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#hq imagines
aikuu · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
— in which atsumu tries to salvage what's left of your sinking relationship.
category: angst with comfort
Tumblr media
atsumu stares at your sleeping figure wistfully, wondering where it all began to go wrong. was it him? was it you? was it distance? or was it just that what you both had wasn't strong enough to withstand the tides of time? he didn't know. all he knew was that your relationship had begun to fizzle out quite some time ago and that the two of you were hanging on for dear life, but he wonders how much longer it's going to last for. not that long if it keeps sailing in this direction.
it might have been better if it ended quickly, like a ship crashing into a huge iceberg, that would have been less painful that what is happening to you two currently. it's like a small hole had opened up in the hull, making your relationship sink painfully slowly as the two of you simply watch on in silent horror, waiting for the inevitable to happen.
a massive shipwreck is in the works, and it's bound to happen anytime soon, and all you know is that you will drown, having lost the strength to fight a long time ago.
but what you don't know is that atsumu still wants to fight. he wants to salvage what you two have left, to gather all the broken pieces and put them all back together and hopefully make something beautiful out of the pain, because unlike you, your boyfriend isn't a quitter. he never was, and never will be, but the only problem is that atsumu can't find a reason to hold onto your love.
to him, it seems like a distant memory, something from the past. it seems nostalgic, like something out of his reach. all he needs is one reason to stay. one reason to try harder, to hold your hand in his and promise you that you'll both be just fine. just one reason.
and he will keep holding onto the thin thread that holds you two together until he finds that reason, because he promised you years ago that he'll make it last, and even if he can't, he'll go down trying.
you roll over in your sleep, and atsumu gulps, realising how long it's been since he last admired your beauty. you look so peaceful and undisturbed, and his heart aches reminiscing of the times you used to doze off on his chest as a boring movie played in the background. you never reached out to him anymore, not even in your sleep, the same you that used to lean into his touch almost as if it was second nature.
it's almost as if you've gotten used to being without him by your side, and it hurts.
it hurts atsumu to see you move on when you two haven't even ended things yet, and for a short moment, he considers if all this was even worth fighting for, but he quickly brushes the thought away, thinking back to your college days and how you two would never even have stayed together if you thought the same way that he did now.
he smiles, thinking of how you used to patiently wait for him when he's had to attend sudden overtime practices, how you graciously forgave him everytime he fell asleep during dates, tired from practice, how you used to show up to every game and silence the loud cheers, knowing they'd mess with his concentration, how you used to tell him to get 'em the next time whenever he lost and how you were just as excited as he was when he got scouted into a v1 league, jumping around and planting kisses onto his head, muttering how proud you were of him and how far he's come.
you used to be his support system and the backbone of your relationship, and now it's his turn to take over that role because this time around, he knows you're tired, so he'll just have to be patient with you as well, because just like quitting volleyball after losing a couple matches isn't an option, quitting on the love of his life because of a rough patch isn't either.
atsumu tucks a stray strand of your hair behind your ears, smiling as he mentally scolds himself for ever wanting a reason to fight for you, he has millions of reasons already, he just forgot about them for a while.
absently caressing your hair, atsumu wonders if taking you to the burger place where you two had your first date would be a good idea to reconcile, only to freeze in his tracks at the sudden sensation of you moving closer to him, leaning into his touch.. just the way you used to.
overwhelmed with excitement, he pulls you closer to his chest, hugging you tight as he buries his face into your neck, practically suffocating you and causing you to wake up from your peaceful slumber, gasping for air.
"you're holding me too t-tight," you manage to choke out, tapping his back as he releases you, still looking dazed. "why are you still up? it's past four in the morning, atsumu," you say, yawning loudly. your boyfriend frowns, his heart sinking again at the way you called him by his name. he missed the times where you lovingly addressed him as 'tsumu or some other sappy nickname.
"what's wrong?" you ask, eyes growing bigger as your drowsiness evaporates seeing the way atsumu's shoulders slouch sadly. as much as you want to go back to sleep, you can't just ignore him, especially when he looks so uncharacteristically dull.
"yer gonna leave me, aren't ya?" he says out of the blue, taking you by surprise. sure, things have been bad for a while now, and you're so close to giving up, but breaking up hasn't even crossed your mind yet. you open and then shut your mouth, unable to answer him.
"do ya still love me, y/n?" atsumu tries again, his hands coming to a rest on your shoulders. you nod almost reflexively, just like how you jump back after touching flaming cinders, like there's no other choice. you gave up on loving atsumu physically long ago, it's gotten too taxing and tiring and you felt like you weren't getting the same energy back from him, but your mind and heart have never stopped loving him, and all you ever needed was one reason to keep trying, to keep holding onto him, because you really didn't want to let go.
"i do, i can't ever stop loving you," you admit, your voice barely coming out as a croak, and you mean every word you said. atsumu smiles, although it doesn't reach his eyes. "but do ye love me enough to try?" you tense up at what he said, his question hitting you right at the one spot you didn't want to be hit at.
"do you?" you shoot back, heart thumping loudly in your chest. "because i'm tired, i'm so fucking tired of always being the one that has to try harder and fight a little more." your words shock you just as much as they shock him. for once at least, you want atsumu to show you he cares as much as you do.
"y/n," says atsumu, hands lifting off of your shoulders and moving to cup your jaw instead. "please, jus' look at me, baby," he pleads, as you slowly lift your head up, blinking back tears. you know it's your fault for letting it all get this far when you could've just told him to try harder before your relationship fell apart, but you were too immature, too stubborn, and you wanted your boyfriend to read you and understand your needs just like you understood his.
"ye know how fuckin' dumb i am, love," he says, leaning in and pressing your foreheads and noses together. "i know i can't read ya and sometimes 'm too slow to understand what ye want me to do, that never means i don't love ya, 'kay?" you nod, sniffing, knowing that what he's saying is genuine.
"fuck, i wish i was smarter than this, but even if i can be infuriating sometimes, 'm still yer man, y/n, ye can always gimme a good ol' slap on the back, face even, if you want me to try more," he says, pressing a soft kiss right next to your lips. "next time, jus' yell at me, baby, go crazy, tell me what 'm doin' wrong, pick a fight, but don' ever leave me, okay? i dunno what i'd do without ya."
you nod, your hands wrapping around his neck. "sorry i didn't tell you how i felt," you say. "i was being childish, i won't do it again."
atsumu shakes his head, rocking you back and forth comfortingly. "don' ever apologise ta me, love, yer too good to me," he says soothingly. "yer always too patient with me, it's 'bout time you acted up, i'll try ta be more understanding."
"i love you so much, 'tsumu," you rasp into his shoulder, drinking in his warmth and basking in his affection after so long. "we should make more time for each other too, this only got this far because we became too career oriented and got busy to the point where our relationship lost it's spark." your boyfriend nods into your neck. "we gotta reignite this shit till it's as bright as carnival fireworks, baby," he says, making you smile. you missed this. you missed him, and even the tiniest possibility of going back to being like how you used to be during the glory days of your relationship makes you feel giddy.
"i'll take a day off practice tomorrow, wanna go to that burger place where we had our first date?" atsumu says, grinning up at you.
you nod, smiling broadly in so long. "yeah, i'll take a day off work too, let's do it."
and just like that, you feel the sinkhole in the ship closing up slowly but surely. things are obviously still far from perfect, but it's a start. your relationship has been salvaged, with your boyfriend inspiring you to swim after the broken fragments, because if it's you and him, you're sure you can piece everything back together to create something stronger than you had before.
because all it takes is one moment. either for a relationship to fall apart, to start afresh, or to salvage a broken relationship, all it takes is that one golden moment that decides everything, and that moment for you was your boyfriend stepping up to start a conversation that you two so desperately needed.
and you couldn't love him more for it.
Tumblr media
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smolchildlevy · a day ago
Hq x reader where he thinks being mean to the reader would make them like him ( the stereotype shitty ugh) so he's super mean and insulting to the reader and make the reader cry. Could end in angst or fluff, your call.
Characters : Atsumu, Tsukki, Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Ushijima or anyone you like tbh
Anon, you’re a genius <3 I hope you like it!
Tumblr media
Hq Boys being mean as a way of getting you to like them
Characters: Tsukishima, Atsumu, Iwaizumi
Warnings: angst to fluff
Tumblr media
Tsukishima Kei:
Tumblr media
Ah yes, the absolute king of salt
He has a hard time conveying his emotions, so his first thought was to act cool hoping you would end up liking him.
The first time you guys met was when you became the second manager of the volleyball team.
You were bubbly and sweet, the opposite of how Tsukishima acts.
He was attracted to your personality and beauty at first sight.
“Hey, I’m Y/N! And you are?” You ask him after meeting the others.
“Tch. None of your business.”
“Tsukki! No need to be rude!” Yamaguchi pleads.
And that was it.
You did try and talk to him more, which in time did work. He started talking more, but that didn’t mean his cold personality went away.
No matter how much he pushed you off, he couldn’t stop thinking about his growing feelings for you.
Feelings he doesn’t know what to do with.
He wasn’t the only one though. Even if he was rude, you became attracted to him.
One day, he went too far with trying to act cool.
You see, you’ve been struggling with insecurity for a while. And he of all people had to notice that.
He was being petty as always.
Most of the team had left, leaving you two to close up.
“Tsukishima, do you hate me?” You ask after practice.
“Of course I do. You’re repulsive, disgusting.”
“I-“ you start to tear up, “Why? I’ve done nothing to you..”
You two walk out.
“That act of yours.. it’s weird. I hate it.”
“…Fine. I’ll just stop trying to talk to you. There’s no point anyways.” You sighed, walking away after locking up.
His heart breaks. Wasn’t this what you liked? That’s why you were always bothering him, right?
“Y/N.. I- I thought you liked me..” he called out.
“I do, but it seems you despise me..” you say, turning back around.
“I don’t. I just thought that if I was like this, then you would continue to talk to me..”
“Tsukishima- what?”
“I like you too.. I’m sorry I said all those things. I do like you.”
He goes to wipe some of the tears off your face.
“Now, don’t tell anyone about this..”
You smiled., tears coming to a halt. “O-Okay..”
Atsumu Miya:
Tumblr media
He’s already snarky to his fans, so it’s not much of a surprise.
He first met you after getting paired with you for a project in class.
“Don’t make this stupid, got it?” He says.
He had to admit, you were cute. But he has this reputation of being cocky and cool.
“Uh.. alright.” You looked away from him.
As you worked on the assignment, he wasn’t saying much. Only responding to simple questions.
To say that you became friends after that partner work would be a lie. Though, he still stuck around you.
Saying things like “Morning ugly.” everytime he passes you or “You’re a dumb one, aren’t ya.” When you get something wrong in class.
It was hurtful. But somehow him being around you made you nervous. You hated that he made you feel this way.
He did start to like you as well, enjoying messing with you in hopes that you’ll think he’s as cool as the rumors say.
He wasn’t saying all that to hurt you, but to get you to be drawn to him.
But his words finally got to you.
You thought you were alone in the corner of the school’s library, where no-one really goes. You let out your pent up sadness.
It was lunchtime, so there weren’t many people in the library anyways.
Atsumu was confused about why he isn’t seeing you.
Usually, you would be sitting with a few friends or alone.
“Where’d she go?” He thought to himself.
He checked the places he thought you might be, and his last stop was the library.
He looks around, knowing that if you weren’t at the lunch area, you’d probably be here.
While you were letting it out in the far corner of the room, he was searching for you.
You heard a figure approaching where you were located. So, you tried to dry your tears.
He rounds the corner to see you hunched up, wiping your face with your sleeves.
“Oi! What are ya doing here?”
You jump.
“A-Atsumu? I uh.. I’m just reading this book!” You swiftly grab the nearest book.
“You’re lying.”
You fall silent.
He noticed your puffy red eyes, meaning you have been crying prior to him seeing you.
“You’ve been crying huh?”
You sighed while placing the book back in its spot. “So what if I have?”
“Why?” He crosses his arms, this time not spitting mean words at you, but instead showing a hint of worry.
“Out of everyone, you should know..” you sniffled. “What you say hurts me. Why do you do this?”
“I just- I just wanted ya to like me.. I didn’t mean for it to be like this.”
“I like you Miya! What you say just affects me..” you declared.
“I’m sorry.. I know it’s not okay.” He rubs the back of his neck, “But cmon, ya need to get lunch. I know you haven’t yet.”
He offers his hand to you.
Iwaizumi Haijime:
Tumblr media
He’s quite the hot head.
Not only that, but he doesn’t handle having a crush that well.
You were Oikawa’s friend. Though, his fans hated you. You didn’t really care since you hated them too.
You are like his twin, people seeing you two as brother and sister.
He begs you to come see him practice a lot. So much so, that at some point you gave in and agreed.
That afternoon, you enter the gym. The players look to you.
“Ugh.. is that one of your fans, Shittykawa?” He asks, then looks to you. “If you are, then leave.”
“Who?- Oh. Y/NNNN YOU CAME!” Oikawa runs to you.
“I could never be his fan.” You scoff, before hugging him back.
“Hm. Whatever.” Iwaizumi murmurs.
Yep, that’s how you met Oikawa’s best friend.
Although he was good-looking, you were put off by his tough demeanor.
Every time you met up with Oikawa when he was there, he would try and put up that act.
He’d say things like “You follow him around like a dog.” or “You’re annoying.”
You wouldn’t admit it to him, but it pained you to hear such things from the person you grown to like despite what he says.
He couldn’t always be mean though. There were times where his act broke but only for a second.
The demeanor was all to get you to like him too.
Now, Oikawa was telling you about a party he was throwing for fun. He invited you as well as his other friends.
Fortunately and unfortunately for you, that includes Iwaizumi.
The day of the party came quickly. You had finished getting ready, and were currently headed to his house.
When you got there, there was music blaring and people all around.
“Hey Y/N! Glad you could come.” Oikawa greeted.
“Nice to see ya.” Mattsun says.
You went around, chilling and overall just having fun.
You did wonder if he was there though.
And your answer to that question was given to you when you bumped into him.
“Watch where you’re going.” He rolled his eyes.
He didn’t move from that spot but instead talked to other people near you, making sure you saw him.
You felt bad that he didn’t talk to you. But when he did, he spit small insults or remarks.
It was hurting your heart. He just thought you were jealous of him talking to others so he continued keeping up the rudeness.
It was getting to be too much, so you went to an empty room and just sat there silently after shutting the door.
You were unaware that you actually started crying, hot tears going down your cheeks.
He saw that you weren’t there anymore and started asking around about your whereabouts.
Which wasn’t successful, so he looked for himself. Soon, he found the room you were in.
You didn’t even hear anyone come in, nor the sound of the door clicking shut.
“Are you.. okay?” He asks.
You jolted, slightly startled.
“Huh? Oh.. yeah, I’m alright. Not like you care.”
“Did I do this?..”
You nodded.
“I never meant to be like that.. I thought you would think I wasn’t as cool as some think I am and that I was lame.”
He sits next to you.
“You did..?”
“Yeah, heh. I guess it’s pretty stupid.” He chuckled.
“Yep.” You laugh and then sniffle, your tears stopping.
“Hey, what do you say we start over? I wanna make it up to you.”
“Sounds.. nice.”
“Would you like to get out of here and maybe go to the local cafe?” His face dusting with a red-ish pink color.
You smile. “Mhm. I would like that.”
Tumblr media
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melsun · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
♯ warnings. afab reader (described as pregnant, no pronouns used)
♯ for. @sunkeiji & @mysterystarz
Tumblr media
dad! keiji who rubs your belly at night to help you fall asleep - your hand running through his soft hair, as he talks about his day to your unborn child.
akaashi walks in, setting his bag aside - it's been a tough day at work, and he wants nothing more than to spend time with his two loves to rejuvenate.
"hey," you smile at him, taking his hand as he rests his head on your lap, "how was your day, baby?"
"tiring," he mumbles, turning to face-plant into your belly, pressing soft kisses to it, "i missed you two."
the baby kicks - he feels it against his face, and you against your hand.
"mhhm," you chuckle, fingers brushing the back of akaashi's neck, "looks like the little one missed you too."
Tumblr media
dad! keiji who's very nervous on the day of your delivery - his mind overwhelmed thinking of how things could go downhill. but the worry evaporates when he holds his baby girl in his arms, her eyes just like yours.
"are they okay?," akaashi asks the nurse, his voice laced with fear - and of course, excitement. "may i see them?"
the nurse invites him in, his nervousness mundane in her eyes. however, it quickly turns to happiness as he walks in - his wide eyes meeting your tired ones.
"hi baby," he whispers, his hand softly stroking your arms, tears daring to fall out his eyes as he carefully picks up his newborn daughter. "she's so pretty," he says, caressing and gently swaying her tiny self, "just like you."
Tumblr media
dad! keiji who reads his five year old a bedtime story every night - even if she falls asleep in his lap in five minutes flat, he always finishes the story, his voice is low.
"the end," akaashi breathes, a chuckle escaping his lips as he glances at the snoring kid sitting on his thighs, "that boring, huh?" he quietly puts the book down, unable to move as to not wake her up.
"i love you, princess," he tells her, setting his glasses aside on the table, "goodnight."
you enter the room ten minutes later - akaashi's head hung downwards, his snores matching your daughter's. you press a kiss onto both of their noses (which are scrunched up, by the way) and whip out your phone, clicking a picture.
"god, you're so cute," you giggle, shoving your phone back into your pocket and about to leave the room - when his sleepy voice stops you, a hand on your wrist.
"mh," akaashi mumbles, pulling you closer, "stay."
most nights end up with three of you falling asleep on her small bed.
Tumblr media
dad! keiji who holds his hand out for his eight year old at the supermarket - only for her to link her pinky with his, flashing him a toothy grin.
akaashi had just been leaving to go get some groceries, when your daughter had decided that she wants to go too. an hour later, she's at the store with him, picking out all the sweets.
"baby, no more chocolate," he sighs, pulling the package from her hands gently as he tries to resist the pout on her face. "but dad!," she whines, "last one, please."
how could he ever say no to that face?
"okay, just this one," he agrees, earning the widest smile from her, "now, what do we say?"
"thank you!," she squeals, her pinky intertwining with his, "i love chocolate."
Tumblr media
dad! keiji who almost wants to cry when his little girl enters high school - driving her to the gate and not wanting to drop her off.
"bye, sweetheart," he waves as she jumps out of his car, "be out on time, okay?"
"yeah, dad," she nods, waving back as she slowly walks away. she has earbuds in - her phone in her pocket, backpack on her shoulders. when ever did she get so big?
"i love you!," she says finally, grinning as he laughs to himself and drives away.
that smile never changes.
Tumblr media
but most of all, dad! keiji who loves his little family, so much, and considers himself lucky to be blessed with two people - who never fail to make him happy.
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated !!
