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slut4tobio · a day ago
Tumblr media
watches his cum ooze out of your sensitive cunt, using his finger to stuff it all back in, making sure not one drop is wasted. “is that enough cum darling, or do you need more?” all you can do is nod, so he obeys. his warm cum spurts into your velvet walls over and over again, and all you can do is babble on how much you love him and his cock <3
OIKAWA, daichi, terushima, kageyama, kuroo, nishinoya, TSUKISHIMA, iwaizumi, bokuto, ushijima
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aitarose · a day ago
Heey!! Can I request hc with Suna?
Both sfw and nsfw please!!
Have a lovely day/night :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
PAIRING. suna rintarou x afab!reader GENRE. established relationship, fluff, smut (under the cut), oral sex (reader recieving), vaginal sex, fingering (reader recieving), overstimulation, unprotected sex, breeding kink, choking A/N. hi! i’m so excited for valentine’s day to come up, and relationship fluff during the holiday is the absolute dream - so here’s thirsty suna as your boyfriend!
Tumblr media
SFW VALENTINE’S DAY. how he makes it special
would not be openly excited for the holiday season. once february comes rolling around, he’d acknowledge your passion for valentine’s day celebrations, but wouldn’t be beaming with joy over the chocolates and flower bouquets like some boyfriends would.
however, he’d take mental notes on your likes and dislikes throughout your relationship - knowing that eventually, he’d need to remember the things that you love in order to give you the most romantic valentine’s day he possibly could. 
let’s say you mentioned that daisies were your favorite flower in november - he’d have ordered the most expensive bouquet from your favorite flower shop to be delivered to your work place with no questions asked. he wants to make you smile as much as possible on the fourteenth.
considering he’s a more private person, he wouldn’t make a restaurant reservation or have some sort of grand gesture - he doesn’t need to do those things to show that he loves you. he simply wants to spend time with you.
as soon as you get home, he has dinner on the table. he ordered your favorite meal of onigiri from osamu’s restaurant - with extra add ons from the chef, of course. there’s a bottle of red wine and your most expensive glasses at your seat, as well as some soft music playing on the stereo. as much as he likes to deny it, he’s a romantic. 
throughout the meal, he holds you hand - squeezing it at random intervals along with the beat of the songs - and his eyes glow with love at the sight of your overjoyed expressions. 
once you’ve finished your meal, the two of you sit side-by-side on the sofa. his left arm drapes over your shoulder whilst you rest your head on his own - and he gives you full control over whatever rom-com you want to watch.
the two of you eventually get distracted in each other, of course. the movie is long forgotten as the night rages on - and his lips meet yours in the softest kiss you’ve ever been blessed to share with him - perhaps it’s now your favorite of the many.
Tumblr media
NSFW NIGHT. how he makes you feel special
his hands roam your body, feeling your curves with a sensual touch. he’s always the more silent one when it comes to your intimate moments - so when you let out a loud moan, he laughs lightly and captures your lips in a rougher kiss. 
somehow, you manage to make it to the bedroom. you’re not sure if he carried you, or if you stumbled through the hallway with your intertwined limbs. what you did know, was that his mouth hadn’t left yours in the short amount of time. 
he strips you of your clothes slowly, taking his time with each garment and pressing soft kisses on the newly exposed skin. your entire body flushes red with embarrassment - but he thinks it’s adorable. he never gets tired of how flustered you become at his touch. 
once he reaches your panties, he hooks a finger in the waistband and helps you step out of their constraints. his mouth meets your core and the sigh of relief you exhale is deafening when the feeling of his wet tongue touches your most intimate parts. 
he makes out with your cunt as if he’ll die if he stops. the passion he holds is something that you’ve never felt from him before. it’s sloppy and messy, you can even feel your wetness dripping down his chin, but that doesn’t stop him in the slightest. 
when you reach your first high of the night, he doesn’t move a muscle. his tongue remains laying on your sensitive parts and swallows every ounce of cum that you let out. he collects the remaining drops on his fingertips, standing up from the side of the bed and sucking on them for you to see. 
in an instant, his underwear are thrown across the room and he’s rolling a condom onto his cock. the tip prods at your entrance - tapping twice before pushing in. the feeling of him inching inside of you, slowly by the second, brings tears to the corners of your eyes. it’s so intimate, so romantic, that you can’t help but get emotional. 
he notices your crying and begins to kiss your tears away. he slowly thrusts in time with his kisses, penetrating you as deeply as he possibly can. his balls meet your ass with every thrust - the squelching sounds of your cunt meeting his hips makes it all the more passionate. 
you cum once again, screaming with pleasure as his finger begin to play with your clit throughout your high. there’s a smirk on his face as he stares at your dripping core. perhaps it was the sight of your red thighs or running mascara - but a switch flips in his brain. suddenly all of the gentleness is gone. 
his large palm makes contact with your throat as his left hand rips off the condom, throwing it into the trash bin near your bedside table - and he thrusts into you with no warning. you arch your back, but he holds you down by the neck - making sure not to squeeze too tight. he’d never want to actually hurt you. 
as you make eye contact, staring deeply into his focused lust-filled irises, you’re suddenly aware of how long the night really is. his thrusts have the adrenaline of a man on ecstasy. he’s high on the drug that is you, addicted and yearning for more and more. he was planning on making you cum as many times as possible. 
"happy valentine’s day.” he grunts out, gaze focused on your tight cunt swallowing his cock. his stamina could last for hours, he was never one to cum quickly - and you realize that this was going to be a night that you’d never forget. 
Tumblr media
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rinesei · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
+ featuring. atsumu, iwaizumi, osamu, tendou, kita, sakusa, kenma
+ a/n. for those who voted husband!, that'll come soon too, my loves <3 for now take my silly little hcs of my favorite boys as fathers. tbh i find this post so shitty sobs </3
Tumblr media
—ATSUMU whines along with his twin boys when they declare they have to get some ice-cream, three pouty faces staring up at you, noses scrunched and eyes wide (sometimes you wonder if you have three kids, instead of two). It's not that he isn't mature (he's a changed man after having kids- well, a little bit at least)- Atsumu just wants his kids to see him as their best friend instead of an authoritative figure.
—IWAIZUMI is protective of his daughter, glaring at any boy who dare approach her (he's made some five year olds cry with that glance of his). He loosens up when you place your hand on his forearm, telling him to calm down- but no one better steal his precious princess away. He's the type of dad who's scared of his kids growing up too fast.
—OSAMU cooks with his sweet girl (or as she prefers to be addressed- his sous-chef), father and daughter looking oddly similar with their matching aprons, brows furrowed and lips parted as both of them stare at the pot eagerly, waiting patiently for its contents to cook. (you're their taste tester, of course). He loves spending time with her- eyes lighting up when she shoves her nose in the air- demanding to experiment with his recipes.
