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#hp fandom
chaoticregulusstan · a day ago
Regulus: *Falling from his broom during a quidditch match*
Regulus: Well, I've been closer to death than someone loving me for who I am twice now.
James, who doesn't know how to make him understand that he loves him: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!
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dara-art · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
«Their gazes met and the smokey swirl of his eyes drew her in, soft and searching and incredibly int­ense, unlike anything she’d ever experie­nced before, and cer­tainly not with him. ​
He raised his hand like he’d slipped into a trance and brush­ed her hair back, li­fting the weight of her curls from her neck.​
He touched her as if he had the right.»
Want to know the full story? We did it for you! Please visit AO3 and read the fan fiction "Impressions of War" from talented @sodamnradd to get an atmospheric story along with an illustration!
I am in love with what she creates, please give her a lot of love 🖤
Shay, thank you for this collaboration, I am infinitely happy to see what we have done!
I also express my gratitude to beta beautyberry and the girls who translated this fan fiction into Russian.
"​Их взгляды пересеклись, и мягкий дымчатый вихрь его глаз, невероятно чувственный, ищущий что-то и непохожий ни на что другое, привлек ее. Она не испытывала подобного раньше, точно не с ним.
Он поднял руку, как в трансе, и отбросил ее волосы назад, убирая тяжесть локонов с ее шеи.
Он прикасался к ней так, будто имел на это какое-то право."
Хотите больше? О, мы сделали это!
Полная история, написанная @sodamnradd специально для этого арта, переведена rdchava, фанфик "Отголоски войны" уже ждёт вас на Фикбуке!
Настя, бесконечно благодарю тебя и нашу прекрасную и грозную бету Anya_ Brodie за это состоявшееся творческое сотрудничество 😘
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clarrissanewt · 2 days ago
hi! i luv ur writing, i was thinking if u could write a harry x reader where reader is a ravenclaw who's into music?
like they're dating and she writes a song for him on the piano and shows it to him and he's all happy and flustered (maybe they're at hogwarts or at his parents' house? idk it's up to you)
I Want To Write You a Song
Pairing: Harry Potter x fem!reader
House: Ravenclaw
Warnings: fluff, James (if you know what I mean)
Requests are open!
Tumblr media
A/n: I actually meant to keep it a no voldi au but harry's scar is inseparable, so let's pretend voldi died in the first wizarding battle. Lily and James would be there; all in all a fluffy family stuff
it is house neutral as such, and is set post-howarts
ps- I've no idea why harry got poor eyesight here-
Harry’s feet seemed to move on their own accord. As he dashed up the old staircase of the Potter’s residence (his mother seemed to have a liking for antique stuff), the sight of the last stair almost skipped his awful sight, and by the time he realised it, it was too late to double back his uncontrollable pace.
Making a grabby motion, a two-year-old toddler is supposed to make, he steadied himself and his feet competed again with the speed of his hammering heart.
The weekend could never be more perfect, albeit it is wiser to drag himself upstairs before the groping rhythm and precise notes of the melody snap away.
He wanted to see Y/n play it herself this time.
Letting out almost a suppressed huff, his fingers snaked around the frame of the door which once was the gateway to his nursery, the sight of the nostalgic plushie of Padfoot (though Sirius admits Harry preferred the original beauty better), graced beside an equally beautiful Moony and- oh huh…
Y/n had a way not to let his dearest Prongs get chewed away by dust.
As the constant notes of intermittent frequency spurred from the old piano that belonged to none other than Euphemia Potter herself, the raven-haired boy stood fixated at the graceful, effortless racing of his girlfriend’s expertised fingers.
Oh, how they danced over those keys had his heart throbbing threateningly against his chest.
Y/n, with a little knowledge of who this little antlered stag signified (Harry vaguely remembers all his dearest uncles and father competing to be his favourite though), had her fake book perching against it. And before she could take another glance into the old rusty pages, her hands went for a rough key smash.
No doubt about it, Harry had fallen down with a thud.
Letting out a feverish breath, she was quick to get her boyfriend since school time back to his feet. Nonetheless, his flustered antics were a good weapon she would require later.
“Eight years and you still love the floor more than me.”
Harry rolled his eyes at the bad joke before pushing her back towards the bench, and stood expectantly at the back in hope for her to continue.
