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akaashi is so tired
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what did they see? (°_°)
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pairings: sugardaddy!bokuto koutarou, sugardaddy!ushijima wakatoshi, sugardaddy!akaashi keiji x fem reader
cw: oral(f. receiving), hair pulling, begging, indirect overstim., daddy kink, use of petnames, degradation(1), use of alcohol, fingering, mirror sex, praise, softdom!akaashi for the win
tags: @dejwrites @nanaminshousewife @gabzlovesu @rinhoes @indiecursor@aasouthteranoswife @po3ticb3auty @dabilovesme @devilgilcrybabiey @icelyn20 @omniuravity
part 1.
Tumblr media
Sugardaddy!Bokuto loves it when you say thank you.
It turns him on to unbelievable lengths. It follows the same old routine, one he doesn’t plan to change anytime soon. Each time you accepted yet another bag filled with your latest hauls, you turned to the doting man, his hand eagerly waiting to catch your own.
With a faint smile present on your lips, the soft coos of your voice rose to Bokuto’s ear, coaxing for his copal hues to widen. The pair of words were simple mannerisms, instilled from a young age for all. But whenever it rolled off your tongue, the porcelain shades of Bokuto’s skin couldn’t hold the innocent hues of red from surfacing.
All he needed to hear was your pretty mouth say it one more time that day, just once more.
“Aht, don’t push my head away. That’s just mean,” Bokuto pouted, the pads of his fingers digging into the limp plush of your calves. You winced mindlessly, your hazy eyes flickering among the space Bokuto occupied between your legs. Your digits lazily carded through his locks, strength dwindling by the second.
“B-Bo…I can’t take anymore,” you slurred, resting your head along the sleek platinum headboard. You couldn’t begin to comprehend what snapped inside Bokuto, his insistence leading to you gasping for a lick of air. He didn’t give you time to slip from the citrine dress you wore, only to be bunched around your bucking hips.
“ ‘M so sorry, Princess. You just looked so good today, I wanted a piece of you,” he mumbled incoherently, his lips latching onto the twitching bud of your clit. He was nothing short of relentless, the slickened muscles painting fervorous strokes along the bud.
He’d been tucked away in his own form of heaven, relishing in every drop of your essence that spilled into his mouth. He pulled at least three orgasms from you this way, each one slower than the last.
“Wait–I can’t cum again, Bokuto please!” you sobbed, your spine forcing out a harsh arch. You frantically nudged yourself deeper into Bokuto’s hold, your hips swiping at whatever could be caught.
Sharing in your urgency, Bokuto kept his tongue pressed into your folds, the voids of his eyes taking in the sight before him. He always did love when you chased after your own high, using him however you saw fit.
He pulled his hindering grip from your legs, allowing for your thighs to smother him in a swift close. Not another syllable had to be uttered as you approached your high, both hands grasping handfuls of Bokuto’s hair.
A bubbling fit of words fled from your lips, Bokuto giggling at the view. He drew himself from your cunt, placing a final kiss onto the exposed bundle of nerves. He rested back onto his haunches, keeping his hunkering figure hovered above your own.
As he swiped the pad of his thumb along the spit-ridden mess of your lips, he whispered to your dazed visage gently. “Be nice and use your words. Now, what do you say fr’ me, Baby?”
Through your heavy lashes, you mustered the bits of energy to respond, granting a satisfied smirk to creep onto Bokuto’s face.
“Thank you, Daddy.”
Tumblr media
Sugardaddy!Ushijima loves it when you spend his money.
God, does he love it? The swipes of his card, the sifting through the thick bills tucked away in his wallet, Ushijima was addicted to it all. He didn’t even have to say a word, your hand already reaching for whatever mode of payment he had for the day.
You weren’t aware of it, but there was a special glint that illuminated the olive hues of his eyes. Maybe it was how you twirled the thin sheet of plastic between your fingers, whistling some tune to pass the moments of processing.
He was obsessed with the fact that every heel beneath the soles of your feet, every ring that hugged your finger, and every dress that clung to your body was all his doing, all stemming from the fruits of his labor.
When that gratifying giggle rang from your throat, it was enough to fuel a flame within Ushijima’s belly—something he knew would be extinguished soon.
“I can’t hear you, Sweetheart,” Ushijima groaned, his hand prying from your stuttering hips. You lifted your head from the tear-stained pillow, pulling the swell of your lip through your teeth. “It’s so fucking good, Toshi! I w-want more,” you keened, eyes rolling to the back of your skull.
Ushijima returned to the sight laid before him, the plump curves of your ass pressed against his tensed abdomen. Tracing down the arch of your spine, he was met with the glassy voids of your lidded eyes, spools of drool decorating your lips.
Taking a provoking turn, he drew his hips from their post, dragging his length from your walls. He chuckled at the sound of your cries, the sadist whims surfacing to the forefront of Ushijima’s mind.
“C’mon Baby, you gotta work for all those bags you got today,” he surmised, landing a playful smack on your ass. The mewling whimpers from your lungs came to a sudden halt once you noticed what Ushijima held in the palm of his hand.
The hefty stack of blue bills sat snug in his hand, waving them to your gawking glance. “If you can make me cum just like this, I’ll add everything in my hand to your allowance,” Ushijima wagered snarkily. “Deal?”
With a sheepish nod, you agreed to take on Ushijima’s bet, planting your weakened knees into the mattress. A heavy breath brewed inside your lungs, acting as encouragement for your newly placed endeavors. Ushijima knew all too well how big he was, considering he was always so insistent on taking charge.
Yet watching his pretty girl struggle to take him was just one of his favorite pastimes as of late.
With the single dive of your hips, your walls enveloped Ushijima’s cock in the viscid warmth once more. A stout arch coaxed itself into your spine as a keening sob sang from your lips. An overwhelming euphoria was placed upon your weary body, stemming from fullness residing within your cunt. Your digits dug into the cotton plush of the pillow, barely grounding your mind.
“Fuck–you must really want it, don’t you Baby?” Ushijima chuckled raggedly, the faint patterns of stars clouding his vision. He hadn’t anticipated your eagerness, the swift drops of your hips resting against his flexed abdomen. He felt everything, every twitch of your walls, every roll of your hips, even every kiss the head of his cock pressed into your cervix.
The explicit clash of skin began the soft comforting tunes to Ushijima’s ears, hiding his blissful whimpers behind the music. His eyes were trained to the unfolding scene, from tracing the slick sheen of sweat dusting the curve of your back to catching each wave that passed through the supple skin of your ass.
Reminding of something that of a fever dream, Ushijima melded into the amorous aura, quickly forgetting the bet he’d made with you.
Giving in to his fading sense of self, Ushijima drizzled the stack of bills along your body, each one drifting to cover the sheets beneath you both. With his hand now free, Ushijima reached out to you, cupping your chin as he presented you with a single rhetorical question.
“Who’s my rich little slut?”
Tumblr media
Sugardaddy! Akaashi loves it when you flaunt your new clothes.
He finds it to be the highlight of his day. It’s even become his sense of downtime from the frantic day, hopping from shop to shop all across the city.
He’ll sit in his favorite leather armchair with a cup of the richest brandy in hand, watching your giddy reflection paraded about through the mirror. He'd grin to himself, blessed to know that he was the source to your intoxicating joy.
Akaashi just had to let you know how gorgeous you looked, both in the dresses and spread out along his lap.
“Don’t you look pretty? Told you this color suits you best, Baby,” Akaashi cooed, his chin nuzzled within the crook of your neck. You couldn’t bother to respond to his compliment, not with his thick digits drawing relaxed circles along the supple bud of your clit. You clawed at his forearm in protest, the silk fabric of his dress shirt catching each scratch of your nails.
Perched atop his lap, Akaashi kept your thighs parted for his entertainment, his eyes pinned to the mirror’s reflection. He admired it all, the staggering rises and falls of your chest, your trembling lips, and the spilling streams of spit lining your chin. He only wished you could revel in the same vision he bore witness to.
At his tender handling, your body melted into Akaashi’s hold. From the frantic beats of your heart, the nerves beneath your skin prickling with need, and the hot pants warming the air, it was all for him. Your back arched against his chest, squirming amidst the mind-numbing solace Akaashi delivered.
“Look at that, making such a mess on my fingers,” he hummed, the tips of his digits ghosting the fluttering slit of your cunt. He allowed for a single finger to graze past your entrance, the lewd squelching spurring you on. “P-Please Keiji…don’t tease me like that. Just–” you sobbed, your hips bucking to meet his fleeting touch.
“Sorry, baby. Not until you tell me how pretty you are,” he whispered, painting your limped jaw with lingering pecks. Drifting down to the pulse of your throat, Akaashi nipped at the skin, leaving the slightest hints of marks in his stead.
His calming tone flew to your ear, earning your hazed attention. “Look in the mirror and repeat after me,” he instructed softly. You nodded concurringly, the lids of your eyes prying from their screwed hold.
You were met with Akaashi’s narrowed glare, the darkened hues of his eyes pinned on you. Embarrassment rang through you, eyes glazing over your pitiful state. What caught your immediate attention was the ruby dress he’d just purchased sitting around your waist.
Not to mention the pornographic sight of your dripping cunt on full display for him, inducing for a merciful whimper to creep out your lungs.
Yet for Akaashi, his own concern was hearing that voice of your repeat every word that soon left from his mouth. “I’m Akaashi’s…” he began, waiting for your frail reply.
“I’m Akaashi’s…” you uttered shyly, the inescapable heat swarming beneath your cheeks. He noticed your resistance, matching it with lingering swipes of his digits between your glossed folds.
“Pretty Girl. Say , I’m Akaashi’s pretty girl,” he compiled together, shifting back into his seat patiently. You swallowed the lump sitting in your throat, bundling the bits of energy to comply with his wishes.
“I-I’m Akaashi’s pretty girl,” you announced at last, granting a smile to spread along his lips.
“That’s my good girl. I think you deserve a reward, don’t you?”
Tumblr media
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kodzukvn · 2 months ago
𖧷 hq boys + accidental confessions ; pt two !!
with: m. atsumu, b. koutarou, s. rintaro
tw: swearing
ollie's notes: ask and you shall receive | (• ◡•)| ; yes i see there is a typo in bos, no im not going to fix it :)
pt one : k. tetsurou, o. tooru, t. kei
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
© ovurtime2021 - do not copy, edit, claim, or repost as your own. all rights reserved.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: bokuto koutarou x f!reader
summary: sometimes your overeager puppy needs to be put in his place.
genre: smut, hybrid au
warnings: 18+. feral puppy boy bo, kinda subby and masochistic bo, panty gagging bo, kinda mean dom!reader, bondage (use of ball gag and silk ropes), overstimulation, begging, slight pussyjob, fleshlight usage, mentions of somnophilia and thigh-fucking, spitting, creampie, cumplay, riding, mating press, vv messy cause puppy bo has so much cum and drool, you and bo kind of switch roles at the end
word count: 3.3k
author’s note: happy birthday to the love of my life <3 the man that i feel safest with and has the fattest and biggest breeder balls in haikyuu. i luv you, this goes out to you, baby boo. <3 (also my first attempt at dom f!reader omg)
no beta we fall like heroes and i finished this today hhh
Tumblr media
[2:23 PM]
there are two things that your puppy hates the most in the world—getting punished and fucking anything that isn’t your pussy.
of course, you leaving him alone in the apartment is the third thing, but that’s nothing a few (a lot) dirty clothes and panties in the hamper can’t fix.
no, one of the things bokuto’s puppy brain can’t handle is watching the disappointment in your eyes as you scold him for ruining half of your closet with his cum. i can’t help it, i just miss you so much is what he would always say before he grovels at your feet.
his lips would jut out in a pout, lower lip quivering as he whines and nudges his mess of a grey and black head on your stomach, his gold eyes glossy with unshed tears as he murmurs, won’t do it again, i promise.
you always end up sighing heavily, your hand rubbing his floppy ears as his keen nose sniffs your crotch, his thick tail thudding on the floor showing his excitement at your softening stance.
because no matter what bokuto does, you’ll never stay mad at him for long. he’s just too cute, and you know that he doesn’t have any malicious intentions. after all, he cares about you and only you (and a couple of head pats and ear rubs of course).
truthfully, you’d be saving your breath if you didn’t scold him anymore because his promises are almost always empty. he’d soil your wardrobe with buckets of his cum again and again, and he’ll pull the ever irresistible puppy pout and you’ll just begrudgingly let him off the hook again.
but sometimes, sometimes, bokuto needs to be taught a lesson. reprimanding your puppy with words isn’t enough, so you resort to teaching him a lesson the only way he knows, the only way he will fully understand.
