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#hp smut
Imagine Lucius wanting Severus to share you with him (smut)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Lucius betraying the dark lord for some puthy??? more likely than you’d think 👀💦Also this is just as long as it took me to write it 😩😭Also im a bit rusty when it comes to threesomes. I kept the original idea but also tried my best to not make it as if it’s total blackmail, i did my best ok. Hope you can all appreciate it :3 Gif not mine/credit to the original owners.)
Warning: 18+ minors SHOO THIS IS NOT FOR YOU-, threesome mfm, Dubcon-ish, reader gets clear choice of consent eventually, DP 👀, some ass play going in here of course-, oral (m and f receiving),
Lucius hadn’t expected for you to be so bold as to slap him right across the face after the moment of silent between you both from his question for you. A simple “no” would’ve done the job but it seemed your confusion had taken over you in that instant.
Luckily, you were both away from any prying eyes and he was able to handle such humiliation. To his disbelief, he was incredibly aroused by your action, your face frowning at him and ready to tell him off even more. His affection for you only growing from this interaction, after having spent months watching and trying to get to know you for the longest time ever since you joined the Death Eaters.
“What would make you think that’s an acceptable proposition, Mr. Malfoy?! I am a married woman not some young whore you can just suggest such a thing.”, you spat out before storming away, your steps being heard echoing the further you got.
That little outburst of yours wasn’t going to be forgotten so soon, he’s seen the way you’ve looked at him at times, he knows you’re just playing hard to get. Fixing his hair back, he then soothed his cheek and was already thinking of the next bouquet of flowers to send your way as an apology and get back on your good side.
He had been in that mood lately, purposely stirring your relationship with countless of gifts sent to you and love letters expressing his desires to have you. He was enamored by you from the instant he laid eyes on you, falling even deeper as he heard you speak so fervently, especially when it was directed to him.
His visions were filled with you, imagining you as his in every way and more importantly having your love and attention in return. There was no denying how incredibly jealous he was of your husband, Severus, constantly wondering as to how he ended with you.
It didn’t sit right with him for such a lowly wizard and professor having you all to himself, when he a pureblood is right there and clearly the better choice.
Walking down the hall, you caught sight of Severus and went right to him, linking your arm to his and already tugging on him to leave.
“Y/N? Is everything alright?”, he instantly voiced, your annoyed expression apparent to him that something must’ve went wrong. You sighed, stopping to look back at him exasperated, “Sev, let’s just go home, honey. I’m tired…”
Knowing you too well and surely you must have your reasons, your husband agreed and followed along, “Of course.”
Once at home, you both prepared for dinner rather quietly. Severus took notice of your firm and tense behaviour along the way as you cooked, keeping his composure so to let you have your space until he felt you were ready to speak to him.
Sitting down face to face finally and having dinner together, the silence between you both grew too much for Severus, “You’ve been quiet…Is there something on your mind, dear?”
Chewing your food slowly, you then swallowed and shrugged, telling him bluntly what was looming over you, “I slapped Lucius Malfoy.”
“Why?”, he asked dropping instantly his fork and his jaw ajar. He was heating up, his stomach turning at the thought of what could follow from such revelation.
To his surprise, you seemed rather nonchalant, reaching to hold his hand to assure him, “He couldn’t stop talking about how we didn’t match together, how I should be with him instead, I couldn’t stand it so I just slapped him.”
Your husband’s heart was beating out of his chest, the blood in his body rushing in worry, sweat starting to form slightly as he swallowed hard, only for you to keep going and going.
“That was the only appropriate action at the moment.”, you muttered quietly, as if shyly admitting to him your wrongdoings as to not get scolded.
Instantly, he stopped you, nearly hushing you as he spoke lowly as to not let anyone else here if that were even possible, “This could turn back against us, he is a powerful man-“
“I don’t care about that Sev!”, you raised your tone back, standing your ground, “I love you, there’s no way I’d let him run his mouth that way!”.
Your passion didn’t go unnoticed in your tone, touching and even calming Sev a bit before his thoughts could go back to what could possibly happen, “I’m thankful for you. But it’s still concerning-“
“I know.”, you sighed, your hand brushing against his before grabbing to hold it and kiss it, once more reassuring him. “I will try to apologize to him some other time…”
Severus’ gaze instantly softened along with yours, only for it to turn into curiosity as you’d frown all of a sudden. Groaning, you sighed exasperatedly, “But now i’m just not in the mood. He’s so frustrating! Quite handsome I admit…But oh god so annoying!”
For once, he couldn’t help but let out a chuckle at your confession and spent the rest of the evening talking it out. It didn’t take long for the subject to be long forgotten and the two of you finding peace within each other embraces until you were to face your problems all over again.
Days and days passed, and nothing ever came of it, Lucius didn’t bother to retaliate directly neither at you or your husband but instead continued his observations or rather his fixation with you. Every time you’d be present, he wouldn’t miss a single beat to take a good look at you, admiring your beauty as much as he could before you’d be taken away from him by Severus Snape of all people.
It annoyed him to think he was the one taking you home, the only one allowed to share your bed and take advantage of that sweet body of yours. It would’ve been an even bigger lie to even think for a second Lucius wasn’t even more annoyed or truly simply jealous of the doe eyes you have for your husband, the kisses you both stole from one another and the sweet silly banter you both always shared away from everyone else.
It should be him instead of Severus, that’s what he always thought and still now looking at you from across the table, he believed that. A shame you were still with your husband, as clear evidence as you held his hand and subtly or not so, showing off your matching wedding bands.
His piercing gaze didn’t go unnoticed by Severus, the two men exchanging rather cold glances at one another, Lucius clearly irritated. He wanted you all to himself but you were taken and worse you were happy about it, how was that even possible when you hadn’t even given him the chance yet.
You were only rejecting him because you didn’t knew him in that intimate light, he constantly thought to himself. The two of you only knew each other through these Death Eater meetings. So how could you possibly be so certain of your choice, you needed to give him try first but finding a new way to approach the subject was growing difficult until…
Eventually, the constant staring and following your every move began to pay off. As attentive and astute towards your expressions and the way you’d speak to your husband, it didn’t take long for him to realize the plot behind both of your motivations within the Death Eaters.
Although initially shocked, Lucius’ lust and passion for you seemed much stronger and more important than his desires to fulfill the Dark Lord’s wishes as he quickly reasoned himself. With that vital piece of information in his grasp, he was going to have you right where he wanted you and he couldn’t be any happier about it. Regardless of Severus, he was determined to have you and if you needed your husband along the way then so be it, he thought.
Once the next meeting came to an end, Lucius finally put his plan to action, waiting for you both to leave before catching up to your husband. As you parted ways for a second and met up with another member, you gave him the opportunity to corner your husband, stalking right behind him and catching his attention as he cleared his throat, “I have wanted to discuss-“
Severus’ guts instantly twisted at his words, fearing the worst for you but nonetheless readying to defend your action, as he calmly turned and interjected, “Y/N has been reflecting on her actions towards you that day, she’ll apologize to you properly for that mistake soon enough.”
Lucius scoffed at his words, knowing from a simple look at him he was scared and putting on a brave face, smirking devilishly, “I don’t mind that little “incident” if anything, it was quite thrilling.”
Severus was confused, frowning at the other man as he continued, “Actually I’ve been thinking more of asking you rather than her. I understand that she’s your wife…That the two of you have loved one another ever since she’s graduated and was an apprentice of yours.”
Your husband could only nod slowly, not denying a single detail nor interrupting Lucius, who was growing annoyed, “I clearly can’t seem to take her away from you completely, despite my efforts as you might have noticed. I’ve now accepted that fact. So I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind simply…”
He held in his breath, hoping to hear the end of it and praying the incident will simply be forgotten, only for Lucius to pause. Inching closer, he whispered knowing the taboo nature of his request, “Sharing such a precious little thing with me.”
“I beg your pardon.”, Severus gritted, in disbelief that such a question could even be asked.
“Your wife…I want her as well.”, the other man simply reasoned. “Oh don’t make that face Severus. Surely, you didn’t think that such a talented young beautiful woman as her would be a perfect match for a half-blood like you?”
Clearly that went right to Sev’s ego, hurting him even as he stayed silent, his own self doubt starting to form all over again. The tension between them was rising, Lucius twisting the knife further with his smug air and Severus at his mercy as he couldn’t find anything to counter.
Nervously, his gaze lowered, only to see Lucius’ cane come into view as the other man kept invading his space. Once more his tone lowered, as he inched right to your husband’s ear, telling him exactly what he knew, “Not to mention…That I know about your little plans for our Lord…How long was it in the making hm? Whose side are you truly on?”
That was enough to knock the air out of Severus’ lungs, his heart thrumming increasingly as sweat began to form. How was it possible for Lucius to figure it out? He had been so careful and meticulous in his work, how could such a slip up happen. So many questions were unanswered and his fear was only growing by the seconds while the colors in his face had been completely drained by his words.
Swallowing hard, he looked into the other man’s eyes backing away in defeat, nothing he could say or do right now was going to prove him and you innocent.
Knowing full well how right he was, Lucius chuckled, and continued in his hush tone, “No worries, your secret is safe with me…Under one condition of course…”
Instantly, your husband understood, all of this was to get to you and deep down he knew if he needed for this ploy to keep going, he had to comply. “Y-You want Y/N…”, he muttered as if filling in the blanks and voicing out loud to understand this was not a nightmare but in fact it was quite real.
Nodding in approval, Lucius’ excitement began to take over, as he chided your husband, looking at him from head to toe almost in disdain, “Mhm…Consider yourself lucky i’m not cruel enough to tear you both apart from one another…”
Trembling, Severus curled his fist in defeat, knowing he couldn’t do much but to agree to such conditions. He knew yet as well hoped somewhere you’d understand that neither of you could compromise the end goal of your mission, especially not for something as trivial as Lucius’ proposition, right?
With that, Lucius continued to explain what was going to happen next and by the time you had come back to Severus’ side, you were both heading to your private residence together, the other man nowhere in sight.
The whole way back, it was his turn to be strangely quiet and clingy, his hand gripping yours as you held him. Guilt was already gnawing at him, looking at you as if to ask for your forgiveness but the words just wouldn’t come out no matter what.
Once home, he didn’t left your side for a second, knowing well Lucius was on his way over soon, it was only a matter of time. With each minutes passing, Severus grew antsier and nervous, your curiosity growing and eventually stopping to ask him about it.
Nothing was all he could say, he wouldn’t open up or rather preferred not to. Instead, he avoided your questions and would choose to retreat to your shared bedroom and stayed there for the longest while.
Once done with the cleaning of your kitchen, you began to head towards your room as well for the night, stopping in your tracks as you heard a knock on the door.
Naturally, you peered down the stairs to look and make sure you heard it right, and there it was once again. Walking down to open it, Severus finally made his own way out, following your steps achingly slow, nervous as to what was going to happen.
Looking through to see who it was, your heart raced and you gasped to see none other than Lucius Malfoy standing at your door, staring right at you so smugly. Backing out, you looked at your husband confused and whispering to him, only for the other man to knock once more and even announce to you, “Y/N, darling open…I know you’re there!”
Finally you opened, fast and annoyed at his words, your frown instantly turning to genuine amazement to get a good look at him. There was no denying how handsome he was and here before you, his hair neatly done and his choice of suit clearly put together to impress anyone that would look at him.
For a moment, you were taken a back, forgetting your words as you looked up and down at him before shaking those thoughts away and remind yourself as to who he was.
Looking right at him, you faced him head on, “Mr. Malfoy? Bold of you to show up at my house after what happened…”
He practically scoffed, inching closer and his presence making you back into your home, inviting himself in, “Darling, you have no idea how bold I can be.”
Easily he took more and more steps, his own hand closing the door behind, his smile only widening as he stared at you. You looked like a poor little lamb desperately trying to act brave despite having nowhere to go.
Your husband was quick enough to help him, his hand reaching the small of your back to comfort you as he closed in from behind you, surprising you as you bumped a bit into him.
“I’m guessing you didn’t tell her anything yet?”, the blonde man asked playfully, ignoring you completely and acknowledging the other man. Curiously, you looked up to him, frowning at him only for him to avoid your gaze and look right at floor.
Backing out from the both of them, you stared at your husband and grabbed his arm to make him look at you, “Tell me what? Sev? Honey, what is it?”
Still he didn’t dare to look, knowing full well how guilty he is to get caught in such a mess and dragging you into this. You tried to press him on but Lucius was right there to interrupt you, “He’s so quiet all of a sudden…Do you want me to tell her, Severus?”
“Your husband here isn’t quite as sneaky as he thinks he is. And neither are you, darling…”, Lucius smugly pointed at the both of you, captivating both of your attentions. Instantly, you had an idea where this was going, your heart thumping to have been caught and there it was when he whispered, “Our Lord might soon learn what might come to him from the both of you…”
Instinctively, you were preparing to defend yourself, deny and deny until the very end. However, before you could even open your mouth, Severus finally spoke glaring at Lucius, “No he won’t, we’ve already agreed to it…”
Turning back to you, he reached to hold both your hands, kissing them softly, “Y/N, My love. Do you trust me?”, he asked calmly.
“Of course I do…”, you nodded before getting pulled along with him, following him right up into your bedroom, Lucius trailing rather excitedly as you turned to catch a glimpse of him.
Knowing and putting your trust into your husband, you calmed yourself a bit, rationalizing that it was going to be alright, after all he wouldn’t do anything to ever put you in harms way.
Once in your room, Lucius closed the door behind once again as if he was in his own house, eyeing you rather hungrily. It was quite the sight to see you in your nightgown, relishing in catching a glimpse of your bare form over how light the material was and even more to know how comfortable you could get at home.
He could get used to that he figured, easy access to you, all he had to do was reach in the right spots of your dress and he could play and tease you all night long if he wanted to from the looks of it. Severus was quite the lucky man, he thought seeing you so carefree this way, only for his lips to turn once more into a grin as he realized that if he were to play his cards right he’ll have you just as much.
“Alright, what’s going on?”, you asked Severus and looking back at Lucius as well in hopes to get an answer from either of them.
“Lucius wants you…He would want me to share you with him…”, your husband revealed to you sheepishly, almost shying away from your gaze and touch. The instant you turned to look at Lucius, he was quick to soften his gaze, admitting, “Give me a chance, Y/N…Just for tonight…”
For a second, he sounded so hurt and needy, his entire face in a pout as his desires for you couldn’t be hidden. He wanted to be just as close to you as your husband was right now, his eyes longing to feel your touch, you were even beginning to pity him.
“What’s the catch?”, you asked sternly not wanting to show yourself faltering, turning your complete attention on him, reminding him and yourself that you were to stay serious about this. Your arms went from comforting Severus to crossing sternly and unwelcoming Lucius completely.
Nonetheless, he simply gave a try to close to distance between you and him, looking right at you, whispering to you, “Let me spend one night with you and I promise I’ll keep my mouth shut…”
It was your turn to scoff at him, in disbelief over his sudden change of mind, “Only one night? The other day, you begged me to leave my husband for you. You really expect me to believe you only want one night?”
Boldly, he took a step to your side, carefully pacing around to get a good look at you completely, “Oh, darling…By one night I mean…I only need one night to make you want me…”
His hands carefully made their way up your shoulders from the small of your back, his husky voice cockily telling you, “Believe me you’ll be begging me to fuck you every night…”
“And if I don’t want you after?”, you asked instantly, not wanting to let him see you slowly letting your resolve crumble. His gaze, his voice, his demeanour, the choice of words for you were all beginning of to be much for you.
Lucius was quite the attractive man you had thought to yourself a few times, you had even boldly eyed him at meetings yet never you had figured you could ever cross lines between admiration to desires so suddenly, even when he dared to ask you to leave your husband. Yet here he was once more before you, proudly telling you you’ll be wanting him and your curiosity was beginning to be more and more peaked.
There was no possible way that was going to happen, you thought over and over, Severus was more than capable to keep you satisfied and satiated whenever you had your urges, but with the opportunity presenting itself it didn’t hurt to indulge a bit it seemed.
Lucius seemed to grow annoyed at your words, blunt as ever he spoke his mind, the gentleness he has for you slowly coming back, “That won’t ever happen. But either way I won’t tell…I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you…”
“Really? That’s all it takes? How do I know if you’ll keep your words if I refuse this?”, you asked curious as to why that was even a possibility he was going to offer you both. From the way your husband was glaring at him, it seemed there was only said option but somewhere you had a feeling there could be another alternative.
As matter a factly as possible, he shook his head, his voice softening further, as he admitted, “What good is there if you’re not around anymore? Is that enough for you?”, surprising both you and your husband.
Together you looked at each incredulously, the nerves suddenly somewhat settling down from the thought of your plans being revealed yet intrigued as to where Lucius was going with all of this suddenly.
Looking back at him, he chucked and scoffed, “What? You really thought i’d have you both killed for that? Y/N I want you too much to let anything like that happen to you…As for you Severus…You’re the reason as to why she’s even amongst us…If you left she’d go with you, am I right?”
“So why threaten me then?”, Severus asked, annoyed and angry that he was toyed with for a while, his fists curling at the thought of being mocked as such.
At that Lucius only laughed once again, pointing the obvious to him, “What other way could I possibly make my intentions known and taken seriously after that slap…”
Looking right at you, he grinned remembering vividly that touch of yours and began closing the distance between you and him further, “So what will it be Y/N? Am I leaving or not?”
Once by your side, he leaned right by your ear, promising you, “Believe me, if you accept my proposal now…I’ll end up making you love me, Y/N. Mark my words.”
You shuddered in delight to hear his voice so close, his cologne filling your senses and making your mind grow a bit hazy from how his bigger frame was before you. You were beginning to fall for his charms more and more, your own thoughts about him ever since that incident playing right through your mind and wondering if your curiosity would be satisfied if you took up on his offer.
As you looked to your side to see your husband, that’s when you remembered about your engagement to him of course, and made it a point to Lucius that regardless your decision, he was going to be apart of it.
“We’ll see about that…What about Severus? What is he supposed to do…”, you scoffed, trying so hard to act in control over the situation despite deep down your heart was racing at the anticipation.
“He can leave, watch…Or join…I don’t mind so as long as I get to make you come first and have you as many times as you can handle it…”, he proudly told you, making the heat and warmth rush all over, knowing full well this was turning you on.
“Honey? What do you say?”, you had to ask Severus to try and calm yourself from getting so hot and bothered by Lucius’ advances. To your dismay, Severus’ dark and possessive gaze over you wasn’t helping, if anything it had you wanting more.
“I’m not letting him have you all to himself that’s certain…”, his voice was firm and clear, making you swallow hard and impressing Lucius for once. Looking back and forth at them, your mind was made up, you were going to go through with this whether or not the plot against the Dark Lord was truly compromised.
Severus was the first to close the distance between you and himself, kissing you feverishly as if to prove a point to the other man. Naturally, you returned the favor and nearly forgot about Lucius as you wrapped your arms around your husband.
Jealous of your attention on him, the blonde man dared yanking you back by your hair and kissed you as well, savouring every seconds passing as he tasted you for the first time. You let him, surprisingly intoxicated by the way his lips felt against yours and the scent of his cologne filling up your senses completely.
Your husband couldn’t let Lucius have all the fun to himself and went right to surprise you as much as ease you, kissing your neck softly and making sure to leave marks and remind the other man and yourself that you’re still his.
Being sandwiched between them was making you hot and grow out of breath to feel their weight each pressing into you. Clutching onto Severus for support, you backed out of your kiss with Lucius to catch your breath for a second.
You were in a daze from it already, your eyes blown out with lust and your lips completely swollen from Lucius’ passion, his fingers right by your chin to lift your gaze and make you look at him. “So pretty…”, he muttered in disbelief that he had just made out with you.
His hands traveled around your waist, lifting up the skirt of your dress and touching your warm skin, shuddering from how real you were and what was happening before him. Not wasting his time, he made sure to mark your neck as well and catch up with your husband determined to let everyone know you’re his as well. Your scent was just as delicious to him, melting right into you as he pressed closer to you.
With the both of them assaulting your neck and collarbones, their lips sucking on your skin so tantalizingly, you were growing overwhelmed, moaning breathlessly their names. The instant, Lucius heard his name fall from your lips so lovingly, his eyes lit up and went right to look at your stunned expression.
Smirking at you, he wasn’t going to let you off the hook, going right in to kiss you again, only for you to be pulled away by your husband, your lips locking with his instead.
Fuming to have your lips taken away so suddenly, Lucius decided to matters into his own hands, reaching right to cup your breasts and squeezing them and catching you by surprise. While you were busy still with your husband, he made sure to catch your attention back, tweaking your nipples and pinching them until you backed up for air.
Seeing you leaning for more, Lucius went right to grind against you, letting you feel how hard he had gotten from kissing you, grinning to see you gasp from how big he was it seemed.
“Touch me.”, Lucius ordered wanting to feel your touch as well, glaring at you and back down on your hands clutching your husband still. As you hesitated, Severus helped, peeling a hand of yours off of him to touch the other man.
Naturally, you reached back and finally gave his hard cock a squeeze, pulling a soft groan from him, clearly yearning for more. Bravely, you pressed on, working your own magic on him while your husband kept teasing you, marking your chest as he pulled your gown apart a bit.
Wanting to taste you just as much, Lucius took the initiative to pull away and push you towards your bed, your husband following along as he helped before climbing onto you to continue his assault on you.
“Don’t be selfish Severus, leave some for me!”, Lucius instantly remarked chuckling darkly before joining him, yanking your gown further down and exposing your chest to both men.
Severus acted like he hadn’t heard it despite his annoyed scowl, pressing on to pleasure you and show you how much he treasures you with the way he kissed your soft skin over and over. Lucius relished in the delighted sounds you made and couldn’t wait any longer, joining in on the other side of your chest, teasing and sucking on your sensitive nipple.
It was overwhelming to say the least, having two men stimulate you this fervently, you could barely contain yourself, your hands egging them both as you braced against them.
“Show me how you pleasure her, Severus. I want to see if I can do better!”, Lucius then taunted once pulling away from you, before looking right at you, leaving your husband to groan.
“Severus pleasures me perfectly fine! I doubt you could even match up…”, you challenged him instantly not leaving your husband defenceless, propping yourself up to him. “We’ll see about that…”, the blonde man trailed, his hand snaking down your body before trailing lazily up and down your thigh.
He couldn’t believe he was allowed to touch and grip you like this, relishing in your breaths quickening as your husband joined in on the teasing against you.
Severus’ hand was pressed right against your mound, his two fingers sliding across your slit over and over, feeling how damp you were, taking in your disheveled state just as much as Lucius was, his eyes never tearing away from you.
“Take a good look…”, Severus finally taunted as he rid you of your panties, tossing right at Lucius, to which he caught. Keeping it like a treasure he clutched it, inhaling your arousal and making his own cock throb even more.
Your husband made a move to lower himself to you, kissing your hips before hiking your leg over his shoulder and parting the other wide enough to expose your soaking cunt for the other man to see. Together you both shuddered at the exposure, you feeling his hungry gaze digging in you and him swallowing hard to see you so vulnerable beneath them both.
Carefully, Severus made his way to kiss your lips so softly, testing the waters first and reading you, looking at you deeply before licking up your cunt. The more he delved the more you’d brace onto him, your hand instantly clutching into his locks and forcing him to stay right where he belonged.
