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#hp fluff
angelblacksmith · 2 days ago
Unfortunate prank. (s.b.)
Pairing: Sirius Black x fem!Reader
Summary: After an unsuccessful prank, the reader takes offense at Sirius and stops talking to him.
Warning: a little offense, a prank, easy ignoring
Word count: 514
Tumblr media
"Y/n ... Y/n ... Y/n...." Sirius was not silent for about an hour, repeating the same thing and also hoping that you would give up. After the prank that happened the day before, you made a clear promise to yourself not to talk to the annoying boy and have so far successfully followed this rule. Sirius and James decided to make a joke and gave you a cake in honor of your birthday. However, naturally, it was not a simple cake. There was a firecracker inside, ready to explode and smash the cake into small pieces. The cake got on your clothes, face, hair, and now you have announced a boycott to two boys, one of whom was your boyfriend. Naturally, the cake was nothing more than a joke, and you received your real gifts from James and Sirius on the same day. However, the apology in the form of which Sirius brought you flowers and sweets was not enough. And now Black has changed tactics and decided to make you talk to him in a more effective way. His method was to annoy you until you talked to him.
"Y/n I am very, very, very sorry! Y/n talk to me... "Y/n... Y/n... Y/n". Closing the book and turning to face Sirius, who was safely lying on your bed, you looked at him reproachfully. Sirius, on the contrary, was inspired and looked at you with puppy dog eyes. None of you were in a hurry to break eye contact.
"Just talk to me. Please." His voice sounded soft, melodious and gentle. Immediately getting out of bed, he walked over to the comfortable red chair where you were sitting.
"I'll do whatever you want. Honestly, honestly! Just, please talk to me." Sirius looked like a little puppy asking for affection. However, having managed to resist such a charm, you turned away from him. Sirius sighed wearily and went back to your bed.
After another hour or so, you couldn't stand it. It was clear that it couldn't go on like this anymore and it was impossible to ignore Sirius forever. Especially in connection with his persistence and desire to apologize.
"I will forgive you, but on one condition..."
"Oh my God, Sirius! What's wrong with your hair?" Mary's mouth dropped open in amazement. And not only she, a lot of people have told Sirius about his modified appearance today.
"I changed my image. Do you like it?" Sirius proudly waved his dyed green hair. "Y/n is now my personal stylist. And she recommended me to add a little unexpected charm to my appearance. By the way, how do you like the color? She also picked up this incredible shade of dark green."
Sirius was smiling happily and was absolutely unperturbed and proud. No matter how much he had to disgrace himself and go through a whole month with green hair, it is important that now y/n no longer ignores him.
However, Sirius was already starting to think about mixing blue dye into her shampoo...
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gotkindabored · a month ago
Calling to Join
Away for a press tour for his latest film, Sirius finds another way to be with his fiancé at the Met Gala.
PAIRING: Actor!Sirius Black x F!Reader
CONTENT: good old fashioned fluff
NOTES: I was editing my Remus Met Gala fic when I thought of this idea so :) ! I hope you like it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Next question please.”
Low chatter spread amongst the crowd, the journalist and representatives moving onto another co-star on the panel, finally giving Sirius a break.
Sighing into his chair, Sirius rolled his shoulders back as he felt a few joints click and pop. He blinked languidly, eyes lidded with exhaustion as he reached out to sip on his now lukewarm tea. His nose wrinkled at the bitter taste; the leaves had been steeped for too long.
Panning up to the clock near the exit sign, Sirius’ head subconsciously shook. 9:12 pm. He’d been working for more than eleven hours at that point.
He felt like whining, which was nothing unusual. But for Christ's sake — all he wanted to do was sleep.
It had been a little over two months now that Sirius had been away from his house in London; flown across the world, busy with a worldwide press conference tour for the latest movie he starred in.
The flurry of questions he worked through was, at most, bland — nearly all of them he had heard a thousand times previously, and answered similarly. They varied from the standard set questions of the behind the scenes, favourite memories with co-stars, who they want to work with next and so on. The only thing that saved Sirius from boredom was being able to talk to the eager fans.
“— Sirius, unsurprisingly, took the longest,” James announced into the microphone. “We were constantly late to set because he couldn’t stop fussing about his hair.”
He blinked out of his sleepy daze, forcing out a dry chuckle. “You can’t rush the makeup process!”
Sirius was about to speak again, only to pull back from the mic and force the yawn that crept up his throat down.
Professionalism, he thought. Yes, because he was known for his pristine image.
James noticed, immediately patting his back before the journalists took control of the questioning.
“This one is for Sirius, again,” the young reporter said. “But it isn’t regarding the film.”
He perked up a little at this, but his shoulders remained slumped, preparing to be asked another generic inquiry.
“Really? Well, I’m curious.”
“The Met Gala in New York just began less than an hour ago.”
Sirius felt his entire body straighten, eyes widening and a smirk splitting into a large smile; elated for the turn in conversation. “No! It just started?”
“Yes! There were rumours that you were supposed to attend this year, no?”
He hummed in response. “I was until the tour was scheduled,” he rushed out, brain sparking and heart fluttering just at the mere thought of her. “Anway, did you know my fiance is hosting this year?”
Fiance… what a word.
“I do! Everyone is talking about her. I’m assuming you’ve seen her outfit already?”
If it was possible, Sirius’ smile stretched even wider across his face — hurting his cheeks as the flashing of a few cameras went off. Even James chortled, no doubt at his excitement.
His head shook. “Because of the time differences, it’s hard to find a time to properly talk. But last I heard there were a few changes. I didn’t get to see the final look. Have pictures already been released?”
“Yeah, just wait a moment,” the reporter said, fishing his phone out from his pocket. Sirius pushed his hair out of his face, leaning over the table, eager for a glimpse of his fiance. The rest of his co-stars, various journalists and the crowd giggled.
With a swipe of the man’s thumb, his phone unlocked with an article still open on the screen as he scrolled to the top. He handed him the phone.
Muttering ‘thank you,’ Sirius took it, knuckles cracking as the proud simper on his face was permanently craved on. His eyes flickered around the screen, staring at the images of her. “She looks bloody incredible…”
His eyes never wavered from the screen, only scratching his beard as he mumbled into the microphone. “I miss her so much.”
Mocking cooing from James flooded the room as he kicked him under the table, only for the room to erupt in laughter.
“Wait!” Sirius said, placing the man’s phone on the table and slipping his out. “Let me just —”
Sliding it open, he hovered his finger above her contact, taping to FaceTime and waited for her to pick up. He held the phone to his face, positing the microphone close so it would pick up the audio as they watched him with anticipation.
The screen flashed from black to her face, brow scrunched in confusion and Sirius could see just a peek of the red carpet behind her.
“Hi, angel,” he drawled, immense pride swelling in his chest.
“Erm — hello!” She said, the sound of chattering and camera shutters going off made it harder to hear her voice. “I thought you were in the middle of an interview? Did it end early?”
The crowd laughed.
“No,” he said, flipping his phone and showing her to the audience. They cheered, some even whistled as they clapped, bombarding her with compliments. Eventually, he put his face back into camera view. “Saw some photos of you, just wanted to say you look gorgeous tonight! I know you’ll do amazing — you know I miss you and love you!”
Her eyes lit up, smiling so widely that it made his heart ache.
“Thank you so much. I miss you too. I’ll make sure to send you some pics l  —” “I like the sound of that.”
“... Sirius!”
“Bye, darling!”
Cheekily, before she was able to get another word in, Sirius hung up the call as the crowd erupted into a fit of laughter. Quickly, he sent a series of little texts.
“Can you believe I’m engaged to that stunner?” He blurted.
“Black is what the kids like to say these days, whipped,” James added.
Sirius ignored him. Any trace of boredom or sleep was wiped away completely, filled with a new sense of buoyancy. He lent back over the table, handing the phone back to the report and shook his hand. “You just made my day. Thank you.”
Tumblr media
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l0vely-lupin · 2 months ago
Hiiiiiiii I really LOVE your work and was wondering if you could do a Mattheo Riddle x reader where the reader is his girlfriend who has a lot of trouble sleeping and like him cuddling with her to help her??? 👉🏽👈🏽🥺🥺🥺
In The Closet
mattheo riddle x reader
summary: despite your troubles sleeping, your boyfriend, mattheo, is always there to help.
warnings: nightmares, knives, stabbing, angst, fluff,
requested: yes | no
a/n: hey dudes, i haven’t written in a while so here you guys go. also, i’ve noticed how i should use they/them instead of she/her mostly because i don’t know the gender/or pronouns of the people reading these, so i’m going to start.
a/n: i don’t write mattheo smut really often. i never really have and i deleted one (i got someone to else to write it because i didn’t want to mess it up) because i didn’t like it, but i’ll write it if requested.
Tumblr media
You were falling rapidly from the astronomy tower.
You didn’t throw yourself from it. No, not at all. But, you were pushed.
A knife pulsed through your chest as you were looked at the shadowy figure watching you from the great height of the tower.
You woke up breathing heavily and looking around.
It was the same nightmare over and over again. Every night it would consume you.
You looked around your room, your eyes trying to find at least something in the dark. Your dorm members were asleep and you were trying to keep yourself together.
Your eyes finally began to focus and you could make out your friends’ beds, the desks, your nightstand, and the trinkets laying upon it.
Your clock read, 2:58 AM.
You gulped at the numbers your clock had formed and laid back down, hoping you’d fall asleep before 3:00.
Normally, you weren’t too easy to scare. Like if someone would pop out of nowhere for instance.
You’d even been forced to listen to a story about a killer that began at only the age of 12 and not even that scared you. But, you still had a few things that made your insides churn.
Your thoughts made it hard not to make something bigger than it actually was. You would feel as if something was ready to sneak up on you at all times. Especially at night. So, you would do what most people did:
You hid your feet under the blankets, sure that something would be curious enough to take it and drag you under, you made sure no limbs were hanging off the edges of your bed, you ran to your bed after shutting off the lights, you closed the closet and windows, basic normal things someone do to ensure their safety.
Your phone made a buzz and you picked it up. The text was from Hermione.
‘What do you think is behind a wall?’ it read. You furrowed your eyebrows.
She sent it again…
And again…
And again…
Your mind began racing. What was she talking about? What did she mean ‘what’s behind a wall’?
You looked around, realizing that the door to the closet was open by a mild inch. It was swaying slightly and you gulped.
The rest of the room was dark and nothing else could be heard.
Hermione’s texts kept coming through and it was the same one.
You quickly grabbed your wand and cast a silencing charm to ensure that your roommates wouldn’t hear you. You blocked Hermione to stop her texts and you began to call your boyfriend, Mattheo.
He would surely reassure you.
Mattheo always seemed to guard you from the night horrors that attempted to attack you at night.
Your phone rang, awaiting Mattheo’s answer.
2:59 AM, your clock reads.
Mattheo didn’t pick up. You frowned and continued to call and call and call but he never picked up.
The time on your phone changed and the closet made a creaking noise. You snapped your head over to it and tears welled up in your eyes. You turned away from it, shut off your phone, and hid your head under the covers.
Whatever you did, you wouldn’t look. You couldn’t.
You stayed like that for a while, hearing absolutely nothing. But, the feeling that something had come out of your closet kept you there.
You were quietly sobbing into your pillow, mentally begging for the hour to end.
After about 10 more minutes, you opened your eyes and uncovered your head.
Nothing was there.
You were hesitant to slide off your bed, but ended up throwing yourself at the door to the dorm. Your phone was abandoned and you began to run out of your common room, not wanting to look back in case something was following you.
You ran all the way to Mattheo’s respected dorm. He didn’t have and dorm mates, being a prefect, so you were always welcome.
You flung open the door and practically jumped onto your boyfriend, sobbing with relief.
He woke in a jolt but when he realized who you were and what was happening, he wrapped his arm around you, grabbing his wand to shut the door.
“Love, what happened?”
Your head shook from side to side, signaling that you didn’t want to repeat everything that happened. Instead, you muttered out a, “‘m scared,” before crying some more.
Mattheo patiently waited for the tears to end before wiping them from your face.
He distracted you by talking about absolutely nothing and helping your breathing slow.
After that, he spooned you and you rested contently in his arms.
“Go to sleep, love. It’s okay, I’m here.”
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steam just a waste by pinkpanthress
Tumblr media
🏷 tags: @dlmmdl @dayanaralight @littlemissnoname13 @just-a-smol-spoon @dracoscum @spqrkly @samaraaaaa @sammy-00327 @youreso-golden @princess-jules47 @reggies-baby
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salazarslytherin · 4 months ago
😚 for james potter and him comparing hand sizes like a lovestruck idiot ? (congrats on 2k btw, you deserve it!)
this is really cute-
please join my celebration <33
james potter x genderneutral!reader <3
tw/cw: nothing
word count: 0.2k
🃛 masterlist!
tag list at the bottom ☯︎ join tag list here
Turning around to see who had called your name, the books in your hand slipping from your grasp as you did so.
"Oh shit-"
James hurried over as he berated himself internally, falling to his knees to help you gather your books, a blush gracing the boy's face as he did.
"Sorry, I was just trying to, um, offer to help."
You smiled at the reddening boy, thanking him quietly as he took the bulk of your reading material into his grasp.
"Thank you, James."
The seeker couldn't resist the infection of your smile, his heart accelerating as the two of you made your way away from the library and back towards your Common Room.
"How were you struggling with these books? There's only like four here."
You huffed at the teen, rolling your eyes at him as you adjusted the strap of your bookbag upon your shoulder.
"Sorry I'm not strong like you, Mr Quidditch Star. Some people have smaller hands and less strength, alright?"
A hearty laugh escaped the Gryffindor as he stopped in his stride, noticing that you had stopped your trek towards the Common Room, hands crossed as he stared down at you.
"What's wrong now?"
You tilted your head at the boy, frowning.
"How big are your hands then, Mr Seeker."
James cracked a smile, one that felt infectious as you suppressed the desire to smile back at him.
"Wanna compare and find out?"
A brow was raised as you feigned contemplation, lips quirking to a side as James was consumed with the thoughts of your lips on his.
"Mm, no. You just want an excuse to hold my hand, Potter."
"What- That's not it!"
taglist: @marvelslut16, @siriusbarnesslut, @marimorena06, @weasleysbitch2, @reg-arcturus-black, @risingtripletaurus, @themoonwithprophets, @quindolyn, @lilypad-55449, @kermiemoon, @jamespotterlover, @remoony1, @siriusblackwifeeey, @iamnibbsi, @azura-mist, @accio-remus-lupin, @greenlyblue, @lillsthoughts, @jeannelupinblack, @i-love-scott-mccall, @justadreamyhufflepuff, @shit-thats-true, @dorcasmeadowesx, @elenapatricia99, @90sgoldentrio, @itsmentalillness, @sprucewoodlover, @kiaslily, @daisyyy2516, @whoreforegeorgeandfred, @selenesheart, @i-wanna-b-yours, @teenwolfbitches28, @zzzfour, @secretsthathauntus, @victoriatori2006, @bberee, @dracosafety, @percyweasleyspuff, @remusjlupinisdead, @gothboutique, @missryerye,
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pansyspet · a month ago
Soooo I was thinking... I am in desperate need of comfort. So would you possibly write a fic where the reader struggles with touching. But wants to be holding somone/something all the time. So sometimes they just come up and randomly wrap their arms around Neville or Remus (your choice) and they find it sweet? Maybe they hold onto the reader and just like kisses them lightly on the forehead??
If I can request, female reader, the house doesn't really matter but Ravenclaw if specification needed, and 1st person?
‘Glorious Purpose’
Word count: 625
Includes: female!reader x remus Lupin, good o’l fluff babes, bad day mentions, mentions of food
Summary: touch starved as ever you go to find solace in that of mr remus lupins arms
A/N: I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorrrrrryyyy Gracie grace I swear I’ve been nagging myself for weeks to write this and I keep putting it off because of school :/ sorry about that but hope all is well and anyone who reads this enjoys!
Like any other day you’d gone to your classes, been to your exams, so on and so forth, but this time was different. It felt wrong. The grade you got on your exams wasn’t what you had studied for, you were cold, your allergies had come back because of the recent ‘spooky’ season and you weren’t prepared for the day you’d just had.
Touch starved and feeling awful you went to find Remus, seeing as he was the only one who could truly get you out of such a way.
Walking through the halls of Hogwarts, the brisk chills that ran up your arms made swiftly pick up your pace, determined to find remus before it started raining.
By the time you found him you were out of breath trying to catch up with yourself and create a steady pace, he was of course where you should’ve guessed first, the dining hall. He was with James and Sirius, though more cut off as usual, known to distance himself and enjoy a book instead.
You walked straight up to him ignoring the strange looks you got as you climbed into his arms, disregarding his limbs which were in the midst of eating.
He, of course dropped all of his stuff and hugged you back, running smooth circles on your back trying to calm you. It’s been ages since you seen him, or in real time only a few hours, but to you two it felt as if a millennium had just passed.
But you sat their.
Letting a couple tears run down your cheeks, burrowing your head into his shoulder and breathing in his scent. A scent that’s become you safe haven, a scent that’s invaded your life and that of the few things you don’t believe you could live without.
It wasn’t until later you had discovered how long the two of you had sat there, Remus being patient enough to know you needed a minute…or an hour. He didn’t move the tiniest inch the entire time as to make you as comfortable as possible , every so often leaning down to plant peppered kisses on your forehead.
You had dozed off in your state of distress, but once you realized almost everyone had exited the hall you were As awake as can be embarrassed by your previous, yet unspoken request. However before you could get up, remus did, mumbling a quick ‘time to go princess, I’ll come back down to fetch your dinner later’ and picking you up in his arms.
Muscle memory getting the best of you, your legs wrapped around his torso and you clung to him for fear of losing the body heat he had recently taken away from you.
You did your best to fight back, even though your ‘best’ entailed laying your head on his shoulder and snuggling your head deeper into the nape of his neck.
The last thing you remember is his incoherent noises as he layer you down on the bed, perhaps he’d asked you if you were hungry? You couldn’t care less once his warm body touched yours, snuggling into you and holding onto you as tight yet comfortable as could be.
The next morning you thanked him, just for being there when you needed him and understanding without you needing to explain. But the response he gave was nothing of a shy remus Lupin, more of one who want afraid and was far too in love to care.
But the line that sent you into a fit of giggles was that of the last before you started your day, as he had stated
“Why princess doesn’t everyone have a purpose? It just seems fit that mine is loving you, why that’s my glorious purpose!”
