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#hq fluff
therescrackinmytea · 2 days ago
This was what popped into my head before I fell asleep and I didn’t want to forget it so I wrote it down. I mean, I couldn’t fall asleep afterwards but you win some you lose some. It’s all fluff, comforting fluff. This also ended up being a vague piece without alluding to a particular character so you can imagine whoever you like :)
Tumblr media
“Do you honestly love me?”
At first he took your dejected little mumble to mean that you doubted his feelings for you and when your eyes met his, they were indeed swimming with doubt. But not towards him. It was doubt born from years of being disregarded and ignored, again and again, of always being the second choice.
With this realisation, he tugged you closer until you were almost nose to nose and took your face in his large, warm palms. He spoke in the softest of whispers, to be heard by your ears only.
“I do love you, with everything I am. I love you when you’re happy. I love you when you’re sad. I love you when you’re angry and even when you don’t feel much of anything. I love you when you’re smiling and when you cry and scream. I love you in your silences and when you want to be left alone. I love you when we’re together or apart, when you’re here next to me in bed or halfway across the globe. I love you when you annoy me or comfort me, when you’re stubborn or sweet as can be.
I know that sometimes you feel like you’re not worthy of being loved but you are. You’re worth every drop of love I’ve got to give and so much more. So yes my love, I honestly, completely, unequivocally love you.”
And you believe him. You put your trust in his warm words and the softness his eyes. You put your faith in the way he holds you so close that you can feel all the contours of his body pressed against yours when he kisses you oh so sweetly. You believe him because when he breathes your name, it sounds something like a sacred vow to you, just for you.
You let him take your heart in his steady hands and he cradles it with such tenderness, a reverence that tells you all you need to know. You’re safe here, in the circle of his arms, where his breath wisps over your skin and his fingers dance over your spine.
And as his lips caress your cheeks, your nose, your forehead and finally, your lips, your doubts wash away as your heart eases in your chest. Even if sometimes you’re overcome by uncertainty, he will always remind you that he will love you eternally.
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wishterya · 2 days ago
— the first time he says “i love you” (part ii)
Tumblr media
❤ boys !! timeskip!sakusa, kageyama, daichi, akaashi
❤ genre !! fluff
❤ author notes !! as promised, here’s part ii of this! part i (kuroo, bokuto, ushijima, aran)
Tumblr media
❤ sakusa !!
“i love you” says a voice so soft that you think you just made it up, that you imagined it because you’ve been hoping, waiting, willing him to say it for so long that you don’t trust your own ears. you stare at your phone, the screen black because you just ended your call with your boyfriend, kiyoomi, who never says anything about his feelings unless it’s really bothering him. but, before you can contemplate if he loves you, and if him saying so means it bothers him, your phone lights up again. it’s his picture, his name, and you don’t hesitate before answering again. you can’t get a word in because he’s already speaking, hushed, nervous, and so completely motivated by the fear that you missed those three words that he insists that they were real: “did you hear me? you hung up right when i said… when i said i love you. so i had to make sure you heard me.”
❤ kageyama !!
with your first valentine’s day with kageyama approaching, you have to admit: you’re expecting something. sure, he’s not the most in-tune with the expectations that come with being a boyfriend, but he’s sure to at least have seen the never-ending valentine’s day advertisements in the mall, on the train, on tv, and literally everywhere else that he has something small planned for you. right? well, you come home after work on the “big day” after hearing absolutely nothing from your boyfriend, who doesn’t have practice because it’s winter, who doesn’t have a workout because it’s his rest day, and you’re ready to admit defeat when a stuffed bear holding a heart that reads “i love you” is brandished at you before you can even take off your shoes. just to be sure, just because you can, you tease him until he says it too, blushing, shy, and mumbling through clenched teeth, “i… love you.”
❤ daichi !! 
daichi is a man with a lot of ‘tells’. you always know when something is about to happen before it happens, even when you don’t know exactly what it is. this time, it’s the way he looks up at the sky instead of you while you walk together, and the way he swings your hands like a schoolchild enamored with their crush, and the way he’s very obviously not paying attention to what you’re talking about as you walk down to the riverside. somewhere in the middle of your walk, he squares his shoulders like he’s about to say something important, staring at the stars while his ears slowly turn from their usual color to pale pink. “i want to tell you something,” he says quietly, holding your hand tight. “for a while, i’ve felt… with you, i… well, i’ll just say it: i think that i’m better with you, because of you, and i’m lucky i’m yours. i love you, and i always will.”
❤ akaashi !! 
you feel bad that you dragged your quiet homebody of a boyfriend out to a bar with your friends from college when he’s about four beers deep and staring at the tiny bubbles that race each other to the top. his face is bright red, his glasses are upside-down on the bar, and he turns to you with bleary eyes only after you nudge him. “it’s you,” he says, a giggle in his chest that makes you (who has also been drinking, naturally) want to giggle too. then, he reaches clumsily for your face, misses, and ends up with his hand buried in your hair. then, he laughs more, and you laugh too, stepping forward to lean against his shoulder while he pulls you in. his nose replaces his hand in your hair and you feel him breathe in the smell of yeast and a long day of socialization that has him tired out and delirious before he breathes out, “you… i love you. i do.”
Tumblr media
❤ suggestions open; reblogs appreciated !!
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akithesimp · a day ago
Tumblr media
"I like you..."
You again?
"Can you please go out with me?"
This is the same guy that has asked you countless time to date him, and this is your seventh time in turning his offer down. You just wanna get to class but he's blocking the way.
"I'm sorry, but no." You bow your head to excuse yourself. Usually he'd let you go but, this time was different.
You groan inwardly, body tense as you press your lips together forcing a sweet smile as you look at him. Just let me get to class, oh my god.
"Because I–"
"They're taken."
You'd know that voice from anywhere. It sounds bored, but there's a bite to it that sent shivers down your spine. Turning around you see your boyfriend.
Tsukishima Kei.
He's pissed. That much you know from the look on his face. To others, he just probably looks unbothered and uninterested but you knew better than that. He's burning two holes in the forehead of the guy, but he doesn't waver.
"Uh, what makes you say that?"
Tsukishima's face winces a little, annoyed because the guy won't take a hint. His aura literally screams, "Fuck off, they're mine" in big bold letters, but the guy's too dumb to see that. He really has a death wish, huh? you thought to yourself. The middle blocker squinted his eyes, before a sinister smirk plasters itself on his face. Your relationship with Kei isn't public, only a few know about it, that being the Karasuno volleyball team and your girl friends. But, it isn't a secret. I mean by the way he always follows you around like a lost puppy during breaks, how his eyes would linger on you longer than normal, how his hands finds its way on top of your thighs when you sit down on a bench talking about your day, his arm that sits right behind you when you sit down to eat lunch at the cafeteria, and how he tucks strands of hair behind your ear that has fallen to cover your face while you sit down and work on your notes. And, he does all of this in front of people. He literally has heart eyes for you, so it annoys him off when people still think you're single and try to make advances. What irks him the most, is that people do it in front of him too.
"Don't you think it's rude to harrass a girl when she rejected you countless times already?" Kei asks unamused. The guy thinks. The guy fucking thinks, making the middle blocker scoff. His patience is running thin as the guy tests him, and it disappeared when the guy finally responds.
"She hasn't told me why she won't date me."
He walks over to him, slow. Putting an arm in front of you, gently pushing you back behind him. He shields you from the guy's hungry gaze and Kei towers over him. His smile is sinister... and scary. He leans down to meet his level, and there's a murderous aura surrounding him.
"She has to?"
He says, voice low laced with venom. The guy finally flinches at his words but brushes it off, trying to act cool. Kei smirks before leaning even closer, coldy eyeing everyone who's gathered here watching this whole ordeal.
"Look," he starts, voice laced with so much haste, "I don't fucking know what's your problem, okay? But, she's mine. That's the reason why she can't, won't, and will never date you. Also, if a woman says no, she means no, got that? Your toxic masculinity's showing and it pisses me off. So, I suggest you get your disgusting face out of my sight, because if I ever see you fucking near- No, looking at her differently?" Kei grabs his collar, slowly lifting him up off the ground. "I will make sure, that you'll be unable to fuck women, because that's all you're ever good for, no? You don't want to wait 'till I beat the shit out of you, do you now? So, fuck off and leave women alone."
Tsukishima lets go of the guy and he falls to the ground. He scrambles as he gets hurriedly gets away from Kei, running like a dog with his tail in between his legs. He puts his hands in his pocket before turning to look at you, eyes softening.
"Hey, you alright?" he asks quietly as he leans down to meet your eyes. Honey golden hues that seem to rival the sun when they gleam under the sunlight, search your face for any signs of distress, and he's glad he doesn't see any. But, he still wants to know if you're okay. You nod as you fiddle with your fingers, and he grabs them with his large hands pulling them apart.
"You sure?" he asks, still doubtful, voice soft, and calming. You smile at him sweetly, a genuine one. Not the same one you used when you were talking to the guy earlier. "Yes. Thank you, Kei."
He smiles, a stupid handsome smile as he looks at you with his eyes that hold so much adoration and love for you. Pushing back your hair with his palms lovingly, he places a chaste kiss on your forehead. Inhaling your scent, as he closes his eyes basking in your presence. He lets his soft lips linger there for a moment longer, before mumbling against your skin.
"You're most welcome, sweetheart."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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quirrrky · 2 days ago
𖧵 oikawa's soulmate is hurting somewhere and he's feeling all the pain 𖧵 soulmates, comfort/fluff idek
A/N: 🧁 I’m writing for hq everyweek 😊 Be a part of my taglist  DETAILS | FORM
Tumblr media
In the dark of the night, Tooru stares at his ceiling wondering why he feels this way. A sudden burst of loneliness. The feeling like your heart was all dried up and heavy, then a tear crawls down his cheek. Is he sad? Is it just his subconscious trying to reel into his reality?
No, it feels like like it belongs to someone else.
A thought pops into his head.
It’s what he heard from somewhere—about someone feeling the same emotions as you do even when you are apart. Soulmates? Is that even true? This pain inside his chest. He knows it isn’t his yet it hurts unexplainably. It’s like someone is calling out to him, wanting his support, his presence and his warmth.
Uncontrollably. His tears fall, uncontrollably.
Are you sad right now? You must be going through something so harsh for him to feel your pain in this magnitude. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, he wants you to know that he's equally hurting for you. He cries the same tears and bear the same ache.
Damn! He doesn’t even know you yet he feels so much for you already. He has, in his heart, all the love he wants to give to you at this moment. Right now, he’s dying to hold you in his arms and to cradle you until the shattered pieces come together. He wants to keep you and make you happy, kiss away all the sadness that marked your pretty face.
Next time, maybe next time, he can share the sadness and pain with you. Be the one to hold you and replace the ache with his love.
So please hold on, okay? Please hold on, because he'll be waiting and working hard for the day that you two will finally be together, and all the time you spent apart will finally make sense.
For now, he’ll cry with you through it all—through the distance and unknowing, until he finally gets the chance to be with you, to be with the person whom he shares the half of his heart with.