“i don’t think you’ve learned your lesson at all, bo.”
a series of loud and pained whines ring in your ears amidst all the haze and slick sounds of your puppy’s cock meeting the overused toy. bokuto is a mouthy puppy and you’d be hearing his complaints and begging if it weren’t for the ball gag that’s strapped between his rosy lips.
his thighs are taut with tension, fighting so hard not to thrust his hips towards the fleshlight you’re punishing him with. it’s wrong! bokuto shouts indignantly in his head. fucking anything that isn’t your pussy and enjoying it is practically criminal in his eyes.
but what can he do? he disappointed his favorite person in the entire world and he didn’t get away with it this time, much to his chagrin. instead, both of his wrists are tied to the headboard and he can feel the drool from his mouth seeping through the sides, dripping on his chest and abs.
to his puppy brain, this is the ultimate form of torture.
bokuto’s ears are flat on his head, droplets of sweat and tears mixing together as you rapidly stroke his cock with the toy. his gold eyes are wide and round, practically begging you to stop what you’re doing and give him real relief.
his watery eyes tug at your heartstrings and you stop your movements, feeling the way he cries out and sags against the headboard when you pull the fleshlight from his cock with a loud pop as you watch in amazement at the thick rivulets of his cum dripping from the toy’s hole.
your hands make way to the back of his head to unstrap the gag, carelessly throwing it on the other side of the bed. he’s drooling everywhere and he’s tripping over his words, barely coherent but through all the garbled words and incessant whines, you know he’s begging you to let him fuck your pussy.
you take the fleshlight in your hands, waving it in front of your puppy’s face as you jut out your lower lip, mirroring his pleading expression—only yours has malice in it and you’re doing it to mock him.
“you like this toy, bo?” you ask him, your voice sickeningly sweet as strings of his cum land on his heaving stomach.
“no! i hate it!” he cries indignantly, squeezing his eyes shut as he pouts heavily. “then why did you cum so much?”
bokuto’s golden eyes shoot open as he growls, then whimpers at the heat of your narrowed eyes and sharp stare, shaking his head vigorously to the side as his ears flop around his head.
“only your cunt can milk me,” he whines, his hips jerking against the stuffy air. “please, i wanna drown in your pussy, please.”
the wood is creaking loudly against the strength of him tugging at his restraints while his squished tail jerks wildly behind him, wincing at how long he’s been sitting on your bed. you know he can break free from the silk ropes any time, especially with his inhuman strength.
but deep down bokuto knows that his punishment will be even more severe if he disappoints you further. if anyone were to see him right now, they’d think he’s being held against his will, but they don’t know better. they don’t know that your big puppy secretly likes being treated like this because, in the end, you’ll always indulge him.
his face is messy with tears and drool, streaks of it staining his angular face as he pleads for you to let him touch you. the expression in his eyes resembles a kicked puppy—but your bo has always had the flair for the dramatics. actually, it's dramatic to you but it means everything to his cute puppy brain.
“please, please. need your pussy so bad!” he cries, his naked and flushed body shaking in impatience. his cock is still hard and leaking, his balls heavy with the cum he’s still storing for you.
you click your tongue, slightly pinching his muscled thigh to quiet him down but your touch on his sensitive skin only makes him moan, his hips jerking towards your hand as more white strings dribble from his slit.
“i didn’t give you permission to fuck my thighs while i was sleeping and yet you did it anyway.”
“but nothing,” you hiss, holding his jaw with one hand and squishing his cheeks. he whimpers at your tone, your eyes boring into his while he blinks slowly, lips quivering and golden eyes even glossier at the annoyance radiating off of you.
even though you’re scolding him, the feeling of your warm fingers on his face is a reprieve from the cold and lifeless toy so he can’t help the way his cock twitches again at the feel of your hand on him, making him whine and hips involuntarily thrusting against the air.
you would've let it slide—just like you always do—if it weren't for the fact that you explicitly told him, no funny business while i’m sleeping, okay? because you had an important presentation at work the next day and you needed a full eight hours of sleep.
but no, you groggily woke up to him groaning with his cock peeking between your thighs, feeling the warmth of his cum dripping on your shorts as he rutted through the glistening skin.
it’s safe to say that he didn’t let you go back to sleep when he noticed that you were awake, and you swear that no matter how many times you cleaned yourself up, his cum was still dripping out of your cunt and messing up your skirt at work.
“i’m just giving you what you want, puppy. i’m giving you the orgasms that you want so badly.”
he hiccups at your menacing tone, his sore wrists aching as much as his balls, bumping his head on the headboard as more tears run down his cheeks at the painful throbbing of his cock. no matter how many times he came in the toy, it’s just not enough.
it can't empty his balls like your pussy can, it's not as wet, and it's not as warm. nothing in this world can milk his cock for all its worth like you can.
meanwhile on your end, you’re astounded that his balls are still so fat and heavy. you still can’t get around the fact that your puppy can literally cum bucket loads.
not to mention, the fact that he's whimpering and shaking while the angry redness of his cock is practically begging you to pay attention to it just proves that he can give you so much more than what he was giving the toy.
you tilt your head to the side as you bite your lip, contemplating on finally giving the true relief that your puppy needs. he’s been begging pathetically for the past hour so, surely he’s learned his lesson by now, despite you saying that he hasn’t.
“do you even still have any cum left for—”
“always! a-always have cum f-for y-you…”
his pout and large teary eyes tug at your heart, your expression softening when he leans forward as he uncharacteristically gives you chaste kisses and light nips on your lower lip. his body is practically vibrating with impatience and anticipation, his ears straightening on his head as his squished tail squirms behind him.
his abs and thighs are stained with streaks of white, his cum drying up and flaking on it. the fleshlight is long forgotten, strings of his release dripping from the abused hole while the two of you are moaning into each other’s mouths as he sloppily licks your lips.
his arms are starting to become numb from being tied up for so long but he doesn’t pay it any mind because he’s busy slobbering all over you, sucking your tongue into his mouth as you finally straddle him. the feel of your soft lingerie-clad body on his muscular and toned form makes him shiver and groan in delight at the feeling of your weight on him.
like the caregiver you are, you concede to your puppy’s wishes and grind on his leaking cock through the thin fabric of your panties. bokuto lets out a whine, more relieved and less pained as he watches you remove them, his eyes widening and tongue lolling out as he watches a thin string connecting your pussy to your panties.
“you want this, puppy?” you whisper sultrily, bunching the cloth in your hand as he nods vigorously, clicking his tongue while his gold eyes watch the small and flimsy fabric dangle in front of his face.
you wipe the mess on his face, giggling when he leans into your touch. you boop his nose with two fingers before sliding it down to his plump lips, rubbing the plush skin as you slip them inside his mouth, moaning softly when he obediently sucks on them.
your bare cunt continues to grind on his shaft, his ears drooping as he moans around your fingers while he rolls his hips, his cock sliding between your wet folds. the bed creaks with the intensity of you humping him, his moans spurring you on while his saliva drips down his chin.
deciding that you’ve teased him enough, you pull your fingers out of his mouth, causing bokuto to whimper at the loss. you coo at him, voice placating while you gently pull his chin down, signaling him to stick out his tongue.
you praise him for being such a good boy, making him shiver while his hooded eyes watch your every move as he waits for you. you spit on his tongue and his entire body shudders from the lewd but welcome action. before he can swallow your spit, you swiftly put the rumpled panties inside his mouth and he moans so loudly that it makes you tremble, his eyes visibly rolling to the back of his head.
giggling at his reaction, you kiss his nose as you position yourself, hovering over him while he gathers every ounce of his strength to not thrust his hips upward. you place one hand on his shoulder while the other, the two fingers he was sucking on earlier, spreads your folds as you slowly sink down on his pulsing cock.
his growl vibrates in your ears at finally being enveloped in your cunt, your hips jerking when he pulses inside of you. the animal in his dna rushes through him, the primal instinct to fuck his chosen mate is taking over. the last vestiges of his barely present control finally snap and he plants his feet on the bed as he starts rutting into you with strength and force that immediately has you seeing stars.
the bed shakes from his weight and thrusts as you moan and cry out praises for him. your arms wrap around his thick neck as he nuzzles his face in the junction of your throat while he lets out a mix of growls and whines.
“good boy, bo. good boy, your puppy cock is made just for me, right?” you moan into his hair, your eyes fluttering at the drag of his veiny cock against your walls. he nods fervently, rubbing his sweaty face on the column of your neck while his affirmations are muffled by your panties.
your fingers shakily tug at the silk ropes secured around his wrists and in his puppy mind, it means he’s finally allowed to touch you. in the midst of your pleasured cries and slapping of skin, you hear the sound of fabric tearing.
bokuto rips them off effortlessly and through his moans and growls, he flips your bodies and you find your back on the bed as he haphazardly throws your legs over his shoulders, crushing his body against yours, all the while not stopping his harsh and heavy thrusts.
the ache in your thighs from being put in such a position isn’t new but you can’t deny that you’ll never get used to the way bokuto easily folds you in half so he could be closer to you, fuck his cock deeper into your cunt.
“mine, mine, my pussy. s-so tight, warm, wet,” he says in a guttural moan, half of the words muffled as your panties dangle out of his mouth.
he roughly pounds you into the mattress, clearly making up for lost time. the volume of your whimpers rivals his as you pull your panties off your face and grip his shoulders, your nails leaving red crescents on his tan skin.
“don’t keep my pussy away from me ever again,” he growls against your lips before shoving his tongue in your mouth, licking your teeth as he slobbers all over you. your foreheads touch while you moan and cry into his mouth, your eyes crossing from the pounding your pussy is taking.
the sound of his balls slapping heavily on your ass is practically deafening and your thighs ache from being pressed so close to your chest. bokuto pulls away from your mouth with a groan as he lifts himself off your body, intently watching the way your covered tits bounce from his thrusts.
he only keeps that position for a few minutes before he lowers himself again, this time nuzzling your cheek with his as he alternates between licking and nibbling your ear, his floppy ears tickling your face while his tail rapidly sways behind him, showing his excitement and pleasure at finally being inside you.
it’s nothing new, but the way your mixed fluids leak from your pussy, coating his cock in a creamy white while it drips down his balls and your ass still gets you embarrassed. but evidently, it’s so fucking hot, the way you and your puppy always have messy and sticky sex.
you don’t hear any more words and barely coherent sentences from him because he resorted to just growling and whining. the human part of his brain is turned off as the only thing swimming in his mind is fucking you silly and covering your body with his cum.
as if the two of you aren’t close enough with the way he has you folded in half, he takes hold of your hips with one hand, the other supporting himself as he practically squats on the bed, and lifts your lower half off the sheets as he pushes your pliant body towards his pelvis.
his inhuman strength allows him to keep your lower back off the bed, so you could be in sync with his movements as he makes you meet his every thrust. he’s fucking you so deeply and harshly that you’re sure you’re going to have bruises inside your cunt.
your fingers grip the sheets so tightly that the skin of your knuckles is stretched as you let your puppy use you like his personal fleshlight. his tail twitches with every deep thrust he makes, the tip of his cock kissing the entrance to your cervix.
your eyes are cloudy and dizzy, tongue lolling out as your toes curl from your impending orgasm. it doesn’t help that his toned and ridged pelvis keeps rubbing against your clit as he thrusts back into you.
“p-puppy, gonna cum! ‘m so close, puppy. m-make me cum, yeah? w-want me to cream all o-over your cock,” you babble, clenching and unclenching your pussy around him. bokuto moans your name, his eyes crossed as his thrusts become even sloppier and erratic as the squelch of him meeting your creamy cunt sends him into overdrive.
“oh my god, bo! right there-fuck yes!” you scream, body convulsing as his cock hits your sweet spot at the right time. the feeling of your cunt pulsing around him makes bokuto’s hips stutter as he shouts your name, his own sweaty body shaking from his first real orgasm of the day.
he crashes on top of you, his lips parted as strings of spit and saliva coat your lips, golden eyes hazy as his hips jerk in quick thrusts. he lets you milk him dry and he moans at the heat and thickness of his cum coating your stretched walls, infinitely times better than the toy you subjected him to earlier.
you whine at the rivulets of cum seeping from your hole, face heating up at the wet popping sound you hear when your puppy pulls out and lifts himself off of your heaving chest. he makes a distressed sound when he sees his cum leaking out of your pussy, immediately pushing it back inside with shaky fingers as you whine and weakly swat away his fingers.