—TENDOU who makes silly faces at his toddler son when in a restaurant, making the boy giggle at his father- it's a sound that never fails to bring a smile to either of your faces. Even so, Tendou can't help but let tears form in his eyes when his boys grabs his pinky finger between breaths, flashing him a toothless grin while letting out a "a lu-uv da-da!"
—KITA who's kids are always well behaved. you're the subject of envy of every parent around, because your kids (although a little blunt at times) always clean up after themselves, sending soft respectful smiles here and there. Shinsuke often lays his hands on their head to express his pride, ruffling their hair gently- and when they grin at him, he knows he'd love them just as much even if they were a bunch of troublesome gremlins.
—SAKUSA can't help but spoil his princess, buying her the newest toys and prettiest clothes- he even takes her shopping with him, her small legs resting on his broad shoulders and arms secured firmly around his neck. a wide grin stretches on his lips under his mask when his daughter happily twirls in her dress, showing it off to her proud dad- he knows he'd do anything for your family.
—KENMA seldom lets you appear in his streams- not that he doesn't like you there, it's just too distracting. but his year old son is always seated on his lap, waving at the camera while Kenma's glance is fixed on the screen, only occasionally shifting downwards to look at his child. A small smile makes its way on his face when his little boy tilts his head at him, eyes big. Kenma ends up wrapping up the stream early, to cuddle with his baby boy- every single time.
Tumblr media
Reblogs appreciated !!
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onlyomi · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
+ f!reader, various haikyuu characters
++ degradation (“my slut”), overstim, oral (f receiving), fingering, 17+
+++ first post heheh >:)
Tumblr media
“you can give me one more, can’t you? that’s it, be a good girl for me,” with his cock shoved so deep inside you it knocks the breath from your lungs, his long fingers sprawled out on your stomach while he thumbs at your clit, a small smile on his face as he watches you twitch and shake beneath him.
DAICHI, sakusa, iwaizumi, MEIAN, osamu, kageyama, ukai
Tumblr media
“fuck— there you go, baby, there you go. make a mess for me,” he says, trying his hardest to ignore the fact that he’s just as fucked out as you are, his hair clinging to his sweaty forehead, drunken babbles flowing out of his mouth, along with almost embarrassing moans and whimpers as the both of you stumble over the edge for the nth time.
atsumu, BOKUTO, HINATA, goshiki, oikawa
Tumblr media
“was that not enough for you? my slut needs more, is that it?” a sick grin on his face as he dips his head down again, tongue swirling over your clit, fingers digging deep inside you to pull another ground-shaking, earth-shattering orgasm from your overworked body.
tsukishima, TENDOU, semi, matsukawa, kuroo, SUNA, kenma
Tumblr media
“please, doll? just one more for me,” as he fucks his cum deeper into you, his body shuddering above yours, eyes rolling to the back of his head at the slick, wet squeeze and pull of your cunt. he pushes your legs closer to your chest, mumbling something that sounds like thank you as you give him everything he’s been asking for.
USHIJIMA, kyotani, aone, KITA, aran, akaashi
Tumblr media
© ONLYOMI 2022. do not copy, edit, repost, or translate my work on this platform or other platforms.
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isseivr · a month ago
Tumblr media
+ ft. ushijima, sakusa, oikawa, akaashi, iwaizumi, suna, kageyama, daichi
+ warnings. twt p*rn, fem! reader
Tumblr media
;; USHIJIMA generously allowing you to get off from riding his thigh
and making you choke on his cock as payback
;; SAKUSA letting out uncharacteristically loud sounds as he fucks into you from behind
he's touchy when he's feeling needy
;; OIKAWA likes being close to your body while ramming into your ass
and loves it when you make a mess all over his pretty hands
;; AKAASHI can't help but play with you in the shower
but also likes going painfully slow to tease you
;; IWAIZUMI railing you in a hotel room after you tease him at the seijoh reunion all night
but he won't be nice if you flirt with his friends
;; SUNA always eats you out like his life depends on it
he also indulges you when you can't wait till you get home
;; KAGEYAMA can only be calmed down by sucking on your tits and pussy till you can't take it any more
but isn't as gentle when you talk back
;; DAICHI just wants to be inside his pretty baby after a hard day at work
sometimes he enjoys using toys to keep you down
Tumblr media
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riniackerman · a month ago
Tumblr media
a/n: i need toshi’s massive hand around my head 😢💔
pairing: haikyuu men x gn!reader
featuring: miya atsumu, oikawa tooru, suna rintaro, ushijima wakatoshi
tw: suggestive
Tumblr media
“tsumu! get yer eyes fixed on the ball! (-) hide behind kita-san or somethin’!” osamu yelled across the court, making your face flustered as kita casually stood in front of you, blocking your figure away from atsumu.
“shut yer trap samu! ‘m just not feeling well today!” atsumu yells back but shortly shrugs his shoulder down when he sensed kita’s gaze was locked on him.
right after the practice match, atsumu dragged you into the locker room. he slammed you against the wall with his hand around your head, ignoring the pain he felt on his knuckle.
little mewls left your lips as well as your pretty moans when atsumu’s tongue slipped between your closed lips. you could feel atsumu’s thick thighs were slowly rubbing between your inner thighs, pushing your legs to open.
“ts-tsumu wait” you tried to push him when you heard noises outside the door. but atsumu was too drunk with your scent and kisses.
atsumu’s body jolted and quickly turned his head when he heard osamu, suna, and ginjima opening the door.
“TSUMU ARE YA CRAZY? THE FUCK YER THINKING YER DOING IN THIS SACRED LOCKER-” osamu yelled his lungs out when he saw his brother making out with his best friend.
“atsumu no matter how much you love (-) you shouldn’t-” ginijima interrupts osamu’s yell but halts when suna stepped forward with his phone in his hand, smirking at you and atsumu.
“keep going, ‘m gonna film this and show kita-san”
Tumblr media
you were heading to the volleyball locker room after finishing up some homework in the library. you waited in the locker room for your boyfriend to return from the practice while just scrolling through your phone.
shortly you could hear food steps over the door along with iwaizumi's voice scolding oikawa on the way.
"stop hittin' me iwa-chan! just wait!" the moment oikawa opened the door, he saw you sitting down on the floor, looking so effortlessly beautiful with glasses.
oikawa then right away slammed the door and stepped over. he scooched down, tilted your chin with his thumb and index, and kissed your pretty lips. slowly breaking the kiss, he whispered; "you look so pretty babe"
and the moment oikawa was about to kiss you or do something more, he was interrupted by the rest of the 3rd years.
they probably wondered what was taking him so long to get his books, but ended up catching his best friend making out with a 1st year.
“SHITTYKAWA ARE YOU INSANE? T-THEY ARE 1ST YEAR” iwaizumi yells, along with makki and mattsun laughing in the background.
oikawa quickly raised both of his hands and tried to explain. “iwachan it’s not what it looks like!!!!”
but all he got was iwaizumi’s scolds with makki and mattsun imitating oikawa and you, slamming each other on the wall as makki tried to kiss mattsun, earning a smack from iwaizumi on their head.
