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#hq funny
keijism · 2 days ago
part one | part two
— kageyama, kuroo, tanaka, noya, hinata, iwa, atsumu
— from my personal collection of bookmarked tweets <3 credits below
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
original tweet by @/astrofant
Tumblr media
original tweet by @/LeoNego_
Tumblr media
original tweet by @/TheirMaddesty
Tumblr media
original tweet by @/alesiavsworld
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original tweet by @/avxxtarot
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original tweet by @/_lanabelle
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original tweet by @/f8the
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1-800-haikyuu · 15 hours ago
Suga: How would thirteen year old you react to how you are now?
Tsukishima: in awe yet terrified
Hinata: wouldn’t think i’d make it this far
Kageyama: i’d fight thirteen year old me
Yachi and Yamaguchi: nothing changes, were both still socially anxious people.
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rinniekawa · a month ago
Tumblr media
pairing: suna, atsumu, oikawa, tanaka, kenma, kuroo, iwaizumi warnings: my english none
He already knew the lines and was dying for you to ask him to record it. He was the dedicated one, forcing you to film it more than once, just to make sure everything was perfect. After sharing it, he couldn’t stop watching the video, babbling about how you two were the perfect couple.  ↳ oikawa, atsumu, tanaka
You just gave up after losing count. Sometimes he decided to pretend he forgot the lines and other times he just couldn’t hold his laugh with your effort on making those expressions with your eyes closed. When you decided to accept your defeat, he pulled you closer to his body and hugged you tightly.
“Tomorrow I’ll ask again, you know that right?” You whispered while watching tv.  “I know.” He mumbled against your hair before kissing your temples lightly, holding a wide smile on his lips. Maybe tomorrow, he thought.  
↳ kenma, kuroo
It was pointless trying one more time; he already memorized everything but he just couldn’t keep his hands to himself watching you all pretty and excited about something so silly. Every time your head tilted in his direction, your lips were instantly kissed by him and a pair of hands circled your waist, pulling you closer.
↳  atsumu, iwaizumi, suna
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tetsuukuroo · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Starting today, you are a manager!
Neko Neko Nekoma~ {masterlist} | Navigation | Hq m.list
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You groaned in annoyance as you backed away from yet another stuffy and suffocating club room.
Today was the first day of club activity recruitments and you, our dear protagonist, are finding it rather difficult to find a club that doesn't require so much of your time and effort. Hoping that you could simply put your name on their list of members, do homework and call it a day.
It was mandatory in Nekoma High for students to have a club activity after school, much to your dismay.
"Couldn't they have a homework club instead," you mutter to yourself. "At least then I won't have to do extra work."
You were about to give up and just accept getting hassled by a teacher from your lack of activity applications, making your way towards the entrance gate to leave when rain started to pour and soon enough you were soaked to the bone.
"Great," you grumbled before trying to cover yourself and making a run for the closest gym.
Your clothes were drenched and so was your hair by the time you made your way inside the gym, turning on the lights.
Before you could even recollect yourself, you heard someone screaming and turned to see a guy with a unique choice of hair crying tears before falling to his knees.
"I-it''s a boy! Why is there no girl managers?!"
You swore they were all standing in some group pose with their formation but nonetheless, you were about to realise that this was the start to your misadventures with Nekoma's VBC.
"Welcome!" the team greets you simultaneously before they slowly make their way towards you in greeting.
Oh, no.
"Are you here to be part of the team to play or to apply as manager for the club?" the shortest boy of the group asks as he walks towards you. "We were putting up posters for the manager position today so we're only assuming you would go for that position."
The rest of the team still standing together as they look at you in confusion.
The other boy still crying on the floor, another with blonde hair but black roots was giving him a judgemental look.
"We have some towels you can use to dry off," another said as he hands you one of their spares.
You hesitantly take it as you hear another person speak up, but not to you.
They think I'm a guy? I don't know if I should be offended or not...
"Isn't he a first year? Lev, isn't he in your class?" the same guy who handed you the towel asks as he turns to the tallest of the bunch who shrugs.
"He's shy so I don't know much about him. He doesn't talk much in class," Lev says.
Him, you did know. He was the popular half foreign student in your class that everyone would describe to be beautiful.
"Anyways, my name's Kai Nobuyuki. I'm a third year along with Yaku," the same person who gave you the towel introduces himself as he gestures to the person who asked if you were applying for a position in the team.
Kai reaches to put his hand behind your back, guiding you further into the gym only for his eyes to widen.
You see him glancing down at you as you dry off your hair with the towel and simply nods his head.
"I'm (L/N) (F/N)," you introduce yourself to the group and Yaku looks at you in surprise.