“don’t wanna let it go to waste!” bokuto whines childishly before licking your lips and planting a sloppy kiss. you blow him a raspberry and expect to feel him curl up against your side, nuzzling his face on your tits, his tail tapping a neat rhythm as both of you drift into a post-sex nap but he only makes you rest for a few seconds before you yelp as he flips you on your stomach.
bokuto raises your hips so you’re presented to him the way he likes, the way you’re supposed to be fucked, and doesn’t give you any warning before plunging his cock back into you. the wet sound his cock makes as he nestles inside your pussy is so loud that it embarrasses you but you don’t have time to comment because he’s already pounding you, his hips slapping against your bouncing ass.
he’s still as hard as ever, balls still heavy as they smack against your clit and you dreadfully realize that instead of you instilling the lesson of heeding and respecting your words into his puppy brain, you ended up getting fucked to the brim with his cum.
but you can’t find it in yourself to complain because he’s fucking you so well, his cock splitting your pussy again and again. you’re just as bad as him when it comes to it, to be honest. because now it seems like the tables have turned and you’re the one receiving the punishment.
“gotta make it up to me, baby. wasted so much cum on that toy when it could’ve been my cute pussy taking it all…”
[4:32 PM]
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sunascumdoll · 4 months ago
back to pervert!hc masterlist
a/ni accidentally deleted the ask sorry! honestly.. i'm not too happy with how this one came out.
tw// panty peeping, humping (stuffed toys), grinding, implied overstimulation, mating press, breeding
bokuto.. pervert!bokuto.. beefy pervert!bokuto. fuck i'm drooling.
pervert!bokuto is unintentionally a pervert until he snaps. he's more secretive in his perversions. whenever you're sitting in front of him and go to cross your legs, he'll take a peek between your thighs to see what color your panties are today.
please, the baby boy tries so hard to be on his best behavior, but you excite him too much. anything you do turns him on and fills his mind with vulgar things. licking your lips? pervert!bokuto is thinking about how it feels to push his cock past them and down your throat. touching up your makeup? he's thinking about how much prettier it would look if it were smeared and running down your cheeks.
one of pervert!bokuto's favorite things to do with you is take you on dates. of course, he would. he loves spending as much time as possible with you. but his favorite spot to take you? the ice cream parlor. he always opts for you to get the ice cream cone every single time. he can't help but palm and grope himself underneath the table every time you drag your tongue over the creamy dessert. his cock throbs painfully when some of it drips down your chin. you look so pretty, and he can only imagine how good you'd look with his cum dripping instead of the ice cream.
pervert!bokuto's apartment is filled with stuffed animals. not his own, but yours. pervert!bokuto steals your teddy bears whenever he comes over. he knows your sleep schedule, knows how often you switch out your plushies, so the others don't feel left out. that's why he takes the ones you just switched out. they still smell like you; they're just as soft and squishy as your body. that's why late at night, he finds himself panting, rutting his cock against your stuffed bears.
crowded places are pervert!bokuto's go-to. it's an excuse to have you close to him. he's so protective over you, doesn't want anyone or anything to bump into you and knock you down. those toned muscular arms find themselves wrapped tightly around your waist, pulling your back flush against his chest, all while he discreetly brushes his dick against the plumpness of your ass.
pervert!bokuto was doing so well at containing himself. until he walked in on you changing. the curvature of your ass, your pretty thighs, and suckable tits flips a switch inside of his head. he apologizes once, twice, maybe a hundred times. he hears you squealing, ushering him to get out, to close his eyes, but his legs only move him closer and closer to you.
pervert!bokuto is so lost, drunk off your velvety walls gripping and creaming around his shaft. he has your body folded in half, legs squished against your abdomen, ad his heavy balls bounce off of your ass. certain spots on your bedsheets are now translucent, drenched with a mixture of your cum and his. how long has it been? two hours? more? thinking is pointless when all you can focus on is bokuto pumping load after load into your weeping pussy. bokuto completely blocks out your cries of overstimulation and concentrates only on the pain and pleasure of his angry red tip poking around your insides.
his cock twitches, spilling what feels to be the 10th load inside your abused cunt. his hips don't falter, not missing a single beat. your pussy feels too good. he just needs to cum one more time. or maybe two.
Tumblr media
taglist: @s-ugas @shalnarkswhoree @ushijimasslut @kawaiikooki @fiona782 @yaqueerqueen @papitoshi @omiikeii @SATISFYINGLYBLUE @crapimahuman @shdwgarden @tirzamisu @booksweet @kisseswithkai @itsmeteiiteii @babydai @matssuncxmslxt @bakugobaki @tifhen @tithesandofferings @dadbodosamu @eternallyvenus
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matsuemi · a month ago
Tumblr media
warnings :: overstimulation, breeding, service doms, mentions of getting pregnant, cumplay-ish
including :: bokuto kotaro, kuroo tetsuro
emi's note :: wow, i think i went crazy with kuroo's lol, but enjoy! <33
Tumblr media
bokuto daydreams about it, stuffing you full of cum, a sleazy grin as he rests his chin on his hand. and when he comes home to you wearing one of his jerseys, he goes feral. cock shoved inside you while he pushes your head down against the pillows. groaning loudly when you moan out his name.
he doesn't stop even if you beg him to. "just one more time puppy, lemme cum— o-one more time—?"he hisses, when you say you're sore and that it hurts. he assures you that it'll be the last time, and it just feels so good he just has to cum. and when he finally stops, he brings two fingers to keep the cum inside you, and he closes his eyes, shuddering at the idea of you carrying his baby.
Tumblr media
"mmh, tastes good." he sighs right after cumming inside you, taking a bit of the seeping cum and spreading it all over his fingers and sucking on it, a little giggle coming out of your lips before you're taken by surprise, lining himself against your poor sore hole, "what are you doing tetsu?—"
"what do y'think baby, gonna have to taste s'more of that." he chuckled before slamming himself inside you, back arching when you feel him bottom out, a hitched moan pushed out of you. "you don't mind me tasting you a bit more right baby, i bet you do, clenchin on me like this, you absolute slut."
"and it's all for me."
Tumblr media
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ozetia · 4 months ago
What makes the haikyuu boys horny
Tumblr media
When he can’t tell what underwear you’re wearing, he can’t tell if you’re actually wearing underwear. The mystery behind why your thong lines ain’t showing leaves his imagination running wild. On another side he’s very turned on by seeing your thong lines, it’s subtle and sexy.
Terushima, Tanaka, Kyõtani, Ukai
In general boobs, the way your boobs jiggle when you move are memorising. He can hold your boobs when you cuddle together, use your boobs as stress balls and he can play with them whenever he wants. He wants nothing more than to be submerged by your boobs, death by boobs sounds like heaven to him.
Lev, Nishinoya, Matsukawa, Aone
Walking around the house wearing his shirt which is way oversized for you. Even better if you’re wearing no panties, he can see your butt and cunt peeking as you move. You look so comfortable and sexy at the same time and can’t help but get a raging hard on.
Kuroo, Daichi, Konoha, Shirabu
When you rock the shit out of what you’re wearing. Your dress looks amazing on your body fitting along every curve, he simply can’t see any flaw. Your makeup and how it matches with your outfit for today, he wants you to do his makeup. He loves you being you and rocking your shit just how you wants. After all he can fight so he lets you wear what you want.
Bokuto, Washio, Tendou, Sugawara
Your moans instantly make his cock hard and hairs stand. Moans of pleasure from sex or just simple complaints about what went wrong with your day.
Ushijima, Akaashi, Iwaizumi, Tsukishima
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kanaeita · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
haikyuu boys | petplay
“she likes it when she has a collar 'round her pretty neck, and my dick buried deep inside her”
characters included : kenma kozume, kotaro bokuto, atsumu miya
warnings : choking kink, breeding, possesiveness, degradation, praise, dom! characters + sub! reader,
Tumblr media
kenma kozume
his former volleyball team rubbed off on him, hard. kenma always has an urge to call you kitten when you two are alone, it sounds more endearing right now.
right now is when his dick is shoved inside your wam and pulsating cunt, the pretty pink tip slipping in and out the entrance to tease you before kenma bottoms out, the veiny sides brushing against your velvety walls, he groans and tugs on your pretty red choker, a dainty bell ringing everytime he thrusts.
kenma cooes about how pretty you look, his pretty kitten taking him so well. and he can't help but move a bit faster when you whimper, moan or babble back only for a small inaudible response to leave your lips, the sheets you lay on scrunched as you try to grip on it, kozume's free hand cupping your cheek.
“my precious kitten, you're taking it so well. but i know you can take more, yeah? you'll do it for me right? for me, kitten?”
Tumblr media
kotaro bokuto
kotaro can't take seeing you misbehave, trying to lead him on, trying real hard so you can get fucked well, like how he always does. but when you get too bratty, he has to put you back in your place.
thighs pushed up to brush against your reddening ears, breathy whimpers coming from you, followed by the continued sorries and begs for forgiveness as kotaro fucks into you animalistically, fat tears falling down your cheeks as you watch bokuto get too into watching you sob yet clench on to his cock like a vice, he makes a small “tsk!” sound and it shuts you up
your pretty eyes getting puffy but you beg for more, and more, you want him to continue. “don't worry puppy, 'm not gonna stop till you're beggin' me to, and till that already empty head of yours gets filled with thoughts of only me and my cock, yeah. i know you'd like that” he promises, smirking when he sees your eyes widen and how you frantically try to hide your tired expression, his calloused hands grabbing your cheeks, “no, no puppy. you look at me while i fuck you, watch how i ruin your insides and claim it as mine, watch. let's see how much cum will be enough to give us puppies, yeah?”
Tumblr media
atsumu miya
you already know you're fucked when he calls you by your nickname, “bunny.” that's always a warning, when he calls you that, it either means you've done something wrong, or you're gonna get ruined.
atsumu spits inside your open mouth, and as you swallow it, he shudders. “dirty fuckin' bunny. bet ya dream 'bout 'samu doin' this to you too, fuckin' slut.” you immediately try to squeak a silent no, but mere whimpers come out your mouth, mind hazy as you try to remember how many orgasms you've already had, not even a single condom in sight but splatters of both your cum was spilled on your bed.
thoughts flying away when you hear atsumu hiss again, “are ya gonna answer me, bunny? or yer just too stupid ter answer now? can't even talk properly, cock's the only thing on yer mind right now huh?” you squeak a yes yet atsumu still doesn't look pleased. his golden eyes look down on your hickey-filled and cum-splattered body. “this ain't enough, gonna breed you like a real bunny, so ya can't act like a stupid slut fer my brother too. gonna make ya a mommy and give us lots of baby bunnies to take care of, bunny loves that, i know you do.”
Tumblr media
© suutarou — 2021
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isseikuns · 5 months ago
hi i saw requests were open so do u mayb think u could write and angst-fluff about them accidentally making you flinch? like in an argument or something? its okay if not or if its past ur boundaries or anything :)
when they make you flinch
-> Kuroo / Atsumu -> Kageyama / Akaashi
includes: Bokuto, Iwaizumi
a/n: you‘re a psychic😳 I had already planned on doing a flinch series hehe, enjoy✨
word count: 1,4k
warnings: angst to fluff, a bit of cursing
Tumblr media
Arguing with your partner, in general, is not easy, but with Bokuto it was a constant emotional rollercoaster. You’ve always tried to consider his feelings since he has been emotionally more sensitive than you, but you simply had enough of constantly being the scapegoat just because you were saying your opinion and wanted to keep healthy communication in your relationship.
“If you think that I’m such a bad boyfriend, then why are you even here?”
“Kou, you know I never said that. But you just have to stop taking every single word to heart.” you explained yourself, slowly getting tired as this discussion has been going on for almost an hour.
After you both had dinner, you were washing the dishes, as always. And a single “You know, you could sometimes help me more with the chores” turned into a heated argument with the professional volleyball player.
“Oh, so now this fight is my fault?!” he sarcastically asked, making you wince at his loud voice since he was standing right next to you, “You’re the one who started this because you always got to bitch about something!”
“Kou I was just-”
“What Y/n? What were you? Being the oh so precious and innocent saint, you always are because, of course, Y/n L/n never does anything wrong?” he spatted, his words cutting you deep and making you back away slightly, as his broad shouldered and bulky figure could be slightly intimidating when he got angry.
“C-Calm dow-” you wanted to ease the fight but got interrupted when he suddenly slammed his fist against the kitchen cupboard, making you jump up and let the plate, you were washing off, fall into the sink.
