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gotkindabored · a day ago
Hold Me In Your Arms
It’s been a long day and Remus knows exactly how to comfort his girlfriend.
PAIRING: Remus Lupin x F!Reader
CONTENT: fluff, established relationship, self indulgent, ig hurt/comfort, no spell check, wanted to post something
Tumblr media
When the door slammed shut, shaking the walls and the sound echoing throughout the house, Remus immediately knew it had been a long day for his girlfriend. In the kitchen, he quickly filled the kettle, placed it on the stove and walked out to greet her.
“Hey, darling,” he said with a small smile, knowing better than to ask if she was okay.
However, he wasn’t met with a smile or verbal greeting. She kicked off her shoes, shrugging off her long coat while all her bags fell to the ground. There was only a small, weak head nod to signal to him that she heard him before she ventured off to their bedroom.
Remus raised a brow. All right then.
He gave her some time alone, to readjust and find any semblance of comfort and peace. When the kettle boiled, whistling, Remus scrambled to make her a cup of tea.
Finished, he strolled into their bedroom, only to find her still dressed in her work attire — quietly sitting on the bed with her face hidden in her hands.
Remus felt his heart constrict a little.
Quickly placing the mug on the nightstand, Remus knelt to the ground in front of her, a hand placed over her knee to rub soothing circles.
Her entire body tensed.
“Do you want me to help you?”
She nodded, removing her hands to show her face. Fatigue was written in every line and there wasn't any shine in her eyes, eerily resembling a plastic doll: distant and dazed.
Wordlessly, he began to unbutton her shirt, taking his time before stripping her of the uncomfortable clothing, throwing it all into a pile to be dealt with later.
Slipping on one of his oversized shirts over her frame, he helped lay her into bed, shuffling beside her to hug her back.
He dipped his head forward, kissing her neck and shoulder through the shirt and he felt her start to settle, body unlocking and slumping into the mattress.
They stayed like that for some time until she sucked in a deep breath, letting it out gradually. Remus nuzzled into the back of her neck, her hair tickling his nose while simultaneously running a hand up and down her side, messaging any place that still seemed to be tense.
With more and more tension leaving her body, Remus reminds her of the cup of tea, now lukewarm, beside her. She made no move to grab it, too busy trying to soak in his warmth.
Remus nearly fell asleep, only to stir back awake when she murmured his name. Eventually, she turned around in his hold, facing his front and traced her fingers along the silvery scars that ran along his neck to help stabilize herself.
He stifled a yawn, hand pushing through his locks of messy hair out of his face and rested his forehead against her.
“Thank you,” she whispered. It was so quiet that Remus almost didn't hear her.
He hums deeply, hand now cupping her cheek, head shifting just so he could kiss her forehead before returning to his previous position.
“Do you want to talk about it?”
There was a long pause, and he thought she was going to object before mumbling, “S’been overwhelming. I’m so drained.”
“Well," his thumb stroking her cheek, the words coming out were nothing but truthful. "I’m proud of you for getting through the day.”
She nibbled at her bottom lip. A trembling yet tender laugh escapes her, finally smiling just a little. And Remus couldn't help but feel as if it had been a monumental victory.
“Of course.” His warm breath tickling her ear. “I know you did the best you could. Don’t be too hard on yourself.”
She preens, nuzzling into his touch, only to be shortly followed by a powerless yawn.
“Why don’t you get some rest, huh?” Remus spoke softly, hand continuing to soothingly rub her arm.
Little by little, the stress ebbs away, melting in the loving arms that held her from the outside world.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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slytherweasley · 2 days ago
Smutober/kinktober- Pegging (Draco Malfoy x reader)
Warnings: smut- handjob, oral (female receiving), pegging, mommy kink Sub Draco
Tumblr media
Draco had been acting differently since his father was put into Azkaban a year ago, you knew how much pressure he was under with his tasks but his whole demeanour towards you changed.
You wouldn’t see him much because he’d leave early in the morning and return for dinner and leave again. Occasionally you’d take him some lunch since he’d been looking quite unwell. When he saw you he would always melt into your hugs and he seemed to appreciate you more, not that he didn’t love and appreciate you so much before but he seemed almost submissive around you.
When he wasn’t working on his task for the death eaters he would love the cuddles and attention he was so deprived of.
Draco stayed for the Easter holidays so you decided to stay with him to keep him company. You would stay in the room of requirement, reading a book on a couch nearby.
“Draco it’s lunch time, take a break let’s go get some lunch” “Just a little more time” “No, let’s go, you need to eat you haven’t eaten yet.”
He takes your hand and the two of you go to the great hall for lunch, barely anyone stayed for holidays so it was peaceful, almost every Slytherin was home for the holidays so you and Draco usually hang out there.
Draco was becoming impatient, you were talking to one of the Slytherin first years at lunch you knew from being a prefect and Draco’s hands were all over you underneath the table, tugging on the bottom of your top. You excuse yourself from the conversation and the two of you walk out of the great hall.
“We weren’t even there for half an hour, why are you so desperate to get back to this cabinet?” You ask walking in the direction of the room of requirement. “No, let’s go to the dungeons” “What for?” “Let’s just go, I’ve had enough of the room of requirement.”
The two of you walk into the empty common room and he leads you to his dorm, also empty.
He places his hand on your cheek and kisses you, his skin is cold and almost translucent. Soon both of you are getting out of your clothes, you lay on the bed naked as he takes off his shirt.
Usually Draco would be pounding into you but he seemed clueless sitting on the edge of the bed. It’s been quite a long time since you both had sex with each other.
“Y/n I don’t know what to do anymore” “What do you mean?” “I don’t feel like I want to fuck you or degrade you or dominate you like I used to” “No? What do you want?” “I want you to fuck me, to dominate me” “Uhm yeah, I can do that.”
You and Draco had never changed much in your sex life, it wasn’t needed, you both loved it. But this feels different, maybe it’s time to switch roles.
“Lay down for me” he puts his head on the pillow and you sit up in front of him, one hand moves to his cock moving up and down slowly on his shaft, Draco whimpers softly, something you’d not heard before. His precum spills down his cock while his tip is being neglected.
You hear him whimpering, trying to say something but he can’t manage it he’s so desperate, his chest rises and falls shakily. “M-mm-m” he repeats “What is it, baby?” “Mommy please” he whispers, your cheeks flush and your cunt is soaked, you are so turned on by his name for you.
You use both hands spreading the precum as you go, he was so close “I’m going to cum” he moans, you neglect his cock just before he finishes, edging him. He looked helpless, his face red and tears almost falling from the intensity of almost finishing. “Look at you baby, you wanted to cum didn’t you?” “Yes, I-I did, please can I cum” “You have to be a good boy to cum, and you made mommy wet, so you have to fix that.”
He sits up “May I pleasure you, mommy?” “Yes, you may.” You spread your legs for him, he uses his mouth on your already wet cunt, you could feel it leaking as he sucked and licked desperately on your clit. “You’re being such a good boy, you’re going to make mommy cum” you tug on his hair, he takes it as more motivation.
He made a mess of your cunt with the continuous stimulation. You came so hard, he runs his finger through your ruined cunt. “So good baby, you were such a good boy so you can choose how you want to cum” his eyes light up and he kneels down on the floor looking for something under his bed.
It seemed strange for him to do, he pulls out a strap on and things made sense, he wants to be pegged and you want nothing more than to give that to him.
You take it and put it on “You’re going to ride me, facing me” you state, your back leaning against the headboard. He hovers over the fake dick, lining it up and sinking down on it slowly.
“Tell me how it feels to be filled up, baby” “Feels amazing mommy” “Good boy, now move on it how you like” he moves slowly, up and down and positions it how he likes. After a couple times he moves up and down you take a hand and stimulate his cock, he whimpers louder in response.
“Fuck, I love watching you get off on my fake dick while I give you a handjob” you’d never seen Draco like this before, he is so soft and precious, his cheeks are bright red compared to his soft pale skin and his mouth is open while he moans and watches your hand move on his dick.
He moans as he gets closer, the strap in his ass hitting just the right spot to make him cum. His cock spills out cum all over your lower stomach and his cock.
“Good boy, came so good” he breathes heavily still sunk down on the strap, you massage his balls causing his cock to leak a little bit more cum down his shaft. “Such a good boy” you press a kiss to his forehead, he gets off the strap laying down on the bed.
You take off the strap and clean his cum off your lower stomach and cuddle up on his chest providing some comfort. His hands are placed behind his head, his fingers interlocked as he tries to calm down from his high.
“Do you want me to clean you up?” You ask him and he nods you use your tongue to clean his dick covered in cum. He pulls you into his chest again “I really like being submissive” he says “I really like when you call me mommy” “Thats good” he tries not to smile.
“Should we go take a bath?” “Yeah good idea.”
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angelblacksmith · 7 hours ago
Dating with Sirius Black would include
Pairing: Sirius Black x fem!Reader
Warning: fluff, a hint of sex, kisses
Tumblr media
Sirius is a very affectionate boy.
But at the same time not amorous.
So if he falls in love with you.
But he will be ready for anything for you.
Sirius is a very touchy boy who needs a lot of attention.
His language of love is tactility.
He put his arm around your shoulders, around your waist and holds your hand whenever possible.
Constant kisses.
Very, very many kisses.
Especially when you're both tired.
You arrange for yourself a recumbent day off.
And all day you hug, kiss and do nothing.
If you suddenly feel bad.
Sirius is always ready to help.
Because he wants to help you in every way and so that you don't feel bad.
Evenings in the Gryffindor living room by the fireplace.
Help Sirius and the marauders with inventions and practical jokes.
But never get caught by Filch.
Sirius wouldn't let that happen.
Long hugs.
Dates at Hogsmeade.
Which end with laughter and a huge number of smiles.
Sirius would definitely sneak into your dorm at night.
The most unusual date invitations.
You can date for several years.
But Sirius will still send an owl with flowers and an invitation.
Walking in the rain.
Incredibly hot and passionate kisses in empty classrooms.
Which grow into something else.
You wear his Quidditch sweater in winter when it's cold.
Cheering for him and James during the Quidditch game.
Be a bridesmaid at Lily and James' wedding.
Naturally Sirius is best man.
Babysits Harry while Lily and James go on a date.
But you and Sirius are not planning your children yet.
It's enough for you to be responsible for Harry.
Sirius is definitely madly in love with you.
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multifandomfix · 23 hours ago
Imagine you and Draco comforting each other when you have nightmares about the Second Wizarding War.
Tumblr media
It wasn’t unusual for either you or Draco to wake up in the middle of the night in a panic. The flashbacks of the war followed you both in the dark hours of the night. Tonight it seemed it was Draco's turn to rise suddenly from his slumber, clutching his chest in attempt to still his racing heart. No matter which one of you awoke with a start, the other always knew. You sat up next to him, blinking off your tired haze in order to comfort him, reassure him that it was just another nightmare and that the war was over.
He began to calm at the feeling of your sure hand on his back. Having you there with him on nights like these was everything he could ask for. The nightmares were much worse in the beginning, those ones that came just after the war. Now, while they still set him on edge, he was soothed to find you at his side, offering softly spoken reminders that the war had long past.
Tumblr media
Draco Malfoy: @osterhagen, @whither-the-wind-goes, @bluenystic, @sapphicprinc3ss, @demented-potions-master, @unexpected-character, @ppgrayson
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lonelyhe4rts · 2 months ago
broken rules and precious bunnies
Pairing: Wolfstar x reader - Remus Lupin x reader x Sirius Black
Warnings: smut, polyamorous relationship, penetrative sex, oral sex (fem receiving), mentions of male receiving, orgasm denial, use of degrading names ie (slut, whore, brat), dom/sub relationship established, mentions of spanking, use of the word punishment, think that’s all - lmk if there’s any more!
Summary: Sirius Black was no angel and Remus Lupin was no fool. Did Sirius really think Remus wouldn’t notice he had been playing with things that weren’t his? 
- Part Two to this can be found here
- Part Three to this can be found here
Word Count: 2.2k 
an: all actions are consensual and safe word is set in place. enjoy xx 
You were always Remus’ good girl - always sticking to his rules and behaving well, never wanting to disappoint your precious lycanthrope. His praise and adoration for you never declined in making you flush, revelling in the attention he’d give you when you were his ‘pretty lil bunny.’ Sirius on the other hand - the dirty dog he is, enjoyed bending the rules often. He was a meddling marauder after all, not being able to stick to rules or regulations for long durations of time. Some would say he was cheeky, Remus would prefer to say ‘massive fucking brat’. That was the way it worked - Remus being the dom within the relationship, Sirius being below him, but still above you within the ranks - you being the ‘precious lil puppy’ or ’dumb cockslut’ - that’s one only Sirius tends to use. 
You never intended to break Remus’ rules - those being, for example; no touching what belongs to him (you), no sex unless all of you were present, no whining and especially no lying. And of course you never went out of your way to break these, knowing that at the end of the tunnel lay a punishment, that while pleasurable would have deemed you as no longer a good girl, but rather a bad girl. And what do bad girls not get to do? They don’t get to cum. 
That was until you were yanked into a broom cupboard on your way to potions - a hand covering the expanse of your mouth, while a sultry voice smirks into your ear, “ssh poppet, it’s just me.” A breath of relief escapes the confinements of your lungs, your body relieved at the sight of Sirius and not some psycho Slytherin. “Didn’t need to do that Siri,” you chastise, hand briefly hitting the skin of his shoulder. A conversation swiftly takes place, Sirius attempting to persuade you into a quick fuck before potions - words rambling from his throat in his attempt to lure you to the brat side. “No Sirius, Remus’ rules. No touching what belongs to him and no sex without all of us. Y’should know that by now.” Your arms are crossed over the swell of your breasts, your body displaying signs of a stern and stubborn attitude. “Come on angel, y’gonna be a good girl or not?” That’s what strikes you, the words causing your throat to bob and your eyes to slightly twitch. Sirius was your dom as well - surely if you’d disobeyed him, he’d tell Remus who’d be so disappointed in you, spanking and edging you until your tired body rumbled with sobs. “Remmy will never find out baby.” 
You’re soon found with your face squished against the stone, your back arched as Sirius takes you hard and fast from behind. Moans are bursting against the roof of your mouth, your throat straining in trying to keep them in. Sirius’ hand winds around your trembling body, covering the expanse of your mouth to muffle the mewls tumbling from your lips, his hips still pistoning in and out of your sopping cunt. “Stupid fucking whore, getting off from being fucked in a dusty cupboard.” Your head shakes - as well as it can with being in the grip of Sirius’ ringed hand, “not a stupid whore, ‘m a good girl,” babbles from your mouth, your head reduced to a mushy pile, a foggy glaze taking over the orbs of your eyes. Waves of pleasure rush through your bloodstream, tendrils of lust pulsing within your body. It’s not long before you’re almost there - a few deep thrusts away, your cunt clenching desperately over the length of his cock, before Sirius is rapidly pulling out, his hand reaching down to rub at his own length. Your eyes are wide and gaping, watching the boy stroke himself to completion, whilst leaving you high and dry. “But, but Siri I was good, I did what you said, I-“
“Only good girls get to come bunny, should’ve stuck to Remmy’s rules right?”
The next few lessons blur over, the foggy haze settled within your brain still present during the lectures. You’re sopping beneath your pleated skirt - your thighs constantly grinding together to try and relieve the burning ache left behind by Sirius. Anxiety and guilt bubbles within your chest when thinking about Remus - your special Remmy, who’d be so disappointed to hear about you disobeying his rules. The subby mindset you were left in led you to believe that you had to tell him - you deserve to be punished. The bell rang as your final lesson concluded for the day, your figure slowly getting up to make a walk of shame to the boys’ dorm.