"You're the honour student who got the scholarship here," he acknowledges and the rest of the team look at you impressed.
"But I thought that was given to a..." Yaku mutters to himself before doubling back to look at you, a faint blush appearing on his face before he clears his throat and looks to the team.
The two third years were guiding you further into the gym in hopes of persuading you to be their manager due to the team needing the extra help but you didn't want to go any further.
"Yeah, it was nice meeting you all but I think I'm just going to-"
"To think we were graced by one of the smarts," another person spoke up as he walked towards you three, a charming grin on his face, his bed hair standing out.
"I'm not really all that-"
"You excelled above and beyond other students that competed for that scholarship, you truly are amazing. Surely, we can convince you to at least join as our manager for a trial run," he tells you, a closed eye smile on his face as he tries to persuade you. "Kuroo Tetsuroo, captain of the team."
You notice how close he was to you and took a step back, "I'm flattered really but I think I'll just g-"
Before you could leave, Lev grabs a hold of your arm while another boy, one you recognise as another first year that Lev would hang out with, held your other arm.
"Wait, (L/N)-chan, that must mean you're one of the coolest people we've ever met," Lev says, a twinkle in his eyes shining bright.
"You beat all those people to come here?!" the other boy awes.
"Lev, Inuoka, leave them alone," the person with dyed hair reprimands them, a nintendo switch in his hand, not even glancing at you three as he plays on it.
"But Kenma!"
"I'm not the coolest person, I'm just an honours student," you correct the two and shake them off.
"Who knew the honours student was so sneaky?" Kuroo speaks up with a smug grin on his face.
"Kuroo," Yaku and Kai say in a warning tone but he ignores them as he steps closer to you.
"So, you're saying you snuck in here to watch us? Are you a fan of ours?" he asks you in a low tone, taking a step forward each time you took one back.
"N-no, I just-"
"Or are you here to just see a specific person?" he asks you as he lowers his head close to yours. "Don't worry, I don't judge which side you swing for."
"W-what?" you stutter out as you jump back in shock only to end up hitting something.
You glance up to see that you hit the pole for the volleyball nets which were yet to be set up. Your eyes widened when you saw it losing its balance before watching in pure horror as it falls, landing towards the window and hearing a loud and deafening crash.
You winced, closing your eyes before slowly opening them with dread, only to see the window smashed through by the pole, glass broken.
"Awww," Lev whines as he looks at the window over one of your shoulders.
"We were supposed to hold a practice match against one of the elite schools here," Inuoka explains.
"They have one of the top five aces in all of Japan in the team," Lev sighs.
"Coach won't be happy," Shibayama, another fellow first year you knew, joins in.
"I-I'm sorry!" you exclaim, bowing in a ninety degree angle.
"Well, what do you think we should do, Kuroo?" Kenma asks as he turns to the captain.
Your eyes shift over to him only to see him standing tall, a faux thinking face taking over his features. Kenma, Kai and Yaku give you sympathetic gazes.
"There's a saying, y'know, (L/N); when in Rome do as the Romans do. If you can't get us our practice match this semester, then I guess you'll have to pay us through your body," Kuroo starts off, a sudden shift in his attitude taking over as he glances at you causing you to nervously back away.
"Starting today, you'll be Nekoma's very own lapdog...or cat," he finishes off.
"D-dog?!" you mutter out in disbelief.
Hell, you'd rather be called manager at this point.
"What kind of volleyball club is this?" you wonder in exasperation.
"Lev, I said for you to work on your serves! Stop bothering Kenma," Kuroo reprimands as you enter the gym the next day for morning practice.
Practice was back at full swing with the boys taking the blame about the window for you in return of you being their lacky.
Honestly, you would've wholeheartedly taken the blame if it meant no longer being called that but they had already told the coach and there would've been even more trouble if you outed them so you kept your mouth shut.
The squeals of a small group of girls watching the team echoed throughout the gym and you winced as they fawned over the players.
You tried your best to ignore them, choosing to just begrudgingly make your way to the captain with the bag of things they requested you to get for them.
"Who's that?" one of the girls asked.
"I heard they got a new lacky for the team."
"Why would they agree to something like that? Do you think they did something scandalous to the team?"
You sighed as you narrowed your eyes to Kuroo who gave you his annoying grin.
"Speaking of our little lacky, thanks for doing the run out to the store. Did you get everything on our list?" he asked you and you felt yourself grow irritated from his nickname for you.
"Yes, it's all here," you say as you shove the bag into his arms before turning to walk away.
Kuroo lazily smiles at you, knowing it would irritate you even more before calling the team over for a short break and to share the snacks.
