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#hp fanfic
mirclealignr · a day ago
charming | j.p
james potter x gn!reader
requested by 🐻 anon where the reader teaches James a muggle sport with the prompt 'I've seen you skating. you're pretty shit' - 'fuck off' (from my quote prompt list)
warnings; gender neutral pronouns, swearing
word count; 1000+
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Tumblr media
“Fucking awful you are, mate,” laughed Sirius, watching James take another tumble from the skateboard he’d bought over the summer, “I live in muggle London and I reckon that’s not how it’s done.”
“I don’t think you have to live in any part of muggle England to know that’s not how it’s done,” Remus pointed out, earning a glare from James who hoped at least maybe he would have his back.
“When did you start learning?” Peter asked, hoping to provide some relief for his friend.
“Last month,” James grumbled, not appreciating the attempt, though Remus and Sirius appeared to have done.
As his friends laughed, even Peter, James picked the skateboard up again and threw it down in front of him, putting one foot on the board and pushing one against the ground to gain momentum. He was doing well at first, and even his friends had stopped laughing to watch him, holding out hope that he might make it to the grass where the path stopped and prove them wrong. But, as fate would have it, he placed his foot down at the wrong moment and met the floor with his face, while his friends were met with hysterics.
While deciding whether to stay there for the rest of his life or pummel his friends, he was approached by Y/N, someone in his class he always found his eyes involuntarily drifting to. He supposed it was just his luck that his face was painted with grass stains when he finally got to talk to them. Quickly jumping up and brushing off the last of his dignity, he flashed a confident smile towards Y/N, desperate for the lie to appear believable.
“I’ve seen you skating. You’re pretty shit,” you said bluntly.
“Fuck off,” James scoffed, almost too quickly for him to comprehend what he was snapping back with.
You cracked a smile, “I can teach you, if you like?” you offered, eyeing up the skateboard which was overturned in the grass like he had been just seconds before.
“Oh yeah? Show me, then,” he demanded, crossing his arms over his chest and looking back to his friends who did not seem to share the same arrogance as him.
“All right, may I?” you asked, pointing at James’ skateboard.
With the nod of his head, you took his skateboard and walked back to where he had started skating, next to the rest of the Marauders. Mounting the skateboard, you took off down the path, heading towards James with ease. You might not have shown off quite so much had he not flipped you off half way through, but his poor and broken masculinity only made for petty incentive. And when you got closer to him, you ignored the way the sun hit his glasses and soft brown hair, and instead flipped the skateboard beneath your feet before coming to a stop beside him, only then allowing yourself to admire his features ever so briefly.
James shook his head in disbelief, allowing a breathy laugh to pass through his lips, following a string of choice words. He approached you, both his dignity and masculinity shattered on the floor behind him, and laughed.
“All right, love,” he began, “Teach me.”
“‘Love’? Do you always flip off the people you flirt with?” you smirked, handing him back his skateboard.
“Only the ones I’m serious about,” he winked, mounting the board and waiting for instruction.
“And what if I’ve changed my mind now?” you asked, hand on your hip.
“You wouldn’t do such a thing, would you? I’ll repay you for your kindness. What do you say to a butterbeer this weekend, hmm?” he offered, running his hands through his hair as he gave you a toothy grin.
“Depends, is it a date?”
“You can’t ask it like that! How am I supposed to know what the right answer is?”
“Looks like you’ll just have to guess,” you cocked an eyebrow, hoping for a particular reponse.
James thought for a moment, thinking back to the stolen glances in the classroom and the way his heart was beating a little faster the more he talked to you now. He liked you, fancied you even, so what was he waiting for? Hopefully not rejection, he thought, as he mustered up the courage to respond.
“Yeah, it’s a date.”
You stood before James, smiling like you were before, “Alright, put your left foot forward, just behind those bolts there,” you said pointing to the two spots on the front of the board.
For a second, James stood dumbfounded, his mouth slightly agape as he watched your hand and mouth move without processing any of what you were telling him. Behind him, he could hear his friends laughing and cheering, but he couldn’t bring himself to tear his eyes away from you. It was like all at once he became a bashful mess, and had to be told twice where to put his foot.
Sirius, Remus and Peter watched them for over an hour as the sun began to set behind the Dark Forest, laughing when James fell, smiling when they flirted, and whispering under their breath about what it might be like a month from now, sure they would be walking through the halls of Hogwarts like they’d been together forever. They whooped when James put his hands on Y/N’s shoulders for balance and laughed when James shot them a glare, and when he fell, with Y/N not far behind, they figured it was time for them to go to dinner and leave them be.
“That hurt,” you laughed, rolling off James who’d taken the brunt of the fall.
“You don’t say,” he groaned from the impact, “But I’ll always take the fall for you,” he smirked, never missing an opportunity to turn on his charm.
“Oh, get up you big sod,” you giggled, taking his hand and hauling him up, “You almost had it, let’s try again.”
“As you wish, Y/N,” he said, pecking your cheek, leaving you more flustered than he’d ever seen you.
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Mulling It Over
Our very first fic is from @hinnyfied, find it on AO3 here
Title: Mulling It Over
Author: Hinnyfied
Pairing: Harry/Ginny & Ron/Hermione
Warnings: None
Prompt: #8 Mulled Wine
The atrium was magnificently decorated for the ministry’s annual Christmas party. The ceiling had been enchanted to look as though snow were swirling through the air, and the fireplaces, normally reserved for floo transport, were all lit, casting a warm glow around the room. Several huge, elaborately-decorated Christmas trees stood tall around the fountain, drawing admiration from the crowd as people mingled about.
Harry was standing in the corner with Ron and Hermione, doing his best not to attract any unwanted attention. Despite his best efforts, it always seemed to happen at this sort of thing. Most ministry workers were quite used to Harry at this point, but they brought guests to these parties who weren’t quite as accustomed to casually bumping into Harry Potter, and after a few drinks, some of them inevitably plucked up the courage to come talk to him.
Just as a young blond witch downed the last of her champagne and started marching across the room towards Harry, Ginny returned to the group, handing him a mug of mulled wine with her left hand in a rather exaggerated fashion, her new engagement ring glistening. The woman’s cheeks flushed and she pivoted so violently in the opposite direction that she ran straight into one of the trees. Harry had to suppress the urge to laugh.
“Subtle, Ginny,” said Ron.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” she said, her eyes twinkling as she wrapped her arms around Harry’s waist.
My god, she’s gorgeous, Harry thought as he looked down at her. At this angle, he could see far enough down the front of her dress to make him sincerely wish they were alone. He smiled into his mug and took a drink, unable to tell if the warmth spreading through his body was from the wine or the thought of what he’d be doing to Ginny later.
Harry’s mood was dampened as he noticed a man staring quite indiscreetly at them from a few tables down, craning his neck to get a good look. Hermione followed Harry’s gaze as the man weaved through the crowd towards them.
“Oh here we go. Best get ready to whip out that autograph of yours Harry,” she said with a smirk. “Don’t forget to smile!”
“I will do no such thing,” Harry said through gritted teeth.
Ron sniggered. “No no Hermione, you’ve got it all wrong. According to Witch Weekly, it’s his mysterious, sultry gaze that makes him so intriguing, not his smile.”
“That and the beard,” Ginny chimed in. “How did they describe it again? Rugged?”
Harry rolled his eyes. “That stupid article was ages ago. How much longer will it be exactly until you tire of quoting it?” he asked, exasperated. Ginny shook with silent laughter beside him.
Ron gripped Harry’s shoulder and shook his head dramatically. “Oh, Harry. Not until the day that I die will I let you forget that you were named sexiest wizard alive.”
The mousey man reached the group. He completely ignored Harry and turned straight to Ginny, his eyes wide with wonder. “Excuse me, I’m so sorry to interrupt, but I have to ask. Are you Ginny Weasley?”
Ginny raised her eyebrows. “I am.”
“I knew it. My girlfriend works in the Department of Magical Games and Sports. She’ll absolutely kill me for doing this at a work event but, can I get a picture with you? I’m a huge fan of the Harpies.” He held up his camera.
Harry was utterly delighted. “Of course she’ll pose for a picture with you,” he said. “Give me the camera, I’ll take the photo.”
“Thanks mate,” he said, not even bothering to look at Harry as he shoved the camera into his hands. Ron was completely bewildered. Harry shrugged at him and took the picture, glad to know that there was at least one other person out there who realised how much cooler Ginny was than him.
Across the atrium, Head Auror Gawain Robards surveyed the crowd, deep in thought, when his deputy slapped him on the back.
“Now Robards, you look like you’re having a downright miserable time. You’re not still upset with me for handing in my notice are you?”
“Of course I am, Walsh. I keep hoping that if I ignore it long enough, you’ll change your mind. You’re the only one in the whole god forsaken department that doesn’t drive me mad.”
“I told you back in 98’ that I would only stay on until the department was built back up again. Between the other international transfers who’ve decided not to leave and the new recruits, you’ve got plenty of people, and I’m ready to go home.”
Robards grunted in response. What’s so good about ruddy Ireland?
“Have you given further consideration to the recommendation I made for my successor?” asked Walsh.
“I have. I won’t pretend there’s no appeal to the idea, but I have my reservations.”
“I doubt even he would begrudge you that.”
“He’s very young.”
“Indeed he is, but he has just as much, if not more, practical experience than anyone else in the department.”
“I’m not foolish enough to call him inexperienced, but he can be reckless, diving right in without thinking properly first.”
“That is a wartime survival instinct, as you very well know. One that he has substantially reigned in over the years. Restraint is something you can teach him, but he has a natural intuition that you cannot. Look at him Gawain, he was made to lead.”
Robards turned his attention to the opposite end of the room. Potter and his group had been joined by some of the other aurors. Thomas Midgeon, one of the newest recruits, approached Potter with a serious look on his face, speaking rapidly. Harry listened intently, and when he responded, Midgeon seemed to relax, hanging onto Potter’s every word. He couldn’t deny the way the other members of the department gravitated towards him.
Taking advantage of Robards’ pensive silence, Walsh continued, “He’s already revolutionised the way we do certain things, even without a formal position of authority. People will continue to look to him, whether he’s your deputy or not.”
Robards thought back to that stubborn, impulsive teenager that had initially sat down in his office over four years ago. Kingsley is out of his damn mind, he had thought to himself, and yet, Robards took the chance, not only on Potter, but Weasley and Longbottom too. Weasley had left not long ago, and he strongly suspected that Longbottom would be next, but not Potter. He had developed into a capable auror despite Robards’ initial doubts, and he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.
“Fine, but he’ll have to keep that beard. It helps with the delusion that I’m not about to give a senior position to an infant.”
“That’s the spirit, you grumpy old codger. We’ll talk to him about it first thing Monday, yeah?” he said, grabbing two steaming mugs from the waiter that had just strolled by, “Now, drink up and smile. It’s Christmas!”
Robards took the wine and looked back over at Potter. They made eye contact. Harry lifted his own mug and gave him a nod. He’d still have to accept the offer of course, but Robards had no doubt that he was looking at his new deputy head.
“If he buggers this up, I’ll never forgive you Ciaran,” he said, draining his mug in one go.
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acnelli · 2 days ago
Can you recommend some romione au fanfics?
Hello anon,
Oh, I certainly can. Let's get into those AUs! We love them. I'll just link one or two stories of each author, but please have a look at their other stories as well.
Haven't read all of those yet, but I only heard good things about them and I can guarantee that you'll only read excellent stories by these authors.
Please don't forget to leave kudos and comments/reviews on these stories. It doesn't matter how old they are or if the authors are still active writers or not, they deserve our appreciation 🙏
Lego House by @accio-broom (Muggle AU)
Everything Has Changed by @accio-broom (Muggle AU)
Fraternizing with the Enemy by @adenei (Muggle AU)
The Arrangement by @adenei (Muggle AU)
If You Jump, I Jump by @romioneb (Muggle AU)
Camp Wizarding World by @romioneb (Muggle AU)
Isolated by @cheesyficwriter (Year 6 AU)
Lost in Translation by @cheesyficwriter (Hermione didn't go to Hogwarts)
Waking Up in Vegas by @be11atrixthestrange (Muggle AU)
The Loft by @be11atrixthestrange (Muggle AU)
all my best lies by @remedialpotions (HBP AU)
When Fate Decides by @azaleablueme (Post War AU)
In Search Of Hermione by @azaleablueme (Slytherin Hermione)
7 Years, 6 Months, 4 Days by @trademarkblue (Post War AU)
Pause by @trademarkblue (DH AU)
The Other Side Of Life by kjc1123 (Hermione didn't go to Hogwarts)
I'm tagging @folk-melody again. Because they're a human Romione library and they're a blessing for this side of the fandom 💛
Thanks for the ask, anon!
Ask me anything for the 500 followers celebration!
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dreamsofdramione · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Happiest of birthdays to our beloved @tumblintofu​! 
In celebration of you and all the things you love, we present Pansy and Neville falling in love (and in some cases doing a little more 😏).  
We only have a five hour window where everyone is awake to tell you happy birthday, so without further ado, we hope you enjoy!
Sweet & Spicy Tofu - An Art & Fic Collection
A Little Less Conversation by @artofcrumbs​ & @inadaze22​
Fic + Art (NSFW) Rated: E   Word Count: 3.2k Summary: Pansy was just a fleeting thought over the years, called forth whenever he saw her. But in the nine months since things ended with Hannah, who wanted to explore her options, he's been thinking more and more about doing the same.
He was waiting in the rain by @catmintandthyme​
Fic + Art Rated: NR   Word Count: ~1k Summary: Sometimes the safest way to live was to be the one who walked away. So Pansy left. She patched up the ragged edges of her heart and told herself she was fine. Until six months later he appeared, standing on her bridge in the rain.
Not Falling Apart (Chapter 2) Fic Art by @artofcrumbs​
Art (NSFW) Rated: E  Summary: Running her finger along his ribcage, she whispers against his collarbone, “It’s my turn to blow your mind out, don’t you think?” Inspired by Not Falling Apart by @tumblintofu​​
Pansy Mode by Izzo
Fic Rated: E  Word Count: 10.6k Summary: Despite being the most sought-after bridal couturier in Wizarding Britain, Pansy never enjoyed having to bear witness to weddings and professions of eternal love. Perhaps that was why she was forty years old and single. More accurately, perhaps she was a glutton for punishment. After all, she’d fucked herself into a hole by sleeping with her partner groomsman just days before Draco and Granger's wedding.
she dreams in polaroids by elle_reads
Fic Rated: M Word Count: 3.9k Summary: It’s her twelfth birthday, and the only person Pansy Parkinson wants to spend it with is up to his elbows in dirt in a greenhouse a quarter-mile down the lane. or five birthday wishes Pansy doesn’t get and one she does.
The Set Up by @catmintandthyme​​ & @dreamsofdramione​​
Fic + Art Rated: E   Word Count: 3k Summary: If the mere thought of him wasn’t so bloody distracting, she wouldn’t have changed three times, and she would have had time to read between the lines of Granger’s rushed apology about not being able to make it. No matter. Pansy purses her lips and lets her eyes drag over every inch of Neville until she catches his gaze. She crosses her arms and taps her finger once, twice against the bend of her elbow. What ever shall they do?
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be11atrixthestrange · 2 days ago
Do You Believe In Magic?
Tumblr media
Let me tell you a tale, dear reader, about a woman I once met on a train. Her name was Hermione Granger, and although intelligent and driven, she didn't believe in magic, not even on Christmas. In fact, she hated everything about Christmas — snowstorms, travel delays, holiday carols, and worst of all, Hallmark movies. Imagine her confusion when, after our chance encounter on that train, her life transformed into a romantic comedy, forcing her to live the very tropes she hated. Fortunately, what she lacked in holiday spirit, she made up for in ambition, and she was determined to make sense of her nightmare and find a way out. But lucky for me, dear reader, I am also ambitious, and I was determined to have a little fun.
Read on A03 or FFN
More Chapters:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
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saintlike78 · 2 months ago
Stop being mean [D.M.]
A/N: I made the reader Ravenclaw, but it only mentions it once very briefly, so you could totally read your own house into this, if you’re not a Ravenclaw. I just feel like there isn’t enough Draco x Ravenclaw fics.
Pairings: Draco Malfoy x fem! shy Ravenclaw! reader
Words: 3.1k
Summary: Draco has seemingly taken an interest in a shy Ravenclaw, doing everything in his power to flirt with her endlessly. Due to his reputation, she thinks he’s joking and teasing her for having a crush on him. What happens when she finally has had enough and musters up the courage to stand up against him?
Warnings: NSFW! (+16), vaginal sex, daddy kink, public sex, mention of cum, very soft and fluffy, reader wears glasses, Draco being a massive flirt. As always lmk if I missed anything.
Tumblr media
The sun shone through the large windows of the great hall, the chatter of your fellow students falling into the background as you flipped the page of your book, soaking up the words.
Your attention was fully on the book, your free hand haphazardly forking the contents of your plate into your mouth and your glasses slowly slipping down the bridge of your nose.
“He’s staring again,” Cho spoke lowly beside you causing your focus to fall from the book up to her face.
Your head cocked to the side, your hand flying up to fix your falling glasses, “huh?”
She widened her eyes, trying to subtly signal, “Malfoy… he’s staring again,” she mumbled.
Your head whipped to look straight ahead at the Slytherin table, your eyes immediately meeting the mischievous icy eyes belonging to the infamous Draco Malfoy, accompanied by his signature smirk.
As your eyes met, he raised a hand giving you a small wave and a smile that could be portrayed as genuine, but you’d heard enough about him to know that he was messing with you - a new victim to his relentlessness.
Your head dipped, your eyes falling back to your book, trying to fall back into what you were reading and ignoring his stare.
“I just don’t understand why he has decided to pick me as his new “victim”,” you spoke quietly to Cho with your head still aimed downward, pretending to focus on the book in front of you.
Cho shrugged, “maybe he fancies you.”
You couldn’t help the small laugh that escaped you, but you quickly lowered your volume, your cheeks tinted a light shade of pink, “right… I just hope he’ll get bored of me quickly.”
An arm landed around your shoulder as you made your way down the hall, a surprised gasp leaving your lips.
“You need me to walk you to class, darling?” the smug voice of Draco Malfoy came from beside you. Your face heated up with a blush, your eyes slowly looking up to his face and met with his grey eyes already looking at you.