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absolutelyfizzing · 3 months ago
unwanted feelings
james potter x reader
description - You'd had a crush on James Potter for years and when he kisses Lily Evans in front of you, you are heart broken. Later you find that he didn't actually feel as you expected and he explains himself.
warnings - some angst, unsure reader, fem pronouns, self doubt, negative self talk, not eating for a day cause reader is avoiding someone
word count - 2800
A/N - so this one isn't my best work by far but i wrote it so looks like its getting posted. i don't know why all of my reader inserts lately are so fem and sort of bubbly, i guess it's sort of what i'm aiming for for myself right now but i'm sorry if it maybe isn't coming off as relatable.
Your throat tightened in anxiety as you watched James zoom around the pitch. He was reckless when he was playing quidditch and it was one of the things that made him great at the game and an excellent captain. It was also the thing that nearly gave you a heart attack every time you watched him play. You went to every one of his games and you always wore something of his with his colors when you were in the stands. You were stood up on your seat and a slightly bored looking Remus sat to your right, reading from a book you didn't recognize. You'd thought that Sirius playing would be enough to keep him interested but sports was just not something he enjoyed watching. You were usually that way as well but whenever James was playing, suddenly you were the most intent spectator in the stands.
You were more worried than you should have been. More worried than what was appropriate for a friend to be. That's what you were, friends. That had been reinforced many times by the shaggy haired boy and you tried desperately to get it through your head before you embarrassed yourself one of these days. Sometimes though, you just couldn't help it.
Really you might have thought he reciprocated if you didn't know any better. You often got comments on what an attractive couple you guys were but each time it was quickly corrected by James. Normally along the lines of 'Oh god no, we are just friends. Purely platonic' , sometimes followed by a shudder or a gag even. It upset you every time to no end but you played along. You rarely, if ever, contributed to the shooting down of any feelings but that was never noticed by the man you had feelings for.
You'd had a crush on him since you were probably in your second year and now you were coming to the middle of your seventh. There were a million times that you almost said something but every time there was a reminder that you were not the one he had eyes for. It usually took the shape of disgust at the thought of dating you or commentary as he pined over the Evans girl who you felt you could never compete with. How could you when she was just perfect. You saw her to the left of you as she stood in the stands as well and your hands shook with insecurity before looking back toward the game. Your heart raced nearly as quickly as James did around the pitch and you prayed that the snitch would be caught soon so that you could get rid of the stress surrounding you. You felt a hand on your right shoulder and you looked over to find Remus had stood and was looking at you caringly.
"Are you alright, Y/N?" He asked softly and you tried your very best to soften your gaze and calm your stance so you appeared less concerned with someone that you shouldn't have that much interest in in the first place.
"Of course I am. When am I not?" You smiled before looking out at the pitch.
"When youre watching the guy you're in love with play a dangerous game that you don't like." He stated simply in response to the question you meant to be rhetorical and your eyes widened.
"I don't know what youre talking about." You nearly whispered and Remus smiled.
"I'm not gonna tell anyone Y/N but its not exactly subtle. It probably doesn't help that I know the look on your face because it's how I feel too watching Sirius play." He was still smirking but your anxiety was far from eased.
"Oh god, does he know?" You asked scaredly, terrified that the answer would be yes and you would have to stop spending time with him.
"Shockingly, no." You sighed out in relief but Remus continued. "You should tell him though or else he might end up moving on."
"What do you mean? There's nothing for him to move on from. Everyone knows he's in love with Evans and he has made it pretty clear that he is opposed to being anything more than a friendly relationship with me." You choked out, struggling with the words leaving your lips but knowing them to be true.
"I mean he has a minor crush on Evans but it's nothing compared to the annoyingly huge crush he has on you. He's probably just overcompensating for the fact that he's insecure and doesn't want you to reject him."
"Why are you telling me this?" You asked sincerely. You were friends with Remus as you were with the rest of the marauders but it was nothing compared to the friendship they held within their group. You knew Remus was more loyal to James than to you so you couldn't understand why, if it was true, Remus would be telling you at all.
"Because he is trying desperately to move on seeing as he is under the impression that you aren't into him and I'd hate to see him throw something away that could be really good for him." Remus smiled gently and you looked at him gratefully.
"I really appreciate you telling me and all but I just don't think I can believe you. I can't even count how many times he has made a big show of not liking me. I love him too much to ruin what we have and I know that if I confessed and it went bad that I would lose him all together. I would rather have him in my life in a way that hurts than not have him in it at all." You stated sadly and Remus sighed but nodded in understanding.
"I get it but just know that I'm being honest and pretty soon he is going to give up on it. I just want to see you both happy but if its too big of a leap, I understand. That's exactly the excuse he tells the rest of us too."
Suddenly cheers erupted from the stands, cutting your conversation with Remus off as everyone ran to rush the pitch. The snitch had been caught and gryffindor won. You were excited for James but you were also a little terrified to walk onto the pitch to see him with the now conflicted thoughts running through your head. Your thoughts were stopped by the image in front of you which was causing the whole crowd to cheer. James had pulled Lily Evans into a kiss in his excitement and your heart stopped. You felt nausea rise in your throat and Remus caught your eye with a sympathetic look. You didn't look at him for longer than a second and you ran off the pitch with tears streaming down your face. You found your way up to your dorm, pushing yourself to get there quickly before the common room filled with students celebrating their victory. James was always one to love attention so he would be getting crazy after the game which he did just about every time they won.
When you made it to your bed, you hurried under the covers, throwing the shirt you were wearing which belonged to James onto the floor. You felt your heart clench at the despair you felt. You wanted to be upset at Remus for getting your hopes up but you knew he was sincere in his want to help. Still you felt that you would probably not be able to face James in the weeks to come. Maybe, given a little time, you could be around him and not be upset at the world for taking away your chance with him. As you laid in your bed, you stared at the ceiling. You felt tears streaming down your face and you grew angry at yourself. He didn't owe you anything, he wasn't into you. That wasn't his fault and it was so unfair of you to expect anything more from him when your feelings were not his responsibility.
You weren't sure how long you laid there but you could hear the party start and end in the common room. It must have been late. Sleep wouldnt come though, you could just feel your heart continue to break and you were stuck in a loop of self pity. You made the decision that the following days would be spent away from James if you could at all help it. That was probably what he wanted anyway and it was the only way that you would get over the pain you were feeling. At some point your roomates entered your dorm and sleep overtook you for a few restless hours.
When you woke up, the sun was barely on the rise. You hurried up and got dressed and ready. You were planning on getting to breakfast early to avoid running into any of the marauders. You found your plans were not going how you wanted when you entered the great hall to find a head of red hair next to a mop of black. Your throat tightened and you quickly moved to turn and head out of the great hall. You heard a familiar voice call your name but you rushed out before you could give it too much thought. You knew that if you let him try to convince you, you would end up having a very upsetting breakfast with your best friend and his new lover. You would rather avoid breakfast.
Throughout the day, avoiding James was proving to be harder than you had thought it would be. You had many of your classes with him and you even sat next to him in a few. He was insistently trying to get you to open up about why you were suddenly so closed off to him but you remained shut off, reassuring him that nothing was wrong and you were just a little tired from the game the day before. You avoided lunch for the same reason as you had avoided breakfast and you felt yourself starting to get a bit lightheaded. Your afternoon was spent avoiding James but soon he was preoccupied with Lily anyway.
You were hid in a corner of the library when a cough alerted you of someone's presence. You looked up to find the very eyes you hadn't wanted to see.
You pushed it down with a gulp and smiled a bit at him, trying desperately to keep the tears at bay but they were growing harder to hold back after keeping everything pent up all day. It probably didn't help that you were hungry and therefor a bit more emotional. You could feel the tears sitting in your eyes, waiting for something to go wrong so they had an excuse to escape you.
"I don't know what I did wrong." He mumbled while looking at the floor in front of you and you took a deep breath.
"There's nothing wrong James, I promise. It's just been a long day." You smiled and your heart picked up speed.
"Since when did we lie to each other?" He questioned and your heart stopped. You were left unsure how to respond.
"Since the truth would cause more damage than good." You spoke honestly. At this he looked up at you and your eyes met. A tear left you and James immediately moved to comfort you but you tried to move away, standing quickly to evade him. You regretted it as spots filled your vision, the lack of food catching up to you. You know that you turned a bit green for a moment because James looked slightly scared.
"Y/N I dont know whats wrong but you look like you should be getting to the hospital wing. You don't look well."
Before you could answer you felt your vision blacken and your legs give out before your consciousness left you completely.
When you woke up, you knew you were in the hospital wing. It smelled sterile and the bed was stiff underneath you. When you started to wake madam pomfrey came to check on you.
"You can't go around with an empty stomach like that again, do you hear me?" She scolded, though her eyes were soft. You nodded solemnly. "I was alerted that you hadn't been to the great hall to eat all day, you have to know that isn't good for you. I'm gonna have a prefect watch out for you the next couple days to make sure you're eating at meal times. Understood?" She asked again and once more you nodded before leaning back and sighing. You looked at your surroundings and were surprised to see the black haired boy next to your bed fast asleep. Your heart took off again and you felt trapped by your environment. As anxiety swirled around in your chest, James had woken up a bit.
"You're awake." James sighed, laced with relief. You still wouldn't make eye contact with him.  You felt the bed dip as he sat on it and you looked up to watch him put his head in his hands as he leaned over. You felt guilt fill your chest more than it already had from hating that you felt any claim over the man in front of you. You knew you were in the wrong and the last thing you wanted was to cause him any pain. "Remus talked to me." He almost whispered.
At that moment, you wished you could have apparated to anywhere else in the world. You looked back down at your lap and tears were once again brought to your eyes. You felt betrayal that Remus would reveal your feelings to James.
"I'm sorry." You apologized and you fiddled with your fingers.
"Why are you the one apologizing, I'm the one whos behaved poorly." He assures and you shake your head.
"That's not fair to yourself. You're allowed to want to be with whomever you want and my feelings should have no effect on that. You've made it clear for years that you weren't interested in me and it is my fault that I couldn't take a hint. I'm so sorry." You gushed out and tears started to fall from your eyes. You felt James get up from your bed and you prepared him to leave but instead you felt arms wrap around you and a kiss came to your head.
"Y/N I have had feelings for you for years. I was just always too scared for myself to even consider that you might feel the same." He whispered out but you felt only a different kind of pain. Even though he had now admitted his feelings, he was still dating Lily. Not you. Almost as if he could hear your thoughts he spoke quietly. "I broke it off with Evans." You pulled away immediately.
"What? Why would you do that?" You asked quickly and before he had a chance to answer you feared the worst. "Oh god is it because of me? James please dont let my feelings have any bearing on who you want to date, I can't stand the thought of being the reason you broke up. Even if we do have feelings for each other, you deserve a chance with Lily if that's what you want."
"It was mutual, actually. She understood that I had feelings for you and she said she had a crush on someone else. It just seemed like I had kissed her a bit rashly on the quidditch pitch and we agreed that we shouldn't have gotten together in the first place. It was only a day anyway." He reassured as he explained himself and you calmed a bit.
"So what does this mean." You got out, almost inaudibly.
"It means that, if you'll have me, I'd like to take you out on a date." He stated as if it were the simplest thing in the world and you almost couldn't believe your ears. Before you were even thinking you were nodding quickly, causing spots to once again fill your vision and James grabbed your shoulders to stabilize you before you both laughed. He pulled you by your shoulders toward him and he caught your lips in a kiss that somehow expressed all of the years of repressed feelings. When he pulled away he smiled at you and sat back on your bed. He spent the rest of the day with you in the hospital wing talking about all of the places he was going to take you in the coming weeks.
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roonilwazlibimagines · a month ago
proposal - r.b x reader
Blurb: Regulus never imagined he would ever propose like this, but he also never imagined he would search for the dark lord’s horcruxes
A/N: There is like mention of what happens to Regulus but that is all. Also the gif is really misleading. I just found like three fics that I wrote before I went on a mini hiatus and this was one of them. I feel like you can really tell that I had no motivation to write and this isn't my favourite but it is still something.
Word Count: 1.05k
Tumblr media
I didn’t think I would ever stop admiring Regulus’ room. The first time I saw it I didn’t think I’d ever stop finding something new to admire about it. He was never one to hide his pride for his house, whether that was real or something to stop people asking questions, he had never let on. He had his old Slytherin scarf still hanging on his bed frame and on one wall he had a Slytherin poster hanging up. He swore that he hung it up after his first year at Hogwarts to show just how much he loved Slytherin and just couldn’t be bothered to take it down, but whether that was true or not, I still thought it was cute.
His room had always been quite clean and orderly but there were trinkets and objects that he had collected over the years scattered on top of his draws and of course, a few decorations his mum had placed with the Black family crest shining brightly on them. On his bedside table there was a moving picture of us I had begged him to take when we first started dating. He complained the whole time I made him take it but it made for good teasing material now that he had kept it. 
Shoved in the corner I could see his old broomstick with his old Slytherin uniform. It seemed like it was only last week he was walking confidently on the Quidditch field in those robes, searching the crowd to meet my eyes, and not almost two years ago. 
His grey eyes were now much closer and searching my own. When it was just us, lying next to each other, one of his old jumpers enveloping me to get rid of the chill that always seemed to reside in Grimmauld place, it was easy to forget what was coming. 
“Are you tired?” His voice was low and barely above a whisper even if there was no fear of anyone hearing us. We were on top of his duvet, both of us on our sides, our faces so close I could feel the slight tickle of his breath on my cheek. 
I reached my hand out to his and started tracing the ink on his forearm. His eyes closed as I did so and he let out a shaky breath but continued to let me trace it. 
“Yeah,” I mumbled, beginning to feel the stress of the past few weeks catching up to me. It seemed ever since we had left Hogwarts there was no escape to this sick empty feeling threatening to strangle me and I knew Regulus felt it too. These past few weeks it has only gotten worse. 
In a swift movement Regulus pulled his arm out of my hands and reached out to my waist. Suddenly the warmth of his body was being passed onto me and I nuzzled my head into his chest. 
It was only a few hours past noon but I could feel my eyelids getting heavy and with Regulus pressing soft kisses to the top of my head and his hands playing with the ends of my hair I knew I wouldn’t last long. 
Within minutes I could feel sleep take over my body and even though I knew it was far from our reality, I felt safe in his arms. 
It was a deep and dreamless sleep and if I hadn’t felt something cool slip on my finger I probably would’ve slept longer. 
‘What’s that?’ I mumbled, scrunching up my eyes as I pulled back slightly from Regulus’ grasp. 
‘Nothing,’ he whispered, his hand coming up to my face to push away the hair sticking to my temple. ‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you darling.’
I brought my hands up to rub at my eyes and when I opened them I saw a dark ring placed on the fourth finger of my left hand, the Black family crest staring back at me. I frowned at the ring that had permanently resided on Regulus’ hand. 
‘It’s your ring.’ His hand was holding his head up and he gave me a sad smile that made me look away. 
‘It’s your ring.’ His voice was still barely above a whisper and when I wouldn’t meet his eye he reached out to grab my hand and pressed a kiss across my knuckles where my new ring resided. He had worn it on his thumb so it wouldn’t slip off, but it fit perfectly on my fourth digit. 
‘Regulus.’ It came out as a warning even though I wasn’t sure what part I was warning him against. ‘I can’t-’
‘You know what I have to do.’ And just like that the peace of my previous sleep had vanished and the sick empty feeling that was somehow threatening to strangle me came rushing back. 
‘Don’t.’ My bottom lip was already beginning to tremble and I couldn’t bear for him to see me so weak when he was always so brave.
‘Look at me darling,’ he spoke louder, bringing his hand under my chin so I would look up at him, ‘you know what’s going to happen,’ he paused, ‘what could happen.’ 
I sniffled as a tear began to fall down my cheek. He moved his hand from under my chin and used the pad of his thumb to wipe it away. 
‘It was always going to be you,’ he looked at me as if his life depended on my understanding of the love he held for me, ‘and,’ he struggled to find the right words, ‘I just need you to know that.’ His mouth opened and he paused before continuing, ‘This isn’t how I wanted it to go. You deserve something grander, something-’ I cut him off by bringing his face closer to mine and pressing a soft kiss on his lips.  
‘I love you, Regulus.’ I closed my eyes and when my tears came out I could feel them catch on Regulus’ cheek. 
‘I love you,’ he whispered back. ‘It’s a promise,’ my bottom trembled as his grey eyes met mine.  ‘a promise that I’ll come back and when I do and when all of this is over, we will get married.’ I took a deep breath to calm the pounding of my heart. ‘I promise.’
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lilithcromwell · a month ago
could i request some fluff where she/they!student is insecure about her stretch marks and professor!remus comfort them?
(love, I'm VERY sorry this is a bit specific, I'm insecure about my stretch marks and I hardly find some she/they fluff with remus 💗)
a/n: you don't need to be sorry about that, i just hope this makes you happy. if any of y'all need to talk, i'm right here !! i'd also like to know your thoughts if this was good, because i was nervous and i didn't want to fuck up or offend anyone and this is so short i'm so sorry
Roses and Daisies
you’re insecure about your stretch marks thinking that you're 'flawed' which saddens Remus so he comforts you
PAIRING: Professor!Remus X Gender Neutral Reader
WARNINGS ➡ none:)
REQUESTS: currently open (check navigation for any updates)
Tumblr media
Your hands went to the hem of your shirt before lifting it up and throwing it to the ground. You began to stare at your figure through the mirror. Eyes go to your neck to your chest then to your stomach.
Turning to the side, you frown when you glance at your stomach. You’ve been over this charade a hundred times, maybe even a thousand.
‘They disappear, they’ll go away.. ‘
But the thought of having to stare at your reflection with such a prominent feature deadened those thoughts. For you, it makes you look unattractive. It showed the parts of you that were imperfect. And you hated the thought of not being as perfect as other people around you. As if the gods made a flaw on you unlike everyone else.
Biting your lip anxiously, you observe them for a few moments when you realize that your eyes began to form tears. Glancing up, you watched as the brim of your eyes glistened.
You shook your head, immediately wiping any tears as you strip down from your remaining clothes.
Stepping on the cold floor, you turn on the shower head. You huff out air as the warm water trickles down your body.
As you began your day, glum words filled your mind. One could never forget such a matter when you think and burden yourself about it every minute of every day.