As Kuroo lays out the items on a bench everyone thanks you before they all stare at something in amazement.
"Huh? Hey, (L/N)-chan! What's this?" Lev asks you as he lifts up a box and everyone, even the group of girls watching over the practice, awes at the product.
You found yourself growing confused.
"It's poptarts. I didn't know what else to get as a snack and that was the cheapest thing there," you reply as even more people from the team starts to huddle around Lev.
"Oh, I've heard of this. It's an American snack that people would eat. They've got a bunch of different flavours," Shibayama adds in as the entire team was now huddled around.
"There's like five packets in there for only 300 yen," Yamamato points.
"Wow, that's pretty cheap," Inuoka exclaims as Fukunaga nods in agreement.
"It says it tastes like a cinnamon roll," Kenma reads off the box.
"That's oddly specific," Teshiro points out.
"Wow, Americans are amazing if they could make that thing taste like cinnamon rolls," Kenma points out bluntly.
"That wasn't a replacement for one of your snacks so you don't have to eat it if you don't want to," you say, growing irritated.
"No, I'll try it," Kuroo says as he surprises the team. "I'll try this foreign snack."
You stare at him with pure annoyance as everyone else comically claps at his words.
"Come on, (L/N), show me how to set this up," Kuroo announces as he walks away, leading the entire group.
"I hate these damn city boys," you mutter to yourself as you follow after them towards the kitchens into the main school building.
"Isn't that taking it too far, Tetsu? You don't have to try that weird food when you have to keep your health as top priority, honestly," you heard someone mutter and you glance to the girl beside you. You recognised her as one of the girls that came to watch the team.
Although, when she noticed you looking at her, she gave you an obviously forced smile.
"Sorry, don't mind me," she brushes off before walking ahead of the group to walk beside Kuroo.
You frowned as you serve the now toasted poptarts on a plate to everyone who wanted to try, inspired by Kuroo fricking Tetsuroo's bravery. You groaned in annoyance as they all hesitated, as if you had just poisoned the food before they bit into it and squealed about how good it tasted.
"This is ridiculous," you commented as you watched them eat all of the poptarts. "There goes my snack."
"You can have some of mine if you'd like," you hear someone say from beside you.
You turn to see Kenma sitting beside you, his switch in his hands as he tries to not get noticed by Kuroo, who he knows will definitely get him to try the poptarts too.
"Are you sure? You didn't even take a bite out of your meat bun, Kenma-san," you tell him but he hands you the snack, glancing at you from the side as you happily take a bite out of the food.
You immediately let out a quiet squeal of delight as you taste the delicious food, hungry after an exhausting day that isn't over just yet.
Kenma's eyes widen as he hears you ramble to yourself about how much you like the snack and how you need to try and recreate it, your voice getting higher in pitch as you get more excited.
And that's another one that clears his throat and stays silent.
"Lev! You can't practice your spiking if you won't even practice your damn receives," Kuroo yells at the boy again causing Lev to let out over-exaggerated tears.
The team was all dressed up once more in their school uniform, about to get a start to their school day in classes when Lev once again begged Kuroo to let him spike instead.
"But, Kuroo-san!" Lev cries out. "How am I supposed to be Nekoma's ace if you don't let me practice my spikes?!"
"You're not Nekoma's ace," Yamamoto yells at him in annoyance.
Lev stares at Yamamoto, the two just standing in a heated battle as the team begins to exit the club room before they all make their way back to the main building for classes.
"So, when can I become Nekoma's ace?" Lev asks suddenly, ignoring Yamamoto who let's out an annoyed yell.
"That's it!" he yells out before they begin a chase.
Lev let's out a yell of surprise, making a run for it as Yamamoto gives out to him for 'not knowing his place'.
Of course, they didn't even see you coming around the corner with the bibs all dry from this morning effectively knocking into you and causing everything to go flying.
You could hear the team let out noises of surprise or reprimanding the two as you groaned in pain.
Above you was Yamamoto who was blushing so much that he was truly showing off Nekoma spirit.
His face had momentarily landed on your chest before he realised what happened when you two clashed into one another while Lev was shoved out of the way.
"Ow," you mutter out as you rubbed your head causing Yamamoto to blush even more and hurriedly getting off of you.
"I'm sorry!" he yells out loud, bowing his head to the floor and he crouches his entire body.
"It's fine. You two were doing something probably weird," you brush off.
Congratulations, you broke Yamamoto.
"Eh?! (L/N)-san," Lev whines out with comical tears streaming down his face, clutching onto you in a hug as you stared at him. "It wasn't my fault and I wasn't being weird. Yamamoto-san was being mean and said I wasn't the team's ace and-"
He stops himself and pushes away slightly to get a good look at you.