You were about to answer, though you didn’t know what, that was until you heard laughter from behind the two of you.
“Would you look at that, Malfoy’s got a new girlfriend… well aren’t you going to introduce us?” Blaise said with an amused smirk.
You felt your cheeks grow even hotter, now slightly embarrassed, you hated being the centre of attention and especially when you were the bud of a joke.
You shrugged off Draco’s arm without a word, quickening your step to lose him and his Slytherin posse. You kept your head down, missing the way Draco’s face fell slightly, but he quickly recovered.
“See you later, princess,” he shouted after you as you turned the corner, the laughter of his friends being the last thing you heard before you entered your class.
Looking through the pile of books you had gathered, you realized you were missing the one you needed for your DADA homework. Sighing to yourself, you got up from your chair in the library to look for it on one of the shelves.
Your search didn’t take long as you spotted the book up high on a shelf, too high up for you to reach. Patting your pocket for your wand you let out another sigh, realizing you had left it in your school satchel on the desk.
You were about to turn and quickly go back to collect your wand when a figure pressed up against you from behind, successfully reaching up and grabbing the book you needed. You didn’t need to see the persons face to know exactly who it was; you could feel yourself sweating slightly at the close contact of your bodies.
You turned around quickly, your breath catching in your throat at the close vicinity of your faces, a smirk plastered on his.
One of his hands rested on the shelf, purposely caging you in as he handed you the book, your hands shaking slightly as you hesitantly took it from him.
“Looked like you needed this, my darling,” he smiled. Once again, his smile could’ve seemed genuine, and you would be lying if you said it didn’t give you butterflies because Draco Malfoy was without a doubt incredibly attractive. Though, you thought it was incredibly mean of him to play with you this way, you couldn’t for the life of you think of what you’d done to gain his attention.
“Uhm… thanks,” you muttered, quickly slipping under his arm and power walking back to your table.
You packed up your stuff, trying not to drop the pile of books you’d gathered, opting to study up in the astronomy tower instead, where you wouldn’t be subjected to Malfoy’s relentless teasing.
Draco stared at you confused, watching you practically run out of the library with your arms full of books.
He shook his head, rethinking strategy and going back to his own pile of books gathered on another table.
Weeks passed and it felt as if you were going insane.
Draco kept fake flirting with you all the chances he got; sitting beside you in class, walking you to class, calling you pet names that made butterflies crash around your stomach.
One of the days he was seated beside you in potions class, your eyes not daring to look at him, his chair a little too close to yours. You felt tense the entire lesson but tried your best to ignore the beautiful tall blond Slytherin who was smirking down at you.
Snape had asked a question which you answered correctly and after gaining house points from Snape, Draco had leaned down and whispered, “good girl,” in your ear. Your face turned completely pink with a blush and your breath stuttered.
You didn’t know how much longer you could tolerate his teasing, at this point it was just cruel. You figured that he’d figured out that you had a tiny crush on him and played on it, but you didn’t think that he would continue for this long.
His friends still laughed, and his smirk was still present after each encounter, you wondered if they had a bet going round of how flustered he could get you, because if they did, he was swimming in money at this point.
This day you were in no mood for anything other than peace and quiet. Your classes had dragged on, and it was just one of those days where your temper was shorter than usual.
So, when the last class of the day finally let up you could feel your shoulders relax, looking forward to just go up to Ravenclaw tower and nap before dinner.
“Miss y/l/n, a word please,” your professor called you over and your stomach immediately dropped.
He waited until the last students had left the room before he spoke again.
“No need to be scared, I just wanted to let you know that the work you did in your last essay was exceptional and I wanted to ask if I could use it as an example for younger students?” he asked with a gentle smile.
You let out a breath, your nerves instantly calming, “oh, yes of course… thank you.”
“No problem at all, it was very well written… keep up the good work,” he smiled before dismissing you and packing up his things.
You went back to your own desk to pack up your bag, the professor said his goodbyes as he left the classroom before you.
You felt giddy, it was always nice to know you were doing well and that your hard work was paying off.
You jumped slightly as the silence in the classroom was broken by none other than the boy you’d been trying to avoid.
“I always knew my girl was a genius,” he smiled as he walked towards your desk. Your heartbeat quickened the closer he got, but you could feel anger boil inside you - enough was enough.
“Stop being mean!” you exclaimed, your voice louder than he’d ever heard it, even though it didn’t go exceptionally loud.
“What do you mean? I just said th- “he started but was cut off.
“I know that it’s probably really funny to watch me get all red in the face, but at this point you’re just being mean, Malfoy! I mean, it’s been weeks and you’re still doing all of this,” you waved your hands around as you spoke. A bewildered look on Draco’s face as he listened to you.
“How long will you be continuing this joke? Because I just want to know how much longer I need to put up with this… you’re really hurting my feelings,” you breathed out, pushing up your glasses as they had slipped whilst you’d vented.
Draco waited a moment before taking a step closer to you, the back of your legs hitting the desk. He gently reached a hand up to cup one side of your face, tilting it up, but you still couldn’t bring yourself to meet his eyes.
“Y/n, look at me, please,” he spoke gently.
It took you a couple of seconds, but you complied and met his icy eyes; for the first time ever, they were completely soft.
“Darling… it wasn’t my intention to hurt your feelings… all of the things I did, I meant,” he spoke softly, stroking your cheek with his thumb, keeping his eyes locked with yours.
“But all of your friends laughed at me.”
“No, they were laughing at me because they know how much I fancy you,” his cheeks turned a light shade of pink as he admitted his feelings, “I just think you’re absolutely adorable, my darling.”
Your mouth stood slightly agape as you continued to stare up at him, “you fancy me? Why?”
Draco chuckled at your completely clueless face, “well… you’re smart, incredibly sweet and absolutely gorgeous.”
He leaned down to kiss your cheek, “I love it when you get all flustered from the smallest things,” he whispered, moving to kiss your other cheek, “and the impact I have on you,” he kissed your forehead, “and how you miss your mouth with the fork when you’re too focused on a book,” he kissed the side of your mouth.
“Draco,” you whined, now completely done with his teasing.
Draco just smirked, grasping your waist with his free hand, and pressing his body against yours.
“Say it again,” he breathed out, his lips brushing against yours as he spoke.
“Draco,” it came out as a soft whisper. Your hands snaked up and around the back of his neck, keeping him close, your breaths mixing with one another as you stared into his uncharacteristically soft eyes.
The sound of his name from your lips was the only way Draco wanted to hear his name said from then on, it slipped from your tongue with such ease and softness; it was the last thing he needed to hear before he pressed his lips against yours, letting your bodies connect and meld together.
It was as if time stopped, all sound ceased, only the sound of your collective breathing overpowered the silence. Your lips melded together as if they were made to fit, like a puzzle piece, hands moving all around never finding the right place.
Draco’s arms tightened around you, keeping your body as close as humanly possible, your chest forced against his, each breath forcing you closer.
Draco couldn’t get enough, his grip bruising on your waist.
None of you wished to pull apart, not wanting to miss a single moment of being close, but the burning in your lungs forced you apart with an impromptu whine.
“You’re mine,” Draco spoke through laboured breaths, his forehead pressed against yours.
You could only nod, your fingers tangled in his blond locks as you breathed in his cologne - it was fresh, masculine and husky, a decided new favourite scent.
“Say it, - I need to hear you say it,” he demanded, his eye searching yours intensely.
“I’m yours, Draco,” your voice was barely above a whisper, but it was enough for him. A satisfied grin overtook his face accompanied by a sigh of satisfaction.
“My girl,” he breathed out. Using his grip on your waist to lift you up on the desk, your legs opening for him as if second nature, letting him stand between them.
Your eyes fluttered shut as Draco leaned down to reconnect your lips. He ground his hips against yours, letting you feel all of him. An impromptu moan made its way past your lips and into Draco’s, leaving a smirk present on his lips and a tighter grip on your waist.
His hands travelled over your torso, inching up until his thumb could brush over your breast, feeling and mapping you out.
You pulled apart from him, looking down at his gentle hands, your heart fluttering with every light touch.
“Do you want this?” Draco spoke. Your eyes fell on his, his stare serious and his touch ceasing briefly as he waited for confirmation that you desired him as much as he did you.
“Yes… please, Draco.”
Your answer caused Draco to chuckle, his hands continuing their exploration of you, moving them further down your body until they touched the hem of your skirt.
“I wish I could take my time with you, but we need to hurry… wouldn’t want anyone to see the star student completely dumb for my cock,” Draco smirked. A sudden wave of smugness and mischief washing over him, leaving a glint in his eyes along with the lust filled stare he gave you.
You whined at his words, his hands quickly flipping your skirt up, hitching it up around your waist, giving himself a perfect view of the lacy pair of panties you’d decided to wear.
Draco groaned lowly at the sight, “gorgeous… it’s as if you expected this,” he smirked.
He moved his hand up your thigh, his touch light as it made its way closer to your already damp cunt. You expected a level of teasing, but he meant it when he said you didn’t have time because his thumb very quickly found your clit and rubbed it slowly through your panties.
A stuttered gasp flew from you as your right hand flew up to grip his bicep, squeezing it in pleasure.
His touch lingered for a moment before he pulled your panties to the side, putting his fingers directly on your cunt, running them through your arousal, before landing on your clit once more.
Your breathing picked up, mixed with small whimpers and breathy moans floating from your lips. Draco moved his thumb I tight circles on your clit, a clear goal in his mind.
“This feel good, baby?” his eyes bore into yours, wanting to see every reaction, every flutter of your eyes and contortion of your face.
“Mhmm, so good.”
Your eyes fell shut as you focused on the pleasure from just his thumb, your cunt clenching around air.
The lost feeling of Draco’s hand on your waist and the sound of a zipper forced your eyes back open; your eyes opened just in time to see Draco’s free hand reach into his black school trousers and boxers, pulling out his hard cock.
The sight pulled a moan from you, taking in the size of it, already imagining how well it would fill you.
You watched, completely mesmerized, as he lazily stroked himself in time with the circles, he continued drawing on your clit.
His mouth stood slightly agape as he guided his tip toward your entrance, lining himself up, but taking a moment to look at your face; all he saw when he looked at your face was pure bliss, your eyes watching intently and waiting for the breach.
Smirking to himself, his heart leaping in his chest, he pushed into you. Your eyes widened at the stretch and a broken whine filled the silence of the classroom, your hands tightening on Draco’s biceps, gripping them for leverage.
Your mind was completely blank as Draco bottomed out in you, a deep groan vibrating through his chest, your velvety walls engulfing him perfectly.
The pleasure surged through you, his hips drawing back only to snap right back against yours, setting a fast pace from the get-go – you were in a hurry after all.
“Oh, gods, daddy,” the words tumbled past your lips before you could stop them. An embarrassed red tint decorated your face immediately, having let the name fall out into the open without even discussing it with him first.
You had no idea how he would react, but what you didn’t expect was the deep outright moan that rang through the air; his eyes shut, and his head fell backwards, his cock twitching inside you.
“Fuuuuck, baby… I’m not gonna last if you keep calling me that,” Draco groaned. His left hand finding your waist, giving it a proper squeeze as his right thumb resumed its circling of your clit.
Pride welled in your chest at the effect you had on him, even if he had just as much effect on you – if not more.
Your cunt clenched around him, pulsing with the impending release that was growing closer with each snap of his hips and brush of his thumb against your sensitive nub.
“Daddy, gonna cum,” you moaned, warning Draco of your approaching release.
“Go ahead, sweetheart, cum all over my cock,” Draco grunted, fastening both the pace of his eager thrusts and his thumb.
You toppled over the edge, your cunt clamping down around Draco and your fingers digging into the muscles of his bicep. Your eyes fluttered as you tried to keep your noises down to a low moan, occasionally interrupted by whimpers.
Your pulsing walls and moans was enough to send Draco over the edge with you, a few hard thrusts and the warm feeling of his cum seeped into you, filling you up in ways you didn’t know you needed.
He pulled you against him, his arms winding around you as his hips moved shallowly against yours to work you both through your release; your own arms found their way around him, your face burying itself in his neck, your glasses smushing awkwardly against your sweaty face.
All that could be heard was your laboured breaths, along with the low squelching of your mixed releases coating your folds and Draco’s softening cock.
“Mine,” Draco breathed, tightening his grip on you.
A soft content sigh left your lips, “yours.”
Tags: @justreadingficsdontmindme, @teenwolfbitches28, @emma67, @nalinijulia, @lexi_shoto, @sprucewoodlover, @i-love-scott-mccall, @pretty-pop-princess-hs, @weasleysparistrip, @pottahishotasf, @velvetcloxds, @methblinds, @maraudersbijj, @samaraaaaa, @ildm4ev, @bellatrixscurls, @princess-jules47, @remusjlupinisdead, @divanca2006, @daedreamss, @dracomalfoyscslut,
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ceresartsy · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A Pig For Slaughter~
Towards the light I've been led
Towards the dark you've been dragged
A hand to guide you to your fate
To leash you to but a certain death
Arch nemesis from birth
Sharing a common curse.
A different take on our arch enemies. Not so different in the end...
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proserpina-magnus · 3 months ago
Regulus Black & Fucking his Best Friend
Reader: fem
Warning; smut, slight mirror kink(?), “good girl”, and hair pulling
Word count: 0.4K
Description: being Regulus’s best friend and wearing a short skirt.
Imagine being Regulus’s best friend, it’s currently 7th year and he’s stressed about his prefect duties while the end of the year exams are approaching. He’s reading a book while eating his breakfast, enjoying the silence of the mostly empty dining hall. You come in, a new tiny skirt that sits just above your naval.
As you make your way to Regulus, he looks up as he feels your presence, eyes trailing down towards the skirt. He’s quite jealous, telling you off for the skimpy outfit and threatening to write you up. You argue back, saying some “but I bought it so I’ll wear it!” Bullshit to him, but Regulus only puts his things away in a calm manner, taking you to the prefect's spare bedroom.
“fuck,” you gasp, eyes widened as you get pushed into the desk, your hands grip around the wood for some balance, but it’s quite pointless with Regulus’s viciously dragging his cock in and out.
His hand gripping your hair, yanking your head back as he makes you watch yourself get completely used in the mirror. Your tits spilling out of your half ripped blouse, your previous makeup smudged.
Regulus hadn’t said anything, letting out his own low groans. He was afraid if he began to talk, he would get too lost in the power of his words.
Even with the uncomfortable way your hips got pushed into the countertop, the way his cock painfully pushed in places you never knew existed, even with the now ruined outfit, you were completely at will to his body. You couldn’t even focus on all the bad things, like how your best friend was utterly destroying your sexual innocences. You were at a loss for all words, thoughts completely gone in the rigid pleasure.
Just as you found your release, Regulus found his. You let out a deep cry, his cock pulling out just in time as you felt his cum hit your thigh. Now with his hand out of your hair, you fall against the desk, taking your time to catch your breath.
“Class starts in 20 minutes, go upstairs and clean up; you’re a mess,” Regulus remarked, seeing your mascara teared face peering back at him through the mirror. He patted your ass, his thumb running over your creamed pussy before pushing your panties back up and flattening your skirt back down.
“Change your outfit while you’re at it, good girls get rewards if they listen,”
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Taglist: if you aren’t included/tagged… check your privacy settings.
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angelblacksmith · 29 days ago
Hugs with Draco Malfoy would include
Pairing: Draco Malfoy x fem!Reader
Warning: fluff
Tumblr media
I think Draco is one of those guys who can't stand the PDA.
And if he shows his love, it's only when you're both alone.
Draco is a very private guy.
And he would definitely be afraid to hug you first.
If you feel sad, he just won't know what to do.
And, probably, will bring something to eat. Like cupcakes or hot chocolate.
Or just be there for you.
Because he's completely confused.
So if you ask him to hug you.
He's definitely going to slow down for a while.
But then he will fulfill your request.
Very gentle and trembling hugs.
Especially when you cry. He will be with you all the time.
If Draco is sad.
Then he'll need a hug, too.
He'll be alone for a while.
But then he will definitely need a warm and warming hug.
Sleeping in an embrace. You probably don't fall asleep in each other's arms.
But then when you and Draco woke up, you were in the arms of another friend.
In the sixth year, almost all of your relationships are based on hugs and support.
Because these are not the best times for both of you.
And for the whole magical world in general.
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Today we're very excited to host @welsh-green authorial debut! Find it on AO3 here
Title: A Christmas Wish
Author: WelshGreen
Characters: Ron Weasley, Bill Weasley, Fleur Delacour
Pairing: Bill Weasley / Fleur Delacour
Warnings: None
Prompt: 12. A Christmas wish
The cosy cottage on the cliff top was the only place Ron had considered coming to, and although Bill hadn’t been vocal in his disappointment, the stilted pauses and hushed conversations in the days following Ron’s arrival at Shell Cottage had left him in little doubt of Bill and Fleur’s thoughts on what he’d done. 
After his initial panicked arrival, when Fleur had staunched the blood flowing from his splinched fingernails, he’d sat with Bill in the living room, shaken and nursing a firewhisky. He’d explained what had happened as much as he could but, without being able to reveal the whole extent of the Horcrux hunt, he feared he came away looking like a coward who couldn't handle cold weather and a rumbling stomach. Ron had found it hard to look Bill in the eye after that, and so, with Bill’s blessing, he’d hidden himself away at Shell Cottage, seconsced in the smallest bedroom, avoiding visitors and Floo calls, especially those from other members of the family. 
Those first long days turned into weeks, and the weeks into a month. Ron spent much of his time hunched next to the wireless in the living room, listening to increasingly mad reports on Harry’s whereabouts ("Undesirable Number One was last seen yesterday, shepherding goats in the Austrian Alps") and thanking Merlin that no news was good news. Time slipped away in monotonous boredom, and before he knew it, the nights had drawn in and the autumn leaves had all blown away in a storm - Christmas loomed like a dementor.  
Bill and Fleur told Mum and Dad that they wouldn't be making an appearance this Christmas, their first as husband and wife, and for this Ron was grateful. Instead, they had decided to celebrate by mashing together French and British traditions. In line with French tradition, they planned to celebrate on Christmas Eve but with all the food and trimmings of British tradition. He did his best to help preparations, offering to make the Christmas pudding to show his appreciation for their hospitality, and all the while praying to Merlin that he’d somehow find a way to get back to Harry and Hermione before celebrating Christmas at all.
