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#hp funny

so. the global pandemic has finally driven me and a few of my friends completely insane, so here have a detailed list of Harry Potter characters and whether we think they are a top, bottom or a switch/vers. We 100% missed a lot of characters so feel free to add :)

We will not take any criticism on this, however we do accept other opinions.
this is just for a bit of lighthearted fun, don’t @ me

love xx

56 notes

Hermione: You’re doing this amazing thing

Hermione: It’s called:

Hermione: ✨Testing my patience✨

23 notes

Hermione: I want to show you a picture from last night that really upset me.

Harry: Okay. But in my defense, Ron bet me a sickle I couldn’t drink all that shampoo.

Hermione: That’s not what I- you drank shampoo??

31 notes

reading order of the phoenix right now and snape is teaching harry oclumency

harry interrupting snape and snape being like “bItCh LeT mE sPeAk” it’s just *chefs kiss*

28 notes

[harry and ron working as aurors travelling the world, right now in a muggle house]

*random muggle knocks on the door and ron answer’s it*

random muggle: hey sir i was wondering if you’ve found jesus

ron: oh ma goad, he’s missing???

random muggle: no….

ron: have you tried amber alert? i’ve seen it on tv once and they found her

random muggle: no, i mean like spiritually

ron: LIKE GHOST AND SHIT??? nah i don’t fuck with that

ron: i played with an ouija board once i know what you’re trying to do im no falling for it

*harry watching everything*: laughing his ass off

46 notes

ron: thank you for coming to my rony talk

hermione: i already told you, they don’t name it after each individual person

ron: well that’s not fair why should ted get all the talks?

44 notes

Ginny: *to Fred and George* Can you do something for me??

Fred and George: We will literally cover up a crime that you commited and then put our DNA samples there but yeah sure what do you need us to do?

Ginny: Can you do the dishes

Fred and George: No

22 notes

harry: sometimes you need to put your feet in the water to attract the sharks


harry: good point

14 notes

ginny: i like dropping subtle hints that i like harry


ginny: so um i like harry

14 notes

Me: *Surfing YouTube*

YouTube: *Recommends ‘Umbridge’s most irritating scenes’*

Me: Oh good! I finally found the whole movie on YouTube! Let me just grab my snacks… maybe a blanket…

4 notes

draco: biggest dick award goes to harry potter

blaise: uhh you might want to keep that between you and him

pansy: i’m so happy for you guys but remember to use protection!

harry: .. thanks?

draco: why are you guys acting so weird all I did was call harry a dick

draco: wait

76 notes

Sirius: Earth is a dense molten core encased in a layer of solids and therefore is, technically speaking, a ravioli.

Remus: I am begging you to stop.

22 notes

Ron: Hey Hermione! What does Crookshanks wear to bed??

Hermione: I swear if this is one of your puns I-

Ron: Paw-jamas



37 notes

Hermione: Wait! I was wrong!






House elves:

Hermione: Wait! I was wrong about being wrong

Ron: That means you were wrong about something!

Hermione: WEASLEY!!!!!

14 notes