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ven7s · a day ago
haikyuu boys as things i've done with my guy best friend part 1
Tumblr media
ー characters: atsumu, akaashi, kuroo ; genre: fluff ; wc: 0.6k
part 2 (will be updated when i actually write a part 2💪)
Tumblr media
walking miles to go somewhere — atsumu x gn!reader
its starts off with the inarizaki team making plans to meet up and after a talk with atsumu you guys agree to walk there together. it’s winter and the snow is piled up to the point it reaches your knees; as you walk, the both of you struggle to get through the snow — one foot is sinking into the snow after another and atsumu has to lift you out with a helping hand — yet you're laughing at the same time. he’s complaining about how you guys should have carpooled with the others, but he still wears a cheeky grin and you know he doesn’t actually mean it. midway through, you guys get distracted and somehow find yourselves in a market, buying food, then home depot, laughing at the names of the paint swatches. when the two of you finally get to the destination it’s already mid-afternoon and everyone’s asking you two where you’ve been: you shrug at each other with giggles in between excuses. (at the end of the day, your legs are numb and your socks and shoes are soggy, but atsumu still texts you with a, “i had fun today, we should do it again sometime. it could be just us two next time. for the whole day. if you want :P”)
Tumblr media
listening and giving advice to each other — akaashi x gn!reader
in one moment, akaashi and you are just complaining about the amount of work your teachers assigned you that day, but in the next moment it’s 2 am and you’re somehow talking about everything and anything. he’s laughing softly at the jokes you make while you’re smiling at the comments he make in between the conversation. then it gets to the point where you’re both venting and giving advice to one another. it’s 3 in the morning when you realize akaashi is just a little clumsy. he talks about how there’s this person he’s been into for a while now and he slips up in between that you realize he’s talking about you. he doesn’t seem to realize his mistake and you giggle to yourself under the blanket. the next day, you’re both deprived of sleep, but you slip your hand into his on the bus and watch as his ears turn pink and you say “you slipped up yesterday night, but i like you too.”
Tumblr media
helping you with your work — kuroo x gn!reader
as much as you don’t like to admit it, kuroo’s the guy you always end up talking to when you don’t understand something from class. he always has that stupid smile on his face when you approach him with a paper in hand, ready to ask him questions about the material you’re working on in science and math class. and, at first, it started off with you begrudgingly asking him for help, but after a couple of times it became a regular thing — you always end up in meaningless banters, but it’s fun. and the one day that you don’t go to him, kuroo approaches you instead. he’s rubbing the back of his neck and you can tell that he’s being just a bit shy, so instead you’re wearing that stupid smile. with a teasing look you ask him why he’s here and you hear an unexpected answer that makes your stomach feel funny: “i dunno, i like spending time with you.”
Tumblr media
a/n: I LOVE MY FRIEND SM (/p) HES SO SWEET AND A RLLY GOOD FRIEND,, i hope we're besties forever </3
Tumblr media
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serenecelene · 2 days ago
With You: (2)
Pairing: Ushijima x reader, Tendou x reader
Warnings: Unrequited love, angst, self-depricating thoughts, mentions of being unable to eat (just the typical loss of appetite that comes with heartbreak), cussing, Ushi being emotionally confused, this chapter is just leading up to the ANGST
Previous -> Next Chapter
A/N: So we are looking at maybe a good 4 parts to this story, I hope this lives up to the wait :) Anyway idk how to feel about this part, I had midterms this week so I feel like the quality wasn’t that good… but I would love some feedback if people have time.
Tumblr media
He remembers the first time he had ever seen you, a day that was entirely different from when you first met.
It was silent and full of bashful admiration compared to chaos and badly concealed awe.
It was the beginning of junior high, his very first year in fact. He supposes he was kind of nervous, nothing much to take note of other than the slightly faster paced thumping of his heart, and maybe a slight discomfort in his belly. It was probably due to the uncertainty of a new environment, or maybe it was because of the possibility that he would be spending another few years alone. He wasn’t very good at making friends, the children at his elementary school always said he was boring and his blunt nature made him too mean to truly befriend.
He was ok with it though, he had volleyball and that was all that really mattered.
Though, as much as he adored it, volleyball didn’t always cure that weird tugging sensation that gripped his chest when he spent his lunches alone underneath a tree located in the outer fields of campus. He wasn’t sure what it was, ruling it out as heartburn or indigestion, but he noted that it was something he only recognized when he watched his fellow classmates laugh and mess around with each other whilst he was left behind to watch. So, whilst he found the goofing off to be rather pointless, it was as he watched them that he thought that sometimes it would be nice to tell someone about what new tactics he had learnt or to explain how exciting a recent volleyball match had been. It would be nice, he thinks.
But it was also under that tree that he had first seen you.
You were loud, at the center of a somewhat large group of kids who looked at you in awe as you were speaking, as if what you were saying was the most interesting thing in the world. He doubts that you were boring like him. Through slightly squinted eyes he could make out that you were laughing too, he could practically see the sunshine in your smile as it gleamed so warmly and bright.
See, he had never really cared much about people and what they looked like, but he specifically remembered thinking you were beautiful. In fact he watched you throughout the entire lunch period that day as his eyes simply refused to leave you as you continued to speak; he sat there silently wishing to hear what you were saying from his secluded spot away from it all, and not sure what all this meant, he couldn’t say he was upset with this new and unexplored fondness making a home in his chest. It was the first time he felt a semblance of warmth towards anything that was off the court. It was nice.
It was also under that tree that he came to terms with the fact that whilst he wasn’t good at making friends, he wanted to make an exception for you; he wanted to be friends with you, he just didn’t know how.
So, when the second year of junior high rolled around he couldn’t help but slightly jump at that slight electrifying jolt of excitement that zapped his body, one he usually only felt when spiking a ball over a high net, when he watched you place yourself in the open seat next to him.
The first time you had spoken to him you had asked to borrow a pencil, you may have said something about losing your own during the day, you were always quite forgetful; However, if he was to be honest about the matter, he wasn’t completely sure why you asked, because his brain chose to focus on the soothing lull of your voice and the delicate crease of your brow instead. You sounded just how he had imagined you to be, pleasant.
He recalls forcing himself to shyly reply, “yes I have one, here you go. Look after it please,” as he gave you his only pencil, cheeks uncharacteristically burning at finally seeing your face so close.
You were, well what he had heard others say, undeniably beautiful; serene like the moon with a presence warm like the sun. He was never one for deep nor poetic words because to him they were a waste of time, but it was no lie that with just one breath you captivated the minds of everyone in the room.
He also remembered, not like he could exactly forget, how shortly after giving you his only pencil you had then cried and gasped rather dramatically, convinced you were dying of a heart attack right in the middle of class. It surprised him quite deeply.
So, whilst he knew deep down that it wasn’t the case, you displayed no symptoms such as shortness of breath, pain in your arms, shoulders, or chest, nor did you feel faint or light-headed. Nothing could stop the strong, overwhelming urge he felt to drag you to the nurse and make sure you were fine; he was also sure that was because he was in fact not a medical professional who was capable of diagnosing the sick.
It was after that instance however, that he felt the need to stick by your side and bring you a bottle of water as well as feed you random nutritional facts. At first he thought of it as making sure you were ok and taking care of yourself, but when a month turned into a year he still wasn’t quite sure what to name that flutter he felt in his stomach anytime your name was mentioned or what to call that fuzziness in his heart whenever you looked his way.
Whatever it was occupied his mind day and night, both on and off the court. It was a feeling that quickly went from nice and warm to nothing short of annoying and infuriating.
Whatever it was, he wanted it to go away.
But it never did, in fact it only got worse.
And thus his distaste of your presence only grew, the longer you stayed, the longer those butterflies flew.
“If you think any harder, Wakatoshi, you are going to hurt yourself.”
Pulling himself out of his reminiscing he flinches slightly as a recurring thought begins incessantly prodding at his brain once again.
And as he finished tying up his shoes he felt the need to ask the red-head next to him, “Tendou, when do you suppose y/n will come back?”
And maybe it was because he was used to seeing you everyday, maybe it was the stress of being in his final year, or maybe it was the pressure of being team captain, but things were different since you stepped back from your managerial position. It was not a lie for him to say that you had made the volleyball club run much more efficiently, as well as easily helping to motivate the players with your encouraging words and spirited smile.
With your absence it wasn’t just the team affected, even Coach Washijo was having a hard time falling back into the schedule of keeping up with every little thing you used to deal with and unfortunately as a result practices were being affected.
Not to mention he also had to deal with the fact that without you the gym felt… well, cold, even after hours of exercise and vigorous working out. There were only two places he ever felt such an addicting warmth, on the court and by your side; now it seems he was to have neither.
The feeling that was once present in his chest had morphed into a low and constant ache, nothing about it being pleasant anymore. In fact it was even more annoying than the weirdly nice, fuzzy tingles that he still had yet to name.
Deep down Ushijima knew he missed you, always cheering them on, no, always cheering him on. So, despite how you annoyed him greatly with the feelings you brought with you, what he felt without you was far worse.
He just hoped you would come back soon.
Tendou doesn’t look up as he finishes tying up the laces of his right shoe nor does he as he responds, “Uh, I don’t think they are planning on coming back anytime soon, Ushiwaka.”
And Ushijima was quick to bring a hand to his chest as it started to weirdly constrict again at Tendou’s answer, a sensation that left him winded. It felt as if someone had reached into the cavern of his chest and started to slowly squeeze.
Odd, perhaps he was dehydrated.
Taking a large sip of his water he looks over to the entrance of the gym, hoping to spot you running in. His lips quirk up slightly at the picture; you with panic written all over your face and sleep still in your eyes as you sprint in yelling profuse apologies for being late. It was something that always happened when the team had early practice, but no one ever seemed to mind. So, despite a few hiccups here and there, you were the perfect manager, no one could even dream of doing a better job than you, so why wouldn’t you come back? No, there was obviously a mistake in Tendou’s assumption, right?
“Why do you say that, Tendou?”
“You seriously don’t remember you rejecting them and telling them to step down as manager until they stopped being in love with you? Your old age must be getting to you, Ushiwaka~.” Tendou attempted to joke, but it was as clear as day that he felt no sense of joy in saying those words. Tendou had been quite different since the short exchange had occurred between you and it wasn’t exactly difficult for Ushijima to notice his best friend's change of mood; to be fair, to most nothing had changed with the mischievous boy, but to Ushijima it was as noticeable as a stain on white cloth, he just couldn’t exactly place what it was.
Turning his body to fully face his friend, he subconsciously begins to play with the material of his shorts, “Yes, I remember, do not worry my memory is fine. Either way I thought they would be fine by now. Why is it taking them so long? Do they need to fill out the forms again? I can always bring them the paperwork if needed, I just didn’t think it would be necessary.”
He catches Tendou’s eyes, “Ushi, they aren’t back because they probably aren’t over you.”
To be honest, he didn’t really understand love, from what he has seen of it, it wasn’t something to willingly strive for. He had watched the way his parents' relationship grew and devolved. He can still hear each argument, every venomous insult, every poisonous lie, every slamming door, and every night watching his parents not care enough to even cry. Why would he want that? Why would you want that? Why were you so sad about something that would only ever cause pain?
Did you really like him that much?
The silence is sad between those few seconds, a far off look presenting itself in Satori’s somber eyes. Yet, the middle-blocker quickly shakes his head before maintaining his usual carefree facade, “Well at least that is my theory, I wouldn’t know, they have been avoiding us all like the plague since what happened last month.”
And Ushijima knew you, he knew you so well to the point where he could note every weird mannerism and strange little personality quirk you had, but Tendou’s revelation had him practically falling off the bench in worry, because that was so unlike you.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean none of us have heard from them.”
He furrows his brows, bringing his hands to his face as his head begins to spin, “Why?”
“Beats me, Ushiwaka.”
Does that mean you had really quit?
He looks around quickly, looks at all the other team members, watches them briefly as they prepare to warm up. Had you really been avoiding all of them? Even Goshiki? Had they seriously not heard from you in a month? This is why they kept on asking about you?
At the realisation he starts to sweat, pressure of the lights starting to feel too hot and the walls of the gym beginning to feel too small. “Well, are they ok?”
His friend sighs and with a laugh, one that is devoid of all usual humour that Ushijima usually fails to understand, he rubs his face aggressively with his hands, “I don’t know, I wish I did but the truth is that I really don’t know.”
Tendou gets up to leave onto the court ready to start the early morning practice, but Ushijima cannot restrain himself from asking the question that has been plaguing his mind since the day he had seen you last, “Tendou? What you said to me about them that night, does that mean you like them… romantically?”
And his best friend freezes at the question, halts mid step with a tenseness Ushijima has never seen him wear before. The sound of volleyballs being slammed against the ground echoes throughout the room but somehow Tendou’s laugh is louder. A laugh full of disbelief, a tone that very much ticks Ushijima off, and his response is incredulous as he turns to look back with raised eyebrows and a pained smile, “Ushiwaka, I love them. I love them and I gave it all up so you could be happy, so you both could be happy.”
Anger. Guilt. Regret. For some reason, Ushijima is consumed with these powerful sensations. His body was hot, burning as if standing right next to an open fire and his brain muddled so thoroughly the world almost seemed to sway. It was the picture of you being with someone else in such a way that sent his heart racing and he was sure he was going to throw up. Ushijima used to be sure that he could never possibly like you in such a way, not with how he grew so irritated in your presence. However, now he was uncertain as to what his true feelings were towards you because the thought of you with anyone but him made his stomach turn, even if it was his best friend.
Tendou takes a deep breath before shaking his head once again, attempting to end the conversation with a final, “I don’t blame you for what happened, miracle boy, I blame myself mostly because I fed them all that false hope. And you know, maybe if I didn’t choose to stand from the sidelines it could’ve been me that made them happy instead.”
A weak sigh is released as he turns around one more time, eyes so painfully glossy as he smiles, “Then again, why would anyone like me, right? I-I just, I thought you liked them and you are my friend, Wakatoshi, so I didn’t want to ruin anything for you.”
His heart dropped at his friends words, because Ushijima may not be good at reading people’s emotions, but he wasn’t stupid. He had seen the look of heartbreak written on his own father’s face, he had heard the innialating exhaustion that consumed his mom’s soul. He had seen it all before and now he was seeing it in his best friends.
But it was futile to ignore how Ushijima’s heart also dropped because with Tendou’s words he was finally starting to make sense of that fucking annoying, warm, fuzzy feeling that usually resided in his chest.
Though, Ushijima had to be sure that was what it meant, “How are you so sure that I liked them?”
Tendou’s eyes widened in disbelief, in frustration, in all the emotions Ushijima could never begin to describe, “are you kidding me, Ushiwaka?”
“No, I am very serious. I just want to understand why I only feel like this with them?”
But before Tendou could respond, a whistle screams as their coach calls them over and Ushijima feels nothing but the kindling of annoyance ignite itself throughout his body. His hands clench so hard to the point he could feel his neatly cut nails pierce his skin, and he feels his jaw become so tense with frustration that his ears begin to ring. He just wanted answers, he wanted things to stop changing and go back to the way they were before.
He wanted you to come back and listen to him talk about volleyball and his garden.
He wanted you to come back, but Ushijima had never been good at feelings, so what was the point of starting to try and understand them now?
This was probably for the best. After all, he promised his dad that nothing was more important to him than volleyball, right?
His chest twinges a little more.
You were both so close, always so close.
The heat you felt from his near proximity caused a wave of goosebumps to kiss your skin as your hairs stood on edge. His presence was calming yet exciting, addictive in every sense of the word. Yet despite all this, your heart never felt near enough, always begging for you to inch just a little bit closer, always just a little bit closer. It, your heart, looked for everything and anything to notice; a stray eyelash, a new freckle, a small quirk of his lips. Yes, your heart was truly addicted to him, blooming into a beautiful garden reserved for only his hands to tend to.
Drawn back into the moment by his curious silence you continue, “I just don’t think I have what it takes, ‘Toshi. I mean, what if I mess up and cause a bunch of mistakes and then ruin the whole season and you can never play ever again?” You breathed, eyes darting around nervously to focus on anything else but the now significantly taller boy standing within inches of you.
“I think you are being overdramatic for a start, y/n.” He stares at you all the same, despite your obvious avoidance.
Class would start soon, the anxiety of being late doing nothing to stop your racing heart and sweating palms, yet he stood here as if there was nothing more important than this conversation. He places a large hand on your shoulder, drawing your attention back to him with anxious eyes, “I wouldn’t ask you to sign up for the manager position if I did not think you would perform well, y/n. You have a variety of admirable skills that make you more than well fitted for the position.”
You remain unconvinced as you stand playing with the sleeves of your sweater and you are still more than hesitant as you mumble, “I just don’t know, Ushi.”
But your heart flutters as if carried away in a swarm of beautiful green butterflies as he confidently speaks, gorgeous olive eyes captivating your own. “You are determined, intelligent, passionate, hard working, focused, kind and yet strict when it matters. These are all your strengths, you are more than qualified for the position of manager. I am not forcing you to take the spot, I will be on the team either way, but... “ He pauses, shifting slightly on his feet, a small dash of red appearing on his no longer chubby cheeks.
Your heart stills in anticipation, clinging to every letter and sigh that he lets fall past his lips. With bated breath you wait for him to continue, eyes wide with youthful admiration and awe.
He steps slightly closer this time, practically leans on you as he finishes with bashful admissions, “but I would like it a lot more if I was on the team with you.”
Nothing can stop the smile that blooms on your face in time with the roses in your heart.
You could tell people were curious.
One day you were practically inseparable from the volleyball club and the next you are avoiding it like the plague. It was a change that caused intrigued double glances and questioning stares, because you suppose it was only human nature for people to wonder, especially when drastic changes were involved. Even your own group of friends couldn’t help but fire a few of their own questions at your sudden frequent reappearances at lunch, though they had all swiftly backed off after the first instance of you bursting into tears and crying like a little baby.
Fuck, you really had to stop doing that in public.
Even so, having everyone question you as to find out what had happened, some of them fucking strangers, was like listening to the constant screech of nails on a chalkboard; a constant fucking reminder of the painful rejection your best friend had put you through without you having so much as a chance to prepare. Yeah, you bet your ass you were still hung up on that.
Truly, it was after the 15th instance of a random classmate coming up to you for the gossip that you were left floored by what people at your school thought was interesting and worthy of occupying their nosy, little minds.
Then again everyone loved the Shiratorizawa volleyball team and everyone knew you loved Ushijima too much to be separated from him for more than a day (which was untrue you weren’t that fucking desperate, you just liked his company).
However, they were right in assuming something had happened, but you weren’t quite ready for the entire class body to know you had your feelings brutally declined.
It had only been a month since you forced yourself to cut off contact with him, too embarrassed and hurt to even think of sharing the same space with the famous wing-spiker after what he said. It was a month full of snot and tears; full of occasions of you turning to speak only to see a vacant space where he once always stood; full of instances of you walking towards the gym only to realise you were no longer wanted nor needed there.
It was a month that felt more like a year, all of it spent living in pure agony.
Dealing with it all really hadn’t been a thing, you simply didn’t have the time to. You had managed to squeeze in a few cry sessions here and there but trying to process the fact that you had been forced to confess your feelings to your best friend only for him to harshly reject you and then having to deal with upcoming exams, college preparations, family drama, work schedules and so on hadn’t been going so well. It was all stacking on top of eachother and you were days without some sort of mental or emotional break. To be honest, you were one bad encounter away from a full mental breakdown.
So, maybe it was slightly childish and perhaps a tad bit immature, but in order to try and escape dealing with everything at once it meant that you avoided anything that reminded you of Ushijima. Your avoidance of all things Wakatoshi, however, also included the volleyball team as well, after all they were always his friends first.
And whilst without them your days were dull, boring and had eyes always burning with tears born from missing them (maybe a tad dramatic but that didn’t mean it wasn’t true), you didn’t want to put the team in such an unbearably awkward situation, you didn’t want to have them pick sides, or even worse, be forced to watch them choose Ushijima over you. At this point it would be nothing more than rubbing salt into open wounds.
Fuck, if there was any word you would use to describe how you felt right now, it would probably be just a little bit lonely.
What a joke, who were you really trying to kid other than yourself at this point?
Without them, you were nothing but consumed in a harsh emptiness.