And so, one frosty morning in late November, Ron awoke early to make the pudding. He threw back his duvet, pulled on a jumper, and picked up Dumbledore's Deluminator from the bedside table and put it in his trouser pocket. He liked to keep it on him, occasionally flicking the switch on the top. The cold weight of it was like an anchor grounding him in reality and stopping his near constant anxiety about Harry and Hermione climbing up his throat and out his mouth. 
Opening the bedroom door, he saw that Bill and Fleur's door was still firmly shut. So, being careful not to disturb them, he padded softly along the landing and down the stairs. Pushing open the kitchen door, he found the kettle heating on the stove and Fleur placing two mugs on a tray. She jumped when Ron entered the room. He almost jumped himself. 
"Mon dieu! You scared me!" she breathed, clutching her hand to her chest. Her silvery hair hung in a sheet down her back, her blue eyes round.
"I'm sorry," he said awkwardly. The longer he lived at Shell Cottage, the more he felt like a gooseberry in Bill and Fleur's marriage. "I thought I'd come down early to make the Christmas pudding - the recipe says it's got to steam for eight hours once I've made it. I really didn't mean to startle you."
“Non, non,'' she said, removing her hand from her chest and moving to the cold cupboard to take out a large jug of milk. “I thought I was alone, that’s all."
As she spoke, a beam of sunshine reached around the window frame, illuminating the steam now billowing from the kettle. Aiming her wand at it, Fleur murmured, "Finite," and poured the boiling water into a glass coffee press. She put the press on the tray, then poured milk into a smaller jug and put it next to the press.
“I'll leave you,” she said apologetically, picking up the tray. She carefully carried it from the room, and Ron heard her light tread on the stairs.
Shutting the door behind her, he moved to pick up the Christmas pudding recipe lying on the kitchen table. It was in Mum's handwriting. 
When he was little, it'd been a sure sign that Christmas was just around the corner when Mum dug the steamer out from the back of the cupboard and charmed the knife to chop the dried fruit and candied peel. Now, seeing her curling script there on the parchment made him miss her nagging letters and smothering hugs more than he cared to admit. He shuddered to think how ashamed she'd be of him, if she knew. And Fred, George, and Ginny. He groaned. Ginny. She would hex him into tomorrow when she found out. 
A swirl of hot shame coiled in his stomach. 
Distracting himself, he crossed to the pantry, ran his finger down the recipe, and selected the pudding ingredients. He weighed out almonds and candied peel, chopped them, and pushed them into a large mixing bowl. Next he measured flour, sugar and dried fruit, adjusting the balance weights to match the quantities needed. He then added breadcrumbs and egg, suet and spice, and poured in milk. Finally, he stuck a wooden spoon in the bowl and tapped it with his wand. The spoon sprung to life and began to mix.  
Ron looked over the recipe once more. "Grate one apple into the bowl," he muttered to himself. Plucking an apple from the fruit bowl on the table, he began rummaging in a drawer for a potato peeler.
"You know you have to actually hold the spoon to make a wish, don’t you? Charming the spoon doesn't count." 
Straightening, Ron saw that Bill was in his dressing gown, his red hair not yet pulled into a ponytail. In one hand he held the coffee tray with now empty mugs, and his other hand grasped the open door handle.
Ron looked down at the heavy fruit mixture in the bowl, gently turning over as the spoon made its circular path.
"I know." 
Mum had always encouraged them to take it in turns to stir the pudding and make a Christmas wish. He remembered the excitement of it, and fighting with Ginny over who could place the silver sickle in the middle. In truth, he hadn't planned on making a wish at all. It was like that childish well of anticipation had matured into a dark abyss of despair. 
He looked up at Bill. "Are you?"
"Well, according to tradition, we should all make a wish, shouldn't we? So yes, I think I will.  I'll go and get Fleur, this is a good tradition to share." Bill disappeared upstairs, returning a minute later with Fleur in tow. She and Bill each took it in turns to take hold of the spoon, close their eyes, and stir the pudding east to west, making their Christmas wish. 
"What did you wish for?" Ron asked Bill.
“Well, strictly I shouldn’t say, because then it won’t come true, but since it’s you, my youngest brother, I’ll let you in on the secret,” teased Bill. 
“Which is?” prompted Ron.
“Well, I can’t deny, I wished that you get a new pair of pyjamas for Christmas, because if I have to look at your hairy ankles poking out of those ones for much longer, I might have to tell Mum that you’re here, just to get rid of you.” Bill grinned, and Fleur laughed. 
Ron smiled wryly. “Long haired git.” 
Laughing, Bill handed the spoon back to Ron. "Make it count," he said, clapping him on the shoulder.
Ron stuck the spoon in the pudding and wrapped his fingers around the handle. When he was little he'd always wished for a brand new broom, or the Chudley Cannons to win the British League cup.  But this year... there were so many things that he could or should wish for, and yet, when it came down to it, he could only think of one wish he wanted to make this Christmas. 
Closing his eyes, he folded the wooden spoon through the pudding east to west, and wished that he'd never left. 
On Christmas Eve they spent the evening preparing for dinner.  Fleur laid a red cloth on the dining table, and Bill conjured holly sprigs to adorn a candelabra at its centre. 
At midnight they sat down to eat Le Réveillon de Noël, which Fleur explained was a dinner to celebrate the very beginning of Christmas Day. A lobster starter (“good escargot is impossiblé to find in England”) was followed by a succulent turkey crown. Ron piled his plate with roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, spouts, and peas, to which he added a healthy portion of stuffing next to a pile of pigs in blankets, before drowning the lot in gravy. 
They drank French wine, and pulled crackers - a motley jester's hat for Bill, a night cap adorned with a moon and stars for Fleur, and a bright red bowler hat for Ron that clashed horribly with his hair. They laughed at the awful cracker jokes, Fleur tuned the wireless into the Continental Wireless Network, and French carols filled the air.
Once they'd stuffed themselves silly with turkey, Ron quietly slipped out to the kitchen, dowsed the Christmas pudding in brandy and set it alight with a spark from his wand. Re-entering the dining room, he proudly presented the flaming pudding to the table. Bill and Fleur clapped and cheered. 
After dinner, once the dishes were gently washing themselves in the kitchen sink, they collapsed by the fire in the living room, glasses of Firewhiskey in hand. Bill reclined on the sofa, his jester’s hat slipping sideways, with Fleur curled into his side, her head resting on his shoulder. The fire cracked and popped, its warm glow nudging them towards sleep. Ron felt like an intruder into a private moment. 
Making up his mind, he set his glass down with a clunk, stretched his arms wide and yawned. “I think I’ll call it a night.” The clock on the mantelpiece said that the time was half past one in the morning.
Fleur looked at him. “Non, non! You must stay awake until morning!” she exclaimed, albeit sleepily, "it's tradition!"
“Honestly, I really don’t think I can keep my eyes open any longer, I might fall asleep right here, and no one needs to hear that."
Bill nodded in agreement. “To be fair, love, he does snore like a troll - you won’t have heard it because I charmed his bedroom door so that we didn’t have to hear him.”
“You did what?!” Ron tried to sound indignant, but even he had to laugh.
“You can’t blame me! It was the only way I was going to be able to put up with you staying here. Really, you should be grateful that I’m so thoughtful.”
“Thoughtful my arse, self-serving more like!” Ron retorted.
“Hey, watch it - I’m very caring, I even got you a Christmas present - here, catch!”
Aiming his wand at the Christmas tree in the corner, Bill made a small box wrapped in gold paper hurtle out from under it, and zoom towards Ron. He caught it easily.
“Glad to see my quidditch skills are still sharp” he muttered to himself, and immediately ripped off the paper. Inside was a small wooden wireless radio.
“Oh wow! Bill, Fleur, this is perfect - thank you!” 
“It’s so that you can listen to it in your room - you’ve been driving us crazy having it on every waking hour-”
“I don’t believe it!" Interrupted Ron, standing up "a self-serving present as well!” He scrunched up the discarded wrapping paper and threw it at Bill’s head.
“Right!” shouted Bill, rising to his feet too, “you’ve asked for it now-”
Except Ron didn't find out how Bill was planning to take revenge, because at that moment something silver flew through the red curtains drawn across the living room window. A wolf, gleaming and ethereal halted before them. When it opened its mouth, Remus Lupin’s voice spoke to them.
“There’s been an explosion in Godric’s Hollow. Come quickly. I’ll meet you at Bathilda’s cottage."
The wolf dissolved into mist, gone as swiftly as it had come. 
"Godric's Hollow?" Ron repeated.
His heart thudded in his chest, hopefully. He knew that Harry had wanted to visit Godric's Hollow and this could be the first piece of real news he'd had since he’d left them. He glanced at Bill, but he wasn't paying Ron any attention.
“I’ll go,” Bill was saying to Fleur, flinging his jester's hat on the sofa, “it’s my turn.” He strode from the living room and into the front hall, and Ron could see him taking his cloak down from the cloak rack on the wall. 
“Be safe,” said Fleur, who had followed Bill, “send me a message if you need me.” She rose on tip toe and kissed Bill. Ron looked away.  
“I’ll be as quick as I can," and then, more quietly,  "Joyeux Noël, petite Fleur." Ron heard the front door open and close, Bill’s quick footsteps on the path, and then a faint pop as he Dissapparated. 
Fleur walked slowly back through to the living room, pulled off her hat and dropped it down next to Bill’s. “I’m going to stay awake and wait for him - please, go to bed if you want." She swished her wand at the log basket, and levitated a log towards the fire, where it gently nestled itself amongst the flames. She then sank back down on the sofa. 
Turning to Fleur, Ron asked, "Do you think Harry and Hermione could be there, in Godric’s Hollow? We've had an inkling that they might go there, haven't we?" 
He hoped he didn't sound too desperate. Harry had mentioned ages ago that he wanted to visit, but Ron couldn’t think what purpose it would serve to go, especially now. It would be so risky, so why do it? However, almost as soon as he thought it, another voice in Ron’s head told him that this was Harry, and risk didn't really come into it. His heart gave a traitorous beat of despair.
Fleur sighed, and pulled a blanket over her knees. “We won’t know anything more until Bill comes home." 
That night the wind howled off the sea, and snow skittered against the window panes. 
Ron slept fitfully, his slumber filled with fevered dreams. He was chasing Hermione’s voice through Godric’s Hollow as she sobbed “Ron! Ron!” over and over, but he could never quite reach her, no matter how many corners he turned. Then the dream twisted, to Harry standing by an exploded house bellowing “My parents are dead!”, his face hollow and his expression wild, the locket glittering maliciously around his neck.  
Just before dawn he gave up on sleep.  
Flicking on his new radio, he pulled on a jumper and shoved the Deluminator into his pocket. He curled up in the window seat and looked out. He could just make out the coastal trees bending and weaving against the wind, and the white horses breaking relentlessly on the surface of the dark sea. How could the world be so wild and beautiful, he thought, when his head and heart were so torn.  
Shivering in the cool air falling from the glass, he tugged his sleeves down over his hands, and buried his face into the scratchy maroon wool. It felt comforting and familiar, like Christmas at The Burrow and Hogwarts rolled into one. How many happy Christmases had Mum made him a jumper just like this? He'd hated them all, and now he couldn't think of anything he wanted more. What a fool he was. 
On the radio, Celestina Warbeck burst into the chorus of Accio Christmas. 
He wondered what Hermione and Harry were doing right now, where they were, what they were thinking. He wondered who was on watch. How cold they were, and how hungry. Were they even celebrating Christmas? He hoped they were somewhere safe. He hoped they were well. 
I will find you, he thought, and at that moment a voice spoke in his pocket.
"-Ron? When he broke his wand crashing the car? It was never the same again, he had to get a new one-".
Scrabbling for his pocket, Ron pulled the Deluminator out and stared at it, aghast. The voice had sounded just like Hermione's. 
Stepping down from the window, he swiped his wand from under his pillow and tapped the radio, cutting off Celestina mid warble, and then tapped the bedside lamp with a whispered, "Lumos."
Inspecting the silver instrument in his hand more closely, he asked it desperately, "Hermione? Are you there?" It didn't speak back. He gave the Deluminator a frantic shake of frustration but it remained resolutely silent. 
Perhaps there was a chance he’d finally lost the plot. But no... he hadn’t imagined it. 
He shook the Deluminator again and then clicked the switch on the top and, in that moment, the world seemed to pause on its axis and take a breath.
Then his bedside lamp went out with a faint chink, and an orb of light appeared in mid air just outside the window. 
Ron's heart gave a lurch. Perhaps Christmas wishes really did come true. 
On the horizon, the dawning sun washed the sky a deep gold.
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what could have been
requested by @bellatheslytherclaw - hii, since you did the oliver wood nsfw headcannons i wanted to make one more request for himm. could you write a angst to fluff one shot where oliver broke up with the fem!reader (you decide the reason) and then they reunite years later? thank youuu 💗💗💗
word count- 1.2k
pairings- oliver wood x fem!reader
author’s note- i hate this omg, i’m so sorry. this is a complete wreck, i had absolutely no idea what to do. hopefully it’s still readable? idk, not proofread, i can’t bear to go through this mess again. ALSO I’M VERY SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG TO WRITE I HAD NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. (the assistant is 100% me when it comes to any ship btw, just so you know what inspired his character.)
warnings- swearing. i think that’s it (?)
It had never been this bad, Fred thought.
Sure, the Gryffindor Quidditch captain and his girlfriend had a tumultuous relationship, and they often fought and squabbled over the littlest things, but that was all in good nature. It was clear to everyone who knew them that the two were deeply in love, and he and George had been running a long-standing gamble about when the two would get married.
Based on the shouts coming from Oliver’s dorm, he was going to lose.
“You’re not listening!” you screamed, tears of frustration leaking from your eyes. You immediately turned your head away, refusing to let Oliver see.
“Well, maybe I’d listen if there was something worth hearing! All you’ve been giving me for the past hour is a bunch of excuses, can’t you just tell me the truth?”
You nearly let out a sob at his response, having tired of this argument ages ago. “Merlin, would you listen to yourself? I have been telling you the truth, there’s nothing going on between Percy and me! He’s literally your best friend, and you know I would never-”
“My best friend that you seem to have taken quite a liking to in recent months, wouldn’t you agree?” spat Oliver, eyes bright with anger. “What, am I not good enough for you anymore? Not smart enough? Is that it? Does the fact that I’m nothing but a stupid, stupid, athlete bother you?”
Your mouth opened in a protest, but quickly stuttered shut as you watched Oliver raise his hands to his head, effectively cutting off his view of you. You fell silent as his shoulders silently shook with what you could only assume were sobs, and you immediately went to his side. Right when you were about to put your arms around him, he spoke up again, voice muffled against his skin.
“Go. Just go.”
Your heart fell to your stomach, your feet concrete on the floor. You didn’t dare breathe, lest he notice that you were still there. But he did anyway, and though he didn’t remove his hands, his voice increased in volume, any sign of vulnerability he might’ve showed earlier gone.
“Just leave, for fuck’s sake!”
So you did.
It had been years since the two of you broke up, and you were proud to say that you had finally moved on. Graduating Hogwarts after excelling your exams, you immediately found work in the Ministry of Magic, working as both an Alchemist and a Communications Officer. You oversaw and moderated all connections with MACUSA, a mediator of sorts between the two countries.
“Miss L/N?” came the timid voice of your assistant from the hall, and you wondered why he sounded so...awed. “Your next appointment is here.”
“Send them in,” you said, checking your watch. Whoever they were, they were 20 minutes late, and you decided to give them a piece of your mind.
You never got the chance, as your mind was reduced to shambles when you recognised the man who walked through that door.
Oliver seemed even more shocked than you did, stuttering through his words as he took in your office and you. “W-when Coach said that L/N would be approving my passport, I didn’t think he’d mean Y/N L/N.”
“Oh- um, well, surprise!” You said awkwardly, with too much enthusiasm, not knowing where to look. Oliver had filled out even more since the last time you saw him (if such a thing was even possible), muscles in places you didn’t even know could have muscles. His brown hair was about the same attractive length, his brown eyes as warm as the day they had first found yours. They found yours again, and you felt your insides mesh into a puddle.
A yelp from outside brought you back to reality, and you sighed, knowing that your assistant must have fallen out of his chair while trying to eavesdrop. Gesturing to the seat in front of you, you cleared your throat, trying to push the blush away from your cheeks.
“Let’s get this done, then.”
“You’re going to America?” was the next thing you said, breaking the tense silence that had fallen between the two of you.
“Aye,” he said, hand rubbing shyly at his neck, “Playing in a match, it’s pretty important.”
“I don’t doubt it, it’s in practically every newspaper I’ve seen,” you laughed, sifting through his documents. “I’m happy for you, Ollie.”
The nickname fell from your lips so easily, you didn’t even notice it. Oliver did though, the hitch in his breath an obvious tell. He looked back down at your desk, watching your hands card through the papers, not too different from the way they used to card through his hair. He shook the memory away, looking up at you through his lashes. “And you? Are you happy for yourself?”
You paused, thinking your answer through before responding, “I am, mostly. Great job, great apartment, great friends.” His face fell slightly, but your keen eyes caught the change in his demeanour, so you hastened, “That doesn’t mean that I don’t miss what could have been.”
Oliver stops breathing, the room is more silent than a tomb. You stamp his passport and file his documents away in silence, and he leaves without so much as a goodbye.
Your secretary nearly falls over his own feet as he barrels into your office, throwing down a letter on your desk. You start, a hand shooting up to rest on your heaving chest as you gasp, “For fucks’ sake, what did we say about knocking?”
Your assistant couldn’t care less, as is obvious by the way he practically bounces around your room, as if his shoes are made of springs. “Read it! Read the letter! Now!”
Glancing at the vanilla envelope, you freeze, eyes falling on what’s gotten your assistant so worked up.
Directly under your name is the return address. The letter is from Oliver Wood.
Exchanging a glance with your assistant- his look is gleeful, yours confused- you open the envelope. Finding two tickets and a letter, you set the envelope back down, examining the contents.
I miss what could have been too. I miss the thought of our family, our house, our children racing around in the yard as you scold me for buying them new brooms, but you don’t mean it. You love me, just as I love you.