“You know what they say? Blind in love?” He tsked as she smirked from her shoulder. “My eyesight does an extra treat.”
“God awful it is,” her fingers feather touched the surface, sending a serene galloping sound across the silent house. “Mind to hear something?”
As Harry grinned with a “never” she straightened her slouched self, sucking all the air she could. At least that would mean she can carry on without choking with nervousness.
• ✧ ☆ . .☆ ★ . .  ☆ ∗
“Merlin, since when Harry Potter goes red?” Y/n hiccuped over her laugh as Harry tried to dissipate the hotness creeping onto his neck, and before he could retort, he felt something poking him.
Something? Was he sure?
Godric, he silently cursed as a stag, yep, a stag, held it matching self in his mouth, and Y/n looked from beside him in bewilderment.
It almost seemed like he was sitting between three stags, Y/n gaping at the sudden intrusion as if she were a deer with headlights, headlights that were ready to scream.
“Harry, is it an animal?”
‘Mhmm,” he looked away, not wanting to scare her with ‘Surprise! That’s my dad!’.
“Since when do stags roam in Godric Hollow?” Her voice sounded low prior to what sounded zealous minutes ago.
Bingo, he patted her sympathetically on the shoulder, something he can tease her back with.
There was a distant clunk of the door, and before she could protest, Harry had cheekily dragged himself downstairs in the name of opening the door.
Fucking Potter.
“Someone’s having fun,” He sighed at Lily, her curious green eyes staring back his own.
“Where’s James?”
“Having fun,” Lily heard his nineteen-year-old son hinting at the obvious. “He’s introducing himself in his own way.”
“Well then,” she was quick to snort in unamusement, “I’ve got things to handle, and so have you.”
And this time it was the most unexpected commotion Lily had ever met.
Y/n, his son’s girlfriend, whom she knows since last four years, was standing high on the bench, the fake book rolled and held out as if it were a sword, and her innocent, gentleman husband, had his antlers standing out in her direction, the front legs perching on the bench as he looked at her beadily, as if it was the most obvious way to greet someone. He was up for an upbraiding for sure.
And before Y/n could actually pass out at the prospect of standing in a home viz a viz zoo (Harry just imagined if Sirius could join this), he took her out of the room leaving his mother for her quick action.
As James saw the two of them walking out, the young girl with wide eyes and betrayed expression along with his own mini-me, he smiled at the old plushie.
The first thing he was going to do after Lily finishes was to call Sirius. He’d bet that his grandkids are going to like him as the original beauty better.
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yeet-life · 16 hours ago
Hey! ship fictional characters all you want! you like Percy and Annabeth? cool, me too. Percy and Rachel? that's great, its your choice. You like Jason and Piper? Piper and Shel? K, thats cool. Magnus and Alex? yes, of course. Kaz and Inej? perfect, me too!! Wylan and Jesper? awesome! Nico and Will? amazing!! Simon and Baz? beautiful. Henry and Alex? hey, me too!! Nora and June? June and Pez? yay! i love them as well! Alina and Mal? ok, nice. Alina and the Darkling? cool that's all your choice. Zoya and Nikolai? same! Harry and Ginny? yes of course. Harry and Draco? your choice, your will do whatever you want. Sirius and Remus? perfect.
that's all great! you can ship whomever two fictional characters you like
but. please. i beg you. Stop hating on people who do not ship the same characters as you. It's stupid and does no one any good.
And stop shipping real life people. Its stupid and you look like an asshole while doing it. just stop
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sorry-i-ship-drarry · a day ago
7 stages of falling in love with Harry Potter
1. It came in waves and crashed when Draco realised that Harry was always more than his he had ever seemed and that there so much more to his smile, to his eyes, to his words, to his everything that nobody knew of and Draco was the only one learning them in secret passages of the school. Learning that Harry liked saving others not because he was always labelled as the saviour or because liked saving but because he wished someone had saved him or his parents or his closed ones, he saved because he knew the pain of losing, the pain in letting go and the welcoming regret. Draco knew then in those hallways and secret visits in the libraries that Harry had always been more than just a muse to a song, he had always been the thin cloud's a child is amused to see but protective of the dangerously beaming sunlight.