It festered in your mind and ate at your will to get out of bed everyday. You were tired after countless nights spent awake with your loud, and quite frankly downright depressing, thoughts and as a result all concentration you had went to shit, hence the added stress applied to every other aspect in your life. So, honestly, it was as if everything had gone to shit in the realisation that you didn’t just lose one friend that day, you lost several.
To think these were meant to be the best years of our lives, what a load of shit.
“Y/n, you ok?” Glancing up from the bento box you had been staring at for the past five minutes you turn to your friends, who were all staring at you with worry.
You hated that look, the mask of pity and hidden curiosity always directed towards you wherever you looked; you were heartbroken, not dying (though would it be too dramatic to say sometimes you felt as if you were?)
Forcing yourself to smile back, you whisper out a simple lie, a small, “yeah, I’m ok,” as you put the lid back on your barely touched lunch box.
No one told you that a symptom of your internal suffering would lead to a loss of appetite. You couldn’t even eat your favourite snacks without feeling the violent need to throw up. You could only imagine what Wakatoshi would say if he found out you were slacking on meals…
But would he even care?
You were friends for so long, you think it would be stupid of you to believe he held not a small semblance of care towards you but… but despite being his friend for so long, not once had he even spared you a glance in the month you had distanced yourself. Not once had he reached out, not once had he gone to friends to ask about you, not once had he acknowledged you or your pain.
So, despite being his friend, maybe you really were never as special to him as you hoped to be. How funny.
Though, looking back at it all, should you really be surprised? Sure he treated you like any other member of the team and regarded you as one of his closest friends, but you were not completely oblivious to his harsh words or stares filled with pure irritation. Always unsure of what it was you did, you were more than aware of how he looked at you sometimes, as if you were a nuisance or a pest. You just hoped, in that naive and childish part of you, that in the rare compliments, small smiles, and flustered gazes, that you meant something more than that to him.
“Y/n, you’re crying.”
And hesitantly you bring a shaking hand to your stinging cheeks only to realise your friends were right, you were crying.
Why were you crying? Why the fuck were you still fucking crying?
You bring your gaze up from the tears stuck to the tips of your fingers to meet the sympathetic stares of your friends and the flood gates break. This was it. You sob, you cry, you wheeze, and you hurt.
You let the betrayal and all the hurt rush out like a raging wave.
Because all you could ever think about now was why was it so easy for him to forget about you when he was all your mind begged to see? Why was it so easy for him to keep on doing his daily routines when you struggled to fall asleep at night to avoid dreaming of his eyes?
“And even if I did it wouldn’t be with you”
What was it about you that made it so impossible for him to love?
It had been a month but time had not yet cured the emptiness you felt where a beautiful garden used to reside; the flowers are dead but in their place have risen dying weeds and sharp thorns that suffocate your lungs within their miserable grip.
Because you had come to find out that that is what love was, nothing more than a double edged sword, a ruthless trickster that prayed on the weak and vulnerable in the night, disguising deadly thorns as beautiful roses.
No, love was nothing more than a useless party trick, and you hated wasting your time thinking it was something more than worthless.
And you couldn’t help but want to laugh at how pathetic this whole situation was, because you weren’t ever really with him, were you? Why were you so emotionally fucked when you had never held his hand like you wanted, never pet his hair like you wanted, never fed the ducks together like you wanted, and never danced in the rain together like you fucking wanted.
Your barrage of questions remain unanswered and probably always will be, as your friends are quick to stand. Through your blurred vision you can see how they all rush to your side to offer comfort and sweet soothing words, all useless in offering your poor heart any solace. It seemed as if nothing could erase the pain of all the sleepless nights and thoughts of never being good enough. You can feel them rub your back and coo sweet words of reassurance but it is never enough to fix what has been broken many times over.
No, really the only option you had left was to move on.
And your heart burns at the thought, screams at the mere notion of betraying its years-long dedication to Ushijima Wakatoshi. You can feel it begging you not to let go, you can feel it pleading to go find him and embrace all that he is. He was all your heart had known, he was always there, he was all it wanted.
But you are done listening to your heart, done listening to it break.
The only question you had left to face was are you strong enough to actually do it?
“y/n?” A familiar voice stands out amongst your sad haze, reeling you back into reality. It is a voice that brings a subconscious smile to your face and a near forgotten tenderness to your chest.
It was a voice that belonged to someone whose comfort and company you missed dearly, and as you looked into their warm eyes for the first time in a while, you felt slightly lighter than before.
So when you wetly sob out with a tired smile, “Hey, ‘Tori, come to take a picture of this hot piece of ass?” You feel as if he had come along to help you shoulder the crushing weight pushing down on your chest.
You recognise the look in his eyes, one that you were sure mirrored your own, one that looked so out of place on him. You could’ve sworn you saw the appearance of tears in his eyes, a sight that turned you cold, as he tiredly chuckles in return, “Only if you let me, remember you still owe me a picture, my dear.”
Then within seconds you find yourself pulled into his comforting embrace; warm vanilla and sweet caramel wrapping its way around you like a blanket of safety, banishing the stale smell of stagnant water that you had become acquainted with during days spent blurrily staring at the same four walls of your room. Your shoulders heave at the force of your emotions, your throat burnt raw from all your cries. Yet, despite it all, being here in Tendou’s arms was probably the best you had felt in all this time; he had managed to banish some of the emptiness that tired your mind, like he always did.
“Hey, shhh, don’t you dare cry, and over a man too? The audacity you have right now is insane, my dear.” You can’t see him from your spot, face comfortably nestled into the groove of his neck, but you can hear him choke slightly over his words as months worth of unspilled tears begin to finally free themselves and fall down his face.
“You better not be crying, Satori.” You croak with a smile, your hands reaching to play with the stray hairs at the nape of his neck. “This is my coming of age movie moment, don’t you steal this from me.”
And it felt so fucking freeing to laugh, even if it was for just a second.
He pulls away, quickly brushing away stray tears with the back of his hand, and pinches your cheeks with a wobbly smirk, “we all know I would steal the show anyway, do I hear crowd favourite? I think I do. Now come on, up you get.”
He quickly stands up, pulling you with him, hands placed firmly on your arms to steady you as you stumble. He turns to your friends with his chest dramatically puffed up as if nothing happened when he exclaims, “alright, you had your turn people, so bye-bye~ it’s my turn to babysit y/n.” Leaving no room for them to argue as he grabs you by the hand and hurriedly drags you along.
And once you escape the concerned and curious looks of your friends, you turn to him again with a wide, closed-eyed smile. Only for you to trip over yourself in shock as you are met with a light pain when Satori quickly delivers a swift flick to your forehead.
“Ow, what the fuck was that for, ‘Tori?” You whine, rubbing your forehead lightly with your hands, an offended pout resting on your face.
You are met with furrowed brows and arms crossed over his chest, closing himself off to you. Tendou doesn’t miss a single second as he is quick to shut you up, “Ah, ah, ah, don’t pull that with me. You think you can just drop off the face of the planet with no consequences? We were all worried about you, you stupid idiot.” But despite how he tried to appear nonchalant with his words, you could read the hurt written across his face from a mile off.
You suppose he was right. It was in fact awfully unfair of you to just up and disappear, to leave all your friends in the dark and offer no explanation to your absence. Your mind was selfish in wrapping itself up with your own emotional turmoil to even consider the effects your actions could have on the rest of your friends… Though, you didn’t see yourself being this important to them really. Was it wrong of you to feel soothed by the thought that the boys were worried about you?
You sigh as you look towards Tendou again, “I am sorry Satori, I just- I wasn’t thinking, I guess. I didn’t mean to make you worried. I really am an idiot.”
He stares at you blankly for a few minutes and truly you don’t know what to do other than continue to stand still under the pressure of his judgement. His lips still downturned in a prominent frown as he squints at you in what can only be described as a mix between frustration and betrayal.
This was your punishment, you deserved it. What kind of friend just leaves without so much as a word as to why?
Fuck, you were going to cry again, or maybe throw up.
Before you even had the chance, his act is dropped within a matter of seconds as he regains his usual teasing look, dancing off in front of you and like a child he begins obnoxiously singing, “You admitted you’re an idiot, you admitted you’re an idiot~”
Jaw dropping, you force your shoulder into his side, making him trip as you whine, “You’re so mean, you know?”
“I would say cry me a river but it seems you have already done that five times over.”
“Oh haha yes, make fun of the sad person, so funny, Tendou.”
“Oooo~, we’re using last names now? You really do hate me, huh? Even after all I have done for you?” It was as if nothing changed between you, as if you hadn’t dropped off the grid for a month. Though, you suppose you could disappear for years and Satori would still mercilessly tease you as if it was only an hour that went by. Not that you would, you know Tendou would beat your ass for even considering the thought.
You wanted to enjoy this moment though, you think as you link your arm through his, happily skipping along with him, “how did you find me anyway?”
“You’re acting like we both aren’t attending the same school…”
Rolling your eyes you try to stop his incessant teasing before he got the chance to start back up again, “yeah, ok, stupid question I get it.”
“I mean we aren’t in different countries, it really isn’t that hard to find you.”
“Unless this really is a movie moment? Oh, am I being filmed right now? Where’s the camera? I have to make sure they get my good side.” Quickly walking off, he starts galavanting around, dramatically searching in a few nearby bushes for supposed hidden cameras, calling out for the camera men and demanding to see the tapes.
“Oh my God, you’re so annoying.” You laugh, grabbing his arm once again and pulling him along out of a poor, unsuspecting bush. He was ridiculous, truly ridiculous.
It was quite refreshing. To walk and skip around the campus aimlessly like you did before, even when there was that nagging voice telling you that there is one person missing. You walk around loudly laughing and joking, even if things feel slightly off without the presence of your other best friend.
For a moment it was almost like you had never had your heart broken, for a second everything felt normal as you lightly smiled at Satori’s loud singing.
It was within those couple of minutes that you had decided maybe everything would be fine. Sure, you had been rejected but that was life, you could get over it and move on, even if your heart still stung at the thought. You were reminded through stupidly corny jokes that it wasn’t the end of the world, this was just a small blip in your timeline; whilst you may have loved for so hard and for so long, that did not mean that you couldn’t love again. You would be fine, Tendou reminded you that it would all be fine.
Yet, as you both rounded the corner to visit your usual vending machine, the positive thoughts left as quickly as they had arrived.
And the world must live to see you suffer because of course in front of you, by the vending machine you always visited, stood Ushijima and he stood with someone else. Your brain is quick to remind you of all the times you longed and lived to be within his presence and yet now there stood a stranger, an intruder as labeled by your dumb, stupid heart. He stood there giving a small smile that your heart screams should have been meant for you, he stood there intently listening to someone who should have been you. He stood there content in the presence of someone else as if you had never existed.
And what right had you to be so mad? He had made it perfectly clear that you would have been the last choice for him to ever share a relationship with. He had made it clear that he had no time for something as stupid as love, and even if he did, he would never want to experience it with you. So, what right had you really to be jealous?
Even if he was smiling at some random person you had never seen before when he had you doting by his side for fucking years.
No. You had no right, especially considering that for the best part of a month you had been nothing more than another discarded admirer who had built their hopes up too high.
That didn’t mean it didn’t punch you in the gut as your eyes refused to stop torturing you as they remained watching the interaction. But when the stranger leans to place a hand on Wakatoshi’s arm, you are quick to spin on your heel, darting away as far as you can from the unsuspecting duo. You feel the familiar burn behind your eyes for the millionth fucking time that day and you want nothing more than to rip your stupid tear ducts out at the sensation. It was simply too much right now, to think of him with someone else.
And truly, you didn’t know where you were going, you just knew you had to get away. Finding the old, lone tree that no one visited on the outskirts of campus, you throw yourself down beneath it, bringing your knees to your chest and hiding your face from the world.
Graduation couldn’t come fast enough at this point.
Leaves crunch as someone runs across them, and suddenly the quick paced footsteps come to a halt before you. Tendou is slightly panting when he calls out to you, “You know you read that situation completely wrong, right? Coach asked him to interview them for a temporary manager spot until you came back.”
The flush you feel boiling within you was humiliating. Did you really act out like a seven year old kid for absolutely no reason in front of your friend who you knew was going to tease you relentlessly? Yes.
Fuck, embarrassment and misery were slowly becoming your new best friends at this point.
You rub your face with your hands, letting out an embarrassed groan at the smirk in your friend's voice, “I suppose I made a fool of myself there, huh?”
“I would just say leave the guessing games to me, your intuition needs a lot of work. However, at least heartbreak didn’t ruin your need for dramatics, that would be a real good clip for your coming of age movie, for sure.”
Shaking your head you look up to see Satori standing before you with his hands in his pockets and an amused smile on his face. However, seeing a particular rose coloured shine in his eyes as he giddily smiles at you, you are reminded of a topic you weren’t one hundred percent sure you wanted to discuss with him yet. You didn’t know if it was a wise move considering your emotional sensitivity. But maybe it would probably be best to air out all your laundry for you both to see, it would help you both in moving on.
Sighing, you pick at the grass, trying desperately to find the words that sit on the tip of your tongue. You can feel his stare on you, he waits patiently because he always knows when you have something to say. There was no arguing that for the most part, his intuition was incredible.
“Shit Tendou, I- well I heard what you said to Ushijima that night.”
“Ah, you did? Well at least we know your ears work.”
You felt so awkward, you didn’t know how he seemed to be handling this topic so well when your own face felt like it was going to melt off. “I didn’t know you, well, you know…”
“Liked you? Yeah well, that’s because I didn’t tell you. A man has to have some secrets you know?” Sitting down beside you, his arm is soft when it brushes against your own, it was a closeness you missed, a closeness you craved.
Reaching out to hold his hand and gently play with his fingers, your voice is nothing more than a whisper now, simply too overwhelmed, simply too tired as you utter, “why?”
“Why do I like you or why didn’t I say something?”
The insecurities creep up on you, no one is immune to it. You just didn’t understand how someone as precious and as good as Satori would like someone like you.
Yet, your heart warms as his hand guides your heavy head to rest on his shoulder, whoever Tendou ended up with would be more than lucky.
But at this moment, despite how much your chest tightened at the thought, you just knew it wouldn’t be you.
Resting his own head on yours he speaks, “well to be fair apart from your dazzling smile, radiant personality, sweet nature, gorgeous eyes, and amazing sense of humor I have no clue as to why I like you because you, my dear, are stupid as shit.”
Choking on laughter you hit his arm, his chest, anything you could reach with an offended gasp as he joins you in his own cackle, his head thrown back and arms trying to stop you in your onslaught.
It was when you both calmed down from your giggling that he decided to answer your second question, both of you notably much closer than before. There is a wistful smile on his face, and only small remnants of his previous laughter remain as they are almost drowned out by a subdued sadness in his voice, a voice that whispers, “As for why I didn’t say anything, I suppose it is like why you never said anything either.”
You catch his eyes again, such uniquely pretty eyes, and this time you are unable to look away. It was as if you were caught in some sort of trance, caught up in the beautiful and intrinsic details of the different shades of red. All you can hear is the quiet breaths that dance past your lips, your heartbeat thundering in your ears, and the rustle of tree leaves swaying in the early winter breeze. It was almost as if time slowed, your brain racing with thoughts as you both slowly closed the gap between each other, like two magnets.
Your eyes slowly closed as you inch closer and closer, breath felt dusting across each other’s cheeks, it wasn’t too late to pull back. It wasn’t too late to stop things from changing even more.
But you didn’t.
Your lips crash together, desperate, needy, and full with the taste of sadness. His lips are soft and gentle and fuck the warmth that floods you is addicting. His hands are cold against your flaming cheeks and his thumbs brush smoothly against your skin. Your noses brush and your teeth clash, it was messy and it was your first. But you can’t stop as every second you spend lip-locked continues to get rid of all the suffocating loneliness you were drowning in. You pull him in closer and closer, grasping tightly at his shirt, as if he was the only reason you could breathe; pulling him as close as it takes to make you forget about everything.
In these few short seconds, or maybe it was minutes, you had finally felt all the love you had been desperately craving and now that you had a taste you don’t think you could ever stop.
And yet, even as you try to focus on the warmth his touch brings you, you can’t ignore the gut-wrenching guilt that flares up as you continue to picture Tendou as someone else, nor can you ignore the nauseating feeling that screams out at you, this is wrong, you were using him and that was wrong.
But you simply couldn’t find it in yourself to stop, so you pulled him in deeper because you knew this is how you move on.
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reoseol · 2 days ago
shoyo, akaashi and kenma wedding hcs
༶•┈┈┈ hinata shoyo
he doesn't realize it straight away but when he does, he's kinda hesitant that a rejection could ruin your friendship so he keeps it alow
but later on he gathers all his courage and just blurts out his confession while on a bicycle ride back home, a cold starless night. just the two of you and only the silence or one or two cars passing by. - a nervous wreck
but when you return his feelings, he's an overjoyed baby; the brightest smile, sparkling eyes with a crimson blush on his face.
he can't believe himself, will probably ask you to pinch him
your relationship is just ... so happy, bright and energetic?? hinata never misses to cheer you up on days you're feeling down and you never miss to take care of him enough, sharing every sweet moment and being there for each other
it's one night in his away volleyball games when he's suddenly like I should propose. no I will propose
when he's back he has no idea how to propose, so basically the process begins all over. it's just like how he confessed
you say yes and he's about to faint. pls hold him.
"ok then tomorrow—", "shoyo it doesn't work that way—"
for the wedding it's more pleasant with pretty lightings, decorations and all. lots of sweet treats and flower girls and children running around.
hinata is just SO happy to be able to spend the rest of his life with his favourite person. waking up to you every morning, you waiting for him with dinner ready on the table and every moment he will share laughing with you.
it's just like a dream come true to him
༶•┈┈┈ akaashi keiji
somebody from the volleyball club had said they're always open for new managers so you thought why not.
when you enter everybody is practicing but some boy with blue eyes notices you coming through
"are you the new manager?"
it takes a bit long for you to respond. you'd been completely lost, it's like you've seen colours when you saw him. "y-yes-"
it's the same for him too, he stares blankly with wide eyes but that doesn't quite express by the tone he talked in
"welcome, I'll introduce you to the team and if you need anything just let me know"
he's totally not obvious with his feelings around you but helps you with homework, waits for you to finish up all the work after practice and even walks you home.
it takes you a bit too long to finish cleaning up one day but you still find akaashi waiting for you at the door.