I miss your hand in mine, your lips on mine, the smooth curve of your calf, the magnificent arch of your eyebrow. I mourn the loss of a future together, what was once our dream.
But I don’t want to miss what could be.
Come to America. Watch me play. Let me take you out for a drink to celebrate our win, or to drown myself in if we lose. Laugh with me as I twirl you around, cry with me as I shout obscenities at the referee. Be with me, love me again.
Or don’t. Maybe I misinterpreted yesterday.
Merlin, I hope I didn’t.
Yours always,
Your eyes shine with unshed tears, you look up to meet your assistant’s keen gaze. “Well?” he demands, about to burst with glee. You feel your mouth stretch into a smile, you can almost hear his jubilant answer when you ask,
“How does a trip to America sound?”
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phoebe-delia · 8 hours ago
For the 8 nights prompts: I had this very emotional image of draco performing the shabbat blessings, particularly hadlakat neirot. eyes covered, brighest thing in the room, brightest thing in harry's heart. i don't know if you're still talking prompts for it but it's a lovely thing to think about anyway!
Hello dear nonnie, and Shabbat Shalom! Chag Sameach, as well, for Hanukkah. I have a lot of Feelings about the way Judaism factors into Drarry's life and relationship. Given Draco's background and character, I like to imagine/write about him learning about Judaism from Harry (and Hermione), so that's what I'll be doing here. I hope you enjoy!
"Harrryyy when's dinner?" Teddy whined, his chin resting on his chin, elbows on the table."
Harry chuckled. "Soon, Teds. Why don't you go fetch Draco and you two can get the candles and challah?"
Teddy perked up. "Okay!" He hopped down from the chair and ran out of the kitchen, his joyful shouts of "Dracoooo dinnerrrr" echoing after him.
Harry shook his head fondly as he checked on the chicken, pulling it from the oven. While he plated their food onto three plates, he heard Teddy chatting away and two sets of footsteps entering the room behind him. Draco made the occasional quiet commentary but mostly let Teddy ramble on as he wished.
Harry turned, two plates in hand, to see Draco carefully sticking the candles into their holders. The other man's eyes were fixed on his task until Harry set the plates down in front of their proper chairs, and then kind gray eyes met his.
Harry grinned, setting Teddy's plate in front of his chair just as the child slid into his seat, setting a loaf of challah onto the table next to him.
Teddy picked up his fork, and Harry tsked softly. "Teds, we have to say the blessings first." The boy set it back down onto his napkin with a small sigh. Harry chuckled and pat his head.
He picked up the box of matches. "Okay, let's say the blessings over the candles. Draco? Would you do the honors?"
Draco blinked. "M-me?"
Harry grinned, amused. "Do you see another Draco here?" He shared a small glance and a wink with Teddy when he giggled.
Draco flushed. "I just—I don't know all the words."
Harry let his initial argument die on his tongue as his mind filled with the memory of catching Draco sitting on the bed in their shared room earlier this week, prayer book open on his lap, stumbling through the words of hadlakat neirot. Instead, he shrugged. "You've seen Teds and me say it for a few weeks now. We'll help you if you get stuck."
Draco stared at Harry a moment and then glanced down at Teddy, who looked up at him with bright, hopeful eyes. He let out a shaky exhale and nodded, taking the box of matches from Harry's hand.
Harry wandlessly dimmed the lights as Draco carefully but intentionally moved the match across the striking surface, flinching very slightly when the match head ignited into a small flame. He carefully touched it to the wick of each candle, murmuring just loudly enough for Harry and Teddy to hear:
"Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu Melech ha’olam, asher kidshanu b-b'mi—" Draco stopped a moment, stuttering over the words. He Vanished the burnt match and stared at the candles, frowning in concentration.
"B’mitzvotav vitzivanu..." Harry said lowly, giving Draco a small, encouraging smile.
Draco's eyes met Harry's, his face illuminated by the flickering candles. "L’hadlik ner shel Shabbat," Draco said softly, not breaking eye contact.
"Amen!" Teddy said cheerfully. "Challah time!" He reached for the closed bag of bread and opened it.
Harry accepted a slice from Teddy and saw Draco do the same, a slight blushing tinge to his cheeks visible even in the soft glow of the candles. As Teddy began an off-key rendition of the hamotzi, Harry reached over and wrapped his arm around Draco's waist, pressing a kiss to his temple. Draco rested his head on Harry's shoulder, and they watched the flames dance and flicker in time with their heartbeats.
Read on AO3!
Tumblr media
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arishatistic · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
"Harry smiled, staring down at Hermione's peaceful form on his chest. He tucked a stray curl behind her ear and leaned forward to lightly brush his lips against her forehead. 
In this moment, there was nowhere else in the world he’d rather be."
~You Make My Heart Smile by Pottergeist on FFN net and AO3
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specialbrewbutterbeer · 2 months ago
Brother (Regulus Black x Pureblood!Reader/ Regulus & Sirius)
Word Count: 3638
TW: Very breif mention of getting beaten near the end
A/N If you like this, please do consider requesting something (visit my requests page to see my list of characters ect) I love to do them, even if I get busy and they can take a little while :)
Requests page HERE
Regulus adjusted the cuffs of his shirt sleeves and pulled on a jacket. He was sat on the edge of the bed, a little nervous. More nervous than he thought he'd be.
His wife poked her head around the door, and smiled.
"Reg, she wants you to help her get her things ready." He nodded as she disappeared again. He stood and made his way to the hall. He caught a glimpse of his wife's dress as she disappeared into their son's room.
He gently knocked on the door at the end of the hall.
"Diane?" He called softly.
The door burst open quite suddenly, and there stood his little girl. She wasn't so small now though of course. She grabbed his hand and dragged him along.
"Dad! Can you help me get my new textbooks in my suitcase please?" She asked, nearly squealing with excitement.
"Of course I can darling." He smiled, towering over the girl. She sat restlessly on the edge of her bed and watched as her father carefully placed her books in her case.
"Is that everything?" He asked and she just nodded and hummed in response.
Regulus clasped the case shut and handed it to his daughter.
"Thank you!" She grinned and rushed to the hall and downstairs with the case.
Meanwhile, (Y/N) dressed the baby of the household, their son, Leo. He was 5, and very bright, but not nearly as loud and bubbly as his older sister. He was much more like his father.
He squirmed as his mother tried to put a jumper over his head.
Not long afterwards, the family was stood on the station platform in Kings Cross. Reg held his son's hand as (Y/n) and Diane walked ahead, toward the train.
Diane was so excited to go away to school, she was clever and had been talking about it nonstop since she had received her acceptance letter.
She was far more confident about this than he had ever been. He remembered being nervous as all hell on his first journey to school. In fact she reminded him a lot of his own brother. He was excited to leave home and adventure.
Regulus hugged Diane as she got on the train, and handed her her case. He lifted Leo up and held him in his arms so that he could see into the window and wave her goodbye.
(Y/n) was saying her own goodbyes through the glass as Reg stepped back. With Leo still in his arms he looked up and down the platform.
For a moment the thought he'd caught a glimpse of something familiar, but brushed it off.
After a few minutes, the train departed, leaving parents stood on the platform to wave off their children.
(Y/n) stood a few feet away from Regulus and Leo as they, among a throng of other families, watched the train disappear away from the platform.
"Regulus?" He was startled by someone calling his name. He turned and found a familiar face, dressed in worn jeans, boots and a leather jacket, his hair long and tied back and with a bit of stubble.
He said nothing. He wasn't sure if he was glad to see him or not, but there his older brother was- standing there, eye to eye.
He just shuffled and looked anywhere but at Sirius. Instinctively he held his young son just a little bit closer, protective, though he didn't know why.
"Reggie-" Sirius took a step forward, and Regulus had to stop himself from flinching away. All of a sudden he felt like a kid again. All these years later and he had reverted to being timid and wary. Sirius understood that, they hadn't seen eachother since Sirius had left school, and even before that they hadn't spoken for two years, not since he'd run away, but even so, this was still his baby brother, and there were some things that wouldn't ever change.
"You have kids?" Sirius asked carefully, trying not to spook his brother.
"Two." Reg spoke up, finally. "Diane and Leo." He stated, not coldly, but unsure of the situation.
"The older one just off to school then?" Sirius asked, watching every movement his little brother made, realising now how much he'd missed of his life that he'd never expected to.
"For the first time." Reg said.
There was a pause as the brothers considered eachother, and Reg decided it was his turn.
"And you? Why are you here? Children?" He asked, putting Leo down as he became restless in his father's arms. Immediately Leo took his father's hand and hid, shy just behind his legs, though he watched this stranger quite intently.
"No- no!" Sirius laughed, with his hands in his pockets. "Not for me." He smiled. "I'm here with James and Lily, their son Harry just went off to school for the first time too." Sirius gestured to somewhere behind him and grinned at the topic.
"Oh-" Reg replied, not entirely sure what to say.
Sirius already had his next inquiry lined up-
"So who's the lady then-" He started, but didn't need to finish, as (Y/n) emerged from the crowd, taking her husbands arm.
"Reg, we should probably get going-" She also started to say as she looked up at him, her eyes a little teary from saying goodbye to her daughter, but quickly saw that his attention was fixed elsewhere. She turned and caught her breath.
"Ah- I see." Sirius recognised her immediately and whether he meant it to ir not, his smile dropped.
"(Y/n) is right, I'm sorry, we have to go." Reg said, just trying to escape the situation.
"Of course." Sirus said, looking down at his nephew, smiling and giving him a little wave.
"Bye Reg." He said, solemnly as his little brother ushered his family away, disappearing into the crowd.
Sirius turned and eventually found James and Lily again. James had red streaks down his cheeks and a grin on his face, proud of his little boy and horrified at how fast he'd grown up. Lily was latched on to his arm, comforting his husband.
They both noticed Sirius' strange but thoughtful demeanor as he walked toward them.
"Sirus are you alright?" Lily asked.
"What?" Sirius snapped out of it. "Yeah! Yeah- um-" He thought for a moment. "I've just seen my brother." He trailed off.
"Oh?" James asked. "How did that go?"
"He's got two kids, a little boy and a girl Harry's age, and he's married." He said bluntly.
"Who is she?" Lily asked.
"(Y/n)" Sirius replied, and his friends had the same dulled and knowing reaction. He paused for a moment before putting a smile back on and hugging the couple.
"Anyway, don't mind me! How are you two doing now my godson's growing up eh?" He beamed and moved the topic on, not bearing to think about it any longer.
"So... Sirius?" (Y/n) asked Reg as they both got ready for bed. She'd been putting off the topic all day, but Reg had been so subdued since that she knew he needed to talk about it.
"Yeah." He nodded, throwing his shirt into the laundry basket. "I never thought that they'd be there, or that they'd bring him." He sighed and lay back on the bed.
"How was it? Talking to him?" (Y/n) asked, sitting beside her husband and stroking his hair.
"We didn't really talk. He asked about the kids, and then you..." Reg paused. "And then I just- I don't know but it ended there."
(Y/n) listened, running her fingers through his hair softly "He didn't seem pleased to see me. I'm sorry if I spoilt it." She spoke gently.
"No! Of course you didn't." He sat up and turned to his wife "It wasn't ever going to be some charmed reunion, I've gotten on just fine without him all these years..." He looked down at his hands. "We're not really much like brothers anymore..."
After then, Reg didn't think too much about it. He just wanted his quite life with his family, and that's what he had. By contrast, Sirius was much more frantic about it.
It had triggered something in him, he'd not been there for his brother, he'd always known that but now- he'd missed his wedding, he hadn't even known about his nice and nephew. All the big moments he supposed.
He didn't know if Regulus was still apart of the circles he once had been, or if his wife was either. He'd never liked her. A girl their mother had precured one-day, a little pretty pureblood thing. Regulus liked her immediately, she wasn't particularly loud, nor did she speak down to him, she was clever and generally quite kind.
Sirius did not, she was too much of what his mother wanted and she was too much of what Regulus was becoming. To know that his brother had stuck by her, fallen in love with her, given her children even, was hard for him.
James and Lily tried to keep him distracted but it seemed to be all he could think about.
It took until the October half term for Sirius to make up his mind. He was sat in James and Lilys living room, watching James and his son napping on the sofa on a lazy sunday afternoon, as Lily read in the window, when he decided he didn't want to miss Regulus anymore.
He ended up on his doorstep, apprehensive to knock on the door. He'd run away from this house so long ago, he'd never expected to see it again.
Inside, Reg was tiredly pawing over paperwork in his study, what had been his father's study, wearing an old green wool jumper and jeans, mismatched socks and his hair, with it's slight curl, in his face. Diane was in the living room, trying to teach herself some card games to play with her dormmates when they went back to school. (Y/n) was in the garden with Leo, who was running around through the grass and playing.
Tentatively Sirius knocked. For a moment there was no reply, but soon the door was opened and there stood a little girl.
"Hello!" She beamed at him, though she didn't know who she was addressing.
"Hello." Sirius smiled gently "You must be Diane?" He asked.
"Yes- she is." A voice came from further down the hall. (Y/n) stood there, staring at him. "Hello Sirius." She approached and Sirius held his tongue, lowering his head a little.
(Y/n) placed her hands on her daughter's shoulders.
"Mum?" Di questioned and looked up at her.
"Di, this is your uncle, Sirius. Your father's brother- you understand?" She told her daughter.
Diane smiled and held out her hand.
"Very nice to meet you uncle Sirius" She was chirpy. Sirius smiled back, and shook her hand. "It's lovely to meet you too little lady." Diane laughed.
"You want to see Regulus, I presume." (Y/n) stated more than asked. Sirius nodded. "You'd best come in then." She spoke, more coldly than she supposed she meant.
She lead her daughter and Sirius into the kitchen.
Sirius was unusually fidgety, standing, looking around what had once been his childhood home.
"Please, sit down Sirius, Regulus will be down in a minute." (Y/n) spoke, turning away to the kettle.
Sirius did as told.
"Di, go and tell your father that his brother is here please darling." (Y/n) asked of her daughter, who nodded and stopped staring at her uncle, as she had been doing with an element of wonder in her eyes for a while, and took off along the hall and upstairs.
"Tea?" She asked.
"Please" Sirius replied. The back and forth blunt and short now. Neither knew how to handle the other.
Sirius watched Leo play, through the panes of the glass back door. He never thought he'd ever see a kid play so happily in this house. It had been such a dark place for himself, and for his brother.
He'd left his brother all alone here, never even came back when their mother and father had died. Their father hadn't lived to see any of his grandchildren, his mother only long enough to dote on Diane, though by then she had become a withered and tired crone of a woman, even more so than she always had been. She was dilapidated and yet Sirius knew all too well the hold she still would have had over his brother.
As (Y/n) placed a cup down in front of her brother in law, and held her own in her hands, cradling it close to her, closing herself off and stepping back toward the counter. She leant back on it and watched Sirius.
She was nervous, and so was he. They were strangers. There was, though, a mutual dislike, despite an equally mutual extension of politeness.
(Y/n) hadn't taken her eyes off of her brother in law since he walked in, she watched him with caution, suspicion even. Sirius though hadn't looked back at her. He was fascinated at what the house had become. He stood and approached what he had always known as the china cabinet, but what was now filled with photographs.
There were many of Diane and Leo, ranging from birth to the present, and one or two of Reggie and (Y/n)'s wedding day. It looked simple, a plain, floor length, slinky satin gown for her, and black suit for him. No bridesmaids or best man, no confetti or throwing rice, but they looked happy he supposed. There was one small photograph of Reg and Sirius, with their mother and father. Sirius remembered it being taken, not long before he'd left. It had been torn up, that was obvious, but a simple charm had partially repaired it.
Soon Diane came back through the doorway, her father not far behind her. Reg stood in the doorway and sighed.
"Sirius-" he started, softly, as (Y/n) rounded up her children, opening the backdoor and ushering Leo over, picking him up and taking him and Diane out of the room, instead upstairs to the nursery, all in haste.
Sirius turned watching the children leave and then looked at him baby brother. Now more than ever, more than when he first saw him with Leo in his arms, Reg looked like a grown up to his brother.
Sirius never knew him like that, as an adult. In his mind he'd stayed the kid he'd known him as.
"What are you doing here?" Reg asked, hands in his pockets.
"I just wanted to see you." Sirius answered, cautiously. "I missed everything, didn't I?"
Reg nodded slowly.
"Alright." He sighed and sat down at the table, inviting Sirius to do the same.
When Sirius did, an odd though occured to him. He'd spent so many evenings sat at the kitchen table here, avoiding the rest of his family who wouldn't often come to this part of the house, and now he was sat here, meeting his family all over again, trying to be close with them.
"What do you want to know?" Reg asked, calmly.
"I don't know." Sirius replied, telling the truth. "I- I just want to know-" Sirius paused. "Let me start again." He leant forward. "How are you?" He tried for a smile, but he was maybe too nervous, maybe too nostalgic and unsure to conjure one up.
"Alright. Surviving." Reg replied, too tired to indulge too much emotion into it.
"That's good." Sirius was genuinely glad of it. "And the family? Well?"
"All well." Reg continued to answer in broad but short terms
"And Diane? She seems a bright one." Sirius pressed
"Yeah. She was sorted into Gryffindor." Replied Reg.
"So I suppose I'm not the odd one out anymore." Sirius gave a little smile. "Not in terms of that at least."
"No." Reggie's face didn't shift. "I suppose not." He couldn't shift how like his brother his daughter was, but maybe he was more like Sirius than he'd like to admit.
"(Y/n)?" Sirius continued.
"What about her?" Reg immediately became more animated. "You're not here for some sort of character assassination are you? Because I won't have it. You haven't got any right to come in here and play the big brother role, so don't try it." Regulus raised his voice and leant forward.
"What?" Sirius was almost taken back.
"You never liked her, I know you didn't."
"What- I-" Sirius' mood soured. "No I don't, I never said I did, what's that got to do with anything?"
"Why are you here?" Reg clenched his teeth.
"I want to know my brother again!" Sirius raised his voice to match Regulus'.
Reg sat back in his chair and said nothing for a moment.
"Brother" He scoffed under his breath, as Sirius watched him. He didn't remember Reg with this much confidence, he had never been so bold- but, though he came off on the wrong side of it, he was glad of it.