2. It was in the ways of knowing the exact look on Harry's face when he didn't understand something during class, something that was in between a scrunch and a frown and knowing the look of victory that formed on his face after minutes when he'd finally understand what had been said before. It was in knowing what the different looks on Harry's face meant. He had curated a special look for every occasion and even a special look for when Draco would walk towards him and a different look when they'd finally hug.
3. It was in knowing that Harry tasted so much of apples for odd reasons, maybe it was because of his toothpaste or the apple pies he hate in the morning but he always tasted like apples when they'd Kiss and Harry would linger the kiss for a little longer because he knew Draco liked it.
4. The way his lips would turn into a smile when he'd be watching Draco with such fondness that he thought Draco wasn't aware of but he had always enjoyed knowing the way Harry looked at him when he thought Draco wasn't looking, a look that had so much admiration, a look with so much fondness, a look that said ' how did I get so lucky ' but Draco knew better to never to break his gaze of fondness because he knew Harry liked watching Draco when he wasn't looking, like he was storing Draco away in a collection of Memories.
5. It was in seeing Harry in a way nobody had ever known when he would intently be listening to someone's life or would be nothing more than a therapist friend and how he'd crumble so easily with their pain and help them in picking up their pieces. It was in those moments Draco would wonder so much about how someone who had been through so much could still have so much to give, like there wasn't ever enough love Harry delivered but just knowing that Harry placed everyone before him in a selfless act of loving made Draco love him so much more than he had ever imagined.
6. It was in running around trees in forbidden forest or running in circles around Black lake or the midnight session of quidditch when Draco would love Harry in a different way. In the day he loved Harry in a way that he's my sweet boyfriend but when pressed against the trees and kissing for so much longer than would've been suggested by the romance book in libraries, he would think to himself how lucky he had been to find some such a person like Harry, he was paradise in hell and Draco loved every bit of it as Long as it lasted. He was his walking hell and heaven.
7. It was in loving Harry in a way knowing they'd made it through everything, the war, the differences, the fights, the judgements, the rivalries, the abundance of hatred, they had made it through and would relax in a couch they had customised made. Draco would place his legs over that of Harry and sigh in relief and then just hear Harry as he'd read an interesting corner from the witch weekly magazine About a new potions discovery. It was in those moments Draco wondered how long had he even known Harry was the one he wanted to spend a forever with, but then it didn't matter as Long as they had made it through everything and were finally in a house of their own with their name's and Love that was just their own.
An alternative version to - 7 stages of falling in love with Draco Malfoy
Requests open
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the-last-kenobi · a day ago
I like that the hp fandom collectively, without talking about it, decided to treat the sir richard harris dumbledore and michael gambon dumbledore as two separate characters.
like yeah michael gambon dumbledore is a dick like the book version before him but sir richard harris was just different and not evil. continuity be damned. we do not try to explain this it’s just how it is.
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longlivelupin · 2 days ago
i love how in desi harry potter hc, the scar is a parallel to teeka
(if you don't know teeka, is a black dot which desi moms put on their child exactly on the spot where Harry's scar is to protect their kids from evil forces)
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milf-adjacent · 8 months ago
It's been six years since JKR went full TERF. She spent the last year funneling her wealth, words, and energy into transphobic legislation in Britain. It's been 20 years since that thing y'all call a book series came out. If you're not a transmisogynist, find a different obsession. I'm fucking serious. If you give one damn about any of the marginalized people affected by that woman's bigotries, obsess about literally anything else.
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dara-art · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Dark! Draco in a Beauxbatons uniform
You can download the illustration on Patreon, see the creation process in TikTok, links in the bio 💫
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elyonblackstar · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Here's my take on Malfoy family! As a sort of counterpart of my latest Potter family picture I thought it would have been nice to see little Draco with mommy and daddy too ♥ hope you like this! I've worked hard on this u_u
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silverdelirium · a month ago
SUMMARY ➠ pornstar!fred warms newbie!reader up before you film for the first time.
WARNINGS ➠ innocence kink, oral sex (m receiving), fingering, daddy kink, nicknames. don’t read if any of these make you uncomfortable or sound unappealing.
the sound of a fist lightly pounding on the wood of your door hit your ears.
