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Chapter 21


24 hours ago

Seeing Pietro call for backup, Natasha had rushed to his location. As she stopped her car and got out, she saw two men were fighting each other and one of them was Stane. When he saw her, he broke free from the fight and ran but she took off after him. She was faster and started gaining on him. Suddenly two women stepped in front of her. She tried to dive past but they blocked her path. Natasha rolled her eyes as she punched one vampire square on her jaw. She kicked the other one on her stomach, hurling her back. The first one recovered but Natasha reacted faster, she grabbed her head and slammed her against a post. Without waiting for them to recover she ran in the direction Stane disappeared. The appearance of the two vampires belonging to Rumlow’s clan confirmed Natasha’s haunch. Obadiah Stane is working with Rumlow.

Natasha saw Stane turn left and followed him but he wasn’t there. It was an empty street. She hid in the shadows and waited. After some time, she heard a sound from above the buildings. Someone was moving on the terrace. She looked up to see Stane leap from one terrace to another. He got down after couple of blocks. Natasha tailed him but stayed in the shadows.

Stane took a turn and she lost him again. She looked for him but couldn’t find him. She heard a laugh from behind her and quickly turned to see him standing behind her laughing.

“Are you searching for me, Natalia?” he asked. He continued to laugh. “For a former Russian spy, you have very poor skills.”

Natasha went to punch him but he caught her hand. He twisted it behind her back and slammed her body against the building’s wall. Before she could recover, he pulled her by her hair and hit her head against the wall repeatedly till he was content. He dropped her to the ground. He signalled for his men to pick her up and load her into the trunk of his car.

When Natasha opened her eyes, it was dark and damp. She was trapped in a very small space and she was being thrown up and down. She realised that she had been tied up and thrown in the truck of the car. She lied there not moving. Only thing she could do now was wait for them open it. After a long ride, the car came to a halt. The trunk was opened and she was pulled to her feet. They pushed her towards the abandoned factory which belonged to Rumlow, where he carries out his smuggling and other criminal activities. For long we have remained silent she thought.

Natasha tried to escape but before she could get out of her bondage a man hit her across her cheek.

“Stop trying to escape, sugar. You’re only making this hard” he sneered. Natasha buttheaded him with all her force. He stumbled to the ground, losing his orientation. Some vampires laughed at him as he cussed. One vampire stepped forward. She took a gun and shot Natasha on her thighs.

“Still going to give trouble?” she cocked her eyebrows. “Move your ass inside” she signalled towards the building.

Natasha cursed as she dragged her wounded feet towards the building. The vampire kept the gun pointed at Natasha. Once inside the factory, they tied her to a chair. The guy who had provoked her before came forward and slapped her again. Natasha spit out the blood and stared back at him. He and his friends laughed at her and walked away, leaving Natasha alone. Kara, the woman who shot Natasha covered Natasha’s head with a black cloth bag.

Natasha had been alone for hours, not even able to see the activity going on around her. Finally, someone removed the bag over her head. As her eyes adjusted to the dim light, she saw that it was Rumlow.

“Finally decided to give me company” she smirked.

“You see, Stane is dumb to believe that you had fallen for his trap but I am not” Rumlow said walking around her. “I think you’re here with a reason. Tell me what it is?” he said through gritted teeth as he pulled her hair back.

Natasha let out a small cry of pain but kept quiet.

“I think I can work the truth out of you” he said pulling a table near him. He took out a small briefcase and laid it on the table. He opened it to reveal various torture weapons.

“Clock is ticking Natasha. Your last chance to talk is now.” When Natasha did nothing but stare daggers at him, he turned his attention back to the briefcase. “What should I use first?” he muttered more to himself than saying to her.


Rumlow’s men pushed Steve, Tony and Pietro into the room and closed the door. Steve staggered and pushed himself with all his strength towards Natasha. He kneeled down near her, “Hey, are you okay?”

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“Well… I er… I turned Pietro into a vampire last night. Rumlow and Stane found out about it and I was made to take the stand.”

Natasha rolled her. “Okay. Get away from me” she retorted annoyed.


“Get back Steve. I’m been here, waiting for 24 hours. My patience is wearing thin.”

Steve got up and moved away from the chair. Natasha flipped along with the chair and landed on the ground. The chair broke from the impact. She pulled her hand apart tearing the rope to bits.

