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Tumblr media
sakusa thinks he’s sick—which is odd in itself because sakusa never gets sick.
but he’s sick, he’s sure of it. otherwise, why else would his cheeks flush with so much heat, and why else would his skin get sweaty from nothing, and why else would he feel so dizzy? he’s sure it’s something serious, but komori insists it’s not—but what would komori know?
komori has a god awful sleep schedule, he skips his annual flu shot, he always forgets a jacket, and he uses a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner. sakusa kiyoomi is not going to take health advice from someone who’s as out of tune with taking proper care of themselves as his know-it-all cousin. but komori makes one (and only one) valid point—sakusa seems to only feel this way when you’re around.
and that’s crazy. you’ve been his friend since high school, you’ve helped him pass math class for all of college, you’ve taken criminally unflattering photos of him mid-serve for countless MSBY games—you’re his best friend. he thinks it’s rather ridiculous that komori’s trying to insinuate that you’re detrimental to his health.
but then you laugh and god, sakusa swears he’s just experienced cardiac arrest.
“i’m starting to think i’m allergic to you,” he mumbles, watching as you raise a brow and take a bite of your (his) french fry. you claimed you weren’t hungry—which is never true, so now he’s stuck sharing.
“well, that’s rude. i share my food with you all the time, no need to be stingy—”
“that’s not what i meant,” he rolls his eyes, lips curving into scowl, “but you definitely don’t share as often as i do.” you giggle at the way he stares unimpressed, watching you take more from his pile.
not only do you make him sick physically, but you also make him sick in the head. sakusa kiyoomi is the youngest in his family. he’s been spoiled since the day he learned to walk, he hasn’t had to share since he first learned how to spell the damn word itself. komori never gets french fry stealing privileges—and yet, somehow, you’ve twisted his brain into giving you privileges after another willingly.
“you sound crazy, kiyoomi. well…crazier than usual,” you snort.
“i don’t usually sound crazy,” he grumbles.
“that’s what a crazy person would say. now tell me why you’re allergic to me—that’s still really rude, by the way. share your drink with me to make it up,” you make grabby hands for his sprite, and he swats you away, glaring at you as you pout.
“you have your own drink.”
“i finished it,” you pout deeper, batting your lashes at him pleadingly. and now he’s starting to think this is serious—maybe he really should see a doctor. why on earth are his hands getting sweaty?
“too bad, this is mine,” he scowls, grabbing the french fry your reach for just to spite you. he fights back a grin as you glare at him, taking a victorious bite as he stares right into your eyes to rub salt on the wound. “every time you come around, i seem to get sick.”
“huh? sick how?” you tilt your head, and his heartbeat speeds up. then it does that weird clench, and he’s trying to figure out if cardiac arrest this often at his age is bad for his career as an athlete. he’s sure it has to be.
“either i’m allergic to you, or you’re just bad luck. every time you come around, my hands sweat and i feel like i’m gonna throw up and my chest tightens—oh, and i have trouble speaking sometimes. this can’t be healthy—”
“i take it back. you’re not crazy, you’re stupid.”
“hey,” he hissed, pulling his french fries out of reach with a soft pout, “what’s that supposed to mean?”
“is this a joke? or are you seriously this clueless,” you ask, and there’s an edge of seriousness in your tone, something close to doubtful—maybe even the slightest bit insecure. he frowns, brows furrowing as he shakes his head.
“no, i’m serious. it only happens when you’re around and—”and suddenly, he gets cut off by the sound of you letting out a breathless chuckle before he feels the side of his face be cupped as you kiss him.
you kiss him out of nowhere—and right on the mouth too. with not even so much as a warning.
sakusa kiyoomi has known you since high school, which means he’s less than shocked by anything you do anymore. he’s endured your teasing of his neon green school jersey, he’s sat through your same old rant about your history professor over and over again, he’s watched you try (and fail) at figuring out how to change the tire of your first car, and he’s let you rope him into carrying all your boxes when you move into your new apartment. but never, ever, has he prepared for your lips to touch his.
“kiyoomi,” you let out a breathy laugh, laced in disbelief, “you’re really something else.”
he sputters, staring at you with a bright red face and eyes widened by miles.
“w-what was that—”
“i love you too. you clueless idiot.”
and as of today, sakusa kiyoomi realizes he really is sick—sickeningly in love with someone as annoying as you.
Tumblr media
idk what the fuck this is lmao bye
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6kiyo · a day ago
next in line 
you thought that suna had reciprocated his feelings towards you, until a game of truth or dare had told you otherwise. so, the one next in line gets his turn: miya atsumu.
ʚ suna rintaro x reader + miya atsumu x reader | college!au | 3.9k words
warning: alcohol, mentions of sleeping with someone, suna breaking our hearts
author’s note: EVERYONE !! thank y’all so much for the love y’all gave my last drabble! i was so surprised and wondered where everyone came from. we have over 200 notes on it !! please give some love to this work too pls !! <33 i’ll be writing a part 2 to this soon!
(p.s: i was inspired from picka: 30 days to love! this is inspired by me being upset over the partner game around day 20 😭)
Tumblr media
“hey! we’re playing truth or dare here! anyone interested, come through!”
a few bodies had moved from their previous spot, others had moved away from where the voice had come from.
a few familiar faces sat in the little living space near the front door. lots of the members from the college’s volleyball team were there too, including atsumu and suna. bokuto was there too, along with some unrecognizable faces. 
staring at the circle, you didn’t catch the ball of orange running behind you and ushering you into the space. 
“h-hey wait!” you stood your ground, feeting dragging every other step yet the sheer force of his running and pushing behind you stood a chance against your movements.
behind your ear, you hear hinata’s laugh as he was pushing you along. “come on, y/n! it’ll be fun! trust!”
you sighed, knowing that the only outcome to this situation was to play along. and played along you did, sitting right beside bokuto and hinata, you sandwiched between them. 
“hey y/n! how’s it going?” a roaring voice across from where you sat called out to you. staring up, you locked eyes with atsumu who was clearly already drunk from the amount of alcohol he had earlier and the glow of red on his cheeks, maybe from the alcohol or just the extra smiling he’d been doing the whole time. sat next to him was suna who was uninterested and on his phone with one hand, a bottle of beer in the other.
atsumu was one of your good friends and the one you got close to the quickest due to his extroverted personality. he was someone you could rely on, and him the same, with you always talking about everything from the one girl you hate in one of your lecture halls, to your crush on suna.
“hi, atsumu. i’m good. i’d ask how you are but i think i can tell,” you joked. he had smiled back at you with a much wider grin and chuckled before waving his arm around and shushing the group.
“alright guys, let’s get this thing started. hopefully all of you know what to do.” atsumu grabbed an empty beer bottle from his side and set it in the middle. “i’ll spin this, whoever the bottle lands on must answer truth or dare. pass a truth or dare, you have to drink!” from that announcement the crowd got a bit rowdier. claps and hollers circled around you before atsumu took the clear bottle and spun it.
the first round landed on an unfamiliar person, who decided to go for a dare right off the bat. he was forced to lick the underside of someone’s shoe, much to his dismay.
the second round had landed on yaku, who you knew to be someone on the volleyball team. he was given a truth to answer, which was to answer when the last time he slept with someone was. denying to respond, he had taken a shot and everybody moved onto the next victim.
a few rounds passed. several disgusting dares and shocking truths came out until the bottle had finally landed on you.
atsumu had stared up at you. “ah, miss y/n, truth or dare?”
“i’ll go with truth.” 
he smiled before he responded. “is it true that you’re still madly in love with suna?”
your mouth went agape. out of all things, he asked you this question? this was embarrassing for you, especially when he was sitting in front of you. plus when his name was mentioned, he had stopped staring at his phone and stared at atsumu before staring back at you with a questionable but upset gaze. 
suna and you had some history back then. you had found yourself knees deep in your crush towards him when you told yourself you wouldn’t find any romantic interest for the guy. yet, there you were, with your lies embodied in you. 
he had actually reciprocated the flirting that you had done with him, to the point where all your friends and even the team had wanted a happy ending for the two of you. he even took you out on a date, kissed you, did so much of the stereotypical romantic stuff that you were absolutely swooning over him. however, you just choose to keep your gigantic crush on him on the low.
“atsumu, really?” you groaned, but the others around you had been hyped from such a scandalous question. you quickly took the bottle of alcohol from the middle and poured yourself a shot straight into your mouth. sounds of disappointment surrounded you.
the bottle spun a few times, with even more truths and dares being given out. some players quit due to their alcohol limits being reached, and some were still left. including you, atsumu, and suna.
the bottle spun once more, taking a while to stop until its momentum slowed down and stopped right in front of suna.
“hey! i got one for suna when he answers!” a player shouted. something bubbled in your gut. not from the alcohol, but from the bad feeling you had gotten from the voice. it felt like it had mal intentions. 
“okay. i’ll uh, go with truth this time,” suna adjusted his position on the floor before looking at the onlooker. 
“are your feelings for y/n real?” this time, the crowd was rowdier than ever before. those outside the game came to see the drama going on, and all eyes were on the two of you now.
you glanced at suna before hiding your gaze to the floor. to be honest, you never knew where his intentions with you were. he had a hunch about your infatuation with him, but none of you really ever acted on it, only going for occasional flirting and the one kiss you shared. nothing more. but this question had certainly caught your attention.
suna stared out a little before he glanced towards you. he looked back at the ground before he spoke his mind.