“come in!” you acknowledged, throwing one last— anxious— look at yourself in the mirror.
“hi there, gorgeous” crooned fred, his already bare chest making the apple of your cheeks go slightly hot.
you gave him a tight lipped smile, “hi fred”.
he chuckled. “you nervous?”.
you watched him seat on the sofa that was pushed against the wall of your dressing room.
“a bit” you shrugged, releasing a breath that was cut short just seconds later when fred stood up abruptly, coming to a halt when he had you trapped between the vanity and him.
he lowered his head so he was in line with your vision. “well don’t be, i won’t bite— unless you ask me to”
fred pulled away from your flushed state with a chuckle, leaning back against the wall as he watched you play with the hem if your see-through skirt.
“i just— i’ve never done this before. or at least not with anyone else in the room and— and there’s gonna be at least ten more people there i just-“
“hey, hey, hey. relax, darling” soothed fred, cutting of your rant by planting both large palms on your upper arms. “we can always tell them to give you a break, you know that”
you felt easiness bleed through your veins, those simple words somehow calming you more.
“you’re right, i’m just kinda freaked out at the whole situation i think”
the redhead hummed. “well, i have this one method that always helps with pre-shooting anxiety, you know?” his tone dropped to an octave.
your head cocked to the side “oh. what’s it about?”
blood rushed to fred’s groin.
“i call it” he paused, twirling a strand of your soft hair in his finger. “a warm-up, it’s very easy, we just gotta— practice what we’re gonna do. so it’s easier for when we film”
you swallowed the lump in your throat at the sudden proximity you shared with the tall male. your voice was quiet, just above a whisper, when you spoke “can we do it?”
the glint in fred’s eyes set the tip of your nerves on fire, the incredibly small panties you wore dampened by the second as you felt his hard cock poking your stomach, the thin fabric of his tousers doing nothing to cover up the tent in them.
“well why don’t you get down on your knees for daddy, hm?” he spoke, seduction lacing his voice.
the nickname he used for himself only made your clit pulse harsher, a wave of slick gushing out of you.
you nodded curtly, heaving “yes daddy” as you sunk down, makeup covered eyes not leaving his. your fingers curled at the hem of your mini skirt as fred took out his girth, weeping tip right in line with your salivating mouth.
“you gonna take me nice and deep in your little throat, won’t you, angel?” he taunted, smearing the pre-cum over your plump lips.
“mhm, want you in my— hmph!” you were cut off by his thick cock pushing down your throat almost forcefully.
he hummed in pleasure, “that’s a good slut, fuck such a tiny little throat, i’m gonna leave you all fucking ruined, my love”
you looked at him through thick layers of tears, the mascare streaming down your hollowed cheeks like waterfall twins.
his hips snapped into your mouth at a relentless pace, making your eyes roll to the back of your head as his balls slapped against your chin, your nose nuzzling slightly into the truffle of hair that covered his pubic bone.
“fuck, you suck my cock like a goddamn whore, baby? thought you didn’t know what you were doing, or are you lying to daddy, pet?” he snarled, chest heaving up and down as your throat contracted around his cock, as if you were suppressing a gag (which you probably were).
your clit throbbed with neediness, your juices flowing out like an open faucet as the man continued to groan your name.
you felt his cock twitching, meaning he was close to toppling over the edge and falling into a fluffy cloud of gluttony.
hot spurts of cum sprayed your mouth, and since his tip was kissing the back of your gullet, you had no option but to swallow the bittersweet substance, not that you minded anyways.
he carefully pulled out of your mouth, smearing the last weak streams over your cheek.
your chest went up and down heavily as you recovered all the lost air from before, big doe eyes still in a trance with fred’s.
“get up, gorgeous, gonna give my good girl a reward” he winked, bringing a hand forward to help you up, which you gladly took, wanting nothing more than to take care of the agonizing desire that emitted from between your legs.
“daddy, please. hurts!” you whined, your hips bucking into his.
one hard glance from fred was all it took for you to stop your antics, bottom lip being gnawed at by your top teeth as he hoisted you up on the vanity.
“if you continue to act all greedy you’re not getting anything, poppet, you understand?”
“yes what?” his right hand grabbed at your face harshly, making your lips pucker up.