Tumblr media
🧁 @itsmeaudrieee​ @triskoof​ @avaisdelusional​ @aquenchedsoul @hortensiyas @sweet-lovely-bambam @hello0i @just-another-haikyuu-simp @kenmaslov3r @oppaskitten @discountkiyoko @toshiswifey @cuddlysoftbear @close222u @duhsies @your-girl-mj @taurus852
Tumblr media
REBLOGS ARE DEEPLY APPRECIATED ♡ Please help me reach other viewers. Thank you so so much!
Tumblr media
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netsumu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
returning from his birthday party, bokuto stumbled to your shared house, tipsy from the amount of alcohol he drank at the party with his team.
"baby?" he slurred, ruffled hair poking through each doorway to look for you
you rubbed your eyes, hands already snaking around bokuto's neck — for a kiss, of course.
"hey bo, how was the birthday party?"
"mmh good, i miss you,"
"happy birthday bo," you whispered, eyes looking at him with love
bokuto is drunk, yes, but if he were to be honest, he would rather spend his birthday with you. he prefers to share whispers of love to you as the sun goes down, he prefers to breath in the comfortable silence while eating his favorite food, he prefers you.
"i love you," bokuto sighed, eyes gleaming brightly and cheeks red as roses
"hm i love you too bo, but let's get you cleaned up 'kay?" you hooked his arms around your shoulders, guiding him to the bathroom
"anything as long as it's with you," he grinned, walking clumsily with you
the house wasn't necessarily quiet, i mean you have bokuto, but it was peaceful. it surely was such a big contrast to the party bokuto had. your touch was warm and lingered on every inch of him, and the way your voice softens down to keep his head from banging was something bokuto thanked.
"y/n.. say it again," he pleaded, lips twisting into a pout
"but i've said it three times already bo," you chuckled, handing him a towel to clean himself
"yea.. but it's not enough, just one more, please," he whined, hands latched to you and begging you to say those words again
"fine.. happy birthday bo, and i love you," pecking his lips, you slowly dragged him to the bedroom
"heh, love you too baby," he beamed, eyes shutting down and body pulling him — and you — under the covers.
bokuto is a loud man, always enjoying the prescence of others and always bringing an energetic aura around him. but nights like these, when it was just you and him, the enthusiasm in him faded into comfort
no matter what, where, or when, bokuto would always choose you over any parties.
Tumblr media
late but, happy birthday bokuto <3
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kodzukoi · a day ago
if i'm an angel, would you be my god?
miya atsumu
fluff; timeskip spoiler; est relationship since hs; pet names used (you use: love; he uses: angel, baby); NOT PROOFREAD (sorry lol)
Tumblr media
"I thought ya were mine, angel..." Atsumu murmured, glancing at you with sad eyes as he sat on the edge of the bed, twiddling his thumbs.
"And I am yours, Tsumu," you replied calmly, focusing on your reflection in the full length mirror that hung on the wall by the door while you tried to fix the way your shirt hung on your body.
"Then why are ya doin’ what he says?! Ya look perfect by the way..."
You sighed, giving up on fixing your clothes, and walked over to him. "Tsumu... we're literally going to meet your brother. And he asked you to come, to which you accepted... I'm just tagging along."
Putting your hands on his shoulders, you smoothed the creases of his shirt before moving them up to fix his hair. He pouted at you but still leaned into your touch.
"Can't we jus’ call and say we can't make it?" he whined as he wrapped his arms behind your legs, pulling you closer to him.
Your lips twitched, trying to suppress a smile. "We can't, love. You promised that you'd be there, remember?"
"Well yeah... but still..."
He buried his nose into your stomach, “We can say that ya came down with a fever, pleaseee baby?”
Looking down at him, you placed a hand at the base of his neck while the other brushed through his hair. “Tsumu, we can’t,” you laughed, “Samu needs you to be there for him.”
He grumbled, “Samu can take care of himself. We don’t hafta be there…”
“Oh come on Tsumu, don’t be like that... Let’s go, okay?”
He moved back, looking up into your smiling eyes, and felt his heart melt into a mess of mushy goo, “Fineeee, but only because ya want to.”
You beamed, “Thank you, love.”
The car ride to Onigiri Miya was a short one, a bit too short for Atsumu’s liking. He drummed his fingers on the steering wheel, glaring at the “Onigiri Miya” sign. Sighing, he got out of the car and walked to the passenger’s side to open the door for you. “After you, angel,” he smiled stiffly.
You couldn’t help but chuckle. After pressing a quick kiss to his cheek, you made your way to enter Osamu’s new restaurant with Atsumu following close behind.
"Sorry, but we're closed right no— OH, it's Y/N!" Osamu cheered, "Hey, ya guys made it, 'm so glad!" He went up to give you a high five, but before you could even lift your arm, Atsumu grabbed you by the wrist and pulled you back into his chest.
"Ya damn piece of crap!" you heard Atsumu yell, "Stop tryin' to get with my S/O!"
"Huhhhh?! 'm just tryin' to give 'em a high five! 'm not tryin' to steal 'em from ya!" Osamu yelled back.
"Ah, shut up already! You guys never change," you heard a familiar voice coming from behind you.
You gasped and slipped from Atsumu's hold, "Oh my god, Aran! Is that you?!"
Aran grinned at you and pat your shoulder in greeting, "Hey Y/N! Long time, no see!"
"Oh my god, it's been so long!" you cried before turning to Atsumu and squealed, "I didn't know this was going to be a reunion! Who else is coming?"
Atsumu blinked and looked at his brother, "I don't remember ya saying that other people were comin'."
"I clearly told you that I was going to invite some of our old teammates..." Osamu said, frowning and crossing his arms.
"..." You all stood there in silence, staring at Atsumu as he sputtered in an attempt to defend himself.
The bell of the door jingled, breaking the silence. "Ugh... what happened this time?" Suna muttered as he came in.
Aran clapped him on the back. "Heyyy, Suna! Just the usual," he laughed.
Atsumu grumbled and made his way to sit down at one of the tables. You quickly followed him, worried that his mood might have actually soured, but when you were within his arm's reach, you were quickly pulled into another hug.
"Don't leave me, okay?" he whispered against your hip.
You smiled and lifted your hands to brush his hair, "Of course, love. I would never."
After a couple of minutes, Atsumu let go of you so that you could sit down in the seat next to him and watched as his former teammates sat in a seat at the table as well. Osamu made his way to his kitchen to finish making food for the reunion.
You reached for Atsumu's arm, reminding him that you were still there, and he placed a hand on yours, his thumb softly stroking your fingers. "So," he said, looking at the group, "what've you guys been up to lately?" Turning to look at him, you noticed his smug smirk as he listened to their answers and covered your mouth with your hand, trying to disguise it as a cough.
It was funny how you could read your boyfriend's face after so many years together. His face screamed, "Well, I already know that I've been living the best life, but let's hear yours."
Everyone looked at you weirdly and you just couldn't hold it in anymore. You burst out laughing.
Samu looked at you from behind his counter with a quizzical look on his face, "Ya good, Y/N?"
You waved him off. "Fine, fine," you barely managed to choke out.
The others continued to give you concerned looks that you had to hide behind Atsumu's shoulder. He shrugged his shoulders when they looked at him.
You were saved when Osamu walked up to the table with plates of onigiri. "Food's ready!" he smiled.
When you looked at the window, you realized how late it's gotten.
"Oh my, the time sure flew," Aran said when he noticed you looking out the window, "We've got to get going now... Thanks for the food, Samu!"
Aran and Suna waved their goodbyes and left the restaurant, leaving you, Atsumu, and Osamu to clean up.
Atsumu and Osamu of course were making a contest of who could collect the most plates, wash or dry the dishes the fastest, and clean the fastest.
Watching them made your heart flutter, you knew how much Atsumu needed to see his brother again and you were glad that he had the opportunity to.
"Bathroom," you called, even though you knew that they wouldn't be able to hear you.
When you got back, Atsumu and Osamu were deep in conversation, so you hid behind the door.
Wait a minute, you thought to yourself, why am I hiding? I'm perfectly correct going back to help clean up...
But then you overheard them say your name and you just had to know what they were talking about.
"Yer lucky, Tsumu, having a partner like Y/N..." Osamu said as he washed the dishes.
Atsumu blinked and took the plate from Osamu to dry, "Aw, Samu, I'm sure ya can find someon—"
"No," he laughed, "That's not what I meant. I mean that they look at ya like yer a god, Tsumu. Ya don't just find that anywhere. We all saw how much they love ya and we're just very happy for ya. Be happy, okay? And make them happy too."
Atsumu's eyes welled up and he sniffled a couple of times.
You felt the heat rush to your face as you realized what it may have looked like to the others today when your eyes kept going to Atsumu even when he wasn't talking. Quickly, you opened the door, "Hey guys, did I miss anything?"
Atsumu immediately raised his forearm to his eyes to wipe away any remaining tears as Osamu laughed.
"Nope, where did ya go?"
You grumbled, "I said I was going to the bathroom. Man, I knew you wouldn't have heard me..."
Your boyfriend set down the towel that was in his hands, ignoring the protests of his brother as he made his way over to you, and gathered you in his arms.
"God, I love ya so much, angel," he whispered into your hair.
You smiled as you lifted your head to fit into the crook of his shoulder, "I love you more."
Tumblr media
taglist: @arrogantsonofabiscuit, @itsmiyamore, @anejuuuuoy, @kuroosmikasavolleyball, @duckymcdoorknob (form is on pinned if you're interested!)
if there's anything i need to fix, please let me know!
feedback is very appreciated!
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ven7s · a day ago
you are the sun and i am your moon
Tumblr media
— tsukishima kei x gn!reader ; wc. 0.7k ; genre fluff
Tumblr media
tsukishima kei has never taken himself to be romantic.
he’s never been one to care much about dating and he’s never really fully grasped the concept of love. sure, he’s had his fair amount of crushes. but they would only be a temporary little thing that he would brush off and quickly forget about.
and when he meets you, you’re just another friend of yamaguchi’s: nothing more, nothing less.
but today, after eight years, he deems you as the sun.
“can i call you my husband now?” you ask.
tsukishima’s standing next to you, clad in a formal suit, and he smiles, “i guess. should i call you my spouse now?”
the grin on your face widens and you can’t help but think that it must have been destined for you and him to meet.
“i guess so,” you respond quietly, observing the bands on your finngers that symbolize an eternal promise to love each other.
your heart feels heavy with joy and, surprisingly, fear. tsukishima notices and reaches out to hold your hand; he squeezes it gently and you can tell the act says we’ll be okay. you squeeze back, thank you.
Tumblr media
it’s not too soon before what was the karasuno volleyball team’s first years — now grown up — crowds over to where you and tsukishima stand.
the four of them congratulate the both of you before hinata beams something along the lines of, “i never would have thought tsukishima would be the first to marry after tanaka and kiyoko’s wedding..”
after, yachi hugs you and wishes both you and tsukishima happiness and luck.
that day, you feel nothing but pure love and you’re sure that every day after would be just as fulfilling.
Tumblr media
it’s now two am in the morning and the wedding is finally over.
you and tsukishima stand on the balcony of your shared home, watching the moon and stars. he wraps an arm around your waist and you lean onto his chest.
