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Tumblr media
𝒀𝒐𝒖 𝒅𝒆𝒇𝒆𝒏𝒅𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒕𝒉𝒆𝒎
Feat. Sakusa, Kenma, Oikawa & Bokuto
Warnings: Rudeness, timeskip
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were waiting for you boyfriend in the gym after the Jackals won a match. You were always invited to dinner after their games, mainly because it was the only way to make Sakusa go, but also because all of the team like you, so it was win for everyone. You were looking at your phone when you listen loud voices coming closer, making you look up. Sakusa was quick to come to you, hugging you tightly and letting out a sigh of relief when he leans on top of your head.
“You did so good babe” you told him rubbing his back
“Thanks, love. Did you sa-”
“Hi, excuse me? Sakusa-san?” a voice from behind you say. Moving away from your boyfriend, you noticed that the voice belong to a girl, a fan of the team that had a notepad and a pen.
You decided to move away to give them space to interact, knowing that she probably just wanted to talk to him. Everything was going smoothly, Sakusa and the girl having a small talk while he signs the board. It wasn't until they were finishing that the girl said something that caught your attention
“You're lucky that your wrists are like that, without them I don't think you'd have become pro” she says innocently “you’re not as good as the rest here”
You can see the shock not only in your boyfriend face, but also in some of his teammates and the other team, soon that shock turning into more angry expressions. But before any of them could even say something, you move next to Sakusa with an annoyed expression. You weren't going to let anyone talk bad about your boyfriend, or anyone in the team really.
“Ha! You don’t seem like someone who knows a lot about the sport if you think that’s the only reason he´s a pro” you scoff at her smiling sarcastically, each word angrier than the last. Her eyes showed how scared she was by being confronted “Tell me, did you just wanted to disrespect someone for fun? Perhaps you don't really know much?”
“E-ehh… I do know! Kind of! I-I…” she stutters looking everywhere, but you stopped her before she could continue
“Or maybe you’re a fan of the other team, which make this even more pathetic really. If you are going to hate someone, at least do it on the internet, that way you don’t embarrassed yourself too much; because at the end of the day, it’s him the professional player, not you. Now leave before I actually get angry” you say, the aura around you getting colder by each word.
That's all it took for the girl to start muttering apologies before leaving the place, receiving some glares in the way out.
Sakusa grab you by the waist pulling you into his arms, amused look on his face. Apart from the initial shock, he genuinely didn't care about those comments, but he was more than happy to see you speak up for him. He pats your head before kissing your temple lovingly “are you my guardian angel, love?”
“Y/n-chan remember me to never make you angry” says Atsumu once you walk outside, making Sakusa tighten his grip around your hand. He was lucky to have you.
Tumblr media
It's rare for you and Kenma to go out, especially to such a crowded place like the mall. He would much rather buy things online, not only to avoid the crowds and people, but also so he doesn't have to meet any of his fans. He doesn't mind doing it through the camera, but he still gets awkward when it's real-life interaction with them.
Before leaving the place you decided to go and buy some food. He was waiting for you on the table when you notice someone approaching him slowly, and by Kenma's reaction, you assumed it's a fan.
You tried to get back to the table quietly to not interrupt them, which worked more than fine considering that she didn't acknowledge your presence even though your boyfriend did. That alone made you suspicious, but you let it slide.
“Honestly Kenma-san, I'm really surprise someone like you it's dating” says looking at you with an unreadable expression while Kenma frowns “I don't understand it, he's only good at gaming. Is for the money, right? Because you know some volleyball players that are much hotter and nicer than him. You can do so much better”
“Are you done?” you ask her boringly, making her eyes wide by your lack of reaction. You could see Kenma from the corner of your eyes trying to hold back a smile “And just so we're clear; I meet him way before he was a streamer AND a CEO, so I don't really care about his money; and yes, I do know volleyball players, but no matter how hot they are, I wouldn't date anyone else besides Kenma. Anything else?”
She doesn't even bother to answer, making some sounds that only could be described as growling before leaving again. Your eyes follow her for a few seconds before turning to Kenma, who had a teasing look on.
“So... you think the guys are hot?” says raising an eyebrow
“I said so many things about you and that's the part you decide to comment”, rolling your eyes you take a burger
“It's perfect blackmail opportunity, love” taking your hand, he plants a kiss on it as a silent thanks. All jokes aside, he truly appreciated your words, hearing all that makes him feel so warm.
“Fine then, I'm dating Bokuto from now on” you say sticking your tongue out. Banter or not, it was clear the love between you.
Tumblr media
You were walking down the supermarket with Oikawa; just arriving back to Japan for the holidays. Both of you missed your friends, so you were buying some snacks to have a small reunion with them. The time difference however, made him a bit whinier and cuddlier, not that you minded really.
It was much more relaxing here; you have to admit. In Argentina he has a big fan base, so every time you go out you always encounter some fans; but since he didn't play in Japan anymore, the quantity of people recognizing him was much less.
He was back hugging you while you were choosing some ramen when a someone call his name “A-are you Oikawa-san?”
“Um? Ah yeah, that's me” says lazily separating himself. They started having a small talk, so you continue looking at the snacks, completely ignoring the conversation between your boyfriend and his fan. You have experienced this way too much to even care now.
The only reason you started to listen again was when the girl suddenly mentions one of your friends. “I read that the athletic trainer for the Japan team was your friend. Iwaizumi-san?”. The question not only makes you frown, but also surprised Oikawa. Why would that be relevant now?
“Ah yeah, Iwa-chan IS my childhood friend. We are going to see him tonight actually” He answers while taking your hand. He could sense that something wasn't right.
“Oh...it's impressive that he's still friend with you, after all you're a traitor to our country”. And there it was, the sentence that made you turn around to face the ‘fan’. If there was something that Tooru was slightly insecure about was that. It took a long talk with you and Iwa for him to stop overthinking stuff.
“What did you just say? Traitor?” you ask her turning around with a blank expression on.
“He is playing for Argentina instead of Japan!” she exclaims looking at you like you were crazy.
“Do you realize how dumb that sounds? There are millions of people that leave their countries just to be happy, are they traitors too? He went to the other side of the world, put a shit ton of effort just so he can play volleyball with the best out of the best. Explain to me how it's following your dreams being a traitor, because that doesn't make any sense in my head” you say expressionless, a side of you that has never appear before.
“You know what? I don't even wanna hear it. Leave”. With that the girl quickly walks away, leaving you and Oikawa alone once again. When you turn around, you saw your boyfriend speechless, pulling you into a hug. His heart felt like it was about to burst from your love.
“Thanks princess, you shouldn't have… But man, that was so hot” says giving you a kiss.
 “Oh, shut up” you chuckle, the tension disappearing.
“Maybe we should go to the hotel to have some fun before going to Iwa's apartment”. And just like that he pulls you to pay before going straight to your hotel room.
Tumblr media
Dating Bokuto was definitely a new experience for you. You never met someone so confident and outgoing that also was such a sweetheart. And since you were more in the quiet side, both of you complement each other pretty well (in Akaashi’s opinion, you were definitely the brain).
You were walking around with Bokuto, trying to find a spot for the picnic that you had agreed on. He was excited to spend time with you, and everyone walking around you could tell. His smile was beaming while he was talking to you.
A few minutes passed after you started your picnic when you see a dude looking straight to where Bokuto was. This wasn’t something new, however, even if people didn’t know who he was Bokuto always brought some attention to him by his bright personality.
“Hi, you’re Bokuto, right? From the Black Jackals?” he asks arriving to your side. Bokuto, at the realization that he knew him, started to talk excitedly with him, not before giving you an apologetic smile for being interrupted in your date. It’s not like you mind though, you knew how happy it makes him when people recognize him. You weren’t fully listening to the conversation, only hearing some words when you felt Bokuto’s hand squeezing yours; that was until your boyfriend hand became loose.
“Don’t you think that you have too much confidence though?” he asks, making Bokuto´s smile drop ever so slightly “I mean, you´re not bad, but I think you have a little too much confidence when you´re the weakest out of all the jackals”.
You look at you boyfriend, who has an uncomfortable and sad look on his face and knew that he wasn’t going to answers anything back; he was too kind sometimes. But before you could even say something, the dude continues “like, Sakusa is one of the best receivers of the team, Miya is a splendid setter, Hinata has that quick attack…what do you have apart from being the funny one?”
Taking one of the sodas that you had in the floor, you open it before standing to dump it in his head, making him stop talking. Both men, Bokuto and the guy, look at you surprised. “For someone that claims to know about volleyball, you really got things wrong if you think that Bokuto is only the ‘funny one’. Don’t you have anything else to do than come here?”
You can see the guy eyes fill with anger, however, not only he knows that your boyfriend is a muscular, 6,2 volleyball player, he also notices that there are many eyes on the scene. Knowing that he couldn’t do anything against you, he stumps away from the two of you. Once you sit down again, Bokuto grabs your hand again giving you a weak smile.
“Don’t listen to him babe, you’re an amazing player. MSBY wouldn’t be the same without you”
“You really think so?” he asks you, making you nod eagerly. And just like that you can see his eyes start beaming again, happy smile appearing. You always been honest with him, so he knew that if you say that it’s because you really mean it. “Come here baby” says planting a loud kiss in your lips.
Tumblr media
@crystal-lilac @dai-tsukki-desu
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written for @ob-levi-on ❤ (sorry it took a while, I hope you like it)
warning: Oikawa Tooru x fem!reader; hurt to comfort
Derived from Greek κάλλιστος (kallistos) meaning "most beautiful". In Greek mythology Callisto was a nymph who was loved by Zeus. She was changed into a she-bear by Hera, and subsequently became the Great Bear constellation.
Tumblr media
The first time you saw him, it was the word beautiful that defined him. There was a friendly match on Aoba Johsai's volleyball court. The bleachers were full of spectators, it was loud. Cheers and shouts can be heard, especially when the setter plays, the girls' screams will intensify.
That place was not your usual place as you prefer a more tranquil place. With eyes gleamed with passion, his hands were flexing to set the ball, and a smile plastered on his face in the euphoria of scoring. You cannot deny the fact that you were captivated at the moment.
He's still the same guy he was in high school, but with tanned skin and a more athletic form. He looks more mature in his mid-20s, but his grin is still familiar. You watch him play, basking in the shade of the sunset. He wipes his glistening sweat and exchanges compliments with his teammates.
You once again concentrate on the majestic heavenly body which is about to lie beneath the horizon. Mix and ooze another paint to mimic the scenery while the sand grains massage your bare feet. This is a beautiful serene time to end your day.