“Each of you make a stake out of it” she said glancing at the broken chair.

The three men hurried to arm themselves with the broken piece of wood and looked at her expectantly.

“What do we do now?”

“Get the hell out of this place” replied Natasha with the smile of a devil.

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WC: 1k words
Warnings: An itsy bit of angst, fluff, fun, pregmancy.
Other Characters: Peggy Carter, Howard Stark
A/N: Fun fact: $1 in 1945’s New York has roughly the same purchasing power that $15 has today.


Year -75 (1945)

You stood straight while Lizzie’s hand travelled down your back, untying your corset with enough skills that you sighed, realising how much you’ve missed her in camp. You never understood the new trend of girls ditching them for simple bras. A bra could never give your back the support and comfort you’d been so used to feeling daily, or the sophisticated appearance of a straight back and clothes that fell perfectly into your body. Well, not so perfectly now. 

“It’s best to retire them now, ma’am,” she noticed with a small smile. “It’s not like you’re going to get any smaller in the next months.”

You lowered your eyes, still new to it, even a bit confused. You still couldn’t understand how this had happened, once both you and Bucky had taken all of the possible precautions before and during your heat. How had he impregnated you with both of you taking suppressants?

It was strange to leave home like that, and the only moment you got to be distracted from how naked you felt was when you got to sit down with Peggy and Howard and tell them the news. 

“You’re telling me,” he put his glass of whiskey aside, clearly surprised and even amused. “That you did all that while pregnant? And none of us even noticed.”

“Yes,” you confirmed, sipping carefully on your tea.

He chuckled. 

“You surprise me more every day.”

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After Steve left, a car stopped in front of Rogers Innovative. Adrian Toomes got out of the car and walked into the building. The security guard stopped him at the entrance. Adrian tried to push past him but the guard resisted.

“Move or you will regret” he said. “Davis” he added looking at name batch on his shirt. His fangs descended and he growled at the guard to threaten him.

Davis shook his head dramatically as he bared his own fangs and smirked at Adrian. The two vampires took off fighting. Toomes delivered punches after punches but Davis was quick in deflecting it. He punched Toomes in his stomach which he retorted by kicking the Davis in his shins. When he went down, Toomes stomped his feet into his knees cracking the bone. Davis let out a howl in pain. Adrian continued towards the elevator. He got in and pressed the button for Steve’s floor.

Davis was lying on the floor in pain. He got his radio out and spoke into it. “Piper are you there?”

“Yes, you big dumb baby.”

“There is an intruder. Get the kids to safety”

Piper and Pietro had just entered Steve’s office. Piper alerted the others and led them to the private elevator in the office. They used it to reach the blood storage room behind the stairs which only few knew about. They ran across the lobby towards the exit. Piper saw Davis on the floor clutching his knee. She helped him stand up by taking most of his weight. She heard Wanda calling her name and looked up. She noticed that they were surrounded by five thugs from Rumlow’s clan.

“To the parking lot. NOW” Coulson shouted as the group moved away from the main entrance towards elevator. Toomes stepped out of the elevator and blocked their path.

“That leaves us no other option than to stand and fight” said Coulson as he took a gun from his shoulder holster and shot the five vampires in their head. “This will keep them down. They can’t heal unless the bullets are taken out.”

“I want one of that when we get back to base” Pietro commented.

Toomes ran towards them and Coulson fired his last bullet. It missed Toomes by just an inch and shattered the statue behind him. Before they reached the elevator, Adrian caught Pietro. He took a stake out of his coat and pressed the tip to Pietro’s chest. The others stood still calculating their move.

“Don’t think of anything. One wrong move the kid will turn to ash” he threatened.

“Okay… Okay we will do as you say” offered Wanda.

“Don’t worry. I will be fine” Pietro consoled her.

“Stop talking” Toomes strangled him with his free hand. He turned to the others, “Don’t try to stop me.”

The others didn’t move a muscle as Toomes took Pietro as hostage and walked out. He rendered Pietro unconscious with a hit to his head; pushed him into the trunk of his car and drove away.

Piper looked at the vampires lying on the floor. “Let’s move before more of Rumlow’s men come here.” She rubbed Wanda’s shoulder, “We will find Pietro.” Wanda nodded.

Davis was still whining in pain. Piper collected blood packets from the freezer and distributed it to Davis and Howard. Davis eagerly plunged his teeth into the packet and drank large gulps. He could feel him bones repairing. He will gain his strength back in no time.