“I’ve had enough! Why aren‘t you ever satisfied with the things I do!?” Bokuto shouted, not noticing the way you tensed up and started fiddling with your hands. A quiet “sorry” was everything, you could bring out before you slowly moved away from him, until he all of a sudden grabbed your wrist.
His grip was not rough or anything, but it was so abrupt that you flinched and, out of reflex, turned your head away from him to shield your face. Your whimpering grounded him and, loosening his grip on you, he tried to brush the hair out of your face. But when he saw how you tensed up even more, he stopped and realised what he had done.
“ Sorry” you whispered again, too scared that your voice would break, which would make you look only more vulnerable. At the sight of your frightened face, Bokuto cursed and aggressively tugged at his hair, as he would have loved to just slap himself for scaring the most dearest person in his life.
“No no, b-babe I didn’t mean to.. p-please..” he begged, stretching his hand out, “please just come here.”
When you finally looked up at him, his sad, reassuring smile made you let the tears, you had tried to hold back, flow. You grabbed his hand and threw yourself in his arms, sobbing into his chest.
“I’m so so sorry babe. I don’t know what got into me, I didn’t mean to yell at you.” he apologised, gently rubbing your back and placing kisses on the crown of your head. “You know I would never hurt you... right?”
“I know Kou. You just startled me, that’s all.” you murmured in his chest and slowly looked up in his shining, golden eyes.
Cradling your face between his hands and drying your wet cheeks with his thumbs, he placed a delicate kiss on your forehead, then your nose and lastly a loving kiss on your lips.
“How about we go lie down for a while and then I’ll do the dishes while we talk about everything? Calmly of course. Hm?” he proposed, to which you mouthed an okay, tilting your head to kiss his palm and giving him a soft smile.
Tumblr media
“Hajiiii” you squealed, not caring about the looks you were getting at the airport, and threw your arms around you lover’s neck, who lovingly kissed you, and whom you haven’t seen for almost a week after he had left for his business trip.
On your way back home, it started pouring in buckets and the never calming rain, blurring the windshield, made it difficult for you to see anything on the road. You actually loved the soothing sound of rippling rain, but today it was rather deafening with the way it was hitting against the roof of your car.
“Slow down! Brakes, brakes!” Iwaizumi shouted suddenly, but your reaction was too slow. A deer was about to cross the road and you unfortunately saw it too late. You knew that you would collide with it no matter how hard you would hit the brakes, so you slightly steered to the side, hoping that you would somehow dodge the wild animal, and you made it.
“Thank God” Iwaizumi and you sighed, realising that you were both safe and uninjured, standing on the roadside in the middle of nowhere.
“Hey, you okay?” Iwaizumi asked, squeezing your hand reassuringly.
“Huh? Y-Yeah, just need a minute.” you panted, still a bit shaken up and upset.
When you calmed down, you turned the engine on to finally drive home but you also soon realised that it wouldn’t be as easy as thought. No matter how hard you hit the gas pedal, the car didn‘t move at all. You were stuck in the mud.
“Oh come on!” Iwaizumi groaned while getting out of the car, “Okay, I’ll try to push and you just keep stepping on the gas.”
A good ten minutes of desperate pushing and accelerating went by and you were still stuck, rain still pouring down like a waterfall.
“Babe, let’s just call a towtruck. We will never get-mmph” you started talking, while stepping out of the car, but Iwaizumi quickly cut you off, squishing your cheeks together with one hand, slightly hurting you.
“You see that?! That’s the only thing you had to concentrate on while driving!” he yelled while turning your head and motioning to the road, “Where the fuck were you looking at when a fucking deer was crossing the road?!”
Freeing yourself from his grasp, you looked at him wide-eyed, surprised at his brute behaviour. “Hajime, I could barely see anything! It’s not my fau-”
“Yeah of course! It’s never your fault!” he shouted and raised his hand to slam his fist on the car roof, making you flinch and squeeze your eyes shut, which obviously didn’t go unnoticed by Iwaizumi. But before he could say anything, you already jumped in the car, slamming the door shut.
Slowly, he opened the door to sit down on the passenger seat, his heart aching at the way you were trembling and pressing your hands on your mouth to muffle your cries. “Baby I would never... please don’t do that. You know I hate seeing you like this” he softly spoke, placing one hand on your thigh while the other tried to pull your hands down.
“Angel, look at me” he begged with a strained voice, gently brushing your hair behind your ear and making you look at him. “I didn’t mean to lash out on you like that. I’m just tired and-and hungry and…please, frogive me.“
„Hajime, that‘s still not an excuse..“ you quietly spoke.
„I know baby... fuck, I know“ He put his hand on the back of your head, pushing it slightly towards him to lean his forehead on yours. “You know I could never harm a hair of your head.” he whispered, his reassuring words soothing your sobs.
“Are you cold?” he asked after a while, noticing that you were still trembling and completely soaked. When you nodded, he immediately pulled you carefully over on his lap and took his jacket off, covering you with it. You felt like the warmth and Iwaizumi’s smell emitting from the jacket relieved all the stress in you, as you contently nuzzled your cold nose against your boyfriend’s neck.
“You know, if someone would see us sitting here like this in the middle of nowhere, they would probably get the wrong idea.” you giggled, wiggling your eyebrows at him.
“You perv” he playfully slapped your thigh, letting out a breathy laugh, while trying to contact a towing service.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mrskurono · 4 months ago
ok but CAN we talk about virgin bokuto because the thought has me foaming at the mouth
he's just so sensitive and needy :(
sucking bokuto sensitive nipples and he can't help but cum in his pants because it feels too good :(
ugh virgin!Bokuto is just *chefs kiss*
virgin!Bokuto who didn't really get serious about wanting to be intimate with someone well after his first official year with the Jackals. Who didn't have a non existent sex drive but one that he'd jerk off a few times a week to whatever was popular on Pornhub and then call it good. Who had an idea of how it worked and it felt nice but didn't spend too much thought on that. Until he met you.
virgin!Bokuto who can't get rid of his hard on. Jerking off daily and he can't keep his hands to himself. Who has been yelled at in the locker room multiple times but he just can't stop it. Every time he sees you it lingers with him days afterwards. Filling his head with lewd thoughts that plague him until he's fucking his own fist and moaning your name.
virgin!Bokuto who finally snags the ultimate catch. You. Nothing compares to how badly he needs you. Turning him into a mess just from the way you touch his arm and rest your hand on his thigh. None of it is hidden either. You catch on way before Bokuto wants to admit anything.
virgin!Bokuto who is a mess when you jerk him off for the first time. Thrusting, wiggling, moaning, panting, drooling. Big beef wing spiker reduced to a bitching moaning boy as he cums within seconds of you touching his cock. But he's so swallowed up in pleasure that you can overstim him without question. Bokuto can't get enough and babbles like a fool while he nods and begs for you.
virgin!Bokuto who lets you set the pace bc all he can think about is his cock buried inside you day in and day out. Anything you do to him has him rubbing himself to the thought of you. Until finally you just can't stand how pathetic he is anymore.
virgin!Bokuto who becomes your personal fuck toy bc he's a blank slate ready to do anything you want just to have you take his v-card <3
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brkrknspokesperson · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
wonder what they're saying
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misss-chrisss · 29 days ago
Just imagine Pornstar!Bokuto
pairings: pornstar!bokuto koutarou x fem reader
cw: soft!bokuto, fingering, breeding kink (duh, this is bokuto we’re talking about!), con. creampie
tags: @po3ticb3auty @dejwrites @nanaminshousewife @gabzlovesu @angwritez @rinhoes @aasouthteranoswife @earlesskitten @cyb3rwinx
[wanna join? visit the taglist on my pinned post!]
Tumblr media
Pornstar Bokuto who gets a little too excited to be working with his favorite model. He’s been such a big fan since her lone cam days, his eyes pinned to the screen. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t join the adult film industry just to have a shot with you.
Pornstar!Bokuto who practically falls over himself trying to introduce his name. His palms are sweaty, skin flushed and it didn’t help with how he’d been stumbling over his words all morning. You didn’t even mind, giggling at the boyish sight before you. You extended a hand to him first, giving him your best smile. “I’m so glad to be working with you!” you beamed, waving at his gleefully expression.
Pornstar!Bokuto who desperately wanted to crash his lips against your own as you spoke. With the scene well underway and your transformation into a neglected wife, Bokuto was in awe with you. Even as the sly pool boy he was casted for, he still wanted to have you as he saw fit: cameras and all.
Pornstar!Bokuto who buried his head within the velvety tract of your neck. It was the only source of grounding he had, being that two thick digits of his curled at your sweet spot. Having you curled into his bare chest, your dainty fingers clawing at his skin, Bokuto was in pure euphoria. Even your gasping moans became his muse, signaling Bokuto of his success. He had forgotten completely about the scene, focusing all his efforts on pleasing you.
Pornstar!Bokuto who in fact is so focused, snippets of his own excitement leave him, whimpers of satisfaction flooding your ear. He’d steal occasional glances at his fingers, your essence spilled over his digits. He especially loved watching your perked bud twitch beneath his touch, pulsating with intense fervor. “God–your clit looks so pretty under my thumb, Baby.” He couldn’t wait to bear witness to your undoing, eyes rolling back into your skull. And for a brief moment, the glimmer of urgency that filled your eyes. Bokuto grinned as he brought his lips to yours, shielding our breathless mewls with a kiss. “I’ll make you cum real soon,” Bokuto cooed, tightening his hold against your body. “Just let me play with you for a little bit longer.”
Pornstar!Bokuto who holds you beneath him with a soft grip. He fucks into you with such a passion, like that of breeding crazed man. The thickened crown of his cock nipped at your cervix, leaving a flurry of kisses with each roll of his hips. The way Bokuto worked himself into you with such ease had cleared all thoughts from mind. It was bad enough you allowed him to do so without a condom, but you hadn’t expected such raw emotion to spill into the blurred reality.
Pornstar!Bokuto who can’t even bother to hold himself back any longer. “Such a greedy pussy, keeps sucking me back in,” he spat, pulling your trembling thighs to encircle his waist. Just in the single moment, under the influence of his foggy gaze and his keening wails, a part of you wanted to give Bokuto exactly what he was working for, no second thoughts about it. “You want me to fill you up? Fuck–please say yes!” He sobs, unsure how much of his words were a lie. You gave in, disregarding the camera catching your every move. He was all too alluring, the drunken need to have Bokuto’s cum dripping down your legs. Clinging to his shoulders, your croaking voice barreled out a spew of frantic cries, praying that he’d deliver on his promise.
Pornstar!Bokuto who gives you a few staggering bucks before spilling into you, thick rivulets of white painting your womb. He knows it’s wrong, rubbing at your tummy with gentle brushes of his fingers. He wanted to fill you until his senses were numbed. “I wanna go again, and again. It’s no fun just doing it for the camera,” Bokuto pouted, his copal hues glazing down to the mess between your bodies. He cursed himself for not having the energy to stuff his cum deeper as he draped his body over your own.
Pornstar!Bokuto who was so enamored with you, through hitching breaths and lingering pecks, he offered to take you out on a date after the hard day’s work. You lace your arms around his neck, giggling a bubbly “yes” against his cheek.
Tumblr media
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kshira · 6 months ago
My brain is going wild thinking about nsfw childhood friends bokuto x reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media
tw: f!reader, mentions of creampie, breeding kink, squirting
wc: 655
an: i made this growing up with bokuto & then ya know the smut, hope you like babie!