“no, they were never there.”
saying that the silence was so loud you could hear a pin drop was a wildly low understatement. the silence was so loud that you could hear your own heart break. atsumu had embarrassed you first until suna had completely obliterated you. you were so embarrassed, you wanted to die. be swallowed up by the earth. have a plane crash into the house. everything but face the repercussions of the truth suna spat out.
there you sat, frozen solid. you stared at him back onto his phone, scrolling through who the hell knows. what he didn’t know was the amount of sheer shame he brought you. all you could do was sit there for the longest time and hold back your tears and onto your broken heart.
beside you, hinata had broken the silence first. “h-hey, suna, don’t you think that was a little too much?” from his question, all suna could say was one simple word:
and that broke you. you stood up and nonchalantly walked out the front door. you just wanted to get out of there, forget everything that happened tonight, cry yourself to sleep. you hated what suna did to you tonight, and you don’t think you’d have it in you to forgive him if he had the pride to apologize.
you were already out the door and a block away. behind you, you heard the heavy steps of running and heavy breathing. you came to a stop before turning and seeing the blond setter coming towards your way.
“atsumu? what are you doing here, go back to your party. i’m going home.”
out of breath, he took a moment to respond, hands on his knees trying to slow his breathing down. “can’t… go alone… walk with… you…” 
you put a hand on his shoulder for reassurance. “no, it’s okay tsumu, i’ll be okay.”
“no it’s too dark… rather walk you home myself…” atsumu slowly caught his breath. he stood up normally before looking down at your worried stare. 
“if you’re sure, then i’m okay with it.” you continued walking before he jogged up to you, standing on the side closest to the street.
“i forgot to apologize.”
you stared at the twin. his gaze was facing forward, face molded with his serious face. 
“for what, tsumu?” you questioned.
“i kind of brought up the whole suna thing. that was me being drunk. i’m sorry that it snowballed from there.” he looked down at you and smiled with a sheepish grin. you couldn’t help but to smile back, looking down at the ground before you while you two kept walking.
“it’s okay. really, i promise. no one really expected things to go this way. i’m just upset at suna i guess. he led me on this whole time.” you pouted. atsumu could see the disappointment in your face. oh how he wished he could be the one to turn your frown upside down.
he sighed before speaking up once again. “well, y/n. at least you know his true character. i’d say you dodged a nuke back there,” he joked with you.
you laughed back. “you’re right, but it’s hard to not forget about him, especially in my case where i was attached to him by the strongest glue imaginable.” 
atsumu had hummed to that statement and the conversation soon turned silent, the clacking of your heels and his steps the only sound around for you two to hear. not before long, you returned back to your campus dorm, where he stood at the entrance.
“well, guess we’re here huh? text me when you get inside. and text me if you need anything, okay?” atsumu had asked you, and you told him that there was nothing to be worried about before walking inside to your dorm.
but to his experience, one who says there’s nothing to be worried about is usually the one that you should be definitely worried about. 
for the next couple days, you stayed cooped up in your dorms. you hadn’t bothered to go to class or even open your computer. noticing your absence, atsumu decided to check in with you.
in your dorm, you laid underneath your blankets scrolling through social media before your phone buzzed and atsumu’s picture came up on your phone. you answered his call after a few seconds.
“y/n? how are you? i haven’t seen you since… you know.”
“i’m okay, really, don’t worry about me,” you let out a breathy laugh. you spoke in a tone that would hopefully convince him of your wellbeing.
but he wasn’t buying it.
“hm, okay. just checking in on you, bye!” he spoke before quickly hanging up on you. you thought nothing of it, tossing your phone to the side and taking a quick nap.
atsumu had hung up, but he decided that enough was enough and he had to go see you. he walked at a rushed pace all the way to your dorm and put in your door code. once inside, he took the elevator up to your floor, then walked out and straight to your door.
three knocks were heard. 
“who is it?”
you were met with silence. the knocks were heard again, at a quicker pace. 
you walked up and out of your bed and the knocks were even louder and much more frantic. you trudged to the door, and opened it to see none other than atsumu behind the wood.
“why are you knocking at my door?” you questioned him. you looked like a mess, but you didn’t care.
“i know you’re not okay,” atsumu breathed out. he noticed how pale you were, your eyebags grew more prominent, and your whole attire was unlike what you usually wore. you were more, put together, to describe it. yet here you were, looking like the total opposite of put together.
“i told you, i’m perfectly fine,” you grumbled. you walked back to your bed, letting atsumu in who shut the door behind him. your room was much worse— the whole room was dark, save from your screen on your phone. your trash can had been filled to the brim with tissues and junk food, clothes piled on the floor. you were normally such a neat freak too, but from looking at your state of your being and your room, he could obviously tell how much the situation at the party affected you.
he sat back on the edge of the bed, looking at you typing on your phone before going back to sleeping. he felt bad about everything, but more than anything he felt bad about suna saying that about you too. he wanted his friend to feel better.
“do you wanna go on a date?” atsumu spoke out loud. he had asked without hesitation and out of the blue, which definitely shocked the both of you.
you sat up from where you laid, looking at him in confusion. you were glad the room was dark though, because he would’ve seen how much your words had an affect on you. but maybe he could tell from the tone of your voice when you wondered about his question.
“i mean, as friends of course. but i wanna take you out, forget about that jerk. you deserve better, and you gotta get over him before you can find someone new.” atsumu had stopped looking at you from that point on, opting to stare down on your bed and playing with the fabric of your blanket that poked out. 
you thought about his words for a second. it would definitely be a great distraction, but you still had a crush on suna. it wouldn’t be so soon as to where you can find someone else. but, it would be fun to go on a date with atsumu for a day.
“okay.” he looked up from what he was doing, finding you gazing at him.
“yes really,” you smiled. he gave you a gentle smile back.
“okay, is tomorrow too soon? at 6?”
“no, i’ll be good then.”
atsumu smiled widely, hopping out from where he sat. “alright, guess my mission here’s complete! guess i’m outta here.”
“w-wait is that all you came here for? to ask me on a date?” 
the blond turned around once again and smiled at you. “no, my plan was to make you feel better again. seeing you genuinely smile today means i did my part. but we still have that date, so hopefully i’ll make you happy again!” he walked out but not before waving you goodbye and shutting the door on his way out. that miya may be the death of you, but at least he made living fun.
the next day, you had wallowed in self pity all day up until an hour before your date. atsumu had planned to pick you up later in the day, but you still had no clue on what to wear even minutes before he said he’d come.
with great timing, he had texted you asking if you still wanted to go on that date.
[yes, i’m still down. but what am i supposed to wear? i’m not exactly aware of date attire or anything.]
he texted back, telling you to wear something warm and casual, so you opted for a warm top and comfortable bottoms, making sure you’d be warm at this hour of the evening. 
[i’m here.] he texted you half an hour later. you walked out of your dorm and went down to the first floor. you walked out of the building to see atsumu wearing slacks and a hoodie layered by his volleyball letterman. he had been leaning on the brick wall, before noticing you and walking up to you.
“hey! you look good, y/n.” you smiled up at him.
“this was just something i put on. it’s nothing fancy or anything,” you spoke. atsumu laughed at your humble attitude.
“you still look good anyways. oh, and here,” he pulled out a bouquet of pink flowers. it was absolutely beautiful and smelled amazing.
“atsumu! you didn’t have to.” you flustered over the sudden gift. he patted your head before saying that this was a date, you deserve some flowers on a date.
he walked you to his car, but not before opening your door to let you in and closing it behind you. he circled around the hood to get into the driver’s side.
you buckled in and settled the flowers on your lap. “so, where are we going tonight?”
he started the car, then started driving out of the campus. “i got two things in mind that you’ll hopefully love. but it’s a surprise, so you’ll know when we get there.”
you groaned and he laughed. the rest of the car ride was some banter between the two of you while his playlist of your shared music was on a low volume before you arrived at some unknown location.
“where are we?” you spoke as atsumu had opened your door again. as you stepped out, your nose was flooded with the scent of all kinds of food. it was hard to figure out what was what, but nonetheless it made your mouth water. 
“a food festival. hopefully you haven’t eaten yet, but food’s on me. get whatever you want.” he held out his hand for you to hold. you looked at him before looking back at his hand, hesitant on whether or not it was okay.
“i don’t have chickenpox, y/n. it’s okay,” he joked. you grumbled back at him before holding his hand and he squeezed it in comfort.
the both of you walked around the food festival with you looking at all the options you had in front of you and him suggesting on what to eat. the both of you first tried some savory foods, grabbing one meal from a food stand and eating it before moving onto the next. some foods were absolutely amazing, others were not as good. but you continued to eat your hearts away with some meals, and ended it off with some different desserts.
“dude, i’m so full.” atsumu had stretched and rubbed his stomach. you did the same and laughed out loud. 
“me too, but that was great. never thought i would see the day where i eat a peanut butter and jelly mac and cheese.” you sipped on the drink you had bought earlier, and headed back into atsumu’s car.
“alright, part one done. now, it’s the second part of the date,” he spoke. he drove out of the parking lot and towards the hills. 
“where’re we going now?” you questioned him, but you would’ve guessed that he would be keeping it from you as a surprise.
“i have a spot where we can see all of tokyo and the bay.” he spoke, eyes staring straight ahead. you looked out the passenger window, taking in all the lights you can already see.
compared to the ride to the food festival, this one was quiet but not overbearing or awkward. in fact, it felt peaceful. the music was still playing over the radio but was nice background noise that accompanied the sounds of the car.
eventually, the car came to a stop. you stared out the windshield to be met with a view of tokyo. the lights were bright, the bridge in front of you sparkled as you saw several cars come and go on it. behind it were all the lights of the buildings in the busy metropolitan area, and on the bottom of it all was the bay, reflecting all of its lights and moving with the wind. it was truly a sight to behold.