Tumblr media
after suna’s practice, he quickly brought you into the locker room without any words, as for you who was confused and clueless, you just followed where suna was taking you.
the second after the door closed, suna quickly wrapped his large hand around your waist as he started to kiss you.
you tried to push him away because you definitely saw the miyas walking far behind you two just now on the way.
“r-rin stop atsumu and osamu is-” but suna cut you off with a deeper kiss, ignoring the things you were saying.
pulling away from you, suna’s eyes focused on the door slowly opening, seeing osamu and atsumu pushing each other on the way in.
but both of the twins froze on the place and blinked a couple of times to see his best friend’s hand wrapped around their manager’s waist, and their manager’s hand placed on his broad chest.
atsumu was the first one to talk. pointing his fingers at both of you. “y-you” atsumu spoke, along with osamu following him. “s-suna what-”
both of them ended up yelling and laughing as they ran out of the room. “KITA-SAN THEY’RE CRAZY”, “SUNA AND (-) IS-”
Tumblr media
because you couldn’t keep your eyes off from ushijima’s thighs, chest, arms, hands, literally every part of him during the match, you waited for him in front of the locker room since you were too needy for his touch.
as soon as ushijima showed up around the corner, you promptly paced and grabbed his large hand, dragging him to the locker room.
you tiptoed while forcing his shoulder to bend down for a deeper kiss. ushijima lets out a little smirk before he wrapped his massive hand around your waist and another one around behind your head.
ushijima then leaned down while his tongue explored inside your mouth, both of you not aware of the door opening.
“wow wow wow what am i seeeeeingggg??” it was tendou. he walked into get his bottle and settled up seeing his best friend making out with a girl for the first ever time.
“well then, enjoy~~” tendou hummed, giving you a peace sign before he walked out, having both of ushijima’s and your confounded eyes fixed on him.
“tendou-san it’s not what it looks like!!!” you yell, simply to earn a hand wave sticking out between the door and the wall. you sigh but halts when you felt ushijima's fingers on your chin.
“can...can we continue (-)?”
Tumblr media
taglist (open) ˚ · . @tendouscheese @cheybabey @uhmkatt @savantsoulfinder @tehehe.bri @amarinthe @emily-kald @quirrrky @mmxlly @kenmaslov3r @sexyandcringe @tartaglli @carmillous@tendouscheese @tsuki-tsuki-daisuki @carmillous
Tumblr media
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fushiguroll · 7 months ago
I just read a headcanon about "haikyuu boys when you tell him to kiss you more" and it's so ahshzgsgshzhsjsj CUTEEEEEEE 😭😭😭 you really made my dayy Angel ❤❤❤, if you don't mind can you make a second part for kuroo, bokuto, ushijima, and sakusa... ILYYYY 😚
#Haikyuu boys when you tell him to kiss you more
Tumblr media Tumblr media
featuring:: OIKAWA Toru, SAKUSA Kiyoomi, BOKUTO Kotaro, MIYA Osamu, KOZUME Kenma, KUROO Tetsuro
genre:: fluff/slice of life 
warning:: suggestive
⤷ Part I
a/n:: thanks for requesting, darling! I’m so happy you enjoyed the first part!! back at it with a spicier part 2. So sorry I didn’t write for Ushijima, I had a hard time writing for him today. Please feel free to come back and request a part 3 with him. Hope you enjoy this! 
Alexa play kiss me more by Doja Cat ft. SZA
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⤷ OIKAWA Toru raises an eyebrow at your sudden need for attention. All this afternoon, wherever he went, you were either trailing behind him or clinging onto his arm, his back... “princess, what’s wrong?” he asks tenderly, genuine concern evident in his voice. His breath hitches in his throat the moment you let slip your little request of “I want you to kiss me more, Toru”. The way you shyly met his eyes before looking away has him feel some type of way. Some type of wanting to slam you (gently ofc) against the wall, before crashing his lips into you kind of way. Which was exactly what he did. Pushing you up against the wall, his hands gripped your waist as your fingers get tangled up in his messy brown locks. He tries his best to close the already closed gap between the two of you, even though of both of you know it’s impossible. Oikawa Toru simply cannot get enough of you. Breathlessly he pulls away first, only to lean down again, gentler this time as he promises, “I'll kiss you more anytime. All you have to do is ask.”
⤷ SAKUSA Kiyoomi collapses next to you on the sofa after a long day at practice. Your fingers weave through his curls, hands gently massaging his scalp as he melts into your touch. He peeks up at you tiredly and says softly, “thank you, my love. What can I do to repay you for your kindness?” He smiles gently, a rhetorical question that expected no answer. So imagine the surprise on his face when you responded with a “well, you could kiss me more...” He looks at you and sees the seriousness in your eyes. Your husband laughs, suddenly reenergized. He pats his laps invitingly, which you gladly accepted. “are you comfortable?” he murmurs, lips brushing against yours. “mmhm.” His fingers playfully tugs at the hem of your shirt, “you’re a little brat you know that?” “your little brat.” “that’s right.” 
⤷ BOKUTO Kotaro is the happiest man when you ask him for a favor like this. “Baby Ko!” You open your arms wide as he happily jumps into them. “Baby Y/n!” He mimics you, “how’s my pretty wife doing?” You press a light kiss on his nose, “better now that you’re here.” He hums happily, strong arms engulfing you as he wraps himself around your waist and pulls you in close to him. “what are you thinking about?” “about how you should kiss me more.” Bokuto snaps his head up to look at you, a shock look in his eyes before breaking out into a goofy smile. “oh?” He raises a brow before kissing you on your forehead, your nose, your cheeks, then finally your lips. He giggles as you giggle. “more!” “alright, one order of more kisses for my princess!” 
⤷ MIYA Osamu You watch as your husband wipe down the kitchen counter and prepped the ingredients needed for the restaurant tomorrow. He smiles as he feels your stares, “'m almost done, princess and then we can do whatever ya want, sounds good?” You walk over gleefully and wrap your arms around him, peeking up to look at him. “anything I want?” Samu nods, smiling down at you. “what if I want you to kiss me more?” Osamu doesn’t answer, but you suddenly find yourself spun around, your back gently hitting the counter as his face inches closer to yours before pressing a light kiss on your lips. “well I did say anything ya want. Yer wish is my command, my queen.” 
⤷ KOZUME Kenma “kenma!” “yes?” He sets down his cup of coffee and looks up at you as you stand before him, arms crossed. “What flavor is your coffee?” Kenma looks down at the cup before looking up at you, confused. “what do you mean? its coffee? um...vanilla I guess. It’s just the one you got yesterday.” “can I have a taste?” He lifts up his cup to you invitingly but you shake your head. “No I want to taste it some other way. I want you to kiss me more.” Kenma blushes a deep shade of red but nonetheless opens his arms invitingly as you sink down onto the sofa. “you’re very creative...” he whispers just before leaning in. “did you get a good taste?” You giggle and shake your head no. He sighs playfully, “looks like I have no choice but to kiss you again.” um, yes please! 
