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the-boy-who-bottomed · 2 days ago
Draco : I am the fooking prefect here Weasle. You will humbly do as I say.
Ron *cringing* to Harry : He's this bossy in bed too isn't he ?
Harry *blushing* : if I'm lucky
Draco *raises eyebrow* : you're always lucky
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slyther-bi · 2 days ago
Severus: I’ve only said "I love you" to three people. My mom, Lily, and Harry. And one of those I regret.
Minerva: Which one?
Severus: Harry. It was when I was dying but I ended up surviving the snake bite so now I look like an idiot.
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notmyproblem-x · 2 days ago
Sirius: two best friends in a room- they might kiss- ✨
Marlene: *facepalms*
Sirius: what? we're both gay-
Marlene: yeah- but in the opposite direction- 🙄
Sirius: oh yeah- I forgot :0
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arianagreyy · 2 months ago
Too Late To Notice || J. Potter x Reader
Tumblr media
Idk I have a weird obsession with angst. I like reading it and i like writing it so here's one:
Words: 1,241 words
Pairing: James Potter x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Angst, my crappy writing, mentions of cheating. Let me know if there are more.
Y/N wasn't stupid.
She saw the way James's eyes would light up whenever Lily was near. She saw the way he would find excuses to sit near Lily during lunch or dinner in the Great Hall.
She also saw the way Lily would start blushing whenever James was near.
She saw the way Lily would stare at James during class, a pink tint on her cheeks.
So she wasn't stupid when one day she saw James and Lily together, hair disheveled, clothes crinkled and faces pink with red, bruised lips.
What hurt her was the fact that James and Lily were perfect together. The popular guy and the pretty girl. They were so utterly in love and it cracked her heart.
It hurt her to see the boy who she was in love with since childhood fall in love with another girl, a girl that wasn't her.
James was in love with Lily Evans. Everyone knew that and everyone loved them. The ideal couple.
But deep down, he felt something was missing. Or rather, someone was.
He noticed how you started ignoring him and Lily whenever they were around you, how you would scoot away from then at the Gryffindor table, how you would refuse to be a part of conversations they were participating in. And it hurt him.
He had known you since their childhood. You both were inseparable ever since. But it all changed since he started dating Lily.
Both of you used to hang out after classes, during lunch and in the Common Room. But now, it was different. He would hardly see you after classes; you were not there during meals and in the Common Room.
He missed spending time with you just as much as you did with him. You were the one who calmed him down after every time Lily rejected him and now that they were together, he felt guilty for not spending time with you.
Right now, he was sitting in the Great Hall waiting for Lily to arrive. It had been precisely 20 minutes since Lily had to be here so he decided to go out and look for her.
He walked around corridors until he heard a faint voice of someone shouting. He walked closer and closer until he could make out the voice, your voice.
He walked close enough to see who you were arguing with, and it was none other than his girlfriends, Lily.
“If you tell James anything you saw today, you won’t end up safe and sound,” Lily hissed, venom laced in her voice.
He was shocked to hear his girlfriend sound so venomous. She was known to be very polite and kind, nobody knew this side of her. James kept his mouth shut.
“You can’t cheat on him forever, Evans. He will find out someday,” you said.
A gasp left his mouth and both girls’ attention turned to him. Lily’s face went pale whereas you slapped a hand over your mouth, trying to stop any noise that comes out of it.
To say that James looked heartbroken was an understatement. He looked crushed. He looked as if he lost everything in life.
He had spent six years trying to get Lily’s attention, confessing his true and undeniable love for her but no rejection hurt more than this. He had her in her arms and she slipped away. He looked over at you to see you looking at him with an unreadable expression.
Was it hurt or anger or pity?
No. He didn’t need anyone’s pity.
With a stone cold expression on his face, and a desperate Lily on his trail, he exited the place.
You stood here, trying to comprehend what just happened until realization hit you in the face and your eyes widened.
You destroyed their relationship.
If you have kept your mouth shut, none of this would’ve happened. Lily and James would’ve been together. James wouldn’t have been so heartbroken and Lily…she must’ve gained something as well.
You took slow steps towards the Gryffindor Common Room, hoping to find James there and comfort him, like you used to do. Each step felt as heavy as a stone but somehow, you made it to the Common Room.
James was nowhere in sight so he must be in his dorm. You reached his dorm to hear faint sounds of sniffing…he was crying.
Never in your life had you seen or heard James Potter cry. You had spent six years comforting him after Lily’s rejections but he had never succumbed to his emotions until now.
Your hand involuntarily went towards the doorknob and you slowly opened the door to see James sitting on the floor, the wall supporting his back and his legs crouched up to his stomach. His hands were wrapped around his legs and his head was over his hands. Soft voices of sniffing and sobbing left his mouth and your heart ached to see the man you’re so in love with, look so broken.
You bent down to level with him and placed your hand on his head. The voices stopped and you felt his head move upwards.
