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Harry Potter x Hermione Granger 

Just playing around with a different style. I was trying for loose, minimal, skechy, painterly, etc. yeaahhh…mission failure! BUT I like what happened anyway. I always have trouble making loose brush strokes and minimal detail. I once had a grumpy old art teacher tape my pencil to a meter stick to try and break the habit. Sorry Herr Hartmutte!

Just the procreate pencil and round painting brush and a lot of scribbling. 

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An illustration for SweetShireen’s fic “The Bet”. [FFN/AO3]

An incredibly funny story about a bet, with endearing banter (which I literally love so much, the way she writes these characters is perfect) and just three best friends being wholesome and loving eachother.

Hope you like this! And make sure to go check out this amazing fic and give the author the love she deserves!

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A quick break from your regularly scheduled Dramione trash - I bring you Hinny trash!

Headcanon: In his adulthood Harry eventually gets a cell phone to keep in touch with the Dursleys and see what all the fuss is about. One night he uses it to show Ginny basketball. Ginny is immediately obsessed with it and deems it “muggle ground quidditch.”

This cell phone is now Ginny’s basketball-watching device. Harry just holds it for her sometimes because he loves her and finds the whole thing very funny.

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Ginny Weasley 

Done for @arctickid‘s DTIYS on IG. I was listening to the beginning of TURN while drawing so initially she had the saddest face. I think she came out a bit more sweet than snarky, but always a badass. My trans Ginny head canon lives on!

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Tried my hand at Veela Draco. ❤

Made a few adjustments. 🥰

Saw the pic online and it gave me such strong Draco vibes that I drew it in my own style.

@scdramione so sorry love! I had to repost. ❤

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some drawings of my mc (Amy) in the last christmas event of the game with the weasleys (especially with Charlie)

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In a mood… 🔥🖤

Draco in anguish over Hermione’s untimely death. 💔

She succumbs to blood loss during child birth and he is now faced with raising their son alone.

“Please come back to me, Granger.”


“I need you, our son needs you.”


“I’ll do anything you want.”


“I love you…”


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Part 2 of the Christmas HHr art!

Merry Christmas to whoever celebrates it today! 💕

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When I’m stressed, I draw! ❤

Death Eater Draco and unwilling Hermione. 🔥

Well, unwilling to start with, she turns slowly and embraces the situation. 🖤

Who falls in love first?

My bets on Draco! 😘

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Christmas Harmony for Fanart Friday hosted by the HMS Harmony Discord. I’m very late to this, but better late than never right lol

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something about the malfoys sitting in high-backed chairs just feels so correct

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I keep telling myself this will be the last HP fan art and then

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Something I drew for Halloween, but I only finished now so… here u go random HHr in band outfits 🤧

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