He was completely selfish, putting his knowledge to the test and savouring every inch of you. He didn’t bother to be quiet either letting you and Lucius know how good you tasted, his lips sucking right onto your sensitive bud to make your hips buck for more.
Your own body was betraying you, your heart deep down wanting to give Lucius a show as you moaned louder for him to hear, your eyes boring into him just as much as he was and your own hand teasing yourself still for his enjoyment.
As expected, Lucius couldn’t just sit and wait, his own hand undoing most of his clothes before jerking himself off, the other still clutching your panties and bringing them to his nose to feel as close to you as he could for the moment. The more your hips bucked the more he fastened his own grip on himself, his deep voice ringing in your ear as he loved to taunt you, “Is he really that good? Hm? Or are you just faking it to get a rise out of me?”
Between your moans, you did your best to retort back, your husband’s assault on you relentless, his fingers teasing you as well, the more he was pushed by the other man’s words. He had your eyes fluttering shut, breathless, “He’s the best I’ve ever had…You couldn’t possibly ever compare.”
“We’ll see about that…”, he grinned, approaching you and stood above you, his hard throbbing cock in hand right in front of you. He was bold, unabashedly proud of his taunts and going right to make your mouth water and shut it of course.
Naturally, you welcomed him, opening wide for him to slide his length in your warm mouth. Your lush lips surrounded him perfectly, his own moans escaping himself as you bobbed your head for him, your hand finally letting go of yourself to clutch his thigh. Severus wanted to fume at the sight of Lucius taking advantage of you but instead was incredibly enamored by you.
You looked so cocky, so determined to have it your way, he found you irresistible and delved deeper to pleasure you.
“Since when did this became about me? I though you were trying to compete with my Sev…”, you taunted once more removing yourself all of a sudden when Lucius was so damn close.
Your hand crept up to his hard length, jerking it slowly as he tried to come up with an answer, only to be completely under your spell for a while. Snapping out of it, he pulled himself away completely and made his way to kneel for you, but of course stopping first to take your lips once more and purposely annoying your husband before glancing down at him.
“Move. Let me take care of her.”, he taunted before boldly pushing your husband aside, to which made him hiss. Instantly you took pity on your lover and made grabby hands at him to pull him closer to which he quickly followed. Your lips were on his finally, comforting him as he couldn’t help but stop and press his forehead against yours to calm his nerves.
Of course, it didn’t take long for Lucius to get jealous, grumbling before roughly grabbing your thighs and pulling you to him resting your legs over his shoulders. It made you yelp and took Severus just as much by surprise.
“Sorry. Had to get your attention somehow.”, he grinned before breathing deep at the sight of your soaked cunt. Carefully, he parted your lips with his fingers, relishing in your arousal and the way your hips would buck at each touch of his.
Your hand gripped Severus and the other reached for Lucius naturally, needing to brace yourself from his teasing. “You have it now. Go ahead show me in what way you’re anywhere as good as Sev…”, you tried your best to stay put and taunt him but it earned nothing but a chuckle from the blonde man.
Strangely, your husband’s hand went from stroking your thigh carefully to slowly picking it up and opening you more for the other man. Lucius didn’t let it go unnoticed, smirking and finally leaning to taste you.
Once his warm tongue touched your lips, it was over for him. As if a man crazed, your taste was utterly delectable and he couldn’t contain it, his composure disappeared and made place for a more feral side of him. “No wonder your husband spends hours between your legs…”, he moaned, finally understand as to why Severus always seemed to be going down on you whenever he’d take a close listen as to what you’re both up to.
His hands tightened their grip on you, his tongue lapping at you hungrily and his moans vibrating against yours. His lips put the perfect amount of pressure against you, your hips bucking against him for more.
Greedily, he delved his tongue as deep as he could before swirling it around your swollen bud, your chest heaving as you caught up to him. You yourself couldn’t hold it, writhing from how selfishly he was devouring you and loving every second of it.
Your hand found its place in his hair instead, gripping it as you would your husband’s and begging him to stay there and keep you on the edge the way he was. You were almost embarrassed of all the lewd noises coming out of you, looking up at your husband desperately, trying to apologize but nothing but moans coming out of you along with your tears.
Knowing you too well, Severus kissed you once more, comforting you before his hand let go of your thigh to reach up to your breast, teasing you once more and purposely helping out Lucius. You were damn close and he knew it too well and there wasn’t a chance he wouldn’t let you come when you needed to.
“She’s close…Stop toying with her and make her come.”, your husband gritted at the other man, once he pulled away from you to let you catch your breath.
“No. I want her more. I want to see how much she can take it.”, Lucius taunted before suddenly slowing down completely. Just to make you ache for more, he tentatively circled his tongue around your clit, playing with you and making you whine.
Seeing you so vulnerable, Severus joined his, his hand suddenly loosening his grip on you and his fingers slowing down from toying with your sensitive nipple. The sudden pushes from both of them had you shuddering and frustrated, you were trapped between them and couldn’t do anything about it but lay there and try to chase for as much as you could.
“Not so tough anymore?”, Lucius remarked before continuing with his gentle assaulted. “No not so much…”, your husband acknowledged with a smirk looking down at you almost condescendingly.
“Please…” you muttered, looking at them both for their mercy. All of a sudden they both cane to a complete stand still, focusing their gazes on you and practically taking in your pathetic state.
You couldn’t take it, your hips writhing for more and nothing but pleas escaping your mouth, before you began rambling, “P-Please…I’ll do anything. Anything I promise. You can both fuck me in any way you want I-I just need this…”
Sharing one glance, both men worked together to take you right back to where you needed. Lucius delving his tongue against your soaked pussy, his fingers pushing in and out of you the way he easily figured out you loved so while Severus made sure to swallow each and every moan of yours with his hungry kisses, his hand pinching at that sensitive bud of yours.
The closer you were the more they both encouraged you to let go for them, and when you finally did, you came shaking in your husband’s arms against Lucius’ tongue. The blonde man tightened his grip around your thighs, making sure to not let a single drop of you go to waste.
Your eyes closed shut tight, your breath completely taken away and your body shuddering against your own will to fill your deepest desire.
As if you couldn’t get any sweeter, Lucius couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed and done to you. In utter awe, he kept going and going, overstimulating you and relishing in the sight and feel of making you come completely undone for him right before his eyes.
It wasn’t going to be forgotten and it drove him almost hysterical, laughing against you. You melted into your husband’s hold against you, catching your breath, while he comforted you and Lucius took his time kissing your soft thighs to soothe you before waiting for you to look down at him just so he could lick his fingers clean of you.
“I told you I was going to get your first orgasm of the night…”, he proudly boasted making you roll your eyes at him.
“Severus was generous enough to let you take it…”, you muttered as you cuddle closer to him, your husband chuckling as his arms held you tight.
“Sure we’ll see when you’ll be crying for me to make you come with my cock…” he taunted not a bit threatened by your words. “Well see about that…”, you dared retort, still catching your breath.
“I doubt you can make it happen a second time without my help…”, your husband interjected smugly stroking your hair before reaching down between your legs and skillfully circling your swollen bud once more. It made your hips buck and grip onto him more, to which he couldn’t help but take in your pathetic state.
Although there was no denying how much the other man was enjoying seeing you once more overstimulated, he couldn’t help but grow jealous again, and needed to prove himself to you and him. “You just watch me. Next time she’s going to only want me.”, he gritted annoyed at your husband’s tone. Possessively, he pulled you out of your husband’s arms and finally rid you of your nightgown, taking control of the situation further annoying the other man.
Severus scoffed, seeing Lucius’ insecurity shining through for once and realizing that perhaps he was interested in seeing how hard he was going to fail.
Instantly Lucius’ lips latched onto your skin once more, marking you as his before backing up and ridding himself completely of his own clothes. Your eyes instantly betrayed you, taking in his fit form and how hard he had gotten from it all.
Quickly, you tried to correct yourself, reaching up to prompt your husband to do the same to which he followed before you got once more distracted by Lucius’ hunger for you. “Look at me, i’m the one that’s going to fuck you first.”, he remarked as cupped your cheeks to make you look at him while he set himself between your spread legs.
“Beg for it.”, he sneered waiting on for you before looking at your husband for him to join in on this. To his pleasure, he caught on and understood, “Go on now…This is what you wanted, remember?”
Your husband looked at you in the same light Lucius did, cocky and relishing in your needy state, for once not helping you in any other way but rather selfishly took your hand to make you touch himself.
You kept your lips sealed, playing hard to get after his constant boasting and wanting to see for yourself what the blonde man would do about it. Annoyed at your lack of response, he backed up and parted your soaked lips with his fingers before suddenly spitting against you. Lazily his fingers traced along your entrance over and over, mixing your wetness to his spit while other hand tended to himself.
You shuddered at his action, your body wanting more and arching right to show him exactly what you needed. Your hand stroking your husband stuttering and stopping at times from how overwhelming it made your cunt ache with need to feel him tease you so much.
He smirked, knowing he had you right where he wanted and gently with his cock in hand, he began pushing against your folds catching a taste of you before pulling away at you frustration. He did so once more and again, testing your patience, waiting for you to finally break and beg, and once you did, he couldn’t be any happier.
“See it isn’t that hard? Let me treat you the way you should be treated.”, he pointed out to you before glaring at your husband, finally sheathing his throbbing length completely inside of you.
As you gasped at the sudden stretch, he too stuttered, his own breathing ragged from the disbelief of feelings your warm walls tightening around him. “Your cunt is so tight. It’s perfect. Y-You’re too unfair to keep yourself to your husband, Y/N…”, he rambled almost in a drunken daze from you.
He wanted to touch and explore every inch of you, his eyes roaming over you sweaty form and taking you in as you were so full of him completely, smiling to have you this way. Hiking your legs closer to him, letting them rest against his elbows, his hands made way to grip your breasts possessively not letting an inch of you untouched.
You whined to feel him pressing against you, leaning to be so close before backing just enough to start thrusting, taking your words away once more as you couldn’t even put up a fight. You barely clung to your husband, and it was growing apparent he was jealous and needed you just as much.
While your eyes focused on Lucius, taking in his every praises as he thrusted so sloppily, Severus took matters into his own hands and decided to make you look at him instead turning your face to the side. “Severus…”, you muttered weakly while the other man kept drilling into you chasing his own pleasure.
“Open your mouth, my love…This isn’t just for him, remember?”, he reminded you, his throbbing cock in hand guiding it closer to your mouth. He gave you a few gentle taps to get you used to the feel, prompting a chuckle from the man fucking you, “She’s such a good whore. Go on. Take your husband’s cock. Don’t make him wait too long.”
You did as instructed, opening and sucking onto your husband’s leaking tip as best as you could. Focusing on him helped you forget a bit about your impending climax, your tongue lapping up as much as you could of his precum, moaning against him.
Severus’ eyes closed shut to feel you working on him, relishing in the warmth and wetness of your mouth, letting you take your time as clearly you were also busy getting pleasured. “She’s that good isn’t she…”, Lucius remarked, his pace purposely slowing down to drag his time with you.
“I know.”, Severus could only answer, not really paying attention to him but rather on how much you were slobbering against him, from how much you were getting fucked.
“I can’t believe you get to have her this way every night. To fuck her. To lick her. To let her suck your cock. Unbelievable! And now i get to have her too!”, he gritted between thrust looking at your pathetic state before chuckling and reaching to grip your hair and actually help you take more of your husband.
That earned a loud whine from him, and for you to gag a bit on his length before pulling away completely. Lucius didn’t stop at all, loving the sight and sound of your bodies together, “Do you hear how lewd you are, my darling?”, he teased before pumping even harder to make you moan for more.
The sight of you completely fucked out, to hear you encourage the other man for more as your hand reached to grip himself and jerk him off instead, had switch something in your husband. He needed more and wasn’t going to let the blonde man relish in you all alone.
All of a sudden, he backed away, reaching for something in the drawer before turning back to the two of you. Together you stared at him, the bottle of lube in his hand, hinting you exactly what he wanted yet leaving Lucius a bit stunned.
“Off of her. Now.”, he gritted staring at the other man in contempt before opening the bottle in hand. Lucius’ eyes went mad and wild, shaking his head as he picked up the pace and making you wrap your legs around him to brace yourself.
“No! I’m not finished yet!”, the blonde man exclaimed at your actions, too enthralled to understand what your husband was inferring. You yourself were greedy enough to shake your head at him, pleading at him to let you have this, trying to reassure he could do whatever later on.
“Sev, my dear please I just need this.”, you groaned almost choking back on tears at your own frustration.
He sighed and rolled his eyes, pouring the lube in his hand and stroking it along his length, pointing out to the both of you as if you were both daft, “I’ll let you finish but I need her as well…So get off and i’ll tell you how you can have her.”
Once Lucius caught on, he quickly backed away, leaving you empty and whining at him, his heart racing in anticipation to feel you completely full of them both. “Never thought you’d think of that, Severus.”
“There’s no way i’m letting you have her all to yourself…”, he pointed it out flatly scooting over to you and helping up a bit. Knowing your husband very well, you gladly let him set himself behind you, parting your leg enough for him to prep you. You couldn’t believe what you were going to go through with, your own lust and eagerness driving you to give in so easily.
With the bottle of lube, he poured a good amount right onto his fingers and went right to your tighter hole, teasing and stimulating you, “Remember to relax, my dear…Wouldn’t want to hurt you…”, he muttered to you.
You nodded along before doing as you had practiced a few handfuls of times before, letting him work you open and relish in the lewd sounds you were making along with the praises coming from him. Lucius couldn’t believe his eyes once more, his hand instinctively reaching to jerk himself off to the sight of you completely debauched.
He was growing antsy, needing to feel your heat once again yet focused himself on looking at you knowing you needed a bit of time to accommodate to this new feeling. Soon enough, Severus had a finger deep inside you, the other hand making way to tease your clit to make sure the pain wasn’t too unbearable if there were any. “That’s it. You’re so perfect, Y/N…You’re going to take the both of us…”, he whispered to you.
Seeing his hand working you, Lucius took the opportunity to replace him, encouraging you himself, purposely rubbing your swollen bud achingly slow to drag your pleasure. Severus held onto you then, finally pushing another finger within you and groaning at how tighter you were.
In and out he worked you, making sure you were completely prepared all while Lucius tended to your cunt, him fingering you as well as he couldn’t get enough of you. You were nearly out of your mind just from their hot touches, chest heaving and panting against them, begging them to make you come to finally use you but still they stayed put.
Not rushing a bit, they needed you to truly be prepared to handle them both. Once feeling as though you were ready, Severus pulled out first, his hand reaching for the lube once more and smearing it onto his hard length, making it easier for you to take, kissing your temple to soothe you.
Soon enough, he guided his cock and gently lifted you up, eventually you raised your hips enough on your own to help. You whined feeling his leaking tip against your rear and eventually you couldn’t handle the anticipation, Lucius in a complete trance to see you take in each and every inch of your husband.
Carefully, he stretched you out once more and much more considerably, leaving you breathless before finally he was completely in, his arms coming right to hold you so close to him. He couldn’t help but whisper sweet nothings to you, as if you were both alone, kissing your cheek and down your neck before pulling you to lay on him as he backed down.
Cleverly, he parted your legs with his own, thrusting slow and deep to keep you apart and letting you accustom to the intrusion. Once he noticed you slurring for more, he picked up a bit of the pace, giving Lucius quite a show before he woke up from his daydream.
“Don’t you want to fuck her? Go on now.”, Severus pointed out bluntly, all of a sudden so confident as he took the lead. Lucius made way between your legs, stopping to jerk himself off to finally bury himself in your tight cunt, pushing as slowly as possible while he clung to your hips.
You couldn’t believe how full you felt, your eyes widening at the sight of them both completely inside of you. Holding your own legs up to help Lucius fuck you, you couldn’t stop yourself from moaning, enjoying how eager he was to rail you.
Together, they worked to set a perfect pace, leaving you aching for more just as much as satisfied while at it, Lucius fucking rough and fast, too enthralled in how much tighter you’ve become while Severus still as gentle as ever went slower, dragging in and out to not overwhelm you.
You felt the coils in your body tightening from each of their thrusts, their moans, the way they’d press up against you. Lucius looking at you with such a lustful gaze, his hands possessively touching and teasing your body once more, praising you as much as he was degrading you. “You’re such a pretty little whore, Y/N. So perfect for us to use. You love it don’t you, two cocks filling you?!”
You nodded eagerly, gladly letting yourself talk down for once, even repeating back to him that you were indeed their little plaything to be fucked.
Severus on the other hand, made you feel completely loved and cared for, his grip on you gentle yet firm, making you feel safe despite the compromising position you were in while stuck between them. “Such a good little girl. You’re doing so well. Look at you taking the both of us.”, he muttered to you, as if wanting you to be the only one to hear.
Eventually, his own other hand went right to help you keep your leg stretched and open for him and Lucius to keep fucking you so deep, his voice ringing by your ear as he whispered his own praises for you.
It was hard to control yourself with them so hungry to see you come apart for them, your eyes rolling to the back of your head before you closed them shut as they’d pick up their pace chasing their own climax in it all.
Throwing his head back from your wet and tight cunt, Lucius clearly was beginning to leave marks all over you from the way he gripped you, afraid of letting go of you as if you’d disappear and were nothing but a dream.
You were receptive enough to reach for his hand within the mix, encouraging him on your own, earning pleased groans from the both of them. “Keep touching me Lucius…Just like that…yes!”, you praised him over and over.
Severus couldn’t believe how tight you were as well, feeling Lucius’ thrust against you sure helped with that and a part of him was quite pleased and grateful that he got to explore this part of your body in this way.
The sounds within your room were probably the lewdest you’ve ever heard as much as Lucius and Severus as well, wet skin slapping against one another, moans and pants between all three of you and desperate pleas filling the air completely.
It was beginning to be much for each and every one of you, both men at their limits and knowing they need to come soon while you yourself felt so damn close it was making you crave more everything, they were giving you.
Severus indulged in kissing your neck and cheek, quieting himself that way while Lucius made sure to pay good attention to your throbbing clit with his skilled fingers as he pounded into you. Soon enough he felt it, his body wanting to empty his seed, quickly breathlessly asking you, “Where do you want me to finish? Inside of you? Mm? I know that’s what you want.”
“Pull out!”, was the first thing he heard but not from you but rather your husband, shooting daggers with his glare practically. He couldn’t believe the other man would even dare to ask, when it seemed too obvious there was no way that was going to happen.
You whined at them, shaking your head, wanton and determined to be filled by the both of them, “Mm! No…I want you to fill me…You too Sev.”
“No!”, he gritted cutting off Lucius before he could even voice his thanks to you. He was beginning to slow down, making sure not to finish too soon, yet his cock throbbing and aching for his release.
“Please Severus…Please!”, you begged your husband, before turning to face him and steal a kiss, reassuring him. It was enough to convince him it seemed as his hand reaches for your clit, teasing you until you finally let go for them both.
He had you shaking and shuddering between them, your hips bucking as you chased your climax, tightening right for them both and driving Lucius wild. He couldn’t believe he was allowed this pleasure and he sure wasn’t going to let it go to waste. Finally, he bucked and rutted, your cunt milking him for every drop he had to give, following you as his own hips stuttered, his head thrown back as nothing your name came to him.
Pulling out, he didn’t even have time to look back down at you full of his load that your husband was already at his own limits, having picked right up where he had left off. You didn’t even have time to calm down from your high you were already on another ride, clinging for your dear life as Severus pounded into your tight hole relentlessly.
It was his turn to claim you to remind you that you were his, his hips eventually going to bruise yours the next day, but you didn’t care you loved it. Once too much, he moaned, letting himself go and come, his warm seed painting your insides until you were dripping with him.
You moaned at the stickiness between your legs, feeling both of their releases leaking out of you, despite Severus’ cock still buried deep inside of you.
Lucius was still in disbelief, his gaze devouring your entire body debauched and utterly filled from the both of them, his fingers lazily tracing your sensitive pussy just to push his cum back inside of you. You whined at his actions and before you knew it, he pushed his fingers to your lips instead, making you taste your releases together, your husband finding comfort in kissing your neck to keep himself calm.
Eventually Severus slowly pulled out of you, pulling back to see you in the same view as Lucius while you laid bare and spread for the both of them. The blonde man couldn’t help but smirk looking at you before back at your husband, “So how about we take a little nap before we go for round 2?”
A sudden silence reigned within the room, before your husband quirked and eyebrow, Lucius, pointing out, “This time I take her ass and you, her cunt? Wouldn’t you want that, my dear Y/N?”
“Yes please…”, was your immediate response, not wanting the night to end so soon and knowing you needed more the moment you woke up. For another moment, Severus was still silent before chuckling himself, at you and Lucius, “Good.”
You were relieved that in the end Severus was enjoying this as well and to your luck both of them seemed rather eager to help you clean up before your little nap.
Lucius knew he had you both locked in and certainly he was going to claim your heart just as your husband had, perhaps even having you all to himself one day but that would have to come with time, he was going to have to take it step by step for now.
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angel4you · a day ago
Hey angel!! Congratulations on the milestone 🥰🥰
Can I please request doctor!harry potter x innocent!reader smut, harry just checking her up if she's too much sensitive or not 😏
join my celebration !!
"you said you feel like you can't finish and you get sensitive is that right darling?" harry's glasses are softly placed atop of the structured bridge of his nose. the thick scent of anticipation that radiates through the deviantly concerned doctor, spirals your sense of reality down to your clenching cunt. "yes? no need to be embarrassed just here to help you my love" patiently, harry presses his weight on the examination table until he can feel your hot, nervous breath. his toned arms hold strong as the detailed cloth clings to the canvas of his veins.
"yes, sir- i mean doctor" you stumble. "um, it is hard to stay still, you know. i guess you could say i'm too shaky?"
harry lightly grasps your trembling thigh that you bounce from the nerves and embarrassing level of arousal. stroking your leg, his crystal eyes draw in your gaze.
"pull aside your panties for me love" harry pushes your thighs apart leaning in so he can inspect further. "i need to make sure everything down there is working good, alright dove?"
hissing through your teeth nodding, you push your dampened panties aside. putting your wet pussy on display you can't help but continue to pathetically clench around nothing. as your slick cunt increasingly gets wetter, drool salivates in harrys hungry mouth.
"fucking hell" harry mumbles watching your juices drip from your throbbing clit. "now try and stay still for me, and don't worry darling, i'll be gentle with that gorgeous cunt of yours"
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mirrorballgf · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: in which y/n likes to show off and tom will not he outsmarted
DISCLAIMERS: smut, slight degradation, fingering, overstimulation, etc.
PAIRING: tom riddle x fem!reader
NOTES: why does this have 1000+ notes omg thank u
Tumblr media
you always had a knack for getting under tom riddles skin. but it was all in good fun. no feelings were hurt — you didn’t think — and tom also seemingly liked to belittle you at every chance you he had.
it was a game that you two had played for years. you would say a joke about him being a “stuck up goodie goodie” and he would retort back with a equally snarky comment.
but, there was always an unspoken rule that hid beneath the table. do not try to outsmart him. you technically knew he was smarter than you — granted, he was practically smarter than everyone. so, you had no trouble breaking this unspoken rule.
but just as you say down for monday’s potions lesson. something seemed to change in the air. it began just as professor slug horn announced the winner of the potion competition would win their own bottle of liquid luck.