Remus and Sirius’ lessons weren’t over the day, leaving you to sit in your hazy mindset for even longer. You were adorned in an old t-shirt of Moony’s, completely bare underneath as you waited upon the four poster, your legs curled up towards your chin. You couldn’t help but crave the orgasm your were denied earlier - your sopping pussy still throbbing with need and pulsating with lust - you shouldn’t break any more rules though. Remus finding you in such a position - your fingers circling your swollen nub, would have elicited a disappointed sigh to tumble from his lips, his brows furrowing as he contemplates why you weren’t being his ‘precious little lover.’ Your fingers twitch by your side, the dainty digits clawing the silk sheets of the bed, fuzzy brain trying to stay as grounded as possible while in its state - your hazy head still knowing you had to please your doms. Your feathered lashes become heavy with droplets of tears, knowing you’re going to be punished as soon as you relay the event back to the lycanthrope, your bottom lip slightly quivering. 
It’s not soon after that Remus is waltzing through the door, an affectionate smile stretching across his face when he sees you in his clothing, that same smile quickly fading with worry at the sight of you. His lanky body soon rushes over to you, hands situating themselves across the planes of your shoulders. “Bunny, what’s t’matter? Something happened poppet?” Your head is soon lifting up to look him in the eyes, understanding seeming to flush Remus’ face when he looks into your foggy eyes. His head is swiftly searching downwards, his eyes catching sight of your soaked and quivering cunt, a gentle smile flushing over his features. “Y’feeling subby puppy?” He asks, his head slightly tilting to the side, as his thumb strokes the gentle skin of your cheek. “Done something bad Remmy,” are the only words you can muster, your clogged lashes becoming even more waterlogged with the fresh run of tears streaming from your irises. “How come poppet, can you tell me?” is his response, his hands holding the entirety of your head within his, manoeuvring around to look at himself again. “Broke one of yer rules, touched what’s yours,” you babble, teardrops dripping down the apples of your cheeks. You watch as the male beside you stiffens slightly, eyes hardening, “How so?” He asks, speech devoid of any endearing nicknames. “Siri wanted to get off, said I wasn’t a good girl if I didn’t an-and I’m always a good girl right? An-and then, he didn’t let me finish saying I was being a bad girl for breaking your rules.” Tears stream from your eyes as you sob out the words. “Oh poppet,” he coos, soft lips coming to smear a gentle reassuring kiss against your temple, “You’re always gonna be my good girl, yeah? Don’t listen to Sirius, he’s being a meanie. He shouldn’t have asked you to do that, he has rules just as much as you do. I bet it’s hurting down there right baby? Tingling, yeah?” His thumbs brush away the tears on your face, lips kissing up the salty tracks. Agreeing mumbles spill from your lips, your legs falling apart to display your glistening cunt to your boyfriend. “Need y’Remmy, please it hurts so much.” Your hand is dragging his up to the soft skin of your belly, “hurts right here” you mewl, eyes silently begging the male to aid your pain. “Just m’fingers or m’mouth though, yeah? Sirius can sort me out bunny.” Your glossy eyes prevented you from seeing the sly smirk reaching across Remus’ face, the cogs twisting and turning within his head, coming up with the perfect solution to punish Sirius with. “Y’mouth Remmy, want your kissies.”
Moments later, his head is slowly trailing soft kisses up the inner skin of your thighs - softer than normal, gentler due to the sensitive frame of mind you were dazing in. Your hips buck at the slight contact, your back arching from the only touch you’ve received since being denied of your earlier orgasm. His soft lips are then ghosting over your sopping folds, tongue slightly peeking out to lick the sweet nectar. “More Remmy please, need more.” A sharp pinch is delivered to your thigh, “don’t whine poppet.” He’s soon catering to your needs despite your whining, mouth diving between your quivering cunt as if a starving man. Moans tumble from the valley of your throat, strangled whimpers following shortly when his pearly whites nip at the puffy pearl of your clit. The burning ache in your stomach intensifies as the pleasure prolongs - previous pain morphing into pure bliss, as you cry out to Remus that you’re only a grasp away from reaching your peak. “Please Remmy, wanna cum,” You feel his head nod into the crease of your leg, your body soon rolling through the waves of your pleasure, your eyes sparking a blinding light as you experience your high. Your heart soon returns to its regular tempo, your shaking legs being gently eased together by Remus, his lips and chin dripping with your slick. “Y’good bunny? Pain all gone?” His large hands brushing away the matted strands of hair away from your forehead. “So good Remmy. Wanna suck y’cock.” You affirm, hands making grabbing motions towards his crotch. “No poppet, what did I say? Not y’job tonight. Let’s get y’nice and clean, yeah?” He echoes into the shell of your ear, his long frame lifting you up to take you towards the bathroom, limbs tangled around his body as if a koala. 
It’s a mere twenty minutes later that Sirius is strutting his way through the dorm door, his eyes finding the sight of yourself and Remus, bundled together within his bed, Remus reading a novel against the headboard with yourself tucked into his side. A nervous look is gifted to Remus, your eyes scanning his face to examine whether there’s any residing anger lingering within him. “Y’wouldn’t be so cosy with your precious bunny if you’d find out what she’s been up to,” a giddy Sirius snarks, as if excited by the prospect of you being punished. He has a smug glint within his eyes - a glint that could only be caused by him believing you’d never tell Remus about supposedly breaking his rules. “Oh I know what’s been going on today,” he retorts, body shifting so that he can stand up to face Sirius - who’s now standing slightly less tall, his body displaying the sense of knowing he’s been found out. “Y’know what I found in our dorm s’afternoon Sirius? Our precious girl sobbing her heart out, all because you thought you could dom her. Did you break my rules today, Pads?” He asks, legs moving towards the other males within the room. “No, she was the one begging me to fuck her.” A reluctant Sirius replies, his body language highlighting how stupid he knew saying that was - not only breaking another of Remus’ rules, but the pure absurdity from suggesting you’d ever go out of you way to break a rule. Preposterous. “That’s another mark, Pads. Y’really racking em up. First, getting baby to have sex when I’m not there, then denying her of a cummie and then lying saying she’s not my good girl and just right there.” His head his shaking as he says this. 
“What do y’think then angel? He tried to get y’into trouble. Fancy coming up with his punishment?” A slow, meek nod signifying your response, as Remus leans towards your face, awaiting your response. A frantic looking Sirius drop his hands from his chest at this, his face displaying a feeling of shock and injustice as his dom turns to you for guidance. A stern stare is fixed in his direction from Remus, attempting to rally him in. Your dainty fingers cup the shell of Remus’ ear, fingernails slightly twirling his swirls of sandy hair at the nape of his neck. A whisper is echoed into his ear, his head pulling away from yours after smearing a kiss against the palm of your hand, a proud yet smug look resonating within his features. “Right then Pads, bunny here - my best girl, has come up with a perfect punishment.” Remus says with pride, his chest puffing out with elation. “Oh yeah, what’s that then? Gonna spank me silly?” An agitated Sirius replies, arms covering the expanse of his chest.
“Hph, nice try brat, “he says, fingers unravelling the buckle of his belt, “get on yer knees.”
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arcaneslut · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
smut marked with *
draco malfoy
a different state of mind by @yoooespinosa
entire masterlist by @dracoscene
control by @yellowsuitcase *
this will be our future by @mellifluousart
better by @ronsmommy *
needy by @slut4drvc0 *
harry potter
complete masterlist by @ronsbadidea
belong by @salazarslytherin *
clouded vision by @fredshufflepuff *
glasses by @messrsmoonee
bj in the common room by @elevatorsdoor *
lovely like you by @railmeharrypotter *
ron weasley
don't stop by @acosmis-t *
such a tease by @/yellowsuitcase *
wrong by @/ronsmommy *
devoted by @miiamour *
ten minutes by @weasleymuse *
sure by @ameliora-j *
george weasley
credit by @/st0nesnglitter
as long as you’re happy by @arcaneslut (me)
sucking him off by @/thotbutpurple *
baby boy by @pansyslut *
george with an innocence kink by @theleftovertaco *
love songs by @sunrisefairy
fred weasley
compromising position by @pinkandblueblurbs *
got it by @fredshufflepuff *
dominate me by @/thotbutpurple *
right where you are, that’s where I am by @myloveforluna
we were both young when I first saw you by @anywherebuthere
you're bleeding by @/shadesofvelma
hermione granger
morning skies by @eloquenceflores *
honeybees by @pansydaisy
keep going by @chokemepansy *
purple by @siriuslyblackblog *
mother may I by @/pansyslut *
escapism by @lariimars *
sirius black
best friends dad part 2* by @thotbutpurple
the boss by @st0nesnglitter *
the only thing we share by @saintlike78 *
question number nine by @shadesofvelma *
them jerking off to you (ft.James&Remus) by @/shadesofvelma
rough day by @eunoniaa *
remus lupin
yes, sir by @quindolyn *
teachers pet part 1 | part 2 | part 3 by @pinkandblueblurbs *
birthday present by @romqnticizer *
them jerking off to you (ft.James&Sirius) by @/shadesofvelma *
delightful nuisance by @holden-caulfield
tit fucking by @/pinkandblueblurbs *
james potter
them jerking off to you (ft.Remus&Sirius) by @/shadesofvelma *
present by @selenesheart *
cuddly by @marauders-lupin
you in here ? by @/quindolyn *
strawberry accolades by @zzzfour *
winner, loser by @/salazarslytherin *
lucius malfoy
legilimens by @imaslutforremuslupin *
punishments by @/arcaneslut (me) *
mirror blowjob by @/pinkandblueblurbs *
soft by @/ronsmommy *
mirror by @snuciussimp *
lucius good girl by @/fredshufflepuff *
regulus black
the only thing we share (ft.Sirius) by @/saintlike78 *
forever by @maybanksslut
period sex by @/ronsmommy *
overstimulation by @slvt4fakerealities *
what happened to all our promises by @whoreforregulus
on camera by @cupidsriot *
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thehorcruxstolemysoul · 8 months ago
Indian Harry Potter headcanons that could kinda fit into canon:
Little Harry wonders why his skin is so much darker than his relatives
He asked Aunt Petunia once and she pursed her lips and said "don't ask questions"
He's told to walk behind Aunt Petunia when she makes Harry hold all the groceries
At age 8, Harry is told his skin is so much darker because he's "dirty"
He showers till his skin is red and raw but he's still as dark as chestnut when he comes out
There is only one other boy with the same skintone as Harry in his grade
His name is Arjun and he doesn't have many friends
One time he came to Harry and offered to share his food - a round bread-like substance and potato that tasted a lot better than Aunt Petunia's
Arjun's face visibly dimmed in disappointment when Harry had no idea what the food was or how to eat it
He doesn't talk to Harry much after that but sends him a smile every time their eyes meet
Dudley and his gang beat up Harry for being poor, an orphan and dark but they bully Arjun for his yellow fingernails and because "he smells of curry"
At age 10, Harry knows his mother's name was Lily but not his father's
At age 11, a giant with the kindest eyes Harry's ever seen hands him an acceptance letter to Hogwarts and says "James and Lily would be proud" and Harry's heart soars
Harry's first friend has skin as white as snow but he's loyal and kind and funny and his favorite person in the universe
Harry's second friend has skin darker than his and Harry's eyes light up at the knowledge that he's not alone here in this world
Hermione Granger is fierce and unapologetically black, with cornrows braided into her hair and a glare sharp as knives. There's nothing in this world Harry wouldn't do for her
During November of his first year, kind and pretty Parvati Patil says "Happy Diwali" to him with a beaming smile
In the fraction of a second where Harry looks lost, Parvati's face falls
Harry's stomach clenches and he's reminded visibly of Arjun so he says "thank you Parvati, you too"
Parvati's smile is tumultuous but there
The tightness in Harry's stomach doesn't vanish though
Christmas Break arrives and Harry finds himself lost in the Mirror of Erised - he sees his father, darker than him but strong and proud and confident with mischievous eyes and a loving smile, his hand ruffling mirror Harry's hair affectionately
He sees his mother, pale like Aunt Petunia but oh so vibrant with her piercing eyes, warm smile and protective embrace around the Harry in the mirror
He sees his grandparents - rows and rows of people who look just like him
He wishes more than anything that he could trade places with the boy in the mirror
At the end of his first year, a sobbing Rubeus Hagrid hands him his most treasured possession
Harry flips through the pages of the album, his heart in his throat
He sees his father in a black tux, handsome and cheeky, with his lopsided glasses and tears in his eyes as he looks at Lily Evans-soon-to-be-Potter
He sees his mother, red hair braided back with flowers and a white, trailing dress that seemed to sparkle even in the picture - or maybe that was Lily herself, radiant with joy
His eyes widen as he sees their second wedding: Lily in a red blouse and skirt, embellished with mirrors and silver stones, henna decorating her hands and long silver earrings dangling from her ears
James Potter is dressed in red and gold: a long, red top that looks just as grand - but less shiny - than Lily's and flowing golden pants
They both sit peacefully in front of the flickering fire
He watches them place thick garlands of white flowers around each other's necks and cries
The last picture features baby Harry. Lily and James are once again dressed in ethnic wear, wearing blue this time, a baby Harry in a Snitch-covered onesie clasped between them. All three of them hold onto a lit sparkler and baby Harry laughs as they trace patterns in the air
Summer before second year, Ron rescues Harry from the Dursleys and brings him to his house
After that however Ron is more observant, more protective
When Parvati and Padma wish him Happy Diwali in second year, Harry stutters over the word and flushes with embarrassment but the twins smile at him kindly
On the other hand, Ron's jaw drops and a sinking realization occurs
Leaving behind an oblivious Harry he runs to find Hermione and they both head to the library
Harry doesn't know what the conversation entailed until the summer before his third year and instead of being expelled for blowing up his aunt, he's met by a relieved Minister of Magic
Before he leaves for Hogwarts, in addition to learning about mass murderer Sirius Black who murdered 13 people with a single curse, Harry finally learns his heritage
Arthur Weasley waves his wand and a golden 3D projection of the world balloons in front of Harry and it spins and comes to a stop in front of him
Arthur Weasley gently says "that's India, Harry. That's where you're from, where James was from, where your family lived before they immigrated to Britain in the 18th century"
India feels like home
He meets Ron and Hermione on the train and before the Dementors come he tells them that he's gonna spend the year researching India and their magical community
Ron and Hermione beam back
Hermione immediately pulls out a book and shows it shyly to Harry. The table of contents lists interesting topics that Ron and Hermione had brainstormed last year that they thought Harry would be interested in
Ron says "we didn't start the research of course this is all your history. But, well, we'd like to help"
Kind, loyal Ron who hates the library offering to help him and studious, goal-driven Hermione offering to give up her own studying time for him makes him almost well up
He'd die for these two, Harry thinks with certainty
Thrice a week they meet in the library for a few hours to research India
Hermione is in despair when she realizes the library's works on India were mostly all written by white people
She teaches Harry and Ron how to spot implicit biases and how to recognize the white savior complex and to avoid those books like the plague
"They'll never tell you anything accurate when they think white is the golden standard" Hermione says derisively
When Ron and Hermione fight over their pets, Harry heads to the library alone feeling empty
5 minutes later Ron appears panting and Harry lights up
They both work in silence for a couple of minutes, looking up at the library door hopefully
10 minutes later, Hermione barrels in and says nothing to Ron and nods at Harry and starts explaining her research
With Ron on his right and Hermione on his left, Harry feels invincible
Then Sirius Black turns out to be his godfather and innocent and the world tilts on its axis
Bolstered by Ron and Hermione's urging, Harry sends Sirius a letter, asking if he knew anything about the Potters' Indian traditions
The reply takes a while
Long enough that Harry regrets sending it all
But when Hedwig returns with a letter 6 pages thick, he understands