Tumblr media
Even in class, your ability to have undivided attention always failed. You weren’t able to transfigure your gobstone into a skunk, and in Potions you nearly added too much ground scarab beetle to make Snape furious.
And when it came down to Remus’ class you were drained. A glass of water that only had a single droplet of water left. And he noticed your entire demeanor. Usually, you’d send smiles and participate in class, but all of that was but absent.
So when the hour ended, he asked for you after class while everyone exited the classroom. Weakly walking up to Remus, he scrunched his eyebrows.
“What's got you so down, pup?” He sets down his glasses, waiting for your answer.
“Just tired..” You bluffed.
“I know that look.” He leans forward with a knowing glance. “C’mon,” said Remus. He magically locks the door and pats the chair next to him. “You can tell me.”
You peer at him for a few more seconds before sitting down and resting your head on his shoulder. “It’s the uh…..uh一”
“Take your time, my next class is in 2 hours.” He rubs your shoulder, while you huff out air. “The marks again.”
“What about it?” He turns his head and looks over to your face, searching for any answers. “It makes me look...unusual.” You lightly chuckle to ease the tension.
“Not only that, it makes me look attractive.” You were trying to avoid the word ‘ugly’. It was a far higher extent with that word.
Remus stays silent for about a minute prior to bending down from his position and reaching for the edge of your shirt. You watch him gently untuck the edges before unbuttoning it. Your first thought was that he was in the mood, but his next words made your heart flutter.
“I adore everything you hate about yourself.” The cold air meets your stomach and that’s when he starts to gently peck each stretch mark as if it had a fragile nature. A grin crept up your face as he continued his actions of affection.
“See this? This isn’t unattractive.”
After more words of praise, he sits back down beside you and gently places your head on his shoulder. “It's important to give the same amount of love you give others to yourself.”
“I know I'm being a hypocrite for saying all of this,” he gave a slight chuckle. “But falling for you made me love myself a bit more.” Your grin began to widen. Remus starts to stroke your hair, sniffing your scent.
“The times you told me that if you could kiss my scars away, you would. Those words made me feel...special.” Without even looking at him, you knew he had a smile on his face. Edging closer to him, Remus places a hand on your shoulder.
“Like all my worries just all faded away..” He mutters.
You kept quiet for a few seconds prior to facing him. “Falling for you also made me love myself more, but I don't know why when I look at other people, that love just lessens.”
“They were roses and I was just a daisy—” You mumbled softly, gluing your eyes to the ground.
“I know, I know. A manner I used to do.” He slips a chuckle that amuses you whenever you hear it. Remus takes hold of your hand and places it on top of his.
“But I stopped thinking like that because...I realized that a flower doesn't see it's own beauty. It will always compare itself to its kind, seeking for the same thing.”
“You find me captivating but I don't. I find you mesmerizing and you don't think that way.” Remus rubs your knuckles, giving you the look of admiration.
“We all have parts of ourselves we wish we could change, but those things make us what we are. Get my point?”
“Mhm.” You nodded lightly, shooting him a smile.
“My scars make me myself, and your stretch marks make you yourself. So never tell yourself those words. You're far from those words, pup. Never tell yourself those words. It's not doing you, your self esteem or confidence any good..”
“You're right, I'm sorry..” Embracing him, he places a kiss on your cheek. “After all, what's the point of covering up a scar with a new wound?” Pulling away, he cups your cheek softly.
“‘Unless you are yourself, you are nobody.’” You chuckle, nodding to his words. “Woolf. I actually love her works..” He reaches into the pocket of his cardigan before handing you a piece of chocolate. You look up at him, who’s already gazing back at you.
Chuckling, you grab the treat. “The only trademark that will never grow old.”
— END.
Tumblr media
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wolfstar-lb · 2 months ago
sirius’ brother
summary: trans!regulus. that’s all i can say.
a/n: i saw a trans regulus hc on tiktok and i loved it sm so i decided to write it. @ameliasbitvh & @angel4you proofread this 🙄
word count: 3,546
cw: physical and mental abuse, transphobia/queerphobia, shit fic title
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Tumblr media
Regulus was never connected to the gender he was assigned to at birth.
He always felt like an intruder, an imposter if you will.
He didn’t feel at all like he was in the right body and he was so tired of it.
There were days spent hating himself and trying to suppress the feelings that he simply did not feel like a girl. He wasn’t, he wasn’t a girl.
He kept telling himself that as long as he was confident with this message that everyone else would see it too. Maybe they would understand.
As it happens, as if being part of a family that was practically royal and rich in superiority complexes wasn’t bad enough, Regulus had come to the realisation that maybe he wasn’t a girl at quite a young age.
Sometimes he would scream that he wanted to be a boy. A boy was who he was. Why should he pretend to be something that wasn’t true? Why lie?
“Mummy, I don’t want to be a girl!” a seven year old Regulus found himself declaring. The dramatics in which he had made his statement was almost applause worthy.
He had come down dressed up in Sirius’ boy clothes. They were only a little too big for him, what with the one year age gap, but his brother couldn’t even be mad at him. He looked adorable, and if that was who he was, why fuss?
He had also attempted to chop off all of his hair and Walburga almost had a heart attack. It was uneven and decidedly quite messy.
Walburga was not at all happy with Regulus’ sudden backbone. Her ’daughter’ would always remain her daughter - she could never be a boy, that was unnatural and quite frankly, she wanted a girl. She wanted to teach her the things her mother had taught her.
She flashed her eyes dangerously, and her grey eyes that virtually every Black family member possessed were now dark and there was a thunderstorm forming in them, they were so clouded and so alike a thunderstorm that you could practically hear the thunder, the lightning and the clouds opening themselves up to allow a flow of rain that didn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.
“Capella,” she brought her fingers to pinch the bridge of her nose, “you are a girl and you would do well to remember it. That is who you are and that will never change. Merlin forbid you should try to think and act otherwise.”
Regulus died a little inside that day. And then every day after that.
He was not Capella. He was never Capella Arcturus Black. If anything, with a middle name like Arcturus, surely they were expecting another boy? Surely that was not a ‘girly’ middle name?
His mother’s straight up refusal of his identity brought him misery and woe.
As did his deadname. He would have to find a better name that fit him. He would have to find a better way to be more comfortable with himself and if Walburga was so intent on her children having star names, then perhaps he would have one. Perhaps that would show her.
The day of his coming out, seven year old Regulus talked back.
He was never supposed to talk back but he couldn’t help but get angry and let a “But-“ slip.
The woman whipped out her wand so quickly, aiming for Regulus and getting ready to hurl spells at him. Used to this, Sirius knew what was coming and threw himself in front of his little brother before she could cast the Cruciatus curse, screaming out a “No!” when it hit him.
No one was going to hurt his little brother. Sirius had prevented that from happening more times than he could even count - there had been times where Regulus had broken something, or shouted something that wasn’t meant to be heard that Sirius took the blame for. And Regulus admired him for that. He was so obsessed with the idea of being just like Sirius, a warm, courageous person who was too pure, too good for this house.
He lived up to Toujours Pur in the most simple way possible. It wasn’t in the fucked up way that everyone had adapted as morally correct: Sirius Black was possibly one of the only people to stand his ground and not conform to the values that the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black held so dear. And he had done so ever since he knew what right and wrong was.
“You don’t want to turn into your Uncle Alphard, do you?” Walburga sneered after she left Sirius twitching slightly on the ground, satisfied by the fact that one of them had been disciplined at least.
Sirius gave himself a minute, kicking Regulus slightly to warn him not to answer and then when he stood up, crouched and bent over because of the back pain his mother had afflicted, he bit back more attitude than he could handle and replied with an eye roll and a question: “What was so wrong with him?”
But of course, he was used to the abuse that was coming to him and managed to dodge a swing and a slap on the face admiringly well for someone who was just laying down all helpless several minutes ago.
“He was a queer!” she spat, as though the mouth in which she had spoken that word needed to be washed out with soap. Being queer was vile, disgusting and no child of hers should be anything of the wrong sort.
With innocent eyes, sudden urges of strength and spot on reflexes, Sirius was practically on the floor again, ducking down when he asked with an insinuating tone, “He’s still our uncle, isn’t he?”
The fury in which Walburga replied was unmatched. “Only by blood,” she said, “but he means nothing to us.”
She spat and she cursed everywhere, but the boys were nowhere to be found.
And when Regulus was ten years old with more patience and courage, he tried telling his mother who he was again. She wasn’t going to listen, he was sure of that. But he needed to tell her. He needed to let it out somehow.
Sirius was off to Hogwarts and would not be around to protect him, so this was arguably the most stupid idea he had ever had. His big brother had always stuck up for him and supported him emotionally and physically in ways that the Black family simply could not comprehend and without him, Regulus was a lost little ten year old.
The Blacks were bad eggs, but everyone knew that somehow Sirius had to be different. He had to disobey tradition, and cause havoc during important meetings and it was probably caused by Andromeda’s (Sirius’ and Regulus’ favourite cousin) rebellious streak that had happened no less than a few years ago.
In spite of this, he tried again.
“Mother,” he said, with more manners and a near to perfected regal tone, having the classic Black family attire and attitude forced down his throat, “I beg of you to understand who I am. And I beg of you to accept it. I am not a girl, I am a boy.”
She said nothing, and had tortured him quite a lot that day.
Orion had always been kept in the dark about this whole ordeal, about the so-called problem Walburga couldn’t seem to fix and Regulus decided that was better. His father would face him with more punishments he was not mentally equipped to handle.
What hurt him the most was not the curses and the verbal abuse, it was that he had spent all of his life unaccepted by everyone but his brother and Andromeda (who treated the two brothers as sons more than anyone else). They had always loved her because she had always made the effort to love and understand them.
And whilst he got hugs, kisses and praises from Sirius and Andy for coming out, he got battered and bruised just for asking the most simple questions: Why can’t I be a boy? Why is that so hard for me to say? Why, oh why, Mother, do you hate me so much?
Regulus was most looking forward to just one more year, or for the one Christmas that Sirius would come home and help him figure himself out.
Christmas had always been a favourite holiday of his because he and his brother had their own silly traditions of making forts and hiding away from the rest of the family as they partook in formal and fancy dinner parties. In the meanwhile, Sirius would make up childish stories and talk of foolish myths that were probably true, but farfetched all the same. The wizarding world could not be restricted to the same old mentioned magical creatures, like werewolves, vampires and unicorns. Newt Scamander told the world of this, but they didn’t really listen.
When Sirius came back for Christmas in his first year, he was more relaxed. More reckless.
It had only been three months but still, he was easily influenced. Regulus reckoned the reasoning behind this was because Sirius had truly had an encounter with happiness since joining Hogwarts and he didn’t want to let go of it.
And that saddened him because he wouldn’t know what it felt like for another year yet.
Even so, Sirius' exuberance and content could never stay for long.
Not only was the house gut wrenching and joy snatching, but his mother was the root of the coldness and evil that would lay in the house for as long as she could control it and the fact that Sirius was the second person to be sorted out of Slytherin was all too much for her.
She went through the house blasting every single thing she could find, and when her wrath was over, she flicked her wand and all the antique possessions she had acquired had been repaired.
Thank Merlin for magic.
“You were sorted into Gryffindor!” Walburga bellowed, hurtling both verbal and non verbal magic at her eldest son. Who treats their child like this? Sirius thought. Sirius was scrambling and only managed to swerve her reach a few times. He was getting complacent with his talent to avoid her, and so was slapped and whacked more times than Regulus could even count. He was watching from afar, knowing that at any given moment Sirius could just say he had had enough and run. And Regulus was going to be there for him.
Their mother seethed and seethed all day, screaming and censuring for the life of her, as if she would blow up with the amount of rage she had been upholding for months.
“This is improper behaviour!” she hissed, “You have brought shame on this family far too many times to count. But now what are you doing? Conspiring with mudbloods, and those alike? With muggle and impure filth! I have never been more ashamed! When I had heard from your cousin Bellatrix, I wanted to cry!”
Bellatrix was standing right behind Walburga, smirking evilly and she looked murderously happy to have been the root of Sirius’ pain. When she had arrived there, Sirius did not know. He did not want to.
Regulus snuck away from the scene that was slowly finishing and he made his way to the drawing room, knowing that Sirius was most likely to run there in the aftermath of a fight with his family. There was a fireplace there and it was easy to make a quick getaway. His brother, since meeting his new best friend, James, had been introduced to new ways to escape, and he had been offered a place to go to that wasn’t the dastardly house he had been forced to call home for so many years.
Sirius had excitedly told Regulus of this the moment he was out of earshot of his parents when they had escorted him from the train station the day before.
“I can escape, brother! And you can come with me!” he said giddily.
The boys had not been treated kindly for most of their lives, but they had no one to turn to. The introduction to new friends and a new environment that wasn’t toxically crowded by his family had been good for Sirius, and he only hoped his brother would get the same sort of experience. There was only so much that could be excused for discipline or tough love.
And when Sirius arrived in the drawing room and shut the door with a bang!, his robes were flying all over the place and was as wild as his hair that was beginning to grow. Regulus practically shoved him into the fireplace and threw the powder for him, screaming for him to leave as quickly as he could.
Walburga and Bellatrix had chased after him as soon as he had decided to make his leave, and as the door opened once more, Sirius grabbed his brother by the cuff of his neck and took him along with him, screaming for the Potter Mansion.
It was not the wisest move for the pair of them to travel there together, but Sirius refused to let go of Regulus. He refused to leave him.
And miraculously, if miracles even existed, Regulus wasn’t sure, they both ended up where Sirius had intended them to.
“What were you playing at?” Regulus asked. He was shocked and panting from being shoved in and out of a fireplace to travel miles, bending over to grab onto the baggy area of his trousers around his kneecaps. “I will have to go back there when you go back to school and I will probably-”
“Brother,” Sirius interrupted him with the acknowledgement of what he was to him, “I will not allow that to happen.”
Sirius would never have normally called him ‘Brother’ but as Regulus still pondered over the name he was going to go by, Sirius decided that was way better than his deadname.
The living room was originally quiet and neat, but it was now covered in soot and there were three people (a man, woman and child) that immediately came downstairs due to the hubbub and was the cause of the frantic shouting that was met by Sirius crying out, “I AM SIRIUS ORION BLACK AND I AM HERE WITH MY LITTLE BROTHER!”
And then the noise died down instantly.
There was silence for a brief moment before there was a voice that was high pitched and similar to Sirius’.
“SIRIUS!” and without warning, the boy who had just spoken tackled Sirius to the ground and Regulus gasped.
“Don’t worry,” Sirius assured him with a muffled voice, trapped underneath his best friend, “this is my best friend. He’s called James.”
“James?” said the voice of a man who looked older than the typical father of only one child, “Son, aren’t you going to introduce us to the two people who have arrived here unprompted?”
“Oh.” James got up and immediately helped Sirius up, and grabbed Regulus’ hand, dragging both of them over to his parents. “This,” he pointed to Sirius, “is the Sirius I was telling you guys about, remember? And this is…”
He was unsure of what to say. What was Sirius’ brother’s name?
“This is my brother,” Sirius slung an arm around Regulus and even though there was not much of a height difference, you could tell that Sirius so desperately wanted there to be.
The woman spoke this time with fondness in her eyes and instant adoration as if Regulus was the new family dog, “Does he have a name?”
Sirius cleared his throat and pretended as though he hadn’t heard that question, unsure about whether or not his brother was okay with strangers he had just met knowing about his personal life when he had the option to start over and just introduce himself as a boy. Sirius looked nonchalant and was looking around at the room, trying to pass off as genuinely interested in it so that he was not forced to answer the question for Regulus.
“I don’t think I should tell you,” Regulus said shyly, “I don’t know if-”
“James is a friend,” Sirius reassured him, “and I’m sure his parents don’t-”
“What’s wrong?” James frowned.
“I don’t have a name,” Regulus went red and turned to face Sirius to bury himself in Sirius’ clothes, “I used to be a girl.”
“He wasn’t a girl,” Sirius told the others, “he was simply assigned the wrong gender at birth. You see, he’s a boy, but-”
The older Potter man cut in, “So he’s transgender?”
And Regulus nodded, still red and hiding.
“Oh,” James said, smiling in obvious support and a sudden urge to hug him, but he reckoned that would probably be weird.
“My mum makes me dress like a girl and she always says I’m not a boy,” Regulus began to cry and Sirius wrapped his arms around his little brother, feeling like he had to protect him with his life (as he had done before).
“Here are my parents,” James gestured to his parents, trying to relieve the sadness by nodding his head at his mother, “this is Euphemia Potter, my wonderful mother.” He then pointed over to his father, “And this is Fleamont Potter, my amazing father!”
Sirius smiled, patting his brother’s back and telling the others that it was wonderful to meet them. He then said, “I’m sorry to drop in without telling you, James. It’s just that we had to get out of that house.”
And it was then that everyone realised the purple marks on Sirius’ face and on Regulus’.
“What are those marks?” Euphemia asked, immediately regretting overstepping but finding her motherly instincts to have jumped out at the sight of the two boys.
“Uh,” Sirius pondered over what was okay to say. “From our punishments, ” he mumbled out.
The Potters’ eyes all widened in shock.
With straight up refusal and several rescue missions to attain belongings and give the Black parents a good talking to, it was decided that Regulus and Sirius did not belong at the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, and they were brought to stay at the Potter Mansion.
Regulus and Sirius tried to argue against it, they tried to say that maybe going back wouldn’t be all too bad (although they knew it would be), but Euphemia was especially fierce and strict on her decision.
“She won’t go back on it mate,” James told Sirius a week after his mother had announced they would be staying, “she’s too stubborn for that.”
Regulus could no longer be jealous of Sirius’ renewed mental state because he had told him that he wasn’t completely happy again, he was just trying.
And trying to be happy was more than enough.
It was the first step.
And the boy now knew who he was.
He was Regulus Black.
And because of all of the love and the pampering, he was sorted into Gryffindor under his new name, his real name knowing that there was more to life than being born to serve forces that were not to be reckoned with. And there was more to life than being born to die.
There were things to fight for, and people to love.
He knew all of this despite all of the things he had been taught by the Blacks. The things he had been taught there were in the process of being unlearnt. He did not want anything to do with them.
When he got to the Gryffindor Common Room for the first time, there was the burning desire to walk up the stairs that led to the girls’ dormitory, to see whether he would be allowed access there. He had to know.
“What are you doing?” yelled a redhead girl, “You’re a boy, that’s not allowed!”