“wow,” you broke the silence. “it looks amazing here.” the both of you stepped out the car and sat on the hood, where you continued to take in the scenery. 
“nice, huh,” atsumu spoke to you.
“yeah,” you responded.
you both sat in silence. the air was cold, and your hands froze. you shoved your hands in your pockets while atsumu rubbed his and blew his breath on it.
he shuffled around a bit, leaning his weight onto his other leg before breaking the silence once again. “what did you ever see in suna, by the way?”
to be honest, you didn’t know. all you knew was that you had a crush on him. but thinking more on his words, was there really anything notable about him that made you infatuated? maybe you liked him because of his looks, or his “love” that he showed you, or even the banter between you. maybe because he was a volleyball player and a mutual friend? but even so, there was nothing about him personality-wise that really attracted you. maybe you were just attracted to what he gave you instead of him as a whole.
small tears started spilling out, hitting a sensitive spot that had healed temporarily only to be forced open once more. “i don’t know.” 
atsumu held onto your hand. his was warm compared to the frigid feeling of yours. you were such a bright and warm person but now your hand felt like ice. was this the effect of what that middle blocker had done to you?
you looked at him, where he continued to look at the bay all while his grasp on your hand kept on. 
“be mine. i’ll treat you better. but i mean, you can say no too. i know it’s too soon, but i really admire you and you overall. and i want to be able to make you happy.” he squeezed your hand as his breath fogged out. this was surely a distraction from suna, but was it a good one? you were unsure.
just like how you felt about him attempting to court you.
“atsumu…” you looked down at your feet, unsure of what to say.
“it’s okay to say no, y/n. i just wanted to tell you. and if you do say no, i hope we can still be friends.” 
you looked out at the sights before you. would it really be better than what suna had gave you? atsumu on this date had been nothing but a gentleman. he was really caring towards you and even bought you flowers. suna hadn’t done that but he was also kind to you. so what would be different?
“atsumu i’m flattered, really, but i think i need time to figure it out. you’re really sweet but what would be different if i decided to be by your side?”
he squeezed your hand. “everything. we can take it slow, i’ll go the long way for you. i just want you to be mine.”
you were still hesitant. but as you wondered, you realized that maybe things could work out for you if you would open yourself up to the opportunity. so you spoke to him.
“okay. i’ll be yours. but you have to take me on another date. and prove it to me. prove that you’ll be better than him, then i’ll decide if i want to take your offer.”
atsumu smiled at your answer. he smiled and took your hand up to his mouth where he placed a gentle kiss on your palm. he grabbed your hand with both of his, and stared at your eyes.
“i promise i’ll take care of you. anything for the best."
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justmywriting1313 · a day ago
Aggressively affectionate (sakusa x reader)
Tumblr media
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi seems like the kind of partner who would aggressively baby you especially if he deems you as someone who isn't very good/ capable of taking care of themselves. The entire time he would be shaking his head, a perpetual frown on his face as he tucks you in and mutters under his breath, “silly girl... going and making me care for you and then love you only to be a complete idiot... You can’t go make me love you and then be incapable of keeping yourself alive... smh”
Tumblr media
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi whose gut has been twisting in worry for the past couple of weeks because he has watched you overwork yourself to the point of complete incoherency. He hasn’t said anything yet because so far you have always been the one to remind him of his limits but even that has been mild because lets face it, omi-omi is a fairly balanced person. However you guys are still new to this and the boundaries haven’t been placed so he doesn’t know when and where he can step in.
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who borders on speeding when he gets a call from your co-worker wondering if he could come pick you up since you kind of blacked out for a while. For the first time he feels angry when he walks up to your table, gathering a listless you into himself and practically carrying you reassuring your boss and friends that he has this handled.
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who settles you into his car, getting into his own seat and slamming the door shut. For a minute or two there is silence as he takes a moment to gather his thoughts while you did everything to avoid looking at the seething man next to you. He finally turned to you, dark eyes glistening with unreserved care and concern as he grabbed your chin with a firm, not forceful grip,
“I have tried to be patient... I really have... I have tried to do this the easy way for many reasons... we are still new to this and you are kind of a flight risk with relationships but I’m over it... I care about you too much to see you overwork yourself... so we are going to go home, you will stay over with me where I can keep on you and you are going to listen and do everything i say Y/N L/N... Am I clear?” 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who ignores your grumbling about his use of your full name. Once he gets his agreement he is placing a kiss on your pouty lips before driving of to his apartment. His movements are firm and a little rough but not forceful as he drags you in by the upper arm. Sitting you down on his couch and placing painkillers for your headache, a much too large bottle of water and a couple of granola bars in-front of you. Before putting on a show for you, something lighthearted no matter how much you wanted to watch greys anatomy.
“I am going to fill a bath for you and set out some clothes... if the water and granola bars aren’t finished by the time I’m back...” 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who sets his entire house up, filling the bath up, setting a set of his own clothes out for you, getting some of the prep for a good meal done as he waits for you to finish what he gave you, his observing eyes never leaving you for too long. Just this took the little energy you had gotten in the car out of you as Kiyoomi carried you to the bathroom. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi whose actions become oh so gentle as he gently stands you up on two feet as he raises your arms for you. Soft voice as he calls you all the nicknames under the sun when your eyes get a little teary and you beg to just lie down on the floor and go to sleep, even if it is in the bathroom. He gets down on his knees and looks up at you with soft eyes as he watch you sob. Even as he helps you out of your skirt and panties. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who gets you into the water and with gentle strokes he washes your hair for you. Even as you sob into your hands and knees. Every cry bringing you closer to exhaustion. Kiyoomi would just sit and hear it all as he moves you into different positions, scrubbing your back and arms for you. Hands gliding across your stomach and down your legs as you loll your head back to look at him as he rinses you of. 
“‘M sorry ya had to take care of me Kiyo-kun”
“sweetheart wether you like it or not I’m here... and I’m not going anywhere and that means i get to take care of you and its something I want... You will never have to be sorry for it... cause its what I want to do”
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who wraps you up in a fluffy towel and takes you to bed where he dresses you up in his shirt that was one size too big. The collar dropping making you swim in it. He pulls one of his boxer briefs up your legs since his sweats were too big and falling off. Your Kiyo-kun who sits you down on the edge of the bed and rubs moisturiser into your legs as you grip a pillow in your arms. He lets his lips trail up your calf as he does so.
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who drags you to the couch sitting you on the floor in between his legs as he uses a towel and then hair dryer to dry your hair. Smiling softly when he watches your head lol onto his knee as you almost fall asleep. Before he gets up to get your food for you. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who suddenly goes back to angry when you refuse to eat. His eyes getting fiery as he ignores your whines that make false promises about eating when you wake up. Instead grabbing the chop sticks and feeding you himself. His face is still angry but inside he is chuckling a little as you pout all through the meal, huffing into your hands as you chew the bite of rice and meat he had forced you to eat. Once again a little teary eyed and red cheeked. You really were a cry baby when you were tired but Kiyoomi was far from upset with that discovery. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who leads you back to the bathroom where he sits you up on the counter handing you a toothbrush as he takes the fastest shower of his life not wanting to leave you too long. He comes out of the glass cubicle only to see you having fallen asleep while brushing and all he can do is sigh as he brushes his own teeth and changes before finally letting the both of you collapse into bed. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who wraps you and himself up like a burrito before finally taking a deep breath of relief at finally having you back in his arms knowing you were well taken care of safe. His mind wandering to all the ways he never wants this to happen again as he presses kisses to your temple as he breathes you in. The soft glow of the night light he thought it best to leave on, highlighting your dark circles and sallow complexion that had his heart plummeting. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who airs out his grievances about how annoying you could be like this through whispered grumblings against your skin as he relaxes at finally having his missed intimacy with you. He also whispers out all of his promises about how when you failed to take care of yourself he would always step up no matter how annoyingly incapable you were because you are his to love and care for and he knew he could learn to be the best at that just like he was the best at Volleyball, 
“You are annoying... You are annoying and a cry baby and clumsy and careless with your safety and rash and reckless and I’m still shocked you have come this far alive somehow... You in all your delicate easily hurt yet having to do everything glory are annoying... But you’re still my person and if you are going to fail oh so miserably at keeping yourself alive thats fine... i’ll do it... cause you are all of these things but most of all you are mine... mine to care for, mine to love and mine to look after...I swear to god though, if you ever let it get this bad again I swear I will actually buy you one of those tracking apps and hound you all the time like a helicopter parent”   
This is very much trash and a good example of what happens when i’m rushed by anyone for something... even by myself but I have been in soft Kiyoomi hours for days now so here we are 
enjoyyyy and as always please comment, like and request stuff
okieee bye <3
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k0shii · 23 hours ago
LET ME LOVE YOU k. tsukishima
Self conscious, worried reader, angst-fluff-smut, soft dom tsukishima, oral (f), lovey dovey tsukki, makeout session, use of princess, and baby, overstimulation, Caring and soft Tsukki
Summary: Kei has been a little more busy these days and it feels like he doesn’t have enough time for you. So to apologize what better way than to spoil the hell out of you?
4 times
Thats how many times you called Tsukishima, usually he’d be back home by nine or latest 9:40 it was eleven o’clock. You were worried sick, excuses didn’t cut it anymore. Was he ignoring you? Did something happen? Yamaguchi would know- Yamaguchi! You quickly grabbed your phone and dialed his number, thankful Kei introduced you to his childhood friend.