Sirius's letter reads: "God, Harry, how I wish James were around to tell you this himself. He loved his family and he loved his culture and he was so excited to share it with everyone he could - me, Remus, Lily and you. I'm not Indian but your grandparents took me in when I was young and shared their culture with me so I'll do my damn best to educate and help you learn about your culture too. James was from South India and if you've done any research you'll know that south and north India are vastly different. Even the South Indian states are vastly different. James's favorite holiday was Holi, a festival of color and laughter and it was perfect for your dad but his second favorite was Diwali, the festival of the triumph of the Hindu God Rama over evil. It was a time for family, for food and for light -"
Harry folds the letter and tucks it into the album Hagrid gave him in first year
He looks back at the picture with him and his parents and the sparkler and says "happy Diwali, mom, dad"
Fourth year rolls around and after a summer interrupted by Death Eaters and Voldemort's mark, Harry returns to Hogwarts and almost wishes he hadn't
Hermione is steadfast at his side and he loves her for it but Ron's absence numbs him
When Draco Malfoy says "we wouldn't want a colored champion anyway" Harry feels like lead
However, a multitude of spells are shouted in unison and a furious Hermione, Dean Thomas, Padma and Parvati Patil give Malfoy painful boils and elongated teeth
"You're pathetic Malfoy" Hermione growls, white teeth flashing on her dark face. "You talk about people of color as if they were beneath you but we've got more magic in our pinky than you have in your whole body"
When Parvati and Padma wish him a happy Diwali, Harry joyfully and confidentially returns the greeting and the twins beam, pleased
Ron joins him again and Harry feels complete
Hermione mutters "white boys" only for Harry to hear but her tone is fond and Harry chokes with laughter as Ron hugs them both
When Ron and Harry walk the disgruntled Patil twins back to their Common Rooms after the disastrous Yule Ball, Harry stops and asks them about India
Parvati and Padma frogmarch him to an empty classroom, leaving Ron to run behind them
Parvati looks ashamed as she says "we thought at first you didn't want anything to do with your culture, not that you didn't know"
Padma wiggles her wand and a black and white projection of India twists into shape
She explains about the colonization of India by Muggle Britain, how the Indian magical community in Britian had been forbidden from helping but she knew that the Potters and the Patils had both gone back to India to help the Muggle Indians, how India received Independence in 1947 and the Partition between the Hindu-dominated and the Muslim-dominated states that same year
Parvati takes over and explains more cultural events: the democratic parties of India, the different food and festivals and religions and languages, the different spiritual based magical system through chakras and physical movements
Something changes after that: the twins are staunchly on his side, hexing Malfoy and his goons when they pick on him and joining Ron and Hermione in the library when they can for their research on India
He goes to the kitchens to meet Dobby and asks for Indian food
Dobby gets so excited he immediately sets to work and Harry's mouth waters as he tries the parathas and the sambars and pav bhaji
He brings Ron and Hermione next time and laughs out of sheer happiness as they all eat fried rice and raita together
Hermione grows closer to her roommates and Lavender giggles and says "we're a dorm full of women of color, there's nothing we can't do"
Sometime between the second and third tasks, Hermione finds herself staying up late with her roommates and talking and laughing and allowing Lavender to do her hair
Lavender explains about her family: she's biracial and while she doesn't white pass, she did not inherit her dad's black hair and she's much lighter than most black people and much darker than most white people
Hermione's heart aches for her and she says "you're perfect, Lavender"
Harry then returns from the Third Task with the dead body of Cedric Diggory and news of Voldemort's return
It is July 31st, the summer before Harry's 5th year and he's just finished opening his friends' presents when a majestic owl swoops through the window and deposits a very heavy brown package on his bed
It's from the Patils and Harry gapes as he pulls out two salwar kameez, one in red and gold and one in black. The twins have also included copies of old family recipes and a boxful of ingredients like daals and spices that he can't find in the local grocery stores
He's had no contact with the wizarding world for a while and no news about Voldemort so he sets to work learning more about his heritage
The Dursleys leave him alone at home for most of summer so Harry takes odd jobs around the neighborhood to pay for groceries
The kindly manager of Little Whinging's grocery store comps his bill each time, despite Harry's protests so he dumps half the money in the tip jar
He's never worked with these spices or some of the vegetables before so Harry sets to work and after multiple failed attempts finally manages to make round rotis
He's eating his roti and subzi by hand once, feeling closer to his dad than ever before, when Aunt Petunia returns
An unidentifiable look crosses her features as she sees what Harry is eating but she doesn't say anything to him or to Vernon and Harry makes sure never to get caught again
He's at Grimmauld Place and Sirius and Molly refuse to get along
Ron and Hermione brainstorm and come up with a solution: they drag Sirius, Molly, Remus and Harry down to the Grimmauld Kitchens and tell them they'll all be learning how to cook Indian food
Both Sirius and Molly light up and Remus smiles as he sees some of the spark return to Sirius's eyes as he shares stories of mealtimes with the Potters and the dishes he'd learnt from Mrs Potter
"You know" Sirius says "your mother was so determined to learn how to cook Indian food she stayed over at the Potters in December of 7th year after she and James started dating. Never spent a day with James and spent all the time learning how to cook with your grandma"
Remus adds: "I remember James was worried about Lily not being able to handle the spice but she loved Indian food, took to it like a champ"
Ron takes to cooking like an old hand, pleasing Molly immensely, while Hermione gets increasingly frustrated with the instructions to "feel the amount of spices"
The day Harry gets acquitted, the 5 of them - Ron, Hermione, Molly, Remus and Sirius - successfully make Harry's favorite pav bhaji as a celebratory treat
The next three years are hard
It is no surpise when Umbridge's targets are muggleborns and especially colored muggleborns and Dumbledore supporters
Hermione is told "not to wear her hair like that" so she shaves it all off and in solidarity, Harry, Ron and the other colored students of Hogwarts and white allies do too and they protest loudly and persistently
When McGonagall finds out, she is furious
No one knows what happened between the two women but Umbridge removes the Educational Decree the very next day
Hermione finds a spell to restore everyone's hair but decides she likes her buzzcut and tries not to look too pleased when Ron gapes and whispers "you look so hot"
Neville tells Harry about his parents and Harry confesses to Neville that he's worried that he'll never understand his parents because he'll never understand his culture
Neville wraps him in a hug and says "you're learning about your culture and they'd be so proud of you"
And Harry hugs back and says "and Alice and Frank Longbottom couldn't have dreamed of a braver, more powerful son"
Neville doesn't quite believe him but Harry is certain - Neville is one of the bravest people he's ever met
The DA and their high is short lived and soon Sirius Black is dead and Harry hears the prophecy: "neither can live while the other survives"
In sixth year, much to Hermione's chagrin, Ron starts dating Lavender
Hermione is furious but Lavender had been a friend, had been kind to her and Hermione would never strike a fellow woman of color over a white boy, no matter how much she liked him, so she swallows her anger and sheaths her wand. No flying birds attack today
Harry falls for Ginny - fierce firecracker Ginny Weasley who's had his back since he first rescued her from Tom Riddle - and dreads Ron's reaction
Ron isn't happy but he loves his sister and his best friend and tell Harry that if he hurts her there will be trouble
Later Harry finds out that Ron also made the same threat to Ginny - that Ron would not be happy if Ginny did anything to break Harry's heart
Ginny had nodded solemnly and given her brother a proud look before crushing him in a fierce hug
Harry shares his culture with Ginny - everything he knows about it and takes her down to the kitchen and makes her try every single dish he can think of
Ginny laughs and says she's going to get fat but obligingly eats everything just for the delighted look on Harry's face
Dumbledore dies, Harry and Ginny break up and the war officially begins
Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr is dead - but so are Remus Lupin, Nymphadora Tonks, Fred Weasley, Colin Creevey and so many more that Harry couldn't save
The years after the war is slow healing: Harry, Ginny, Hermione and Ron move into a small flat together in central Diagon Alley and they heal together
Hermione shows them muggle London and her own traditions and Harry cooks Indian food twice a week for his friends
Ron cooks every other day and Ginny somehow cons the owner of a new cupcake store into getting free cupcakes all the time and they sometimes cry together but also they heal together
Harry starts learning his mother-tongue
Two years after the end of the war, the four of them receive an invitation from the Patils
The Patils take them to India - they're going to meet the Patil family but they're also going to explore south India - specifcally the state where Harry is from - and Harry is so excited he can't sit still
They Portkey to India and Harry's eyes widen as he takes in the explosion of color, of unfamiliar sounds, of familiar sounds in an unfamiliar tongue, of smells, of the beautiful, vivid sights he'd only read about
He closes his eyes, breathes in deeply and thinks: home
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pairing: charlie weasley x reader; bill weasley x reader; fred weasley x reader; george weasley x reader
 requested: nope
word count: 5.1k
warnings: SMUT, age differences but all characters are 18+, first times, fingering, oral (female receiving), penetration
A/N: Please do not judge me for this. That’s all I ask. I know this is questionable, but the weasley boys?? All of them?? They’re pretty hot and I’d be down to sleep with all of them, just saying. I’ve had this written for months and have just been too scared to post it, but you know what? It’s written, it’s pretty freaking good in my opinion, & I just really want/need to post shit again so hopefully you enjoy this. 
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You were excited to be staying at the burrow again this summer. You had pretty much grown up with the Weasley boys as your parents were friends from their time at hogwarts.
You had also been around to see Ron and Ginny grow up, so all of you were almost like siblings. You got along with all of them really well, and you were an only child so anytime you came to the burrow felt like you were coming home.
You were closest in age to the twins, being only a month or two younger than them, which meant that the three of you were as thick as thieves. There are plenty of stories from your childhood of you three planning pranks...and getting in trouble for them later.
Even though you’re closest to Fred and George, both in age and friendship, you still got along really well with Bill, Charlie, and Percy. Percy could be a bit stuck up at times so you didn’t socialize with him too much, but you did have a good relationship with Bill and Charlie.
In fact, most of your late childhood into early teen years you had a bit of a crush on the two older siblings. It’s bound to happen when they’re cute, older than you, nice to you, and almost always around.
Once you started at hogwarts, however, your crush on the two faded as they weren’t around as much and you were surrounded by other guys. Not that that really mattered any because you found yourself starting to crush on Fred and George more and more.
You knew it was weird since you literally grew up alongside them and they were your best friends, but you couldn’t help it. Even though the two of them could be a menace, they did know how to be really sweet. They had consoled you many a time from scraping your knee to losing your longtime family pet, even to when you had had a falling out with a friend.
You suppose that’s part of the reason you had fallen for them; since you grew up with them, you knew all these different sides they had that others didn’t necessarily get to see.
“Y/n! It’s so nice to have you stay here with us again.” Molly smiles at you in greeting as you, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny walk through the door after yet another school year.
You, Fred, and George had just finished up your sixth year and were excited that you were so close to graduating.
“Thank you for letting me stay again. I swear I’m not trying to permanently move in.” You smile, earning a chuckle from her as Fred rolls his eyes and mumbles a sarcastic ‘sure’ to which you slap his bicep for.
“Don’t worry about it, dear.” She chuckles. “You’ve been a surrogate daughter to me for years. It’s almost wrong to not have you here.”
You smile, loving that you’re essentially a part of the family. Don’t get it wrong, you love your parents just as much and wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world, but something about being a weasley just sat perfectly with you.
You frown as you make your way down the stairs. You’re not really sure where everyone was. You’ve been hiding away in ginny’s room with a fan trying to stay cool while you read a book you bought in hogsmeade you just hadn’t had the time to read yet.
It’s surprisingly quiet, which is why you become so curious. It’s almost always full of noise in here.
Even though it confuses you, you decide to  ignore the itch you have to figure out why and instead find yourself something to eat as your stomach is growling something fierce.
You make it down to the kitchen and make a beeline for the fridge, looking around to see what there is. Just as your about to pull stuff out, you hear someone call you’re name from behind, startling you.
“Ah, sorry, y/n.” the same person chuckles as you turn around.
If you had been annoyed before, it all left your body when you saw who it was that had scared you.
“Charlie! What are you doing here? It’s been ages!” You ask, running up to give him a hug.
After he graduated, he decided he wanted to study and work with dragons and moved out to Romania to do so. That was nearly four years ago now, and you’d barely heard anything from him since.
“Nice to see you too, kiddo. How have you been?” He chuckles, hugging you back.
He doesn’t like admitting it, but he’s always had a bit of a soft spot for you. He remembers always wanting to take care of you when you were real little, granted he was real young then too, but something about you fascinated him. Maybe it was because you weren’t a boy.
Either way, he took care of you a lot when you were both real young. He got to watch you grow up, seeing you as a cute and innocent toddler to a carefree child.
He loved how you were wild enough to keep up with his twin brothers, yet were so soft and laidback as well.
He ended up having a bit of a crush on you. But he never acted on it as he was about five years older, and didn’t want anyone to think he was a pervert or anything. It’s not like it would matter, you two had grown up together, but you were both young and people don’t always like an age gap in young couples.
“I’ve been really good, Charlie. I was chosen as one of Gryffindor’s prefects this year! Not to mention I’ve done really well on all my tests.”
“That’s amazing, kiddo. I always knew you would do good. I hope you’ve been able to keep Fred and George in line?”
“Well, sort of...” you trail off. You didn’t really want to tell him how being a prefect gave you the ability to help Fred and George sneak around even better to set up their pranks.
“You’ve been helping them out with their pranks, haven’t you? I remember how much you three would get in trouble for them when you were younger.”
“We only got in trouble because Percy would rat us out.” You argue to which Charlie chuckles. He does remember how feisty you were at times.
You sigh as you take in his features. He was the same Charlie you had always known, but he was so much more mature now. His muscles were even more defined since his days of quidditch from working with dragons day after day.
You couldn’t help the butterflies that had started fluttering in your stomach as your heart started racing. You thought you were over your crush on him, but seeing him now resurfaces all your old feelings, only tenfold as you’re now with raging hormones.
“I see you’re still as feisty as ever, kiddo. Glad to know you haven’t changed that much since I’ve been gone.”
“If I’m ever not feisty, somethings wrong.” You chuckle, getting him to smile as he looks over you.
He has to admit just how well you’ve matured. Your y/h/c hair fell smoothly against your shoulders, not much longer than that. Your locks only highlighted your soft face, framing your features perfectly.
Same as you, he can’t help but feel his childhood crush on you reappear.
“You know, you never did answer what you were doing here? Does molly or any of your siblings know you’re here?” You ask after a moment of you two admiring each other.
“No, she doesn’t. Nor do they. I was hoping to surprise them with my visit, but none of them seem to be here. Honestly, I was more than surprised to see you here.”
“I’m surprised to see you. I don’t know where anyone else is, but I’m glad I got to see you first.”
“Same here, pumpkin. I didn’t expect to see you at all, but I’m glad I am. It’s been real nice seeing you before anyone else, especially since I don’t think I’ll have much time away from them whenever they do come home.”