But Regulus ignored her, taking a deep breath of new air and closing his eyes, as though he was preparing for a fight he already knew he had no chance of winning.
He started to walk up there calmly, praying to whatever he believed in to confirm that he did not belong in the girl’s dormitory.
As though prayers were that easy to grant, he didn’t even make it to the third step before the stairs turned into a cool, stone slide that forced him to go back down.
Though this was a triumph for the girl, Regulus was perhaps more glad that it didn’t work.
“I warned you,” she said smugly.
“Shut it, Evans,” Sirius sniped back, taking Regulus away by holding onto his shoulders and steering him towards the boys’ dormitory.
He then took him to his first-year dorm and gave him the biggest hug of his life, rubbing the palm of his hand up and down his spine in the most warm and loving way possible.
“Welcome home, Regulus. You’re going to love it here.” Sirius whispered, holding onto his embrace and practically squeezing his little brother.
The smile on the younger boy’s face was so wide that Sirius could practically feel it against his shoulder.
This was happiness, love and acceptance.
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crystal-dee · 2 months ago
Sirius Black x Fem!Reader
word count: 1k
summary: you’re insecure about the marks on your body, and sirius shows you how much he really loves them.
warnings: body/stretch mark worship, emotional hurt/comfort, words of affirmation, fluffy smut, light breast play, oral sex (fem!receiving). not proofread.
You felt the soft pads of his fingers along the inside of your thighs, trailing diagonally across your skin as though following an invisible path. One of your hands was filled with his wild curls, and you continuously threaded your fingers through it, and you relished in the closeness of his body against yours, the warmth of his breath on your neck and the ways his supple fingers danced across your skin.
You lifted your head when you heard his murmured words, “I love these.” You watched him trail the grooves embedded in your skin; some purple or red or white; a feeling of both delight and uncertainty fluttered in your stomach.
He sat up from his spot on the bed, and one large hand spread your legs further, revealing even more of the glossy streaks that travelled further up only to be hidden by your boy shorts. He bent down, his curly tresses falling from your fingers curl by curl, and he pressed his cheek to your scarred skin. His other hand still tracing the marks on your other thigh and slowly creeping upwards. “I love your body, puppy. And your body looks the way it does because of these marks.” He pushed the fabric of your knickers aside to reveal even more of the scars. They lined your hips, and he could just barely see the way they travelled to your bum. He trailed kisses along the inside of your thigh and up to your hip before cautiously removing the t-shirt you were wearing. He gently traced the scars below one of your breasts with one long finger, then outlined the ones on the side, all the while saying, “You are the most beautiful person in the world.”
Your stomach flutters when he leaves open-mouthed kisses on your breasts, and you let out a shaky breath when he swirls one nipple into his mouth.
His hands are on your thighs, hips, and bum, alternating between a gentle and possessive grip. You’re slightly disoriented, and you take a minute to understand what he’s asking you when he says, “Can I take these off?”
His fingers are hooked in the waistband of your panties, and his mouth is nipping at your neck when you breathe a shaky “yes.”
He tugs your knickers down your legs and chucks them somewhere on the floor. You're exposed, and your instinct is to press your thighs together, but Sirius's hands are already pushing them apart.
You watch him from your propped up position at the headboard, the way the tendons along his hands protrude each time they flex when he grips you a bit tighter, and the way his curls brush his bare shoulders. He looks at your centre–bare and throbbing dully–with a look like he could devour you whole, and he licks his lips.
He bends down, his nose just barely nudging your clit, and he smiles when a breathy moan escapes your lips. You’re full of impatient anticipation, and pride swells in Sirius’ chest. His mouth finds the marks along your inner thighs that travel all the way to the apex of your legs–the ones you’re most insecure about–and you shudder when you feel his tongue trace each one. One of your hands find the curls that lay at the tops of his head, and you grip them for some sort of stability as his tongue skitters around where you want him most.
“They’re beautiful, y’know,” his words are muffled as he continues to nip at your skin, “wouldn’t want you any other way, baby. You hear me?”
“Yes,” you sigh.
His thumb finds the small bundle of nerves that’s been aching for his touch, and you moan when he starts rubbing small circles upon it. He presses kisses to your stomach, and his hair tickles your skin as he travels further up your torso.
He treats the scars along your breasts the same as the ones along your thighs. Caressing each one with his tongue lovingly, all the while paying rapt attention to the way you buck into his hand when his gentle circles are a bit firmer, and the way your sweet voice breathes soft moans of "Sirius" and "Please" and "More", and each time he swears he’s falling for you a little harder than he was the last time.
He leaves your breasts and places a soft kiss at your jaw, murmuring, “such a pretty puppy,” before he’s back between your thighs again. He removes his thumb from your clit and replaces it with his tongue. His fingers are back to gripping your thighs, and he pulls you impossibly closer to him; your thighs are over his shoulders, now–the only way he likes eating you out– and your hands are at his hair, gripping and pulling because "more." And he gives you more. His tongue circles your entrance and explores your lips while his nose continuously nudges at your clit.
Your hips start grinding against his face of their own accord, and he knows you're nearing your release. But he knows you, and he knows you need permission, so that's what he grants you. "You're close, pup. Cum on my tongue." His mouth suctions around you, you feel his tongue enter you and his nose press against you even harder all at once, and you feel you're orgasm surface, and you're taken over the edge; your thighs tremble and try to clamp shut, trapping Sirius's head, and he doesn't try to push you away because you know he likes it, and you're gripping his hair so tight, and you're mewling.
His nose continues to nudge against your clit and his tongue gently laps at your centre until he's sure your orgasm has subsided. Your vision is slightly blurred, your head is fuzzy, and you're so tired. You watch Sirius with lazy eyes as his face emerges from between your thighs; he's smiling, your release covers him from his chin to his nose, and you can't stop the smile that tugs at your own lips.
"Look at you," he grins. He wipes his face with the back of his hand, and he looks down at you, sweaty and subby and so fucking beautiful; his heart can't take it, so he grasps your jaw between his hand and kisses you, long and hard. "I love you," still looking at you, his hand finds the marks on your thighs, and he sighs, "And I love these too."
tags: @kaqua @mypainistemporary @emmaev @pinkandblueblurbs@zzzfour @thatlaufeydottir @6iana @ReignTheHighSeas @marimorena06 @fizzleberries @roonilwazlibswhore @bloodymary7814 @kyara91 @hereforsmutonly @sprucewoodlover @katmoonz @eunoniaa
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theoreticslut · 6 months ago
Mutually Curious // g.w.
george weasley x reader
requested: for @anxiousblanketqueen’s bday wc
word count: 3.8k
warnings: 18+ themes, mutual masturbation, slight dom/sub roles 
A/N: hey loves! I’ve been wanting to post this one for like a week and I just never got around to it because finals are seriously kicking my ass. I am so stressed and so tired and I just want it all to be over with. But i also really wanted to get this out before Jill’s bday on wednesday (you should totally check out her blog and participate in her bday sleepover 💗) ! Ideally, I wanted to get all the fics out for her bday wc before her bday, but alas that is not happening. Oh well, she’ll just get some late presents 😂💗 Anyways, I hope you enjoy this!! Xx
You truly enjoyed days like this - where you had nowhere to go or nothing to do. You could simply lay around all day and do whatever you pleased without feeling guilty that you were avoiding something else.
What made days like this even better is when they were spent with your best friend, George. You two had been inseparable since second year, ever since you got seated next to each other in Charms class.
Throughout the decade you’ve known each other, your friendship has evolved in some rather beautiful ways. It started with pulling pranks and just having fun in each other’s company. Then you guys started sharing secrets and deep late-night thoughts. Eventually, nothing was off-limits for the two of you to talk about.
You both were just so comfortable with the other that it wasn’t odd to share intimate details that you’d hesitate to tell others. You knew each other inside and out, ranging from the basics of favourite colours and foods, to the more advanced knowledge of deepest fears and wishes, all the way to the ultimate comfort level of knowing each other’s preferences and stories from the bedroom. You just felt completely at ease talking to George no matter what the topic was, and he reciprocated that ease.
You two never run out of things to talk about, though, as you’re always finding out more about yourselves, whether that’s a new kink you want to explore or a new fact you learned.
Today was no different. Without even thinking about it, you’re voicing a rather interesting segway question.
“You know what I’ve kind of always wanted to try?”
“What’s that, darling?” George asks, looking up at you as he’s laid down by your feet.
“Masturbating with someone.”
You can just barely hear him let out a groan before he’s humming out an answer.
“Yeah. I just wonder what it’d be like, you know, being intimate and vulnerable like that without necessarily touching the other. Not that you couldn’t touch the other, though.”
You watch as he seems to think about your statement for a couple seconds, nodding lightly.
“Yeah, it’d definitely be interesting. I mean, it’s fun to tease your partner that way - you know, not letting them touch themselves while you get yourself off - but I’ve never really thought about both people masturbating.”
“I don’t know what I’d think about it.” You admit.
“I feel like it could be embarrassing, but at the same time it really does sound like fun.”
Frowning in thought, you lean back to look at the ceiling. You can only imagine what it’d be like to masturbate with someone present. All of that attention on you, basically putting you in a spotlight. You’re not so sure about that.
“Why do you think it’d be embarrassing?” George frowns as he props himself up to look at you. He’s known you long enough now to know that you don’t get embarrassed very easily. Why would you find mutual masturbation embarrassing? It’s not like you would be the only one doing it.
“I don’t know. I guess I’m thinking I might feel too exposed?” You sigh.
“Being naked in front of a guy, touching myself, having him watch? Like with sex at least his hands are on me so his attention is a bit divided. I’m not under his full gaze, you know?”
He hums, thinking about your words. He could understand how it could be uncomfortable to have a person’s undivided attention, but at the same time he thinks it sounds pretty great - having your attention solely on him as he strokes himself. And just the idea of getting to watch you pleasure yourself has him excited, his cock twitching happily in his trousers.
“We could always try it?” He offers, not hesitating to share his thought.
“What?” You ask, a bit incredulously, sitting up to look at him, meeting his gaze almost immediately.
“I mean, if you want to. It’s not like we haven’t talked about doing things with each other before, and we’d just be getting ourselves off. We wouldn’t have to touch each other if you didn’t want to.” He explains as he rubs at the back of his neck, clearing his throat as his cock grows at the idea of watching you squirm as you come undone in front of him.
You can’t help the little needy whine that escapes your lips, cheeks growing warm at the idea. You’ve only thought of George in bed with you at least a thousand times by now. There’s no way of stopping the thoughts of his cock and what it’d look and feel like from running through your head.
“And we’re already comfortable with each other, yeah? That could help you not feel so embarrassed.” he offers, hoping you agree. He’s only dreamt of you a thousand times by now, picturing what your body looks like and what your moans and whines sound like. It’s not uncommon for him to pop a boner at the thought of you. 
You nod, understanding his thoughts. Honestly, there’s no one else you could imagine trying this with. While you’re embarrassed at the idea of your best friend seeing you naked and so vulnerable, the idea excites you to no end. You already felt safe with him, so why try this with anyone else?
“What do you say, y/n? You want to try it?”
You nod, a small whimper falling from your lips as you do. You never thought that you’d ever actually do anything with George, but Merlin have you wanted to. That’s one of the only downfalls of being so close with george - you can’t help but get turned on and want to see how true his stories are when he shares them with you.
“Y-yeah. Do you?”
“Godric, yes.” He moans, nearly panting already as he never turns his attention from you. If you thought you got turned on by his stories, you should try paying attention to him more when you tell yours. He’s constantly hiding an erection and trying to not pounce on you and make you his.
“O-okay.” You smile, already blushing as you gently chewing on your bottom lip as you figure out what to do first.
You figure that you should probably both undress first, so you cautiously grab the hem of your shirt, his eyes trained on you as he sits up.
Smiling and gently biting on your bottom lip, you slowly lift up the material to reveal your simple black bra to him, not able to stop the soft giggles from your lips as he groans.
“We’ve barely started and you’re already teasing me?”
“Not teasing you yet, Georgie. I’m just undressing.” You smirk, removing your shirt from your body.
He moans, eyes roaming over your exposed skin. Sure he’s seen your skin before while you wear shorter clothes in the summer, but watching you undress in this context for him is something he just can’t get over. He knows he’s not the first person to see your body, but that doesn’t matter when he’s the one who gets to see it right now.
“You’re so beautiful, darling. You know that, don’t you?”
You smile, a blush on your cheeks as you take in his words. You’ve been told by a number of people that you’re beautiful, but hearing it from George’s lips is otherworldly. It feels so much more sincere and intimate coming from him.
George smiles, watching as you melt at his words. He’s loving how absolutely adorable you currently look with a blush on your cheeks half undressed for him.
“Keep undressing, baby. I want to see you.” He urges, leaning back a little to spread his legs.
“Aren’t you going to?”
“Eventually, I promise. I want you to show me your beautiful body first. Can you do that for me, baby?” He asks, trying his best to contain a groan. Seeing you so vulnerable and pouty is more attractive than he would have thought.
You nod, smiling as you watch his eyelids droop in pleasure, a low moan passing through his lips.
You slowly untie the drawstrings on your sweatpants, smirking as his eyes follow every movement of your hands.
Carefully, you trail your hands over your body on top of your bottoms, enjoying the needy whimper that leaves George’s mouth. You grab at your inner thighs, purposefully avoiding your sex, loving the way that George is squirming in his spot.
Smirking, you slip your hands under the waistband of your pants, finally pulling them off your legs.
“Fuck, darling.” George groans, head lolling backwards.
He can’t help the grunt that leaves his lips at the soft giggles rising from your chest. He’s trying his best to behave, but all he wants is to take control of you.
“Georgie, you’re not watching.” You giggle, teasingly pulling the straps of your bra down off your shoulders.
“You’re being a tease, darling.”
“I would never, Georgie.” You smirk, loving the way his eyes darken at the sight of your bra straps hanging around your arms.
“No one likes a liar, y/n. Behave, angel, or maybe I’ll just leave you to get yourself off in front of me. Won’t let you see me.”
You whine, thighs clenching together at his threat as a pout forms on your puffy lips. George had mentioned he was pretty dominate, but you never expected it to be so hot, nor could you ever truly picture it. 
“No. George, please don’t. I’m being a good girl. I promise.”
Whining at his dark chuckle, you watch as he situates himself a bit on the bed.
“Show me then. Show me how good you’re being.”
You nod, unclipping your bra and tossing it across the room. You grope at your breasts, a moan falling from your lips at the pure pleasure of it.
You hate to admit it, but from the moment george offered to try this, you had gotten extraordinarily aroused. You needed relief and you were finally getting some from your touch against your breasts.
“Such pretty tits, baby.” He praises, eyes glued to your chest and the way you wriggle under your own ministrations.
“Why don’t you take one of your hands, angel, and touch yourself through your panties? I bet your wet already, yeah?”
You whine, trailing your right hand down your body to the waistband of your panties, teasing it gently. You slide your pointer finger just under the band, enough to lift it from your skin and send shivers throughout your body, before you let it softly snap against your body.
“You like teasing yourself, darling?” George asks, restraining from touching you himself.
He just wants to see how wet you are. The idea of a wet spot growing on your panties while you rub yourself has him nearly wild.
You smirk, chewing on your bottom lip as you start to touch yourself, your fingers against your heat feeling amazing.
“Oh, George. Feels so good.” You moan, eyes shutting and head falling back against the pillows.
“I bet it does, darling. I bet you want to finger yourself right now, yeah?”
“Yes. Yes, George. I do.”
“Well wait a minute now, okay? You want to watch me undress, yeah?”
You nod lazily, trying your hardest to prop your head back up through your initial wave of pleasure.
He smiles, loving your blissed out face already as he lifts off his shirt. He smirks as he hears you hum in admiration.
Once off, he tosses it onto the floor and turns his attention back to you. He can’t help but chuckle as he watches your eyes trail over his torso. He knows he’s fit, having played quidditch for years, but having you admire his body has his ego rapidly inflating.
He carefully undoes the button on his jeans, slowly undoing the zipper and watching as you watch his every move.
He groans as he notices you slowly start rubbing your fingers over your pussy through your panties.
“So pretty for me, darling. Touching yourself while I undress. You’re so pretty, but you’re needy, yeah? Can’t even wait ‘til I’m out of my trousers.”
He smirks at the whine that leaves your lips, watching as your fingers slow down and you squeeze your legs together.
“M sorry, Georgie.”
“Don’t apologize, darling. I like how needy you are.” He smiles, watching you with pure adoration.
You blush at his words, unaware that he’s watching you intently as you watch his hands.
You whine as he slowly pulls off his pants, his boxers coming right along with them. You nearly drool as you watch his cock spring free from their constraints, and the groan that leaves George’s lips alongside it is pure heaven.
“Can you take off your panties, baby girl? Please?”
You nod, carefully hooking your fingers under the material on each of your hips, before swiftly sliding them down your legs, leaving you bare in front of your best friend.
“Godric you’re so pretty. Knew you would be, but bloody hell, darling.”
You blush, a whine slipping past your lips as he chuckles, grabbing the base of his cock.
“Fuck, baby. Show me how you make yourself feel good.”
You start at your chest again, softly groping each of your breasts and rolling your nipples between your fingers. You sigh gently at the feeling, registering George’s heavy panting across from you.
You carefully open your eyes to look at him, finding it difficult due to the pleasure coursing through your body.
You watch as he slowly strokes his cock, rubbing his thumb over the slit for a second or so whenever he reaches the top. Moaning softly at the sight, you slowly start trailing your hand down your body towards your sex.
Bucking against your hand as you reach your clit, you listen as George hisses, drawing your attention to him.
You watch as he grips his cock a bit tighter, his eyes closing gently in pleasure, falling backwards.
“You look so handsome, Georgie. Love when you throw your head back.” You giggle, loving the groan that leaves him and the small smile that forms on his face.
“You’ll be the death of me, y/n. The absolute death of me.” He smiles, watching as you blush and close your eyes gently while you play with your clit. This feels so much better than you could have imagined, your pussy already so wet and fluttering for george.
“Oh, George!” You gasp as you slip your middle finger past your folds, not thinking much about your actions anymore. whatever felt good is what you were doing.
“Ohhh, feels so good.” You mumble, starting to finger yourself as George watches intently, throat going dry. He wants nothing more than to take over for you, to finger you himself and to maybe get a taste. It’s taking everything in him to hold back, wanting to watch you pleasure yourself.