"you didn't go home? it'll take me longer to finish up from this week since the preliminaries and nationals are coming up so you can leave early I don't mind"
"no it's pretty late so I thought I'd accompany you. I need to make sure you got home safe" he said rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly, looking away to hide the blush creeping up and all you can do is give him a fond smile
while you two walk in comfortable silence he suddenly speaks up to confess
it's short, unsugarcoated and simple yet so delightful and charming, you figured it's just his manner
of course you accepted and this is the first time you've seen akaashi keiji blush so hard LIVE. he's just ecstatic right now. "so I guess from now I on I don't have to find some excuse to wait for you"
your relationship is so mature istg it's perfect, something anybody would want
akaashi knows exactly what you need and when you need it.
has reminders on his phone and asks you before hand if you remember the upcoming important event
always organized and prepared <3
you two were out at 2 am for some emergency grocery shopping when he proposed on your way back. snow gradually starting to fall and the dim lights of the few stores open around where you two stood
when you said yes he's in seventh heaven. he just can't express what he's feeling at the moment. you're surprised akaashi out of all people is a mess right now
it'd be an outdoor wedding and akaashi would do half the work. of course you two planned it together but he didn't give you the headache to call, invite and set a wedding planner and all the other work that comes with it
when he sees you walking down the aisle in your wedding dress he's absolutely mesmerized. he wonders how he even managed to get someone as elegant as you
it's the best day of his life, he's literally floating <33
༶•┈┈┈ kozume kenma
you two met in a restaurant
of course kenma isn't the type to call just anybody a friend but it was something about you he felt comfortable around
building up a bond ever since, you two hung out more often
he's definitely aware that he had caught feelings but wouldn't be the first one vocal about it
until one day he just invites you over to his penthouse for a game date
"woah kenma this penthouse is huge you never told-"
"wanna live in here from now on?"
and theres a short pause
"are you for real or-"
and that's whereby it got to the wedding day. how he proposed is still blurry and all. it was so rushed you can barely remember
"kenma the delivery guy dropped this little box at the door and-" and the box is snatched by an embarrassed little wild cat
"o-oh this - n-no I mean-" you're dumbfounded at kenma's sudden out of character act. it's hard to find him off guard or all nervous. or at least his face expression
"actually no give me your hand-" you do as he says and he slides a ring down your ring finger and proposes
the wedding isn't all that huge despite of all the money he has. it was kenma's decision to not make it all crowded since he didn't quite like being in a mob of people and you would obviously respect it
it was held at your penthouse just close friends and family
kenma might not show it but he's on cloud nine. to be able to spend his entire life with the person he values the most and maybe the penthouse won't echo due to emptiness anymore either
Tumblr media
not proofread also I'm sorry if everything's rushed ig I'm out of braincells
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denkithunder · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
because i had you
Tumblr media
notes: ⭒ thought very briefly about making this a series ⭒ this might not make sense bc i don’t make sense (aka this was made between 12am - 3am) also i rushed the ending bc the app i was using was getting annoying :/
Tumblr media
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heyhoneyybunn · 9 hours ago
Unsubstantiated Distaste
Tumblr media
Relationship: Matsukawa Issei x f!Reader
Synopsis: In which you fall for someone who holds a personal grudge against you.
Warnings: predominantly fluff, little angst, snakes
Word count: 4.6k
Tumblr media
“He’s caught my fancy.”
“Who has?” Your friend, Tachibana, asked, peering up from the buffet table and glancing swiftly around. The lively room made it easier to converse freely, without having to whisper or be secretive of the delicate nature of the conversation.
“The man with the messy black hair, standing over by the quartet,” you quickly averted your eyes away from said man as they had awkwardly met more times than you could count, “Isn’t he gorgeous?”
Tachibana was silent for a moment, eyes filtering through the guests before resting on target. She turned to you, eyebrows raised, “Lord Issei Matsukawa? The one who’s close friends with the king?”
“I guess so, I didn’t really read the individual folios we were given before we got here,” you rubbed the back of your neck sheepishly as she shook her head disapprovingly. The folios had been assigned to help you address every important member of the foreign kingdom with the correct titles and names, your father had insisted you study it – and you tried! But there’s only so much one can read without wanting to bury themselves in a flower bed.
“Who’d have thought that the picky Y/n would finally find someone! And a Lord from another kingdom no less!”
“I’m not picky! I just like, what I like.”
Your parents had been invited to the Aoba Johsai kingdom for the annual winter festival, that signified the beginning of the cold season. However, being swamped with work like usual, he sent you off to make good relations and have a little bit of fun. Taking Tachibana, who pleaded with you to let her come, you swayed easily, not that you would have put up much of a fight, she was your closest friend. You had arrived one month before the celebration, but the weather was cold enough already, to freeze you with every step you took.
“Well, he keeps looking over here,” Tachibana murmured, a playful smirk gracing her lips.
“Stop looking!” you hissed quietly.
She turned her head with a giggle before looking to you.
“He is quite dreamy, the more you look at him,” she acquiesced.
You nodded enthusiastically in agreement as she spoke once more, “Wait here.”
“Wait! what are you going to do?”
“I’m going to introduce myself and then put my matchmaking skills to the test.”
Before you could grab her arm to stop her, she flitted through the crowd, bouncing up to the tall man across the room.
Standing awkwardly, you grabbed a glass and wedged yourself into a conversation circle all the while monitoring their conversation. You were never the best at reading lips so you settled with deciphering their expressions. He seemed neutral when Tachibana approached, calm like the sea before a storm. After chatting and laughing for a few minutes, both sets of eyes flicked over to you.
Pretending to immerse yourself in the conversation before you, you stole a glance and noticed a twitch of your friends face and then Matsukawa’s face turned sombre. His smile now gone, and his laugh nowhere to be heard. Your friend shook her head as he said some last words and walked off.
Tachibana slumped towards you as you eagerly asked her what had happened.
“He – I don’t even want to repeat it,” she said, eyes cast on a speck of dust on the floor, wringing her fingers as she avoided your blatant stare.
“Please Tachibana, tell me what he said and all of it.”
“He said he wasn’t looking for a relationship with someone so – so – self-centred and undignified.”
You gasped quietly, this man, you had not even met, hated you. Soft smiles and cheeky winks were long gone, replaced with cold looks and blank expressions, as if the thought of you being together clouded his very existence.
Determined to make some sort of introduction yourself, at the next ball you made sure to pick up two drinks and casually drifted around the floor until you ‘coincidentally’ found your man. Clinging onto the glasses as if they were your life line, you plucked up the courage to finally speak, clearing your throat to grasp his attention.
“Lovely party, isn’t it?” You asked casually.
“I suppose it is,” his firm tone left no room for discussion but you tried anyway.
“They are much more lively compared to the ones back home. I wish you would send me an invite even when I leave, I love them so.”
“Isn’t that impractical with the long journey it takes to get here?”
“Yes, you’re right,” you sighed sadly before remembering the beverages in your hand, “Oh here, have a glass.”
“No thank you, I don’t drink.”
“Oh?” You tried to quell the raging curiosity but it must have gotten the better of you as Matsukawa turned to you and sighed heavily.
“Since you seem so insistent, I don’t accept drinks from strangers.”
“I see,” and you couldn’t even be upset. You were strangers, people who didn’t know each other. What inkling of evidence did he have to trust a person he’s barely acquainted with? Especially as a lord, he has to be exceptionally careful about these things and you, being from another kingdom probably didn’t ease his nerves.
The conversation slithered off as Matsukawa walked away from you in the direction of – Tachibana. You watched as she waved him over and handed him a drink. He accepted, bringing the cup to his lips, blessing her with a friendly smile you wished so desperately was directed at you.
You downed the two glasses in your hand, in one go.
From disgusted looks to downright nasty disgruntled ones, Matsukawa always had something new to throw at you. Although you were mere acquaintances, you could feel an intense hatred radiating from him, a noxious aura that seemed to grow in intensity whenever you were in his vicinity.
You were unsure of what you had done to elicit such a reaction but you were too apprehensive to confront him. Maybe he just didn’t like you, that was a normal thing that happened, although it wasn’t usually displayed so publicly.
It stung like a jagged nettle, the first prick taking you by surprise and then the searing pain that accompanied it later on. Ever since you had owned up to your attraction to the Lord, he had been throwing you menacing looks.
You leaned into your friend as she snatched a flute of punch from a waiter, sipping it slowly. You were at another pre-festival party, which were quite frequent upon the arrival of the winter festival.
“I wonder why Lord Matsukawa hates me so,” you pondered aloud, curious to see her input.
“I do not think he hates you Y/n, he’s just shy around people he doesn’t know well.”
“Shy? He looks like he wants to compress me into a disc and throw me around like a frisbee.”
“Don’t be ridiculous.”
“Would you like me to introduce you to him?”
“What no!-” But before you could finish telling her you had both met already, she had dragged you across the room.
“Lord Matsukawa,” your friend curtseyed, her tone shifted to something more playful and light as she regarded the dark haired man.
“Miss Tachibana, how do you do?” His tone was kind and made him appear approachable, it almost made you forget how rude he had been to you.
“Just fine thank you, in fact I am here to introduce someone who has been so desperate to meet you.”
Just then, you stepped out from behind her and inclined your head slightly, “Lord Matsukawa, it is nice to finally meet you.”
His eye twitched as he schooled his expression, “Lady Y/n, I’ve heard so much about you.”
“Good things I hope,” you smiled apprehensively, nobody laughed.
An awkward minute of silence passed, you subtly fidgeted with the material of your dress.
“Tachibana!” someone called from the distance, waving her over to help with something.
“I’ll be back soon,” your friend said as she danced away, leaving you and the Lord alone.
“I am going to go and see if she needs any help, excuse me.”
He too left swiftly, swallowed by the crowd, as you were left standing there, feeling more lonely than ever.
Sullenly trudging through the garden, you thought about all of the things you had done since you met Matsukawa. Racking through the files in your brain you came up blank, what on earth had you done to upset this man so?
Lost in thought, like an ant in a maze, you only reawakened as you bumped into something, or rather, someone.
“I am so very sorry!” You looked up to see a washed-out brown haired man, smiling down at you as if you hadn’t inconvenienced him.
“Don’t worry about it,” he assured you gently, “But to be that unaware, you must have been thinking of something troubling.”
You sighed as you took a step back, rubbing your arm sheepishly. Maybe confiding in a stranger you would never see again could help, “A man I barely know, hates me.”
He walked over to the bench next to you both on the grass, taking a seat before patting the area next to him.
“Did something happen?”
You followed, perched next to him, “Not that I know of,” you confessed, clueless.
“So, this person you don’t know well, hates you for no reason, how strange. What did you say your name was?”
There was a pause.
“Is this man by any chance Mattsun?”
“Mattsun?” You repeated, eyebrows drawn in, causing your forehead to crinkle.
“Lord Matsukawa?”
“Yes, that’s him. How did you know?”
“He’s like a brother to me….and I may have heard him say your name a few times.”
“Huh? Saying what?”
“Hmm, I think I have an idea on how to help you,” he ignored you, hatching his devious plan.
“What kind of idea?” You asked unsure, you didn’t like the face he was making, his scary smile and gleaming eyes, all screamed mischief.
“You’re going to need to trust me.”
You were never trusting Hanamaki again. His one hundred percent, full proof solid plan to help you out, was to lure you both into a large storage cupboard and lock you in.
“Hello! There are people in here!” Matsukawa’s fists pounded heavily against the door, the stubborn slab of wood didn’t give.
“I’m going to kill him,” you muttered under your breath as you pretended to beat your fist against the wall.
Matsukawa turned to you, “Did you say something?”
“I just said I can’t believe we’re locked in here,” you muttered harshly, annoyed at yourself for trusting Hanamaki over your intuition.
“Well, I’m not exactly jumping for joy either,” he muttered back, sinking down the stone wall, waiting for help.
“If I may be so bold, why do you not like me?”
His head shot up, surprise evident on his face as he grimaced.
“Nobody else is here, just me and you,” you tried to coax him, “just tell me.”
“I just don’t think you’re a very nice person.”
“How so? You barely even know me,” you tried to keep the dejection out of your voice as you searched his face hopelessly for answers.
“I know enough and that I would never willingly be with someone like you.”
“I see. If that is your opinion of me, how you think of me, then I shan’t bother you any longer.”
The kingdom of Aoba Johsai was beautiful in the winter, granted you had only seen one small part of it, you were sure the rest of the kingdom would be just, if not more beautiful. Wrapping yourself tightly with shawls, scarves and hats you left your temporary residence in search of mundane town life.
The markets were heaving, busy with many people trying to prepare for the festival that was only one week away now. The roaring of the little children as they played in the snow, the bartering of the older folk as they haggled the price for vegetables and meats.
Walking down the snow ridden path and admiring the scenic beauty, you were too late to help prevent the fall. A lady around her late forties had lost her footing on the pesky ice, food sliding against the slippery surface as she went down.
“Oh my, are you alright?” You asked, rushing over to her side.
Her breaths came out in quick pants, as she steadied herself, “Yes, thank you dear. This part of the road gets really bad this time of year.”
You nodded in acknowledgement as you picked up the fruits that had tumbled away from her. Gathering them all in one place, you gently dropped them into the bag.
“You look too lavish to be from the village,” she observed aloud, surprising you, “yet, I’ve never seen you at the castle before.”
“I am from another kingdom, just west of here,” you told her, as you helped her up from the ground, dusting the leaves and dirt off her coat.
“That explains it. My dear you look sad.”
“Really? It’s most likely the weather’s doing,” you bluffed. One look at your face and the old lady had clearly noticed you had been crying. Her scrunched hand reached out to your face, holding it there as she examined you.
“Such beauty and kindness. I wish for your utmost happiness.”
And then she was gone, leaving you stunned. Your heart beat tenderly, the warmth of the old lady seeping into your bones, protecting you from the harsh weather that battered against you.
You looked out of the window, the moonlit garden inviting you in as you readied to leave for a midnight stroll. The manor was quiet – which was expected for this time of night – not even the shuffling of feet could be heard. Dressed in a thin night gown, that fit tightly, you weren’t too worried about covering up as everyone had gone to bed – or so you thought. The unnatural quietness made you uncomfortable as you decided to go outside to at least bask in the shuffling of the trees and the howls of the wind.
“Where are you going?” A certain handsome lord asked from behind you, swivelling around you took in his relaxed appearance, in his night clothes, bare chest glistening under the night light. Drawing your eyes hesitantly to meet his face, you noticed his own wandering your body, you replied, “Out for a stroll.”
“At this time of night?” His eyebrow raised as he crossed his hands over his chest, you had to physically restrain yourself from staring at his muscular arms.
“I’m feeling restless,” you admitted.
“Hold on a minute,” he muttered and you turned to look at him questioningly.
He left you alone for five minutes before reappearing with a shirt on – thank goodness – and a coat in hand. Thrusting it before you he muttered, “Here.”
“I thought you hated me?” You blurted before you could stop yourself.
He sighed quietly, “I never said that. Anyway, I can’t let a guest wander around in the night, it’s dangerous.”
Thanking him for the coat, anyway, you took the garment and put it on, having it drape over you nicely, the size difference sure to keep you warm. When you looked back up, he turned away quickly, the pink in his cheeks indicator enough of what he was trying to hide. Nevertheless, you turned away like nothing had happened, biting on a smile.
“Shall we?”
You both left for the cold winter garden, warm from the encounter you had just had.
“How has your stay been?” He asked as he guided you around the garden, hand on the small of your back as he strode forward.
Apart from you insulting me, just peachy. You thought before replying, “Incredible. I went into town today to admire the scenery…and I met some really interesting people.”
“Sounds like you’ve been busy.”
“What have you been up to?”
“Preparing for the winter festival, it’s nearly here and there’s lots to do.”
“Seems like you’ve been busier than me,” you teased, from the corner of your eye you could see the small twitch of his mouth.
“The garden looks even more magnificent in the night, it’s like we’re in another world,” you praised, enjoying the magic and splendour of the garden. He watched quietly as you trailed your hand across the soft plants, cherishing their beauty. It wasn’t long before you had come back to the house, a pang of disappointment settling in your chest.
“I have to give it to you, you’re a good actor, goodnight Y/n.”
You said nothing, trying to understand what he meant, then his words from before hit you. I would never willingly be with someone like you. And just like that, your hopes crashed. You might have spent an enjoyable evening together but he would never see you as a nice person, or a person he could befriend, no matter how hard you tried.
The next event in wake of the winter festival was the last but it was still as beautiful as usual. Now that you weren’t trying to capture the attention of a certain dark haired man, you could truly enjoy the general splendour.
Floating around the room you noticed a young boy surveying all of the treats on the table. The sight made you laugh as he was practically drooling on the floor.
“Would you like some help?” You asked him.
He was too small to reach the bowl of chocolates and nodded enthusiastically at your offer. Moving closer to the table you reached out, “You’re going to have to tell me which one you want.”
“That one!” The boy chose as you pointed to a different chocolate on purpose.
“This one?” You asked, teasing him as he vehemently shook his head.
“No! That one!”
Again, you pointed to the wrong chocolate and asked, “This one?”
The boy wailed, on the verge of tears. He stomped his foot and began to bawl as you hurriedly snatched his desired chocolate and thrust it into his hand.
“Okay! Okay, I’m sorry, here take it,” you cringed as you stopped the crying but not before a few gazes were locked on you. You looked up to see Matsukawa biting his lip and you looked away embarrassed.
Awkwardly moving away from the child, who was now munching messily on the treat, you walked into someone familiar.
“What did you do to that kid?”
You turned to glare at Hanamaki, “I didn’t do anything, he tripped.”
He laughed richly, a wide grin on his face. He was so loud that people had begun to stare again.
“It’s not funny!” You harrumphed.
“Matsukawa seemed to think so.”
“Really?” You asked surprised.
“Not seen him laugh like that in a long time,” Hanamaki told you earnestly, “it was nice to hear it again.”
Your heart beat a little faster at the thought of him laughing, you had done that, you had made him happy in that moment.
But, like always, all good moments had to come to an end at some point. The tone of your new friend had changed drastically, as he regarded you with a forlorn face, “Also, Y/n, I need to talk to you about something important.”
“Tachibana, come with me please,” you commanded curtly, leaving just an edge of politeness for the listening ears in the hall. She was silent as she followed you into a random room down the corridor. There was a desk at the far end with a large bookshelf behind it. A lounging sofa was strategically placed near the window where an array of plants sat – watered and satiated, growing healthily. It looked to be an office of some sort.
You walked up to the desk, sitting on the large chair that commanded power and authority, as Tachibana stood before you like a convict at a trial.
“What’s wrong Y/n?” She asked, confusion colouring her tone. Now that you listened closer, you could hear how fake it was and how good she was at putting on a show.
“Matsukawa, he’s such a great guy,” you began, face softening as you thought of him.
Tachibana’s shoulders relaxed slightly as she smiled animatedly, “Yeah he is, is this what you wanted to talk to me about?”
“Yes,” you confirmed, “Are your match-making skills up to par?”
“I’m making progress, he’s a tough cookie to crack,” she explained, winding a strand of hair around her fingers.
Having had enough of her coy act, you slammed your hands down on the desk, “Why didn’t you just tell me?”
She jumped at the noise, “T-Tell you what?”
“That you liked him too!”
“What are you talking about?”
“You know what I’m talking about, I would never have hated you if you wanted to pursue him.”
If your friend had liked him too, you would back off. You cared too much for her, to let something this trivial split you apart. Yet, the things she had done since your visit, the pain she had caused you, made you doubt your friendship.
“I’m confused, Y/n.”
“Why else would you tell Matsukawa such horrible things about me?”
She remained unfazed as she took a deep breath, bracing herself for the conflict to come. She let go of her hair, arms falling down to her sides, foot tapping on the floor.
“I don’t like Matsukawa. Sure, he’s hot, but I’d never actually marry him,” her face twisted at the thought.
“So then, why did you spread unbecoming lies about me?” You asked, trying to understand. Your heart was shaking and suddenly, you didn’t know if you wanted to hear her answer.
“You deserved it.”
Three harsh words stung like a wasp, inflaming your heart and rendering it broken. The girl you had met when you were six years of age, that you trusted with your life, who you shared everything with had betrayed you, leaving you a fool.
She sighed, “I was tired. Tired of watching the great Y/n always get everything, her wants, desires and demands fulfilled within mere seconds. I was tired of being in the background, sinking away from everyone else while you were in the spotlight, soaking up everyone’s attention. I wanted you to hurt.”
You stared at her in disbelief, after always trying to make her feel included and valued and cherished, she had stabbed you in the back. Her evil scheme which burned the possibility of a new relationship before it even had a chance to bloom.
“Do you know how satisfying it was? To watch you get rejected, to know for once that I had something you didn’t.”
“Get out.”