You smile, looking up at the man you’ve been crushing on for years. He’ll never know what his words do to you.
“Y/n, kiddo. Can I tell you something?” Charlie asks, pushing some of your hair out of your face as he tucks it behind your ear.
“Of course.”
“This might be crazy and I know it’s probably a bit weird, but I used to have such a crush on you.” He confesses, smiling at you as you watch him.
“Yeah? Well, I used to have such a crush on you too, Charlie.” You blush.
He quirks an eyebrow at you, chewing on his bottom lip as he mulls over his next action.
“Used to? Or still do, kiddo?”
“Still do...” you mumble, your cheeks a furious shade of red now as you admit to liking him.
You’re not really sure where your confidence came from. Sure you’ve always been comfortable talking to him about anything, but this was unchartered territory.
“Good.” He smiles, kissing you before leaning in so he can whisper in your ear.
“Because I do too.”
You gasp as he kisses your neck, not giving you any warning.
“Charlie.” You gasp, as you wrap your arms around the back of his neck, your hands tangling into his hair and tugging.
He moans, pulling you even closer as he sucks on your earlobe, drawing a whiny moan from you.
“What do you say to taking this up to my room? We can have a bit of fun before everyone gets back?”
“O-okay.” You agree, melting against his body.
You’ve never been kissed before, let alone touched like this. Your body was going crazy with all the sensations and you weren’t sure what to do.
Charlie leads you up to his old room, that had been left pretty much the same. He closes the door, placing a locking spell on it even though no one should question why his door is closed. Molly keeps it shut anyways.
“Have you ever done anything, kiddo?” He asks, laying you down on his bed as he hovers over top of you.
You shake your head, chewing on your bottom lip as you watch him for any sort of reaction.
He smiles warmly at you, gently tucking your hair behind your ears as he admires you. He would love to be the one to take your virginity, but only if you’d like him to.
“Are you okay with all of this?”
You nod, moaning lightly as you clench your thighs together.
“Do you want me to stop?”
You shake your head, not wanting him to stop at all. No, you much rather he do something to help this sensation you’re having.
“No.” You whine. “Please don’t stop.”
He smirks, pressing a soft kiss to your nose as he feels down your body.
“You’re so beautiful, y/n. I hope you know that.”
“Charlie, please do something. I-I don’t know what to do.” You whimper. You’ve never felt so needy before and you need something to happen.
Charlie chuckles lightly above you before pressing a kiss to your lips.
“Are you feeling a bit needy, pumpkin? Need me to take care of you?”
You whimper, nodding at his words as he smirks.
You close your eyes as he leans down, pressing a soft kiss to your lips before whispering to you, “let me know if you want to stop, okay? I want you to feel comfortable.”
You nod, moaning as he starts to undress you, feeling your body up and down.
“So pretty, pumpkin. You’re so so pretty.”
Slowly you feel him drag his hands over your breasts, gently massaging them in his palms before trailing his hands down to your thighs, pulling your legs apart so he can see your pretty sex.
“Charlie.” You groan as he trails his fingers around your inner thighs, placing kisses at the tops of them but not touching where you need him to.
“Patience, kiddo. We gotta make sure you’re warmed up enough. I don’t want to hurt you any.”
You nod, tossing your head back as he tauntingly trails his fingers closer.
You become lost in the bliss of everything, not being able to separate his hot kisses from when he starts rubbing your clit before sliding two fingers into you.
No, you’re too far gone in the bliss to even realize he’s ready to slide himself into you until his head is pressing against you, ready to be enveloped within your soft walls.
“You okay, pumpkin?”
You nod, a few tears falling out as he begins sliding himself inside you, intertwining your fingers with his as he holds your one hand near you head, the other gripping at the sheets while his is planted on your hips to hold you still.
“Feel so good, pumpkin. You’re taking me so well.” Charlie praises, slowly pushing his way inside you.
“Oh, Charlie. Fuck.” You groan, squeezing the hand that’s intertwined with yours.
“It’s alright, pretty girl. You’re doing so well. Just a few more inches and I’m inside you, yeah? Can you handle that?”
You nod, moaning as he pushes further into. You never would have expected him to be so well-endowed. It felt heavenly, but bloody hell.
He hisses when he finally fills you completely with his dick. He’s had sex before, but nothing has ever compared to this. He swears there’s nothing that could top the feeling of filling his childhood crush  with his cock.
“Charlie. Oh Merlin, please move.” You whine, your walls finally stretching enough for the pain to dissipate.
The next few minutes go by way too fast. One second, Charlie’s thrusting into you making you feel the best you ever have, and the next you’re coming all over him as he does the same in the condom he’s wearing, his dick still buried inside you.
You sigh as you come down from the high, not quite believing that just happened, but wanting to do it all over again.
You groan, frustrated at the feeling you’ve been dealing with for the last few days. Charlie only stayed for a week, and as he said, he had been swept up by his siblings wanting to spend time with him before he left again.
Since you two slept together, you’ve been finding yourself getting turned on and needing release more and more.
Charlie had been kind enough, or needy enough depending on how you want to look at it, to please you a few more times during his stay. Each time was absolutely amazing and you wanted so much more, but you knew he would be leaving again while you were stuck here.
Charlie has been gone for nearly three weeks now and yet you still find yourself getting turned on and needing release. Unfortunately, there was no way to do that, not unless you want to risk completely embarrassing yourself.
Bill had come home for a visit and he’s been here a few days now. You wanted to blame him for getting turned on, but you knew it wasn’t anything but your own thoughts doing it to you.
Same as with Charlie, the moment you saw Bill, all your old feelings arose and hit you tenfold.
Unfortunately, no “promising situations” arose where Bill might confess that he’s had feelings for you all along as well.
“You look grumpy, kid.” He points out as you come into the kitchen.
“I am a bit.” You frown, making your way over to the fridge. Again, you had been so preoccupied that you didn’t realize just how hungry you were until your stomach was yelling at you.
“What’s got you so grumpy?”
“I’m really hungry and just kinda tired.” You half-lie. Sure you were hungry and tired, but that’s not really what was making you so grumpy.
“Really? I would’ve pegged it on something else.”
“Yeah? Like what?” You ask, too irritated to really care what he thought anyway.
“Well, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re turned on and haven’t done anything about it yet.” He states, not shy about it in the slightest.
“Excuse me?!” You blubber, choking on your own saliva at his answer. You never expected him to say that, especially to you.
Bill was always the mature, proper one out of all the boys. You two were close, but never in a million years would you have expected him to say something like that.
“Y/n, kid. I’ve been through puberty myself. I know what it’s like to be sexually frustrated.”
You whimper, not meaning to in the slightest, but it’s out before you can stop it.
“Is that the case, beautiful?”
You nod, blushing furiously. You don’t like to admit how needy you are, but here you are anyway.
“Would you like some help to feel better?”
You look up at Bill with such a needy expression on your face. Your eyes are wide and your lips are pouted. You don’t want anything more than to have him help you out, but the thought embarrasses you.
“Is that a yes, love?” He chuckles, caressing your cheek as he watches you. He’s always thought you were attractive but for merlins sake the sight of you all horny was a bloody masterpiece.
You nod, watching as he smiles at you, grabbing at your hand and tugging you along behind him.
He leads you up to his bedroom where he kisses you, pulling you flush to his body. Even though you’re younger than him by a number of years, he’s always had a crush on you. Seeing you now, nearly all grown up and matured, he wants nothing more than to make you feel good.
“Please do something.” You moan as he keeps kissing at your neck, his hands feeling  over your sides, hips, and ass.
He nods, placing one last kiss to your lips before ripping your shirt up over your head and quickly unbuttoning your shorts.
Before you know it, you’re naked underneath him as he’s naked hovering over you. He looks absolutely delicious, and you can’t help but kiss at his neck as he pushes his way into you.
“Oh, fuck.” You groan.
“Ugh, fuck. Doing so well, love. Taking me so well.”
You can’t help but moan at the praise. You love knowing that you doing good, that you’re making him feel good.
As soon as he’s all the way inside you, you’re arching your back, wanting him to move. You swear he’s even bigger than Charlie and yet you’re taking him better.
Before long, Bill has a fast pace set that’s nearly knocking the bed into the wall.
“Feels so good.” You whine, arching up against him.
“Almost there, love.”
You let out a high pitched moan as you both hit your highs, you arching against the bed as your one hand grips at the sheets, your other holding on bill’s shoulder.
“Feel any better, love?” He asks, panting as he pulls out of you.
“So much better. Thank you.” You smile, happily curling up into his arms as he holds you to him.
Summer passes by with days filled with happy and fun memories of swimming in the pond near the burrow or eating marshmallows that you toasted over the fire.
Soon enough though your back at hogwarts, stressing over classes and spending all your free time with the twins.
Tonight they had decided they wanted to drink and play silly muggle party games as it was a Friday after a big test in potions. You all felt pretty confident with your work, but it had been a long and stressful week. One that Fred and George just wanted to drink away. Being their best friend, you were of course invited.
“Alright, y/n. Truth or dare?” George asks.
“Let’s go with truth, I guess.” You say, taking a drop of the Veritaserum you all insisted you play with to make things more interesting.
“Alright, let see. Fred, what are you thinking?” George asks, leaning over to his brother to converse.
You were drunk, but not so far gone that you weren’t aware of what was happening or that you’d forget tonight’s events in the morning.
“Yeah. Yeah, that’s a good one. Okay, y/n. Have you lost your virginity?” George asks, giggling at the alcohol coursing through his veins.
Neither of the boys knew you had, which is why they both choked on their drinks when you blatantly answered “yes.”
“Wait, really?!” Fred asks, his eyes wide as he looks at you in a new light. How did he not know his best friend had lost her virginity?
“Over the summer.” You answer before you can stop. You really, really did not want to tell you’re best friends that you had slept with their two oldest brothers.
“Over the summer? B-but, you never left the house.” George splutters out, not quite putting the pieces together yet.
“Mm-hmm” you hum, your cheeks flushing in embarrassment as you can’t help but tell the truth. Stupid veritaserum.
“The only people you would’ve seen...w-were,” he trails off, blanching at the realization that you slept with at least one of his brothers.
“Bill and Charlie.” Fred answered, not yet at his brothers realization.
You all sit in silence for a minute before Fred shouts out.
“Oh Merlin! You lost it to one of our brothers?!” Fred asks, a hint of disgust in his tone.
You nod, closing your eyes as both Fred and George shake their heads at the images.
“Which one?” Fred asks.
“Uh, well...both?” You answer, the veritaserum wearing off only slightly as you had such a small dosage.
“Both?!” Fred and George exclaim.
“What the hell, y/n! They’re our brothers!” Fred groans, disturbed by the thought of you sleeping with his older brothers.
“Hey! I didn’t start any of it, okay! They initiated it each time.” You defend.
“Each time?! How many times did you sleep with them?” George asks, exasperatedly.
“Uhm, 3 or 4 times with Charlie. Twice with Bill.” You admit, the veritaserum kicking in again as it works it’s way out of your system.
“Oh, godric. Ugh, we didn’t need to know that.” Fred huffs.
“You two asked!” You huff, blushing wildly as you lean back on the bed, crossing your arms.
A few minutes pass in silence as you mull over your words while Fred and George try to accept this new information.
“What was it like? D-did it feel...good?” George asks, shyly.
“What? Sex?”
He nods, blushing lightly as you start to get wet, thinking back on how amazing it feels.
“It feels amazing, Georgie.” You sigh, your thighs clenching together unconsciously.
“Yeah. I-I don’t know how to explain it, but the high it's-it's phenomenal.”
“C-could you show us?” Fred asks, both twins flushing madly.
“You want me to show you?!”
“Yeah. C-can you take our virginity?” George asks, shifting around in his spot as he gets turned on by the idea.
“I-I guess. B-both of you?”
They nod and you smile shyly, a deep blush on your cheeks as you lean forward to give each of them a kiss.
“Alright, well both of you lie back then, yeah?”
They do as you say, laying down on the bed you three were sharing. You take a deep breath, trying to calm your nerves. These were your best friends for merlin’s sake, you had literally grown up together.
Slowly, you climb on top of George as he’s closest to you and you smile lightly as his breath hitches at the sight of you on top of him.
“You’re sure you two want to do this?” You ask, looking between the two twins.
They nod, gulping as they watch you. True they had never really thought about you being their first, but now that the moment had arose, they knew they didn’t want it to be anyone else.
“Okay, uh, how should I do this?” You mumble to yourself, blushing at the reality that you’re going to be taking your best friends’ virginity. Not one of theirs, both of theirs. At the same bloody time.
“How did your first time go, love?” Fred asks, watching you as you try to figure out what to do first.
“Uh, well. It started with kissing; kissing each other’s lips before h-he trailed down my neck.”
George gently sits up, connecting your lips as Fred works on kissing your neck, drawing a moan from you.
“Like that?” Fred asks, as George pulls away and taking his turn at your neck.
“Just like that.” You hum, pulling the older twin into a soft kiss.
“What next?” George asks, trailing his fingers up your sides.
“A lot of touching, caressing. W-we undressed.” You say, a bit breathily as you pull away from Fred, the red head immediately moving back down to your neck and shoulders.
“I-I’m supposed to be making you two feel good.” You moan, both of their hands feeling all over your body.
George had decided that he’d trail his fingers over your hips and thighs, roughly grabbing onto them every now and then to get you to grind against him.
Fred, however, decided he’d take responsibility for groping your breasts, sides, and stomach. His touch sending shivers throughout your body.
“We’re feeling good, don’t worry, y/n” Fred mumbles.
George nods, groaning in agreement.
“No. Let me take care of you guys.” You say, halting their movements as you push Fred back down on the bed.
You trail one of your hands up each of their stomachs, lifting their shirts as you do. You place a kiss to both of their lips before ripping off the fabric.
You slowly grind against George as you reach over and palm Fred, locking your lips with him as George throws his head back in a moan.
“Fuck, y/n.” Fred groans, upset at the lack of contact as you switch to kissing George.
You slowly trail your kisses down george’s neck and stomach as you crawl down to unbutton his trousers. You can hear him groan and you smile to yourself. Sure you’ve had sex, but you had only just started and were still quite inexperienced, especially when it came to focusing on the guy's pleasure. Hearing that they were enjoying it certainly made you feel better about your skills.
Once George’s trousers are off, you move over to Fred to give him the same attention. You slowly straddle his hips, grinding into him slowly as he grabs yours.
“Godric, y/n. You’re good to us.” Fred sighs, grinding you down onto him harder.
After a few minutes you get both boys rid of their bottoms and them ridding you of your clothes except bra and panties.
“You’re so beautiful.” George smiles, kissing you before easily removing your bra.
“So beautiful.” Fred agrees, kissing you after his brother. You let out a shocked gasp of air when Fred pushes you back onto the bed, kissing your neck.
“Can we fuck you now, princess? Please, angel?” Fred begs, looking up at you after making a mark on your collarbone.
“Go ahead, weasley.” You hum, a shiver running up your spine as he hooks his fingers in the crotch of your panties to rip them off you.
“Oh fuck, Freddie.”
He smirks, carefully bringing his finger to your folds, circling your clit carefully before slowly inserting his pointer and middle finger inside of you.
You groan, back arching up off the bed as your one best friend fingers you, your other best friend gently massaging your breasts.
“Come taste her, George.” Fred says, pulling his fingers from inside you and sucking on them.