“you see, ive had this bottle for about three years and i’m ready to give it up. that is, if someone wins!” slug horn announced, “you’ll be making a antidote for any poison of your liking.”
tension seemed to hang in the air, you wanted that potion. but you also knew tom most likely wanted it more. you felt his eyes glaring at you from across the room, sending you a warning sign.
meeting his eyes, you saw only pure hatred. you swallowed hard. it wasn’t like you to be intimidated by him, but it was hard not to feel only a sense of worry for yourself as he looked at you.
“and you may began!” slughorn said, gesturing with his hands.
you ripped your eyes away from tom’s and immediately got to work. you searched for the nearest bezoar. your mother was a exceptional potioner and she had taught you best.
there was an easy cure for most poisons. bezoar. sure, it was sort of a cop out, but it didn’t matter to you.
after another thirty minutes, professor slug horn called time. “give me a moment to grade your works as i go around the room.”
you could feel the questioning glances you were getting from others. why hadn’t you put any ingredients in the table? where you trying to fail deliberately?
“tom, what an excellent discovery! my finest student back at it again. you’re up in the running son.” slughorn beamed as he examined toms potion.
“thank you, sir.” tom replied cooly. the charm and grace in his tone that made you sick to your stomach.
god, he such a teachers pet, you thought to yourself.
he even looked to proud of himself as professor walked over to your table.
“miss y/l/n, what’ve we got here? oh my!” professor slughorn gaped at the item you held out, “this is a spectacular solution. easy and simple. riddle, it looks like you’ve been outsmarted by miss y/l/n!”
you blushed at the compliment and shook your head sheepishly.
“it looks that way, doesn’t it?” tom replied, you could hear the anger in his voice. you could imagine his sharp jaw clenched, toned muscles stiff and tightened. a strange pool of desire formed near your lower stomach. embarrassed by the feeling, you brought your eyes back to professor slughorn.
after several moments, professor slughorn returned to the front of the room. “i have picked a winner. surprisingly, this student has shown a great deal of creativity and obvious thought into her solution.”
you could feel your heart beat in your chest. “y/l/n, here you are. feel free to use it whenever you’d like. please be aware of the side affects before taking it!”
you nodded sheepishly, blush filled your cheek as everyone gave a unenthusiastic clap for you. you didn’t expect people to be happy for you but you had made the mistake of turning towards tom riddle’s direction.
it was exactly like you imagined, his dull brown eyes were trained on yours, you were swarmed with his hateful energy immediately. his sharp jawline became even more aggressive as it seemed to tighten the more you kept eye-contact with him.
you took the bottle before slughorn hands and placed in your bag.
“class dismissed! again, thank you y/l/n for such a brilliant masterpiece!”
you were getting sick of the flattery as you collected your bags, but you smiled anyways.
you exited the classroom, but before you could get even two feet into the hallway someone had grabbed your wrist forcefully and slammed you into the nearest wall.
your vision blackened for a moment out of pure shock. “what the fuck-?!” you started, but then quickly interrupted by a voice.
“merlin, i bet you loved that didn’t you?” toms venomous laced voices spoke out. he was standing closer to you than he had ever before, and you noticed how tall he was compared to you.
“oh, tom. don’t be such a sore loser. it’s not a good look on you.” you feigned a pout. and his eyes narrowed, but you didn’t miss the way they flickered towards your lips.
with his hand still on your wrist, he scowled. “funny you say. i didn’t lose, you technically cheated. it was supposed to a potion, and of course, you would find some loop-hole.”
“i’m clever tom, don’t try and belittle my talents.” you replied, offended that he would try to take away your special moment. you had felt particularly smart about your solution, but with the way tom was staring at you now, you felt doubt creep into your system.
“please, you practically beg to be ‘belittled’ when you go around like that.” he sneered. his brown eyes striking against your’s.
“oh? like what, riddle.” you challenged, taking a step forward from the wall. the confidence in your voice definitely outweighed the confidence you were feeling. truthfully, you felt a little ashamed to have won so easily. tom was half-way right and you knew it.
he clenched his jaw but before he could say anything else, you had softly pressed your lips against his. at first, he was as frozen as a statue. doubt crept into your system but just before you could apologize and pull back, he grasped your wrists and you felt your back hit the wall painfully.
gasping in surprise, he tightened his hands around your wrist. he nipped at your bottom lip roughly and you could feel the smirk on his lips as you bit back a moan. “oh, come on, don’t be a tease,” he whispered as he pulled back. both of you were breathing heavily from the forceful kiss.
before you could reply, his lips were already latched onto your neck. sucking hard and quickly leaving love bites all over your collarbone, you shivered under his cold touch. a small gasp escaped your lips as he opened the broom closet door behind you.
his hands trailed up and down your blouse before finally taking off your robe. you watched him with gleeful eyes as he hoisted you onto the nearest desk. “sit pretty for me, will you?” he murmured, grabbing your inner thigh and spreading your legs apart.
you nod silently and he goes back to his original pace on your lips. you gasp as he squeezes your thigh hard. taking the advantage, he slips his tongue into your mouth. your cheeks start to fill with heat and you can feel your panties getting soaked in the process.
urgently, you grab his hand and slide it closer to your frantic needs. “please-“ you practically beg, and he pulls away with a sinister smirk on his face. “so, so needy. what would people say if they found you like this? begging for me. it’s pathetic.” he said, but his smirk never leaving his kissed-swollen lips.
fortunately, he gave in at just the right moment. he moved away the thin cotton of your panties and slide his digits into your soaked pussy. “tck, tck. did i do this?” tom whispered into your ear, nipping at the sweet spot behind it.
reluctantly, you moan against him. “oh my god. tom,” his fingers pace faster against you and you buck your hips in return. his lips catch your moan with ease, biting your bottom lip roughly once again.
you grab for the collar on his shirt for support as you thrust back and forth on his fingers. “always an overachiever, huh?” he said onto your lips as he adds a third finger, pushing you to the edge.
your eyes widen and a loud moan escapes from your throat. your eyes cloud with lust and fulfillment as you feel yourself getting closer. “tom, please, i’m so close.”
at your words, his pace fastens and you feel yourself wither beneath him. you wrap your shaking legs around his hips, allowing him to have a better position of your legs.
“fuck! dont stop, please. tom!” you plead, shaking underneath his intense gaze. he was watching you come undone for him, and enjoying every moment of it gloriously.
his fingers were coated in your juices and he slowly pulled out of you. you whimpered at the motion, suddenly embarrassed by what you had just done. “lay down.” he said, his voice monotone but demanding.
you furrowed your eyebrows, “w-what? i thought i was done.”
tom chucked humorlessly. “but don’t you like being an overachiever? outsmarting me if you will? lay down, dont make me repeat myself.”
nodding, you lie down in front of him. your skirt hiked up all the way to your stomach, leaving you bare in front of him. with your legs still shaking furiously, tom dipped down and began to gently suck on your clit. your hands flew to his hair immediately, overwhelmed with the sensation of his mouth inside of you.
you tugged sharply and you felt him moan into you. his tongue flicked at a sensitive spot and you whined. you had become quickly overstimulated and your mind had become empty expect for a loud buzz. “i don’t think i can last-“
he pulled away, kissing your inner thighs. “be patient, do you see how desperate you get when you don’t get your way?” you watch as he dips back down again and the whole vision makes your head spin.
“answer me,” he commands. now, sucking harshly against your clit in a more angered manner. you tug at his wavy-hair in return. “yes, i know, i am. please just let me come.” you whine, bucking your hips in his face.
his pace becomes angry as he practically fucks you with his mouth. your vision clouds and all you can feel is pure bliss and quivering legs. you scream out his name in one last moan.
seemingly satisfied, he leans back and watches you as you catch your breath. “i didn’t know you could do that…” you said, your voice strained and horse from your screams.
he licked his lips as you slowly sit up, covering up your legs and pulling your skirt back down. “and i didn’t know i could make you come with just my words and fingers.” he said, smirking devilishly.
you feel your cheeks heat up and try to hide your shaking legs from his view. “well, maybe it can happen again.”
he raised an eyebrow, “perhaps. try and outsmart me again, and you’ll be in for more than two orgasms.” and with that he left you there, skirt half-way pulled down, tousled hair and a whole lot of memories.
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illiantt · 2 months ago
Working from home
sirius black x fem!reader [smut]
Summary: When you have a virtual job meeting while working from home, your boyfriend Sirius decides to challenge your focus—this by eating you out, and fuck you while still on the call.
Warnings: 18+ ONLY, MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, pet name, penetration sex, fingering, oral (female receiving), breeding kink, lightly choking
Word count: 2.1k
a/n: this is modern!au. Reblogs and comments are always appreciated!
“Good morning, babe!” Sirius raspy morning voice fills your ears as he kisses down your neck.
“Sirius!” you chuckle and keep on trying to fix your hair after the shower. Light kisses still place on your neck and shoulders.
“I wonder what would happen if you dropped your towel. I’m sure that I would like what’s underneath it.”
You turn around to face him. Sirius kept on kissing your neck and move his lips towards your collarbones.
“Mhmm, you smell so nice”, he mumbles into your neck.
His hands trace to the towel that wraps around your naked body.
“Not now, or we will be stuck here. You know that—” you say and stop Sirius’ hands from taking off the towel.
He smirks at the thought that it was true; when he begins to fuck you, you mostly won’t stop until you have orgasmed multiple times.
“I have a meeting at 9. Can’t be late when working from home”, you chuckle and give him a quick kiss on the lips.
“At 9? Y/n, it’s nine now” Sirius changes from his lustful expression to a serious one.
Panic came across your face.
You start to run to the room you called your home office quickly. On the screen of your laptop, you see that your team is calling you.
“Where is my shirt?!” you shout in panic as you try to find one quickly.
“Here, take mine!” Sirius says and throws his white shirt at you.
You didn’t care that it was too big for you. You couldn’t risk being late and that your manager would be mad at you in that case.
Quickly you slip in Sirius’ shirt and tries to carve up the sleeves.
“I don’t have any panties or pants!” you shout and try to look for them.
“It’s a virtual meeting. No one would see your naked butt—if you don’t stand up, of course”, Sirius smirks.
That was true. You would otherwise wear sweatpants anyway. So you hurry up and answer the call. Your team shows up on the screen.
“Thought you were going to be late, y/n”, one of your colleagues says.
“Sorry, I just got delivery before the meeting. So I had to go and sign it”, you lie.
Sirius sat in the same room, on the couch with a book. He smirks when he hears you coming up with excuses.
“Very well, let’s begin this meeting, shall we,” your team leader says.
Sirius looks over to you—how you engage in the conversation with your colleagues. How the fabric of his shirt sits on your perfect body—underneath that fabric are you naked.
His eyes follow down to your bare legs. The thought that your colleagues don’t know that you’re completely naked from the torso and down makes Sirius feel his pants getting tighter.
Sirius mind fills with the thought that if you hadn’t been so focused on your job, he would have fucked you insanely in the bathroom by now. How he wishes to feel your naked body pressed against his.
The way you look so focused in the meeting seems adorable, Sirius thinks. He wonders how focus you can be. Maybe you can still concentrate while he gets what he desires—a devilish idea plants in his mind. A fun challenge would that be, Sirius thinks.
Carefully, Sirius makes his way in your direction—getting under the table. You didn’t notice him as you were too focus on the meeting.
Sirius sees a glimpse of your naked pussy—making him even harder. How he wishes to see more, taste more, and feel more. And he is determined to get that.
Suddenly you feel hands on your legs, making you spreading your legs. The touch making you jump a little in your chair—but luckily not enough to expose your naked pussy to your colleagues.
“Y/n, are you okay?” your team lead asks you and raises their eyebrow due to your sudden movement. You have to come up with another lie quick.
“Yes, sorry! It’s just my dog trying to get my attention with his toy. Let me mute for a second and tell him off”, you gave a smile and muted your mic.
“Sirius, what are you doing?!” you hiss at your boyfriend.
“Don’t worry, puppy, keep focusing on the work that you’re doing so well while I make you feel good” a devilish smile crept across his face.
How are you supposed to focus on the job while Sirius has something devilish in his mind? But without any choice, you turn on your mic,
“I’m sorry about that. So where were we?” you say.
“Maybe you y/n can go ahead and present the latest result of the report?”
Sirius smiles—this was a perfect time for him to challenge your focus.
“Of course, we obtained it last week from—” but you were interrupted by the pleasant feeling on your naked pussy. You quickly look down to see Sirius’ head between your legs—stimulating your clit with his tongue.
How are you supposed to have focus without accidentally moaning in the meeting?
“Siri—no, I mean James Potter”, you say, close to moaning out your boyfriend’s name.
How dare you say some other guys name, Sirius thinks. The only name that can leave your lips now should be Sirius’. It made him more determined to challenge you to make you moan his name during this meeting.
You feel two fingers easily slide into your hole as you by now are soaked in the feeling that you can be exposed.
Sirius is fingering you while his tongue is still on your clit. All you want is to ignore everything and let Sirius put his dick inside of you. But you are on camera, and your mic is still on.
“The report showed—” you try to say without moaning in-between. Sirius is loving what he is doing with you now. He feels that he has so much control over you. He knows exactly what you like, and he is skilled to make you cum fast.
So, he now increases the pace of his finger thrusting into you, and he licks your clit quickly now. You are about to cum on camera while in the meeting. You couldn’t hold that much longer. But you couldn’t expose yourself.
Come on, puppy, cum while on camera, Sirius thinks. He increases the pace even more. It is too much; you have to orgasm.
“It was great! Omg, so so good!” you said while you orgasm. You were trying your best not to make it evident that you were having oral sex.
“Y/n, that’s great to hear! Glad that you sound excited over it,” your team leader says, and you happily nod while Sirius is licking up your cum.
“Moving on to the next topic—”
“Sorry, but my WiFi seems to be bad. Let me turn off my camera so it won’t be too much of a delay,” you say and turn off both your camera and mic.
You breathe out as it is too intense. Sirius climbs out from under the table.
“Puppy, you did good, and you tasted so good”, Sirius smirks.
“Fuck you!” you say and give him a death stare.
“Oh—yeah, sure if that’s what you want”, Sirius says and drag you up on your feet.
“What are you doing? That’s not what I meant”, you protest.
“But that’s what you want—” Sirius says and takes off the shirt you are wearing, leaving you completely naked while you could still hear and see your colleagues on the screen.
“Let me fuck you during your meeting. I want you to moan as much as you want. They are not going to hear anything if you don’t turn on the mic for them to hear you” Sirius voice is deep and dark as he whispers to you. You feel his warm breath on your neck, which is making you horny.
Sirius takes off his clothes and stands behind you. You look over your shoulders and see how hard he is.
“Like what you’re seeing? This is all because of your delicious pussy”, he smirks before stroking his cock a few times at the opening of your pussy.
“Puppy, spread your legs so you can feel my cock deep inside of you”, he whispers in your ear.
You do as he says, and you feel Sirius’ dick pushing inside of you—making you moan of the feeling of being filled.
“Does that feel good, doesn’t it?” a pleased Sirius says.
He can’t bear to wait for too long until he already starts pounding into you. He grabs his hands around your neck to support you not to move too much as he wants, thrusting into you hard and deep.
“Then we can go to the marketing side. Do we have any ideas?” you hear your team leader, who’s still on the call, asks.
You can’t believe it that you’re doing this—fucking your boyfriend at work hours, or let alone during a meeting.
“Puppy, this pussy feels so nice and tight for me—” Sirius moans.
All you can respond with are moans as the way Sirius cock slides in and out of you gives a feeling of pleasure in each thrust.
“What would happen if I turned on the mic? Or better, the camera?” you hear how the lust took over Sirius’ mind.
“Would you like them to see when you’re getting filled with cock?”
“S—Sirius”, you moan.
“Puppy, finally the right name. I was so jealous when you mentioned James name there earlier, while I ate you out”, you feel Sirius lips on your back while still feeling his cock inside of you.
“I—I was just trying to answer my team’s question”, you whined.
“I know, puppy, but it still made me a bit jealous.”
Sirius increases up the pace, which makes you moan more. You look at the screen to see your colleagues still discussing.
“Yeah, look at them while you’re being fucked. Does it feel good, baby? Good to be filled with my cock?”
“Y-yes, it feels so—so good”, you whine between moans.
You feel a feeling of orgasm is building up in you. Right now, you didn’t care if your colleagues would accidentally see or hear you. All you want is more of Sirius cock inside of you.
“I’m going to fill your pussy full with my cum inside of you. Fill you up full”, Sirius moans as you can hear him also being close.
“Y/n, what do you think about this?” suddenly, your team asks. You had almost forgotten that you still are in a meeting.
Sirius turned on the mic for you while still pounding into you.
“I-I think—” you start to say while trying your best not to moan.
Sirius put his hand over your pussy to stimulate your clitoris while still thrusting his dick inside of you.
Your team is waiting for your response.
“I like this idea”, you say with a cock inside of you.
“So you think this idea feels like to be a good idea?” your colleague asks you.
You feel Sirius cock twitch inside of you; he’s trying his best not to moan as well through his orgasm. His cum fills you up—making it even closer to your orgasm. Sirius is still thrusting into you and playing with your clit, as he’s determined to make you cum on this call.
It doesn’t need many thrusts until you can feel how your pussy hugs around Sirius’ cock even more tightly.
“Mhmm, feels so good!” you say while orgasming on Sirius cock.
“Splendid! Then let us go on with this. We have a plan.”, your team leader says, and everyone else nods.
Sirius sinks on your chair and dragging you with him. His cock is still inside you as you sit on his lap while giving you kisses on the back.
You say bye to your colleagues until you finally can end the call. Right away, you turn to Sirius.
“That was so crazy!” you say, and I can still not understand what you just did.
“Puppy, you should work more often from home so we can have this kind fun of all the time”, Sirius says and gives the same devilish smile that he gave before starting all of this.
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gotkindabored · 29 days ago
Hi Ava!
First thank you for your fics 🙌🏻
How about Sirius hate fucking the reader? They are kinda ennemies? Slytherin vs Gryffindor or any other house (up to you) but when they see each other in another context (party - alone together) they are goiiiiing for it like damn rabbits okok I'm gonna burn in hell 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃
Losing Game
CONTENT: Switch!Sirius, Switch!Reader, hate fucking, angry and rough sex, they're mean to each other, Sirius is a secret simp, everyone is 18+, no beta; we die like sirius
NOTES: I can't stop making these into mini fics rather than dialogues / blurbs. I just can’t stop writing. Hope you like it!
Tumblr media
"I fucking hate you," she hissed, careless and mocking, sinking herself back onto his cock. Sirius' head rested on the board of his bed, hands gripping her thighs and waist hard.
Sirius didn't know exactly how it happened — how he, Gryffindor's Beater and she, Slytherin's Seeker — managed to have a screaming match to having her pussy clenching around his length.
Sirius chuckled lightly before being cut off with a sharp groan. They were loud, knowing the music thumping from the common room and through the thick walls was loud enough to drown them out.
And of course, Gryffindor had won. The ruckus from the party served as another cruel reminder.
"You're such a bitch."
"You complete arse. At least I'm not Gryffindor's slag."
"You’re just mad that Gryffindor's always win, unlike Slytherins. They don't buy their way in," he seethed, kissing her; hungry, impatient.
They always won.
And she — her house — always lost.
"Yeah?" She breathed, pace slowing. "Is that so?"
Her voice was deadly and Sirius' hand moved to grab her breast, running the flat his thumb against her nipple, pinching it hard.
She gasped — arousal crashing into her anger with the intensity of two tidal waves. They were almost designed to push each other's buttons.
A hand threaded through Sirius' inky hair, yanking his head to tilt up to stare at her. His hips bucked at the sudden pain, and she relished in his reaction. "You like that?" She gripped her hair tighter, rolling her hips, setting a harsh speed to match the anger that flowed off her.
He bit back a moan. "Ah — fuck you."
"Godric," she gritted, attempting to hold back her moans. "That's supposed to be happening. For someone who was begging to fuck me, you're doing a shit job."
He wanted her like a starved man — that never ending ache that roared in his veins and blood until his head pounded with the idea.
Sirius pushed her off of him, flipping her over before she had the chance to register it. He sank his cock back with a sharp, hard thrust.
He kept her in place, pinning her hips more forcefully to the bed as he set a fast, cruel speed — pouring out his frustration.
His heart hammered against his chest, wanting to buy himself deeper, faster, feeling her squeeze around him, pouring all the rage he had into her.
Fuck Slytherins.
Fuck her in particular.
It was always her — managed to worm her way into his mind that he could never get rid of. She latched herself on. Never letting him be.
He kept fucking her hard.
He kissed her, tongue running up the side of her neck and kissed just below her ear, sucking down. His fingers slipped between her legs, stroking her clit until she was a loss for word — whimpering replacing her harsh words and mocking lilt.
She finally gave in, moans high and sweet, and Sirius smirked against her skin. It was a sound he couldn't get enough of and he lost himself in the addictive sensation of the warmth of her soft skin, her beneath him — withering, grasping onto him.
The thought was too affectionate for what they were.
But he clung onto her, his feelings too tangled and wrapped around her. It was the one game he could never win.
Fucking Slytherins.
Tumblr media
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myfictionaldreams · 7 days ago
Good Morning // Poly!Marauders x reader
Summary:  You loved waking you in the arms of the boys but today, James has other plans for the morning.
Warnings: +18 readers only, previously discussed consent, consensual somnophilia, sex toys, vaginal sex, rough sex, oral sex, size kink, size difference, begging, overstimulated, creampie, cum play, BDSM, dom/sub, choking, spanking, multiple orgasms, slight pain kink
Word: 3.5k
my masterlist 📚 AO3 Link
Tumblr media
The sun gleamed in through the window of the boys' dormitory, the only sound drifting around the room was the peaceful breathing from the three sleeping bodies on the king-size bed and the fire crackling in the heater in the middle of the room. Sirius was at the top of the bed, led horizontally, acting as the pillow for you, your head lying on his lower stomach, hair fanned out across his chest. Your body was in the middle of the bed, covered by the now awake Gryffindor seeker who silently reached across the bed to retrieve his glasses before returning to lay his head against your naked chest, savouring in these calm moments before the day began, the soft skin of your chest brushing against his cheek. James looked next to him, seeing the large empty space where the final member of your foursome should have been, but remembering Remus had to be up before the sun rose to do a quick tour of the castle as a part of his prefect duties, not sure when he would be returning.
Taking a deep breath, James let his hands idly wander over your abdomen, careful not to wake you just yet but just enjoying the feeling of skin under his rough fingertips, watching as your skin tightened and jumped when he ran his fingers near your hips, where you were most ticklish. His hands reached your thighs, he skimmed over the outside when his fingers brushed something else that was on the bed from your previous night's activities. A smile spread across his face as he picked up the dildo that had been used on you last night by Sirius. Taking a few seconds to decide whether he should carry on with the plan he had just decided or to let you sleep, James decided you could always nap later and turned his head to give you a delicate kiss in between your breasts before relaxing his head back down, facing towards the bottom of the bed once again.