⤷ KUROO Tetsuro stands up to stretch, holding out his hand to you. You look at his invitation before looking away. Your husband looks down at you, amusement dancing in his eyes. “what’s wrong, pretty face?” “it’s just...” another sigh as you begin to quote Doja Cat, “we hug. And yes, we make love. Then we always just say good night.” Kuroo sits back down, ready to entertain your antics. He’s absolutely aware you’re quoting Doja cat, after all, this song has been on replay for you this entire week. “oh yeah? and you don’t like that?” He inquires. “no I do but...” He grabs your chin, tilting you up to look at him. “but you want me to kiss you more right?” Before you could respond, Kuroo presses his lips into yours before pulling away, leaving you slightly dazed. You pout as he laughs, “what? you want more? Sure, I'll kiss you more any time, darling.”
Tumblr media
stay fetch, xoxo
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takemittchy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ft. Akaashi Keiji, Terushima Yuji, Ushijima Wakatoshi, Kageyama Tobio, Hanamaki Takahiro, Yamaguchi Tadashi
genre: fluff / slice of life
⚠️ warning: suggestive
a/n: repost & edited from Fushiguroll. part 3 coming soon ft. Kenma, Sakusa + more
Tumblr media
AKAASHI KEIJI | as your husband lowers himself up and down, you couldn’t help but think it unfair for someone to still be this pretty while working out. You stand up and walk over, waiting for the right moment to slide yourself under him. Akaashi gives you a small smile as you make yourself comfortable on the hard floor. “hey princess,” he says softly, “I'm almost done, you know?” You brush away a piece of stray hair that obscured his eyes and ignored his question. “you’re being very unfair, Keiji.” He continues staying in a planked position and knits his brows together in confusion, “how so?” “it’s so unfair you’re prettier than me, even when you’re working out.” Akaashi laughs before lowering himself and stopping just a little before your face before planting a light kiss on your lips, “princess, I hate saying “no” to you, but you’re wrong, because you’re the prettiest of us all.”
TERUSHIMA YUJI | “Ayo, Y/N!” You walk into the living room when you hear Terushima’s voice. “why are still so loud while working out?” He grins up at you, “wanna be under me?” The expression on your face prompts him to pouts as he quickly explains, “no! not that kind of way. You nasty. I just need a little motivation. Give me kisses every time I complete a push-up, okay?” You couldn’t help but smile at his proposal and make yourself comfortable under him. “one!” a kiss. “two!” another. “three!” This time he doesn’t rush to push himself back up, instead, lets himself enjoy the movement of his lips against yours. “I thought you needed help working out?” you murmur. “kissing is a workout too, haven’t you heard?”
USHIJIMA WAKATOSHI | stops mid-push-up and looks down at you as you smile up at him. “what is this, Y/N?” He asks, voice full of concern and confusion, mostly confusion because he couldn’t think of a valid reason as to why you’d disrupt his workout so suddenly and so randomly. “I missed you.” His eyes were full of intense concentration as he tries to interpret the meaning behind your words. “I am right here...?” You laugh, “I wanted to give a little rewards for working so hard.” “what kind of rewards?” “just do another pushup and you’ll see.” The moment he’s close enough to your face, you lift yourself up a little and plant a light kiss on him. your giant of a husband was stunned by your little action. He clears his throat and asks, almost shyly, “thank you Y/N. You think you can give me rewards every time from now on?” “I'd love to.”
KAGEYAMA TOBIO | “what do you want?” he asks, almost angry that you’ve disturbed his workout. It also didn’t help that as you were trying to slide in under him, you accidentally kicked his left arm, making him buckle just a bit. “I want to kiss you.” Kageyama is so confused. “why of all times? do you not have eyes? I’m working out now.” “so? just kiss me while you’re going down on your push-up. I heard it helps with your form.” He looks down at your suspiciously but nonetheless follows your direction. He didn’t expect you to kiss him so hard and this little surprise threw off his entire form. He kisses you back but asks you to leave. “don’t ever do that again, you’re messing up my push-ups,” he exclaims before adding a soft, “but I can kiss you later.”
HANAMAKI TAKAHIRO | another guy who suggests you to lie under him as he’s doing these push-ups. You agree enthusiastically because...why not? It’s you, under your very attractive husband, who gives you a kiss every time he lowers himself and you don’t even have to do anything except lie there, looking so pretty. “where’d you even get this idea?” you ask. “from my own big brain,” he grins down at you. “now that can’t be true, because both you and I know you don’t even have a brain, let alone a big one.” He laughs and lowers himself down before lifting himself back up, leaving your lips feeling oddly light without the pressure of his on yours. “hey, you forgot to give me a kiss.” “say I have a big brain.” “fine. You have the biggest brain I've ever seen, Makki.” His lips find yours before he pushes the floor away again, “good girl.”
YAMAGUCHI TADASHI | is a blushing mess at the sight of you under him. Suddenly, he has a hard time looking you in the eyes, opting instead to look at the wooden floor next to your head. “why so shy, baby? It’s not like this is the first time you’ve seen me in this position.” At your words he looks at you before looking away again, mumbling a quiet, “why do you like distracting me from my workout?” “I'm not distracting, I'm motivating.” You surprise him again with a kiss on the lips when he lowers himself down to you. He looks at you and smiles, “yeah I guess this is pretty motivating. stay?” “of course.”
Tumblr media
reblogs & likes are v.appreciated - thank ya thank ya 💕
Tumblr media
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satorusbaby · 3 months ago
haikyuu doms when you try to choke them <3
Tumblr media
cw : choking, slightly bratty reader, thigh riding, dumbification, condescending men lmao, light spanking
note : horny hours, wishing these men were real to put me in my place <//3 a little something to post while i work on my gojo fic
now playing : won't bite by doja cat ft. smino
1:25 ───〇─── 3:15
⇄ ◃◃ ⅠⅠ ▹▹ ↻
Tumblr media
you're on top of him, head thrown back and riding him at a steady pace, face contorted in pleasure as his tip hits your cervix. he is part lying on his back, leaning against the headboard as he perches himself on his elbows , mesmerized by how your breasts bounce every time you move. you take this chance to try something you've been thinking of recently, you lean forward and place both your hands on his throat, lightly choking him as you increase your pace. he is startled at first but then he smirks at you, clearly amused. he takes your free thumb into his mouth and sucks on it with a wink, right before grabbing your hips and slamming you on his dick. thrusts up into you like an animal and smiles when he sees your eyes roll back as you cling to him for support, "its cute that you tried baby"
↳ oikawa asfff, daichi!!, kuroo, osamu, matsukawa, akaashi, sugawara, sakusa, meian
he is sitting on a couch, hands folded behind his head and a condescending smirk on his face as he watches you desperately ride his thigh. you have placed both your hands on his chest for support, rolling your hips as you chase your high. he looks at your slick pooling on his thigh and groans, "poor baby can't even make herself cum?" you look up to meet his mocking gaze, so frustrated and angry, it takes over you as you shift one of your hands from his chest up to his neck; choking him as you roll your hips faster. he quirks one eyebrow and chuckles "oh you wanna play this game huh?". he brings his hand to choke you even harder, pulling you in for a messy kiss. he spanks your ass with his other hand and then pinches your clit, laughing at the squeal you let out
↳ tsukishima!!, kageyama!, ushijima, terushima, iwaizumi, bokuto, kita, atsumu, tanaka
Tumblr media
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ichigomis · 4 months ago
striking you with hearts again ❤️❤️, if its alright is it okay for you if i can request of a scenario of how will hq boys act calling them by their full name as a prank and they start getting scared because they thought they did something wrong HSHSHHS thank you !! i rlly like ur writing :D (any characters of your choice!)