You moan at the sight, never imagining your two best friends would be here taking turns on you to lose their virginity. In all honesty, it was quite a spectacle. You really hoped you’d be able to do this again with them...except maybe one at a time though.
You sigh out in pleasure as George begins fingering you, bringing his tongue to your folds and eating you out at the same time.
You fall into a bit of trance, not able to differentiate between all the pleasure, the twins taking their time in prepping you. You don’t even realize they’re ready to fuck you until you feel George enter you, stretching you out.
“Oh fuck, Georgie. So big. Feels so good though, baby.” You groan, grabbing ahold of his shoulder as he pushes himself inside you.
You can just barely see Fred kneeling at the end of the bed, watching the two of you as he absentmindedly palms himself slowly.
George groans, twitching as soon as he’s inside you, much too overwhelmed with all the stimulation.
“Merlin, darling. You’re s-so tight. Feels so good.”
You moan, feeling him finally enter you completely. He waits a minute, letting the both of you adjust before he starts moving.
The next ten minutes or so go by much too fast, it didn’t take long for George to cum, pulling out of you as Fred takes his place. You register the switch, Fred feeling different inside you as well as going at a different pace.
You’re a moaning mess, reaching your high with Fred who stills inside you, leaning into you as you both ride out the bliss.
“Oh fuck, princess. That was amazing.” Fred smiles, kissing you as he massages your lower back, laying down beside you, facing you.
“Yeah it was.” George agrees, laying behind you and massaging your hip.
You smile tiredly, nodding in agreement as you try to catch your breath. The three of you lay together in silence for a few minutes before Fred kisses your nose, George kissing your shoulder.
“Is it cool to do that again? Like, tomorrow or something?” Fred asks, smiling at you as you chuckle.
“Yeah. Yeah, we can do that again. It felt amazing.” You smile, looking at Fred and then over your shoulder at George.
“Definitely, angel.” Fred agrees, kissing you and you feel george nod against your back as he continues placing soft, warm kisses to your shoulder.
You never expected all this to happen when arriving to the burrow this past summer, but you can’t say you weren’t pleased with the outcomes. Not only did you get a confession from your two oldest crushes that they also liked you back, but you lost your virginity to one, got to sleep with the other, and you got to sleep with your two best friends; which you’re pretty sure the three of you are going to continue to do for quite awhile. What more could you possibly ask for?
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360iris · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fanfiction Masterlist <3
Legend: “💐” for fluff, “💒” for smut, “💌” for angst & “📚” for series’.
Tumblr media
Poly!Marauders x Reader
Like Then (posted 03.29.21)
Summary: Why do girls always leave The Yule Ball heartbroken? (Prequel to Like You)
Word count: 1,201
Content: 💐,💌 & 📚
Like You (posted 02.18.21)
Summary: The reader recounts significant moments that lead up to her polyamorous relationship with Remus, Sirius and James.
Word count: 2,644
Content: 💐,💒 & 📚
Cry Baby (posted 03.22.21)
Summary: The boys haven’t been letting you finish, it turns out being a brat does help you get what you ask for.
Word count: 1,136
Content: 💒
Can’t Handle Change (posted 04.23.21)
Summary: The reader meets Sirius Black and her friendship with Remus is put to the test.
Word count: 3,002
Content: 💐&💌
Everything I Need (posted 07.01.21)
Summary: The crew drops off their second son, Fern, for his first day of Pre-K.
Content: 💐
Eye for an Eye (posted 09.17.21)
Summary: Sirius and Y/n rock each other’s shit and then laugh it off.
Content: 💒
Tumblr media
Remus Lupin x Reader
Moment’s Silence (posted 02.26.21)
Summary: After Remus spends the day working in his office, the reader finally earns some quality time with Daddy.
Word count: 1,268
Content: 💐& 💒
Five In The Afternoon (posted 03.01.21)
Summary: University AU!Remus wakes up from a naughty dream with the need to get railed and you aim to please.
Word count: 1,526
Content: 💐&💒
Ruled By The Moon (posted 03.17.21)
Summary: Remus is unusually insatiable and you’re unsure as to why.
Word count: 559
Content: 💒
Tumblr media
Sirius Black x Reader
As It Was (posted 03.15.21)
Summary: You get jealous at the most inopportune moment and Sirius isn’t amused.
Content: 💌&💒
Luv, Hold Me Down (posted 06.04.21)
Summary: Enemies to Lovers WIP
Word count: 2,209
Content: 💌&💒
OverHeated (posted 09.13.21)
Summary: What is Sirius Black supposed to do when he’s stuck in quarantine and sexually frustrated? Browse porn sites of course.
Word count: 740
Content: 💒
My Kind of Woman Mini-Series Masterlist (posted 09.26.21)
Summary: Series exploring various sexual explorations between Sub!Sirius x Hufflepuff!Reader.
Content: 💒&💐
Tumblr media
James Potter x Reader 
Two Slow Dancers (posted 04.24.21) | PART TWO / PART THREE (FINALE)
Summary: You know that James and yourself aren’t endgame, so why have the two of you been holding on for so long?
Content: 💐&💌
Lily Evans x Reader
Come Into the Water (posted 10.11.2021)
Summary: The reader shows Lily the song they’ve been working on.
Content: 💐
Tumblr media
Lucius Malfoy x Reader
The Invitation (posted 02.21.21)
Summary: Gryffindor!Reader gets invited to the Slytherin party of the year by her nemesis, Lucius Malfoy. 
Word count: 3,469
Content: 💒
Tumblr media
The Weasley Twins x Reader
Wanna Be Down (posted 04.30.21)
Summary: The Twins decide that best birthday present is your virginity.
Word count: 1,628
Content: 💐&💒
Tumblr media
Fred Weasley x Reader
Weird Magic (posted 05.01.21)
Summary: You’re not sure how, but you managed to save him.
Word count: 450
Content: 💐
Tumblr media
Ron Weasley x Reader
Quickie (posted 02.25.21)
Summary: You’re running late for a party, but you decide you need Ron more.
Word count: 809
Content: 💒
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popespussypocket · a month ago
Tumblr media
pairing(s) — professor! tom riddle x female reader
summary — your professor is feeling a bit stressed lately and you have the perfect way to relieve some of that stress
warnings — student/teacher relationship, sir kink, oral ( male receiving ) , public sex, cum swallowing, graphic descriptions, smut ( girl we already know this ) overstimulation, & cum facials
You walked into Professor Riddle’s classroom with a smirk on your face, already having the plan you came up with last night going your way. Class was running late, which was usual since Hogwarts wasn’t exactly the most organized, and he was alone at his desk when you approached him with your usual confidence and poised nature.
“First as always!” You chirped, smiling widely at the man that didn’t even bother to spare you a glance. A bit rude but you were going to work with what he was giving you no matter what.
See, Tom Riddle was an interesting man. You didn’t expect to see him become a teacher after all the rumors that followed his name during his student years at Hogwarts. Apparently people thought he murdered that Myrtle girl, you know, the one that haunts the bathroom. You didn’t know if that was true or not but even if it was… he was hot and that wasn’t going to ever change.
“Y/L/N, take a seat. Class will be starting momentarily.” The man instructed, scribbling something down on one of the many papers scattered across his desk.
“Yes… sir.”
You didn’t see the reaction since you had turned your back to the man, but he had tensed up when you called him sir. His eyes landed on you as you walked towards your usual seat in the front of the class, where he would always get a front row view up your skirt. You always made sure to wear lace panties to catch his attention since it wasn’t hard to notice your legs opened but today you had opted for a more… direct approach.
Which meant no panties at all.
As you sat down, you made sure to expose yourself to the man that was now staring at you. Even a deaf person could hear his breath hitch as his eyes landed on your bare pussy out in the open for him to thirst over. You nailed the innocent act, pulling out your notebook and pretending to write down the notes that he had on the board for the day’s lesson. You felt yourself grow wetter by the second as you squirmed under his intense gaze but you couldn’t break now. If your plan worked, he would be the one making the first move.
You hoped that you didn’t underestimate how much self control men had when it came to women. Did you? Not at all, men were sexual creatures, but it did take a bit longer than expected for him to even make a sound.
“Y/N, may I have a word with you?” Tom asked you, his eyes boring into yours as you looked up from your note book.
About time.
“Yes sir.” You nodded, getting out of your seat a bit too eagerly. He didn’t notice that though but still… playing it cool was still something you had to do until you for sure secured the dick. “ What is it sir?” You asked him, walking over to the desk with your hands clasped behind your back.
“How are you feeling today?” He asked you.
“I’m feeling a bit hot in here but other than that, I’m fine.” You told him, smiling coyly as you leaned against the desk.
“Are you positive? You seem to be a bit… not put together today.” He pointed out.
“I could say you the same thing.” You chuckled, brushing a piece of your hair behind your ear, “You looked stressed out sir. Is there anyway I can help you?”
Your breath hitched when the 6 foot man stood up, his frame towering over yours as he stared down at you. It didn’t take long for him to do what you were dying to happen for the past year, which was grab you by your waist and pull you into him. You gasped when you felt his erection dig into your hip, stifling a moan that was desperate to make it out of your mouth. But you remained as composed as possible. Wasn’t very composed but still.
You quickly nodded as all sense left your body, instead replaced by hormones that controlled you now. “Yes sir. Anything for you.”
“Then get on your knees.”
You quickly followed his orders, getting down on the hard floor as he sat back down in his chair. You were ready for this moment, using the rubber band on your wrist to tie your hair up into a ponytail so it wouldn’t make what was about to happen any more messier.
Tom did most of the work for you, unzipping his pants and pulling out his massive dick. It had to be the size of a ruler, maybe even an inch longer. Was that even human? You didn’t even know but it surprised you for some reason. You should’ve known that he was bigger than anyone you’ve ever been with in the past. The way he exuded confidence and control in any and every situation should’ve been an indicator. Small dick men don’t do that. But that was beside the point.
The professor grabbed you by your hair, guiding his dick towards your open mouth before shoving you down on him. The tip of his dick immediately slammed against the back of your throat, eliciting a violent gag from you and a sinful groan coming from Tom. You felt so full with him inside your mouth, and the full thing wasn’t even in. Your mouth could only fit about 6 inches while the rest was gripped by your hands to give him as much pleasure as possible.
“You’re an amazing student, Y/N.” Tom
grunted, beginning to guide your head up and down on his dick.
You could only respond with a muffled moan, sending vibrations around him which made him veer closer to his orgasm. You made sure to stroke the rest of his dick with your hands, even going as far to reach down with one hand and tickle his balls to maximize his pleasure. All you wanted to do was make sure he had an amazing orgasm. He deserved it and you were glad to provide him with it.
You bobbed your head up and down at a vigorous speed, spit flying everywhere from the lack of control you had over yourself. You gagged every time the tip of his assaulted the back of your throat. Tom found himself in a state of bliss and dazedness, being overdone with the euphoria that came from your mouth being around him. He couldn’t think straight as you brought him closer and closer to his orgasm. Only about how warm and wet and skilled your mouth was.
That’s until the bell rang. And he was snapped out of what he considered to be the best moment of his life.
His eyes shot open and panic set in his veins but that was only him. Nothing stopped you from continuing to bob up and down, choking on his massive dick. It tasted so good and you couldn’t get enough of it. You would risk everything for it. Even being caught by the class that was about to come inside of the room any second. Seemed like Tom would risk everything for it because while he sat up, resulting in his rick going even deeper in your throat, he didn’t let go of your hair. He continued to move you up and down as that coil in his stomach finally stopped.
Your mouth was flooded with his cum as he urged you under his desk. You could barely think straight as your mouth was filled with his warm and salty cum, reminding you of popcorn. Don’t ask why it reminded you of popcorn, it just did.
Tom had to grab you by your shoulders and move you under his desk just as the students came in late to his class. He looked at his class and saw that class had started ten minutes late which meant he only had to wait thirty minutes before the class ended and he had a five minute break in between classes to fuck multiple orgasms out of you over his desk. He was so tempted to let class be dismissed early so he could do it now but Dumbledore had a mouth of him when things didn’t go his way and Tom didn’t have the balls to stand up to his boss.
He did have the balls to fill your mouth with his sperm though. So he just focused on doing that while you swallowed all of it without hesitation.
“Morning Professor Riddle!”
You rolled your eyes from under the desk as you heard the voice of your least favorite person in the school. Amalie. She was such a try hard and she did it all to get the attention of her favorite professor. You know, the one that had his dick in your mouth right now? Yeah. Looks like no matter how hard she tried to be sexy, she wouldn’t get the man in the end.
“M-Morning Amalie.” Tom stuttered, grunting as he tried his best to speak through his orgasm.
“Is everything alright?” The redhead asked him,
“Indeed. Everything is great. A-an amazing day.” He nodded, sighing in relief when he felt you finally pull of his messy dick.
“Well you look nice today. I love the tie! It goes well with your eyes.” Amalie smiled, giggling as she twirled her hair.
Now she was pissing you off. Her fake niceness and her inability to sense that the man she wanted was averting the best blowjob of his life was starting to make you jealous. Tom belonged to you and nobody else. Even if you couldn’t make that known to the world, you could surely remind Tom who his dick belonged to. Might’ve been a bad idea with the whole class ready to begin now but you didn’t care anymore.
“Why thank you— oh my goodness.”
“Is everything okay?” Amalie wondered, looking down at the man with worry. She didn’t want anything to be wrong. She still hasn’t gotten to say the pick up lines she practiced all night.
Tom struggled to speak as he looked down at you underneath his desk, eyes widening when he saw you swallowing his dick again as if he didn’t just have a mind blowing orgasm. He hissed at the feeling of you licking his sensitive tip but it hurt so good. He couldn’t find it in himself to stop you. Even if that meant getting caught and getting fired. Your mouth was magical and it made him forget all his worries in the world. He had over 200 papers to grade later but you had managed to get his mind off of it.
Your mouth was still dripping spit and a bit of cum as you started to suck and tug on his dick, thankful that your moans were muffled by the massive dick filling your mouth up. Tom was slapping your face, trying to get you to ease up but that just turned you on more. You couldn’t wait until you two were alone for a while so he could use his dick in other ways. You had gotten a taste of him but you wanted him to have a taste of you as well. Hopefully everything went according to plan.
“C—class, copy everything on the— on the board please. I’m not— oh Merlin, I’m not feeling too good.” Tom announced, his eyes rolling back as you focused a bit more on his massive balls.
Tom slammed his head down on the desk, biting his arm to muffle the moans that were trying to claw its way out of his mouth. Amalie was still standing there, watching as his body twitched and his second orgasm hit him like a train. It hit you like a train too because his dick throbbed one time before you were flooded with the taste of his cum.
You choked a bit but you pulled back before it became too much, opting to have the white, sticky substance hit you in your face. It didn’t stop for a few seconds, spewing cum all over your face and into your opened mouth while Tom tried his hardest to stay silent. It was a hard task but he managed to keep his composure until he was done cumming the shit load that he had came all over his face.
The professor sighed heavily as he lifted his head up, leaning back in his chair as he tried to catch his breath. He had just had a student suck him off… twice… in front of his class. This was something that he was going to keep a secret until he died. But it wasn’t something that he regretted. Because when he looked down at you on your knees, cum covering your face as well as dripping off of it and down onto your protruding brewers, he knew that this wasn’t going to be the last time he marked you as his.
And the next time he did so was coming very soon. Looks like you were going to get your wish of having him inside of you.
“Class is dismissed!”