"Yes!" Sirius stood up and shouted.
"You left me here, what? 16 years ago? What kind of brother would do that?"
"You wanted me to stay? Get beaten and screeched at and tortured?"
"I wanted you to take me with you!"
"I couldn't do that! You know I couldn't!"
"But you never even tried!"
"Aren't you forgetting what you're branded with Regulus?!"
Regulus stared back at him with resentment.
"Neither of us believe in that anymore." He gritted his teeth and answered coldly.
"Not even her? Even with all the things she used to say- the both of you used to say?" Sirius twitched
"No." Reg said bluntly, at a more normal volume.
"I can't believe you married her, Reg." Sirius sat back down and sighed.
"I know." Reg stayed standing, but shoved his hands back in his pockets and looked down at his feet.
"Of all people," Sirius grimaced.
"I love her." Reg looked up at his brother.
"The girl our mother picked out." Sirius still refused to look at him "From the right family, pureblood, ready to get that mark just like you were." By now his tone was quiet and he'd slowed his pace
"Sirius." Reg said louder, his brother finally looked at him. "I love her." He reiterated.
"I know." Sirius said quietly
"You wish I didn't." At that, Sirius nodded.
"I wanted to be there for everything. I wanted to see you get married, see my nieces and nephews as babies. I wanted to look after you and I'm sorry I didn't. I didn't want to miss anything."
"You still did though."
"I know!" Sirius shouted again and looked up at his little brother, who wasn't so little anymore, who had a family and a wife. Sirius never knew if that had ever been something he wanted, but he always wanted the kind of family James had, he wanted to be a proper brother too.
"Can you let me try? Please Reg?" Sirius asked, quietly and Reggie sighed.
He took a moment, looking down at the table and then stepped toward Sirius.
Sirius nearly flinched but soon realised that Reg had put his arms around him and was squeezing him tight. He reciprocated, giving Reg a bear hug like he hadn't since they were small.
"None of us are the same people we were when we were teenagers Sirius." Reg told him and pulled away. "You've got to believe me."
Sirius looked back at him, not entirely certain but not willing to loose him again.
"Just meet her-"
"You promise me, all that-" Sirius interrupted him, turned over his arm and pulled up his sleeve, pointing at his dark mark. "- is over?"
Regulus looked back at him and calmly pulled his sleeve back down.
"Yes, Sirius." He said sternly. "Come with me."
He turned and left the room, pulling his arm away.
Sirius followed Reg up the stairs and to the nursery. Reg pushed the door open, finding (Y/n) crouched on the floor with Leo, playing with little figures of a hippogriff and swedish short snout dragon, charmed ones that flapped their wings and gave out little calls. Diane sat nearby with her pack of cards, still trying to learn new games.
(Y/n) looked up, worried, though still talking to the chattering 5 year old.
"(Y/n)." Reg asked calmly and put his hand out, beckoning his wife over.
Confusedly she stood up, and approached her husband, stood with Sirius in the doorway.
"Look." Regulus instructed his brother and took his wife's hand, lifting her sleeve to show where her own mark should be.
There was nothing.
"I was the only one who got it Sirius." Reg told him in a hushed voice, so the children wouldn't overhear. "Don't think she lead me on a path I wasn't already going down."
"Reggie-" (Y/n) piped up. "What's going on?"
"Just- I'll explain later darling." Reg reassured her, though she was still suspicious of Sirius.
Next, he called his daughter over.
"Di?" He crouched in front of the girl and smiled, then whispered in her ear. She perked up immediately, and grabbed Sirius' hand, pulling him along the hall.
Sirius recognised the way, and found suddenly standing in his old bedroom, though now it had pinker wallpaper and
"Dad said these used to be yours!" She grinned and pointed to a shelf that held three models of motorbikes, which Sirius also recognised.
He smiled at his niece.
"Yes, they did." He nodded and watched as she picked up one.
"Can you tell me more about them?" She asked, putting on puppy eyes and holding it out to her Uncle. "Please?"
He nodded and sat down with her as her parents still stood in the doorway of the nursery.
"Reg?" (Y/n) asked, now concerned. Regulus slipped an arm around her waist.
"I missed him." Reg smiled and said quietly.
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gotkindabored · 3 months ago
Move me, Baby! | 1
NON-MAGICAL MODERN AU: Theres something about Remus Lupin; the tall, quite bassist with long nimble fingers and coy smile that captivated her.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRINGS: Bassist!Remus Lupin x Ballerina F!Reader
CONTENT: eventual smut, simp!reader & remus, flirting, slight texting au, fluff, hand fixation, alcohol consumption
NOTES: This was written after THIS conversation with @lupinbrekker. Big thanks to her! Secondly, this is going to be a mini series. Also, I apologize, this is kinda choppy.
Tumblr media
USERNAME GUIDE Me — refers to the owner of the phone ie. Y/N is 'Me' for her POVs
Tumblr media
CHAPTER 1 | You Set My Soul Alight
Tumblr media
The music was loud.
The harps played ascending scales while the strings melody was accompanied by a series of pizzicato and brass. She danced, launching into several dizzying spins. Again and again, then again. Each spin was punctuated by sharp twists and turns. But despite the precision, there’s naivete to her movements.
The academy director was nearly drowned out by the music as she yelled, nit-picking every imperceptible maneuver before giving much-needed advice to improve. However, there’s no room for errors as a definite vulnerability commands her. The demanding repertoire, the emotional range she’s forced into, from innocence to deceptiveness, isolates her from the world outside of dance. Her sole concentration was on personifying both identities, letting them consume her.
Fear tinged with melancholy. That’s the role of the White Swan.
The music jumps, suspension laced in rapid, sinister notes. It cuts away from the once soft lullaby into something dangerous. The clashing crescendos boom and it sends goosebumps up her spine as she twirls.
But seduction variegated with imprecision, letting evil monopolize you. That’s the role of the Black Swan.
“Excellent!” The director, McGonagall, applauded as Y/N came to a halt, panting. She took a moment to recollect herself, snapping out of the persona while glancing up to the director through the series of long glassless mirrors that stretched out for miles.
The room was filled with several ballerinas; all envious of her. Her role. The Swan queen.
The Royal Ballet was not for the faint of heart to attend. Notoriously difficult, only those who can devote themselves entirely can make it. One mistake, something that may be out of your control, and you’ll be asked to leave. Perfection was the prerequisite — to be able to mould their body at will was a necessity in their line of work. Strong joints, strong feet, good bones and an even stronger psyche.
The countless hours in the dance studio, the blisters, calluses, broken nails and sprained ankles or stress fractures eventually paid off. Now, as the face — the leading role in arguably the most anticipated, well-known ballets in history; she couldn’t have been more proud.
But she could never stay comfortable for too long.
“That’s a wrap! Make sure to get some rest and stretch. I’ll see you all Monday!” McGonagall exclaimed. Before leaving, she turned on her heels, tapping her shoulder on the way out. “Exceptional job as always.”
She could only smile, nodding as she tried to even out her breathing. Praises from McGonagall were monumental victories. However strict, pushing each dancer to their limits, the director never failed to have a soft edge. “Thank you.”
McGonagall gave a curt nod as she hiked her bag to sit higher on her shoulder and left, an air of elegance surrounding her.
“Nice job!” Dorcas shouted. As a fellow ballerina, Dorcas was arguably one of the most polished dancers in their program. She was bent over, stretching out her long legs. Her skin often reminded her of the dark topaz earrings McGonagall often wore; gleaming stone brown. A light pink headscarf was wrapped around her head to match her attire. “Practicing is paying off.”
“Have you seen yourself? Your work is incredible!”
Dorcas beamed dazzlingly.
Turning on her heel and stalking over to her cramped dressing room, a satisfied smile was cemented on Y/N’s face the moment she entered. Within seconds, she dropped back, sinking into the soft chair as she removed her pointe shoes; admiring them for a moment before slipping them inside her bag. With the opening of a box of new bandages, nearly wrapping her foot in them.
With her coat and bag ready to leave, she wandered to Dorcas’ dressing room, however, she was with a tall blond woman which she immediately recognized as her partner. She’d seen her a couple of times. Marlene, was it? To avoid interfering, she left without a word. There will always be tomorrow.
Stepping into the lift, she pressed the lobby button and relaxed against the railings. Even in her bright mood, a moment for relaxation was much needed, especially after such a vigorous practice. But at least she had the volition of doing what she pleased until James’ gig tonight.
Emerging from the building, a small smile tugged at her lips, breathing in the cool, autumn air. Even the sun was still shining — always a plus for London.
The bus was there, jerking to a halt as the doors slid open. Quickly paying, she sat down on the closest seat, eager for her feet to rest. Outside the ballet studio, her face was plastered on a dozen posters, promoting the premiere date for the upcoming ballet. Royal Opera House, December seventh — nearly three months until she was to make her debut as the Swan Queen.
Three months seemed lightyears away, plenty of time to prepare, but she knew better than that. It caused a spike in anxiety.
As the bus began to move, platform whisking by, she slipped out her phone: ten text messages waiting to be read.
[4:23 PM]
Lily: hey
Lily: practice alright?
Me: fine
Me: really tired
Lily: aw :(
Lily: you’ve been putting in so much work. it’ll be worth it, i know it!
She felt herself grin at that.
Me: thanks. i really needed that
Lily: of course!
Lily: you still coming over? i can just tell james you’re tired. he’ll understand
Me: i would never miss it
Me: on the bus rn.
Me: need to go back home first
Me: be there in 1 / 2 hours?
Lily: OK ttyl xx be safe!
The next overwhelming text was, unsurprisingly, from James, her childhood best friend.
[4:29 PM]
James: hey
James: i’m bored
James: loml lily is busy and ur my friend for a reason
James: give me attention
James: r u coming tonite?
James: i’m picking up chinese. enough for all of us
James: holy shit! srry! lily told me ur at practice
She tutted indulgently before responding.
Me: ur so clingy omg lol
Not even a second after the message was sent, she watched as a thought bubble with three dots appeared near the bottom of the screen. Laughing inwardly, she wondered how Lily was able to handle James so well.
James: ; )
James: [sent a photo]
A photo of James with an animal filter came to view with the text, ‘u still luv me.’
Me: anyway yeah ofc i’m coming! can’t wait.
The rest of the journey home she watched as the surroundings whipped past. It was always fascinating, watching everyone all live their own lives. Mothers and fathers with their children; couples, young and old, walked in and out of shops, teens smoked in back alleys and parks, dogs chased squirrels and stalls sold exotic fruits, looking for their next paycheck.
She dug through her bag, pulled out her earphones and blasted classical music; Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. Her fingers subconsciously moved as she envisioned the choreography.
Her phone buzzed again.
James: so excited! my skills are going to blow u away
James: !!! ur gonna meet my friends! gonna love them!
After a few more stops, she exited, walking over and entered her alcove studio flat.
With a quick shower to get off the layer of sweat from practice, she dug through her closet, rifling through multiple outfits until settling on an emerald green dress paired with jewelry that she borrowed (stole) from Lily. With any finishing touches, she grabbed her bag, keys and left.
─────── 〔 ♬ 〕───────
Lily and James’ shared detached house was beautiful. It was made of brick, a cozy house with a warm atmosphere.
With the frequency of her visits, Y/N let herself in, having her own fob for the doors. She dropped her bag on the nearby table, kicked off her shoes before wincing slightly in pain and wandered into the living room. James’ old metals from being a retired rugby player lined the walls in a glass case, along with a few trophies with Lily’s name embedded into gold plaques. Connected was the kitchen. The walls were a light green, contrasting with the soft wooden cabinets and drawers. There was an island, the tops made of marble, colour identical to the walls. Light poured in, and on the table, steam rose from the nearby kettle as three mugs of tea and a teaspoon were on crocheted placemats.
Sitting down, she wondered where James and Lily were until a loud wolf-whistled caught her attention. She peered up with a large smile as Lily peered in from the doorway. “Hello!” She greeted, sitting beside her, passing her a large purple mug.
“Feeling okay?” Lily asked, rubbing a supportive hand on her shoulder. “It sucks, I know. But you’ll do beautifully.”
Lily had once attended the same ballet academy a few years ago until deciding to pursue a teaching career. She was grateful for her time, leading her to meet her and James and the opportunities she had, but like many other ballerinas, became disinterested.
She only hummed in response, holding out her mug and clinked it against Lily’s mug. “Cheers. Mmh — where’s James?”
“I’m here!” He called, rushing in with his hands raised, carrying several bags of takeout. James threw them both a pair of wooden chopsticks opening each dish as he sat down excitedly. His hair was wet, no doubt having just showered.
After founding a band a few years ago, only building a substantial following after one of their latest songs on Spotify reached over fifty thousand streams, not only were they signed to an actual music company, but they were invited for their biggest gig yet, playing at a music venue as it’s opening act. And it was to be televised.
And unexpectedly, James was nervous. From his voice jumping a few pitches higher than normal and leg bouncing repeatedly at the table, unable to sit still, it was blatant.
“How do I look?” He asked, gesturing to his outfit as Lily stole food from his plate.
“I think you look dashing,” Lily teased, sending a playful wink which had him puffing his chest out proudly, enjoying the praise. Lily kissed his cheek, sealing in the pride.
She only winked, her way of agreeing with Lily.
In a matter of minutes, James managed to engulf his entire plate, downing his tea and stood. He glanced at the clock that hung above the doorway. Within seconds, all the warmth in his face seemed to dissipate as he yanked on his hair out of habit. “Right! Uh — I’ve got to get ready!”
He pushed himself up, dashing out the door and they could hear his footsteps rushing up the stairs.
“He doesn’t look too good,” she whispered.
“I know, the poor thing’s terrified,” replied Lily. Then, her friend stood, taking their mugs and dishes and placing them into the sink. “I’m going to start getting dressed too. Help me with my hair?”
Agreeing, she followed Lily upstairs, waiting in a spare bedroom as she showered, coming in once she heard her name being called.
Grabbing a blow dryer and hair products, Y/N sat Lily down, facing the large mirror in their bathroom and began to work.
“Do you know what songs they’re playing?” She questioned, twirling a hairdryer comb, styling her hair to look similar to Farrah Fawcett.
“Few originals, few covers.”
In Lily’s hands, a hand-held mirror in one, the other with liquid eyeliner as she tried to steady fix her makeup. Y/N made sure to avoid bumping into her hand as much as she could as she continued to primp her hair.
“We’re going to a pub later — the one by Endell Street. You got to come.” She turned around in her seat, shaking her arms. “Please, please, please, please!”
She could only roll her eyes as Lily cheered.
“Besides,” she continued, “There might be someone that’ll catch your eye. Maybe even fancy a bit?”
“Fancy?” She took a moment to chuckle, clicking off the hairdryer and rested her chin on Lily’s head, marvelling at her work in the mirror in front. “I’m not looking for a relationship.”
“I never said relationship! A quick shag will do!” Lily winked. “You never know who you’ll meet either. I reckon Sirius misses you.”
She groaned. “I forgot he was in the fucking band!”
It wasn’t James’ fault nor Lily’s that she forgot. Really, she tried to forget about Sirius Black since their… awkward date. She didn’t know if it should’ve been considered a date or just a really awful get-together. Neither were serious about their relationship, maybe more so her rather than Sirius.
They meet after she dropped James off at the motorcycle shop Sirius owned. He was quite the flirt, winking at every man or woman that passed by and even asked her on a date, that was until James delivered a sharp slap to the back of his head. The main problem was that they did have something there, but it just never fell through. While certainly nice and attractive, they left on an awkward note and she cringed thinking about it.
“You both are adults. Nothing to worry about. Besides, I’m sure sucking him off would make up for —”
“Evans!” “Joking! Joking.”
A series of footsteps descended closer to the bathroom. James drummed his fingers against the door frame, a large yet nervous smile plastered on. “Ready to rock and roll?!”
─────── 〔 ♬ 〕───────
The outdoor venue was filled with an eager crowd. Some wore VIP wristbands, others had glow sticks while she and Lily held drinks, sipping on them casually. The burning sensation in her throat helped to loosen her up as she scanned the audience. They were close to the stage, thankfully a small railing managed to separate them from the pushing crowd.
They arrived a bit earlier for a soundcheck yet despite this, she had still yet to meet the rest of James’ band and the idea of seeing Sirius again became less daunting and humiliating.
“I’ve gotta go,” James chirped quickly, pressing a loving kiss to the crown of Lily’s head as she pushed him away teasingly, her tongue sticking out in fake disgust. “I’ll see you two later! Have fun, be safe!”
They watched him weave through the crowd, a messy mop of hair disappearing instantly. Y/N was already two drinks in, wishing she brought a jacket as she shivered slightly.
The ghost of an incomplete moon loomed over the stage as the stars began to peek out from the brilliant shade of orange and pinks settling, a navy blue threatening to spill across.
She and Lily stuck close, both laughing until loud cheers erupted. They strained their necks a little, to get a better look as they clapped and shouted once James stepped out onto the stage.
And he must’ve heard as he snapped his fingers in their direction.
With a cough, James spoke into the microphone as the rest of the band took their positions, picking up their instruments gingerly. James’ fingers slid up and down the metal strings of his electric guitar, presumably for support. “How’s everyone doing tonight?”
The crowd screamed.
She spotted Sirius instantly as he stood front and centre of the stage. He wore black ripped jeans and a leather jacket. Although, his chest was free from the confinements from a shirt underneath to showcase his intricate tattoos that ran up and down his body.
Shame they got off to such a start, he was quite fit.
The boy on the drums was on the shorter end and had mousy light brown hair, too busy setting up the drums to his liking as he rolled back his shoulders.
“Thank you for having us! We’re The Marauders!” Sirius said next, a smirk dangling on his lips while he pushed back his silk black hair. “We hope that you enjoy the show!”
Finally, her eyes were drawn to the figure on the left side of the stage. He was a mess of honey brown curls, nodded his head along as Sirius spoke. He didn’t speak despite having a microphone placed directly in front of him. He merely waved, seeming almost apologetic as his eyes cast downwards, only to peer up to the crowd. There was a burning determination that seemed to radiate off of him. Even from where she stood, she could feel it roll off in waves.
Easily, of a slimmer build, he was the tallest out of every member of the band. His large hands nearly engulfed the fretboard of the large bass he was handling; fingers long and slender, wrist boney and veins protruded perfectly against his skin as they disappeared beyond the light jacket he wore.