He watches as your fingers speed up, drawing you closer and closer to your release, moans and whimpers falling freely from your lips.
Before either of you truly realize it, you’re gasping as you come undone in front of him. You can feel your wetness seeping out of your cunt as the haze of pleasure slowly clears from your mind.
“That was so hot, baby.” George states, mouth softly closing as he watches you come to, his cock throbbing as he’s close to release himself just from watching you. 
“Oh, George. Y-you haven’t cum.” You pout, looking over his face as he scoffs.
“I don’t care, darling. Seeing you come undone was more than enough.”
“C-can I touch you? I want to finger you, baby. Please?” He asks, cutting you off from whatever argument you were going to give.
“You want to finger me?” You ask, a little surprised at his bluntness.
George nods enthusiastically, practically drooling at the idea. He can just imagine how warm and soft you must feel.
“C-can I touch you?”
“Merlin, please. Yes, y/n. Please touch me.” He begs, finding it hard to wait for your answer.
“Okay then. Go ahead, Georgie.” You blush, biting on your bottom lip as he practically pounces on you, fingers quickly finding your folds and running through them.
You jolt at the sudden friction, your previous orgasm having left you more sensitive than you realized.
“Hold on, George.” You gasp, grabbing a hold of his wrist to stop his ministrations.
“Are you okay? Did I do something wrong?”
“Didn’t do anything wrong, baby boy, I’m just sensitive. Need you to give me a second.” You explain, trying to catch your breath.
He nods, breath catching in his throat at the pet name. He’s had women be more dominant with him, but none have ever called him that. He never realized just how nice it could sound, but he’s sure it only sounds so nice because you spoke it. Regardless, he wants to hear you say it again.
“Okay, Georgie. Start gentle, please.”
“Like this?” He asks, his fingers barely touching you as he circles your entrance, occasionally dancing up to play with your clit.
“Just like that. Feels so good, baby. You can add a little more pressure if you want.”
You gasp, nodding as he increases the pressure in which he touches you.
“So good, Georgie.” You sigh, slowly reaching out for his cock between the two of you.
“C-can you call me that again?” He asks a bit bashfully, shivering as you faintly circle his tip with your finger.
“Call you what?”
“B-aby boy.” He gasps, your hand grasping around him tighter.
“Oh? You like that name, do you? Like being called baby boy?” You giggle, stroking his cock slowly.
“Yes.” He groans, bucking into your hand.
“Alright, Georgie, baby. You’re doing so good, but you can speed up now if you’d like to baby boy.”
He nods, finally taking control of your pleasure now that he knows you’re okay. He sighs as he can smell, and practically taste you, wanting more than anything to do so.
You quicken your movements on his cock as you feel yourself clench around his fingers. You want, more than anything, to make sure he gets to cum this time around.
“So close, Georgie. I want you to cum with me, baby boy. You think you can do that?”
He nods, bucking once again into your hand as you swipe your thumb over his slit, spreading his pearly precum around.
You can feel him twitch as you smirk, moaning as he leans up to start kissing at your neck.
“George.” You whine, eyes closing at how amazing his lips feel on you.
“Yes, darling?” He smirks.
“Who’s the tease here, now?” You pant, squeezing at his cock as you stroke him, loving as he shivers in pleasure.
“I th-ink it’s still you, baby.” He smirks, nipping at your neck.
“If you’re going to kiss me, can it at least be my lips?” You pout, wanting to kiss him so bad. You’ve always wondered what his lips would feel like against yours.
He chuckles, leaning up a bit further to capture your lips with his, both of you moaning at the sensation.
You can feel him twitch against you as you clench around his fingers, both of you close, but you had a feeling George was closer.
Sighing into the kiss, you squeeze your hand around the base of his cock, gently tracing the outline of his balls as he jolts.
“Fuck!” He groans as he cums, spilling his warm seed onto your thigh as you clench around him again, so close to cumming a second time.
“I’m so close, Georgie. Don’t stop, baby, please.” You beg, still slowly stroking him to milk his release.
With his eyes shut tight, he curls the two fingers inside you, perfectly hitting where you needed him to to send you over the edge.
“Yes, George!” You gasp, coming undone on his fingers.
He groans, eye shooting open although they’re heavy with his own pleasure. There’s no way he’s going to miss watching you cum around his fingers.
“So...pretty. So pretty, angel.” He mumbles, completely blissed out from his own release and then watching yours.
He sighs as he gently removes his fingers from your sex, groaning as he stuffs them into his mouth.
You both lay there for a few minutes, him laying practically on top of you as you both regain your energy and catch your breaths.
He’s the first to look up at you, admiring the post-coital state you’re in - happily playing with his hair and thinking with a soft smile fixed on your lips.
“So? What did you think?” He murmurs, watching you for your reaction.
You smile as you look down at his face, taking in how tired he looks.
“It was amazing, George. Something I’d definitely be willing to do again.”
“Yeah? I’m glad. I’m thinking next time we go all the way? What do you think?”
“All the way?” You ask him, quirking a brow in amusement.
“After you taste me, we get to see how my dick feels inside you.”
“Oh, so you just want to fuck now, yeah?” You laugh, pausing your hand in his hair as he chuckles, burying his face into your neck in slight embarrassment.
“Well, I’d kind of like to take you out on a date and ask you out if that’d be okay?” he smiles, muffled by your neck as he presses hot kisses to the skin.
“Oh yeah?” You tease, smiling just as he nips at your neck, sending a shiver throughout your body.
“Definitely. Best friends is wonderful, but I think we both know we want more, yeah?” He smiles, watching as you chuckle, a small blush taking over your cheeks.
“Just took us messing around to actually admit it.” He adds.
“Admit what now, Georgie?”
“That I want to be with you, as your boyfriend and maybe more someday. That I love you and always have.” He smiles cheekily, leaning up to kiss you as you giggle, pressing a soft kiss to his lips before pulling away.
“I love you.” You smile, absentmindedly picking up where you left off in playing with his hair.
You both lay in a comfortable silence for a minute or so, basking in each others love and body heat. You never expected your day to turn out like this, but you were glad it did. 
“Thank you for trying this with me, but I agree, next time we go all the way.” 
George chuckles at your words, a smile on his face as he presses a sweet kiss to your lips, his arms wrapping around you as he pulls you in close to him for a short nap.
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angelblacksmith · 2 months ago
Hugs with Fred Weasley would include
Pairing: Fred Weasley x fem!Reader
Warning: fluff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fred loves hugs.
He can literally hug you at any second.
"I missed you so much."
"We haven't seen each other for an hour."
"For a whole hour!"
Fred will drag you away in the hallway.
You can just go to class.
But on the way, a pair of hands intercepts you and drags you into an empty office.
Fred hugs you before going to bed.
Before Quidditch practice.
He considers you his mascot.
In the Gryffindor living room.
Or at the dinner table, his hand will always rest on your shoulder.
Or on the leg.
He's taller than you.
So you just put your head on his shoulder.
Gentle and careful hugs after a quarrel.
Hugs you when you're sad.
Fred is not afraid of the PDA.
That's why he hugs you everywhere.
But if it's inconvenient for you.
Or you don't want to hug so often.
Just tell Fred.
And he immediately treats this with understanding.
And he will stop doing it.
He's just a very loving and amazing boy.
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gotkindabored · 22 days ago
I HC that the Black family has a storeroom in their mansion that houses illegal magical artifacts. Sirius stole a magical flying carpet out of the room when they kicked him out. He likes take the reader on exciting flying dates where they try not to get caught with an illegal flying carpet.
Reader wears his leather jacket and smokes cigarettes that are enchanted to smell and taste of cinnamon and to also not be detrimental to one’s health. Meanwhile, Sirius smokes proper Muggle cigarettes, but he likes the taste of cinnamon on his girl’s mouth.
Cinnamon Sticks
CONTENT: fluff and cigarettes and kisses :) no spell check
NOTES: darling Britt <3 !!! Thank you for sending this in. I love you and your brain. I hope I did this justice! xx (I wrote way more than intended lol)
Tumblr media
The evening shadows expanded into a dark navy blue and black. Only a fading pale stripe across the horizon was the only source of light as the stars had yet to fully appear.
“Finally,” breathed Sirius, looking around to check if there was anyone nearby. “I think we’re good.”
“You’re sure?” She asked, tugging his jacket around her tighter as the chill November breeze washed over them. They rode high up in the sky, nearly touching the fluffy clouds as the carpet was steadily floating and guided by Sirius. “Not particularly in the mood to be thrown into Azkaban.”
“I’m sure I’ll be thrown in before you do, don’t worry, angel.”
“Right.” She rolled her eyes. Instead, she stuck out her hand. “Cig? Please?”
“They’re not even cigarettes,” Sirius replied, his hand shooting down to pull out the white cartridge box. He passed one over to her. “They’re cinnamon sticks — cigarettes for posers.”
He flicked on his lighter, cradling his hand around the flame and watched the tip of the cinnamon stick lit; a faint orange glow shining on her face.
She took a large inhale, then exhaled as puffs of smoke followed. She sighed at the taste. “At least my lungs are pink. Healthy.”
Reaching for his regular cigarettes, a snarky comment ready on his tongue, Sirius stopped, hesitating for a moment once his attention had refocused on her.
She had shifted to lay down on the carpet, eyes closed with a small, content smile that tugged on the corners of her lips as the faint smell of cinnamon wafted around them.
The stars had finally appeared — glittering specs of white scattered across the sky like a shattered mirror, but Sirius could hardly care. It wasn’t worth his time, not really.
Her eyes fluttered open again, staring off to the endless canopy of stars as they reflected back into her glittering hues.
"It's beautiful," she whispered in awe. "The constellations."
Without thinking and gaze never straying, "It really is beautiful, isn't it?"
A nod. Clueless. Then, she lifted the cigarette back to her lips.
However, without hesitation, Sirius leant in, fingers trailing on the sides of her jaw as he tilted her to fully face him.
He kissed her, soft and sweet — the sugary taste of cinnamon coated his lips and teeth.
Soft giggling followed once he broke away briefly, leaning his forehead against hers. He smirked, “What?”
“If you wanted some, you could’ve just asked, poser.”
Sirius barked out sharp laughter, his face aching from just how hard he was smiling as he laid himself down beside.
He nuzzled into her — or rather melting — as an arm wrapped around her waist to pull her closer to him.
This time, she turned her head, kissing him.
Cigarettes, Sirius thought as that sweet taste of cinnamon returned. He should really stop smoking cigarettes. Nicotine never gave him the same rush as she did.
Tumblr media
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l0vely-lupin · a month ago
draco malfoy x plussized!reader
summary: just a little push was all it took for draco to call you his.
warnings: fluff (if i’ve missed any please dm me!)
part 6
a/n: guess who finally wrote :D
Tumblr media
part one
part two
part three
part four
part five
you held up the vial between your fingertips and marveled at it. draco sat next to you with the same expression.
"that one little vial could fix everything. it could save your life if you were moments from dying. merlin's beard, that's amazing." said draco
you hummed in agreement. he was right. it was amazing.
"are you going to take it now?"
you shook your head. "no. i want to save it for something very important. if i didn't, who knows what problem could come when i need it the most?"
"you're right." draco turned to you. "how come you and that potter got it right?"
"i don't know how harry got it, but my father taught me how to make it. we had the extra ingredients to make the potion a year ago. all the instructions in the textbook were incorrect. i didn't use it."
"you're lucky." draco laid on his back, his head falling on your pillow.
you both were in your dorm. draco's paint set was on your work desk as it always was. at this point, you just studied in the library until it was time to go back to your dorm.
you looked down at him.
he was so beautiful. his eyes were closed and he looked peaceful. he was at ease around you. he often fell asleep in your room during late nights or in general really.
your hand brushed his hair from his face and he softened even more into your touch.
mustering up some confidence, you said, "you're pretty. did you know that?"
"you're pretty. did you know that?" he asked.
you slightly blushed, brought your knees up to your chest, and shrugged.
he opened his eyes and turned to you. "you are."
"i guess."
you were surprised by two lengthy arms wrapping around you and a head of blonde hair resting on the side of your waist. "you are."
you laid back, your hair resting itself on the pillows. draco put beads in your hair earlier (and some glitter without your knowledge). draco shifted his head to your stomach.
his arms stayed wrapped around you.
you noticed how you both were getting closer each day. not that you minded, of course.
you got flustered over the smallest things. he shared everything with you. you usually slept with him in the same room everyday now. hell, your heart even fluttered once because he offered you some food from his fork.
at this point you couldn't even control the way you felt. the desire for draco malfoy was so potent that it engulfed you fully to the point where everything became such a muddled blur except him.
he was everything you wanted and more.
losing track of time when in the greenhouse, sneaking out to stargaze at the very top of the astronomy tower, studying while listening to him softly hum the same song that made you feel like honey, lazy hours in your room spent with the both of you just lying there and dozing off several times, tears falling so hard that they hurt while he wrapped his arms around you and kissed your hair...
his lips, oh god his lips.
after about twenty minutes, you both were snoring softly.
the next morning, draco woke and appreciated the lack of sunlight peering through the windows. it was a saturday.
you were still asleep.
somehow, in your sleep, you and draco's legs entwined each other's and he was on top of you, his head laying softly on your chest.
you looked the most peaceful when asleep, he noticed. your hair covered your face and he lightly brushed it away to see it clearly.
you stirred and sleepily opened your eyes.
before you could actually comprehend what was happening, he rolled off, not wanting to make you uncomfortable and looked at your eyes.
those damn eyes, he thought.
you blinked, slightly confused and blushed when you realized what's happened.
"sorry for waking you."
you shook your head and stared at him longingly.
before he could stop himself, he said, "your eyes are so pretty."
blood rushed to your face and you hid it in the pillow.
he slightly stirred. "y/n, what are we?"
you turned to him softly and answered truthfully, "i don't know, draco, but we're not just friends."
"more than just friends?"
"a lot more than just friends."
"best friends?"
"we could be."
"we could be?"
"yes. do you want that?"
"i'd like that. would you?"
your noses were almost touching.
he let his lips meet yours and you melted.
you slightly tasted like mint, despite not having anything in your mouth for seven hours or so, and your lips against his were soft. you both pulled away from one another.
hell, if that was all it took to call you his, he would've done it ages ago.
this was new.
your lips met again, this time his hand softly tangled in your hair, and it lasted for several more seconds. you both had lost the ability to think. when you pulled away, draco grasped your hand and you smiled.
dear, y/n,
hello, my darling!
everything is going absolutely splendid!
i'm happy to hear that you like your gift, it's so very important so try not to lose it.
this letter is rushed because i don't have much time but i'm travelling for work. things have been getting much better here at home, love.
at the moment, i'm in france. i'll be in america next week and i hope for your best wishes, y/n/n.
i miss you and hope to see you soon, also.
love, dad.
you and draco sat in your bed. it was now 9 am. you both haven't left one another yet. your fingers were entwined and you were both under the many blankets on your bed.
it had been freezing.
your mind pleasantly buzzed with delight.
what did you do to earn the privilege?
“thank you.” you said.
he turned and kissed your forehead for the hell of it. “for what?”
“for choosing me when no one else did.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
stream in my feelings by lana del rey
Tumblr media
🏷 tags: @just-a-smol-spoon @littlemissnoname13 @dlmmdl @cvpidsletters @wanniiieeee @spqrkly @samaraaaaa @youreso-golden @princess-jules47
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salazarslytherin · 7 months ago
midnight rendezvous (b.w x y/n)
requested: yes! by @weasleyswizardwheezes1 [i love you arms your writing so uh anything w bill weasley. either smut, angst, fluff, etc. is fine, but could it be on the longer side. please and thank you, no pressure btw :)] send in your own request here
summary: where you and bill have a penchant for meeting in the night
part two here
🃛 masterlist
cw/tw: angst, smut AND fluff babes fem!reader, bill's kind of a dick for a part. sexual tension to the MAX doll. age difference (~6-7 years?) reader IS 18! jic anyone was worried. also i imply reader is short-ish? but in my mind bill is like 6’3-6’5 so he’s massive and like most people would be shorter than him
word count: 5.25k (so i heard u say ‘on the longer side’ and interpreted it as ‘i want a short novel’. hope this satisfies u doll, there'll be one or two?? more parts coming!!)
a/n: requested by @weasleyswizardwheezes1 . hope you like it! pls leave a comment, like or reblog to help boost if you did xx
☯︎ join tag list here
Being the best friend of the Weasley twins definitely had its perks. Spending summers at the Burrow, having a second family that was closer to you than your own, friendly banter that came along with the family.
However, there was an unexpected drawback that came with this.
A drawback by the name of Bill Weasley.
Although in the same year as the twins, you were a year older than Fred and George, meaning you had always felt a little more mature than the two pranksters.
Thus, you felt like you noticed things that the two of them never really noticed. Girls having crushes on them, boys being envious of them, the ways rumours would fly around about the three of you.
The main thing, however, that you felt the two of them didn't notice, was the way Bill treated you.
It wasn't that he'd always been like this. The first few years you'd known the man, he was very nice to you – familial and brotherly, much like the rest of the family had been to you.
However, sometime in fifth year, things changed.
You arrived at the Burrow with the twins for Christmas, ready to be welcomed by the family you'd come to call your own, but was left feeling hurt, weirdly hollow.
Every Weasley had welcomed you with open arms, except Bill. Harry, the only other non-Weasley around, was embraced heartily by the curse-breaker, but you were given a sharp nod, and nothing more.
Confused, you shook it off, moving to sit next to George, his arm wrapped around your waist as you snuggled into him. Fred landed on your other side, passing you a mug of hot cocoa as he landed a kiss on the top of your head, arm enveloping your shoulders with a tight squeeze.
Surrounded by the younger Weasleys as you watched Ginny, Ron and Harry play a game of Exploding Snap, you felt an intense gaze on you, looking up to see the four oldest Weasleys sat around the dining table, watching all of you.
You caught Bill's eyes, sending him a familiar smile, but was ignored as the man took a sip of his coffee, turning to look out the window instead.
Your hurt was short-lived as Fred leaned into whisper a soft quip into your ear, letting out a laugh, turning to relay the same quip to George.
The rest of the trip went similarly – every time you attempted to catch Bill's eye, to hold a proper conversation, he'd ignore you, or brush you off, pretending that he had something else to do.