“Hey y/n! I’m actually glad you called, i think something bothering tsukki.” He greeted, “Wait what? W-whats wrong is he hurt?” You asked worriedly, “N-no! But i think he had a bad day..and he keeps getting phone calls and denying them.” Your heart sunk, so he was ignoring you. “Y/n?” You held back tears trying to speak. “J-just make sure he gets home soon. Have a good night.” Hanging up you let your tears flow, normally this wouldn’t have been enough to make you tear up if you hadn’t had a fight the other day.
Red eyed and miserable you turned off the lights around the apartment, and put the food you had made that night for Kei away in the fridge. You were about to head to your shared bedroom when your eyes started to water again. You felt pathetic. You couldn’t sleep without him, so instead you changed into your pjs and headed into the living room to watch whatever was on to distract your mind.
Eventually falling asleep around 11:30 when kei came in 6 minutes later, “Sorry im late I-“ He saw your figure sitting up straight on the couch, with tear stained cheeks. While the tv played his favorite tv show. Guilt immediately pinged his heart, walking over to your sleeping figure he shook you awake softly. “H-hey y/n wake up.” Fluttering your eyes open you felt somewhat okay knowing that he was home, but still pissed that he ignored your calls.
Without saying anything you got up wiping your face, and walked towards the guest bedroom. “Where are you-” “I’m glad that your home, but I can’t sleep in the same bed as you right now.” You stated, before tearfully closing the door behind you. “Dammit.” Kei scolded himself, he fucked up one too many times. You’d have fights before but you would always sleep in the bed with him, but for you to do this he must’ve really hurt you.
Not knowing what to do he just went to go take a shower, after washing up he hesitated to knock on the guest door. He knew that you were awake, because he was awake. “Its me..I-I know ive been a complete ass to you these past few days. I should’ve never brung up my ex or ignore all your calls. I don’t deserve your love, if im being honest i don’t deserve you. Yet by some fate I got to meet the one person in the world I would give my life for if i had to.”
He stated, his voice starting to waver. “I won’t blame you if you left right now, ive treated you like ass. But..by some miracle you stay, j-just know i only have eyes for you I-I love you more than anybody else. So from now on I’ll treat you right, i swear.” He finishes, a couple tears escaping his eyes. “The bed is yours if you want it I know its more comfortable than that thing, I’ll be sleeping on the couch to give you space g-goodnight.”
He was about to leave for the living room when he heard the door swing open and two small arms wrap around his torso. “ D-don’t do that to me again..o-okay?” You ask shakily, seeling kei turn around you let go before feeling him pull you gently back into a hug. “I won’t, I promise baby. I’m so sorry, I’m s-so sorry.” He mutters, burrying his face in the crook of your neck, holding you close to his body. “Forgive me?”
Your knew he was being sincere, smiling glassy eyes you nodded. “I forgive you Kei.” Letting out a small laugh he peppered your neck jn kisses, “Ready for bed?” He asked gently, standing upright cupping your cheek. You hummed in response, snuggling into the palm of his hand. “Can I carry you?” Blushing slightly you nodded, allowing Kei to slip an arm around your back and one under your legs.
Pressing a kiss to you forehead, he smiled. “I love you so much, I hope you know.” He whispered against your lips lovingly, before pressing a long kiss to them as he walked you into bedroom. “I love you too kei.” You said softly, kissing his cheek.” Laying you down on your side of the bed, he kissed your lips again, this time more passionate.
You found your hand on the back of his neck, pushing him gently down into the kiss. Pulling back he smiled, before pressing another kiss to your lips slipping his tongue past your slips before saying, “I know its late but let me do atleast this.” Pulling back from the kiss he kissed you down your neck. Earning a few gasp and moans from you. His hands slid up the side of your shirt, looking at you for approval you nodded. Pulling the shirt up above your head. He unclasped your strapless bra and being to litter kisses on your breast, “have I ever told you how cute tits you have?” You blushed shaking your head, “Well i am now.” He muttered sucking a mound softly, but hard enough to leave a mark. “Ngh kei..” You moaned.
Feeling him tend to the other, this time sucking the nipple gently. “Ahh-” He smiled, pressing a kiss to the nipple before trailing kisses down your stomach and leads to your sex. “This time, I want you to cum atleast twice. Its not because i want to overstimulate you, but because I want you to feel so good. Okay?” You nodded. He smirked a little before saying, “I need words baby.” You smiled seeing he was still that teasing boy you fell inlove with, “Yes, Kei.”
“Good, now just relax princess.” He stood up, pulling off your night shorts to reveal laced panties. “Cute as always~” He smirked, before kneeling down and pressing a kiss to your clothed cunt. “P-please dont tease..” You whined, “Don’t worry i got you baby.” He cooed, moving your panties to the side he licked your folds slowly. Making you arch your back, “F-fuck baby mm.” He chuckled, before spreading your pussy lips apart and sucking on your sensitive bud.
Making your toes curl, and your fist bawl up as you gripped the sheets beneath you. “Ahh fuck kei..” You already felt your high approaching, had it been that long sense he touched you like this? Staring into your eyes he groaned feeling your clit throb in his mouth, “Close already? I’ve barely touched you~” You shook in embarrassment as you covered your face with your arm, “Cmon now princess, don’t hide from me. I wanna see all your cute expressions when you cum for me.” He stated, removing your arm from your face.
You gripped the blondes hair as you felt your high crash onto your body like a tidle wave. “O-oh fuck! Kei please please-“ You writhed in pleasure as you came, feeling yourself on cloud nine as you felt Kei drink up all your essence. “That’s it cum f’me.” You almost screamed as you felt his tongue being thrusted into your aching hole, “Too much, fuck baby!” Your eyes rolled into the back of your head as you felt your second high approach.
You screamed the middle blockers make like a mantra as your body went limp, “Good girl.” He grinned, his lips soaked from your slick. Using the bottom of his shirt he wired his lips, revealing his abs for a few seconds.
“Let’s get you cleaned up hm?” You nodded weakly, as he found a nearby rag and cleaned up your thighs. “Baby..” You called, hearing kei hum in response. “You didn’t get to-” “Hey, tonight was about you. Besides that can happen another day.” He explained, climbing into bed. Pulling your small frame close to him, “Hey Kei..” He looked down at you, “I love you~” You said in a sing song voice, making the blondes heart warm.
His eyes watered as he pressed a kiss to your nose, “ I really don’t deserve you.” Smiling softly you cupped his cheek kissing his lips, “By the way I love you more~” He replied softly.
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vvviled · 10 hours ago
Thinking about next door neighbor Atsumu who, when he moved in, scurried around the hallway all Sunday with unlabeled boxes in hand, foul words falling from his mouth as he cursed under his breath, earning disapproving head shakes from your fellow neighbors. Who, at the end of the day, sat on the front porch with a scowl on his face, angrily munching away on a bowl of instant ramen, exhausted and entirely sapped of energy. Even weeks later, you could spot unopened boxes still sitting in his corridor as you stole glances through his open door when he left his apartment to go to the gym.
Next door neighbor Atsumu, who regularly forgets his laundry in the washing machine and profusely thanks you when you go to remind him of it. Who‘s clothes are always wrinkly, apart from the skin-hugging pieces that cling to his build oh so nicely, because you’re sure he doesn‘t even own a flat iron.
Who cleans his windows every once in a while when his mother reminds him, but never the windowsill because “the rain will clean it perfectly fine.” (untrue)
Who’s always drenching wet and drags dirt into the stairway whenever it rains because he never brings an umbrella and thinks the doormat is just for decoration.
Who greets you in the hallway with a tired but contented smile the morning after celebrating a big win, voice hoarse from passionate yells, but the good kind of hoarse that resonates in your soul and has you flustered for no particular reason.
Who looks so unrightfully and effortlessly good even when he just got home from his morning run, hair disheveled and a sheen of sweat glistening on his skin. Who‘s muscles bulge so deliciously when he‘s carrying his bike up the stairs that you can‘t tear your eyes off him, although you know you should not gawk like that.
Who‘s your fearless and heroic saviour whenever there‘s a spider terrorizing you, graciously accepting a homecooked dinner as compensation for his “hard work.”
Who you always come to to have him open your jars despite you knowing that the trick is to let hot water run over the lid. Who knows that you know because he’s seen you open jars on your own before but who also prides himself in knowing that he’s the one you go to for help.
Who’s looking through the peephole and stands behind the door a little longer when he sees you to avoid looking too eager, but who’s grin that’s plastered on his face before he’s even fully opened the door yet is a dead giveaway.
Who holds open the door for you even when you’re not quite close to it yet and grins at your awkward little half-jog as you try to not keep him waiting for too long, and does it on purpose, too.
Who gives you a spare key to his apartment “in case he locks himself out,” and because “it’s cheaper than calling the key service,” but secretly relishes in this sense of domesticity.
Who invites you to dinner at Onigiri Miya, raving about the food with pride swelling in his chest, because that‘s my annoying brother. Who has you try all sorts of flavors and remembers your favorites to bring you a batch every once in a while, suggesting you eat with him when you insist on doing something to repay the favor.
