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Jardim do amor, 1951 💙
Esse quadro me lembra bastante a história O Castelo Animado de Diana Wynne Jones . Você pode assistir o filme no Netflix, uma versão em anime, adaptada pelo diretor japonês Hayao Miyazaki. Certeza de que Remédios teria adorado o livro se tivesse lido 🗡





Garden of love, 1951 🐦
This painting brings to my mind Diana Wynne Jones’ Howl’s Moving Castle. You can watch the film adaptation on Netflix, a anime version directed by Hayao Miyazaki. I’m sure Remédios would have loved the book if she had ever read it . 

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When Sofie arrives at the castle and Howl asks who hired her, in the dubbed version she says that Calcifer did.  However in the Japanese script, she says (*rough translation ahead*):



Sophie: That would be me.  You can’t find such a filthy house anywhere else after all.

And this is really funny, because after so brazenly insulting Howl’s house and lifestyle, he doesn’t even seem to have heard her. He’s just living in his own world and not even listening despite him being the one to ask the question.  This prompts Sophie to wonder (*rough translation ahead*):



Sophie is mystified by however Howl’s mind works

However, “気になる” can mean a few different things depending on the contexts, from being worried to bothered to curious.  Howl is just an enigma to her, a very air headed one as she’ll realize soon.

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