The day all of you left the Burrow to go back to Hogwarts, Bill had even left the group before you could say goodbye to him, and you could only be left wondering, what did you do?
Now that you've graduated, you were relishing in the last summer you could spend in the Burrow as a teenager without the pressure of work hovering over you.
Determined to have the best time you possibly could with your 'family', your days were consumed by pranks with the twins, quidditch with the family, and helping Molly bake.
Yet, you still felt empty; a hole in the warm pit created by familial love, a hole marked with the name 'Bill Weasley'.
The cursebreaker was still actively avoiding you, for no known reason, and you stopped seeking out why a year ago. Instead, you sought to live your life with one less brother, one less family member to love.
Tossing and turning, you found yourself particularly restless one night. Not wanting to wake Fred, who was sleeping soundly in bed next to you, you got up, tiptoeing down to the kitchen to have a nice cool sip of water.
You'd taken to sleeping in the twins' room since the first holiday you were at the Burrow. Molly was against the idea at first of course, but was incapable of stopping the pranksters who managed to sneak you in night after night, insistent on having 'sleepovers' with you.
After the third night, Molly gave up, only giving you three a strict 'no funny business!' warning, before trudging back off to bed.
The dim lamplight from the kitchen illuminated just about enough for you to see your surroundings, having been around the Weasleys' long enough to know which boards to avoid so as to not have them creak and wake the family up.
However, what you hadn't taken into account was a body on the ground, hitting your foot into a blanketed torso, making you elicit a shriek, the unknown body on the ground letting out a muffled groan.
"What the fuck?"
You muttered a quick 'Lumos', pointing your wand at the person under the quilt, only for the fabric to be thrown aside, revealing a tousled Bill Weasley, sleep clouding his narrowed eyes as he massaged his abdominal with one hand, ruffling his hair with the other.
Realising that the man on the floor was, in fact, a Weasley, and not some thief who'd stolen into the house in the middle of the night, you dismissed the charm, lowering your wand and shifting awkwardly on your feet.
"Sorry, I didn't know you were there."
Throwing a curt apology at Bill, you moved off towards the kitchen, grabbing a mug from the cupboard above and wordlessly filling it up, intent on finishing your business as quickly as possible before heading back up to the twins.
"Pour me a cup?"
The deep voice startled you for a moment. At some point Bill had gotten up from his mound of pillows and now found himself stood behind you, his hand holding out a mug that had a 'B' painted on it, gesturing at the water jug you were holding.
Nodding curtly, you poured him his water, Bill thanking you before moving to lean against a counter, watching you from behind the rim of his mug.
"'m surprised you're down here."
Furrowing your brows, you looked up at the man in confusion.
"What'd you mean?"
He shrugged, downing the rest of his water before placing the mug down on the counter with a tad bit more strength than he needed. He stretched for a moment, arms pulled over his head to pull the sleep out of his eyes, shirt moving up with the movement to show off a slither of his toned stomach.
"You're always around the twins, never see you without 'em. Expected you to be, in their beds or something I don't know."
A protest spluttered from your throat, choking slightly on the water that you'd been drinking.
The man lifted an eyebrow, tilting his head to the side.
"Am I wrong? You've been in and out both their beds since you were firsties. I mean, it's not hard to guess what you're doing in there with 'em."
You huffed at the implications of Bill's words, putting your mug down with much of the same vigour as he had just now.
"First off, I'm an adult, and I can do what I please."
You were fuming, steam practically coming out your ears, and hearing the muttered 'clearly been an adult for a while' from Bill's lips didn't help.
"Second, even if I was sleeping with your brothers, which I am not, I don't understand why it'd be any of your business. It's not like we're friends or anything."
An odd, emotionless laugh came from Bill's lips, pushing off the counter to come stand over you. His tall stature forced you to stumble backwards, pressed against the wooden cabinets as he glared down at you.
"First off," Bill's deep voice was modulated up an octave, mocking your previous rebuttal.
"I am not saying your life is part of my concern. I'm concerned for my brothers."
A hand landed next to your head, pushing against the cabinet harshly.
"But second, you're practically a Weasley. It's my duty to look after you guys."
You laughed indignantly, looking away from the intense man to focus on his arm instead, as if studying the tattoos that covered his tanned frame.
"I'm sorry. It's your duty to look after me?"
You pushed him off of you, moving away with a huff, grabbing the two abandoned mugs to wash them with far too much tenacity, water splashing everywhere.
"Yes, that's what I said. I've known you since you were eleven – of course I have to watch over you. You're like family."
You rolled your eyes, giving up the facade of placidity as you left the mugs clattering in the sink, whipping around to face Bill.
"I'm like family? That's rich, William, truly rich."
Now it was your turn to advance towards the man, causing him to back up as your anger fueled you with energy, stomping dangerously close to his feet.
"If how you treat me is how you treat your family, I pity Molly for having you as a son."
Incoherent words left Bill's mouth in an attempt to argue further with you, but you didn't listen. Turning on your heel, you left the man in the kitchen, no longer concerning yourself with which steps to avoid as you stomped back to the twins' room, leaving Bill accompanied only by the dim light from the lamp, and the creaks coming from the floorboards.
After that infuriating night, it was no longer a 'hidden' fact that something was off between you and Bill.
While it had seemed that Bill used to be the one avidly avoiding you, the tables had quickly turned – you were now the prey ardently avoiding any encounters with your predator.
Any time Bill came into the room, you'd either leave, or place yourself as far away as humanly possible. During meals, you'd move yourself to sit next to Ginny, as opposed to in between the twins as you'd been sat for years, just so you no longer sat across from Bill. Even during quidditch, one of your favourite things to do with the whole family, you opted to sit out and stay in the twins' room or help Molly with the dishes, just to make sure you never had to interact with Bill.
Honestly, you weren't quite certain why the conversation with Bill had ticked you off so much. Maybe it was because he accused you of sleeping with your best friends, as if that was all you were good for. Maybe, it was because he had no right to insert himself in your life like that, to pretend like he cared about you in the first place.
It was clear he no longer wanted to be a part of your life when you were sixteen. You had no desire to welcome the curse-breaker back into your life now.
Three days after the midnight meeting with Bill, you found yourself restless again, unable to sleep.
George shifted slightly as you moved out of his bed, turning to cuddle with your now abandoned pillow as you slipped out of his grasp.
You decided to go for a quick midnight broom ride, hoping that the adrenaline rush and energy that you'd burn while flying would tire you out so you could finally fall asleep. A lot of the time you'd spent avoiding Bill turned into naps, which meant you were increasingly unable to fall asleep at night, disrupting your sleep schedule massively.
Cursing Bill under your breath, you creeped down the stairs, hoping that he wouldn't be down there again. You didn't want to have to deal with the eldest Weasley again.
Thanking your lucky stars, you landed on the final step, noting that the first floor was empty. Hoping that the door wouldn't creak when you opened it, you ran towards the small shed out back, grabbing a random broom from it and got ready to fly.
You were already mounted on the broom and ready to kick off as that dreaded baritone resounded from the door.
You should have known you weren't that lucky.
Yelling a quick "Nope!", you kicked off and flew out towards the countryside, only looking behind you to see Bill standing in his sleeping pants, hands gesturing out at you in exasperation.
"Now how's that for some good ol' avoidance?"
Though you'd initially planned on flying only for a little bit, seeing Bill at the door really put a damper on your plans, making you decide to fly to a nearby watering hole the Weasleys used to bring you to.
Illuminated by the moonlight, you descended upon the grassy area, smiling at the way the water rippled in the soft night breeze.
Tranquility was what the scene spelt.
In a moment motivated by something you'd come to dub as 'Weasley Whims', i.e the reason the twins had gotten the three of you in trouble constantly, you decided to strip down to your underwear to take a dip in the cool water, abandoning your clothes and wand on a mossy rock nearby.
Taking a running leap, you threw yourself into the water, feeling, for the first time in three days, free. A laugh rippled the waters as you broke through the surface, swimming back over to the edge, only for the laugh to be stolen away as you noticed a shadowed figure land next to your broom.
Bill Weasley was here to ruin your night, yet again.
You let out a strangled scream of frustration as the man alighted from his broom, feet and torso bared to the moonlight.
Clearly, he, like you, had not bothered to dress properly for the impromptu flight.
"Why are you following me."
Your question held no semblance of curiosity, only frustration as you demanded an answer from the man. His answer did not come, only moving towards the water to kneel in front of it, looking down at you.
"Why are you running away from me?"
Wisps of his ginger hair fell forward, covering bits of his handsome face as the rest was carelessly thrown up into a short ponytail, clearly done to prevent his hair from falling into his face during the flight, a precaution that you'd forgotten to take.
"I could ask you the same. Only, it must be a bit harder to hide from someone when they're already hiding from you in the first place, hmm?"
You turned away from the man, diving back down into the depths of the watering hole to kick yourself over to the other side, wanting to do nothing more than swim away from the ginger, or maybe, have him leave you alone and fly back to the burrow, alone.
But of course, fate never let you have your way.
You turned around only to see the man had sat himself down cross-legged, body illuminated by the moonlight as it highlighted the tattoos decorating his forearm, the several scars that littered his chest a sharp white juxtaposing his tanned skin.
"I never ran away from you."
Your head fell back as you tread the water lightly, looking up instead to admire the stars that embellished the night sky, recalling fondly the astronomy classes you'd taken in the past two years as you focused on constellation after constellation, intent on ignoring the man in front of you, hoping your disregard would drive him away.
"Y/N, I'm talking to you."
The words drew a monotone chuckle from you, your eyes snapping to meet Bill's.
"Well that's a first."
Bill moved to stand up, and your heart jumped for a moment. Maybe he would finally leave you alone.
But yet again, luck never did seem to favour Y/N Y/L/N.
Instead of moving further away as you'd thought he would, Bill moved closer, stepping into the shallow of the watering hole, the water soaking the bottom of his pants.
Your eyes darted at the ripple of his abs with every movement, swallowing as your eyes darted to look anywhere else you could. You were not about to find this man attractive.
You could see him coming towards you in your peripherals, and moved back to face him, his pecs the only part of his torso above the water.
"You haven't spoken to me for almost two years, and now you've just got so much to say to me, huh?
Bill looked down into the water, nibbling on his lip as he looked back into your eyes, almost sheepish as he tried to answer.
"You know how much that hurt?"
You swam closer towards him, your feet finding ground as you stood next to him, your shoulders bared to the world as you were no longer submerged.
"You were like family to me for almost five years, and then one day. You just fucking stopped. Stopped talking to me. Stopped joking around with me. For a while, you didn't even look at me!"
Your hands came up out of the water, gesturing wildly as you basically screamed at the man, Bill flinching slightly as the water splashed into his face, looking back down at the water again.
"D'you know how fucked up that was? I had no clue what happened, why one of the people I considered family, one of my favourite people in the world, just fucking despised me all of a sudden."
Bill looked up at you in surprise at your words.
"And you know the worst fucking part?"
Your voice suddenly fell to a hush, almost a whisper as a tear welled in your eye, prompting you to shut them as your head tilted down, urging your breath to slow down.
"The worst part, the worst part was that I thought it was my fault, that it was something I'd done to drive you away. I blamed myself for ages, didn't know what I said, didn't know why you hated me."
"Didn't know why you'd never like me back."
The last part was said in a true whisper, barely audible despite the silent night.
Yet Bill still heard it, and his breath hitched in his throat, eyes searching your face as a tear escaped you, rolling down your cheek.
Unable to restrain himself, Bill's hand darted forward out, cooled by the waters you two found yourself in, a blatant contrast to the warm tear as the pad of his thumb wiped it away.
You flinched away from Bill, feeling vulnerable for the first time that night, coming to the sudden realisation that you were clad only in your underwear, your unintended confession drawing heat to your cheeks as you moved away from the man.
"I, I was afraid."
Bill's own confession halted your movements, making you turn back around to look up at him, confused.
"I–, how do I say this. I was ashamed of myself."
It was now Bill's turn to feel vulnerable, his unease making him shift in the water, the water rippling around the two of you at his movements.
"That winter when you came back here, when you turned sixteen, I started seeing you as more than family. I– I found you attractive, and I felt disgusted with myself."
You huffed, disbelieving of the words you were hearing.
"I'm being serious Y/N. You just, grew up over those few months, and just came back different, somehow. I felt like a predator, I was twenty-three! You were still a kid, and I, I just didn't know what to do anymore."
"I wasn't a kid!"
"Of course you were! You were still in school, I'd been working for five years, I couldn't live with myself feeling like that. I didn't know what to do, so I just, distanced myself. Hoped that the feelings would go away eventually, then I'd just, go back to being normal."
Your eyes scanned the ginger's face, searching for a speck of a lie, a pinch of deception but only found uncertainty, attraction and lust dusting the man's face.
"But you never stopped..."
Your breath stopped for a moment as your eyes met.
"Are you being serious?"
His breath fanned your face as both of you instinctively moved closer towards each other, more of your body exposed to the world as you came further out of the water.
"As serious as I could be Y/N."
Your breath was taken away as Bill leaned in, ghosting his lips over yours, strands of ginger hair falling to tickle your face.
"Can I kiss you?"
A breathless whisper fell from Bill's lips, prompting you to nod in assent, the man falling to capture your lips before you even finished the move.
Sparks flew in that moment, the man's lips gliding over yours as he stole your breath away. You pulled apart after a second, before your lips fell back together again, insatiable in your desire to taste each other.
Bill's tongue teased you, mouth falling open for his teeth to graze at your lower lip, making you gasp such that your lips fell open in the same way, his hand moving to cup your jaw. Taking advantage of your momentary shock, the ginger slipped his tongue into your mouth, exploring every nook and cranny of you as you moaned into his lips, pressing your chest against his.
The water waded around you as Bill's left hand moved down your body, fitting snugly under your ass as he muttered a soft 'jump', which you obliged.
Your legs wrapped around the man's hips, Bill walking the two of you onto the soft grass, muttering a charm against your lips before placing you down.
Instead of feeling prickly blades of grass on your skin, a soft blanket had appeared, making you smile, pulling away from the man.
"Quite the romantic, Mr Weasley. Know how to treat a girl right don't you?"
A deep chuckle sounded from the man who hovered above you on his hands and knees, biting his lower lip at the sight of you.
"Only the best for my girl."
Your heart leapt at Bill’s words; were you his now?
Not wanting to dwell on it, to overthink this moment of passion, you pulled his lips back down onto yours.
His girl.
The moon hung high in the night sky as both your hands explored each other, frantic, as if it was your last day on Earth and you only had here and now to envelop yourselves in each other.
The pure animalistic need that pulsed through the two of you allowed no time for foreplay, fingers hooking into the soaking fabrics that clung to both of you.
“Can I?”
Bill fingered the waistband of your underwear, thumb brushing your hip bone with motions feather light, wildly disparate from the way his lips devoured yours hungrily.
One act designed to ruin you, the other almost afraid he’d break you.
“Yes, I need you.”
You deigned to show him just how much by hooking your own fingers into his waistband, soaked pajama pants pulled away to reveal his boxers, clinging to his muscular frame.
Bill responded by undressing you with much of the same vigour, moving to pull your underwear down to your ankles, his pants in very much the same state, gazing down at your soaked private with lust clouding his vision.
“Next time,” he breathed out onto your glistening lips, “I’ll make you cum with just my tongue.”
Your breath hitched at his words, no, his promise, of a next time as Bill made his way back up your body, peppering kisses on your exposed skin, his hard-on grinding against your leg as he moved up.
The cursebreaker’s deft hands unhooked your bra expertly, sucking in a breath as your pert nipples were revealed to him.
“Beautiful.” He mumbled, almost as if he was speaking to himself.
Bill moved to unclothe himself fully, before you stopped his movements, his hands already pulling at the waistband around his hips.
“May, may I?”
He nodded as you sat up, eyes glazed as he studied your body, memorising the way your breasts glistened in the moonlight. He would make it his mission to mark them, to show anyone who came near you that you were no one’s, but his.
You hooked your fingers into his boxers, pulling them down to his thighs at an almost agonising pace as every part of Bill was unveiled to you, standing proudly in the light.
“Are you... a virgin?”
The man above you asked as it dawned upon him. He was really about to have the girl he’d been craving for.
“No, I’m not.”
His jaw clenched at your admission, the thought of someone else’s hands on you ticking him off, before pushing it away.
It didn’t matter. You were with him now.
He nodded, coming back down to kiss you as one hand braced him by your head, the other reaching down to pump himself slowly.
Your hands wrapped around his neck, eyes falling closed as you immerse yourself in him.
Bill’s knee nudged your thighs apart, moving himself so he was lined up against you, hand brushing his cock up and down your lips, causing both of you to shudder.
His head dipped into you, your tight heat causing him to hiss, pausing for a moment to savour the feeling before pushing himself in fully, stopping only once he’d bottomed out.
“Are y’okay?”
You bit your lower lip as Bill moved away from you to scan your face for discomfort or pain. His girth, while not quite painful was definitely bordering on pain, your walls stretching as he filled you entirely.
“Yes, just, one second.”
Your hands gripped his neck, lacing your fingers through the tresses of his hair as you adjusted around him. As the pain receded, you nodded, a silent signal for the man to move.
He carefully pulled out of you, then pushed back in slowly, hands landing by your head to brace himself, testing the waters whilst both of you moaned at the feeling.
Bill obliged, moving to thrust in and out of you at increasing speeds with each movement. His hips snapped against yours at a speed that could only be described as vicious, eliciting sounds that defiled the tranquil nature you were surrounded by.
You were breathless as the man thrusted in and out of you, his movements only capable of drawing pants and whimpers from your mouth, the activity rendering you a simpleton who knew only two words - ‘Bill’ and ‘please’.
Your climax soon drew close, a coil tightening with his every sound and every move, your body notifying the man above you by the clench of your walls around him, the motion drawing him closer to his own orgasm.
“Are you close baby?”
A nod was all you managed as you threw your head back, Bill’s tip brushing against your g-spot edging you even closer to your precipice.
One of Bill’s hands moved down your body, landing on the bundle of nerves above where the two of you met, rubbing figure eights onto you, making you let out a gasp of surprise as the older man helped you move closer to your orgasm.
His movements didn’t falter as your moans grew louder, seeming instead encouraged by the promise of your climax, your moans growing loud and unabashed.
Each pant of his name made the man groan in return, moving both his fingers and his hips so ferociously that your breasts bounced with each thrust, your back sure to be red and chafed in the morning from the friction against the blanket.
