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#hp x reader
randomfandomimagine · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine: Your boyfriend Cedric being surprised when he finds out that you can see ghosts
Requested by @tolkien-fantasy
Want to send a request? Read my rules first, please!
The ghosts at Hogwarts were one thing, but not all ghosts wanted to make themselves seen like that. No, some had learned how to hide from most people. But not from you. All your life, you had that special ability of being able to see the ghosts of even those that didn’t want to be seen. It just slipped your mind that Cedric didn’t know this, since for the most part you kept this a secret.
Only a few people knew about this ability of yours, and although you trusted Cedric enough to tell him, you were so used to hiding it that you didn’t even think about telling him. Until the night of Halloween.
You were taking a walk with Cedric, his arm on your shoulders as you chatted and laughed and joked around. Your stomachs were full after such a big dinner in the Great Hall, and the area around the Black Lake was completely empty save for you and him.
“Huh...” You mumbled, interrupting the lively conversation as something caught your eye. “What is that guy doing there staring at us?”
“Who?” Cedric muttered, quitting his walking and following your gaze.
“That man, right at the beginning of the forest” You pointed a finger at him, and he began walking away at that very moment.
“Y/N, I don’t see anyone...” Cedric muttered, squeezing you against him as he stared at you in shock.
“Oh” You muttered, rattled when you remembered about your secret. “Then he must be a ghost”
“What?” Your boyfriend muttered, shaking hsi head in confusion. “But then I would be able to see him, like the ones in the castle”
“Not if he doesn’t want to be seen” You muttered, averting your gaze as you resumed your walking and he followed in a daze. “Have you ever seen Helena Ravenclaw?”
“Now that I think about it... no” Cedric muttered, staring at you as though he was seeing you for the first time.
“That’s because she doesn’t want to be seen most of the time” You felt yourself blushing under his attentive stare. “But I have a special ability to sense them even when they hide”
“Wow” He chuckled in awe, absently rubbing your arm as he wrapped his head around it. “That‘s... kind of cool”
“Did I scare you?” You mumbled, knowing it could be hard to take in.
“No, I’m just... surprised” Cedric dedicated you a reassuring smile. “It just makes you even more special than I thought”
Reblogs and comments are appreciated!! // Masterlist
Tag list: @call-me-harley-quinn​ / @wonderlandfandomkingdom / @fandomxreaders​ /  @dancewaterdance02​ / @bitchingpretty​ / @lookinsidemyhead​ / @c-taylor-wanna-be-a-glader​ / @welcome-here-in-my-world​ / @under-the-clouds​ / @goldenhoney-cas​ / @dancingwith-sunflowers​ /  @lxncelot​ / @ta-ka-shi-ma​ / @fortheloveofbenyandtom​ / @24-stilinski​ /  @mattiekins​ / @suenami3​ / @okay-j-hannah​ / @captainshazamerica​ /    @coldlilheart​ / @swanimagines​ / @sebstanismylife​ / @locke-writes​ / @lovinghufflepuffgirl​ / @imaginationismykingdom​ / @hhmmmmmmmm​ /  @zoeyserpentluck​ / @iowaladynerd​ / @evilcr0ne​ / @multifandomfix​ /  @criminalmindsmoodrn​ // Send an ask if you want to be added to the tag list for this fandom!
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fredsghost · 22 hours ago
obliviate. draco malfoy
Tumblr media
pairing/s; draco malfoy x gn!reader
warning/s; minimal suggestive content
word count; 1.2k
summary; anon “you've probably got many requests and you don't have to write this. can you write a draco angst. where you have to obliviate him because his father said that you were holding him back from doing his job. so at the end of the day you're stuck with all the memories. hopefully that makes sense. “
navigation — rules — inbox — potterverse masterlist
Tumblr media
it was late and the low fire from the hearth cast shadows against the walls of the slytherin common room. a lamp was lit nearby to illuminate the parchment you were studying while draco malfoy's head lay in your lap, his soft snores the only sound aside from the crackling of the fireplace.
glancing to make sure your boyfriend was fast asleep, you nervously pulled out lucius malfoy's rather strongly worded letter meant for you and your eyes only. it addressed various points, mainly about how you weren't a suitable partner for his son, that you were distracting him, and hindering draco from his destiny. that you were holding him back from reaching his potential.
lucius had given you a month to let draco go, lest he take matters into his own hands. and you made damn well sure to make that last month the best month you've ever had together.
it wasn't easy coming to terms with having to break up with the love of your life and your best friend, but when it came to what was best for draco, you knew it wasn't you. and being with him would be all the more difficult if his family was against your relationship.
but you didn't want to cause your boyfriend any pain. you didn't want him asking questions, didn't want him around you, because it would make the break up all the more difficult. it would make leaving him even more unbearable. you'd shatter if he asked you why.
so you planned one last night together, one last blissful night before you'd spell it all away. you nudged draco awake.
"draco, love, you promised to keep me company." you leaned down and whispered against his hair, breathing him in and leaving a soft kiss on the crown of his head.
draco hummed, his eyes still closed. "i'm right beside you, aren't i?"
you rolled your eyes fondly. "oh, get up, you."
"alright, alright, i'm awake." draco rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he sat up with his back to you, stretching.
you took a moment to ogle at the ripples his fitted shirt made against his skin and impulsively placed a kiss on his neck. draco chuckled, turning and reaching for your chin before he kissed you softly. you hummed as he pulled you closer by your thighs.
shaking him off took every bit of effort you could spare. you didn't want to spend your last night with him snogging in the common room. you wanted it to have meaning. you wanted it to be engrained in your memory, even if it wouldn't be in his.
"draco, i've got something special planned for us and i don't want to spend the whole night like this." you spoke against his lips.
he leaned back, smirking. "oh, wouldn't you?"
you rolled your eyes, grabbed his hand, and began pulling him out of the common room. "clock's ticking."
"what's special about tonight? it isn't our anniversary, is it? it isn't for another two months." draco blinked, mentally calculating as he let you drag him along the dark corridor just outside the dungeons. you didn't think about lighting your wand in case filtch or his bloody cat was nearby.
it took you a moment before you realized draco had remembered your anniversary and in the dark, you couldn’t help but smile sadly. you wouldn’t be able make it to one year with the love of your life.
you succeed in shutting him up from making any more heart-wrenching statements with a quick peck on the lips to which he hummed in response. as you made your way closer towards the astronomy tower, draco was getting fidgety but kept his silence all the same, walking next to you with your fingers entwined.
at one point, as you climbed the steps and nearly made it to the top, draco pulled you aside and set you against the wall, trapping you between his arms. "tell me what this is all about, love."
he traced his lips down your jugular and sucked on the spot where your shoulder meets your neck. you were crossing your eyes and biting your tongue to hold back the reaction he's trying to get out of you even though every nerve in your body burned to let it out. eventually he huffed and stepped back as a few moments passed without so much as a sigh from you.
you tucked your hair behind your ear shakily as you teased him, appearing to be unaffected. "you should learn to be patient more often, draco."
you tucked your hands into the pockets of your skirt to keep draco from seeing them shake. not from what he does to you but from the mere thought of what you would do to him when you reached the top of the spire.
draco grinned, shrugged, and wrapped his arms around your shoulders, letting you through the door to the landing of the tower first. you walked towards the closest balcony, breathing in deep as the air whipped your hair all around your face.
you felt draco's comforting presence against your back as he wound your hair into a tight bun, just like how you showed him countless of times before he could get it right. your heart broke at the thought that this would be the last time you'd feel his fingers run through your hair.
“draco, i—”
“i love you, (y/n).” draco whispered into your ear, as he embraced you from behind. you swallowed the lump in your throat but found yourself choking on the aching sensation.
“merlin, draco. i love you so much.” you were tearing up now. shaking unbearably, you fought to hold back your tears, turning around and gripping the sides of his face.
you searched his eyes as he looked at you with so much endearment. the stars reflected in his irises and you smiled, bringing his lips to yours. as much as you could, you tried to translate your emotions into the kiss.
there was a touch of desperation and it was messy, but somewhat slow and innocent at the same time. you pulled away, sparing a glance at draco’s contented face, and you buried your neck into his shirt, inhaling his scent as deep as you could, and slowly lifted your wand behind his back.
you lifted your head to lean your cheek to his and touched the tip of your wand against the back of his neck. draco startled but your other arm held him firm. his confusion weakened him.
“(y/n), what are you—”
“obliviate.” you whispered in his ear, just like how he told you he loved you. in response, you stole his memories away.
“no, don’t—”
draco inhaled sharply and you backed away, watching a certain light in his eyes diminish into nothingness. you choked on your tears and fled before the spell finished, not wanting to face the consequences of your actions, taking the stairs two steps at a time, not caring if you tripped. you would’ve deserved it.
you left the love of your life at the top of the astronomy tower to stare emptily at the stars that witnessed the whole thing. you left draco to wonder every day what the aching in his chest was.
you left him to collapse into himself. you left him to the mercy of the death eaters.
worse, you left him to the mercy of his family.
Tumblr media
a/n; it makes a lot of sense anon! hopefully this is what you wanted! i loved writing this!
i had a lot of fun and at the end there i almost made it not sad like draco would’ve known that y/n was going to obliviate him and they would’ve talked it out and all but i really did want to try my hand at angst and let me tell you, this is the first of many.
i think i like angst now omg
edit 102721: i wrote this late 2020/early 2021 (?) and i can’t help but laugh every time i see “i think i like angst now” because it’s literally become my favorite trope
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gemma-collins-ily · 2 days ago
What about harry reacting to an extremely athletic s/o?
Harry Having An Extremely Athletic S/O
a/n - heya, I wasn't really sure what to add to make this longer. By the way, don't be afraid to request something specific you think only a small amount of headcanons will come from, I seriously do not mind, even snippets of previous headcanons I have written that you want me to expand on are welcome ideas! Also, let me know if you want me to release the chapters of my Harry James Potter fanfic on here too!
Warnings: mentions of food/smoothies and diets, let me know anything else!
Tumblr media
he wants to support you in literally everything you do and aspire to do
so, he'll be one of those boyfriends who will go the whole nine yards for you
which means, if you're not just someone who exercises often but also eats extremely healthily and does yoga etc. he will do his absolute best to join in
if you only really do the sports you enjoy a lot, instead of tons of sports all at once, Harry will crouch to defend the basket in basketball
or wave his arms wildly to try to catch a throw
you know he can catch small objects accurately because you've seen him on the quidditch field but you let him think he's doing well
he just can't grasp how to fluently save a goal or easily mark you
that's due to all his quidditch but in that, he doesn't have to sidestep down a pitch or do a chest pass
he will try regardless and cheer, doing a victory lap of the field before plopping on the floor of he succeeds
"I'm quitting while I'm ahead, love."
Despite what he claims, Harry is already pushing himself up from the floor, getting back into his previous position before beckoning for you to carry on.
"Sure 'bout that?"
"Yup. Gimme all you got, c'mon."
even if he's huffing and panting, red in the face, he won't give up until you do
it's kind of a contest, although you will always win unless it's quidditch
speaking of which, Harry will take you to the broom shop, buy you the most up-to-date edition (even if you insist he doesn't need to) and coax you to play with him
of course, it doesn't require much persuasion because you want to try a new thing, support him just as he does you
besides, you're just generally eager anyways
if you aren't the best, he won't let you get frustrated, instead coming up with helpful strategies and little quips of constructive criticism to help you or make things easier
as captain, he has a sort of overview on every player point and has been watching since he started playing too
so, he knows his stuff
it could go the other way
let's say you know your stuff too
because you've been cheering for Harry at matches for years, observing all the stances and critical details down to a tee
he is totally fine with you once again being just a bit better or on par in skill level compared to him
he's not really the jealous type, rather thinking, "How cool can my partner possibly be?"
"I thought I'd finally found something I was better at, hon."
You giggle at the way his pout morphs into a grin, showing his glee that you are even trying his favourite sport with him.
The next round, you pretend you miss saving the quaffle, falsely groaning and putting your head in your hands.
the first time you do this, by the way, he actually believes you missed and rushes over to pry your hands away from your face and say it's fine before seeing you simper bashfully
he doesn't think of it as belittling but lets you know you can beat him and he will not care
after, you still sometimes play a match against him, when the sun is setting or rising, it doesn't matter to you
if you like to get up early to start a jog or warm up routine, Harry will be right there with you, not clingy but just the right amount of supportive
sometimes though, he can barely pull himself from the warm duvet and you will tell him it's perfectly alright and that he can stay in bed
I think if the Great Hall was open to students before breakfast, you might use it for jogging in winter, not wanting to have to bundle up and then sweat in your layers after exercise
people have waltzed into the hall to see you and Harry jogging between tables, weaving around each other and smacking your palms against the other's each time you pass in synchronisation
he will totally buy you one of those water bottles that has markings on when to hydrate
"It's important to stay hydrated, especially with all the exercise you do!"
"I know, thank you Har. I'll use it later, how about that?"
if morning yoga or stretching is a thing for you, Harry could do it with you or simply lay in bed and smile as he hears you murmuring to yourself on how you should follow the instructor
when the common room is finally empty, you may search up a couple's yoga video (maybe Hogwarts has WiFi or you downloaded it, y'know thinking of your love as you saved the video to your files, how sweet)
if you end up falling on top of each other, he'll stare at you, analysing all your features before smiling and giving you a soft kiss
"I'd like to make you aware that I am, in fact, sweaty as you are doing this, darling."
"I know (Y/N/N), but you have hugged me after quidditch before."
"Ooh, think of the torture, Har. Hugging a teenage boy!"
You descended into slight chaos, the Gryffindors later reappearing to see you lying in a heap together on the floor, still cucooned against the other as you slept.
"Disgusting. Never want to see that again."
"Shut up, Ronald!"
if he's sick though, you will cancel everything at a moment's notice and take care of him, even if he insists he needs no such thing
early mornings can be done
although, Harry much prefers to stay with you just a bit longer, cuddled together peacefully
you don't exactly mind either
so on some days, the early mornings don't really happen
again, you can't find it within yourself to care as long as you're with him
if you do meal plans or diets, he'll help and prepare whatever you want
"Want this blended?"
his face will screw up in disgust at the kale smoothie and you will chuckle as he pushes it to you, saying he wants something else right then and there
this conveniently always happens right when a glass of the green sludge is placed before him
he will cheer for you in any competitions you have, whether they be true formal ones or casual meetups with other players of your sport
if you don't really want the attention on you though, he will instantly shush himself and only admire how you loop around the defence as you dribble and shoot
will boast subtly about how amazing you are
"Welp, I wonder who that was that just crushed the other team on the field? Seen them around before, sweetheart?"
You decide to play along, letting a bliss filled grin spread over your face, "No, don't think I have. Whoever they are though, I think they're someone to look out for."
"I think so too."
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Neville and male reader because I’m tired
You groaned, staring at the tufts of brown hair on your boyfriend’s head. You watched has his eyes glinted happily, and his face would falter solemnly into a smile.
”What the matter?” He said, voice softening every time you replayed it in your head.
Your head shifted, getting a better view of Neville’s facial features.
”The matter is, your way too cute.” You chuckled.
Neville’s face fumed a deep red, that is probably equivalent - or even more vibrant for that matter - in shade to a Weasley’s red locks of hair.
”Then why are you groaning all the bloody time?” He said, avoiding your previous statement.
A prominent smirk unleashed upon your face, “I’m groaning because I’m considering the possibility,” you paused begrudgingly. “Of when I want to propose.”
As if you couldn’t believe it, your boyfriends face reddened.
”Did I say something wrong, dear?” You said, keeping in your chuckles and roars.
“I don’t think so,” the brunette responded, tripping over his words.
”Your cute when your flustered.” You said amusingly.
”boy, then ima bout to get all fucking adorable and unleash hell then.”
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secretsocietywriter · a month ago
Smutember #1 (Strip Poker)
Marauders (and Lily) x Fem! Reader
Warnings: voyeurism, Masterbation, smut, stripping, i think thats its...
Author's Note: its kinda long and i think its kinda boring... sorry.
Tumblr media
Y/N didn't remember how it happened. But it did. Now here she was, cards in hand, Lily to her left, Sirius to her right, James on the other side of Lily, Remus on the other side of Sirius. Y/N only had one question about all of it,
"Why are we playing go fish?" She asked after raising her hand like an idiot.
"What would you rather us play?" Lily asked her in retaliation.
"I-its strip poker, isn't it?"
"I'm sure that's just a suggestion." Remus told her as he continued to fix his cards till they were perfect before he gave up entirely.
Sirius put his hand to his mouth and pretended to cough, "Pussies," he mumbled between coughs. Remus of course heard him and gave him that look, which told Sirius to shut up, which he did after an eye roll.
"All right, I delt so... Lily goes first?" James explained, confused himself.
"Sounds good." She said excitedly before turning to look at Remus, "Moony! Got any three's?" She asked him like she was a police investigator.
"Go fish." He gave her a warm smile. James jabbed his ribs for it.
Lily placed her cards on the table face down and stood up. She reached under her red stripped skirt and slowly, tantalizingly slowly, removed her scarlet thong, before sitting back down, this time on her knees instead of cross legged. Doesn't mean her legs were closed. Both James and Remus got a glorious view of her pussy before it was Remus tern to ask.
"Uh, sorry, um," he stammered after what he just saw, not expecting that, "Y/N, got any.... fives?". Y/N let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding and nodded. She handed Remus her card before turning to Sirius.
"Sirius, got a... eight?" She asked nervously. Her heart hammered as she saw his wicked smirk growing.
"Not a one." He commented as he leaned closer to the table to get a closer look at Y/N. She nervous unstrapped her shoes and removed them. Both Sirius and James groaned in disappointment. Remus jabbed James in the rib without even looking up from his cards.
Sirius, looking bored out of his mind, looked to James. "Mate, ya got any fours?" He asked. James threw the card at him. James blew Lily an air kiss before asking her, "Babe, got a seven?"
Lily winked before shaking her head no. James huffed as he stood up. Sirius and Lily cheered as it looked like he was going take off his pants, but then they all realized it was just his belt. James sat back down and picked up his cards.
Lily looked to Remus, "any nine?" Lily asked him. He handed her a pretty red card. Remus turned to Y/N. "Y/N. This is very important. Have you got a six?" He asked her like this was life or death. She shook her head no. James started whooping as Remus as he took off his tie.
Y/N looked to Sirius, "Padfoot, have you got a two?" She asked him.
"Go fish, love". She put her cards down with trembling hands and slowly unbuttoned her shirt, her hands shaking so bad it was almost impossible. When it was finally undone, she let it fall from her shoulders, revealing her lace bra to them all. She swore she heard Remus whimper under the sound of Sirius and James high fiving and Lily kicking James.