“yes daddy” you whimpered, trying your best to not let your thighs clench.
the corner of his lips went up, “hm, good slut” he whispered, mouth right next to your ear as he looked down at you.
“now spread those fucking legs”.
your legs separated almost immediately, as if he controlled them.
the pads of his fingers traveled in circular motions up your— quivering— thigh, his pinky sometimes brushing against the drowned panties you were wearing.
“can feel how needy you are, baby, already throbbing and i haven’t even touched you, what a little whore” he chuckled, not giving you time to response as he ripped the material that covered your sopping heat with one quick move of his hand.
“please” you begged. “please touch me, daddy— need it so bad”
he feigned remorse, his bottom lip jutting out in a fake pout as he tutted “you want me to touch you, pretty girl? alright then, only because you asked so nicely” he agreed.
his digits were knuckles deep inside you faster than you could blink. your arousal dripping down the cool material beneath you while he scissored his fingers inside you, feeling the smooth walls flutter around them.
“so fucking tight, can only imagine the way you’ll squeeze my cock, sweetheart” he grunted, hazel optics trained on yours as he sloppily thrusted his hand into your cunt.
“that feels so good, daddy, don’t stop please” you mewled, clawing at his forearm as he caressed your g-spot with the tip of his fingers.
“my god, you’re so wet, can’t wait for the whole fucking world to see you fall apart beneath me like a common slut off the streets would” he sighed, thumb coming to circle at your bud.
moan after moan was pulled from you, your muscles tensing as the coil in your lower abdomen intensified.
“daddy” you blabbered, catching fred’s attention. “what is it, sweets?”
“wanna cum!” you whined, the way he thumbed at your mound making your thighs shudder.
“yeah? you wanna make a mess on my hand?” he teased, speeding the pace of his fingers.
you gave him rapid nods in response, too busy bathing in the pleasure he provided when suddenly it was pulled from you, coaxing a loud cry from the depths of your fucked throat.
“no! please, daddy!” you sobbed, tears strolling down your face.
what a greedy brat, thought fred. one denied orgasm and it’s like you killed her entire family.
“don’t like a little crybaby with me, princess” he pointed his— drenched— finger at you.
fred shook his head “no buts, im making your first orgasm with me on camera, so i can watch it over and over again with my hand wrapped around my cock, dreaming its your little cunt that i’m about to fuck for everyone to see”
[follow my library blog and turn on notifications to know whenever i post a fic!]
🏷: @whoreforgeorgeandfred @abbott27@elizabethrosedarling @malfoyspov @justadreamyhufflepuff @pixaura @mollysolo @princess-jules47 @ilovejamespotter @arisblackhole @yiamalfoy @brattypeony @myalupinblack @slut4tamaki @nic0lodean @harmqnia @pottahishotasf@luvsory @remusluvr @alic3cullenswife @wolfstar-lb @randomstufflol29 @4ndr3lia@acciodignity @kayleigh @maeve-7 @simpforremuslupin
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ceresartsy · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A Pig For Slaughter~
Towards the light I've been led
Towards the dark you've been dragged
A hand to guide you to your fate
To leash you to but a certain death
Arch nemesis from birth
Sharing a common curse.
A different take on our arch enemies. Not so different in the end...
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chaoticregulusstan · 2 days ago
Barty showing Regulus something he baked: Do you like it?
Regulus, internally: Oh my Merlin, Morgana.
Regulus, internally: Sometimes you can choose to not be a dick.
Regulus, internally: But not today.
Regulus: No, but I can teach you how to de better.
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arcaneslut · 3 months ago
spread wide / James Potter
[James Potter x reader]
summary : James fucks the reader and wants to get her pregnant
warnings : breeding kink, rough sex, dirty talk, pet names, daddy kink, pregnancy kink (I guess)
words : 728
Tumblr media
''Jamesie'' you whimpered, looking up at your boyfriend through glossy eyes and he continued to thrust his hips against yours.
he has been taking you for two hours now, teasing you in a speed that was nearly painful. He had you laid on your back, your calve positioned on his shoulder and the other leg spread wide.
he has been pounding into you at an awful slow speed. burying himself inside of you balls deep before pulling out slowly and repeating the whole process over and over again.