Tumblr media
childhood friend bokuto! growing up always kissing your scraped knees when you fell down chasing after him, everyone kept playing but he stopped the moment you took the fall—the agony set in his stomach when you let out a cry at how painful and your whimpers telling him to go ahead.
he didn’t care that his friends were already way ahead of him when he bent down to kiss your redend skin, the blood forming around the cut he kissed it anyway.
childhood friend bokuto! that came to your house when you didn’t show up for school one day, your mother telling him you were too sick to get out of bed. didn’t she know by now? he did not care. he stayed glued to your side while you coughed and whined about the pain from your fever, his hand entangled with yours and when you finally started to feel better his quiet “you’ll be okay” rocked you to sleep.
childhood friend bokuto! defended you on your graduation day from bullies that taunted your skirt for being too short, you felt confident that morning and wanted to show off your pretty legs. bokuto wasn’t going to let them assholes shut you down, especially when he accepted his diploma wearing a skirt shorter than yours, sending a wink in your direction when everyone gasped. at least all the attention was on him now.
childhood friend bokuto! declared his love for you the same time he told you he was accepted into the MSBY team, you were stunned but squealed with happiness when he picked you up. two birds and one stone is how he thought about it.
childhood friend bokuto! that fucked you like no other, the palms of his hands pressed firmly against your legs while he opened you up. you were so wet practically dripping down into the mattress and all he’d done was kiss you.
he took it slow at first, his cock stood still at the entrance of your messy hole while he told you how much you meant to him, he loved to hear your begs to make you feel full. he knew you depended on him to make you feel good, his dick was so thick and so big he could barely fit.
but fuck when he did, it clung to your velvet walls dragging that popping vein up and down inside until you nearly came right there but like he always said “hold out my angel, always wanna cum with you”
childhood friend bokuto! that knew your body like his own, feeling your perked nipples while he pumped you full of his cock—you begged for him to go faster but no. he wanted to feel everything, he always wanted to savor this moment but secretly he loved the praise and want from you.
childhood friend bokuto! always filled your cunt full of his seed and whenever it started to fall out he always pushed it back in but sometimes that wasn’t enough so he’d put his rock-hard dick back in you to fill you even more.
he’d always tease of putting a baby in you, seeing you swollen with his kid but on the other hand it’d make you gush around him more so he could fuck you even faster with no repercussions.
childhood friend bokuto! that took that final pump inside you before rubbing at your swollen clit, watching your final orgasm of the night wash over you and a liquid squirting over his stomach, the way his eyes lit up at the action made him want to do it again but he knows you're tired and he won’t admit it but he is too.
childhood friend bokuto! holds you close to his chest, the rumbles of his laughter tickle your back while he talks about your childhood together until finally your eyes drift to sleep and that’s when he whispers just how much you mean to him.
Tumblr media
tagging- @hqintheclub
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sunarc · 6 months ago
For the ‘HQ Boys Child Interrupting During The Act’ can we get a pt 2 but with Bokuto, Oikawa, and kuroo?
HQ Boys Child Interrupting During The Act PT2
A/N: I always get second hand embarrassment writing theses lol but its so funny anyway I hope you enjoy this love !!
Part1 || Part3 || Part 4
Tumblr media
↣ Doesn’t even realize his child has just walked in until your pushing him off
↣ Trips and fumbles attempting to cover the two of you up
↣ This sweet darling feels terrible knowing his child saw him like this he practically goes into emo mode until you reassure him it’s okay … it takes a while though
↣ You were caught giving Bokuto a blowjob. Bokuto’s cock was touching the back of your throat as his head was thrown back
↣ He tries to explain but he is having the hardest time fumbling over his words please save him
Bokuto was standing up with his head thrown back fucking your face. He was so engulfed in his own pleasure his mind hadn’t registered the relentless pushing against his pelvis. He looked down at you to see your widened eyes staring at the door wiping the drool that had been dripping down the sides of your mouth. He turned his head to see his small child peeking from behind the door rubbing their sleepy eyes.
“Mommy? What are you doing to Daddy?” your child asked, rubbing the sleep out of their eyes.
Bokuto ran to the bed, more like tripped to the bed grabbing sheets tossing them over your head and wrapping his lower half.
“Mommy was- …we- … I- … you- ..why aren’t you in bed baby owl?”
“I heard noises and i got scared” your child whined leaning their small tired body against the door frame.
“Oh baby we’re sorry” you yelled as you tried to find your way out from under the sheets. Your head finally peaked my from sheets hair messy from the struggle,
“Mommy was just helping Daddy clean himself… it’s a really private thing that Daddy gets embarrassed about you see so Daddy how about you put baby owl back to bed because we’re done cleaning aren’t we” you said out of breath turning towards a red Bokuto who was looking back and forth between the two of you now dressed. He nodded his head quickly scooping your child up cradling them.
When he came back he laid flat face first on the bed, cheeks still flushed red .
“” Bokuto whined face down on a pillow.
You had long talk explaining to Bokuto how it would be okay and that your child wouldn’t avoid him and most likely wouldn’t even remember this
↣ Lets out the loudest highest scream, you’re surprised his voice can even go that high
↣Gets so scared he pushes you on the floor don’t worry you’re okay but… ouch
↣ Oikawa is going to find a way to explain this all away no matter what he has to say or do
↣ You were caught riding Oikawa while he nibbled on your neck
↣ If he could Oikawa would literally evaporate at this moment
You were bouncing up and down on Oikawa, head thrown back moaning into the air. Oikawa’s lips were glued to your neck leaving his print on your neck with low groans. The loud creaking of the bed seemed to drown out the small knocking that had been consistent against the door. You both were removed from your cloud of pleasure when a small voice called out
Oikawa released a screech that rang through the room so loud you were sure you’d have your neighbor knocking on the door asking if everything was okay. Before you could even turn your head to look at your child Oikawa was pushing you off onto the floor scrambling to find clothes. He threw clothes towards you and threw on the nearest thing he could find. You wanted to be angry but upon seeing the apparel Oikawa had put on your anger turned into fits of laughter. Oikawa was wearing your silk night dress muscles protruding, walking over to your now giggling child. Your child was barely even worried about the scene they had just witnessed so focused on the way Oikawa was now flexing in your gown making them laugh to tears. Oikawa walked them back to bed and came back to your shared room swaying in your gown.
“Looking good shittykawa” you laughed laying in bed
“ Y/N-chan don’t be jealous that you can’t pull off such a bold look”
You laughed pulling him in for a kiss
“You’re bold look saved us from a lot of explaining”
↣Kuroo can’t even think straight his mind is coming up with a million excuses all at once and none of them seem to make sense
↣If he could Kuroo would want to finish what you started thank goodness at least one of you has a little restraint
↣When Kuroo lies his voice gets a little high pitch so his excuse comes out a little high which almost makes you burst into laughter
↣ This one is kind of hard to explain off because you were getting fucked in missionary with your hands cuffed to the bed
↣You can give yourself a pat on the back because you were the main reason your child was able to believe any explanation given
Kuroo was hovering over you thrusting into you at a constant pace while your body laid limply on the bed cuffed to the edge moaning out his name. He had been groaning in your ear about how you were his dirty little pet. Your mind was fuzzy with pleasure that all thoughts seemed to escape you when a small voice called out asking in the most delicate voice
“May I come in?”
Kuroo’s movement froze as he hurriedly pulled out tossing your clothes to you, throwing on his own. You forget the restraints holding you back and make an attempt to get up only to be pulled back down. You whispered-yelled to Kuroo who was hopping trying to get into his shorts. He quickly unlocked you from the cuffs and tossed you a shirt. Before either of you could make another move the door was creeping open to a wide eyed child looking like a baby Kuroo. You were sitting with one arm cuffed to the bed while the other covered your exposed chest. Kuroo stood balancing on one foot staring at the door.
“H-hey little one” his voice was already raising and you knew he was preparing for a lie.
“We were just uh well we…um... you see when two people love each other-“ he started in a high pitched voice but was cut off by you speaking up.
“We were cleaning, that was all the noise… what are you doing up” you chimed in yelling over his voice wanting to save your child from the birds and the bees talk.
“ Wanna sleep in here with you” your child mumbled as they climbed into bed laying in the middle. You watched as they drifted off to sleep sighing a breath of relief and turned to kuroo
“ Really? When two people love each other” 
“That was all I could think of!”
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saffrontarius · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
hiii, i’m back!! just wanted to draw this cuz i was kinda having a bad week and all i really wanted was a hug. i hope this cheers you up a little
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elfiore · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hey hey heeey!!
come give bokuto a hug 
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sugrbugz · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
videos that just scream bokuto koutarou
hello loves!! just a quick reminder this is an 18+ post that contains 18+ content and videos!! please dni if you’re a minor! ♥︎
CW: big breeder balls/j no but for real there’s nothing graphic or violent! really just a lot of pussy worship :3 oh also bottom bokuto throwing it on a strap >:)
Tumblr media
link ♥︎ do i even have to explain this one? bokuto is an absolute himbo who would love to do shit like this. saying cute shit like “does it feel good?” and “like my big fucking cock on your clit? huh?” instant tummy butterflies <3
link ♥︎ big. breeder. balls. you’ve always gotta make sure that your bo is feeling good, he’d cum loads just like this. just like the first one bokuto is fucking vocal. he’d be whining and moaning but also encouraging you to stroke him faster <3
link ♥︎ on god this this how he eats pussy i know i was there i saw it myself. in all seriousness he’s like a hungry man that hasn’t eaten in ten years, he is quite literally in the trenches when it comes to eating pussy
link ♥︎ i’m going to let this one speak for itself
link ♥︎ BOTTOM BOKUTOOO <33 god he’d love with switch with you, he doesn’t find it emasculating at all. he loves it, especially when he doesn’t always want to put in the work of drilling into you. the way he’d throw it back for you just like that (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞ he’s a good boy
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Tumblr media
haikyū!! twt p♥︎rn
Tumblr media
part ⑴ theme- needy
Tumblr media
Oikawa + iwazumi
iwazumi was tested more than enough today. oikawa was being too damn needy and the stockier man’s patience had run thin; he whipped around to the pestering attention whore with a twisted smirk, “so you want it that bad, huh? we’re going home right now.”
what was he to do? you were so late in coming home; he’d been a good boy all day! he deserves a little relief, doesn’t he? so he takes the softest thing of yours he could find- absolutely incomparable to your tight lubed up hole- but your cushiony pillow will have to do.
“ya want yer nut so fuckin bad, chase it for yerself,” he teases as you mercilessly grind yourself down on his stiff cock, alternating between bouncing and dragging yourself along his length. you were so close; his big warm roaming hands ghost over your hips, ass, and rib cage. his mouth occasionally found your pebbled nipple- teeth grazing or the wet swipe of his tongue sent a jolt of pleasure straight down to your core.
your big construction boyfriend came home from work completely and utterly exhausted— dirt on his face, tense shoulders, a tired smile. your heart fell when you saw his composure; you knew exactly what he needed. first you enveloped him in a soft hug, his head softly thunked down on your shoulders as you began to gently pet the back of his head. “let me take care of you,” you whispered in a tone he knew all too well. with a slight nod, you lead him to the bathroom and turned on the shower. in less than 5 minutes he was putty in your hand.
Atsumu + sakusa
finally all alone in their hotel room, kyoomi towered over the kneeling blonde with his head thrown back. atsumu’s mouth had always been obnoxious- loud, vulgar, pestering- but fuck, who would have thought it’d be great stress relief? he took kyoomi’s cock like a champ; when he rolled his head back around, hand gripping the surprisingly soft blonde locks, he was met with wide liquid amber eyes that seemed to scream ‘I only aim to please ’. how could kyoomi not take care of him after seeing that?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: bokuto koutarou x f!reader
summary: like any other couple wanting to have children, you were instructed by the elders of your village to summon a fertility god to bless you and your husband. too bad this god definitely has his own hidden agenda...
genre: smut, mythology au
warnings: 18+. noncon/dubcon, yandere themes, power tripping, possessive bo, cuckold (noncon), voyeurism (noncon), exhibitionism (noncon to dubcon), aphrodisiac, virginity loss, unprotected sex, breeding kink, corruption kink, size kink, cumflation, cumplay, creampie, facial, face-fucking, oral (f and m receiving), dirty talk, praise, degradation and gagging (not to you), nipple play, reverse cowgirl, doggy style, cockwarming, multiple orgasms, invisible hands, nipple clamps
word count: 8.3k
author’s note: for the haikyuu headquarters nsfw server collab! thank you for being such cool ppl and letting me join! (i promise the next piece i’m going to write for bo isn’t an au anymore HHH) (let me know if i missed any warnings) (MINORS DNI) 
º thank you so much for @meiansmistress and @vivianvampyric for beta reading and editing <33
Tumblr media
[10:16 AM]
you feel nervous, but it’s expected. you’re about to attempt to summon a fertility god after all. 
you sit on your haunches, wringing your hands in your lap as you replay the conversation you and your husband had with the elders of your village a few nights ago.
“elder yamiji, what is his name? what does he look like?” you timidly asked the grey-haired man. he pushed his falling thin spectacles up his nose, sipping his steaming cup of tea. he set it down on the wooden table and his apprentice, a young girl named yukie, refilled the cup.