“you okay?” you mumble.
he hums a yes and you know there’s more. you remain quiet, but give his hand a squeeze, reassuring him, like he did to you just a few hours ago.
tsukishima inhales, “i’ve always felt a bit afraid when the moon faded. it felt like i was being abandoned, but now i don't feel scared anymore.”
his arm slightly tightens and you let him continue, holding his hand as if to say, i won't leave you.
“i love you,” he whispers, his voice cracked but meaningful.
there are unsaid words between the ‘i love you’ and tsukishima wants to say more.
he wants to tell you that he wants to start a family with you, that he’s ready to take care of you, and how he wants nothing more but to spend the rest of his life in the comfort of your love. he wants to tell you that he sees you as his sun, as his everything, but you hear it. you hear the genuineness and the honesty and the trust in his voice as his body trembles quietly against yours.
“quite the romantic aren’t you?” you say, with a voice he matches as the equivalent of an angel, intertwining your fingers together.
it’s now that he feels his heart ache as it finally sinks in: the meaning of love.
he settles on the fact that there really isn’t any word that summarizes the emotions he’s had for the past six years.
it’s the mere joy he felt when he realized being married would allow him to wake up every morning to the sight of you. it’s how even the most mundane chores are somehow fun with you and how he would be willing to stop time to spend more of it with you.
it was the throbbing in his heart when your happiness became his, and how all the beautiful things in life started to remind him of you.
tsukishima looks you in the eyes and all he sees is home and the sun.
you look back.
tsukishima’s always looked good under the moon, maybe it’s just the aftermath and high of getting married, but tonight — as he’s basked in the moonlight — you think he’s the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen.
(and as your lips connect it strikes you then that he is made of gentle moonlight; he is the moon himself.)
Tumblr media
a/n: hello !! this is for @neoheros and @coophi 's hq summer writing contest !!! i had a lot of fun writing for the prompt 'married under 25' <3
to the readers: thank you for taking the time to read this and to neohero and coophi thank you for hosting this event(´・` )♡
Tumblr media
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chimielie · 2 days ago
It’s not unusual for Tadashi to find you dancing when he comes home.
He’s had a long day— if you asked him how he was, he’d answer “fucking exhausted.” That says a lot, because Tadashi tries his best to avoid swearing around you, as a respect thing, except on bank holidays and special occasions. You don’t ask how he is, though.
Instead, as he trudges up the walk, feeling the heavy weight on his shoulders lift slightly as strains of music— something poppy and upbeat— make their way through the crack in the slightly ajar front door, you come tumbling out and down the front step, catching him around the neck and sending him stumbling back with the force of your momentum.
“Welcome home,” you beam at him, then press a kiss to his lips. Even though he’s slightly in shock, he gathers himself enough to kiss you back, steadying himself and wrapping his arms around you while you press yourself further into him.
“Hey,” he says, unable to muster up any other words in favor of gazing lovingly at you. He can already feel the stress of the day melting away the longer he holds you.
“Hi,” you kiss him again. And again, for good measure. Slowly, you make it inside, never breaking contact with each other. Inside, you’re playing a pop song Tadashi vaguely remembers from way back in high school. The lyrics are all in English and he just sort of lets it slide over his mushy brain like a bubblegum-pink rain. Meanwhile, you bop along, swaying your hips and mouthing along his neck. He puts three fingers under your chin, raises your face so you’re looking at his sweet, freckled face, cheeks flushed with adoration and eyes half-lidded.
“I missed you,” he murmurs. “Was such a long day.”
“You saw me this morning,” you laugh lightly, tugging on his earlobe, maneuvering around his earrings. The newest is a hoop in his auricle, pierced just last week. You joked, standing by him while the piercer prepared their needle, hand holding his while he tried not to wince like you’ve done for him every other time, that he was running out of room. He used to worry that his ear piercings were unprofessional (the tattoos were all easily covered by his work clothes and his only other piercing was the black ball on his tongue), but those concerns had been thrown away when you’d told him just how pretty you thought they were.
“Yeah, and that was forever ago,” he frowns, letting you step on his feet so he can take aborted quarter-turn steps around the room while keeping you as close as humanly possible.
When you pull away, just slightly, he takes the opportunity to slip his hand over yours and twirl you around and kiss you again when you’re face-to-face, breathless from the unexpected whirl.
“Aw, I’m sorry, baby,” you tell him, and it should feel condescending, but you’re as genuine as he is in every over-the-top, sappy, romantic gesture; and you have been for all the years you’ve been lucky enough to date Tadashi. “You wanna talk about it?”
“Nah,” he grimaces. “It’s just gonna put me in a bad mood, and you put me in a good mood, and I don’t wanna be in a bad mood. So clearly, the solution here, if you want me to be happy, is to stay— like this—” pressed chest to chest, noses nearly brushing, “with me forever.” His voice is playfully whiny, but you can hear notes of gravitas in his words— you wonder just what made his day so awful. He'll tell you in due time, though. Now, he just needs rest.
“That sounds good, Tadashi,” you run your hands through the wisps of green hair at the back of his neck, which have been starting to get a little long for probably a month now. “We'll go to work together and everything. We can switch off days.”
“Exactly,” he mutters. “Exactly. Perfect. Never leave me.”
“I won’t,” you say, collapsing onto the couch in a pile with his face buried in your neck, music still blaring through the house. “Promise.”
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luvnami · a day ago
𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦 𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐧'
𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞 - Hi (digs myself up from hiatus grave) please look at this. I have permission from Nikki to do a little non-canon (?) collab of A Sea of Flowers In Bloom and my fic, Love’s A Recipe. Also, pregnancy and labour is different for everyone so the scenario below might not be ‘realistic’
𝐛𝐞𝐭𝐚 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 - @forgetou​
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 - pregnant reader with mention of uterus, but no pronouns used. ‘sweetheart‘ and ‘baby’ as petnames are used
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 - 698 (nice)
Tumblr media
“Dear,” is the first thing you say to Kita when you receive a video message from Suna. “Suna-san sent me a text.”
Your husband looks up from where he’s massaging your feet. Being in the late stages of your pregnancy has caused your feet to swell painfully over the past few days due to your uterus’ pressure on some blood vessels. Thankfully, the ever-gentlemanly Kita sits by your (Yumie obaa-san’s) rocking chair to massage away the ache. 
“Is it about the dinner we’re having next week?” he asks, thumbs pressing into the sole of your foot. You pull a pained face and curl your toes in.
“Sorry, too rough?”
“Mm. A little.”
He eases the pressure and you let out a satisfied hum, before returning to his earlier question.
“No, it’s a video.”
“A video?”
You click on the message, which happens to be captioned with a few words. ‘Enjoy. He was drunk at a get-together we had last time.’
Almost immediately, the loud shouts of Atsumu and sniggers coming from Suna behind the camera play through your phone’s speaker. You rush to lower the volume. The camera pans across Suna’s living room where Aran, Ginjima and Omiomi are in various states of psychological distress. You already begin to giggle at how they’re acting. Kita is silent next to you.
“C’mon! Yer killin’ me, Kita-san!” Atsumu wails.
What seems to be on the television screen in front of Atsumu (and a figure you assume to be Kita) is some sort of dancing game. The characters move along to a pop song you vaguely remember Kaiyo telling you about. 
“Ice cream chillin’ chillin’, ice cream chillin’!” your phone sings.
“Sweetheart-” Kita struggles to get your attention beside you.
“Shin, is that you?” 
You finally reconcile the fact that Kita Shinsuke, stern ex-captain of the Inarizaki volleyball team and your current lovely husband, had once danced along to Ice Cream by Blackpink and Selena Gomez after a drink too many. 
You burst into laughter as you watch him swirl his hips in time to the music, swooping his arms and busting those moves. He proceeds to dust off his shoulders, chest and thighs, before doing a mini body wave to throw his butt back. 
“Baby, I-”
“I didn’t know you could dance like that!”
Kita’s face is red as he tries to explain, but frankly, it’s too late. His hands have left your feet and are in the air, waving about as he stammers out excuses. He makes a mental note to call Suna later on. You’re roaring with laughter and not paying attention to him as the video continues on and- 
A gush of liquid erupts from between your legs. You and Kita fall silent as the laughter of Inarizaki and the last few notes of Ice Cream fade into nothing. 
“Shin?” you whisper.
“Your overnight bag is in the car. Can you stand up?”
You have to hold in your giggles as Kita moves to support your back, looping his arm around you to help you get up. 
“I must have laughed too hard,” you wheeze. “You can go get the truck, I’ll- Oh!” 
You tighten your grip on Kita’s arm as the first wave of contractions flow through you. The blood drains from your face. 
“We can talk about that later. Let’s get you to the hospital, okay?” Kita soothes.
“Will you dance for me after this?” 
He’s taken aback when you look up at him, eyes brimming with tears from having laughed so much. You hold your lower lip between your teeth as the first contraction leaves you breathless. 
“Yes. Yes, I will.”
It takes that promise for you to finally relent and start to hobble towards the bathroom to clean yourself up. In the next few hours, your first daughter with Kita will be born. Asami, named after the sunrise. You will hold her in your arms and Kita’s tears will grace her plump cheeks as he cries over the baby that clutches onto his little finger. 
In the days and years to come, you will recount the story of how you went into labour — one that will not be forgotten so easily.
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trimisu · 14 hours ago
Hello! I just love your works and it'd be super awesome if you could write this idea I had : both you and tsukishima are set up by your friend groups--and now you have to reluctantly go to an awkward date. how will your relationship go? (p.s you both hate eachother)
Date With The Enemy (Tsukishima Kei x Reader)
Summary: Your friends has been trying their best to prevent you from killing your enemy, Tsukishima Kei. But after you got into a fight with him, they decided that you two needed to get along by going on a date! Sounds good idea right?
Contain/s: Awkward date, creepy guy; fluff?
A/n: Ahhh, this has been in my drafts for a week or so! I was able to get ideas to write this just by listening to You're the Best by MAMAMOO ^^; Anyways, to the anon who requested this, thank you for your patience~ Hope you like it! Enjoy :D
Tumblr media
You hate Tsukishima with all your heart; he's mean, sarcastic, and he knows how to push your buttons very well. If murdering your classmate is legal, then you would've done that to him, even if he's the last man alive.
But how did that...
The awkwardness between you and Tsukishima is unbearable as you both walked towards the place where your friends planned out. Not a word has been uttered after exchanging small greetings when you both met at the meeting place your friends said where to meet.
You want to go home, or anywhere that is not near that snarky, tall middle blocker that is right beside you. But you have no choice, as much as you wanted to run away, based on the pictures and text messages you received, you know your friends are watching you.
…turned to this?!
For context, every time you and Tsukishima crossed paths with each other, it was a war of endless bickering and insults that your friends had to pull you away to prevent you from committing a crime. It's alright for them since they were able to pull you away from the tall student, but the only problem is that you both are in the same classroom.
Now, isn't that fun?
It was alright at first, since one of your friends is friends with Yamaguchi. They entrusted him to keep an eye on the both of you, but one day, your usual insult contest with Tsukishima turned into a full-blown fight. Yamaguchi actually tried to stop the both of you, yet it was out of his control until a teacher came in to see the scene unfold right before their eyes. You and Tsukishima earned a suspension because of that.