Moving his finger lower, he brushed over your stubbled mound, lightly grazing over your slit, already feeling your moisture seeping through. A smirk flashed across his face as he moved ever so slowly lower until he felt the tiny bundle of nerves in between the crease and he started to move it up and down with the very tip of his large finger. Under his ear, he felt your breathing slightly hitch, your heart starting to beat quicker as you clenched your thighs together. Changing the rhythm of his finger, James started moving it in a circle, loving the small whimpers that were starting to come from your mouth as you turned your head so you were now facing Sirius’ face, still asleep. Wondering what it would take before you woke up, he applied some pressure to your clit, causing your thighs to clamp a little tighter over his hand, a desperate noise coming from your throat which consequently caused the man at the top of the bed to awake and look at the sight before him.
At first, Sirius thought you were having a nightmare, not being able to see what James was doing as his back was towards him, he moved his hand to cup your face to softly rouse you but stopped he saw your relaxed facial features, mouth faintly open as another whine left your lips, his eyes drifted lower, noticing your two erect nipples and chest rising and falling quickly. Moving past his girl, he saw the arm muscles of prongs tightening with the sounds you were making.
“Little early for this, isn’t it Prongs?” Sirius gruffly asked, quietly enough not to wake the girl asleep on him.
“It’s an experiment Padfoot, one I’m sure you’ll enjoy” replied James as he turned and kissed your chest again, applying more pressure to your sensitive spot making you slightly arch your back and gasp. Enough to wake you but you kept your eyes closed, first thinking you were having a dream about one of the boys but then snapping out of it when you felt the pressure in your favourite spot, a swirling sensation building in your stomach. On instinct, your legs relaxed, opening up for the man on top of you, recognising his scent of grass and musk and knowing it was James' head who led on your chest, feeling the cool of his glasses leaning against you. A chuckle rippled against your stomach as James' fingers slowed, the warm breeze through the room settling against your cunt, you could feel your juices dripping down onto the sheets below, a pink flush brushing against your cheeks. “Morning my love” James whispered to you, keeping his pace steady, his other hand now gripping the thigh that was closest to him, rubbing circles with his thumb on the sensitive inner thigh.
“Mor-morning” you murmured in response, body feeling on fire from the intimate wake up. Sirius moved his hand to your head that was still facing him and gently stroked your hair out of your face as you opened your eyes to look up at him, your pupils huge and dark with lust. His hand moved from your head down your cheeks, his thumb brushing across your lower lip, you could feel his hardening cock brushing against the back of your head.
As his thumb pulled your lip down slightly before pushing it into your mouth, you instinctively started to suck on it, your thumb swirling around the edge of it, wishing it was the cock pressed against your head. “Are you going to be a good girl for Prongs? Are you going to take whatever he gives to you?” Nodding your head quickly, you moaned a yes around his thumb as James’ fingers drifted lower, mumbling about how wet you were for them but all took quickly he removed his hand from you.
Frowning, you tried to look down to see why he had taken his hand away, when he returned back to your sensitive area with a cold object, one that you had become quite close with the previous night. He moved the sex toy up and down your folds, covering it in the ample juices you were producing. Without saying a word to you, he started to press the tip of the dildo into your entrance, doing it slowly so you could get used to the slight stretch. The fake cock is not nearly as big in girth compared to the boys but enough for you to stretch and get used to. As you felt the balls of the dildo reach your arse cheeks and the tip of it brush your cervix you gasped around the thumb in your mouth, lifting your free arm - the other being trapped under James - you grasped onto the shaft of Sirius.
Watching the man's reaction, whose eye contact you hadn’t broken yet since waking, his mouth flew open as you squeezed harshly, your fingers hardly reaching around him, knowing he liked it slightly rougher than the other man on top of you. James started to slowly pump the dildo in and out of you, brushing his thumb against your clit making you mewl against the digit in your mouth that pushed in further into your mouth, threatening to hit the back of your throat, you snapped your attention back to the man underneath you and started to pump the cock in your hand, in time with the toy inside of you.
The sounds of groans and wet slapping were slowly building in the room as James started to pick up the pace, his movements on your clit changing from slow soft circles to rough, swiping motions causing you to start clenching your walls, coming closer to your orgasm. Your mouth relaxed around the thumb, momentarily releasing it, begging the boys if you could cum, your eyes closed as the pressure crept closer to its peak.
A hand gripped your cheeks firmly, you opened your eyes up at Sirius who was looking with fierceness in his eyes. “You look at me and don’t stop looking at me when you cum, do you understand me?” You half-shouted, yes as you trembled around the two boys, holding back the orgasm that was at the very tip of exploding. “Good girl, now, cum for us.” And you did. Hard.
You kept your eyes on Sirius, making a tear slip from your eye from trying to keep them open, your thighs and walls clenching hard but caught off guard when James started to lightly slap your clit through your orgasm, the sting feeling blissful as the dildo still pumped in and out of you until your chest heaved a long sigh and James pulled it out of you for the final time. Trying to catch your breath, your wrist still travelled up and down Sirius’ length, enjoying the way he breathed little moans out as your thumb travelled over his tip, spreading the pre-cum over it.
James started shifting above you, turning his head and kissing up to your chest, pulling each nipple into your mouth, biting lightly on both before moving up your collarbones, neck, jaw and finally, Sirius released your face so you could turn and kiss James. The motions were hot and breathless, tongues fighting one another, James pulling your lower lip into his mouth with his teeth before sucking gently on it. He moved back quickly before you could moan until he was sitting between your spread legs, you could finally see his raging cock that was pumping against his abdomen and using his strength, he grabbed your hips and spun you around. Letting go of the dick in your hand you quickly placed both hands in front of you so you didn’t head butt Sirius beneath you as James moved you onto all fours.
As you steady yourself, the arm that had previously been under James being numb, Sirius quickly moved beneath you so now he was leaning up against the headboard, legs stretched either side of your body, his cock pressed up in front of your face. Without wasting a second, you gripped the base of his cock firmly in one hand and started to lick the tip, savouring in the salty taste of him. Sirius moaned as he pulled your loose hair back to the base of your neck, applying pressure so you would take more of him which you gladly did as James lined up to your entrance behind you.
All three of you moaned into the air as James thrust all the way to the hilt in one movement, pushing your head halfway down Sirius’ length. You loved feeling stuffed in nearly every hole by these boys, loving the burning sting from stretching to their sizes, having them making you cum over and over again, you couldn’t get enough of it.
James moved halfway out before thrusting all the way back in again, starting to pick up a good pace, forcing you to rock against the dick in your mouth, of which you were now further down, relaxing your throat to help ease it in before gagging and quickly moving off, salivary strings connecting your mouth to his tip. Not wasting any time you moved back onto him, sucking harshly and using your hand for the part you couldn’t fit in his mouth making him groan, both of you holding eye contact still. You moaned harder as James’ balls grazed your puffy clit, the vibrations of which caused Sirius to buck his cock up into the back of your throat, making you gag harder, the burning sensation now running down your throat as you tried to accommodate his size. One hand that gripped your hip released you and started spanking you, making you squeal from the sting but with more juices to drip down your cunt, you started to rock back into James’ thrusts harder, taking pleasure in the feeling of his cock buried deep within you.
“Fuck I’m so close” you heard James say behind you between thrusts. You clenched harder at his words causing him to curse louder.
“Me too Prongs”, came Sirius' reply. You moved your hand from the base of his length to his tight balls, gripping them and moving them around in the sack, making him close his eyes and his head fall back against the headboard. Your thighs started to shake as James’ thrusts started to become erratic. You moved your head down as far as you could on the cock in your mouth, your nose being tickled by the curly hair at the base and you clenched the balls in your hand and this was all that was needed for Sirius to harshly grip the hair in his hand, shouting your name into the air and cumming down your throat. You swallowed every drop of it as your own orgasm ripped through you.
Moving your mouth off of Sirius, you screamed into his thigh, clenching impossibly hard, your arms giving way as pure bliss rushed through your entire body. James couldn’t cope with the feeling of you cuming on his cock and he thrust in one last time gripping your hips hard and moaning into the air, his hair hanging over his glasses as he filled you to the brim with his hot seed. You all stayed still for a few seconds, catching your breath when a voice by the door startled you all. 
“Good morning all”. Remus was leaning against the door frame having returned from his duties, he was unbuttoning his white shirt, a large tent had also formed in his trousers. Moving forward, he shifted onto the bed beside Sirius, leaning forward to pull him into a kiss. Shuffling backwards he skipped you and pulled James in for a kiss, who was still inside you, plugging his cum deep inside of you. Finally, his eyes shifted down to you who had your arse high in the air, back arched into the bed and face beside the half-limp cock of Sirius. Smiling up at him you expected him to lean down and kiss you so when he moved off of the bed, your heart dropped slightly at the disappointment, had you done something wrong? Was he upset with you? You looked down towards the bed, trying to hide the hurt in your eyes.
As you were wondering over this, however, you didn’t notice Remus remove his shirt and signal for James to step back so you were shocked when his cock was suddenly being pulled from you, his cum starting to drip out of you onto the sheets. Gasping you turned back around, seeing Remus had replaced where James once was. Sirius also moved off of the bed, leaving you to be face down on the bed, ass high in the air. Your hands started to shake, not knowing whether you should be moving off of the bed as well or stay where you were but your answers were given to you when two large, scared hands gripped your thoroughly spanked cheeks, causing you to gasp and turn your head back around to him.
Your gasp turned into a moan however when two fingers travelled up from your clit to your hole, collecting any cum that had escaped and he pushed it all back inside of you. “Don’t want to be wasting any of that now do we? Do you think you can take me as well Pup? I want to see your cunt dripping with me and James.” Your walls tightened around his finger, as you all but screamed please at him. He chuckled at your response and turned you so you were now lying on your side, facing Sirius and James who were sitting on the small sofa that occupied the room, both of them watching you both intently, cocks starting to get hard again.
Remus moved so he was lying behind you, spooning you. He reached around you, turned your head towards him and started to kiss you frantically, his hand tightening around your jaw. Letting go of your face briefly, he reached his arm down to bring your leg over his hip and directed his cock down to your entrance. You loved how small he made you feel in this position, his long thick legs under yours, strong arms wrapped around you. He started to inch forward and you choked on the air in your lungs, the burning pain down below stronger than with James. Remus was much bigger than Sirius and James in both height and girth so he was usually last to fuck you but no matter the hundreds of times he had, you still couldn’t get used to his size. Today, however, he was taking it slowly, a little too slowly for your liking as you took pleasure in the burning and pain that came with it so you moved your hand back to his hip and shifted your hips down quickly, taking the rest of his length in, your eyes rolling to the back of your head as you felt overwhelmed with some pain but mostly pleasure. Remus swore under his breath and reached around to hold you against his chest by placing his large hand around your neck, applying small amounts of pressure.
“So you want to play like that huh Pup?” moved his hips back slightly before thrusting harshly back in, you nodded and moaned, both hands gripping onto the strong wrist that held you. “You feel so good and tight my love. Look at them, look at how hard you’re making them” you glanced at the two men across from you, each had a hand wrapped around each other's cock, Sirius was slowly teasing James and vice versa, both staring at you as if their lives depended on it. You made a near animalistic noise at this, rocking your hips back again, rolling in time with Remus’ shallow thrusts. “Can you feel his cum still inside you? Lubing me up as I feel every inch of you? Does your throat still burn from where Padfoot was inside you? Merlin, you're being such a good girl for us.” A single tear escaped you as Remus’ words overwhelmed you as well as the feeling of his cock deep inside of you.
Whimpering even louder as Remus started to pick up the pace of his thrusting, every snap of his hips lurched your body forward, if it wasn’t for his hand holding you in place you’d be on the floor. You couldn’t help the clenching your walls were doing, practically milking Remus with every thrust, your leg bouncing against his hip as his free hand started to move down, pinching your nipple and tugging causing you to roll your hips harshly. He kept up the torturous pleasure, moving between pinching, pulling and slapping your tits. More tears escaped you as you felt totally overwhelmed by the morning's events, every nerve in your body felt like it was on fire, screaming for release.
You knew you sounded pathetic when you sobbed “Please”. Remus’ hips slowed as his breath moved to your ear.
“What do you want? Tell me.” His voice was gruff as he spoke, the hand on your breast moving down to start swirling around your clit that was already overly sensitive.
“I need you, please, I need to cum, I can’t- I can’t hold it”, you wept, clawing at the hand that still held your neck, looking across at the two boys that both looked to be near the edge as well, both wrists pumping each other frantically. Remus kissed your cheek delicately whispering “as you wish” before moving onto his back, pulling you with him, his cock not leaving your body once as you led on his chest.
Bending his knees, he positioned your feet onto his thighs, a hand still around your throat and the other still massaging your clit he started to violently plunge into you, his movements a blur of body parts as his thick throbbing cock disappeared and appeared again in the flash of an eye as he pinned you to his chest, having full control of the moment. You couldn’t even hold onto his arm as he fucked up into you, your mouth hung open, having no energy to scream in ecstasy as the most intense orgasm you’d ever experienced ripped through you. It was all three men's moans that hit your ears and kept you awake, finding the utmost comfort in hearing them all shout each other's names.
Your whole body felt like jelly, you couldn’t move your arms or legs, or even lift your head as Remus pulled his cock out of you, picking you up bridal style and moving you to the bathroom. James had magically filled the bath for the four of you, James and Sirius entered first, followed by Remus who eased you slowly in the middle of the three of them. You hissed as the water rushed over your tender, swollen, sensitive cunt. “Shhh baby we’ve got you,” Sirius whispered to your right, kissing you affectionately across your forehead.
You fell into a blissful sleep as the boys held you, whispering sweet nothings into your ear, cleaning you up and crawling back into bed for a few more hours. 
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lonelyhe4rts · 22 days ago
✰ Nobody expected you to be the dom in the relationship (1.0k)
James Potter x Fem!Reader (Sub!James Potter x Dom!Fem!Reader) smut, penetrative sex, d/s dynamic, mommy kink, edging, slight overstimulation, nipple play, male receiving - masturbation and slight oral, all acts are consenusal, think that’s it!
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“Please!!” The brunette echos, his eyes glassy and palms fisting by his side at his repeated denial, the monotonous stroking of your hand against his length driving him insane. He’d been desperate to cum for hours now, each time the tell tale signs of his orgasm approached, you denied him of the satisfying pleasure. You squeezed slightly at the base, providing the most minimal amount of pleasure, revelling in the way his eyes pooled over with tears, the precipice of his lash line weighing down heavy with salty droplets, his cock weeping with pearly precum.
You kissed away the tears that dripped down his cheeks, mockingly cooing in the trembling male’s face, strangled sobs rumbling from his chest. “Please, mommy - just wanna cum. I’m sorry,” he chocked out, his eyes straining closed against his eyelids, his mangled hair sticking to his forehead. A satisfied smirk decorated your smug features, laced with mocking as you continued the slow movements of your hand, your thumb brushing slightly up against his engorged head.
“You should have thought about that when you went and lied, bubba.”
The soft footfalls of your feet barely echo down the stone staircase, the sound of the raucous laughter booming from the common room dimming down any other sound or noise. You follow the sound of the familiar laughter towards the fireplace-lit room, smiling at the sight of your curly haired boyfriend, laughing with his counterparts - that’s until you hear the tales of their conversation.
‘Mate you should have seen her - squirmy little thing she is. You wouldn’t believe how many times I made her cum last night.” He shakes his head slightly, as if the anecdote mentioned was anything other than imaginable or unfathomable. “God, ‘m still fucking exhausted from her as well.”
“Oh yeah?” You perk up, draping your lap over the edge of the plush sofa, lips twitching upwards at the sudden bashful expression that overtakes James’ soft features, though the blaze that ignites in your irises does not go unknown by the surrounding males. “And have you mentioned how you got yourself into that scenario? How I buried you between my thighs until you could barely breathe? And how the little poor baby got nothing in return?”
The aforementioned male’s head dips with what you presume to be embarrassment, his facial features clouding in a warm flush as his surrounding friends struggle to withhold their laughter. It seemed that the thing to cause their chests to physically rumble with laughter was your hand carding into the quidditch captain’s curls, twirling the ringlets around your fingers and petting at his head, almost as if a soothing gesture on a kicked puppy. “What? The big bad boys didn’t expect their quidditch captain to be a little sub? He’s practically a pillow princess.”
You began your ascent back to the dorm room before the other marauders could pass a comment, straightening up the pleats of your skirt with a simple, ‘I’ll see you upstairs soon, bubba. Don’t keep me waiting.”
You brushed the soft cushions of your lips over the rouged tip, gathering saliva on the languid muscle and watching it drip down the length. The cool touch of your lips against his tip caused his mind to twist and turn with arousal, his tummy tightening and clenching with the waves of endless pleasure bleeding toto his bloodstream. “Shh. Y’wanna cum? Wanna cum in mommy’s pretty pussy?”
His sweaty curls slapped against his forehead as he nodded his desire, desperate to not only cum, but to feel the tingling sensation of your warm and wet cunt hugging his cock. You aligned yourself above his toned figure, grasping his length within your hand and lining it up with your sopping cunt. It seemed that denying his pleasure for that long had brought along your own satisfaction also.
The guttural groan that escaped the confinements of his lungs was positively feral. You followed behind, revelling in the burning stretch that accompanied his girth - your head dipping back as pangs of pleasure licked up the base of your spine, the veins that hovered on the underside of his length tickling the deep depths of your silky walls.
You shifted your hips slightly, withholding the cry that was aching to leave your lips, your cunt becoming accustomed to his girth as you rose up and down, dragging his length through your walls. Your eyes blinked back open as you felt his warm lips enclose your tits, hands groping and rolling the flesh as he basked in the comfort of your breasts. His eyes were shut, his face no longer resembling a frustrated expression, but now peaceful, his hips gently rutting in and out of you as you rode him. Though you knew he wouldn’t be at peace for much longer, not when he was going to be denied what he craved once more.
You swirled and twirled your hips as you continued, slow turns meeting deep dives and ruts of your hips, pleasure building up into a crescendo within the both of your bodies, however James’ being even more sensitive and built up. His cries soon turned into whimpers, his teeth gently nibbling on the engorged bud of your nipples. It wasn’t long before he was verbalising his craving, his voice strangled and desperate.
“Please, mommy! Let me cum, gonna cum!” You rose yourself from your position, almost smirking at the way he bucked his hips up, the lewd sound of his cock leaving your cunt - covered in your slick, mixing with the sound of his aching denial. The tingling sensation brewing in your tummy faded away, though the satisfaction that the burned in your body overwhelmed the loss of your pleasure. He rolled over slightly onto his side, his hands fisting the sheets in agitation and overstimulation. “Please, need it.”
“Should have thought about that when you were lying, sweetheart. Bad boys don’t get treats.”
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© lonelyhe4rts 2021
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360iris · 2 months ago
Overheated (Sirius Black, Remus Lupin x Reader SMUT, WIP)
Warning: Smut, crass language. 
Word count: 740
Summary: What is Sirius Black supposed to do when he’s stuck in quarantine and sexually frustrated? Browse p*rn sites of course.
A/N: I’ve been pawing over this concept for a while, but I could not for the life of me finish it. I hope you guys can enjoy it for what it is? Short with a vaguely neat (and naughty) concept.
Tumblr media
He’d never wasted his time on sites like this before. Whether it was because of his looks or the size of his fortune, never in his life had Sirius Orion Black needed to resort to skimming a porn website to get his rocks off. 
When they were still in school, all he ever had to do was walk out of his dorm and wait for the girls to practically throw themselves at his feet.
However, with a pandemic sweeping the entirety of the globe, like every other sane person, he was condemned to the walls of the four bedroom London flat he bought with his three childhood bestfriends.
 The result of this however, was the most sexually frustrated he’d been since he hit puberty.
For the most part, all the videos he’d glimpsed at were either poorly made or plagued with unrealistic, shrill moans.
Thirty minutes into his search, he finally stumbled on one that piqued his interest. 
The camera was angled in a way that kept the couple’s faces from being in view, but from the way they were going at it, Sirius was immediately sucked in.
Her hands were pressed against the mirror, one leg propped against the counter and sink, as the lanky, but strangely toned guy towering over her frame alternated between an excruciatingly slow thrust to a break-neck speed.
Just as he felt himself on the cusp of finishing, the girl let out a shout between wanton moans, aimlessly shooting one hand out behind herself for support.
“Ah! Fuck, Moony! Not there- ‘ts too good!” 
Her words were jumbled and slurred, but even in a state of sheer bliss from getting plowed from behind, he recognized her voice instantly. He’d heard it almost everyday for eight years of his life.
Sirius felt his whole world enter slow motion as he unexpectedly came on his fingers and thighs. A stray droplet managed to hit his lower lip, though he ignored it as he sat transfixed.
His eyes darted over every inch of the screen, taking in the countless indicators that he would’ve noticed if all the blood in his brain hadn’t been drawn down to his cock from the moment he opened his laptop.
The scars on the lanky guy's biceps, the girl’s chipped pink and white manicure. Not to mention the four toothbrushes sitting in the corner of the bathroom counter.  
His own bamboo toothbrush had been staring him in the fucking face, the entire damn time.
The video continued to play as he watched Y/n moan as Remus slapped her ass in silent retaliation for her outburst. Roughly yanking all of her weight back against himself before one of his hands ventured to the front of her, rubbing her clit quickly in a tight circle.
“Do you want me to stop or to keep going? You’re contradicting yourself again, bunny. Maybe all this dick is finally getting to your brain. Can’t even think straight, can you?”
The video went on for about an hour and after a little snooping he discovered that most of the videos on the account ranged from one to three hours long. 
They’d angle the camera just so their faces wouldn’t be seen, start a live stream and go to town; though normally they never acknowledged the chat or camera. 
Once they got started, it was as though they were the only ones in the room. They never once appeared nervous or camera shy, and Sirius wondered how he’d fare if he knew 4,500+ people consistently tuned in weekly to watch him get it up.
Remus surprisingly was managing just fine. 
Sometimes he’d even be on camera by himself, presumably only on the weeks Y/n had her cycle or caught a simple cold.
Those would be the only occasions when the chat’s comments were read. 
From behind the camera, Y/n would read them out loud in hopes of throwing him off, however the most she ever earned was a breathy chuckle; and possibly, Remus’ famous look that said you were toast as soon as he had the time.
Some videos were filmed in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and either of their bedrooms. However, the thing that shocked Sirius the most was that even James had been roped into the duo’s filming fiasco.
How dare they, he thought after finally cleaning himself up, before stopping in his tracks just as he began settling under the covers.
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horrorxweasley · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I decided I'm going to do Kinktober this year, I will be posting a fic every day of October 2021 for George and Fred Weasley with the theme of a new kink each day. I may or may not end up not making the deadline for A LOT of these so some may be taken off, either way it’s still happening and i’m excited.
