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#hp incorrect quotes

Marauders as things my friends and I have said pt. 2

Remus: would you like to see a monkey taking the sun?

Sirius: I hate men

Sirius: but I like them anyways.

Sirius: greatness does nothing

Sirius: not even take showers

Sirius: and I’m greatness.

Sirius: mother gave me a piece of cheese and I said it tasted weird, she just said “yeah, it’s expired” lmao

Remus: I’m just saying K-dramas are awesome

James: they give you emotional instability

Remus: yeah that too

James: water tastes like… water

Peter: that was deep bro

Remus: I am laughing at the sadness that the level of grace that my life has gives me.

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Ravenclaw: sometimes you may find yourself at the bottom of a pit with life throwing bad things at you, but you can always use them to climp up, even if some are slippery.

Slytherin: sometimes you may find yourself at the bottom of a pit with life throwing bad things at you, but you can always throw them back at life.

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Gryffindor: *looking at deleted messages on the group*

Gryffindor: what did you guys delete?

Hufflepuff: oh, we were just talking about Slytherin’s crush

Slytherin: he’s gay and I’m depressed

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Slytherin: I’ve got toast now 😎

Hufflepuff: hmmmmmmmm toast

Slytherin: yes yes amazing🤩

Hufflepuff: toastie

Hufflepuff: toastie

hufflepuff: toastie

Hufflepuff: :D

Slytherin: *laughing because Hufflepuff is too cute* :D

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Slytherin: I need to get up but my bed is too comfortable

Ravenclaw: lmao

Slytherin: make me wanna get up, tell me smth that will convince me

Ravenclaw: ok uhh

Ravenclaw: I’ll give u chicken nuggets next time we meet if u leave ur bed now

Slytherin: oooh that’s tempting

Slytherin: aaaaaaa

Slytherin: my cellphone just fell on my face

Ravenclaw: LMFAO

Ravenclaw: once my iPad fell on my face

Ravenclaw: never made the same mistake again

Slytherin: once my MacBook fell on my face

Ravenclaw: LMFAO

Slytherin: I swear

Ravenclaw: but- how??

Slytherin: I-

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Ravenclaw: *showing Slytherin a whip they have*

Slytherin: *starts laughing*

Ravenclaw: what?

Slytherin: you got a whip 😏

Ravenclaw: wha- nO-

Ravenclaw: I wanted to be a cowboy!

Slytherin: so, you wanna ride a horse or a guy?

Ravenclaw: w- SLYTHERIN!

Slytherin: *laughing their ass off*

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