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slytherweasley · 9 hours ago
Smutober/kinktober- cockwarming (Theo Nott x reader)
Warnings: smut cockwarming swearing
This one is a little short but enjoy…
Tumblr media
Theo walks into your empty dorm tired from classes and a two hour quidditch practise.
“Hey” he says laying beside you and cuddling up to you “How was practise?” “I feel like dying, my muscles are painful” you press a kiss to his forehead. “You wanna nap?” “No, I need some relief” “I’m really tired Theo, tomorrow.” “Can I just be inside you? you don’t have to do anything” “Okay” you take off your pyjamas shorts and underwear.
“Thank you” he groans pushing himself inside you as you face him tiredly. “It feels nice and warm” he says “Does feel good” you mumble. He presses his lips to yours and the two of you tiredly make out, moving a little bit made Theo moan against your lips.
Both of you needed that relief but couldn’t be bothered to do anything so this is perfect. “Love you” he says “Me too” “Your pussy is so tight around me” he says.
“I feel so full” “I wanna move a little” he says and slowly moves his hips not full strokes but it’s alright. “It feels nice” you admit burying your head in the crook of his neck.
He lazily rubs your clit, you involuntarily clench around him. “Fuck babe” he groans “Sorry it just feels so good” “You’re going to make me cum” “I don’t mind” you admit.
As he rubs your clit you feel yourself getting closer from the limited friction, as you finish you feel Theo full you up. The both of you moan “Don’t pull out yet, it feels nice” you say he kisses you before pulling out and cleaning you up.
The two of you fall asleep quickly after a long day.
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angelblacksmith · a month ago
Sleep with Fred Weasley would include
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Fred Weasley x fem!Reader
Warning: fluff
He likes to put his hand on you.
He likes to cuddle.
Even if you don't fall asleep in his arms.
In the morning, you will still be in his arms.
Fred is constantly hot.
That's why he doesn't like blankets.
But he's worried about your health.
Sometimes even too much.
And that's why he always makes sure that you are covered in cold weather.
If you came home late from work.
And Fred is already asleep.
Which is very rare.
Later, when you go to bed with him.
He will hold you close to him.
And he will bury his nose in your hair.
He likes to chat before going to bed.
Talk about all sorts of nonsense.
Fred doesn't like to get up early on weekends.
However, he gets up very early on weekdays.
And he wakes you up instead of an alarm clock.
It's hard for Fred to sleep without you.
And if you're at home and don't go to bed.
He will wait until you go to bed, and only after that he will also go to bed.
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moonlight--midnight · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Darling, You’re Glowing (Fred Weasley)
Content: Enemies to lovers plot, angry love confession, SoftDom!Fred, thigh riding, smoking weed, Fred puts fingers in reader’s mouth and reader sucks them
Summary: After her boyfriend breaks her heart, her sworn enemy, Fred Weasley, unexpectedly makes her feel a lot better.
If you would’ve told me I was lying in bed with my sworn enemy and that he was caressing my face and playing with my hair 5 hours prior to this, I would have told you to get treated for your mental illnesses.
“Darling, if you would just listen to me, for once-“
“No! Don’t call me darling! I don’t want to hear it Cedric! You couldn’t have told me this any earlier? That you were going to the ball with your fucking ex?!”
“Well we were already planning on going together before we broke up and our outfits were already matching and she had already turned down Potter because she thought we were going together. The least I can do Is accompany her to the ball.”
“Cedric…your dress robes are black and white, they would match anyone’s dress! Potter is head over heels for Cho, he would drop Parvati Patil in an instant if she said she needed a date! Why are you acting like she’s dying!”
“It’ll be purely platonic!”
I stared into his eyes, trying to make sure he wasn’t trying to pull one over my head
“Go ahead.” I said, finally giving in.
“I knew you’d understand!” He said in a relieved tone.
Just because I understood doesn’t mean I didn’t make me feel like crap. Cho Chang. The entire school thought Ced and her belonged together. Hell, I even thought that sometimes. But I had to have faith. Cedric was with me for a reason. Wether I liked it or not, I didn’t have much of a choice at this point.
After Cedric left my room to go to his to get dressed, I collapsed onto my bed. Who would I go with? Would I dance with Ced or have to sit in the chairs they put out for all the lonely bitches? Either way, it made my heart rate increase out of anxiety.
I held my dress by the hanger and put it in front of me while I looked in the mirror. Fuck, this dress would look so much better accompanied by Cedric.
I swallowed my jealousy, rage, and sorrow, and put the dress on, did my makeup and was about to straighten my hair. I immediately thought back to the time Cedric and I went on our first date. I had straightened my hair and he had said my hair had looked the best it ever has when I wore it that way. Mentally cursing, I unplugged the straightener as a little “fuck you” to Cedric. I decided to just wear my hair naturally. I glanced at the grandfather clock and saw I was almost late for the opening ceremony. Cedric would be walking in front of everyone with his date. I thought I would be walking with him, my hand hooked around his elbow. Instead, his beautiful, smart, and popular ex-girlfriend would.
I slipped on my shoes and got ready to swallow down as much fire whiskey as I could and make this night as unmemorable as I could. I wondered what people would say when they saw my boyfriend and Cho dancing together. Would they be sad for me? Would they be happy that they went together?
As I walked into the ballroom, I could feel a million eyes staring at me. I started rethinking my decision to even come here. Seeing my Cedric with Cho made my stomach churn. I felt sick, humiliated, and angry. I headed over to the punch bowl where Fred and George were spiking it with fire whiskey while McGonagall was dancing with Dumbledore. George, the only twin I tolerated saw the look of sadness and anger on my face.
“Oye! Now is not a time to cry! We got away with spiking the punch! It’s a celebratory moment.” George had said while shaking my arm a bit.
I gave him a forced smile. It’s not that he annoyed me I was just too down for my mood to perk up. I took a long gulp of the drink and didn’t flinch as the burning taste of fire whiskey went down my throat. My future hangover was a problem for future me to worry about.
“Woah! Slow down there! You trying to get your mind off of the boyfriend dancing with the ex? Yeah, I’d be worried too. Your hair might get his attention, although it might take a lot of time considering Diggory looks like he’s about to get married to Chang.” Fred said while chuckling and swinging back a shot of the whiskey.
Normally, shit that came out of Fred Weasley’s mouth didn’t shake me, but this time it did. I felt my eyes pricking up. I always tried my hardest to not cry in front of others, to keep up a strong front. My confidence with my boyfriend and my hair was shot thanks to the ginger prick. To keep myself from crying, I speed walked out of that damned ball room. I passed Hermione Granger on the steps crying her eyes out as well. We gave each other a look of understanding and went back to our crying.
“Oye! Where are you going?” A voice echoed through the halls, calling me. I had prayed on my stars that it was Cedric who noticed I was crying and had come to comfort me. Unfortunately, Fred Weasley had crushed that dream. Probably here to taunt me for my sensitivity as well as my relationship.
I picked up my pace and started running instead of speed walking, not giving a damn that Filch would give me a detention for it. I looked for a room, somewhere to hide so I wouldn’t have to endure Fred’s rude jokes. I saw Moody’s classroom and that the door was unlocked. What was inside made my soul shatter. I saw a naked back of someone. Someone who had the same birthmark as Cedric. And the same hair. The only thing different was the hickey on the back of his neck that I know for a fact I didn’t give him. It was Cedric. He was kissing the neck of a girl. Not just any girl. The one and only Cho Chang stared back at me and smirked. I planned on making a silent retreat, but my emotions betrayed me. I let out a choked sob and Cedric immediately turned around.
“Oh my god! I swear sweetheart I’m sorry I just-“ Cedric started as Cho was still smirking and stroking his shoulder.
“Don’t talk to me. Ever! Just don’t contact me, don’t smile at me, don’t even look at me. I can’t look at your infidel face.”
“Let me explain I-“
“She made it pretty clear she didn’t want to talk to you mate.” A voice behind me had said. It was Fred. Fred had found me and also the scene in front of us. I probably didn’t hear him over all the angry buzzing going on in my head.
“Stay out of this Weasley” Cedric spat back.
“You stay away from her then!” Fred had said angrily
“I’ll warn you one last time Weasley!”
Even though I had never liked Fred one bit due to all the crude jokes he made about me very since my arrival at Hogwarts, I couldn’t help but feel compelled to defend him since he defended me.
“Don’t talk to him like that you prick!”
“What?” Cedric had said confused that I wasn’t taking his side. “You know what Weasley, this isn’t any of your business. My girlfriend and I are trying to have a conversation.”
“Well I’m not your girlfriend anymore. You fucked that up when you decided to cheat on me. Now I’ll warn you one last time, stay away from me.” I said while walking away from them with Fred. Cedric had made the mistake of trying to follow us.
“Diggory! I thought she told you to stay away!”
“You know what Fred? I’m done warning you.” Cedric yelled as he threw the first punch. Due to the workouts I’ve seen Cedric do, I was worried for Fred’s wellbeing.
I was prepared to drag Fred to the hospital wing and run away but Fred had other plans. Stupid plans. These plans were kicking Cedric’s knee, forcing him to collapse and then punching and scratching him till he had cuts over his eyebrows and bruises along his jaw. After Cedric had a considerable amount of wounds, I had pulled Fred off of him. I grabbed his hand and pulled him along as I ran through the castle.
“Where are we going?”
“The hospital wing you, dumbass.”
“Hey, he threw the first punch. And we can’t go there!”
“Why the fuck not?’
“Because then Madam Pomfrey will ask how I got this bloody nose.”
“Fine, follow me.” I said as I led him to my dorm room.
When we arrived, his dress robes were already blood stained and his nose was still spewing blood.
“Okay pinch your nose upwards while I get the supplies.” I went to get my kit and he stood there looking stupid, but gorgeous as fuck.
As I started getting the pain potions and looking up the spell to stop a bleeding wound, Fred had decided to break the silence.
“How do you have all of this stuff?”
“Well Madam Pomfrey gave it to me since I want to be a healer.”
“You want to be a healer?”
“Yeah, ever since I was a little witch.”
“Why?” He questioned.
He sat there, staring at me in awe as I rambled on about my dreams. Cedric would never let me do this. He’d change the subject back to him.
“Why did you defend me back there?”
“Because, I can never resist the chance to tell off a bloody twit. Plus, I care about you.”
“Ha!” I laughed. “Is that why you’ve been torturing me ever since first year?”
“Yeah, I saved all my best pranks for you.” He said whilst winking.
“Very funny Weasley.” I said and rolled my eyes and looked outside my door.
He gently grabbed my chin as I looked away and pulled It back to face him.
“I’m serious, I only ever wanted to make you laugh because your smile gave me butterflies.” He said shyly.
“Really. Now, let’s go back to the ball.” He said while giving me his hand.
“I know Cedric and his obsession with appearances. He knows that it’ll make him look guilty if he didn’t return to the dance and I’m not ready to face him yet.”
‘’Well then I know a place we can dance and smoke the muggle weed Harry got for me.”
“What are we waiting for?” I said before he took my hand and we ran to wherever he led me.
We ended up in front of a random wall. I was confused. I knew he had a bit to drink, but not that much.
“Fred what is this?”
“You’ll see darling.”
He tapped the wall with his wand and a door appeared. Pulling me inside, I gasped in awe as I saw the room I was now standing in.
It was a normal room but it had a sort of mystique to it that made anyone feel at home in it. There were posters of bands and little trinkets on the windowsills that accompanied the giant windows. There was a large couch in the middle made out of leather and had looked extremely comfortable to someone who had been wearing heels all night.
Collapsing on the couch and smiling, Fred looked at me with a look of adoration.
“What are you looking at carrot crotch?”
“You’re smile.” He said sweetly.
Rolling my eyes, I was more flattered than I’d ever care to admit. Sitting down on the couch beside me, he pushed my hair behind my ear.
“You’re hair is so beautiful naturally. Why do you always straighten it? Don’t get me wrong you look beautiful either way, but I’m just curious.”
“Well Cedric really likes it straightened and I really like Cedric. Well, I used to.”
He looked at me with a sad look in his eyes. Almost like he was sad for me.
“Well do you like wearing your hair natural?”
“Then do it. Fuck Diggory!” He said while taking out a blunt.
“Fuck Diggory!” I said laughing.
Blowing the smoke into my face, Fred held my hands in his and pulled me onto his lap. After both of us taking a lot more hits, he opened my jaw while blowing the smoke inside.
“You look so hot like this baby. God, how did I not get with you earlier.”
“Uh if I’m not mistaken, you were the one who tortured me through crude jokes and hurtful pranks.. Like that one time when you got my eyelashes and eyebrows burned off? Oh or the time you dyed all of my clothes and belongings green?.”
“Well do you want to know why I did it?”
“Why?” I said confused and high as fuck.
“I knew green was Cedric’s least favorite color. And I also knew that your eyebrows and eyelashes were his favorite thing on you.”
“What the fuck Fred? I had to convince him to sit next to me. I looked so stupid! Some people can pull it off but I’m definitely not one of them. He was embarrassed of me!” I said almost in tears and very angrily. Maybe it was the weed that made me this emotional but I already went through so much tonight that it just pushed me over the edge.
“Please don’t get mad-“
“How can you expect me not to!” I cut him off in an irritated tone.
“Just listen I-“ He said as his volume was getting louder and his tone was getting bitter.
“No Fred I won’t! Why did you do this?! Why did you intentionally sabotage my relationship?! Do you hate me that much? Did you want me to be miserable while my fucking boyfriend hated being around me until the dye wore off and my brows and lashes grew back in?”
“No I-“ He started while yelling, becoming very fiercely.
“THEN WHY? WHY WERE YOU SO MEAN TO ME?!” Now furiously yelling and sobbing at the same time.
I stared at him in pure shock.
“I couldn’t stand to see you with someone that low when you’re so amazing. Fuck, I couldn’t handle the fact that you fell for someone who cared more about vain looks then his goddess of a girlfriend. I love you. I always have and I always will. Please don’t cry. Please.”
My thoughts started racing at a million miles per hour.
Was he telling the truth?
Is this some sort of sick prank?
I stared into those cinnamon brown eyes and felt a sense of security and felt sincerity radiating off of him.
“Please say something. Anything.”
Moving my stare down to his plump, pink lips, I leaned forward and captured my lips with his. Kissing now, he started stroking the back of my neck. Running out of breath, we pulled away and he pulled my face so close to his that our noses were colliding. Putting my hands around his face, I started giggling and he did too.
The weed made me feel high, but the euphoria I felt from Fred’s presence was truly unmatchable.
Resuming our kissing session, he repositioned me so that I was straddling one of his thighs without our lips ever disconnecting.
“Fuck I’d do anything to see you cum darling. Why don’t you ride my thigh hm? I promise you’ll feel so good.” He said while planting kisses down my neck and to my collarbone.
He then started bouncing his thigh up and down making me moan loudly.
“Shhh baby you have to keep quiet the ball is still going on right next door. Now move back and forth on my thigh and get yourself off pretty girl.”
Starting to grind myself down, I resumed my kiss with him and tangled my hands in his soft, silky hair.
He put his hands on my hips and bouncing his thigh. While ushing me forward more so I would grind against his cock as well, he started whispering things into my ear, spurring me on even more.
“Fuck sweetheart, you look so beautiful like this riding my thigh. I can already feel you soaking my leg through your underwear and my pants. You look so amazing in that dress and your beautiful hair. God, how are you even real.”
The only things that I was able to push out of my mouth were uncontrollable moans.
“Baby, I told you. Suck my fingers, princess. Keep yourself quiet.”