When everything settled, Sirius, who was still looking at Y/N's breasts, asked James, "do ya have any seven?". James rolled his eyes and handed Sirius the card.
"Alright, Baby, got a six?" Lily shook her head no. James stood up, this time removing his pants revealing his grey boxers and prominent tent. Lily gave James a nice long whistle.
Lily asked Remus for a five (which he didn't have). She stood stood up and striped herself out of her shirt, her tie laying perfectly between her breasts, over her pink bra.
After around 30 minutes of playing, Remus was completely nude, and as of the games rules, was stroking himself while staring at Y/N, while trying to make it look like he wasn't. Sirius had only lost his belt and tie, Lily was down to her bra and skirt, James was left in his boxers, and Y/N was left in her panties.
Lily looked to Y/N, "do you have an eight?", Y/N looked down at her cards and realized she didn't. After a shaky gulp of air, she stood up and removed her underwear. She tried to keep her hand in front of it, but James told it was against the rules and she was forced to keep them by her side.
Sirius asked James for a seven. James happily handed him the seven card. As per game rules, Y/N snaked her hand in between her legs, and deep between her folds. As she began to to pump her fingers faster, head down in embarrassment, and eyes closed in shame, James lost the current round leaving only Lily and Sirius competing.
James removed his boxers and started jerking himself off. As Remus watched Y/N defile herself, he started pumping his hand faster, leading to his forceful orgasm. James too, without Lily's knowledge, was watching Y/N, who at this point had started whimpering and breathing fast.
James reached his peak just as Lily lost her bra. He imagined having her in a just a skirt later. Maybe bend her a desk or spank her a few time... and with that, he came hard all over his hand. Y/N not far behind him. As her peak rose, she had to grasp onto the table with her free hand as small moan choked moans escaping every few seconds. She was such a pretty sight that Sirius and Lily had to stop playing for a minute to watch.
As Y/N came all over her hand as well, shuddering and whimpering, Lily lost to Sirius and had to remove her bra, and start masterbating herself.
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mystic-writings · 14 days ago
I Didn't Lie When I Told You I Loved You
Character/s: Sirius Black x Fem!Potter!Reader, James Potter, Remus Lupin (mentioned), Peter Pettigrew (mentioned)
Summary: Y/n Potter was never noticed by anyone– except Sirius Black. James is unhappy at their growing feelings and decides to sabotage the relationship before it even starts.
Warnings: Angst with a happy ending, slightly OOC James/James being a dick, slight panic attacks, etc.
Word Count: 5,478
Note: Edited version of an old fic, link to original post here
Tumblr media
You weren’t like your brother. Not even close. Sure, you shared a birthday and the same Hogwarts house, but that doesn’t mean anything. James was more of an outgoing type of person, and was technically one of the most popular students in your year, along with the rest of his friends. You, on the other hand, were reserved, quiet, finding that books and nature were often a better comfort than people.
When you’d first arrived at Hogwarts, James tried his best to drag you into his shenanigans, but you politely told him you didn’t like pranking innocent students, and he understood, but his friends and pranks kept him from spending much time with you, and so you drifted. Not in the way that most people think, however. You both were still close, spending the holidays like normal siblings do, but during school, his friends had all of his attention.
As for you, you didn’t have many friends, just a few girls in your year. Although, you didn’t talk to them often, either. You preferred to be completely immersed in the worlds printed in ink and tucked between precious pages that begged to be read, to be imagined, brought to life in your mind. You weren’t as well known around school as your brother was. In fact, when you tell students what your last name is, they often gasp and say, “I didn’t know James had a sister.”
And since last summer, Sirius had been staying in a room with James at your house. Since you were already shy enough around the people at school, you practically spent all your time in your room or reading in the garden, too nervous to say a word to your brother’s friend. But in those weeks, despite not even having looked him in the eye, you had managed to pique the mischievous boy’s interest.
Tumblr media
When you got back to school, Sirius found himself searching for you in his classes and the hallways and during breakfast, and when he found you, you were always alone, reading or carrying a book in your hand. He tried to approach you multiple times, but every time you saw him walking your way, you scurried off in the opposite direction. It was annoying at first, but Sirius never gave up on trying to talk to you. He so desperately wanted to find out what was going on in your head, to find out why you were so quiet and shy, to see what you were like when you weren’t so recluse.
But every time you looked at Sirius when he wasn’t looking at you, your cheeks would flush red and your mouth would upturn in a small smile. You heard what Sirius was like from what James had told you and your parents during holidays and what you had seen from him during his stay, and he was nothing like what the others thought. He wasn’t obnoxious or brash, but considerate and supportive of his friends - although a little bit wild at times - though, seeing as he was friends with James, it was to be expected.
It took Sirius weeks to be able to catch you outside of your last class of the week; Potions. You were good, of course, but not top of the class. That title belonged to Severus Snape. He caught your arm as you rounded the corner to the stairs, eager to get back to the Gryffindor common room to get all your homework out of the way so you could finish your current read, Little Women.
You admired the March women and found yourself especially admiring Jo. She was outgoing and courageous, funny and albeit a little bit selfish, but hadn’t any problems making friends with just about anyone she came across. She was who you aspired to be one day, you just had to gather the courage to be able to get there.
As you thought about the book so far, you felt someone grab your arm and gently tug you backward, spinning you around to face them. Your eyes went as wide as saucers when you were met with Sirius, although you weren’t sure who you were going to be met with, you weren’t expecting it to be him. Your face flushed red and your eyes darted to Sirius’ hand wrapped around your upper arm.
“Hey,” He breathed, completely blanking. He hadn’t thought this through, that was for sure, and now he was internally beating himself up.
“Uh… hey.” You stuttered in greeting, giving the boy an awkward smile. “Is there-” you nervously fixed the strap of your messenger bag, “-do you need help with s-something or...?”
Sirius pulled himself out of his thoughts and quickly let go of your arm. “Oh! No, uhm, actually I-I just wanted to talk to you. I’ve seen you a lot around the house and- and around school and you seemed a little lonely so I thought maybe you’d like someone to talk to.”
Taken aback by his words, you wracked your brain for something to say. You were flattered that someone like Sirius wanted to talk to you, and equally as flattered that he had noticed you. You had to be honest, he was quite attractive and funny, and you were just little old you. Y/n Potter, stuck in the shadow of her twin brother, books and music as her only comfort.
“Uhm…” You dragged the last letter, contemplating things. It felt nice for someone to truly see you for once. “Sure. I don’t think I have much going on. Just let me bring my stuff back to my room and we can go down to the lake?”
Sirius smiled and nodded at your proposal, walking with you to the common room before you temporarily went your separate ways. You changed and made sure you wrote down all the homework you needed to complete before heading down to the black lake, where Sirius sat, eagerly waiting for you.
Tumblr media
The few weeks after your and Sirius’ first interaction were fun. You spent more time with him, and you were glad about it. He often joined you in the library, where you were most comfortable, to do assignments or study for upcoming tests. If it meant he was able to get to know you and talk with you comfortably, he would do it. You helped him with his homework, too, and in that little amount of time, his grades had gone up a bit.
If you weren’t in the library then you were outside in the courtyard or sitting by the black lake, admiring what was left of the nice weather as it slowly faded from autumn to winter. He had gotten to know you quite well and usually walked with you to your classes and back to the common room.
He spent his mealtimes with the Marauders, but found himself glancing toward where you sat near the teacher’s table, immersed in a book and snacking on some toast or fruit. James had even picked up on the behavior from the two of you, and felt himself growing jealous of his sister. His sister, who stole his best friend away from him. His best friend, who was paying more attention to his sister than his best mate.
The ugly little monster reared its head and before James could do anything, he began to resent his sister, who hadn’t even done anything wrong. He should have felt happy that you were getting new friends and becoming more social, but he just didn’t understand why it had to be his best friend of all people. It infuriated him, how Sirius barely participated in pranks or hung out with them in their dorm or the common room anymore.
He was going to do something about it, and he was going to do something fast.
Tumblr media
As the weeks passed by once again, the air grew crisp and cold, and snow was falling to the ground every day. And in the time between seasons, you found yourself falling for Sirius, and he for you. He wished you had opened yourself up to more people, that you trusted in yourself to be happy with who you were. Because in his eyes, you were the most amazing person he’d ever met, and he couldn’t keep his mind from drifting to you every night before bed, or whenever he woke up, wondering what dreams your mind had conjured up.
Every time your eyes landed on Sirius, you were sure that your heart would stop beating completely. When he smiled at you or complimented you, butterflies arose in your belly, fluttering endlessly. Making him laugh felt like the best accomplishment in the world, and hearing it was your prize; the best prize in the world. You had only ever heard of feelings like this in books, and desperately hoped that one day, you would get to feel them, too. And now you did, and it was purely blissful.
Christmas break had arrived and you were going back home with Sirius and James on the Hogwarts Express, allowing them to joke around with their friends in a separate compartment, while you finished your book in another. The Picture of Dorian Gray was a book that had been sent to you by your parents, who heard great things about it from the muggles that lived down the street.
As you finished up the last pages of the book, your cabinet door opened and you didn’t look up as you said, “Occupied.”
“Ouch, N/n. I thought we were friends.” You looked away from the book with a laugh as Sirius closed the compartment door behind him and sat on the opposite side of you.
“What are you doing here, exactly?”
“What, I can’t spend time with my close friend?” Sirius asked innocently. You sent him a pointed look, ignoring the daggers that embedded themselves into your heart as he called you his friend. “Okay, fine. The boys were getting on my nerves, and you’re much better company than those blokes.”
“May I remind you that those ‘blokes’ are your best friends and one of them just happens to be my twin brother?” Your book was closed and placed on the seat beside you now, your full attention on Sirius.
“I know, I know.” Sirius sighed, focusing his gaze on the snowy countryside outside the train. “But they’re being dicks again, and I don’t think I have the energy to deal with them right now.”
A downcast mood settled in the cabinet and you knew the reason why; because even though Sirius’s family was horrible and abusive, they were still his family. After a few moments of silence, you reached over and placed your hand lightly on Sirius’, getting his attention.
“I know, Sirius. They’re still family, and you have every right to feel the way you do.” You assured the boy. “But mum and dad love you, too, and James is practically your brother. It’s okay to feel like this during the holidays, but you have me to talk to, if you ever need to.”
His lips twitched into a small smile and he put his other hand on yours before Remus burst into the compartment and you both recoiled quickly. Panting, he said, “Sirius, you’ve got to come quickly. Peter got his finger stuck in one of my bloody Chinese finger traps and we can’t get it out.”
After he shot you an apologetic look, he allowed himself to be dragged out of the cabinet and you picked your book back up, finishing the last of the pages before letting your mind wander for the rest of the trip.
Tumblr media
Christmas had come and gone, and you were quite happy with the gifts you’d gotten. James gave you a pendant that opened to a family photo that was taken two years ago, your parents bought you some nice clothes to “wear on dates or to events” (their words, not mine), and Sirius got you Jane Eyre, a book you’d longed to have since you were young, but had been impossible to find.
You practically crushed the poor bloke’s lungs when you unwrapped the gift, but he knew how much it had meant that you had it. In the following days leading up to the new year, you spent as much time as you could reading the book, meaning James got some time alone with Sirius for once.
As they both laid on their respective beds in what had been just James’s room, doing nothing but laying down and staring at the ceiling, Sirius decided to get something off of his chest. He hated having feelings for you and not telling James about them; after all, you were his sister. It came out of nowhere and very suddenly, the words echoing in the room after they were spoken. “I think I have feelings for Y/n.”
James nearly choked on his saliva as he glanced at Sirius from his position. “What do you mean?”
“What else would I mean, Prongs?” Sirius asked, sitting up and looking at his friend. “I like her. More than a friend should.”
“Well, you shouldn’t,” James said bitterly. He knew what he was about to do was wrong, but he wanted things to go back to the way they were before, with all eyes on him. Including his best friend’s. “She’s awful.”
“Mate, I don’t think we’re talking about the same Y/n-”
“Trust me, we are.” James interrupted, a scowl forming on his face. “She’s downright horrible, Pads. Practically a pathological liar, you know. A snake. Of course, she doesn’t even realize she’s doing it. She uses people to get what she wants, then tosses them aside like they’re garbage.”
Sirius couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He gripped the edge of the bed, knuckles nearly turning white as James casually lay on his bed, listing off all these horrible things about you. The Y/n he knew was nothing like what James was describing. You were kind-hearted and passionate, especially about nature and literature. You loved treacle tarts and butterflies, you were incredibly smart and had way too much potential for someone your age. You congratulated him on even the littlest of things, there was no way you were a liar or a snake.
“James,” Sirius said, cutting him off. “That’s not her, I know it. She’s amazing, not some- some heartless monster.”
“But she is,” James insisted, although it was a lie. “You don’t see it, do you? She’s using you,” James sat up and mimicked the position Sirius was in. “She wants to be popular, to be noticed. Or she’s trying to get back at me for it, at least. You don’t mean anything to her. Once she’s got what she wants, she’ll abandon you.”
Tears sprung to Sirius’ eyes at his best friend’s words. He didn’t want to believe James, not one bit. But James knew you best, didn’t he? How could he not believe his best friend, the person who knows you best? “You can stay friends with her if you want, hell, you can even date her, but don’t come crying to me when you realize that I’m right.”
And with those words hanging in the air, James left the room to go God-knows-where.
Tumblr media
The day before the holidays ended and everyone would be going back to Hogwarts, you had decided to do something you never thought you would, or could. Sirius had been acting strange around you lately, and you wanted to find out why, and to hopefully confess how you felt for the wizard.
You found him staring at the fireplace in the living room, your father and James went into the back to do something, and your mother at the store to buy things for dinner. “Oh, Sirius, there you are.”
A smile graced your features as you approached Sirius, who couldn’t help but think how beautifully you wore a smile. He had to forcibly stop the thoughts, reminding himself of what James had told him. His expression went stoic and he stared back at the fire, listening as you asked if you could tell him something.
“Sirius, I-” You took a deep breath, wringing your hands in the hope that they would stop shaking. “I think I like you. And not in the way that best friends like each other, but in the way that makes my heart skip a beat every time I see you, or how every time you laugh I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to be able to hear it.”
The boy remained quiet, the flames reflecting in his eyes and showing you that he was tearing up. He stood abruptly and faced you. “I don’t.”
With just two words, Sirius Black sent your whole world crumbling down. “Wh-what?”
“I don’t like you like that.” He spat. “James told me the truth about you, you know. I can’t believe you would try and do that to me! I thought you were a nice person, not someone who just wanted to use me and toss me aside when you were done with me, and lie about it, too!”
Your mind was reeling at his words as an endless pit formed in your stomach, making you feel empty. Where had he come up with this? Why was he trying to tear you apart? What the hell was so wrong in your brother’s life that he had to make you feel like garbage? You clamped a hand over your mouth as Sirius continued talking, trying your hardest to hold back your tears and sobs.
Gaining back a bit of your composure, you hardened your face as best as you could and wiped the tears from your cheeks. “I don’t know who you think I am, Sirius Black, but I am not a liar, and I would never do that to anyone.”
Without a second thought, you turned and ran from the room and let a sob break free as you leaned against your locked bedroom door. The room felt too small, too cramped for you to be able to breathe. In a panic, you ripped your curtains down in an attempt to make the room bigger and the rod came down with them, clattering to the floor along with them.
You tore your sheets from your bed and knocked things off your dresser before collapsing to the floor, wrapping your arms around your legs and tucking your head down, practically screaming.
Your parents tried to get you to open the door to eat something and hopefully talk to you about what had hurt you so much, but you refused. You cleaned up your room after you felt too tired to continue crying and had buried yourself in your sheets, staring out the window at the forest behind your house, covered in snow and almost too bright for your liking.
There were no beautiful, full trees to comfort you, no birds chirping or butterflies roaming about. It was dead and cold outside, almost mimicking how you felt. Where there was once a lush, green, happy environment, bursting with life, there was now an empty, gray, and depressing wasteland. You were going back to Hogwarts tomorrow, trunks already packed, and there you could dive headfirst into your work, without any distractions.
Sirius wouldn’t be there to distract you anymore, and burying yourself in work was what you felt you needed to do. And as you thought more and more, you realized you had proved a point to yourself. You didn’t just read books because they were good company and didn’t disappoint you, you read books and kept away from people as an escape. You closed yourself off and immersed yourself in books to keep yourself from getting hurt, and this was the perfect example of it. You let Sirius Black in, and he hurt you with lies that someone fed him.
Tumblr media
In the weeks that followed, your routine went back to the way it was before Sirius. Except, instead of feeling content as things were, you were simply empty. You went to and from classes and then straight to the library afterward, skipping meals to avoid looking at or hearing Sirius. You focused all your time into reading and doing your work, and leaving the common room to go to the kitchens to eat before curfew.
You stopped asking and answering questions in class, and by this point, you hadn’t used your voice for anything except making polite conversation with the house elves as they made your food. Of course, you knew it was unhealthy, but it’s not like anyone noticed, did they? You could do whatever you wanted, act how you wanted, and not a single person would intervene because of your brother’s overwhelming shadow.
Sirius would’ve said something as soon as you started acting weirdly. He would’ve slapped you lightly and told you to get it together because this isn’t how you acted, this was not who you were. But, apparently, Sirius didn’t know who you truly were anymore, so it’s not like it would have mattered. You beat yourself up at night for making such a big mistake as falling for your friend, who was also James’ best friend.
He was the first person to show you empathy, care, and love, out of all the students at Hogwarts. It’s not like he was forced to, he did it of his own free will. And you were sure that’s what pushed you over the edge.
But one night, as the seasons were changing and winter was turning to spring again, you thought over what he had told you. “I thought you were a nice person, not someone who just wanted to use me and toss me aside when you were done with me!” “James told me the truth about you.”
James. Of course, it was James that told him those things. He just couldn’t leave well enough alone, could he? He just couldn’t feel happy for you for once in his bloody life. As your thoughts grew angrier and more violent, you fell asleep, cursing your brother.
Tumblr media
Your head was too full of rage the next morning when you woke up to even process that you had gotten ready and went down to the Great Hall, seemingly on autopilot. By the time you had woken up from your early morning haze and silent murder plotting, you had taken a seat near the entrance of the Great Hall, piling toast and eggs onto your plate.
The vivacious and, quite frankly, obnoxious laughter of the Marauders had rang in your ears the whole time, and you were quite ready to hex the lot of them. Although, had they caught you on any other day, you simply would have minded your own business. You ate your breakfast as fast as you could before leaving, making an attempt to move on with your day and try to forget about what you had realized the night before.