Day by day, you come to the white sandy beach at the same hour. And you can always find him in the same arena. It seems that the universe is on your side as you continue to cross his path all the time. Unconsciously, you started to include the beach volleyball team in your painting.
"What a beautiful painting." Too lost in your thought, the man you've been thinking about was already standing right in front of you.
It only starts with a single compliment that leads to hello and self-introduction. Even though you went to the same high school, you were just an acquaintance. You prefer to start fresh - it will be awkward if he doesn't remember you. And he plays along with you.
"My name is Oikawa Tooru," he said.
You tell him your name in exchange, taking his hand outstretched hand; it's bigger and warmer than yours. There's a sense of friction from meeting and parting with his hand. Some other time, you meet him again during his usual beach volleyball match.
At first, all the banters were light. You giggle at his expression when he failed to reach the ball. He tells you so many silly theories and during his break, he will eagerly explain some volleyball techniques.
But as time goes by, slowly but surely he peels off, showing his true self. He's much more profound than the facade -  the smoothness of his ice shell where an ocean of deep feeling lies.
He tells you how he used to push himself unhealthily, to the point where he put himself at risk. He tells about his insecurity and how he has dealt with it and is still working on it. His vulnerability makes you want to give him a hug, which you keep alone to yourself.
Sharing the sunset with him and watching the ethereal sunlight are the moments you look forward to everyday. A precious moment with an important person that you want to hold so dearly. You didn't know he can be even more beautiful with the proximity, to find that there are freckles that spread out like tiny stars on his face.
Unfortunately, today the person who shares the sunset with him is not you. There's already a beautiful woman giggling beside him, casually pinching his cheek while letting out a carefree laugh. She looks much more mature but still freshly beautiful, her long brunette hair waves gracefully as the wind rises.
She's the definition that age only flourishes her with grace. And in the sunset light, her head resting on his broad shoulder. Their interaction was too close to your liking. But who are you to feel even a glimpse of jealousy?
You walk away from the beachside with a weight on your feet. Something burns in your chest, you never know you want him so bad, to be someone who has significance in his life. It makes sense why Zeus come to snatch Callisto away because of her beauty and his own curse, love. Even when he had to deceive those around him.
The next day you come again to the beach, sitting bench aways from your usual place, seeking for therapy by painting the sunset again. Today's sunset is painfully pink as she’s is in love, a bit contrast to your broken heart.
But your presence isn’t getting unnoticed to the volleyball player with a number 13. He comes up to you and sits right beside you, admiring your look everytime you graze another paint on your canvas. If only you notice his gaze, he is in awe and love struck.
He asks why are you not sitting at your usual place. Your eyes still glued to the canvas from the start, ignoring his intense look because you fear those brown orbs will enchant you, making you fall all over again.
You half-heartedly answer with an argument that you need to take this spot since people were blocking the view.
"Besides, I thought today you were with your girlfriend again," you add, biting the inside of your cheeks. You try to speak in the most neutral tone, not realizing you're totally a terrible liar from your slightly pouted lips and furrowed brows. 
Now all you can hear is Oikawa chuckle that confused you, successfully gathering your attention to him. You meet his teasing eyes and infamous grin.
"As I remember, I don't have any girlfriend. The last girl I met yesterday was my sister. It's been a while since the last time she visited Argentina, I missed her so much."
"Besides, what if the girl I want to be my girlfriend is sitting right in front of me?"
Under the hues of the beautiful sunset, you're dumbfounded. He pierces right into your heart, heat creeping up your cheeks. Because you didn't expect that beautiful Callisto will catch you first. While you always think every aspect of him is so dazzling, he believes you're the most beautiful one.
taglist: @hyeque @passionateuchiha @crystal-lilac @ohtobiors @sabyss @miya-dynasty @oikawas-milk-bread @wolffmaiden @wayyen @justheretoaskandread @filledasaf @momochimo @simpforerenn @sweetkoshi @suckerforsugawara
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sapphicshav · a day ago
genre: fluff, comfort.
pairing: osamu & iwaizumi x gn!reader.
note: it's bad ik it is :( jjk version here!
Tumblr media
OSAMU is the definition of a true gentleman. except all the chores to be done as soon as you get home from a long, hard day at work. you know what the best part is, you don't even have to ask him to do it he just does because he’s hat sweet. the fridge is freshly stocked, cleaned and organised. every plate, bowl and cup that was piled up in the sink and covered in last night’s dinner, which he obviously helped cooked, was now put away in the cupboards where they belong. he genuinely doesn’t like the idea of you doing tasks alone unless you need to. cooking, cleaning, folding the laundry. he’d ready to accompany you whenever you need him. its always the “wait babe, i’ll help ya with that” or “stop let me do it instead”. samu shows his love for you by alleviating your stress and lightening your load with his assistance. let’s be real, who doesn’t want help from THE osamu miya.
IWAIZUMI adores your presence, especially when you two are alone. he believes that he is the luckiest man in the world because he has you by his side. even if you're sat in complete silence, nothing but light breathing dancing around the room he appreciates the time you two spent together. he'll give you his undivided attention whenever you need it. had a bad day at work? his phone is turned off and he's ready to listen to vent to him about it. expect nothing but spontaneous trips with iwa. this man loves to surprise you with a quick getaway to escape from all your current troubles. he also loves trying new things with you, even if he knows he probably won't like it. as long as its with you, nothing can seem as bad.
Tumblr media
TAGLIST : @hajiluvr @melanariya @tomidel @reejiku @memosa @inum4kisgirl
Tumblr media
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k0shii · a day ago
<3 t. oikawa x reader
warnings: none
a/n: just realized I haven't eally posted anything for oikawa so ma do that! (I loveee soft oikawa <33)
at first it started out with you being on his mind more than you should. Thinking about how you tie your hair up messily when your in a hurry or how you write your notes so cute and neatly, so he can have an excuse to use yours. or how you never failed to make him smile when he hears you laugh.
then sitting next to you was a must, grazing touches felt more and more like intimate ones. giving you his jacket when you were cold was just an excuse to say you could keep it, and make his day when you wore it. And getting to know what you like and dislike was just common courtesy, I mean knowing you loved certain kinds of music is just a normal note to make! Not that he was going to make a playlist for you or anything.
And seeing you in the stands of one of his games just made him want to play even better. I mean its normal to show off for your friends right?
Then stares turned into full blown minutes of mesmerizing just how pretty you were, I mean he would be jealous of you if he was a girl. Who wouldn't? Pretty eyes cute smile, adorable manners and even cuter taste in clothing.
Then thoughts turned into realization, 'wait I do think of her alot actually..and I haven't even been looking forward to talking to fangirls as much either..' Then it hit him. You were the only girl's attention he wanted, the only eyes he wanted to be on him. The only hands he wanted to hold his, the only smile he wanted to see.
It was all you, it never wasn't.
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diluvey · 14 hours ago
bobarista!osamu, who recognizes you by the third time you’ve come around. the shop has been busy because the chain only recently expanded to this town, so he sees at least a hundred people a day yet he’s memorized you by your face and mannerisms by then. it’s a miracle that he does considering it’s also been about a month since opening, but call it fate.
bobarista!osamu who wonders why you always get the same drink. it’s not like their menu’s limited in options, yet he always calls out for a regular strawberry de leche, no boba. it’s fine, he has no room to judge anyway. not when you shoot him a bashful smile before shuffling towards the door.
bobarista!osamu who takes his precious time fixing up your drink. he knows that you’re watching him but he really shouldn’t, considering you probably only care about getting your drink, but he does so anyway. so he crushes the strawberries with care and fills your cup to the very brim before sealing it, making sure to give it a good shake before sliding it across the counter with a straw ready at hand.
bobarista!osamu who gets giddy when he realizes you’re a shop regular. all he knows is your name, your usual order, and the fact that you always come 8 o’clock on the dot. it makes his day, and his brother atsumu teases him for the stupid smile on his face that stays all the way to the end of the day, when he gets home. the faux blond knows you as the “boba shop cutie” despite never having formally met you because osamu mentioned you one too many times. isn’t it ridiculous that he’s pining over a stranger? but you are something of a distraction for his brother, he’ll give you that.
bobarista!osamu who malfunctions when you say his name. he almost asks how you know, but then he notices that your eyes had flitted down to the name tag on his chest. you’re saying thank you for the drink and bidding him well, which you always do, but it’s the first you’ve ever actually referred to him by name. it sweeps him off his feet, and he stumbles over his words no matter how simple he intended them to be.
bobarista!osamu who doesn’t fail to catch how you avoid his gaze more often than not when retrieving your order for the day. he thinks it’s adorable, how you struggle to maintain eye contact and practically jump out of your skin when his hand accidentally grazes yours. yer too cute for yer own good, ya know? little do you know, he’s just as flustered as you are. maybe if you looked up at him for once, you’d see how the tips of his ears are as bright as the strawberries in your drink. it’s not fair that you have this much of an effect on him.
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kuroovore · a month ago
nothing but the sounds of the tv in the background and two pairs of lips each trying to dominate over the other fill the room.
his grip on your waist is tight, trying his best not to rut his hips up into you. he had promised nothing sneaky when you had stated you had wanted to try cockwarming again, but with the current situation you’re both in, he can’t hold back much longer.
your hands tangle in his hair, lightly pulling as you push your face closer to his, his tongue going farther into your mouth.
“ ‘m sorry, baby i can’t.” he mumbles against your lips before pulling you up and slamming you back down on his cock.
you moan into each other’s mouths as you give up too, rocking your hips back and forth. as you do that, he moves you up and down, the feeling driving the both of you insane.
you whine into his mouth, clenching around his cock to tease him as he groans, sending now harsh thrusts up into you.
“keep doing that and see where it leads you.”
daichi </3, osamu, atsumu, SUNA, kuroo, akaashi </333333333, USHIJIMAAA, iwa, asahi
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o2amu · a month ago
atsumu walks in the bathroom to see you drowsily brushing your teeth, eyes struggling to stay open and your hand nearly dropping the toothbrush onto the floor.
“heh. sleepy baby.” he chuckles while gathering your hair in his hand to hold it back in a ponytail as you rinse your mouth.
“mmm.. so tired….” you mumble while splashing your face with water. you rise up and your boyfriend hands you a face towel to dry off your face.
you look over at the counter filled with your skincare products that you did not have the energy to make use of tonight. but you force yourself anyway and with a sigh, you open the drawer to grab a few cotton pads.
atsumu suddenly grabs you by the waist and sits you down on the counter in which you are now facing him.