“I don’t need it. You guys are hurt, you should have it.” declined Howard.

“Have it. There is enough for everyone and we need everyone to their full strength.”

Howard accepted the blood bag. While the three vampires were feeding, Wanda walked to the opposite side of the lobby and stood staring at the paintings on the wall. Coulson walked a bit further way from the group and called Steve. The call went directly to voicemail. He tried calling Tony but he was out of reach. Coulson sighed and looked at the others.

“Mr. Rogers is not picking the phone. Stark is out of reach” he announced.

“There is only one other person who could help us, if he wants to” Wanda said. The others looked at her expectantly. Wanda uttered two words, “Bucky Barnes.”

Davis face lit up in recognition. He pointed to the granite, “This dead guy.”

“Apparently he isn’t dead anymore. Things have changed in vampire town.”

“Why does he know more about us than us?” Davis looked puzzled.

“Job requirements” Coulson smiled. “I’m going to do one thing my mentor asked me not to” he added with a wince.

Coulson drove them to the outskirts of the city passing the inhabited houses. Even though there were no residents the neighbourhood looked to be a decent place.

“Where are we going?” questioned Howard looking out of the window. He had one hand around Wanda and the other was fidgeting the hem of his shirt.

“I think this is the place” replied Coulson nonchalantly.

Howard and Davis rolled their eyes but decided to keep shut. Finally, Coulson pulled out of a house and got out. The others followed him to the doorstep. Coulson rang the bell. A bald man, wearing an eye patch answered the door. Seeing Coulson, he sighed.

“You had one job” he spat. “What was it?”

“To never contact you again”

“Hey, you remember that” Fury replied with sarcasm dripping with every word. “You not only disobeyed a direct order, you bought five people with you”

“What? There is only-”

Without further explanation, Fury pulled a gun from under his coat and pointed directly at the tree opposite to the house.

“There is no escaping me. Come out” he barked.


Sam had arrived at the terrace opposite to the Rogers Innovative to his spy post. He had expected to meet Bucky who had gone to spy on Steve and hadn’t reported back. When Sam tried to reach him, he was out of range. But seeing no struggle or anything out of ordinary at the post he resumed his duty. He hadn’t given much thought when Adrian Toomes went into the building. Sam knew he had to intervene when he heard the bullet sound followed by the blonde kid being dragged out. He made an attempt to follow Toomes’ car but missed it before he could get down from the roof. Few minutes later, he saw another car racing out of the building. He had decided to follow it.

On his way, Sam conveyed the situation to his friends. He followed the car to the outskirts of the city. Lincoln was the first to respond. He had managed to get hold of Bucky and they went to the Rogers Innovative to inspect the scene.

Everything was going fine, until Sam had got caught. He had thought of running away but the enhanced bullet that Lincoln found inside the skull of Rumlow’s men made him think twice. Sam lifted his hand above his head and walked out from behind the tree.

“Who is this dude?” Davis whispered to Howard who shrugged being as lost as Davis was.

Fury spoke, “Are you going to tell me what happened or are we waiting for four bad guys with guns?”

“It’s more like bad guys with fangs.” Coulson filled in on Fury what happened in the Rogers Innovative after Steve had left.

“This guy will take you to him” Fury said tilting his head towards Sam.

“At least lower the gun now, man” Sam winced dramatically.

“Now, everyone get out of my property” he said. He bent down and picked up the cat that was brushing against his legs. “Come on goose, we gotta pack now.” The cat meowed back in response. “Yeah, yeah I know. Just now we unpacked. Tell this to that knucklehead” with those words the man disappeared into his house.

“Yeah” Coulson shrugged. “That’s what he calls me when he gets over fond of me” he said his friends.

“It’s time to pay White Wolf a visit” Coulson said looking expectantly at Sam. Sam wouldn’t have wanted to associate himself with other’s problems but he wasn’t able to turn them down. The group drove to outer part of the city and stopped in an abandoned amusement park. Sam parked his bike and walked to the small security building; the others followed. He knocked the door.

A man opened the speakeasy grate, seeing Sam he opened the door. Normally, he wouldn’t have opened if anyone was accompanied by outsiders. But Sam is Barnes’ right-hand man. It’s better to let Barnes deal with it he thought.

Bucky arrived as soon as he heard about the group, waiting to see him. Seeing their state, he took them into his den.