Today, the weather had been more forgiving than the past few days. The snow was almost completely melted, and although the trees were still bare and the grass was extremely muddy, the sun had peeked out from the gray sheet of clouds today and there was no need for hats or gloves outside. So, when you saw your brother and his friends in the courtyard, you knew there was something you had to say.
Quickly and impulsively, you stormed over to the group and grabbed your brother by the back of his robes, dragging him from the other three and into the open hallways that surrounded the courtyard. “James Fleamont Potter, you are in enormous trouble.”
The anger and authority in your voice surprised James. You never talked that way with anyone, and you were acting completely out of character. He gulped and regained his balance when you tossed him ahead of you, stopping in an empty part of the corridor. “What in the bloody hell is all this? What are you talking about?”
“I think you know exactly what I’m talking about, James.” Your nostrils flared in anger but tears clouded your vision in pain. Behind your e/c irises was a sea of betrayal and hurt, and at the center, was James. “Lying to Sirius? Telling him that I’m- that I’m using him to get what I want? You truly are disgusting, James.”
“I didn’t-”
“Didn’t what? Paint me as the monster to the first person who actually gave a damn for the first time in years?” You said, voice thick with unshed tears. “Why did you do it, James?”
James sighed. He knew that his reasons weren’t acceptable, that doing what he did to both you and his best friend for his benefit was disgusting and cowardly. “I did it because… Sirius is my best friend. He has been for years, and then all of a sudden you came in and he barely paid attention to me anymore. I know how it sounds, I really do, but I’m just so used to everyone paying attention to me, I just got jealous.”
A scoff escaped your lips as you rolled your eyes and threw your hands up incredulously. “Of course. The famous James Potter can’t handle his twin sister taking the attention away from him for five bloody minutes! I can’t believe you could ever be so selfish, James. I can’t even start making friends with people you know because you can’t handle not having all eyes on you!”
Your voice had raised consistently throughout your rant and you knew that others were watching the scene unfold, but you were too angry to care. “Instead of thinking it through and talking to me and Sirius like a rational person would, you went ahead and sabotaged the only thing that I even came close to counting as a relationship! Did you know that he cared about me? He enjoyed talking to me about the things I liked even though I probably bored him half to death. He was my friend, and you took him away from me. I liked him and you tore it all apart!”
The tears you had been keeping in had now painted your cheeks, your emotions finally being released from the bottle you had them tightly trapped in. In the silence, you noticed that no one in the courtyard had moved or made any sound, including James’s friends. Peter and Remus were shocked that James would ever do something like that, but Sirius seemed livid.
He kept his eyes on James, nostrils flared and eyes dark. You held your gaze on him and, as your chest heaved from the yelling, you turned and rushed out of the corridor and through the courtyard. Once you entered the school, the corridors were much more densely populated, meaning you had to push past a few people to get back to where you wanted to go.
While your feet carried you up to the astronomy tower, James was leaving the open corridor. Sirius caught sight of him and before Peter or Remus could quite catch him and hold him back from beating up James, he was already marching over to his best friend.
“Sirius, wait, I can-”
“No, James, you won’t. I already heard everything from you.” The anger that Sirius held back was struggling to break free, and he was beginning to visibly shake. “I told you how I felt about her and you lied to me! I hurt her in the worst way imaginable because of you! I told her I didn’t feel the same way she did because I believed what you told me about her!”
James downcast his eyes and without warning, Sirius’s fist came into direct contact with James’s nose. Sirius landed two more punches to his face before Remus and Peter held him back, and James only took the hits, not daring to fight back. This was only part of the punishment, he thought, the worst would be yet to come.
He heard Remus calming Sirius down, telling him that he should go apologize to you and see if he can make things better, while James wiped the blood from his nose. He watched his best friend sigh and chase after you, while his other two friends gave him disappointed looks and took him to the hospital wing to see just how hard Sirius punched him.
Tumblr media
Leaning on the railing, you looked out at the black lake and the forest just ahead of it. You took deep breaths to calm yourself, feeling too overwhelmed and stressed for your liking. Even after that, you had stayed, admiring the calm, which was oh so different from the confrontation you just had.
As you thought it over, you wondered why you were so angry. You knew why, but it baffled you. You never got that angry at anyone, never. If you were being honest, you were terrified of yourself for a few minutes. You were the type to look at it from both sides and then assess the damage properly. But that… that anger wasn’t you. Not even close.
“Hey,” His voice startled you, causing a laugh to bubble up from his throat when he saw you jump.
“…Hi.” You shied away from his eyes, but he stepped up next to you, leaning his arms on the rail and looking over at you.
“Please, look at me.” He pleaded. You bit your lip nervously before meeting his eyes, his saddened eyes. “I’m so sorry, love. I didn’t mean to hurt you in any way, that’s the last thing I ever wanted to do to you, I promise.”
You listened as he poured himself out to you. “I didn’t want to believe him, but he sounded so sure that he was telling the truth, that I doubted everything. And now I wish I never did. I know that I can’t take it back, but I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me.”
A large breath left your body, and you found yourself tearing up at his words. He always knew exactly how to talk to you, another thing that you liked about him. There was never an awkward moment between the two of you. Tears welled in your eyes once again and you wiped them away with a laugh.
“It seems I can’t stop myself from crying lately.” You commented, hearing a breathy chuckle leave the boy’s mouth. Turning to face him, you laid your hand on his. “And for what it’s worth, I think I’ll be able to find it in my heart to forgive you, Sirius. It wasn’t all your fault, it was mostly James’s doing. I forgive you.”
His face lifted and so did his shoulders, relief flooding his body. He gripped your hand tightly and smiled. “For what it’s worth, I do like you like that. Listening to you talk about the things you love is all I wish to hear for the rest of my life, and being in your presence makes me feel safe, like coming up for a breath of fresh air after drowning. I want to be with you, Y/n, and I know you want to be with me, too.”
You stood in front of Sirius, breathless. These types of things only happened in books, you never thought you’d live out something like this. You took your support off of the railing and Sirius copied your action, taking both of your hands. Instinctively, your eyes drifted down to his lips, and he did, too.
Your body moved closer and closer to his, and soon, his hands left yours and found their way to your waist. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him to you, pressing your lips to his. His lips were soft and warm, feeling perfect on yours. Your fingers played with Sirius’ hair absentmindedly as he pulled you as close as you could get. Your lips molded perfectly with his, and if it weren’t for the fact that you needed air to live, you could have stayed there forever.
With extreme reluctance, you pulled away, immediately missing Sirius’s warmth. He looked into your e/c eyes with adoration and whispered, “I think I’m in love with you.”
“I think I love you, too.” A wide smile broke on Sirius’ face and he kissed you again.
“Does this mean I can finally ask you to be my girlfriend?”
“I think so, yes.” You laughed.
“Well then,” Sirius kept his gaze on you and took your hand again. “Y/n Potter, will you be my girlfriend?”
“Sirius Black, it would be my honor to be your girlfriend.” A giddy smile found its way to your lips and Sirius pulled you in for a hug.
You were never a liar, and you never would be.
Tumblr media
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l0vely-lupin · 6 months ago
hi🧡 i was wondering if you could do maybe a mattheo riddle x reader? if you’re comfortable with that ofc:) i love ur imagines and i hope u have a nice weekend
His Lady
Mattheo Riddle x Fem!Reader
Summary: After Mattheo gets jealous, he realizes how much he misses you.
Warnings: swearing, mentions of broken glass, fluff, angst
Requested: Yes | No
a/n: i hate this but you guys don’t so…
Tumblr media
You were perfect.
An absolute angel in his eyes.
Everything about you was beautiful.
Your hair, your eyes, your lips.
Oh, how he wanted to kiss your lips. Your soft beautiful lips. The same lips he’d seen moving softly to the rhythmic music. The same lips that would always be addictive to him.
He could only imagine how it would feel to be someone more for you. Being the girl you were, it was everything he would need. Everything he could ever want.
You were his best friend.
His partner.
His lady.
You loved him and knew he’d always be there for you. You knew what there was absolutely nothing that could separate you both.
However, for the smallest bit of time you both felt as if that were not true.
He’d gotten jealous.
Just a bit.
Okay, maybe he’d gotten really jealous—not that he’d admit that.
A boy he didn’t know was talking to you. You were laughing, looking genuinely happy. It set a pang to his chest.
Of course, it ended up in an argument.
He would take back every single word he said to you if he could. It was never worth it. After you finally stormed out, face stained with mascara, he took a look around his dorm.
Broken glass, ripped paper, and he could swear he heard your shouts toward him still bouncing off the walls.
He didn’t sleep that night.
Actually, he didn’t sleep for many nights after you continued to ignore him.
In his eyes, you were the picture of grace. With your perfect white gloves, and your lovely heels, and your beautiful stance that would make any guy falter. In his eyes, you were like a magnum opus.
A lady.
He’d been working up the courage to ask you to go to go out with him for years, but every time he tried a thought would creep past his mind. Lingering and haunting him. Filling him with dread.
She’s a lady, and I’m just a boy.
But this time, he frowned and pushed his shoulders back in the mirror and stared at his reflection. “I can do this. I’m going to ask Y/n to be my girlfriend.”
He needed this to be perfect. If anything went wrong, he might lose you forever and he didn’t want to risk it.
A few (4,392) times of repeating the same thing, he finally decided he would. He recited what he would say, bought you the rosiest of roses, prepared the best of surprises, and hell was he smitten with love because he’d never seen a girl the way he saw you.
He could feel his body sweat as he waited for you to arrive in the Room of Requirement, holding a basket of the rarest plants with charmed roses that stayed vibrant forever.
You weren’t sure whether to go. Once you received the letter you immediately became aware of a sense of hope. The fact that he was trying to fix what he’s done did it for you really.
And there you stood at the door in the empty corridor, red heels, white dress, red lipstick put to perfection, just for second thoughts.
He started to lose hope. He began to think that you went back to that other guy. His shoulders slumped and he put the basket down, going to turn around before he heard the door open.
There you were. Angelic. He smiled and you looked around the room.
There were cream drapes, carpet, the floor was huge and overly extravagant. As if it were for a ball, being it probably was. And in the middle of all of it was him.
“Y/n. I- bloody hell.” He stuttered when you advanced to him. “I forgot my speech. Uhm-”
You slightly smiled.
“Oh just forget it. Y/n, you- you look amazing as always. You’re everything to me. You’ve been my best friend for so long. Sticking with me through thick and thin, making me feel special all the time, helping me through this there and that. Thank you. But- I don’t just want to be friends with you, Y/n. I want to be yours. I want you to be my lady. Hell, I am so sorry for everything I said to you and I-”
He abruptly stopped when your lips planted on his, hands holding his face. His eyes fluttered shut and his hands held your waist, pulling you impossibly closer.
Merlin, if he wasn’t so distracted right now he’d faint.
You pulled away and smiled. “I just wanted you to apologize. I love you, Theo.”
Your foreheads linked and he let out a relieved laugh, tears forming in the corners of his eyes as he whispered,
“You’re a lady. My lady.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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kiwibirbs-library · 3 months ago
First Sight
a/n: so I saw a girl make a tik tok about this for mha and I wanted to make it for Harry Potter and now here we are. Hehe.
Pairings: Harry, Ron, Fred, George, Oliver, Cedric, Draco x reader (separate)
Warning: cutest cute shit YALL EVA GUNNA SEE
Summary: love at first sight doesn’t happen all the time but… what would happen when it does happen with these boys for you?
Part two (first talk) ~ harry, cedric, oliver, draco
Harry Potter
Tumblr media
Harry was walking into the dinning hall around Christmas time. It was even more empty than normal during breakfast as he sat down and sighed. Ron had gone home this year, as well as Hermonie, and Harry didn’t exactly know how to spend his time.
A sandwich appeared in front of him on a small plate and he smiled, silently thanking the kitchen elves for their attentiveness.
He hummed absentmindedly as he ate, casually looking around at the few people in the great hall. That when he saw you.
You were just walking in, quiet mumbles left your lips as you smiled down as the fluffy white cat on your heels. Harry’s eyes widened as you tapped your legs and it hopped up into your arms.
You were absolutely stunning, a hazy glow shinning around you as you went to go sit down. He felt his breathing stutter as your hums drifted through the air. He gulped at the shiver sent down his spine.
What was this?
Ron Weasley
Tumblr media
Ron was out shopping with his mom. All the boys had spread out, Fred and George going to a quidditch shop while Ginny and Mr. Weasley left for the book store. Molly had left Ron at the front of one of the many ingredients stores to pick up some things.
Ron picked at the edge of his sweater as he leaned against a brick wall. His nose scrunched at the smoke coming from someone’s pipe, a girl laughed loudly in the background.
“Um hi, Im so sorry but could you tell me where the broom shop is? Im a little turned around,” he heard a voice say in front of him. He looked up to find your embarrassed blush covering your cheeks.
Ron breathed in sharply, feeling himself tense up immediately. “I-I um you- broom?” He stumbled with his words. You giggled slightly, only making his brain melt more. He shook his head for a moment. “Sorry sorry um it’s two stores down and to your right,” he gave you a wavy smile and you patted his arm.
“Thank you so much,” you gave him the brightest smile he’s ever seen before walking off. He couldn’t breath.
Fred Weasley
Tumblr media
Fred had been setting up a firework example for him and George during break. He happily snickered as he sat back and patted the floor. He smiled at his work before looking to the door way.
His twin should come out any second now with the kids they were supposed to give this show too. What he didn’t expect was a girl to come out, pause at the fireworks littering the quad, and then proceed to dance around them all.
You hopped from clear spot to clear spot, barely watching where you were going as you avoid the firecrackers, the one thing you missing was the tall ginger smiling at you as you went. Then you ran into something hard.
“You alright?” Fred laughed a bit. The way you looked back up to him made him almost dizzy. Your eyes made him loose focus for a moment as he stared. He felt himself pausing on breath as you gasped lightly, the sounding making him want more of it.
He could get used to more of this feeling.
George Weasley
Tumblr media
George was in the owlry, a letter in the middle of getting tied to the owls leg. the snow outside was light yet everywhere was covered in white. He had almost slipped on the steps on his way up with the ice. He was just about to send the owl off when he heard footsteps on the staircase echoing.
He smiled to himself at the mumbled cursing that went along with it. They must be struggling with the ice too. When he finally began to leave he had the joy of catching said struggling person however.
He looked down to the girl in his arms. You were gripping his sleeves for dear life with how you continued to fail with your footing. Then you looked up. George got light headed with you started giggling at how wierd this situation was.
“I’m so sorry about this. Oh your George right?” You smiled as he finally got you steady brought to stand. He paused. He got mistaken for Fred a lot so it was impressive you knew it was him. And the way you were smiling made him wait even longer. It was as if a gear fell out and he couldn’t figure out how to start again. You waved a hand in front of him and he flinched.
“Ya. That’s me.”
Oliver Wood
Tumblr media
He heard that hufflepuff had gotten themselves a new beater and though he would go check them out. Honestly he didn’t think it would be too impressive, hufflepuff did have a history of some wimpy beaters.
When he got to the pitch though he heard a loud yell and whipping of cloaks. His pace quickened before he knew it. His eyes widened in amazement of the player in the sky. Some students stayed on the ground, casting spells on a few heavy balls to fly at the one on the broom. The player swatted them away as if they were flys, not even batting an eye as one barely missed her shoulder before pounding it into the field.
Oliver stared for longer than he should have as the girl landed. You took off your goggles as you team rushed you, jumping on you and giving you high fives for the effort. Oliver could hear you sweet laughed from where he was, he felt dizzy with how your smile shined. Even you covered in sweat he couldn’t help but think you were absolutely stunning.
He was looking forward to hufflepuffs next game.
Cedric Diggory
Tumblr media
He was laughing with his friends in the court yard as he did every day in break. All of them told him of their day, random teases and insults being thrown in laughs. He smiled along, not able to stop his eyes from wandering through the trees in the area.
There was a boy trying to catch a cat, a girl showing off a spell she learned by floating a few books, another boy whispering to his friends about something. Then his eyes landed on you. You were sitting up in a tree, a small twig like creature dangling and swinging on your finger. You giggled as it squeaked something to you.
Cedric choked on his drink, his group all looking to him in confusing.
“Woah Ced you ok?” The asked with a laugh. He wiped his mouth and nodded, giving them a smile. His eyes darted to you again. Your eyes were closed as you hummed. You didn’t seem to be aware of anything else in the world at that moment. Cedric felt his cheeks beat up and he looked away.
He should go talk to you later, definitely.
Draco Malfoy
Tumblr media
He was warming up for a match against Gryffindor. He was just speeding around the pitch for a bit as people started filing into the stands. It was beginning to get dreadfully boring and dizzy. He quickly flew up, now resting high above the field. He looked around the stands, maybe there was someone out already to entertain him.
Then his eyes locked with yours. You were laying down in the stands, eyes wide when he saw you. You smiled and waved a bit, it looked a bit awkward.
Draco almost fell of his broom, barely saving himself as he steadied. The way your hair was fanned out and how he could tell what color your eyes were from this distance was nuts. He looked down at his hands in disgust. Why the hell was he shaking? He lowered himself to his captain, the captain giving him a confused laugh.
“The hell? Why are you blushing Malfoy?”
What the hell was wrong with him?
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s1ater · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
a habit not to make. mattheo riddle x gryffindor!reader
summary 🐅: in which you spend the night in mattheo’s bed , sending straight for an interesting morning
warning/s 🔪: swearing, nsfw themes
slater’s note ☕️: this brings back my marcus lopez obsession. i also don’t know much about mattheo.. so if i portray him wrong lmk
Tumblr media
you were cursed by the revolting hell of a teenage boy, the spawn and prodigy of tom riddle himself. someone you would have never expected to even associate yourself with until it seemed to be utterly impossible with his taunting.
you were ashamed and frightened, and you wouldn’t lie, you some how still were every time his tan finger tips ran along your skin teasingly in public, enjoying the tint of red that filled your cheeks as you tried your best to avoid his sneer and knowing eyes.
he loved it. he ate you up like a piece of meat with the unfamiliarity you held to male affection... or just general affection at all.
nights like the one before you always seemed to end as well as begin the same way every time. late and shamelessly with his greedy hands upon you like predator on prey, desperate and heart filled with so many bad intentions.
clothes were scattered, bare bodies were pressed against one another, breathless and stressed sounds with fingers slipped and pressed against tongue.
moans, groans, and pleasured filled noises that made the both of you openly melt into one another. he loved it, adored you even when you were under him, obeying, practically on your knees for him, with the same red cheeks.
same nights, always ended and begun with the same mornings.
only this time, it was different and it was not routine like mattheo so solemnly lived by with heart.
he lied on his back, sweat beading on his forehead and gliding down his chest, watching you slide on your black lacy thong before catching your arm, pulling you close back to his bed. you stared at him blankly before your face softening, lifting an eyebrow while his hand now pulled at your hip bone, wanting you closer.