“here babe, let me do it for you.” he explains while grabbing the cotton pads from your hand. “just tell me which ones to use.”
you give him a soft smile while reaching for the first bottle behind you. “thank you babe.”
he begins to lightly dampen the pad with some of the face toner and rub it gently all over your face. “of course, my love.”
he continues to do this with the rest of the products, lightly applying each of them to your face. he hums a tune while doing so and you fight the urge to shut your eyes completely just so you can watch and admire your sweet boyfriend simply doing your skincare routine for you. he‘s always there when you need him, regardless of anything, and you’re forever grateful.
wrapping your legs around him and your arms around his neck, you pull him in for a deep kiss as a thank you. you’re drowsy, but definitely still have the energy to show your boyfriend some love.
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serenecelene · a month ago
Tumblr media
characters: atsumu, kuroo, osamu, suna, bokuto, iwaizumi.
a/n: a super quick haikyuu hc post bc I miss writing for them a lot.
Tumblr media
Atsumu: your lips. Did you expect a different answer? You shouldn’t have, because there is no other place dear Miya Atsumu likes more. He thinks your lips are pretty — a forever hyper-fixation of his — and is addicted to the sweet taste of your chapstick too. Of course, he’s a little shit with it all, smirking knowingly as he quickly pulls you into an embrace and placing an intentionally loud and messy smack to your lips with an audible ‘mwah’ before you even know what’s happening — honestly it’s the kind of kiss that has you cringe as you fight to wipe it off, only to have him gasp and whine, “what? Are ya too good for ma love now, baby? Just say ya don’t love me and break up with me already.” Which obviously is all just a show but the only way to wipe that dramatic pout off his lips is for you to give in and kiss him more.
Kuroo: your forehead. For him being the tall bastard he is, it’s the easiest place for him to reach and when you ask why he chooses that particular spot, he’ll cheekily explain to you, “babe, it’s because your forehead is just one, huge, gigantic target for me to aim for,” with a quick peck placed to the center before lingering there for a moment or two with a soft smile as he revels in the faint smell of your shampoo — until you slap his chest and tell him off. Tetsu’s generous with forehead kisses too; He’ll give them in passing, give them as you slow dance in the living room after a long day, give them when you bring him lunch at the office. Kuroo will give you forehead kisses whenever he wants — which is often — because it is so damn easy too. Truth be told, it’s also so happens to be his favourite form of hello and goodbye; a kiss that he gives you as he is leaving for work in the early morning and you’re still asleep in bed — there’s a fond smile on his face and a gentle warmth in his eyes as he watches you snore — and as he places a gentle affectionate kiss to your forehead, against the skin he’ll whisper, “see you later, beautiful, don’t miss me too much while I’m gone,” (but he’ll come back home and kiss your forehead again only to tell you for the millionth time, “by the way, you snore in your sleep.”)
Osamu: your cheeks. Osamu is absolutely obsessed with your cheeks and you cannot tell me otherwise. He likes to see them stuffed full of food, loves to see them highlighted with your smile, and loves to pinch them between his fingers. So, it only makes sense that his favorite place to kiss you would be on your cheeks… in fact he would have immense trouble restraining himself from placing an abundance of little pecks to your face. I also happen to be a firm believer that after kissing your cheeks, ‘samu will most definitely bite them, nothing hard or painful but just an affectionate nip; and when you go to complain he’ll quickly shut you up with a lazy smirk and a, “nah, this was what ya signed up for when you agreed to date me. if ya don’t want me to love on ya, stop bein’ so damn cute,” before blowing a raspberry against the warm skin. There is absolutely no room to bargain, he will kiss and bite your cheeks. End of story.
Suna: your neck. Suna is a cuddler through and through, he likes spending hours upon hours lying in your arms and watching youtube videos, movies, tv shows, or just napping. And just like Kuroo, when he finds himself in that situation— which is honestly pretty often with Rin — your neck is the easiest spot for him to reach. He’ll just happily rest there, placing feather light kisses and breathing in the remaining scent of any perfume you wear. The kisses will be so gentle that they almost tickle and when you squirm a little — completely disrupting him in the middle of his quiet affection— he will frown at your audacity to move and of course complain, “stop moving and go to sleep, dummy” as if he wasn’t purposely staying awake just to kiss you for a little longer.
Bokuto: your nose. Your nose, your nose, your freaking nose. Bo will coo and gasp and most definitely squeal like a teenage girl after he litters a flurry of pecks across your skin. Cute lil’ Kou with wide eyes full of love, absolutely adores the way your nose scrunches up when he places kisses there; he thinks you look absolutely beautiful and will have no trouble telling you so. He’ll grasp your face between his large, warm hands and whisper, “baby, you’re so cute, you’re going to make my heart explode,” in near tears of pure awe. And it is never just one kiss with him, Bokuto is a man of never-ending affection, so best believe (and prepare) that you’ll spend the next five minutes being subjected to copious amounts of affection — not that you’re complaining.
Iwaizumi: the back of your hand. In my opinion, Iwa isn’t a man super into any form of PDA. Out of everyone here, he is definitely more so on the shyer side when it comes to displays of affection, but he absolutely will not hesitate to place several kisses to the back of your hand when the opportunity presents itself, most of the time whilst his hand is intertwined with yours. Truly, it is all subconscious, Hajime doesn’t even realize he does it which makes it all so much cuter. Although, you’ll know when he is about to kiss you, because he always squeezes your hand in a gentle succession of three; squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and then he’s pulling your hand towards his lips. He’d definitely blush if you were to mention anything, but all your harmless teasing would get you is another harmless grumble of, “keep talking and you’ll get nothing from me ever again.” It doesn’t worry you too much though because you both know he could never stay away from giving you kisses for too long. He loves you far too much for that.
Tumblr media
Kuroo’s is so long compared to everyone else’s whoopsie 😳
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kithsunaa · 4 months ago
gray sweats | minors do not interact, f!reader, smut
Tumblr media
purposely walks around the house with his hand over his stomach causing his skin to be teasingly exposed, with his hair frazzled from his nap... or those that have the audacity to walk around without a shirt — torso naked as he showcased off the fine lining of his abs and the dentures of his muscles, simply lounging around with the perfect pair of gray sweats that visibly highlighted his softened cock, but also his firm but plump ass.
making his way over to the kitchen to make himself a bowl of cereal, to lean against the kitchen island as he watched you with a brow raised, awfully pleased to see you squirm as you tried to hide your clenched thighs... to see your flustered expression despite having done much more, and touching much more than just seeing him half naked. 
feeling his cock slowly harden from the sight in front, where his predatory instincts to rapture you up alive involuntary kicked in. with his pupils dilated and eyes fixated on you, with a race of his heart as he tried to keep composure from merely jumping at you and taking you right down and there — face plastered to the dinner table with your breasts pressed upon the cold surface.
feeling a tingle travel up his spine as he put his bowl down... with his arms crossed against his chest, and with a smirk to his face he’ll chuckle as he watched you nervously bounce about simply unable to make eye contact with him. and walking towards you as he wholly covered your body, shielding you from behind, with his arms caging within...
with his teeth nibbling at your ears, as the sound of his breath sent goosebumps all over your body, causing you to shiver at his touch as his fingers traveled down under your panties to paint circles to your hardened bud.
“baby, so wet for me... I want to be inside you and fuck you here, can I hmm?”
and truth be told, you both already fucked... and never was once ever enough for him.
atsumu, iwaizumi, kuroo, matsukawa, hanamaki, suna, osamu, meian, bokuto
Tumblr media
© sunareign 2022. do not copy, repost, and/or plagiarize.
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↳ crush!sunarin x fem!reader
tattoo!sunarin next
this wasn’t edited, it’s legit a dump. i wasn’t joking when i said i’m in my suna brainrot. im going to continuously add to this if I think of more HAHAH 
Tumblr media
crush!sunarin is the type to pin over you way before you even notice him. He’ll take short glances when you’re near, but unapologetically stare from a distance, with a slight blush to his cheeks, as he observes you smile, engage, laugh, frown, simply mesmerized by you and the beauty that you carry. 
crush!sunarin that gets caught by the Miya twins about his crush early on, and has been blackmailed by a certain blonded twin ever since. Threatening to tell you and expose him of his feelings... sunarin had to delete a lot of pictures/videos of them two because of it.... but little do the twins know, he’s already had them saved.
crush!sunarin that wouldn’t have the guts to strike conversation with you, but simply stay within distance so that you could notice him. 
crush!sunarin that secretly prayed that the gods would put you both as seating partners when it was confirmed you both had the same homeroom class as third years. And during the first day of class, it would be belittling to state that he almost passed out when he found that his prayers were indeed answered. Seeing you prettily seating at the seat next to his, simply waiting for him to join you... yea, the butterflies in his stomach went raging. he was on cloud nine.
crush!sunarin is the type to heavily blush when youre not looking but act unfazed when talking to you, and contrary to what others believe, he can easily lose composure when he gets nervous, so he grits his teeth and makes a tight fist without you knowing, so that he could maintain the cool guy persona.
crush!sunarin will go through his photo album of the many different pictures that he’s secretly snapped of you, and rub his thumb along his screen so he could imagine himself touching your face.
crush!sunarin that received a school photo of you, with a small letter on the back stating, “best friends should have pictures of each other.” He’ll keep that photo in his wallet till god knows how long, and unashamedly looks at you when he’s away for games in different prefectures. 
crush!sunarin is the type to get you a cup of coffee and wait for you in front of your home/dorm/apartment to take you to school. 
crush!sunarin that goes to the school convenience store to get you the snacks that you love, and can’t help but break a smile when he sees your face immediately blossom when you see him approaching you. If he had the option to be a slave for you, he would take in a heartbeat if that meant he could be with you for eternity... he was down that bad for you.
crush!sunarin that would get asked almost by the daily if he and you were anything more than just friends, and he’ll simply gaze back, with a lazy look on his face and respond that you both were simply best friends. 
crush!sunarin that quickly learned of your quirks, so when he noticed something off about you, he’ll make himself fully available for you. But he’ll act as if you’re a pain in the ass just so that you wouldn’t catch on that he liked you. 
crush!sunarin that wouldn’t hesitate to give you his umbrella if it was raining, and most definitely wouldn’t stop to think of giving you his sweater if you were cold. 
