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ami-acts · 5 months ago
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CW: Loss, bereavement
I was hoping to have more information before I made this post, so apologies for that. The news is starting to seep onto the platform though, as people share tributes as a way to process their own grief, so I think it’s time.
@siriussly-serious (he/they), mostly known here as Jay but also as Blu, Royale (in drag) and Jaxon, has passed away. Little is known at this point, other than that he was missing since Monday (10th May), reported as missing to the police on Wednesday (12th May) and found yesterday (15th May). This isn’t the right place for speculation, so I will have more to say when I have more information.
Although he hasn’t been active on the platform for a long time, Jay was a much loved member of the HP RP community. He was particularly an inspiration for LGBTQ+ creators and POC, going out of his way to encourage and promote anyone who felt they weren’t good enough or didn’t belong. He had so much love, which he handed out freely and sincerely to anyone and everyone who needed it. He created Found, a ridiculously ambitious project which I was privileged enough to be a part of, and which he was unfortunately unable to see through the way he desperately wanted to. Jay would want me to tell you he was 6ft7, everyone was welcome to the gun show and the cheaper and higher percentage your rose wine is, the better. He wouldn’t want me to gush about what an amazing singer, performer, drag artist, RPer, artist, writer, Muddy, creative and friend he was, but tough shit mate, come and stop me. He loved cheap rose, gin, rum, milkshakes, white chocolate, Beyonce, drag kings, queers being queer, people living their best life, Hamilton, cuddles, sandalwood incense and salt lamps (but not when he wasn’t allowed to lick them). So if you want to celebrate him in your own way, there’s some ideas for you. Just stay away from whisky and any other kind of chocolate. No thank you, ma’am.
I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time in person with Jay over the last 3 years, but to those who never met him, your grief is just as valid. Your friendship was real, your love and loss is real. He loved you, he was proud of you every day you went out into a world that tries to tell you you’re broken or not enough. You are enough, and Dad is watching over you.
Jay had a large online presence, particularly in the drag king community, so I’m sure there will be some online tributes and possibly events. I will reblog this post adding information as I get it, including any tributes and donation information for those who can and would like to.
Rest in Power, Jay. It won’t be the same without you.
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ohwowimlonley · 6 months ago
Bunny - Oliver Wood
Summary - daddy loves his bunny, basically pwp
Warnings - daddy kink, kinda pet play but not really, smut, breeding kink, praise kink, somnophillia, Ollie being obsessed with tiddies
Oliver always seemed to take forever to wake up. If it wasn’t a weekday then he would often stay asleep until late afternoon which had always annoyed you greatly.
You always claimed you needed love in the morning and that Ollie always had to be the one to shower you with kisses and cuddles. He would always grumble and claim that ‘if you didn’t wake him up with morning sex then don’t wake him up at all’. Of course, you knew he was joking as your Ollie was never that shallow but it had given you an idea.
“Honey,” the word dripped from your lips like sugar syrup, falling on deaf ears as Oliver barely twitched.
You tried not to jostle him about too much as you climbed astride his hips. If he were awake, he would likely make a comment about ‘morning wood’ or something along those lines. As often as he joked about it, his prominent hard-on revealed he might actually like to be woken up by your heat. You were sure he would appreciate it.
“Daddy,” you whimpered into his ear, rolling your pelvis so your clit caught on the bulge through his sweatpants. Even though the layers of pyjamas you still remembered how thick he was inside you.
You took it a step further; moving the fabric covering him down just enough so his length sprung up. He was long, around nine inches long and thick. So thick he could hit your cervix and g-spot both at the same time.
“Daddy,” you grasped him tightly, barely moving your hand as you needed to feel him. Morally, you knew you should wake him up before you slid down on him so you could gain consent. It was that thought that forced you to remove your hand and move it to his chest instead. Boldly, you let your nails drag marks onto his slight abs. Daddy never let you leave marks. It would cause a scandal in the changing rooms.
“Wake up,” your freshly filed nail circled his nipple ‘I need your dick’ you almost said, but that would make you both laugh too much. “Daddy, please,”
He was stirring now so you took your chance, pushing your lips onto his and slipping your tongue into his mouth. Your wake up method proved effective as Oliver shifted so his hands were splayed out on your hips.
“Good morning, bunny,” he groaned into your ear, all too aware of the effect that nickname had on you. You shivered, subconsciously moving so your barely clothed core rested on his bare erection, “come to wake daddy up nicely?”
“Yes daddy,” you simpered, so obviously fawning over his deep morning voice. Oliver chuckled and moved his hands lower, sweeping your panties clean out of the way without having to take them off.