He quickly looks to Yamamoto who was still blushing madly and he figured he wasn't the only one to notice.
"My lips are sealed, (L/N)-san," he tells you with a smile causing you to glance at him in confusion.
"Would you two stop harrassing (L/N)?" Kai asks the two as he puts the bibs, now folded neatly, into the basket you were carrying and putting it into the club room.
Kenma helps you up from the ground as Yaku kicks Lev and yells at him.
The bell rang signalling the end of the day and you couldn't have been any happier. You couldn't wait to go home, do your homework as fast as you could so that you could just snuggle up in bed and binge wat-
"(L/N)-chan! Time for after school practice," Lev yells as he catches everyone's attention in the classroom.
You flinch as he catches you before you could leave, everyone's eyes on you as you slowly turn around to face him with a sheepish smile before trying to make a run for it.
You ran as fast as you could and you were so close to the school gate when you tripped and fell flat on your face.
You groaned in annoyance and glanced down to see a volleyball on the floor.
"Where do you think you're going? Practice is about to start and we're gonna need our lacky," Kuroo announces before turning to Fukunaga and Inuoka.
"Get out of those clothes and get to the gym, Coach Nekomata wants to meet ya," Kuroo says as the team begin to make their way to the gym.
"Get out of these clothes?" you ask yourself, looking down at the makeshift uniform you had to wear.
You had yet to get the Nekoma school uniform and tracksuit due to it not being available in your size, so you were currently wearing a pair of smart pants that resembled the boys school uniform with a grey blazer. It was only until you could get your hands on your proper uniform.
Inuoka hands you a bag with a spare set of the Nekoma tracksuit inside.
"We'll wait for you outside of the club room," he tells you, knowing that they were making sure you wouldn't make a run for it again.
You put on the clothes only to end up hesitantly opening the door slightly to see the two boys outside waiting for you.
They really were preventing you from making a run for it.
Fukunaga was the first to notice you as he hears the door click open, only for him to nudge Inuoka.
"Um," you start off, raising your arms slightly to show off the clothes, "it's a bit too big."
They stared at you for a while, taking in the size difference of the clothes.
The sleeves of the zip-up being too long to the point you made sweater paws and the pants were causing you to trip all over the place.
"We can probably get you a new jumper later so you can take that off, but as for your pants...I guess you can borrow my shorts for today," Inuoka suggests and you just shrug.
As you remove the jumper, Inuoka retrieves his spare shorts while Fukunaga continues to stare at you.
It wasn't until you tied the jumper around your waist that his eyes widened. When you tied it around your waist he was able to see your shirt hug you tighter for a split second.
When you glanced up at him, you swore you saw him give you a subtle nod which you just shake off as Inuoka handed you his spare shorts.
Fukunaga's eyes were still wide as they waited for you, which didn't go unnoticed by Inuoka as he folded up the clothes that didn't fit you before putting it back into the paper bag.
"Something wrong?" he asks Fukunaga after he finishes his task only for you to open the door, dressed up in his shorts.
"It's still a bit big around my waist," you say as you show them the clothes.
Inuoka, still not knowing a thing, walks towards you and removes your hands from the fabric causing you to let out an exclamation.
"Relax, it's not like you're a..." he stops himself as he tries to adjust the waist by tying the jumper around it in a form of a makeshift belt, only when he tied it he noticed how your shirt clung onto a certain body part that he doesn't have up above.
His eyes widened in realisation, seeing your face growing embarrassed as he pulls on the sleeves of the jumper tight out of reflex before shoving himself away from you.
"S-sorry!" he yells before you recollect yourself.
"R-right," you manage to let out, opting to try and get the boys to just not mention the entire thing because it was just as embarrassing for you.
"What took you guys so long? And why are you wearing that?" Kuroo asks as he sees you three entering the gym. Everyone was already busy with practice when you came in.
"The clothes didn't fit," you answer quickly before Kuroo nods and tells the other two to start and join practice.
"As you can see from our team, we're in need of a manager so you can call yourself lucky for today since you'll just have to do the manager's duties instead," Kuroo tells you with his annoying smile.
"Yeah, lucky me," you say bluntly before taking the rack of water bottles he hands you and went to go fill it up.
Practice went on smoothly and you found yourself actually finding the manager's jobs somewhat peaceful to do after having a hard day of school.
The team mainly left you alone to do your own thing since they were busy with practice before an upcoming practice match with that team which was successfully rescheduled.
"You might as well just sign up as our manager at this point, (L/N). It seems like you're a natural at this," Shibayama comments as you hand him a towel.