But you didn’t care - the only thoughts you were capable of manifesting was how good it felt to have Bill inside you, how this was the one thing you’d ever needed to feel full, how he never stopped in his stimulation, the way his mouth felt on your nipples - sucking on the skin of your breasts, a reminder that would last of this fleeting night.
As Bill stimulated you with his cock, his fingers, his mouth, you couldn’t hold it in any longer - and you could tell Bill was reaching his breaking point as well - you let out a moan that would awaken the sleeping birds in the tree nearby, a scream of “Bill” that would leave the twins wondering why your voice was hoarse in the morning left you, legs trembling as you released around the man.
Yet he still never relented.
As you rode out your orgasm, your cunt throbbing, Bill never faltered in his actions, hips thrusting into you as he bit into your neck softly, intent on marking you for all to see as his cock twitched inside of you.
With a moan that you could only describe as sinful, yet angelic, a sound that would haunt your dreams and bless your nightmares, teeth grazing your sensitive skin, Bill came into you. Hot stripes of white liquid coating your walls while his thrusts slowed to a stop.
Getting up on trembling hands, Bill hovered above you, exiting you in a slow movement that had you whimpering at the sudden emptiness, your eyes still shut from your post-orgasmic bliss.
Lips pressed onto your forehead, as if Bill was savouring something he didn’t want to lose.
Something you didn’t want to lose either.
The flight back to the Burrow was silent, the two of you side by side as you flew through the wilderness of Ottery St. Catchpole.
When you landed, you looked out onto the nature around you, Bill landing almost immediately after you.
In the distance, you could see the sun readying to rise in the East, colours bleeding into the sky that had been pitch dark save for the spattered stars hours ago.
“Did you regret that?”
The man standing beside you asked after a moment of silence, not daring to meet your eyes as he appeared vulnerable, afraid, feigning an interest in the rising sun.
His muscular arm was what you were faced with as you turned towards him, his tall stature casting a shadow over you. You eyed the red marks you’d left on him, the little reminders scattered on his shoulders and back.
“No. Did you?”
The cursebreaker turned to face you, an unreadable expression on his face as he watched you, scanning your face for the umpteenth time that night.
“Of course not.”
You crossed your arms over your chest, drawing Bill’s gaze down towards them, a small smile telling you he was admiring the slowly darkening marks he’d left on you.
“Then why’d you assume I would’ve?”
He caught his lower lip between his teeth, gnawing on it absentmindedly as he shrugged.
“I dunno. Just assumed you wouldn’t have wanted that with an older man or somethin’, I s’just worried, s’all.”
You inhaled deeply, letting out a long sigh as you reached out towards the man, cupping a hand on either side of his chiseled jaw, making him look into your eyes.
“Bill, that was my decision to make. If I didn’t want to have sex with you, I wouldn’t’ve done it. It’s not your place to decide for me whether I wanted it.”
You leaned in to capture his lips in yours; this time deepening the kiss on your terms, slipping your tongue into his mouth and savouring his taste.
Cinnamon, with a hint of mint and tobacco.
You pulled away, tracing your lips to the sweet spot under his ear, sucking softly before turning to whisper in his ear.
“I wanted it, and I’ve wanted you for longer than you could have known.”
part two out now x
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desiredmalfoy · 9 months ago
Pairing: Draco x Ravenclaw Reader
Genre: fluff with very (I mean very) light angst.
Note: No Voldemort Universe. Seventh Year.
Word Count: 1.1k
Since I couldn’t post my Fred fic, here is a Draco one I wrote today. I honestly wrote this during my break after a random idea popped into my head. So I’m sorry if it’s not my best work.
Tumblr media
(Not my gif. Credit to the owner)
Draco protects his secret girlfriend in front of everyone after someone is mean to you. Ravenclaw reader x Draco
Your relationship with Draco was unconventional. You had been secretly dating him for a couple of months now. Both of you had decided it was best to keep it secret for the time being due to both of you running in very much different friend groups. You both wanted to make sure you were hundred percent serious before letting your friends in on your relationship.
Plus the both of you loved the adrenaline and risk of seeing each other is secret. The nights you spent together, bodies intertwined together just like your souls were now. Nights pressed against the walls of the corridors as you both attempted to not get caught in the dark of the night. Hair disheveled, breathing hitched, eyes glossed over with lust.
You were everything and more to him as he loved every detail about you. Completely infatuated with your intelligence and beauty. Intoxicated every time he got to hold you close. He wasn’t perfect, but you didn’t need him to be when you loved every aspect of him.
The rush of being with him was never ending. Your love for each other is indescribable.
It was no secret within your house that you shared a rivalry with a fellow Ravenclaw named Ethan Jacobs. The two of you could not agree on anything or even have a civil discussion. Always looking to outdo each other in any way. Better grades, better marks on exams, being in a professor's good graces. The two of you made anything into a competition against each other. Your conversations were always filled with snarky remarks. Just recently, you had beaten him out for top of your Divination class, which completely enraged him.
He had always known which buttons to hit to irritate you. Although you did your best to ignore him. As well as assure your boyfriend later that you were fine and you can handle an idiot like him. You had been dealing with him with him for years. Which usually stopped Draco from doing something drastic. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t send Goyle and Crabbe after him every once in awhile.
Until one day he took it too far.
This year, Ravenclaw shared Potions class with Slytherin. Which meant you were luckily placed in the same class as Draco. The two of you sent each other secret looks throughout the lesson. Or your hands would brush together when you accidentally grabbed the same ingredients.
“Who can explain to me the ingredients needed to brew amortentia”, Professor Slughorn addressed his class as he paced the room. “How about you Miss (y/l/n)?”
“To brew amortentia the ingredients to add are powdered moonstone, pear dust, peppermint, ashwinder egg, and rose thorn”, you responded with a proud smile.
“Very good Miss (y/l/n)! Prepared as always I see.” Professor Slughorn enthusiastically responded to you. You could hear Ethan mumble something incoherent at the remark. “Now who can tell me what it does? How about you Mr. Jacobs?”
“It’s a love potion that creates a powerful obsession but it doesn’t create true love.”
“Very good.”
“Which is the only way (y/n) could ever get anyone to even look her way.” Ethan added quietly as Slughorn walked away from him. That earned a snicker from one of his annoying friends. It was just low enough to be out of earshot of the Professor but enough for you to hear.
“Can you ever shut your mouth”, you turned around with an eye roll. “You know the rest of us are simply trying to learn here.”
“It’s true though. I mean look at you. Who would ever willingly love someone…no...something like you?”
The room grew uncomfortably silent. This argument was different from the rest.
“That’s enough”, Professor Slughorn finally spoke up.
“Merlin, anyone who would willingly love you must be under some sort of spell. Poor bloke. “ Ethan continued to speak, completely ignoring Professor Slughorn’s direction to stop.
“I know an annoying prat like you isn’t talking.” Draco sneered as he came closer to you and Ethan. Directly placing himself in front of you. You didn’t even have a chance to speak up.
“Stay out of it Malfoy. This doesn’t concern you.”
Draco was now properly mad at the situation. He wasn’t about to let some idiot speak to you like that.
“I’m not going to stay out of it if it’s in regards to my girlfriend.” A shocked expression graced your features. This isn’t how you imagined the school finding out about your boyfriend. But here he was defending you in front of everyone. Your heart swelled with pride and love for him. You grabbed his hand and gave it a slight squeeze.
“I reckon she has you under a love spell mate. Don’t worry, there are antidotes for it.” Ethan’s attempt at a joke only triggered Draco further. For him to even insinuate something so outrageous about you angered him.
Without warning, Draco let go of your hand and grabbed Ethan by his collar and lightly lifted him off the ground.
“If I so much here you’re still bothering her, I will make sure your life is miserable for the rest of your pathetic excuse of an existence.” Draco spoke quietly so the thrashing Ravenclaw was the only one able to hear the threat. Everyone knew Draco Malfoy kept his word. Especially if it was to protect someone he loved.
Draco let go of him, causing him to fall to the ground. Ethan scrambled to scout away from Draco while still on the floor. Fear coursing through his body and that same fear evident in his eyes.
Draco could only smirk and find joy in this. Someone so inferior learning their place brought an unexplainable satisfaction to him.
The class completely enthralled with the scene unfolding before their eyes.
“I apologize Professor for what you have witnessed. You’ll have to excuse us.” Draco didn’t even wait for the shocked Professor to even respond. He grabbed your hand once again and pulled you out of the classroom. He dragged you into another unused classroom.
“Are you okay”, he asked with worry lacing his voice. He grabbed your cheeks and tilted your head up so you were staring directly at him.
“Of course I am. How couldn’t I be when I have someone like you to protect me.” You reached for his cheek as your thumb lightly grazed his jaw. He leaned in and placed a sweet and delicate kiss on your lips.
“I think it’s safe to say everyone knows about us now.” He said as he pulled away from you. Hands long gone from your cheeks as he pulled you in close to his body.
“Doesn’t matter. Now they know who my amazing overprotective boyfriend is. They should be afraid.” You joked as a laugh escaped your lips. The vibrations of your joy jolting his entire body.
“They should be. I’m sure they’ll know what’s coming to them if they do.” He kissed the crown of your head and held you a bit tighter.
“You know I love you right?” You pulled away slightly from his body to look into his eyes.
“You tell me everyday darling.”
“Good. Never forget it.” You placed your head back on his chest. His embrace felt like home to you.
Taglist: @daisyyy2516 @id-kill-to-be-an-assassin @slytherinambitious @bonkybabe @phatcrackdad @just-here-to-escape-from-reality @instabull @gwlvr
Reminder: None of my work can be reposted anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you give credit, please do not repost!
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theravenclawgal · 2 months ago
There is nothing I do better than revenge {S.B}
(Sirius Black x Reader)
Pairing: Sirius Black x fem!reader, with a brief mention of James and Lily Warnings: kissing, siblings fighting. (let me know if I need to add anything!) Genre: Fluff with humor Word Count: 1.3k words Disclaimer: GIF doesn't belong to me. Credits to the owner! Summary: James has a problem with his sister dating his best friend and lashes out when he sees them too close for his comfort. Y/N, being a Potter, plans a perfect revenge instead of wasting time moping around.
NOTE:-  This fanfiction is written by me and for pure entertainment purposes. If you have seen any other story/ fanfiction similar to this, it’s purely coincidental. Hope you enjoy this story! Please like or reblog this as it supports me as well as inspires me to keep going! Enjoy! :)
a/n: I wrote this when I was in a writing slump so it might be a bit shitty + hasn't been proofread, sorry for the pain you will have to endure, lol.
Tumblr media
You entered the Great Hall, searching the premises for a familiar face when suddenly you heard the voice you were waiting to hear all day long. “Y/N! Here!” Sirius beckoned from one side of the room, signalling to an empty seat among the marauders. You grinned at him and made your way to the empty space beside Sirius.
Having not seen your boyfriend this whole morning, you were going to make the most out of it during and after lunch since being away from him these days was physically impossible.
“Hello love.” he said, greeting you with a sensual kiss as you sat down beside him.
“Ugh! Gross guys, enough with the pda already!” James groaned from the opposite end of the table, his nose scrunched up in disgust. “Good afternoon to you too, dear brother.” you sighed, rolling your eyes.
You had been dating your brother’s best friend Sirius Black publically for about 2 months now and James was doing anything and everything to point out his disdain in your relationship even though you were as old as him to be able to make decisions for yourself.
“Well, what’s going on with you and Lily?” Remus interrupted, taking the heat off you and Sirius, which you both shot him grateful looks for. “She agreed to a third date! Can you believe it?” James said, his eyes sparkling.
“A third date? Are you sure she isn’t suffering from any kind of brain disease?” you asked, the marauders ‘round the table laughing. “A third date and no brain disease,” he confirmed.
James, Remus and Peter were roaming the hallways of Hogwarts, looking for Sirius so that they could discuss their next great prank. James steered towards an empty corridor, Remus and Peter seeing it just a second before he did. Sirius was sitting on a bench, his arm around your waist and you were partially on his lap, one of your hands cupping his face as you both kissed.
Remus and Peter inwardly cringed. Not because of the fact that you both were kissing, god no, that was a pretty normal thing for two people in relationships to do; they were cringing at the thought of James, who now stood frozen with anger, shock and betrayal on his face as though it was something that concerned him.
He walked towards the pair and pulled them apart, “What do you think you two are doing? Anyone could walk in and see!” he complained. “Well, it was very private until you decided to break us apart like it was any of your business.” you snapped, clearly angry at the interruption. “It is! My best friend and sister are snogging!”
“Well I may be your sister and he may be your best friend but what we do with our personal lives is well out of your control James! We are in a relationship and we are allowed to kiss each other whenever we please. Would you rather us not date?” “Well yes!”
“What are you on about mate? Would you rather leave us both in hurt than leave us happy with each other?” Sirius busted in, irritated as well. “She’s my girlfriend too and I don’t need your permission to be able to even talk to her.”
Remus and Peter were very uncomfortable. They wanted to just yell at you guys to stop but that wouldn’t be possible because the three of you would immediately shut them down claiming that it wasn’t their business. Which it wasn’t. So they stayed on the sidelines hoping whatever was going on right now would soon calm down.
“You guys are acting like a couple of ten year olds! ‘My girlfriend can and cannot do that and my sister can and cannot do that’ my ass. You are forgetting the most important part of the equation and that is me and what I want. But you never thought of it or ever considered asking me about it right? It has always been about you and your stupid brotherhood and your next great idea.
Well how about this as your next great idea- why don’t you two think about what happened today and come talk to me when you’re ready to apologize.” you finished, your chest heaving in anger as you grabbed your wand and stormed off in the opposite direction towards the Gryffindor tower, leaving James and Sirius guilty.
“Are you okay?” Lily asked as you entered your dorm room. “Yeah, why?”
“You just slammed the door and uttered words which I haven't even heard of.” she replied with an amused smile on her face. “Just another normal day where I have to fight for the attention of my boyfriend and brother without pissing either.” you scoffed.
“Sucks. I wish there were a way you could get back at them. I’d totally be in.” Lily sighed. An evil smile took over your face as you looked at Lily, “Well then, what are you waiting for? Let’s get them back.” “Spill.” Lily said an equally evil grin taking over her otherwise elegant features.
The marauders were sitting in their usual spot in the common room debating on how to approach you after your outburst when Lily bounded down the steps of the girls’ dorm rooms towards the marauders, a serious expression on her face. She muttered a small “hey” to the marauders in greeting. “Is...Is everything okay, Lily?” James asked, a concerned expression on his face. Lily’s features softened but after remembering what she had come down for, she replaced it with a more sombre one. “I just came here to tell you that I won’t be able to accompany you on our date this weekend or any in the future.”
The marauders all snapped their heads up in surprise. Why the sudden change of heart?
“Can I- may I ask… why?” James asked, trying his best to keep his tone even. “Y/N says that the fact that her best friend is dating her brother is very weird and if it were to continue, she wouldn’t get enough quality time with either me or you. And I agree, so I guess we have to discontinue our...umm… relationship.” Lily finished, speeding back to her dorm before any one of them could stop her because she knew for a fact that she wouldn’t be able to hold her laughter any longer.
Sirius, on the other hand, buried his face in his palms and started laughing, “That woman will be the death of me.” James’ shoulders relaxed but even he couldn’t help laugh at his sister’s plan. “Well I guess you owe her an apology and a pat on the back because that really scared me.” Remus confessed, biting his lip to keep his laugh at bay.
As if on cue, you walked down the staircase, your book bag in hand probably heading to the library when you were stopped by your brother and his friends. “Y/N wait. I’m sorry.” James apologized sincerely, “I should’ve trusted your decision and supported you and I’m sorry for not realizing that earlier. I love you.” “Now, see, the apology was going well until you popped in the ‘I love you’ now what’s up with that?” you teased, earning a playful shove from him. Sirius came forward and gave you a tight hug whispering sweet nothings into your ear until you had to physically push him off you.
After sorting out all issues you continued to head out the common room when you turned to face your boys one more time, “Oh also, Lily will continue to go on dates with you but you might want to call off the one this weekend because we decided that since you and Sirius love spending so much time with each other, you might as well have an extra weekend to yourselves.”
They let out shouts of protest, but you ignored them all as you headed out. This punishment was well deserved.
taglist: @rippahwrites @marshmallowwolfpancakes5 @lollandslop @ifailedmaths @kaqua @reichelhache @emma67 @notacluelessblonde00 @catching-the-train-to-hogwarts [send in an ask/message if you wanted to be added or removed from my taglist!]
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rons-wheezely · 2 months ago
224 || G.W.
George Weasley x Reader, Soulmate AU
Genre: Fluff, humor
Summary: Each soulmate pair receives a special number to them, and them only, on the day they’re born into this world. The placement on the body can vary, so people usually keep to themselves unless they fancy someone or it’s displayed somewhere public. How do you go around explaining to your best friend that he’s the one?
A/N: i have been so inactive, I’m so sorry rip I am going to try to post a fic here and there, but I’m still a student doing student things... This blog recently turned 2 years old, and has reached about 300 followers, so thank you so much for those of you who have found me in the piles of other wonderful works :) I love you all from the bottom of my heart.
“Oh, do forgive me, Georgie,” you playfully shove him out of the way. He stumbles away from the shelf containing the last package of Fizzing Whizbees in time for you to snatch it into your hands. You hear him chuckle as he regains his balance behind you. It’s suffocatingly crowded with fellow students in Honeydukes, so he leans in close so you can hear him. 
His warm breath comes close to your ear, saying with a soft laugh,” At least share, alright?”
You tapped your chin thoughtfully as the smile plastered on your face turned into a smirk. You make your way to the cashier with George close behind. The candy in the box shake in your hands, and the decorative ring you’re wearing on your middle finger glimmers in the shop’s light. You call over your shoulder,” If you win the next match against Slytherin, I might.” 
This statement alone had George fist pump the air in satisfaction. Even if he lost, you would most likely share it anyways –– to cheer him up, of course. You two have been best friends since your first year when you cleverly evaded one of the twins’ pranks. It was a lucky guess, but the outcome left Fred and George tangled in a mess of burping up slugs for three hours. It was an easy friendship after that, other than the secret feelings you harbored for George, that is. 
Soon enough, the match came and the sight was an absolutely thrilling one. You watch as each player flies by, and each time the wind sweeps your hair in every direction. Fred and George are on a spectacular streak, and they never once miss the bludger. Thankfully you had a pair of binoculars and Lee Jordan’s commentary; the team was so small in the air that it was hard to tell what was happening.
