. Favourite poem: don't think I have one, I'm not very patient with poems😭
26. Favourite character: I--REMUS, moony, moonboy. Can't think of other character that I'm obsessed with lately
31. Hogwarts house: I took the test again because I got asked it twice yesterday-- Slytherin
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starglitterz · 17 days ago
we're moots and i think we've been moots for a while but idk how to talk toy ou laolaoll but yea hiiii how're you doing?
HELLO MUTUAL !!!!!! :D it's ok omg i get wym, starting convos is always super difficult for me too T_T
my day was v chill ! i did a lot of add maths and my brain is fried LMAO and now im watching some kind of wonderful!
but i'd love to start talking to u omg :D soooo how was ur day bestie? i hope it went amazing <3
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sichengxwayv · 2 months ago
Hellooo how're you 💞
hi bestie! how are you doing? i'm doing well!
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