crush!sunarin that received his first heartbreak when you told him, “I’m so glad that you’re my bestfriend.” Never had he asked the Miya twins for advice, but for this he had to. Prepared to be a laughing stock by the twins, he asked,  “Hey... I think i just got friend zoned by YN.... what should I do?” 
crush!sunarin that receives another blow of heartbreak when you asked him right after, “so.....  Sunarin, you like anyone?” If he could, he wanted to hate you. How could you not know? But yet when he sees the genuine curiosity in your eyes he can’t help but once again melt in your gaze and simply respond, “she’s someone I liked for a long time,” as he ruffles your hair. 
crush!sunarin would let you sleep on his shoulder, but you dont notice his heart beating out of his chest, almost causing him to get a heart attack. But when his heart settles, he’ll loosely wrap his fingers with yours as he plays with your smaller digits — hoping and praying that one day... you’ll be his. 
crush!sunarin doesn’t easily get jealous, but when he sees you talking to the Miya twins or anyone that he seems more worthy of your attention that him, he becomes even more quiet and closed off, but never does he lash out on you. 
crush!sunarin that started to have wet dreams of you, making it hard for him to look you in the eyes for a good week… only for him to have another wet dream just when he’s felt comfortable. It all started with you popping into his dream so purely, only for you to turn the tides and suck him off dry. The dreams progressed in sensuality every time he dreamt of you — taking you in different positions, kissing you in areas he’s wanted, touching you in places that made his balls tickle — only to wake up feeling more frustrated than ever, leading him to take a cold shower and countless days of fucking his fist trying to mimic the sensation he felt in his dreams. 
crush!sunarin that masturbates thinking of you now without the trigger of a wet dream. He’s given up trying to with hold his feelings for you. So during the night, when everyone’s asleep, he imagines how you might feel, and how good you’ll probably taste, and how tight your pussy would be wrapped around his poor cock. He’ll start slow with hitched breaths as he reaches a hand down to his semi-erect cock as he bucks his hips up to further stimulate his erection. He’ll place a flat sheets to his mouth, or bites his lips so that no sound can illuminate from his room. He’s gotten so drunk off of just imagining you that his tolerance starting to build that at this point porn wasn’t sufficient — he simply just wanted you. 
crush!sunarin that would give you his button on graduation, with a short comment that you were his bestfriend when you teased him to give it to the girl he crushed on. 
crush!sunarin that calls you drunk and calls you his angel. You don’t think too much of this because he’s done it so many times. He mutters absolute nonsense by saying, “YN i fucking love you, you know that right?” and when you simply respond back with, “I love you too, Rinnie...” you’ll hear nothing back from him, until seconds later one of the twins intercept the call and say their apologies. 
crush!sunarin would rather die than to have another person out his feelings to you. So when he wakes up from his hangover, embarrassed out of his mind of how he acted with you, he’s shocked to see you at his apartment with a table of food prepared for his nauseous stomach. 
crush!sunarin that over hears a conversation you had with your girlfriends about a certain boy you’ve been crushing on... only for him to drink the night away and be a bit distant from you until he’s managed to settle his heart. 
crush!sunarin that gets a whacking from Atsumu saying that he was dumb for being an ass to just suddenly distance himself from you. He would purposely ignore your calls, and avoid communication with you... up to the point that you had to call the twins to ask if there was anything wrong with sunarin 
crush!sunarin that decides for once to take a risk and confess — knowing full well that it would be another heartbreak for him... 
crush!sunarin prepares and preps for the perfect time and place to confess to you, only for him to blurt it out in pure nervousness when you just looked so pretty to him, asking him if you did anything wrong, or if he was okay with tears in your eyes as you clung onto his arms...
and crush!sunarin that almost had a heart attack when you pulled him in for a short kiss to tell him, “silly, I like you too... I’ve always had.” 
crush!sunarin that upgraded to boyfriend!sunarin is currently holding you in his arms without guilt and without shame, tucking a piece of hair over your ear, taking in all of you with his sharp but loving eyes, as he whispers to you, close to a kiss away with lips trembling and breath cool, 
“fuck... YN you dont know how long I’ve been waiting for you.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
the sudden smack of his palm right against your core made you scream, shaking palms wrapping around his wrist to push him away. "i–i'm sorry, please. i-i won't do i–it again—"
"hit her again, tooru. she's still talking."
word count﹕ 1,551 words
♡﹕ poly ( + oikawa ╱ reader ╱ iwaizumi ). cybersex. exhibitionism. voyeurism. sadism ╱ masochism. praise ( + condescending ). degradation. dacryphilia. impact play. cockwarming. size kink. stomach bulge.
notes﹕ frankly. this was majorly inspired by the porn i saw on twitter because holy shit, was that real good. i answered an ask about the link of the porn and it's HERE !
Tumblr media
iwaizumi, who was busy with the final revision of his thesis, ignored the notification. it might just be a spam message or just shittykawa sending him another useless meme.
gaze narrowing in annoyance at the onslaught of notifications appearing on his phone, his temper was being tested and for what reason? to make him suffer? well, god. he's already suffering with his thesis, thank you very much. the urge to just chuck his phone against the nearest wall was huge, digits twitching as he tried to resist the temptation. palm grasping the metal, thumb swiping only to reveal oikawa's multitude of messages that barely made any sense.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
switching windows on his laptop, he was about to click the zoom link when—
Tumblr media
a gift? what was oikawa even planning now? with a sigh that emphasised the weary set of his shoulders, he clicked the zoom link and waited to be admitted.
to think that oikawa would be giving him a gift during the period of time where he specifically warned the idiot to not disturb him at all. actually, he was already done. he was just further revising his final work for any potential errors. arms crossed right above his torso, physique leaned backwards to rest the full weight against the back of his chair. eyes rolled heavenward, grumbling to himself about stupid best friends who have no care about his plight when a sound from his computer echoed in the empty room; he was finally admitted to whatever zoom link this was supposed to be.
Tumblr media
… oh.
your petite frame was the first thing he saw, slightly distorted through the lens of the webcam but still managing to make you look like a fucking doll. palms that were similar to his but also slightly different in the amount of callouses, their width — oikawa's always looked like dainty ones, slender and long; hajime's were slender but large in all the right places. not that it mattered since they always managed to reach deep into your walls, abusing that poor overly sensitive spot hidden in the depths of your pretty cunt. as much as he liked the sight of you at oikawa's mercy, he still had his shit to do and the both of you interrupted him.
composing himself once again, hand began to drift downwards to palm his slowly hardening crotch. the sound of your mewls and whines were like music to his ears, his breathing beginning to get heavy. "i told both of you to not disturb me."
a faint chuckle could be heard, the hands that were once gently fondling your breasts turned harsh — almost violent. squeezing, pulling, twisting. your cries began to echo in your respective spaces. through hooded gaze, he could see tears trickling down your cheeks as you sniffled quite pathetically from the torment oikawa was giving you. it was beautiful.
"yeah, right. but this little princess here was being a brat to me, iwa–chan. wouldn't even let me touch OUR pussy but also wearing that skirt that i got for her, isn't that just so unfair? so i thought, why not teach her a lesson with your help?" that glint in oikawa's eyes was something iwaizumi had long since gotten used to. it meant that no matter his response, oikawa would still go along with what he's planning. though, to say that he would like all this to stop would be a lie. he'd love nothing more than to see you ruined by his best friend's cruelty. that was the difference between oikawa and iwaizumi. oikawa was mean, all rough edges and greedy demands in condescending tones, the world spun for him so it better bend to his will as well. iwaizumi was not exactly softer but maybe gentler than the setter, he was much more patient in his torment too ( unless you piss him off, that is ). it's just a pity that you had to act up like a fucking brat when iwaizumi was away. you reap what you sow and that's being under oikawa tooru's mercy.
tip of his foot rose to angle his webcam, revealing his palm that was slowly running up and down the cock that was beginning to harden. nonchalance in his features, even as your cries increased in volume. "i think dirty little sluts like that should have OUR pussy spanked. what do you think, tooru?" god, iwaizumi was not a kind man and it's beginning to show.
one could see the frantic shake of your head through the screen, the other feeling it against his chest. it made the both of them laugh — a cruel noise that sent shivers down your spine and for your bare cunt to clench around nothing.
palms dug into the flesh of your thighs, despite your thrashing and jerking around to reveal a sopping wet cunt to the camera. hooking both arms underneath your legs, oikawa fondled with the sensitive bundle of nerves first — tugging and pressing. the sight of your breasts heaving with your sobs was enough to make iwaizumi curse, hand wrapped around his shaft tightening and halting in its pace; he won't let himself cum just yet, he wanted to see you fall apart first.
"look at this brat, iwa–chan. i'm being nice and she's still trying to pull away."
the sudden smack of his palm right against your core made you scream, shaking palms wrapping around his wrist to push him away. "i–i'm sorry, please. i-i won't do i–it again—"
"hit her again, tooru. she's still talking."
three consecutive hits. your hands soon falling away from grasping his wrist to curl into your tummy, pitiful sniffles slipping from cherry bitten lips. the sight of your debauched appearance making iwaizumi coo, the sound a soothing noise when compared to how mean oikawa's words were to you earlier. as if sensing your thoughts, a finger traced your slit — gently, almost lovingly. it soon dipped inside, exploring the depths of your walls to seek that one spot that made white spots dance in your vision. his touches were so soft that you couldn't help but relax in his hold, whining when he pulled out.
with the final smack hitting your sore cunt, you reached your orgasm with nothing more than a breathy exhale oikawa's name. your voice had gone hoarse from the amount of cries and screams you let out earlier. you thought that now that he made you reach your climax, he was done— they were done. stupid little princess. oikawa wasn’t even done with you and neither was iwaizumi, their eyes filled with hunger and the desire to see you come undone until all you could do was hold on to the sound of their voices — mind floating and barely able to give coherent responses.