How and where did James manage to wrangle up some of the most attractive people she had ever seen before?
Then, they started to play.
The Marauders were good — great — but she didn’t expect anything less and arguably, they were better live. Sirius stole the crowd's attention with his voice, silky and smooth while James sounded huskier than what she heard in the studio version.
They belted out lyrics and the vibrations from the music managed to shake her heart.
Their last song was a cover of Muse’s Supermassive Black Hole. It started powerfully, however it was pitched down and was a beat slower than the original version. The bass was more prominent, taking over a lot more of the melody. The thick and deep tone was enthralling.
But what truly grasped her attention wasn’t Sirius’ voice and charming persona, the impressive drummer nor James signing the backup vocals, but it was the other deep voice that sung along, ten folds more prominent compared to the other songs.
“Glaciers melting in the dead of night…”
Yet again, it was the bassist. His voice was low, raspy and rougher around the edges but still smooth.
“And the superstars sucked into the super massive —”
And fuck. His voice and long fingers working the guitar grew more appealing by the second.
The bassist’s face lit up after completing a particularly difficult section; fingers having a mind of their own. He bit his lip slightly, wetting them. Once the song cut to the next verse, he shifted to grasp his water bottle off one of the speakers as he drank, Adam's apple bobbing slightly as she noticed the thin layer of sweat on his face.
It may have been autumn, but suddenly it felt like the middle of summer as if she’d been transported to the 1976 Isles heat wave.
And by chance, a beautiful chance, he opened his eyes, catching her stare. He continued to sing before leaning away from the microphone, smirking shyly, yet coyly at her; a blush to his face. He closed his eyes, tipping his head back before nodding along with the music.
Her mouth went bone dry.
“Lily?” She rasped, watching as the mysterious man joined the main vocals on the final chorus.
“You set my soul alight —”
Fucking hell.
“Do you know who the bassist is?”
Lily turned her attention away from James reluctantly. “Huh? Uh — oh! That’s Remus Lupin!”
“Super massive black hole.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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padfoot-and-prongsie · a month ago
I Always Finish What I Start || Sirius Black
Character: Sirius Black
Word Count: 4k
Requested: No, but don't be afraid to send em in!
Summary: When Sirius lands himself in detention yet again, McGonagall sets him up with a tutor. Unfortunately you're the one who finds yourself in that roll.
Warnings: Swearing, references to sex
Disclaimer: This gif is not mine, credit to the wonderful person who made it!
A/N: I just reread the Gallagher Girls if you couldn't tell lol. Thanks for the hearts and reblogs!
Tumblr media
Sirius sulked down that hall at eight that night, having landed himself in detention with Professor McGonagall yet again. This time though, it wasn’t the rest of the marauders who had gotten him there. Sirius himself was the one who snuck up behind his lovely brother in the hall with a rather large and very angry pixie from class and dropped it down his robes. It was incredibly funny to watch and Sirius and been doubled over laughing as the creature shrieked and clawed at the inside of Regulus’s clothes to get out. Regulus himself was also shrieking and jumping up and down wildly. It would have been even funnier had Professor McGonagall not been standing right there when he did that and promptly docked 30 points from Gryffindor and awarded Sirius detention that night.
He knocked on the large wooden door to Professor McGonagall’s office, a place he knew all too well.
“Come in,” she replied, and Sirius pushed open the door.
“Sit,” she said sharply, pointing to a chair in front of her desk.
Sirius did as he was told.
“What will it be tonight Minnie?” Sirius asked, slouching in his seat. “Grading papers? Cleaning windows? Helping Flitwick?”
McGonagall pursed her lips. “No Black, none of those. I’ve decided that detention will do more harm for you than good, so I’ve arranged for something else entirely,” Sirius’s face lit up in glee at the prospect of avoiding a night of manual labor, “I’ve decided that you need a tutor.”
Sirius’s expression turned into one of a scowl.
McGonagall held up a hand to keep him from protesting. “I don’t want to hear it. We both know your shenanigans have gotten in the way of your studies and you need dire help if you still wish to become an Auror. The ministry will not hire someone with only A’s in their last year of classes.”
“Remus and Lily help me plenty,” Sirius argued.
“Helping, Mr. Black, is not copying,” McGonagall corrected. “There is a reason I didn’t ask them to be your tutor.”
“I am not sitting down for an hour every week with some stuck up know-it-all Ravenclaw like Terrence Boot,” Sirius complained.
McGonagall had to hold in a smile. She did agree that Terrence had a certain, usually extremely bothersome, way of expressing his smarts. “It’s an hour and a half, three days a week,” she corrected, “and she’ll be here in just a moment.”
As if on cue there was a sharp rap on the door.
“Right on time. Come in,” McGonagall called out.
Sirius looked over to meet your eyes as you stepped into the room.
Sirius smirked.
You narrowed your eyes.
“You have got to be kidding me,” you groaned.
“Hello Princess.”
McGonagall raised an eyebrow.
“Don’t call me that Black,” you snapped.
“Your highness, I always treat a Slytherin Princess with utmost respect,” Sirius replied sincerely.
You turned to look at McGonagall. “Professor I am not helping this prick, this was not what I signed up for.”
“If I remember correctly Miss L/N you didn’t sign up for anything when you decided to hex Miss McDonald in the hall yesterday because she insulted you. So either sit yourself in this chair right now or I will arrange for detention every night scraping the gum off the bottom of every desk in this school!”
You let out what sounded like a snarl to Sirius and sat down in the chair next to him.
You had always disliked Professor McGonagall, even more when she told Slughorn she would deal with your detention since she needed you to help with another student. And of course that student had to be Sirius Black.
“Now that we have that settled,” continued Professor McGonagall, “I will restate what will be happening here. Miss L/N, you will be tutoring Mr. Black on Charms, Potions, and History of Magic until he demonstrates proficiency in the subjects and gets his grades up. Mr. Black, you will be respectful and studious at all times. I expect to see you make progress in all your classes. Monday, Wednesday and Friday you will spend at least an hour and a half in the library or another location approved by me from 7-8:30. I will make sure neither of you skip these tutoring sessions.”
Your face continued to make an expression of annoyance.
Sirius looked equally peeved.
“Now off with you two,” she said, making a motion as if to shoo them both away. “I will check in on you tomorrow.”
You briskly got out of your seat and left the room, already down the hall before Sirius had stepped out the door.
He quickly jogged to catch up.
“Excited for tomorrow Princess?” Sirius asked, resting his right elbow on your left shoulder.
You pushed him off. “No,” you stated dryly.
“Don’t lie to yourself darling,” Sirius replied. He smirked at the scowl that filled your face.
“You’re annoying, you know that right?” you snapped.
Sirius winked. “I know,” he replied smugly, “and I know you love that.”
“And I know you’re wrong,” you replied, winking in return.
You took a left for the stairs leading down to the dungeons.
“Princess?” Sirius called out behind you, “Tomorrow try to do a better job of hiding the fact that you fancy me, it’s rather distracting.”
You turned back to protest but Sirius was already gone. Your face burned red, though if it was in anger or because you were flustered you didn’t know.
The following day Sirius Black grudgingly separated himself from the rest of the marauders, grabbed his books, and sulked down the stairs to the library.
He stepped through the doors at precisely seven o’clock and began searching the tables for his Slytherin tutor. He wasn’t particularly excited to be there, but he figured he got the luck of the draw. Out of anyone he could be stuck with for an hour and a half three days a week, he would have picked you. Not necessarily because he thought he would like being tutored in general, but because he knew how quickly he could piss you off and make you blush. That alone was fun enough.
Sirius double and triple checked each table, and after not seeing you, decided he was going to call it and leave. That was, until you flew in, hair slightly wild and three textbooks in your hand.
You looked up and noticed Sirius on your way to find a table, and your eyebrows shot up in surprise to see him already there. Sirius winked back and your cheeks flushed red.
“Hello Princess,” he said, strutting over to where you had dropped your books at a back table.
“Hello Black,” you mimicked, taking a seat. You opened up your potions book. “Do you want to start here?”
Sirius sighed. “You know we don’t actually have to do work right? We can just sit and talk.”
You raised an eyebrow. “And what do you propose we talk about?”
Sirius thought for a moment. “What’s your favorite color?”
“Really?” you asked in surprise. That question was not what you expected. “Purple,” you replied automatically. “You?”
“Red. Favorite class?”
“Mine’s Defense against the Dark Arts.”
“The one place you want to travel to?”
Sirius thought for quite a few seconds there. “Germany. You?”
This went on for several minutes, and when Professor McGonagall came in to check on you two you had learned several different quirks about Sirius. His favorite animal was a dog, his favorite muggle sport was what the Americans called football, his greatest pet peeve was “hallway hogs”, and he wanted to have at least two children when he was older.
You smiled slightly. You never really considered Sirius one to have children, but now that you thought about it he would probably be a great father.
McGonagall though was not amused. She was wondering why fifteen minutes had passed and no work was being done.
“Sorry professor,” you muttered, reopening your potions book. “We’ll get started now.”
“Good,” she nodded curtly. “I expect you two to be productive.”
When she had left Sirius pulled out his Potion’s essay and quill. He had about eight of the eleven required inches completed.
“I don’t know what else to add,” Sirius complained, re-looking over his paper.
“Do you want me to read it?” you offered. “I can see what you're missing.”
Sirius pushed the paper over to you.
As you were reading it you felt eyes on you and looked up. Sirius was watching you.
“Don’t stare at me,” you grumbled.
“Sorry,” he muttered, turning away.
The moment you looked back down Sirius couldn’t help but let his eyes wander to you again.
He studied the way you bit your lip when you were thinking and drummed your nails lightly on the desk as you read. He picked up on how you were constantly having to brush your hair behind your ear as it fell into your face, and though there was a hair tie on your wrist, you never pulled it back.
You were entrancing to Sirius. There was something incredibly intriguing about you, the way you could be so cold and hard, then witty and charming depending on who you were with. Sirius had only ever received your rather harsh side, that is until today.
“You’re doing it again,” you commented, your eyes reading the last few lines.
“Doing what?” Sirius asked, only half listening. He was busy focusing on how you were twirling your hair.
“Staring,” you said, looking up.
Sirius met your eyes. “Couldn’t help myself Princess, the view was too good.”
Sirius grinned when your cheeks tinged pink.
“Like what you see?” you asked, raising an eyebrow.
“I think it’d be better without the green and silver robes, maybe without any robes at all,” Sirius winked.
“Good luck with that, Black,” you scoffed.
“Don’t worry Princess,” Sirius replied smugly. “I can be very persistent.”
“That’s good then,” you said, handing his essay back to him. “This paper could use some persistence. It needs three more inches.” You flipped through your potions book until you reached the page you wanted. “Try filling that with the origins of the Draught of Living Death, you haven’t talked about that yet.”
Sirius made a face and grabbed his quill. “You’re no fun.”
“I can be fun when I want to be Black,” you winked.
Sirius wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. “Do I get to see this fun side sometime?”
You didn’t respond, though Sirius could see the smile playing at your lips.
Something strange happened in the weeks that followed. Sirius Black actually considered himself friends with a Slytherin. And that Slytherin was the girl he spent three nights a week with for an hour and half to do his class work. That Slytherin was smart and funny, sly as all the snakes were, and had somehow managed to capture a part of Sirius’s heart. But of course he would never admit that.
He ran into you one Friday night several weeks later, only fifteen minutes before you were to meet him in the library.
“What are you doing here Princess?” Sirius asked, surprised to see you in a wing of the castle so close to the Gryffindor common room.
“I had to deliver something to the owlery,” you replied simply.
Sirius winked. “Deceit is the root of all evil Princess, you don’t need to hide the fact that you were looking for me.”
“Looking for you? Now that was definitely what I was doing,” you replied sarcastically.
“I knew I was right,” Sirius said smugly.
You rolled your eyes, but there was a grin on your face.
“Since you’re here Princess, you better come up and help me get my books,” Sirius said, leading you towards the portrait of the Fat Lady.
“Did you just invite me up to your room?” you asked, placing a hand on your chest in mock shock.
“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. You’ll just have to come and see.”
You had to admit that you were curious. You had always wondered what the Gryffindor common room looked like. The Fat Lady complained when Sirius brought you with him to the entrance, but eventually she swung open and let you step in.
“Keep your head down Princess, you’re in enemy territory,” Sirius whispered in your ear, causing a shiver to roll down your spine.
You tucked up closer beside him, hoping you could somewhat cover the green and silver on your uniform. Sirius led you up the stairs to the boys dormitories with no problems and through the dormitory door labeled Seventh Years.
You raised an eyebrow, taking in the mess of clothes and alcohol, pranking supplies and school books that littered every available surface.
Sirius walked over to what you could only assume was his pile of possessions and began to sort through his trunk. You sat down on the nearest bed, hoping it was his. You really did not want to be on the one belonging to James Potter.
“Oi Sirius, this is yours right?” you asked, motioning to the bed you were sitting on.
Sirius looked over. “Yeah, why? Already picturing you and I in it?”
“That thought may have crossed my mind,” you said, smirking at the way Sirius’s eyes widened. “But I was more interested in who these belonged to.”
You held up a pair of boxers with little Gryffindor Lions all over it that had been sitting beside you.
If Sirius was embarrassed he didn’t show it.
You stood up and held them in front of Sirius, as if you were trying to picture him in them. Well you were picturing him in them, but he didn’t need to know that. “I’m sure you’d be such a cutie in these,” you teased.
Sirius stepped closer to you, leaning down so he could whisper in your ear. “I may look cute, but you would be so fucking hot in those princess, especially after I did you right here in this bed.”
You could feel your knees go weak and you looked up at Sirius with your eyes wide. There was no way he couldn’t hear your heart racing.
He tilted his head, moving it closer to yours, and placed his hands firmly on your hips. Your lips parted slightly and you glanced up at his which were getting closer and closer to you by the second.
Your breath quickened, your heart raced, and you closed your eyes.
“You know I’m going to kiss you now Princess,” Sirius said huskily, his lips brushing against yours.
And he would have too, if the pound footsteps had been a second later and James Potter’s loud voice hadn’t echoed up the stairs.
Sirius swore loudly, whilst your expression turned to one of panic.
“Under the bed,” he said quickly, and you did as told, diving under his as Sirius pushed the clothes on the floor to cover up the gap where you could be seen.
You heard the door bang open and James loudly declaring his presence as he thundered in. You hadn’t heard them before, but the soft chatter that followed told you Remus and Peter were with him.
Sirius made an effort to stand as much as he could in front of his bed, hoping the three boys wouldn’t notice that there was another person in the room with them. That other person being the cold hard Slytherin Sirius knew he couldn’t be caught dead with.
“Oi Padfoot,” James said, clapping his friend on the back as he went over to dig through his own trunk. “What are you doing here? I thought you had tutoring with the Ice Queen.”
James laughed at his nickname for you loudly and Peter joined in, always one to laugh along at James and Sirius’s jokes, no matter how bad they were.
“I do,” Sirius said quickly, grabbing a random textbook. “I was just getting ready to head down.”
Sirius tried not to gasp aloud as James walked over and flopped on his bed, looking up at his friend with amusement.
You could feel the springs sink above you, and you did your best not to panic. Your heart felt like it was beating out of your chest.
“How's she doing anyway?” James asked.
“What?” Sirius yelped, his focus back on James.
“How’s the Queen doing?” James clarified.
“Princess,” Sirius muttered under his breath. Remus's eyebrows raised in surprise.
James had heard it too and his eyes lit up in glee. “You fancy her mate!” he cried out in excitement. “You fancy Y/N L/N!”
You were so glad no one could see your face because your cheeks had turned a very vibrant shade of red.
You heard Sirius start to protest but James cut in again.
“Oh come on Pads, it’s obvious.” James said, and you felt the springs move as he shifted around above you. “I knew you couldn’t have failed that Potions test. You only did that so you could get more tutoring out of her. Damn mate, you have it bad for that Slytherin.”
Knowing that Sirius purposely failed a test so he could spend more time with you made your heart flutter. Merlin why did you find that so incredibly cute?
Sirius though had something else running through his head entirely. He really didn’t want to reveal to his friends that said Slytherin was below James right now and desperately needed to get out. McGonagall could come into the library to check on the two of them at any moment and neither would be down there. James wasn’t going to leave until he teased the hell out of Sirius over you, so he did the best thing he could think of to get his friends to shut up and leave.
“I don’t fucking like her Prongs,” Sirus said sharply. “I only see her because I’m forced to and the reason I failed that test was because she sucked ass at tutoring. I’d quit if I could.”
Your jaw dropped and your cheeks turned red for a very different reason.
“She’s just like all the other snakes, a self absorbed spoiled bitch,” Sirius finished.
James snorted in laughter. “You got that right.” He stood up from the bed where he had been lounging and clapped Sirius once more on the back as he walked back. “I was worried for you there mate, thought she had gotten to your head.”
Sirius didn’t respond as James passed him and Peter trailed after him out the door.
Remus was slightly behind, and when he reached the doorframe he turned and looked back at Sirius. “It’s okay if you like her, you know,” he said softly.
Remus could see there was conflict in his friend's eyes.
“I know,” he finally said quietly.
Remus nodded and followed James and Peter, leaving Sirius alone. Well as alone as he could be when there was a now fuming Slytherin under his bed.
“It’s clear Princess,” he said, turning around, but you had already crawled out.
Hurt and betrayal were evident in your eyes. “Do. Not. Call. Me. That.” you hissed, shoving past him.
“Come on Princess, you know I was just making that up,” Sirius protested.
You reeled around. “And that somehow makes it hurt less?” You marched towards him. “You could have said anything else Sirius Black, anything else to get them to leave. Why did you have to choose that?”
Sirius opened, then closed his mouth. He didn’t have an answer for that.
“That’s what I thought,” you said dryly, and you stormed out of the room. Tears were in your eyes.
You could tell by the pounding footsteps that Sirius was following you, calling out behind you. You ignored him.
Your efforts at hiding before were now useless as James, Remus and Peter had all looked up for the source of the ruckus from where they were sitting on the couch.
James’s jaw practically hit the floor when he saw it was you, the green on your robes a stark contrast to the warm red of the common room.