His eyes were red and puffed. Trails of tears were visible on his face. You cupped his cheek with one hand and with the thumb of the other hand; you wiped the tears that were pooling under his eyes. Both of you maintained eye contact for what felt like forever until you finally broke the silence.
“I’ve never seen you cry,” you whispered to him, one of your palms still cupping his cheek. You felt him lean into the touch. He closed his eyes and another tear slipped out but you were quick to wipe it away.
“D-did you kn-know?” he asked you and you shook your head softly.
“I didn’t know. I just saw her today,” not wanting to say more, you stopped.
“Who was it?” he asked, now fully bringing his head up from his hands. Shit.
“That’s not important. What’s important is your health and I assure you Mr. Potter that crying is not good for your health,” you tried lighting up his mood, which lowkey worked because a soft chuckle escaped his lips, making a smile form on your lips as well. You took both of his hands in yours and gave them a squeeze. He looked at your joined hands and a slight blush crept up his cheeks, which was unknown to you.
“Why were you ignoring me?” he asked the question you were dreading. A sigh left your lips and you sat on the floor in an identical pose to James and rubbed your face with your hands, which left James’s. Both of you tried to ignore the tinge of disappointment that hit both of yours’ hearts.
“I honestly don’t know,” you stated. You had read enough romantic books to know that questions like these usually ended up with love confessions but you didn’t want that. You didn’t want to tell James you loved him right after he found out his girlfriend was cheating on him.
“You don’t know why you were ignoring me?” he said, a small smile forming on his lips.
Neither of them looked at each other, rather they looked at the spaces in front of them because at that moment, both of them realized something.
Y/N, that maybe James knew.
James, that he was catching feeling for her right after is breakup.
This was messed up.
Taglist: @elenadalton @athenaaknight @nickangel13 @hereforsmutonly-blog @secretsthathauntus @padf00ts-l0ver @kiaragrose @mrs-igotabadidea @moony-maddie-blog @cursedandromedablack @waszuka @aliethesimp @medeaa5 @literishdegree99
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daddiesdrarryy · 24 days ago
Sirius: Reg! Have you seen Prongs anywhere?
Regulus: No, I haven’t seen him
Sirius: Is that Prongs in his Animagus form under your blanket in the corner of your room?
Regulus: ...
Regulus: No, that’s a statue of a Crup with antlers that I put a blanket on to keep it from being dirty
Sirius: ...
Remus: ...
Sirius: Oh, okay
Remus: Fucking hell
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sertygratte-blog · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Я научился смотреть на смерть как на старый долг, который рано или поздно придется заплатить.
Art by:
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pearlstiare · 4 months ago
Little Quirks That I Think Tom Riddle Has Or Does
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing; Tom Riddle x Gender Neutral! Reader
Genre; Just fluff ♡
Words count; 1445
Author’s note; English is not my first language so if i misspelled some words please let me know, big thank you to @emakenz for editing my spelling. Also if you want to be tag in my next work let me know!
Tumblr media
-He doesn’t have a lot of clothing, so I think he will almost always be cold and have cold hands.
-He takes his hygiene very seriously, he’s always presentable for every occasion.
-Always carries a book with him.
-He is more of a tea type of man.
-I think as he ages he gets the habit of smoking but he hides it very well.
-Black is his color, you are never going to catch him wearing anything that isn’t black.
-Also has really shiny shoes.
-He is a quiet and slow eater, he rarely eats anything in the orphanage so he likes to enjoy his meals.
-Over the years he will let his guard down because he will finally feel comfortable with people around him.
-Have a thing with jewelry, specifically old jewelry with a backstory behind it.
-He will never tell anybody this but he wants the classic life, with a wife and kids, he wants to know what it feels having a family is like.
-His favorite season is winter.
-He thinks Santa Claus is real, and he still believes in him until you tell him that he is not and you two get in a huge argument about it… him feeling betrayed and sad after knowing the truth.
-Has a soft spot for kids.
-He likes cats, yeah we know that he likes snakes but he also likes cats.
-Has really soft hair.
-Probably has a tattoo, maybe a snake or your name on the side of his heart.
-Surprisingly good dance partner.
-And to be finished, he only has loved one person in his entire life and that person is you.
Tumblr media
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chaoticregulusstan · 4 months ago
Regulus, Remus, Lily and Dorcas: It was a very peaceful evening reading, talking and relaxing...
James, Sirius, Peter and Marlene: GUYS GUYYS!!!!!
Regulus, Remus, Lily and Dorcas: Until it wasn't.
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arianagreyy · 2 months ago
Six Years Later || Poly!Marauders x Reader
Tumblr media
Words: 1,024 words
Pairing: Poly!Marauders x Fem!Reader , Evan Rosier x Reader
Warnings: Angst, badly written, mentions of cheating, verbal slurs. Let me know if there are any more.
Part 2
You were walking back to the dorm you shared with your boyfriends. It had been a really long and tiring day and you were hoping the boys would be waiting for you so that you all could spend some comforting time together.