He turned to Sam, “What’s going on? Why are they here?”

Coulson filled him on what happened after Steve left for hearing. Bucky pondered over his thoughts for quite some time but finally agreed to help.


The van rolled into the factory which was located outside the city. Rumlow’s men dragged them out of the van and took them to the execution room. As they were pushed inside, they noticed that someone was already there. A chair was placed in the centre and a woman was tied to it.

“Natasha” Steve shouted seeing his friend. She lifted her head slowly and look at him. Her eyes looked tired and shallow and it was clear she hadn’t fed for long. A fresh cut was on her temple and blood ran down the side of her face dripping from it into her lap. There was a deep cut on her lips which was swollen. A gash ran across her right shoulder till her elbow. Her knuckles were soaked in blood and small bruised littered her arm. Steve mentally scolded himself for not organising a search party for her. She had been here for a day and he felt like it was his fault.

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Steve drove to the council hearing. He parked his car outside the temple and scanned the cars. He didn’t see Natasha’s and his worry increased. She has been missing for nearly 24 hours. Steve had an instinct that there was trouble brewing as he walked inside and saw Rumlow and Stane conspiring in the corridor. Steve ignored the smirk Rumlow shot at him. He waited for the others to arrive.

Jiaying and Tony arrived after some time. She was laughing to some joke he said. Jiaying smiled at Steve when their eyes met and he returned the gesture. Seeing them arrive, Rumlow cleared his throat.

“Shall we begin?” he smiled. Steve didn’t like the way he was happy tonight. He seemed confident of himself. There must be something else he is planning thought Steve.

“Natasha is not here yet”

“Oh! Stevie, you didn’t know? Your spy friend is little preoccupied at the moment and she won’t make it.”

Steve clenched his jaw. “Where is she, Rumlow?”

“How would I know? I heard a little birdie tell me she left town and won’t be returning” he grinned. After a pause he added, “any time soon.”

“If all the council members are not there, we can’t hold the hearing” stated Jiaying.

“She would have come if she cared enough for you both. And with the staggering amount of evidence against both of you, she just wanted to save her own skin.” Rumlow then turned to Jiaying, “If you see the evidence yourself, you wouldn’t postpone the hearing.”

Steve knew Natasha would never turn her back against her friends. If she hadn’t showed up yet Rumlow was somehow involved. He needed to know where she is and whether she is okay. Steve saw out of the corner of his eyes someone entering the room. He turned to see it was Rumlow’s men dragging along Pietro. The realisation hit why Rumlow seemed so happy. Jiaying would no way support changing a vampire outside clan. He turned to look at Tony. He had gone pale with the shock. They both knew now there was no escaping.

Steve cursed himself for letting Rumlow’s man see Pietro. No way it could have escaped his notice. He should have made Pietro stay somewhere else. Only Pietro have been brought here. Not knowing the fate of others disturbed him. He wished they were alive.

Steve knew there was no getting out the mess he had gotten himself into. Pietro started at him with scared eyes. He just escaped death yesterday and now he is being brought in for execution.

“Well as I was saying, we have to get started. At the last moment we got proof that not only your friend but you too were creating vampires without the council’s supervision.”

“Steve, explain yourself” said Jiaying firmly. Her eyes showed that she didn’t want to believe what she was seeing. When Steve looked away in guilt her demeanour changed. Her face hardened as she said, “Let the hearing begin.”

Rumlow called up for Stane to speak first.

“Stane, tell the council members about Tony’s deed.”

“We couldn’t bring in the vampire that Tony changed. But I know he did ‘cause I saw Tony change the boy.”

“Do you know the whereabout of that boy?”

“I got informed the boy joined the clan-less.”

“Jiaying, I heard that the clan-less are in the city and every rumour we heard about them is true. It would explain the feral problem. The clan-less wants to destroy the council and these two are working with them” Rumlow said.

Rumlow then turned to Stane, “Can you identify him?”

Stane nodded and Rumlow produced the photos of Peter. “This is the boy. I knew him from Stark internship” Stane agreed.

“Next, I would like to call Tony’s driver, Aldrich" stated Rumlow.

Aldrich Killian walked in. Tony didn’t speak anything. He just stared at him with red eyes. His pupils have gone red in anger.

