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#hp fanart

I’m basically spamming today sorry, these are all results from the exercise for the new tablet!

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So happy with how these four wizards came out! I decided to do the #hogwartsstarterpack challenge by @/claricabral on Instagram AGAIN, but this time I decided to create wizard characters based off of each starter pack instead of drawing myself in one of them - you can see my original take on this challenge where I drew my Hufflepuff self earlier on my Instagram feed

I’ll also be doing her ATLA version as well, both with myself and creating benders based off of the starter packs

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Quidditch Quarterly

Ginny Weasley talks about her new broom line and the National Quidditch League. The youngest player to be ever drafted into the NQL tackles topics such as being co-captain and the player with the highest scoring rate in the last two seasons.

Get the whole scoop on page 3.


Hey guys! Thanks for all your love. I am very thankful for the people who still encourage me and want to see my art. I felt like I could finally share something - it’s nowhere near perfect but I had the need to draw my version of Ginny since I drew Luna for the ToS fest and used this reference for Ginny’s profile picture.

I hope you like it!

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Draco Occluding

“He was a study of contrasts: on the one hand, he was poised with sharp, hard lines; the cut of his cheekbones was healthier than when she’d last saw him, but still no less severe; his jawline still as strong against the cords of his long neck. The perfect black of his tailored clothes stood stark against the whiteness of his hair and the paleness of his skin.

He turned away from her to look out the window, his features once more composed. He gave no sign of acknowledging her question as he continued to look out onto Hyde Park.

Hard edges.

Sharp lines.

Black and white.

A single lock of the casually coiffed hair fell down over his forehead, marring the perfect finish.

He was ethereal.”

From The Crownless: Part 1 - The Fuckening by @thusatlas

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The Lovers (VI)


also it’s not super clear but harry has a man bun :)

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Hi honeyyyy,

Absolutely always a soft drarry, who am I even to judgeeeeee

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Hi dear

I won’t say much cause I’m sure you already endured me enough for tonight 😂😂, thank you for the request and for the live and thank you really to everyone who followed me for an hour and half I was so nervous and this has been beautiful really ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you thank you

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slytherin yamaguchi 🐍 HP X HAIKYUU AU !!! (again i4ktobio is my twitter!!)


Igualdade é para fracos, Para quê me igualar se posso ser melhor?

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Hermione: if only there were somewhere I could sit
Harry: *points at an open chair*
Hermione: *kicks chair over* I wonder where I could sit
Harry: *sighs and motions toward his lap*
Hermione: *sits on Harry’s lap* I knew you’d catch on

Hermione loves climbing Harry’s lap and peppering his face with kisses. Harry cant resist. 😌

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