Peter too looked equally surprised, but Remus was only sitting quietly beside him, a knowing look in his eyes.
“Princess!” Sirius tried again, ignoring his gaping friends.
“Leave me alone Black!” you yelled.
And then you were gone.
Sirius was quiet for the next several days. He went to his classes like he should and for once did his homework. James didn’t know what to do for his best friend, he was powerless. He tried distracting him with quidditch and pranks and midnight exploring, but Sirius showed no signs of perking up.
It was Remus who eventually got through to him.
“You have tutoring tonight you know,” he said that evening. Sirius was pretending to be asleep on his bed.
“I know,” he muttered. “I’m not going.”
“No Sirius, you have to go, you need to talk to her,” Remus insisted.
“She hates me Moony, I can’t go make it worse.”
Remus sighed. “No she doesn’t Sirius, you and I both know that. You’re just ashamed and embarrassed. Sometimes though, the best thing you can do is apologize.”
“You say that like it’s easy,” Sirius grumbled.
“It’s easy when you know what to say,” Remus corrected.
And Sirius did know what to say. He had been playing the words through his head for the past three days.
That was how Sirius found himself walking down the hall, books in hand, towards the library.
There was a surprising amount of activity that Monday night, as Peeves had managed to create an ice rink in the Great Hall and lured all the house elves from the kitchen out to skate on it. Now most of the students were coming down themselves to give it a try and even Dumbledore had joined in on the festivities, his white beard flying behind him as he skated across the ice.
Sirius would have to make a mental note to come back afterwards if the teachers hadn’t removed it by then.
Then, Sirius suddenly caught sight of you coming up from the dungeons, a book bag on your shoulder. You were looking curiously at the crowd of students in the main corridor swarming into the Great Hall.
You were caught up on the sight of the giant ice rink that you didn’t even notice when Sirius walked up behind you and said softly, “I don’t think you're a bitch and I don’t think you're self absorbed. I think you’re the funniest and sweetest and smartest girl I’ve met. I love the way you laugh and the way you bite your lip when you’re thinking. I’m so sorry Y/N, I was an idiot the other day, and I regret every word that left my mouth. Please-”
“Even the part about me in your boxers?” you asked, turning to face him. Your cheeks were a light shade of red and there was a smile on your lips.
Sirius smirked. “No Princess, I don’t regret that one bit.”
But before you could reply your world turned upside down as Sirius dipped you in the hall. In front of everyone. But your thoughts weren’t on the people who could be staring or the rumors that would start. No, they were on Sirius and the fact that his lips had pressed against your own.
As he pulled you back upright you could see his famous smirk on his face.
In a tone that made butterflies explode in your stomach, he whispered in your ear, “I always finish what I start Princess.”
Taglist: @missmulti @girl-next-door-writes @28cnn @thedarlinghufflepuff @rocket-svt
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expelliarweasley · a month ago
Hi! Could i request a Sirius Black smut where the reader is insecure or smt, and he worships her?
magenta lilacs | sirius black smut
Tumblr media
pairing: sirius black x fem!reader warnings: nsfw, mentions of insecurity, also sexy fluff honestly :) prompts: "you're squirting, goddamn," "taste so well, am i right, darling?"
a/n: hi, anon! of course, you could. here's your request! hope i've given your request justice <3
summary: y/n had always been at the farthest point, away from everything. and the company of the ever-so-regarded sirius black was one of the things she couldn't believe up until now.
"Y/N, you alright?" Sirius asked from his position on his bed, fingers holding the spine of his book as he tried to skim his Transfiguration lesson for the practicals tomorrow. He looked at Y/N who sat behind his desk at his dormitory, almost spaced out to even hear his first question.
Y/N shook her head out of desire to remove her head from the thoughts of the conversation she overheard at the Great Hall hours prior. As much as she wants to shake the thought of, she couldn't help but think about the honesty embedded within the sniggers and hushed voices when eyes have landed on her and Sirius' intertwined hands.
"Yeah, it's nothing, just thinking about homework," Y/N sent him a reassuring smile, "why?" she asked, trying to change the topic that she had inadvertently started with herself in her mind.
Sirius shuffled in his seat, closing the book, attention fully focusing on the lady right in front of him, "I could hear you thinking loudly from here, love," he smiled, comfortingly, as he stands up from his position to walk over to Y/N.
He wrapped his arms around her neck, kissing her on the head, leaning his chin on the crown of it, he felt Y/N's arms taking a hold of his arms, something she did quite often whenever she felt preoccupied with thoughts that came most often uninvited.
Y/N felt her body being swayed side to side by the man who enveloped her in a hug. The weight and pressure of the words running around her head decreasing in intensity the longer he stayed in his caress.
A tune emitted from Sirius' mouth, humming to the love of his life a familiar melody that he heard from the turntable that was playing as he was trying to help James, Remus, and Peter wander across the halls until the stumbled upon the room that appears upon need – he forgot what it is, he'll soon remember it, anyway. Sirius, upon hearing it, was entranced by the song that reminded him of Y/N, and he mentally takes a note to bring Y/N there as soon as he can.
"Now," Sirius started, kneeling to lean down in front of Y/N, "what's gotten into that beautiful mind of yours, my love?" he asked as he caressed his hand on her cheek, Y/N instantly leaning to his touch.
Y/N sighed, taking a hold of the hand that was on her cheek, thumb rubbing on his skin, "I'm scared," she confessed, eyes meeting the ground as her insecurities came rushing upon her.
"Scared of what, darling?" the Gryffindor asked, hand coming up to her chin to push back her eyes for it to meet those of his.
Sirius' words echoed throughout the chambers of both her heart and mind. As much as Y/N felt loved by the enchanting gift in front of her who was Sirius, she couldn't help but feel pressured and insecure by the judging glares and hushed whispers whenever she found herself of near approximation to the famous boy who was known to don't give a damn most of what others say about him.
Y/N just never felt of the same league as Sirius. He was well-known, while on the other hand she much preferred to be lurking at the back of the room with her daydreams flashing before her. He had received attention from lads and lasses alike, fawning over his attention as if being graced upon by his smile was something worth bragging about.
But Y/N never really saw him the same, rebellious lad be the first one pining over her, let alone be the one breaking through the guards she had placed around herself too much for her comfort in what she had already labelled as her safe space.
"Of losing you," Y/N replies, defeated, "I feel like there is so much more than me, Sirius. I feel like I don't deserve you, you're – Sirius Black, and I'm –"
"And you're Y/N Y/L/N, the most beautiful miracle I've ever received."
"Sirius," Y/N whined, head ducking down to hide the blush forming on her cheeks, to which the man had laughed in adoration as a response.
"We're way past our shyness, now, aren't we, Y/N?"
"Yeah, but -"
"If, by any chance, you'll let me be the loving partner I am, would you let me show you something?"
"Yes, howe -"
Y/N didn't even have a moment to fully respond, as she was already being hoisted up by the hand by Sirius as she was being pulled outside of his dormitories. She brought her head down as she was met with the stares, once again; and when Sirius had seen this, he halted to place a kiss on her forehead as soon as he pushed her head up for him to lean on.
"Fuck them, 'lright?" he winked, kissing the back of Y/N's left hand as he intertwined it with his right. He pushed through the bodies of students a bit rather harshly than Y/N thinks is normal, while nodding at Remus who seem to understand what he was implying, realisation dawning upon him as he speaks, "Yeah, no one's there."
Y/N, at this point, had never been successful in following Sirius' train of thought. But Y/N trusts him enough that she had let him be directed corridor after corridor, stairs after stairs, until she was met with a rather unfamiliar looking door.
Sirius turned to him, "Fancy, eh? Kind of gives everything you need when you think of it."
The girl blushed as she was winked at by Sirius, but was then overcome by a room that resembled much that of a ballroom with floating candles that seemed to illuminate each corner and checkered, glass floor.
A faint play of a symphony was heard from the side as Y/N felt Sirius' grip on her hand slip away, she turned to the right to see him adjusting the volume of the turntable.
"Care to dance, milady?" he smirked, gesturing to his open hand which Y/N gladly accepted.
As the music played, so did they dance along. Y/N's forehead leaning on Sirius' chest, with his cheek on her head. Y/N felt magical, already leaning to the embrace of love that Sirius withheld. However, Sirius' thoughts still traced back to what Y/N had confessed at his dormitories moments ago.
He pulled away from Y/N's figure and brought his hands to her jaw, taking his moment to look into her eyes before pushing his lips on hers, with Y/N stumbling a bit from the abruptness of the action.
The kiss was slow, passionate, even. Y/N felt like Sirius was trying to prove a point in it, especially when he licked her bottom lip, with her reciprocating by lightly opening her mouth.
Tongues wringing around each other, Sirius had pushed against the wall, erupting a light moan from Y/N. It almost felt like the both of them didn't even need air as their mouths devoured in each the kiss, but when they did, Sirius was the first one that spoke up, "I'm sorry," he says, as he meets her eyes, tucking back a strand of her hair behind her ear.
"I'll do better," he says as he kneels lightly to kiss her on her jaw, "I love you," as he sucks on the end of her neck, "You are so perfect to me." he concludes as he kisses her collarbones, bringing his hands up to unbutton her shirt.
Y/N looked at him with half-lidded eyes, her hand coming to Sirius' wavy, long hair, moaning afterwards as she felt him sucking her breasts as his hand held her the cups of her bra down for his access. Her legs couldn't stay still, and Sirius took this opportunity to wrap her legs around her torso for him to carry to the bed that just had been recently shone by a floating candle.
"I'll love you like you deserve," Sirius muttered, pulling away as he removes his tie, followed by his shirt. Finally free from any article of clothing on his upper body, he went back to kiss Y/N again, helping her rid of her clothes as well.
"I'll give you everything I have," he whispered, meeting her eyes as he brought his hand down to her sex, wet with arousal. Sirius sensually ran his finger through her slit, to which Y/N had gasped at. The sensual teasing continued, with Sirius just marvelling over her face contorted in pleasure.
Her eyes met Sirius' eyes glossed with lust and adoration, "I love you," she breathed, hands going down to rub his crotch over his trousers.
"I love you, merlin -" he cut himself off, groaning at the rush of feelings, "god, you're so ethereal, so magnificent, so beautiful."
And as Sirius praised her beauty and Y/N herself, he went down to position himself between her legs. Pushing her knees up, Sirius licked her slit, both of them moaning at the pleasure. He started licking her pussy up and down in such slow, sensual pace. Sooner enough, a finger was pushed inside of her vagina, and Sirius simultaneously licked her aggressively as he pumped his finger in and out of her.
Finger after finger until four was thrusted inside of her, with her back arching and hand flying to hold Sirius on his head, "Oh, god - Sirius, you're so good at this, so -"
"I'm hard as fuck at how good you taste," Sirius smirked, pushing down his trousers along his boxers for him to thrust on the bed out of anticipation, "can't wait to push my cock in you."
Her walls clenched around his finger as she tried to register Sirius' words in her brain. Sirius, taking note of this, went back to licking her clit, as his tongue ever so lightly reached the upper entrance of her vagina; his mouth, once tired from licking, went biting her labia as his fingers profusely thrusted in and out, curling every once so often to hit her g-spot.
At this point Y/N had her toes curled and her hands gripping hardly on the sheets beneath her, breathless gasps and loud moans with the sound of skin slapping were all what can be heard in the room. Her heart is swelling as she felt adoration and love with the way Sirius shows it, through intimacy.
Not long enough, she finds herself coming on his fingers, "You're squirting, goddamn," Sirius mutters, meeting her eyes afterwards, eyes darkening as if it weren't already dark beforehand, "what a goddess, you are, Y/N." He says as he pushes his fingers towards her mouth for her to clean, "Taste so well, am I right, darling?"
Sirius smiled at her approval as pushed himself up, taking a hold of her right leg and placing her ankles on his left shoulder, "Y'ready?" he asks, lining his dick at her entrance, right hand jerking himself lightly.
Y/N nods, to which Sirius responds by pushing his cock inside of her, with them both moaning and their eyes almost rolled at the back of their sockets.
"God, you're so tight, as if I haven't bloody stretched you out," he breathes, looking at his dick fully inside of Y/N, her stomach bulging at his immense size, "So tight, feels so bloody amazing," he grunts as he thrusts, hips snapping to meet her thighs, Y/N's nails clawing his back.
When Sirius felt like he's not going to last, he pulled away, earning a confused look from Y/N. Sirius chuckled, "Need to last longer, love, want to have you coming first."
He switched their places. His back leaning on the headboard, hands on her hips as he guided her to his cock. He pulled his knees up as support for Y/N's back. He initiated her action by lifting her up to bring her back down to the base of his dick with such force, and later enough, Y/N had leaned over with her hands on Sirius' shoulder for support with her legs squatting as she rode on Sirius' dick.
"Gods, I love you, so pretty for me, so amazing," the lad muttered, left hand reaching over to squeeze her right breast, Y/N moaning at the action.
His praises never faltered. Only to have increased as his right hand went to her clit, circling around it and rubbing powerfully, aiming to make her come before he could as tonight was about proving his love for her.
"Sirius - fuck, please," Y/N pleaded, and when Sirius felt the power of her legs faltering, he took hold of her by the waist, lifting her up for him to push himself in her to let her chase her orgasm.
"Shit - oh, fuck - ah!" she screamed, right hand landing on the mattress as her back leaned against his thighs, her left hand doubling the sensation on her breasts by pinching the nipples of her left breast.
"That's it," Sirius encouraged, feeling Y/N clench around him for the second time as he knew his orgasm approaching as well, "Come for me, baby, make a mess on me, Y/N, I dare you."
A squeal emitted from Y/N as she felt herself coming on Sirius, while Sirius watched her with half-lidded eyes when he came alongside her, "I love you," Sirius whispered, reaching over to kiss her on the lips, as Y/N whimpered when he had hit a different angle as he moved, "I love every single part of you, every wandering thought of yours, I love you, Y/N."
Y/N stared at him back, "Thank you," was all she said before laying down on his chest, with Sirius still filling her up. All Y/N felt was pleasure and love, and she had never felt so high in such ecstasy until now. Her eyes teared up a bit as a response, moving slightly to kiss Sirius on his collarbone.
"No," Sirius smiled, kissing her hair, "thank you."
Y/N was loved, more than she knows.
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cuckooboo · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— “Fuck off, Pott...” — Draco was interrupted by Harry's sudden movement: He grabbed Draco by the neck and pulled him closer to himself, bringing his warm lips to Draco's. 
In an instant, Draco reacted in the most unexpected way, also clutching the back of Harry's neck, making it impossible for him to move from his place and began to kiss him fiercely... — “...mhm...” — Was that a moan? Their minds were a total mess, they could only focus on the fight that their mouths were in. Neither of them cared who they were (or where they were), the only thing that mattered to both of them was the firewhiskey taste of their tongues.
Hello, there! Sorry for the grammar mistakes, English is not my native language but I really wanted to accompany my drawings with a bit of context.   I really enjoyed doing this illustration, I'm in love with Harry and Draco's hairstyles (I love long-haired boys, lol) but I still don't dare to draw Draco's face, haha... At least I'm forcing myself to draw more hands! (I still suck at that, I know). 
Anyway, thanks to everyone who shares my posts, that’s veryveryvery important to me! Would you like to see more Drarry content?
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rickmandowneyjr · 3 months ago
hello! i really liked the stories you've posted so far, so i thought that maybe i'd request something too. could you please write a story set during 'The Order of Phoenix' in which Umbridge constantly harasses the Reader (a young female professor) and Severus, secretly having feelings for her, is really not okay with that (defends and comforts the Reader in his snarky way or something). i definitely wouldn't mind if after one particularly nasty altercation with Umbridge our couple had to... blow off some steam, if you know what i mean ;> i hope it's not too complicated, thanks a lot!
Hello there, and thank you!! :) I hate Umbridge with a passion so I think I'm gonna enjoy this one a lot XD
Petty In Pink
Fluff, slight angst(?), smut (18+)
Pairing: Severus Snape x Reader
Warnings: bullying/harassment, NSFW content
Word count: 4447
A/N: I realise I didn't really write a nasty altercation but I tried to keep it a little light-hearted because I feel like it would've been even longer if I made the whole issue with Umbridge too elaborate and serious. Hope you still enjoy it, anon :)
Tumblr media
You were in Severus' chambers grading papers together. Previously the professor for Defense Against the Dark Arts, you were now Dolores Umbridge's "co-professor" when she really just treated you as an assistant. You had no say in the lesson plan, which in your opinion was absolute bullshit. She refused to let the students practice, focusing only on theoretical learning, which would be useless in real life. Not to mention she'd always sit in on your classes, to ensure you stuck to her lesson plan. As you angrily marked the hundredth essay she had handed out this week, Severus cleared his throat and spoke up.
"The quill is about to snap," he chuckled, trying to relieve a little tension. Usually, you were pretty chatty but had been deep in thought this particular evening. "Is everything alright?" Severus asked, and you couldn't hold back the need to rant anymore.
"No, actually. The woman is infuriating. As if it wasn't bad enough that she was sitting in my class, she's started making comments about my teaching methods... and don't even get me started on the essays," you said, getting up from the desk you were at, and started pacing around. "She doesn't do any practical learning, so she hands out all these stupid essay assignments. I mean, a couple of them are okay, but one every class?! She doesn't even correct them! Simply hands it over to me to have it marked by her next class with the students," you finished, as you plopped yourself down onto his couch.
Severus got up from the desk as well, sitting down next to you on the couch. He had his eyebrows raised and a slightly amused expression on his face. He didn't find your situation funny in the slightest, but the way you had walked around, mumbling angrily, you'd just looked too adorable to the man.
However, when you looked at him, he switched to a less smitten expression and said, "You should just refuse next time. Speak your mind, [Y/N]."
You were a lot calmer now, having gotten all of that off your chest. You simply sighed and said, "What then? She has the authority to fire me under the education decree as enacted by the Minister," you said, imitating her squeaky, annoying voice. Severus lost any composure he had maintained and actually laughed out loud at that. Your frustration faded as you heard him laugh, a small smile appearing on your lips, instead.
"Well, how about a little tea break?" He asked, catching his breath. "I've brought those little cakes you like so much. We can relax for a bit before we continue marking," he suggested.
You placed your hands on your chest and batted your eyelashes at the man in black, saying, "My hero. What would I ever do without you?"
