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#TBT timelapse WOLVERINE. My inks over my brother @rbsilva_comics ’s pencils. From POWERS OF X#2 (2019).

#powersofx #xmen #marvel #comics #pox #hoxpox #uncannyxmen #xmencomics #marvelcomics #houseofx #wolverine #mutants #inking #inker #rbsilva #adrianodibenedetto #chiaroscurostudios #quadrinhos #jonathanhickman (at Xavier Institute for Higher Learning)

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Craving Death (Brian/Kevin) part 11

Brian took his new pills with some juice.

“When do these kick in?”

“About a month. If you don’t feel any better, we tell the doctor. If you feel any better, we tell the doctor.” Frost explained.

“Ok. But what happens if I get worse?”

“We tell the doctor.”


“Patience is a virtue.”

Brian looked grumpy.

“I know it’s hard, Brian. But think of it this way, think of the voice not being there.”

“I’d like that.”

“Feel free to contact me anytime.”

“Sure thing.”

Frost gave Brian a big hug.

“I left you something.”

Brian escorted her out. He checked for what she left him. A jumbo bag of sour gummy worms.


Kevin found Brian in his special hammock.

“Whatcha got there?”

“Sour gummy worms. You want some?”


Kevin fought back the need to crawl into the hammock with Brian. No matter how normal he felt around him, he just couldn’t do it. Not if he wanted Brian safe. There was so much he couldn’t do. Kevin sat on the ground.

“Catch as many as you can in your mouth,” Brian taunted.

Most of them fell to the dirt.

“Five second rule,” Brian teased.

Kevin couldn’t help but laugh. Watching them were the rest of the Hellions.

“Are they flirting?,” Julian asked, perplexed.

“Naw, they’re just good friends,” Santo reassured.

“You think everyone’s just good friends,” Sooraya said, annoyed.

“Maybe,” Santo shrugged.

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hoxpoxdox is really looking at “evil” mutants and asking ‘hey how many of these mutants were doing bad things because their needs weren’t being met? and what can we do to help them and eliminate the factors that led them to act the ways they did?’ and i DO love that

and then at the same time. i don’t want marius st. croix anywhere near claudette and nicole and i don’t want selene anywhere near jimmy proudstar or doug ramsey. y'know?

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Craving Death (Brian/Kevin) part 1

Trigger warnings: suicidal thoughts, suicidal behaviors

The Hellions were back. Well, sort of. They were all together again, each member in attendance. Alive, that is. But everything was painfully different and no one understood that better than Brian. Everyone had grown up without him. His friends tried to move past his death. He realized he inadvertently ripped open a closing wound when he was resurrected. Sometimes he wished he was still dead, so he wouldn’t be hurting them. They were all older, he couldn’t relate to them anymore, and they all treated him like a child. He felt like an old toy dragged out from the attic, filled with nostalgia but no meaning. He felt alone.

Brian watched the sunset by the beach. He didn’t want to be around his team. It hurt so much the way his old friends looked at him.


Brian kept staring at the sun. It hurt but it helped with the emotional pain. He ignored Kevin.

“Coming back?”

Kevin was met with silence.

“Been gone for hours, man.”

Kevin sat next to him, keeping a healthy distance between them. Kevin was always nice to Brian. He owed him. No one wanted to deal with Kevin, especially with being a murderer with a death touch. Brian didn’t fear him, Brian never had.

“Bad for your eyes you know. You’re not ok, I can tell.”

“We were better off dead.”


“You heard me.”

There was silence between them.

“I think about kissing you sometimes.”

Kevin blushed.

“Brian, I’m flattered but-“

“I’m not into you. I’m suicidal. I wanna die.”


Kevin shifted how he sat. Brian got in Kevin’s face.

“Kill me. You’ve done it before, do it again. Touch me.”

“I’m not- That wasn’t- She was a vampire, man-“

“Coward,” Brian scoffed. Brian kicked sand on Kevin’s boots. “Pussy.”

Kevin squirmed.

“I’m heading back. Later.”

Kevin sat there, not wanting to move as Brian walked away. He heard Brian stop, laugh maniacally, and continue off, muttering something under his breath.

“Goddamn it,” was what Brian said.

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