She left the room with a fake curtsy and not another word. Left to stew in your own thoughts. When you reached the door to retire to your chambers for a rest, you saw Matsukawa standing there waiting for you. You were tired, trying to process what had happened, the loss of a valued friendship, the unveiling of a traitor, all you needed was to be alone.
“With all due respect, save it,” you muttered tiredly, “I can’t deal with anymore today.”
The festival had finally arrived. Busy servants chattered, their excitement contagious as you anticipated this event and the last night here in Matsukawa’s manor. You had been strategically avoiding everyone, holed up in your room in order to spare yourself some embarrassment and maintain some of your dignity. Suddenly the strange looks and funny behaviour began to make sense and it made you want to burrow away and hibernate.
It was time, the grand event would be beginning soon. You adorned your luxuriously formal dress, specifically designed for tonight, smiling at your reflection as you stepped out into the world you had been hiding from.
You had been required to make an appearance in the ballroom as a guest of the kingdom and so, that’s what you planned to do. Stepping through the large doors, you entered the grand hall.
“Lord Y/n, L/n from the west kingdom.”
With your name announced to the masses, everyone turned to watch your descent down the large staircase. Don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip. After successfully making it into the big crowd without breaking a limb, you smiled politely which encouraged everyone to continue their exchanges.
Observing the crowd you noticed Tachibana conversing with some lords, they all turned to give you a look and that was all you could take without going over there and humiliating her.
Sneaking off into a separate room that was devoid of people, you sighed happily, walking out to the balcony to rest your arms on the railing. The moon shone down beautifully, its light more powerful than you had ever seen it, casting an angelic glow over the night.
“Lovely party, isn’t it?” A voice from behind you asked casually, you could sense his lips tipping up slightly as you turned to him.
“I suppose it is.”
A breath of cold air drifted through you both, the naked trees rustled as you avoided Matsukawa’s gaze.
“I never apologised –”
You cut him off immediately, “There is no need, I understand completely why –”
He took your hand in his, stroking the back of it with his thumb, before bringing it to his lips and laying a chaste kiss.
“I need to apologise. My behaviour was inexcusable, I treated you like a criminal on the twisted words of another. Please accept my apology.”
You grasped his hand back, squeezing slightly, “Apology accepted.”
“Tachibana’s a real piece of work,” he muttered, looking up to the sky and then back at you.
You turned your head away from his prying gaze, which displeased him. Pulling you closer, he rested a hand on your waist and the other grasped your chin, forcing you to face him, eyes avoiding his at all costs.
“Look at me.”
“I-I can’t,” you whispered.
“Why not?” He demanded gently, trying to coax you into it.
“I’m so embarrassed Matsukawa, I didn’t even do anything wrong, and I feel so hurt.”
He rested his forehead against yours, his warmth enveloping you as he stroked your cheek, “The only person who should be embarrassed is that witch, I’ve seen you, you are kind, thoughtful, a little strange at times,” you pouted at that but he continued, a smile in his voice, “And I am stupid for not seeing it before.”
Finally, you looked at him, holding your breath, your brain overloading at his overwhelming beauty.
“Y’know, when I first saw you walk through the doors of my manor, I thought you were the most beautiful woman in the world.”
“As soon as I saw you, I knew you were the one, you looked so happy when I first saw you at the ball,” you told him sincerely, not missing his growing grin.
“I have a confession,” he offered and you egged him on.
“Confess away.”
“Even after hearing the rumours about you, I still couldn’t help falling for you.”
“Best be happy that the rumours are not true then,” you murmured, his confession setting your heart ablaze.
Suddenly, the show marking the end of the night began. Sparkling fireworks of different colours and shapes decorated the sky, glittering and fading only to be replaced with more. The loud shouts and cheers of the people could be heard from below. You stared at the sky, trying to commit everything about the moment to memory.
Matsukawa pulled you closer, looking up to see if he was okay, you were taken aback at his close proximity. Your stunned body relaxed as you leaned closer to him, slowly but surely, grasping his shirt to pull him as close as possible until your lips met. Another firework exploded, lighting up the sky and then disappeared once more.
Tumblr media
A/n: Well, I feel like this is 6.4k of absolute shit 😭😭😭
Tumblr media
© 2021 heyhoneyybunn All rights reserved. The original blog content
may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever
without the express written permission of the publisher.
Do not repost or use these works on any other social media platform.
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korathefairy · 20 hours ago
Thinking about having a lazy day w/ boyfriend Meian, on a rainy day.
You're not doing anything together other than simply doing nothing, together.
You're on your phones, cuddled up to each other, seemingly melting together. You're matching His slow heartbeat and steady breathing.
You both occasionally watch the rain, and listen to it, like it's music. When you decide to rarely get up and go to the kitchen to refill your teas or hot chocolates or coffees. Or maybe go get some snacks.
You both haven't spoken all morning, simply enjoying each other's company. But if you listen well enough, you might hear the quiet whispers of "I love you." Every once in a while.
Meian is especially grateful for days like these. Vb wears down his body, so he's glad to be able to rest in your arms.
Sometimes you both decide to watch your favorite comedies of favorite animes, and his daughter is soft too. More of a puff of air out of his nose, or more of his chest reverberating. But it's just soft and comforting.
Meian's never really asked much of u since you'd met at one of his practice games.
It was always a simple request. "Please sit with me?" Or "Can I rest my head on your shoulder?" Or "how was your day? What'd you do?" Or "can I hold your hand?"
You've never denied these requests. It'd become a routine for you both, by the time a month had passed.
Then it had turned to, "Would you like to grab lunch together?" And "do you have a spare jacket Incase it gets colder?" And "hey did you sleep enough last night?"
Another month passed and it turned into "would you like to come over to watch movies?" Or "Hey can I come over? And can we watch your favorite shows?" And "hey, would you like to go out on a dinner date?"
And as more time passed and you two were now officially a couple, his requests stayed simple, as always. It was always "How was work today? If there's any way I can help ease your stress, please tell me?" Or "love, is it okay if I vent? I need some advice." Or "babe, remember that time you told me reading helps you sleep easier? will you read to me?"
Meian never asked much of you. He was never overbearing. He never disrespected your boundaries. All he ever asked for, was your company and time.
You couldn't ever refuse him something do simple. Hell, you couldn't refuse him, as a person. He was always so patient, gracious, kind, empathetic, loving, compassionate, and everything else good you could think of.
Meian never asked much, but that's what made him a lot more than you'd anticipated, every single day.
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fluffieveggie · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
you slid your kitchen door open, freezing when you were met with a pair of unfamiliar honey brown eyes.
“what the fu- are you eating my onigiris?” you questioned incredulously, at which the uninvited stranger yelped at.
“please don't skin me alive and eat me!”
you frowned. “why would i eat a human- are you crazy?”
the stranger gasped, offended. “rude! and i'm not a human! ‘m a demon.”
“you don't have horns and whatnot,” you pointed out.
the stranger scowled. “are ya blind?”
“no-” you stopped yourself, taking a closer look at him. that was when you realised, beneath the mop of messily styled blonde hair, there were two pointy red triangles sticking out.
“okay…? but why would i skin you alive and eat you, demon or not?”
the demon scowled. “what d’ya mean? you humans kill chickens all the time and eat ‘em! i don't see why ya wouldn't do the same to demons."
“the onigiri you're eating right now is chicken filled onigiri.”
he spat it out.
you glared at him. “did you just spit my onigiri out?”
“yer killing chickens ‘cause of this!”
“why do you like chickens so much?”
“they're cute!”
“how the fuck are those annoying little cocks cu-”
“don't talk about them like that!”
you sighed. “that's not the point. why are you raiding my kitchen for onigiri in the first place?”
his shoulders slumped. “my brother didn't wanna make me any onigiri.”
“so you just raid people’s house for food?!” you yelled.
“‘s not my fault!” he defended.
you sighed again. “shouldn't you be in hell or something?”
the demon stared at you. “why would i be in hell? jus’ because we're demons doesn't mean we can't roam freely on…”
and so he continued, for five fucking minutes about why he wasn't and shouldn't be in hell, and how he was homeless because his twin kicked him out of his house. you stopped him, annoyed expression etched across your face.
“fine, you can stay at my house for now, but you have to promise to help me clean and do housework.”
“deal!” the demon grinned. “the name’s miya atsumu, by the way, but you can just call me tsumu. and you don't need to tell me your name, i already know.” he jabbed his thumb to a stack of letters addressed to you at the corner of your kitchen.
you nodded. “i hope you can honour your side of the deal, tsumu, or i'll really skin you alive.”
“ya bet!” he gave you a thumbs up, with a toothy smile. “thank you for havin’ me!”
Tumblr media
a/n: demon atsumu x reader :) also idk why i feel like atsumu thinks chickens are cute k bye-
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sluttyissei · a month ago
“can i watch?” — haikyuu men + masturbation
Tumblr media
+ warnings: fem bodied reader, masturbation, pussy eating, edging, pussy job
+ notes: hello hello pls like or reblog if u liked this <3
Tumblr media
presses his chest to your back, his legs keeping yours open while his hands squeeze and grope your tits, fingers pinching and twisting your nipples almost painfully. his cock throbs at the feeling of you squirming and writhing in his arms, at the sight of you so desperate and needy. he keeps his lips close to your ear, his voice barely above a whisper. “you can’t do it, can you? i’ve got you trained so well you can’t even make yourself cum without me, is that right?” he lets out a low chuckle when you nod desperately. “you wanna cum, pretty baby? all you have to do is ask.”
HINATA, BOKUTO, tanaka, lev, NISHINOYA, kita
practically moaning praises with his face hovering over your cunt, his cock leaking and straining against his boxers while he ruts into the bed. his eyes shine with need, mouth hung open and lips bitten raw as he watches you work yourself over and over again right in front of him. it’s not long before he’s losing his control, latching his mouth to your overworked cunt, humming and slurping and drinking you in until he can’t breathe.
MEIAN, ushijima, k. ukai, SAKUSA, IWAIZUMI, daichi, tsukishima
sits on a chair at the end of the bed, legs spread wide enough for you to see the growing bulge in his pants, while he utters out simple commands. “just your clit” when he gets tired of seeing your fingers struggle to reach the same spot his long, thick digits do. a deep, startling “stop” every time you’re on the edge of that orgasm you’ve been working so hard for. after that, it’s “hands and knees. now.” and he’s sliding into you, almost smiling at the wail you let out. he sets an impatient, back-breaking pace, heavy grunts leaving his throat while you struggle to keep up.
KENMA, osamu, ATSUMU, akaashi, KAGEYAMA, kyōtani, matsukawa
eyes half-lidded and stuck to yours, cheeks flushed red and his mouth hung open as he pulls on his cock. he stands on his knees between your spread legs, the tip of his cock leaking over your cunt. he grips your thigh with one hand, spreading you open further to make room for his hips to align with your own. he doesn’t give you the satisfaction of being full, of being absolutely stuffed to the hilt with his fat cock. he only sandwiches himself between your puffy lips, groaning at the feeling of your hot, wet cunt against him. he ruts against you mindlessly, the tip of his cock catching your clit perfectly until the both of you are cumming all over each other.
Tumblr media
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tteokdoroki · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ৎ୭ synopsis. when the volleyball off-season rolls around and things get a little lonely for bokuto, he adopts a precious husky hybrid to keep him company— however, you’re not as well behaved as he would like.
ৎ୭ wc. 4500.
ৎ୭ genre. mdni, 18+, smut, post-time skip!au.
ৎ୭ cw. please read ! heavy smut, characters aged up to twenties, fem + husky hybrid!reader, owner!bokuto, size!kink, heavy!pet play, mentions of knotting, collars-leashes, spanking, degredation, brat-taming, cumplay, ruined orgasm, unprotected sex. not proof read, beware of errors.
ৎ୭ author’s note. ree it’s friday again, hope you’ve all been safe this week ! here’s my third installment of kinktober and my first ever haikyuu fic :oo i hope i was able to do bokuto justice!! enjoy, feedback is always appreciated ! <3
ৎ୭ now playing. won’t bite - doja cat ft. smino.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
koutarou bokuto had been lonely.
during the volleyball off-game season, he hadn’t much social interaction besides training with the team and the hook ups he’d had between his adoring fans and celebrities alike just weren’t doing it for him anymore.
most of his team spends this time with their family, flying back and forth across the globe to be with loved ones and worried mothers. sure, bokuto had his sisters— nagging him, making sure he’s keeping his health up along with the weekly zoom calls with his plethora of annoying teammates to make sure they’re not going insane but the MSBY player needed something more than friendly chats with people who already knew him.
in passing, over one of their group calls, hinata suggests a pet— but offers no solutions for when his taller, salt and pepper haired teammate has to travel for games again. atsumu proposes a more independent companion, one that can take care of themselves. like a hybrid.
and that very same day, koutarou ends up with you.
an over the top, bratty, conniving and dramatic husky hybrid— with pointed puppy dog ears and a bushy, black and white tail that wags a mile a minute, when you’re getting what you want. spoiled is what you are. that’s the only way he can put it...but being spoiled and treated like a princess is what you deserve— after all, he had adopted you from a hybrid pound that planned to ship you off to a breeding farm due to your bad behaviour and unwillingness to cooperate, in order to save you.
he wanted to give you a chance, provided you with a life of luxury, diamond collars... and whatever toys you wanted, you got them. no matter how much you snarled and caused chaos, no matter how irritated bokuto got with you— his patience outweighed any annoyance he had with your sour attitude and he still only wanted to give you the best life possible.
you were trouble but you deserved koutarou bokuto’s help.
however, there’s only so much patience a man can have with a badly behaved dog.
coming home to a torn up couch and stuffing thrown across bokuto’s lush penthouse was not ideal after a day of sponsorship meetings during his time off. with frames and expensive, rare volleyball merchandise shattered across his flooring, the wing spiker frowns— finding you baring your canine teeth, eyes narrowed as you growl at the hybrid sitter he’d left you with today. koutarou doesn’t ask why you’re acting so defensive, apologising to the poor kid who’d been looking after you while he was away for business and ushers them to the door with a wad of cash as a tip for their service before approaching you with two items that had your back up even more.
“must’ya always misbehave while i’m away?” bokuto tuts, amber glossed eyes darkening as if someone had blown out the candles of the sun. between his large fingers he toys with your collar and leash— the one you hate because it rubs when you’re taken out for walks.
gently approaching you and crouching by your side, he attempts to slide the pink patent leather around your neck but you show your teeth again, your gums peeking out to play as you upper lip curls into a snarl. “get that shit away from me,” your voice is low and menacing but it barely makes bokuto flinch, his usually soft face falling flat with disappointment. “fuck off.”
“yanno this foul attitude of yours is really startin’ to get on my nerves,” the spiker grunts, feeling the heat of your fury and breath fan over his face before yanking you by the shoulder until your head is bowed and easily slipping the collar round your neck— you whimper in shock, but koutarou doesn’t care, promptly clipping the leash onto the silver buckle pressing into your skin.”s’just not cutting it for me, pup.”
“don’t care.” you seethe despite the nervousness bokuto detects through your lashes when you look up at him with sparkly puppy eyes
usually he would have given up by now, let you go and forget about how badly behaved you were but this time, the famous volleyball player steels himself— yanking you by your leash as he heads towards the master bedroom, until you collapse on all fours, dragged along the floorboards with only your sweater to stop you from getting carpet burn. bokuto keeps walking, tugging against the resistance of his precious husky hybrid’s body until you start to crawl towards him, just like he wanted you to.
“well you fuckin’ should.” your owner warns you, sunshine smile returning to his face. if you squinted you could see the raging fury burning bright between the golden flecks of his eyes. bokuto shrugs when a low whine bounces in your throat, tugging you further into the bedroom without a care for you.
if you were going to misbehave, he’d have to teach you a lesson or two about discipline.
before you know it, your leash is looped around one of the bed posts tightly—so tight that if you dare to pull back, your collar would threaten to cut off your air supply and make your brain dizzier, emptier than it already was. you squirm, wiggle and try to get away from the clutches belonging to koutarou as he looms over you from behind, tearing through the fabrics of your luxury brand clothes he had been so kind to treat you with. although the temperature in the air conditioned bedroom is cold, your body burns brightly with increasing desire— only heightened by the way your owner begins to man handle you, pulling apart your thighs by the meat of them and pressing a heavy palm down on the curve of your back so your ass arches upwards for him.
“k-kou,” comes your quiet and hesitant voice, your fluffy tail slowing down its wag. “koutarou...w-what are you doin’?”
bokuto pushes your sweater up until it rests on your middle, having thrown away your boyshorts and panties in his haze earlier— now, he comes fixated on toying with your ass cheeks, spreading them and kneading them while he figures out the best way to torture you. “if you’re going to act like a dirty, ill-behaved mutt, then ‘m gonna have to treat you like one, right?” he hums, leaning up to press a kiss to the base of your spine, yellow-stone eyes watching as your ears twitch and shiver pulses down your body.
your hips jut backwards and blood begins rushing through your ears in anticipation of what koutarou might do to you. is this what he acted like when he lost his cool? when you tested his patience? “i-i’m sorry,” you begin to whine in doggie whistle tones, trying to tug free on your leash and avoid whatever punishment you have impending.
but bokuto isn’t having any of it, landing a hard spank on your ass which makes you yelp in surprise.
“no, i don't think you are. i bet’cha don’t even know why you’re in trouble right now, dumb dog.” his words are cool, they have bite to them as he covers your body with his—massaging the sore spot on your bottom from where he delivered your first spank. his statement is only solidified when you shake your head ‘no’, growing teary and shameful. “of course you don’t, you really are clueless, aren’t you pup?” you nod this time, weakly, as bokuto pulls your body back into his by tucking two fingers under the pink leather of your collar, snarling into your ear as he smacks you again. “s’fuckin’ stupid… but i guess since you’re being obedient right now, i’ll tell you how this is gonna work, okay?”
a small mewl leaves your lips in agreement, even as the spiker pinchess your bruising flesh, pain blossoming underneath it. “y’gonna get spanked, pup. s’what happens to bad little bitches like you who disappoint their owners,” bokuto explains, the way he treats you— as if you really are a stupid animal and not a hybrid— makes you tremble needily. “gonna spank you f’every item of mine that you broke back there, till you’re stupid ‘n dumb enough to take my cock, got it?”
bokuto finishes outlining your punishment with a firm clap of his calloused palm against your ass cheek again, entire body jolting from the force. “uhuh,” you say breathlessly.
“aren’t huskies supposed to be intelligent? i asked you to count, or do you need an explanation on how to do that too, sweetheart?’ koutarou growls, impatience bubbling over once again. “look, i don’t really wanna punish you pretty girl, but how else are ya s’pposed to learn? so jus’ count f’me, okay?”
“o-okay, kou,” you stutter, taking a deep breath and screwing your eyes shut as you prepare for impact. “o-one!”
true to his word, bokuto spanks you for every item in his penthouse you’d destroyed, every broken vase with a million yen price tag, every scratched chair and torn up pillow— you pay for every single thing with a weighty smack to your ass and a sweet cry torn from your throat as you claw at the sheets and tug back on your leash until its hard for you to breathe. between each one, the professional volleyball player rubs at the broken skin, coos soft words of how he ‘didn’t want to do this,’ and that ‘it hurts me more than it hurts you, pup,’ along with ‘this was the only way for bad dogs like you to learn,’ though you were starting to think he was punishing you for more than just the valuables that you’d broken.
maybe even for fun.
you’re a crumpled mess by the time he’s done with you, shaky at the knees with your ears pressed flat against your skull. you’ve lost count of how many hits your poor ass has taken, the skin surely broken and tender by now— but koutarou doesn’t seem to care, already taking a peek between your slicked up thighs and pushing away your wet, fluffy tail to take a wiff of your clearly aroused sex.