This is when your friends devised a plan to get you and Tsukishima to get along with each other, which is setting you both on a date! They planned the date, the schedule and how to keep you or Tsukishima from running away. The only thing they need is to make you and Tsukishima say yes.
Scratch that, they have to make you two come to this planned date.
Since exams will be done on Friday, it created a golden opportunity for them to ask you because it was after examinations, they know you will say yes! Maybe...
Your friends invited you to hang out on Saturday at 10 am in the park. You were skeptical at first, usually your friends' go-to places were always places with food or arcades, why would they want to hang out in the park? You shrugged it off, thinking maybe they wanted to get their mind off after the stressful exams, so you agreed.
You don't know how they got Tsukishima to say yes, but eh, who cares?
Saturday rolled around, you were walking to the park where your friends said where to meet, 'till you spotted a familiar tall, blonde hair boy at the meeting location.
"What are you doing here?" The middle blocker averted his eyes from his phone to see you crossing your arms with a displease look.
"Well, I'm just sitting here obviously," He replied sarcastically, rolling his eyes at you. You were about to open your mouth to retort when you felt your phone vibrate. You look at your phone to see your friend's name at the caller id. You answered the phone with eyebrows furrowed.
"(F/n)! Where are you guys?"
"(Y/n), I know you're going to hate us for this, but you and your beanstalk need to get along, so we thought of setting you both up in a date-"
"A date?!" If your hand could just travel through your screen, you would've slapped your friend, instead you pinched the bridge of your nose as you listened to your friend explain.
"Listen, after you both got suspended, we thought that you guys need to get along to prevent that from happening again," they emphasize the word need. You hate to admit but they are right, if only you just ignored the snarky, tall bastard then none of this would happen.
"I take your silence as you understand. Now, try not to fight in public alright? Oh, and also, don't think of ever running off, even Tsukishima. He knows that," You were about to open your mouth but you got cut off by their enthusiastic goodbye as they hung up the phone.
'How...?' Was the first thought that came into your mind.
Thus, leading you to where you both are now; awkwardness envelopes the both of you after being forced to go through this date your friends planned.
When you both reached your destination, you two saw a red and white patterned blanket covering the grass under the tree's shadow and a picnic basket with a folded letter standing on top of it. You took the paper and saw a simple writing that says, "Have fun!".
You looked at the tall boy who's looking behind your shoulder, "What?" he raised an eyebrow at you.
You scoffed, "Nothing... Let's just get this over with..." The both of you silently agreed, and sat down awkwardly at the blanket.
No words exchanged between you both, no insults, nothing at all. The only thing that accompanies you both is a basket full of food, and an awkward atmosphere engulfs you both. No one even dares to touch the food actually, you just glance from it from time to time.
"If you wanna eat, just eat you know?" You glared at Tsukishima as if saying, 'I know, I'm not an idiot'.
You wanted to say those words actually, but if you did, who knows what your friends would do to you if you tried to start a fight with them. You grabbed a sandwich from the basket and quietly munched on it. The silence went on until you heard a phone ringing next to you.
Tsukishima stood up from his seat, gaining your attention. "Excuse me..." He mumbled out, you nodded your head, telling him to take the call. You watched him answer the call and walk away.
'Huh, who knew he could be polite for once...' You thought as you grabbed another sandwich from the basket.
You were scrolling through your phone when you heard crackling sounds from the grass, shoes appeared at the corner of your eye. You thought your oh-so date came back, so you lift up your head to greet him.
"Hey...?" You trailed off in a questionable tone. Right in front of you isn't Tsukishima, but an unfamiliar man who's staring at you, making you uncomfortable. You blinked at him confused, "Is something the matter, sir?"
Surprised, he sat down on the blanket and began reaching for the basket, with quick reflexes, you grabbed the basket before him. You glared at the man, clutching onto the basket.
"Excuse me, this spot is taken, please leave," He just smirked at you in response. 'Oh, it's one of those creeps,' you thought in disgust.
"You look lonely here, so I thought of giving you some company," Your face cringed in disgust.
"Sorry, I already have one," You said. You stood up, not wanting to let this conversation further, if he's not leaving, then you will. But halfway through doing so, the man grabbed your arm, still wearing that sickening smirk.
You tried to pull your arm back, but his grip tightened, "Leaving already? But we're still in the middle of a conversation!" The stranger smiled, giving you the creeps. You were about to smack him with the picnic basket when the voice of Tsukishima joined in.
"Oi, are you blind?"
"Hah?!" The man snapped his neck in Tsukishima's direction, "I have perfect eyesight, kiddo!" Tsukishima chuckled in response.
"Oh really?" He yanked the man's grip from you, then pulled you towards him, "how come your perfect vision doesn't see how uncomfortable my date is?"
Your eyes widened a bit, your heart was pumping at how close you both are. Your mind wandered to how warm Tsukishima is, at how soft his grip is compared to the guy from earlier. How his hand fits your wrist so perfectly like a puzzle piece. Your mind wandered back to reality when Tsukishima intertwined his fingers against yours, making your face feel a little hot. Your (e/c) eyes flicker to the spot of the creepy man earlier to see he's already gone.
"Oh, he's gone..." You heard Tsukishima hum in response, "Thanks, I guess..." Tsukishima opened his mouth, about to say something to wipe away the awkwardness with "is that how you properly thank someone" but your friends suddenly jumped out of their hiding spot.
"(Y/n)!!" They yelled out your name, earning your attention. Tsukishima felt your grip loosen against his, along with your warmth, and watched you getting bombarded with concerned questions.
He suddenly remembers how your wrist fits his hand perfectly, the feeling of your warmth still lingering on Tsukishima's hand. How adorable you look after that occurrence. Were you always that adorable? If so, why did he notice it just now? The more Tsukishima thought about it, the faster his heart beats.
"Hey, beanstalk," Tsukishima snapped back from reality to see you carrying the folded blanket, "(F/n) said we can end the date here, so let's go!"
"Was this even a date?" He gave you the usual annoyed look, as he grabbed the basket.
You both walked behind your friends, side by side. Both of your minds began to replay the earlier incident and the feeling of each other's warmth that made your hearts pounding fast.
'I wish this date went on longer...' The two of you thought as the blush reached up until the tip of your ears.
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charlie-jay · a day ago
falling in love and other hiking hazards: MIYA atsumu
A/N: he never saw this stumble coming // hq fics
Tumblr media
“'Tsumu-kun, are you coming? Hurry up, slowpoke!” she calls out to him from ahead; the half-risen sun beats down on her as she turns to look at him over her shoulder.
A playful smile curls across her face. The way the sun dyes her figure in deep orange during the time it rose makes her almost look ethereal. There’s a faint light outlining her features, and he swears he feels his heart stop. He blinks, raising a hand to shield his eyes from the beauty that is…her.
Is he happy…? Is this what true happiness feels like?
Atsumu is happy with her; even when only doing mundane errands, or pointlessly arguing, or simply spending time together. He feels overjoyed whenever he sees her. Time seems to stop as he realizes -
He is in love with her.
His foot catches on a fallen log. His view of her spins and changes to dirt as he falls, and suddenly, his nose connects with the unkept path. He hears her faint gasp from afar before her loud footsteps, racing over towards him. He sits up, groaning.
“Are…Are you okay?!” There are small pauses in her speech as she stops to catch her breath.
He looks up at her.
She stoops over, her hands resting on her knees. Her bright eyes searching his for the expression of pain and her own brimming with concern. His heart flutters as she kneels down next to him. She raises a hand up to grab his chin to examine the damage done to his face, which had turned a light shade of pink.
“I-” His throat’s dry. His heart is threatening to thump out of his chest – could she hear it?
He doesn’t want to give the game away yet. But her fingers are so close to his racing pulse. What if she figured it out? He wants to confess to her properly – he – he wants to give her the world.
“Quit worryin’! Things like this won’t hurt me!” he lies. His nose is starting to sting, but it’s bearable.
Her worried look remains as she responds. “I know, but I can still worry about you, can’t I?”
His expression softens.
And…for now, he’s fine with the dynamic they have. She doesn’t have to find out his feelings yet. The way he feels with her right now — he doesn’t want to lose that. He isn’t in a desperate situation where he feels like he had to shout out his feelings.
He could wait until he was a man deserving of her. Until then, he'd be by her side.
A smile creeps its way onto Atsumu’s face as he answers her - this time, he’s sincere.
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iwangel · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
featuring. timeskip!miya atsumu, bokuto kōtarō, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi + suna rintarō.
warnings. fluff + just the boys being softies w their kids <3
signed. thinking a whole lot about domestic life w my favourites + our little families—idek if these are considered habits but they’re cute so yea :/
Tumblr media
ꨄ ATSUMU his son got so used to seeing his dad whine for a kiss before bed now he can’t sleep without one either. you always end up having both of them standing infront of you with messy hair + similarly tired eyes waiting for their kisses, and the puffy cheeked pout on your sons lips that matches his father warms your heart when you watch them play fight to see who gets theirs first. “ay! daddy gets the kisses first cause...j-just cause a said so alright, ya can go next!” even though you normally have to push atsumu off of you when he takes the opportunity to tease your son, dragging out his kisses with a lazy smirk on his face and some exaggerated kissy noises. “just one more angel come on, a was here first anyway—always told ya i’ll never get enough of yer kisses. a aint sharin’” his son gets him back by falling asleep on you so you carry him to bed, atsumu trailing behind you with a few huffs and groans under his breath. “damn brat, hoggin’ all the cuddles too—it ain’t fair.”
ꨄ BOKUTO always greeted you after a trip away with a “hey, hey, hey” before lifting you into his arms—so everytime you pick up your son from kindergarten he decided that he should do the same. hearing a babbled “hey, hey, hey” as he runs towards you and your husband, his smile beaming and fists raised as he approaches you before wrapping his arms around your thigh—straining a little as he tries to lift you up before eventually pouting up at you and raising his arms to be lifted instead. it’s normally bokuto who lifts your son after, pulling him into his arms with a spin as they both giggle—familiarity in the way both their amber eyes gleam when they look at you with bright smiles. “it’s okay buddy! daddy’s so strong he can carry you both, you wanna see?” “koutarou, n-no!” “babe it’s fine, i had extra meat at practice look—“
ꨄ IWAIZUMI it was always obvious when iwaizumi was grumpy despite what he said, and it became even more apparent when you both had a son. it’s pretty funny when you return home to your son and his father having a disagreement. both males standing across from eachother in the living room with matching frowns, their arms crossed as your son pouts up at your husband—given how much bigger he stands above them. the similarity is even more noticeable when both start to grumble after a decent amount of time has passed, iwaizumi side glancing your figure as you fight the smile threatening to spread on your lips at the sight—because your son really was just like his father, maybe theyre both a little stubborn but you know that their frowns will soften as soon as their eyes meet yours because if they could agree on anything it would be that you were their everything.
ꨄ SAKUSA always tended to hold the hem of your jacket when it got a little crowded in public, making sure that you were kept close. you don’t know when your daughter picked up the habit from her father until you were strolling through the supermarket with them both. feeling a familiar tug on the hem of your jacket before turning to see that it was your daughter as she blinked up at you, leaning slightly into your side. “you okay, baby?” you grin when you watch your daughters curls bounce as she nods her head, only to feel sakusa tug on his side of your jacket after with a small pout on his lips realising that his usual spot had been taken. but you feel your heart warm when you notice a smile on kiyoomi’s features under the mask when his daughter finally reaches to grab onto his jacket instead, watching him turn to you with an almost proud look on his face.