Harry Potter was no doubt going to catch the snitch, and here he comes now swooping in underneath his teammates. He’s almost flat against his broomstick, urging it to go faster before Malfoy could get to the fluttering golden speck. All eyes are on Potter, and the boy is mere inches away. Just as his nimble fingers wrap around the snitch, another Gryffindor teammate drops from the air.
You can hear the subtle gasps from a few in the crowd who noticed. The Gryffindor team were too enraptured with Harry’s catch to notice that one of them was dropping ten, twenty, thirty meters to the ground. “George!” You cried.
As if sending a telepathic message to the other twin, though it is most likely he heard you yell as clear as day, Fred swoops down to save his brother from impact. You notice now that you're standing on your feet and leaning on the railing that separates you from your best friends on the field. You watch on in horror as Fred barely makes it in time. The breath you didn’t know you were holding finally escapes you, and your surroundings come back all at once. 
You hear the deafening silence and the sound of the wind blowing by. No one moves as they watch Fred land on the ground with George. It was Lee who ended the tension,” And with that, Gryffindor earns 130 points and has won the match…” 
All at once, everyone in the stands scrambles to get out. Elated with Harry’s catch and the twins’ safety, the student body goes their separate ways. You follow them as well and weave your way through the crowd to get to Fred and George. Panic fills your lungs, and every fiber in your body screams to make sure they’re okay.
“Fred!” You call out,” Are you two alright?”
“Yeah, no harm done to me,” he sighs,” –– Other than this git. A bludger whacked him straight on the side and he passed out on his ride down.” 
“It looks like it hurts… but it’s nothing Madame Pomfrey can’t handle, right?” You wince. You try to convince yourself that George is just sleeping a very deep, restful sleep.
“I reckon he’ll be fine, y/n.” Fred winks your way with a sly grin. “Visit him lots, yeah?”
Madame Pomfrey refused to let anyone in until she was done running some tests. When she finally let you visit, you rushed to sit next to George’s bedside. He stirred at your frantic movements and opened an eye to see you. “It’s not that bad is it?” He chuckles.
“She said that you’ve broken a few ribs, but you’ll be alright.” You smile. 
George sits up slowly, pretending to be in agonizing pain. You worry for a bit and reach out to him on instinct, but he laughs and tells you he’s okay. His torso is wrapped entirely with gauze over his clothes, and there are a few bandages wrapped around his forearms as well. Pomfrey had drawn a blanket over George earlier, so the white sheet still covered the lower half of his body. A moment goes by, and you hear a soft wheeze leaving George’s lips. “You don’t suppose my soulmate is into beaten up ginger-heads, do you?”
“Well,” you mull over your words. Pretending to take his question seriously, you answer,” they would have if you were Fred..” You laugh a little as you catch the glint in his eyes –– the mischievous one you had grown to love. 
“Oh, if only I looked exactly like that bloke.” He jokes. His head falls a little forward as he laughs. His gaze is drawn to his lap, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d say that he looked like those shy love interests in romantic muggle films. 
You notice that his fiery hair is covering his eyes, and your body compels you to get another glimpse of that wonderful boy’s face. Ever so gently, you reach your hand out and tuck a strand of his hair behind his ear. When your fingers curve around the back of his ear, you notice a few dark marks of what looks like a tattoo. Your eyebrows furrow together in confusion. You go to move more of his hair out of the way, but he turns his eyes to you. 
“Are you getting handsy with me y/n? Tryin’ to make a move, are you?” He smiles, but there is a small panic in his eyes as they frantically search yours. “You could’ve just asked me out, you know.”
“Is that your soulmate mark?” You ask.
“Well,” you huff playfully,” I might be able to tell you who your soulmate is. I might cry if your soulmate is Madame Pomfrey, though.”
“Is that a bad thing?” He asks, a playful tone in his voice.
"Georgie, please don’t tell me you have a thing for milfs.”
It takes everything in him to hold back his laughter. George pulls his hair back to reveal the numbers 224 etched behind his left ear. Your breath catches in your throat, but you try to hide your very obvious shock. 224 was a number you knew too well, and seeing that number reflected on your best friend’s skin meant that your deepest feelings were true. It’s okay to be in love with George because now... now there is chance he feels the same way.
Your mark is tattooed on the band of your middle finger, which is usually covered up by jewelry. You fidget with your rings nervously, trying to ground yourself all the while. George doesn’t pay too much attention to it when he says,“Fred has his numbers on his right ear. I might be the right-hand man, but he’s lucky enough to be the right-ear man.”
You laugh at his really bad pun,” Really? Out of all of the ear jokes, you chose that one?” 
“It made you laugh, didn’t it?” He nudges you with his shoulder, and you can’t help but giggle some more.
“Would you like to hear a fun fact?” You ask. You gulp down all of the fear that has started to swallow you whole. You are George’s soulmate. The idea buzzes in your head along with a million other thoughts. George nods for you to continue, and you fight the panicked urge to scream. “...In the muggle world, they have such advanced technology.”
“Yeah, dad would know––” George interjects for a second.
“The numbers 224 actually hold a meaning to them. It’s something like a code–– it’s related to their fancy devices I think? Anyways,” you take a deep breath. You remember vividly the details your friend went to great lengths explaining to you. 
“Your number is all kinds of special, y/n!” Mae beams at you. Her eyes twinkle in an amusing manner as she tries to prove herself. A soft thud could be heard when her hands meet with the common room table, and she quickly jumps to her feet. “Imagine, having such a fantastic number as that!” She exclaims with awe.
“I don’t understand?” You bemusedly remark. Why would numbers hold more meanings beyond your standard soulmate reason?
“My brother loves binary code, a certain muggle science,” she explains,” and he told me a few meanings. One of them being yours! Now, if only fate would tell us who your soulmate was...”
If Mae were in this room, she would be bursting at the seams from pure glee. You look into George’s eyes and say,” ...the numbers actually mean something along the lines of ‘Today, Tomorrow, Forever.’ It has to do with the bond you and your soulmate have together.“
He blinks once or twice before breaking out into a grin,” Okay, can you say it again but,” he emphasizes,” simpler, maybe?
“––it means that your soulmate will love an accident-prone idiot like you forever and always,” You joke halfheartedly.
The familiar gleaming smile he wore after a successful prank creeps up onto his face: one of self satisfaction and deserving of many awards based on looks alone. His smile is much gentler and you almost miss it, but a blush tints the very tips of his cheeks. “Oh? wait ‘till dad finds out that numbers have meanings to muggles. How’d you know all of this anyway?”
“Oh, it’s just something my friend talked to me about.” You dismiss his questioning gaze and clear your throat. Every second that passes makes you more and more anxious being around George, simply just by knowing you two are soulmates. It’s a dream come true, sure. But how do you go around explaining to your best friend that he’s the one?
“Are you alright, y/n?” George asks. “You seem real fidgety. Do you need to go somewhere?”
“Oh–– no, it just that,” you gulp. “Well.. I think left the Fizzing Whizbees back in my dorm room.” You lie. You know it’s in your bag with your other belongings, safely tucked away for later consumption. “Post-game snacks are essential, and I did make a promise.”
“Are you sure you left it there? I thought I saw it in your bag...” He leans over to find your bag, and sure enough, he pulls out the box of candy.
“Oh.” You look at him. There’s an awkward pause before he clears his throat.
“You’ve really got to get yourself together mate–– looks like Nearly Headless Nick showed you his neck hole again or something.” George jokes to lighten the mood, but he’s right. The longer you sit there and stare at him, the more you either want to slam your lips against his or vomit profusely. You feel pale and sickly; just enough to feel the twists and turns of your stomach. Is this what having butterflies feel like? He opens the bag of candy and offers you some.
You share the box of whizbees with him, taking one out and popping them into your mouth. It fizzes and jolts a little as the sweet taste melts on your tongue. “I think maybe Fred slipped something to me earlier,” you avert your gaze,” I’m not sure.”
“Yeah, sounds like Fred.” George grabs your hand and looks you in the eyes. He’s rubbing soothing circles on your hands, and it does seem to relax some of your nerves. He looks at you softly and gently, and all at once, your anxiety starts to melt away in his presence. You almost forget why you’re so worried in the first place. “You know I’m not going anywhere. If you have to take a massive shit, I’ll wait for you.” He says as he pats your hand reassuringly.
You erupt into laughter and shove him away. “And here I thought we were having a moment.”
“Nothing says true love like bowl movements, darling.”
As the laughter dies down, the somber feeling in your gut returns. It’s now or never, right? “George, I think I need to tell you something. I—“
Fred bursts into the door with Lee following shortly behind. “There’s my favorite twin!” He beams. He gets a disapproving look from Madame Pomfrey peering around the corner from her office. Fred doesn’t pay much attention, choosing to walk past her with barely a glance over his shoulder. George rolls his eyes as Fred happily trots over, spilling some liquid from two mugs in his hands. “—had to have Lee help sneak these in for the party, which you lot are missing out on.” He hands you a mug of butter beer and George, the other.
You decide to drop the subject even after George was free from the hospital bed. It’s a few weeks since then, and school has made you push those thoughts of pesky soulmates and true love aside. Of course, George kept looking at you funny, waiting for you to bring it up again. To his dismay, you didn’t.
“Alright everyone, class is dismissed.” Professor Sprout announces as she busies herself in setting up plants for the next day. It’s the last class of the day, and you couldn’t be happier. Repotting plants was hard work, and you were sweaty enough as it is. Beads of sweat dripped down the side of your face, and as much as you hated it, it did make for good eye candy across the room — namely George, although there’s a lot of dirt smudged onto his face too.
He’s cleaning up rather quickly so you call out to him,” Can you grab my rings, Georgie? They’re over there by my bag.” You had to remove jewelry in order to “safely handle” the creatures and wear proper gloves. Those of which you hastily pull off to wash your hands. The suds come and go as you lather and rinse away in the sink.
“Today, tomorrow, forever eh?” George’s deep voice rumbles in your ear. You jump a little at the sudden scare. “I think I like the sound of that, don’t you?”
You turn your head a little to the side and come very close to George’s face. You can feel his breath fanning on your skin, and his nose is just barely touching yours. You fear that if you blink, the sight in front of you will vanish. Every freckle that glitters his skin is so close you could count them like the stars and draw constellations between them if you wanted to. It’s absolutely breathtaking. Your body feels like it’s on a cloud— so feather light and airy— as he smiles at you. Your throat is dry; your tongue struggles to keep up with your thoughts. “...what?” You choke out. You cover your hands on impulse, but you know it’s too late.
“It means you’re stuck with me forever, y/n.” He grins. “Soulmate magic is no joke, you know.” He hands you your rings and walks beside you out of the greenhouse. You slip the rings on to your middle finger where it’s always resided, deciding to fidget with it a little.
Nothing should be different. You’re walking with George in the hallways like you always do, your hair is no different than yesterday, and class was the same as an other day. And yet your heart is beating faster and the sun seems to shine brighter. The grass is greener and the lake bluer than it was this morning. Words remain unspoken, but the truth is there. His fingers are interlocked with yours. 224.
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pansyspet · 2 months ago
‘You And Only You’
Word count: 249
Includes: Regulus Black x reader fluff
Summary: You find a book that reminds you of Regulus and show him
A/N: for @reggies-baby sorry this has literally not plot but I didn’t know what to writeeee
“Reggie!” Your voice could be heard echoing through the corridors as you called your boyfriends name.
“yes love?” he asked as you finally caught up with him, his friends dispatching knowing you wanted to be alone
“Well, I’ve found something.”
“And that would be...” 
“You know that book I’ve been reading?” You had been looking for him all day, as soon as you had started the book you’d meant to mention it to him.
You rolled your eyes at his oblivance and continued “Well the book, it reminded me of you, so i was wondering-”
“so you’ve been thinking of me have you?”he smirked as a tint came to your cheeks
“No. The book made me-”
“mmmm” he interrupted again “last time i checked books can’t exactly make you do anything”
“Reginald Black! Shut it!”
he was taken aback but laughed it off as he saw the pout that came to your lips.
“fine. go on”
“Nope. You’ve ruined it.”
“I’m sorrrry! I didn’t mean to offend! Now continue..”
You mumbled nonsense walking a bit faster, now embarrassed by your previous endeavor.
“Y/nnn I said I’m sorry, now tell me!” He said this with a pout, that had slowly turned into a grin as you begun
“I-I well , there’s a character in this book…”
“Mhm” he prompted
“And he-“ you were caught off by the chuckling emmiting from the slytherin boy in front of you, was he teasing you!? He’d ruined your moment and you weren’t going take his giggles today. You turned on the heel of your foot waking once again determinedly down the corridor before he picked you up suddenly bridal style.
Eyes wide you let out a shriek before Reggie silenced you with a peck to your lips, now running to transfiguration class with you in his arms.
“Regulus put me down! Put me down right now or I swear to Merlin-“
“What y/n you’ll hex me? Can’t exactly do that till you learn a few tricks, now can you?”
“I-I’ll learn” you crossed your arms over your chest now.
“Oh, I’m sure you will darling, but in order for that to happen we need to go to our classes!”
He had stopped running but as soon as those words left his mouth he began to sprint with you in his arms carrying everyone of your books on top of you. But just before you’d gotten there he’d whispered something in your ear.
“Now because of my showfer services you must tell me about that dashing character you’d mentioned”
“I never said he was dashing-“
“Don’t worry love, If he reminds you of me he’s ought to be dashing, hm?” The smirk he wore driving you mad as you sat down in your seats but nonetheless before your rebuttal could be heard professor mcgonagall had started her lesson.
Though in your head you couldn’t help but think ‘Only you Reggie, only you’
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absolutelyfizzing · 3 months ago
happy day
remus x reader (marauders era)
description - a sunny day on the hogwarts lawn
warnings - unbearable fluff, fem pronouns, reader gets almost picked up for a second, again a warning for just suffocating fluff
word count - 1000
A/N - this made me feel better when i was writing it, i think this is my dream life. How do i go on knowing that this is not my life? i will let you know when i find out.
Remus' heart raced against his chest as he watched you run across the field outside of hogwarts castle. You were both celebrating the springtime of your seventh year, preparing to graduate from the home of your upbringing. Remus was looking forward to continuing his life outside of the confines of the school of course and of pursuing adulthood but he also was thrilled at the prospect of spending his life with you.
Obviously you weren't even graduated yet and a wedding would be idiotic at a time when neither of you were financially stable but you had secured a place to live together for the foreseeable future and he had no doubt in his mind that you were it for him. You had been dating for coming up on 2 years and you had been friends for years before that. When you got together you became the epitome of the wholesome relationships at Hogwarts and he was just glad to be known for something other than his monthly issue.
Your floral sundress was waving behind you as you ran through the tall grass, a wide beaming smile on your face which was turned up toward the sky. The day was surprisingly blue and Remus was thankful because it meant he got to witness this moment. Witness you in your happiness and excitement as he was inevitably filled with those same feelings.
You suddenly stopped spinning and instead took a moment to gaze at Remus who was sitting up on his elbows, his legs stretched out and crossed in front of him, as he laid on top of a large blanket you had picked up from your dorm before you departed to the lawn. Your smile widened at the sight, his curls falling over his forehead and freckles dotting his cheeks. You took off running toward him, giggling all the way, and Remus spread his arms up to grab you as you came crashing down onto him.
His hands found purchase on your waist and he quickly flipped you over so he was above you and he moved his hands to grab at your sides, tickling you without remorse. Your laughter was music to his ears and you started to run out of breath as he continued to tickle you.
"St-stop, Rem-" you tried to get out but your laughter didn't allow you, "cant- cant breathe" you giggled and Remus relented only for a second to let you catch your breath.
"That's what you get for looking so absolutely adorable today." He smiled at the reddish blush that was brought to your face.
"That's not fair." You grumbled but your smile was betraying you.
"And why is that not fair, bunny." He wondered aloud, already knowing your answer as you had this conversation with each other daily.
"You know that when you compliment me it makes my brain go brrrrrr." You giggled and Remus sighed before laying on top of you, trapping you underneath him and his elbows holding up some of his weight. His head moved to your neck and he kissed it lovingly before pulling back to look into your eyes.
"I just can't help it, you make it impossible not to compliment you." He smiled and you could have died right then at the smug look on his face. Instead he kissed you with a smile still on his lips. You brought your hands up to hold his face and run your fingers through his hair and he pulled back again, your hands still tangled in his curls. He just gazed at you and you beamed from below him. He couldn't have put into words what he felt for you in that moment. Instead of either of you saying anything you leaned up to peck each of his cheeks and his nose, then landing on his lips again. You sat up, forcing his head into your lap and he flipped over so the back of his head rested on your thighs.
You stared at each other for a moment and you could have cried. Instead you began to trace the lines of his face as he gazed up at you. Your gentle fingers ran over his nose, which was crooked to the right. His eyebrows that were somehow perfect despite never touching them. His jaw that you would kiss when you stood next to him. The long scar that ran through his eyebrow and down his cheek. Then your fingers moved to trace the lines of his lips and over his eyelids which he closed to let you. When your hands moved back to his hair his eyes fluttered open.
"'f you keep doing that 'm gonna fall in love with you." He almost whispered sleepily and you smirked a bit.
"Well good cause it's already too late for me. You'd had me smitten years ago, lover boy." You smiled.
"Oh yeah? why is that?"
"I just couldn't help it, you've always been such a player with the ladies and your overconfidence had me swooning." You teased sarcastically.
"I know, I was never one of those dorks with their heads shoved in books who was too nervous to talk to pretty girls. That was always Sirius." He was beaming up at you and you leaned down to kiss his forehead. You both heard laughter coming from across the field and you looked over, Remus rising up on his elbows to look as well.
There, over the field, you could see your friends giggling and rushing toward you. Lily and James were walking together, James' arm wrapped around the redhead's shoulders. Sirius was getting pulled along by a cheerful Marlene but he couldn't have seemed happier. When they reached you after a while of walking they all groaned at the sight of Remus and you cuddled up together. Sirius gagged dramatically before breaking out laughing. They all layed down around the two of you and Marlene handed you a picnic basket to unpack and disperse as conversation about the beautiful day began. You happily did so and Remus's head fell back onto your lap, his eyes closed and a light smile on his face. The rest of the day was filled with laughter and joy and it would be a day that you remembered for a long time.
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