“fuck, what a dirty lil mutt you are,” koutarou moans from deep in his chest, large and rough hands pulling apart your ass cheeks to take a look at the strong strings of your wetness that somehow stay together. hybrids get wetter than the average human, something about the mix of animal DNA and instinct with that of a person’s meant that your bodies instantly prepared for pregnancy and conceiving whenever sex begun to hang heavy in the air. “so fuckin’ wet and for what? a couple of spanks gets this naughty puppy that turned on?”
your leaking hole doesn’t stop the spiker from spitting into it, watching the trail of bubbly white mingle with your juices and slide down your puffy folds. he doesn’t bother to catch the cream that oozes from the sex, using it as another excuse to let his hand come down hard against your bare ass— leaving you howling into the imported sheets, saliva pooling on your tongue as your gaze clouds over.
though flat and pressed against your sweaty forehead, you pointy puppy dog ears pick up on the clink of bokuto’s belt before he tears through his buttons and the anticipation kills you from the inside out. a yearning to be fucked floods you like poison in your veins, curling around red blood cells and only serving to lure you into the trap that is your owner. your hips throw back into the cool air of the bedroom, though your body is on fire, desperate to be mated as your animalistic instincts and tendencies take over your brain— like boukuto’s a blissful inferno consuming all the cells in your mind.
tail swishing and cunt dripping, you push your ass further into the air, pulling a mean chuckle from koutarou’s lips as he fists his cock to the sight of you throwing it back for him. “look at this. you’re such a fuckin’ slutpup. so nasty, so wet all f’this fuckin’ cock, yeah? yeah?” bokuto sneers just like you’d done earlier, running a thumb over his seedy tip and swiping up the precum that leaks there— he pushes his soiled thumb into your swelling clit, pushing the nub around in circles to prep you before the fat shaft of his dick glides through your sopping pussy lips. “why does gettin’ in trouble make you act like such a needy little bitch in heat?”
“‘m sorry! k-kou, ‘m sorry!” you cry out through teary eyes and dried lips, puckered hole clenching around nothing, leaking even more cloudy strings of arousal than before. you’re not even sure what you’re apologising for, the only thing on your mind being filled with bokuto’s cock as he grinds himself into your sex— dribbling his pre all over you as if to scent your mound.
“greedy bitch.” the salt and pepper haired man laughs huskily, the sound shooting straight to your heat. “gonna fuck this puppycunt now, teach it a lesson since y’just love to act up,” he adds, not even giving you a moment to brace yourself before his length shoves its way into your ill-prepared and unused hole, large and practiced hands pulling your hips up until you’re full to the brim and your eyes are rocketing to the back of your skull. “so fucking tight baby, so f-fucking tight.”
your pussy flutters at just the feeling of being so full, ecstasy tingling at every pulse point along your sticky walls and you shove your hand beneath your body just try and make it stop because bokuto’s barely moved and you’re already so overwhelmed. a low whine trembles in your chest while the pair of you are still, getting used to being connected like this— sweat mingling between your bodies. you feel so full, stretched around his big cock with barely any space for him to move— it almost gives you the illusion of being knotted, your puppy pussy accommodating to his size with a delightful pain teasing your squishy insides.
your head empties of every good thought you’ve ever had, flooded with images and senses and touches all relating back to koutarou as he pulls his hips back— tugging his cock out of your snug and selfish walls with shaky breath and a dainty groan lying on his tongue. “listen to that,” he coos raspily, pads of his fingers sinking into your hips sure to leave loving bruises underneath your skin in their wake. your sex squelches as he withdraws from you, and your ears fall back in embarrasment once again— knowing it’s because of how messy and wet your cunt is. “you sound so dirty baby, all this over being you’re not even feeling guilty anymore…s’more like a little reward for you, getting to be dumbed down like the dog you are and full of my dick.”
bokuto leans over you, washboard abs and beefy chest pressing against your clothed back, forcing your body down into the mattress. his hand curls around your face, squishing your pudgy cheeks together. “y’such a lucky thing, baby.” he whispers to you, snapping his hips forward until his balls slap against your clit even as you cup your spasming sex— sending your eyes rolling and causing your mouth to let out the dirtiest moan you’ve ever heard.
and you are, you’re so fucking lucky that he picked you up from the pound before someone else could— because if he hadn’t you’d never have been given the chance to feel dick like this, to have it press up against your womb and bully your insides until they give into him. bokuto builds up a steady rhythm, grabbing your leash from the bedpost and wrapping it tight around his wrist, tighter than how your walls wrap around him and choke the dear life out of his red pulsing cock. there’s so much power between each canter of his hips into yours that your body flies up the bed, you’re clawing at anything to keep you down— pillows and sheets to stay in place.
“k-kou, kou! f-feels s’good—ah!” you chant along to the rhythmitc sound of skin slapping on skin, the creaking bed and the frame hitting hard against the wall as bokuto fucks you— taking you on a ride along hell’s highway. you want so, so much more, to be pinned down on bokuto’s dick for the rest of your life— your tail swishing eagerly at every push and pull of his fat cockhead into your sweet pots that make your eyes cross and your tongue loll out of your mouth like you’re a slobbering pup. you can’t help it either, when your fingers, tinier than his own, draw shapes into your clit. “oh please!” you slobber over his digits as they grip your face, whining like a puppy left without attention.
“look at you drooling like a fuckin’ mess baby, almost as messy as your puppy cunt down here. y’look so fuckin’ stupid, so cute like a little slut on my cock,” bokuto growls breathless, shoving his fingers in your wet mouth and pressing down on your tongue— not caring that your canine teeth nip his knuckles. you hump the bed, loving how pleasure never leaves you— when bokuto withdraws from you, the kiss is replaced by bumping your clit against the lads of your fingers. your rocking rhythm is quickly picked up by him quickly, reaching between your bodies to yank away your hand. “so selfish for such a dumb mutt, gettin’ yourself off even while i make you feel good. how selfish,”
you whimper in fear, thighs trembling but bokuto does wonders smacking the dull tip of his dick against your g-spot. “i-i’m...i’m sorry! i jus—!” you babble brainlessly with no idea of what you’re going to say next— too fucked out, to weak to stay up by yourself, train of thought cut off by your owner tugging hard on your darling puppy tail.
koutarou looms over you, practically crushing you with his weight and fucking your sweet pussy into the bed, the frame shaking from the weight he puts behind each thrust— forcing your sensitive bud to grind against the cotton sheets, stimulating you even further. the hold he has on your leash pulls you back into his chest as he ploughs his fat dick into your cunt, taking out his anger on you. “y’such a disobedient mutt,” he growls harshly, words ringing through your empty head. “i fuckin’ saved you, the least you could do is let me fuck you right. god, you’re so selfish, this puppy cunt clamping down on me to keep me in too— i really gotta teach you a lesson, horny little bitch.”
he reaches down, grabbing your tail once again and stroking the soft fur until your ass quivers and your pussy locks around his cock. your brain is fuzzy, like cotton has been stuffed into your ears and the only thing you can actually hear is bokuto’s heavy pants as he grinds his dick against your gummy, soaked walls— bathing him in your nectar. every time he tugs on your tail you get wetter and wetter, making it easier for the spiker to glide through your clamping cunt.
“oh? you like that? filthy, practically dripping every time i touch you here. nasty little puppy.”
you keen into every touch, letting bokuto pull your ears back until you arch beneath him— rubbing at the floppy appendages until every neuron in your brain shuts down from how sensitive they are, pulling more wet cries from your shaking body. you can’t think, you can’t breathe beneath the spiker’s muscle and his weight, heavy hips rocking into your ass and clapping creamily between you. your brain feels fuzzy, eyes grow hazy— body sleepily collapsing against the linen brushing up against your pebbled nipples and letting koutarou have his way with you.
he hits so good, so deep— sending your world into spinning and blurry chaos until the only thing you can see clearly is him. “k-kou—hnngh! s-so big! s-so—!” you squeal as he palms your ears, tugs your tail and jams his dick up against the squishy spot that makes you see stars.
“s-so, what? speak, mutt.” koutarou grunts out, freeing your bruised hip momentarily to run his fingers through sweaty salt and pepper locks, raw bottom lip caught between his teeth as he pulls back to watch his cock slide in and out of your precious, viscous honeyed puppy cunt. “fuckin’ hell... y’so fuckin’ stupid for this cock aren’t you? you don’t even know how to speak right. yanno, you really are such a dumb, fucking dog.” the volleyball player adds, his last three harsh words punctuated by powerful lunges of his hips into your squelching sex— bruising up your cervix, tainting the entrance of your womb with never ending spirts of his clear precum.
whistle tone whines of yours fall into the chorus of your joined bodies, the slip and slide of your sexes slotted against one another in perfect harmony— the pleasure is out of this world and you barely have enough brain function to register it, crying too much, leaking all over the place from your poor puppy pussy and from your open mouth. bokuto pulls tight on your leash until your head tips back, ears brushing against your spine as he bends you enough to spit into your mouth, groaning when you catch his gift on your tongue and run the pink muscle over your canine teeth in satisfaction.
“i-i’m—‘m not dumb!” you heave hoarsely between bokuto’s ravaging thrusts, breasts bouncing, tail thumping against his pelvis as he fucks you. “am not!”
golden eyes hone in on you, blazing with lust and amusement before your head is forced into the pillows— held down by koutarou’s hand that holds your leash tight enough to the point where you lose air. he used this position as leverage to plough into your oozing hole with slow strokes, making you howl into the cotton. “you’re not, huh? not a stupid little fuckmutt?” he laughs coldly and incredulously, despite the heat of his body even as his teeth latch onto your shoulder, writing degrading words against your skin in the form of blossoming love bites. “ain’t that why y’tearin’ up on my cock, misbehavin’ f’my attention?”
“n-no!” you sob at the mixture of pain and delight, shaking your head even though your body says yes— especially with the way your pussy clamps down, making koutarou’s hips stutter at the sudden lock down on his veiny cock. you’re practically seated on the edge of euphoria now, humping back on him like a bitch in heat, waiting to be filled with cum and to tumble over the peak of your high, crashing into the waves of desire below.
“fuckin’ attention whore,” the spiker nutters under his breath, sinking his teeth into your shoulder as he reaches between your joined bodies, underneath your wagging tail— never slowing down— to deliver a spank to your raw and abused cunt, living for the way your entire body spasms beneath him and your back brushes up against his hard nipples. “i’ve spoiled you too much, pupslut, gotta learn your lesson now,”
you don’t quite know what he means, the sound of bokuto’s ragged breathing as he fucks into you at a faster pace distracting your empty, air filled mind. you’re powerless to how he uses you, overwhelmed by his size as he drags you by the collar and leash to your orgasm. “‘m gonna cum kou! g’na cum so hard, p-please! please!” you beg for whatever comes to mind, but what can come to mind when your tiny pussy is stretched over a strong girth of koutarou’s size? “p-pups!” you say, babbling brainlessly, clawing at the pillows as the knot in your tummy comes close to snapping. “c-cum inside me kou, make me cum— gimme your pups please! n-need it! need you!”
you’re almost there, already tasting the sweet fruits of eve’s garden while your tail wags faster and faster at the thought of cumming— when it’s suddenly all pulled away from you.
“i don’t fuckin’ think so.”
koutarou rips his cock from the warmth of your cluttering cunt, a weak cry falling from your lips when he takes you by your pink leather leash and yanks your shaky body to the floor in front of his bed. your owner forces you onto your knees, your pointed husky ears flat against your head as he looms above you.
“t-this— fuckin’ hell— this is what happens when you act like a bad dog,” he stutters breathily and you can’t help the eager simper bubbling in the base of your throat despite your orgasm being torn away from you, since you get a front row seat to koutarou bokuto fisting his weighty girth above your face. milky threads of precum drip onto your tear stained and puffy cheeks, his balls against your chin as he ruts into you— forcing you to suck on meat of them while he jerks off above you. “you don’t get to cum, only i get to fucking cum. got that?”
you don’t have time to respond or nod, for fat globs of white pour from koutarou’s angry red tip, dribbling down the length of his shaft and pooling over your eyes and pretty face— making a mess of you like you did of his apartment. the throaty groan your owner lets out is enough to send you spiralling as he blows his load over your skin, still jerking his cock, filling the air with lewd fapping noises. there’s enough of his seed to hit the floor with a crude slap— some of it even splashing back onto your body or landing between your puppy dog ears.
still twitching with the after shocks of his high, koutarou looks down at you— pulling your head up to meet his amber gaze by your leash. “now, y’gonna lick all this fucking cum from the floor, clean it up like the dirty, bad dog you are…” he leans down close so that you can feel the heat of his breath on your cum stained cheeks. “then, you’re gonna roll over...nah, you’re gonna bend over, ‘n let me fuck that puppy cunt of yours again. but this time, you’ll behave.”
and you do.
you do as he says, cleaning up bokuto’s cock and the floor before he plunges himself back inside of your welcoming walls— fucking you hard until all you see is stars and you’re begging him to stop unleashing load after load of cum into your drooling slit. your ravaged and sore pussy leaks you with every thrust, eyes crossed and tail no longer wagging.
by the end of the night, you’re a drooling mess and koutarou bokuto’s good, obedient little husky hybrid... who’s managed to learn some wonderful new tricks.
Tumblr media
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sunaluvs · 3 months ago
PLS I BEG OF YOU “i fucking love you” “hang up, and tell me this when you’re sober” WITH KING SUNA
prompt: "i fucking love you" / "hang up, and tell me this when you're sober" ft. suna rintarō.
wc: 1.2k+
tags: fluff, yearning, gn!reader, fwb to lovers !!, nsfw mention, he calls you "whore" but it's lighthearted || ultimately sfw.
A/N: ....i really need to learn self control 😰 also i tweaked the prompt a little hehe but i hope u enjoy !! <3
Tumblr media
suna’s got a weird feeling in his gut.
it started with the text you’d sent him earlier in the night, a simple “hey, i’m going out drinking with the others tonight, so keep your phone on <33.” when he’d asked you why, all you’d said was “just in case!” before promptly ignoring the rest of his messages, leaving him with raised eyebrows and multiple questions. eventually, he’d sighed, tossed his phone away and gone back to his game, pushing away the strange twist in his stomach.
you’d never specifically asked him to keep his phone on before (not that you ever really needed to; he has a special ringtone for you, but he’d sooner insult his coach to his face before telling you that). he also didn’t know who these “others” were, and obviously, he knows you don’t owe him the information, but that doesn’t erase the nagging curiosity in the corner of his mind.
it’s frustrating, makes him feel a little stupid and irritated with himself. he wants you to text him whenever you’re going out (or better yet, give him a kiss before leaving). he wants you to talk to him about your other friends, wants to hear you spill all the gossip you know and laugh when he tells you the things he’s heard.
he wants to be more than someone you call when you need some stress relief or just want a good old orgasm. he wants to give you the sex and the aftercare and the company but under a different context. he wants to call you over to his place just to cuddle, and treat you to a night out, and be able to tell everyone that you’re his—his to kiss and hold and joke around with and love.
and just as much, he wants to be yours. wants you to call him sickeningly sweet pet names and buy matching outfits for the both of you and hear you call him your boyfriend. the desire for you to be each other’s burns brightly in his chest, and he feels it ignite every time you say his name or laugh at a stupid joke he told or moan so prettily into his ears.
sometimes, it feels like if he doesn’t do anything about it, the fire might end up consuming him inside out.
but then he’ll think about losing the familiarity of your touch, and no longer hearing your sweet voice calling him rin, and he thinks he’d rather be burned to ashes.
it's only hours later, when he can feel his eyelids getting heavy and the yawns leaving his mouth increase in number, that he gets the call that’d finally douse water on the flames.
the special ringtone blares throughout his room, and instantly, he’s awake and reaching for his phone, swiping at the screen and lips curving at the sound of your voice.
“rin!” you exclaim, “why’d you take so long to answer!”
he can’t help the small chuckle that leaves him, knowing from the slight slurring in your tone that you’re probably a lot more than tipsy.
“sorry, i was busy doing something important,” no he wasn’t, “what’s up?”
“something important?” you ask, and he can picture the exaggerated widening of your eyes and o-shape of your mouth, “what’s something important?”
“mm, don’t wanna tell you,” he hums, smirking when he hears you whine.
“that’s not fair!” you complain, a pout evident in your tone, “i deserve to know!”
“do you now?” he teases, “and why would that be?”
“because.” you pause, and he’s smiling like a fool, “uh—i’ll suck your dick?”
he snorts, closing his eyes in amusement, “you’d do that anyway. you’re too much of a whore not to.”
“hey!” you cry out petulantly, and he huffs a laugh, “i mean—you’re right, but you don’t have to say it!”
“what, bunny can’t take the truth?” he sounds a touch too fond, and he knows, but for the life of him, he can’t help it. already, he can hear the crackle of embers lighting up in his chest, and he lets out a silent sigh.
“so mean,” you mumble, before huffing a short breath, “can’t believe i love you.”
his heart stops.
minutes pass, and you continue to ramble on, not noticing the complete halt his world has come to. all he can do is sit there, with blood rushing through his ears and a heart engulfed in red, orange, and yellow. he sits and sits until you’re calling his name, a confused “rin? rinnie?” leaving your lips; until the heat licking at his ribs snap him out of it and his heartbeat kickstarts all over again.
he takes in a sharp breath, and his voice is shaky when he speaks.
“say it again.”
“wh—huh?” you’re out of the loop, and he curses the long time he took to react properly.
clearing his throat, he forces stability and calm into his tone, “what you said—a few minutes ago,” he squeezes his eyes shut, “that you—you couldn’t believe you—”
he cuts himself off, but it seems you’ve gotten the gist of what he’s trying to say, because you make noise of understanding.
“ah—you mean when i said i can’t believe i love you?”
a harsh breath leaves him, and he swallows with difficulty.
“mhm, what about it?” you sound—so innocent, so honest, like you don’t realize how you just simultaneously destroyed and rebuilt suna’s entire world with that one sentence.
it’s so you, and it’s all he’s ever wanted.
“did you—did you mean it?”
moments pass, and it seems that the reality of the situation has finally gotten past the haze of liquor and exhaustion, because your next words are quiet, embarrassed, but not hesitant or deceptive.
a breathless laugh leaves him, and his hand comes up to cover his mouth, an uncontrollable, foolish, unbelievably happy grin pulling at his lips.
“oh. yeah,” you whisper, soft and honest, “i did.”
“bunny.” he says, and there’s definitely too much fondness in his tone.
“hang up, and tell me this when you’re sober.”
“uh,” you sound puzzled, but you agree anyway, “o-okay. yeah—alright.”
“good,” he replies, biting at his smile. suddenly, a thought strikes him, and he does a quick check at the time, raising his eyebrows when he sees the numbers 2:15 am, “hey, do you have anyone to drive you home?”
“hm?” you must have zoned out, as you take a moment to answer, but then you’re replying, “oh! oh, yeah, i do! yeah, they’re um—i think they’re in the bathroom with one of the girls.”
he chuckles, nodding even though you can’t see, “good. don’t stay out too late, yeah? text me when you’re back home.”
“uh-huh, will do! actually, y’know, i was just thinking abou—huh? what?” your voice is muffled, probably talking to someone off the phone, but then you’re back and your voice is a little hurried, “sorry rin, i got to go! i’ll talk to you later!”
“alright. bye, bunny.”