ꨄ SUNA it could’ve been coincidence but when you feel your son always crawl his way into your lap to fall asleep you realise just how much like his father he was. tired but familiar green eyes blinking up at you as you brush the darker hair from his face before he nuzzles into you to go to sleep. although you thought he was cute, your husband wouldn’t say the same as he stands over you on the couch, green eyes narrowed and frowning down at the space in your lap that he normally looked forward to occupying after a long day at practice, only for it to now be taken. you stifle a laugh as you watch suna gather the toddler into his arms before taking him to bed, playfully stomping back with a ghost of a pout on his lips but you know he’s going to give him a quick kiss goodnight on his forehead anyway, before grabbing your ankles and yanking you further down the couch, flopping into your lap with a few kisses against your stomach before smooshing his cheek against the skin. “tsk trying to steal my pretty baby—is that it?”
Tumblr media
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fushiguroll · 4 months ago
Idk if you have got one like this but....I just want to lay underneath iwazumi while he does push-ups and him kissing me every time he goes down, then he gives up on the push-ups and we just start making out.
Is that to much to ask for🥺
#Haikyuu boys when you lie underneath him as he’s doing push-ups 
Tumblr media
featuring:: IWAIZUMI Hajime, BOKUTO Kotaro, OIKAWA Toru, KUROO Tetsuro 
genre:: fluff / slice of life 
warning:: suggestive 
⤷ Part 2
a/n: what a very very cute scenario because I would very much like to be under Iwa as he’s doing push ups too. I hope you enjoy this 
Tumblr media
❥ IWAIZUMI Hajime 
⤷ To Iwaizumi, there’s no better view than the one where you’re lying underneath him, giggling every time his lips touch yours. It was his idea to trap you in between his muscular arms because “your kisses motivate me”, he says with a small smile. So this is how you find yourself lying underneath your husband as he performs his second set of push-ups. “you good there, babe? you looking a little tired.” you tease. He smiles and tries to utter a response before collapsing on top of you. “ouch Haj!” He stays lying on top of you and lifts up his head to look you in the eyes, “sorry princess. You’re more of a distraction than a motivation.” He presses a soft kiss onto your lips, “maybe instead of push-ups, we just make out. I heard making out burns more calories.” You giggle, “really?” He nods before kissing you harder, “yup, learned it from Google this morning.” 
❥ BOKUTO Kotaro 
⤷ Just as Bokuto was about to go down for his tenth push-up, you quickly use the opportunity to slide under him. He smiles down at you and presses a quick kiss before lifting himself up back up, remaining in a plank position. “hi baby, how can I help you?” “nothing, I just want to join you in your workout. I thought I might motivate you.” He laughs before slowly pushing his body back down, brows knit in concentration before lifting himself up back. “hey,” you pout, “you didn’t kiss me.” “oh, that’s the game we’re playing here?” He goes back down, this time kissing you for a bit before pushing himself back up. “wow, bo, you’re really strong to be able to kiss me while you’re going down.” He suddenly falls on top of you, “and there goes all my strength. You make my arms jello with that request for a kiss.” He peeks up at you, “how are you going to make it up to me for disrupting my workout?” “we could make out?” He grins, “sounds like a plan.” 
❥ OIKAWA Toru 
⤷ “100!” He grins as you pouts. “stop lying Toru. I was counting for you. I’m pretty sure you’ve only done 60 push-ups.” He slowly pushes himself back down, face inches from yours and smirks when he notices the red blush across your cheeks, “what can I say, darling? you lying underneath me is so distracting I couldn’t count.” “that’s why you asked me to lie here right? so I can count for you and you wouldn’t have to use your brain.” He kisses you, “yup. you’re so smart.” You huff as he lifts himself back up. He looks down at you, “are you bored, baby?” “if I am, what will you do?” Oikawa lowers himself and stops just a few centimeters from your face, so close to you, you could see the slightest dilation of his pupils. “if you’re bored, we could just kiss for fun.” he whispers. “what about your workout?” “kissing a workout too, you know?” “well, what are you waiting for then?” Oikawa doesn’t even hesitate before melting into your embrace, kissing you. 
❥ KUROO Tetsuro 
⤷ Kuroo’s eyes widen in surprise at the sight of you wiggling to get comfortable. You grin up at him, “hey, don't let me stop you.” He lets out a shaky laugh before lowering himself back down and pressing a kiss into you. “am I doing this right?” You nod, “yup, good job, babe. Me being here is motivating isn’t it? A kiss for you each time you complete a push-up.” Kuroo smiles at your adorable-ness and finds his push-ups becoming sloppier and sloppier as he rushes to receive his reward. You, noticing his bad form, turns your head to the side so that he misses your mouth. “hey, no cheating. Kisses are only for those who complete proper push ups.” “that's fine.” Kuroo replies and you gasp as he presses a kiss to your neck, before sucking lightly. “Tetsu!” you protest and you feel him laugh as he continues to nip at your skin. “I thought you were working out.” He glances at you briefly before turning his attention back to your neck, “I finished a few minutes before you came, I just wanted to kiss you.” 
Tumblr media
stay fetch, xoxo 
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ohajime · a month ago
When they tell you you’re clingy (Osamu, Atsumu, Suna)
Tumblr media
genre: angst, fluff
a/n: the lengths I went to, to write this with majority of it being written on my phone so there may be a few mistakes in there I hope you enjoy it let me know what you think also this is my longest work ever also thank you @/teesumu for making this so much better
Reblogs are very appreciated
Tumblr media
You shoved your phone back into your pocket, growing annoyed at your boyfriend's lack of response. It was date night, something that you and Osamu had agreed on doing weekly from the start of your relationship, and usually you would go to your date destination together but your boyfriend has been busy throughout the week so you agreed on a few days ago to go there on your own.
But to your avail, Osamu was a no show leaving you stranded at the restaurant on your own, embarrassment expanding inside of you as the feeling of all the people around you, watched as you sat there for a few hours checking your phone every 5 minutes waiting around for a man who was never going to show up.
When you arrived home, although you were still embarrassed the feeling of the humiliation vanished and was replaced with frustration.
Throughout the whole week, you were accepting of your boyfriend’s busy schedule, his neglect for you and your relationship being shaken off due to you assuming it was going to end soon. But as the messages you sent to him were left piling up with no responses, and the constant stiff replies when you spoke to him verbally were becoming more common, being in his presence made you feel like an outsider.
Just before you were going to go to sleep, the rattle of the front door handle jolted you awake in panic assuming that someone was breaking in but you realised that this late time was now the standard for when Osamu arrived home.
“Samu, is that you?” you stood up in your sleepy state and trotted out to the living room where you found him taking off his shoes and work bag,
“What are you doing up?” was what he asked, surprised to see you standing in front of him at this hour.
“You woke me up,”
“Oh, my bad” he apologised simply. Once you saw that he was settled in, you waited for him to follow you back up to your bedroom so you can finally go to sleep but he just stood there staring at you “Aren’t you gonna go back to sleep?”
“Aren’t you coming with me?” you asked with a raise of your eyebrows, wondering what was stopping your boyfriend from going to bed with you.
“I’ve got a bit more work I need to complete,” he finished turning away from you to get his work bag, opening it up.
“More work?”
“Yes Y/N some people actually have jobs y’know” he sighed tired of your inquisition.
“What’s that supposed to mean,” you asked back, now wondering where his ‘subtle’ jab was coming from.
“It seems that recently you’ve made it your job to bother me all day everyday Y/N,” he muttered.
“If you’re referring to the nice messages I send to you, I literally only do that to make sure that you haven’t drowned yourself in the piles and piles of work you’ve forced yourself to do.” You snapped back, growing offended that he was making it seem like your efforts to check on him were just a nuisance, “and it’s not like you even replied to them anyways.”
“Why would I reply to them when everyday it was just “Osamu where are you,” “Samu have you eaten,” “Samu can you do this,”” he mocked you with annoyance, “It just felt you were underneath me all day everyday, just texting and badgering me”
“I didn’t think that, that would be a problem,” you mumbled more to yourself not realising how overbearing you were actually being.
“Just god Y/N I didn’t know you could be so clingy” he said and the words tasted sour as he said them and he instantly felt regret, especially when he looked up to see your eyes widen and you take a small step back, “Fuck Y/N i’m sorry I-”
“Don’t apologise Samu it’s fine,” you said, forcing a smile “I guess I can be a bit clingy, actually thinking about it…”
“No that was my fau-”
“I’m pretty tired, so I think I’m going to head to bed,” you said sadly exiting the room before stopping to say, “Samu make sure you don’t overwork yourself.” He nodded, automatically feeling terrible knowing that what he said wasn’t the way he was meant to say it and seeing the instant frown form on your face replaced with a forced smile, Osamu felt even worse.
Throughout the next week, it seemed that your household dynamics changed again but this time you being distant and cold and Osamu grasping at every straw to try and get you to engage with him.
He did go back to his usual working routine, not forcing himself to do overtime, and that did make you happy but there was this constant reminder of what he said and you really didn’t want to come across as the “clingy, overbearing partner” he made you out to be.
“Y/N,” he said entering the room, feeling apprehensive to talk to you because of how distant you’ve been.
“Yes?” you responded simply.
“Are you alright?” he could probably guess the answer to that, but he didn’t know how else to strike up a conversation with you without you shutting it down.
“I’m fine,” you said, and he let out a small sigh thinking that was the end of the conversation but to his surprise you continued, “how about you, you good?”
“Yeah I’m good,” he answered awkwardly and you hum in acknowledgement not really wanting to further the talk you were having, you could feel him leave the room but not even a second later he returned walking closer to you “Actually Y/N, I’m not okay”
You actually looked up at him, clearly noticing the determination in his eyes “what’s wrong Samu,”
“You you’re what’s wrong with me,” he said but cringed at his word choice “I said that wrong, I just mean that the way you’ve been acting and I know I know it’s from what I said, I just feel terribly sorry.”
“I don’t really know what to say Samu..”
“Say anything, yell at me, shout at me, berate me for being so mean when you were only trying to help.”
“It doesn’t matter anymore I guess”
“It does Y/N I’m really sorry and I just need you to know that.” He said “and I realised as soon as you went upstairs when I checked the messages that I missed date night thats night and I know they’re not meant to be a big deal but I am really sorry for not showing up it really did slip my mind.”
“Why have you been so busy anyways Samu?”
“The shop just seems to be getting busier and it was overwhelming it well it is overwhelming I just didn’t really know how to handle it besides being at work 24/7” he responded “and I know it was dumb of me to do but I really didn’t know what to do.”
You could hear the hopelessness in his voice and it made you feel sad not knowing the stress your boyfriend was under. However, you didn’t want to excuse the stress he was under as a valid reason for him to just project it onto you and it seemed he didn’t want to either.
One of the things you did love about Osamu was how he was a hard worker, he always has been and although he did let your relationship down for the short period of time he worked hard to fix it again.