This is the first one I've ever done so hopefully it will work out as planned, I hope you enjoy the fics :) 
I’ll also link my general  masterlist and taglist at the bottom
Day 1- Breeding GEORGE WEASLEY
Day 2 - Choking/Breathplay FRED WEASLEY
Day 3 - Shibari GEORGE WEASLEY
Day 4 - Edging FRED WEASLEY
Day 5 - Exhibitionism GEORGE WEASLEY
Day 6 - Begging FRED WEASLEY
Day 7 - Degrading GEORGE WEASLEY 
Day 14- Voyeurism FRED WEASELY
Day 18 - Daddy Kink GEORGE WEASLEY  
Day 19 - Spit Kink GEORGE WEASLEY 
Day 20 - Mirror Sex GEORGE WEASLEY 
Day 24 - Knife Kink GEORGE WEASLEY
Day 27 - Thigh Riding GEORGE WEASLEY 
Day 30 - Cyber Sex FRED WEASLEY
Day 31 - Ice Play GEORGE WEASLEY 
General Masterlist
@toxicmodernity @dracofknmalfoy @pogueslandia @sunrisefairy @rosietoesy @comfortwriting @famdomhideout @pandaxnienke @writing-wh0re @onlyfreds @whipped-for-the-weasley-twins @fairielovegood @gaycatlord-stuff @0x0spunky-monkey0x0 @i-love-scott-mccall @simpforremuslupin @lovely-slytherin @georgeweasleysbabe @skarlettmikaelson @elishi03 @escapingrealitybyreading @xmalfoyweasleyx @tryingtosurvivelife @cedricisnotdead @slytherclaw1978 @zoeygraygubler @its-a-metaphor-barnes @1800-marauders-slut @dilf-lover21 @urgingforyou
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mrskatpotter · a month ago
seven minutes in heaven - remus lupin
summary: while at a house party you and remus get chosen for seven minutes in heaven
warnings: kissing, SMUT, fingering , handjob, praise kink, (maybe) innocence kink, (lmk if i missed something)
AN: this technically is the first smut ive written but i read so much that hopefully it’ll all just come to me. anyways, hope u enjoy. not proofread
Tumblr media
the scent of firewhisky drifted through your nose as you squirmed uncomfortably on the rug of the gryffindor common room
you watched as mary mcdonald and fabian prewett exited the broom closet, coming back from whatever sensual actions that occurred. judging by their shared flushed cheeks and crinkled hair, it was nothing short of erotic.
lupin’s name was called as it was his turn to spin. you never had much of an occurrence with the boy, but you knew of him. of course you did. he was one of the infamous, loud, mischievous marauders, as they called themselves. him being an exception from his rather rambunctious bestfriends. one of your own friends even shared a one night stand with his friend, sirius black, and if lupins anything like what your friend told you about black you expect whoever the bottle lands on is quite lucky.
with an encouraging nudge from the bespectacled male beside him, he gave the bottle a flip and waited. a barely noticeable gasp spills from your lips when the glass centers on you.
you listened with a bewildered expression as the room sounded with wolf whistles, and lupin himself sent a curious smile towards you, upon seeing your crimson cheeks. you pushed up from the floor as you and the lycanthrope made your way towards the closet.
the room was a small, so small infact you and remus were almost pressed against eachother in the dark. you could feel your heart flutter in nerves as he sits down and beckons you to join him on the ground.
“you don’t have to worry with me y/n. I won’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with”, he tells you with certainty in his warm eyes.
you bring your knees to you chest. “I’m not scared of you or anything. I just….I-I’ve never really….been intimate with someone. not in this way at least” you mutter with your head down, ashamed to see his reaction to your embarrassing prudence.
something darkens in his gaze towards you as he takes in your words and the innocence behind them. suddenly he feels the need to show you how pleasure works and be the first to have his hands on you.
he clears his throat and grabs your chin to gain your attention. “I’ll show you, if you let me, that is”.
you can’t help but feel aroused by the clarity in his voice and comfortable in his presence, that without a word you nod your head towards the male.
“words, y/n. I need words pretty girl.”
you flush at his words but without hesitation force out a “show me please”.
he grins and places his hands on your thighs to gently pull them apart. your skirt rides up to your waist leaving him a good view of the soaked spot on your panties.
“aww, this all for me darling?” he coos mockingly and drags of finger on your clothes cunt.
you whimper as he excruciatingly teases you until he pulls your underwear aside and presses his finger onto your clit rubbing the nerves.
you gasp at the unexpected pleasure and grip onto his bicep desperately. your thighs subconsciously close around his hand and he uses his other hand to hold them apart.
he coats his digits in your arousal and thrusts them into your entrance as you moan softly and throw your head back.
he grips on your neck with one hand, pulling you towards him so your legs are wrapped him and in his lap, as his other hand speeds up and curls inside your walls.
“keep your eyes open for me baby. your doing so well.” your eyes flutter open as his roughly kisses you, swallowing all your sounds as your arms wrap around his neck.
“I-I think I’m close. please may I cum?” you plead at him as his mouth his on your neck sucking away, while his thumb repeats pinching and rubbing your clit.
“cum for me, love”, he grunts in your ear as you pull on his hair, and clench around his fingers coming with a cry, back arching against him.
he slowly takes his fingers out of you and brings them up to his mouth, to taste your slick. he groans softly pressed a kiss to your forehead, helping you pull up your panties.
you look down towards his crotch and note the noticeable tent in his pants, and feel an overwhelming need to show him your gratitude.
you place your palm over the bulge and gently caress it looking into his eyes with an in-awe expression.
“please let me thank you, wanna be good for you.”you pout at him, giving him puppy eyes.
he curses at the angelic tone in your voice, as though you were asking him something completely wholesome and not dirty whatsoever.
“yeah, wanna be my good girl? show me how good you can be”, you quickly unbutton his pants, feeling giddy at the chance to prove yourself to him.
you take his out of his boxers, and hold in a gasp out how large he is. taking your hand you wrap your palms around his length and gently press as the head.
he groans softly and you perk up at at the fact your pleasing him, speeding your hand and pumping him as precum drips down your hands.
“so proud of you angel. being so good f’me”, he praises as he pats your cheek affectionately. you practically purr at the affirming words and use one of your hands to softly knead his balls, wanting to be the one who makes him cum
“get ready, darling. m’gonna cum down your throat okay?”, he grunts as you nod your head and wrap your lips around his head.
he groans and quietly curses your name as he shoots down your throat and you swallow deeply with watery eyes. you place his softening cock back into his underwear and pants looking up at him for approval.
“did so go good for me princess. such a good girl”, he coos as he kisses you softly, chin inbetween his thumb and forefinger.
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wolfstar-lb · a month ago
so pretty tonight
summary: james potter becomes very subby in the middle of a party
a/n: not proofread bc jade told me not to change a word
pairing: james potter x reader
word count: 818
cw: SMUT — d/s dynamic, sub!james potter & soft dom!reader, mommy kink, pegging, handjob, james potter has a praise kink (wbk)
j.p masterlist | join taglist | navigation
Tumblr media
gryffindor had won the cup for the first time in a few years.
and it was all thanks to your boyfriend, james potter, who worked so hard to get his team to where it was, letting his motivation and love for quidditch take over and wash over him so he could bathe in the victory as if it were holy water.
you were dancing with your best friend, lily evans, and singing along to whatever song was playing.
you were a little bit too intoxicated on the alcohol and the thought of your boyfriend and so you weren't really paying attention to the song playing, but you screamed nonetheless.
your boyfriend was at your side for a few minutes before you noticed.
lily elbowed you, giggling, "y/n, james is here to talk to you."
you rolled your eyes with a drunken smile and excused yourself, looking at him and taking his hand before you swiftly walked over to a corner in the room where no one was really focusing on either of them.
"mommy?" james spoke softly, quietly.
you couldn't hear him over the music, it was too loud and you got the distinct impression that lily was still yodelling the lyrics. it sounded awful and you wanted to laugh so hard at the state your best friend was in.
"james, love, speak up, i can't hear you," you replied, matching his tone in a louder voice.
he doesn't speak for a minute, looking at you up and down with a look of pure admiration in his eyes.
he reaches out to tug your dress, running his hand up and down it before he sighs and retracts it.
"i'm sorry for disturbing you mommy, but you look so pretty tonight," he says as more of a question than a statement, as though he was trying to build up to what he wanted.
"thank you baby, what's wrong?" you pressed, knowing that how shy he'd gotten.
"i'm just feeling..." he gulps, "i'm feeling a bit needy."
you could see how dazed he was getting, and how scared he got after he spoke.
you looked up to him slightly, trying to engage in eye contact but he would not succumb, waiting for your reply.
"what do you need, baby?"
"want your cock, mommy."
you smiled, walking away with his hand safely back in yours, leading him back upstairs and whispering into his ear the things you were going to do to him.
your strap was just outside james' ass, poking at him and teasing him, making him moan in displeasure.
"mommy, i want your cock," he groans a bit.
you knew he was not trying to be a brat, you knew he was only feeling a bit needy after a long day. who were you to deny your pretty boy?
you inserted yourself in him, thrusting in and out and hearing his displeasure turn into approval as you fucked him, kissing him along his neck.
"you're doing so well," you murmur, not sure what he was doing well, but still feeling like your boyfriend could do with the praise, "you did so well in that quidditch game too, hmm? mommy was very proud of you, baby."
"thank you mommy," he sighed with content.
after a while, him riding your cock began to hurt, and he started to beg for you to stop, asking that maybe you use your hands instead.
"mommy," he mewled, "mommy it hurts."
"what hurts?"
"my.. my ass, mommy. want you to use your hands instead, mommy."
"what do we say?" you questioned with slight authority, not letting him break too many rules.
"please, mommy."
"of course, baby."
"mommy, i'm gonna cum!" he yelled after your hand worked its way up and down his tent that had made an involuntary twitch.
you looked up to see james with his eyes closed, and his eyebrows furrowed with utmost concentration, trying to stop himself from cumming until you had given him permission.
"so cum," you told him.
he did almost straight away, letting streaks of it right out. you held onto his cock, stroking it and jerking him off until he had finished, letting his pleasure out as he had been such a good boy.
there was mess all over the sheets that you cleaned up with the flick of your wand, removing your strap-on right after so you two could cuddle after.
when you two came close together, james hugged you with all he could before wrestling you down onto the mattress and letting the duvet engulf you, as well as his arms.
after a while of just laying there, james hums in wonderment.
"was i good today, mommy?" he asked, "in the match.. when you said i was good earlier, did you mean it?"
you cuddled him closer, trying to catch his warmth and be close to the boy you loved.
"you were perfect, baby."
special tag for my bby @ameliasbitvh
marauders smut taglist: @itsmentalillness (my biggest fan) @queen-asteria04 @gothboutique @keepawaythenargles @ms-heartbreak-queen @cinnamon-queen @arcadeboss @angelicwreck @eleventhboi @couldibeanymorechaotic @peachybaes @mayamoons @acciorxses @queerdeadwizards @oliverwoodmarrymepls @dreamerthinker @angel4you @evesbiggestf4n @l0vely-lupin @harrypotterlover234 @i-is-a-fangurl-weeb @shaysamilf @rosie-posie08 @kayleiggh @reggies-baby @noceurwhore @heartbeats-wildly @siriusstwelveyears @dr4cking @wrongilbert @noturmom128 @padfootnmoonyslutjame
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crystal-dee · 6 months ago
sleepy sex
James Potter x Fem!Reader
word count: 1.5k
summary: james, your professor, is in need of a stress reliever; something you’re more than willing to provide.
warnings: teacher/student (consensual, pre-established relationship), reader is 18+, professor!james, sub!james, soft dom!reader, age gap, sleepy sex/sex acts, light d/s, implied subspace, mommy kink, hand job, orgasm denial (once), tit worship, penetrative sex, soft sex. not proofread.
a/n: this is for @quindolyn <3
Office hours were long over, and he had told you that tonight wasn’t a good night, he had work to do, OWLs to prepare for, see me tomorrow, he said. But you were bored, and what better way to spend your night than fucking your teacher?
So you were walking down the dark, empty corridors, ears perked, making sure you wouldn’t get caught out of bed by Filch or his cat.
You reached his classroom, the door hanging open. You peered inside and saw James at his desk, papers littering the surface. His cheek was resting in the palm of his hand as his opposite clutched a quill and scribbled tiredly on some parchment.
You rapped your knuckles gently on the door and walked in. His head immediately shot up, eyes wide in shock, clearly unexpected that anyone would be bothering him this late at night. When his eyes finally adjusted on the person in his classroom, he realized it was you and visibly exhaled, eyes fluttering back to their half-lidded state.
“Y/n,” he said, voice raw with exhaustion.
You smiled at him, everything about him looking so vulnerably tired. “Hiya, Jamie,” you said softly. You walked across the room and perched on the edge of his desk.
He put down his quill and reached under his glasses to rub his eyes. “Thought I told you to come tomorrow,” he yawned. “M’busy, bubs.”
You noticed his hand threading through his soft curls more often than usual today, and he was doing it right now. Something he did when he was feeling anxious.
“You’re stressed, James.” You slid off the desk and stood behind him, placing your hands on his shoulders, massaging them gently. “Lemme make you feel better,” you whispered.
His groans of relief turned into a moan as you started kissing down his neck.
“Please,” he whimpered. His hands were already lazily tugging at the button of his trousers. “Please touch me.”
Your hand slipped through his half-done-up shirt, scratching his chest lightly, and you felt him shudder beneath you. “You want my hand, Jamie? Or my mouth? Or my cunt?”
He whined again, head lolling from side to side. You could tell his mind was much too fogged with desire and fatigue to even string a few words together to form a coherent sentence, let alone tell you what he wanted.
“Please,” he said again, taking your hand and forcing it to grasp his hard cock, barely out of his trousers. “I wanna come.”
He shuddered again at your huff of laughter caressing the lobe of his ear.
“Now, now, professor,” you chastised lightly, making him whimper as your thumb drew circles on his leaking tip. “There’s no reason to be so needy. I’m right here. Tell me what you want.”
“Want– want–” He didn’t know how to say it, so he grasped the hand that was toying with him and made you fist his cock, guiding your hand up and down, begging for some type of release.
“You want my hand then, yeah? Wanna come on my hand, Jamie?” Your opposite hand dragged up his neck and embedded itself into his hair, your nails lightly scratching his scalp.
He nodded his head, eyes nearly fully closed and mouth parted. His hips lifted off the chair, thrusting himself lazily into your hand.
“Mummy,” he mumbled. “‘M gonna– ‘m gonna–”
You had never heard him whine in opposition so dramatically.
“Mummy, you took away y’hand. Why?”
“Oh, baby,” you cooed. “D’you really wanna cum in my hand? Here? Look at you,”–he had completely slumped down in his straight-back chair, one foot resting against the edge of his desk, his clothes rumpled, and bunched in odd places–“don’t you wanna be comfortable when you come? Hm?”
His eyes fluttered open, and he sat up a bit, noticing that he was in his classroom, at his desk, in an uncomfortable chair, and wearing his teaching robes. He nodded wordlessly and looked at you, almost helplessly, needing you to lead him to his bedroom.
You helped him up, taking him by the hand, and fixed his trousers up to his hips so he could walk properly.
Fortunately, his living quarters were only thirty paces away, give or take, as they were just behind the tapestry that hung in his adjoining office.
You could hear the soft slap of his cock against his stomach with each step he took. His quarters were dark, and you flicked your wand to light a few of the candles that littered his night table.
The two of you stood beside his bed as you undressed him, first taking off his outer robe, then slowly unbuttoning his shirt. His hands were all over you, his mouth on your neck as you tried to take off his trousers.
“Y/n,” he murmured, his breath hot against your neck. “I want you. Please.”
“What do you want me to do? Tell me where you want me. My hand again?”
“No,” he said, “want this.” His hand was between your legs, the apex of your thighs cupped in his palm.
“You want my pussy?”
He nodded, bringing his lips to yours and kissing you, tender and soft, his tongue lazily caressing yours. He pulled back, his eyes big and soft. “‘S mine, right?”
You pushed him down lightly, so he was sitting on his bed. You were still mostly clothed; he had managed to unbutton your blouse somewhere along the way. He was fully nude. Looking so small sitting on the bed while looking up at you–eyes consumed in a fog of adoration–like you were the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.
“Yes, it is yours, Jamie.” He smiled a lopsided grin which only grew as you started undressing.
He scooted back on the bed, plopping his head on his pillows. Then, when you were entirely naked, he tugged on your hand, saying, “mummy, c’mere.”
You kneeled on the bed and placed your legs on either side of his hips, and his hands went straight to your breasts.
“Love your tits, mummy.” He sighed in content as he kneaded them; then, sitting up enough one into his mouth, sucking and quietly moaning. “So pretty,” he murmured.
“That right, baby?” You hummed. “Want me to ride you?”
His mouth dropped your tit and his back straightened, “Yes, please.”
You smiled gently and kissed his forehead as you lifted yourself, positioning him at your entrance and slowly sliding down. He whimpered moans, and you whispered praises until he bottomed out.
James’s hand was still on your tit, his eyes looking up at you almost pleadingly, and his nose scrunched as your walls hugged him in a painfully delightful way.
“Mummy,” he said softly, and you knew he was asking you to give him release.
You tried to push him down, wanting him to be as comfortable as possible, but he said, “No, wanna be close to your pretty face. Wanna be able to kiss you.”
“Okay,” you said, cupping his cheek with your hand. You leaned in and kissed him softly, and he kissed back with even more fervour. He moaned wantonly as you began moving your hips, up and down. His pleasure was so intense he couldn’t kiss you back; instead bowing his head and one of your nipples in his mouth, trying his best to suckle.
“Does that feel good, baby?” You could already feel his hips beginning to buck up, his orgasm fast approaching. “Are you gonna come?”
“Yes, mummy. But I want you to come first. Please?”
You were so focused on his pleasure that you had almost completely ignored your pleasure that was building in the pit of your stomach. You started grinding down on him harder, rubbing your clit down on his pelvis, already feeling your walls flutter around him.
James smiled a blissful smile. “Mummy looks so pretty when she’s gonna come.”
“Jamie,” you moaned, “Mummy’s gonna come.”
He took that as his cue to continue to suck on your tits, and his hand tugged a pinch on your nipple, the stimulation bringing you to orgasm.
As you clenched around James’s cock, he whined, the grip too strong not to make him come. His hips jerked up one last time before they stilled, and he leaned his head on your chest, completely spent.
You played with his hair as you caught your breath, your eyes closed and your cheek against his head.
“Mummy,” James whispered.
“Yes, my love?”
“Still have work to do.”
You looked at the clock hung up on the wall.
“It’s nearly two in the morning, Jamie. And it’s Saturday tomorrow. Sleep tonight. Work tomorrow.”
“No buts, James,” you said. You tilted his chin up with your index finger. “Sleep, love.”
“Okay.” He lifted you off and lay you beside him; he let you take off his glasses before placing his head on your breasts. “In case you didn’t know,” he mumbled, “I love you.”
You heard his breathing even out, and his clutch around your middle loosened.
Kissing the top of his head, you whispered back, “I love you too, Jamie.”
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angel4you · 3 months ago
dating the marauders
smut, porn links, and fluff
what being in a relationship with each marauder would be like. headcanons but includes porn links!!
characters included: remus lupin, james potter, sirius black, regulus black, and lily evans
warnings: smut, fluff, porn links, i think that is it
remus lupin
how he would asks you out: he would try to be causal, starting a conversation while helping you with some homework. even though he is confident. he has a fair amount of nerves, and it is noticeable. he asks you to go to the book shop in hogsmead on the weekend, and after you accept, he is not anxious anymore. a couple of dates later, he confesses he has feelings for you, he takes you to his dorm to hang out, and ends up kissing you.
what he is like sexually/kinks: remus is a hard dom, he doesn’t put up with bull shit and is very strict. he has a list of rules and if you break and you will get punished. the punishment will be more severe the bigger rules you break. you address him as sir or daddy and remmy if the situation is lighter. he uses the pet names, pup, and doll. he has a heavy degradation kink and will use the terms, slut, whore, and brat. he has more of an overstimulation kink rather than edging, he’ll make you cum until you are balling your eyes out. he also has an innocence kink and will call you his good little girl. having control and power over you is his favorite. he loves watching you get all flustered and helpless. even though he is amazing at giving head he absolutely loves watching you gag and chock on his cock. watching your eyes get watery and the bulge in your throat. lastly, his aftercare is the best. even though he is really rough, he makes sure to clean you up and take care of you.
porn links:
remus whispering in your ear while he fucks you deep
riding remus’ thigh
remus making you hump his foot as punishment
being very desperate for remus
remus corrupting his innocent little pup
james potter
how he would asks you out: he is very confident and persistent. always trying to talk to you, when you are in the common room, class, library, or great hall. one day he finally decides to ask you out on a date. he does another one of his grand gestures. brings you flowers, a chocolate frog, and a necklace. after you guys go out for a while he invites you over to the potter manor for holiday. the whole time he is showing you off to his parents and showering you with gifts and affection.
what he is like sexually/kinks: james is very different in each relationship he is in. he is either an obedient sub, soft dom, or in dads bsf/bsf dad au’s he is more of a hard dom. james as a sub has the biggest mommy kink. always wanting to please you and his favorite reward is getting to suck on your tits. when he breaks a rule which doesn’t happen often, you usually overstimulate him until he is a crying whimpering mess. he loves when you peg him and take all the control. as a soft dom, he has a major praise kink. always reassuring how amazing you are doing even during punishment. he uses the pet names, angel, doll, bunny, love, and darling. in an age gap relationship or dads bsf/bsf dad, he is a hard dom. he has a major daddy kink and will get mad and punish you when you call him james or jamie. his favorite thing to do is give you head. watching you try to keep your moans down while harry is in the other room. he loves taking you out on fancy dates and tease you under the table or keeping a remote vibrator in your panties. he loves inviting remus and sirius over so they can all use you. overall james is different in every relationship but in that situation, he is a big sub or dom.
porn links:
pegging sub james and making him taste his cum while calling him a good boy
giving sub james a hand job
dads best friend!james fucking you hard
edging sub james
sirius black
how he would asks you out: sirius would keep jokingly say he likes you and would fuck you but you never take him seriously. it starts to hurt you because you actually like him. one day he sees how up loser you are so he goes to talk to you. you ask him to stop making those jokes but he tells you they aren’t jokes, and he actually likes you a lot. that night he sneaks you out of your dorm to walk around the halls until you fall asleep in his arms.
what he is like sexually/kinks: sirius is a switch. he can go either way and he is very unexpected. in the first part of your relationship, he would never admit he liked subbing. when he is a dom he is still bratty and teases a lot. he loves getting pegged as a dom and a sub. when he is doming, he loves to watch you try and peg him. he also loves riding your strap while pinching and playing with your tits. when he is getting pegged as a needy brat. he will fucking himself on your strap. he whimpers and begs for you to touch him. in a sugar daddy au, sirius is a hard dom. he loves showing you off to james and remus. but at the end of the day, he is yours and he owns you. he loves when you suck him off. if he is fucking your throat, warming his cock, or just giving him a regular blow job with your needy puppy eyes. he loves making you hump pillow and touch yourself. calling you a slut and a whore while he continues to humiliate you. as a dom in any situation, he makes sure to throat train his subs. he will start with his fingers. making you gag and babble around him. when he finally lets you suck his cock, he goes hard. at first he tries to control himself but he loves watching you cough and your eyes get watery while you try to take him. he loves toys. vibrators, paddles, silk ties, gags, and anything you can think of. he is up to try anything and is always looking for new things.
porn links:
sirius going feral while you ride him
sirius fucking you against window so everyone can see who owns you
sirius spanking and teasing you with a paddle
regulus black
how he would asks you out: regulus has liked you for a very long time and kept it to himself. one day he and sirius are joking around and it slips out that he likes you. from that point on sirius and the other constantly tease reg about his crush. you both act oblivious when around each other, even when the boys talk about it. finally one night you see regulus going out to the black lake and he sits under a tree, so you decide to follow him. after awkward small talk, he attempts to nonchalantly ask you to stargaze with him. instead of saying yes, you kiss him. on your date it starts off awkward but ends with his hands up your skirt. 