“he has gone by many names, my dear. the most recent was bokuto koutarou and it is said that he assumes the form of a pearly white unicorn,” the elder stated, making eye contact with you. you squeezed your husband’s hand, nervousness brewing in your body. even just talking about this god was already giving you the jitters.
elder yamiji cleared his throat and continued, “from the words of those who have had the luck to be graced in his presence, they said he transforms into a man. a man so riveting that they fall under an enamored trance once they lay their eyes on him.”
“he commands respect and nothing less, for he brings fortune and prosperity to those deserving,” he said, linking his hands together and pressing them flat on the table.
you shifted in your chair, body shivering at the elder’s story. his other apprentice, a doe-eyed girl named kaori, offered you a soft wooly blanket.
too engrossed in the elder’s story to notice the girl, your husband took it instead and quietly thanked her. he placed it around your shoulders and kissed the side of your head.
your focus was interrupted, however, when elder nekomata entered the receiving room you resided in and interrupted elder yamiji. the smaller, round-faced man smiled at you and your husband then proceeded to continue the story, as if elder nekomata was there the entire time.
“however, he doesn’t always come—for a god does what he wants—and he has to deem the couple worthy of his blessing,” elder nekomata said, sitting beside elder yamiji and pouring his own cup of tea.
“many moons ago, when a young couple—much like the two of you—wanted to bear children, they sought him,” he continued, giving you his undivided attention. you could feel yourself growing entranced once more, determined to soak up every word that fell from his mouth.
“to their delight, he materialized in a billow of light golden dust and spoke to them in a lilting and soothing voice.” you felt goosebumps rise on your arms at the small description of him.
is he so powerful that mentioning such a small aspect about him makes you tremble in reverence?
“they said he placed his hand on the woman’s womb and recited an incantation in the language of the old religion. one morn a fortnight later, the couple discovered that they were with child.”
gasps were heard all throughout the airy room—save for the elders and yours anyway, since your breath had already left the moment you sat down on the frayed chair of the receiving room.
you had no idea why you were reacting this way. naturally, anyone would be shell shocked and trembling whenever a god is being spoken about, but you felt different. like you had to hear each and every word the elders had to say.
“they were beside themselves with joy, of course. when the child was born, they doted on the babe like their lives depended on it. loved the child with all they had because she was a blessing given to them by the god,” elder yamiji continued, bushy brows furrowed and expression formed into a grimace.
you just brushed it off as his usual appearance, what with being the main elder and having to deal with most of the issues—if there ever were any—of your small and quaint village.
“but that was a long time ago. he has not come back since then, but the people never lose hope,” elder nekomata ended the story with a pointed look towards elder yamiji.
you chuckled to yourself. these two were always stepping on each other’s boots and it was comical to watch elder nekomata’s round face scrunch up in indignance while elder yamiji’s square jaw would clench in annoyance.
“h-how did they summon him?” your internal musings were interrupted by the soft questioning tone of your husband. if you had your wits about you, you would have asked the question. but you were still entranced, so you only hummed in agreement.
“no one knows the exact way to summon the god. all they did was offer him fruits and trinkets. he took them, but he made it clear that it was not a guarantee that it would always summon him,” elder yamiji explained matter-of-factly, wrinkled fingers lightly tapping on the table.
“he did not volunteer that particular information either and the couple did not dare question him. instead, they only vehemently thanked him. the only farewell he bid them was a gust of light golden dust,” elder nekomata finished, setting his empty cup down on the table.
all of you, including the apprentices, basked in the silence of the knowledge bestowed by the elders. you felt suffocated, in all honesty. not because of the overwhelming influx of information but because of restlessness.
if you were to describe it, you were itching to get out of there and summon the god without going through the proper process. you were about to jump out of the chair until your husband held your arms down.
“are you alright, honey?” he asked, worry swimming in his eyes. you stared at him, unable to answer him right away. to be honest, you don’t feel like yourself at all today. the girls looked concerned as well, bodies rigid and expressions wary because of your unusual behavior.
you were about to attempt to reply before elder yamiji interrupted.
“she’s most likely trying to absorb all the information we have given. fear not, it’s nothing to fret about,” he assured you both, calculating grey eyes studying you and your strange behavior.
“better to let all the doubts and nervousness out before you meet with the god—hopefully,” elder nekomata added, his once warm visage looking grave.
you would never understand these elders. once you gained your bearings, you and your husband stood up and bowed deeply, sincerely thanking the elders and apprentices for their time and hospitality.
you and your husband left the cottage and journeyed back to your own house, eyes twinkling while walking hand in hand.
you turn your head to the sound of rustling bushes and smile softly at the sight of a rabbit peeking out of the leaves. you beckon it towards you and your smile widens when it hops to you.
“come here, little one. are you hungry? i’ll give you some blueberries,” you coo at it, rummaging through the overflowing basket of fruits until you see the bunched blueberries and tear a couple of them.
“this is for the fertility god, but i guess he won’t mind if i give a few berries to you, hm?” you ask rhetorically, eyes crinkling in mirth when the rabbit’s little pink nose twitches and it eats the berries on your palm.
you pet the rabbit’s fur until it finishes eating, looking you straight in the eye as its nose twitches. you feel like it's telling you something with its red eyes, but it then hops back to the bushes, leaving you alone with your nervousness and thoughts once more.
you wipe your palms on your skirt with shaking hands, the hem swishing as you rise to your feet. you look around the foliage and notice that everything is brighter and more colorful.
the sun high in the sky is casting rays through the leaves of the trees. you sigh in contentment, eyes closing and inhaling deeply, relishing the fresh scent of dewy air.
“good on you for feeding the little creature, my lady,” a deep and melodic voice interrupts your flying thoughts. your head turns to the voice and you couldn’t help but let out a loud gasp at the man before you.
wait, no, not a man, but a god. you’re sure this is him—bokuto koutarou, as your elder said. he feels regal, and if you squint, you can see flecks of golden dust surrounding his body. fuck, his body.
your face feels warm as your eyes trail over his exposed abdomen, defined lines crossing his body until you reach the veins that led to his lower region.
your cheeks flush more as you observe the bulge that’s hidden by his worn black pants, letting out a squeak as you see it twitch.
your eyes immediately move up his torso—he’s so big—and you notice the shining gold necklace around his thick neck with a spiral pendant resting between the swells of his chest.
“like what you see, my lady?” his baritone voice muses, chest slightly vibrating as he chuckles. you gasp and immediately try to drop to your knees, bowing your head as you prepare to apologize profusely. before you can bend your legs, he catches you by your arms.
“there’s no need for that, my lady. i’m quite happy that i’m to your liking,” he says smoothly, his hand holding your chin and guiding your face until you’re eye to eye with him.
you feel your breath hitch. his round golden eyes bore into yours, pupils thinning into slits.
your eyes move on their own accord, studying his plump pink lips, strong nose, and thick eyebrows. you softly chuckle at the style of his hair, black at the roots with pointed, frosted tips.
his bright eyes beckon you back and you swear you’re seeing flashes. flashes of you under him, moaning and writhing as he drives into your tight virgin cunt again and again, large hands leaving bruises on your hips.
“so, why are you alone? where’s your husband?” his voice breaks you out of the visions. i’m a married woman...why did i envision that? you internally curse yourself, slightly rubbing your thighs together as you feel an unfamiliar ache in the lower pit of your stomach.
you’re married, yes, but you haven’t consummated your marriage. you chalked it up to your husband “waiting for the right time” but in truth, you just didn’t feel right about doing it with him. good thing your husband is a kind and understanding man.
“he’s out in the rice fields and i-i just felt that i should go alone. my conscience was whispering to me, to meet you alone—if ever you came, that is…” you trail off, shyly making eye contact with him again. he hums, looking deep in thought.
“good thing you listened to your conscience, my lady. i only appear when sweet virgins call for me,” he chuckles, snaking his arm around your waist. he leans towards you and nuzzles his cheek against yours. you can’t see it, but his eyes hardened at the mere mention of your husband.
you gasp at the skinship—this god is touchy. your body melts into his, sighing at his warmth and intoxicating scent of fresh rain and fruits...?
your eyes widen at the floating basket of fruits beside you. the god, bokuto, pulls away from you, albeit reluctantly. his arm is still around you, humming a tune as he rummages through the array of fruits. he plucks a bright red strawberry, placing the slightly damp fruit in front of your lips.
“let me?” he says shyly, round golden eyes beaming with child-like hope. your cheeks flush—you’re supposed to be the one serving him, not the other way around. you’re about to interject until he presses the strawberry on your mouth, parting your lips.
“the lady always gets her fill first,” he says as he slowly licks his bottom lip. you oblige quickly, closing your eyes as you moan at the taste of the fruit spreading in your mouth. bokuto’s eyes darken at the sound, making his cock twitch under the thin fabric of his pants.
you moan louder, unconsciously rubbing yourself on his front, the heat emanating from his cock making slick fall from your pussy. after you swallow the remnants of the fruit, you open your eyes and there’s a certain fogginess in them before it clears.
bokuto smirks, confident that you have no idea that you rubbed yourself on him like a bitch in heat. that was just an appetizer and besides, he’s a patient man. he’s been waiting decades for you, what more is a few hours?
his smirk turns into a smile, the gold dust around him becoming more potent, brighter. he straightens your body and studies you from head to toe. his cock twitches again, excited that he’s so close to having you.
while you’re still recovering from his magic, he takes the opportunity to lean down and boldly kiss you on the corner of your lips. the action makes you softly shake your head, shedding the trance he put you under.
he steps a few feet away from you, golden dust swirling around his feet until it covers his entire body. you squint and cover your eyes at the brightness. you marvel at how the birds seem to be singing a lively tune while he transforms into his animal counterpart, a unicorn.  
the brightness dims and you bring your hands down. you gasp at what you see—the tales did not do him justice.
your eyes widen at the shining white unicorn before you, his horn tinged with gold and his eyes just as round and golden in his human form.
his silky white mane flows freely, as if there’s always wind around him. he bends his legs as his body slowly descends to the ground, specks of gold dust flickering around him.
you hear his voice in your head, as soothing and melodic as before. your body warms at the caress of his voice in your mind and you feel your knees buckle.
“ride astride back, my lady. i believe your husband is done with his duties. it is time for me to bless your womb with a child.”  
after the couple left…
“we should’ve told them the real story, yamiji,” elder nekomata lamented, sighing because he knew it would be a futile attempt anyway.
“that wretched god would have taken the life of the earth our entire village is standing on if i so much as breathed a word of his true intentions,” elder yamiji grunted, hands gripping the edge of the table.
“you know as well as i do that not only can he give life, but he can also take it,” he intoned, sighing in defeat as he flattened his hands on the jagged surface.
both elders heard two sets of gasps, making them raise their heads as they turned to the young girls peeking out from the corner of the door.
elder yamiji sighed while elder nekomata beckoned them over. the girls timidly walked to the table, huddling together on the bench as their wide and questioning eyes looked at the elders.
“my children, the story we told was only a half-truth,” elder yamiji started, running a wrinkled hand down his face as he looked at the girls.
“indeed. the god blessed the couple and gave them a babe—but it was the god that sought them. however, he did not tell them why he did so,” elder nekomata continued, picking at the chipping paint of his bracelet.
“what we also did not divulge was the dreadful promise the god laid out. he declared that when their child became of age, he would come back and claim what is his,” elder yamiji spat out, the knowledge of what he knew was a bitter taste on his tongue.
“s-so the woman—?” kaori stuttered, hand squeezing yukie’s out of fear and nervousness.
“that child is the woman that just walked out that door,” elder yamiji revealed, causing the girls to cover their mouths in a gasp.
“b-but she has a husband! the god must respect that! does she know that she is the child?!” yukie exclaimed indignantly, contempt filling her body at the revelation.
“unfortunately, he is a god. there is nothing we can do—and my child, do you think she would have come here, asking about him, if she knew she was the one the god was after?” elder nekomata asked rhetorically, his mouth turned up into a sardonic smile.
“w-what happened to her parents then?” kaori asked in a whisper.
“one night—without telling the true nature of their departure—they left their babe in the care of their neighbours,” elder yamiji said with a faraway look in his dark eyes.
“they travelled to another village in order to learn more about him—to find a way to escape his promise. sadly, they met their demise in the form of an unknown sickness on their travels,” he ended the grim story, eyes shadowed in what the girls saw as sorrow and grief.
“they risked the wrath of the god and paid the ultimate price—their lives,” elder nekomata sighed, feeling the same pain and anguish as elder yamiji.
“no one knows the real story—except for us elders—for the god left a letter on this very table the morning after,” elder yamiji gritted out, eyes glaring at a certain spot on the table.