Tumblr media
The thumping of the base bounced off your head, leaving you wincing at the migraine you knew that was coming on. You stood next to your boyfriend, Atsumu as he paraded around the crowded apartment of a classmate he knew. Regret was an understatement to how you were feeling about deciding to come to this party but due to Atsumu’s persistence and you not wanting to seem like a ‘bore,’ you found yourself putting on your nicest outfit and heading to the house which was filled with flashing lights, deafening music and a constant scent of vomit surrounding you.
You weren’t known for going to parties, and neither was Atsumu but when he got invited to what was labelled as the “best summer party of the year,” he couldn’t resist in accepting the invite, excitement flooding him as he raved about the possible events that could happen at the party.
Although the party scene was definitely not your thing, you did agree on going thinking that one party wouldn’t hurt even though you were already questioning your choices the more Atsumu talked about it but you just assumed you were nervous as the idea of actually going to a party, a college one at that, was way too out of your comfort zone,
So that’s why you were now at the stupid party, sandwhiched next to your boyfriend as one of his friends tells everyone around you a dumb story which suprsingly had everyone, inclduing Atsumu, in fits of laughter. You were tired and hungry and being stuck to Atsumu all night had your feet in pain, “Babe?” you called, taking Atsumu’s attention slightly away from his friends and onto you.
“Yes?” he questioned before laughing again at the story being told.
“Can you take me to the bathroom?” you knew it was a trivial question to ask since you were definitely old enough to go to the bathroom on your own, but being in a new environment with inebriated strangers in someone else’s house there was safety and comfort you’d have if your boyfriend went with you.
“The bathroom?” he questioned “It's just upstairs first door on your left.”
“Oh. Well can you go with me, please?” you asked.
“Go with you?” he said with a laugh more at you then to his friends conversation, “babe it’s literally less then 2 minutes away.”
“Yes I know that but it would make me feel better if you jus-”
“Y/N,” he sighed rubbing the temple of his forehead, “can you stop being so annoying for the second and chill out.”
“What? I was only asking for you to come with me to the bathroom.”
“Yeah but not only that, you’ve been following me around the whole night like a lost puppy you can go and talk to people instead of being stuck by my side for the whole night.” He said his voice coming out of the hushed tone it was in before.
“It’s not my fault that you brought me to a party where I don’t even know anybody” you fired back.
“You were meant to make friends, talk to people this is why I brung you here like I didn’t expect you to be this fuckin clingy” he finishes and you didn’t actually notice how his friends stopped talking and their eyes were on you and you could see some of them trying to hide their obvious smirks behind their cups as they found the argument between you and Atsumu funny making you feel more embarrassed.
“Oh fuck you Atsumu,” you stood up abruptly and walked away heering the surrounding crowd murmur an “ooooooo” as you cursed your boyfriend. The need you had to go to the bathroom was gone, you just needed to get out of there.
You made it back home safely, got undressed and went straight to bed only being able to think about the words he said to you, because were you actually clingy?
When you woke up, Atsumu was beside you in bed snoring his head off and you could instantly smell the alcohol still stuck to you “well it seems he had a good time” you thought to yourself as you peeled away off your bed going into the shower, preparing to start your day.
Atsumu was already up when you exited the shower, groaning as his head rested on the table definitely hungover from all the drinks he had at the party. “Oh hey babe,” he grumbled upon seeing you, leaning in to give you the usual morning kiss you would share but you swiftly turned your head avoiding the kiss as you were definitely still annoyed at Atsumu and was not planning on letting this just be swept under the rug.
You and Atsumu have had arguments before, it wasn’t uncommon but your way of solving it was to generally just cool down after a bit and talk about usually ending up with you both agreeing how trivial the argument was. But this argument wasn’t trivial, he embarrassed you and whether it was intentional or not his choice of words still hurt and what hurt even more that now when you boyfriend is sober the first thing he did wasn’t apologise or try and talk about the situation he acted as if it never happened.
He could tell you were mad, it didn’t take a rocket science to tell you were mad from the look on your face and the slight hardened grip you formed around the handle of your coffee cup it was obvious you were mad. “Y/N?” he called, pulling you away from your thoughts.
“Yes?” you responded.
“Why did you leave the party early last night?”
“Oh you can’t remember?” you questioned, wondering if he genuinely couldn’t remember why or if he was just pretending not to know to avoid the awkward conversation that was going to be had if he did remember all the things he said.
“Not really…There’s just bits and pieces that I remember” he said “I guess I drank a bit too much”
“Yeah I guess you did”
“Well nevertheless the party was fun either way, I’m surprised we’ve never been to one before,” he continues on “speaking of which the host of this party is throwing another one soon, we should definitely go”
“Oh god no,” you scoff as if it was the worst idea ever said, which it was, but Atsumu didn’t understand that.
“Why not?” He questioned “did something happen at the party yesterday, is that why you left early?”
“Nothing happened I guess… and it’s not like you’d remember anyways” you said muttering the last part but he caught on and his eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
“Y/N what are you on about? What happened”
“Does it really matter, when you don’t remember?”
“You could at least tell me, so I can help.”
“Gosh Tsumu can you quit asking, you don’t have to be so clingy and annoying” you said with a sigh, and although he wasn’t really being clinging or annoying just a concerned boyfriend the use of the words he said to you seemed to spur a memory in Atsumu’s head from the party.
“Did I really say that?” he asked still a bit lost.
“Mhm” you affirmed “you were being a real dick last night Tsumu”
“I’m so sorry, I was pretty out of it last night”
“Yeah out of your mind thinking you could talk to me that way,” you said “do you know how embarrassing it was, having all those people watch us argue laughing at jeering at me when you called me clingy. Do you really think I’m that clingy?”
“No no of course not,” he said “and I didn’t mean to say all I said especially with people around us like that. I’m sorry for not really caring for you last night, especially when you left and I didn’t even notice.”
“Like Tsumu I know you were really excited for this party and I was fine with going with you but I would’ve at least expected you to make sure I was okay when I didn’t know anybody there.”
“Yeah that was stupid of me, I guess I was just so focused on having a good time I forgot about if you were having a good time and I’m sorry about that” he apologised “and no you really aren’t clingy not in the slightest I hope you don’t read into what I said I was just being an ass and if anything I’m the clingy one out of us two.”
“Indeed you are,” you agreed laughing slightly.
“So do you forgive me?” He asked with an apprehensive smile.
“No” you replied and his smile dropped “Atsumu, I know you apologized and I appreciate that but you literally wouldn’t of remembered this if I didn’t tell you, so it’s going to take a lot more then an apology that I prompted you to give for me to forgive you.”
He nodded sadly but did agree with what you were saying as sorry as he was he knew his words didn’t really matter since you were still hurt and embarrassed by what he’d done.
However with the determination your boyfriend had it would be his last dying mission to get your forgiveness and of course he eventually did after many apologises and gifts and him not stepping foot at another house party (him deciding to do that) he found his way in your good graces and he definitely proved that he was the clingy one in your relationship but you wouldn’t have him any other way.
Tumblr media
Suna Rintarou wasn’t used to dating someone like you, you were different to all his ex’s benign one of the first to date him for this long without complaining about his apparent “lazy” relationship tendencies.
He had a hard time expressing himself, and you knew that. It didn’t mean he didn’t love you because even though he didn’t profess his feelings for you everyday he didn’t need to as Suna showed all his love for you through his actions, doing little things throughout the day that easily made you smile.
You liked to return the favour, wanting to show him that you loved him just as much as he did you, if not more and this surprised Suna definitely not used to this treatment having a partner make him little bentos to bring to practice everyday, coming to his games and practice games to cheer him on, you were nothing like Suna had ever experienced and he didn’t know how to deal with it.
It was a usual day for you, you didn’t have work and your boyfriend had practice and since you were free you thought they'd be no problem bringing your boyfriend some lunch and seeing him play, so happily drove over to the gym to go and greet your boyfriend.
However, you paused upon your entrance just stopping outside of the doors as you heard voices, one specifically belonging to Suna. “How are things going with… Y/N is it?” you heard one of them ask and your heart squeezed in anticipation wondering what Suna would say in response.
“Oh Y/N, hmmm” he said and you could tell he was thinking about what he was going to say “they’re different.”
“Different?” one of them asked him unsure of what that meant.
“Yeah they’re definitely not what I’m used isn’t bad I guess it’s just,” he said “they’re a bit too clingy like way too full on”
“Oh I thought you liked them showing up to all our practices” you heard another ask but you could tell they were being sarcastic.
“They do that a lot, practically nearly every practice and they always are making me these little bento boxes, like jeez i'm not a child” once he said that you looked straight down into your hands at the “little bento” you made for him a stray tear dropping down on the finely wrapped box.
You turned on your heel and went straight back to your car, not wanting to hear anymore of your boyfriend's words. There was a sense of shame you felt as you thought about what he said, being reminded of how you acted around Suna and all the things you did for him.
He came home a few hours after you did, sweaty and tired and you didn’t really know how to “act normal” around him knowing that he said what he said. He greeted you as he usually did, pulling you into a hug, pressing a soft kiss to your neck, tiredly asking “what’s for dinner?”
You overcame your urge to relax into his hug having the constant reminder of him thinking that you were “too full on and clingy,” shrugging yourself out of the hug and standing up mumbling a quick “I don’t know I’ll probably order take out later,” and you walked to your bedroom leaving Suna confused at your behaviour.
But he left you be, for an hour or so not really thinking that you shrugging him off earlier wasn't anything too serious to fuss over. However after you ate dinner, when he saw you watching a movie he dived next to you resting his head on your lap. He made a few comments during the movie trying to spark up conversation but you replied simply, not leaving much room for any real conversation to be made as you didn’t want to come off as “too full on,” to your boyfriend or annoying.
This continued for the rest of the night, you shying away from Suna and not showering him in hugs and kisses and random thoughts you had and he definitely thought it was weird but he couldn’t really confront you about anything with your behaviour only of being on for less than a day.
The next day, Suna assumed everything would be back to usual with yesterday only being an ‘off’ day you may have and he was ready to see you show up at his practice with the nice lunch you always made him.
Suna came home way more tired than usual, with a lack of lunch and his mind being more focused on you it was impossible for him to play properly so he was extremely exhausted. He came home, looking immediately for you finding you in the kitchen cooking dinner.
“Y/N” he says grabbing your attention.
“Oh hey Rin how was your day?” You greet him.
“You weren’t at practice today”
“Because I’m not on the volleyball team…” you respond to his statement in confusion.
“Of course not, but on your days off work you always come to my practice and bring me lunch and stuff” he says.
“Yeah well I didn’t think my presence or my lunches were wanted” you said.
“Why wouldn’t they be?”
“I heard you talking about me,” you said simply and his mouth opens partly in shock.
“Y/N I-“
“They’re a bit full on and too clingy” you say quoting his words from before “and it’s funny how you question why I didn’t come to your practice and bring you lunch today Rin, because I didn’t think my “little bentos” were wanted since you of course aren't a child” You were being nonchalant with your tone of voice but Suna could tell you were frustrated by the way you spoke.