“tooru. make her sit on your cock.”
despite your recent orgasm, those words were enough to make you squirm. cunt pulsing with the need to envelope the hard shaft that had been poking your back since earlier. cumming on their finger was one thing, achieving your release by their mouths was another; but reaching the delicious high with the tip of their cock grazing your cervix? that was another thing, the best thing. lost in thoughts, you failed to notice oikawa’s answering smirk — filled with malice and utterly smug, that was also mirrored in iwaizumi’s features.
cooing noises echoing in your ear, the flesh being peppered with light pecks. you let oikawa lift you up, baring you open even more for iwaizumi to see. the lewd sounds of his cock fucking the tight hole his fingers made in mimicry of your velvety walls was enough to make your face burn. the sight making both men huff out in laughter. inch by inch, oikawa’s length settled into you slowly, making you feel every vein that throbbed around his shaft. his size— both of their sizes, were a lot to take in, no matter how many times they fucked you open. iwaizumi was having a first class seat on watching that tight little pussy stretch to accomodate his best friend’s cock. he could see the way it spasmed, as if torn between squeezing to keep it forever inside or to push it out. with a long drawn-out moan, he came all over his hands. milky white fluid staining his clothes, large splatters of white painting tanned flesh. you wanted to lick it, you would beg for it if oikawa’s cock wasn’t slowly driving you insane.
the setter’s hand found itself pressing against your stomach, right above where the faint outline of his cock was evident. he was just so big, the shaft pressing deliciously against yours walls and the tip digging in against your cervix. a hard press made you keen — high in the back of your throat, “t-tooru, please move—”
“i don’t think so, princess. you’re going to be good and sit pretty on tooru’s cock while i finish my thesis.” glassy eyes turned to slits, shooting iwaizumi a glare.
oikawa’s crown dipping to playfully bite your lobe, huffing out a laugh. “you feisty brat, you’ll sit there and take it. we got to give iwa-chan a show so he’ll have the motivation to finish his work, yeah? that’s it, that’s our girl.”
Tumblr media
© meianami 〘 2021 〙﹕ do not claim, modify, copy or repost my works without permission. minors do not interact.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢꜱ: ʙᴏᴋᴜᴛᴏ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
ᴡᴄ: 939
ɢᴇɴʀᴇ: ꜱᴍᴜᴛ (ᴍᴅɴɪ 18+)
ᴛᴡ/ᴄᴡ: ꜱᴏᴍɴᴏᴘʜɪʟɪᴀ, ᴏʀᴀʟ (ꜰ ʀᴇᴄᴇɪᴠɪɴɢ), ꜰᴀᴄᴇ ʀɪᴅɪɴɢ, ᴅᴀᴅᴅʏ ᴋɪɴᴋ, ᴘʀᴀɪꜱɪɴɢ, ɪᴍᴘʟɪᴇᴅ/ᴍᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴꜱ ᴏꜰ ᴛʀᴀɪɴɪɴɢ, ɪᴍᴘʟɪᴇᴅ ᴏʀɢᴀꜱᴍ ᴄᴏɴᴛʀᴏʟ, ꜰɪɴɢᴇʀɪɴɢ, ᴍᴇɴᴛɪᴏɴꜱ ᴏꜰ ᴍᴀʟᴇ ᴍᴀꜱᴛᴜʀʙᴀᴛɪᴏɴ, ᴄᴜʀꜱɪɴɢ. ᴘʟᴇᴀꜱᴇ ʟᴇᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴋɴᴏᴡ ɪꜰ ᴍɪꜱꜱᴇᴅ ᴀɴʏ!
ᴀꜱ ᴀʟᴡᴀʏꜱ ʀᴇʙʟᴏɢꜱ ᴀʀᴇ ᴀᴘᴘʀᴇᴄɪᴀᴛᴇᴅ, ᴘʟᴇᴀꜱᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜᴀɴᴋ ʏᴏᴜ.
a/n: cewchie eating has been on the brain im sorry. this is lightly edited so if you see any errors shh.. no you don't.
ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴏ ʜQ ᴍ.ʟɪꜱᴛ |  ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴀɪɴ ᴍ.ʟɪꜱᴛ
Tumblr media
“ah fuck, baby. so fuckin’ pretty.” kotarou hisses, his aureate orbs glued to your slick coated core. 
kotarou wraps his arms around your legs and pulls your relaxed body closer to his face. he rubs the growing stubble of his beard along the inside of your thighs, relishing how your sleeping figure twitches at the scratchy feeling. he prepositions himself carefully, his face mere inches from your cunt, before leaning down and kissing your puffy clit. you were so wet, so cute, looking painfully pretty spread out on your shared bed with dry tear streaks down your cheeks. he had only been gone for four days for a game. was his baby this needy? so deprived of pleasure, you cried yourself to sleep. did you even get to cum? 
kotarou can’t be mad. the reason you’re crying, your sweet little body can never find the release it's yearning for, is his fault. not because of his absence, no, but because of the conditioning, he put your little body through. as long as you’ve been with him, kotarou learning the ins and outs of your body, memorizing and mapping out the most sensitive spots of your sticky walls, of course, you wouldn’t be able to cum. a pretty little thing would never be able to get yourself off, not without his help. he’s trained your body, you, to cum by his hands only. your fingers would no longer suffice. 
“poor thing,” kotarou coos mockingly, taking the pad of his thumb and rubbing small circles around the slightly engorged bud. “can’t even cum without me, hm? how long did you try, baby? how long did you play with my pussy before giving up, huh?” his voice is low and laced with avidity. 
his thumb continues to work your bundle of nerves. soft gaze flickering to your softened features. his cock stirring and straining against his pants, hearing you whimper in your slumber, “ah, right here, princess? i think you like when daddy rubs right… here.” he whispers to no one in particular, his digit persistently swiping along your clit. each passing second, his mouth fills with saliva. 4 days of you two being apart was far too long for him. kotarou spent every second craving every inch of you. he couldn’t lay down without images of you plaguing his mind. vivid depictions of you spread out so obediently for him, tiny cunt clamping down around his shaft, struggling to take him all. that’s all he could focus on while sloppily fucking into his fist. 
kotarou removes his thumb and leans down, pressing the flat of his tongue against your sopping core, licking an agonizingly slow stripe, the width of his tongue spreading your pussy apart. a deep growl resonates within him, his senses and mind clouding the second your sweet nectar coats his tongue. he laps at your cunt once more before his lips find purchase around your clit, his tongue flicking quickly, drinking down your juices. strong veiny hands trail up your thighs, grabbing a fist full of the doughy flesh of your ass before hoisting you up closer to his mouth. his tongue slips past swollen lips and down to your heated entrance, swirling and probing at the fleshy walls, collecting every ounce of slick that dribbled from your hole.
“s’good f’me baby, keep this pussy tasting so good for me,” he murmurs. 
kotarou lashes flutter, tongue fluttering rapidly against the hard nub, appreciating your flavor. his head shakes from left to right, burying his chin deeper into your honeypot, a mixture of drool and juices dripping down his chin. half-lidded eyes look up to watch your chest heave ever so slightly, “c’mon, beautiful, wake up. daddy needs you to ride his face.”
you begin to squirm, your hips bucking when a harsh suck sends a wave of pleasure through you. “ mmm, fuck..” a soft gasp tumbles from your mouth, your body jolting as your hand instinctively travels down your body and buries itself in the familiar two-toned tuft of hair. your hips begin gyrating, rubbing your messy core against your boyfriend's lips. your vision is still blurry, not even able to wipe the sleep out of your eyes before another harsh suck pulls you from your hazy mindset.
you blink a few times, your head lifting to look between your legs. your gaze lands upon kotarou, drinking in the image of your doting significant other devouring your pussy. 
“f-fuck, ko! feels s’good,” you hiss, your tiny hands grabbing the back of his head and pushing him further into your center. 
your hips continue rolling, smearing your sticky essence along his mouth. tension begins to pool in the depths of your tummy, every suck and flick of kotarou’s tongue bringing you closer to the edge. two of kotarou’s fingers circle your entrance, collecting your juices, before plunging inside. his fingers curl, the tips massaging along the spongy roof of your walls. 
kotarou pulls away and spits onto your cunt, groaning as your pussy clenches around his digits,” come on, pretty girl. cum for me.” 
your breath catches in your throat, your eyes rolling back as your orgasm washes over you. each pump of kotarou’s fingers draws out your orgasm, your sweet cunnie gushing around him enchantingly. 
“such a good girl, giving daddy exactly what he asks for,” he purrs. kotarou sits up and pulls his pants down his legs before reclaiming his rightful place between your thighs. he grips the base of his cock and taps the angry tip against your button, “daddy’s home, sweet pea. now keep being a good girl and hold your legs open f’me.” 
Tumblr media
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Haikyuu Boys
When he says "why are you so hard to love?" in an argument
It's been a week of unending arguments with Oikawa and again, today both of you are still arguing after breakfast.
"But y/n-chan she's only a fan. Why are you so mad about it?"
"How can I'm not mad seeing my boyfriend getting kissed by another girl?" you yelp, putting the glass a bit harsh.
"It's just a greeting!" Oikawa defense himself not feeling anything wrong with it.
"Gosh, whatever! Do as you wish Oikawa Tooru!" you look at him with a cynical look.
"God! I pampered you with many things and you don't even understand that thing? Why are you so hard to love?"
He yells in frustration, head looking down. His middle finger and index finger started to massage his temple.
But when he raises his head to meet your expression, he knows that he messed up.
"Ah, I see.. Sorry, I guess I am," in contrast to the previous high pitch tone, your voice is rather low and you smile weakly.
Before Oikawa can give any further comments, you already left him alone, going to your shared bedroom and slamming the door. Oikawa chooses to sit on the couch, cool down his mind.
It's been an hour since he exchanges stare with the blank screen of the turned-off TV. He feels really bad and wants to make up because he missed you already.
But when he almost reaches the doorknob, he stops himself as he hears you sniffling and talking alone - he guesses you called one of your best friends.
"I don't know, am I really too much?" your words are still jumbled from sobbing.
"I just- want him for me, you know? Maybe I'm just not good enough?" you sigh.
Oikawa's heart drops, he doesn't know that his friendly gesture to his fans made you feel this way.
"Um.. Guess he can replace me easily," your sobs have stopped, turning into a dry laugh.
Hearing your statement makes him open the door without thinking.
"NO I DON'T WANT ANYONE BUT YOU," he yells, half pleading. You are startled at his sudden intrusion.
Your friend who can hear him too chuckles and says a small "good luck" before ending the call.
Oikawa jumps into the bed and hugs you tightly, "Please don't leave me."
You hold a pause, still processing your mind. Then, you positioned yourself so you can talk eye-to-eye with him.
"Tooru, you know boundary right? Some things are okay with me and some things are not. Kissing or a quick peck is not okay for me."
He listens to you attentively.
You sigh, "Now, are you okay if some guy kisses me or holds me too much?"
"No." He yelps in complaint.
"And the same thing applies to me. Even you're a star athlete with millions of fans, you're still my boyfriend right?"
And with these words he just realized, because you never cross the line, he never imagine you being kissed nor touched by any other man.