“stay,” his voice was rasped over like dew, his eyes full and pure, something you had never saw of him, almost sending you into shock.
“yes,” his body stayed motionless all except for his left arm rubbing the bare cold skin of your side, almost silencing convincing you despite him already knowing you’d agree.
and you did, laying your body against his under his white sheets. mattheo’s hand soothed against your back, manipulating you to sleep as your head was pressed against his chest, thinking of him, analyzing him in your head like you did often.
it wasn’t long before you slept.
it made sense now.
you woke suddenly to the light noise of ruffling clothing. your eyes blinked and blinked till they cleared to see mattheo slip on his slytherin patterned robe, his eyes then meeting yours.
you groaned rubbing your eyes, “what time is it?”
“your first class is soon,” he mumbled, shifting on his feet causing to break eye contact from you, “you missed breakfast.”
you got up fast, now fully processing the bright sun peering through mattheo’s curtains and unmistakable silence of the boy’s dormitory outside of his room, unusual, unless of course it was indeed early and time for your first class.
you begun to pull on your bralette fast, looking around the room fast as if looking for something to cover yourself. mattheo turned, a sly smile on his face as he held out one of his many white collared button downs.
you frowned, settling down before him, your shoulders relaxing once you sighed. and his smirk increased, swinging the shirt around your shoulders so you would place your hands through the sleeves, which you did with a flat, unimpressed expression.
“you’re an asshole.”
“really,” he chuckled a little, beginning to button up the shirt that barely fit your body, “i thought i was being nice letting you sleep in.”
you clenched your jaw, looking up to him and his brown eyes where he was already looking to you while his fingers slipped and looped with the small circles, his knuckles briefly cladding against your stomach every once and awhile. you swallowed slightly, almost nervous for no entire reason other than feeling entirely vulnerable right then.
“you’ll be cute in green anyways,” he nodded, turning away from your now fully buttoned up shirt, “unless you want to wear the dress on my floor.”
he motioned then to the thin, frail dress that wasn’t even really a dress but rather lingerie that barely went halfway down your thighs. it made your eyes squeeze tight in cringe, adding on more to the embarrassment like a tower.
“shut up,” you took the tie he held out to you, wrapping around your neck before he took over, wrapping and tying it into a perfect knot, mirroring his own. it made grimace at the thought of wearing green, more specifically a slytherin color, it was going against silent rules of gryffindor.
“you’re nasty this morning,” his lips twitched into a smirk once more before handing you a sweater and then a skirt he conveniently had in his closet, making you frown wondering if it was your own or another girls. 
you didn’t answer and after awhile he finally nodded to you, walking out his private bedroom door, leaving you to the quiet. you let it soak you up, allowing the reality of the situation eat you whole. you didn’t even have your books.
you were even more late than planned. eyes on you, making you clench your jaw as your hands laid hopelessly at your side, starring back with devastated eyes. you did not feel like you were living up to your house name.
“miss y/l/n,” snape hadn’t been facing you, his eyes focused on writing upon the chalk board while the rest of his students were busy staring for him, also devastated. “nice of you to join us.”
“always,” you mumbled, your eyes suddenly reaching mattheo’s, a classic, stupid smirk on his face. you rolled your eyes, deciding then it would be best to take a seat.
snape had then turned, his eyes almost immediately landing on you, and he can’t help but smirk himself, the corners of his lips twitching,
“very nice attire,” he nodded, causing light giggles to circulate throughout the classroom, “ten points to gryffindor, but let’s not make this a habit, alright?”
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promenadewithme · 3 months ago
Little Push
Finally, people! I am back from my writer's block! This wasn't requested, I actually had this idea while cooking lunch today 😂 Hope you guys like it!
Guys, look at his hands on this gif! (please tell me I’m not the only one who finds hands attractive!)
Divider by me at @promenadewithme-graphics​
Pairing: Fred Weasley x Female! Reader
Warnings: tiny bit of angst with fluffy ending, jealous Freddie, I think there’s one swearword, tension with George if you squint, mutual pining, both idiots being oblivious, very cliche.
Word Count: 1,3 K
Tumblr media
Angelina was on his lap. She had been for the past half hour.
“Merlin, (y/n)! If looks could kill, Johnson would be buried six feet under by now!”
“Shut up, George.” you complained, taking a sip of your butterbeer.
“You should just tell him, you know. He won’t know if you don’t tell him”
“I believe I already make it quite obvious, thank you very much! If he can’t see what’s literally in front of him, then I’m not the one who should do something about it.”
Finally looking away, you wondered how you got in this situation. You and the twins were best friends since your first year at Hogwarts, but you developed feelings for the oldest of them along the years. You never told him, or anyone for that matter, but every single soul at Hogwarts knew. Even Nearly Headless Nick came to talk to you about it, for Merlin’s sake!
The problem, besides your crush being oblivious, was that Fred and Angelina were getting closer and closer over the last few weeks, which made you distance yourself from the other two parts of your trio. Today, however, he marched into your dorm demanding you put your clothes on because you were going to Hogsmeade with them.
Everything was going perfectly fine until Fred decided he just had to get some butterbeer at Three Broomsticks and ran into none other than Angelina Johnson, the reason you had withdrawn in the first place. So, here you were, drinking butterbeer with George, sulking.
“I may have an idea, but I don’t know if you’re going to like it.”
“When do I ever like your ideas?”
“They are great ideas! Now, do you trust me?”
You hesitated for a moment.
“Of course I trust you, but we’re not blowing anything up!” he laughed at that and clapped his hands together. Pulling you for a hug, he kissed your forehead.
“It’s showtime.” He whispered just before pulling you into his own lap. You squealed in surprise, attracting some gazes, including just the one George was aiming for. You see, George knew Fred had feelings for you and you had feelings for Fred, but he promised both of you he wouldn’t say anything. Technically, he wasn’t saying anything… Just giving the little push you both needed.
“Just pretend it’s him, we’re similar enough. Though, I do believe I’m the more handsome twin.” You giggled.
“So, your plan is to make him jealous? You know this won’t work, right? In order for him to be jealous, he’d have to have feelings for me. He clearly doesn’t.”
“Just trust me on this.” You doubted for a second, then looked at Fred, who had a clenched jaw. Angelina was on his lap, but he was looking in your direction. ‘Is this working?’ you thought. ‘It’s worth a shot.’
Grabbing George’s hand, you started comparing sizes and giggling at the difference. To be completely honest, being with George was easy, he was one of your best friends after all. All you had to do was act a bit more handsy than usual. On his lap. Ok, it was a bit awkward, but George always found a way to make awkward situations fun.
He pulled you closer, pressing your back against his chest, and gave you a quick kiss just below your ear before whispering “Don’t look, but he just made her get off his lap.”
You looked. His body was fully turned your way, elbows on his knees, one leg bouncing up and down.
Your staring was interrupted by George, who grabbed you by your chin and pulled you close to his face.
“I told you not to look, you naughty girl. He might suspect.”
He brought you closer and closer, your noses now touching.
“Don’t you dare kiss me, George.” You muttered.
“I don’t think I’ll have to.” He smirked right before Fred yanked you off him, lifted George by the shirt and pushed him against the wall.
“What the hell are you doing? Have you gone completely bonkers?”
The idiot was full on grinning.
“I was just enjoying some cuddly time with Miss (y/l/n) over here, just like you were doing with Angelina. Nothin’ wrong with that!”
“Nothin’ wrong? Nothin’ wrong?! You know I- ” he hesitated, looking around at the prying eyes.
“I know you what, Freddie?” he teased, that smug grin still plastered across his face.
“Wait… You know. You know, so you’d never do this to me.” Realization spread across his features as he let you of George, giving his shirt a few taps and shaking his head. “You’re an arse.”
“He knows what?” you asked and he freezed. Going around him, you stood on you lifted your heels from the ground, cupped his face and repeated yourself. “What does he know, Freddie?”
He sighed and put his hands on top of yours.
“He knows… He knows that I love you. That I have loved you since the first moment I saw you on the Express with your silly little dress and a book in hand. I’ve loved you since you first looked met us and could immediately tell who is who, because you’ve always been like that, noticing even the smallest details. I’ve loved you since the first time you lied to McGonagall saying we were with you, when in reality you were in your dorm reading and we were pranking every living thing that crossed our path.” He chuckled, putting one hand around your waist, the other touching your face. Your hands slid down to his chest as he continued. “He knows that I have always loved you and always will.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“Are you kidding? You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I would never ruin it. I wanted you with me, even if we were just friends. Even if you never knew and I never got to be loved by you, at least I still would have had the pleasure to love you.”
“I never told you for the same reason.”
His eyes might as well have jumped out of their sockets.
“I never told you because I was afraid to lose you. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, too. I’ve loved you since the first time I saw you at the Express. I remember you were wearing one of the sweaters your mum knitted, and you had just put a chocolate frog in someone’s hoodie.” You giggled “Eleven-year-old me thought that was the funniest thing in the world. I had never seen a ginger either and I thought your hair was the most beautiful thing in the whole world. I’ve loved you since our first class together, when you sat next to me and I scribbled the answers on parchment, too afraid to say them out loud, and you’d answer for me. I’ve loved you every single day since the first and I’ll love you till my last, Fredrick Gideon Weasley.”
“For Merlin’s sake, (y/n)! I told you never to say my full name.” he complained, and you started laughing.
He thought you looked so absolutely beautiful in that moment. Laughing and in his arms, it was all he’d ever wanted.
Leaning down, he kissed you. You were surprised at first, but quickly wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed back.
You were in his arms and that was all you had ever wanted.
“That’s what I call a job well done! Cupid who? I think you mean George Weasley!”
Breaking your kiss, Fred looked at George and shoved him away. “Sod off, mate!” he turned back to you before looking at George again, “Thank you.”
“Anytime!” he said, turning around and whistling.
“No more secrets?” you held your pinkie up. Fred laughed before connecting his finger with yours.
“No more secrets.” He promised and kissed you again.
George would tell that story for the rest of your lives, gushing about how he made it all happen. You’d be forever grateful to him for that little push.
Tumblr media
General Taglist: @crazy-beautiful @elenapatricia99
Lightning Era Harry Potter: @dancingwith-sunflowers @dirtyhandsinvestment  @hufflepuffneville2 @olive2608 @queen-asteria06   @celestialuna13 @cbloodmarch @for-bebbanburg
Fred Weasley: @thegirlwiththeimpala​ 
The ones that are crossed out I couldn’t tag for some reason.
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peppers-analytics · 4 months ago
Vulnerability | h.p x reader
Summary: Harry teaches you how to have sex
Warning: smut, oral (male receiving), loss of virginity (female), innocence kink(? Sort of), praise
A/N: I- bro I am on a r o l l
Taglist: @vayeya11 @Karmen99 (if your name is crossed out, check your settings)
You thought about it before, losing your virginity, but what teen hadn’t? It was hard not to think about it when all of your friends did, leaving you alone, waiting for your brain to let go of the insecurities, and just let it happen. You knew Harry would be the one, you just couldn’t get past the thought of someone else seeing you in such a vulnerable state.
Another game won, another party in the Gryffindor common room, the same tipsy couple strayed away from the crowd sat in Harry’s dorm kissing each other breathless. It was all routine, and you knew it would stop just as his hands began to wander, leaving you wanting more, but the courage to ask for more being caught in your throat.
Just as you had predicted, just as it had happened before, his hand reached under your shirt, fingers brushing the underside of your tit, and he abruptly jumped away. “I’m sorry, love--”
“Can we go further?” you asked and his eyes met yours, shining in the dim light, clouded with thoughts. “We don't have to if you don't want to, Harry. It was just a suggestion.”
“No, I want to, trust me I do. I just know you're a--”
“A virgin?”
“Yes, that. I don't wanna pressure you, I mean, are you sure you're ready? Cause I need you to be 100 percent sure for me, you know?”
And God did he want to.
You laughed, sitting up to peck his cheek. “I'm sure, Harry. I want to.”
His lips attached to yours again, and somehow it felt like everything felt faster, like time was rushing around you. He guided you to lay on your back, him being tucked comfortably between your legs. And this time, he let his hands travel under your shirt, kneading and massaging your tits, thumb grazing over your nipple.
Out of instinct, your spine bowed off the bed, his lips trailed down your jawline, your neck, sucking on the sweet spot. Your breath got caught in your throat, and it started to feel good. His hands left your tits, tugging at the bottom of your shirt. “Can I take this off?”
You nodded, humming in agreement, and sitting up to help him pull it off. You moved to cover your chest, but he grabbed your wrists, pulling your arms apart. “It's alright, love, it's just me, ” he said, leaning over to kiss you again. “Take yours off, ” you said. He obeyed, pulling his shirt over his head, and chuckling at your stare.
You swallowed hard, pulling him back down into a kiss, him quickly breaking it to kiss down your neck, reaching your chest. He looked up at you, sucking small bruises on your tit. Again, just as before, your back arched. He hummed, clearly pleased with himself. His fingers hooked under the waistband of your shorts, pulling away from your chest. “Can I?”
“Only if yours come off too, ” you said. He nodded, flashing a smile. He pulled down your shorts, tossing them aside, and tugged his pants off. “You look so pretty, my love, ” he praised. He admired the sight before him; you, his love, in just her panties, waiting patiently for his next move.
“Do something, Harry, ” you said. He chuckled, leaning back over you. “So impatient. My little girl can't wait, can she?” you whimpered beneath him, involuntary moving your hips, brushing against his hard cock. “S-sorry” you managed out. “Don't be sorry, did that feel good?”
You took a moment to catch his gaze before nodding. “Yeah, ” you mumbled shyly.
“You want to do it again?”
“Y-yes, please.”
He ground against you, groaning as he did so, watching as your mouth fell open and you sighed in content. “Good girl, ” he said. You bucked your hips up in time with his thrusts, craving more pressure, needing it.
He leaned down, kissing you again, and swallowed the shallow whimpers you let out. “Gonna cum?” he asked, pulling away. “I’m not sure if I can this way, ” you responded. He nodded in understanding, sitting up, hooking his fingers below your panties. “Can I take these--”
“Yeah, ”
He laughed. “Really impatient, huh? Can't wait to feel me inside you, hm?”
Your face heated from embarrassment, and he laughed again. “Relax, love.” he rubbed soft circles on your hip, soothing you, letting you relax below him before he moved any further. His finger pressed to your folds, gliding through with ease. You squirmed, whimpering as he leaned back over you.
“There you go. Relax, let me take care of you, ” he said. “Think you could take my fingers? Already so wet for me.” you thought for a moment, but ultimately decided to let him, letting the feeling take over. “Yes, ” you said.
His finger slowly pushed through you, and he groaned at how tight you were, feeling you squeezing him. “Thats it, good girl.” he gave slow movements, letting you adjust to the small stretch, but the uncomfortable pressure was gone in mere seconds. When your hips bucked to meet his thrusts, he smirked. “Can I add another?”
You nodded frantically, wanting-- needing-- more. He added a second finger, starting slow again, letting you adjust. He watched your face as he curled his fingers, hitting that spot that had your body on fire. “Fuck, Harry, ” you managed out.
“Gonna cum for me? Let go, let me feel you cum on my fingers, ” he said. And you came, taking in a deep breath, letting your muscles tense before relaxing completely. You moaned out-- a proper moan, and dug your nails into his wrist. His movements stilled, letting the orgasm ripple through you, before pulling them out.
“So good for me, ” he said, leaning over you again. In a swift movement-- and you weren't sure how-- you flipped him over, straddling his hips. “Woah, have a lot of confidence, do you?” you giggled, kissing your way down his chest. Your fingers placed themselves under the waistband of his boxers. Almost out of instinct-- it was all instinct.
You waited a moment. “Go ahead, pretty girl, show me what you can do.” you pulled his boxers down, your mouth watering at the sight of his hard cock. “Don't know how,” you said. His eyes darted to yours, groaning at the sight. You bent over him, stroking his cock slowly in his hand.
“Just suck a little, baby, ” he said. You raised an eyebrow, pulling the tip into your mouth and sucking as you pulled off. His head fell back, humming in pleasure. “Like that?” you asked.
He chuckled. “Yeah, just like that.”
“Like a lollipop, then?” you repeated the movement. “Just like that, baby, doing so well, ” he praised. Your movements repeated, over and over, until he was whimpering below you just as you were moments ago. “Can you fit a little more?”
You tried, pushing another inch into your mouth before gagging. “Don't hurt yourself, princess, take what you can,” he said. You did as told, pushing your head down a little further, managing to relax your throat just enough to fit a quarter of his cock in your mouth. You did as before, pulling off some and sucking, before going down again.
“Good girl, such a good girl”
His head fell back, mouth falling open in a silent scream. He pulled you off him, sitting up on his elbows. “I want to cum inside you, baby” you nodded, going with whatever he said.
“Can you ride me? Do you need help?” he asked. You climbed over him, letting him position himself to slowly pull you down on his cock. “Thats it, love. You're doing so well, taking me so well. God”
You were trembling as he bottomed out in you, his hands resting soothingly on your stinging hips. “Can you move?” he asked. You nodded, mouth falling open as you shifted a bit. His hands guided your hips, showing you how to ride him. He gave shallow thrusts up into you as you did so.
If you thought you were overwhelmed before, you certainly were now. Your body was aflame, and you couldn’t comprehend a single coherent thought. Harry smirked, picking up the pace, pulling a long moan from you. One hand moved from his chest, rubbing figure eights on your clit, gaining more confidence as you moved. “Harry-- fuck,” you whimpered. “Gonna cum again, please make me cum again,”
“Cum on my cock, love,”
The sentence hadn’t even been halfway out of his mouth before the orgasm washed over you. Your hips jolted, scream caught in your throat. Body fell back, hands resting on his legs to keep yourself up. He flipped you, setting you on your back and letting your legs hook around his waist, pushing your heels into him, and your nails scratching at his back. “Fuck, my good girl. You’re gonna make me cum.”
He gave a few weak thrusts before letting the orgasm hit him. He hid his face in his neck, moaning as his cock twitched inside you, shooting ropes and ropes of his release deep inside you. He pulled out, letting the cum drip out of you, and admiring the sight. “So, pretty.”
“Let me help you clean up, yeah?” he asked. You did your best to nod, but he got the message, picking you up and carrying you to the bathroom. “I love you, Harry,” you said as he set you in the warm bath. He kissed the crown of your head, settling in behind you in the bath. “I love you too, princess. You did so well for me.”