“Y/N it wasn’t meant to come out that way,” he said “it’s just that you’re different, way different to what I’m used to and maybe at first I thought you were too much for what I could handle but today at practice when you didn’t show up and didn’t bring me lunch I then felt sad, especially with how distant you were being last night and I know it was my words that caused all this but I regret them deeply. Since I love the way you are, how you show that you care just with the small things you do or how you light up talking about a story you read I love you Y/N.”
His ramblings caught you off guard since you definitely wasn’t expecting that, that was probably the most you’ve heard him talk about his feelings and you couldn’t ignore the nice way it made you feel.
“I get that I really do, but you could’ve easily talked to me before about how “full on” I was being and I would’ve understood that. You just have to talk to me Rin not talk about me to your friends.”
“Yeah I understand and I’m sorry.” He says pulling you away from your cooking and into his arms for a small hug. “Does this mean I’m forgiven”
“Does this mean you’ll start showing up to my practices and bringing me lunch again”
“We’ll have to see.”
You didn’t show up to his practices and bring him lunch anymore, at first but eventually you did and Suna talked to you more about what he was feeling and he always thanked you for all the things you did for him whether it was little or small. Suna definitely wasn’t used to someone like you but he did like how it felt to be with you.
Tumblr media
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ichigomis · 12 days ago
striking you with hearts again ❤️❤️, if its alright is it okay for you if i can request of a scenario of how will hq boys act calling them by their full name as a prank and they start getting scared because they thought they did something wrong HSHSHHS thank you !! i rlly like ur writing :D (any characters of your choice!)
Tumblr media
with: sakusa, atsumu, iwaizumi, ushijima
notes: HAHAHAA my go to boys :') also ❤️❤️anon! i love ur prompts so much lemme give u kisses [not proofread] —fluff!
Tumblr media
he freezes in the doorway and slowly lifts his head to meet your glaring eyes. he takes a small step back out of a mix of fear and confusion as he brings his mask down to his chin, racking his brain for something he did wrong. he looks down at the bag of groceries in his hands, maybe he forgot something you had asked him to buy?
you bite down your mischievous smile as you watch him scrambling to search the grocery bag, hurriedly looking for an item to possibly appease you. but you only clear your throat, adorn a faux pout, and sigh. "did i do something wrong?" he asks, giving up and finally taking a step closer to you, shaking his shoes off the mat.
you cross your arms against your chest, "i don't know, did you?" you raise a brow at him in your best attempt of seeming angry.
sakusa only furrows his eyebrows and mumbles a, "no?" hoping he got the correct answer.
"then what's taking you so long?" you say, uncrossing your arms and padding towards him, "i missed you!" with a sweet little smile, you immediately drop your act and let your giggles escape your lips. he doesn't move an inch as you wrap your arms around him, a still confused look on his face.
Tumblr media
he looks up from his phone to see your knitted brows and crossed arms, all tell-tale signs that he definitely did something wrong. he shoots up from his seat, a sudden chill running down his spine as he gasps, "D-DON'T SAY MY FULL NAME!" he exclaims in his defense.
"and why not?" from across the room, you shoot him a fake glare and tap your foot as if impatiently. his breath hitches in fear as he gulps down his words and cautiously makes his way to you. he then lovingly slides his hands around your waist to soothe you, rubbing gentle circles which he knows always calms you down.
"did i do something wrong?" he brings you in closer and rests his head on your shoulder, "if i did, i'm sorry," he mumbles against your skin and your facade instantly falls apart. the living room fills with your muffled chuckles as you bury your head against his chest and he snickers, secretly relieved.
Tumblr media
his head whips towards your voice as you intentionally yet pretend to absentmindedly call him by his full name. he immediately straightens in his seat and observes your expression cautiously.
"can you help me with the laundry?" you ask already turning away from him and exiting the kitchen. with a silent nod, he follows your command without a word and silently works as fast and efficiently as you can, making sure you don't even lift a finger.
you watch him quietly put away the last of the clean clothes, eyebrows furrowed in deep thought. and as if sensing your gaze, he cautiously pads over to you and wraps his weary hands around you, hugging you from behind, "i'm sorry," his whispers laced with guilt.
"hajime?" you turn around and cup his face, hearing the name you always call him by brings slight relief to his features.
with a small and apologetic smile on his face, he circles his thumb on your cheek, "whatever it is, i'm... really sorry." he apologizes again and you bite your lip, feeling your own guilt build up.
Tumblr media
he freezes mid-bite—his spoon of rice suspended in the air, his mouth ajar and open, just waiting for you to speak. but you only stand there, arms crossed and glaring at him.
"y/n?" he calls out for you, hand still holding up his spoon. he considers his situation for a second and his eyes immediately darts down to his half-eaten lunch. was it because he didn't invite you to eat with him? his mind short circuits for another second as he remembers how you had insisted he went ahead and eat first, but still, he had to make sure. "did i... do something wrong?"
"hmm..." you drag out your hum, relishing in the cute confused look on his face. there's a slight pout on his lips as he awaits your answer and his brows are knitted as he racks his brain for the best way to apologize to you.
but with a sweet mischievous smile, you only sit beside him and take his spoon. "nope," you bring the spoon to his mouth and he obediently lets you feed him, "you're good toshi."
Tumblr media
rbs are appreciated! *headpats* » m. list
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PLS I BEG OF YOU “i fucking love you” “hang up, and tell me this when you’re sober” WITH KING SUNA
prompt: "i fucking love you" / "hang up, and tell me this when you're sober" ft. suna rintarō.
wc: 1.2k+
tags: fluff, yearning, gn!reader, fwb to lovers !!, nsfw mention, he calls you "whore" but it's lighthearted || ultimately sfw.
A/N: ....i really need to learn self control 😰 also i tweaked the prompt a little hehe but i hope u enjoy !! <3
Tumblr media
suna’s got a weird feeling in his gut.
it started with the text you’d sent him earlier in the night, a simple “hey, i’m going out drinking with the others tonight, so keep your phone on <33.” when he’d asked you why, all you’d said was “just in case!” before promptly ignoring the rest of his messages, leaving him with raised eyebrows and multiple questions. eventually, he’d sighed, tossed his phone away and gone back to his game, pushing away the strange twist in his stomach.
you’d never specifically asked him to keep his phone on before (not that you ever really needed to; he has a special ringtone for you, but he’d sooner insult his coach to his face before telling you that). he also didn’t know who these “others” were, and obviously, he knows you don’t owe him the information, but that doesn’t erase the nagging curiosity in the corner of his mind.
it’s frustrating, makes him feel a little stupid and irritated with himself. he wants you to text him whenever you’re going out (or better yet, give him a kiss before leaving). he wants you to talk to him about your other friends, wants to hear you spill all the gossip you know and laugh when he tells you the things he’s heard.
he wants to be more than someone you call when you need some stress relief or just want a good old orgasm. he wants to give you the sex and the aftercare and the company but under a different context. he wants to call you over to his place just to cuddle, and treat you to a night out, and be able to tell everyone that you’re his—his to kiss and hold and joke around with and love.
and just as much, he wants to be yours. wants you to call him sickeningly sweet pet names and buy matching outfits for the both of you and hear you call him your boyfriend. the desire for you to be each other’s burns brightly in his chest, and he feels it ignite every time you say his name or laugh at a stupid joke he told or moan so prettily into his ears.
sometimes, it feels like if he doesn’t do anything about it, the fire might end up consuming him inside out.
but then he’ll think about losing the familiarity of your touch, and no longer hearing your sweet voice calling him rin, and he thinks he’d rather be burned to ashes.
it's only hours later, when he can feel his eyelids getting heavy and the yawns leaving his mouth increase in number, that he gets the call that’d finally douse water on the flames.
the special ringtone blares throughout his room, and instantly, he’s awake and reaching for his phone, swiping at the screen and lips curving at the sound of your voice.
“rin!” you exclaim, “why’d you take so long to answer!”
he can’t help the small chuckle that leaves him, knowing from the slight slurring in your tone that you’re probably a lot more than tipsy.
“sorry, i was busy doing something important,” no he wasn’t, “what’s up?”
“something important?” you ask, and he can picture the exaggerated widening of your eyes and o-shape of your mouth, “what’s something important?”
“mm, don’t wanna tell you,” he hums, smirking when he hears you whine.
“that’s not fair!” you complain, a pout evident in your tone, “i deserve to know!”
“do you now?” he teases, “and why would that be?”
“because.” you pause, and he’s smiling like a fool, “uh—i’ll suck your dick?”
he snorts, closing his eyes in amusement, “you’d do that anyway. you’re too much of a whore not to.”
“hey!” you cry out petulantly, and he huffs a laugh, “i mean—you’re right, but you don’t have to say it!”
“what, bunny can’t take the truth?” he sounds a touch too fond, and he knows, but for the life of him, he can’t help it. already, he can hear the crackle of embers lighting up in his chest, and he lets out a silent sigh.
“so mean,” you mumble, before huffing a short breath, “can’t believe i love you.”
his heart stops.
minutes pass, and you continue to ramble on, not noticing the complete halt his world has come to. all he can do is sit there, with blood rushing through his ears and a heart engulfed in red, orange, and yellow. he sits and sits until you’re calling his name, a confused “rin? rinnie?” leaving your lips; until the heat licking at his ribs snap him out of it and his heartbeat kickstarts all over again.
he takes in a sharp breath, and his voice is shaky when he speaks.
“say it again.”
“wh—huh?” you’re out of the loop, and he curses the long time he took to react properly.
clearing his throat, he forces stability and calm into his tone, “what you said—a few minutes ago,” he squeezes his eyes shut, “that you—you couldn’t believe you—”
he cuts himself off, but it seems you’ve gotten the gist of what he’s trying to say, because you make noise of understanding.
“ah—you mean when i said i can’t believe i love you?”
a harsh breath leaves him, and he swallows with difficulty.
“mhm, what about it?” you sound—so innocent, so honest, like you don’t realize how you just simultaneously destroyed and rebuilt suna’s entire world with that one sentence.
it’s so you, and it’s all he’s ever wanted.
“did you—did you mean it?”
moments pass, and it seems that the reality of the situation has finally gotten past the haze of liquor and exhaustion, because your next words are quiet, embarrassed, but not hesitant or deceptive.
“yeah,” you whisper, soft and honest, “i did.”
a breathless laugh leaves him, and his hand comes up to cover his mouth, an uncontrollable, foolish, unbelievably happy grin pulling at his lips.
“bunny.” he says, and there’s definitely too much fondness in his tone.
“hang up, and tell me this when you’re sober.”
“uh,” you sound puzzled, but you agree anyway, “o-okay. yeah—alright.”
“good,” he replies, biting at his smile. suddenly, a thought strikes him, and he does a quick check at the time, raising his eyebrows when he sees the numbers 2:15 am, “hey, do you have anyone to drive you home?”
“hm?” you must have zoned out, as you take a moment to answer, but then you’re replying, “oh! oh, yeah, i do! yeah, they’re um—i think they’re in the bathroom with one of the girls.”
he chuckles, nodding even though you can’t see, “good. don’t stay out too late, yeah? text me when you’re back home.”
“uh-huh, will do! actually, y’know, i was just thinking abou—huh? what?” your voice is muffled, probably talking to someone off the phone, but then you’re back and your voice is a little hurried, “sorry rin, i got to go! i’ll talk to you later!”