Pushing his digits into my mouth, he let out a low growl at the sight of me sucking his fingers. He started bouncing his leg faster and with the remaining hand he had on my hip, he used it to push me back and forth even faster, grinding me against his thigh and cock even more.
“God, I love you. I love you so much sweetheart.” He said in a haze of lust. “Fuck I’m going to cum. Are you gonna cum pretty girl?”
I nodded my head yes while closing my eyes in pleasure.
“Open your eyes baby, I want you to look at me while you cum.”
I reluctantly opened my eyes and the moment I made eye contact with him I saw stars in my eyes and felt like I was floating. Putting our forehead together, Fred whispered to me that he loved me for the thousandth time that night.
Quickly whispering a spell to clean us both up, Fred picked me up off of the couch.
“The night is still young, and we never got to dance together. So…what do you say we have our own ball in here? We can hear the music from the ballroom and we can’t exactly go in there when we’re higher than the sky.”
I laughed and let him pull me into a dance. The song This Side Of Paradise by Coyote Theory started playing. While I rested my hands on top of his shoulders, he put his around my hips. Swaying slowly to the beat of the song, Fred bowed down and spun me, then dipping me, making us smile in pure bliss.
He started humming to the lyrics of the song and he suddenly lifted me up so he was holding me bridal style. Inclining his head to be level with my ear, he sang a lyric of the song in a funnily terrible voice.
“You’re the ground my feet won’t reach. So if you’re lonely, darling you’re glowing. If you’re lonely come be lonely with me.”
As the song ended he laid himself down onto the couch and me on top of him so that my head was laying on his chest and our legs were intertwined.
“You really are glowing darling.” He whispered into my ear as we fell asleep.
A/N: wow that was so long omg but I’m really proud of this! This is based on the song “This Side of Paradise” By “Coyote Theory,” one of my favorite songs! Since last time I wrote about HardDom!Fred I decided to try SoftDom!Fred. Let me know what you think and please message me with any suggestions. Love you guys to the moon and back! xx
Taglist: @alwaysclassyeagle
(Message me if you would like to be added to the taglist!)
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lonelyhe4rts · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: James Potter x reader (Switch!James Potter x Switch!reader)
Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, penetrative sex, d/s dynamics, mommy kink, spit kink, choking, mentions of oral sex - female receiving, nipple play, orgasm denial, subspace, no aftercare, think that's it but lmk if there's more!
Summary: Sometimes, you have to take control of your own pleasure. based on this request
Word Count: 1.9k
an: consent is not discussed, however every action is consensual. not proofread!!!!
reblogs are appreciated!
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His hips snapped against yours, each thrust sending small pangs of arousal to bleed into the pool of your tummy. His hands felt like they were everywhere - groping the skin of your breasts; rubbing and rolling the sensitive buds of your nipples; teasing the pearly button of your clit; gripping the base of your jugular. Each squeeze of his palm sent pleasure down to your cunt, but it wasn’t enough. His breathing was heavy as he panted into your neck, each thrust exerting him, his breath warm as it spent against the crevice of your neck. His hips stuttered as he got closer to his release, each snap of his hips becoming sloppier as his teeth gritted together as he tried to hold onto you, circling his fingers tighter around your clitty, until he finally couldn’t hold on any longer. His groans and grunts were strangled and choked as he breathed out his orgasm, his hips coming to a stop as he buried himself inside of you, bottoming down the deep depths of your cunt as he painted streams and ribbons of his cum inside you, the tight tunnel draining him of every drop it could have.
Your skin felt sweaty as his cock began to soften inside you, his movements slow and languid as he pulled himself out of you, slumping down to your side. His eyelids peeled back as he nosed at your clavicle, throwing his arm around your torso and pulling you to his chest. “So good angel, y’such a good girl. Did you cum?” he breathed out, his voice still tired and panting as he came down from his high.
“No, but s’okay. ‘M too tired to go again, let’s just sleep.” His eyebrows twitched and furrowed at your response, seemingly confused as to how you didn’t finish. You always finished, both of you. His silence remained as you closed your eyes, tucking yourself closer to the curly haired man, the corner of your lips lifting as he kissed the top of your head, tucking your head in under his chin with a soft ‘I love you sweetheart.’
It’s a mere couple days later that the two of you find yourselves in a similar position. His back was hovering over yours, your knees and thighs trembling with the weight of your pleasure. His arms were wrapped tightly around the bends of your shoulders, his fingers thrusting in and out of your mouth, as he snapped his hips against your own, dragging his cock in and out of your silky walls. His thrusts were deep and dark as he pistoned himself in and out of you, desperate to find your own and his release. The simmering pool of pleasure bubbled over in your tummy, aching to topple over the edge, but it still wasn’t enough. It didn’t matter how deep or shallow, slow or quickly he drove his cock in and out of you, it just wasn’t enough. The male above you came with a strangled cry of your name, biting down on the skin of your shoulder as his orgasm traipsed through him, weakening his knees and blinding his eyes as he painted the walls of your cunt in his release. The pool of arousal residing in your stomach fizzled out, leaving remnants of a dull ache to sizzle between your thighs, frustrated tears springing to your eyes at the unconscious denial of yet again another orgasm.
James’ cock began to soften inside you, his length no longer as hard as he slipped out of you, helping you to lie back down on your back. He hovered over you, curls and ringlets of his honey head of hair dangling down, as he reached down to peck the skin of your cupid’s bow. You watched him move his body further down the bed, the muscles of his back rippling as he arranged himself eye-level to your cunt. His hands pried your thighs open, slotting the limbs over his shoulders as he inhaled the scent of your wrecked and abused cunt. “What are y’doing?” you breathed out, heavy breaths exerting from your lungs, still drained from the denial of your release.
“Y’didn’t come, wanted to make sure y’do.”
“James, I don’t think it’s gonna work. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to cum again.”
“Why’s that angel?” He inquired, rubbing his hands up and down your thighs, gripping them in his palms.
“This. That,” you affirm, gesturing to the nickname he addressed you with and the way he held you in his grip. You felt like you needed to take control of your own pleasure for once. He tilted his head at you, confused as to what you were referring to.
“I don’t want to be your angel right now.”
Realisation blossomed in his irises, relief pouring from his shoulders as he released the grip he had on your legs, kneeling back on his knees. “Is that it? Do y’reckon that will work?”
“Well maybe if you’re a good boy for me, then it might work. So just give me a fucking chance and we’ll see, yeah?”
To say that the shift in James’ dominance didn’t amaze you each and every time, would be a lie. His eyes widened and his bottom lip jutted out, his face flushing at your words. He looked so much smaller than he normally would. You lifted yourself from your position, bracing your palms against James’ pectorals, pushing the bespectacled boy until he resembled your previous position. His cock was almost fully hard, trails of precum weeping from the throbbing slit. You watched as it twitched at your touch, leaving tracks of pearly precum to lather up the skin of his happy trail.
He whimpered as you straddled him, knees bracing against each side of his torso, leaning your face close to his. “Shh, s’okay baby. Mommy’s gonna take good care of you.” You rocked back and forth against his hips, basking in the sweet sparks of stimulation that blossomed in your cunt, pangs and prods of pleasure bleeding down your spine. The brunette beneath you whimpered as your soaking cunt grazed over his cock, the pressure from the touch causing his fingers to twitch by his side. He twisted his fingers in the sheets, desperate for something to grip onto.
“S’that good, baby? What do y’want me to do?” Your tone was condescending, as if speaking to a child, but with the way his eyes were wide open with glassy innocence and the way his lips were desperate for something to suckle on, it was the only way to get the message across.
“Wanna suck your titties, please mommy. Want em in my mouth.”
“Go on then Jamesie, they’re all yours.” You learnt your chest closer to the submissive male, allowing him to envelop the rosy bud of your nipple into his mouth. His eyes looked up into your own as he did so, wide and glassy as his other hand gripped the flesh of your other tit, holding the skin tightly and possessive as if someone would even be able to take it away from him. You sighed with pleasure as tendrils of arousal bled down your spine, sparks fleeting straight to your cunt. Your clit throbbed at the feeling of his warm and wet mouth suckling on your tits, your hand snaking down to relieve the pressure. You basked in the stimulation, your hips rotating in tandem with the circling of your fingers, finally glad and satisfied with the familiar sensation of arousal pooling within your navel, bubbling and simmering and finally boiling over to a breaking point.
You gripped his cock within your hand, running your palm up and down the base of his length. You moaned as the boy whimpered around your nipple, the vibrations leaking down into your lust induced bloodstream. “Y’want mommy’s cunt sweetness? D’think y’deserve it?”
He nodded his head pathetically, his pearly whites still alternating between each of your breasts, his hands clinging to the skin of your waists, desperate for the intimate proximity you currently possessed. You rubbed the weeping head of his cock against your sopping folds, watching the way your arousal dripped and dripped and lathered itself against the appendage. You continued teasing the boy, enjoying the way he whined and whimpered and bucked his hips upwards, desperate for the tight feeling of your warm and wet cunt. You raised your hips before sinking down on his length, moans and groans and grunts and hisses being heard around the otherwise empty dorm room, the both of you basked and immersed in the feeling of the burning stretch, the burning stretch which made you feel so incredibly euphoric.
You finally felt like you would be able to cum again, the sensation of feeling every ridge and vein of James’ cock as you rutted against him, building up a long lost pool of arousal within your tummy. You held his head to your chest as you rose up and down again, the silky walls of your pussy fluttering and clenching around his length, causing the boy below you to bellow strangled and choked whimpers.
“Such a good boy, mommy’s good boy. Y’like mommy’s titties?” Your voice was breathy, laced with arousal and exhaustion as your hips jutted against his, his occasionally jumping up to meet yours when you clenched around him. It wasn’t long before your sense became dulled, the only sensations prominent being the pangs of pleasure pulsating through your bloodstream.
Your cunt was leaking slick all over his cock, covering your things in it’s texture. Your legs quivered and trembled as you neared your orgasm, your fingers tangled in James’ curls as you pulled his head away from his chest, the boy whining as you did so. Your fingers gripped the skin of his jaw, pushing his lips into a rosy pout, before gathering saliva onto the weight of your tongue. You pushed the canal of his lips open, the soft cushions puffy and glossy between your thumbs from his previous actions. The weight on your tongue lessened as you spat into his tongue, watching the way he greedily drank it all up, the taste of your bleeding heavily onto his tongue.
“Gonna cum, mommy gonna cum!” He panted out, pleasure overwhelming every other part of his consciousness.
“Go on baby, cum for mommy.” His hips stilled as his cock began to spurt it’s pearly release into your velvety walls, covering the channel in his cum. Your body finally sparked with life, eventually being able to jump over that last hurdle, a numb feeling overtaking your body. A dull ringing was prominent in your ears, barely being able to hear anything, your body blinded with pleasure. You felt sparks cover your eyesight, blinded with the weight of your orgasm, as the boy beneath you succumbed to his own release, crying out with the feeling.
Your figure collapsed against his own, arms winding around his neck, eyelids drooping with exhaustion. The brunette whined as his cock began to deflate inside your cunt, your legs lifting up from their seated position to let him pull out of you, wincing at the way they trembled with fatigue and lethargy.
You blinked at James, eyeing the way he shoved his arms towards you, making grabby motions with his fists. “Did you finally get a cummie, mommy?” He spoke, his eyes hazy and foggy and teetering close to being completely lost in the depths of subspace.
“Yeah, I did Jamesie. But, I couldn’t have done it without my best boy.”
hp/jp smut taglist: @indigoh4ze @wolfstar-lb @ildm4ev @barnesleftarm @bellatrixscurls @kayleiggh @remusjlupinisdead @waszuka @rosie-anne @larix999 @tasteofyourlight @leah-johnsonn @siriusstwelveyears @wlfstxr @fairydxll @smalllotte @i-love-scott-mccall @teenwolfbitches28 @lliasky @wrongilbert
the gif is not mine! 
© lonelyhe4rts 2021 
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arcaneslut · 4 months ago
bladder control / Remus Lupin
[Professor Remus Lupin x Student reader]
summary : Remus likes fucking you while you hold in your pee
warnings : older man/younger women, student/teacher (reader is legal), dirty talk, daddy/sir-kink, sex, bladder control (not really intense, inform me please if I forgot something.
a/n : the reader is legal, I would never ever write about minors in a nsfw story.
words : 1,906
Tumblr media
your eyes focused on the paper sheet that was laying in front of you. you heard students talk as they raised their hand from time to time to answer the professors questions.
you didn’t really pay attention to the class, too busy daydreaming about specific events that were about to happen after the lesson.
after all, Remus promised you.
every friday after your last class he would hold you back a little longer for a little fun which you enjoyed the fullest.
the adrenaline that would always rush through your veins whenever he would leave the door unlocked while fucking you, or whenever he would brush his hips against yours in class when walking by, by accident of course.
but you were pulled out of your thoughts the moment you heard a familiar voice call your name.
''Y/l/n Y/l/n''
you looked up, all eyes on you while Lupin kept calling your name out.
''yes yes Professor im here''
he bit his lower-lip trying to hide his smirk before he spoke up again ''mind sharing your thoughts with us Miss Y/l/n ? seemed like you were pretty invested in them''
he was being risky, something he would do on purpose. he would do it and mock you later for the way that you always tried to talk yourself out of it, just like you did right now.
you shook your head, trying to avoid Lupin’s heavy gaze on you and the giggles of your classmates that surrounded you.
''there’s nothing I wanna share with the class''
Remus tongue clicked against the roof of his mouth before he mumbled an 'alright'. He turned around focusing back onto the subject that he was teaching right now. leaving you all flustered the more you thought about him.
you looked at the clock that was hanging at the wall, 27 more minutes.
27 minutes and you could finally feel Remus lip’s on yours again, 27 minutes and you could finally feel his teeth graze the skin of your neck softly so he wouldn’t leave any marks, 27 minutes and you could finally feel him pounding you brain dead as he always did.
you jumped up and down on your chair, excitement rushing through your veins with every second that passed, but the more you waited the more you felt a light pressure on your bladder build up.
you ignored it at first, trying to focus back on the imagination in your head of Remus fucking you but the feeling just wouldn’t go away, in fact it just got worse.
So you couldn’t help it but finally raise your hand. The moment Remus saw your hand raise up, he interrupted his own sentence to focus the attention back on you.
you smirked at him before speaking up, faking your politeness ''may I use the bathroom sir'' he smirked at the word sir before answering.
he smirked back at you, not talking for a minute, the whole silence filling the room as the other students started staring.
''no Y/l/n you may not'' your smirk dropped as you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion and in anger. you looked at the clock again. 19 more minutes.
you couldn’t hold it in so you pressed your legs together while clenching around nothing, trying to hold it in as good as you could. your body betraying you when you groaned lowly to yourself at the sudden new feeling in your lower abdomen.
Remus of course didn’t miss it, for once he didn’t smirk, trying to not be noticeable. but this was your chance to tease him. so you continued.
clenching from time to time, the pee-gasm that would appear in your bladder caused goosebumps to appear on your legs.
you did this for so long, that you didn’t even notice when the bell rang, just when the students around you started packing their stuff into their bags.
you stood up slowly, wanting to finally use the bathroom before visiting Remus but you couldn’t.
the moment every student left the classroom you felt Remus huge hands wrap around your waist from behind. you could feel his smirk against your cheek.
you giggled, feeling his beard brush against your neck softly the closer he got.
his arms wandered down from your waist to your lower abdomen, stroking your lower tummy in a relaxing manner but it didn’t relax you. your bladder was way too full for you to think about anything else.