“Ask nicely, bunny. You know how to ask properly for daddy’s cock,” he insisted, adjusting so he could look at you properly. You were wearing his quidditch jersey, as you often did to bed. Even when sleeping in the same bed as him you claimed you needed his clothes because you felt lonely when you woke up and he was still dead to the world.
“Can I- can I pretty please have daddy’s cock?” You looked down, watching as Ollie flicked your clit with his right thumb, adding to the plentiful wetness in your core that had accumulated from simply looking at your Ollie and making him feel good.
“And?” He prodded, positioning you so you were above his throbbing length.
“Can I please bounce on daddy’s cock like a good bunny?” You relented, telling him what you really wanted.
“Go on then, bunny,” he smiled, finally letting you drop down onto him, helping you as you struggle to accommodate his impressive size.
“Feels so good captain,” you whimper, fidgeting on the inescapable pleasure of being totally full on Oliver, “wanna make you cum like this every morning,”
“You’d better, bunny. Fuck, you’re so tight for me,” he grappled at your ass as he waited for you to settle.
You rolled your eyes just a little bit and moved his hands up your shirt. He still seemed surprised to discover that no girl wore a bra to bed so he could easily reach up and palm your tits whenever he wished. He felt conflicted. He wanted to see your pretty tits bouncing as you rode him or watching you get off while wearing his shirt.
“Take it off, please daddy,” you took initiative to end his inner conflict, plus the fabric felt somewhat uncomfortable against your hardened nipples.
He didn’t need to be told twice, lifting the thin shirt off and watching as your tits bounced prettily as they were freed. Bringing his hands up, he tweaked your nipples just as you lifted up. After a few seconds, he could barely take it and moved allowed his mouth to latch onto your nipples, sucking hungrily and rubbing at your clit with his newly freed hand.
The pleasure of his mouth playing with your heavy breasts was enough coupled with his pelvic bone and fingers pressing onto your clit brought you to a thoroughly satisfying orgasm.
“Bunny,” he attempted not to chuckle but ultimately was unsuccessful, “did you just cum from daddy sucking on your tits?”
“Can’t help it! Just- just,” you let out a breathy moan as you ground yourself on his throbbing member, “feels so good daddy, ‘n your cock is in me ‘n your big fingers ‘n-“
You cut yourself off as you lifted up and dropped back down again, a pornographic sound escaping from your lips.
“Honey that might be the sexiest fucking thing you’ve ever done,” the deep baritone of his Scottish accent left you shivering as you continued to bounce of him.
“I’m daddy’s good bunny?” Your mind was hazy, but not completely gone. You just needed a little reassurance.
“Of course baby, you’re daddy’s good bunny,” he moved his left hand back onto your tit, cupping it so it would stop bouncing and admiring it, “only daddy gets to see you like this, yeah? You’re daddy’s bunny and no one else’s.”
“Daddy’s bunny,” you echoed, “daddy’s good bunny,”
“That’s right bunny, ‘n your bouncin’ on daddy’s cock so well! Taking it so deep like such a good little girl,” he loved how you lit up at his praise; keening and bouncing even quicker as he smiled up at you.
You were solely focused on him now, reaching a hand behind you to gently grasp at his balls, rolling them smoothly on your palm and making him groan loudly. He looked heavenly with his head buried between your tits, tongue lolling out to taste the flesh and thighs shaking with the effort not to cum.
“Daddy,” you yelled out as his lips wrapped around your nipple again, slamming yourself down desperately and chasing your second orgasm, “please can you fill me up? Need daddy’s cum in me pretty please,”
“Okay bunny, I’ll fill you up, don’t you worry,” you were so close to slipping into subspace, head dreamy and foggy.
You let out an incomprehensible string of whines and moans as you felt Oliver’s pearly white cum shoot into your already spasming pussy. The feeling triggered your own orgasm, twitching and keening the whole time.
“Princess?” You were torn from your moment of bliss as Oliver brushed your hair from your eyes. You’d noticed that in your absence Ollie had moved you onto your back and cleaned you up using a damp cloth he must have gone to the adjoining bathroom to retrieve.
“Ollie,” you smiled, laying a hand on his cheek and leaning your forehead on his own, “I got you to wake up before ten,”
“Well done sweetheart,” he pressed a kiss to your bottom lip.
“I think this should be your wake up call every morning,”
“What if you’re on your period?”
“I’ll use my mouth, captain,”
“Sounds like a plan to me, gorgeous,”
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hprpcmasterlist · 3 months ago
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welcome to the harry potter roleplay community masterlist  !  to be added to the list  ,  please only reblog this post and add the following to the tags  :  your muse’s name  /  canon or original character  .
for example  :  harry potter  /  canon                                                roonil wazlib  /  original character
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rpcmasterlist · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
reblog this post to be added to the HARRY POTTER MASTERLIST with your muse’s name, whether they’re canon or original character, or if you’ve got a HP verse.