Sighing thinking about sweet, sweet neighbor Atsumu who I wish lived near me but my neighbor only sucks at recycling and plays accordion at ungodly hours (badly)
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phoebeyahhh · 18 hours ago
the feels.
you hated the weird sensation that swells on your chest whenever kuroo tetsurou talks to you. you ignored it at first, realizing that you only feel it when kuroo is around.
you hated it because you have no clue what thet weird sensation is, you hated it to the point where you started avoiding him.
but you can't run away from him forever. you two share the same class, sitting infront of him by the windows.
he would poke your shoulders but ignores him. tye more you ignore him, the more you felt hurt. why?
but then, kuroo confronted you, "don't go avoiding me, y/n. what's wrong with you?" pinning you by the rooftop's wall, his aura feels overwhelming, you knew you can't escape from him.
you didn't answer him, avoiding his eyes and biting your bottom lip, to your surprise, he rose your chin up to him, making you look eye to eye with him.
heat rose up your cheeks as your gaze focused on him, breathe hitching.
"why are you avoiding me, hm? have i done something you didn't like?" his voice was soft, his other hand went on your waist to pull you closer to him.
you can feel his hot breath, tickling your cheeks. you can't help your face to get more redder, embarassed by the closeness.
"how cute, so embarassed for me. say, are you inlove with me?"
looking back, you would always stare at kuroo whenever you get the chance but akways ended up being catched by him.
the way your voice soften when you talk to him, eyes looking at him with full of adoration and care, the way his smile gives you butterflies in the stomach.
but when girls would talk to him with flirty tone, there's always a pang that stabs your chest, was it perhaps jealousy?
maybe, maybe he's right. maybe you're inlove with him, with kuroo tetsurou.
"..maybe..? i don't know..kuroo, but everytime i look at you....or whenever your presence is near me....my chest feels this weird sensation.." you, once again, avoided his gaze, feeling embarassed.
"that weird sensation you feel, do you think it's a bad feeling?"
you looked at him and eagerly shaked your head, staring at his eyes.
he then smiled, probably the softest one that he would rarely show to anyone, that carefree smile of him, you can tell that he was genuinely happy on your answer.
"i love you too, go on a date with me?" you closed your eyes as his forehead touches yours, hands clinging on his chest.
you smiled a bit, humming a 'yes' and kuroo hugged you tight, kissing your forehead. you felt incredibely happy, all this time, you never knew why your chest felt weird but now, kuroo taught you what was it, you were inlove with him.
you thought, maybe falling inlove with him, kuroo tetsurou isn't so bad.
maybe kuroo tetsurou was the best thing happened to your high school life.
Tumblr media
hewo! it's been a while since i wrote something, i hope you guys enjoy and thankyou!! ^^
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astaaaaa · 2 days ago
What I think Tsukishima's camera roll would look like!
Warnings: none
Notes: pics from Pinterest.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
- full of faceless pics of you guys.
- he loves comparing your hands so he has hand pics that compares your hands!
- pics from dates, especially coffee dates.
- has occasional pictures of the view.
- I feel like his camera roll wouldn't be completed without strawberry shortcake.
- loves faceless pics.
- he finds them aesthetically pleasing.
- so many pics from your dates, faceless though.
- he would also have those polaroid pics but I didn't put it. :<
- he has pics of himself and you that isn't faceless.
- I bet he has an aesthetic camera roll.
- a good photographer, just doesn't show it.
- all in all an aesthetic camera roll.
- that's it! <33
Request are open!
Please tell me if anybody has done this before, I'll take down this post.
© Astaaaaa. Please do not steal my works or plots. This is a work of fiction and is not associated with the real anime/manga/manhwa plot. If anyone has done this before please tag me! Thank you very much! Reblogs are appreciated and thank you very much for reading!
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lou-struck · 15 hours ago
Kenma Kozume x Reader
~ Carnival games pull you in with big prizes without yielding many results. Kenma is aware of this but your optimism can get you in trouble.
This is yet another part of my 300 followers event which you could find HERE.
Tumblr media
Your city's annual festival has come at last and you are more than excited to drag your boyfriend out of the house to be your date for all the festivities. Normally he would’ve objected to walking around in the hot sun surrounded by thousands of smelly people but the minute he saw the pleading look in your eyes you knew he wasn't able to reject your invitation. Especially after you promised to buy him an Apple Pie Funnel Cake at one of the booths.
So here you are walking around the fairgrounds eating your funnel cakes trying to decide what to do next. 
Suddenly you see something big and fluffy out of the corner of your eye. Turning your head to get a better look you see the biggest stuffed bear you have ever seen in your life. Its big eyes track you as you walk past, begging you to take him home with you,
“Ken ken,” you say tugging on his sleeve and stopping him in his tracks.
“What is it?”
“Look at that big boy,” you say pointing to the bear with literal hearts in your eyes. “We have to take him home with us.”
“Y/n,” he sighs looking at the adorable mountain of fur that has seduced you with its pretty red bow and stitched smile. “That won't fit in our car and those games are always rigged.” “I’ll make it fit, Ken Ken.” you plead, looking into his golden eyes ignoring his warning about the integrity of the carnival game in favor of the prize.
“Fine, but you'll have to carry it.” he relents pulling out his wallet and heading towards the booth. 
The bright colors of the balloon darts are a straight contrast to the operator. His dark smile and candy-striped waistcoat make you feel uneasy as you approach. 
“Well hello there little lady, want to try ur luck at the balloon darts?” he coos using his wooden cane to bat at the dangling prizes above his head. 
“Yeah, I think I wanna try it out.” you chirp as your boyfriend hands you some money for your first attempt at balloon darts. 
“Wonderful, well all ya have ta do is hit three of them little balloons with these darts to win a prize.”
“Even that one? you say pointing up at the bear that enticed you to the stand.
His gaze follows your finger over to the plushie “Oh you mean Honey Pot? Well, he and I have been together for a while. But if you can pop a balloon with each dart then he’s all yours.”
“ Really! Do you mean that?“ You say happily moving over to the starting platform where a plate of darts sits. All the while Kenma stands back and carefully analyzes the booth with a cat-like gaze that sends shivers down the vendor's spine.
“Whatta bout you, young man, ya gonna give it a shot?” the man says, can I respond with a nonchalant sugar his shoulders turning attention back to you.
You pick up the first dart feeling the cool metal between your fingertips as you throw it towards a balloon. Whether it be skill or luck, somehow you manage to strike a low-hanging blue one and a bit of glitter comes out and sprinkles down to the pavement as you smile to yourself.
“Good throw, just a few more, and Honey Pot up there is all yours” the man cheers.
 Feeling confident you throw another dart, It nails a smaller green balloon as glitter rains down again. “One more,” you murmur clenching your fist. 
Picking up the last dart you take a deep breath in, as you exhale and release the dart simultaneously. It seems to be traveling in slow motion heading towards a small pink balloon in the center of the board
The dart strikes the center of the balloon but bounces off. It falls to the ground clanging against the pavement.
“Oh you were so close too!” the man tsks jutting out his bottom lip
“I hit the balloon… but it didn't pop, you had to have seen it,” you say pointing at the dart.
“Sorry, you’ve gotta pop the balloons to win the prize, wanna go again? He smiles holding out his hand.
Just as you are about to fork over more money Kenma finally makes his presence known. He gently grabs hold of your wrist and looks at you.
“I'll go this turn, you'll get your bear,” he murmurs into your ear taking his money from your hand. “I’ll play this time,” he says giving the money to the man and stepping up to the booth.
He carefully picks up the replaced metal darts and examines it carefully. “I’m ready,” he says staring at the man with an unblinking gaze.
Without a word, he picks up the first dart and carelessly tosses it to the floor. You look on in shock as he does the same thing with the other two.
“Oops, would you look at that I guess I lost” 
“Ken, what was that for?” you ask gently reaching out to touch his shoulder. Your fingers grip his sleeve. Tugging him around you see a smirk has twisted over his features that has the booth operator shaking in his leather shoes. 
His features soften when his eyes meet your own “Could you go and get us some drinks?” Kenma says before stepping towards the man with the smirk fully returned to his face “I’ll just be a minute.”
With a nod, you awkwardly step away from the booth wondering what in the hell just happened. 
Kenma watches as you walk away. Once he is sure you are out of sight he turns his attention back to the con man in front of him.
“ you know just as well as I do that she would’ve won that prize.” 
Bees of sweat drip down the man’s forehead “I-I don’t know what you mean.”
“Yes you do, well she may not call you out on it but I will. You dulled the darts and the balloons in the center are elastic not rubber. No matter how many darts hit them they will not pop.” Kenna’s calm intensity turns into something more predatory.
The man nervously looks around, “hey, shuttup. If people hear you they’ll shut me down.”
“Give me the bear and I will.” you boyfriend barters.
A few minutes pass as you head back to the booth drinks in hand seeing Kenma lean up against a wooden sign.
“Hey Ken ken, I got the drinks,” you say as he turns his head and greets you with that soft smile of his.
“And I got you this..” he says pushing aside the wooden sign to reveal the large stuffed bear you tried to get earlier.
Your eyes widen in shock“You won the game?” 
“Not exactly, I just had a nice talk with the man, and after we were done,”
“I seriously doubt that,”
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izu-fi · 20 days ago
[ somethin's different ]
summary: you change your chapstick and he notices
note: sfw, fluff, gn!reader
wc: 500+
Tumblr media
“Wah're you dooimg?” You manage to get out with Atsumu’s hands squishing your cheeks. Instead of giving you an answer, he just keeps kissing you. Press after press of his lips against yours and your eyebrow furrows the same time his does.
After each peck, he glances at your lips and blinks, lost in thought before going back in for another kiss. "What d'ya do?" Atsumu finally asks.