Killian spoke, “ I know Mr. Stark was a vampire since I started working for him. About a year ago he changed this kid, Peter into a vampire. I didn’t mind it. I got pretty much from folklore and Hollywood. Then one day, Mr. Stark decided to send him away. He asked me to take him to Boston and drop the boy there. I didn’t ask any question. I’m not in the place to ask any questions. So I did it. That’s all I know.” Aldrich avoided meeting Tony and Steve’s eyes.

“And for Steve we won’t need any witnesses or photo proofs, I think. This boy is enough” Rumlow said as he pushed Pietro to the centre of the room. “Steve changed him yesterday” he added.

“Please Jiaying. Let me explain” Steve pleaded.

Jiaying turned to Steve. “I think we can vote” Jiaying said. “ I vote for them to be executed by Sol Mortem


Steve looked at Pietro. Steve remembered last night. He left the same panic he had when he saw blood-soaked Pietro’s body on the ground. His life shouldn’t be too short he thought. Steve decided to break for it. Even if he dies, he is going to save Pietro. He looked at Tony who stood there not moving. He decided to act by himself. He grabbed Rumlow’s arm and twisted it till he heard a sickening snap. He collided his elbow to Rumlow’s nose; breaking it. Steve called for Pietro and Tony and made a dash for the door. Jiaying stood blocking his path.

“Don’t make me do it Steve. I could kill you here and now. You broke the law of council thus endangering every one of us. You have to face the consequences.”

Steve didn’t take her threat seriously as he went to punch her. She easily caught his hand in one hand and held his neck in the other. She started draining the life from him. Steve started to choke and his heartbeat reduced. It was beginning to become difficult to breathe. His skin grew sickly grey. She threw him on the ground. 

Rumlow called his men to bind the three and take them away. His men dragged Tony, Steve and Pietro out. The three were transported to Rumlow’s old factory to be executed in the morning. Steve’s fight has died and he was drained. Tony and Pietro don’t even stand a small chance against the them. Their only option is listening to them.

The three were pushed into back of the van. Rumlow cradled with broken arm to his chest as he walked to the van. He leered at Steve.

“I was just planning to create some chaos in the council with Tony’s situation. But you Steve” he laughed “You gave me a home run.” He walked away laughing.

Three of Rumlow’s men got in the back with them to make sure they won’t try to escape. Steve’s mind was preoccupied with his thoughts as he tried to make sense of the situation. He realised that they never wanted to frame Tony for smuggling. They wanted to root him out for creating vampire without council’s permission. He and his friends have been preparing for the wrong trial. He had unknowingly fortified Rumlow’s stance by turning Pietro.

The van started with a grunt and drove down the dirty path.

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11. Psych 101 “Crying”

While stranded, in the past, Peter crosses paths with a familiar face.

AO3 Link

Following the final battle, which became the ‘resting’ place of Thanos and his children, the world returned to a somewhat, normal state.

A couple of months passed when it became apparent that followers of Thanos, were on the move again, ready to stop at nothing to avenge him.

They were only small squadrons, of brainless beings, that were usually quite easy to take down.

Peter, after weeks of pleading, with Tony and May, was granted permission to tag along, with the team, to help. It gave him peace of mind, being able to watch over Tony, because at least, together, they could keep one another safe.

They managed to direct the fights, to the abandoned site of Sokovia, to make sure no civilians were caught in the crossfire.

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what if maria had more of an effect on tony’s upbringing than most? howard’s still a dick but make it funny

Tony has known he was probably not the best human on earth ever since he was five and his dad made a bigger deal out of a dead man’s birthday than his own. 

At age five, you don’t really know a lot about the world yet. There were about two things that Tony didn’t know that he wishes he did know: 

1.) The word “fuck.” It would have helped with a lot of his situations. 

2.) The concept of jealousy. He probably could have gone to a child therapist or some shit, he’s not sure if those even existed back then, or if his parents would have even let him go. 

(After all, he’s supposed to be their perfect little boy, just the right amount of precocious and the other amount being something like genius or respectability.) 

It is actually his mother who takes the reins on his life. Howard has effect, he has huge effects. 

Maria is a socialite who absolutely refuses to let her son succumb to Howard’s devil-may-care attitude that he’s so infamous for. Her son is going to be well-mannered, respectable, and know exactly how to treat a lady of high social standing. 

This involves training at a young age. Six would be a fine age. 