"Be in Azkaban for killing Umbridge, probably," he joked as he walked off to his kitchen.
You had known Severus since school. Though his junior, the two of you became good friends since you wouldn't ever let him sit and wallow in peace. After you graduated, you became the DADA professor and rekindled your friendship with the potions master. Well, maybe more than a friendship. You'd liked him, back during your school years, but had kept it to yourself since it was pretty obvious that he had his eyes on Lily Evans. You thought you were over him, but all those feelings had come rushing back when you started working at Hogwarts and had started spending time together again.
"You really shouldn't let her walk all over you, though. I don't like it," he said from the kitchen. You got up and walked to him, saying "Are you saying that I ought to take more umbrage to her words?" You snapped your fingers and pointed finger-guns at him, with a smile on your face as he stared back at you with a scowl.
"No cake for you," he muttered and you threw your arms around him as you giggled and apologised. "No, no, no. I'm sorry. I want the cake," you pouted. He cleared his throat, making you realise how close your faces were as you looked up at him. You calmly moved away, before laughing it off.
As you finished your tea and cake, you thought, 'I can't tell him all the things she says. He'd get too concerned. Besides, I can take it. I don't really care what she thinks,' trying to convince yourself.
The next day, in one of your classes, Umbridge made sure to point out how you wouldn't give the students any learning aids and assignments, and how that was the reason they were doing poorly. In reality, your students were doing perfectly fine while hers... not so much. You'd know, you graded the papers, after all.
You simply rolled your eyes and ignored her, and continued teaching. The comments kept becoming more personal but you decided to not have a conflict in front of the students. She wanted to cause a ruckus in front of them, and you wouldn't let her.
As class ended and the students were gathering their things, she strolled over to your table, speaking rather loudly. "Your choice of clothing for teaching is rather odd," she said condescendingly, making you look away from the board you were clearing, to her. "Some might wonder what you teach after hours," she paused. She looked around the room, the students still hurriedly packing their belongings, not wanting to be in this awkward situation. "You tutor some of the kids, yes?"
You let out a deep sigh as you turned your attention back to the board, brushing off her implications. She wanted to rile you up and your lack of reaction was beginning to get to her. However, what she said next was difficult to ignore.
"You know... I knew your mother... back in school. It's a pity she passed away," you turned to glare at her, warning her to tread carefully. She obviously ignored it and continued, "But I also am glad that she's dead. Seeing what you turned out like... She would've been so disappointed," she tutted.
You quickly scanned the classroom and saw that a majority of the students were still there, a look of disbelief on their faces at the woman's words.
You looked back to Umbridge, your jaw involuntary clenching as the anger bubbled inside you, threatening to explode at any moment. You knew what she was trying to do though, and wouldn't give her the satisfaction. You simply picked up your bag and walked out the door, slamming it shut behind you.
Entering your chambers, you reminded yourself that there was no truth to her words, but that didn't make it hurt any less. Umbridge had hit you where it hurt and the fact that you just walked away, was infuriating you now. So you let your tears fall and cried out in frustration. The past month of bullying and harassment had finally gotten to you, and so you cried, trying to lighten the weight on your chest.
Severus was on his way to your quarters with a plate of food since you had missed dinner. It was unusual for you to do so. Especially without telling him. As he made his way through the halls, a couple of students were mumbling about something.
"I can't believe she actually said that!" One exclaimed in disbelief.
Normally, he couldn't care less about the gossip amongst the students, but as he crossed them, he heard, "Do you think that's why Professor [L/N] wasn't at dinner?"
This got his attention and he swiftly turned on his heel, trailing the girls at a distance, hoping to hear more.
"I suppose," the other said.
"And you're saying that Professor [L/N] didn't say anything back either?" The earlier one asked.
"Nope. I honestly don't know how she managed to do it but she just picked up her stuff and left," the other replied, making him roll his eyes. 'Of course, she just picked her stuff up and left,' he thought.
He'd heard enough. He quickly turned again, resuming his journey to your chambers while mentally preparing a lecture for you. Upon reaching your door, he knocked, to which, he received no answer. He took out his set of keys to your room and unlocked the door, letting himself in. He expected you to be out, but when he walked in, he saw you asleep on the sofa with your back to the door. He quietly shut the door and made his way to you, placing the plate of food on the coffee table as knelt next to you.
"Wake up, you dunderhead! You slept through dinner," he scolded playfully.
You jerked awake at the sound of his voice and turned to face him, unaware of your tear-stained face and puffy eyes, having cried yourself to sleep. Severus' smile faded the moment he saw your face, being replaced by concern instantly.
"Hey, what's the matter?" He asked, moving his hand to cup your cheek. Your eyes widened as you realised that you probably looked like a mess, and he had realised that you had been crying. Sitting up instantly, you moved away from his touch, and he retracted his arm.
"Um... nothing," you mumbled as you looked away from him, your voice hoarse.
He carefully reached out, gently turning you to face him and said, "It was Umbridge, wasn't it?"
"No, don't be silly," you chuckled weakly, trying to brush it off.
"I heard the students talking, [Y/N]. What did she say?"
You sighed. Of course, he knew. So you told him. Everything. How she'd been making your life miserable for the last month (more than you had let on), and how she had crossed the line with her comment today.
Severus put his arms around you and said, "I'm so sorry." You tried pushing him away, knowing the tears would fall again if he held you, but he still pulled you close and rubbed your back as he said, "It's okay. You don't always have to be so strong, you know? Especially around me."
That was enough for you to lose any composure you were holding onto. You let the tears fall and they wet his chest. You cried as he gently stroked your hair, trying to soothe you. After a couple of minutes, you calmed down, but Severus still held you. "You know... I could just poison her tea..." he said, suggestively.
You giggled and Severus looked at you, a small smile forming on his face. "What are you giggling about?" He asked.
"What you said."
"I wasn't joking," he said, raising his eyebrows, which made you laugh even harder.
"You won't do that, Sev. If you get fired, I'd lose my best friend."
Ouch. Best friend. That hurt... but he'd rather have you as his best friend than not have you at all. He'd lost one already, and he didn't plan on making the same mistake twice.
"Thanks for bringing me food, by the way," you said, looking at the food on the table.
"I was doing myself a favour, really. We're supposed to be grading together, later, and you're a tyrant when you're hangry," he rolled his eyes.
You playfully hit him and pulled away from his chest which was now soaked with your tears. "Sorry about that," you mumbled awkwardly.
"Again, a very selfish reason. Your tears are rarer than a Phoenix's. I was collecting them to try and use them in a potion," he joked. You chuckled softly as you looked at him. Severus Snape might've seemed like a mean old potions master to the rest of the world, but to you, he was probably the sweetest person to exist.
You spent the rest of the night, chatting, watching movies, and completely neglecting the papers you had to grade as you laughed your heart out with Severus, instead.
The next day, on your way to your only class for the day, Umbridge made a lot of comments, especially regarding her papers that you hadn't graded. You decided to ignore her and just nodded mindlessly till you entered the class.
You conducted class, as usual, trying your best to ignore her, but the woman just wouldn't shut up! Sometime in the middle of the lecture, you saw Severus slip in through the door, and immediately thought, 'Uh oh. This can't be good.'
As the class went on Umbridge kept correcting you, disrupting your flow and you could see that Severus was seething. You subtly motioned for him to not say anything and escalate things.
As the class was coming to an end, she spoke again, "Professor [L/N]." You hummed asking her to continue, not looking away from what you were writing on the board. Guess she'd use just about any reason to bring your mother up because she said, "It is impolite to ignore your superior when they speak to you. Or did your mother not teach you that?"
You stopped writing and slowly turned to face the insufferable wench who had a smug smile on her face. She looked so proud of herself for finally getting a reaction out of you. Just then, a deep voice boomed from the back of the classroom. "Professor Umbridge."
Her smile faded as she faced Severus, who had strode towards her and was now looming over her. He opened his mouth to speak but then stopped, as though he had realised something. Thinking she had him at a loss for words, Umbridge said, "Got something to say, Professor Snape?"
Pleased that she had walked right into it, he said, "Well, I was going to say that you should pick on someone your own size, but then I realised that there's no one around here that's that short." You couldn't help but snicker at his remark and Umbridge scowled at you. You looked around to see the students giggling amongst themselves, while some were shocked. Feeling a surge of confidence since Severus had spoken up for you, you said, "Now, now, Severus. That's not true..." Umbridge's smug smile returned to her face when she thought that you were about to defend her - your superior. However, it disappeared as quickly as it appeared when you continued, "I'm sure we could find a house-elf, don't you?"
The students laughed out loud now, not being to contain it any longer. Umbridge snapped her head in your direction, glaring at you. You folded your arms over your chest, straightening up and towering over her.
"I could report you to the Headmaster for this," she threatened.
"Oh, please do," retorted Severus, "I would love to take this to him and bring up how you've been harassing Professor [L/N] over the last month. Not to mention the fact that you've been overworking her as well."
"I'm a Ministry bureaucrat," she boasted, "He's more inclined to listen to me and fire her."
"[Y/N]'s pleasant to be around, so I highly doubt that," he debated.
"I have the Minister backing me," she smirked.
"Allow me to repeat myself. Unlike you, she's pleasant to be around, so I'm sure they'd be happy to back her up," he said, motioning to the students, who just gave Umbridge a firm nod when she turned to look at them. "Now, the question remains," Severus said, pausing (for dramatic effect) before continuing, "Do you still think that you have the upper hand?"
Umbridge was speechless and you welcomed the change. She stuttered a few times before finally finding her words. "I expect the essays graded and on my desk, by tomorrow morning," she mumbled as she walked towards the door.
"No, I don't think I will be doing that for you anymore," you said, causing her to snap her head back in your direction, giving you a questioning look. Severus stepped closer to you, nudging you, with a look that said 'go on, set her straight'.
"If you want to assign the students hundreds of essays, you can correct them yourself. Also, I'm done with you bossing me around. As co-professors, we're equals-"
"[Y/N]'s better," Severus coughed.
You smiled and continued, "If anything, I'm the one who's more experienced when it comes to this subject. So, no. I refuse to be harassed by you any longer."
Umbridge simply scoffed and walked out as you let out a sigh of relief. You turned to Severus, who raised an eyebrow and said, "Not bad. I'm proud of you." You simply hugged him, and just as he was about to hug you back, he noticed all the wide-eyed students and cleared his throat, bringing your attention to the class. You quickly pulled away, fumbling awkwardly as some students smiled to themselves.
"Well then, back to Pixies," you announced. As the class returned to their textbooks, Severus stepped up to you and whispered, "Meet me in my quarters when you're done here. I think we ought to celebrate." Giving you a subtle smile that no one else saw, he turned with a flick of his cloak and left the class.
As the class came to an end, you quickly wrapped up and made your way to Severus' quarters, as asked. Once inside, he took your cloak and said, "Take a seat. I'll get drinks."
"Don't you still have a class to teach?" You laughed.
"I never said that the drinks would be alcoholic. Besides, it takes a lot for me to get drunk. Unlike someone," he teased and you simply rolled your eyes at him. "But yes, I do have a class, so I won't be drinking."
"Then, are you trying to get me drunk, Severus?"
"Yes, I am. You're the one who's finally free of Umbridge," he stated as he walked out with two glasses, and a bottle of Firewhisky. He filled them both up and handed you one.
"I thought you weren't drinking?" You teased as you brought the glass to your lips.
"I'm not. It's for show. I need to be good company," he replied.
"You're always good company, Sev," you said, shutting your eyes as you took a sip, feeling the liquid burn your throat as you swallowed.
Severus blushed at the simple statement that you didn't think much of, as he eyed you. You were so beautiful and looked so peaceful in that moment. With your eyes still closed, you mumbled, "I can feel you staring at me."
You opened your eyes to look at him and he said, "You're imagining things."
After half an hour, and a few glasses, you were officially drunk. Severus chuckled as you babbled on, venting and completely insulting Umbridge as you came up with insults that you could have said earlier.
"Yes, [Y/N]. That was very witty. Maybe think of it during the argument next time."
You narrowed your eyes at him and turned to him, getting incredibly close to his face. "Are you getting smart with me?" You scolded.
Leaning back to put some distance between the two of you, he chuckled and said, "Me? I wouldn't dare."
Still on the sofa, and kneeling to seem taller, you said "Listen here mist-" but wobbled and lost your balance (thanks to the Firewhisky) and fell on him, resting on top of him as you pinned him down.
Severus tensed, feeling your body pressed up against his. His arms had instinctively wrapped around your waist and his heart was racing as he felt you shuffle, trying to get up.
'Severus Snape! Do not get hard! Quick! Think of something unpleasant... Wormtail, for instance!' he thought, a frown appearing on his face.
You quickly snapped him back to reality as you hoisted yourself to sit up, now straddling him. "Pffft. You know... Of all the ways I imagined I'd get on top of you, this certainly wasn't one," you snorted.
Severus just gulped, eyeing you as you gently straddled him. He propped himself up on his elbows and said, "Alright. I should've cut the Firewhisky off a while ago. It's gone straight to your head. Let's get some water in you and then you can rest here till you're feeling better. After that, you can go back."
You pouted, "But I wanna stay here with you."
Severus sighed and said, "You may, but let's at least get you into bed."
"Only if you join me," you winked.
Bolting upright, Severus tightened his grip around you and got up, lifting you along with him. He carried you to the bedroom and set you down before walking off to get you a glass of water, along with a potion to help sober you up faster. When he returned, he ensured that you had them both and tried to get you to lie down.
Like a child, you refused but when he finally managed to lay you down, you grabbed his collar, holding him close. You looked into his dark eyes, getting lost in the abyss as you said, "You remember telling me that I should speak my mind?" Flustered by your proximity and not being able to find the words to respond, he simply nodded.
"Well, I'm about to kiss you," you said, pulling him closer, your lips gently pressing against his as his eyes widened. He kissed you back for a moment before pulling away to say, "[Y/N] you're drunk-" but you cut him off with another kiss as your hands worked the buttons of his robe and shirt.
He broke the kiss yet again. "Are you sure you want to do this?"
"Severus," you sighed. "I've had a crush on you since our school days. The question is whether you want want to do this."
"That's... A long time," he said, surprised. Your expression fell as you prepared yourself for rejection, but he said, "I've only liked you since a few months after you started working here."
A giddy smile appeared on your lips at his words, and he kissed them. This kiss was different from the earlier one - rougher, hungrier and faster. Your hands worked fast as you stripped each other. Your fingers traced his torso and his hands gripped your sides as he explored your curves. He broke the kiss and you gasped for air as he made his way down your jaw, neck, collarbone and chest, leaving little marks as he did. His lips wrapped around your hardened nipple as he rolled the other one between his fingers. A soft moan escaped your lips at the sensation and you felt him smirk against your skin.
His other hand made its way up your thigh, stopping right before he reached your throbbing cunt. You ached for his touch and let out a whimper as he toyed with you, not giving you the pleasure of feeling it. He chuckled lowly, and his deep voice only aroused you more.
You exhaled sharply as he pushed two fingers inside your folds, and his fingers curled inside you, hitting your g-spot. His long fingers pumped in and out of you, moving around to create the most delightful sensations.
As he continued working you, your hand dragged along his torso, wrapping around his cock, and you felt him swallow hard as you began stroking it. Using your thumb to apply pressure to the underside, you stroked him in long, slow motions.
He let out a groan as he brought his other hand to your clit, massaging it softly. He went ahead and added a third finger, increasing his pace. You let out a whimper as you felt your climax building. No words were said, but the look in both your eyes said it all. You were silently competing to see who got the other one off, first.
Your hands were now slick with his precum, which allowed you to pick up the pace. You pumped him harder and faster, with purpose. His breath hitched at the sudden change, and he almost faltered for a second. Your nails lightly traced circles on his back, sending shivers down his spine.
Your breathing was erratic and you were on edge, and you knew Severus could tell as a smirk appeared on his face. Severus licked a strip up your collarbone and neck, stopping at your jaw. Breathlessly, he said, "Come for me, darling." The feeling of his hot breath and the sound of his sultry voice was enough to push you over the edge as your back arched and you cried out his name as you came undone. You mumbled something under your breath, still panting.
"I understand words, love," he mused.
"Sev," you breathed. "Please."
"Please, what?"
"Fuck me, please," you managed to say.
"How can I not, when you ask me so sweetly?" He teased. His hands left your body as he positioned himself at your entrance. With one swift thrust, he was inside you, and you couldn't help but let out a loud moan as he filled you, still sensitive from your release.
Giving you a moment to adjust, he placed his hands on your hips, slowly pulling out before slamming into you, again. The sound of his skin slapping against yours, accompanied by both of your cries of ecstasy, filled the room as he picked up the pace. Moving one of your hands that was holding onto him, you covered your eyes as a few tears of pleasure escaped.
He brought a hand to your yours, intertwining your fingers as he took your hand away from your face. "Look at me, love," he commanded. He would've been concerned at the glassiness of your eyes if it hadn't been for the soft smile you had on your face.
As a hand made its way to your clit, you moaned his name and he exhaled shakily. "Bloody hell, darling. If you keep this up, I don't know how long I'll last," he groaned, still thrusting into you. He could tell he was close and placed your knees on his shoulders, hitting you at a new angle, and you threw your head back in pleasure. He rubbed your clit softly and with a few more thrusts, he had you coming again, following you closely as he felt you clench around him, milking him completely.
His lips captured yours in a gentle kiss as he pulled out and lay down next to you; the both of you, breathless. Severus wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest as he cuddled you. You let yourself melt into him before you remembered something. Though tired, you managed to mumble, "Get up, Sev."
"No. I want cuddles," he fussed.
"You're precious," you chuckled, "But you have to get up."
"Why?" He whined.
"You have a class in five minutes," you reminded him.
"Shit," he exclaimed, jumping out of bed, scrambling around for his clothes. "Will you be here when I get back?" He asked as he got dressed, his voice unsure and slightly worried.
You gave him a soft, reassuring smile. "Yep. Right here, under the sheets, completely naked, waiting for you to take me once again when you get back," you said, smirking at him.
He let out a frustrated groan as he buttoned his shirt and robes. "Merlin, this is going to be the longest class of my life," he said, pulling his coat off the hook and running out the door.
"Mhmm," you giggled as you drifted off to sleep.
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