You stare right back at him, trying your hardest to understand what he means by that. "Uhh... context, please? Why are you being weird?"
"Hey—!" Atsumu protests, "I'm not weird," He says as he plants another one on you. Pulling back, he sticks his tongue in his cheek; the way he always does when he's confused. He’s so adorable, it makes you want to squeeze the life out of him. "I'm doin' an investigation, 'kay?"
Before you can stop him, he goes back in for another round. Pushing at his chest you begin to laugh, "Atsu... what has gotten into you?" He can't help but grin every time he hears your giggles, especially when he's the cause.
Your smile meets his as he mumbles against your mouth, "Somethin's different... Yer kisses aren't the same today."
You frown. “Bad different?”
Atsumu abruptly stops his barrage of kisses to look you dead in the eye. “No, no, no. Yer kisses could never be bad, yer so amazing ‘n you’ve got the most perfect mouth in th— ow!" He rubs at the spot on his chest you punched, "I just said they were different s’all,” Atsumu fully pouts, muttering something about “holdin’ back yer punches…that kinda hurt, baby.”
You put both hands on his cheeks just like he did to you a couple minutes ago, bringing his head forward, placing a soft kiss between his scrunched eyebrows. “I have no clue what you’re talking about, but okay, weirdo.” You say, planting another one onto his nose.
Before you can climb out of his lap, he jolts forward and licks your mouth. “Wha— ‘tsumu!”
“Yer chapstick.”
When all you do is blink at him, he clarifies, “Ya changed yer chapstick. What is that, strawberry?”
“Oh,” you say, letting him lean back into your space. “Yeah, I wanted to try out a new one. Do you like it? If not, I can buy my old one again.”
“Oi,” He tuts, arms circling around your waist to bring you closer, “I didn’t say that. I like it. I like you,” Atsumu says as he rests his forehead against yours, his eyes smiling.
“You have a crush on me?” You raise a brow, teasing, “That’s embarrassing ‘tsumu…”
He licks at your mouth again in response. Ignoring your various protests, Atsumu manages to roll the two of you over so he hovers on top of you. “C’mere, gimme kisses.”
“No—! Stop licking me!” You giggle again when he brings his mouth down to the ticklish part of your neck.
“I have to get used to yer new chapstick, c’mon.” He whispers, trailing his lips back up to your face, littering kisses all over. “Kiss. Me.”
Well, when he says it like that…
Tumblr media
<3 likes + reblogs appreciated!
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heartsuna · a month ago
Tumblr media
SUNA. leans down to place a kiss on your cheek and you move away, pretending nothing happened. you can feel his gaze on you before he mutters a small “alright” and sits down to scroll through his phone. you thought he wasn’t bothered, but the longer he thought about it, the more petty he felt. moments later when you try to give him a kiss, he moves away from you as well. “c’mon rin!” “no, go somewhere else.” but he eventually caves in.
OIKAWA. frowns and chases after your lips. “hey! give me a kiss!” he’s persistent, but so are you. you continue dodging his attempts, placing your palms against his chest to keep him away. manages to take hold of your wrists and holds them tightly with one hand while the other squishes your cheek together as he plants an exaggerated kiss on your lips.
BOKUTO. he pulls away with a frown on his face. “why’d you move away?” he had been particularly clingy that afternoon, practice had worn him out and the only thing he wanted was to be close to you. "baby," he whines. nuzzles his head in your neck and you can help but give in, nudging his head lightly and pressing a soft kiss to his lips.
IWAIZUMI. furrows his brows as his lips meet your cheek. he looks to you and sees you holding back a smile. “give me a kiss,” he grunts. when you make no movement he puts a hand on the back of your head, pushing your head to his. your lips meet in a hard kiss and he pulls away with a satisfied look on his face.
MATSUKAWA. you can't fool him, he knows exactly what you're doing. raises his brows teasingly, a knowing smirk on his face. “don’t be like that, pretty girl.” he pulls you close and kisses you slowly. he knows you can’t resist him
Tumblr media
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omi-boshi · 3 months ago
kiyoomi strikes me as someone who is oblivious to his own attractiveness and consequently, does unintentional thirst traps. like, he's called over one day by the team's pr manager and told that he has to be more connected to his fans to maintain popularity and that he could do this by posting on instagram more. he just nods, barely listening. he's more focused on trying to get home to you quicker but on his way there, he actually mulls over what he can post. when he comes up short, he asks you for your help and because you have a professional athlete for a boyfriend, you tell him 'why not post some workout photos? you can talk about your regimen too for the people who are curious.'
he does exactly that.
he starts uploading post-workout mirror photos where he's usually wearing a muscle tee and his arms are still glistening from the sweat. sometimes he wears a cap and a mask, sometimes a beanie, other times, his hair is just clipped back.
he posts clips of himself in the middle of doing reps (his most viewed clip is of his shirtless back flexing as he does pull ups, and the second being of him doing pushups as you sit on his back at your behest). all of these are innocently captioned with a detailed explanation of what he's doing, what muscle he's focusing on, and how many sets of reps he did that day among other things.
on his stories, he starts posting the photos you take of him on his phone when he's cooking and photos of the meals he made. and as usual, the caption gives thorough information on his diet and why he made this specific food.
of course, he doesn't only post gym and health stuff. interspersed in his feed are photos of him that he asked you to send to him. all of which very much screams boyfriend. he also starts posting you more on his stories just because he can and he knows that you secretly preen in delight when you see the notification (he's seen you smile at your phone when you think he's not looking.)
and because he has content catered for both the gym and health junkies and the hopeless romantics, all of this results into him gaining over 200k more followers, making his account the most popular amongst the team in just a little over 3 weeks.
he doesn't get it. he doesn't get how he gained so much popularity in such little time and when he asks you about it ('is my workout and diet regimen that good?'), his eyebrows scrunched up and his tone just genuinely lost and confused, all you can do is giggle and reach up to poke the slight dimple that shows up on his cheek when he pouts.
you don't have the heart to tell him that a good chunk of his followers are here primarily because he's hot and so, shrugging, you tell him, 'just keep doing what you're doing.'
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iwaizumis-bitch · 2 months ago
when he’s lovesick
content warnings: mentions of pregnancy, drinking, lovesick men
word count: 907
featuring: miya osamu, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi, ushijima wakatoshi, & suna rintaro
notes: i haven’t written fluff in forever omg, also suna is slowly becoming one of my favs🤤
Tumblr media
miya osamu
good with kids. kids loooove osamu. when a small family comes in during a quiet afternoon, osamu is all smiles at all of them. truth is, he’s thinking about you and him being like that one day in the future. when he’s taking their order he’s like, ‘aaand for the little fella?’ and it’s just so 🥺🥺🥺. he’ll see the boy has a buzz lightyear shirt on and will just entertain him with questions about toy story, making little jokes now and then, and the parents are loving it!! when their order is ready he’ll scribble a little mr and mrs potato head in sharpie on the brown paper bag and hand it to them. his heart melts when he hears the kid babble about how they should come here everyday as the three of them leave. but the best part??? he didn’t even know you were watching until he turned around, seeing you sat in a corner booth witn a dopey grin on your face and dried tears running down your cheeks.
Tumblr media
iwaizumi hajime
everything learning new things. if someone had told hajime a few years ago that he would be an expert in hair braiding, he would’ve scoffed and thought nothing more of it. now, he’s a master at braiding, so much so he can braid your hair whilst his eyes are on the television. and when you come home that night with the braid he tied in your hair that morning still in, but wispy and looser, he loses it and goes red as a tomato. he’s also super gentle with your hair, even after all the years of you saying it’s ok if he pulls a bit, but he wouldn’t dare even try to hurt you. also!!!! he paints your nails on your non dominant hand and he’s always so focused with the brush, tongue poking out between his lips in concentration as he tries not to make it splotchy, but you would wear it either way.
Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi
know his priorities. kiyoomi only had 3 priorities in life. you, himself, volleyball, in that order. you were his number one priority, and he made sure everyone in his life knew that, especially you. no one would question where sakusa had disappeared to, training wasn’t supposed to end for anothed 45 minutes! he sighed, declining another call from shoyo as he unlocked the door to your apartment. ‘omi!’, you exclaimed, running to him to give him a hug. ‘you’re early’, you said, voice muffled as you hid your face in his shoulder. ‘mmm, we got off early’, he said, crossing his fingers behind your back. it was just a white lie, it’s not like 45 minutes of practice would really make him a better player. oh yeah, and whenever a game finishes, he’s off looking in the front row of the grandstand for you. in that moment he didn’t care about anything except for you. no tabloid headline ‘stone faced volleyball star in love?!’. no atsumu calling him a simp, just you and him, he thought, pulling you in for a kiss with a small smile in front of everyone.
Tumblr media
ushijima wakatoshi
becomes domestic. it warms your heart every single night when you hear the front door click open around 7:30. you smile to yourself hearing his footsteps come to the kitchen, where you’re currently stirring a pot of pasta. ‘welcome home wakatoshi’, you hum, feeling his big arms circle around your waist. ‘dinner’ll be ready in 10, go have a shower, ‘kay?’, you tell the 6’4 sleepy giant, who just gives you a kiss on the top of your head and nods. it still doesn’t feel real, you think. you look down at your stomach, remembering the words of the sonographer you saw a few hours earlier. ‘you’re two months along, congrats!’, he smiled at you, handing you the photo of your baby. you poured the pasta into a seperate bowl, mixing the sauces around as you hear the shower turn off upstairs. you’re cleaning up the pot when you hear wakatoshi stop at the bottom of the stairs. ‘love?’, he says, concern laced in his voice. ‘yes?’, you reply, turning around to see him with a positive pregnancy test in his hand, a tear slipping down his cheek when you nod at him, coming to hug him.