You send him a small smile before turning to the others to help them.
It wasn't until the small group of girls, that watch the practice, came down to talk with the team that you found yourself growing irritated again.
"(L/N), come here," Kuroo calls out as the girl you saw earlier was standing beside him. "I want to introduce you to someone. This is Ayanokoji. She's been helping the team out the past few years, making posters and letting people know about us whenever we needed to recruit someone."
"Oh, is she a manager?" you ask as you glance to the girl. She let's out a small scoff before answering.
"Please, I can't be their managers for even a day, I'd be too exhausted from cheering them on each time," she smiles as she winks at Kuroo.
"Oh," you mutter, confused with why she was even bothering this much if she also didn't want to be the manager. But you shake it off and send her a welcoming smile, one the team hasn't seen yet since they've kidnapped you. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Ayanokoji-chan."
The rest of the team found themselves staring at you in awe. Those who knew were blushing while others were simply amazed by the shift in your attitude.
"Wow, look at you being all friendly," Kuroo teases and you grumble under your breath. "Aww, come on now, (L/N), don't be like that. Can't you just smile that way with me?"
Unbeknownst to the two of you, Ayanokoji was rather unhappy with the interaction, finding herself grow jealous when Kuroo had called her down only to end up teasing you instead.
He began to try and provoke you further before you turned to the two people closest to you for help.
"Teshiro-san, Shibayama-san! Help me, please!" you call out as Kuroo tries to chase you around.
Your eyes widen as you felt a pair of arms lift you up, only to see Shibayama holding you up effortlessly.
He stares at you, his eyes also just as wide with you both staying still in shock.
Everyone looks at you two in surprise as Kenma ignores everything going on, still gaming in the corner while he can.
"Alright, alright, Shibayama you can put (L/N) down," he tells him.
Except Shibayama was in too much of a shock to even listen.
"Shibayama," Teshiro calls out as he carefully lifts you out of his friend's grip only to also realise something. "Uh, um, uh."
"Thanks you guys," you brush off as you wave to Ayanokoji before going off to finish your jobs before practice ends.
It was officially the end of practice and you couldn't have been any happier.
You huffed as you struggled to carry the rack of bottles (which you just emptied at the sinks outside the back of the school) and the basket of bibs with you. You were being too stubborn and wanted to go home as soon as possible so you were determined to make it in one trip and not two.
Not to mention, your luck was absolutely amazing. So amazing that it started to rain when you were on your way to the club room with the things.
You hurriedly ran towards some shelter from the rain, hoping the bibs aren't too wet otherwise you'd have to rewash them and dry them again for tomorrow.
Although, as you made a run for the shelter, you felt yourself tripping over someones foot. The rack of bottles and bibs were sent flying, getting drenched from the rain pouring down on you.
You glanced up to see Ayanokoji smiling a fake smile to you.
"Ooops, sorry. Hopefully, Kuroo-san won't get mad at you for ruining the bibs," she sneers before turning around to walk away only to bump into Kuroo who raised a brow at the scene, his hair also dripping wet from the rain.
"Well, lucky for (L/N), I'm not," he says before staring down at the girl in front of him with a slight glare. "Why would you do that to (L/N), Ayanokoji?"
"Kuroo-san! It was an accident. In fact, (L/N) was the one that bumped into me and almost made me fall!" she reasoned out but the moment you two hear the sound of someone else scoffing she knew it was hopeless.
You glances around Kuroo to see the entire team glaring at the girl behind him, most of them holding umbrellas and sharing it among themselves to stay dry.
You, Kuroo and Ayanokoji were the only ones soaking wet.
"You're not honestly going to blame me for this are you, Kuroo? After everything I've done for the team? Look at me, I'm soaking. If I get a cold tomorrow, I swear it's gonna be all your fault (L/N)-"
"Ayanokoji, shut up," Kuroo tells her in annoyance.
The two of you girls look at him with different levels of shock, yours more mild than hers as the rest of the walk around the two so they could help you gather the bibs and bottles.
"I'm disappointed in you, Ayanokoji," Kuroo starts off, "I thought you were here to support the team, not harass one of our members."
The girl lets out a scoff at his words. "You can't be serious-"
"We are," Kuroo finishes off before turning towards your group, he removes his Nekoma jumper and places it over your head to try and prevent you from getting even more soaked to the bone despite it being futile.
You could hear Ayanokoji let out a frustrated scream before she stomped away but you couldn't see her as the boys all led you to the club room.
Kai carried the rack of bottles while Inuoka and Lev carried the bibs.
"The principal gave this to us for you, (L/N). He said it was your school uniform, perfect timing too. Here's a towel too," Yamamoto says as he hands it to you, Fukunaga nodding in agreement as Kenma side-eyes Kuroo who was already beginning to undress.
