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#hp incorrect quotes
toujoursincorrect · 2 days ago
Mcgonagall: And what do we say when life disappoints us?
Remus: Called it.
Sirius: As the prophecy foretold...
Peter: Snape did it.
James: Time to fist fight a god.
Mcgonagall: NO.
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marauder-queen · 18 hours ago
Snape: *tapping quill*
McGonagall: *tapping quill*
Umbridge: Stop it.
Snape: Stop what?
Umbridge: You're talking about me in morse code, joke's on you because I know morse code. Ha!
McGonagall: Yeah, that's what we're doing. In our very limited time and busy schedule. We went out and took a class on a very outdated, very unnecessary form of communication so we can talk about you, in front you.
Snape: That's exactly what we did.
McGonagall: Yep.
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Ginny: why is my phone broken?
Harry: *sipping coffee* you were drunk last night
Ginny: so?
Harry: you turned on airplane mode and threw the phone out the window while screaming "FLY DAMN YOU!"
Harry: so yeah
Ginny: eh, makes sense
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bigwolfmoony · a day ago
james: guys, i just found a new drug
james: it's called "your relationship" and i'm high on it
*remus & sirius cuddling on a sofa in the common room, both staring at james*
remus: james, i'm gonna need you to back off
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artdecielle · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
anyway enjoy this messy comic where everyone gets exactly what they deserve❤
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the-boy-who-bottomed · 8 days ago
Draco : Why are there little hand prints all over the walls ?
Harry to scorpius : Why are there little hand prints over the walls ?
Scorp, beckons Harry closer and whispers : Because I have little hands
Harry turns to Draco : Because he has little hands
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toujoursincorrect · a day ago
- on 1 IX 1971 -
James: *points at Sirius, Remus and Peter* These people are my best friends.
James: I've known them for twelve hours.
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micheleblack · 11 months ago
*The Marauders finally achieve their Animagus forms*
Remus: Since when do you have a pet goldfish?
James: Careful, that's your boyfriend you're talking about.
Remus: Why doesn't he change back?
James: I think he forgot. You know, memory of a goldfish.
*later that day, Remus receives a letter*
I tricked James into thinking I'm a goldfish. I'm hiding out in the Hog's Head while I see how long he'll lug that bowl to class.
Love, Sirius
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apolloravenclawsblog · 9 hours ago
Hermione: *looking at the Marauders map* oh hey look Harry and Ginny are together again
Ron: show me show me now
Hermione: *sees that they're both going into a broom cupboard* *closes map* uh lunch is starting we should go
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the-boy-who-bottomed · a month ago
Harry : Ok all matters aside...If I was the last person on Earth would you fuck me ?
Draco : Potter, if you were the last person on Earth, I wouldn't exist
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