what he is like sexually/kinks: regulus is a soft dom or a very hard dom, but nothing in between. either heavily degrading you while chocking you. or praising you while you suck him off. he uses the pet names, bunny, darling, doll, kitten, pretty girl. he has a very big innocence kink. like teaching you how to touch yourself, and how to give him a blowjob. he loves watching you get all nervous and needy, but he always turns you into a whimpering mess. as much as he loves fucking your throat, he could spend hours eating you out. he loves watching makeup run down your face as he overstimulates you. holding your hips and legs down so you can’t move. he will try almost anything even if it is just once. he has strict rules and won’t accept bad behavior. his punishments usually consist of, overstimulation or edging. he also loves spanking you with a paddle or his belt, until you are all red. even when he is rough, he makes sure you are comfortable with it. he likes to talk everything through after he cleans you up. he wants to see what you like and didn’t like. he loves having all the power over you even if he is being gentle. finally, he loves aftercare. he loves taking care of his pretty little girl.
porn links:
public teasing with reg
regulus laying you over his lap and overstimulating you
husband!reg fucking you while you try to make lunch for the kids
regulus fucking your face until he can see the bulge in your throat
lily evans
how she would asks you out: you don’t suspect lily has feelings for you, so you have never expressed them. you guys are still close friends and you don’t want to mess it up with her rejection. one day lily asks you to go on a picnic with her, marlene, and mary. but when you show up they are not there. you get all flustered and nervous, but lily comforts you and asks if anything is on your mind. and you say you like her, and instantly stand up. but she pulls you back down and confesses she likes you too.
what she is like sexually: lily is a hard dom, the one in control. she won’t tolerate any breaking of rules but she trains her subs so well that she gets to shower them with please as well as beautiful pain. you strictly call her mommy. she loves watching you such on her soft tits (which is a reward) and babble mommy whimpering with need. she loves to degrade you and turn you into a subby mess at her power. watching you struggle doing the things you beg to do is her most favorite thing. for days and days, you will beg her to let you fuck her with a strap. after she caves in, you start to have a hard time. she starts to tease and make fun of you for not being able to thrust into her properly. she says “my dumb little baby, thought you wanted this” and “pathetic, you asked to do this, and now you can even fuck mommy good”. even when she goes really hard on you, she always makes sure to give you the love you deserve.
porn links:
lily fingering you after she ripped your tights
dom lily fucking you hard with her strap
lily rewarding you after being her good girl the whole day
lily letting you suck her tits after a long day
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nsfw headcanons- george weasley
based on this request from @randomravenclaww - hii! i was wondering if you could do an oliver wood and george weasley nsfw headcannons? just like you did for fred?? i’m sorry if i’m being a bother! love your blog btw 💗💗💗xx
a/n: you literally asked for my favourite characters, i'm a hardcore oliver and weasley simp omg. i'll upload oliver in a while, here's george for now!
wc: 0.4k
pairings: george weasley x fem!reader
warnings: nsfw content below the cut, minors dni. 18+ only. characters are aged up, i do not write smut about minors.
first of all, and this needs to be established: george is literally such a simp for you
he practically waits on you, hand and foot, you always come first for him
needless to say, this definitely applies to your sex life
george is a switch, through and through. i just can't picture him any other way
some nights he could be pounding into you, awakening parts of your body you didn't know existed
and on others he'd be the one begging as you slowly straddled his hips, meeting his lips in a tantalising kiss
kisses you
like a lot
his lips practically never leave yours, and when they do, it's simply to kiss other parts of your body
his mouth is smart in more ways than one, george is great at oral
not so comfortable with degradation, so he won't be too rough with you
(he still knows exactly how to rile you up though. a few slight touches to your waist, a light kiss fluttering over your neck and you're a goner)
he prefers praising you instead, making his love for you audible with every compliment
"taking me so well, love"
"you're doing so good darling- shit, don't stop"
followed by a jerk of his hips and the hottest gasp, so really, how could you ever refuse?
not as cocky as fred, but still very confident in bed
doesn't really bring in toys or restraints into the picture
if he needs to pin you down, he'll just use his hands
or hand, really, if we're being honest here
he has seriously strong arms, what with being a beater and all
and they're good for doing more than setting off fireworks (although, i suppose he does set off fireworks in your brain when he gets his hands on you)
and blowjobs are cool and everything, but what's really hot to george?
looking up at you through half-lidded eyes as you writhe on the bed, his hands holding your thighs apart as his mouth delves into your cunt
it gets him hard just thinking about it
king of aftercare™️
will clean you up every time without fail (unless you had a quickie- in which case he'll make sure to fuck you properly later and then clean you up)
not too serious in the moment, sometimes he'll crack jokes that'll make you laugh suddenly instead of moan
although he does manage to get you back to moaning with a not-so-gentle bite on your neck, kissing the skin immediately after to sooth it
(you two definitely make a lot of vampire jokes after)
long story short, you're never unsatisfied with george weasley
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theoreticslut · 10 months ago
pairing: charlie weasley x reader; bill weasley x reader; fred weasley x reader; george weasley x reader
 requested: nope
word count: 5.1k
warnings: SMUT, age differences but all characters are 18+, first times, fingering, oral (female receiving), penetration
A/N: Please do not judge me for this. That’s all I ask. I know this is questionable, but the weasley boys?? All of them?? They’re pretty hot and I’d be down to sleep with all of them, just saying. I’ve had this written for months and have just been too scared to post it, but you know what? It’s written, it’s pretty freaking good in my opinion, & I just really want/need to post shit again so hopefully you enjoy this. 
Taglist: @justmesadgirl @xuckduck @yikesyikesyikes95 @filipi-yes @aestheticwh0r3 @siredkai @matsuno-nadeshiko @msmarklee1213 @immajustreadwritereblog @msmimimerton @perfectlysane24 @mischievous-queen @bunnyboo7 @grandeoptimist @kaitlynw011 @daddystevee @slytherinxhunter @streetfighterrichie @sarcasticallywitty15 @isthereanymorejello @karushinekomiya @p0gue420 @hogwartslut @sebby-staan @darthwheezely @slytherin-7 @callmelilone @teenagesublimefan @midsummernightdream @hufflrpuffforfred @aviezap @stxrryxsky @snoopydoop1 @fredweasleypls @hopefullhearts @pandaxnienke @georgeweasleyishot @christhebell @fredshmeasley @youralternantpersonality @angeletarte @stoopidwithtwohoes @georgeweasleysbabe @psychocracker @tovvaa @weasley8800  @wand3ringr0s3 @pinkypurplemagic @pineapplesandpinas
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You were excited to be staying at the burrow again this summer. You had pretty much grown up with the Weasley boys as your parents were friends from their time at hogwarts.
You had also been around to see Ron and Ginny grow up, so all of you were almost like siblings. You got along with all of them really well, and you were an only child so anytime you came to the burrow felt like you were coming home.
You were closest in age to the twins, being only a month or two younger than them, which meant that the three of you were as thick as thieves. There are plenty of stories from your childhood of you three planning pranks...and getting in trouble for them later.
Even though you’re closest to Fred and George, both in age and friendship, you still got along really well with Bill, Charlie, and Percy. Percy could be a bit stuck up at times so you didn’t socialize with him too much, but you did have a good relationship with Bill and Charlie.
In fact, most of your late childhood into early teen years you had a bit of a crush on the two older siblings. It’s bound to happen when they’re cute, older than you, nice to you, and almost always around.
Once you started at hogwarts, however, your crush on the two faded as they weren’t around as much and you were surrounded by other guys. Not that that really mattered any because you found yourself starting to crush on Fred and George more and more.
You knew it was weird since you literally grew up alongside them and they were your best friends, but you couldn’t help it. Even though the two of them could be a menace, they did know how to be really sweet. They had consoled you many a time from scraping your knee to losing your longtime family pet, even to when you had had a falling out with a friend.
You suppose that’s part of the reason you had fallen for them; since you grew up with them, you knew all these different sides they had that others didn’t necessarily get to see.
“Y/n! It’s so nice to have you stay here with us again.” Molly smiles at you in greeting as you, Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny walk through the door after yet another school year.
You, Fred, and George had just finished up your sixth year and were excited that you were so close to graduating.
“Thank you for letting me stay again. I swear I’m not trying to permanently move in.” You smile, earning a chuckle from her as Fred rolls his eyes and mumbles a sarcastic ‘sure’ to which you slap his bicep for.
“Don’t worry about it, dear.” She chuckles. “You’ve been a surrogate daughter to me for years. It’s almost wrong to not have you here.”
You smile, loving that you’re essentially a part of the family. Don’t get it wrong, you love your parents just as much and wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world, but something about being a weasley just sat perfectly with you.
You frown as you make your way down the stairs. You’re not really sure where everyone was. You’ve been hiding away in ginny’s room with a fan trying to stay cool while you read a book you bought in hogsmeade you just hadn’t had the time to read yet.
It’s surprisingly quiet, which is why you become so curious. It’s almost always full of noise in here.
Even though it confuses you, you decide to  ignore the itch you have to figure out why and instead find yourself something to eat as your stomach is growling something fierce.
You make it down to the kitchen and make a beeline for the fridge, looking around to see what there is. Just as your about to pull stuff out, you hear someone call you’re name from behind, startling you.
“Ah, sorry, y/n.” the same person chuckles as you turn around.
If you had been annoyed before, it all left your body when you saw who it was that had scared you.
“Charlie! What are you doing here? It’s been ages!” You ask, running up to give him a hug.
After he graduated, he decided he wanted to study and work with dragons and moved out to Romania to do so. That was nearly four years ago now, and you’d barely heard anything from him since.
“Nice to see you too, kiddo. How have you been?” He chuckles, hugging you back.
He doesn’t like admitting it, but he’s always had a bit of a soft spot for you. He remembers always wanting to take care of you when you were real little, granted he was real young then too, but something about you fascinated him. Maybe it was because you weren’t a boy.
Either way, he took care of you a lot when you were both real young. He got to watch you grow up, seeing you as a cute and innocent toddler to a carefree child.
He loved how you were wild enough to keep up with his twin brothers, yet were so soft and laidback as well.
He ended up having a bit of a crush on you. But he never acted on it as he was about five years older, and didn’t want anyone to think he was a pervert or anything. It’s not like it would matter, you two had grown up together, but you were both young and people don’t always like an age gap in young couples.
“I’ve been really good, Charlie. I was chosen as one of Gryffindor’s prefects this year! Not to mention I’ve done really well on all my tests.”
“That’s amazing, kiddo. I always knew you would do good. I hope you’ve been able to keep Fred and George in line?”
“Well, sort of...” you trail off. You didn’t really want to tell him how being a prefect gave you the ability to help Fred and George sneak around even better to set up their pranks.
“You’ve been helping them out with their pranks, haven’t you? I remember how much you three would get in trouble for them when you were younger.”
“We only got in trouble because Percy would rat us out.” You argue to which Charlie chuckles. He does remember how feisty you were at times.
You sigh as you take in his features. He was the same Charlie you had always known, but he was so much more mature now. His muscles were even more defined since his days of quidditch from working with dragons day after day.
You couldn’t help the butterflies that had started fluttering in your stomach as your heart started racing. You thought you were over your crush on him, but seeing him now resurfaces all your old feelings, only tenfold as you’re now with raging hormones.
“I see you’re still as feisty as ever, kiddo. Glad to know you haven’t changed that much since I’ve been gone.”
“If I’m ever not feisty, somethings wrong.” You chuckle, getting him to smile as he looks over you.
He has to admit just how well you’ve matured. Your y/h/c hair fell smoothly against your shoulders, not much longer than that. Your locks only highlighted your soft face, framing your features perfectly.
Same as you, he can’t help but feel his childhood crush on you reappear.
“You know, you never did answer what you were doing here? Does molly or any of your siblings know you’re here?” You ask after a moment of you two admiring each other.
“No, she doesn’t. Nor do they. I was hoping to surprise them with my visit, but none of them seem to be here. Honestly, I was more than surprised to see you here.”
“I’m surprised to see you. I don’t know where anyone else is, but I’m glad I got to see you first.”
“Same here, pumpkin. I didn’t expect to see you at all, but I’m glad I am. It’s been real nice seeing you before anyone else, especially since I don’t think I’ll have much time away from them whenever they do come home.”
You smile, looking up at the man you’ve been crushing on for years. He’ll never know what his words do to you.
“Y/n, kiddo. Can I tell you something?” Charlie asks, pushing some of your hair out of your face as he tucks it behind your ear.
“Of course.”
“This might be crazy and I know it’s probably a bit weird, but I used to have such a crush on you.” He confesses, smiling at you as you watch him.
“Yeah? Well, I used to have such a crush on you too, Charlie.” You blush.
He quirks an eyebrow at you, chewing on his bottom lip as he mulls over his next action.
“Used to? Or still do, kiddo?”
“Still do...” you mumble, your cheeks a furious shade of red now as you admit to liking him.
You’re not really sure where your confidence came from. Sure you’ve always been comfortable talking to him about anything, but this was unchartered territory.
“Good.” He smiles, kissing you before leaning in so he can whisper in your ear.
“Because I do too.”
You gasp as he kisses your neck, not giving you any warning.
“Charlie.” You gasp, as you wrap your arms around the back of his neck, your hands tangling into his hair and tugging.
He moans, pulling you even closer as he sucks on your earlobe, drawing a whiny moan from you.
“What do you say to taking this up to my room? We can have a bit of fun before everyone gets back?”
“O-okay.” You agree, melting against his body.
You’ve never been kissed before, let alone touched like this. Your body was going crazy with all the sensations and you weren’t sure what to do.
Charlie leads you up to his old room, that had been left pretty much the same. He closes the door, placing a locking spell on it even though no one should question why his door is closed. Molly keeps it shut anyways.
“Have you ever done anything, kiddo?” He asks, laying you down on his bed as he hovers over top of you.
You shake your head, chewing on your bottom lip as you watch him for any sort of reaction.
He smiles warmly at you, gently tucking your hair behind your ears as he admires you. He would love to be the one to take your virginity, but only if you’d like him to.
“Are you okay with all of this?”
You nod, moaning lightly as you clench your thighs together.
“Do you want me to stop?”
You shake your head, not wanting him to stop at all. No, you much rather he do something to help this sensation you’re having.
“No.” You whine. “Please don’t stop.”
He smirks, pressing a soft kiss to your nose as he feels down your body.
“You’re so beautiful, y/n. I hope you know that.”
“Charlie, please do something. I-I don’t know what to do.” You whimper. You’ve never felt so needy before and you need something to happen.
Charlie chuckles lightly above you before pressing a kiss to your lips.
“Are you feeling a bit needy, pumpkin? Need me to take care of you?”
You whimper, nodding at his words as he smirks.
You close your eyes as he leans down, pressing a soft kiss to your lips before whispering to you, “let me know if you want to stop, okay? I want you to feel comfortable.”
You nod, moaning as he starts to undress you, feeling your body up and down.
“So pretty, pumpkin. You’re so so pretty.”
Slowly you feel him drag his hands over your breasts, gently massaging them in his palms before trailing his hands down to your thighs, pulling your legs apart so he can see your pretty sex.
“Charlie.” You groan as he trails his fingers around your inner thighs, placing kisses at the tops of them but not touching where you need him to.
“Patience, kiddo. We gotta make sure you’re warmed up enough. I don’t want to hurt you any.”
You nod, tossing your head back as he tauntingly trails his fingers closer.
You become lost in the bliss of everything, not being able to separate his hot kisses from when he starts rubbing your clit before sliding two fingers into you.
No, you’re too far gone in the bliss to even realize he’s ready to slide himself into you until his head is pressing against you, ready to be enveloped within your soft walls.
“You okay, pumpkin?”
You nod, a few tears falling out as he begins sliding himself inside you, intertwining your fingers with his as he holds your one hand near you head, the other gripping at the sheets while his is planted on your hips to hold you still.
“Feel so good, pumpkin. You’re taking me so well.” Charlie praises, slowly pushing his way inside you.
“Oh, Charlie. Fuck.” You groan, squeezing the hand that’s intertwined with yours.
“It’s alright, pretty girl. You’re doing so well. Just a few more inches and I’m inside you, yeah? Can you handle that?”
You nod, moaning as he pushes further into. You never would have expected him to be so well-endowed. It felt heavenly, but bloody hell.
He hisses when he finally fills you completely with his dick. He’s had sex before, but nothing has ever compared to this. He swears there’s nothing that could top the feeling of filling his childhood crush  with his cock.
“Charlie. Oh Merlin, please move.” You whine, your walls finally stretching enough for the pain to dissipate.
The next few minutes go by way too fast. One second, Charlie’s thrusting into you making you feel the best you ever have, and the next you’re coming all over him as he does the same in the condom he’s wearing, his dick still buried inside you.
You sigh as you come down from the high, not quite believing that just happened, but wanting to do it all over again.
You groan, frustrated at the feeling you’ve been dealing with for the last few days. Charlie only stayed for a week, and as he said, he had been swept up by his siblings wanting to spend time with him before he left again.
Since you two slept together, you’ve been finding yourself getting turned on and needing release more and more.
Charlie had been kind enough, or needy enough depending on how you want to look at it, to please you a few more times during his stay. Each time was absolutely amazing and you wanted so much more, but you knew he would be leaving again while you were stuck here.
Charlie has been gone for nearly three weeks now and yet you still find yourself getting turned on and needing release. Unfortunately, there was no way to do that, not unless you want to risk completely embarrassing yourself.
Bill had come home for a visit and he’s been here a few days now. You wanted to blame him for getting turned on, but you knew it wasn’t anything but your own thoughts doing it to you.
Same as with Charlie, the moment you saw Bill, all your old feelings arose and hit you tenfold.
Unfortunately, no “promising situations” arose where Bill might confess that he’s had feelings for you all along as well.
“You look grumpy, kid.” He points out as you come into the kitchen.
“I am a bit.” You frown, making your way over to the fridge. Again, you had been so preoccupied that you didn’t realize just how hungry you were until your stomach was yelling at you.
“What’s got you so grumpy?”
“I’m really hungry and just kinda tired.” You half-lie. Sure you were hungry and tired, but that’s not really what was making you so grumpy.
“Really? I would’ve pegged it on something else.”
“Yeah? Like what?” You ask, too irritated to really care what he thought anyway.
“Well, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re turned on and haven’t done anything about it yet.” He states, not shy about it in the slightest.
“Excuse me?!” You blubber, choking on your own saliva at his answer. You never expected him to say that, especially to you.
Bill was always the mature, proper one out of all the boys. You two were close, but never in a million years would you have expected him to say something like that.
“Y/n, kid. I’ve been through puberty myself. I know what it’s like to be sexually frustrated.”
You whimper, not meaning to in the slightest, but it’s out before you can stop it.
“Is that the case, beautiful?”
You nod, blushing furiously. You don’t like to admit how needy you are, but here you are anyway.
“Would you like some help to feel better?”
You look up at Bill with such a needy expression on your face. Your eyes are wide and your lips are pouted. You don’t want anything more than to have him help you out, but the thought embarrasses you.
“Is that a yes, love?” He chuckles, caressing your cheek as he watches you. He’s always thought you were attractive but for merlins sake the sight of you all horny was a bloody masterpiece.
You nod, watching as he smiles at you, grabbing at your hand and tugging you along behind him.
He leads you up to his bedroom where he kisses you, pulling you flush to his body. Even though you’re younger than him by a number of years, he’s always had a crush on you. Seeing you now, nearly all grown up and matured, he wants nothing more than to make you feel good.
“Please do something.” You moan as he keeps kissing at your neck, his hands feeling  over your sides, hips, and ass.
He nods, placing one last kiss to your lips before ripping your shirt up over your head and quickly unbuttoning your shorts.
Before you know it, you’re naked underneath him as he’s naked hovering over you. He looks absolutely delicious, and you can’t help but kiss at his neck as he pushes his way into you.
“Oh, fuck.” You groan.
“Ugh, fuck. Doing so well, love. Taking me so well.”
You can’t help but moan at the praise. You love knowing that you doing good, that you’re making him feel good.
As soon as he’s all the way inside you, you’re arching your back, wanting him to move. You swear he’s even bigger than Charlie and yet you’re taking him better.
Before long, Bill has a fast pace set that’s nearly knocking the bed into the wall.
“Feels so good.” You whine, arching up against him.
“Almost there, love.”
You let out a high pitched moan as you both hit your highs, you arching against the bed as your one hand grips at the sheets, your other holding on bill’s shoulder.
“Feel any better, love?” He asks, panting as he pulls out of you.
“So much better. Thank you.” You smile, happily curling up into his arms as he holds you to him.
Summer passes by with days filled with happy and fun memories of swimming in the pond near the burrow or eating marshmallows that you toasted over the fire.
Soon enough though your back at hogwarts, stressing over classes and spending all your free time with the twins.
Tonight they had decided they wanted to drink and play silly muggle party games as it was a Friday after a big test in potions. You all felt pretty confident with your work, but it had been a long and stressful week. One that Fred and George just wanted to drink away. Being their best friend, you were of course invited.
“Alright, y/n. Truth or dare?” George asks.
“Let’s go with truth, I guess.” You say, taking a drop of the Veritaserum you all insisted you play with to make things more interesting.
“Alright, let see. Fred, what are you thinking?” George asks, leaning over to his brother to converse.
You were drunk, but not so far gone that you weren’t aware of what was happening or that you’d forget tonight’s events in the morning.
“Yeah. Yeah, that’s a good one. Okay, y/n. Have you lost your virginity?” George asks, giggling at the alcohol coursing through his veins.
Neither of the boys knew you had, which is why they both choked on their drinks when you blatantly answered “yes.”
“Wait, really?!” Fred asks, his eyes wide as he looks at you in a new light. How did he not know his best friend had lost her virginity?
“Over the summer.” You answer before you can stop. You really, really did not want to tell you’re best friends that you had slept with their two oldest brothers.
“Over the summer? B-but, you never left the house.” George splutters out, not quite putting the pieces together yet.
“Mm-hmm” you hum, your cheeks flushing in embarrassment as you can’t help but tell the truth. Stupid veritaserum.
“The only people you would’ve seen...w-were,” he trails off, blanching at the realization that you slept with at least one of his brothers.
“Bill and Charlie.” Fred answered, not yet at his brothers realization.
You all sit in silence for a minute before Fred shouts out.
“Oh Merlin! You lost it to one of our brothers?!” Fred asks, a hint of disgust in his tone.
You nod, closing your eyes as both Fred and George shake their heads at the images.
“Which one?” Fred asks.
“Uh, well...both?” You answer, the veritaserum wearing off only slightly as you had such a small dosage.
“Both?!” Fred and George exclaim.
“What the hell, y/n! They’re our brothers!” Fred groans, disturbed by the thought of you sleeping with his older brothers.
“Hey! I didn’t start any of it, okay! They initiated it each time.” You defend.
“Each time?! How many times did you sleep with them?” George asks, exasperatedly.
“Uhm, 3 or 4 times with Charlie. Twice with Bill.” You admit, the veritaserum kicking in again as it works it’s way out of your system.