"Kuroo, you shouldn't just start undressing like that," Kenma reprimands him as Kuroo places on a new shirt, brushing Kenma off.
"Not like this isn't the club room," Kuroo reasons out.
"Fair point," you shrug off as you remove your shirt, the boys in the room immediately screaming as they respectfully panic and close their eyes.
"What's wrong with you gu-" Kuroo cuts himself off as he finally turns around and sees you, lifting your shirt off with a vest underneath, clearly showing him that you are in fact-
"A girl?!" Kuroo exclaims as he covers himself with his hands, his efforts going to waste as you ignore them all, buttoning up your new uniform shirt.
The shirt hugging your body nicely causing all the boys to grow even more flustered. Even Kenma was acting weird.
"W-wait. Don't put on the skirt yet!" Kuroo yells out as he tries to stop you, only to trip and end up hugging you instead.
This caused even more chaos.
And this time, you reacted just as badly as the boys.
You let out a high-pitch scream as you shoved him off of you.
"S-sorry!" he yelled out over and over again.
You quickly out the skirt on over your wet shorts, making sure it was fastened before removing the shorts and slipping on the knee high socks.
"It's alright," you managed to say but you couldn't look the boys in the eyes as you took your hair out of its ponytail, lightly drying it off with the towel.
The boys felt their hearts hammer loudly in their chests.
Girl, you're killing them.
"Why didn't you tell us you were a girl?" Kuroo exclaims and you shrug.
"I didn't really care if you thought I was a guy or a girl. Honestly, you guys treated me rather normally because of it, don't think I didn't notice how differently you treated those girls. You should just look at everyone all the same and base your perspective of them from their personalities instead," you explain with a smile.
"Wow, look at that," Inuoka comments with a low-whistle, a lazy grin on his face as they all look at their obviously bashful captain.
They were enjoying this a lot considering he was never on the receiving end of provocation. Or the blushing mess.
"Isn't that interesting," Kai chuckles.
"But you know, Kuroo-san," you speak up again as you finally turn to Kuroo and give him a smile, the same smile you gave to Ayanokoji earlier, "you were really cool earlier. Thank you for helping me."
Rip Kuroo Tetsuro.
The team relishes in Kuroo's face turning even more red, his hand desperately covering his face but his efforts ending up futile.
"Could this possibly be the beginnings of love?" Fukunaga mutters to himself, his usual smile on his lips.
"You know, working with you guys though for the entire day was pretty exhausting, mainly because of you, Kuroo-san," you admit which causes Kuroo to let out a noise of disbelief. "But I did enjoy it and you all somehow managed to still make me feel welcome despite the rocky start. And I do have to join a club."
"So, what are you saying, (L/N)-chan?" Lev asks you.
"I guess if you guys are still having applications out, I'll apply for the role of manager."
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yukimiyaa · a month ago
a/n: uhh??? idk what this is but stupidity??? this doesn't make sense but more stupidity??? and a lot of insulting tsumu because I love him
Tumblr media
"WHAT THE HECK ATSUMU!?" you slam your hands on the table, clearly frustrated. "THIS IS THE SAME QU—"
"STOP RUNNIN YA MOUTH 'M TRYIN 'KAY!" atsumu yells back, frustrated as well from all the brain wracking.
"YOU'RE CLEARLY NOT! LISTEN." you shift closer to his face sending him glares, "it's already hectic enough to be stuck with you out of all people in tutoring nothing else but MATHS! and you're not even TRYING to focus!"
"ARRGHH MAYBE IF YER EXPLANATIONS WERE CLEAR!" he deflects, rustling through his hair.
taking a deep breathe in an attempt to not pop a vein from being stuck with this idiot, you proceed to speak again, a lost count of just how many times you've explained this to him. "for the millionth time, you put sin⁻¹ when you need to find the angle —"
"STO— don't scream," you keep your tone low. "if only kita-san wasn't busy I wouldn't be in this hell hole with this smooth brain," you mumble under your breathe.
"ya said sumn?" he asks with a frown.
"no. it was nothing. as I told you already," you continue, pinching the bridge of your nose, "press shift and then—"
"AH A GOT THIS! see a got it even before ya explained it! a just played dumb, a knew it all along," that's only what he claims. the 90 minutes you wasted on the same question says otherwise.
"well then, that's great! you're on your own now. ace the math test and go to your volleyball games," you give him a smug grin knowing damn well he won't get any far from here without your help.