“it said, ‘try to interfere again and i will make sure the ground swallows your village whole, save for her.’” he said in a chilling voice, making the girls shiver where they sat huddled against each other.
“a god is not one to be trifled with, my children. especially one that is possessive and obsessed like him,” elder nekomata ended, sending all occupants on the table into a long silence.
silence that the two elders hated, because they now realized that he was finally going to come for her.
you sit astride bokuto’s back—shivering at the thought of saying his name in your head—his long legs trotting along the forest until you leave and you see the cottages of your village.
you giggle as bokuto picks up the pace, making you slightly bounce on his back. the golden dust surrounding you shimmers even more as it shows his excitement.
before you know it, you’re walking up the path leading to your cottage, smoke rising up from the chimney. your husband is probably cooking lunch and you hope he doesn’t embarrass himself in front of bokuto.
you’re too busy enjoying bokuto’s little magic tricks to notice that there is nobody outside of their homes. granted, it’s midday but there are always a few stragglers hanging around. this time, it’s like they knew a deity was coming. a deity with deviant intentions.
his large equine form stops in front of the steps leading to your door, body bending down so you can step off his back. you stand on the ground with wobbly legs, wincing as you felt slick gush out of your pussy. what the hell? you wonder in your head, face flushing in embarrassment.
bokuto’s golden dust swirls arounds him once more, turning into his ravishing and devilish human form. your cheeks warm once you see his beautiful and fit body again. he really is a god, you affirm in your head.
your hungry eyes rake over his naked torso as you unconsciously bite your lower lip and rub your thighs together. the ache in your lower belly only becomes more uncomfortable.
he smiles at you, mischief swimming in his eyes. his black and silver hair sways in the wind as the midday sun makes his tanned skin glow brighter. he sticks out his thick arm for you to hold, ever the gentleman.
“shall we?” he says, eyes darkening once he hears your husband murmuring to himself and rustling around your house.
you don’t notice bokuto’s change in demeanor because you are too entranced by the way his golden eyes glow, the dust surrounding him becoming brighter.
your head feels light as you enter through the door, arm in arm with bokuto. your house isn’t much but it’s small and homey, and bokuto’s larger-than-life presence makes your cottage look smaller than it already is.
so it really isn’t a surprise when you hear the clangor of pots falling to the floor accompanied by the surprised gasp of your husband.
“h-honey w-who’s this man?” your husband asks nervously, sweat building up on his brow. bokuto smiles brightly, eyes hard and body rigid.
“i think you know who i am,” bokuto says smugly, bare chest puffing out in pride. your husband is no small man, but in the presence of bokuto? who’s an actual god? he might as well be an ant under his boots.
“how did my wife summon you?” your husband asks skeptically, not missing the way bokuto’s jaw clenches when he calls you his wife. your head finally comes down from the clouds and you answer your husband before bokuto can fling him out the window from anger.
“he said he only appears when maidens call for him!” you say enthusiastically, eyes round as you look at bokuto, making the bigger man smile affectionately at you.
your husband raises his eyebrow at your very friendly interaction while a pressing question rises at the back of his mind.
“maiden? but you’re marr—oh,” your husband interjects, stopping himself when he realises what bokuto meant by maiden. he almost forgot that you’re still pure, untouched by any man.
bokuto feels his muscles tense and coil, itching to use his magic to bury your husband alive, but he controls himself. he’d rather your husband watch what he’s going to do to you.
he’ll teach your husband a lesson about knowing his place. and that place is nowhere near you and your body.
bokuto uses his magic to teleport all three of you to your shared modest bedroom. you and your husband gasp at the sudden change in setting while bokuto stares you down, golden eyes glinting like a predator.
he watches the slow rise and fall of your chest, his sharp vision focusing on your pebbling nipples under the fabric of your vest.
he smirks at the way your body knows it belongs to him.
“w-what’s going on?” you question timidly, head swimming with confusing emotions. your body feels hot, like you want to rip your clothes off and rub yourself on the nearest warm body, that body being bokuto’s.
“i’ve waited so long for you, my love,” bokuto says in his melodic voice, somehow deeper and more sensual. he walks towards you, not minding the presence of your stupid husband.
“what the hell are you saying? you—!” your husband exclaims, but he’s unable to finish his interjection because bokuto flicks his wrist.
your husband grunts in pain as he suddenly finds his entire body bound and incapacitated to the chair. he wiggles and thrashes against the bonds of cloth tied around him, but to no avail.
“why are you doing this?!” your husband shouts, shaking himself and the rickety chair as he tries to spring free.
bokuto scoffs, offended that this scum would dare step out of line by questioning him. what’s even worse is that this roach is interrupting his precious time with you.    
“don’t you remember what your wise elder said? a god does what he wants,” bokuto sneers, gold eyes flashing in contempt.
“it just so happens that this god wants to claim what is his.” his voice is deep and seductive as he finally turns his attention back to you.
you watch the entire exchange without caring that your husband is tied to the chair and struggling. your mind is too muddled with the golden dust to care about that obvious pressing matter. why don’t you care that bokuto restrained your husband?
when bokuto’s round eyes land on you, you instinctively whimper and rub your thighs together. your body feels hotter the longer he keeps himself away from you.  
bokuto smirks at your neediness. your body and brain is filled with only one thing in mind and that is the sweet feeling of release. release that only he can give.
“i think it’s time for you to be quiet,” bokuto growls, flicking his wrist once more. your husband’s cries and shouts of indignance are silenced by the cloth that gags him. he casts a silencing spell so that no sound can come out of his mouth, no matter how much he yells through the fabric.
his eyes widen as he watches bokuto stalk towards your surprisingly upright body. he struggles even further but the bonds only squeeze around his body more.
he’s hoping that you’ll snap out of the trance the god put you under, but it seems like there’s no way of snapping you out of it.
“your body feels hot, doesn't it? it’s calling for me, my love, let me help you. only i can relieve the heat,” bokuto purrs, large hand cupping your cheek. you softly moan at his touch, nuzzling your cheek into his palm.
he wraps his thick arm around your waist and you sink into him. you lay your palms flat on his warm chest, fingers curling against his hot skin.
“p-please, bokuto. my body f-feels so hot! touch me,” you beg, rubbing your aching body against his. he smirks and not wasting any more precious time, his lips meet yours. you moan into his mouth, wrapping your arms around his neck.
his lips are so soft, greatly contrasting the hard lines and planes of his body. you whimper as he licks your bottom lip, tongue slipping between your joined mouths and massaging your own.
you’ve never kissed any man like this before, not even your husband.
said husband watches in pain as you kiss the bastard god wantonly, whimpers and moans coming out of your throat. his chest fills with disgust as he’s forced to listen to the lewd clicking sounds of lips connecting. his teary eyes widen as you hike up your skirt-covered leg on bokuto’s hip.
bokuto groans as he feels the heat of your pussy directly on his throbbing cock. he knows what you’re silently asking for, his roaming hands going down to grab the back of your thighs and swiftly lifting you in his arms.
you moan loudly into his mouth at the new position. you’re now eye-to-eye with him which makes kissing him easier. so close yet so far. there’s too much fabric between your bodies for you to feel any sort of relief.  
like he read your mind, bokuto begins pawing away at your clothes, eager to remove the pesky fabric that’s separating your soft and supple body from him.
you’re too busy drowning in the taste of his lips to question how exactly he is tearing at your clothes while simultaneously squeezing your ass.
another one of his little tricks, bokuto conjures phantom hands—hands that are shaped eerily similar to his—to do the work of removing your clothes.
the worn fabric tears at the seams and soon your heated body is exposed to him. you moan as your dripping cunt leaves a damp spot on the crotch of his pants while he rolls your hips on his covered dick.
“i need you, please,” you whimper, pulling away from his lips to get some air. your breaths mingle as you lay your forehead on his.
“i’m here, my love,” bokuto coos, pecking your lips a few times. you feel your hard nipples rub against his chest and your inner thighs are coated with your slick, unused to the wetness and throbbing ache in your lower abdomen.  
meanwhile, your dejected husband watches you, eyes wide as he stares at your naked body for the first time. bokuto feels his eyes on you and swiftly turns his head to your husband.
he growls threateningly, the sound reverberating through his solid chest, causing more slick to flow from your pussy and a soft mewl from your lips. he sounds so primal, so possessive.
“don’t fucking look at her like that, bastard. be grateful i’m even allowing your scumbag eyes to see her bare body,” bokuto snarls, squeezing your body closer to his heated torso.
your frantic husband looks to you, hoping that you’ve come to your senses, but to his horror, he finds you glaring at him.
your narrowed eyes quickly flutter as you feel bokuto’s warm lips suck and kiss the sensitive skin of your neck, clearly tormenting your husband while he walks to the bed that’s in the middle of the room. before he can set your naked and aching body down, he stops short and scrutinizes the state of it.
“your husband was planning to desecrate your divine body on this rickety bed? well that just won’t do,” he says as he shakes his head, making you giggle and nuzzle your head at the crook of his neck.
he chuckles and whispers a few words under his breath, transforming the once shoddy bed into a four-poster bed, complete with a tulle canopy the same shade as his magic dust.
you gasp at the extravagance, eyes wide as you realize that not only did he change the bed, but also the size and interior of the room. his eyes crinkle at the sides, happy that you’re amazed by something that he did for you.
“only the best for you, my love,” he whispers, looking smugly at your disheveled husband. bokuto gently sets you down on the plush bed, pushing you flat on your back. his golden eyes dilate as he studies your body, memorizing every dip and curve.
“you’re so beautiful. you have the body and face of a goddess,” he says in awe, large hands spreading your legs. your face warms at the wet sounds it makes at the separation.
“perfect pussy too,” bokuto groans, spreading your legs even further to fit his large body between them. you gulp at the large bulge between his legs, his cock tenting the fabric. he sees where your eyes are and he slightly shakes his head. not yet.
he places his hands on either side of you, large body looming over yours as he kisses you once more. he can’t help but give an experimental roll of his hips, causing the both of you to moan at the stimulation.
as if on instinct, you grind your wet cunt on his clothed cock and you throw your head back, moaning loudly at the jolt of heat it sends straight into you.
bokuto takes this opportunity to shift your bodies until your husband has the perfect view of the both of you. he catches the eye of the shaking man, as if to say watch and learn.
bokuto focuses on you once more, eyes zeroing in on your slightly bouncing tits as your chest rises and falls. he can’t help but palm both of them, moaning at the softness and warmth of it.
you cry out at the heat of his hands. he relishes the sweet sound you made, fingers teasing your nipples and rubbing them between his thumb and index fingers.
“that feels so good, bokuto—fuck!” you mewl, teeth biting your bottom lip as you squeeze both of his wrists. you feel wetness trickle out of your pussy the more his skilled fingers play with your nipples.
“look at your breasts, they’re so lovely,” he groans, one hand stopping its ministrations on your nipple as his mouth replaces it and sucks the hardened tip with a lewd slurp. you whine and buck your hips at the swift movements of his tongue.
“can’t wait for them to be filled with milk for our child,” he says as he pulls away. you whimper at the loss of his mouth but he quickly returns to swirl his tongue around the tip. you yelp and your hand goes to tug his hair when he bites and pinches your nipples at the same time.
“b-bokuto please, i-i need more!” you whine, body on fire while your pussy gushes and clenches around nothing.
your husband winces when he hears your whine, his pride and ego shattering—what’s left of it anyway—the moment you beg another man to pleasure you.
meanwhile, bokuto’s own pride and ego rises as he watches your pleading eyes and shaking body beg for him. his throbbing cock twitches in his pants, ready to stretch your virgin pussy wide open.
no matter how much he wants to fold your body in half and pound you into oblivion, he knows you’re not yet ready to take his fat cock. besides, he’s been dying to taste your pussy the moment he saw you in his forest.
“soon, my love. your virgin cunt isn’t ready to take my cock yet,” he says with a devilish smile, head rising from your breasts as he kisses a path down your sensitive body.
he finds himself kneeling on the floor while he drags your body down the silky sheets to the edge of the bed. he places his large hands on the back of your thighs and spreads your legs, baring your aching pussy to the two lone occupants of the room.
your husband chokes on his gag when he sees a trail of slick fall from your pussy down to the curve of your ass. bokuto sees it too and he wastes no time in ducking his head and licking the trail, tongue slurping as he licks your slit.
you cry out at the stimulation, hands flying to his silver-black hair and tugging at the strands. nothing has touched your pussy before—aside from your experimenting fingers.
but his tongue. it makes pleasure spread through your body like wildfire and you can’t help but push his head further between your legs.
he groans into your pussy, your scent invading his senses. his tongue quickly finds your clit and sucks it into the damp heat of his mouth. your eyes close as your back arches, squealing at the onslaught of pleasure coursing through you.