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I’m like 4 years late but I just finished binge watching Agent Carter in 2 days and can I just say

I am MAD







anyways I would like to sue marvel for emotional damage after leaving us on a CLIFF HANGER like that.

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Oooh, let’s see if I could do this justice.

Of course, the one time she needed the bastard, he was nowhere around. All she needed was his review and signature on the final projects to open up a well-needed branch of S.H.EI.L.D and Howard had disappeared God knows where. He wasn’t home or if he was – he was well ignoring her by this point.

Not that she hasn’t called his phone fifteen times in the last half hour. The last she wanted to do was make the extensive drive to the Stark Manor. Not that she didn’t enjoy the Manor or seeing Jarvis again or even her godson, but she was simply tired after a long day and had looked forward to soaking in a hot tub.

The more she delayed laying  in a hot tub, the antsier she got about having to drive an hour out of the way thanks to Howard disappearing from his office.

Sighing heavily, Peggy hoisted herself out of the car and leaned onto her good side as she walked towards the marble steps. She was greeted to a half-opened door and the sight of a train wreck past the entrance hall.

A black sludge was all over the carpet, staining the material, the walls, and oil-coated the bottom of her shoes, causing Peggy to slip and have to catch herself on the wall. She cursed under her breath as she followed the path of this mayhem.

Whatever had happened, it wasn’t good because she could hear Howard’s strained voice yelling already. Really, that man had quite a temper on him.

“-idea of what you’ve done! You’re being selfish!”

“Selfish? Me?! You’re the peek preview of selfishness! Sending your only son off to private school for three years because you didn’t want anything to do with me!” There was a sound of glass breaking and her godson cursing.

“Control that goddamn thing. Why in the hell is it even in here?! I thought I told you –“

“I thought you told me you’d be a better parent his mom died but your sixth scotch of the day says otherwise.”

The sound of skin-hitting skin and heavy glass shattering as Peggy bursting through the office door, barely catching her godson as he stumbled back. Howard stood in front of them, his hand still raised, the bottle of scotch now broken against the wall, and dripping the expensive liquid onto the hard floor.

Tony was already a good foot taller than her in his linky stage, but that didn’t stop Peggy from grasping his shoulders like he was still a child and preventing him from leaving.

“Let me see,” she demanded, tilting his head up with her fingertips, like he was a child and had gotten into his first fight. Her eyes hardened at the sight of the bruise already coming in, Tony’s cheek flushed a shade of red.

“What’s this about, Howard?” She held onto his arm, preventing Tony from leaving despite how he wanted to. She could feel him tugging. “Howard!”

The man looked stunned like he was surprised he’d did such a thing. Slap his own son. He looked from Tony, to Peggy, not one bit surprised she was here.

“This doesn’t concern you, Pegs,” he grumbled, waving his hand towards Peggy, finally regaining himself and sitting back behind the heavy oak desk. “Whatever you’re here for, just leave, I’ll do it tomorrow.”

“Oh, you will not just do it tomorrow. You’re telling me what the hell is wrong and happened here – enough to hit my godson!”

“Your godson? About the only use he’s got,” Howard mumbled, rolling his eyes. “How’s that leg, Pegs? Still aching yah after you tore your tendon? How’s dear ole Sousa? Still limping around?”

He was drunk and trying to raise her to fight. To get angry. The injury had happened on his watch and Howard had never quite let go of that guilt. She wasn’t out of commission just yet, but the field missions the Director allowed herself on had dropped to zilch.

“Sousa died six years ago and you know it,” she spat, still holding tightly to Tony’s arm. “Why did you slap Tony?”

The answer came in form of something…well, robotic and ugly running between her legs. It looked like a demented baby doll, just minus anything baby doll quality and leaking oil as it ran down the hall. She looked up at Tony who was carefully avoiding her eyes and watched him shrug.

“That thing,” Howard grumbled, capturing her attention. “Destroyed the house and that boy won't’ take responsibility for it. Maria was too soft on him in my opinion. Piece of crap can’t even do-”

“Shut it,” Tony snarled, gritting his teeth and glaring at Howard. “Why don’t you tell her the real reason you’re so piss-ass drunk all the time? The real reason mom died? So she didn’t have to put up with you! Go on, Howard, tell her!”

Howard looked like he was getting ready to punch both of them this time, Peggy unconsciously putting herself between him and Tony. “Shut up.”