“bye-bye!” you sing cheerily, before you hang up, leaving him in the silence of his room.
he sighs contently, staring at your contact photo, when he suddenly feels air bubbling up through his chest, and before he knows it, he’s falling back into his bed in a fit of uncontrollable giggles. it’s embarrassing, and he’d rather quit volleyball than get caught, but he can’t stop the laughter shaking through him, and he buries his face in his pillow in a helpless attempt to stop, but the scrunch of his nose and curve of his grin don't leave him—not for a while.
he feels so unbelievably light, like he could start floating through the atmosphere at any given moment. his chest is warm, but it’s not the sweltering heat of a burning fire—it’s the heat of skin against skin, of the sun hitting your frame just right and your bright smiles directed at him. it’s the warmth he’s been daydreaming about and seeking for so long, it doesn’t quite feel real yet.
sleep is a far-away notion, leaving him lying awake in what he thinks has to be some amazing fucking dream, but the sound of a notification from a message—your message—jolts him out of the state, and he scrambles to grab his phone and swipe to see your text.
im home nnow!1
m very tiredt
gonna gosleep
nightnight. :0
a soft chuckle leaves him, and he quickly types back a reply.
goodnight, bunny. sweet dreams.
he exhales a light breath, and flops back onto his pillow.
he can’t wait for tomorrow.
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sunamour · 2 months ago
#1: maybe
Tumblr media
current | 02: after everything ->
+ angst, suna x f!reader. unrequited, mentions of sex. wc: 1.5k
+ summary: suna makes you happy, and you make him feel the same. but sometimes ‘happy’ just isn’t enough, so maybe it’s time for you to walk away.
+ wrote this on a whim djdkdkd also, we thank my ex for sort of being the inspiration behind this lmao. NOT PROOFED bc i got lazy rip. anw rbs appreciated!! <3
Tumblr media
“She’s beautiful.”
It stung for you to admit. But you couldn’t help yourself, because she is. Radiant skin with bright big doe eyes, the prettiest dimples nestled in her cheeks and soft pink lips to top it all off.
“Yeah, but she looked even better before, when her makeup was more natural.”
So Rin says, but even so, you think she’s already galaxies above you in terms of looks alone. You are aware that comparing yourself to Rin’s exes is definitely a bad idea, but how could you not? Every time you’re chilling on the bed beside him, he happens to be viewing her profile. Does he even know you notice? Because if he did, then it would mean he doesn’t care, or bother to assure you.
And you don’t know which is worse: him knowing and choosing not to assure you of your position, or him not even noticing your pain at all.
Maybe agreeing to date someone when they’re not completely over their ex wasn’t such a good idea. In your defense, you had absolutely no clue until recently, three months into ‘dating’ Rin.
In all honesty, you still had no idea where you stood. Sure, he brings you to his games and he brings you home too. He posts about you all the time on his story, doesn’t bother to hide you from his world one bit. But late at night when he thinks you’re not looking, he can’t help but to check up on her, and for some reason the nostalgic look in his eyes pains you.
At night as you lay in bed beside him and he turns his back to you, you can’t help but to wonder: is this what people mean when they say the loneliest feeling is having your world right beside you but feeling millions of miles away? Even when he doesn’t turn you away after you hug him from behind, even when he puts his hand over yours as you loop them around his waist. It doesn’t feel like his heart’s in it.
“Give Rin a while, I know he’s not that expressive, but it’s been a while since he actually bothered to even introduce a girl to his family,” his friend, a certain Osamu Miya, had told you. “You must be important to him for him to do that.”
There’s your curse right there—you trust way too easily. Osamu seemed nice enough, but you really shouldn’t listen to anyone about Rin’s feelings other than Rin himself. Putting too much weight on what his friends have told you and assured you about had led you here, five months into whatever this relationship was and still getting no concrete answer as to who exactly Rin takes you for.
To the outside, you’re his girl. Rin meets you whenever he’s free, he brings you along to every party, he takes care of you whenever you’re sad. But in spite of all that, he’s never made it clear to you how he actually feels.
The thought comes crawling back to you at the worst times, like when the lights are off and he’s stretching you out, his guttural groans and your satisfied moans filling his room. He kisses you to shut you up because his parents are in the next room and you really shouldn’t be making this much noise. (You’re both excited for when he finally gets to move into his new apartment next month.)
Doubt is a painful thing though, because you wonder who he sees when he’s fucking you like this. When he’s kissing you, does he imagine it’s her lips? When he releases inside you, is it someone else he wishes to feel?
“I love you, Rin,” you declare breathlessly, still panting from earlier.
He settles beside you, nestling his head in the crook of your neck and tells you the same thing, but he falls asleep within seconds and you find yourself questioning if he even knew he ever said it at all.
A couple nights later and you find yourself with Rin at the grocery store near his house. It’s 2am and the both of you are starving, why not go to the nearby supermarket and splurge on midnight snacks?
Rin grabs a basket in one hand and holds your hand with his other, maneuvering through the aisles with expert ease, knowing exactly what you’d want and where it’s situated. You’re eager to follow, but by the time he’s actually cooking for you thirty minutes later, you find yourself becoming greedy.
Through your eyes you’re watching as Rin happily samples the topping for your homemade pizza. He told you to just wait there while he makes it for you, says you did a lot of work today and you deserve to have something done for you.
That is the moment you know. You know that you don’t want anyone else to have Rin, that you don’t want anyone else but Rin. You know that, and that’s why you want to stop kidding yourself. Because despite all his actions, he still can’t fool you.
“Yeah, babe?” He answers, unsuspecting.
Your fists are clenched at your side because you can’t believe you’re about to do this. But you also know you can’t continue any longer.
“What am I to you?”
This time Rin stops stirring the tomato base and looks at you. You wish you weren’t close to breaking down but you can’t help it. There would be one of two ways that this is going to play out, and to say you’re nervous was a bit of an understatement.
“What do you mean?”
Answering a question with a question has always been Rin’s way of trying to avoid the difficult topics. You almost want to cave in, to let him have his way because maybe then you’d be able to keep him to yourself a little longer. But all the times he texts his ex when he thinks you’re out of sight, all the times he smiles when he hears her singing on her story, all the times he tears his hand away from yours when he sees her at one of his games—it’s all getting way too much for you to ignore.
If she wanted back in to your life, Rin, would you let her? You’d like to ask that, but you already know the answer. Fact of the matter is, no matter how good his friends say you are for him, no matter how much his family likes you—you will always come second to her when it comes to Rin’s feelings.
“You know what I mean,” you mutter, all the hope you once had knocked out of your lungs in an instant because you can’t believe you stupidly thought that there was a chance that Rin would choose a secure relationship with you over a possibility with her.
“Can we not do this right now?”
But it’s too late—his answer is already crystal clear. And the worst part is you can’t bring yourself to hate him for it. He’s taken care of you so well for the past five months, he’s helped you heal your own broken heart although he breaks it in completely different ways himself. In a way, you can see he loves you, but it’s not enough. Not when there’s someone else he truly loves in ways you can only imagine of being loved back.
It’s 2.45am and for the first time since you’ve been with Rin, the two of you come to a disagreement. You almost wish he would lie to you, tell you that he loved you and tell you to stay. But that would be all it is—a lie. Just like what you’ve been doing to yourself ever since the first time he told you about her.
“Good luck, Rin,” is all you leave him with before breaking your own heart and leaving him behind. He may think you’re a good catch, but that breaks your heart because that’s all you ever will be. To him, it would never be enough, especially next to someone who has his heart since before you ever met him.
Suna turns off the stove as he watches you go, his legs failing to move when he realises the gravity of the situation. He’s not dumb; he knows you’re good for him, he knows you would’ve done anything to make him happy, yet he can’t bring himself to chase after you.
You deserve better, he thinks, although he knows you don’t believe so. Maybe if he met you a little bit later he could actually be better for you. Maybe if he hadn’t been selfish and asked you out so quickly your feelings would’ve aligned somewhere down the road.
But now all he knows is he can’t even lie to you, can’t bring himself to ask you to stay. You’re right for walking away. Suna hates to admit it, but being with you is the happiest he’s ever felt in the longest time.
Yet he broke your heart anyway. Because no matter how happy you make him, you’re somehow still not enough.
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c0rncheez · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Characters - Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Kuroo, Sakusa and Aran
Cw - NSFW, Fem! Reader, TimeSkip!, Established Relationships, Implied Cunnilingus & BlowJobs, Short & Sweet, a lot of sexual hinting ;]
A/n ~ [PART 1] here’s another batch hehe, I think my fav is the Sakusa one!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
OIKAWA [ignoring him + compliments]
He lives for attention from every outlet he can get so when the most important person in his world is purposely giving him the cold shoulder it makes him want to your attention even more
He knows when you’re playing versus when you’re actually mad at him, so he’ll purposely drop to his knees to give you a good reason to shower him with your attention. And he won’t stop till you finally meet his eyes from between your shaking thighs
And please be sparing with your compliments! Sure he cockily smirks at the endless praises he receives from fans and reporters—but when you pull him aside at the end of the day to gush about his perfect serve and how proud of him you are he can’t help but flush in excitement. Sure he appreciates all the love but when it comes from you specifically it makes him feel very…giving
IWAIZUMI [getting dolled up]
He just loves his pretty girl okay. He loves when you put in all the extra time to look so glamorous whenever you leave the house. Don’t him wrong though, you look hot no matter what but he can still appreciate the effort you add for your own enjoyment as well
It could be date night or maybe just a dinner at a friends house—no matter what you always snatch his breathe away. Whether it’s the bold eyeshadow and lipstick you decided to try that day or the figure flattering dress hugging your body he just couldn’t get enough. He also couldn’t help but sneak glances because you just look so fucking amazing all the damn time—like jeez give him a break
Don’t be surprised when you both get home and he slams you up against the front door seemingly out of nowhere. He’s been waiting patiently all day to make a sexy mess of all your hard work [the heels stay on btw <3]
KUROO [asking for help + intelligence]
It doesn’t matter if you are tall or short, ask him to help you reach everything! You could even be a body builder and he’d complain if he saw you carrying heavy items without him.
So be a doll and let him feel like the big reliable man around the house. He feels so useful once you thank him and now he can’t stop grinning because he just thought of a better way for you to show your gratitude
He is also a slight sapiosexual, so whenever you are studying or speaking of something profound his dick jumps straight to the sky. Just hearing you spouting all the knowledge you have has him tackling you onto the bed—what can he say he loves baddie with a big brain <3
SAKUSA [brushing your teeth]
He knows it’s a simple thing, he really does. You are just keeping up with your dental care like every other human but it drives him up a wall regardless
You both always brush your teeth together every morning and every night before bed so he always gets a front row seat. He’s not sure if it’s you taking your hygiene so seriously or maybe it’s the minty white substance all over your mouth region. It could even be the few times when you accidentally reached a bit too far and lightly gagged in reaction.
Gosh it made him feel like such a hormonal teenager but he couldn’t help it. You’re just going to have to brush and gargle one more time after he’s finished with you
ARAN [applying lip gloss]
It’s just like the whole motion of it. You both are out on a date and you pull out your phone camera to discreetly reapply your gloss. Literally that’s all! You close your phone and cuddle back into his arm like nothing—because it is nothing…atleast to you
He’s sweating bullets though. Seeing you softly pout out to smear the pink gloss all over your sexy lips should be illegal in public by his rules. While it’s a simple motion for you to go through it’s like a sensual fantasy in his book
You reapply it so often too, you must be doing it on purpose. He always tries to be a gentleman but he can’t help but let his mind roam on what those sticky plush lips of yours would feel like all on his…would you be mad if he rescheduled the date? Because there are a few things he needs to take care of now… with your help of course ♡
Tumblr media
A/n~ plssss not me teasing y’all with Aran lmaooo👄✨ hope u enjoyed hehe
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sunascumdoll · a month ago
𝚝𝚠𝚘'𝚜 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚙𝚊𝚗𝚢, 𝚝𝚑𝚛𝚎𝚎'𝚜 𝚊 𝚌𝚛𝚘𝚠𝚍.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢꜱ: ᴋᴇɴᴍᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ x ᴋᴜʀᴏᴏ ɢᴇɴʀᴇ: ꜱᴍᴜᴛ (ᴍᴅɴɪ 18+) ᴡᴄ: 1.6ᴋ ᴛᴡ// ᴄᴜᴄᴋᴏʟᴅɪɴɢ, ᴏʀᴀʟ (ʀᴇᴄᴇɪᴠɪɴɢ), ᴊᴇᴀʟᴏᴜꜱʏ, ᴅᴇɢʀᴀᴅɪɴɢ (ᴀ ʟɪᴛᴛʟᴇ ɪɴᴛᴇɴꜱᴇ), ᴅᴏᴍ!ᴋᴇɴᴍᴀ, ʙʀᴇᴇᴅɪɴɢ, ᴍᴀᴛɪɴɢ ᴘʀᴇꜱꜱ, ꜱʟɪɢʜᴛ ᴘʀᴀɪꜱᴇ ᴋɪɴᴋ. ɪꜰ ɪ ᴍɪꜱꜱᴇᴅ ᴀɴʏ ᴘʟᴇᴀꜱᴇ ʟᴇᴛ ᴍᴇ ᴋɴᴏᴡ! ᴀꜱ ᴀʟᴡᴀʏꜱ ʀᴇʙʟᴏɢꜱ ᴀʀᴇ ᴀᴘᴘʀᴇᴄɪᴀᴛᴇᴅ, ᴘʟᴇᴀꜱᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜᴀɴᴋ ʏᴏᴜ.
a/n: this was only suppose to be oral.. somehow it turned into this and i am now violently whoreknee.
ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴏ ʜQ ᴍ.ʟɪꜱᴛ |  ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴀɪɴ ᴍ.ʟɪꜱᴛ
Tumblr media
“be honest with me. have you had thoughts on fucking y/n?”
kenma tenses, the music from the game on his phone filling the daunting silence of the living room. he shifts his lower half on the couch, cat-like eyes finally glancing over at the raven-haired man. kenma opens his mouth to respond, only to be cut off by the front door opening and a sing-songy voice chirping into the room. both men turn around and look at you, kenma staring the hardest.
“hi kuroo! oh, hi ken-ken! what are you guys doing?”
kuroo smirks before turning to look at kenma, who’s in the middle of staring daggers into you, his tongue dipping out to wet his lips.
“come here, pretty girl,” kuroo instructs.
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
kenma is forced to his knees, black-blonde hair pulled back tightly into a makeshift ponytail by kuroo’s hand, his face mere inches away from your cunt. kenma gulps, the aroma from your pussy making his mouth water. he wants to, god he wants, but it would be wrong.
“i can’t, kuroo. i can’t do this.”
“yes you can, and you will,” kuroo sneers, his grip tightening in kenma’s hair before mashing his face into your waiting cunt.
kenma struggles against kuroo’s hold, his head shaking back and forth only to come to an abrupt stop. he licks his lips once, then twice before letting out a throaty groan. the taste of your sweet nectar had spilled and invaded kenma’s palate. ‘good, tastes so fucking good’, he thinks. his tongue protrudes from his mouth and gives your cunt a lap, eliciting another groan from him. your body jolts a bit, gasping when you feel the warmth of kenma’s tongue on your pussy. his hands reach up, grasping and kneading at your thighs as he attaches his lips to your clit. he sucks on the tiny nub, all while brushing the tip of his tongue against it. your pretty little moans are music to his ears and more than enough encouragement to keep him going.
kuroo pushes kenma’s head further into your cunt while his other palms his hardening cock through his low-hanging grey sweats, “what happened to not being able to do this?”
a wanton of moans spills from kenma’s mouth in response, his eyes beginning to droop as he gets lost in your flavor. drool spills from his lips to his chin, his head shaking left and right to nestle himself deeper into your core.
kuroo would be lying if he said the sight in front of him wasn’t beautiful. his own best friend, dazed, mind lost in a fog of lust, with his face buried deep in his girlfriend's pussy. the sound of your moans brought kuroo back to reality. his brown orbs land of your face contorted in pure pleasure. your hands shakily reach down to grab kenma’s head, your nails raking through his hair.
“ ‘m cumming!” you yell.
kenma smiles against your throbbing pussy, making sure to lick up every drop of your sweet juices from every crevice possible. he watches in awe at the way your body shivers and jolts from his touches alone.
“alright,” kuroo releases kenma’s hair, it falling to frame his face perfectly, “that’s eno-”
he’s cut off by kenma, who is scrambling off of the floor and towering over your frame. the faux blonde bends down, his tongue slipping inside your mouth and exploring as he kisses you. your arms wrap around his neck as you moan against his lips, the taste of your own cum occupying your mouth. kuroo cocks his eyebrow before walking over to a chair that sat conveniently in the corner. his cock was painfully hard and desperate for any attention. he pulls on his sweats, his swollen dick springing free and slapping against his stomach.
“mmm, ken-ken,” you whine as you break away from his kiss.
“shh, baby, hold your legs open for me.”
you quickly oblige and spread your legs as far as they would allow you. kenma fumbles with the button of his pants, his dick leaping free seconds later. those same intimidating eyes scan the room and land on kuroo, a mischievous smile spreading across his face.
“i’m taking this cunt.”
kenma looks back down at you, more specifically your pussy that’s coated in arousal. he wanted this, god he wanted this. he’s dreamt about it, and now that the opportunity is in front of him, he’s going to take it. why shouldn’t he? he has this beautiful little pussy laid out in front of him, all for him. his best friend isn’t saying a word. kenma glances back at kuroo, watching the man stroke his cock, before grabbing his own and burying it all inside of you.
kuroo gulps and strokes his shaft a bit quicker. this wasn’t part of the arrangement, kenma was only meant to taste you, but here he is, balls deep inside of you, pounding away at your poor little cunt. he should stop this, tell kenma he’s taking this too far, but he can’t. those simple words get caught in his throat. why can’t he tell him ‘stop’.? simple. he likes it. the jealousy of watching his best friend ravage the pussy that belongs to him makes his cock twitch, your guttural moans adding onto that jealousy.
kenma leans down, sloppily kissing you while he pumps his girthy dick deep within your core. your nails claw down his back to his ass, helping him slam deeper into you.
“mm ken-ken! it feels so fucking good! fuckin’ me so well!”
“yeah? slutty thing loves getting fucked in front of her boyfriend? say it. out loud.” kenma groans and grips your face, turning your head towards kuroo.
a broken sob crawls up the back of your throat, and your eyes begin to water as you make out kuroo’s figure. drool slips from the corner of your mouth and onto the bed, your body lurching upwards with each thrust kenma delivered to your whole.
“l-love getting fucked in front of you! d-daddy, he’s stretchin’ my pussy! s’too much!”
kuroo groans and releases his hand from his cock. he spits down into his palm and grips back onto his girth once more, eagerly pumping himself. “is that so, baby? mm- fuck. just going to let kenma fuck you like whore in front of, daddy?”
you nod pathetically and turn back to face kenma. your hands grab onto your legs and pull them further apart, “k-ken, please! need ta’ be fucked harder, please!”
kenma grins and pistons his cock deeper into your cunt, his balls bouncing off of your ass, “hm? pretty little thing doesn’t get fucked like this often? maybe ken-ken needs to come around more and pound this pussy like it deserves. what do you think, kuroo?” he spits.
kuroo glares, a singular vein becoming prominent on his forehead. his gaze shifts to you and softens. you look so fucked out, your whines and moans growing louder with every lunge of kenma’s cock. kuroo can feel jealousy and rage entangle with his lust. he runs his thumb across the tip of his cock, hissing before peeping back at kenma, “fuck her.”