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fandomlit · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
gif cred belongs to @boxofbadaddiction​
requested by anon “Could you maybe do a James Potter or Fred Weasley x hufflepuff!reader, where they first find out that the reader is an animagi (I think that’s how it’s spelt, I’m sorry if it isn’t) If you can’t do it, it’s completely fine, no pressure!”
imagine fred weasley discovering that you’re an animagi
it was that night when all the dots connected. fred had had his suspicions in the past, but it was all confirmed when he saw a slim fox sneak into a closet and only you walked back out.
“i knew it,” was the first thing he thought to say, revealing himself from where he had been hiding from teachers. you immediately gasped, whipping around and tucking your clenched hand into your robe. “i knew foxes weren’t native to this area. and i knew you were as sneaky as i am.”
you huffed, obviously out of breath from your previous endeavor. “i-i didn’t choose the fox. it just kinda.. it was how it turned out.”
“i knew you were just as a sly as i am, even for a hufflepuff,” fred shook his head with a grin. his eyes locked on your tight grip still covering your other hand. “what are you hiding now, fox?”
you shook your head at him. “you can’t call me that. you have to promise to keep this a secret.” you stepped closer to him, your wide eyes imploring and begging for his word. “please.”
he sighed dramatically, though his smile remained. “of course, y/n. im going to tease you,” a smile of your own started to creep onto your face, and fred swore he could see the fox likeness in your expression, “but the only other person i would dare tell is my twin.”
“that’s fine,” you affirmed. “i trust george, as well.” his heart swelled at the thought of you trusting him. but his attention was redirected when you dropped your robe to reveal your clenched fist. you opened it to show him a bright pendant. “it’s snape’s. it’s pure crystal, and it caught my eye the other day when he opened his desk.” you hated how you reveled in fred’s impressed gaze. “i-i’m going to return it, but.. i wanted to have it. for just a little.”
fred closed your fist with his hand gently. you looked up at him in surprise, only to be greeted by his mischievous grin. “keep it, y/n.” before you could protest, he continued, “because we’re going to make a new one. and it’s going to explode in his face.” and he grabbed your other hand and dragged you to find his brother.
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fredsghost · 10 days ago
envious. sirius black
Tumblr media
pairing/s; sirius black x fem!reader
warning/s; (18+) minors dni, foreplay, penetration
word count; 2.6k
summary; @siriuslyjanhvi​ “hi can I request a sirius black x reader nsfw? if it’s alright with you? can you make the it extremely intense and emotional and passionate and like slow, long and detailed.”
navigation — rules — inbox — potterverse masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sirius was livid.
it was one thing to have to keep your relationship a secret, as per your request, no matter how much he tried to convince you. but it was another thing entirely to see you constantly surrounded by your various suitors and feel absolutely powerless.
he was feeling particularly powerless as he watched you entertain a particular classmate just two tables away from him in the library. he knew to trust you,  of course, but it was them he was wary about. sirius was afraid that one day you would realize that you were better off without him, that you deserved so much better. and every day he tried, he tried to be better for you, but he couldn't help himself whenever the green monster inside of him reared its head.
sirius watched as you touched the bloke's arm, laughed at something they said, and deliberately glanced his way, smirking.
"uh, mate, i know you hate books and the knowledge that resides within them," james nudged his friend from where he was seated next to him. "but that's a little too firm a grip, don't you think?
james was right; sirius' knuckles had turned white from how tightly he held the random book on alchemy he'd picked up just to seem busy while he eyed you from across the room. remus snorted, not bothering to look up from his book before whacking james' head from across the table with a rolled-up piece of parchment and discreetly pointing you out in the distance with the said roll.
"don't be dense, prongs."
"(y/n) is obviously teasing you, padfoot." peter suddenly stated, his head tucked into the crook of his arm with his eyes closed.
james was taken aback. "i thought you'd fallen asleep."
"i did, but i'm still quite observant." peter then faced the other way. "now i'm really going to sleep."
james nodded, moving to nudge sirius again but startled when his elbow hit nothing. he blinked. "where'd he go?"
remus sighed, pointing out sirius' figure approaching you, still not looking up.
"ah, right." james nodded and propped his chin on his hands. "what'cha reading, moony?"
across the library, you were just in the middle of helping a fifth year with his divination assignment when sirius interrupted. you'd be lying if you didn't say you were expecting the interruption. you excused yourself from the conversation when you noticed the kid sputtering at sirius' intense glare.
"you didn't have to scare the poor kid away, sirius." you reprimanded but stopped when sirius fell into the seat beside you, laying his head on your shoulder. "what's wrong?"
you didn't have it in you to push him away or to say that people were bound to gossip when they saw the two of you like that.
sirius tilted his head up and carefully planted a kiss just below your earlobe. underneath the table, his hand came to rest on your thigh, ghosting the hem of your skirt. "i'm frustrated, love. and extremely jealous. i've been watching you entertain a number of blokes today and i hate having to hide us. so if you don't do something about it, i might wind up kissing you right here, right now. screw everyone else."
"sirius, that was just a fifth ye—"
"i. don't. care." sirius nuzzled his head, lightly peppering your jaw with kisses. the grip on your thigh tightened. "i need you."
you swallowed nervously. "o—okay,"
sirius straightened up, a triumphant smirk on his face as he ran a hand through his hair. "meet me in the prefects' bathroom on the fifth floor, you know the password."
without another word and one last look at you, your boyfriend turned around and exited the library. as soon as he was out of range, your face flushed a deep scarlet as you hurriedly packed your things, shoving them carelessly into your bookbag. you tensed as you saw three pairs of shoes coming your way but sighed in relief when you realized that it was just the boys.
“where are you off to in such a hurry, (y/n)?” peter asked, handing you a piece of parchment that you absentmindedly thrust into your bag beside the rest of your disorganized things. peter’s eyebrows shot up in surprise.
“yeah, and where’d padfoot go?” james tilted his head in confusion, watching you as you had already started shuffling away from them.
“can’t talk, need to hurry.”
remus clicked his tongue, chuckling under his breath. “dense, you’re all so dense.”
that was how you left the rest of the marauders, with two of them staring dumbfounded at your retreating figure while the other one had a knowing glint in his eye. you'd come up with some sort of explanation for them later, but right now sirius black was your top priority.
or a yummy dessert.
getting to the fifth floor wasn’t too much of a difficulty but more like an exercise considering the number of stairs you had to climb all the way from the first floor. but your hard work looked like it paid off when you walked into the prefects' bathroom, after ensuring that the door was sealed shut behind you.
sirius had his back turned to you, already seemingly naked and submerged in the steaming water. his wet hair paired with chiseled back muscles made him look like an absolute dream.
glancing at the stained glass windows, you were mildly surprised to see the mermaid missing from her usual perch. you dropped your bookbag on a stool slightly off to the side and opened your mouth to comment on the mermaid’s absence when sirius beat you to it.
“i managed to convince her, just don’t ask how.” he turned, a wince on his face that was broken by the winning smile he shot you. “come, the water’s divine.”
you nodded wordlessly, fearing your voice’ll betray you, and turned your back to your boyfriend as you peeled away layers of your uniform. you were in your undergarments when you suddenly felt sirius’ hot breath on your neck, his hands, warm from the water, resting on your waist and dripping water down your hips, drenching the edges of your panties.
“sirius,” you hissed. “i’ve no plans of getting my underwear wet.”
“who cares? i don’t doubt they’re wet already.” he whispered in your ear, sending a shiver down your spine that had you leaning into his embrace. “you’re mine, and if i can’t show everyone, i’ll show you.”
from its spot on your waist, sirius’ right hand traveled downwards past your underwear as he gently kissed your neck your shoulders. you whimpered as sirius found your center, teasing your clit.
“i knew it.”
sirius bit down on the spot where your neck met your shoulder and sucked, making sure to leave a love bite as he plunged his fingers into you, causing you to shout out. his other hand came up to cover your mouth, signaling you to keep quiet. your legs shook as he slowly scissored you, moving his hand in and out as he pressed his hard-on against the fabric of your underwear. biting your lip, you reached behind you to grip him when he suddenly pulled away.
“not until you cum, love.” sirius chuckled as he fingered you with an almost renewed vigor. “you can worry about me later.”
once he was sure you had your voice under control, his hand came down to grope at your breast, lifting your bra and exposing your nipples to cool air. “merlin, i’ve missed them.”
“oh, yes.”
as he rolled your nipple between his thumb and forefinger, he whispered all the dirty things he’d do to you and peppered your body with kisses until your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you approached your climax.
“i’m clo—!” you could barely get the word out before sirius had suddenly quickened his pace, thoroughly bringing you to the edge and fingering you through your high and kissing your temple as you rode it out.
you were breathing heavily when you turned to face him, throwing your arms around his neck and bringing him down for a kiss. the moment his lips touched yours, it was like lightning. you were still hyper-aware of his hands reaching around to unclasp your bra but lost yourself in him as you moved to cup his face in your hands.
he softly bit down on your bottom lip, a silent request that had you opening up to him. your tongues battled for dominance until you prevailed, exploring his mouth as if you haven’t before. pulling away, you let a cocky smirk deign your swollen lips.
“your turn, love.” prior to dropping to your knees, you made quick work of ridding yourself of your garments before taking sirius in your hand. upon meeting his eyes as you stroked him, he let out a groan that had you chuckling.
you licked the pre-cum off the tip, your tongue swirling his head moments before you took him fully in your mouth. hollowing your cheeks, you bobbed your head at a stride you were comfortable with until sirius reached out and gripped your hair.
“fa—faster,” he sighed in delight, mildly thrusting into your hot mouth, effectively quickening the pace. you tried to hold back from gagging every time he hit the back of your throat and let him fuck your face. mild thrusts turned into hard strikes that had you choking.
at the sound of you struggling, sirius looked down and moaned at the perfect image of you. your eyes were watery, your lips puffy, cheeks hollow, and your hair a mess courtesy of him.
“merlin, you’re gorgeous.”
you hummed a response that had him hissing. “no, stop, i’m gonna cum.”
his hips sputtered to a halt and you detached yourself from him, wiping your drool from your chin as you looked to him in confusion. “what’s wrong?”
“i want to be inside you,” sirius breathed, taking your hand and guiding you to the edge of the water. “now.”
the steam of the pool had died down but the water was still warm. once seated on a staircase that covered both your bodies from the torso below, sirius had you sit on his lap, your folds encasing his shaft. sirius whined at the contact and kissed you, lifting you until his tip was barely breaching your hole.
you dropped yourself down and immediately surrounded sirius with your heat that had the both of you moaning into each other's mouths. the feeling had you breathless, and you pulled away from your boyfriend’s lips to rest your head on his shoulder. it felt too good.
“do you want me to stop?” sirius asked, worried as he stroked your back gently. you shook your head from your position and muttered something into his neck.
sirius chuckled, kissing your hair. “i can’t hear you, love.”
you huffed before sitting straight, driving sirius’ cock further up your canal. you whimpered, stuttering the rest of your response.
“i don’t want— ah, you to stop.” your hands came up to his shoulders to support yourself as you began moving up and down. “you feel too— oh, too good.”
“that’s right. so does that mean you’re going to flirt with the rest of the gryffindor house?” his fingers began massaging circles into your hipbones that added to the intensity of the situation.
“i don’t flirt.” you breathed, moaning as you fell into a rhythm with his body.
sirius sharply thrust upwards, resulting in you crying out his name. “i know you don’t, (y/n). but i don’t think they know that.”
“i love you, sirius. and i know hate— ugh, keeping us a secret from the public.” you moved forward to momentarily meet his lips, the water around you jostling with the disturbance you two were causing. “but you have to understand, baby, baby, that i’m not ready yet.”
sirius then wrapped his arms around your waist, clearly frustrated as he pelted you with a series of hard thrusts. “i know, shit, i know.” he said into your hair as he groaned, feeling you tighten around him. “i love you, too (y/n).”
“sirius, sirius! i’m going to cum, i’m so close— oh, keep doing that, baby please.”
you folded your legs around your boyfriend’s hips, crossing your ankles as he rocked your body. your fingernails carved lines down his back as your body was overwhelmed with pleasure. sirius called out your name as he approached his climax.
“cum with me.”
you all but screamed as you peaked, sirius having to swallow your moans to keep you quiet. he came inside you, his dick twitching, but he knew that you’d taken the precaution so it was safe. the two of you rode it out, lips still interlocked, before you eventually moved off of him to lay your head back against the rim of the pool, allowing your body to submerge in the water that you’ve only just now managed to appreciate.
the air was full of heavy breathing and comfortable silence until sirius broke it, his voice heavy with emotion.
“i’m sorry.”
you snapped to look at your boyfriend, and you sat up at the sight of him so self-conscious all of a sudden. “where’s this coming from?”
he sighed, bashfully meeting your eyes. “i just feel like you deserve so much more than me, that eventually, i won’t be enough. i get envious of the guys that surround you because i’m afraid that one day you’ll just up and leave me.”
“i love and hate making love to you because while it feels like we’re finally becoming one and that i can ultimately show you the adoration you deserve, it also feels like i have to compensate for all the times i’m away from you to the point that i feel like our relationship is built on sex. and that brings me back to feeling that one day, someone is going to publicly show you devotion and affection, and you’ll leave me. because i won’t be enough.”
taking a moment for his words to sink in, you touched sirius’ chin, cupping his face to caress the apples of his cheeks. “sirius black, please don’t ever think that way. i really do truly love you. i will admit that the main reason why i don’t want up to go public is purely because i’m afraid of judgment, i’m afraid people will gossip and criticize about my being with you. and hearing how you feel about that makes me feel so selfish. i should’ve known.”
you leaned forward to plant a gentle kiss on his forehead. “tomorrow.”
sirius regarded you curiously, eyebrows scrunched together. his hand had come to rest on your knee under the water, tracing circles. “tomorrow...?”
“you can show me off tomorrow, or tonight actually. just any time after this where we look presentable and not like we’ve just had sex.” you giggled, watching in pure adoration as sirius’ face lit up like a star.
ecstatic, he grabbed your face, kissing you long and hard before gasping. “the marauders! i mean, they already know, but how much do they know?”
“you’re kissing me and you’re thinking about your friends?” you laughed, splashing sirius in the chest. you shook your head fondly. “well, i’d like to think them to be pretty enlightened, remus especially.”
a wicked glint shone in your boyfriend’s eye. “i’m sure he sniffed us out a mile away.”
there was some significance to being naked in the prefects’ bathroom and having bared your souls to one another, but you didn’t know what.
Tumblr media
a/n; thank you janhvi! so i paraphrased your request if you don’t mind. this was actually fun for me to write because it’s been an extremely long time since i wrote smut. (the very first smut i wrote is a louis x harry one that you can find on my ao3, the link’s in my about page). i apologize if there wasn’t any tears shed like you asked, i’m not totally sure how to incorporate crying and sex into one thing just yet lmao. i hope you like it!
Tumblr media
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inazummi · 5 months ago
things to remember as an x reader writer
not everyone blushes
due to the color of some people’s skin they don’t visibly show color on their cheeks when blushing. another way to write blushing is heat rising to the cheeks or tips of the ears. don’t write ‘they turned as red as a fire truck’ it’s excluding a whole group of people.
some people don’t have hair long enough to put up, or barely any at all
i know several people that have shaved their heads and i myself have pretty short hair so for writers to put in the phrase, “put your hair up into a ponytail” is kinda weird to read so
label your reader
this one really needs to be addressed imo bc i see a lot of unlabeled fics. all fics should have fem!reader, male!reader, or gn!reader at the beginning. it’s common sense and it’s really annoying to be reading a fic for a different gender when i assumed it was gender neutral. that’s why i personally prefer to make all my fics gn so that a wider range of people can enjoy them.
avoid physical descriptions of the reader
these are really only ok when it’s a very specific kind of reader that is labeled like short!reader where the fic revolves around that
yes i know you want to be descriptive, but how do you know that a certain character is actually taller than your reader or that their sweatshirt would fit, etc. it’s best to be vague about these kind of things and let the reader’s fill in the blanks. or find work arounds like one character is sitting while the other is standing to make an actual height difference.
mostly just keep in mind that you probably have a wide range of audience that enjoys your fics so it’s important to be inclusive and keep others in mind. and if you’re not going to then just mark it as OC content rather than x reader.
feel free to add on, but this is just the stuff off the top of my head that’s been irking me lately. this is just my advice so feel free to take it or not, idrc
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absolutelyfizzing · 2 months ago
unwanted feelings
james potter x reader
description - You'd had a crush on James Potter for years and when he kisses Lily Evans in front of you, you are heart broken. Later you find that he didn't actually feel as you expected and he explains himself.
warnings - some angst, unsure reader, fem pronouns, self doubt, negative self talk, not eating for a day cause reader is avoiding someone
word count - 2800
A/N - so this one isn't my best work by far but i wrote it so looks like its getting posted. i don't know why all of my reader inserts lately are so fem and sort of bubbly, i guess it's sort of what i'm aiming for for myself right now but i'm sorry if it maybe isn't coming off as relatable.
Your throat tightened in anxiety as you watched James zoom around the pitch. He was reckless when he was playing quidditch and it was one of the things that made him great at the game and an excellent captain. It was also the thing that nearly gave you a heart attack every time you watched him play. You went to every one of his games and you always wore something of his with his colors when you were in the stands. You were stood up on your seat and a slightly bored looking Remus sat to your right, reading from a book you didn't recognize. You'd thought that Sirius playing would be enough to keep him interested but sports was just not something he enjoyed watching. You were usually that way as well but whenever James was playing, suddenly you were the most intent spectator in the stands.
You were more worried than you should have been. More worried than what was appropriate for a friend to be. That's what you were, friends. That had been reinforced many times by the shaggy haired boy and you tried desperately to get it through your head before you embarrassed yourself one of these days. Sometimes though, you just couldn't help it.
Really you might have thought he reciprocated if you didn't know any better. You often got comments on what an attractive couple you guys were but each time it was quickly corrected by James. Normally along the lines of 'Oh god no, we are just friends. Purely platonic' , sometimes followed by a shudder or a gag even. It upset you every time to no end but you played along. You rarely, if ever, contributed to the shooting down of any feelings but that was never noticed by the man you had feelings for.
You'd had a crush on him since you were probably in your second year and now you were coming to the middle of your seventh. There were a million times that you almost said something but every time there was a reminder that you were not the one he had eyes for. It usually took the shape of disgust at the thought of dating you or commentary as he pined over the Evans girl who you felt you could never compete with. How could you when she was just perfect. You saw her to the left of you as she stood in the stands as well and your hands shook with insecurity before looking back toward the game. Your heart raced nearly as quickly as James did around the pitch and you prayed that the snitch would be caught soon so that you could get rid of the stress surrounding you. You felt a hand on your right shoulder and you looked over to find Remus had stood and was looking at you caringly.