"hey! wait no— a mean even if a can do this by myself ..uhm" he averts his eyes trying to look anywhere but your figure standing in front of the door.
you interrupt him before he finishes. "shut up I know what you mean. and it's not like I can leave right now anyways," you said rubbing the back of your neck sheepishly.
"aww, ya think 'bout me so much," he adds, reclining back in his chair on the opposite side of the table, "'s about time ya stopped pretendin ya hate me and confess ya know."
you point to the window, implying that he should look outside, after throwing a dictionary right at his face that had been lying around lazily on the table. "it's not because of you fool, my skin still burns from being around you even at a 6ft radius. I won't be able to go since it'll rain."
atsumu peeks behind and indeed, dark clouds were piling up above head. "well yeah a figured the same thing," he replied in the usual manner.
you notice him getting up from his seat across the table after a long pause. "I'm gonna kick your shins if you try to leav-"
"'m not!" he exclaims, a faint blush on his cheeks. "'m simply shiftin to yer side so a can hear ya better."
"fine," finding your own cheeks a little warm as well. "so what did we talk about tan?"
"that thing from the tree?"
"the ...log?"
you stare at him in complete disbelief. eye twitching. "there's connection in any of those." atsumu just scratches his head.
"hhhh" calm yourself down y/n. "ok then what's cos?"
"cuz what?" he replies with a confused expression.
"cos???" you repeat.
"yeah cuz what?"
"miya atsumu." his name leaves your mouth sternly when you stand up from your seat. "do you even have shit in there?"
surely, atsumu had seen you angry by the many times he has ticked you off. intentionally or not. he has seen you angry. but today he really took the cake. nobody, and by nobody I mean nobody had witnessed this side of you. even the great miya atsumu is petrified by the sight of you shooting him the deadliest cold glares, your angered face expression, and the boiling aura you're whirling. He doesn't smugly grin this time; instead, he's taken aback, his palms sweating, soul almost levitating from the tension.
"for the last time. tan is the log from the tree and cos—"
it takes a moment for you both to process what you just said, and before you know it, the tension in the room had been replaced by giggles and laughter.
"you're seriously gonna drive me crazy miya," you laugh, hands on your stomach from how hard you've been laughing.
"want me to do it more often?" it's his flirting nature that controls the response.
"yes," and that's an unconscious answer that spills out of your mouth as you lock your eyes with a pair of brown ones.
atsumu's hand instinctively finds itself caressing your face and tucking stray hair behind your ears while you both lean in closer. rubbing tiny circles on your jaw as his lips scarcely brush onto the pair of yours. the room now cool from the refreshing downpour outside, listening to the rhythm of rain and the scent of freshly damp dirt lingering. the sky roaring just a tad bit.
"hey these rooms are about to be locked soon— sorry was I interrupting something?" the voice is familiar, it's nobody else but the only person that shares the same face with the piss haired boy, the other twin, miya osamu.
"not really we were just packing up and bout to leave!" you respond hastily.
you sure have a knack for timing samu; translates atsumu's disapproving gaze at his brother which says otherwise.
and there goes the classic enemies to lovers plot. maybe he can, an will get to explore more sides of you that nobody else has seen. all reserved for himself. and he's looking forward to take it with open arms.
Tumblr media
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ctrltc · 20 days ago
Atsumu, having belly aches: Why the heck did you feed me expired spaghetti?
Kiyoomi: No, none of the ingredients I used were expired.
Kiyoomi: Pasta, new. Tomato sauce, new. Meatballs, new. Cheese, new. Poison, new.
Atsumu: I-
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silently-weebs-in-corner · 4 months ago
Certified simps :D
Bokuto: Hey bro.
Kuroo: Yeah bro?
Bokuto: Don't you love it when Akaashi.
Kuroo: I have no idea what you mean, but don't you love it when Kenma.
Akaashi to Kenma: What are they talking about?
Kenma: Probably the way Spaghetti is pronounced.
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1-800-haikyuu · 25 days ago
Hinata: Hey Yamaguchi what’s your type?
Yamaguchi: Well Yachi’s hair is nice, and Kiyoko’s glasses are attractive, so a mix of that!
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asahis-mommy-milkers · 3 months ago
Hello again to my favourite MF!!! Miss me? I woulda' missed me. Anyways, I was wondering if you could write me up some Tendou HCs about what dating him would be like? Keep up the great work! Your writing is great!!!
aaaaahhh!! ayo, this my favourite mofo! i've missed you so much. anyway, thank you so much for your lovely request; i've never gotten a tendō one, so this is gonna be fun! (requests are always open, guys). i love love love you!! stay safe + drink water! <333
Dating Satori Tendō HC's!
Tumblr media
Oh dear. Look what you've gotten yourself into.