"You're right, baby. I'm sorry that I never place my feet on your shoes." He takes your hand and places it to meet the warmth of his cheek.
You rolled your eyes, "Geez dummy", but you smile at the end.
"Yes y/n-chan, I'm your dummy and you still keep up with me. Thank you."
"Guess I was wrong, I'm the one who's hard to love."
You shake your head and chuckle, "That's okay because I won't stop loving you though".
The burden has been lifted from your heart and you two staring at each other earnestly, ready to pay back the lost time from the arguments.
His telephone rings for the third time this morning, Kuroo sees your name on the display and decides to answer the call.
"Hi, babe!" He greets you as usual like nothing wrong.
"Where are you Kuroo?" You answer him but rather in a high tone.
"I'm in the office of course." He answers you casually.
"How come? I thought we have already discussed with me to take a day off today?"
"Yes, sorry honey I got an unexpected meeting today. I guess I have left you a note right?"
You rolled your eyes looking at the sticky note on your hand, "Yeah, I saw your note."
"Great. Since we don't have any particular plan today, I guess it is okay." You can hear he's typing, probably still working on his document and not paying full attention to you.
"Don't you know what day is today? I even managed to get a day off from my strict boss", you started to get irritated from his carelessness.
"Of course! Happy wedding anniversary, baby. I will make up to you later. You can choose any fancy gift you want."
"Uhh, I don't want anything. I want you Kuroo. I just want you for today."
Kuroo sighed, finally stopping his type. "Geez, you know it's not possible today? Stop being so childish over an anniversary, we're an adult, y/n."
He continues, "I don't know but sometimes you're just so hard to love."
It takes a moment of silence before you reply to his piercing words.
"Okay. Sorry for bothering you, Tetsu." You finally end the call.
Somehow Kuroo felt he'd gone too far, he decides to make up later when he comes home.
Kuroo comes home to a dark and silent room. "I'm home, kitten!" He shouts from the entrance and searches for your presence, his left-hand holding a bouquet of roses.
When he reached the kitchen, he found a note in your handwriting.
"Happy wedding anniversary, Tetsu. I'm sorry that I'm causing you trouble today. I decide to sleepover today, dinner is in the fridge. -y/n-"
He frowns, it's too late. He really feels bad about how he spat at you but still, you're the one who ends up apologizing. He contemplates how he treats you so bad - he was trying to replace his time for you with fancy gifts.
And he comes into a horror thought: what if at some point you don't want him anymore. It gives him chills and he immediately speeds straight to your best friend's house.
When he arrives, he knocks on the house and greets your best friend politely. He tells her that he's coming to pick you up. Your friend nods in understanding and calls you.
When you see him in the front, you are surprised. You noticed how his eyes are filled with remorse. So, you decided to follow him to the car - not wanting to cause any ruckus on your friend's house.
When the two of you have finally settled on the car, both of you are exchanging a silent stare. You wait for his explanation and Kuroo finally opens his mouth,
"I'm sorry."
"I know sorry is not enough but still, sorry for broken the promise."
When you hear the deep apology from him, your long-held tears are broken. You haven't cried in a while so seeing you in this state really broke his heart. Thought still hesitate, he pulls you into his embrace, stroking the crown of your head.
"I was waiting and searching for you but you are gone. And it seems I've been a nuisance," your sobs as you started to utter your feeling.
He shakes his head, now he holds your shoulders and looks through your eyes.
"You never been a nuisance okay? I was taking you for granted, it was me who's being a jerk."
"I promise this won't happen again, I will keep every promise and treat you like you deserved to."
You nodded and smiled in response. You didn't notice that he almost cried about how relieved he is - that you still wanted to come back to him.
Along the way home, he holds your hand and asks, "So do you want to stop by anywhere? Or do you want anything for make up?"
You shake your head, "No, Tetsu. I just want to cuddle."
He smiles, being reminded that your simplicity is one of the things that makes him heads over heels for you.
"Of course, kitten. You will have my cuddles for the rest of your life though - until you are getting sick of me."
You chuckle and give him a quick peck on his cheek, "I won't."
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euphoricimagination · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
𝑻𝒉𝒆𝒎 𝒑𝒓𝒐𝒕𝒆𝒄𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒚𝒐𝒖
Feat. Atsumu and Kuroo
Warnings: Mentions of being followed
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Walking alone at night wasn't the best idea, but you didn't have many options considering your shift today. A few minutes after walking towards your house you started to feel a presence behind you, and when you sneakily looked back you noticed a someone following you.
At first you thought you were overreacting, he could easily just be going in your same direction, but just to make sure you decided to do a detour. You enter to a convenience store, went to buy a coffee, and yet he was still there, right behind you. That's when you started to panic.
Deciding to enter the most populated area, you notice 4 tall men walking towards a restaurant, the Black Jackals. In your state of panic you completely forgot about their popularity, so you started walking towards the blonde setter since he was the one near you. Did you know him? Not personally, you only seen him in the court. But right now, you didn’t care.
“Oh, Miya-san? Hi! Do you remember me?” you say moving to hug him quickly, without giving him time to react.
He was taken aback, logically after a stranger just hug him out of nowhere calling his name. Who were you? Were you a fan? How come you just hug him? He could see his teammates faces, all with the same confusion on. But the initial shock quickly left when he heard you whisper “Please help me, a dude is following me. I'm Yn”
And just like that Miya Atsumu became the best actor ever.
“Yn-chan? Haven't see ya since high school! How are ya?” says hugging you back tightly. He feels you relax in his arms while answering his question, you were probably happy that he followed your little act. “See? I told ya I'd become a pro. Now I'm even stronger than before!”
“I can see that” you smile at him when you moved away, eyes flickering to the dude who suddenly looks nervous “It's nice to see you again Miya-san”
“Cmon, call me Tsumu. Why don't you join us for dinner? I'll present you my team”. Putting an arm through your shoulders, he walks you to where the rest of his team are, all of them greeting you and welcoming you excitedly.
After a few minutes you look back only to notice that the dude was gone. Letting a sigh full lf relief out, you quickly turn to Atsumu “Thank you for helping me, Miya-san. I started to panic and didn't know what else to do”
“It's alright pretty, and I told you to call me Tsumu”. He squeezes your shoulder slightly, still not letting you go.
The rest of the Jackals frown in confusion, Bokuto being the first to ask “Wait, didn't you know each other?”, making you shake your head. You explain the situation to them and their reaction instantly warms your heart, as Bokuto and Hinata come to hug you and Sakusa mutters some insults to that guy.
“However, my proposal still stands pretty” says Atsumu pulling you a bit closer to his body “I'm not letting you go yet when the creep may come back. I want to be 100% sure that you are safe”
“Thanks, but are you sure? I don't want to interrupt”. As soon as you said that you heard a chorus of ‘It's okay!’ Or ‘You’re not interrupting!’ from the two excited men; even Sakusa did a little nod.
“Don't worry pretty, dinner it’s on me”. With that the three start walking towards the restaurant once again while Atsumu looks at you with that famous smile of his, taking your hand delicately “I would love to get to know you now, pretty”
Tumblr media
Being one of Kuroo's closest friends meant having constant meetups with him. He always insisted on hanging out at least once at week, and although he can get really annoying about it, you were more than happy if it meant to spend more time with him.
So that's why you're here, sitting outside of his college, waiting for him to finish his classes so you can go to his apartment to watch a movie. Focusing on your phone, you don't even notice when someone sits beside you; but then again, it was a university, more than one person would want to sit there too.
It was when you felt a small rub against your knee that you look up to the person beside you, a young dude that had a little smirk on. Now, if there wasn't a lot of space available you wouldn't have thought much about it, everyone could make accidents; but you two were the only ones in that bench, and he was unnecessarily close to you. Saying that you were uncomfortable was a understatement.
When the dude notices your eyes on him, his smirk becomes bigger “Hi there, what are you doing here alone?”
“I'm waiting for my... boyfriend, actually”. You can see that he doesn't fully believe you, raising an eyebrow.
“Boyfriend? You don't sound too convince about that” says passing his arm over your shoulder. You immediately shook him off, trying to stand up
“Don't touch me, thank you”, you were a mix of annoyed and angry. The dude didn't seem like a threat, if anything it look like he was just trying to flirt, but he was doing a terrible job at it.
“C'mon, I just want to get to know you. And you clearly don't have a boyfriend so why not?”
“Who says she doesn't?” a familiar voice reach your ears and making you look up to Kuroo, who just arrived and could clearly see your uncomfortable state. Thankfully playing volleyball for so many years not only help him to gain a strong physique, but also help him to learn how to be intimidating. Straighten himself to look even taller, he looks at the dude with annoyance “She’s MY girlfriend; and even if she wasn't you shouldn't pressure her into talking to you. C'mon baby, let's go to our house"
You immediately take his hand when you stand up, walking away from the bench. You feel your cheeks blush when Kuroo intertwine your hands together giving them a soft squeeze, even when you already were far from the dude “Thanks Tetsu, it was so awkward”
“Of course, sunshine, my mom taught me good morals” he jokes, you catch a prominent blush in his ears when he looked away “Maybe I should be your boyfriend for real, you know, so the creeps stay far away from you”
Blushing even harder, you smile looking at the floor “That sounds nice”
Tumblr media
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miyamuse · 22 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
messy eater — miya atsumu.
warnings — f. reader, f. receiving oral sex, ass slapping, face-sitting, praise.
i’m only posting this to get it out of my system after seeing him in the new chapter before i disappear again bye.
Tumblr media
miya atsumu was a messy eater, you always found yourself constantly picking rice from his cheeks whenever you ate out or cleaning off sauce from his chin. but he didn’t mind getting messy if he was enjoying himself, like now— when your slick is glistening along the side of his cheeks and lower half of his face as you hear him groan from his place below you, face pushed between your thighs as you grind down on his tongue, your juices dripping down and pooling onto the sheets below him.
atsumu’s fingers flex into the flesh of your hips everytime your thighs tighten around him, platinum blonde hair and toned torso decorated with a thin sheen of sweat as he pulls you closer— burying himself deeper into you like he’s a man starved finally tasting his first meal in months.
“ya taste fuckin’ amazin, gorgeous—fuck” You hear the blonde mumble under his breath before he buries himself back between your thighs. the smooth, low tone of his voice sending vibrations of bliss straight to your clit as your hips twitch from the sudden jolt of pleasure, pulling an airy whimper from the man below you as your fingers smooth through his platinum strands, your needy hole clenching around his tongue as he dips it into your walls.