"Are you alright, Y/N?" He asked softly and you tried your very best to soften your gaze and calm your stance so you appeared less concerned with someone that you shouldn't have that much interest in in the first place.
"Of course I am. When am I not?" You smiled before looking out at the pitch.
"When youre watching the guy you're in love with play a dangerous game that you don't like." He stated simply in response to the question you meant to be rhetorical and your eyes widened.
"I don't know what youre talking about." You nearly whispered and Remus smiled.
"I'm not gonna tell anyone Y/N but its not exactly subtle. It probably doesn't help that I know the look on your face because it's how I feel too watching Sirius play." He was still smirking but your anxiety was far from eased.
"Oh god, does he know?" You asked scaredly, terrified that the answer would be yes and you would have to stop spending time with him.
"Shockingly, no." You sighed out in relief but Remus continued. "You should tell him though or else he might end up moving on."
"What do you mean? There's nothing for him to move on from. Everyone knows he's in love with Evans and he has made it pretty clear that he is opposed to being anything more than a friendly relationship with me." You choked out, struggling with the words leaving your lips but knowing them to be true.
"I mean he has a minor crush on Evans but it's nothing compared to the annoyingly huge crush he has on you. He's probably just overcompensating for the fact that he's insecure and doesn't want you to reject him."
"Why are you telling me this?" You asked sincerely. You were friends with Remus as you were with the rest of the marauders but it was nothing compared to the friendship they held within their group. You knew Remus was more loyal to James than to you so you couldn't understand why, if it was true, Remus would be telling you at all.
"Because he is trying desperately to move on seeing as he is under the impression that you aren't into him and I'd hate to see him throw something away that could be really good for him." Remus smiled gently and you looked at him gratefully.
"I really appreciate you telling me and all but I just don't think I can believe you. I can't even count how many times he has made a big show of not liking me. I love him too much to ruin what we have and I know that if I confessed and it went bad that I would lose him all together. I would rather have him in my life in a way that hurts than not have him in it at all." You stated sadly and Remus sighed but nodded in understanding.
"I get it but just know that I'm being honest and pretty soon he is going to give up on it. I just want to see you both happy but if its too big of a leap, I understand. That's exactly the excuse he tells the rest of us too."
Suddenly cheers erupted from the stands, cutting your conversation with Remus off as everyone ran to rush the pitch. The snitch had been caught and gryffindor won. You were excited for James but you were also a little terrified to walk onto the pitch to see him with the now conflicted thoughts running through your head. Your thoughts were stopped by the image in front of you which was causing the whole crowd to cheer. James had pulled Lily Evans into a kiss in his excitement and your heart stopped. You felt nausea rise in your throat and Remus caught your eye with a sympathetic look. You didn't look at him for longer than a second and you ran off the pitch with tears streaming down your face. You found your way up to your dorm, pushing yourself to get there quickly before the common room filled with students celebrating their victory. James was always one to love attention so he would be getting crazy after the game which he did just about every time they won.
When you made it to your bed, you hurried under the covers, throwing the shirt you were wearing which belonged to James onto the floor. You felt your heart clench at the despair you felt. You wanted to be upset at Remus for getting your hopes up but you knew he was sincere in his want to help. Still you felt that you would probably not be able to face James in the weeks to come. Maybe, given a little time, you could be around him and not be upset at the world for taking away your chance with him. As you laid in your bed, you stared at the ceiling. You felt tears streaming down your face and you grew angry at yourself. He didn't owe you anything, he wasn't into you. That wasn't his fault and it was so unfair of you to expect anything more from him when your feelings were not his responsibility.
You weren't sure how long you laid there but you could hear the party start and end in the common room. It must have been late. Sleep wouldnt come though, you could just feel your heart continue to break and you were stuck in a loop of self pity. You made the decision that the following days would be spent away from James if you could at all help it. That was probably what he wanted anyway and it was the only way that you would get over the pain you were feeling. At some point your roomates entered your dorm and sleep overtook you for a few restless hours.
When you woke up, the sun was barely on the rise. You hurried up and got dressed and ready. You were planning on getting to breakfast early to avoid running into any of the marauders. You found your plans were not going how you wanted when you entered the great hall to find a head of red hair next to a mop of black. Your throat tightened and you quickly moved to turn and head out of the great hall. You heard a familiar voice call your name but you rushed out before you could give it too much thought. You knew that if you let him try to convince you, you would end up having a very upsetting breakfast with your best friend and his new lover. You would rather avoid breakfast.
Throughout the day, avoiding James was proving to be harder than you had thought it would be. You had many of your classes with him and you even sat next to him in a few. He was insistently trying to get you to open up about why you were suddenly so closed off to him but you remained shut off, reassuring him that nothing was wrong and you were just a little tired from the game the day before. You avoided lunch for the same reason as you had avoided breakfast and you felt yourself starting to get a bit lightheaded. Your afternoon was spent avoiding James but soon he was preoccupied with Lily anyway.
You were hid in a corner of the library when a cough alerted you of someone's presence. You looked up to find the very eyes you hadn't wanted to see.
You pushed it down with a gulp and smiled a bit at him, trying desperately to keep the tears at bay but they were growing harder to hold back after keeping everything pent up all day. It probably didn't help that you were hungry and therefor a bit more emotional. You could feel the tears sitting in your eyes, waiting for something to go wrong so they had an excuse to escape you.
"I don't know what I did wrong." He mumbled while looking at the floor in front of you and you took a deep breath.
"There's nothing wrong James, I promise. It's just been a long day." You smiled and your heart picked up speed.
"Since when did we lie to each other?" He questioned and your heart stopped. You were left unsure how to respond.
"Since the truth would cause more damage than good." You spoke honestly. At this he looked up at you and your eyes met. A tear left you and James immediately moved to comfort you but you tried to move away, standing quickly to evade him. You regretted it as spots filled your vision, the lack of food catching up to you. You know that you turned a bit green for a moment because James looked slightly scared.
"Y/N I dont know whats wrong but you look like you should be getting to the hospital wing. You don't look well."
Before you could answer you felt your vision blacken and your legs give out before your consciousness left you completely.
When you woke up, you knew you were in the hospital wing. It smelled sterile and the bed was stiff underneath you. When you started to wake madam pomfrey came to check on you.
"You can't go around with an empty stomach like that again, do you hear me?" She scolded, though her eyes were soft. You nodded solemnly. "I was alerted that you hadn't been to the great hall to eat all day, you have to know that isn't good for you. I'm gonna have a prefect watch out for you the next couple days to make sure you're eating at meal times. Understood?" She asked again and once more you nodded before leaning back and sighing. You looked at your surroundings and were surprised to see the black haired boy next to your bed fast asleep. Your heart took off again and you felt trapped by your environment. As anxiety swirled around in your chest, James had woken up a bit.
"You're awake." James sighed, laced with relief. You still wouldn't make eye contact with him.  You felt the bed dip as he sat on it and you looked up to watch him put his head in his hands as he leaned over. You felt guilt fill your chest more than it already had from hating that you felt any claim over the man in front of you. You knew you were in the wrong and the last thing you wanted was to cause him any pain. "Remus talked to me." He almost whispered.
At that moment, you wished you could have apparated to anywhere else in the world. You looked back down at your lap and tears were once again brought to your eyes. You felt betrayal that Remus would reveal your feelings to James.
"I'm sorry." You apologized and you fiddled with your fingers.
"Why are you the one apologizing, I'm the one whos behaved poorly." He assures and you shake your head.
"That's not fair to yourself. You're allowed to want to be with whomever you want and my feelings should have no effect on that. You've made it clear for years that you weren't interested in me and it is my fault that I couldn't take a hint. I'm so sorry." You gushed out and tears started to fall from your eyes. You felt James get up from your bed and you prepared him to leave but instead you felt arms wrap around you and a kiss came to your head.
"Y/N I have had feelings for you for years. I was just always too scared for myself to even consider that you might feel the same." He whispered out but you felt only a different kind of pain. Even though he had now admitted his feelings, he was still dating Lily. Not you. Almost as if he could hear your thoughts he spoke quietly. "I broke it off with Evans." You pulled away immediately.
"What? Why would you do that?" You asked quickly and before he had a chance to answer you feared the worst. "Oh god is it because of me? James please dont let my feelings have any bearing on who you want to date, I can't stand the thought of being the reason you broke up. Even if we do have feelings for each other, you deserve a chance with Lily if that's what you want."
"It was mutual, actually. She understood that I had feelings for you and she said she had a crush on someone else. It just seemed like I had kissed her a bit rashly on the quidditch pitch and we agreed that we shouldn't have gotten together in the first place. It was only a day anyway." He reassured as he explained himself and you calmed a bit.
"So what does this mean." You got out, almost inaudibly.
"It means that, if you'll have me, I'd like to take you out on a date." He stated as if it were the simplest thing in the world and you almost couldn't believe your ears. Before you were even thinking you were nodding quickly, causing spots to once again fill your vision and James grabbed your shoulders to stabilize you before you both laughed. He pulled you by your shoulders toward him and he caught your lips in a kiss that somehow expressed all of the years of repressed feelings. When he pulled away he smiled at you and sat back on your bed. He spent the rest of the day with you in the hospital wing talking about all of the places he was going to take you in the coming weeks.
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secretsocietywriter · a month ago
Flower Power
Lily (Marie) Evans x Fem! Reader
Continuation of this
Summary: Lily has to keep her baby quiet and entertained while they fool around in the Library. 
Warnings: voyeurism, slapping, mentions of bruises, group sex, sex with 'strangers', public sex, oral (male and female receiving), degration, condomless sex, rushed writing (Sorry, I'm tired), overstimulation, (is that it?)
Author’s Note: i'm sorry this took so long to finish, hope everyone likes it🥰
Tumblr media
James, Sirius, Lily, and Remus all made a bet to see who could make Y/N cum the most in a week. They can't exactly remeber who's idea it was, but it happened. James was Monday, Sirius was Tuesday, Lily was Wednesday, and Remus was Thursday.
Lily loves to hear Y/N scream, especially when it's one of the boys so she can taunt and tease Y/N for being so loud. Bus since she doesn't have help from the boys, she draged Y/N to the library, all the way to the back corner so they had less of a chance of getting caught.
Lily pushed Y/N up against the bookshelf and dropped to her knees. Lily lifted up Y/N's skirt and saw all the lovely bruises Sirius had left on her the day before. Lily lifted one of Y/N's legs over her shoulder, making Y/N stumble back and cling to the bookshelf for dear life.
Lily loved to see that Y/N didn't bother to wear underwear. In all honesty, she might not have been able to with all her bruises and how sore her cunt is. It looks so fucking delicious. Though being so close to Y/N, licking her inner thighs and knees while Y/N trembled and shook made her cunt much more juicy. Y/N whimpered from the stimulation everywhere exept where she wanted it most.
Lily leaned into Y/N's folds, their heat radiating onto her face as she stook her tongue out and dove as deep as she could into Y/N's pussy. She tasted devine. She slurped and slobbered all over Y/N as her lips brushed across Y/N's -uh, lips, making small kisses along the way.  She licked and suckled everywhere she could reach. Eventually, her whole face was soaked with pussy juice. She contented to eat Y/N out, going deeper and faster as time continued until Y/N grabbed a handful of Lily's hair, the other still holding onto the bookshelf.
"Please! (sob) Fuck! I'm gonna...!"
Lily increased her pace, going as deep as she could as her fingers snaked their way into Y/N's cunt. She increased pressure on her g-spot as she flicked her delicate clit, rubbing it in small circles. Soon, Y/N came, shuddering and gripping onto everything in sight.
Lily contented to fuck Y/N, both through her orgasm and after. After Y/N's orgasm, Lily contented to lick her clit and kiss her thighs, though her hand was going at twice the speed it was earlier inside Y/N's cunt.
Y/N's whole body shook as she came again, surprising both her and Lily by how quick it rose again.
"Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" Y/N cried. She was being rather loud to where the other students in study groups in the library went silent to try to pinpoint what they were hearing.
"Shhh, blossom, you'll get us caught," Lily whispered harshly, "Open," Lily commanded and she shoved a rather thick book into Y/N's mouth. To test her strategy, she raised her free hand, the one not in Y/N's cunt, and delivered a sharp smack to Y/N's clit.
A few of the other students began to turn their heads as they heard the smack. Not to mention the accompanied whimper and "hmmphhnnn" as Y/N's eyes rolled back in pleasure.
"Now, shush!" Lily barked as she practically tore Y/N's buttoned up blouse open. She slid her leg in between Y/N's and bounced it. She simultaneously licked Y/N's cheek and removed her bra.
"Ugh, you're so fucking wet. Look at how much of you has already gotten on the floor." Lily teased as she slapped hard on Y/N's right nipple. Lily did a few more times, both the slaps and Y/N's moans auditable. Barley, but auditable. It's when Lily is about to suck the bruise on Y/N's left breast that she stops. She realized something cought Y/N's eye. When Lily turned around she saw a few students, all in they're year, all horned up from watching. Lily stood straight and smiled at them.
She grabbed Y/N, one hand tightly on her her hip, the other on her hair. She forcefully bent Y/N over one of the library tables, spread her legs, and lifted her skirt again. Y/N looked ahead to the small group. Was this about to happen? Her cunt clenched at the idea, but at the same time, she had never taken a whole group before.
"Who wants a turn? C'mon, don't be shy. She's excited to pleasure you all like the slut she is." Lily beckoned them forwards as she landed two hard smacks to both sides of Y/N's ass.
The group of boys, numbering about seven or eight, all pushed in and began to groan and holler as they groaped and massaged Y/N. They pinched and slapped her breasts, ass, thighs, labia, etc. If they could reach a apart of Y/N, they touched her. As soon as they got comfortable with each other doing this, they got more confident; sticking fingers inside her cunt, removing the book from her mouth. When they did so, she opened happily, ready to show off her precious training in cock sucking and cum swallowing.
They all took turned filling her mouth and cunt; thrusting, spitting, grinding, slapping. Lily have them concent to do whatever (after looking at Y/N to make sure it was okay). However it didn't take long before Y/N reached her limits. She couldn't keep her legs straight anymore from how bad they were shaking so the boys had to keep her legs split on the table. Her face and tits were slathered in a mixture of sperm and spit, ngl, that's normal for her with how James and Sirius are.  She had a hard time concentrating as she continued to try and swallow as many of the loads as she could while keeping up enough to talk and answer the occasional question.
Her mind was foggy, her cunt and throat ached, her body was sore, but she was having a great time. The group disappeared after they had all maxed out on how many times they could cum. Lily had to walk over to clean Y/N up and make sure she was okay. Though it was hard for her to think, speak, walk, stand, etc., after an endless amount of orgasms and squirting a few times, she was okay.
Hell, she was better than okay. She was in a blissful Paradis that came with a full aching pussy (which they agreed Lily would explain to the boys later and take responsibility for). She went to her dorm, showered, and fell into her bed. She woke up with a splitting headache, but other than that she was alright.
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pad-foots · 17 days ago
A Comforting Presence
pairing: fred weasley x reader
request: can you do a Fred Weasley fic (Umbridge's time at Hogwarts) with angst in the starting and fluff in the end, in which the reader has gotten detention from Umbridge and some couple of angst things happening. And Fred Weasley is there??
requested by: anonymous
warnings: umbridge. think that says it all but mentions of blood as well. ye ole torture quill! also angst but it’s more hurt/comfort
here’s my navigation post! | support me on ko-fi!
Tumblr media
The students of Hogwarts were quick to learn that Professor Umbridge was unforgiving. She punished cruelly for things that other professors wouldn’t bat an eye at, and even following that torment, she would continue to hold a grudge, acting more like a petty teenager than a grown woman in a profession.
Unfortunately, you were one of many students who had fallen victim to her abhorrent practices.
You hadn’t really gotten in a lot of trouble before. Of course, you had the odd detention from Snape, but there wasn’t many students who’d managed to dodge that. The gasps of surprise that ricocheted across the classroom when Umbridge gave you detention should have been punishment enough, but, naturally, she had to take it further.
As you arrived at her office and saw a tall boy with fiery red hair sat outside the door in a stiff wooden chair, looking an awkward mix of uncomfortable and strangely amused, you thought oh, well at least I have company.
“Hello,” you greeted, dropping into the seat next to the Gryffindor and wincing as the wood creaked beneath you. How old were these chairs?
“Hiya,” grinned the boy. He was familiar, and you quickly realised he was one of the two twins who caused frequent mayhem in Hogwarts. You hadn’t really spoken to either of them before, but you always laughed at their shenanigans from afar. “I’m Fred. What’re you here for?”
“Y/N,” you replied, fiddling with your hands anxiously as you heard pained groans coming from the room behind the pair of you. You tried your best to ignore them. “I wasn’t paying attention, got a couple of questions wrong. It doesn’t take much for her to give a detention, does it?”
Fred laughed, rubbing his forearm and sending a sideways glance towards the room. He seemed familiar with it. “God, no. You could breathe a bit too loudly and she’ll have you writing fifty lines in no time.”
You chuckled, thinking that lines were a bit old fashioned, but you didn’t mention it. You couldn’t help but feel like Fred was hiding something with the way his eyes couldn’t quite meet yours and how his hand never left his pocket. Before you could question him, a second year student was scurrying out of the door with a hand clutched around their forearm and tears in their eyes. You were alarmed to say the least, and you were prepared to go and check up on the student. But, Umbridge stopped you in your tracks.
“Now, now. I wouldn’t want to have to give you another detention for arriving late to this one,” said Umbridge, sounding as smug as ever as she lay a hand on your shoulder, her grip firm. Her gaze landed upon the Gryffindor behind you. “Ah, Mr Weasley, what brings you here? I don’t believe you have a detention tonight.”
Fred’s mouth was agape as he stammered for an excuse. Your brows were furrowed in confusion, wondering why he’d choose to be anywhere near Umbridge when he didn’t have to be.
“Y/N and I are friends,” said Fred finally, cheeks red. “I’m just waiting for them. Don’t want them to run into any trouble walking back alone.”
Umbridge hummed. Whether it was in disapproval or acknowledgment, you weren’t sure. Either way, she shook her head and dismissed him with a wave of her hand, nodding towards the open door and gesturing for you to enter. You took a deep breath, nodding and shooting an appreciative smile to Fred before taking hesitant steps into Umbridge’s office.
“Now, you understand what you are here for, correct?”
You nodded, too nervous to speak as you looked around her office. It was astronomically strange, covered in obnoxious shades of pink and an amount of cat pictures you didn’t even think was possible to hold in one room. Something particularly odd, though, was the thick pile of parchment to the side of the desk you were sat at. At the top, you could see a single phrase repeated across it again and again. I shall not be late. And, more worrying, there were small red droplets dotted more frequently further down the page.