Tumblr media
with: sakusa, atsumu, iwaizumi, ushijima
notes: HAHAHAA my go to boys :') also ❤️❤️anon! i love ur prompts so much lemme give u kisses [not proofread] —fluff!
Tumblr media
he freezes in the doorway and slowly lifts his head to meet your glaring eyes. he takes a small step back out of a mix of fear and confusion as he brings his mask down to his chin, racking his brain for something he did wrong. he looks down at the bag of groceries in his hands, maybe he forgot something you had asked him to buy?
you bite down your mischievous smile as you watch him scrambling to search the grocery bag, hurriedly looking for an item to possibly appease you. but you only clear your throat, adorn a faux pout, and sigh. "did i do something wrong?" he asks, giving up and finally taking a step closer to you, shaking his shoes off the mat.
you cross your arms against your chest, "i don't know, did you?" you raise a brow at him in your best attempt of seeming angry.
sakusa only furrows his eyebrows and mumbles a, "no?" hoping he got the correct answer.
"then what's taking you so long?" you say, uncrossing your arms and padding towards him, "i missed you!" with a sweet little smile, you immediately drop your act and let your giggles escape your lips. he doesn't move an inch as you wrap your arms around him, a still confused look on his face.
Tumblr media
he looks up from his phone to see your knitted brows and crossed arms, all tell-tale signs that he definitely did something wrong. he shoots up from his seat, a sudden chill running down his spine as he gasps, "D-DON'T SAY MY FULL NAME!" he exclaims in his defense.
"and why not?" from across the room, you shoot him a fake glare and tap your foot as if impatiently. his breath hitches in fear as he gulps down his words and cautiously makes his way to you. he then lovingly slides his hands around your waist to soothe you, rubbing gentle circles which he knows always calms you down.
"did i do something wrong?" he brings you in closer and rests his head on your shoulder, "if i did, i'm sorry," he mumbles against your skin and your facade instantly falls apart. the living room fills with your muffled chuckles as you bury your head against his chest and he snickers, secretly relieved.
Tumblr media
his head whips towards your voice as you intentionally yet pretend to absentmindedly call him by his full name. he immediately straightens in his seat and observes your expression cautiously.
"can you help me with the laundry?" you ask already turning away from him and exiting the kitchen. with a silent nod, he follows your command without a word and silently works as fast and efficiently as you can, making sure you don't even lift a finger.
you watch him quietly put away the last of the clean clothes, eyebrows furrowed in deep thought. and as if sensing your gaze, he cautiously pads over to you and wraps his weary hands around you, hugging you from behind, "i'm sorry," his whispers laced with guilt.
"hajime?" you turn around and cup his face, hearing the name you always call him by brings slight relief to his features.
with a small and apologetic smile on his face, he circles his thumb on your cheek, "whatever it is, i'm... really sorry." he apologizes again and you bite your lip, feeling your own guilt build up.
Tumblr media
he freezes mid-bite—his spoon of rice suspended in the air, his mouth ajar and open, just waiting for you to speak. but you only stand there, arms crossed and glaring at him.
"y/n?" he calls out for you, hand still holding up his spoon. he considers his situation for a second and his eyes immediately darts down to his half-eaten lunch. was it because he didn't invite you to eat with him? his mind short circuits for another second as he remembers how you had insisted he went ahead and eat first, but still, he had to make sure. "did i... do something wrong?"
"hmm..." you drag out your hum, relishing in the cute confused look on his face. there's a slight pout on his lips as he awaits your answer and his brows are knitted as he racks his brain for the best way to apologize to you.
but with a sweet mischievous smile, you only sit beside him and take his spoon. "nope," you bring the spoon to his mouth and he obediently lets you feed him, "you're good toshi."
Tumblr media
rbs are appreciated! *headpats* » m. list
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aitarose · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
his eyes are wide with awe as his gaze focuses on your cunt. the thick cum oozes out of you, pooling on the silk bedsheets of your hotel suite, and staining the fabric - he’s going to have to pay for that. he doesn’t mind. what he’s more concerned with is how much he came. he’s never felt such ecstasy with anyone before - and with each breathless sigh you uttered, he knows he’s found something special.
hinata, KAGEYAMA, KENMA, akaashi, iwaizumi, ATSUMU, kita, daishou, suna, DAICHI, hanamaki, KUROO, ushijima
Tumblr media
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wishterya · 7 days ago
sunarin + hiding their face in the other's neck 🙇‍♀️
you told him you didn't want to watch this movie. "but it'll be fine," he said. "you know it's fake blood, don't you?"
fake blood or not, the movie's 'killer' hopping out of the shadows was enough for you to hug rintaro against your chest, torso fully turned toward him instead of the tv. you clenched your jaw, heart racing, as you curled into his chest which, suspiciously...
"were you waiting for me to get scared?" you gasp.
you earned yourself a side-eye from your boyfriend. the very same boyfriend whose arm wrapped around you the second you shuffled closer, who rolled his shoulders until you leaned your head against him.
guilty is what that looks like to you, and his unwillingness to admit it convinces you.
"you were," you pressed, jabbing him in the side with your elbow. "you're so mean; scaring me just so i'd cuddle you."
"you're missing the movie," he complains half-heartedly, but he's already turning toward you to poke your nose. "and you're not that scared."
"i'm plenty scared."
"yeah? prove it then."
as if on queue, a character in the movie screams and you gasp again; this time, it's not to tease rintaro, but because your stomach jumps into your throat and you jump into your boyfriend's lap.
breathlessly, you swat at him. he dodges, because of course he does. "you planned this."
with his arms wrapped tightly around your waist, now, rintaro buries his face in your neck, and you feel a smile against your skin. "yes i did."
send an ask with a number from this list + a hq character and i’ll write a snippet!
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rinesei · a month ago
Tumblr media
+ a/n : i can't get myself to write a fucking proper fic :| but ig y'all like these lmao so here you go <3 + this is sfw !
Tumblr media
⸗ your hands
he loves how they fit perfectly in his; soft against his calloused skin, your fingers intertwining with his effortlessly—it's as if they were meant for him to hold (and no, he gives no shits about clammy hands- if he wants to hold them, he will).
