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#howl's moving castle

I found one lone gray hair starting to come in right in the big middle of my scalp. There’s not a single other one on my head that I can see (or that my hairdresser has ever found), so I don’t know if it’s a fluke or a preview of what’s to come later on in life.

I thought I’d be more freaked out about it than I am, but it’s a barely-there baby hair that’s just coming in, and rather than being a dull, tired gray it’s a starry/moonlight silver.

If anyone ever sees and comments on it, I’m going to correct them and say it’s “starlight.”

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The dub says: 

>Strapping young men are so difficult to deal with…but their hearts I just adore!

>You’re terrible.

>And they’re so cute, too!

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this scene!!!

the dub says: Don’t deny it, sighing away like that.

which i think is much cuter than the sub.

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*sees a falling star* oh! reminds me of howl :’)

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List 10 different female faves from 10 different fandoms, then tag 10 people. I was tagged by @fireflyxrebel-writes​ and @loubuggins​ ​.​

1. Raven | Teen Titans


Originally posted by pi-la

2. Akane Tendo | Ranma ½


Originally posted by animeglitch

3. Riza Hawkeye | Fullmetal Alchemist


Originally posted by toxiccaves

4. Suki | Avatar: The Last Airbender


Originally posted by fiirelords

5. Leslie Knope | Parks and Recreation


Originally posted by robinbannks

6. Zoe Washburne | Firefly


Originally posted by disdaidal

7. Tsuyu Asui/Froppy | Boku no Hero Academia


Originally posted by tervshima

8. Sophie Hatter | Howl’s Moving Castle


Originally posted by lunxsole

9. Moira Rose | Schitt’s Creek


Originally posted by idvsmartiae

10. Sister Michael | Derry Girls


Originally posted by nessa007

Tagging: anyone who feels like doing it!

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Derby hat Howl Pendragon based on this post

[Image ID: A digital bust illustration of Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle on a blue-gray background. He is smiling at the camera and blushing slightly, wearing a huge black sunhat with black and pink flower petals and feathers piled on top. The hat is almost as big as he is. END ID]

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thank u Fiorello for this beautiful ✨cinematic parallels✨ :’)

Prima serata di Festival:


Seconda serata di Festival: 

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Actually gonna watch Howl’s Moving Castle soon just because there’s a Banana Fish fic based on it and I want to be able to understand the references…

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by nixeuu

art republished with artist’s permission

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i’m SORRY 😭😭😭 i watched it last night i couldn’t help myself

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