Tumblr media
suna rintaro
becomes absolutely enamored with you. whether it’s in real life or on social media, he’s always so happy to brag about how he has the best fiancé in the whole wide world. his instagram feed is just filled with photos of you, all captioned with some lovey dovey quote. the twins comments of calling him a ‘lovesick loser’, never phased him in his second year when he was pining after you, nor does it phase him now. if he hears anyone say shit about you, he’s so ready to defend you with his whole life. when he’s drunk, he’s bawling his eyes out to anyone who will give him the time of day about how in just a few months, he gets to marry the most beautiful girl in the world. atsumu and osamu have sent you countless videos of rintaro hunched over a bar, tears falling from his cheeks onto the sticky counter as he drunkenly babbles about how perfect you are and how he doesn’t deserve you. he’s so clingy, and he kisses your ring finger every night, counting down the days until you share the same last name.
Tumblr media
likes, reblogs, follows, and feedback are all appreciated 💗
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o2amu · 2 months ago
atsumu walks in the bathroom to see you drowsily brushing your teeth, eyes struggling to stay open and your hand nearly dropping the toothbrush onto the floor.
“heh. sleepy baby.” he chuckles while gathering your hair in his hand to hold it back in a ponytail as you rinse your mouth.
“mmm.. so tired….” you mumble while splashing your face with water. you rise up and your boyfriend hands you a face towel to dry off your face.
you look over at the counter filled with your skincare products that you did not have the energy to make use of tonight. but you force yourself anyway and with a sigh, you open the drawer to grab a few cotton pads.
atsumu suddenly grabs you by the waist and sits you down on the counter in which you are now facing him.
“here babe, let me do it for you.” he explains while grabbing the cotton pads from your hand. “just tell me which ones to use.”
you give him a soft smile while reaching for the first bottle behind you. “thank you babe.”
he begins to lightly dampen the pad with some of the face toner and rub it gently all over your face. “of course, my love.”
he continues to do this with the rest of the products, lightly applying each of them to your face. he hums a tune while doing so and you fight the urge to shut your eyes completely just so you can watch and admire your sweet boyfriend simply doing your skincare routine for you. he‘s always there when you need him, regardless of anything, and you’re forever grateful.
wrapping your legs around him and your arms around his neck, you pull him in for a deep kiss as a thank you. you’re drowsy, but definitely still have the energy to show your boyfriend some love.
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sakusins · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
you’re not too sure what time it is, but you know it’s early when osamu lays himself over you, head digging into your chest as he steals your warmth. you groan, wrapping your arms around him as you pull the blanket higher over your bodies.
“what time is it?”
“almost six,” he hums. it’s quiet for a moment, you seem to be drifting back to sleep, and osamu grins in victory against your shirt that all’s gone according to plan as he drifts off himself.
until you speak up.
“wait a second. aren’t you supposed to be on the couch?” his body freezes for a moment before he’s clutching onto you tightly while you’re trying to shove him off. “samu! get off!”
“i’m serious, i’m still mad at you,” you huff. he frowns (though it’s more of a pout) and simply shakes his head.
“‘m not lettin’ go. ma back hurts. i’m cold too.”
“miya osamu—”
and before you can finish your sentence, there’s a soft bite at your chin that makes you stop.
“don’t call me by ma full name,” he grumbles, settling back down into your chest. “‘s rude.” he has the audacity to grab your hand and plop it into his hair too, gesturing at you to play with the dark brown strands.
“did you just bite me?”
“and what if i did?” comes his quiet mumble, voice muffled by your shirt.
last night wasn’t exactly a big fight, it was a petty one if the both of you were being honest, but osamu should’ve admitted he was wrong, and his attitude was what landed him a spot on the couch. and to his dismay, you seem to fall asleep much easier without his embrace than he does without yours.
“what do you—you bit me,” you repeat incredulously. you smack his shoulder when he snickers quietly at your shock.
“didn’t even hurt, ya drama queen.” and you want to keep your facade of being mad, you want to tell him to go back to the couch until you’ve deemed he’s earned his spot back, but something about the way he nuzzles into you and kisses your collarbone before trying to fall asleep makes you give in.
he’s stubborn, you’ve come to know this a tad bit too well, but he’s also gentle. he plants one more spoonful of dinner to your plate when you tell him to stop, he pulls the sun visor down for you when the light shines in your face as he drives, he wakes up and puts socks on your feet when they feel like icicles against his calves, and he’s the only person who easily forgives you for your own stubbornness too—every time, without fail.
so you wrap your arm tightly around him, stroking through his locks as you mumble “you’re such a weirdo, you know that?”
“well, ‘s just the way i am, deal with it,” he mumbles back. and then you giggle, he laughs, you kiss his forehead, and he kisses your jaw—and you’re back to your usual routine, last night all forgotten.
“i love you,” you whisper.
“love ya too. and i also love yer cheeks, ‘m bitin’ them next.”
Tumblr media
still firmly believe osamu’s love language it biting
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semifilms · a month ago
the type of boyfriend to say “text me when you get home.” and when you don’t text him for a while he blows up your phone until you answer
ATSUMU, HINATA, kuroo, BOKUTO, kageyama, NOYA, yaku, SUGAWARA, SUNA, hoshiumi, OIKAWA, TENDOU
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astaaaaa · 2 days ago
What I think Kuroo's camera roll would look like!
Warnings: none! ( Please tell me though of I missed one!)
Notes: in a relationship with you. Pics from Pinterest.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
- okay, for me his camera roll would be complete pictures of you and him.
- also has occasional pictures of you.
- he has hot pictures of himself ofcourse. :>
- I see him as someone who likes mirror selfies.
- would also like matching outfits with you sometimes.
- likes taking a look of your face when you guys are away from each other, probably because of school.
- also likes doing the pose where he looks away 'cause he knows he looks hot.
- he really does look good though.
- mr sir has veiny hands so when you guys take a picture, he shows his handssss.
- would always smile when he sees your pictures in his camera roll.
- would occasionally have pics of Kenma and the Nekoma team.
- has MANY pictures tbh.
- but hey atleast they're memories right?
- that's it!
Request are open!
Thank you for stopping by! Please, tell me if someone has done this before! I'm going to tag them and ask them if it's ok with them if it's not I'm going to take this post down! Without further ado, thank you once again!
© Astaaaaa. Please do not steal my works or plots. This is a work of fiction and is not associated with the real anime/manga/manhwa plot. If anyone has done this before please tag me! Thank you very much! Reblogs are appreciated and thank you very much for reading!
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todoroki-sweetheart · 3 months ago
Random Emotional Things the Haikyuu Boys Have Said
Tumblr media
+ genre. sfw
+ warnings. none
Tumblr media
“I can’t wait to marry you.”
You weren’t even doing anything remotely special when Kuroo said this to you, catching you by surprise and nearly making you fall of of your chair. Even with you messy hair and pajama pants on, Kuroo couldn’t help but think, ‘Yep, that’s going to be all mine one day.’
“You’d look so pretty carrying our baby.”
You and Bokuto were out sundress shopping of all things whenever he dropped this on you, a small smile on his face. You had just come out of the dressing room to show him your pick and a pregnant woman had just so happened to walk by, prompting your boyfriend to say this in the softest tone you’d ever heard him speak.
“Please don’t ever leave me, I don’t think I could ever handle losing you.”
It was after a game. MSBY had won, but for some reason Atsumu had rushed to you, tears in his eyes and hugged you tighter than he ever had before. It took you off gaurd because usually your boyfriend was so happy and hyped after winning. But that day, he spent minutes sobbing into your shoulder, even while fans and teammates surrounded him with congratulations.
“You don’t know just how deep my love runs for you. I would fucking do anything for you.”
He thought you were asleep. You knew that, because that’s the only way Suna would ever express something so deep and so personal towards you. He was stroking your back, quiet sniffles leaving him as he kissed your hair. And that night, he held you tighter than he ever had before and it took everything in you not to burst out crying as he nuzzled into your shoulder.
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citifilms · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
wherein suna rintaro has baby fever.
genre: fluff . warnings: kisses and kids , fem.reader . m.list !
Tumblr media
it’s unusual for suna rintaro to feel this way , he hates kids then why in the hell is he imagining a little him or you running around would just be perfect , a little him but with your eyes and his hair , but he is imagining so many things right now and maybe just maybe suna rintaro has gotten baby fever.
it is supposed to be you nagging him for having kids , it’s supposed to be you wanting kids and dreaming about having your own , it is always you with the baby fever , then why the hell is he , the suna rintaro , has been watching baby videos for the whole day.
it’s a lazy sunday , you are cuddled next to him as you watch a movie while his eyes are set on the baby photos and videos filling his Instagram , his eyes glance back and forth between you and the screen before he shuts his phone down and let’s his fingers brush through your hair , the pads of his fingers massaging your scalp as you just sit there with your head on his chest and eyes glued to the t.v.
he eyes the diamond ring on his finger before glancing the one in yours , he was your future and you were his but now you two are each other’s present and what is more better than to have a thought of having a family with you when you have been married for 5 years now.
“rin, you good?” you mumble looking up into his eyes as he looks down into yours before kissing your forehead as you close your eyes feeling his lips leaving their moist imprint on your skin , “I’m good , love.” he mumbles against your skin but you are no mere fool to see the longing of something in his eyes and they way they go back and forth between the phone and you.