—osamu, hinata, oikawa, inouka, sugawara, kindaichi, aone, reon, makki
⸗ your cheeks
he can't help but squish them—hands automatically going to your face every two seconds to place themselves on your cheeks, giving them a light squeeze—maybe sometimes it's just to annoy you. (look, the pout on your face is so worth it).
—mattsun, kuroo, kageyama, konoha, tendou, suna, meian, sugawara
⸗ your waist
this one's a bit obvious- you're his; and he demonstrates it by pulling you close to him. his arm's often secured firmly around your waist as he pushes your face into his warm body, fingers tightening to give you a little pinch (especially when he's feeling a bit possessive).
—iwaizumi, kyōtani, daichi, sakusa, atsumu, ukai jr., mattsun, kageyama
⸗ your thighs/chest
of course they're his favorite part of your body, he could sleep on them all day. but he wouldn't blame himself, no, he blames the inviting warmth of your skin, how you make for the perfect pillow. who needs memory foam when he has you?
—suna, bokuto, akaashi, kenma, nishinoya, kunimi, osamu, iwaizumi
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated <3
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whoreofawriter · 17 days ago
When the Timeskip Haikyuu boys mentions having kids.
"Y'know when we have kids- I mean like, do you wanna have kids? Like I mean like do ya wanna have kids with me, m-my kids!? I-it's totally fine if you don't- wait no, If you are having kids they should be my kids- I mean-"
Tanaka, NISHINOYA, Houshimi, Lev, Atsumu, Oikawa, Yamaguchi, Ukai Jr, Tendou, Bokuto, Kogane, Hinata, Goshiki
"When we have kids you can't keep up with that bratty attitude of yours- wait you'll stay with me right? You ARE staying with me, you have no choice either way,"
Aran, Sakusa, Kenma, Futakuchi, Matsukawa, Kunimi, Tsukki, Sugawara, Shirabu, Semi, Akaashi
*literally gets you pregnant*
Ushijima, Osamu, Kyotani, Daichi, Suna, Iwaizumi, Aone, Makki, Kageyama, Kuroo, Kita, Terushima
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adoringhaikyuu · 10 months ago
they see you wearing a men’s sized sweater and think you’re cheating on them | 2
Tumblr media
characters: akaashi, kageyama, oikawa
request: can you do the "they see you wearing a men's sweater and think ur cheating" with kageyama, oikawa, and akaashi? thank you!
warnings: pouty boys, a tiny bit of suggestive things 
notes: i’m glad people like these!! i wasn’t sure how people would feel lol
part one | part two
Tumblr media
i feel like he’s one of the calmer, smarter boys––
he’d be picking you up to go have a picnic or something
and as soon as he opens the door, there’s a small smile on his face and he’s just thinking about how pretty you look, as always
but the smile slowly slides off as he looks at your outfit, tilting his head and raising a brow, particularly at your sweater
you’d be too busy getting your things together to notice, realizing you left your keys or something in your room
you excuse yourself and he absentmindedly lets you go
he’d be scratching his head, eyes glued to the floor as he tried to piece his thoughts together
it felt like forever but in reality it was like less than a minute
that’s not my sweater, is it y/n’s? it’s so big, is it someone else’s? why would y/n wear someone else’s sweater on our date? 
by the time you make it back, you have to snap him out of his thoughts
you smile up at him, holding his hand. “you ready to go?” 
he has a serious look on his face. “yeah i––just.” he looks up at you. “you look really nice,” he takes your hand and presses a kiss to the back of it. 
you feel your cheeks heat up from his touch and his gaze and you smile. “thank you keiji, you look good too.” 
he keeps your hand in his, hesitating to speak at first. “when did you get that sweater?”
you bit your lip in thought, trying to remember when it was that you got it exactly and he felt his cheeks redden at how cute you looked. “a couple weeks ago, i think?” 
he frowned. “hm.” 
you look at him questioningly and he continues.
“at the store, right?”
you laugh, confused. “yes at the store, where else would i have gotten it?”
he sighs, relieved. “right, that’s what i thought.” he presses a kiss to your forehead, ignoring your curious gaze. “okay, let’s go baby.” 
Tumblr media
this poor boy sdjfhdk
he’d be sipping his milk, minding his business after practice, waiting to meet you outside the gym before heading home 
you do this often, since you’re always near the gym anyway
it’s a nice way for you to spend more time together after a long day
when he sees you, he can feel the tension literally leaving his body, but then he blinks and his eyes widen when he notices what you’re wearing
and he tenses back up all over again
you can practically see the question mark and exclamation point shooting from his head as he stares at you in confusion
you walk up to him, a smile on your face 
“ready to go home?” 
he stutters for a bit, looking between you and the sweater
you tilt your head questioningly, “hm?” 
he throws the empty bottle in the trash and swallows nervously. “um,” he tugs at the sleeve of your sweater, almost glaring at the fabric. “what’s this.” his question is more of a statement or an accusation more than anything. 
“a sweater?” 
he looks back up at you, deadpanned. “yeah i got that.” his face softens a bit but not the way you like, this time it’s almost, insecure? “but––where did you um, get it from?” 
“the store...? i told you i went shopping the other day when you were at practice, babe.” 
“oh...” he looks to the side then back at you, a new fire in his eyes. “well why would you get it in such a big size?! you’re practically drowning in it!”
“what’s the big deal? it’s like the same size as yours––”
“cause i thought it was someone else’s!”
you pause and soften at his vulnerability. “aww tobio, i’d never do that to you. you know you’re the only one for me.” you press a kiss to his cheek and he immediately blushes, still flustered around you even after months of being together.
“what–you! you can’t do that!” 
you just laugh, “of course i can.” you give him another kiss, this time on his lips, and he really malfunctions. you take his hand and start to walk in the direction of your home, “come on, let’s go.” you turn your head back to look at him, a teasing look in your eyes. “when we get home i can really show you you’re the only one for me.”
Tumblr media
oh boy
you already know this boy is the absolute most
so let’s say he’d gone to shower and while he was in there, you’d gotten cold and put on that new sweater you hadn’t worn yet––it was really warm and comfy so why not, right?
he comes out of the shower a while later, a towel wrapped around his waist, a blindingly bright smile on his face as he poses for you, one hand drying his hair with another towel
“take a good look and feast your eyes on my beauty, y/n-chan!” 
he keeps his eyes closed, arrogant as ever as he literally flexes in front of you but you honestly can’t be bothered to look (at least not for that long, you don’t want to feed his enormous ego) 
plus he does this like every day so you’re used to it
he goes to get dressed, barely looking up as he hums to himself
it’s only when he’s pulling his sweats up that he looks over to you and gasps noticing what you’re wearing
you look up at the almost offended noise, “what’s wrong?” 