“your pussy tastes so sweet, love. as sweet as the strawberry you ate,” he says in your mind, too busy slurping and sucking away at your sopping cunt and swollen clit to lift his head.
the sounds coming from down there are so obscene that your face heats in embarrassment and you move your arm to cover your lewd expression. you aren’t able to, however, because his smoky phantom hands reappear and hold your hands down on his hair.
“don’t cover your beautiful face, my love. let him see how good i’m making you feel,” bokuto orders you, hands squeezing your thighs. your eyes immediately open and land on your crying and shaking husband.
whatever love you felt for the poor man is gone and replaced by the pleasure and passion bokuto is giving you.
your dilated eyes are unseeing as you maintain eye contact with him, mouth falling open as you shake off the phantom hands holding yours. you place your arms on the silky sheets, bunching them between your fingers.
you moan loudly and throw your head back as you roll your hips, riding bokuto’s face with reckless abandon. bokuto moans into your pussy, his lips and tongue licking and sucking your puffy clit.
“bokuto, fuck!” you let out a high-pitched scream when his teeth gently nips at the bud. he chuckles and continues to bite it more. your legs start trembling and the knot in your lower abdomen is so tight that it can snap at any moment.
“i know you’re close, my love. let go, that’s it. cum for me,” he coos, willing your eyes to meet his glowing golden ones. once your eyes connect, the tight knot in your stomach snaps and you gush all over his waiting mouth.
you scream and blabber incoherently as your entire body shakes, toes curling from the intense orgasm—the first orgasm of your life. bokuto groans as he swallows all your juices, licking everything that’s leaking out of your cunt.
your throat strains at the soft moans coming out of your mouth. your clit is throbbing from the pleasure and it hurts, but it hurts so fucking good that tears form at the corner of your eyes.
your husband is tearing up too, but certainly not from pleasure as he watches another man make you cum. bokuto feels his pain and torment and he never felt so godly.
he’s then reminded of his neglected cock and he hisses at the pain and heaviness. he rises from his kneeling position and stands in front of your sweaty form, ripping his pants off his body.
you’re still recovering from your orgasm but once you see his cock, your breathing practically stops and your pussy clenches. you’ve seen one in books before, albeit poorly drawn and certainly not as realistic as the one you’re seeing now.
however, even if the one you saw was drawn with artist hands, it still wouldn’t have prepared you at all.
bokuto’s long and thick cock twitches against his abdomen. your mouth is agape as your eyes follow the white pearl fall from the glistening tip, running down on the single vein on his shaft. you shiver, worrying if he’s even going to fit inside your cunt.
that isn’t all. you didn’t know it was possible, but the tip is adorned with a golden ring. it shines in the dim light of the room and you gulp in nervousness, intimidated at the jewelry.  
bokuto holds the base of his cock and slowly strokes his shaft, groaning as his sharp eyes watch your reaction. his plump lips part, pants coming out of his mouth as his hand makes that schlick schlick sound.
“not now, my love—shit—the first time i’m going to fuck your pussy is with my bare cock,” he says out loud, and you sigh at his voice. he sounds wonderful in your head, but nothing beats hearing his deep voice ring in your ears.
he chuckles, then groans as his cock twitches, the veins in his neck straining. he waves his free hand over his dick, golden dust swirling around the accessory until it disappears.
you’re about to sigh in disappointment until you squeal at the chime of bells. you thought he made the ring vanish but as it turns out, he just changed it into a chain with clamps.
clamps that are now attached to and pinching your nipples.
not only that, but there’s a third chain leading down your stomach and you discover that it’s a replica of the spiral pendant in his necklace. the pendant rests above your pubic bone, swaying slightly.
by this point, your husband has stopped struggling and thrashing. the broken shell of a man stares dejectedly at you, eyes drooping.
he’s tried numerous times to close his eyes as a small reprieve to not see what’s happening, but whatever spell bokuto chanted, he can’t close them. instead, everything is burned in his memory.
meanwhile, bokuto’s head is thrown back, eyes shut as his hand strokes his cock at a rapid speed. his white essence spills all over his moving hand, hissing at the stimulation he’s experiencing.
you’ve heard the village girls giggle about it before, talking about pleasuring a man’s cock using their mouth, and you decide that you want to do it to bokuto as well—even though you’ve never done the lewd act before.
bokuto’s knees hit the bed as he kneels on the mattress. grunts leave his gritted teeth, watching his pre-cum stain the bedding. you catch him by surprise when you get on all fours, the tiny bells on your nipples jingling as you position yourself.
you look up at him with innocent doe eyes, your flushed and sweaty cheeks stretching as you open your mouth and stick your tongue out in invitation.
use my mouth, bokuto, your eyes say. he lets out a sound akin to a whine before he removes his sticky hand and tugs on your strands, bringing your head in front of his dick.
he wastes no time in plunging his aching cock into your waiting mouth, hitting the back of your throat. you gag and choke around his dick, saliva seeping from the sides of your lips but you don’t want him to stop.
he makes a sound and you can tell that he’s about to pull away, but you make eye contact and moan around his cock, tongue licking the underside of his shaft.
keep going, i can take it, you say in your mind, hoping he can hear it. he does, because he smiles at you and continues thrusting in and out of your mouth. he doesn’t break eye contact, too entranced with the way your mouth has no problem taking all of his length.
he’s close to cumming, feeling that familiar tug in his abdomen and tightness in his balls. a mixture of groans and hisses fall from his lips, his hands tugging at your hair as his hips thrust erratically.
you whimper both in pain and pleasure. tears falling from your eyes and mixing with the saliva on his thrusting cock. your cunt gushes with how sloppy and messy cock-sucking is.
your body shakes with his thrusts, making the clamps tug on your nipples. you moan, the vibrations from your mouth sending bokuto into completion, spilling his hot cum down your throat. he moans your name loudly, throwing his head back.
he quickly pulls his cock out of your mouth and releases his cum on your face. he holds your shoulders and pushes you on your back, spraying the rest all over the front of your body. you moan at the lewdness of it all, eyes squeezing shut and legs trembling at the heat of his essence.
you moan at the sticky and thick feeling of his cum, shaking hands spreading it on your stomach and aching tits like it’s pomade, staining the pendant and clamps.
you become even more aroused as his essence fills your senses. you’re moaning and whimpering the whole time, so pleasured by being stained with his cum.
he’s studying you intently, hand stroking his still hard cock. you look at him with half-lidded eyes as you drag a trail of his cum from your stomach down to your pussy to play with yourself.
“that’s right, my love. smear my cum on your cunt,” he encourages you, head turning to your husband. his eyes sparkle with delight when he sees how pale and weak he looks.
“show it to your husband, let him see whose cum is making you mad with desire,” he mocks him further, eyes thinning into slits.
bokuto stands to his full height and he reaches down to lift you in his arms, switching your bodies until he’s the one sitting on the edge of the bed.
he maneuvers your sweaty and sticky body, the chains and bells rattling as he positions your back to his front. your ass rests on his lap and the heat of his dick is scorching against the curve of your ass.
his hands—along with the smoky ones—caress and knead your cum-stained skin, and he swears he could study your body for hours, waiting until he sinks himself in between the softness of your thighs—but not right now.
his real, golden-skinned fingers find the back of your thighs and he folds them to your chest, then spreads them wide.
you yelp, hands finding purchase on the sheets as you become slightly unbalanced, bells tinkling and pendant swaying.
“it’s a good thing you stayed a virgin, my love. wouldn’t want your pretty pussy to be soiled by some measly human cock,” he leans down to whisper in your ear, looking straight at your husband and smirking. you moan in agreement, head resting on his shoulder.
“least of all that fool right there who thinks he can take what’s mine,” bokuto growls, biting your earlobe and making you whimper in pleasure.
you mewl as the phantom hands play with your pussy, separating the folds of your lower lips and showing your husband just how pink you are inside, silently telling him that he’ll never get any piece of you.
bokuto drops your legs to the floor as the invisible hands move to your clamps, playing with the clasps and making you squeal and arch your back against his leaking cock.
he leans back, hands on either side of him as the smoky ones take hold of your hips and carry you over to his dick, making you hover over it.
a stool materializes out of thin air and you put your shaking hands on it for leverage as you look ahead, nervous to see how bokuto’s cock will split your pussy.
the phantom hands softly move your hips, grinding your clit on the tip of bokuto’s dick—making the both of you sigh in pleasure.
it then positions your dripping hole over the head and slowly, slowly drags you down his shaft until you’re sitting on his lap with his fat cock inside of you. you slightly whimper in pain and scratch the stool because of the stretch.
“shhh, it’s okay, my love. you can take it, your pussy is made for me, remember?” bokuto reminds you softly, voice straining as he stops himself from thrusting up into your pulsing cunt.
you pant heavily as his large hand massages your ass. you turn back to him and softly nod your head. the phantom hands quickly return to your hips, lifting you up until you’re hovering over his dick once more.
the hands disappear, letting gravity do its job and you fall directly onto his cock, making bokuto bottom out before you could even blink.
bokuto groans out expletives as he clenches his fists on the sheets while you scream and keen at the sudden thrust of his cock inside of you.
this time, it’s bokuto’s real hands that find purchase on your hips and like a rope that snaps when it’s been coiled for so long, he loses half of his control and starts bouncing you on his cock.
“your pussy’s worth waiting decades for. so hot, so tight around me—fuck,” he whines, the sound of your moans and whimpers—along with the slapping of skin—is music to his ears.
“f–faster bokuto, please!” you beg, face contorting into pleasure as his thick cock stretches and fills your clenching pussy.
your eyes roll into the back of your head when he bounces you faster on his cock, your shame long gone as you let moans and whines freely fall from your lips.
“no one can fuck you better than me, my love. always remember that,” he growls, hands squeezing your hips so hard that it will definitely leave bruises.
bokuto stands from the bed, never stopping his deep thrusts. you yelp as your feet hit the floor. you balance yourself on the stool, legs trembling as he pushes your back down to form an arch.
“you want a baby, right?” he asks rhetorically, voice deepening as he thrusts faster and harder. your high-pitched moans and ringing bells form their own tune as his hips increase in speed and strength.
“well, let me give you one, my love. let me fill you with my seed,” he grates, voice guttural as his muscles tighten, signalling his approaching orgasm.
you would reply, but at this point all you can scream out is his name and unintelligible words. the phantom hands make their appearance once more, pinching the clamps on your nipples.
“bokuto!” you arch your back as you scream his name. coupled with his sloppy and practically inhuman thrusts, you cum long and hard around his throbbing cock. you don’t see it yet but the spiral pendant that’s hanging from the chain starts to glow brightly, illuminating your body.
bokuto follows suit, growling like an animal with his head thrown back as he pulls your shaking body on his cock, thrusting so hard and deep that his cock teases the entrance of your cervix.
you whimper when you duck your head and see your cum-stained stomach pooch with how much hot cum he’s spilling inside of you.
so much that you see the mixed juices escape your battered pussy. you watch in amazement as it leaves a white trail on the inside of your legs. some directly drips from your hole, staining the floor even more.
“s-so m-much c-cum,” you stutter, legs just about ready to give out but his shaking arms catch your form. you squeal as he lets the both of you fall back onto the bed, making your connected and sweaty bodies bounce on the soft sheets.
“well, i am a fertility god,” he chuckles weakly, chest rising and falling rapidly as he chases his breaths.
it’s the best orgasm of his life and that’s saying something because he’s had plenty—owing to the pretty long life he has lived on this earth.
meanwhile, your husband’s head is hung low. he lost consciousness a while ago because his poor heart couldn’t withstand the suffering and agony of watching you get brainwashed and fucked silly by a deranged god.
“you’re never leaving me,” bokuto says in your mind after a few minutes of rubbing your inflated lower abdomen that’s sticky with his dried cum. the action causes more cum to trickle out of your pussy and around his cock, dripping down to his balls and then the sheets.
his words are laced with subtle paranoia—he’d do anything for you to stay by his side, not caring who or what has to disappear for that to happen.
you whine softly when you feel his cock twitch inside of you, your eyes threatening to close as the exhaustion finally catches up to you.
your half-opened eyes see his golden dust fly around the room and before you succumb to sleep on top of him, you ask yourself one thing.
why would you ever want to leave him?
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