“so fuckin’ sweet, yer fuckin’ killin’ me, angel.” atsumu moans shakily, pulling away momentarily to smooth his thick fingers between your glistening folds before spreading them lewdly and diving back in, slurping and smacking at your essence as he drinks in the very taste of you that has his thick cock twitching between his thighs, beads of precum gathering at the tip but he pays no mind to it— his mind only focused on his objective of feeling you creaming around his tongue.
he feels sticky, the air in the room heavy and warm as he laps at your clit— atsumu’s flushed from his cheeks to his chest, the muscles in his pretty abdomen tightening everytime your hips rolls against his face as he focuses on not losing himself in you completely, but he needs more, he needs it messier.
his fingers smooth over the flesh of your ass before he grabs at the skin, pulling you deeper against him as he groans almost animalistically before one of his large palms pull back only to come down heavy against your ass a few seconds later. The impact so sudden that you would’ve jolted forward if it wasn’t for atsumu’s grip on your ass, kneading at the reddening flesh before he pulls back again—burying himself deeper into you everytime your hips jolt forward against his already merciless mouth, the twitch in your body allowing him to push his tongue even further past your folds to dip into your hole, lewd squelching noises filling the room as he fucks you with the muscle.
“that’s what am fuckin’ talkin’ ‘bout, baby—shittttt.” The blonde mumbles, words muffled against your folds as he lands another heavy smack onto the warm flesh of your ass. He feels lightheaded at the arousal pooling in his stomach, his fat cock aching for any sort of friction but he’s so content with losing himself in you instead. atsumu wraps his lips around your clit before sucking into his mouth, allowing his tongue to flatten and roll the sensitive bud so he can feel you jerk sensitively in his hold, his large palms rocking you against his mouth as he groans low and gravely against you once more.
“that’s ma girl, good girl—fuck, that’s it. fuckin’ use me—k-keep goin’ gorgeous.” atsumu almost growls, his words becoming even more breathless and needy and you feel the coil in your stomach twist and tighten when you look behind you to watch the way his own hips twitch at the idea of you cumming on his face, paired with the pressure of you grinding down on his tongue as he feels the room spin.
his movements are almost desperate, every swipe of his tongue, every grumble or low, gravelly groan sending shockwaves to your clit, igniting your nerves with pleasure and your skin feels like it’s on fire when the pleasure races through you while you hear atsumu’s own deep, needy groans against your cunt between suckling noises and smacks— your thighs trembling either side of him. “fuck, tsumu—’” you babble through pouty lips, your clit knocking against his nose with every uncontrollable buck of your hips as you drag yourself along his mouth, a mixture of his spit and your arousal drenching the sheets below you as his palm comes heavy against your ass once more— the loud smack getting lost in the mixture of both your needy moans.
“holy shit, baby—f-fuck.” atsumu breathes heavily before you jolt when you feel him suck your clit between his teeth, nibbling on the sensitive bud before your orgasm suddenly washes over you and you become rigid, your thighs tightening around his cheeks in response. but instead of pulling away he only wraps his toned arms around your hips, his tongue dipping into feel your walls clamping desperately around him as he slurps and drinks in everything you have to offer him.
you feel your body finally slacken as you ride out your orgasm, your hands trembling as you grab onto the headboard to try and steady yourself while atsumu continues to bathe your clit in messy kitten licks, shooting aftershocks through your body—his face sticky and messy with your essence as you feel him grin, handsome and pink cheeked beneath you.
you pant softly as you try to catch your breath, smoothing your hands through the sweat slicken, platinum hair underneath you as you prepare to climb off, but your thoughts are cut off completely when you shriek at the feeling of the blonde speeding up his ministrations again, his hold on you still tight as he lands another hard smack against the already warm flesh of your ass. atsumu’s heavy, amber eyes glance up at you as he grumbles from between your legs once more, his usual playful, teasing tone returning to his words despite the trembling undercurrent that follows.
“come on, baby. ya should know better, I ain’t had enough of ya yet.”
Tumblr media
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gumiresque · a month ago
Tumblr media
note — pls i panicked when i couldn’t find your ask but i remembered that you moved blogs so here you go @miwaizumi <3 i hope you enjoy + sorry this took so long!
Tumblr media
i. iwaizumi hajime
“hey darling, could you get the sugar on the other side of the counter?”
you briefly glance at hajime, hearing the door click open, flashing a grin at him.
you see him freeze momentarily out of the corner of your eye, fumbling with his bag.
“yes- yes, okay.”
you turn your back to him, hearing his bag drop onto the floor and the creak of the cupboard door open.
he slides a jar in front of you, hurriedly stepping back.
you laugh, picking up said jar and twirling it around in your hands. “sweetheart, this is salt.”
“oh my god,” you can practically see him explode, burying his face in his palms. “that isn’t my fault!”
“yeah?” you grin widely at him. “whose is it then?”
“you- you can’t flash that smile at me and call me darling at the same time! it’s really not good for me!” oh, he’s so red.
“and- and sweetheart?! sweetheart?! i’m gonna go take a cold shower now.” he goes on, picking up his bag and walking away from you.
“enjoy it, my love.”
“oh my god, stop-“
Tumblr media
/j he wants you to go on
Tumblr media
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kuroovore · 2 months ago
men who fuck you slow when all you've been doing is begging and begging all day, just because they love to tease you. you grip onto his bicep and whine for him to go faster.
"you want me to go faster? are you sure baby?" he whispers into your ear, a smirk evident on his face.
you quickly nod your head and whine for him to fuck you as he grips your waist and hoists one of your legs around his waist.
now, you can't help but let out incoherent noises and whines as he mercilessly slams into you, your eyes rolling back into your head.
"thought you said you wanted this baby. thought you could take it, what happened to that?"
iwa... ushijima, kuroo, oikawa, bokuto, atsumu
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tteokdoroki · 3 months ago
shift's not so bad. | k.bokuto. ʚ !! ɞ
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
❧ ; SYNOPSIS. things could be worse, your shift could be worse but lucky for you, your boss koutarou bokuto knows exactly how to make it all better.
Tumblr media
❧ ; cpu characters. koutarou bokuto x fem!reader.
❧ ; word count. 2.1K
❧ ; genre + rating. barista!au, fluff, smut, 18+, minors do not interact !!
❧ ; game warnings. - proceed with caution !! reader is in their twenties, older!bokuto, slight!age-gap, mentions of violence, smut, exhibitionnism, unprotected sex, fingering, creampie, oral sex fem!recieving, light!impact-play, soft!dom, praise!kink, spit!kink, size!kink.
❧ ; streamer commentary. hi everyone!! sorry for being MIA, i missed you all!! anways heres a little fic commissioned by my beautiful girl @patchworkpuzzle !! everyone else, pls enjoy this fic eee!! special thanks to @cellotonins for beta reading !! enjoy <3 m.list. + tip jar.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
shit’s not so bad...i mean, it could be worse?... right?
is what you try to tell yourself as you hold back tears, the lump in your throat beginning to burn and shock flooding your system like most of the patrons in your busy little cafe today.
the situation at hand and the burning coffee sinking into the fabric of your barista uniform shirt couldn’t possibly be your fault either, you weren’t to blame for this— but the angry woman on the other side of the counter doesn’t seem to agree, yelling all sorts of profanities in your direction, insults you’re supposed to accept because the customer is always right. you’d followed the recipe exactly, so you’re not too sure why she doesn’t like her coffee, why she’s screaming her head off at you and why she’s raising a hand as if she’s going to slap you and oh—!
there’s no impact.
your pretty, glassy eyes that were once screwed shut crack open to get a good look at the scene— the supervisor on shift, bokuto, looks right back at you, amber irises swirling with unadulterated concern before they’re engulfed in a bright orange and rageful flames as he turns to the customer in question. he calmly shuts her down, asks if he can help and then asks her to leave.
“why don’t you head t’the back, pretty girl?” bokuto hums sweetly, looking at you over his shoulder with a reassuring smile. he’s so nice to you, you like working with him a lot— he’s a year out of college meaning he’s two older than you and more experienced. koutarou’s the type of guy to lock up for you so your shift ends early or to give you a break when you come in sick to make ends meet. if bokuto’s on your shift, then it’s guaranteed to be a good one— so you’re happy that you’re working with him a lot, like today, where your supervisor has your back. “there should be some spare uniform back there, clean up and calm down, yeah? i’ll take care of this.”
you nod your head and quickly do as you’re told— scurrying to the back room with your tail between your legs and tears in your eyes because it’s so embarrassing that you’ve been bullied by a customer in front of your favourite coworker, the one you’ve been crushing on since you started working at the stupid cafe.
matters only get worse when the coworker in question comes stumbling into the back room just as you’re peeling off your sticky white shirt and checking your skin for burns— and you can’t help but cry even harder now that bokuto’s seen you a naked, snotty mess in the mismatched underwater you’d thrown on this morning for your 7AM shift. “h-hey, hey! what’s the matter gorgeous? what’s wrong?” the salt and pepper haired male coos, closing the door behind him and immediately crushing the couch in front of you. bokuto’s knack for pet names, meticulously calculated and perfectly placed throughout his sentences only serves to make you cry harder— comforted by his presence but still humiliated by the state he’s seeing you in.
“i-i’m—“ you tremble, you hiccup and his large, warm hands grip your thighs, rubbing them where the hem of your skirt ends. it’s an even softer, more comforting gesture. “‘m sorry,”
clicking his tongue, bokuto rubs a circle on the back of your knee and shakes his head— looking up at you with an odd mix of a soft and stern look. “nuhuh, don’cha dare go apologisin’,” he scolds you gently, still trying to calm you down on his knees before you while you sob dumbly, half dressed. “i shouldn’t say it, but that lady was a bitch. kind of an asshole customer if you ask me. pain ta’get rid of!” bokuto’s words earn him a watery giggle and a sniffle and you’re looking a little bit better, but he can’t stand to see you tear up like this— eyes growing puffier by the second, so he asks. “can i do somethin’ sweetheart? help you feel better?”
naively, you nod your head and your crush— your coworker koutarou gets to work. he leans in close to the soft meat of your thighs, pressing his slightly chapped lips to them as his golden eyes flicker up to yours for consent. you’re dreaming right? imagining the hot open mouthed kisses koutarou leaves along your inner thighs— the nips he gives the plush flesh until his nose is pressed against your clit over your cotton panties and his silvery locks have disappeared under your clothes.
it’s not until koutarou inhales, sniffing against your panties that you believe what you’re seeing— what you’re feeling.
because you start drooling from your pretty pussy, your breath hitching for different reasons unrelated to tears and your coworker is sliding his tongue over the newly formed wet patch on your underwear— groaning. “don’t worry, pretty girl,” bokuto says huskily, tongue rolling just over your hole— the only thing stopping the pink muscle from slipping in, being your barrier of clothing. “‘m gonna make it all go away, make you forget.” you don’t dare doubt him, squeezing his toned shoulders and crumpling his crisp white shirt when bokuto gathers your panties between your folds and drags them along your clit— sucking on your fat pussy as he goes.