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asktheboywholived · a year ago
Dear HPRP Community,
It’s been a long while since I’ve posted. I’m sure most of you have seen @sirussly​‘s post by now, but I really want to say a few words myself. 
First, I want to thank everyone who has followed, supported, encouraged and shared this experience with me. When I started the HPRP community, I just wanted to goof around in my room playing dress-up. I honestly never in a million years thought it would grow to become something that I care so much about.
The past four years have been some of the most incredible and fulfilling years of my life. I’ve made life-long friends, I’ve produced content that helped me express my love for art and creativity and grow as a person, and I’ve had the chance to share it with people who care for me personally and support me every step of the way. 
I don’t know how to thank you all for helping me become who I am now and providing me with a chance to do what I love for a living. I’m endlessly in shock over how lucky I am to be able to do this, and I’m so, so grateful. 
These last couple of years I’ve fallen in love, made wonderful, honest friends, sought out help for my mental health, produced four original series, turned 30 (wtf???), trudged through the hell-scape that is 2020, and so much more. It’s been eventful, to say the least, and I’ve grown a lot as a person. I think that’s why it’s time to say that I’m moving on, at least for now. 
This blog will always be one of the best choices I’ve ever made, and it will be here for those who want to enjoy and revisit the stories my dear friends and I have created. I’m sure Jess and I will pop in every now and then to say hi, but I think it’s important to clarify why I won’t be around much anymore.
I know I can always come back, but making a post like this on a blog that has been such a central part of my life for so long definitely makes me a lot-a-bit emotional, so I hope you don’t mind if I come off a wee-bit dramatic (guess it fits with the brand, huh?). ;)
I just want to say thank you for all you guys have done for me. I’ve loved this experience through the highs and lows, and I hope to see you guys around as I continue this journey elsewhere. 
Feel free to follow me if you’d like, I’ll still be around (@ttbret on IG, TikTok, YouTube, and Patreon). 
Love you all! <3 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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kindeer · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*   ghosts. . .        that   we   knew   will     flicker  from  view.    
#KINDEER.      an  indie  lily  evans  rp  blog.     fiercely  anti  jkr.    attempted  by  goose.
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jellyraindrops · 4 months ago
Helping Draco stop bullying little kids Pt.1
Me: Ok, what do we say when our actions or words have upset or hurt others?
Draco: Hoes mad
Me: NO
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ohwowimlonley · 6 months ago
heyy idk if you’re taking requests but do you think you can do one with cockwarming james potter
Stay still - James Potter
Summary- you and James try cockwarming for the first time
Warnings - smut, cockwarming, kinda praise kink
Authors notes - hiya! Would like everyone to know requests are open and I’ll do basically whatever you want (also my anons are always open to whoever just wants to talk)
Authors notes - this is pretty short so if you want a part two then put it in my requests I just thought it might be nice while it was short and sweet. I could do a part two with James fucking the reader in his sleep?
“Stop squirming! You’re making it very difficult for me not to fuck you silly right now,” James sighed, smoothing a kiss to your bare shoulder as you wriggled under the pleasure of his cock.
“Can’t help it,” you whined, “feels really good,”
“I’ll make it stop feeling good if you can’t settle down, pretty girl,” he growled lowly in your ear. You knew he wasn’t actually annoyed, he was just playing the part. Pretty well, if you did say so yourself.
“Okay! I yield! I’ll stay still,” you nestled in as close as you could get to James, him spooning you from behind and you trying desperately to not to squirm against the pressure of him against your g-spot.
“Mmm, good girl,” he rumbled at a low baritone. The gravel in his voice sent shockwaves through your body and allowed a round of slick to leak from where James was attached to you.
James had always wanted to try cockwarming but every time had gotten carried away from the feeling of your velvety walls engulfing his cock. It felt too good to not fuck you. Tonight, though, he was determined to have resolve. To last it out. He wanted to prolong your pleasure for as long as possible.
“We’re gonna sleep like this?” You murmured lazily, already relaxing your muscles.
“If you want to, little one, can pull out after you fall asleep if you want me to. Don’t wanna make you uncomfortable, angel,” he reassured, nuzzling his face into your hair, breathing in the sweet scent of shampoo. It smelt of his shampoo as you’d showered in his dorm that night. Needless to say, that shower contained actions more sensual than washing one another’s hair.