“I understand,” you said with a nod, though you didn’t really understand why a poor attention span warranted punishment. But, you’d be a fool to disagree with her. “What would you like me to do?”
“Just some lines, dear,” ordered Umbridge, her voice laced with a sweetness so obviously fake. “I shall pay attention. That will do! Just write it until you reach the end of the page.”
You nodded, reaching towards your pocket to pull out a quill.
“No, no,” disapproved Umbridge with a shake of her head. She pointed a manicured finger to the quill on the desk. “Use the one I’ve provided, please, dear.”
Though confused and mildly suspicious, you pick up the quill and dip it ink, placing the tip at the top corner of the page and starting to write away.
A few lines in, your arm began to sting unbearably. At first, you tried to brush it off, pinning it down to your jumper scratching against your forearm a bit, or perhaps the heat of the room was making you a bit clammy. But, halfway down the page, you felt that you couldn’t continue to write without wailing. The pain was more prominent, much more than a sting, and you dropped the quill as you winced, pulling up your sleeve in a hurry to see what was wrong.
The sight you were met with was nothing less than mortifying. The words you has been made to write on the parchment had been etched into your skin. I shall pay attention, carved into your forearm in the hideous red of your blood, much different to the black ink you had originally written it in. You gasped, tears filling your eyes as you looked up in horror at Umbridge, a shaky hand covering your mouth in shock.
“Have you learnt your lesson?”
You shook your head rapidly, shoving the chair from beneath you and hurrying out of the room. Umbridge didn’t even make a move to stop you, evidently satisfied with her methods as she closed the door behind you and added your parchment to the pile.
The second you were out of the room, you burst into tears. It was overwhelming; the pain and the shock of what had just happened. A teacher that you were meant to trust and respect treating you in such a cruel way. You cried into the palms of your hands, gasping for breath and struggling to ground yourself in what you thought was an empty corridor.
All of a sudden, arms wrapped around you firmly. You were pulled into someone’s chest, the scent of cinnamon and firewood prominent as they held you close. The voice that delivered hushed assurances and gentle words was one you had heard not all that long ago. Fred Weasley. He really had waited for you, though maybe for different reasons than what he had told Umbridge.
“There, there,” comforted Fred, hand running up and down your back as your sobs slowed. “You’re safe now. Let’s get you cleaned up, hm?”
You managed to nod, tearing yourself away from the boy and wiping your face dry with your sleeve. You tried not to cry again as you caught sight of the wound on your arm, but Fred was quick to divert your attention as he grabbed your other hand ever so gently, leading you to a small alcove a few metres down from the office.
Fred sat you down on a small ledge, turning to the side and pulling something from behind a small curtain. He held a vial of ointment and a roll of bandages, the vial half empty. The Gryffindor took the cap off the vial, pouring a generous amount onto your forearm and apologising as you cringed at the sudden sharp sting. He rubbed it in tenderly, trying not to cause more pain than you were already in.
“Is that why you were waiting?” you asked suddenly, startling Fred a little and making him almost drop the vial. “Did you know she was going to do this?”
“Sort of. She doesn’t always do it,” explained Fred, popping the vial back in its place and opening a packet of bandage. “I, um, stick outside sometimes just in case anyone needs help.”
“That’s sweet,” you commented, a little too out of it to really realise how bold you were being. “I’m glad we met.”
Fred chuckled, cheeks red as his eyes met yours for a moment. He shook his head with a foolish grin and looked back down, expertly wrapping your arm in the bandage. “I am as well. I just wish it was under different circumstances, though.”
“We can arrange that,” you shrugged, using your spare hand to teasingly ruffle his hair. “Do you want to go to Hogsmeade together this weekend?”
Fred tucked the end of the bandage in, stifling a laugh at your burst of confidence as he stood from the ground, now towering over you with a gentle smirk as he pretended to ponder the idea.
“Well, I guess your bandages won’t change themselves…”
Tumblr media
harry potter taglist: @rottendaisies @sxphiemxlfoy @pogueslandia @platosaristocracy @mirclealignr @amortensie @irlpadfoot @gloryekaterina @justadreamyhufflepuff @pinkcloxds
general taglist: @siriuslyslyslytherin @princesswagger18 @james-potters-animagus @chthxnix @fullofsourgrapes
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maybanksslut · 7 months ago
𝐌𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧 𝐀𝐧𝐲𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 || 𝐑𝐞𝐠𝐮𝐥𝐮𝐬 𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤
Pairing: Regulus Black X reader
Fandom: Harry Potter (marauders era)
Word Count: 2.3k
Warnings: angst {hurt comfort, so it's not that sad}, FLUFF, making out
A/n: this took way too long to write, and even longer to name, but here it is! Please, don't let this flop <3
Tumblr media
It was a warm and sunny day in May at Hogwarts, warmer than any other May you had spent there. Almost no one stayed inside, most students drank cold drinks on the grass or bathed in the lake, trying to endure the heat. The sun was positioned directly over the school, and it didn’t seem to move any soon.
Occasionally, the wind would blow and lightly kiss yours and Regulus’ skin, as the two of you lay on a towel near the lake. Your bodies weren’t touching. Despite the fact you’d love nothing more than wrap your arms around your boyfriend, you decided cuddles weren’t worth dying of a heat stroke.
Your friends were already in the lake; laughing and swimming, yet you couldn’t tear your eyes from Regulus, and he couldn’t tear his from you. There wasn’t many moments you’d sit like this: silently, just admiring each other and thinking about how lucky you were to have found your significant other.
“We should probably join them” Regulus mumbled, pointing lazily in the lake’s direction.
“I know” you replied, but didn’t move. You didn’t want to just yet.
Regulus chuckled and put an arm around you, pulling you closer to him. His body was really warm, you supposed your was, too, yet it didn’t feel uncomfortable to lay there with him. On the contrary; it was calming, making it easier for you to ignore the heat. He dragged his fingers through your hair a few times, sometimes pecking your check as the two of you stayed in that position.
“Oh come on,” you heard Narcissa’s groan. “Get a room”
“Or,” Lucius added. “You could get in the damn water, and we can splash you”
Regulus let out a laugh. Grabbing your hand, he jumped into the lake, pulling you under water with him. You could see his grin as he let go of your hand, swimming towards the surface. A smile spread across your face as you followed him, and your head soon enough emerged from the water. Luckily for you, the lake was calm and refreshingly cool.
The moment you saw Regulus, you grabbed as much water as possible and pushed it towards him, creating a mini wave that covered your boyfriend in water. Your and your friends’ laughs filled the air while Regulus tried to remove water from his hair and eyes by shaking his head violently.
“Y/n,” He laughed along. “I’m going to get you for that”
Quickly, before he could grab you, you ducked underwater, swimming as far away as you could. Your lags and arms moved fast, and your heart was beating faster, yet you were to slow for Regulus. His arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you up from the water, so that you were facing him. A grin was plastered to his face, and you tried to wriggle out of his grip.
Finally you gave up, raising your hands to signaling defeat. Regulus let go of you, still smiling, his eyes wandering from your eyes to you lips.  He licked his lips and moved closer to you, your noses touching, his soft hand on your cheek. He was going to kiss you, but you moved away, and before he knew what was going on, you had pushed him into the water. As he appeared in front of you again, even more soaked with water, spitting and couching, there was still a smirk on his face.
You swam off, Regulus closely behind you, in the direction of you friends. Together, you and your boyfriend, splashed them from behind, taking them by surprise, so there wasn’t a dry spot on their skin. They didn’t stay behind, though, fighting back immediately. You didn’t stop the splashing war for at least the next three hours, but you didn’t mind. Not with Regulus at your side. You didn’t mind at all.
“And.... open your eyes!”
“Oh my god,” a small gasp escaped past your lips as you opened your eyes to reveal Regulus holding a beautiful, gold necklace. It was a thin chain, with a small, emerald in the middle. Judging by the looks of it, it was made entirely of gold, plus a gemstone, which meant Regulus probably spent way too much, again, on his gift for you.
“You shouldn’t have,” you mumbled, yet you didn’t protest as Regulus walked behind you to put the necklace on. His warm fingers sent shivers down your spine as he moved your hair to one of your shoulders. You could feel his breath on your neck, causing butterflies to erupt in your stomach and you closed your eyes.
When he finished putting it on, he gently grabbed your shoulders, turning you around to look at him. He grabbed your chin and you opened your eyes, your hands tangling themselves in his hair.
“Anything for you”
He marked his words by pressing his lips against yours, a kiss full of passion and love. His lips radiated off warmth, sending fireworks through your whole body. In one second, he could make you feel like jelly in his arms. You remembered the time you shared your first kiss. It was magical and Regulus always made the next kiss just as fantastic as the previous one.
You didn’t let him pull away, tugging at his hair, holding him close to you. He smiled into the kiss, his hands finding their way under your shirt, gently tracing circles on your skin. Then, his lips moved to kiss your neck and collarbones, leaving no spot unattended. A little moan escaped your lips as Regulus kissed your jaw.
“Dance with me,” he murmured against your lips and grabbed your hand, pulling you out to the middle of the room.
“But there’s no music” you giggled, but Regulus just waved his wand and a beautiful, slow melody started playing. As far as you could see, there was no speaker in the room, yet you didn’t protest when you felt his hands around your waist, his forehead touching yours.
Regulus slowly started moving to the rhythm, and letting him lead you, you admired every one of his features. The moonlight that shone through the window, lit up Regulus’ face in a magical way, and you couldn’t turn away. He was so close to you, you could smell his cologne and the peppermints he always kept in his pockets. His eyes, big and brown, were glistening with joy, creating crinkles in the corners of his eyes. He seemed so young, and happy, at this moment. Like there was not a single problem in the world that could ruin this.
“Have I told you that I love you?”
“Yes,” you answered, running your hands through his hair. “But tell me again”
“I love you,” he said, his voice laced with adoration, causing your knees to weaken. “More than anything”
“And, I was like, you know, shocked, because how didn’t she know who the Blacks were, right?” Bella rambled on while eating, causing both Narcissa and Andromeda to gasp in horror. You wanted to laugh at their ignorance; sometimes they completely canceled out the thought that they weren’t celebrities or such.
“The audacity” you murmured, a small trail of sarcasm in your voice. It went unnoticed by the girls, though, and they all nodded their heads in agreement.
You felt a pair of lips on your cheek, and you let out a small giggle, turning to look at Regulus. Much to your surprise, he didn’t look as happy, with a forced smile planted to his face. He was pale, paler than usually, and it appeared that he didn’t get a good night’s sleep. Which was weird, since he was one of the few people that usually left parties early to get to bed. Still, there was no doubt your boyfriend had either stayed up all night, or put too much powder onto his face.
“Are you okay? You look a little... tired”
“I’m fine,” he replied with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. Your heart dropped a little when you saw he didn’t want to look you in the eye. There was only reason he did that: he was lying. But why?
Before you could ask him another question, or do anything, for that matter, he excused himself, saying he needed to use the bathroom, and shot out of the dining hall. He left a full plate, and, as you noticed, so did Lucius, who was also magically gone. You furrowed yourself brows, both confused and hurt by Regulus’ behavior, yet you didn’t say anything, only shook your head as you ate.
After a while, during potions class, when nor Reg, nor Lucius had shown up, you decided to ask the girls about it. When you mentioned their disappearance, all three of them shook their heads violently, telling you they didn’t have an idea about what was going on or where they could be. Yet their expressions said otherwise, as they all sent each other weird looks, biting their lips anxiously, as if there was something they knew. Something they didn’t want you to know.
Regulus didn’t turn up for the rest of the day, not to any class or meal, and neither did Lucius. They were doing something together, that was certain, but what could be so important that they skipped school? Especially since Regulus got top marks, and never missed an opportunity to learn something new. You knew that, it was part of the reason you loved him so much.
You went to bed in the evening, alone and worried, hoping he’d be there tomorrow, and hoping he’d tell you where he was by himself, so you wouldn’t have to confront him.
Two days. 48 hours. That’s how long it took you to get tired of Regulus’ excuses and his constant disappearances. Now, you were on your way to his dorm to confront him, your steps echoing through the halls, your angered expression scaring off some first-years.
You barged into Regulus’ room, not bothering to knock before you entered, sending your boyfriend’s roommates a glare, that left them to no choice but to leave the dorm. As they shut the door behind them, you focused your gaze on Regulus, who was sitting on his bed, paler than anytime before, with dark rings under his eyes. His eyes also poked a little puffy, as if he’d cried recently.
He was wearing the clothes you saw him in a couple of days ago; the same ones he wore before he stopped talking to you. His brown eyes met yours, and where you only a few days ago saw love, you only saw agony now. You could feel your heart shatter at the thought of Regulus being in pain, but you kept yourself together; for Regulus’ sake.
“What is going on?” You asked sharply, and as he opened his mouth to speak, you added: “And no bullshit this time”
“Nothing’s going on,” He grumbled, tearing his eyes away from you. He started fidgeting a little, running his hands through his hair. You scoffed at his response, feeling the anger well up inside of you. He was still lying, straight to your face. A feeling of betrayal washed over you as you shook your head in disbelief.
“Nothing’s going on?” You spat, venom laced in your voice as tears threatened to spill. “You disappear for three days, don’t talk to me and when I come to see you, you tell me nothing is going on? Do you really think I’m stupid enough to fall for that?”
Regulus shook his head, twitching even more as he stood up and started pacing the room. He was muttering something you couldn’t quite make out, breathing heavily. You moved towards him, your hand touching his, but he flinched away from your touch, sighing deeply.
The anger inside you slowly faded away when you saw his pained expression, replaced by worry and empathy for Reg. You just wanted to wrap your arms around him, tell him how much you loved and promise everything would be alright. On top of it all, you just wished he’d tell you what was wrong.
It seemed the fates had a different plan; they wanted you to see for yourself. When Regulus, yet again, ran a hand through his curls, his sleeve slid further up his arm, revealing a part of something black. He was quick to cover it with his sleeve again, but it was to no use. You’d already seen it.
“What’s that?” You asked, fearing you already knew the answer. He didn’t answer, yet he didn’t protest as you pulled up his sleeve to reveal what you didn’t think you’d ever see in your entire life. The dark mark.
Tears clouded your vision, but you still managed to look at Regulus. His eyes were bloodshot, and his lip was quivering. Even his hands were shaking, so you took them in yours, as if you were trying to send all your love and compassion to him through that connection.
“Why?” Slipped from your lips.
And that was the switch that made Regulus break down. He broke into a fit of tears and his whole body was violently shaking. All your lips turned to stone, and you could do nothing besides holding Reg’s hand as he crumbled in your arms. Every wall he’d ever built around him fell, and he was bare before you; more vulnerable than ever.
You did everything in your power to hold onto him as the two of you sat at the floor. You buried your face in his hair, gently swaying with him, kissing the top of his head. His tears made your shirt wet, but it didn’t matter. The only thing that mattered was him, and how much you cared for him. You wouldn’t let him fall apart.
“It’s gonna be okay,” you whispered in his ear, praying it turned out to be true. “I’m here, baby, shh, I got you”
Regulus’ sobs slowly became quieter, and his tensed muscles relaxed into your touch. He put his arms around your waist, and you kissed his forehead again. And that’s how he fell asleep; with his head on your shoulder, eyes red from crying, but happy you cared for him and that you stayed. You shut your eyes close, and a few teardrops escaped from your eyes as you listened to Regulus’ heartbeat.
“I love you,” you said softly, even though he couldn’t hear you. “More than anything”
@swanimagines; @emmacata; @literallyjamespotter; @lxncelot; @welcome-here-in-my-world; @amortensie; @captainshazamerica
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pottahishotasf · a month ago
* Lily, Marlene, Dorcas, and y/n sitting quietly in the common room*
Marlene: y/n I'm so sorry, I heard what Lucius did, that stupid little son of a bitch, that- that fucking blood supremacist stupid fucking CHEATER blondie bitc-
y/n: Don't worry about it, its fine.
Marlene: Are you okay?
y/n: Yeah, I'm fine. At least I can finally have a threesome with Remus and Sirius.
Lily, Dorcas, and Marlene: I- what?...
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leossmoonn · 6 months ago
Drunken Confessions [Remus Lupin]
pairing - remus lupin x fem!reader
type - fluff
note - this is literally took so long and for what? 
summary - remus getting drunk leads you to have to take care of him, and a surprise, drunk confession
warnings / includes - language, vomiting, remus being drunk off his ass, even if its fluff still pretty suggestive, lots lots lots of sexual tension in this one, remus being a shy, but flirty boy, make out scene
*gif isn’t mine*
Tumblr media
“Oh, Remus. Watch out!” You shouted over the music.
He clung do your sweater, tripping over the stairs and almost bringing him down with you. You put your arm around his waist, holding up his 6′2″ frame. He was taller than you by a good few inches, and definitely a lot heavier. You tried to keep yourself steady, but you were  a little tipsy yourself. You had to take care of Remus before Sirius and James came back to his bedroom, otherwise who would know what would happen with him. 
“Sorry,” he murmured close to your ear, grabbing your hip through your skirt. 
Butterflies swarmed in your stomach at how close he was to your face. You walked him up the stairs, finally getting away from all the noise from the party. You opened the boy’s dormitory, practically shoving him inside. 
“H-Hey! S’careful!” Remus whined. You rolled your eyes in reply, walking him over to his bed. 
You sat him down, moving away to get some water, but Remus grabbed your wrist roughly, dragging you back down to the bed. You yelped in surprise, falling perfectly into Remus’s lap. He put his hand on your upper thigh, your eyes widening in confusion and shock. 
“I— Remus, wha—what’re you doing?” You stammered, holding your hands up in the air in panic. 
“Don’t go. Stay,” he slurred. His free hand slipped around to your back, pulling you in impossibly closer. You could smell the fire whiskey from his breath. The hot air escaped his lips, fanning all over your cheek, making your skin tingle.
“I am gonna stay, Remmy. I was just going to get you some water to sober you up,” you chuckled nervously. 
“Mm, I don’t need water. I need you,” he whispered, his head hanging low. He pressed his lips ever-so-softly to your neck, a soft whimper coming out of your mouth. 
“A-Ah, Rem,” you whined. “Yes, darling?” He mumbled against your skin. 
Your heart was beating so fast, you felt like you were about to have a heart attack. As much as you wanted him, you knew this wasn’t right. You set your hands on his chest, feeling the warmth radiating off of his body. You pulled him back gently, giving him a sweet smile. 
“S’What’s wrong?” He pouted. Your smile got wider as he gave you his puppy dog eyes. You shook your head in protest, knowing better than to give into his big, hazel eyes. 
“We can’t do this,” you explained. “Why not?” He asked. 