“Shut up? Why? So Auntie doesn’t know what a piece of shit you are? So she doesn’t know what the hell you’ve done? Tell her! Or I’m going to – tell her before I do.”

When Howard stood up, throwing the chair back, Peggy shoved Tony to the side and glared at Howard. She took three steps forward and he had enough sense to fall back against the wall, looking green. For one second she thought he was going to vomit up all that expensive amber liquid before swallowing it down.

“I sunk the company.”

“You what?” Peggy breathed, looking from him to Tony for an explanation. “What?!”

“The great Howard Stark, CEO of Stark Industries sunk the company. All that support for your job, Auntie, those deals you depended on, the-the stability, the backup, your business partner ruined. All for his own selfish need! He-he’s only barely surviving from a-a business partner buying it out and taking control.”

Peggy’s breath was caught in her throat. Stark Industries was sunk? Done for? What did this mean for SHIELD? Of course, SHIELD was now at a standpoint where she could run and handle things without Howard’s involvement but still, there was that what if…

“What did you do, Howard?” Peggy’s voice was hard, leaving no room for argument.

“I sent Tony away. He was a-a burden. Maria was dying. Didn’t care. Didn’t want the boy around. Just wanted to focus on…stuff. Focus on-on…” He looked sick again and was digging around in his desk before slapping several sheets of folded paper onto the desk.

Peggy’s fingers snatched it up before Tony could pull it away. A gasp escaped her lips as she read over the paperwork and Tony read over her shoulder.

It was selfish, what she did next, the fury, the anger that filled her. She didn’t even know what she was doing until Howard was knocked against the wall, his nose bleeding from her fist.

“You made a promise to me in 1946 – we made a promise to Steve! To Erksine! And you turned your back for profit?!”

“Not only that – he got angry cause I found his documents on recent travels,” Tony continued, sounding smug. “He let mom die so he could focus on finding Captain Rogers.”

She wanted to cry, to scream, to attack Howard until she felt better but there would be no use for it. “I miss Steve,” she told Howard, feeling Tony’s eyes on her. “I miss him more than you understand but you sacrificing your wife’s, Anthony’s mother for this obsession, Steve would be disappointed in you. Perhaps even hate you. He would not want that. You’re no longer the man Steven remembers and neither do I. I have held too much onto memories and that proves – this proves that you’re too lost to help.”

She turned back to Anthony, nursing the swollen hand to her chest. “You don’t have to stay here. My door is always open for you. I think Mr. Sprinkles has missed you.”

Tony’s lips twitched at her-his old kitten missing him. “I missed him too.” He didn’t even look back at Howard as they left, closing the door behind them. He paused in the entrance hall to hug Peggy tightly to his chest, not knowing what to say.

“Captain Rogers…he wouldn’t have wanted this,” he finally whispered as they parted. “But he’d be proud of you, Auntie. I just know it.”

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There goes the last great American dynasty

Some Stark family fun facts!

  • Apparently the boarding school Tony attended was Phillips Academy in Andover, MA from 1977 to 1984 (according to his SHIELD files). Now, from what I’ve read they don’t wear uniforms (only to sports games) so I pretty much improvised Tony’s clothing inspired by graduation pics.
  • Howard was born in 1917 (he’s one year older than Steve sksks) and I’m imagining this was taken while Tony was in boarding school, so he’s somewhere around his mid-late 60s. As for Maria, there doesn’t seem to be an official date of birth for her in the MCU, however, there seems to be a general consensus that she must have been way younger than Howard (who is 53 when Tony is born).
  • I know the parents don’t look like John Slattery and Hope Davis and that is intentional. While I admire both actors and have nothing against their versions, I kinda like to diverge from MCU cannon when it comes to my vision of Tony’s parents (mostly based on 616).
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Once they reached the Rogers Innovative, other than Bucky everyone made their way to Steve’s office. Bucky had no intention of spending another minute with these people but he knew he had to sort some things out. Hesitantly he followed the others as Steve got Pietro out of the trunk. By the look of Pietro, Steve understood he was pissed off. His pupils were darker than before. He tried to escape from Steve’s grip but Steve held on tightly.

“Hey kid. Listen to me.” But Pietro paid no attention to his words. “Pietro, listen to me” Steve called him again making Pietro look at him.

“I understand that it’s difficult but you need to fight the urge. Okay?”

Pietro looked unsure so Steve continued, “It will be okay soon, kid. Just come with me.”