“Oh, godric. Ugh, we didn’t need to know that.” Fred huffs.
“You two asked!” You huff, blushing wildly as you lean back on the bed, crossing your arms.
A few minutes pass in silence as you mull over your words while Fred and George try to accept this new information.
“What was it like? D-did it feel...good?” George asks, shyly.
“What? Sex?”
He nods, blushing lightly as you start to get wet, thinking back on how amazing it feels.
“It feels amazing, Georgie.” You sigh, your thighs clenching together unconsciously.
“Yeah. I-I don’t know how to explain it, but the high it's-it's phenomenal.”
“C-could you show us?” Fred asks, both twins flushing madly.
“You want me to show you?!”
“Yeah. C-can you take our virginity?” George asks, shifting around in his spot as he gets turned on by the idea.
“I-I guess. B-both of you?”
They nod and you smile shyly, a deep blush on your cheeks as you lean forward to give each of them a kiss.
“Alright, well both of you lie back then, yeah?”
They do as you say, laying down on the bed you three were sharing. You take a deep breath, trying to calm your nerves. These were your best friends for merlin’s sake, you had literally grown up together.
Slowly, you climb on top of George as he’s closest to you and you smile lightly as his breath hitches at the sight of you on top of him.
“You’re sure you two want to do this?” You ask, looking between the two twins.
They nod, gulping as they watch you. True they had never really thought about you being their first, but now that the moment had arose, they knew they didn’t want it to be anyone else.
“Okay, uh, how should I do this?” You mumble to yourself, blushing at the reality that you’re going to be taking your best friends’ virginity. Not one of theirs, both of theirs. At the same bloody time.
“How did your first time go, love?” Fred asks, watching you as you try to figure out what to do first.
“Uh, well. It started with kissing; kissing each other’s lips before h-he trailed down my neck.”
George gently sits up, connecting your lips as Fred works on kissing your neck, drawing a moan from you.
“Like that?” Fred asks, as George pulls away and taking his turn at your neck.
“Just like that.” You hum, pulling the older twin into a soft kiss.
“What next?” George asks, trailing his fingers up your sides.
“A lot of touching, caressing. W-we undressed.” You say, a bit breathily as you pull away from Fred, the red head immediately moving back down to your neck and shoulders.
“I-I’m supposed to be making you two feel good.” You moan, both of their hands feeling all over your body.
George had decided that he’d trail his fingers over your hips and thighs, roughly grabbing onto them every now and then to get you to grind against him.
Fred, however, decided he’d take responsibility for groping your breasts, sides, and stomach. His touch sending shivers throughout your body.
“We’re feeling good, don’t worry, y/n” Fred mumbles.
George nods, groaning in agreement.
“No. Let me take care of you guys.” You say, halting their movements as you push Fred back down on the bed.
You trail one of your hands up each of their stomachs, lifting their shirts as you do. You place a kiss to both of their lips before ripping off the fabric.
You slowly grind against George as you reach over and palm Fred, locking your lips with him as George throws his head back in a moan.
“Fuck, y/n.” Fred groans, upset at the lack of contact as you switch to kissing George.
You slowly trail your kisses down george’s neck and stomach as you crawl down to unbutton his trousers. You can hear him groan and you smile to yourself. Sure you’ve had sex, but you had only just started and were still quite inexperienced, especially when it came to focusing on the guy's pleasure. Hearing that they were enjoying it certainly made you feel better about your skills.
Once George’s trousers are off, you move over to Fred to give him the same attention. You slowly straddle his hips, grinding into him slowly as he grabs yours.
“Godric, y/n. You’re good to us.” Fred sighs, grinding you down onto him harder.
After a few minutes you get both boys rid of their bottoms and them ridding you of your clothes except bra and panties.
“You’re so beautiful.” George smiles, kissing you before easily removing your bra.
“So beautiful.” Fred agrees, kissing you after his brother. You let out a shocked gasp of air when Fred pushes you back onto the bed, kissing your neck.
“Can we fuck you now, princess? Please, angel?” Fred begs, looking up at you after making a mark on your collarbone.
“Go ahead, weasley.” You hum, a shiver running up your spine as he hooks his fingers in the crotch of your panties to rip them off you.
“Oh fuck, Freddie.”
He smirks, carefully bringing his finger to your folds, circling your clit carefully before slowly inserting his pointer and middle finger inside of you.
You groan, back arching up off the bed as your one best friend fingers you, your other best friend gently massaging your breasts.
“Come taste her, George.” Fred says, pulling his fingers from inside you and sucking on them.
You moan at the sight, never imagining your two best friends would be here taking turns on you to lose their virginity. In all honesty, it was quite a spectacle. You really hoped you’d be able to do this again with them...except maybe one at a time though.
You sigh out in pleasure as George begins fingering you, bringing his tongue to your folds and eating you out at the same time.
You fall into a bit of trance, not able to differentiate between all the pleasure, the twins taking their time in prepping you. You don’t even realize they’re ready to fuck you until you feel George enter you, stretching you out.
“Oh fuck, Georgie. So big. Feels so good though, baby.” You groan, grabbing ahold of his shoulder as he pushes himself inside you.
You can just barely see Fred kneeling at the end of the bed, watching the two of you as he absentmindedly palms himself slowly.
George groans, twitching as soon as he’s inside you, much too overwhelmed with all the stimulation.
“Merlin, darling. You’re s-so tight. Feels so good.”
You moan, feeling him finally enter you completely. He waits a minute, letting the both of you adjust before he starts moving.
The next ten minutes or so go by much too fast, it didn’t take long for George to cum, pulling out of you as Fred takes his place. You register the switch, Fred feeling different inside you as well as going at a different pace.
You’re a moaning mess, reaching your high with Fred who stills inside you, leaning into you as you both ride out the bliss.
“Oh fuck, princess. That was amazing.” Fred smiles, kissing you as he massages your lower back, laying down beside you, facing you.
“Yeah it was.” George agrees, laying behind you and massaging your hip.
You smile tiredly, nodding in agreement as you try to catch your breath. The three of you lay together in silence for a few minutes before Fred kisses your nose, George kissing your shoulder.
“Is it cool to do that again? Like, tomorrow or something?” Fred asks, smiling at you as you chuckle.
“Yeah. Yeah, we can do that again. It felt amazing.” You smile, looking at Fred and then over your shoulder at George.
“Definitely, angel.” Fred agrees, kissing you and you feel george nod against your back as he continues placing soft, warm kisses to your shoulder.
You never expected all this to happen when arriving to the burrow this past summer, but you can’t say you weren’t pleased with the outcomes. Not only did you get a confession from your two oldest crushes that they also liked you back, but you lost your virginity to one, got to sleep with the other, and you got to sleep with your two best friends; which you’re pretty sure the three of you are going to continue to do for quite awhile. What more could you possibly ask for?
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gotkindabored · 3 months ago
Thrilled by the Still of Your Hand | S.B
She was on fire: the heat of her skin threatening to consume her whole. A thin sheen of sweat clung to her pliant body, surrendered to Sirius’ touch as she cried out for any sort of release. Any relief.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRINGS: Sirius Black x F!Reader
CONTENT: P in V, bondage, pet names, dom!Sirius, no plot, unprotected, edging, denial, tears, choking, slapping, rough, praise, use of ‘Sir’ for Sirius, a bit of aftercare, toys
Tumblr media
DISCLAIMER: Do not use this story as an educational reference and always practice safe sex!
Tumblr media
Sirius Black thinks his brain is fucking broken. He’s sure of it.
The rational part knew he shouldn’t be enjoying the sight as much as he did, but she looked just so pretty. Just for him.
But she likes it too. So maybe they’re both a little fucked in the head.
The ropes, sturdy, spilled across her body. They overlapped each other, crisscrossed into a simple harness, arms bound behind her. The black ropes travelled down to her stomach and thighs, although she was still able to move her legs, albeit with difficulty, freely.
With one last meticulous knot, securing everything in place, Sirius stepped back, marvelling at his work. He ran a hand through his hair, observing his girl spread out across the bed. The ropes squeezed her breast together, making them bunch. Her eyes, wide and doe-like, were peering up at him shyly, making his cock ache.
He’s driving himself mental with anticipation.
“You look divine,” he says, chuckling as he watches her give an experimental tug at the binds, squirming to try and relieve the burning between her thighs.
His fingers run along the black ropes, shoving a couple of fingers in between where it meets flesh, giving a few tugs.
It bites into her skin deliciously, and she can’t help but give out a small mewl.
“Does this feel good?” He asks, checking for air circulation, rounding to see if her hands were fine.
“Perfect, sir,” she agrees quickly. She can’t help but try and bring him closer, struggling only to be reminded she’s at his mercy, ropes bounding her tight. Sirius only chuckles at this; bringing a large, heavy hand to stroke up and down her thigh until his thumb rested on the slit of her lips.
Their eyes finally meet again, and she watches as Sirius purses his lips together minutely, studying her. He leans in, voice soft, “Why don’t you remind me what your colours are?”
He’s giving her time for herself, to prepare, or to back out.
“Red, yellow, green.”
There was that Sirius Black smile.
Leaning in closer, his forehead rested against hers gently, eyes fluttering shut. He already felt electric.
“Care to tell me what they mean?”
“Red means stop, yellow means to slow down, green means go.”
He gives an appreciative hum. The vibration and breathy voice make it impossible not to be intoxicated by him. “That’s my good girl. Don’t hesitate to use them. What colour are you now?”
Sirius pressed a searing kiss to her lips. He’s fully clothed, her attire almost shredded in their haste and it gives him an edge. He’s beyond giddy, biting his lip, drinking in the power she gave him. It thumped through his veins before a dominant persona was woven on.
He grabs a nearby pillow, dropping it on the ground as his fingers snap, pointing to the ground: a clear indication that tonight he has little patience. “Down.”
On the edge of their bed, Sirius sat while she was slotted between his leg, knees on the soft pillow. With ease, he zipped his trousers down, reaching for his hard cock and gave a few quick tugs, hitting her face with his length.
Her mouth opens and with a small lick to the slit of the head, he hissed, prompting him to tilt her head to look him straight in the eyes. “Don’t tease me.”
She slides her mouth back on, bobbing away and she feels herself attempting to clench around nothing. But Sirius has other ideas as his hand, firm, pressed her head down on his cock, forcing her nose to touch his pubic bone. She gags. The pace he sets is fast, every once in a while he untangles a hand from her hair and leads her off before shoving her back on. A slew of low groans emit around her, as the image of his head thrown back is blurred with moisture, causing tears to flow down her cheeks.
“That’s it puppy,” Sirius mocked. He persisted, thrusting up as the head of his cock brushed against the roof of her mouth repeatedly. Her sputtering gags make something in Sirius nearly snap. Delighted; thrilled. “Shhh, you’re doing so well.”
He watches the way her neck bulged with his length; her mascara smeared down her cheeks, spit dibbling her chin. With a couple forceful thrusts, his hips snap upwards, firmly holding the back of her head as it triggers her to reflex. Nonetheless, he keeps her in place until pulling out with a loud groan, preventing himself from coming.
They take a moment to catch their breaths and she’s positive she’s dripping at this point. Her jaw aches, mouth hurts and he considers it before taking the sleeve of his shirt, cleaning up the spit around her lips.
“Fuckin’ filthy,” he mumbles, tracing her lips. He bends down, helping her off the floor; guiding her to sit on his thigh, still on the edge of the bed. With his hands on either side of her waist, leg straining; in an agonizingly slow rolling motion, he grinds her pussy down on him. His mouth trails over her collarbone and neck, licking a long stripe down her throat.
He breaks away, observing her messy makeup and it takes every bit of him to slow down. “What do you say?”
“Thank you, sir.”
“Thank you for...?”
Her face burns with embarrassment. Her voice drops to a whisper and his tone made her want to look away, but she couldn't. “Thank you for letting me suck your cock.”
“Sorry, puppy,” his lips were against her ear, the lightest edge of his teeth grazing. “Couldn’t hear you. Repeat that?”
But it’s a lot. His hands were everywhere. It was hard to concentrate on anything he was saying. He smelt so good, the utter confidence he exuded was overpowering, he felt even better, and even then, slipping into a fuzzy mindset, she felt safe with him. Secured. She always does.
The ropes made her skin tender, aching. His grip tightens, continuing to rock her back and forth.
“What, now you can’t speak?” This time his voice is harsh, gritted through teeth. He pulls away, a whine coming from her as he delivers a small smack onto her face. Eyes narrowing as he played up the character. “Answer me!”
“Thank you for letting me suck your cock!”
Happy, Sirius clicks his tongue, his hand wiggles down, pinching her nipples. A shock of surprise elicited a sharp cry as he turned, laying her down on the bed.
He looms over her, fingers, long and slender, filled with rings spreading her legs wide while he sucks down on the jugular of her neck before a trail of kisses descend down to her breast, mouth closing over one of her nipples, gently tweaking the other as she relaxes into the bed.
Soft moans leave her lips, a throbbing ache going straight to her clit and Sirius has to close his eyes, desperately trying to control his breathing; too entranced by her moans.
“Please,” she pleaded, earning a sharp tug to the ropes. They dig into her skin.
“Please what?” He mocks, lips pouting, jutting out.
“Please touch me, sir.”
“I am doll,” he croons, sucking harsher, “You’re going to have to be more specific.”
A frustrated huff leaves her, head thrashing around. She doesn’t want to give him that satisfaction but caves too quickly.
“Touch my pussy, I need you so bad.” But Sirius refuses to move, instead, he tugs on the rope again, just to hear her gasp and feel her jerk.
“Pathetic little thing,” he snips at her. However, he slithers down, his long fingers, slender, filled with rings trace her slit. And Sirius smiles weakly, feeling just how wet she was and he feels the dull ache of his cock, wanting to fuck her. And he wants to give in. He still purposely avoids touching her clit, can feel her body try to wiggle around and the whines make his cock throb.
His fingers barely slip in. But he makes a pleasing noise, a menacing glint in his eyes, he circles her clit with a slick fingertip. Teasing.
She moans, he grins, moving to slip his fingers in and out of her. His face lowers, but she giggles a bit. Sirius peers up, not knowing whether or not to be offended or laugh along.
“What’s so funny?”
“Your b-beard is tickling m-me!”
His persona slips a bit, his heart swelling at the noise but he hides his face before she could see, occupying himself with his tongue lapping swiftly. He moans. Her laughing comes to a halt while he adds another finger and she shudders when he pushes them in deeper.
He’s obsessed with her. She was so beautiful, and all his.
And she revels in him.
But as she approaches her impending orgasm, Sirius can sense it, feels her walls squeeze his fingers and becomes wetter. Regrettably, he retracts. A broken half-choke, half-sob leaves her, chest heaving.
Once he knows she’s edged herself down, his hand slips between again.
He moves fast, focusing on her swollen bud as the pleasure hits her instantly. Every touch sent shockwaves of sensation through her, feeling the pure need to finish this time.
Sirius grinds against the mattress a bit, a hunger consuming him as he watches his girl jerk and squirm, noticing the trembling of her legs and blissed-out expression. He’s left searching for friction.
“Fuck,” she moans, lifting her hips off the bed as best as she could in the restraints. Her muscles flexed, feeling the frustrated tears as she realizes he’s about to move away again. When he does, this time he ghosted delicate touches over her clit, just enough to make her react.
She was on fire: the heat of her skin threatening to consume her whole. A thin sheen of sweat clung to her pliant body, surrendered to Sirius’ touch as she cried out for any sort of release. Any relief.
And he stops and sits up. From the corner of his eye, he sees the white vibrator, on their bedside, cleaned and brought out if they wanted to use it. He leans over, grabbing it with a dark smile returning to his face as she babbled beneath him.
“Sirius! Please don’t s —”
This results in a slap across her face before he rubs his hand to soothe out the pain. “Not my name.”
“Sir,” she corrects herself, “May I cum? Please? Please, please —”
But she’s cut off when a soft, trilling buzz flows through the room. Sirius’ hand stills on her thigh, spreading them further apart.
Her heart is thrilled by the still of his hand.
“I can give you more,” he breathes, “Just be good for me.”
At once, he positions the device directly on her sensitive bud; a shock shooting through her. She cried out, the switch from his mouth to the toy was grand and it caused him to click it up another dial.
Sirius is exhilarated; a cruel smirk spreading wide on his lips.
She tries to writhe around the restraints. Tries. The ropes bound her, and Sirius pressed her body down, rendering her helpless.
She hiccups, cheeks burning in humiliation as salty tears begin to escape again in anticipation that he’s going to move.
But he doesn’t.
“I — I can’t,” her chest thundered, body aflame. A panic builds because she wouldn’t be able to hold it off. And they both know it. “I’m so close.”
Sirius doesn’t move, only nodding as a sign of permission.
A rush spreads across her body. Her moans surround them both. She’s more than pleased to hear groaning ringing in her ear from Sirius, knowing he’s getting off on this too as she loses herself to the sensation.
“You should see how pretty you look right now.”
But when the orgasm is over, the vibrator still going, pressed even firmer against her oversensitive bud. The helpless position and Sirius' unrelenting, his nearly cruel presence has her panicking.
“Sir!” She shouts as the sensation slowly mixes with pain. “It’s too much.”
“Hush, puppy,” Sirius dismissed, voice bordering on indifference. “I thought you said you wanted to come? You’re fine.”
She lets out a sound between a whimper and a choked sob. At this, Sirius fucking laughs at her.
“It — ah! It hurts!”
At this, his voice turns somewhat gentle, reminding her of her safe word. She refuses to use them. With that, he clicks up the speed dial two notches up
This time, the pleasure subsides quicker than last time. It’s tenfolds sharper, intense and Sirius can’t help but appreciate how fucking beautiful he thought she was.
Her thrashing did little in attempts to get away from the continuous sensation.
“Sir!” She chants as the torture pursues. Her babbling came out as nothing decipherable.
This time, Sirius does give her a moment to breathe, grabbing the glass of water left on the stand, giving her a moment to relax, to replenish. But he flicks the toy back on, pressing her thighs together and settles the vibrator in between, holding it there for him.
“Now, I’m going to get undressed and if this slips —” He turns the dial-up again, this time to the highest setting which has her nearly screaming. “— Then you’re going to have to come another two — or maybe three times.”
It’s nearly impossible to stay still, not when every fibre of her is shaking from the previous orgasms.
An anguished cry spills out. Three was too much.
By now, Sirius is impatient, dying to feel her walls around him as he sheds his clothing. And he’s more than happy when he settles between her, seeing the vibrator still being held by trembling legs.
He leans over, rewarding this with a kiss and removing the toy. He opens her legs, falling limp to the bed. He takes his length into his hand, hissing at the touch after being unattended to for so long. He drags the tip of his cock through her folds, slapping her clit a few times with it. It’s practically drenched already.
“Colour —”
“G-green! Just fuck me!”
Sirius doesn’t need to be told twice as he slips in. Her twitching body, walls closing in on him, clenching tightly has him breathless. At this rate, he wasn’t going to last.
“Stop moving,” he says through gritted teeth, attempting to calm down. His jaw was clenched, hungry eyes roaming over her. But it’s fruitless as she continues to rock herself onto him, completely fucked out now. “Fuck,” he tugs on the rope that caused her to yelp, “Do you ever listen?”
Sirius is getting impatient, wanting his own release as he ditched his effort to ground himself, only to set a rapid, punishing pace.
“Y-you feel — ah! So — good!” Her voice jumped pitches from his pace.
She feels heavenly.
With the forgotten vibrator, Sirius clicks it back on as his hand wraps around her throat, pressing the sides of her neck. He regularly releases the pressure, bringing the vibrator to where they meet, angling it just above her clit.
Fuck, he can feel the vibrations second-hand, the sensation making his heart thump harder. She can feel his cock twitch inside, body quivering, jerking, unable to touch him how she really wants. And it makes her mewl pathetically.
He pounds into her, losing himself in her pulsing around him, combined with the vibrations that send him into a frenzy.
When Sirius finally reaches his orgasm, he knows for sure that this was the best sex he’s ever had in his life. He pulls out with a groan, his cum shooting over messily on her stomach as he watches her come with silent moaning, shuddering. His eyes are torn between closing shut, riding out his high or watching her head loll back onto the pillow behind. Even with the ropes, he has to hold her down. He milks it out, pace slowing and he immediately clicks off the toy, resting his head in the crook of her shoulder to continue to trust in. When he feels her body begin to shake, his hands tug at the ropes, pulling them loose.
Her leg twitches, unable to stay still as Sirius takes just a second to himself until moving to gently remove the ropes.
He gently rolls her to her side, making sure to untie the rope securing her hands. He quickly rubs softly over her wrist to lessen the burn, turning her again, letting her back hit the bed.
“Doll, you’re precious. You did so well. So good. I love you,” he murmurs, smoothing out any hair from her face. He can see the faint tear tracks on her cheeks and the only response he gets is a small, weak nod.
He leaves a few kisses to her temple, soothing her with sugary words that make her float high, still slipping in and out of that floaty, clouded headspace.
“What’s your colour, my love?” She mouths out green and Sirius takes that as a good sign. “Is it okay if I can touch you?” Another nod. He sits up, bringing her to his lap, holding her tight against his chest. Her head was tucked into his neck, a warmth spread across her body as he grabbed that glass of water, making her drink all of it.
“You’re amazing. I’m so proud of you,” he continues to whisper, knowing the deep vibrations from his vocal cords assist to reassure her. “You’re so, so, so good for me sweetheart. I love you.”
“That…” Her voice was quiet. “Was… amazing.”
Sirius chuckles, she joined along, both basking in a warm, hazy feeling.
“Was there anything you didn’t like?” He quickly askes, keeping his voice no louder than a murmur to prevent her from growing too overwhelmed. “Are you hurt?”
She shakes her head, facing him. “I’m okay.” His hand moved to cup her cheek for a fleeting moment before she pressed a series of kisses to his skin. As much as this was aftercare for her, he needed it too.
Sirius, feeling a giddy, almost schoolboyish excitement jumped through him, leaned down, attacking her skin with dozens of pecks across her face, making her giggle, filling her heart with nothing but the feeling of love. She's floating in that deep calm, more profound than any sleep. Almost with a swirling graze, butterflies fluttered, tendons wrapping around them in the pits of their stomach.
She wonders if she could drunk on the lips of a god.
“Doll, do you want to get cleaned up? Put some of that cream where those ropes were?”
Sirius barks out a laugh, his ego swelling up a bit. “A shower? Can you even walk?”
She softly slaps his chest, eyes-rolling. “Shut up.”
And she feels safe with him. Secured. She always does. Both of their hearts were thrilled by each other.
Tumblr media
© gotkindabored 2021. Do not repost or modify
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phuckinphia · a month ago
🧪 stepdad!draco walking in on you touching yourself and he ends up helping you by eating you out
note: this is highly nsfw content. do not request if you are a minor.
Unbeknownst by y/n, he was hearing everything. The moans and whispers escaping her lips in ecstasy and the guilt in the pit of her stomach when she said his name.
He knew it was wrong, the way his eyes would wander down her frame every time she was in the room instead of his wife's. But now, he stood outside of her door hearing the sweet sounds, dick fucking solid. Lust took over, and he opened the door with a strong hand.