‘‘Remus darling, let me go to the bathroom real quic-’’ he interrupted you mid-sentence
‘’It‘s Professor Lupin to you and you really think I will let you go to the bathroom after that little stunt of yours ?’’
your eyes widened, he really was serious. you chuckled for a second hoping that he was joking but the moment you turned around and looked at him, you realized that he wasn’t joking.
‘’I want you to take your panties off and then go sit on my desk’’
you sighed, but still did it, after all it was Remus.
you walked up to his desk, bending down for a second making sure that he got a good view from under your skirt, before pulling your satin panties down your legs and kicking them to the side of the room. your bum met the cold wood of his desk as you sat down and waited for Remus.
seconds later, Remus was standing in front of you, pulling his seat out, before sitting down, directly between your legs. you kept them closed, as tightly as possible, only for Remus to dig his nails into your thighs before spreading them open.
exposing your bare core to him, making him chuckle at you. ‘’look how wet you are baby, and that in class ? doesn’t sound like a good girl to me’’ he mocked you
‘’please Remmy, I am a good girl, i’ve been such a good girl for you today’’ you pouted at your boyfriend.
he didn’t answer, he just looked at you. a silence filled the room as Remus kept thinking and thinking. you noticed by the way his eyebrows would furrow and his tongue would poke out of his mouth.
finally he spoke up ‘’fine baby’’ you smiled, excitement rushing through your veins.
‘’since you’ve been such a good girl for me, you can have daddy’s cock already’’
your eyes widened, you only wanted him to let you pee, nothing else. but Remus definitely had other plans for you.
‘’but Remmy- I have to pee’’ he tilted his head to the side, copying your pout, mocking you.
his hands reached for his belt, unbuckling it slowly while smirking at your nervous looking state.
‘’so ?’’
you stopped talking for a second, tilting your head to the side as you looked at his hands and how they were unbuckling his belt.
your nervous gaze changed into a hungry one as you looked at his bulge. and for a moment you forgot your bladder and focused on the delicious-looking man that was sitting in front of you.
the only thing that was denying him from finally freeing his cock was the thin layer of his boxer shorts. he teased you, you noticed when he started palming himself through his boxers.
you whined ‘’Remmy please-’’
in a second he pulled his boxers down, revealing his fully grown cock, and his reddish tip that was already leaking with pre-cum. your mouth watered at the sight.
your legs were still spread wide, your glistening folds still on display for Remus as he started stroking himself. his other hand reaching out to play with your clit.
you moaned lowly at the feeling of his fingertips against your clit and the sight of him jerking off.
‘’please Remmy, daddy come on i’m ready for you’’ you pouted at him, bucking your hips against his hand.
‘’are you really baby ?’’ he asked, a mocking tone accompanied his words.
you bucked your hips forward again, this time moving closer to the edge of the table trying to get Remus to touch you even more.
‘’okay baby, then be a good girl and ride me’’
you smiled at him, before leaning forward. you straddled him in his chair immediately. his legs still spread wide and his cock standing tall against his clothes stomach.
his hand wrapped around your waist, holding you tightly as you sinked down on him. his cock filling you to the hilt, causing you both to gasp at each other.
‘’fuck baby’’ he grunted under you, making your heart flatter.
you rose up slowly a few inches before sinking back down, the length of him impressing you over and over again everytime you sinked down on him.
the feeling in your bladder still didn’t diminish though, so you clenched around Remus, trying to hold it in better.
‘’Daddy oh my- I feel so fucking full‘‘ you whimpered out and the only thing you heard Remus reply with was a raspy whisper in your ear
‘’yeah ?’’
that’s when Remus wrapped his arms around you and picked you up. laying you on his desk, his cock still buried balls deep inside of you as you kept your legs spread for him.
he continued fucking you, pounding into you even faster. you reached for the edges of the desk, holding onto them until your knuckles turned wide.
Remus flipped your skirt up quickly, wanting to look at himself sliding in and out of you.
‘’fuck atta-girl look at you’’ you whimpered at his words. his hips speeding up with every single word that came out of his mouth.
‘’so.fucking.tight’’ he hissed through gritted teeth, every word combinated with a sharp thrust of his hips which made your eyes roll back into your head.
you screamed when you felt his hand land on your lower abdomen.
he was placing it there without noticing the effect that he had on you. ‘’remmy i can’t hold it in anymore’’
he chuckled, throwing his head back as he pressed his palm against your bladder even harder.
‘’of course you can stupid girl’’ he looked down at you again, before he got his hand of your bladder and digged his fingers into the flesh of your hips before leaning over you so that his pelvis was brushing against yours.
‘’you’re gonna cum around my cock no matter if you can or if you can not’’
his hand wiggled down between your bodies before he started circling your clit at a fast pace, trying to get you to reach your high.
‘’cum now little stupid girl’’
and you did, you clutched onto his biceps, holding onto him as you felt your high approach you.
mindblowing that’s what it felt.
the feeling in your bladder only getting heavier, making your orgasm feel more intense as you refused to let it go.
Remus came right after you, spilling his warm seeds into you as your warm walls clenched around him.
when he rode both of your orgasms finally out, he dropped on top of you, his head landing on your chest as you both tried to catch your breath.
and that’s how you laid there for a few minutes, out of breath and sweaty while Remus cock started softening inside of you.
your fingers started running through his hair ‘’Remmy- that was awesome’’
he chuckled against your chest before getting up again slowly.
‘’let’s get you cleaned now pups should we ?‘’
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professorrw · 3 months ago
The Next Riddle
Pairing: female reader x Tom Riddle
Request: tom riddle smut with breeding kink? 👀
Warnings: smut, 18+, some fluff, oral (female receiving), breeding kink, pet names (darling, dear, princess), unprotected sex, praising
A/N: Tom and reader are both 18! Requests open, taglist open, inbox open! Please like, comment, and reblog!
Tumblr media
Tom was a planner. He knew exactly what he wanted to do after he graduated. The summer after yours and his seventh year you were married. You started dating in your fifth year and had been together ever since. Everyone knew you two as the perfect couple. You were both incredibly smart and good-looking. 
You came from a pureblood family that's lineage was mostly Slytherins. Tom loved the fact that you were so pure. He knew that your children would be the best of the best. He was aching to impregnate you, but decided to wait until you were both out of school.
At the young age of nineteen you were husband and wife and living together in Britain. Tom deemed that the perfect time to have his first child. Your own parents were hoping to soon have a grandchild. They highly approved of Tom because of his talent and charming ways. You were aware that your husband wanted children and you couldn’t agree more. 
It was storming outside and a draft was sweeping through your house. You stood and walked to your bedroom where Tom was sitting at his desk.
He lifted his head as you walked in. “Good evening darling.”
“Good evening dear. What are you working on?” You strolled past Tom and sat down on the edge of your bed, facing him.
“Papers for work. It’s nothing interesting. Are you alright?” Tom noticed the way you were shivering and stood from his desk.
“I’m a bit cold,” you answered.
“Well that won’t do will it?” He moved from behind the table and sat down on the bed next to you. He wrapped one arm around your waist and another lifted your chin. You draped a leg over one of his thighs and made him smirk into the kiss he was giving you.
“What is it that you really want dear?” he asked with a low voice. Your noses were brushing against one another and you were only centimeters apart. Tom’s eyes were blown with lust and desire. He was quick to pick up on the innuendo.
“I want you,” you whispered.
Tom immediately flipped you over so he was on top of you. “Say that again darling.”
“I want you Tom.”
He smiled and lowered his lips to your neck. His thigh was between your legs and his hands were at either side of your head. Your legs were dangling off the bed so you scooted closer to the pillows. The move put Tom’s head lower on your body. Much lower.
“Are you trying to get away, princess?” he asked, meeting your eyes.
“I would never.”
“That’s what I like to hear.”
With the new leverage Tom didn’t have to support himself and his hands could roam free. He slid a finger down your cleavage all the way to the tie on your night robe. It was no wonder you were cold. When Tom untied the knot and pulled your robe open he found that you were wearing nothing under it.
He chuckled and kissed from your throat to your lower abdomen. You sharply inhaled as his lips continued on to your heat. He pressed one singular kiss to your clit before he raised up. He smiled down at you while he unbuttoned his shirt.
“Are you ready darling? Tonight could be the night that you become pregnant.”
“I’m ready to have your baby darling.”
“That’s music to my ears.” He finished getting out of his clothes, which he had tossed to his desk.
He went back down to your vagina and licked a stripe along your folds. Your breathing was already sped up with anticipation but you quit breathing and moaned when Tom’s tongue went inside you. With both of his hands planted on your hips he was completely holding you down. But that didn’t stop you from trying to rock your hips against him.
He didn’t stop or say anything. He was too busy playing with your pussy. He curled his tongue and ran it along the sides of your walls. You were squirming beneath him and if he wasn’t holding you down you would be moving all over the place.
When he warmed you up with his tongue it took you to another plane of existence. You loved it when he did that and it wouldn’t take long for your orgasm to be within reach. He knew how much you loved it, and although he was trying to have an orgasm in your pussy he was still going to get you to yours. 
You were moaning and gripping the covers. Your eyes were squeezed shut and you could barely handle the pleasure for much longer.
Tom was going to make sure you were slick and ready for his cock so he kept going. He groaned and sent vibrations ricocheting through your body. You were puddy when it came to the way he made love to you.
The sound of pelting rain was drowned out by your moans. You couldn’t hold back anymore. Your muscles clenched around Tom’s tongue and the familiar juice came out of you. Without missing a beat Tom quickly got up and spat into his hand. He rubbed it on his cock and raised your hips up so he could get inside you. He was on his knees and the heels of your feet were hooked on the back of his thighs.
He pressed forward and inserted his dick into you. It was a smooth entrance, one without pain. Tom was opposed to hurting you. He wanted the process of impregnating you to be easy for you. He knew the trouble that would await when you were carrying his child. Making love was supposed to be pleasurable and Tom wasn’t going to take that away from you.
Your back arched as Tom rolled his hips against yours. He held onto your thighs and could move them back and forth to help meet his thrusts. He could, but he didn’t need to. He could do all the work himself. The only thing you needed to do was enjoy yourself and the feeling. He didn’t even have to ask because he knew it felt good. You were moaning, arching your back, and squeezing your thighs with your hands.
“You’re going to look so beautiful with my child inside you darling. You’ll be glowing. You’re already so breathtaking. I would be blessed to have a child that resembled you.”
His words were fuel to keep pushing towards his climax. He would look at you and your stomach and think of how it would look with a little bump. His child, your child, the next Riddle, would grow inside of you.
If things went to plan you would have a bump in a few weeks. Only time would tell.
Tom kept going, putting his whole length inside you with every thrust. One hand remained on your knee but his other he placed over your stomach. Until he reached his orgasm and released his sperm he would keep it there. 
He groaned and you could feel his cock twitching inside you. His warm cum spilled out deep inside you. He held his dick there as he caught his breath.
He pulled out of you and laid down by your side. Your eyes were still closed but you could feel one of his hands still resting on your stomach. It was endearing how much Tom wanted a child.
You waited and weeks later as you were looking in the mirror you noticed something. You called Tom upstairs and he hurried to get to you. Your hand was clasped over your mouth and tears were rolling over your cheeks.
Tom looked at your reflection and he looked at the cause of your tears. Your stomach had a curve. Tom pulled you in by the waist and kissed you fervently. He pressed a hand against the small bulge and smiled.
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l0vely-lupin · 5 months ago
hi🧡 i was wondering if you could do maybe a mattheo riddle x reader? if you’re comfortable with that ofc:) i love ur imagines and i hope u have a nice weekend
His Lady
Mattheo Riddle x Fem!Reader
Summary: After Mattheo gets jealous, he realizes how much he misses you.
Warnings: swearing, mentions of broken glass, fluff, angst
Requested: Yes | No
a/n: i hate this but you guys don’t so…
Tumblr media
You were perfect.
An absolute angel in his eyes.
Everything about you was beautiful.
Your hair, your eyes, your lips.
Oh, how he wanted to kiss your lips. Your soft beautiful lips. The same lips he’d seen moving softly to the rhythmic music. The same lips that would always be addictive to him.
He could only imagine how it would feel to be someone more for you. Being the girl you were, it was everything he would need. Everything he could ever want.
You were his best friend.
His partner.
His lady.
You loved him and knew he’d always be there for you. You knew what there was absolutely nothing that could separate you both.
However, for the smallest bit of time you both felt as if that were not true.
He’d gotten jealous.
Just a bit.
Okay, maybe he’d gotten really jealous—not that he’d admit that.
A boy he didn’t know was talking to you. You were laughing, looking genuinely happy. It set a pang to his chest.
Of course, it ended up in an argument.
He would take back every single word he said to you if he could. It was never worth it. After you finally stormed out, face stained with mascara, he took a look around his dorm.
Broken glass, ripped paper, and he could swear he heard your shouts toward him still bouncing off the walls.
He didn’t sleep that night.
Actually, he didn’t sleep for many nights after you continued to ignore him.
In his eyes, you were the picture of grace. With your perfect white gloves, and your lovely heels, and your beautiful stance that would make any guy falter. In his eyes, you were like a magnum opus.
A lady.
He’d been working up the courage to ask you to go to go out with him for years, but every time he tried a thought would creep past his mind. Lingering and haunting him. Filling him with dread.
She’s a lady, and I’m just a boy.
But this time, he frowned and pushed his shoulders back in the mirror and stared at his reflection. “I can do this. I’m going to ask Y/n to be my girlfriend.”
He needed this to be perfect. If anything went wrong, he might lose you forever and he didn’t want to risk it.
A few (4,392) times of repeating the same thing, he finally decided he would. He recited what he would say, bought you the rosiest of roses, prepared the best of surprises, and hell was he smitten with love because he’d never seen a girl the way he saw you.
He could feel his body sweat as he waited for you to arrive in the Room of Requirement, holding a basket of the rarest plants with charmed roses that stayed vibrant forever.
You weren’t sure whether to go. Once you received the letter you immediately became aware of a sense of hope. The fact that he was trying to fix what he’s done did it for you really.
And there you stood at the door in the empty corridor, red heels, white dress, red lipstick put to perfection, just for second thoughts.
He started to lose hope. He began to think that you went back to that other guy. His shoulders slumped and he put the basket down, going to turn around before he heard the door open.
There you were. Angelic. He smiled and you looked around the room.
There were cream drapes, carpet, the floor was huge and overly extravagant. As if it were for a ball, being it probably was. And in the middle of all of it was him.
“Y/n. I- bloody hell.” He stuttered when you advanced to him. “I forgot my speech. Uhm-”
You slightly smiled.
“Oh just forget it. Y/n, you- you look amazing as always. You’re everything to me. You’ve been my best friend for so long. Sticking with me through thick and thin, making me feel special all the time, helping me through this there and that. Thank you. But- I don’t just want to be friends with you, Y/n. I want to be yours. I want you to be my lady. Hell, I am so sorry for everything I said to you and I-”
He abruptly stopped when your lips planted on his, hands holding his face. His eyes fluttered shut and his hands held your waist, pulling you impossibly closer.
Merlin, if he wasn’t so distracted right now he’d faint.
You pulled away and smiled. “I just wanted you to apologize. I love you, Theo.”
Your foreheads linked and he let out a relieved laugh, tears forming in the corners of his eyes as he whispered,
“You’re a lady. My lady.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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