''no more Jamesie, I need to cum'' you whined again, placing your palm on his lower stomach before starting to stroke it, hoping it would affect him to speed his rhythm up a little.
he placed his hand on the side of your face, caressing your cheek as he smirked down at you.
''only a little longer baby, I promise you will come tonight pretty girl, just hold on a little longer.'' he whispered
you nodded slowly up at him before your eyes rolled back into your head causing James to chuckle from above you.
''you can hold it a little longer right baby ?'' he asked once again
you felt your brain get foggy the more James slid in and out of your tight hole but that didn’t stop you from answering.
''yes yes yes'' you answered in a rush, your right hand sliding to your breast to pinch your own nipple, your nipple hardening immediately under your own finger.
''baby ?'' you heard James ask from above you
you focused your attention back on him, fully back on him. smiling softly before humming signaling him to speak up.
''how about we change up the speed a little ?'' he asked with a smirk plastered on his handsome face.
your eyebrows furrowed together in confusion as you were too lost in pleasure to get it but then your eyes widened as James hips started speeding up.
His hands still holding your legs completely wide open, giving him a perfect view to you two connecting as his cock slide in and out of you.
his thrusts got faster in seconds, your moans filling the entire air of the room as you felt his balls slap against the curve of your ass with every snap of his hips.
''fuck- Jamie, I can feel it tingle'' he laughed down at you after you said thaty
''yeah baby, is it tingling already ? you’re gonna cum? cum and make me proud right'' he asked through gritted teeth. sweat pearls running down his forehead as his hair kept sticking against it.
you nodded forcefully, biting on your lip to stop yourself from screaming as you felt yourself get closer and closer with every single thrust of james hips.
''Jamie, please cum in me, want your baby''
james chuckled, his hand dropping from your cheek and wrapping around your throat to hold your head in place.
''yeah ? you want my baby, want me to fill you up nice and deep, get your nice little self all pregnant for me''
you moaned at his words, your eyes rolling back as you imagined James cumming deep inside of you.
James felt you clenching around him which caused him to speed up even faster, trying to bury himself inside of you even deeper, if that was even possible.
his teeth gritted together as he watched your breasts bounce from the force of his thrusts.
he let go of your throat, placing his now free hand on your clit, rubbing it fast and hard. you started shaking from the double penetration you were receiving from James, your leg that was placed on his shoulder almost giving out.
'''' James spoke in between thrusts
''make your daddy proud'' and that’s what made it for you.
the release you felt when you finally reached your high, James still continuing to thrust into you as he started emptying himself deep inside of your cunt. his seed filling you up to the brim as he showed no sign of pulling out anytime soon.
you gasped when you realized that you squirted, causing a mess all over James chest, only for him to smirk at you.
''gotta clean you up now for round two baby, isn’t that right ?'' he cocked his head to the side, smirking at your still breathless state as he starting softening inside of you.
Tumblr media
🏷 @shadesofvelma @hufflepuffsfordraco @endlessymphony @sleepdeprivedbrunette @tommarvoloriddleisdaddy @dlmmdl @gwlvr @malfoyswhxre @slvt4fakerealities @aetheralist @i-love-scott-mccall @h0rnynighttrash @wh0reforthemarauders @siriuslystfu @laiweasleys @zzzfour @msmb @mollysolo @v4l3nt1n44 @dayanaralight @harmqnia @saintlike78 @steveharringtonswhore @justadreamyhufflepuff @fictonalcharactersworld @simpforferrets @daisyyy2516 @bikinibottomspeach @marinalupin @remuslupinslover @idkwhat-my-name-should-be @midnightmusings-et-moi @greenlyblue @padfootandprongsbitch @starless-starkov @weasleytwins-41 @noellestrash @i-wanna-b-yours @secretsthathauntus @mauvea @hpotterwhore @roonilwazlibswhore @pinkandblueblurbs @hogwarts-102 @remugoodgirl @dracos_gal @drarrysimp @sluttylea @justasimpp @georgeweasleyss-whore @notthatchhavi @emmaev @moonyinthelight @starstruckgranger @siriuslyblackblog @90sgoldentrio @harrypottersslvt @abstractundefined @fives-cup-of-coffee @lolooo22 @hannibalswhore @bellatrixscurls @andinash07
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