Pietro nodded.

Steve led him to the back of the building. Steve opened a concealed door behind the staircase and led Pietro inside. The room was spacious and cosy. It had a freezer in one corner. Two sofas and a table were placed in the center of the room. At the back a small elevator was there.

“So, you’re really old. Do you get senior discount?” Pietro laughed

“Don’t get too cocky, kid. You will be part of the club pretty soon.”

“How old are you?”

“Pushing 80”

Steve grabbed two packets of blood from the freezer and gave it to Pietro. Pietro looked uncertain. There was an urge in his brain to drink from a live being. Steve sensed the doubt in Pietro’s head.

“Have this now. Once you get control of yourself, you can have from volunteers.”

“Volunteers?” Pietro raised his eyebrows.

“Yeah. We don’t have to kill unnecessarily. Moreover, it is steady supply rather than hunting on the streets.”

“Oh, the Cullens” Pietro commented as he drove his teeth through the plastic bag and drained it up in no time. He had never before thought blood would taste good. The metallic taste clung to his tongue. He drank the two packets as if they were a pack of juice. Once his appetite was taken care of, he was ashamed of how he acted before. He had wanted to attack his sister and Coulson. He reminded himself that he should apologise to them.

While Pietro was drinking the blood, Steve took a small vial from the hidden locker inside the freezer. He poured it into the glass and mixed it with blood. He handed it to Pietro.

“This will stop you from going feral, kid.”

“I will turn into one of those?”

“Only if you don’t consume this.”

Pietro took a large gulp from the glass. The drink burnt Pietro’s throat as he swallowed. It had pungent odour and the fumes got in his nose. But Steve kept pushing him to drink it fully so Pietro did. After sometime the burning reduced and Pietro was able to breathe normally.


Wanda was sitting on the sofa near the window. She laid back and gazed at the ceiling. Coulson sat in one of the chairs in front of Steve’s desk. He was typing on his phone. Bucky was standing on the opposite side of the room, frowning at her. She knew why he kept looking at her. Once the adrenaline of the fight had settled her mind wandered to the memory of Steve and Bucky she saw. She knew that Bucky was too thinking the same. His face was set like a stone and his eyes bore holes in her skull. She was already feeling drained after that vision and Bucky’s staring didn’t help. She snapped, “Can you stop looking at me? It’s creepy.”

Bucky scoffed. “So, this is creepy? Did you forget what you did back in the street?”

“I didn’t do anything. I have no idea what happened” she defended herself.

“It doesn’t change the fact that you invaded my mind. You looked into my memories. What are you?”

“Ha! You are asking what I am when you’re some blood sucking leech running around the city.”

“Reality check, your brother is also one of the blood sucking leeches now.”

“Enough” shouted Coulson. “If you can’t have a civil conversation then don’t have one.”

Wanda left the room and went her way to her office. She needed to be alone. Even though Bucky was being rude to her what he said was true. She is weird and her brother is a vampire. They were just normal people living their life in one of the busiest cities but everything changed now. She had never expected that the city has a whole new society living in the shadows. She knew what her brother is but she didn’t know about herself. Bucky’s words kept running in her head again and again. He said I saw his memories. When it happened with Howard, she didn’t know what to think of it. Now she connected the dots. What she had seen in his lab was his memories. Then it hit her; Howard is a vampire.


Bucky was furious at Steve. Sensing the tension in the room when Steve entered, Coulson had slipped away. Both men shouted at each other. Steve supported Wanda, while Bucky felt she had invaded his personal space.

“She is just a kid, Bucky. She too didn’t know what she was doing. She is as shocked as us.”

“I can’t understand why you’re supporting her, Steve. You know what I don’t want to understand. You can be okay with someone playing with your mind but I’m not.”

“She wasn’t playing with our minds. She didn’t trick us. The memory that we saw was real and she somehow invoked it”

“She didn’t just invoke it she saw it. Not only that she reminded me of the memory that I had long wanted to forget.”

“This isn’t about her, is it?” Steve’s voiced had softened and it was barely a whisper.

“It never was” stated Bucky. He walked out of the door again and didn’t look back. He got in the elevator and went to ground floor. When he crossed the lobby, his eyes fell on the black granite placed in the corner. The inscription, ‘In the loving memory of James Buchanan Barnes’ caught his eyes on his way out.

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