“with pleasure.”
kenma grabs onto your legs and pins them against your chest, folding you into a mating press. groans, wet skin slapping together, and a creaking bed fill the atmosphere in your shared bedroom. kenma was deep, almost too deep inside your cunt. your ____ irises fill with salty tears as he continues to plow inside of you. each thrust had you craving something more and more; kenma’s cum. you needed it, and you’d do anything for it.
“ken-ken please!”
“please, what, doll? tell ken-ken what you want.”
“want your cum!”
“yeah? do you want me to breed this pretty little pussy? aw, baby, what would your precious boyfriend think? would he want me to pump your tummy full?” he mocks, locking eye contact with kuroo.
“please! need your cum in me now! d-daddy, please! let him fill me up!”
kuroo swallows, his hips sloppily thrusting into his hand as he watches your pussy swallow up kenma’s bare cock. he curses under his breath when he hears your pleas. is he suppose to tell you no? not when you’re begging so prettily. he spits down onto his and continues thrusting into his hand before whispering.
“give my baby what she wants.”
kenma leans down, the warmth of his breath fanning over your ears. your juices began to turn a milky white and bunch around the base of kenma’s cock.
“fuck~ gonna pump this pussy full of cum. gonna keep fucking cunt until it takes. want you leaking my cum all the time. you want that, sweetheart?”
“yes, ken-ken! please cum in me!”
kenma turns his head to face kuroo, his hips slamming down harder into your greedy cunt, “c-cumming!” kenma moans, spilling all of his seed deep within your gooey core.
kuroo grunts, his eyes hyper-focused on your cunt guzzling down every ounce of his best friend's cum. his cock twitches, and with one last thrust into his hand, kuroo paints his stomach with his cum. he slumps in the chair, his breath ragged as he looks at the two of you.
kenma slowly pulls his cock out of your hole and watches as your pulsating pussy leaks his cum. he takes two of his fingers and shovels the cum back into your cunt, a smile present on his face.
the legs of the chair scrape against the floor, emitting a loud screech noise as kuroo gets up. he makes his way to the bed and stops before the two of you. his angry red cock is still standing tall despite cumming a minute ago. his pupils are blown, orbs darken with lust as he wraps his hand around his cock once more. he clears his throat and smiles down at both you and kenma.
“my turn.”
Tumblr media
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tetsvhoe · 2 months ago
character/s: timeskip!kuroo tetsuro x f!reader, timeskip!suna rintaro x f!reader, timeskip!miya atsumu x f!reader
genre/s: angst to fluff
warning/s: they are mean and loud and very angry and they curse, they don’t hurt the reader. crybaby reader. sorry i can’t help it im a cancer.
gwen’s notes 🤍: borrowed my sister’s laptop again to update this (context) finally after more than a week of no updates. all these are longer than intended, thus my brain is melting, thus it is not proofread
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsuro loves your endless doting and how you hover over him every chance you get, nagging him to take breaks, take care of himself, and overall just showering him with lots of affection. which is why it scares you that the things he love most about you can also sometimes be the things he hate.
he shuts the door behind him with a sigh, wanting nothing more than to hop in the shower and clock out completely. you didn’t get the memo though, seeing as how you’re humming and dancing in the kitchen, juggling pots and pans while you cook dinner.
“tetsu, you home?” you call out. kuroo finds himself sighing in irritation for some reason. he pinches the bridge of his nose, mumbling a small “yeah” which he knows you wouldn’t even hear.
you hear shuffling from the living room and just assume he didn’t hear you. “dinner’s almost ready,” you try again.
kuroo drags himself into kitchen. “hey, i kind of already ate before coming home,” he says flatly.
“what? but i made your favorite!” you spare him a glance and a little pout before quickly turning your attention back to the stove. you were never the best at working under pressure and multitasking, but you really wanted him to come home to a nice meal. “i swear it’s almost done, see! have a seat, you can take just a few bites,” you ramble.
he squeezes his eyes shut, feeling his head throb. he slides into a seat begrudgingly, propping his elbows up on the table and placing his head between his hands. he zones out as he hears you ramble about your day, complaining about your classes.
you notice how tired he seems and hurriedly set up the table, so much so that you spill something on his shirt.
“shit!” he grits through his teeth, jumping out of the chair.
“i’m sorry!” you screech, eyes wide and hands over your mouth. you run to get a towel.
“i got it,” he mumbles, trying to take it away.
“no, i’m sorry. i got it.” you stubbornly refuse, frantically blotting the stain.
“can we please make this quick,” he grumbles, rolling his eyes.
your eyebrows furrow, hands halting their movements and you straighten up. “hey, i know you might have had a pretty bad day. i was just trying to do something nice.”
he scoffs. “if you knew i was having a bad day, why would you go and make it worse.”
arms fold over your chest, annoyance quickly bubbling up. “sorry i messed up, it’s not like i purposely spilled it on your shirt.”
“it’s not like i asked you to do something ‘nice’ for me,” he mocks. “you can’t even do anything right.”
your mouth hangs open, disbelief flashes across your features before it is replaced with anger. “i don’t care if the universe is shitting on you and you’ve had the worst day of your life, you don’t get to talk to me like that especially when i go out of my way to look after you—”
“that’s the point!” he screeches, flinging his hands in the air exasperated. you stumble back on your feet, heart hammering inside your chest as he raises his voice too loud for your liking. “i don’t need you looking after me like that, i don’t need you breathing down my neck at every waking moment!”
a glass of water spills and shatters to pieces on the floor as his hand knocks it over. you can’t help but jolt up slightly and watch wide-eyed as liquid bleed out onto the tiled floor slowly. silence fills the entire apartment while you stare at it, eyes stinging as you attempt holding back tears. kuroo’s chest heaves up and down as he catches his breath and notices how oddly quiet and reserved you’ve become.
he feels a pang in his chest while he registers what happened. the more he looks at you, trying to close in on yourself and shy away from him, the more guilt bubbles up in his chest.
“kitten, i—”
you drop onto the floor out of panic, not knowing what else to do other than clean the mess up in a rush.
“no, no, wait! stop it—” he crouches down and tries to seize your hand from picking up the shards of broken glass, but you’ve already picked up a few pieces. you move almost robotically as you quickly clean it up, kuroo not being able to stop your movements. he stands up and sighs, frustratedly running his hands through his face.
“i’m sorry, please stop,” he pleads as he finally grabs a hold of your wrist.
you tuck your face away as you feel like you can no longer hold back the tears and feel a sob claws its way out of your throat.
“i’m so sorry. i didn’t mean to snap at you like that,” he whispers, pulling you to his chest. you’re too worn out to push him off, so you opt for sobbing into his shirt instead.
“you’re so fucking mean,” you cry out, balling your fist and hitting him meekly.
“i know, kitten. i messed up really bad. let me make it up to you, hm?” he coos, rubbing soothing circles on your back.
“no, fuck off,” you sniffle. you feel him shake as he lightly chuckles, and you take the opportunity to push yourself off.
the air in the apartment is thick and suffocating even as you both get ready for bed. you’re still pretty upset but ultimately too tired to deal with it. kuroo nuzzles into you, mumbling apologies, and sweet nothings. though he’s trying to play it off, his stomach is still in knots as he thinks back to what he did and how horribly he acted.
“i’m going to do better,” he whispers, a tear streams down his cheek and fear looms over him when you don’t answer. he tells himself you don’t need to, he just needs to do as hey says.
Tumblr media
suna rintaro is not one to lose his temper during arguments. he would rather shrug it off, wait until the heat of the moment passes, and then speak his mind. so why were you going at each other’s throats with passive aggressive remarks and offhanded provocative comments over something you can’t even remember?
“you’re being so difficult,” you grumble, eyebrows in a deep furrow. you turn your back on him as you fold your arms over your chest with a huff.
“oh, i’m the one being difficult, huh? i wounder who started all this shit in the first place.”
you notice how his voice gradually becomes louder from across the room and even with your back facing him, you could feel the daggers he’s glaring right at you. something irks him with the way you’re avoiding his gaze, shying away from him like you’re trying to escape his presence. “talking to you about what’s bothering me isn’t exactly ‘starting shit’, suna,” you humorlessly chuckle, your eyes rolling in annoyance.
his heart twitches at how vindictive his name rolls off your tongue paired with your sarcastic tone. “i already said i was sorry!”
“well sorry doesn’t quite cut it, doesn’t it!?” you shout, exasperated but you finally turn to look at him, tears line your eyes from the exhaustion of arguing for god knows how long. when your eyes finally meet, it hurts your heart to be in such situation in the first place but for some reason, suna refuses to feel small under your gaze.
“what do you want me to do then,” his voice is suddenly quiet, the stark contrast startles you. you open your mouth to speak but he cuts you off as he stalks towards you. “do you want me to beg on my knees for forgiveness, is that it?” his lips curve to a sinister smirk, making you equally confused and frightened. “tell me what the fuck you want me to do because clearly, i can’t go back in time to fix it!”
you never realize how close he’s actually gotten until his hands slam against the dresser behind you, making you jump in the slightest. he lightly shoves it out of frustration, making the things sitting on top of it fall with a loud clatter. you reel away as much as you can trapped between his arms. suna’s eyes mirror your wide ones as you both seem to break out of a trance, he watches as tears stream down your cheeks one after the other. you let out a sharp breath you didn’t know you were holding and he slightly backs away from you, retracing his arms back to his sides. he takes in how you cautiously eye him with teary eyes, hands clutched onto yourself, and his heart sinks into his stomach.
“i-um, i’m sorry,” he mumbles, eyes glued to the floor. you remain backed into the wooden dresser, seemingly frozen in place. you don’t reply and his heart thumps in his chest. he went too far, didn’t he? did you think he was going to hurt you? oh, god are you going to leave him? “i’m really sorry, i didn’t mean to go that far,” he whispers, feeling the guilt eat him up from the inside out.
his voice trembles and your body finally relaxes, moving on instinct to reach out to him. “it’s… it’s fine, can we please just stop arguing for tonight and get some rest,” you awkwardly plead, trying to hold his trembling hands.
“no, it’s not fine. please don’t say that it is. i never should have treated you like that.”
“i agree, but for now we should sleep it off, yeah?”
he nods in agreement. you clumsily walk past him and into the bathroom to get ready for bed, when you peek into the bedroom afterwards, you find suna cleaning up the mess from earlier.
“do you… want to sleep alone or…?”
“no,” you almost immediately answer. he gives you a slight nod.
you fall asleep engulfed in tension and in each other’s arms. he’s careful as he holds you, not wanting to see the look of fright flash on your eyes ever again, especially if he’s the cause behind it.
Tumblr media
miya atsumu is nothing short of intense. it’s just one more thing you love about him, but the same intensity and passion he has for all things does not translate well when you’re having misunderstandings.
he comes home like a ticking timebomb from the unbelievably terrible day he had, and it just so happened you were too busy with college and job applications to take care of the flat like you’re supposed to, putting off chores until later in the day but you never got around to doing them before he arrived. it was enough to set him off.
“i’m sorry, i just got too busy. i was planning on cleaning anyway, you go wash up and i’ll take care of this.”
“what’s so important that you can’t even do basic things in the house,” he mumbles irritated, shoving his duffel bag and shoes off.
your mouth falls slack, a sarcastic scoff escaping. “sorry if i have a life outside of looking out for you like a damn maid, i already said i was going to clean up. what’s your problem?”
he shoots you a scowl before turning back to shrug his team jacket off. “my problem is that i can’t even come home to a clean house after one hell of a day.”
you follow his steps as he stomps his way towards your bedroom, eyes trailed forward and an angry scowl on his features as he ignores your arguing. “you’re not the only one who has bad days, dipshit. it doesn’t give you the right to talk to me like this—”
your words cut off when he swivels on his heel, slamming the bedroom door shut, so loud that you almost feel the apartment quake. “can’t you just shut the fuck up,” he grits through his teeth, hunched over the doorknob and his back facing you.
you feel your body tremble but can’t will yourself to move or shout back at him. instead, warm tears trail down your cheeks as you stare at him in disbelief. atsumu’s ears are ringing, heart pounding in his chest from the adrenaline of hearing the door slam shut, and his breathing is shallow from the stress and fatigue of arguing. it takes a moment for him to register the quietness, save for your soft sobs.
he peels his eyes open as he begins to realize what he just did. your cries become more and more clear to his hearing, and he feels his heart plummet. he can’t bring himself to turn to look at you, scared of the horrified look he knows he’s going to see on your face.
he runs a hand through his hair, raking his brain for something to say but he realizes he can’t say anything to take away from the fact that he was being unreasonable and hostile, and that he made you feel unsafe on top of being an ass. “i’m sorry,” he mumbles breathlessly instead. he still doesn’t look at you, but you remain quiet.
he slowly turns around, heart shattering when his eyes falls on your wide teary ones and how you’re shakily clutching onto yourself.
“angel,” he calls out like a plead, a prayer. he takes a tiny step and you shuffle away out of fear or spite or anger, you don’t really care to know. all that matters is you didn’t want to be touched by him at the moment, or even be in the same room as him. “i really am sorry, i wasn’t going to hurt you, you know.” his head hangs low as he feels tears of his own form in his eyes.
“i need to take a breather,” you manage to croak out, wiping away at your tears and collecting your phone, wallet, and a jacket draped over a desk chair.
atsumu tries hard not to engulf you in his arms when you weave past him. “please be safe,” he calls out after your retreating figure before he is all alone in the barren apartment. he stands there for a good few minutes, replaying the scene in his mind and feeling more and more terrible. he figures he should at least try and clean up the mess he was so furious about moments ago which is ironic of him.
you immediately notice the difference when you walk back in but can’t bring yourself to care so you storm straight into the bedroom. atsumu is all but jumping off a chair when he hears the door open, eyes puffy and apologetic.
“i-uh… i prepared a bath for you. can we talk about this after you’re done?” he twiddles with his thumbs as he tries to look you in your uninterested eyes. you give him a curt nod.
“i just wanted you to know i’m sorry and i won’t let it happen again, angel,” he whispers while he watches you crawl into bed.
he chews on his lips, standing at the foot of the bed awkwardly. he understand his apology doesn’t make the problem go away. a beat of silence passes and he starts walking towards the door.
“where are you going?”
“i figured you wouldn’t want to sleep next to me so… i was going to sleep on the couch instead.”
eyes roll to the back of your head with a sigh. “never mind that, come here.” you pat the spot next to you and atsumu tries not to look so excited. you still catch on how he brightens up immediately.
“never again, huh?”
“i promise.”
Tumblr media
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myetherealmelody · 3 months ago
haikyuu boys and dumbification
Tumblr media
characters: ushijima, bokuto, oikawa, suna, akaashi
warnings: dub/sub dynamics, afab!dom!reader, dirty talk, choking, nipple play, overstimulation, dumbification, squirting, “mommy” is said once, anal fingering, pegging, blowjobs, face fucking, bondage
ushijima gets real quiet when he’s being fucked stupid
the only sounds that escape him are these desperate groans, the sound of them going straight to your cunt
his eyes get all unfocused-the only thing he can pay attention to is watching your tits bounce as you ride him
he’s gonna need you to help him out at this point, poor fucked out beefy man can’t think for himself when he’s like this
your thighs ache from the exertion, but you will yourself to keep going, one hand at ushijima’s throat, the other resting on his chest and tweaking his nipple every time you slam back down on his cock. his mouth is slightly open now-drool is dribbling out the side of it and he doesn’t even know he’s doing it. poor ushijima is only focused on the feeling of your pussy around his cock, and he can’t help the sounds that escape him, can he? not when you’re fucking him so well.
“you gotta tell me what you want, love,” you say in his ear, out of breath. “wanna cum? yeah?”
he probably wouldn’t even notice what was happening to him at first
he’s so focused on pounding you into the mattress, watching as you clench around his thick cock, slick gathered where the two of you are connected, that he’s not even paying attention to what he’s saying
he’s just babbling at this point, his deep thrusts making your toes curl as he bends your knees to your chest and continues with his relentless pace
“gotta make you cum, baby-tryna make you cum-” bokuto says over and over, his fingers digging into your skin, the sound of skin slapping against skin the only other thing you can hear besides his moans.
“i know you’re gonna make me cum, baby,” you say back, your arms wrapped around his shoulders for traction as he pounds into you. “you’re a good boy, you can do it.”
“i promise-promise, promise, promise-”bokuto murmurs, even after you finally cum, squirting all over his cock, his own cum mixing with yours as he buries his face in your neck. “see? i did it. just like i promised.”
two words describe tooru best when he’s fucked out: vocal and messy
expect to see him lying on his back on the bed like a good little pillow princess, with tears staining his pretty long lashes
he’ll definitely suck on his fingers before sinking them into his hole, his cock twitching as he works himself open for you for the fifth time that night
“please mommy-put in again~” oikawa babbles, a sigh of relief escaping him as you slide your strap inside him with one thrust.
“it went in so easy. you take me so well,” you coo, brushing strands of hair off of his forehead before you begin fucking into him at a relentless pace. oikawa is grasping the sheets between lithe fingers, arching his back, putting on a show for you. he fucks himself back onto your cock, his skin covered in a sheen of spit and sweat.
“yeah, that’s cause im a good boy, i’m your good boy, right?’ oikawa keep repeating, watching as your hand reaches down, finally stroking his cock for the first time tonight.
“yes you are,” you whisper, kissing him on the forehead as he cums around your cock.
if you want to see suna lose his mind, you should tie him up and suck him dry
the sight of you with your lips wrapped around his cock, spit gathering at the base of his dick as you take him into your throat will make him absolutely unravel
knowing that you’re making him feel this way and he can’t even do anything about it will make him cum harder than he ever has before
“gotta touch you-gotta touch you-” suna cries out; he’s practically fucking his cock into your mouth at this point, each snap of his hips sending him further down your throat. “sorry-can’t help it-gotta-”
you grip the base of his cock, squeezing lightly as you lather your tongue on the underside-suna’s pretty wrists are tied to the bedposts, and his eyes never leave yours, his mouth hanging open and his tongue lolling as you bring him to the peak.
“yes-like that-like that-yeah, im gonna-hnng-” suna lifts his hips up, stilling as he pumps his cum into your mouth, watching with his eyes clouded over as you smile and swallow every last drop
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devilsamu · 10 months ago
c/w: f. reader; reader gets called “puppy”; breeding kink; self-overstimulation/slight masochism; a touch of dumbification
he’ll fuck you until he can’t physically cum anymore // he doesn’t mind the overstim! // has you on all fours as he leans over you // makes you feel tiny under him // he’s absolutely drunk on that skin to skin contact // panting against the side of your neck as he ruts into you // ferally humping.
bokuto lets out a half-growl, half-whine as he pumps yet another load into your perfect little pussy. his dick is all achy and raw, cockhead bright red and his slit swollen almost painfully. he’s incoherent, babbling and moaning through the stinging pain as he ruts into you.
but he can’t stop fucking you, stuffing you so, so full with his thick cock.
the overstim leaves you shaking under him, clit puffy and abused from how many times you’ve cum around him. you’re drooling at this point, wetting the sheets under your cheek as your eyes roll back at the feeling of his cock dragging along your walls.
“shit. you’re so tight, puppy,” he groans. his voice is shot from his constant moaning, raspy in your ear. “wanna fuck you forever. shit— fill you up with my cum, cream this little cunt.”
he has though — cum drips down his balls, leaking from your poor, messy cunt to make lewd smacks against the abused skin with every needy thrust.
but he’s desperate to feel you clench around him again, desperate to feel your gummy walls suck his balls dry.
“touch that little clit for me,” he practically begs. “want— need to feel you cum again for me, puppy.” <//3
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