Jokes aside, putting it simply, dating Tendō is something of a wild ride. To say the least.
He's just such an electric person, so a moment spent with him is never a moment wasted. He'll never let you get bored.
His dates are all about trying new things and doing the crazy stuff that people usually don't do, like a sky diving simulator and all that typa stuff. He's so extra.
He's very extravagant, and he goes all out when celebrating dates like your birthday or your anniversary.
The actual definition of eccentric and kooky. Look at him.
His constant mission is to make you laugh or smile, cause he loves nothing more in the world. He's always out here starting tickle fights, making stupid jokes or just being an outright idiot for your entertainment.
Values your private time together a whole lot. Even just laying in bed with no one else around is special to Tendō, so you can imagine how much he adores little date nights.
When you get to know each other well and you're pretty close and intimate, he's bound to open up to you about his past and his insecurities, cause heck, the boy still gets bullied for some reason.
When he's talking about that stuff, listen listen listen. If he's letting himself be this vulnerable, how you respond could make or break him. Super sensitive about it all.
Could cry, but I imagine he's okay with crying in front of you at that point. He trusts you so so much.
While it could be that he's crying out of sadness, it might also be out of fear that you'll leave him all alone out of the blue like everyone else around him always did.
But it might be tears of joy that he has you now and that he finally has someone to love unconditionally. He's super sentimental.
When he's out and about on his daily business, Satori is prepared to buy you literally anything that reminds him of you.
Crappy star keychain in your favourite colour? "Hey, isn't that Y/N's favourite colour? Plus, she's my shining star, so."
Always uses the corny pickup lines, even after you get together.
"Hey, baby, I'll get a blue slushie for me, a red one for you, and then let's make people wonder why our tongues are purple."
"Babe, babe, babe! Feel my shirt. Wanna know what it's made of? Boyfriend material! Haha!"
It's not even the pickup lines themselves that make you laugh. It's the way he says them.
He says the dirtiest, most outta pocket crap in the cockiest attitude you've ever seen, but the second you turn it on him and say something back, he's dead. Blushing like a madman, blabbering stuff you can't make out. What a hypocrite.
When you're not around, he will take every opportunity to gush about you. Ushijima's eating some Hayashi rice? "Oh yeah, Y/N ate that on our date yesterday. It was so great. You should've seen her. She looked so beautiful in her outfit. Ooh, and she had her hair up in this cute style. We held hands, like, the whole time. I love her hands. They're so soft and small compared to mine."
Semi's watching a series he found out about? "Ah, I know that one, SemiSemi. Y/N told me all about it. She's into it, too. You guys should watch it together sometime. She's a great person to watch TV with. She always cuddles up to me. Not that she'd cuddle up to you. That's just for me. I'm her special Satori. Hmm, I wanna cuddle with her. Stupid school and responsibilities."
Would drop dead if he saw you in his clothes.
Basically, Satori's a long boy. There's no other way of putting it. Ergo, his clothes are also long to accommodate his largeness.
If you come out of bed, all tired and rubbing your eyes with his shirt hung on your much smaller frame, his first instinct is to just hug you close to him and internally implode.
So, yeah, do that. He's a sucker for it.
Nicknames he would call you include: Babe, baby, bae, wifey, cutie.
But, I gotta say, if you two fight, they always hit hard. He's sorta emotionally unhinged, so he says hurtful stuff and is prone to victimising himself. He could also shout if things get heated.
That said, he always regrets what he's done immediately after the fight is over, never meaning to hurt you at all.
You'll be curled up in bed, quietly crying yourself to sleep, when you feel his large frame slot in behind you and pull you tight against him.
"I'm so sorry, baby, I swear I am. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to shout. I would never hurt you. Why would I ever do that? You mean everything to me. I'm so sorry. I love you so much. Please, please, please forgive me."
He would cry, too. He'd lie there, drawing shapes and patterns on your skin, playing with your hair. It's honestly more to comfort him. He's very dependent on you.
Let's not end this on a sad note, though!!
Tendō wants you by his side wherever he is. He's dead set on getting married to you once he commits, so you bet he wants you to come with him to Paris. He sees you in all versions of his future.
He 100% respects it if you want to work and pursue your own career, but would also not mind coming home to a sweet little adorable housewife he can spoil everyday.
He's always practising his baking skills, especially chocolate related stuff. He loves to have you with him in the kitchen, but prefers it if you don't help. Will definitely keep on asking you to taste his work along the way.
He's just so freaking adorable, and, yeah, kind of annoying, too, but come on. You know you love him. Yeah.
thanks for reading!! likes + reblogs appreciated. have a good day! <3
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haikyuuublog · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
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