“Wanna stay like this,” you reached a hand back and combed it through his luscious locks, “don’t want you to leave me, please,”
“Don’t fret, honey,” this was definitely a way to fix your neediness for him in the mornings, “I’ll stay inside you as long as you want okay? You decide what you want and you decide when you want me,”
“Thank you Jamesie,” your eyes weren’t open any more and you were sure his weren’t either. You were both thoroughly exhausted from a day of quidditch practice and studying for N.E.W.T.S.
So that’s how you stayed, all night. Full of James and dreams filled with pleasure crazed dreams. You were sure that you would wake up to James rutting into you at some point in the night, though that was all part of the fun.
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greenwithenvysometimes · 15 days ago
21+ Only.
Draco Malfoy, Wizard (Bisexual, Polyamorous).
References to all Harry Potter Books and Movies.
Not new to Roleplay, not new to Draco, looking for SLs, slightly own take of Draco.
Multiship/Multiverse until otherwise.
If you try and ship Draco with anyone who's related to him in our writing, you will be blocked immediately.
By following or reblogging this account, you agree to these terms.
Written by @sizzlingwombatglitter #Sizzlingwombatglitter
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betterdcyz · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
      Just your local multi-muse throwing out a text promo so I can look out for more blogs to follow and interact with! ( ‘cos I feel like I should’ve done this first lmao ) I have quite the range of muses and you can check here on my carrd.  So ↻ ( reblog ) or/and ♥ ( like ) and I’ll check your blog out! 
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magpae · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*   saintlike. . .       i’m  holey.     i’m  holey,    fred.     ya  geddit? 
#MAGPAE.      an  indie  george  weasley  rp  blog.     fiercely  anti  jkr.    attempted  by  goose. 
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pcripeteiiaarchive · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
An Independent Severus Snape As Reimagined By Blossom
Private | Highly Selective | Canon Divergent | Dossier 
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aangs · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
You would think something as tremendous as a temporal rift in space and time would occur by a bang or a clash or, at the very least, a crackle, but that’s not how it happened. There was no explosion. People went to bed in their respective eras, but when they woke up, three generations had collided in a brutal clash. There were wizards from 1980, an era well into the First Wizarding War, several months before the conflict would come to an abrupt halt. There were witches from 2001, an era still rehabilitating from the brutal traumas and horrors of the Second Wizarding War. And finally, there was 2029, an era that had been marked by its peace and prosperity – UNTIL NOW.
People turned to the Ministry of Magic for answers – for solutions – but all they could offer were vows that they were doing everything possible to determine what happened and fix the situation, assigning their unspeakables with the insurmountable task of finding a way to reverse this mess. Until then? Everyone is simply stuck in 2029, expected to live their lives as normally as they possibly can right now.
But the Dark Lord is still at large, with rumors swirling that with three generations of wixen, he is rapidly expanding his army of devoted Death Eaters, invigorated with the knowledge of precisely how he foolishly lost the Second Wizarding War – how Harry Potter and his friends hunted down and destroyed his precious horcruxes, slowly weakening him and draining him of his life force. Fixed on rewriting history in his favor, he intends to rage savage war and spill the blood of his enemies, especially the dauntless and heroic soldiers of the Order of the Phoenix. This is a wizarding world born anew, ripe with bloodshed and terror as Voldemort and his Death Eaters tries to take their dominion.
All is not well anymore. The fate of the Wizarding World may very well be in grave peril. After all, you know what they say: things never happen the same way twice.
TWICE is a Harry Potter private group that combines the Marauders, Trio, and Next Generation eras. This roleplay intends to be a collaborative, welcoming environment that will allow lots of opportunities for member contribution instead of the admin solely deciding where and how the plot progresses. As there is a long list of available canon characters, we are a multi-muse group that allows muns to take up as many characters as they feel they can handle. We also welcome OCs and semi canons. To join, please like this post to be sent a link to the group discord. Even though this is a tumblr roleplay, the discord will function as the roleplay main.
[ Although the canon universe and characters were created by JKR, this roleplay does not support the author or condone her views in any way. The admin is a Jewish, LGBT POC who is mindful of the many issues within the universe, and it is their hope that we can take the world of Harry Potter and make it safe, inclusive and diverse. ]
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clevvered · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
#CLEVVERED:   ❛ You’re the ᴄʟᴇᴠᴇʀᴇꜱᴛ witch of your age I’ve 𝖊𝖛𝖊𝖗 met !   [ … ]     Independent. Selective.  ANTI-JKR HERMIONE GRANGER from the the ʜᴀƦƦʏ ᴘᴏᴛᴛᴇƦ ꜱᴇƦꞮᴇꜱ | penned by ROSE. | ©
Tumblr media
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