“alright. bye, bunny.”
“bye-bye!” you sing cheerily, before you hang up, leaving him in the silence of his room.
he sighs contently, staring at your contact photo, when he suddenly feels air bubbling up through his chest, and before he knows it, he’s falling back into his bed in a fit of uncontrollable giggles. it’s embarrassing, and he’d rather quit volleyball than get caught, but he can’t stop the laughter shaking through him, and he buries his face in his pillow in a helpless attempt to stop, but the scrunch of his nose and curve of his grin don't leave him—not for a while.
he feels so unbelievably light, like he could start floating through the atmosphere at any given moment. his chest is warm, but it’s not the sweltering heat of a burning fire—it’s the heat of skin against skin, of the sun hitting your frame just right and your bright smiles directed at him. it’s the warmth he’s been daydreaming about and seeking for so long, it doesn’t quite feel real yet.
sleep is a far-away notion, leaving him lying awake in what he thinks has to be some amazing fucking dream, but the sound of a notification from a message—your message—jolts him out of the state, and he scrambles to grab his phone and swipe to see your text.
im home nnow!1
m very tiredt
gonna gosleep
nightnight. :0
a soft chuckle leaves him, and he quickly types back a reply.
goodnight, bunny. sweet dreams.
he exhales a light breath, and flops back onto his pillow.
he can’t wait for tomorrow.
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atsumiye · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
you watch the way your boyfriend lets two girls slide their hands over his chest, whispering sweet words into his ear before giggling. you scoff, rolling your eyes and sinking lower into the booth. he had promised he would make up for his recent neglectful behavior by taking you out for a nice dinner. but, he claimed he needed to visit this club to help a friend, only to sit and flirt while you sat right across from him.
"i saw you come in with him," you feel the seat shift, turning your head to look at the person who slid in next to you, "so why is he with someone else now?" he hands you a glass with a smirk, eyes following your movements as you take the cup from his hands and drink whatever was inside.
"maybe you shouldn't take drinks from strangers."
"then why offer?" you watch as he sticks his hand out, "suna."
you grab his hand giving it a small shake, "y/n."
you turn to look back at your now ex boyfriend, watching as he stares holes into the side of your new friends head. you laugh, scooting closer to suna's side.
suna leans his head forward, "so y/n. whats with the guy over there?"
you sigh and bring your arm to rest on his bicep, "he's just a really shitty ex." suna glances at your hand and sensing he might be uncomfortable you pull your hand back, ready to move away from him.
however, he does the opposite, wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you closer than before, "i get it." he moves his head so his mouth is next to your ear, "wanna make him regret it, pretty?"
he brings his head back to meet your eyes. you slowly nod and he moves his hand to grab your chin, pulling you towards him to slot your lips against his. focusing on the movement of your lips together, you both ignore the shouts of your ex boyfriend, letting him bite your bottom lip before pulling away.
keeping his lips still rested on yours, he whispers, "so stranger. why don't we get out of here?"
Tumblr media
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yutari · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
feat. bokuto kōtarō, iwaizumi hajime, kuroo tetsurō, miya atsumu
warnings. man i just wanna kiss that’s it. maybe a lil suggestive
Tumblr media
BOKUTO rarely comes home like this—eyes a little heavier than usual, the look on his face a little more relaxed than it had been before he left. when he meets you where you sit on the couch, hands delicate as they wrap around your wrists to pull you to your feet, you’re bound to follow. where do you think you’re taking me? you’ll ask, a smile pulling at your lips and laughter clipping at your tongue. bed, he’ll mumble back before leaning in to press his lips to yours. you chase after him when he pulls away and he’ll laugh, a little lower than usual, but still bright enough to be him. soon, he’s kissing you with every step back towards your room, luring you into bed until he’s got you curled around him.
IWAIZUMI kisses you with the setting sun. he’s slow and tired, aching muscles holding him above you on your bed. he’s lazy with the way his fingers trace over your skin, prolonging the time between tonight and tomorrow, memorizing the rise of your cheekbones, the curve of your waist, the lines of your hips as though he could memorize moments such as this. he’s sighing into your lips, mumbling saccharine sentiments and words of ardor. he lets his lips trail your jaw, breathing in the citrus that lingers on your skin from your shower. we should sleep soon, you whisper into him. he groans, a sweet mumble of later leaving his lips.
KUROO kisses you after long business trips—he comes home to you late at night, the moonlight dripping in past the curtains, but there you are, sitting up in bed, your phone resting in your hands until he walks through your door. he moves towards you without thought, plucking headphones out of your ears and peppering kisses across your cheeks and whispering missed you into your ears until the words seem to only know how to follow his breath. he’s tired, he can feel the way his fatigue pulls him down into you, but he’s hardly one to fight against it, not when your hands are on his cheeks and pull him into your lips. so when he lets himself be enveloped by you, when you curl into him and he traces your skin as though it’ll be the last, when he kisses you until he can’t remember the feeling of his lips without yours, it’s never a surprise.
ATSUMU kisses you as the morning comes, your hands on his wrists, kneeling before him on your bed as you try to drag him up. he laughs, bending his arms to send you toppling into him. we have work, you’ll say through lazy laughter, the kind that he’s sure to catch as he leans up to kiss you, letting sweet breaths spill from his mouth into yours. don’t care, he’ll mumble into you, fingers toying with the hem of your shirt, head tilting and a smirk drawing at his lips when he pulls away to look at you. and then he pulls you in again, dotting kisses across your cheeks and the bridge of your nose, going slower and lazier until he’s got you laying back on top of him, letting the warmth of the sheets, the sun, and his lips beckon you back to sleep.
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dilf-uc · a month ago
Tumblr media
pairings » (multiple) haikyuu boys x gn!reader
genre » smut, fluff, nsfw visuals (18+)
word count » 0.9K
warnings » nsfw. minors dni. p-twt visuals. etc.
author's note » need need atsumu & kuroo in my mouth,, also kita :')
Tumblr media
don’t be fooled by the name of this receiver, this by no means eludes to his volleyball position. honestly, he’s got the fattest balls that could fit in your mouth so perfectly. oh, and the beautiful desperate groans and heavy breaths that escape his lips when you take one of his balls into your mouth, making him a whiney mess when you suck on them and rotate in between.
despite the girth length that could stretch you out and fill you to the brim, his breeder balls drive you insane the most. especially the way they’d deliciously slap against your ass in mating press. they’re so big and so full of cum only for you to take.
he’d come home having so much to give in those beauties, and you’d get down on your knees without him having to ask and take what he’s willing to give. so much for big balls, he still has small patience. you’d drive him feral when he looks down to observe the way you take his balls in your tight little mouth with the prettiest lips; it’s a beautiful sight and he just can’t take it anymore. he’d grab the back of your head and immediately start fucking your throat at his own pace; tears would stream down your cheeks and it would be a bit painful in the aspect of his pleasure, but you’d be over the moon to have him so intimately in your mouth and he fucking loves it.
he loves everything you do for him, thus through it all he’d be praising you so sweetly for doing so well and for making him feel so good, and how he’s unbelievably lucky to have such a loving sweet partner like you.
Tumblr media
this receiver takes into account how good you feel while sucking him off. he doesn’t want to see you dripping on the floor, clenching around nothing, and having all your sweet arousal go to waste. he doesn’t want to be the only one on the receiving end. nope. he wants you to feel just as good at the same time. and it’s mostly added onto his pleasure more than you; because as your pretty lips wrap around his cock at one end, in the other, he’s getting dessert; no position is sweeter and more convenient for him.
so when you’d pull away from kissing him breathlessly, moving your way down and springing his cock out of his boxers, he’d simply squeeze at the flesh of your skin gently and tell you to adjust your position so that your pretty ass is facing him, and his cock is facing you. you’d be confused because you wanted to pleasure him, then he’d say you’re always too good for him that he’ll have to make you feel good too, otherwise he won’t get to enjoy it fully.
you’d melt in his hold but it’s such a comfortable and carefree position that brings you both pure pleasure; especially if you both happen to orgasm at the same time, absolutely heavenly. his tongue doing wonders to you from the back while yours makes him a whiney mess for you that he has to resist the urge to thrust upwards into your pretty little mouth.
he’d be moaning at the sweet taste of you whilst experience the addicting stimulation on his dick, it can be too much and can overwhelm his senses that he’d go rough once he really gets to fuck you.
Tumblr media
this is the kind of receiver who is just always spoiled by you during sex. that doesn’t mean he’s submissive, rather this kind of receiver always has the most control and upper hand in sex and it drives you insane that you’re always weak to his desires. because he has the overwhelming need to dominate every aspect of his life, it only makes sense that he’s far from being the submissive one. however, when it comes to you wanting to give him some relief after a long day, he’s completely taking the time to relax and let you take control because he knows he deserves it after working so hard. it’s like a reward.
and you’d spoil him partially because he’s so precious and pretty during it; completely putty in your arms and hold that you just want to make him cum over and over again with just having your mouth wrapped around the tip alone, to your heart’s desire until he’s breathily whining so adorably that he can’t take it anymore, that nothing can come out anymore. that when he cums on your chest or face once, you’ll still keep going and wrap your mouth around him once more.
you feel a great sense of pride when it comes to sucking him off because you take your absolute time in the effort of leaving his legs shaking that way, pretty whines and moans and fisting the sheets beneath him. and because he’s just so pretty and hot while getting head that you can’t help but suck him off until he’s an overstimulated mess. and for once you’d get to experience having to win a round against him; kinda like taking a set, not necessarily winning the match.
because you know damn well he’s repaying the favor until you’re overstimulated ten times more sensitively.
Tumblr media
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shinomiis · a month ago
hq boys as highschool crushes!
includes: atsumu miya, rintaro suna, kei tsukishima, keiji akaashi, testuro kuroo, shoyo hinata
warnings: none
notes: god i am down so bad for these drawings
part two
Tumblr media
ATSUMU!: the class clown who looks over to you after every joke he makes to make sure you’re laughing too, does that thing where he pushes his tongue to his cheek while smirking after.
SUNA!: that one kid that sits right beside you and does nothing but sleep during class. in those short moments that he is awake, however, he’s always making remarks about the teacher, making you silently giggle as he just gazes at you fondly. also the kid you accidentally end up playing ‘footsies’ with. you guys have a lifetime supply of inside jokes by the end of the year.
AKAASHI!: your english partner who doesn’t ever let you miss an annotation in the book. doesn’t even scold you for it either, just taps your shoulder and points to his page. during socratic seminars he’s looking at you straight in the eyes and when someone cuts over you he stops them, telling them off before focusing his eyes back onto you.
TSUKISHIMA!: that one table partner who doesn’t speak to anyone but you. he doesn’t even look at anyone else when they’re speaking, eyes focused on you. when you tease him about it he’ll say ‘you have something stuck in your teeth’ to throw you off.
KUROO!: he doesn’t need the notes, he already knows he’s going to ace the test. but if it means he’ll have an excuse to talk to you, he’s going to dumb himself down a bit. correction: a lot
HINATA!: he saves you a seat every single day with the brightest smile on his face as he pats your chair. refers to you guys as ‘best friends’ all the time, even if you’ve only just met.
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