Unfortunately, that wasn’t what you saw, instead you saw your boys, huddled around a girl, naked. James was kissing her lips while Sirius was trailing kisses down her neck and Remus stood in front of them with a proud smile.
The smile was drained from his face as he met your eyes looking at their direction with a blank face, eyes showing no glint or emotion. Your mouth was slightly agape and your limbs were frozen.
“Y/N!” Remus exclaimed with a panic expression making its way up to his face. Hearing your name, James and Sirius stopped what they were doing and snapped their heads towards where Remus’s face was, so did the girl.
Of course you were standing there. You weren’t sure what you were feeling at that moment. Was it anger? Disappointment? Fury? You didn’t know. But what you DID know was that the boys you loved with all your heart, to whom you were so faithful that you never talked to any other guy after you guys got together (which was exactly two years ago), were cheating on you with a girl you recognized as a Ravenclaw you saw during classes.
Sirius and James quickly grabbed their shirts, put them back on and ran towards you while Remus walked with fast steps.
“Y/N, you have to listen, darling- “, James was cut off by you turning back and walking towards the Common Room. All of them were walking behind you.
“Y/N, please, just listen”, Remus’s voice reached your ear and it took all the willpower inside you to not stop. You reached the Common Room and were about to leave when a firm grip held your wrist. You turned back to see James’s hand locked around your wrist, his eyebrows furrowed and eyes glistening with what looked like tears.
“Just listen before you leave”, he whispered and let go of your wrist. You folded your hands on your chest.
“Y/N darling, you know how much we love you, right?” Sirius spoke from the back. It made you furrow your eyebrows, he wasn’t even coming forward to stop you.
“How long?” you were trying your best not to cry but your voice did crack a bit.
“Y/N, please-” you interrupted Remus.
“I ASKED HOW LONG, REMUS”, you couldn’t control yourself now.
“A month,” Sirius replied bluntly. Why was he acting that way?
“What did I do wrong?” you asked them. A tear fell from your eye.
“Oh I’ll tell you what you did wrong”, Sirius walked towards you and stood in front of you. His eyes showed anger.
You didn’t understand. You were the one who was supposed to be angry, not them. They cheated, not you.
“You never have time for us. It’s always ‘I have to go there’ and ‘I have to go there’ ”, Sirius spat. You stared at him.
“We wait for you to return everyday, we want to spend time with you but we don’t get to. What else are we supposed to do?”
“Well you’re supposed to tell me you feel like this, not cheat on me”, you defended yourself. James and Remus watched the scene unfold with their eyebrows furrowed.
“Says the one who herself is a selfish bitch”, he huffed and turned his head towards the fireplace.
“What did you call me?” you asked with disbelief.
“I called you what you are. A selfish bitch who just thinks about herself. Tell us, Y/N, did you start dating us because you loved us or was it just to get popularity and get fucked by the popular kids like a whore-” he was cut off by the sound of your palm against his cheek.
“DON’T . YOU . EVER . TALK . TO . ME . AGAIN. ANY . OF . YOU,” you gritted out the words.
“No, please Y/N-” James began but was cut off by a harsh glare from you. Remus’s eyes were full of tears while Sirius looked at you with wide eyes, his hand cupped his cheek.
“Goodbye”, you said and walked off.
It had been precisely six years since you broke up with your boyfriends. Although you loved them with all your heart and were always loyal to them, Sirius’s words had stabbed you deeper than a dagger. You wished he would come after you and apologize, say that he didn’t mean any of it, but it never happened.
You didn’t talk to them after that. Even in the Common Room, you chose to ignore the three boys and pay attention to your studies.
Soon your NEWTs started and you passed with flying colors, landing you a job in a high rank of Aurors. You’ve been working there for four years now and it's been a year since you got married to your husband, Evan Rosier.
You weren’t pleased by the idea of marrying him before but when you got to know him, he wasn’t a bad Slytherin, he rather gave off Hufflepuff vibes. You fell in love with him and got married ten months later.
Today, the ministry had announced a ball in favour to those who just joined the Aurors. You didn’t know many of them since you worked up high in the ranks but you could spot a few familiar faces.
You were wearing a rose gold silk dress your husband bought you as a gift, matched with white high heels. Your dress hugged all your curves in the right places and complimented your skin tone as well. Evan’s taste of clothes was always good. Your husband was by your side the entire night but right now, you were alone. You had told him he could spend time with his friends and you’d be fine.
You were standing on the balcony of the building when you heard a voice too familiar for your desire. And when there was one, there were the other two as well.
Taglist: @nickangel13 @hereforsmutonly-blog @secretsthathauntus @padf00ts-l0ver @effyypotter @elenadalton @athenaaknight
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daddiesdrarryy · a month ago
Draco: I’m going to show you my favourite place when I was in Hogwarts
Ron: The closet?
Draco: ...
Ron: Because you were in the closet until you started dating Harry—
Draco: I know, Ron! It’s not the closet!
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