“i didn’t know that i was going to walk out of my shower only to be betrayed!!!” you look up at him so confused, literally looking around to find an answer to whatever it is he’s saying. “i’ve only been gone twenty minutes, y/n!” 
“baby what?” you see him soften at the name for a split second before he snaps out of it. 
“no!” he crosses his arms and looks to the side, nose raised in the air. “you don’t get to call me that anymore.” 
you frown, putting your phone down. “and why not?” 
he doesn’t answer your question or look at you, but he points a finger in your direction, dragging it up and down. “i don’t like this one bit.” he starts muttering to himself, “it honestly looks horrendous so at least i have better sense of style than whoever it is.” 
“you don’t like my sweater? i think it’s cute.” you look down at the warm material and oikawa flips his head back to you so fast, his neck almost breaks. 
“no! of course i don’t like the sweater! why would i?”
“hey!–” you look up at him and pause. he’s acting out but you can see it from the unshed tears building in his eyes that he’s actually hurt by whatever it is that’s going on. 
you get off the bed and walk up to him, pouting when he turns his head away from you. you place your hands on his cheeks and that’s when he finally breaks, a quiet sob escaping him as the tears fall down and wet your fingertips. your quick to wipe them away, feeling a part of you break inside. “tooru, what’s wrong? talk to me, please?” 
he looks down at you and bites his lip to control himself. “you––” he looks down at the sweater and that only seems to upset him further. “have i lost you, y/n-chan?” 
you tilt his head up gently to make him look into your eyes again. “of course you haven’t lost me...why would you think that?” 
“the sweater...” he mumbles. 
you breathe out a laugh in disbelief. “tooru, if you want me to wear you sweaters just say that.” you pull away and immediately pull off the sweater, grabbing one of his and slipping it over your head. 
his mouth drops open almost in relief, “but––what about that one–”
you wave him off, “i’ll just wear it tomorrow or something.” 
his jaw clenches and you furrow your brows in confusion. “well i did buy it, tooru. i’m gonna have to wear it eventually––”
his eyes widen, his glassy eyes brightening immediately. he pulls you into his chest quickly, making you yelp as he holds you in a crushing hug. you lean into his touch, albeit confused.
he burrows his face into the crook of your neck, sniffling loudly. “so you’re not cheating on me!” 
your eyes widen. “what?!” 
he tenses and pulls away to look at you sheepishly, a smile on his face as he scratches behind his head. “i uh––might have thought you were wearing someone else’s sweater?” 
you paused, looking at him blankly, only increasing his anxiety. “i’m dating the world’s biggest idiot.”
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sunkeiji · a month ago
# through the storm !
✫ ft. suna x gn!reader
✫ synopsis: you just want to know how to get to the psych building and he wants to get to know you more.
Tumblr media
"excuse me, do you know where the psych building is?”
you were supposed to meet a friend there 15 minutes ago to work on an assignment, but the bus was delayed due to the blizzard. so now, here you are, trekking across the snow-covered campus to get there.
hoping he heard your question, you look up at the stranger you asked, noticing his piercing green eyes. they widen slightly, and he takes a second to take off his headphones.
“sorry, what’s up?”
“no worries, i was just wondering if you knew where the psych building is?” truthfully, it was awkward to have to repeat yourself, but before you could feel an ounce of embarrassment, suna nods, pocketing his headphones in his winter coat.
“yeah, so you’re gonna head straight to the main quad, and then you’ll see a big white building. go past that and you’ll be at the psych building.”
his words went in one ear and out the other. his voice was surprisingly deep and smooth, and you couldn’t help but focus on the way he leaned down to talk to you. he used his hands to talk, which were adorned with silver rings and a simple bracelet.
“did you get that?” he asks, looking at you with a little smile. “or…” he trails off a little, as if he’s thinking about something, “i can walk you there. i’m heading to the main quad, so i’ll show you where to go from there.”
you simply nod, and he hopes you can’t see the slight blush on his cheeks (which is from the cold, of course).
you’re cute, he thinks. like a lost puppy.
“i’m guessing you aren’t a psych major,” he says, breaking the silence as you two walk on the pathway dusted in snow.
“no, no. i’m a chemistry major,”
“gotcha. i’m a philosophy major. i’m suna, by the way.”
and as you tell him your name, his eyes linger on your face. small puffs of air leave your mouth with each breath.
the rest of the walk is quiet until you reach the big white building he was talking about.
“see that gate on the side of the building? go through there and the psych building is on your right,” suna says, looking down at you to make sure you know what he’s pointing at.
“thank you so much, suna! it was nice meeting you.” and with that, you start to separate ways. but suna turns around and calls your name.
“uh, i’m gonna be here for the rest of the day, so if you want, wanna head to the dining hall after you’re done?” he asks almost shyly. he’s twisting his rings around his finger, and then quickly shoving his hands in his pockets.
and after you nod with that pretty smile on your face, he turns around and makes his way to a random building. he doesn’t know what hit him when he decided to tell you that he was also going that way, but now he has some time to kill before he gets to have dinner with you.
and little did he know that a year later, he’d be kissing you in the snow, holding you close as he walks you to your next class.
Tumblr media
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takemittchy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ft. husband!Miya Atsumu, Suna Rintaro, Miya Osamu, Kozume Kenma x f!reader
genre: fluff / slice of life
a/n: anonymous request from fushiguroll. Thank you anon for requesting!
Tumblr media
MIYA ATSUMU | tackles you onto the sofa, your giggles fill the house as he tickles you. As abruptly as he started, he stopped and stared at the exposed phone screen. You followed his eyes and gasps before scrambling to your feet, holding the phone to your chest. “What was that?” “uh, nothing.” You replied, swiping close the instagram app. Atsumu grins, “is that what I think it is? Ya got a fan account of me?” He easily grabs the phone out of your hand, few simple swipes and he’s got the account pulled up. His eyes softens at the each caption filled with heart emojis and the “he’s so handsome”, “such a talented player” hashtags. He pulls you into a hug, heart hammering at your little secret. “You’re not mad at me?” “mad!? why would I ever be mad at something like this.”
SUNA RINTARO | your husband has a knack for walking very quietly, using it to his advantage for times like these, sneaking up behind you on the sofa when he catches you smiling down at the bright screen. You don’t notice him, you almost never do, as you continue to scroll through Instagram, pressing likes and commenting on each passing picture of Suna Rintaro. “Sunasrealwife huh?” his sudden interruption had you screaming as you quickly scrambled to lock your phone. “Um…what?” Suna smiles, saying nothing except hold out his hand, palms open, waiting for your phone. You hung your head and place your phone into his waiting palm. “You have a fan account of me, huh?” He smirks, scrolling through your profile full of his best pictures. He tosses the phone back to you. “Didn’t realize I would be marrying my number one fan when I proposed to you.” You pout and Suna takes this opportunity to lean down, catching your lips with his, “hey, I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. thanks for being my number one fan, baby.” “always.” The next day you get a new follower in the form of @officialsunarintaro.