“Because well,” you sighed. Your eyes traveled down from his lips, giving them a good thirty-second stare before looking back up to his eyes. They were big, bright, and shining with affection. “We’re just friends,” you finished your sentence.
He hummed in reply, throwing his head back lazily. He looked at you through hooded eyes and a drunk smile. “Doesn’t matter.” 
You shook your head with a scoff. “Please, sober Remus would think otherwise.” 
“Well, I’m drunk now,” he shrugged. He then started giggling, making you laugh, too. 
“Why’re you laughing?” You asked. “Because I’m drunk!” He exclaimed. 
You chuckled, “Yes, you are.” You then slipped off his lap, tugging your skirt down as you went to the water jug that was by his bed. You grabbed a paper cup, filling it do the brim. You then walked over steadily, handing the cup to Remus carefully. 
Remus reached out to grab the cup, his fingers slipping, causing the cup to drop before you could react. The water splashed all over Remus’s sweater, causing him to hiss in annoyance loudly. You bent down quickly to get the cup, putting it on the beside table before tending to Remus. You turned to him, jaw dropping as you saw his shirt already off. You couldn’t help but stare at his broad shoulders and toned chest, little rolls of fat appearing under his belly button as he slouched. It took every fiber in your body to not pounce on him. You contained your excitement, smiling awkwardly and averting your gaze. 
“Really Remus?” You scoffed, crossing your arms disapprovingly. 
“What! You got water all over my sweater. It was my favourite sweater, too,” he fussed. 
“It’s the Gryffindor sweater, Remus. You have like, five of them,” you muttered. 
“Still, you got water on this one,” he pouted. “Well, why don’t I do your laundry for the next week, huh?” You suggested. 
He looked up at you, looking you straight in the eyes. “How about you kiss me instead?” He raised his brows, a smirk playing on his lips while his tongue ran across the top one. The gesture made your knees go weak, and you were thankful you still had a hold the nightstand.  
“U-Um…” you trailed off, not beginning to think straight. Remus furrowed his brows, the playful expression immediately turning into a worried one. 
“D-Did I say something wrong. I-I’m so sorry, Y/n. It must be the alcohol, fuck,” Remus rambled, running this hands through his hair roughly. 
You shook your head furiously, moving closer to him and putting your hand on his shoulder comfortingly. You bent down at eye-level, this time you being the one to initiate eye contact. 
“Why don’t we get you sobered up a little and ready for bed, yeah?” You nodded. 
He nodded and you smiled, patting his cheek before going back to get him another cup of water. 
“Don’t spill it this time, alright?” You hummed, handing it to him and making sure he had a firm grip. 
He nodded and downed the water, very dehydrated from the all the alcohol. You moved to his drawers, getting out a baggy t-shirt and some pajama pants. Before standing up straight, you put the t-shirt up to your nose, closing your eyes as you breathed in his scent. The shirt smelled like leather, chocolate, and a little bit like wet dog. You didn’t mind, though. It was his scent, and you loved that. 
“Y/n?” Remus asked lightly. You immediately pulled the shirt down from your nose, turning and giving him an apologetic smile. 
“Sorry. Here, put these on. I’ll turn around,” you handed him the clothes, spinning around on you heel. 
“You don’t have to turn ‘round,” he mumbled, getting up and changing pants. 
“No, I think it’s better if I uh, stay turned around until you’re done,” you chucked. 
“Well, m’done,” he said. You nodded and turned around, jumping back as he still had no shirt on. 
“Remus!” You exclaimed and reached down to the bed where his shirt was. You went to put the shirt against his chest, but Remus’s hand grabbed your wrist. 
Your heart rammed itself against your chest, your skin tingling from the contact. You started to breath heavily as he stared into your eyes intensely. You felt so flustered and a little uncomfortable, but not in a bad way. You just didn’t know what to do or say. 
“R-Remus?” You stuttered out. “I—” he started to speak, but then he clutched his stomach, his eyes bulging out of his head. 
“Are you about to throw up?” You asked. He nodded and you took him by the arm, quickly running him over to the bathroom. 
You two got there just in time. Remus fell to his knees, opening the toilet seat and puking his guts out. You grimaced, but rubbed his back nonetheless. He finished throwing up a few seconds later, throwing his head back and groaning. You took a piece of toilet paper and wiped his mouth, smiling softly at him. 
“All better now?” You hummed. “Yeah. Sorry about that,” he frowned. 
You shrugged, “It’s alright.” You ran your hand through his hair, twirling the strands with your first finger. Your eyes moved over his face, admiring him. 
A sheer lining of sweat covered his forehead and his upper lip. He was breathing heavily and his eyes were fluttering open and closed every few seconds. You sighed and played with his hair for the last time before helping him up. 
“Let’s get your ready for bed, alright?” You suggesting. He swayed from side to side while you moved him to the sink. 
“Rem, you gotta help me a little,” you chuckled. “Sorry,” he slurred, clutching the sink counter. 
You grabbed his toothbrush, wetting it and putting toothpaste on it. You then turned him around, leaning him back against the sink. You stood on your tip-toes, instructing him to open his mouth. You brushed his teeth for a couple minutes, having him turn around to spit and rinse. You then grabbed a washcloth and washed his face, putting acne cream on some red spots on his forehead. 
“Okay, and we’re all done!” You clapped softly. 
Remus gave you a lopsided smile, letting you lead him back to his bed. You were surprised to see no one else in the dormitory. You would’ve thought at least there would be a few people making out. You guessed that everyone was too busy drinking and dancing to shag. 
You laid Remus down on the bed careful, lifting up the blankets and tucking him in. Remus cuddled into his pillow, staring at you with tired eyes. You smiled at him, stepping back to bid him goodbye. 
“Alright, I’m gonna go back to my own room. I’ll see you in the morning.” You said, turning to walk away, but Remus grabbed your wrist. 
And there was that damn spark again. 
He pulled you back to the bed, you ending up falling on it. You stood up, Remus’s grip still strong on you. 
“Rem, we both need sleep. It’s four in the morning,” you sighed. 
“Stay,” he whispered. “Stay and… sleep with me.” 
“Oh, I—” you pursed your lips, looking at the empty spot in the bed that you knew could be yours if you said yes. 
You and Remus had been friends for all seven years of school. You both were Gryffindors; shy, courageous, smart, kind, with witty sense of humour. It was no wonder why you two clicked so well. You knew all his secrets - yes, including his werewolf situation. You two hung out all the time, and you helped each other with anything and everything. But cuddling and sleeping together was new territory. Sure, you two have fallen asleep together, but not in a limited space like the bed. 
You looked up to his face, your heart swelling as his bottom lip was puffed out, eyes wide and begging you silently. You sighed and nodded, knowing that you couldn’t not give in. 
“Do you mind if I change clothes? I’ll be right back,” you asked. “Just wear my clothes,” he shrugged.
“Really?” You raised your brows. “Yep. You’d look cute in my big t-shirt,” he grinned. 
“Oh,” you let out a breathy laugh. Heat rose up your neck at his burning stare. All you could do was smile and look away. “Alright. Um, turn around, yeah?”
He nodded and put his back to you. You put on the shirt that you handed him earlier, finding a pair of sweatpants. You tugged the clothing pieces on, taking off all your jewellery and putting them on the nightstand. You kicked off your shoes and socks, setting them by the bed before tapping Remus’s shoulder. 
“All done.”  Remus sat up and turned around, eyes widening at the sight of you in his clothes. Butterflies filled his stomach, his throat going dry. He tried, but he could not tear his eyes off of you for the life of him. You looked so pretty, his t-shirt dropping all the way down to your mid-thigh. His sweatpants fit your thighs nicely, making him lick his lips. 
You noticed his gaze, smiling shyly and deciding to climb into bed. You tucked yourself in under the covers, laying down on your back and letting your body sink into the mattress. Remus rolled over to where his head laid on your chest. He wrapped his arms around you tightly, hugging you closely. 
Your whole body froze and your heart stopped momentarily, your breath getting caught in your throat as you looked down at Remus’s resting face. His hair brushed up against your chin, his mouth open a little and his eyes closed lightly.  Your shirt rode up on your stomach from how he was holding you, some of his skin coming in contact with yours. Your heart began to pound against your ribcage and you prayed that it wasn’t too noticeable. 
You relaxed back in bed, the feeling of cuddling with him becoming more familiar. You began to drift off when Remus started to talk again. 
“Thank you for taking care of me, Y/n,” he mumbled. You smiled with your eyes still closed, putting your hands in his hair and massaging his scalp. 
“It’s not problem, Remmy. You’re my best friend, I like taking care of—” 
“No,” Remus interrupted. “Y-You don’t understand,” he muttered sleepily. 
“I don’t understand what?” You asked, opening your eyes back open and furrowing your brows. 
“I,” Remus sighed. 
You moved your head to where you could see him better. He still had his eyes closed and was speaking slowly. You wondered if he was sleep-talking. 
“I love you,” he confessed. Your eyes bulged out of your head and your body shot up, but it was held down by the weight of Remus. You opened your mouth speak, but Remus continued. 
“I love you. I-I’m so in love with you. I believe I’ve felt like this forever, but I only ever realised in in fourth year at the Yule Ball. When I saw you in your dress — blimey, it was for sure love at first sight. James and Sirius, and even Peter, all say that you have feelings for me, too, but I’m not too sure. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that I am in love with you and I always will be, not matter what happens after school.” 
Your breath got caught in your throat again as you tried to speak. So many things ran through your mind. 
He’s in love with me? He loves me? Is he asleep? Does he mean this? God, what if he doesn’t remember in the morning?  
You looked at him with concerning eyes, trying not to get yourself all worked up. You waited a few seconds for Remus to say something else, but he stayed silent. He had fallen asleep soundly. You knew that stressing out about his confession wouldn’t be good for you, so you tried your best to push his words to the back of your mind. 
Morning came too fast for you, and way too early. You had tossed and turned in your sleep, not used to sleeping the same bed with someone. Not to mention, Remus was a big bed-hogger. You often found yourself almost beginning to fall off the bed, or having to curl up in the little space Remus left you in. When you woke up, though, you weren’t annoyed and exhausted. You were happy and content. 
You woke up on top of Remus, your head on his chest and his arms wrapped around your back. His lips were pressed against the crown of your head, as if he had fallen asleep kissing it. His scent filled your nose right as you awoke, and honestly, you couldn’t get enough of it. You sat up as much as you could with his arms weighing you down — not like you wanted to escape his embrace, anyways. You looked down at him, a big smile spreading across your lips. He looked so pretty in the sunlight. 
You admired his features for a few minutes, his confessions suddenly coming back to you. Your eyes widened and smacked your hand across your forehead, cursing to yourself. 
“Shit. Fuck,” you mumbled. “Oh, Merlin,” you groaned. 
You looked around, seeing all the other boys asleep in bed. You pulled away from his embrace, becoming cold as you slipped out of bed. As you put your shoes on, Remus stirred in his sleep. He reached over for you, groaning as he couldn’t find you. 
“Y/n?” Remus called out, opening his eyes slowly. 
You smiled at him, sitting on the bed. “Good morning, sleepy head.”
“Mmm, G’morning,” he sighed. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, looking at you with wide eyes. “How’d you sleep?”
“Okay,” you shrugged. “You?”
“Amazing. You’re a fantastic pillow,” he grinned. You smiled back, “Thank you. So are you.” 
He smiled at you for a few minutes, laughing and then falling back into bed. “I was pretty drunk last night, huh.”
“Yeah, yeah. You were,” you chuckled. “Thank you for taking care of me,” he said. 
His words from last night rung in your head. You averted your gaze, your heart beginning to race. 
“Yeah, don’t mention it,” you shrugged. You then picked up your old clothes and jewellery, standing up and sighing. “I’m gonna go and take a shower. I smell like whiskey and sweat and—”
“Don’t go,” Remus pouted. “I have to,” you smiled softly. 
“You always stay, though. Even if you smell, which you don’t, by the way.”
“Thank you, Remmy. But really, I gotta go.” 
He sighed, “Alright. Talk to you after you’re done?”
“Definitely,” you nodded. You turned to sneak out of the dormitory, Remus’s words stopping you momentarily. 
“Hey, Y/n?” He asked. You hummed in response, turning back around to face him. 
“Did I um, say anything weird last night?” 
“Oh, um…” you trailed off, pursing your lips. “N-No. I uh, I don’t think so.”
Remus chuckled, getting up out of bed and shaking his head. “C’mon, I know you’re lying.”
You gulped harshly as watched as Remus yawned and stretched, his pj pants and underwear hanging low on his hips. His abs were on display, and he stretched his arms up over his shoulders, flexing his biceps. He ran his fingers through his hair, messing up even more. He looked breathtaking, to say the least.
“U-Um,” you stammered, not being able to take your eyes off of him. “Y-You might’ve said something.” 
“Like what?” He asked, seeming to be completely oblivious to how flustered he was making you.  
“You uh…” you sighed, finally looking up to his eyes. “You said that you’re in love with me.”
He looked at you, furrowing his brows, scrambling his brain, trying to remember. His eyes grew like saucers suddenly and he started panicking. 
“Shit, shit, shit,” he muttered. You smiled awkwardly, “Um, it’s okay. I’m sure you were just dreaming. Let’s just—” 
“No!” Remus exclaimed. 
Your eyes widened at his sudden outburst, and everybody in the room groaned, telling Remus to shut up as it was eight in the morning. Remus looked around and went over to you, grabbing you and pulling you back to the bed. 
“Wha- Remus!” You whispered. You steadied yourself on your knees, holding onto the bedpost for balance.
He grabbed his wand and put a silence spell around his bed, closing the curtains that surrounded the four-poster.  
“I-It’s really, okay, Remus. I know you didn’t mean it, it—”
“No! I-I did mean it,” he interrupted. “I-I just didn’t mean to say it. Ever.”
Your eyes widened, “Wha-What why?”
“Because, we’re friends! It’s not supposed to be like this. Dammit. I didn’t want you to know. Stupid fucking drunk brain!” He groaned, raking his hands through his hair roughly. “Now I’ve fucked it all up. Our friendship, the chance at a relationship. I-I’m so sorry, Y/n. I understand if you never want to be friends. I just… God, I had a plan! I was going to tell you after we graduated, but now I've just gone and—” 
You shook your head while listening to him ramble. He didn’t know it, but you were in love with him, too. So you did the best thing you could think of that would help him calm down. You kissed him.
You took his wrists in your hands, pulling him close to you and smashing your lips onto his. Sparks flew in-between his and your lips. You kissed him hard, full of passion and relief. He kissed you back after getting over the initial shock. 
As his lips moved with yours, you became consumed with him. His scent, taste, how his lips felt on yours. His lips were so soft and kissed yours extremely well. You let go of his wrists, putting your hands on his neck and running them through his hair and down his chest. His hands snaked around your waist, causing a whole zoo to stomp through your chest. His hands bunched up your — his — shirt, his fingers slipping under to massage your lower back.  
You opened your mouth to let out a soft moan, the feelings of his hands on your bare skin causing your senses to go in overdrive. 
“Remus,” you gasped, pulling him closer to you. 
Your bodies and your heart basically burst in your chest. You felt like you were on cloud nine in this moment. His tongue slipped into your mouth, tasting your mouth, and moaning as you sucked on his tongue gently, giving him a very wet, hot open-mouthed kiss after. 
He pulled away, his chest heaving up and down, his eyes wide and full of excitement and confusion. He gathered is thoughts together, giving you and him a few moments to calm down. 
“Um… Sorry…. Was my rambling getting too annoying?” Remus asked. 
You looked into his eyes, smiling form ear-to-ear. “No, I just… I love you, too, Remus.”
Remus’s eyes widened and his breath hitched, his heart thumping against his chest. You averted gaze to his bed, pursing your lips in the awkward silence. You didn’t really have anything else to say, and you didn’t want to speak until he spoke. You had a feeling that you would have to do a little speech before he even opened his mouth. 
“I uh… I’ve been in love with you since forever, too, like you. I never really realised it until fourth year. Yule Ball, too. Funny how we both have been on the same page and never really knew it. Anyways… I know it’s a lot to take in, especially since you are just voicing your doubts but—”
And then it was his turn to take you by surprise. He interrupted your ramble of a speech, pulling you in for a kiss by your waist. You gasped in surprise, Remus’s tongue gliding in your mouth once more. He tasted you again, not being able to get enough. You wrapped your arms around his neck, burying your hands into his hair. You furrowed your brows as you kissed him, pulling him closer, wanting to feel every inch of him. 
You pulled away shortly after, needing to take a breather as you were caught by surprise from his kiss. You looked up at him through your lashes, a big smile lighting up your face. Remus mirrored your smile, the outer corners of his eyes crinkling. You two looked at each other, bursting out into laughter simultaneously. 
“W-Wow, um,” you giggled. 
“Yeah… Wow. Guess I’m still intoxicated, I’m usually not this…”
“Yeah,” you smiled, “Me, too.” 
Remus took your hands in his, bringing them up to his lips and pressing a delicate kiss to you knuckles. The action made your heart flutter and swell. 
“So…” you trialed off. Remus chuckled, “So… Why don’t I take you out on a proper date. No studying in the library, no hanging out in the common room, no sneaking out with James and Sirius, pretending like we are on a date. A real, proper date.” 
You let out a hearty laugh. “Look at you. Pick up this confidence from your friends?”
“No, I just… Figure it’s high time that I start being more proactive about what I want. And you, Y/n L/n, are what I want.” He looked into your eyes deeply, making you fall in love with him even more — as if that was even possible. 
“Wow, look at you Remus Lupin,” you nudged him teasingly. “Sounds like alcohol is the way to go if I want your honesty.” 
He rolled his eyes with a smile. “Yeah, well, there’s nothing like a drunk confession, right?” 
“Yeah, you’re right. Now, how ‘bout we sneak out to Hogmeade say about, five? And until then, we both get ready and go get some breakfast, yeah?” You suggested with a grin. 
“Sounds lovely,” he nodded. He leaned in for a kiss, but you pulled away, a cheeky smile tugging at the corners of your lips. A sudden confidence surged through your veins as you said the next few words. 
“And maybe actually ask me to be your girlfriend too while you’re at it, huh?” You looked him up and down, winking quickly before getting off of the bed. 
You undid the silencing smell, opening the curtains to find James, Sirius, and Peter all huddled up, trying to listen to your conversation. You smiled at them, grabbing your clothes and patting them all on the backs. 
“You’ll get your show soon, gentlemen. Remus is taking me on a date tonight,” you remarked before leaving the room. 
As you walked out the door, you heard the boys whistling and clapping. You were met with Marlene and Lily behind the door. They asked, and you told them everything. They clapped you on the back and squealed with excitement. You smiled with them, sighing contently as you were finally getting a chance with the love of your life.  
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