“b-bo!” you can’t help but squeak, legs going shaky and goosebumps rising on your skin. you shouldn’t really be doing this, humping the face of your coworker as his nose bumps your puffy pleasure nub and his tongue swipes the stickiness your arousal— but he offered, he wanted to help you feel better and he’s making you feel so could you forget why you’d originally been crying in the first place. “b-bokuto!”
fat, babyish tears of pleasure replace the pathetic ones that rolled down your cheeks just minutes before— the supervisor groaning lowly into your messy folds and causing the vibrations to shoot desire up your spine. “call me koutarou sweetheart, let yourself go for me,” there’s a dazzle of lust intertwining with his honey eyes as they peek out from underneath your skirt— the sweet words mumbled halfheartedly into your sloppy cunt that glistens under the yellow artificial light up above. “you taste s’good baby,” he tells you, making your pussy flutter against his tongue while it wrestles your velvet walls in search of your g-spot— a thick fog of arousal drowning any logical thought in your brain. “hm? you like that too?”
“i-i do!” you gasp out when he spits into your puffy pussy, tonguing the foam into your clit before repeating the action.
thick fingers, ones that are calloused with the burns from coffee making machines, pull your panties to the side, eventually tearing through them— and bokuto lets out a breathy chuckle that’s warm against your throbbing core at the sight of the material glued to your cunt by clear strings of your essence. “oh i can tell baby, you’re so wet,” bokuto muses out loud, pushing his mix of spit and slick into your puckered hole until your knees knock at the intrusion. “cryin’ just as much down here as you are up there, pretty girl. am i not doin’ enough to make ya feel better?”
your bottom lip trembles tears catch on your lower lash line— your entire body bristling with heat from lust or embarrassment you can’t even tell at this point. “y-you are!” you whine weakly, stuttering and struggling to keep your self standing when bokuto gently taps your pussy— moaning deep within his chest at the lewd sound sound makes.
bokuto smacks your cunt again, eyes twitching up to watch your face twist with tears and pleasure. “i love that pretty face you make, baby,” he mumbles from beneath your skirt, massaging sweet patterns into your abused clit. “y’gonna cum for me?” nodding your head, you grind back against his rough fingers, dragging your clit over his tips as the pressure building in your lower stomach starts to unravel. “hold it, yeah gorgeous? ‘m not done making you feel better, wanna help ya out on my cock.”
your knees give out in one moment, the next they're knocking the cool concrete floor as you straddle bokuto’s lap— his cock pressed up against your tight entrance, the fear of him not being able to fit masked by your desire to just feel better. and when you sink down on him— his thick length bullying it’s way through your funny insides, bokuto’s mouth doesn’t stop running, pulling him into a pussy drunk haze.
large hands on your fleshy ass guide you to bounce up and down before you’ve even adjusted, tears blurring your vision while your sweet squeals accompany the slaps of skin on skin and the muffled, lewd gripes of your coworker against your neck. “feel so good inside, gorgeous, fuck— wrappin’ round me just right,” he slurs, teeth and tongue ravaging your neck. “y’such a good girl, so good at everythin’... your job, takin’ my tongue, fuckin’ yourself down on my cock even when s’too big f’you,”
koutarou turns his head, pressing his lips against your tear stained cheeks to catch a drop of the saltine liquid before it hits your chin. “‘m good?” you ask, struggling to breathe anything in aside from lust as you clench down and swirl your hips over his.
“s’fucking good pretty girl,” he tells you with red cheeks and sweat on his brow from thrusting up into you, filling you with everything he has to offer, smearing precum along your gushing walls and hitting your g-spot just right. “been thinkin’ about this for so long, havin’ you like this. all to myself. hate it when the others flirt with you on shift, just want you to mine.”
bokuto’s longing words make your stomach twist in delight, cunt fluttering and squeezing down on his tip, pulling the most salacious sounds from him. your bodies move together clumsily on the back room floor, your knees scraping concrete, his arms locked tight around your waist to lift you up and down against him— your breasts brushing against his now crinkled shirt in the best of ways. you’re aware enough to know you’re making your crush feel good but you’re no expert, and it makes you cry out in embarrassment and ecstasy— attempting to hide your face and messy cheeks in his mop of silvery black hair.
“hey pretty girl,” bokuto’s breath is hot against your ear, hips rolling just right and clapping against your ass. “don’t be embarrassed, c’mon— look how good you’re makin’ me feel,” the praise makes you clench down, makes him stutter and press his palm into your back to hold you closer— controlling the fluidity of your bodies moving together before he guides your heated face to look down at where you become one, stained with milky arousal. “dreamed of this cute pussy, dreamed of you,”
the confession has your heart racing, “m-mm! k-koutarou! wanna cum for you, please,” it’s like cotton has stuffed your ears as blood rushes through— carrying dopamine and lust and other sex hormones through your body and stream of consciousness.
his hands, expert at their craft and at touching you, slide down your spine and leave a tingle in their wave until bokuto reaches your ass, squeezing and clenching— helping you ride him to your high.
“can feel it baby, you gonna cum? keep ridin’ me just like that then...fuuuck, that’s it, see that baby? you’re fuckin’ getting the hang of it.”
“m-mf, ‘m there, ‘m there!” you cry and he’s got you seated on the edge, hand wrapping round your thigh brush at your swollen clit with his thumb. you gasp with burning tears on your cheeks when koutarou’s hips jump up, blunt tip nudging the squishy spot inside of you. “fuck!”
he smiles, golden and warm and reassuring and you’re seconds away from breaking then. “oh you feel that huh? must be so big inside you. but you can take it all, right honey? cum f’me right now?” bokuto sounds like he’s mocking you, so soft in comparison to the rough way his cock bullies your insides— but your body follows his lead anyway, your release splashing out of you as you collapse forward and paint his cock with a spasming cunt.
it’s toe curling, life changing the way the knot in your lower tummy unravels and bokuto isn’t far behind either— fucking up into you until his dick slips out of your hot wet hole and his cum is smearing its way over your precious ass cheeks. you’re still curled into your coworkers chest when you both come down, your pussy wrecked and his cock throbbing against your ass as he lets out a breathy chuckle at your timid and teary face.
“feelin’ any better yet, sweetheart?” koutarou bokuto has the audacity to ask while you’re fucked out in his lap.
and if you hadn’t gone completely brainless, you would have said. ‘yes thank you, i do.’
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kiyomai · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
husband!kiyoomi who lays on the cold, hard floor next to you when you’re not having a good day and the bed just doesn’t feel as comfortable as the floor does in that moment.
gazing at your beauty while you stare at the ceiling, slowly inching his fingers towards your hand—testing the waters before assuring that you’re okay with him holding you. tugging it to his lips before pressing a kiss onto it, and then another, and another, and a few more before you’re giggling, telling him to stop being weird with a smile on your face.
grunting when you roll on top of him, kissing his two moles before resting your head between the crook of his neck. shushing him when he asks when the two of you’ll get off the dirty floor.
Tumblr media
husband!iwaizumi who pushes the furniture out of the way to make space for you to do push-ups after you jokingly say that you can do twice as much as his team can.
walking around you with his arms crossed against his tiddies chest as he judges and comments on your form, bending to your level and pressing down on your lower back when your body rises higher than it’s supposed to.
helping you back up when your arms give out, pulling you to his chest as he leans closer to your ears and tells you how hot you looked and that he can’t wait for your next session.
Tumblr media
husband!akaashi who creates stories using the random strangers of whatever restaurant the two of you find yourselves in.
telling you all about the life of the man with the receding hairline who’s actually a miserable billionaire wanting to find joy in being a normal man who dresses in normal clothes, eats normal food, and tips a normal amount.
he encourages you to add on, pushes you to try when you shrug your shoulders, telling you there are no wrong answers. and he laughs when you tell him that the billionaire is the ceo of a very naughty company—apologizes through a fit of giggles when you whine about how mean he is for making fun of you. everyone in the restaurant turns to the loud couple, and the laughter only increases when the same billionaire turns to face the two of you.
Tumblr media
husband!kuroo who comes home one day wanting you to style his hair because everyone in the office joined a five minute conversation on the topic of his weirdly styled hair.
he sits on the edge of the tub as you search for the hair products, scrolling through different hairstyles on his phone, and pouting when you clown him for looking through google images.
he holds onto your thighs while you do your thing—occasionally squeezing a little too hard, groaning in pain when you pull on his hair, not believing you when you say he had a knot.
Tumblr media
a/n: this is as much as i can handle posting right now—kinda been feeling a little down :/ likes/comments/reblogs are welcome and appreciated <33 take care lovelies *muah
Tumblr media
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o2amu · a month ago
“you barely got any sleep last night.”
“at least… i got some sleep.” suna argues back. if two hours is considered anything, then sure. avoiding eye contact consumed by guilt, he recalls the night before, packing his things at the very last minute, which you had advised him not to do.
“well… i’m pushing your head off my shoulder if you accidentally fall asleep on me on the plane.” you jokingly remark, earning a shrug from your boyfriend. “m’kay, whatever.”
the announcer calls your group number to board the plane and you and your boyfriend settle in your assigned seats.
suna was kind enough to let you claim the window seat so you could enjoy the scenic view from above the clouds.
not too long after the plane takes off, you turn over to suna, who seems to be fighting the urge to shut his eyes and plop his body on top of yours.
you suppress a laugh at the sight, and decide to see how far he goes through with this.
he begins to nod off in almost every direction and jolts back up immediately after bending his neck too far.
watching him struggle to settle on a steady sleeping position, you giggle softly but start to feel bad.
so, you lightly place your hand on his head and bring it to lean on your shoulder. you notice him ease up and snuggle comfortably in this position. you lean on his head with the hopes of drifting off to sleep as well.
there’s a brief moment of stillness until you feel him shift in his seat.
“gonna push me off your shoulder, huh?” suna utters, with a smirk that you know is plastered on his face.
you lift your head back up and flick his forehead. “oh shut it.”
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