"Oh my god," She almost yelled, pulling the blanket further up her body to cover the exposed skin. "Fuck, I-" she stammered, struggling to find words when her eyes met the undeniable erection in his pants.
"Shhh, weren't so shy when you were just saying my name huh? Pretending your fingers were mine?" He breathed, stepping to the edge of her bed.
"Come here." He instructed. She obeyed, heart racing and cheeks flushing.
She sat at the edge of her bed, blanket still covering her exposed cunt that was dripping onto the sheets.
"Let me help you." His eyes wandered up to hers searching for approval and she nodded before she could even think rationally.
He moved the sheets out of the way, his eyes widening like he uncovered some kind of treasure. He twitched in his pants at the sight.
"So pretty," He cooed. Before she knew it, his head was between her legs. He kissed her thigh, making her shiver. When his mouth connected to where she needed him the most, it felt like pure heaven. His tongue working up and down her, cock leaking precum at the taste of her on his tongue.
"Draco," she whispered, knuckles white as she gripped the sheets. His eyes almost rolling to the back of his head at the way his name sounded on her lips.
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lonelyhe4rts · a month ago
✰ “Isn't it funny, how one minute you're trying to hex me, curse me, tell everyone about how much you hate me and then the next, you're begging for me to fuck you. As if you even deserve my cock." Based on this request. (1.5k)
Sirius Black x reader (Dom!Sirius Black x Sub!Fem!Reader) smut, hate sex, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, degradation, d/s dynamic, female receiving - oral and fingering, overstimulation, subspace, size kink, choking, dumbofication, dacryphilia, biting, dialogue heavy, no aftercare included, all actions consensual and safe word established.
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“Isn’t it funny,” Sirius starts, shutting the door with a kick of his foot, leaning back against it with a smug look plastered over his aristocratic features, “how one minute you’re trying to hex me, curse me, tell everyone about how much you fucking despise me and the next, you’re begging for me to fuck you, as if you even deserve my cock.” 
You trace the tip of your tongue over your bottom lip, internally suppressing the huff that’s aching to protrude from your chest. “As if, I’m not that desperate to be barely pleasured by you. If you can even achieve that.” You knew you were lying - the engorged irises of your pupils and the clenching of your thighs were proof enough of that. 
“Really?” The raven haired male muses, stalking towards you, his frame towering over yours from your sitting position on the bed. “So why can I smell your cunt from up here? Dripping isn’t it? Aching to be filled.” Your fingers twitch idly by your side, fidgeting with the grey ends of your pleated skirt. “Who says it’s for you, hmm? Could be for Remus, have you seen him recently? Or maybe James, quidditch is looking good on him too.” 
His jaw clenched as he grasps your own between his ring-covered digits, a grip so tight and harsh it squishes your face into a pout, making you look even smaller in comparison to him. “I’d be really fucking careful with how you’re behaving, little girl. I can easily make you hate me even more.” 
“I’d like to see you try,” you grit out through his grip, unknowingly igniting a spark within the animagus, your words tempting him to go above and beyond to show you how much he really can try - and how he can do even better than that. He brought his face closer to your own, grey eyes bearing into yours, menacing and tempered. “You’re going to regret saying that, sweetheart.” 
It’s a few mere orgasms later that you remain still atop the burgundy comforter, except this time it’s with the aforementioned male resting between your spread thighs. Whimpers and whines of pain and pleasure bleed from your lips as he toys relentlessly with your clit, having already brought you to release several times over with his tongue and his fingers. A slight sheen of sweat covered your nude figure, trembling and shaking and quivering as he played with you, tightening the pool of arousal that boiled over in your tummy. You weren’t sure if you wanted him to stop or to continue - the line between them was blurring with each and every stroke of his forefinger. 
Tears gather on the precipice of your lash line as he takes you over the edge once more, your cunt fluttering around his digits as your body squirmed over the sheets. You could barely hear anything over the blood rushing through your ears, the sound of your heart rate dulling and dimming down the wanton moans and groans that spilled from your lips. 
He arose from your legs, thighs covered in your slick and made his way until his face hovered over your own, his tongue lapping up the trails of salty tears that made their way down your face, salivating the taste of your tears and your cum on his tongue. “Y’taste too sweet for someone so bratty.” 
Your eyes felt foggy and hazy as you blinked up at him, the sensation of his warm breath against your sweaty skin almost overwhelming you. His palms gripped your thighs, pushing them up to your chest as he positioned himself snug between them, grasping his weeping cock at the base. He fisted at it languidly, spitting down onto the length to work himself up for you. “Y’won’t be having any more thoughts about pretty Remmy or Jamesie when I’m in y’darling. Gonna make you forget every other thing in that dumb little head of yours.” 
“No, no more,” you breathed out, tired arms languidly trying to push him away, but only succeeding in merely brushing against his toned biceps. He continued in his ministrations, knowing that if you truly wanted to stop, you’d use your established safeword. He slapped the head of his throbbing cock against your clit, making you jolt. “What, can’t you handle it. Not the big girl you thought you were, yeah?” 
“One more. One more little cummy from my cock and then we’re done, sweetheart.” He eased himself into you, groaning at the burning stretch of your silky walls. “How are you still so fucking tight? Y’such a fucking cockslut.” 
His hips rutted against yours, snapping against your figure, eliciting tendrils of pleasure to bleed and pulsate up your spine. Your legs felt strained with the pressure of having them bent to your chest, your figure folded in half as he pistoned his cock in and out of you, dragging his length through your velvety walls, the wet and warm feeling causing him to groan into your neck. His hand snaked up to your throat clasping the skin between his palms as he squeezed gently, your eyes fluttering closed and doing rotations behind the closed eyelids. 
You continued babbling nonsense as the pressure prolonged, the blurred line between pain and pleasure teetering closer and closer over to pleasure as the both of your orgasms neared. Your tummy was tight with the tightening coil, flames of arousal pulsating through your bloodstream, causing your cunt to tighten around Sirius’ length, the raven haired male biting and nibbling down on the curvature of your neck as you sunk himself into you. 
“Beg for it, silly girl. Tell me how much you want to cum on my cock, how much you want me to dump my seed into’y. Y’want it don’t you, need it to live and breathe. Pretty little girl’s life source.” 
You babbled words and phrases at him, desperate to finally cum on his cock after having been teased through empty orgasms that night. “Gimme it, please. Need it so much, only thing I want. S’hurts so bad, need to let go.” He bottomed himself inside of you, burying his face into the sweaty crevice of your neck as you both finally let go, his hips coming to a stop against your own as your release washed over you like a tsunami wave. Wanton moans and high pitched whines bled from your lips, your pussy spasming and dripping around the animagus’ length as he too grunted into your ear, burying his cum deep into the depths of your cunt. 
Your eyes blinked back open, swollen with leftover arousal and lust. Through the blurry hazes of your eyes, you caught onto his smirk, lips twitching at the corner of his mouth. “Count y’self lucky, darling. Remus and James wouldn’t be able to make you cum like that. How’s that for barely pleasured?”
hp/sb smut taglist: @indigoh4ze @barksexybark4u @wolfstar-lb @ildm4ev @barnesleftarm @bellatrixscurls @kayleighh @remusjlupinisdead @waszuka @rosie-anne @tasteofyourlight @leah-johnsonn @siriusstwelveyears @wlfstxr @fairydxll @smalllotte @i-love-scott-mccall @teenwolfbitches28 @lliasky @wrongilbert @ameliasbitvh @raelol @papillon-mechant @fandomsimp001 @lexandra-maluary @siriusblackslover1ol @kayleighh @uh-isabella @rinny-babe @certifiedhorny @wrongilbert @itsmentalillness @waszuka @brattypeony
© lonelyhe4rts 2021
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expelliarweasley · a month ago
Hi! Could i request a Sirius Black smut where the reader is insecure or smt, and he worships her?
magenta lilacs | sirius black smut
Tumblr media
pairing: sirius black x fem!reader warnings: nsfw, mentions of insecurity, also sexy fluff honestly :) prompts: "you're squirting, goddamn," "taste so well, am i right, darling?"
a/n: hi, anon! of course, you could. here's your request! hope i've given your request justice <3
summary: y/n had always been at the farthest point, away from everything. and the company of the ever-so-regarded sirius black was one of the things she couldn't believe up until now.
"Y/N, you alright?" Sirius asked from his position on his bed, fingers holding the spine of his book as he tried to skim his Transfiguration lesson for the practicals tomorrow. He looked at Y/N who sat behind his desk at his dormitory, almost spaced out to even hear his first question.
Y/N shook her head out of desire to remove her head from the thoughts of the conversation she overheard at the Great Hall hours prior. As much as she wants to shake the thought of, she couldn't help but think about the honesty embedded within the sniggers and hushed voices when eyes have landed on her and Sirius' intertwined hands.
"Yeah, it's nothing, just thinking about homework," Y/N sent him a reassuring smile, "why?" she asked, trying to change the topic that she had inadvertently started with herself in her mind.
Sirius shuffled in his seat, closing the book, attention fully focusing on the lady right in front of him, "I could hear you thinking loudly from here, love," he smiled, comfortingly, as he stands up from his position to walk over to Y/N.
He wrapped his arms around her neck, kissing her on the head, leaning his chin on the crown of it, he felt Y/N's arms taking a hold of his arms, something she did quite often whenever she felt preoccupied with thoughts that came most often uninvited.
Y/N felt her body being swayed side to side by the man who enveloped her in a hug. The weight and pressure of the words running around her head decreasing in intensity the longer he stayed in his caress.
A tune emitted from Sirius' mouth, humming to the love of his life a familiar melody that he heard from the turntable that was playing as he was trying to help James, Remus, and Peter wander across the halls until the stumbled upon the room that appears upon need – he forgot what it is, he'll soon remember it, anyway. Sirius, upon hearing it, was entranced by the song that reminded him of Y/N, and he mentally takes a note to bring Y/N there as soon as he can.
"Now," Sirius started, kneeling to lean down in front of Y/N, "what's gotten into that beautiful mind of yours, my love?" he asked as he caressed his hand on her cheek, Y/N instantly leaning to his touch.
Y/N sighed, taking a hold of the hand that was on her cheek, thumb rubbing on his skin, "I'm scared," she confessed, eyes meeting the ground as her insecurities came rushing upon her.
"Scared of what, darling?" the Gryffindor asked, hand coming up to her chin to push back her eyes for it to meet those of his.
Sirius' words echoed throughout the chambers of both her heart and mind. As much as Y/N felt loved by the enchanting gift in front of her who was Sirius, she couldn't help but feel pressured and insecure by the judging glares and hushed whispers whenever she found herself of near approximation to the famous boy who was known to don't give a damn most of what others say about him.
Y/N just never felt of the same league as Sirius. He was well-known, while on the other hand she much preferred to be lurking at the back of the room with her daydreams flashing before her. He had received attention from lads and lasses alike, fawning over his attention as if being graced upon by his smile was something worth bragging about.
But Y/N never really saw him the same, rebellious lad be the first one pining over her, let alone be the one breaking through the guards she had placed around herself too much for her comfort in what she had already labelled as her safe space.
"Of losing you," Y/N replies, defeated, "I feel like there is so much more than me, Sirius. I feel like I don't deserve you, you're – Sirius Black, and I'm –"
"And you're Y/N Y/L/N, the most beautiful miracle I've ever received."
"Sirius," Y/N whined, head ducking down to hide the blush forming on her cheeks, to which the man had laughed in adoration as a response.
"We're way past our shyness, now, aren't we, Y/N?"
"Yeah, but -"
"If, by any chance, you'll let me be the loving partner I am, would you let me show you something?"
"Yes, howe -"
Y/N didn't even have a moment to fully respond, as she was already being hoisted up by the hand by Sirius as she was being pulled outside of his dormitories. She brought her head down as she was met with the stares, once again; and when Sirius had seen this, he halted to place a kiss on her forehead as soon as he pushed her head up for him to lean on.
"Fuck them, 'lright?" he winked, kissing the back of Y/N's left hand as he intertwined it with his right. He pushed through the bodies of students a bit rather harshly than Y/N thinks is normal, while nodding at Remus who seem to understand what he was implying, realisation dawning upon him as he speaks, "Yeah, no one's there."
Y/N, at this point, had never been successful in following Sirius' train of thought. But Y/N trusts him enough that she had let him be directed corridor after corridor, stairs after stairs, until she was met with a rather unfamiliar looking door.
Sirius turned to him, "Fancy, eh? Kind of gives everything you need when you think of it."
The girl blushed as she was winked at by Sirius, but was then overcome by a room that resembled much that of a ballroom with floating candles that seemed to illuminate each corner and checkered, glass floor.
A faint play of a symphony was heard from the side as Y/N felt Sirius' grip on her hand slip away, she turned to the right to see him adjusting the volume of the turntable.
"Care to dance, milady?" he smirked, gesturing to his open hand which Y/N gladly accepted.
As the music played, so did they dance along. Y/N's forehead leaning on Sirius' chest, with his cheek on her head. Y/N felt magical, already leaning to the embrace of love that Sirius withheld. However, Sirius' thoughts still traced back to what Y/N had confessed at his dormitories moments ago.
He pulled away from Y/N's figure and brought his hands to her jaw, taking his moment to look into her eyes before pushing his lips on hers, with Y/N stumbling a bit from the abruptness of the action.
The kiss was slow, passionate, even. Y/N felt like Sirius was trying to prove a point in it, especially when he licked her bottom lip, with her reciprocating by lightly opening her mouth.
Tongues wringing around each other, Sirius had pushed against the wall, erupting a light moan from Y/N. It almost felt like the both of them didn't even need air as their mouths devoured in each the kiss, but when they did, Sirius was the first one that spoke up, "I'm sorry," he says, as he meets her eyes, tucking back a strand of her hair behind her ear.
"I'll do better," he says as he kneels lightly to kiss her on her jaw, "I love you," as he sucks on the end of her neck, "You are so perfect to me." he concludes as he kisses her collarbones, bringing his hands up to unbutton her shirt.
Y/N looked at him with half-lidded eyes, her hand coming to Sirius' wavy, long hair, moaning afterwards as she felt him sucking her breasts as his hand held her the cups of her bra down for his access. Her legs couldn't stay still, and Sirius took this opportunity to wrap her legs around her torso for him to carry to the bed that just had been recently shone by a floating candle.
"I'll love you like you deserve," Sirius muttered, pulling away as he removes his tie, followed by his shirt. Finally free from any article of clothing on his upper body, he went back to kiss Y/N again, helping her rid of her clothes as well.
"I'll give you everything I have," he whispered, meeting her eyes as he brought his hand down to her sex, wet with arousal. Sirius sensually ran his finger through her slit, to which Y/N had gasped at. The sensual teasing continued, with Sirius just marvelling over her face contorted in pleasure.
Her eyes met Sirius' eyes glossed with lust and adoration, "I love you," she breathed, hands going down to rub his crotch over his trousers.
"I love you, merlin -" he cut himself off, groaning at the rush of feelings, "god, you're so ethereal, so magnificent, so beautiful."
And as Sirius praised her beauty and Y/N herself, he went down to position himself between her legs. Pushing her knees up, Sirius licked her slit, both of them moaning at the pleasure. He started licking her pussy up and down in such slow, sensual pace. Sooner enough, a finger was pushed inside of her vagina, and Sirius simultaneously licked her aggressively as he pumped his finger in and out of her.
Finger after finger until four was thrusted inside of her, with her back arching and hand flying to hold Sirius on his head, "Oh, god - Sirius, you're so good at this, so -"
"I'm hard as fuck at how good you taste," Sirius smirked, pushing down his trousers along his boxers for him to thrust on the bed out of anticipation, "can't wait to push my cock in you."
Her walls clenched around his finger as she tried to register Sirius' words in her brain. Sirius, taking note of this, went back to licking her clit, as his tongue ever so lightly reached the upper entrance of her vagina; his mouth, once tired from licking, went biting her labia as his fingers profusely thrusted in and out, curling every once so often to hit her g-spot.
At this point Y/N had her toes curled and her hands gripping hardly on the sheets beneath her, breathless gasps and loud moans with the sound of skin slapping were all what can be heard in the room. Her heart is swelling as she felt adoration and love with the way Sirius shows it, through intimacy.
Not long enough, she finds herself coming on his fingers, "You're squirting, goddamn," Sirius mutters, meeting her eyes afterwards, eyes darkening as if it weren't already dark beforehand, "what a goddess, you are, Y/N." He says as he pushes his fingers towards her mouth for her to clean, "Taste so well, am I right, darling?"
Sirius smiled at her approval as pushed himself up, taking a hold of her right leg and placing her ankles on his left shoulder, "Y'ready?" he asks, lining his dick at her entrance, right hand jerking himself lightly.
Y/N nods, to which Sirius responds by pushing his cock inside of her, with them both moaning and their eyes almost rolled at the back of their sockets.
"God, you're so tight, as if I haven't bloody stretched you out," he breathes, looking at his dick fully inside of Y/N, her stomach bulging at his immense size, "So tight, feels so bloody amazing," he grunts as he thrusts, hips snapping to meet her thighs, Y/N's nails clawing his back.
When Sirius felt like he's not going to last, he pulled away, earning a confused look from Y/N. Sirius chuckled, "Need to last longer, love, want to have you coming first."
He switched their places. His back leaning on the headboard, hands on her hips as he guided her to his cock. He pulled his knees up as support for Y/N's back. He initiated her action by lifting her up to bring her back down to the base of his dick with such force, and later enough, Y/N had leaned over with her hands on Sirius' shoulder for support with her legs squatting as she rode on Sirius' dick.
"Gods, I love you, so pretty for me, so amazing," the lad muttered, left hand reaching over to squeeze her right breast, Y/N moaning at the action.
His praises never faltered. Only to have increased as his right hand went to her clit, circling around it and rubbing powerfully, aiming to make her come before he could as tonight was about proving his love for her.
"Sirius - fuck, please," Y/N pleaded, and when Sirius felt the power of her legs faltering, he took hold of her by the waist, lifting her up for him to push himself in her to let her chase her orgasm.
"Shit - oh, fuck - ah!" she screamed, right hand landing on the mattress as her back leaned against his thighs, her left hand doubling the sensation on her breasts by pinching the nipples of her left breast.
"That's it," Sirius encouraged, feeling Y/N clench around him for the second time as he knew his orgasm approaching as well, "Come for me, baby, make a mess on me, Y/N, I dare you."
A squeal emitted from Y/N as she felt herself coming on Sirius, while Sirius watched her with half-lidded eyes when he came alongside her, "I love you," Sirius whispered, reaching over to kiss her on the lips, as Y/N whimpered when he had hit a different angle as he moved, "I love every single part of you, every wandering thought of yours, I love you, Y/N."
Y/N stared at him back, "Thank you," was all she said before laying down on his chest, with Sirius still filling her up. All Y/N felt was pleasure and love, and she had never felt so high in such ecstasy until now. Her eyes teared up a bit as a response, moving slightly to kiss Sirius on his collarbone.
"No," Sirius smiled, kissing her hair, "thank you."
Y/N was loved, more than she knows.
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l0vely-lupin · 2 months ago
Hiiiiiiii I really LOVE your work and was wondering if you could do a Mattheo Riddle x reader where the reader is his girlfriend who has a lot of trouble sleeping and like him cuddling with her to help her??? 👉🏽👈🏽🥺🥺🥺
In The Closet
mattheo riddle x reader
summary: despite your troubles sleeping, your boyfriend, mattheo, is always there to help.
warnings: nightmares, knives, stabbing, angst, fluff,
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a/n: hey dudes, i haven’t written in a while so here you guys go. also, i’ve noticed how i should use they/them instead of she/her mostly because i don’t know the gender/or pronouns of the people reading these, so i’m going to start.
a/n: i don’t write mattheo smut really often. i never really have and i deleted one (i got someone to else to write it because i didn’t want to mess it up) because i didn’t like it, but i’ll write it if requested.
Tumblr media
You were falling rapidly from the astronomy tower.
You didn’t throw yourself from it. No, not at all. But, you were pushed.
A knife pulsed through your chest as you were looked at the shadowy figure watching you from the great height of the tower.
You woke up breathing heavily and looking around.
It was the same nightmare over and over again. Every night it would consume you.
You looked around your room, your eyes trying to find at least something in the dark. Your dorm members were asleep and you were trying to keep yourself together.
Your eyes finally began to focus and you could make out your friends’ beds, the desks, your nightstand, and the trinkets laying upon it.
Your clock read, 2:58 AM.
You gulped at the numbers your clock had formed and laid back down, hoping you’d fall asleep before 3:00.
Normally, you weren’t too easy to scare. Like if someone would pop out of nowhere for instance.
You’d even been forced to listen to a story about a killer that began at only the age of 12 and not even that scared you. But, you still had a few things that made your insides churn.
Your thoughts made it hard not to make something bigger than it actually was. You would feel as if something was ready to sneak up on you at all times. Especially at night. So, you would do what most people did:
You hid your feet under the blankets, sure that something would be curious enough to take it and drag you under, you made sure no limbs were hanging off the edges of your bed, you ran to your bed after shutting off the lights, you closed the closet and windows, basic normal things someone do to ensure their safety.
Your phone made a buzz and you picked it up. The text was from Hermione.
‘What do you think is behind a wall?’ it read. You furrowed your eyebrows.
She sent it again…
And again…
And again…
Your mind began racing. What was she talking about? What did she mean ‘what’s behind a wall’?
You looked around, realizing that the door to the closet was open by a mild inch. It was swaying slightly and you gulped.
The rest of the room was dark and nothing else could be heard.
Hermione’s texts kept coming through and it was the same one.
You quickly grabbed your wand and cast a silencing charm to ensure that your roommates wouldn’t hear you. You blocked Hermione to stop her texts and you began to call your boyfriend, Mattheo.
He would surely reassure you.
Mattheo always seemed to guard you from the night horrors that attempted to attack you at night.
Your phone rang, awaiting Mattheo’s answer.
2:59 AM, your clock reads.
Mattheo didn’t pick up. You frowned and continued to call and call and call but he never picked up.
The time on your phone changed and the closet made a creaking noise. You snapped your head over to it and tears welled up in your eyes. You turned away from it, shut off your phone, and hid your head under the covers.
Whatever you did, you wouldn’t look. You couldn’t.
You stayed like that for a while, hearing absolutely nothing. But, the feeling that something had come out of your closet kept you there.
You were quietly sobbing into your pillow, mentally begging for the hour to end.
After about 10 more minutes, you opened your eyes and uncovered your head.
Nothing was there.
You were hesitant to slide off your bed, but ended up throwing yourself at the door to the dorm. Your phone was abandoned and you began to run out of your common room, not wanting to look back in case something was following you.
You ran all the way to Mattheo’s respected dorm. He didn’t have and dorm mates, being a prefect, so you were always welcome.
You flung open the door and practically jumped onto your boyfriend, sobbing with relief.
He woke in a jolt but when he realized who you were and what was happening, he wrapped his arm around you, grabbing his wand to shut the door.
“Love, what happened?”
Your head shook from side to side, signaling that you didn’t want to repeat everything that happened. Instead, you muttered out a, “‘m scared,” before crying some more.
Mattheo patiently waited for the tears to end before wiping them from your face.
He distracted you by talking about absolutely nothing and helping your breathing slow.
After that, he spooned you and you rested contently in his arms.
“Go to sleep, love. It’s okay, I’m here.”
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