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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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every time I hear the opening chords of cherry wine I am immediately transported to the country where I am making bread with my lovely wife and our lovely cat winding around our feet and the winding blowing in through the open windows

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hozier really is the personification of chaotic academia but if they were a millennial

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I was put on this earth to read books and listen to Hozier

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Idk if someone ever proposed something like this, but i was in the middle of my skin care routine when i saw on pinterest that post about someone giving the other person moss and them getting married by the morning.

It seemed really lovely and got me in the mood so i started daydreaming the most romantic wedding i would think of. Then i got annoyed bc how am i supposed to have my dark academia summer lake/forest wedding and create the bog vibe for my hozier song when the fuckin sun is up high riddiculing me?

My little gay brain eventually thought “if weddings for days… Why night sexy”.

So my point is… Midnight wedding. I don’t know if a priest would do smth like that but i never really wanted to have a church wedding (not that i could have a gay wedding at all since i’m polish and we all know how the situation looks in Poland. Not happening).

You and ur partner could take ur best man/maid of honor/the one behind the slaughter/whoever the fuck you want to get all the paper work and legal matters done the day before(or after idc), then have a ceremony, invite friends and family and exchange vows at midnight.

Seems pretty neat to me and i haven’t heard about anyone doing that.

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are you ever reading and then something exciting happens in the book and you just sit up, squeal for a moment, and then almost abruptly go back to reading??

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hehe nice

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This series follows the relationship of Professors Andrew Hozier-Byrne and Samantha Brown as they navigate their way through university and lockdown. It can be read on ao3 at the links below.

1. wasteland, baby (i’m in love with you)

“Sorry for my tired appearance this morning, folks,” Andrew greeted his class a week or so later, “My dog had the burning desire to go for a walk at an unspeakably early hour this morning, so please excuse the yawns and the constant reachings for my coffee mug.” He held it up for emphasis and moved on, starting the lesson.


Burdened by online classes, the students of Professor Hozier-Byrne start noticing strange coincidences between him and one of their other lecturers, Professor Brown. Could it be possible that they are together?

2. i was housed by your warmth (thus transformed)

“Wine?” Sam asked, passing Andrew on her way to the kitchen. The sun had set a while ago and Sam’s eyes were starting to strain against the bright light of her screen. It was time to clock out.

“Yes, please,” Andrew answered, already knowing Sam was now in a mood to unwind. He should also probably set aside his work for the day. Knowing his partner, she wouldn’t want to drink wine in silence. Andrew knew exactly what to do. He moved over to the record player as Sam smiled softly, nodded and disappeared to the kitchen.


Andrew and Sam support each other in the present and the past.

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Hozier announcing that he is the Icarus to his lover’s sun whilst singing that he is willing to go through the same tragic death as of the character just to prove his undying devotion to his baby will never stop being sexy.

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So I have been thinking about something.

In ‘To Noise Making’ the lyrics:

“You put your emptiness to melody

Your awful heart to song. You don’t have to sing it nice, but honey sing it strong

At best, you find a little remedy, at worst the world will sing along”

My theory is 'at worst the world will sing along’ is poking fun at the popularity of 'Take Me To Church’ and how that song feels like it should not have been so widely accepted or popular because it was, for him (according to my theory), a remedy to “putting his awful heart to song”

but it’s just a thought.

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do you ever love someone so much that seeing them in pain makes your heart physically ache, and you’d do anything to see them happy even if it’s not with you, or if it’s at your expense?

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Hozier can’t blink and that makes me more in love with him 


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