“you want something.” you say catching him off guard , eyes widening , heart thumping against his chest as he looks at your warm tender eyes now looking curious and calculating, oh , he did marry a wonderful woman after all, his forehead against yours as he mumbles something inaudible but you’re quick to catch what he says.
you choke on your spit sitting straight as you cough as he looked at you wide eyed before rushing to get you a glass of water and the coughing fit doesn’t seem to end until you chug onto the glass of water he presents, never in a million years you had thought suna rintaro — of whole you have heard from his family is a man who doesn’t have keen liking to kids would have baby fever.
“you want a baby?” you holler with surprise written all over his features but the redness of the tips of his ears says it all and the longing in his eyes turning into shining stars of wonder before you pull him down to sit next to you because you knew he had more to say.
“well , it wouldn’t be bad to have a little one running around creating chaos for their mum and dad.” His voice is soft and his eyes hold a gleam , maybe of a future he had thought with you , his hands around your waist pulling you close as he attaches his lips to your cheeks putting a chaste and wet kiss onto your cheek which you pull away from in disgust
“but if the child turns out like you suna rintaro , I’m leaving.” voice laced with teasing as you look at him as he adorns his smug grin before lunging onto you as he tickles your sides , ah , how fun would it be to have a baby with you , and he would never want a little him but a little you , a little one running around looking like you would be better because having you as his was easier so a little you wouldn’t be a big problem.
and for the first time in forever , suna rintaro seems to like this feeling of baby fever that runs through him , because in end little memories would be lovely to create on the way with you.
Tumblr media
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heartaro · a month ago
1:02 a.m.
Tumblr media
“you hate me, don’t you?”
atsumu asks, his voice quiet and timid. it was extremely out of character for him to come off as someone who was nervous, let alone someone who seemed to lack pride in himself.
you sigh, lifting your head from your hands, meeting your boyfriend’s gaze. his eyes averted yours, looking back down at the ground as he stood before you. his shoulders drooped, a soft frown adorned upon his face. he looked so sad, so pitiful, so disappointed in himself for hurting you.
all you asked from him was to not raise his voice at you; to control his temper around you. but in the heat of the argument, he let his temper get the best of him. his voice echoed in your shared home, almost shattering your ear drums, but definitely shattering your heart.
“i don’t hate you, tsumu,” you say, your voice calm but slightly shaky. you take a breath, standing from the couch. he used to stand so tall, chest puffed out, eyes bright and full of confidence. but now he was cowering away from you, not daring to look into your eyes because then he’d be reminded of his sins. “you should though.. i broke my promise to you. i yelled at you, y/n. i lost my temper when i promised you that i never would,” he mumbles, his voice breaking.
you bring a hand to his chin, gently lifting his face so that he would finally look at you. the moment his eyes met yours, you could see the tears that flooded his expression. a wave of sadness washed over him, crashing onto his shore and pulling him into the tide of self-hatred, sorrow, and disappointment
“how can you look at me like that?” he cries, searching your expression for any sign of anger. but he found nothing. only a look of love and forgiveness cascaded over your features. your eyes held a longing for him, your lips curled into a kind smile. your own tears had dried, but the stains remained and it broke his heart.
you cup his cheek and the small action alone breaks him down. he begins to sob, his body falling limp into your arms that wrap around him. “can’t you just yell at me?” he whimpers, sniffling as you rub soothing circles onto his back. you shake your head, only to make him hold you tighter.
“just say you hate me,” he says, his voice wavering. you inhale, pulling away slightly to meet his eyes once more. “how could i hate the person i love?” you ask gently. “how could i hate the person who cares for me every single day? who comes home from practice and showers me with love and affection? who always wakes me up with kisses every morning? how could i hate someone who’s so kind and genuine?”
you see him fall apart at your kindness. atsumu has always felt like he was undeserving of anyone’s love. he felt as though no one would want him since he seemed to prioritize volleyball over anything else. even his own brother had called him selfish and overbearing. his friends would tease him to no end about how he’d be alone forever, how the sport would be the only thing he marries one day.
although he laughed at these cruel jokes and although he and his brother were still so close, their words never left his mind. they lingered like a god awful smell that made him feel sick to his stomach.
“i could never hate you, tsumu,” you say again, your thumb softly caressing his tear stained cheeks. he nuzzles his fave into your palm, placing his own hand over yours. “you promise?” he asks, closing his eyes as more tears slide down his skin.
“i promise.”
Tumblr media
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serenecelene · a month ago
Tumblr media
characters: atsumu, kuroo, osamu, suna, bokuto, iwaizumi.
a/n: a super quick haikyuu hc post bc I miss writing for them a lot.
Tumblr media
Atsumu: your lips. Did you expect a different answer? You shouldn’t have, because there is no other place dear Miya Atsumu likes more. He thinks your lips are pretty — a forever hyper-fixation of his — and is addicted to the sweet taste of your chapstick too. Of course, he’s a little shit with it all, smirking knowingly as he quickly pulls you into an embrace and placing an intentionally loud and messy smack to your lips with an audible ‘mwah’ before you even know what’s happening — honestly it’s the kind of kiss that has you cringe as you fight to wipe it off, only to have him gasp and whine, “what? Are ya too good for ma love now, baby? Just say ya don’t love me and break up with me already.” Which obviously is all just a show but the only way to wipe that dramatic pout off his lips is for you to give in and kiss him more.
Kuroo: your forehead. For him being the tall bastard he is, it’s the easiest place for him to reach and when you ask why he chooses that particular spot, he’ll cheekily explain to you, “babe, it’s because your forehead is just one, huge, gigantic target for me to aim for,” with a quick peck placed to the center before lingering there for a moment or two with a soft smile as he revels in the faint smell of your shampoo — until you slap his chest and tell him off. Tetsu’s generous with forehead kisses too; He’ll give them in passing, give them as you slow dance in the living room after a long day, give them when you bring him lunch at the office. Kuroo will give you forehead kisses whenever he wants — which is often — because it is so damn easy too. Truth be told, it’s also so happens to be his favourite form of hello and goodbye; a kiss that he gives you as he is leaving for work in the early morning and you’re still asleep in bed — there’s a fond smile on his face and a gentle warmth in his eyes as he watches you snore — and as he places a gentle affectionate kiss to your forehead, against the skin he’ll whisper, “see you later, beautiful, don’t miss me too much while I’m gone,” (but he’ll come back home and kiss your forehead again only to tell you for the millionth time, “by the way, you snore in your sleep.”)
Osamu: your cheeks. Osamu is absolutely obsessed with your cheeks and you cannot tell me otherwise. He likes to see them stuffed full of food, loves to see them highlighted with your smile, and loves to pinch them between his fingers. So, it only makes sense that his favorite place to kiss you would be on your cheeks… in fact he would have immense trouble restraining himself from placing an abundance of little pecks to your face. I also happen to be a firm believer that after kissing your cheeks, ‘samu will most definitely bite them, nothing hard or painful but just an affectionate nip; and when you go to complain he’ll quickly shut you up with a lazy smirk and a, “nah, this was what ya signed up for when you agreed to date me. if ya don’t want me to love on ya, stop bein’ so damn cute,” before blowing a raspberry against the warm skin. There is absolutely no room to bargain, he will kiss and bite your cheeks. End of story.
Suna: your neck. Suna is a cuddler through and through, he likes spending hours upon hours lying in your arms and watching youtube videos, movies, tv shows, or just napping. And just like Kuroo, when he finds himself in that situation— which is honestly pretty often with Rin — your neck is the easiest spot for him to reach. He’ll just happily rest there, placing feather light kisses and breathing in the remaining scent of any perfume you wear. The kisses will be so gentle that they almost tickle and when you squirm a little — completely disrupting him in the middle of his quiet affection— he will frown at your audacity to move and of course complain, “stop moving and go to sleep, dummy” as if he wasn’t purposely staying awake just to kiss you for a little longer.
Bokuto: your nose. Your nose, your nose, your freaking nose. Bo will coo and gasp and most definitely squeal like a teenage girl after he litters a flurry of pecks across your skin. Cute lil’ Kou with wide eyes full of love, absolutely adores the way your nose scrunches up when he places kisses there; he thinks you look absolutely beautiful and will have no trouble telling you so. He’ll grasp your face between his large, warm hands and whisper, “baby, you’re so cute, you’re going to make my heart explode,” in near tears of pure awe. And it is never just one kiss with him, Bokuto is a man of never-ending affection, so best believe (and prepare) that you’ll spend the next five minutes being subjected to copious amounts of affection — not that you’re complaining.
Iwaizumi: the back of your hand. In my opinion, Iwa isn’t a man super into any form of PDA. Out of everyone here, he is definitely more so on the shyer side when it comes to displays of affection, but he absolutely will not hesitate to place several kisses to the back of your hand when the opportunity presents itself, most of the time whilst his hand is intertwined with yours. Truly, it is all subconscious, Hajime doesn’t even realize he does it which makes it all so much cuter. Although, you’ll know when he is about to kiss you, because he always squeezes your hand in a gentle succession of three; squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and then he’s pulling your hand towards his lips. He’d definitely blush if you were to mention anything, but all your harmless teasing would get you is another harmless grumble of, “keep talking and you’ll get nothing from me ever again.” It doesn’t worry you too much though because you both know he could never stay away from giving you kisses for too long. He loves you far too much for that.
Tumblr media
Kuroo’s is so long compared to everyone else’s whoopsie 😳
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