MIYA OSAMU | osamu’s brows knit in concern when he sees you fuming down at your phone, fingers dancing furiously across the screen. “Baby, what’s wrong?” “Oh nothing, just replying to some haters from your fan account.” Osamu nods absentmindedly before returning to his own phone. Once your words registers in his mind, he snaps his head at the exact moment you realized you’ve let slip your little secret. Clasping your hand over your mouth, you quickly try to rectify your mistake. “I mean, I was replying to some haters on a fan account. Not your fan account. Why would I even have a fan account if you?” Your nervous laughter and ramble had Osamu laughing. “Princess, do ya have a fan account of me?” Miya Osamu has always been notoriously good at seeing through you, so you hung you head low and murmur a quiet “yes”. “Can I see?” Osamu was kind, understanding as you show him your fan account of him. “Thanks for being ma fan, I love ya.” “You don’t mind?” Osamu shakes his head before grinning, “wait till I tell Tsumu. Bet ya he’d be jealous ma wife got a fan account of me and his don’t.” Samu looks so proud, you don’t bother telling him you got your idea from atsumu’s wife.
KOZUME KENMA | “babe, what time is your live stream tonight?” “10 pm.” You nod, leaning to kiss his cheeks before leaving, typing away at your phone. Kenma is suspicious. You’ve been uncharacteristically interested in his streaming schedules these past weeks. “Why?” His words stops you in your tracks, “why what?” “Why are you suddenly curious about my streaming schedule?” Out of the many things Kenma loves about you, he loves your honesty the most. “Because I’m uploading your streaming schedule to your fan account.” “My what?!” Kenma was shocked, never expecting you, his wife, out of all people to have a fan account of him. You rush over to him, showing him the page. “Look, I’m tired of seeing other people creating fan accounts and simping over you! I’m your wife! Only I can simp over you.” Kenma smiles at your confession, heart beating faster at your adamant expression. “Well, you’re the only one I simp over too,” he murmurs quietly, before adding a quick, “want my schedule for next week too?”
Tumblr media
reblogs & likes are v.appreciated - thank ya thank ya 💕
Tumblr media
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satorusbaby · 4 months ago
how the haikyuu boys cum
Tumblr media
note : I am having way too much fun making these, send in requests if you have any, need inspo :)
Tumblr media
he has you in a deep mating press, thrusting into you so hard you swear you can feel his dick in your throat. starts groaning and lets out soft moans, leans down and whispers "fuck - ngh - y/n" into your ear and lets out one deep groan w a long fuuuck as he cums, cursing and panting as he lightly bites into your neck. licks where he bit you, chuckles against your ear as he feels you twitch when his cum drips down from your cunt to your asshole. "took me so well, my good little slut" <3
- ushijima, daichi, akaashi, sakusa, semi, meian, kita
he has you in his lap, bouncing you on his cock as fast as he can. grabs your hips harder as he gets closer, nails digging into your flesh. his moans start getting more high pitched and whiny and he whispers I'm gonna cum into your ears, bouncing you faster and faster till he moans your name loud enough for the neighbours to hear it, cum coming out from your cunt, down his balls. sees the red marks on your ass and smirks. "sit here, keep it all in."
- asahi, tsukishima, kageyama, oikawa, atsumu, bokuto
he has you face down, ass up. your hands pinned right on the arch of your back as he ruts into you mindlessly, animalistic even, thrusts so hard and fast. degrades you under his breath, "fucking slut, so wet for me" as he grunts and groans soo deeply yet low. his breathing gets irregular and heavy, mesmerized by how your ass jiggles. throws his head back and lets out one big groan as he cums into you. then he leans down to your ear, still panting as he says "my personal little cumdump, is that right?"
- kuroo, iwaizumi, osamu, terushima, sugawara, tanaka
Tumblr media
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ichigomis · 4 months ago
If it's not a bother can you do a part 2 for the seeing their kids get hit with a volleyball scenario with the msby boys + oikawa? The first one was so soft and cute 😊 i think you write kyotani great if you ask me and the bonus iwa is just uwu. You don't have to do all of them if it's too much tho
Tumblr media
with: timeskip! sakusa, atsumu, bokuto, hinata, oikawa
notes: omg thank you nonnie ;; —fluff!
part one - part two
Tumblr media
❊ SAKUSA immediately runs towards his little daughter, the most worried look plastered on his face. she hiccups and sobs as she lifts her small arms to her father, a signal he is far too familiar with. and as if on queue, he takes her into his arms and lets her cry on his shoulder.
"does it hurt baby?" he asks as he pats her back, letting her know her father is right there with her. and when she gives him a little nod in between her silent cries, his heart sinks. "papa's got you, you'll be okay." he whispers, lifting her up from the floor, mind already set on leaving training early.
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❊ ATSUMU shouts his daughter's name and lets his instinct carry him towards her. without wasting a second, he scoops her up from the floor and cradles her into his arms. he quickly scans her for any possible injuries and lets out an audible sigh of relief when he sees none.
"dada's here," he mumbles, patting her little head and soothing her. he continues to let her cry on his chest, letting her know that he knows she's in pain, letting her know that her dada's got her, always.
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❊ BOKUTO lets out a booming cry as he sees his son get hit by a stray volleyball. he sprints across the court and immediately checks his son's arm, making sure he had no injuries and didn't have to be rushed to the emergency room.
"i'm fine daddy," his little son looks up at him and mumbles, obviously holding back tears as his lips tremble. the very sight of it was enough for bokuto's heart to sink as he starts to choke on his own tears.
"either way," he brings his son into a tight hug and kisses his little head, "papa's here."
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❊ HINATA drops whatever he's doing and runs towards his baby daughter. he scoops her up from the floor and frantically looks for a cold water bottle. and with nervous hands, he sits her down on a chair and presses the makeshift cold compress on the leg that the volleyball hit.
"does it hurt?" he asks her and she shakes her head, tears brimming in her eyes and biting her lip, "not anymore..." she mumbles avoiding her father's gaze. she knows that when she meets his eyes, he'll know she's lying. and it was true, for at that moment, he had already decided to clock out and tend to her for the rest of the day.
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❊ OIKAWA gasps as he sees his daughter let out a cry as a stray volleyball hits her leg. without another second, he immediately runs towards her and carries her into his arms, "papà’s here mi àngel," he whispers as he lifts her up from her seat and takes her outside the gym.
he lets her cry onto his shoulder, little hands grabbing onto his jersey, tears run down her cheeks. he hums a little lullaby as he continues to cradle her like he does every night. "papà’s always here," he whispers again, kissing her head to make sure she knows.
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p.s.: im just really crying over the thought of oikawa speaking to his baby daughter in spanish that waaaaah
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grins at the sight of the tears dripping down your face as he plows into your pussy. the palm of his hand wraps around your throat, covering the purple bruises he’d littered across your skin during foreplay, and squeezes gently at first—only to grow tighter with the second as you nod your head ‘okay’. you’re his dirty girl, and he loves how rough you like to play.
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